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Montgomery County

New Hampshire Ave., 18401-Michael Agnew and Kathleen R. Agnew to Theodore A. Boone and James D. Ehrenfried, $455,000.


Carrolton Rd., 14814-Yuka Fujikura to Robert F. and Pamela M. Donohoe, $601,000.

Fox Valley Dr., 3926-Behzad Abdollahi and Shelia Bischoff to Allison Win, $720,000.

Holly Ridge Rd., 4312-Wilmier L. Seek to Daniel H. Pastell and Melissa C. Bagherian, $360,000.

Myer Terr., 14604-Michael J. Mulcare to Rigoberto Amaya Arevalo and Blanca Erendida Amaya, $375,000.

Pinetree Rd., 4501-Posha L. Jones to Ramaswamy K. Iyer and Malini V. Narayanan, $873,000.

Valley Forge Dr., 4504-Allan G. and Leslie A. Slan to Todd Sheets, $525,000.

Waterway Ct., 9-Kenneth D. and Melinda Hippchen Sauders to Patricia A. Smith, $550,000.


Adelaide Dr., 9309-Alexander Jacob Gross and Sofia Mancheno Gross to Ellen Sue Smith and Howard Earl Alpert, $640,000.

Ashburton Lane, 10111-Netanya Sandler and Joshua B. Utay to Barbara P. and Idrissa Sall, $640,000.

Bradley Blvd., 8014-Sylvia H. Hudes to Bradley Corp., $492,500.

Broad St., 10101-Lydia Zavitsanos to Rosarelis Torres, $491,000.

Corkran Lane, 9707-Mario Pieto Dambrosio to Daniel Maisel and Natalie Fiedler, $589,000.

Elsmere Ave., 5006-Matthias and Anne B. Grueninger to Andrea G. Bonior and John A. Gaynor, $705,000.

Fox Gate Ct., 7808-Eric Gewirz to Scott G. Suttle, $960,000.

Greentree Rd., 5622-Ross S. and Meredith A. Switkes to Emanuele and Nicole Ottolenghi, $1.1 million.

Greenway Dr., 4901-Paul Brian and Laura V. Connolly to James R. Farmer Jr., $749,000.

Jamestown Rd., 4717-Linda A. Kotkoskie to Philip and Grazia Montalto, $829,000.

Loring Dr., 8307-Steven M. Sharpe to Keyvan R. Salehi and Rana Rassipour, $799,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 5626-David and Laura Leonhardt to Jennifer M. Kishimori and David C. Perrine, $739,600.

Montgomery Lane, 4838-Jeffrey S. Mackey to Susan W. and Bruce H. Turnbull, $1.65 million.

Page Ave., 9500-Pedal Properties Corp. to Brian M. Neeley and Rachel Freed Neeley, $1.24 million.

Pollard Rd., 5518-George Tams Curlin to Harriet Sanford, $940,000.

Rolston Rd., 5909-Sarah L. Fisher to Edward M. Levri and Salvatore Difrank, $530,000.

Sebago Rd., 7613-Nancy J. Olins to Dimitar and Aleksandra Michailov, $800,000.

Sonoma Rd., 5511-Gertrude Wells Laffin to 5511 Sonoma Corp., $710,000.

Swords Way, 6209-Pedro Brito to Andrew H. and Amanda Rae Coelho, $785,000.

Tulsa Lane, 6307-Fernando and Carol W. Robles to Susan M. Bernard, $693,000.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 311-Marcus and Simin Barbour to Laura Harding, $275,000.

Westlake Dr., 10320, No. E309-Antoinette Papinchak to Michael Abecassis, $185,000.

Woodacres Dr., 5918-David E. and Alison Mary Martin to Kate K. Irvin, $775,000.


Gorman Cir., 12837-Lalitkumar D. and Hemal Gohil to Murray K. and Pamela A. Blanding, $591,000.

