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Montgomery County

These sales data were recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation.


Baltimore Rd., 2505, No. 7-Svetlana Frid to Anthony Seidenberg, $192,000.

Bauer Dr., 14632, No. 5-Deborah Ann Burger to Moseley Corp., $111,500.

Chesterfield Rd., 14213-Francois Koenig and Marianne K. Bender to Melissa C. Ryan and Ufuoma Onosakponome, $339,000.

Flint Rock Rd., 14147-Cordell and Karen Hansen to Thomas and Cindy Garman, $447,500.

Levada Terr., 4705-Sandra K. Lindsay to Larry C. and Jennifer M. Stover, $355,000.

Oakvale St., 14210-Carlos and Maria Consuelo Batres to Paul and Anthony S. Ayoub, $265,000.

Southend Rd., 4103-West Main Street Property Corp. to Khine Myint Aung and Sandar Win, $354,000.


Arizona Cir., 10286-Eric B. and Emily J. Rogers to Jose Ossio and Eliana Matos De Gutierrez, $537,600.

Baltimore Ave., 5123-Debra Lynn Moon to Cristina Emilia Savescu and Rafael Navarro, $840,000.

Braeburn Pkwy., 6600-Key H. and In Sung Yang to Hugh C. Kelly, $1.82 million.

Brook Lane N., 8340-Alireza Parsa and Sara Tabatabai to Daniel S. Berger, $610,000.

Burling Ct., 5511-Beth L. Climo to Steven P. and Patricia S. Keenan, $819,000.

Charles St., 5529-Thomas M. and Luan Yin Loo to Leslie Kung and Andy Tran, $629,900.

Crestberry Lane, 7424-Elcira and Rene Monserrat to Oscar and Vesna Harasic, $650,000.

Dunleer Ct., 6108-Charles Evans Burr and Susan Burr Valiga to Rod Brana, $516,000.

Edgeley Rd., 9501-9501 Edgeley Corp. to Lilia Y. Clempson and Gary M. McQuown, $1.25 million.

Fort Sumner Dr., 5015-Bruce Vivari and Barbara A. Vivari to Benjamin J. and Bronwen Newcott, $805,000.

Greenway Dr., 5013-Brian A. and Jamie P. Ratner to Terri Southwick, $880,000.

Herb Farm Dr., 8037-Daniel and Candice Kimball to Michael C. and Jessica Lu, $1.02 million.

Jones Bridge Rd., 4602-Michael E. McAndrews to Abha Lokhande, $469,900.

Lincoln St., 5501-Edward S. and Sally Cornish to 5501 Lincoln Corp., $800,000.

Melwood Rd., 8612-Suk M. and Juweon Oh to Mark Luther, $580,000.

Montrose Ave., 10613, No. M104-Daniel J. Burrell to Sara P. and Peleg Tal, $305,000.

Oldchester Rd., 7717-Warren F. Rumble and Terri M. Frederick to Robert J. Hedaya and Katherine G. Morris, $1.2 million.

Perthshire Ct., 6211-Charles D. and Elise Miller Hooks to Gregory S. and Megan L. Wagner, $805,000.

River Rd., 5101, No. 903-Mercedes M. Rey to Ioannis Halikias and Michelle Chua, $319,000.

Sangamore Rd., 5221-Teresa Maria Giral to Roberto Puebla and Marta Leiva, $705,000.

Stoneham Terr., 9705-Daniel W. and Arvilla F. Brown to Jean H. Kornfeld and Mijodrag R. Miljanic, $450,000.

Waukesha Rd., 5126-Stephen Walter Lyddane to Vincent V. and Kerry Kopta Desomma, $700,000.

Westlake Terr., 7420, No. 403-Leslie B. Park to Jeffrey J. and Andrea M. Whiteway, $342,500.

Whitley Park Pl., 9711-Jeffrey R. Breslow to Eugene V. and Tatiana G. Koonin, $712,500.

Wissioming Rd., 5111-Kerry Kopta Desomma and Vincent V. Desomma III to Nicholas Fobe, $740,000.


Clarksburg Rd., 20910-Timothy E. and Karen E. Rose to Michael A. and Olivia D. Reisinger, $251,300.


Alpenglow Lane, 19108-Charles E. and Mary L. Gervie to Mark R. Kreitz and Annekathrin Lange, $355,000.

