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Montgomery County

Arctic Ave., 14112-Sarina A. Rowe to Sun C. White, $312,500.

Bauer Dr., 14620, No. 7-Rita A. Hofbauer to Antonino Smillo, $190,000.

Carrolton Rd., 14826-Richard and Alon Chambers to Kelly L. Collins, $735,000.

Emory Lane, 16500-Mario A. Amorim to Victor E. Palmeiro, $78,250.

Landgreen St., 4216-Ana Maria Obando to South Main Street Property Corp., $247,000.

Norbeck Rd., 4080-Christopher Arthur Johnson and Betty Lou Johnson to Mary Patricia O’Connell, $350,000.

Robindale Dr., 12725-Richard J. Bauman and Leo A. Bauman to Jose D. and Ana Del Zelaya, $252,500.

Veirs Mill Rd., 12712, No. 104-Bank of New York Mellon to Fang Da Du, $113,000.


Arizona Cir., 10238-Pedro A. Montano to Oscar and Vesna Harasic, $492,500.

Baccarat Ct., 8403-Bahman and Fattaneh Tavassoli Jabbari to Kathleen A. McCallum, $940,000.

Blaisdell Rd., 6920-Thomas F. and Leonore S. Cunningham to Philippe and Sybille Ozanian, $2 million.

Broad St., 9903-Timothy C. and Amy T. Tipton to Douglas Construction Group, $475,000.

Burdette Rd., 8821-Stephen W. Nealon and Ethel M. Payne to Bruce W. and Simonetta Thorne, $1.22 million.

Chalfont Ct., 4-William H. and Jean G. Crocker to Joan M. Bond, $1.22 million.

Corewood Lane, 6013-Peter J. Hilary to Alec M. Albertson and Rita M. Bettiol, $880,000.

Dickens Ave., 9904-Amanda Rae and Andrew H. Coelho to Rachel L. Tobin and Elliot L. Tobin, $630,500.

Earlham Dr., 6424-Robert M. and David E. Price to Alexander Basilia, $525,000.

Fernwood Rd., 8810-Gary M. Abramson and Albert Abramson to Majid R. Naderkhani, $3 million.

Greentree Rd., 6000-Olga G. Block to Eric J. Rotzoll and Yongmei Ye, $616,000.

Hampden Lane, 4818-Matthew and Alexandra Squire to Jerry Yuan, $503,000.

Irvington Ave., 8717-Ronald G. Ridker to 8717 Irvington Avenue Corp., $630,000.

Lenox Rd., 6105-Jack and Donald Barry Hurwitz to Nils Derek and Jennifer J. Wayman, $825,000.

Massena Rd., 7713-Frank Schermer and Alison Fuller to David C. Ide and Lianne L. Hu, $730,000.

Montrose Ave., 10406, No. M301-Rowin W. Andruscavage and Sofia Marshak to Qizbeng Bao, $215,000.

Ogden Ct., 5805-Edmund H. Worthy Jr. and Huei Ling Worthy to Yan Zhang, $720,000.

Parkwood Terr., 10102-Lawrence V. and Barbara L. Seeborg to Elizabeth Peterson, $604,000.

Rising Ridge Rd., 8051-Joseph A. and Phyllis J. Applebaum to James E. Wedge and Divya A. George, $695,000.

Royal Dominion Ct., 16-Bruce H. and Susan W. Turnbull to Sajjad Ali Shah and Aneela Kazi, $1.2 million.

Sentinel Dr., 4990, No. 301-Carol Chen Ball to Juan Carlos Belausteguigoitia and Trinidad Delia Reyes, $420,000.

Springfield Dr., 5908-James T. and Mary B. Coffman to Sarah E. Josephson and Frank N. Fisanich, $839,000.

Wapakoneta Rd., 5219-Jeanne Richter and Betty Wood Gray to Fernando A. Blanco Cossio and Silvane S. Schwengber, $749,000.

Westlake Terr., 7420, No. 102-David H. Malech to Juan Carlos Montes, $210,000.

Weymouth St., 10690, No. W104-Sandra R. Farber to Thomas F. Morris and Clara Morris, $182,500.

Wiscasset Rd., 6420-Philip J. Warker and Peter F. Warker to Nicholas A. and Nicole Engle Demonaco, $675,000.


Bubbling Spring Rd., 14510-Anna Marie Stephanos to Pinal and Vaishali Parekh, $600,000.

Truffle Lane, 18133-Kerine M. Riley to Zhaohui Chen and Jiefei Huang, $215,000.


Heritage Hills Dr., 18913-Mary Elizabeth and Mary Tozzolo Greenwood to Thomas J. and Melissa V. Caswell, $379,000.


Autumn Glen Cir., 3655-Adedokun Ojo Ade and Michele Ojo Ade to Lloyd Baylor, $231,000.

Isleswood Terr., 4336-Housing Opportunities Commission to Biprodas Dutta and Mala Dutta, $185,000.


Angelwing Dr., 1601-Margaret M. Williams to Michael J. and Elsa H. Skinner, $550,000.

Bruton Parish Way, 3510-David H. Shoshan and Lisa Ratta Shoshan to Bryn L. Boggs, $160,000.

East-West Hwy., 4242, No. 810-Melanie Reber Hough and Jeffrey A. Reber to Michael Shulman, $210,000.

Eldrid Dr., 608-Wen Hui Gao to Anastasia Walsh, $329,000.

Memory Lane, 3045-Annette Ibrahim and Hussein Ismael to Michael E. Booher, $355,000.

Orchard Way, 1101-Wayne K. Osborne and Leah M. Tropea to Beverly Hazlewood, $405,000.

Turquoise Terr., 12751-Kosuru V. and Anitha Rao to Hiwotie T. Wondem, $240,000.


Chevy Chase Dr., 4720, No. 406-Michael Macarthur to Caroline C. McLoughlin and Peter J. Davis, $344,000.

Cummings Lane, 3410-Patricia Stotler Swann to Bernard Development Group Corp., $940,000.

Florida St., 7002-Craig A. and Cynthia M. Hovda to Brandon and Leanne Bortner, $1.8 million.

Hawkins Lane, 8817-Robert D. and Adrienne E. Camps to Stephen M. Grant, $749,000.

Pauline Dr., 3305-Daniel Nachtigal to Jeffrey Alan Knishkowy and Patricia Lieberman, $856,500.

Spring St., 3615-Charitha Felix Amerasinghe and Lavanya Sithanandam to Thomas E. Nesbitt and Linda Schmid, $935,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 5630, No. 1004-Rodney V. and Joy W. Burbach to Ilona E. Heckman, $2.32 million.


Arora Hills Dr., 22938-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Larisa and Ivan Bezkorovayny, $269,817.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 13123-Sandeep Rampurae and Kalpana Goel to Maria Elisa and Arlindo Rodrigues Neiva, $325,000.

Latrobe Lane, 13501-U.S. Home Corp. to Rosa Aurora Balarezo, $336,990.

Skylark Rd., 12126-Marcela G. Gray to Bank of America, $511,650.


Cantrell Rd., 14400-Raymond E. Weistling to Musawwir A. and Tasnuva Khan, $430,000.

Countryside Dr., 2404-Cheri M. Ganeles and Dan S. Yochelson to Sarah Tennant, $395,000.

Old Orchard Rd., 16411-William C. and Rhonda D. Watkins to Pratima Dharm and Dharmendran Rajendran, $530,000.

Snowden Dr., 15108-Thomas S. Garner to Puspanjali and Saswat Misra, $600,000.


Club View Dr., 24409-Richard J. and Terri Lynn Cunningham to Kenneth R. and Andee V. Henderson, $449,900.

Ridge Rd., 24620-Bill Wilson Curtis to Abraham L. and Erika C. Marquez, $301,950.


Anamosa Way, 7613-Dean and Denise Dozier to Alejandro and Maya Reyes, $537,500.

Copperwood Ct., 7120-Dianne M. Fischer to Luke William and Elizabeth Zamora Crofoot, $440,000.

Millcrest Dr., 17729-Edward W. and Pamela S. Douglas to Kurukulasuriya Fernando and Anuradha Warnakulasuriya, $320,000.


Baroque Rd., 11331-Steven Sax and Yuan Zhang to Shamsideen Sanni, $312,000.

Cherry Tree Lane, 9817-9817 Cherry Tree Corp. to Mark A. McGinnis and Shawna E. Leonard, $415,000.

Finale Terr., 220-Nathaniel Sznycer Taub and Paula S. Romero to Anthony James Alarcon, $316,000.

Harper Ave., 10616-Gregory A. and Marilyn L. Nelson to Lisa D. Martinez and Clyde Freeman III, $500,000.

Lauer Terr., 2-Dennis R. Nuxoll and Navjit K. Goraya to Gerard A. Rainville III and Kari B. Schmidt, $539,000.

Providence Ave., 9108-Judith M. Koenick to David M. Givens and Mary S. Ricci, $550,000.

Southwood Ave., 116-Gregory S. and Aphrodite Knoop to Glenn J. Verdi and Elizabeth Anne Greene, $540,000.

University Blvd. E., 439-Unified Investments Corp. to Yelena A. Toolsie, $469,000.


Bates Ave., 110-Stephanie S. Disson to Emilia Guerrero, $510,000.

Carriage Walk Ct., 29-Karen E. Nelson to Adam C. Mann, $280,000.

Deer Park Dr. E., 106-Michael J. Hanlon and Wendy L. Davis to Alex Sera, $414,900.

Girard St., 440, No. 267-George A. Marshall Jr. to Blanca Lucila DeBonilla, $70,000.

Harmony Hall Rd., 119-Roger Dean and Wendy Alice Pobanz to Brandy M. Gruner, $325,000.

Mayhill Terr., 19827-Robert B. and Leslie T. Callaway to Christopher B. and Katherine E. Doss, $345,000.

Reliant Dr., 18601-Troy K. Manigault and Shelly L. Brown to Matthew E. and Janet L. Griffith, $630,000.

Snow Valley Ct., 8709-Adrian D. and Larry B. Ferguson to Steven P. and Jessica M. Lund, $350,000.


Bonniebank Terr., 16029-Todd T. Pantezzi to Jamie and Joel Miller, $601,000.

Chalet Dr., 18110, No. 12-202-Takisha R. Edwards to Thomas Jerrell Breslin, $115,000.

Churchill Ridge Cir., 12901, No. 8-Behzad and Farahnaz N. Mirdamadi to Harshadkumar J. and Kumudben H. Patel, $160,000.

Deerwater Dr., 13618-Ellen L. Greenfield to Hung Ngoc Tran, $185,000.

Gallop Terr., 14043-Christian Gonzalez to U.S. Bank, $250,000.

Lake Park Dr., 20016, No. 122-Christopher Mooney and Anne Miller to Charles J. and Angela M. Quigley, $285,000.

Mediterranean Dr., 19006-Ana M. Matus to Panagiota Vasiliadis, $330,000.

Paprika Ct., 18722-Dagoberto and Sonia Beltran to Yun Ma and Chuanchu Wu, $115,000.

Ridgecrest Dr., 19333-Gonzalo M. and Nicole L. Quiroga to Marco L. and Robyn Thompson, $300,000.

Shamrock Glen Dr., 13018-Jennifer L. and Jeannette C. Bretz to Chun Ho Cheung, $300,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18809, No. 6203-Fannie Mae to Gregory J. Hawkins, $180,000.

Timber Hollow Pl., 12509-Adam P. Grundy to Zhenwen Geng, $148,440.

Waterford Hills Blvd., 13532-Centex Homes to Frank O. Johnson, $279,990.

Whitechurch Ct., 66-Beverly Lynn Lalonde to Aaron Moroni and Andrea Harbertson Britton, $159,000.


Ambler Dr., 4406-Marc A. Leaf and Debra A. Oaks to Margaret M. and John E. Knapp, $839,000.

Crestwood Rd., 10011-Matthew and Natalie M. Johns to Joshua M. and Patricia Graves Masi, $855,000.

Ewell Ave., 10516-David Wiggins and Shanley Vetter to Jeffrey Klenk and Leslie Greenberg, $590,000.

Hobson St., 10815-Robert K. and Anne Warlick Cullen to Brian J. Roach and Ann M. Groat, $385,000.

Mitscher St., 11325-National Residential Nominee Services to Scott L. and Jessica E. Prentice, $462,000.

Puller Dr., 4315-Jerry E. and Kathleen J. Clark to Edward L. and Laura S. Tan, $565,000.

Stillwater Ave., 11012-Patricia Downs and Cathleen M. Kleiler to Thomas P. and Jeannette C. Kemp, $540,100.

University Blvd. W., 3129, No. 6-Maria Joana Biondi to Peter C. Zurkowski, $127,000.


Garfield Dr., 8709-Harold Sylvester and Verna V. Lindsay to Heritage Development Corp., $260,000.

Harvest Knolls Way, 9619-Max F. and Katia I. Fano to Bank Fund Staff FCU, $600,000.

Welsh Rd., 24412-Robert H. and Elizabeth J. Lindgren to Jubal T. and Linda J. Rine, $200,000.


Aspenwood Ct., 9504-Thomas W. Timmins and Alice P. Timmins to Albert Ayernor, $375,000.

Brassie Way, 9639-Kamuanya G. Tshibaka to Eric and Charles Sackett, $193,000.

Crested Iris Ct., 51-James Yan to Xiaozhuo Wang and Nidanuch Ussavaponganant, $179,000.

Feathertree Terr., 9810, No. 19-David G. Roloff Jr. and Rebecca Kirkey to Guilherme M. Abreu, $132,000.

Kindly Ct., 10215-SunTrust Mortgage to Raymond F. and Elaine C. Chen, $182,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10015-Gregory Von Pfeiffer to Maria M. Orellana, $130,500.

Stedwick Rd., 10004, No. 201-Pegasus Home Corp. to Michael W. and Anne G. Kramer, $105,000.

Tindal Springs Dr., 8506-Brynn E. and Jonathan Harrison to Ingrid C. and Christopher Michael Jones, $350,000.

Watkins Mill Dr., 10301-Sara L. Mee to Fannie Mae, $285,466.


Beaverwood Lane, 3203-David J. and Cynthia A. O’Donovan to Cherent M. Timetme and Meseret Sisay, $245,000.

Bluhill Rd., 12908-Robert William and Stephanie Schaeffer Bergwall to Jennifer L. Wagner, $330,000.

Chesterwood Dr., 3848-Frederick Luther Dunn Jr. to Tonia R. Dukart, $153,000.

Edelmar Terr., 3663-Doris E. and John E. Raber to Elizabeth Deckelman, $220,000.

Fernhill Rd., 4401-Julia Ayala to Kendall Lopez Buitrago and Shamika Pearson, $225,000.

Foxhall Dr., 13344-Carl Bradford and Mary Elizabeth Jorgensen to Doyle L. and Mia Chisholm, $427,500.

Hugo Cir., 1621-Timothy D. Dietz to Scott T. Gater and Melissa C. Friesen, $369,900.

Kayson St., 3713-Randall D. and Bonnie W. Gibson to Tam T. Huynh and Hien T. Dao, $307,500.

Lockdale Rd., 13713-101 Geneva Corp. to Larry S. Memberg and Claudia L. Osorio, $460,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14801, No. 212-Steven Casady and Stella D. Casady to Courtney L. and Marie C. Hughes, $206,000.

Rippling Brook Dr., 13425-Marylu K. McEwen to Lawan D. and Lorenzo Hamilton, $492,000.

Wimbledon Cir., 2212-Kien Kien Truong to Josnel Jeudy and Lud Duchatelier Jeudy, $304,000.


Ancient Oak Dr., 15617-Stephen M. Ellis to Joanna Watson and Diane Palmieri, $599,000.

Birdale Lane, 13015-William P. and Lillian Sorohan Brown to Jean M. Hopkins and Charlotte J. Happle, $760,000.

Case St., 20-Gaurav and Shruti Pal to Yang Du and Yan Jiang, $510,000.

Chevy Chase St., 110, No. 306-Arthur B. and Hazel M. Brisker to Charles R. Crockett and Ellen Ann Callahan, $272,500.

Diamond Dr., 833-John J. and Nancy D. Curling to Steven N. and Debra A. Blivess, $430,000.

Garrett Dr., 17716-Richard Mallery and Nancy B. Garwood to Richard P. and Jane E. Cocker, $574,000.

Hidden Brook Terr., 12104-Albert G. and Sandra J. Mohr to Yves M. and Susan M. Pelletier, $570,000.

Kersten St., 401-Rami R. and Lea R. Bizri to David Fiddleman and Beatriz Del Olmo Fiddleman, $555,000.

Lautrec Ct., 15809-Robert S. and Loriann Oberlin Laurenzano to Jennifer L. Gremba Cota and Jason Cota, $719,000.

Linslade St., 702-Chelton Emmett Jenkins and Linda Rogers Jenkins to Robert I. and Minna S. Golden, $850,000.

Market St. E., 450-James W. Collins to Zhi Long Chen and Lan Xiang, $525,000.

Owens Glen Way, 11750-Seyit Erbas and Chera L. Sayers to Jamie and Felice Fava, $660,000.

Pontiac Way, 91-Kewal K. Sharma to Preet A. and Jasvinder Singh, $290,000.

Saddle River Dr., 14074-A. Roger and Michele D. Hammons to Thomas N. and Christina A. Sardelis, $675,000.

Swanton Lane, 306-Raoul Wheeler Wilkins II to Yingxin Wan and Jie Wang, $490,000.

Timber Rock Rd., 30-Jose R. Diaz to Ken Chen, $218,000.

Winter Walk Dr., 210-Leonard S. and Kathleen P. Goldstein to Balasubramanian Venkatesan and Vaishnavi Krishnan, $510,000.


Buehler Rd., 17733-Joy A. Eyrolles to Patrick T. and Eunice E. Pak, $235,000.

Eaglesham Pl., 17703-Cynthia M. Dennison to Risa D. Bator, $450,000.

Mount Olney Lane, 4141-Robert J. and Mary Lou Richter to Holly Friend, $429,000.

Queensborough Dr., 3480-Cynthia A. Martin to Mark A. and Rebecca L. Feldbush, $289,900.

Thickett Way, 2819-Vikram and Erin F. Pant to Yvette L. Ju, $379,000.


Hempstone Ct., 19005-John R. and Brenda H. Parsley to Robert S. and Alisa R. Dodds, $315,000.

Selby Ave., 19628-Michael P. and Lorriane E. Young to Robert and Carol Simpson, $486,000.


Beechgrove Lane, 11444-Michael A. and Laurie W. Spielman to Andrew and Stephanie Batchelor, $781,000.

Big Piney Way, 11501-Steven Tee and Hong L. Tee to James Chuan Chao and Shan Liu, $1.2 million.

Bunnell Dr., 8711-Richard Bruce and Annette Ehrlich Lakein to Woody and Rachel M. Anglade, $660,000.

Coach St., 8212-Lynda Troutman O’Sullivan to John A. and Tara L. Eliason, $1.16 million.

Colebrook Ave., 10008-Lawrence E. and Joan P. Medway to Alison Pollarine and Peter A. Chase, $699,900.

Deborah Dr., 10941-Amir Soltanian and Maryam K. Changi to Penny Kahn, $501,000.

Great Arbor Dr., 10614-Mark P. and Marcy S. Haffner to Stefan Wiesen and Denise Nakamizu, $835,000.

Karen Dr., 11505-Dawn Wick Hopkins to Wei Hua and Deming Wan, $862,000.

Macarthur Blvd., 10505-Florence E. and William J. Fitzgerald to Thomas C. Shields and Sonia K. Stoszek, $1 million.

Oaklyn Dr., 10605-Howard and Harriet S. Diener to Stephanie D. and Reuben Q. Pugh, $1.2 million.

Purcell Ct., 13-Eric R. and Myread M. Tovar to Kenneth L. and Linda F. Bedingfield, $2.91 million.

Stanmore Dr., 10841-Karl K. and Mouna S. Johe to 10841 Stanmore Development Corp., $1.03 million.

Whiterim Terr., 7725-Morris W. and Mary A. Wilson to Elena Gladkova, $710,000.


Barbados Pl., 5918, No. 4-Amy E. Croker to Anna Y. Cruz, $348,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12403, No. 465-Valeri G. Ivantsov and Anna A. Shevchenko to Chi Ma and Chunyi Ying, $140,000.

Burton Glen Dr., 10116-Richard L. and Lisa P. Rowe to Rajni Samavedam and Indira Samavedam, $950,000.

Cloister Dr., 4911-William C. and Diane E. Bowie to Michael D. Snyder and Yelena B. Zaslavskaya, $579,000.

Crocus Dr., 636-George J. and Joan W. Galasso to Robert Brandt and Amy Claire Heitzman, $549,900.

Edson Park Pl., 11228-Andrew and Stephanie Batchelor to Teng Da Yang, $405,000.

Farm Haven Dr., 1000-Stephen and Lucia B. Baumgart to Krishnamurthy Konduru and Sailaja Krishnamurthy, $780,000.

Great Falls Rd., 505-Mohammad R. Saba and Gita Khoshvaghti to Ilya and Irina Rosenfeld, $915,000.

Havencrest St., 1018-Judith Bebchuk and Mark Segal to Anatoly Shkvarunets and Irina Isaeva, $663,000.

Huntover Dr., 11300-Louise M. Valenti to Christopher A. Albina, $925,000.

Jacala Terr., 513-Stephen Yee and Lucy L. Yee to Amit Mannan, $572,500.

Kings Riding Way, 10703, No. 13-Philip M. Huser to Andrew N. and Kaitlyn M. Morabito, $392,000.

Loganwood Dr., 6041-Daryl Flatte to Ankur B. Shah and Karishma Patel, $665,000.

Marcus Ct., 10-Jehudith and Shay Lean to Jia Hai Lee and Shing Fen Kao, $460,000.

Montrose Rd., 6402-Lee L. Tabler to Jose Carrillo and Maria De La Paz Ade, $390,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 402-Qiuyang Wang and Jenny L. Chen to Yingda Linda Xie, $237,372.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1407E-Jeffrey Elliot Andich to Faramarz and Shirin Moussavi, $280,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1108-Toll Brothers Homes to Matthew and Alexandra Holtkamp, $440,000.

Overlea Dr., 9517-William P. and Marie France Armstrong to Shengting Pan and Huixing Lu, $735,000.

Reserve Champion Dr., 1020-Matthew D. and Rebecca H. Morton to Swati Deb, $550,000.

St. James Rd., 12624-Camillo A. Azcarate to Afsaneh Sedghi, $725,000.

Struttmann Lane, 6609-Patricia M. Weaver to Christopher and Sarah Koegel, $970,000.

Upton St., 201-Kermit Mohn to Christopher O. Kern and Pearl B. Chang, $460,000.

Whisperwood Ct., 2-Irving Perlroth to Jung Y. Park and Kwang Joong Kim, $685,000.


Abbotsford Cir., 18937-Michael Grodin to Joseph R. and Kristi L. Belcher, $275,000.

Cider Barrel Dr., 20111-Jonathan N. and Amy Yoo to Anjalee and Trisha Sewpaul, $330,000.

Macintosh Lane, 20100-James L. and Lisa Dickinson to Shayan and Parisa Nikaeen, $335,000.

Severndale Terr., 20805-Juan E. and Kimberly A. Johnson to Olivia Fofana, $300,000.


Corwin Dr., 1711-Goodwin Investments Corp. to Sean D. and Natasha M. Conklin, $400,000.

Dewitt Dr., 9618-Forest Glen Condo Corp. to Gregory and Abigail K. Wahl, $275,000.

Grant Ave., 10115-Luis G. and Velia Ortiz to Rahel M. Ture and Mesfin B. Bulcha, $290,500.

Kimball Pl., 2304-Phillip D. and Tracy A. Littlefield to Todd F. and Christina M. Beckerman, $495,000.

Noyes Dr., 1233-Michael E. and Sorrel Fisher to Daniel Olivo Beltran and Melinda Martin Beltran, $790,000.

Washington Ave., 2225, No. W103-Carol Randall to Meagan L. and Timothy Healy, $150,000.

Woodland Dr., 9705-David T. and Sally P. Beckwith to Claire Jane and Ryan Richard Cliche, $479,500.


Baltimore Ave., 7316-Hugh G. Courtney and Pamela J. Loprest to Carol A. Mossman and Kenneth Kato, $825,000.

Flower Ave., 7219, No. 2-Timna Sites to Adil Keceli, $98,000.

Hilton Ave., 7304-Rene Voss and Linda D. McCann to Kerry M. Cesareo and James W. Woodworth Jr., $441,500.

Maple Ave., 8000-Beverly Freund to Mark W. Johnson and Amy E. Klamberg, $529,000.

Philadelphia Ave., 40-Howard J. Goldgeier and Anitha P. Chetty to Jamal A. and Susan P. Mazrui, $558,000.


Clagett Dr., 1303-Frederick Joseph and Katharine Nassauer to Matthew A. Chattillion and Katherine E. Giganti, $339,000.

Nimitz Ave., 305-John Paul Terry and Helena Skotowska to Kevin M. Stout, $310,000.


Washington Grove Lane, 510-Patrick A. and Mary Boisvert Murray to John Joseph Fones and Alison H. Faupel, $395,000.


Arcola Ave., 2109-John A. McClure to Fannie Mae, $600,000.

College View Dr., 11727-Clayton J. Sapp to Raymond Michael and Danielle Meyer, $295,000.

Dalewood Dr., 11913-Fanny Devin to Robert L. Clark Jr., $80,000.

Gates Ave., 10101-Robert B. and Margaret E. Neill to Kevin T. and Marie Glatstein, $420,000.

Julep Ave., 10412-Nancy Dysart to Phoenix Design Properties Corp., $126,780.

Pebble Run Dr., 10906-Jose J. and Sharon A. Soler to Suzanne J. Kardon, $339,000.

Reedie Dr., 1820-John A. Calder to Javid Kamali and Dagmar Ruehrig, $361,500.

Westchester Dr., 2025-Suzette M. Malveaux to Sall Abdoulaye and Ekaterina V. Ryabova, $367,000.

Frederick County

Downing St., 7106-Louis Fernando and Patricia Ann Oliva to Reinold and Victoria D. Schlak, $420,000.


Appalachian Way, 741-Brunswick Crossing Corp. to Bieu Van Nguyen, $269,990.

Hope Farm Ct., 1306-Brunswick Crossing Corp. to Madeline I. and Eric Perez, $415,515.

Sixth Ave., 608-Cynthia S. Robins and Joanne Joyce to Stephen C. Baum and Erin Murphy Baum, $224,900.


Shadywood Dr., 3860, No. 3D-Steven Rusenko to Fannie Mae, $103,500.


Robindale Dr., 44-John W. and Kimberly A. Miller to Christopher and Teresa L. Duhring, $156,000.


Alan Linton Blvd. W., 6202-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jorge A. Naranjo and Adriana Roa, $490,000.

Basford Rd., 3366-Arthur J. and Paula G. French to Thomas C. and Carrie A. McKinley, $465,000.

Bear Den Rd., 2233-Joseph K. and Karen J. Hoffman to Leeza M. Franks, $289,000.

Briarcliff Lane, 8816-Nelson and Delmy Martinez to Rita O’Neil, $242,500.

Canvasback Ct., 5020-Joyce D. Rowe to Nicole M. Caldwell, $168,000.

Castle Rock Rd., 1734-Cynthia C. and Timothy A. Kuhn to Weichert Inc., $335,000.

Cawley Dr., 634-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jason and Christy Linzi, $262,315.

Chillingham Pl., 5416-Renee L. Poyer to Meghan R. and Matthew R. Bennett, $369,900.

Citizens Way, 50, No. 605-Henry Buist to Robert M. Kianetski, $490,000.

David Lane, 1381-Salvador Escobar and Xavier Carrillo to Xiao Lin Lu, $74,900.

Egret Way, 2617-NVR Inc. to Gary Francis, $314,590.

Eisenhower Dr., 614-Audrey D. Forbes to Yinghua Zhang and Jian Lin, $152,000.

Frederick Ave., 19-Holly Baumgardner and Cheryl Calimer to Amanda J. King, $185,000.

Gresham Ct. W., 7093-Kristen D. Wachter to Gregory M. Bonn, $159,900.

Laurel Wood Way, 1522-Ana M. Magana and Jon S. Gilligan to Random Properties Corp., $193,500.

Lauren Ct., 136-Andrew G. Miller to Kam Cin, $97,500.

Market St. N., 712-Mary Frances Harding to William R. and Stacey L. Larson, $165,000.

Monocacy Ford Rd., 2626-Henry C. and Lynn S. Kentner to Marcel F. Kohler, $487,000.

Newport Terr., 6149-James D. and Nina B. Willson to Eliezer Morales and Elizabeth D. Morales, $252,000.

Patton Cir., 500, No. 7K-Andrew S. and Kristen N. McGinnes to James L. and Vicki L. Conner, $127,000.

Pine Crest Lane, 6120-J. Christopher and Amanda C. Sponyoe to Eric G. and Samantha Gonzales, $235,500.

Rainier Dr., 6246-Steven J. Kern to Joseph T. and Summer Allen, $292,500.

Rippling Brook Rd., 2407-Mary L. Siegle to Grace Rodriguez, $305,000.

Springwater Pl., 6126-Edward P. Parenteau and Rose Ann E. Parenteau to Susan B. Beyer, $155,000.

Sutherland Dr., 4907-Daniel J. Pesachowitz to Landmark Investment Properties Corp., $242,000.

Tivoli Rd., 680-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sunil Mahagammulla Gamage and Thamara W. Puwakdandawe, $255,458.

Wheyfield Dr., 1774-Monique S. and Tyler Jesionowski to Raymond H. Cahill, $240,000.

Wood Duck Ct., 6778-Tyler Swartzwelder to Aljamia Abul Qasim, $185,000.


Big Woods Rd., 3424-Lincoln L. and Elizabeth Hernandez to Charles and Anne Regan, $137,000.

Lindsey Ct., 3063-Michael G. and Debra L. Campbell to Steven M. and Tracy N. Johnson, $534,900.


Boss Arnold Rd. W., 2534-James H. and Lashell Bell to Fannie Mae, $306,300.


Clemsonville Rd., 9731-Julia Martz Fisher to Jessica M. Millard and Ricky Lee Fultz Jr., $950,000.


Aspen Ct., 7305-Terence A. and Heather E. McCubbin to Gary M. and Andrea B. Rose, $290,000.

Gloria Ave., 8921-William H. Windsor Jr. to Michael W. Grossnickle and Stephanie D. Shafer, $211,000.

Manda Dr., 107-Roger C. and Linda F. Haynes to Stanley J. and Ruby Autumn Smith, $380,000.

Pete Wiles Rd., 8303-Ronald C. and M. Jane Miller to Todd A. and Melanie J. Raynor, $369,900.


Archer Cir., 11498-Donald J. and Donna L. MacFadyen to Josh M. and Elizabeth A. Crum, $429,000.

White Pine Dr., 3017-Arthur E. Carter and Carl Richard Carter to Brandon M. Edwards, $215,000.


Bethel Rd., 9136-U.S. Bank to Adora Stull, $170,000.

Candle Ridge Dr., 2506-Andrew and Joan Carla Bitsko to John J. and Jennifer S. McGraw, $264,900.

Cheltenham Ct., 2181-Robin I. Schnapper to Christine Woodrum, $260,000.

Culebra Ct., 1901-NVR Inc. to Greg M. and Denise S. Wasniewski, $420,435.

Edgewood Church Rd., 8441-Lisa Kirk Capron to Sarah K. Easterday and Mark P. Easterday, $211,000.

Fieldstone Way, 1947-Matthew G. Kinney to Richard A. and Juli L. Montiel, $226,000.

Hampshire Dr., 1304-Lewis Lewallen III to Gerardo Araiza, $107,500.

Heather Ridge Dr., 995D-Citibank to Helder S. Santos, $56,000.

Lakeside Dr., 2453-George Robert Butler to Thomas S. and Elizabeth J. Dexheimer, $200,000.

Millstream Dr., 1838-Jerry L. and Linda R. Tarr to Kai C. Ng and Bean Y. Ho, $225,000.

Runnymeade Dr., 8001-Harvey L. and Clara I. Toney to Jason M. and Ruth A. Jobe, $380,000.

Springfield Lane, 1798-Barbra Ann and Kyle Andrew Warren to PNC Bank, $95,000.

Waterford Dr., 825-Magdalena J. Maffiotto to Shyam Uberoy, $160,000.

Wynfield Ct., 2419-Howard and Patricia Ng Chiu to Haifeng Zhao and Cui Chu, $209,000.


Meadowgreen Dr., 901-Timothy W. and Cynthia M. Conway to David A. and Susan L. Karlheim, $410,000.

Old Annapolis Rd., 13333-Norris M. and Gwen A. Hall to Vincent G. and Mary Jacqueline Strohmer, $450,000.


Main St., 111-Alan and Yvonne Atwood to Phillip M. and Michael A. Jordan, $292,500.


Country Club Rd., 11229-Stacy A. and Russell W. Ficken to Brian E. and Lauren E. Burke, $360,000.

Joseph Ct., 5642-Adam J. and Rachael L. Downes to Elizabeth J. Worden, $225,500.

Lakeview Ct., 6514-Paul D. and Diane M. Shumaker to Redouane and Maria M. Ammar, $227,000.

Rococo Dr., 10601, No. 83-NVR Inc. to Gary R. Duckworth and Sally V. Seward, $360,675.

Watson Ct., 6051-Thomas R. Hanley Jr. and Donna White Hanley to Paul J. and Kathleen W. Appleby, $343,500.


Cregger Rd., 11911-Joseph P. Bell to Michael J. and Allyson M. Rabaiotti, $500,000.


Oak Orchard Ct., 9402-Stone Financing Corp. to Chad Wiesenmayer and Yvette Wiesemayer, $459,900.


Harbaugh Valley Rd., 17302D-Christopher M. Merriman and Ashley M. Wivell to Ryan Thomas and Brooke Lee Burd, $215,000.


Easy St., 117, No. 32-Forrest R. Kelly to Robert D. and Bonnie L. Reid, $178,000.

Rouzer Lane, 122-Michael S. Butler to Freddie Mac, $179,000.

Westview Dr., 310-Harold and Paula L. Furr to Corey L. and Susan Myers, $245,000.


Doubletree Ct., 8504-Thomas S. and Beth Anne Clement to Jose Manuel and Cynthia Rhodes Perez, $502,000.

Legg Rd., 8405-FCB Holdings Inc. to James S. Grimes, $75,000.


Adventure Ave., 8821-Baldomero Ovalle and Consuelo Nufio Gonzalez to Samantha L. Bear, $158,500.

Daring Ct., 8800-Douglas M. and Margaret J. Watts to Ronald B. Allen, $205,000.

Moon Maiden Ct., 5-Bank of America to Zachary D. Brown, $126,600.

Whimsey Ct., 8817-Antonia and Dora Cabrera to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $203,614.