Tatani Dr., 14150-Brian L. and Olushola Hostetler to Khe Ma and Lauren S. Kwok, $388,000.


Olney Mill Rd., 19709-Stephen W. and Kathleen W. Kay to Paul B. and Melissa L. Wicks, $442,000.


Hollyhock Dr., 3212-Paul E. and Shirley S. Bennett to Thomas R. and Patricia J. Stevens, $445,000.


Tomlinson Ct., 5-Dianne Thoburn to Timothy and Manyi Rehm, $938,000.


Castle Terr., 3633-Heloisa H. Santos to Cicele Meristil, $158,000.

Creekside Dr., 13617-Paul L. and Laurie A. Johnson to Anthony and Susan Marie Perry, $599,900.

Locksley Ct., 3-Dorothy Bernadette Lyles to Georgy and Yulia Zalevsky, $390,000.

Scott Dr., 305-Roma S. Chandra to James and Heidi Gardner, $580,425.

Sir Thomas Way, 13609, No. C13-Wells Fargo Bank to Harileen Kaur and Pritpal Singh, $96,900.

Winhall Way, 806-Dorothy A. Montgomery to Joseph A. and Marcia R. Matera, $335,000.


Brooklawn Terr., 3120-Meera Shekar to Jeremy B. and Robyn L. Bash, $887,000.

Elm St., 4400-PKK Corp. to Kathleen M. Legg, $1.71 million.

Hawkins Lane, 8822-Edward Jenkins and Jeanne E. Nalaskowski to Zhixiong Shi and Xiumei Chen, $300,000.

Leland St., 4233-Patrick K. and Therese W. Keating to Billy Wade Mahaney, $855,000.

Park Ave. N., 4550, No. 912-Barbara J. and Evon C. Greanias to Sam N. and Lori L. Solovey, $683,000.

Shepherd St., 3314-David Michael Anderson and Marie Anderson to Rita L. Albina, $750,000.

Warwick Pl., 5604-Anne Rogers Devereux to Alessandra De Santis Guinand and Laurent Guinand, $990,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1405-Robert M. Greenberg to Dizdar Camlibel, $765,000.

Woodmont Ave., 7111, No. 417-Keith O. Jennings to Patrick A. Brettell, $339,000.


Clarksburg Square Rd., 12824, No. 102-Yol E. Kwon to James Harold and Catherine Elain Parent, $183,000.

Roberts Tavern Ct., 13415-U.S. Home Corp. to Amanda Goodarzi and Charles Anazco, $269,990.

Stringtown Rd., 23945-David F. Cruz and Maria Lelou Cruz to Russell L. and Crystal M. Penman, $295,000.


Harvest Lane, 14801-Thomas J. and Christina B. Miller to Heather R. and Guy L. Hunter, $414,000.

Peach Orchard Rd., 14616-Dorothy Elaine and George F. Emch to Jianmin Shi, $275,000.

Stonegate Terr., 14804-Pamela Gladden Raiford to Adria Olaleye, $380,000.


Dix St., 26820-Household Finance Corp. to Cruz E. and Reyna I. Hernandez, $295,000.

Ridge Rd., 26824-Merhle Thomas Tucker to John M. Isla, $250,000.


Miller Fall Rd., 7708-Albert and Ella Hawkins Clipper to Fannie Mae, $288,738.

Villisca Terr., 15522-Sharon Ann Marks to Kun Zhang, $350,000.


Bristol Ave., 9807-Patrick F. Rucker to Julia E. Glekas, $371,000.

Dallas Ave., 10136-James E. Kelley to David M. and Mona Wu Orr, $328,000.

Eisner St., 506-Indra Wati Sharma to Erica N. Golden and Martin F. Calderone, $260,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 1023-Damien J. and Christina A. Lavera to Charles K. and Jessica A. Goudiss, $442,000.

Hastings Dr., 9702-Garry and Jennifer Meus to Jose R. and Kristen M. Morales, $439,900.

Ladson Rd., 311-Teresa E. Frazier to Emma M. Aronson and David M. Anderson, $344,000.

Melbourne Ave. E., 201-Theodore D. Setzer to Jeffrey K. and Amber R. Roberson, $429,000.

Prelude Dr., 354-Lois Peak and Kalsang Gyaltsen to Fernando A. and Myra Pepito, $475,000.

Rogart Rd., 10002-Derrick A. Hamaoka and June L. Yun to Sarah L. Conant, $389,000.

Sutherland Rd., 9712-Jose N. and Maria D. Rodriguez to Elynn Lewis, $329,900.

Whitaker Terr., 740-Marc Hoffman and Sylvia Hoffman to Sandra J. Bernstein and Mark J. Santangelo, $372,000.


Brenish Dr., 7419-Sara R. Logan to Diego Hernan and Besse Marilu Bustamante, $267,000.

Coriander Dr., 7925, No. 302-Paul Monroe Miller and Patricia A. Dennis to Elvis F. Castro and Sophia Munoz Pizarro, $90,000.

Filbert Dr., 19836-Janet Leann and Jason Jon Clifford to Angela Davis, $240,000.

Guildberry Dr., 18420, No. 201-Denise Ellen Siegel to Mathew S. Edgreen, $95,000.

Ivy Oak Dr., 7700-Juan F. and Paula Climaco to Gabriel Sorrel, $307,000.

Mainsail Dr., 9909-Jorge Galindo and Juana Brihuega to Jeffrey S. and Mary F. Leach, $409,090.

Nina Ct., 44-Roger H. and Mary F. King to Daniela D. Duarte, $160,000.

Rawlings Rd., 120-Cheryl Lynn and Edmund A. Minster to Hugo A. Ponce and Marta C. Tellez, $205,000.

Swallow Ct., 8815-Sara Khan to Raza Ahmed, $255,000.


Strathmore Ave., 4504-Kenneth Richard Human and Grace Gillette Human to Angela B. Flannery and Eugene P. Flannery Jr., $465,000.


Bridger Dr., 13027-Jocelyn M. Mello to Alex K. Kinyenje and Terry A. Wangari, $186,000.

Charity Lane, 17514-Edward L. and Jacqueline N. Strawther to Frederic D. and Kerri M. Lowrey, $690,000.

Country Ridge Dr., 13117-Denise A. Vollmer to Nadezhda Frolova and Thomas Gantt, $256,100.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12201B-Henry L. and Elisha A. Smith to Dennis M. and Carol J. Birke, $138,800.

Gallop Terr., 14139-Gary Delton and Sandy Lee Kipfer to Ulysese Jefferson and Paul Jefferson, $291,500.

Highstream Dr., 19033-Brian King to Valerie Joy Garza, $300,000.

Kelley Farm Dr., 14821-Marcianne K. Gubish to Andrew J. and Marianne M. Kreiner, $815,000.

Leatherbark Dr., 19016-John R. Sharp to L. Patrice Pettinato, $410,000.

Meander Cove Dr., 13204-Pedro and Amelia Paredes to Jacob Hiner, $185,000.

Mustard Seed Ct., 18666-Syed W. Bukhari to Changben Jiang and Wenling Dong, $165,000.

Post Creek Pl., 12564-Dorothy T. Simcox to Abdul R. Khan and Shaista E. Khilji, $215,000.

Skip Jack Dr., 12106-Bekele W. Aynalem to Wenjing Lee and Shu Ching Chen, $235,000.

Steeple Ct., 60-Melissa K. Burke and Desmond C. Johnson to Jianchun Zhang and Wenjia Li, $337,500.

Summersong Lane, 20426-Alexander M. and Galina Y. Lokshin to Keith A. Webber, $270,000.

Walnutwood Ct., 5-George P. Timberlake to Catherine E. Eichholz, $367,000.

Willow Spring Cir., 12522-Blanca Enoe Diaz and Lisa Evelin Davila to Jonathan Greenberg, $205,000.


Ashwood Dr., 10104-Matthew J. and Elana J. Mesmer to Amy R. O’Neal, $739,000.

Decatur Ave., 4116-Earline Vasquez to Darya V. Biryukova, $258,000.

Homewood Pkwy., 3116-Andrew Huu Ly to Ethan L. and Alanna M. Don, $505,000.

Maybrook Ave., 10704-William T. and Christine R. Enos to Michael P. MacGregor and Rebecca L. Dewolf, $445,000.

Parkwood Dr., 10313-Charles Larry Horne and Ronald William Phillips to James C. and Courteny S. McGuire, $1.06 million.

University Blvd. W., 3133, No. A9-James E. and Evguenia Semenova Smith to Michael and Karen Starr, $109,000.


Bertie Farm Ct., 22308-Michael R. and Kathy A. Hewitt to Gabriel J. Smith and Donna Sales Smith, $801,000.

Goshen Oaks Rd., 21621-HSBC Bank to Dimitri and Marisol Rosenthal, $697,439.

White Pillar Terr., 9556-Henry K. and Kelly J. Higgins to Bai A. Bangura, $185,000.


Bountyfield Ct., 20705-Michael T. Hritz to Michael and Frances Hurley, $352,500.

Brookridge Ct., 9821-Reyes and Nelly C. Alfaro to Khodeza Jamie Begum, $103,000.

Chadburn Pl., 9389-Helen M. Agricola to James and Amy Edwards, $90,000.

Duffer Way, 9751-Judson A. Fox Sr. to James S. Young, $305,000.

Nathans Pl., 18604-Monica Dix to Yong Sheng Xu, $123,000.

Ravenglass Way, 8726-Keith T. Gary and Janice D. Gary to Daniel Steinberg and Dianna Gonzalez, $210,000.

Tambay Ct., 9906-Kyle J. Bertelsen to Michel J. Dowdy and Aleksandra Kotliarova, $225,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18601, No. 2-Donna Gangestad to Maureen Mitchell, $91,500.

Welbeck Way, 8825-Freddie Mac to Xutong Wang and Ming Amy Yu, $120,000.


Allanwood Pl., 1905-Robert K. Rodweller and Cathy A. Case to Ilia V. and Eric C. Rodriguez, $720,000.

Beaverwood Lane, 2924-Marie Angele Eyamba and Joseph Woulard to Elvia Carrillo, $320,000.

Birchtree Lane, 3240-Jun H. and Noh A. Park to Joseph A. Passer, $290,000.

Colie Dr., 4113-John C. Monahan and Rosa E. Reyes to Sisira K. and Remona N. Fonseka, $275,000.

Dunsinane Dr., 3817-Desmond Gabbidon and Dyllis Nicol to Robert L. Clark Jr., $138,000.

Foxhall Dr., 13206-Glenda W. Bertolini to Nasser H. and Zibe Hasan Asi, $359,000.

Goodloe Rd., 11812-HSBC Bank to Rommany Sam, $178,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3300-Constance E. Washington to Gustavo Cherquis and Roxana A. Arias, $73,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 314-Edith P. Schaffer and Robert Schaffer to Charles Marc and Dora Binder Levin, $295,000.

Isbell St., 3925-Dario M. and Patricia G. Sanchez to Melissa Chen, $327,500.

Long Green Dr., 14311-Steven J. Herman to Fernando C. Daza and Catherine P. Riano, $240,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14905, No. 2B-Kathleen C. Coolidge and Eleanor W. Collins to Helen A. Martin, $275,000.

Queensguard Rd., 2013-Lillian Francis Metzger to Kalpesh S. and Dipika K. Patel, $385,000.

Wilcox Lane, 1746-Housing Opportunities Commission to Chang D. Liu, $225,000.


Barnsfield Ct., 114-Jessica Kuhn and Kyle Novak to Hongli Tan and Yanli Wang, $228,000.

Bonnie Dale Dr., 13526-Narender S. and Namita Dhallan to Weizhen Dai and Wei Jiang, $1.02 million.

Cherry Grove Dr., 11804-Richard K. Hubbard to Bradford J. and Amy J. Sayler, $410,000.

Curry Ford Lane, 507-Eric J. and Elissa M. Balsley to Richard Y. Yan and Wendy W. Gao, $290,000.

Flints Grove Lane, 11716-Andrew E. and Andrea W. Singer to Dan Gui, $475,000.

Helene St., 530-Timothy J. McGovern to Weichert Inc., $459,900.

Landsend Dr., 7-Alexandr Vadimovich and Inesa Yun to Vadim Yun and Florida Tsay, $288,000.

Napa Valley Rd., 7-Mary Ann Sullivan to Chen Chen and Bomin Sun, $252,000.

Orchard Ridge Dr., 580, No. 100-Darren J. Crandell to Adam W. Bernstein and Kimberlee Gross, $315,000.

Quince Mill Dr., 11808-Steven J. and Deborah S. Bienstock to S. Andrew Stavisky, $619,500.

Ranch Pl., 13801-Guodong Shao and Yujie Yao to Xiangchun Wang and Tianli Qu, $570,000.

Rockborn St., 926-Richard M. and Shireen K. Schmidt to Robert and Tania Murphy, $855,000.

Sour Cherry Way, 12310-Anthony Carl Hartman to Sangwoo Cho, $421,000.

Sweetbough Ct., 12310-Montgomery Homes Partnership to Wen Chen Lee, $245,000.

Whitcliff Ct., 302-Nemesio A. Beato Jr. to Daniel Hollingsworth and Patricia E. Hollingworth, $289,550.


Boastfield Lane, 4544-James A. and Kathleen B. Taylor to Sharon Poker, $255,000.

Falling Green Rd., 3412-Kenneth W. Ernst to Richard and Tracy Onslow, $380,000.

Lafayette Dr., 17321-Kris C. and Stacey L. Manning to National Residential Nominee Services, $475,000.

Mount Olney Lane, 4520-Arthur Frank to Desiree E. Polyak and Dawn M. Griffith, $375,000.

Queen Elizabeth Dr., 18025-Margaret H. Smith to Jason Farman and Susan Pramschufer, $253,000.

Softwood Terr., 3524-Richard Roy and Cathy Jo Neher to Alejandrow Burgos and Ana L. Lopez, $300,000.

Vine Ct., 16912-Adrienne E. Jaworski to Christopher M. Gordon, $535,000.


Westerly Ave., 20008-Douglas J. and Susanne M. Colella to John D. Stump and Kelly A. King, $354,900.


Blue Meadow Rd., 1602-George N. and Katherine Margarites to William T. and Maria Lafond, $740,000.

Copenhaver Dr., 8848-Stephen F. and Shirley M. Kaufman to Jonathan Scofield and Amy Spiceland Scofield, $801,000.

Devilwood Ct., 11702-Mojisola O. Sodeinde to Jingping Lin, $581,000.

Fallswood Dr., 1423-David A. and Anna Ariane Cohn to Frank Kai Lin and Ya Ting Teng, $690,000.

Gatewater Dr., 12065-Robert R. Biggar to Younggyun Chung and Jeejeong Lee, $329,500.

Hall Rd., 10024-Robert T. and Libby P. Kaufman to Jeffrey Yee and Karen W. Yee, $945,000.

Inverness Ridge Rd., 8080-Fabiano Rodrigues Bastos and Leatrisse Oba to 8080 Inverness Ridge Corp., $559,000.

Milboro Dr., 1891-Clair Alfred Parsons to Bruce H. and Brikena Kay, $630,000.

Powder Horn Dr., 11012-Steven H. Greenfeld and Brenda R. Greenfeld to Liliana Ayalde, $845,000.

Slatestone Ct., 11716-Daniel and Valerie Lederberg to Jason and Laura Marquart, $1.23 million.

Turncrest Dr., 7906-Marie A. Feldman to Gilbert L. and Susan F. Rudolph, $1.16 million.

Wetherfield Lane, 12070-Bruce W. and Laura Gross to Kenneth B. and Carol Dixon Brown, $1.59 million.

Windsor View Dr., 10419-William I. and Susan D. Weinig to Leslie A. Kenna and Noel T. Southall, $775,000.


Azalea Dr., 636-Steven B. and Andrew Hopping to Deborah S. Bienstock, $318,000.

Bloomingdale Ct., 8-Steven H. Suissa to Nhora B. Murphy, $730,000.

Calabash Ct., 28-Chyng Wen Fwu and Hsu Sung Kuo to Sang Min Kim and Yonil Park, $660,000.

Courthouse Sq., 24, No. 602-Steven P. Fong and Maurine L. Fong to Yiping Li and Ming Yang Dai, $239,000.

Currier Dr., 214-Paul A. and Elsbeth W. Feys to Tianfei Liao, $625,000.

Empire Lane, 11343-Helene Forestier to Ronald Burr and Yupinh Li, $650,000.

Glenmore Terr., 2310-Howard M. Wollner and Jamie S. Wollner to Stephen S. Yune, $605,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1206-Leslie A. Gruszynski to Megan Silas and Gregory Vallach Jr., $398,900.

Hardy Pl., 209-Mary T. Bennett to Qunxiu Zhu and Meizhen Hou, $370,000.

Hurley Ave., 706-Hilda C. Rubin to Srinivas and Saritha Kondapaneni, $450,000.

Lorraine Dr., 317-April Goss and Mildred S. Miller to See Young Choi and Jung Hee Ju, $500,000.

Neal Dr., 1018-Scott L. and Tina L. Oulton to Gregory and Tetyana Strong, $325,000.

Old Gate Ct., 3-David A. Frommer and Ellen M. Frommer to Andrew R. Lebling, $765,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 917-Christine Rim and Kil Mo Chun to James W. and Rhea Kim, $390,000.

Pasture Side Way, 123-David M. and Karen B. Phillips to Margarita Focas and Jeffrey Nicholas Licht, $550,000.

Sterling Ct., 26-Elizabeth R. Rosenkranz to Krishna Maddileti and Savitha Yeleswarapu, $460,000.

Timber Lane, 11814-Karen Lynn Nonnemaker to Lisa M. Politis, $363,100.

Valerian Ct., 14-Daniel I. Sulow and Dena M. Smulow to Noel Ann and Can Metin Savasman, $615,000.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10024, No. 14-David and Kimberly A. Root to Jame Z. Chang, $238,000.

Wootton Oaks Ct., 111-Stacy Chelec to David Borgida and Aurea Nascimento, $555,900.


Aldburg Way, 11521-U.S. Bank to Sanaz Meshksaran, $206,910.

Appledowre Way, 11448-Franklin Durana to Jose Viera and Nataly Marie Musch, $143,400.

Choctaw Ct., 20021-Charles Edward and Elizabeth Smith to Steven M. Millard and Valerie L. Goehring, $235,000.

Gunners Ct., 6-William A. Ampofo to Jairo E. and Nadia C. Melendez, $330,000.

Maryland Manor Ct., 11147-Thomas V. Martin to Olalekan Ismaheel Abioye, $277,000.

Seneca Forest Cir., 11533-Stanley L. Mathias to James K. and Pamela Wilson West, $580,000.

Tulip Poplar Way, 21127-Deutsche Bank to Prasun Ghosh and Sharmila Sarbadhikary, $490,000.

Wayfarer Rd., 10740-Ahmad and Soghra Asgari to Ryan S. Gerard and Ekaterina Kravchenko, $425,000.


Cedar St., 8603-John N. Salamon to Andrew Dullnig and Nicole Harrison, $442,500.

Day Ave., 10108-Nancy C. Garrison to Ursula J. Bucholz and Howard H. Needham, $600,000.

Greenbrier Dr., 615-Alexander Monte and Chauncey Monte Sano to Richard and Kathryn Iovanna, $690,000.

Maywood Ave., 8707-Gilberto Ortiz and Lucrecia Jimenez to Koundinva Srinviasarao and Izabela Kotseva, $425,000.

Ritchie Ave., 34-Elizabeth J. Wade to Selo Inc., $225,500.

Wayne Ave., 608-Gonzalo Espariz Nieto and Emma L. Whelan to Jeffrey T. Vanderslice and Raisa Kathryn Orleans, $479,000.

16th St., 9000-Trees for the Future Inc. to Vladimir and Yana Gurevich, $338,000.


Barron St., 8401-Jose R. and Lisa F. Dominguez to Michael E. and Madona T. Leblanc, $300,000.

Conway Ave., 6710-Joshua Prentice and Ketaki Bhattacharyya to Adam V. Buck and Ariel W. Simmons, $385,000.

Flower Ave., 8414, No. 1-Bake Kasule and Gloria M. Rwaramba to Tim Colon, $145,000.

Holly Ave., 7412-John E. and Gabriele Louvis Parker to Andrew Y. Yew and Orla J. O’Connor, $875,000.

Maple Ave., 7306-Kent E. Hanson and Margaret E. Robnett to Amit M. and Anjali G. Patel, $900,000.


Alsace Lane, 3-Patricia L. Campbell to Issa Elghoul, $265,000.

Vandegrift Ave., 5911-William W. and Katherine M. Lawrence to Carlos A. and Lauren A. Trujillo, $286,500.


Adams Dr., 3802-Tanveer H. and Said Begum Shah to Mohammad Ashiq and Mohammad Rafiq, $210,000.

Arcola Ave., 2713-Larry C. Dembowski to Brian J. Searby and Grace G. McNicholas, $310,000.

Blueridge Ave., 1808-Stephen S. Friedman and Anna Friedman to Pipat and Kochakorn Rattanawatkul, $365,000.

Byron St., 2709-RBL Ventures Corp. to Nicholas Backert and Lauren Barry, $332,500.

Dublin Dr., 1604-Gerald Gillman to Roberta Ciucki, $300,000.

Galt Ave., 11716-Nick Grayson and Melissa L. Hardison to Kelly Stratton, $360,000.

Glenallan Ave., 1501-Suzanne M. and Louis N. Ferguson to Jonah and Lis Hirano Wittkamper, $440,000.

Henderson Ave., 2108-Claire L. Orologas and Harry W. Paul to Chao Chung Chang and Nicolle M. Singer, $370,000.

Kimberly St., 2507-Rocken Enterprises Corp. to Kevin M. and Megan W. Finnegan, $414,000.

Medway St., 3223-Anna and Elaine A. Maliniak to Marco Antonio Armenta, $169,000.

Shaler Dr., 4001-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Wilma J. Roufa, $335,000.

Ventura Ave., 1910-Donald Edwards and Erin Roberts to Diep Nguyen Van Houtte and Jean Van Houtte, $415,000.

Frederick County

Fourth Ave., 118-Betty B. Cooper to Fannie Mae, $92,311.


Jefferson Pike, 3812-Richard L. and Sally A. Arnold to Barry A. and Tara D. Feaga, $185,000.


Arbor Ct., 6890-Charlotte E. Patton to Denise H. Nicewarner, $160,000.

Canvasback Ct., 5021-Stephanie M. and Patrick T. Cooley to Matthew D. Custead, $169,000.

Carrollton Dr., 459-Joseph E. Hawker to Racquel Johnson, $209,000.

Coach House Way, 2507, No. 2B-Ralph E. Fry and Lois F. Tyson to Mary O’Connor, $125,000.

Crabapple Dr., 5699-Joseph W. Peters to Louis R. Biosca, $170,000.

Essex Pl., 526-Community Development Administration to Michael G. Jensen, $100,000.

Fleetwood Ct., 9658-Raymong and Wendy Gill to Jeffrey D. Longenberger and Lauren M. Longenberger, $275,000.

Hampshire Dr., 1323-Martin L. and Cassie E. Willig to Gerardo Araiza, $105,000.

Jefferson Blvd., 6613-Patrick Sean and Joan E. Golden to Sang Kyu Lee and Eun Young Bang, $215,000.

Market St. N., 740-Fannie Mae to Stephanie J. Butts and Robert B. Butts, $185,000.

Meadowgrove Lane, 1802-Jose A. and Douglas F. Sarceno to Chad T. Andrews, $165,000.

Monocacy View Cir., 1852B-Classic Community Corp. to Christopher R. Owens, $196,800.

Pintail Ct., 4977-Daniel Pinto Monteiro to Bradley B. and Randi N. Burford, $165,000.

Rocky Glen Dr., 1824-Alfred and Sherrice Ajebon to David J. and Donna L. Sisson, $159,000.

Spring Run Cir., 2055-NVR Inc. to Brian R. and Kristina M. Eckhoff, $272,730.

Springwater Terr., 6344, No. 1121-Wells Fargo Bank to Bonnie Lipsky, $140,000.

Sylvan Ct., 504-Demayne D. and Diehan Collins to Yinghua Zhang and Jian Lin, $145,000.

Wellington Ct., 511-Ana Lissette Colon and Mario Ernesto Rodriguez to Carolyn M. Humerick, $110,500.

Wyngate Dr., 209-Ronald K. and Carol J. Stuckey to Morris H. Rice and Suzanne C. Rice, $215,500.


Fiona Way, 11-Amondiah Bilal Brown to Tammy S. Graybill, $292,888.


Glenbrook Dr., 509-Mark L. Hammel and Melanie L. Hammel to Amtrust Corp., $430,000.


Iris Ct., 4601-Raymond E. and Paula C. Sowers to Jill L. Mackin, $464,000.


East Rd., 209-Mark N. Neilsen to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $300,785.

Millwood Rd., 4320-Ronald G. and Shirley M. Kase to William P. and Julianne C. Dubois, $392,000.


Coldstream Dr., 6633-Thomas A. and Corinne James to Elizabeth N. Klein, $320,000.

Huckleberry Way, 6120-Ralph Thomas Trout and Linda D. Kulp to Brian E. and Natalie O’Shea, $355,000.

Nuthatch Dr., 10228-LTS Corp. to Christopher J. McKenna and Victoria L. Welsch, $310,000.

Sewell Dr., 722-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kerry M. Taylor, $259,000.

Woodlake Pl., 9701-Jan M. and Sharyn K. Levine to Robert English and Julie A. Kubiak, $497,000.


Pippins Pl., 3827-Maria L. McDaniel to Fannie Mae, $309,000.


Old Frederick Rd., 11025-Sandra T. Buckeley to Troy Donald and Stephanie Kiessling, $487,500.

Tower Rd., 13731-King Property Corp. to Cynthia Baruch and Tammy Hardy, $390,000.


Byron Cir., 3619-Charles Russo to Paul and Kathleen Francis, $450,000.

Lew Wallace Rd., 8813-Barbara E. Deane to Jeffrey A. and Cynthia B. Reidenauer, $323,900.

Reels Mill Rd., 5337-Vernon Martin to Kevin H. King and Cathryn A. Norris, $230,000.

Sprigg Street S., 3598-Main Street Homes to David D. Jamieson, $415,500.


Diamond Dr., 208-Kimberly Keefer to Fannie Mae, $349,000.

Imagination Ct., 8600-William T. and Tammy M. Whitmore to Comstar FCU, $98,938.


Main St. S., 110-Marion Devilbiss to Bryant W. Harshman, $169,500.