Honeystone Way, 2204-Scott T. and Kathleen M. Yates to Cary B. and Teresa R. Russell, $610,000.


Bryant Park Cir., 3909-Douglas and Renee Dantzler to Ladonna Clemons, $345,000.

Water Drop Ct., 3825-Valu Corp. to Michael A. and Beatrice C. Kalou, $255,000.


Carriage House Terr., 1641G-Amy L. Mejia to Wells Fargo Bank, $112,159.

Featherwood St., 1831-Beatrice Miriam Schlesinger to Nhieu Thi Pham, $235,000.

Ivywood Lane, 13729-Clyde and Phyllis A. Chilton to Prudential Relocation Inc., $362,500.

Modrad Way, 13701, No. C24-Berge R. Kiraz and Nada N. Malaka to Maged M. Gindi, $203,000.

Royal Forest Lane, 14104-Victor G. Browne to Shakya Damura Hewagama and Shanthi Hewagama, $550,000.

Two Farm Dr., 12608-Metro DC1 Corp. to Rachel M. Dagovitz, $399,900.


Chevy Chase Dr., 4825-Adele R. Chwalek to Pierce S. Reeves and Colleen M. Abbott, $500,000.

Daniel Rd., 2719-Charles M. Waespy to Robert S. Poulin and Jessica S. Cassady, $1.22 million.

Hesketh St., 9-Christopher A. and Allison G. Marvin to Paul Berman and Laura Dickinson, $1.5 million.

Saratoga Ave., 5324-Robert M. Friedman to Ernesto and Susann Diana Crivelli, $749,000.

Stanford St., 4313-Dirk A. Hoffman and Paula L. Weissenfluh to PKK Corp., $765,000.

Western Ave., 6332-Barry N. Spodak and Kathy Slobogin to Geoffrey Lawrence Krieg, $992,000.


Arora Hills, 23111-Brent A. Ebright and Molly J. Krauss to Stephen C. and Christina E. Vogt, $360,000.

Arora Hills Dr., 23301-Gundu Rao and Yashoda Rao to Yonghyun Shim and Jeonghee Kim, $400,000.

Cypress Spring Cir., 23104-Chan Taek Park and Eun Kyung Lee to Xiaho Li and Diandian Shen, $455,000.

Mistflower Dr., 23123-Jason J. and Nicole A. Riso to Seung Hoon and Hannah Weerae Lee, $525,000.

Public House Rd., 23634-James Robert Baker to David K. McCloud, $344,900.

Shaws Tavern Ct., 23200, No. 2236-U.S. Home Corp. to Preston Tobler and Caytee Lynn Wankier, $274,990.

Sycamore Farm Dr., 23117-Freddie Mac to Ravinder K. Grover, $153,000.


Carona Dr., 14605-Donnie J. Ashley and Mary Ann Biamonte Ashley to Jose Juan and Sharon Anne Soler, $499,900.

Peach Orchard Rd., 15207-Robert G. and Cynthia R. Tuttle to Adedokun Ojo Ade and Michele Ojo Ade, $410,000.

Urciolo Ct., 1509-Joseph B. and Mary F. Logisz to Berge Kiraz and Nada Malaka, $467,500.


Bethayres Rd., 16820-Dae and Doreen Yi to Melissa A. Unger, $488,000.

Frontenac Terr., 16700-Jolene P. Park and John E. Piwowarczyk to Punam and Pawan Tyagi, $410,000.

Millcrest Terr., 7248-Rose H. Wolford to Laura J. Copland, $261,000.


Kinross Ave., 10003-Scott and Amanda Macomber to Thomas Kelsey and Tegan D. Carr, $432,000.

Lockridge Dr., 10709-Marion Orth and Gerald Allen Lane to William E. and Topaz L. Elliott, $351,500.

Oak Leaf Dr., 11110-Leoma C. Mitcham to Jean Claudy Delicieux and Natacha Nicolas, $158,000.

Quinby St., 10108-Richard N. and Rebecca B. Rine to Eric Conrad Steinhart and Jane Mary Ricci, $379,000.

Whitmoor Terr., 214-Tracey L. Watterson and Todd D. Herzberger to John W. and Sarah R. McMurdy, $397,000.


Bell Bluff Ct., 1-Douglas and Deborah Dillon to Heshmatolah Azizi, $406,000.

Cedar Ave., 203-U.S. Bank to Jianhe Zhang, $210,000.

Emory Woods Ct., 127-Dale Harman to Michael Calloway, $350,000.

Green Run Way, 9020-Roderick B. Bustos and Maria Carolina Bustos to Hyun H. Koo and Alexia S. Park, $250,000.

Hummingbird Terr., 9222-Nelson H. and Edgar A. Diaz to Robert C. and Claudia M. Tsas, $178,965.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 8309-Viseth and Dany O. Dy to Leonard De Guzman and Romeo Ignacio, $310,000.

Ridge Heights Dr., 19501-Paul A. and Mercedes A. Kline to Charles O. and Lauren Clapper, $400,000.

Sternwheeler Ct., 401-Anthony T. and Joyce L. Wu to Rachael Denale, $213,000.

Tygart Lane, 19946-Krista R. Tiabane to Isaac K. and Jennifer L. Nuss, $280,000.


Afternoon Lane, 20436-Fannie Mae to Archie and Elizabeth Overmann, $277,000.

Bridger Dr., 12931-Dawn L. Simpson to Yunling Shi, $219,000.

Champions Way, 13528-Penny Howell to Preyank R. Sheth and Sharanya Bhaskaran, $278,000.

Churchill Ridge Cir., 12903, No. 13-Casey Kost and Bahar Afsharzanjani to Gisela E. Miles, $155,000.

Gallop Terr., 14131-Cynthia Sue Cartwright to Mohammad and Ali Alibakhshi, $286,780.

Laurel Hill Way, 20117-Claire A. Kunkel to Jennifer Pangborn, $230,000.

Monarch Vista Ct., 9-Yon Chong and Song Kwon Cho to David and Susan Slowbe, $330,000.

Pickering Ct., 15, No. 102-Kelly M. Dickerson to Carol Luttrell, $159,000.

Rockingham Rd., 13800-Richard L. and Esperanza Bennett to Weiping Shen and Huifang Dong, $525,000.

Shipley Terr., 20225, No. C202-Jean A. Clark to Ferix and Marieliza M. McClain, $127,500.

Spring Meadows Dr., 15204-Robert P. and Kim S. Russell to Mark and Lindsey D. Roschewski, $799,900.

Timko Lane, 18368-Audrey Perry to Jing Guan and Tao Wang, $136,000.


Astoria Rd., 3710-Dana and Leo Scanlon to Sheryl K. Brining, $495,000.

Crestwood Rd., 10131-William T. and Douglas E. Bolst to Jonathan and Elisa Weiss, $577,000.

Findley Rd., 2930-Freddy M. Urbina and Blanca Marcela Diaz to Bridget K. Ambrose, $385,000.

Homewood Pkwy., 3008-Abel D. Jarell to Jesse R. Bechtel and Genevieve Croteau, $439,000.

Mitscher St., 11325-Charles and Amy Straub to National Residential Nominee Services, $462,000.

Sandy Ct., 3503-Carolyn E. Cohen to Susan Topchik, $370,000.

Strathmore Ave., 4919-Stephanie McKnight Bailey and Earl W. McKnight to Matthew H. Holahan, $355,000.

Westbrook Lane, 4504-Walter F. and Charline O. Miller to Matthew and Cindy Merz, $475,000.


Brink Rd., 7709-Keith A. and Catherine K. Bryan to James P. and Terry M. Graves, $950,000.

Hoover Farm Dr., 19600-Robert Alexander and Alecia Ruth Scott to Tammy L. Lemley, $650,000.

Welsh Rd., 24416-Robert A. and Kathryn P. Mangene to Jason and Jennifer Relyea, $299,900.


Battery Bend Pl., 20317-Carl J. and Dorothy A. Paperiello to Giancarlo Caraballo and Krystel A. Martinez, $320,000.

Briar Glenn Way, 9523-Robert F. Stohlman Jr. to Russell P. Miles and Neva Davila Miles, $260,000.

Darlington Ct., 17-Joseph G. Barbaccia to Julia M. Keller, $410,000.

Fern Hollow Way, 9564-Dorothy Joanne Bowers to Yi Hua Chu and Shu Min Tung, $249,000.

Heritage Farm Dr., 7736-Fannie Mae to Althea L. Skervin, $275,000.

Meadowcroft Lane, 9837-Arturo Incao and Susan Incao to Wayman W. Ka, $417,000.

Sawgrass Dr., 20406-Nuno M. and Teresa M. Passarinho to Rambabu Vinjam and Shyamala Gorantla, $640,000.

Tippett Lane, 9504-Jamie and Kimberly Glassman to Xin Yu and Fan Yang, $155,000.


Briar Path Lane, 13404-John F. and Kathleen A. Bovello to Ronald S. Steffensen and Michael G. Beckman, $475,000.

Chesterwood Dr., 3903-Kap Yul Yoo to Daniel C. and Rana R. Oriolo, $170,000.

Elkridge Way, 15210, No. 2E-Erna M. and Thomas Francis Anderson to Sarina Rowe, $109,000.

Ferrara Dr., 3707-Mary Catherine Smolenski to Patrick L. Dorsey, $300,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 702-Margaret L. Anglin to Haining Cheng and Jun Fan, $68,500.

Kayson St., 3715-Mera B. and Charles H. Coblentz to Carlos Palma and Vilma Palacios, $290,000.

Lutes Dr., 13111-Gerald and Doris W. McGaughey to Alisa and Scott Thompson, $450,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14805, No. 201-Gary F. and Mary H. Lemaire to Betty A. Smith, $155,000.

Rosetree Ct., 14357-Mary D. and W. Wayne Jackson to Mizan M. Rahman, $307,000.

Woodedge Rd., 2604-Robert C. Dean to Theresa Diehl and Mario Damiani, $379,000.


Apricot Lane, 15212-Jose and Victoria Ibarra to Abdel G. Elkahloun, $460,000.

Blue Ribbon Ct., 2-Rosali Treminio and Elda M. Espinosa to Moshe Pinto, $201,000.

Chagall Dr., 12307-Karen Marie Preysnar to Sean S. and Angela Smith, $550,000.

Copen Meadow Dr., 16009-William E. and Antonette R. Nashwinter to Kwok Tung and Ka Man Lam, $620,000.

Dufief Ct., 3-Kimberly Kunyu and Timothy Ti Wu to Michelle M. Park, $325,000.

Glenhurst Ct., 17-Robert E. and Linda K. Steimke to Edward Allen and Patricia Dare Blake, $963,000.

High Gables Dr., 201, No. 207-Judith M. Difilippo to Dody Assaraf, $377,000.

Kimbark Ct., 11512-Diana and Andrew L. Kassman to Keith J. Kiedrow, $440,000.

Lazy Hollow Dr., 125-Elizabeth Helfman to Dun Liang and Sutan Wu, $360,000.

Longdraft Ct., 11816-Kathleen Gail Bennett and Nancy D. Bennett to Jonathan J. Fox and Melissa A. Rutsch, $392,000.

Massbury St., 103-Martha B. Chess to Tracy J. and Tomoko Y. Shay, $559,900.

Paramus Dr., 11556-Cartus Financial Corp. to Alexander A. and Linda T. Browne, $680,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 754-Milen S. Radomirski to Latarsha M. Wilson, $112,000.

Seneca Castle Ct., 14717-Minoo and Nasser Kamazani to Dharmendar and Pooja Rathore, $570,000.

Tannery Dr., 321-Jerry A. Gerber to Lisa M. Droubi and Eric Gravil, $465,000.

Timberbrook Lane, 111, No. 103-Colleen Alana Jenkins to Namarc Corp., $259,750.


Castle Garden Way, 3019-Diane Bessette Shore to Minh Tuyet Tran, $357,000.

Gelding Lane, 4220-Irene T. Fazio to Sung Hun and Yoo Kyung Bang, $400,000.

O’Hara Cir., 18043-Phyllis Guarin to Kari L. Cregger, $235,000.

Thistledown Terr., 2705-Jose Ducos Bello and Dalia Castro Lugo to Eric W. and Id Sayers, $510,000.


Hughes Rd., 17308-Jerry M. and Patricia Miller to Jerelyn A. Bouie, $305,000.

Whites Ferry Rd., 20405-Deutsche Bank to Karen Frederick and Dave J. Gilman, $486,110.


Bells Ridge Terr., 8422-Paul and Sarah Kendall Andrews to Amir M. Soltanian and Maryam Changi, $755,000.

Bluegrass Rd., 9908-Joel and Marlene Chaseman to Brian A. and Jamie P. Ratner, $1.08 million.

Canal Vista Ct., 13613-Patti Weinberg to Alain E. and Kathya Roche, $1.2 million.

Coddle Harbor Lane, 7535-Chad and Cindy Freeman to Jorge D. Aguirre and Maria Fernandez, $574,000.

Conestoga Way, 9825-Howard M. and Sandra B. Arnold to Xiaodong Alee Li and Faye Hui Chen, $1.13 million.

Enid Dr., 11836-Craig Anthony Rockweiler to Chad and Cindy Freeman, $620,000.

Greenlane Dr., 11613-Ayda Sanver to Hong Xu and Zheng Shao, $600,000.

Kirkwall Terr., 10821-Steven A. and Gloria P. Seelig to Adam B. and Christine C. Cochrane, $772,100.

Masters Dr., 7201-Marion Sutton Reilly to Sameer and Ami D. Upadhya, $985,000.

Old Coach Rd., 10908-Temim H. and Maryam Nusraty to Zahir Albadawi and Tina Ehtiati, $725,000.

River Rd., 14815-Thomas O. Gorman to Greater Maryland Properties Corp., $592,500.

Stratton Dr., 2403-Diane E. and Linda J. Moore to Jeffrey William and Bethany Rawleigh Knodel, $610,000.

Wild Olive Dr., 8616-Steven R. and Mary A. Loomis to Masaki and Motoko Terabe, $620,000.


Beall Ave., 740-Joshua C. and Virginia K. Shaw to Michael J. Scott and Alice M. Chan, $430,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12413, No. 567-Elizabeth A. Smiroldo to William J. Frederick and Ralph Villar, $152,000.

Calabash Ct., 50-Solomon Kaspi to Sridevi Bellamkonda, $665,000.

Crossfield Ct., 5105, No. 318-Erwin Magot and Grace Lajo Ponce to Adilio Villatoro and Jose F. Reyes, $102,000.

England Terr., 203-Annamay V. Kisner to Daniel Hawvermale, $100,000.

Foxborough Cir., 9982-Andrew Bensinger to Elmehdi Bensaida, $535,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. 821-Ann E. Duane to Rhonda S. Richards and Andrea Kelly, $280,000.

Hitching Post Lane, 12003-Okan H. and Christine Damar to Rogan C. Schneider and Tom Partosh, $700,000.

Huntover Lane, 6300-Eugene S. and Lee F. Casey to William E. and Kristen Zeller Miller, $909,000.

Jacala Terr., 519-Daniel T. Fautrel to 519 Jacala Terrace Corp., $559,000.

Kings Riding Way, 10717, No. T1-Homa D. Vahdani to Michael Desrocher, $360,000.

Longhorn Crescent, 520-Mary L. Bowers to Paul Chi Sun and Christina Kuechih Lin, $641,000.

McCormick Rd., 2324-John T. and Maha Y. Czapary to Jun Yang and Jing Fang, $706,000.

Nature Lane, 415-Dominic Thomas and Karin Diane Leperi to Adam P. and Tamira L. Rosner, $862,500.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 409-Jeffrey Edward Lee to Avraham S. and Ayelet Lichtash, $373,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1422W-Luke M. Pototschnik to Emily Heckendorn, $273,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1226-Toll Brothers Homes to Heather M. Barbier, $465,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11919, No. T3-Rhonda S. Richards to Elsa L. and Jessica L. Iglesias, $170,000.

Ridgemont Ave., 713-Eric H. and Janet K. Williams to Jourdan A. and Glenn R. Carrington, $625,000.

Shagbark Ct., 18-Ruth E. and William A. Mann to Juntao Liu and Wenmei Li, $505,000.

Talbott St., 180, No. 107-Henry Lee Males to Avi and Carmen Koldaro, $136,500.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10007, No. 6-Christine Krebs to Randhir A. and Bharti R. Chauhan, $243,000.

Whisperwood Lane, 11200-Henry David Kahn to Jason Zhang and Ying Xie, $760,000.


Applegrath Ct., 1-Vinh Nguyen to Courtney M. Jones, $221,000.

Dunstable Cir., 19946-Ralph E. and Sara I. Valverde to Maria Pulgarin Duque and Daniel R. Weiner, $155,000.

Plummer Dr., 19113-Jena M. Weber and Shirley A. Weber to Theo Kossenas and Elizabeth Gaither, $350,000.

Stage Coach Dr., 12009-Vineet and Suhela Luthra to Andre W. and Myesha R. Thornton, $557,500.


Corwin Dr., 1712-Steven D. Greenstein and Rachel S. Possell to Melissa Anne Greenwald, $549,000.

Eastern Ave., 7981, No. 201-David A. Heltzel and Ilian Bandaranayake to David Alexander Posner, $250,000.

Harvey Rd., 9319-Arlyn Welty Collin to Christopher E. and Sheila B. Daw, $650,000.

Lansdowne Way, 2007-Evangeline C. and Charles A. Sutton to Claire F. Wiemann and Michael A. Jackman, $316,021.

Piney Branch Rd., 8103-House Buyers of America Inc. to Juan Ramirez, $446,600.

Wayne Ave., 615-Emma Egbuna to Brian P. Ottens, $245,000.

Woodside Pkwy., 711-Andrew and Donalda Barnes to Monica R. Testa and Brendan B. McTaggart, $530,000.


Boston Ave., 400-Jay D. Dykhouse and Vivian S. Walker to Teresa Ann and Michael G. Salemi, $405,000.

Garland Ave., 7711-Nadia Marsh to Jeannie M. Mahan, $735,000.

Holly Ave., 7506-Mark T. and Sandra L. Egan to Peter Haviland Hirsch and Aerang Kim, $600,000.

Maplewood Ave., 706-Christopher and Sheila Daw to Edward M. and Rachael S. Weatherly, $475,000.

Poplar Ave., 7006-Nicholas A. Allen and Kate E. Andrias to Christopher B. Weil and Danielle S. Veith, $579,000.


Anita Ct., 7-Geraldo J. Salcedo and Blanca M. Espin to Fazal R. and Saima M. Kayani, $260,000.

Denfield Rd., 5733-Ronald and James R. Joyner to Eddie Lin and Zhongping Chen, $210,000.

Nimitz Ave., 310-Kelly L. Earp to Lisa Marie Price and Jonathan M. Roth, $307,000.


Alberti Dr., 1711-Eric C. and Laura A. Henmueller to James Douglas and Rebecca Dewinter Schmitt, $465,000.

Belgrade Rd. N., 1118-Audrey Millman Maxwell and Marvin Stanley Maxwell to Aviva Geretz and Richard Kleidman, $400,000.

Collins Ave., 2904-Mary F. Haskins to Conni Lin Fink, $229,900.

Dalewood Dr., 12206-Larry E. Hinman to Fredy S. Castillon, $204,000.

Gates Ave., 10103-John L. Jacobus to Angela Gates, $384,500.

Kemp Mill Rd., 11707-Herbert S. Snyder to Matityahoo M. Rogel and Ziva H. Inslight Rogel, $330,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2719-Joshua H. and Monica V. Liberatore to Sara E. Thannhauser and Kristin M. Peck, $407,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 919A-James and Rhoda Ebert to Qunjie Guan, $98,000.

Winding Waye Lane, 1336-Joseph W. and Nancy E. Crocetta to Christopher S. and Stephanie G. Bell, $440,000.

Frederick County

Haddington Dr., 5617-Steven C. and Joanna R. Pycha to Nancy MacGregor, $415,000.


D St. E., 20-Bryan and Amanda Thews to Matthew M. and Nicole M. Kammer, $150,000.

Orndorff Dr. E., 37-Melody Franchini to Christina Cline, $136,000.


Champlaine Dr., 4821-Thomas D. Roberson to Jeramey B. and Jennifer L. Ward, $296,000.

Timbery Dr., 4541-Stan J. and Ruby Autumn Smith to Joyce Ann and Roy Berger, $375,000.


Stonehurst Dr., 3000-National Transfer Services Corp. to Charles K. Fluke Jr., $314,900.


Alan Linton Blvd. W., 6205-Beazer Homes to Anthony and Chioma Offurum Obuekwe, $465,688.

Bear Den Rd., 2250, No. 402-Gary R. Duckworth and Sally V. Seward to William J. Powell and Mary C. Kaiser, $355,000.

Boulder Rd., 9404-MRC Corp. to Sabrina Elizabeth Smith, $167,000.

Briarcliff Lane, 8864-Alfred and Georgeann Fiedler to Samer A. Zelof and Sherry L. Rubin, $244,000.

Carroll Creek View Ct., 2122-Valentino Agostine to Eric D. and Kelly A. Guarin, $385,000.

Catalpa Rd., 7067-David Rozek to Carmen L. Robinson, $170,000.

Charstone Ct., 5725-John M. Campbell and Kevin C. Mauzy to Shaun M. