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Montgomery County

Ednor View Terr., 17917-Gertrude L. Poe and James McCeney to Michael Smith and Anne Roberts Smith, $609,000.


Bartlett St., 13416-Dennis M. and Nancy K. Dwyer to Miles J. and Sara L. Logan, $415,000.

Fox Valley Dr., 3800-Jonathan and Gayle S. Elster to Evan J. and Danielle H. Sultan, $835,000.

Hogenhill Terr., 5630-Sharon and Zev N. Goldrich to Michael D. Tinyk and Heather Ann Gewandter, $349,500.

Myer Terr., 14314-Michael and Courtney Penders to Brad A. and Amanda G. Fry, $386,140.

Oriental Ct., 13406-Robert Johnson and Meenaxi Hiremath to Brian E. and Martha P. Frydl, $352,000.

Turkey Branch Pkwy., 12706-Julio A. Herrera to Eduardo Zelaya, $250,000.


Bradley Blvd., 5306-Mark C. Butterfield to Jutta M. Frankfurter and Les R. Folio, $1.4 million.

Broad St., 6315-John D. and Susanne B. Rivera to Natasha M. Matic and Barbara Zylinski, $1.03 million.

Burdette Rd., 8905-Barry J. and Leslie W. Rosenthal to Patchamuthu Illangovan and Mridula Priyadarshini Edward, $1.45 million.

Cindy Lane, 8221-Heather Worley to Matthew J. and Christine H. Ramsdell, $769,000.

Earlston Dr., 4816-Nancy Lee Heagle to Bremmer and Maria Negron Kneib, $480,000.

Fenway Rd., 8208-Uri Yokel to Heather B. Worley, $801,000.

Goldsboro Rd., 6509-Charles E. and Andrea S. Walters to Andrew K. and Amy B. Singer, $785,000.

Greenway Dr., 4900-Terri A. Burke to Adam and Lindsay Liszewski, $600,000.

Huntington Pkwy., 5403-Matthew N. and Alicia F. Goldin to Noel W. and Christy S. Black, $840,000.

Laurel Oak Dr., 9205-Sid and Beth Ross Groeneman to Randolph C. and Lisa D. Nicklas, $850,000.

Maryknoll Ave., 7925-Annalee P. Lichtenstein to Steven C. and Victoria V. Johnson, $675,000.

Montauk Ave., 9802-Heather A. Petty to Jed T. Dornburg and Edith A. Dunn, $500,000.

Parkwood Dr., 9913-Evan Jay and Danielle H. Sultan to Aaron Gundersen and Allison Diane Davis, $975,000.

Rannoch Rd., 6811-Yongok and Keeok Yi to Teoman R. Ozsan and Raquel L. Chmielewski, $1.36 million.

Sangamore Rd., 4821-Sara J. Boyd to Kathleen S. Ruckman, $520,000.

Shady Oak Lane, 6112-Kendrew H. Colton and Florence Bridges to Madeline A. Fairbanks and Kenneth W. Wire, $1.08 million.

Stratford Rd., 7804-7804 Stratford Road Corp. to John and Sarah Layla Heimlich, $1.6 million.

Tulip Hill Terr., 6605-Michael S. Rotwein and Frances Rotwein to Naomi Schaffer, $810,000.

Walhonding Rd., 6320-Carrie Jane Hunter to Zihua Li and Sharon Xiao Rong Wen, $730,000.

Westfield Dr., 7706-7706 Westfield Drive Corp. to Amanda Bettine Levine and David Andrew Levin, $1.57 million.

Willow Gate Lane, 9112-Li Yin and Charles C. Lin to Geoffrey Meni and Erin O’Malley, $1.09 million.


Bubbling Spring Rd., 14407-Thomas B. and Rosemarie S. Bailey to Anren Hu and Yucheng Liu, $648,000.

Tatani Dr., 14146-SunTrust Bank to Matthew and Jessica Berbert, $314,500.


Bald Hill Ct., 14302-Moyeen Ahmed to Mario A. Cestoni Jr., $202,000.


Macarthur Blvd., 7711-Howard S. Roseberg to W. David Wallace and Leping Jia, $1.32 million.


Broadmore Rd., 12808-Lynn M. Jefferson to Frank N. and Lisa M. Orifici, $325,000.

Columbia Pike., 12001-Juliet Barr to Jaitunbi Khan and Farhat Shaikh, $140,000.

Kara Lane, 13100-Una Hwang to Jamisen C. Sykes and Delphinia N. Brown, $325,000.

Sarah Dr., 1309-Cabin John Consulting Corp. to Samaroo and Sumintra Singh, $360,000.

Silver Moon Way, 13429-Ho Kang and Young Suk Ahn to Ephrem T. Weldegebriel and Sihin M. Desta, $360,000.

Tourmaline Terr., 12918-Roland E. and Tryphena A. Vest to Emily K. Mwancha, $255,000.


Bradley Lane, 4307-Margaret S. and Stephen T. Leubecker to William R. and Molly D. Morris, $1.29 million.

Ellingson Dr., 8033-Rakia Moalla and Habib Fetini to Israel and Sarah Klein, $849,000.

Falstone Ave., 4812-Virginia Powell Mason to Robert J. and Anne C. Hawkins, $900,000.

Kennedy Dr., 6219-James D. and Susan P. Locke to Paul L. and Robin C. Perito, $3.5 million.

Park Ave. N., 4550, No. 813-Jonathan A. Tillman to Elizabeth A. Herman, $549,000.

Saratoga Ave., 5211-Sara Ann Best to Christopher F. and Mariel D. Goetz, $800,000.

Surrey St., 5707-Ruthmary C. Balge to Laura J. Sullivan and Delbert Q. Wilbert III, $862,500.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1603-Florence Gerstin and Lewis S. Goldberg to William F. and Evelyn B. Kroener, $1.64 million.

Woodbine St., 4102-Gregory Van Der Vink and Jamie Van Der Vink to Robert J. McGovern, $1.52 million.


Frederick Rd., 23009-Sovereign Bank to Nasir Kamal and Rubina Begum Alvi, $588,000.

Observation Dr., 23244-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Edgardo and Sonia Acebes, $255,000.

Skylark Rd., 11861-David Winingham to Brendan and Nicole Wallace, $340,000.


Foster Rd., 1531-George Harris and Joy A. Harris to Julian V. Luke and Victoria M. Leas, $386,000.

Mayflower Dr., 2028-Karl C. and Sandra L. Berberich to Todd D. Growney, $530,000.

Stonegate Dr., 113-Robert K. and Henrietta M. Dahlstrom to Eva Marie and Nicholas J. Proszkow, $400,000.


Keats Terr., 16421-Ralph Fernandez and Trina Ann Schooley to James Donald and Douglas Gene Popham, $448,000.

Sweetwater Dr., 6508-Daniel J. Duke and Chad Tyler to Trudy Walton Schwarz and David Henry Schwarz, $435,000.


Baroque Rd., 11372-Anthony Frattalone to Taha A. Tuko, $342,000.

Colesville Rd., 10202-Bogdan Bazyluk to Brett Lowell and Stephanie Sayre Smith, $310,000.

Edgewood Ave., 10305-Metro DC1 Corp. to Cynthia L. and Harvey L. Muller, $402,000.

Finale Terr., 129-Maud E. Clarke to Jenni M. O’Malley and Matthew Sherban, $323,000.

Harding Dr., 410-Roberto De La Cruz to Olga P. Zoueva and Vladimir Senatorov, $255,000.

Melbourne Ave., 23-Anthony Allen and Kristin N. Andrione to Daniel Robert Wilson and Kerry Meagher, $438,000.

Portland Pl., 10105-John F. Wippel to Carlos Rivera Reyes and Kelsey E. Corlett, $299,000.

Snure Rd., 922-Grant Erik Modderman to Marlene V. George, $280,000.

Wayne Ave. E., 95, No. 411-Nancy Chiancone to Dina Kallay and Asaf Kahn, $70,000.


Christopher Ave., 433, No. 95-K.A. Connolly to Roberta L. Merrill, $85,000.

Epworth Ct., 20405-Amarjeet K. Juneja and Suresh L. Arora to Theodore H. and Jeannie M. Kattouf, $565,000.

Girard St., 444, No. 294-Antonio Guzman and Abimael Mejia to Tracy and Marketa Dove, $83,000.

Intrepid Lane, 7118-M&T Bank to Khoi Minh and Lien Le, $635,000.

Logmill Lane, 1719-Stephen W. and Kelly S. Kiser to Fidelis Adinkrah and Melissa C. Phillip, $270,000.

Michael Ct., 46-Lyn Johnson to Jianhua Yao and Jingjun Wu, $102,000.

Raven Ave., 745-Aurora Loan Services to Dale B. and Barbara I. Williamson, $332,000.

Sedley Ct., 8622-William and Linda K. Gray to James Tyler and Anastasia M. Harman, $245,500.

Turtle Dove Lane, 9212-Kenneth and Leslie R. Davis to Hina and Malik S. Awan, $195,000.


Kenilworth Ave., 11022-Jon M. and Joy Siegel to Lisa Guay Woodford and Gerara A. Woodford, $1.14 million.


Amethyst Lane, 20553-Jason Dean and Kimberly Sue Adams to Peter Mario Okagaki, $242,000.

Chalet Dr., 18001, No. 302-David G. Mclean to Steven F. and Helen Lipschutz, $115,000.

Cormorant Lane, 17807-Ghulam A. Koraganie and Ghulam Abbas Saleh Mohd to Hongying Wang and Xiaoming Jiang, $562,000.

Deerwater Dr., 13500-Szu Wei Lee and Robert J. Molina to Nichole McCoy Williams, $180,000.

Gallop Terr., 14111-Lawrence Katz to Patricio A. Zuniga, $330,000.

Highstream Ct., 5-Alimubashshir Bukhari to Mary M. Olson, $178,000.

Jamieson Dr., 19036-Timothy D. Enright to Susan Elizabeth Bridge, $325,000.

Laurel Hill Way, 20215-John L. and Beverly Anne Rynex to Jodi L. Dowden, $335,000.

McFarlin Dr., 18836-Gina C. Anazco to Stephanie Song, $202,500.

Millhaven Pl., 13112, No. 3F-Heather Anne Foy to Ana E. Bendavid, $135,000.

Plainfield Lane, 15011-Sharon M. Bernard to Lukasz Wojciech Machon and Kimberly Lundquist Kerr, $570,000.

Siever Ct., 17412-Marciana Young Barclay to Dean R. and Sue W. Ormsby, $459,900.

Stags Leap Terr., 18129-Cheryl D. Brite to Yongkang Qiu and Xiuli Wu, $322,500.

Summer Oak Dr., 11851-James F. Wright to Kyle D. and Megan E. McGregor, $248,000.

Village Fountain Dr., 18615-John D. Snight to Grace Pei An Lee, $278,000.

Waterside Cir., 13302-Christopher S. Cramer to Donald J. Woods, $282,000.


Princeton Ave., 6108-Grant C. and Silvia B. Dipman to Old Republic Diversified Services, $807,500.


Gatewood Pl., 2013-Catherine M. Graham and Eric Schwartz to Bridgette Keefe and John Hodgson, $445,000.

Ruatan St., 1049-Maria Bonilla to Valentian Martinez and Neftali Zelaya Rivas, $145,000.


Decatur Ave., 3102-Bradley A. Wright to Spring Valley Builders Corp., $240,000.

Geiger Ave., 3227-Thomas P. Rehfield and Patricia M. Rehfield to David and Jordanna M. Hostler, $725,000.

Old Spring Rd., 9801-Adele T. Lehrman to Jonathan Fabian and Nancy Bennett, $727,500.

Spruell Dr., 4103-Jacob Azhdam to James S. and Nancianne Houston, $423,000.

Wexford Dr., 4009-Teresa P. Mcallister to Francoise Y. Ramsey, $350,000.


Goshen Ct., 26-Eileen T. Valenta to American International Relocation Solutions, $615,000.

Warfield Rd., 7037-William V. Griffith to Kirk F. Rydland and Mary Ann Rydland, $490,000.


Bazzellton Pl., 19849-Clifford A. and Jungmin K. Hart to Christopher L. Mead and Crystal N. Groesbeck, $247,500.

Brassie Pl., 19635-George McNeal and Ann R. Mcneal to Emma J. Travis, $175,000.

Duffer Way, 9748-Sandra K. Aker and Stephan P. Aker to Michelle A. Gassaway, $318,900.

Marketree Cir., 8343-Theodore A. Boone and James D. Ehrenfried to Brett Michael and Amy C. Jordan, $415,000.

Oyster Point Way, 9605-John S. Everline to Maria Sosa and Elizabeth O. Alva, $350,000.

Silverfield Ct., 4-Andrew L. and Carmen M. Wong to Nathalie Dube and Ryan Matthew Paolino, $485,000.

Welbeck Way, 8676-Nguyen C. Ho to Jose O. Velasco, $145,000.


Bel Pre Rd., 3954, No. 4-Ronald V. and Gerald S. Ceccarelli to Syed A. Ahmed, $60,000.

Chapel Hill Rd., 1905-David H. and Margaret P. Brumfield to Beth K. Hohman, $489,500.

Goodhill Rd., 12603-Norman B. Roberts Jr. to Maria F. Neiva, $255,000.

Hathaway Dr., 13231-Cleon and Charlotte Thomas to Azra Hayat and Allah Rakhi, $305,000.

Isbell St., 3914-Julia Rosenberg to Megan M. Horn and Matthew W. Scouten, $280,939.

Ladymeade Cir., 14906-Santos Manuel Reyes and Delmy E. Medrano to Hector Enrique Navas, $205,000.

Littleton St., 12811-Reynaldo Julius Bragas Eugenio and Maximo E. Poncio to Louiegene B. and Gina B. Estabillo, $300,000.

Olympic St., 3507-Margery and Thomas Gerard Grubb to Alexander N. and Mary M. Evans, $285,000.

Wilcox Lane, 1725-Housing Opportunities Commission to Jessica N. McCarson and Daniel T. Harding, $220,000.


Amberfield Lane, 311-Michael Devita and Robert M. Devita Jr. to Alessandra J. Lotuaco, $272,000.

Boat House Way, 14608-Shilong Zheng and Hong Fang to Fred Fei Tzeng and Hai Xia An, $572,500.

Castle Ct., 12-Madeline C. Britnell to Geng Chen and Jing Zhang, $289,000.

Clayhall St., 449-Michael F. and Blake Giliotti to Riaaz Alie and Chiyo Gomez Alie, $505,000.

Cross Green St., 317A-Binu P. Thomas and Carleen Klumpp Thomas to Max and Deniz Koteen, $360,000.

Fleece Flower Dr., 406-Kerry M. Hughes to Jae Y. Park, $295,000.

Keeneland Cir., 14809-John P. Wack to Jason and Stacey Buckner, $530,000.

Morning Light Terr., 12212-Allison S. and Victoria Bernardo Hill to Stephen K. and Roxanna C. Dubin, $640,000.

Orchard Dr., 101-Paul E. Dowell and Kate L. Basescu to Leonard F. Johnson and Patricia R. Johnson, $280,000.

Prairie Rose Ct., 7-Lilliam A. and Osman Ampie Silva to Daowei Li and Huimin Zheng, $190,000.

Ranch Lane, 11600-Lawrence X. Yu and Jenny Wei to Xinxin Guo and Xu Zhang, $562,000.

Ridgepoint Pl., 213-Christopher J. and Jacqueleine L. Patt to Shailesh Jhugroo and Meenakshi Juhgroo, $533,050.

Sour Cherry Ct., 2-Samuel and Gabriela G. Silberstein to Lisa Slavin, $400,500.

Swanton Lane, 23, No. 200-William J. and Lavaughn M. Burrzinski to Siddharth Potbhare and Datta Sheth, $408,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 12721-Lawrence M. and Jiraphan Brown to Therlin J. Hebert and Erika Herbert, $570,000.


Bilney Dr., 18113-Scott and Rachel E. Lindberg to Joel R. and Kristin M. Cundick, $510,000.

Emory Church Rd., 3215-Agustin Triguero to Sony D. Trang and Teresa Tseng, $465,000.

Lafayette Dr., 17321-National Residential Norminee Services to Charles H. and Jan S. Rybeck, $475,000.

Mount Olney Lane, 4152-Alan R. and Joanna B. Bergsten to Ryan T. and Julia A. Street, $460,500.

Queen Elizabeth Dr., 18018-Bertha L. Cruz to Surendren Kanapathy and Subashini Arsasingam, $228,000.

Snowberry Pl., 2705-Ann Paulette Collier to Nikolaos Rementelas and Patroula Smpokou, $510,000.

Vine Ct., 16909-Lori S. Rothfield to Harald and Lillian Diaz Hoffmann, $490,000.

Winter Garden Way, 2246-Joel R. and Kristin M. Cundick to David J. Lacour, $390,000.


Selby Ave., 19704-BB&T Bank to James A. and Caren D. Michaels, $511,000.


Bells Ridge Terr., 8504-Stanley Snow to Nedim and Mirela Softic, $680,000.

Colebrook Ave., 10136-Aaron Lee Stein to Meng Yang and Xue Mei Feng, $600,000.

Democracy Lane, 10403-Robert J. Clerman and Chih Chia Fong to David Keefe and Woineshet Yirga, $1.02 million.

Falls Chapel Way, 9212-Sean D. and Cynthia J. O’Donnell to Aris and Alis Cubuk, $885,000.

Gate Post Way, 7807-Andrew W. Prescott and Kathleen T. Prescott to Robert Sean and Catherine A. McNish, $1.16 million.

Halesworth Dr., 1132-Nicholas Santelli to Gregory Shaw and Martha Ginsburg Feis, $670,000.

Hurdle Hill Dr., 11200-Adam M. and Sandra G. MacFarlan to Paul H. and Olga A. Maupin, $760,000.

Lamp Post Lane, 12800-Dody Assaraf to Hong P. Cheng and Yen Yao Lee, $775,000.

Powder Horn Dr., 11004-Andrew P. and Charles S. Martin to Jinzhong Chen and Yangjun Qin, $770,000.

Scotch Mist Ct., 12-David Borgida and Aurea Nascimento to Juan and Silvia Zalduendo, $725,000.

Stratton Dr., 1401-Darrell L. and Mausumi N. Mcgraw to Osama Abdullah Al Jirafi, $749,000.

Wetherfield Lane, 12020-Dawn E. Starr to Christina L. Cervieri, $1.36 million.

Windsor View Dr., 10406-Ann Ferroni Strattner to Eric and Emily Rogers, $1.02 million.


Azalea Dr., 514-Suzanne M. Weiss to Nicholas Finamore and Drew Rosenzweig, $249,000.

Blandford St., 615-Kathleen M. Kelley and Elizabeth M. Murray to Diep H. Chu and Congpi D. Nguyen, $226,000.

Breezewood Terr., 6910-Richard C. Oliver to Nimrode Pantz and Orly Rabin-Pantz, $650,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11323, No. 301-Mary Jo Porreca to Tia Marie Morton, $364,900.

Crossfield Ct., 5113, No. 270-Wilson Webb to Gerardo I. Aristizabal, $135,000.

Edson Lane, 5817, No. 101-Virginia L. Wolf to Susan F. Sandler, $339,900.

Gaither Rd., 1306-Jonathan S. Pashkoff and Kelly A. Rudolph to Dennis J. and Linda Lee Hlasta, $600,000.

Greenplace Terr., 1827-Madeleine Cohen Oakley to Xiang Qing Yu and Hong Peng, $720,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10809, No. 510-Thomas M. and Diane C. Kobryn to Suzanne M. Collins, $349,900.

Lambertina Pl., 13809-Jesse J. and Caryn Ash to Zviad Phagava and Sviatlana Tabaniukhava, $610,000.

Monroe St., 118, No. 1304-Mike Kranias and Ryan Schonfeld to Michael V. Giordano, $195,000.

Oden Ct., 11924-Carol R. Bridgers to Soheil Alemansour and Leila Jarrahi, $740,000.

Pasture Side Pl., 112-Angela Klingerman to Chih Chung Han and Jianing Hu, $460,000.

Redland Blvd., 527-Gregory J. and Cindy Fang to Stanley G. and Jenny C. Devries, $580,000.

Sawdust Cir., 10630-Zhijie Li and Fei Tan to Michael Y. Yang, $395,000.

Wintergreen Terr., 1041-Anthony J. Jordano to Marc and Jocelyn Lewandowski, $440,000.


Sherwood Mills Ct., 505-James M. Britton and Paige Green McDonald to Kenneth Alexander and Susan R. Rapaport, $735,000.


Appledowre Cir., 19935-Christina M. Delucien to Cogent Resources, $110,000.

Cedarbluff Lane, 11108-Timothy and Yemesrach Y. Daugherty to Devon P. Connelly, $189,000.

Golden Meadow Dr., 19319-Dhavan N. Mehta and Prachi N. Desai Mehta to Quang Vinh and Thanh Kim Tran, $410,000.

Seneca Crossing Dr., 21202-Joseph M. and Andrea M. Arruda to Jeff J. Kim and Ngoc Tien Pham, $435,000.

Tall Forest Dr., 20826-Daniel J. and Jessica E. Bykowski to Cecilia Sebatindira and Simo Malinen, $435,000.

Wayfarer Rd., 10732-Robert C. Davenport and Robert M. McCarthy to Benjamin T. Lewis, $353,500.


Cedar St., 8202-David L. Klima and Carey Schneider to Emily S. Shaw and Guilherme C. Roschkc, $445,000.

Dale Dr., 700-Kenneth W. Wire and Madeline A. Fairbanks to Nichole E. and Matthew Lee Bartlett, $630,000.

Grace Church Rd., 1910-Albert H. McCoubrey III and Linda Clark to Dina C. and Andrew S. Tilghman, $699,900.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1900, No. 703-Norma Boissonniere to Michael J. Hammerstrom, $86,900.

Ritchie Ave., 30-Jessie Barhona and Guillermina Alvarez to Melinda R. Coolidge, $307,500.

Washington Ave., 2225, No. W203-Jan Ardinger to John Tvelia, $165,000.

Woodley Ave., 9521-Jean E. Mcewen to Christopher Fisher and Molly Baker, $499,900.


Auburn Ave., 705-Samuel D. Lawson and Margaret Cowlan to Naomi Gottlieb Miller and Robert G. Ehrman Jr., $365,000.

Conway Ave., 6707-Florentin Canales to Jason and Agnieszka Jones, $390,000.

Flower Ave., 8309-Harold Bert to Donna A. Dietz and Michael Robinson, $319,000.

Greenwood Ave., 8003-Joaquin Medina and Marisol Rivera to Weilin P. and Howard H. Chang, $285,000.

Kirklynn Ave., 1119-Sergio A. and Silvia Arias to Abraham Tura and Tigist Fantahun, $260,000.

Sycamore Ave., 7133-Pamela J. Taylor and Tina M. Willey to Melanie Stevenson and Rudi Feiler, $291,800.


Twinbrook Pkwy., 415-Mangcungnung and Thluai T. Zathang to Xu Hong Chen, $280,000.


Maple Ave., 16-David M. and Heather J. Tortorelli to Kenneth G. Low, $550,000.


Amherst Ave., 11507, No. 39-Carlos Eduardo Melgar to Naseem Patel, $94,000.

Berry St., 12003-Bradley C. and Nicole Fisher to Samantha E. Simmons, $196,000.

Bromley St., 810-Jerald M. and Cecile M. Katzoff to Abigail Dauber Sterner and Abraham Sterner, $585,000.

Douglas Ave., 10201-Samina Alykhan to Jordan L. Murray and Eric S. Jackson, $350,000.

Galt Ave., 11612-Ilia and Eric Rodriguez to Nicholas W. and Delicia Reynolds Hand, $350,000.

Gilsan St., 11604-Laurence C. Boles and Joyce M. Kammerman to John Driscoll, $220,000.

Hemley Lane, 10412-S&G Residential Services to Joshua H. Fields, $280,000.

Lester St., 10746-Xavier Antonio and Melara Flores to Eraina Holland, $219,000.

Parker Ave., 2803-Daniele and Annalisa Spampinato to Constancia L. Moreno, $265,000.

Schoolhouse Cir., 2938-Eilene Lifsey Towns to HB Metropolitan Properties Corp., $312,500.

University Blvd. W., 2034-Julissa I. Reyes to Marcus R. Van Sickle and Kelly A. Van Sickle, $294,500.

Frederick County

Tamarack Way, 215-Brenda R. and Joseph W. Cunningham to Richard E. and Kay Frances Wilson, $210,000.


Appletree Ct., 1332-Matthew Caudle to Julie A. Mercado and Gary Daniel, $177,000.

Bear Den Rd., 2613-Robert C. Pelletier to Paul and Antoinette McKeown, $325,000.

Bishopstone Cir., 128-Catherine V. Badger to Stanislav and Victoria Zelivinski, $145,000.

Bob White Ct., 5004-Robert J. Periera to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $190,697.

Chestnut Lane, 2150-SVMB Corp. to John Uong and Nhung Thu Hong Phan, $545,000.

Crabapple Dr., 5672-Paul B. Smith Jr. and Hilda Mae Smith to Nathan Williams, $165,000.

Dill Ave., 231-Judith F. Russell to Maureen K. McGreevy, $320,000.

Hamburg Rd., 9030A-Frederik N. Reidenbach Jr. and Tina M. Lazar to Jonathan B. and Kati Hnath, $315,000.

Himes Ave., 603, No. 109-Thomas A. and Jacquelin Mixon to Kai Zhao, $85,000.

Liberty Rd., 10514-Cheryl E. Rose to Ronald W. and Jennifer L. Chen, $170,000.

Longford Dr., 260-American Signature Properties Corp. to Angelo Palileo, $210,000.

Mobley Ct., 1471-Lester R. and Marie Jackson to Fannie Mae, $150,000.

Pendleton Ct. S., 20-Fannie Mae to Maung San Lwin and Sui Par, $105,000.

Rock Creek Dr., 1512-Robert L. Schricker to Sheila D. McFarland, $257,735.

Rockwell Terr., 408-Charles Russell and Beverly Lillmars Carlson to Scott A. Barghaan, $715,000.

Sage Hen Way, 505-Nicholas A. Richards Jr. to Cynthia M. Norwood, $253,650.

Spring Run Cir., 2053-NVR Inc. to Guozhi Zhu and Miao Qiao, $251,740.

Wayside Ct., 2494-Carl S. and Amy L. Davis to Ryan and Kerri Hogan, $319,900.

Weatherby Ct., 6408G-Jacqueline Butts to Rehman Kadir, $137,500.

Wheyfield Dr., 1811B-Frances K. Devlin to Arulini Mallika Jacobs, $195,000.


Deer Spring Lane, 6720-Matthew G. and Katherine L. Clark to Trevor Young and Jacquelyn Clements, $315,000.

Stone Springs Lane, 509-E. Aaron and Stephenie M. Moxley to Jon N. Woodfield, $220,000.


Easterday Rd., 10901-Frank J. Kovac to Carol J. Weiger, $125,000.


Baykal Trail, 10305-Susan M. and Paul W. Campbell to Douglas S. Thomas, $263,770.

Hedgeapple Ct., 10401-Charles E. and Cynthia M. Less to Donald Wayne Cline, $315,000.

Meadowlake Rd., 6939-Kellie Thomas to John and Nancy E. Fer, $405,000.

Sewell Dr., 718-D.R. Horton Inc. to Adam A. and Amanda Rutledge, $259,105.

Windwood Way, 5783-Ricardo Smith and Stacy Allgood Smith to Lynda M. Moore, $250,000.


Misty Hollow Rd., 3805-James C. and Krista L. Fink to William Francis and Sandra Diane MacMaster, $390,000.


Miners Ct., 5-Troy D. and Stephanie L. Kiessling to Amanda E. and Daniel E. Poffenberger, $227,800.

Roddy Rd., 15021-Thomas A. and Cynthia A. Lake to Joseph E. and Kimberly D. Bowers, $207,500.


Bush Creek Cir., 9006-Department of Veterans Affairs to Xiang Rong Zhou and Ru Chen, $497,000.

John Simmons St., 9118-Tony G. and Leonor G. Dyess to Salvatore V. and Doreen Fiorentino, $465,000.

Worthington Blvd., 3631-George and John Kalargyros to Erica B. Brefka, $355,000.


Imagination Ct., 8600-Comstar FCU to Jason M. and Russell B. Ambrose, $185,000.


Dublin Rd., 11229-Wells Fargo Bank to Jeffrey M. and Jayne L. Fletcher, $275,000.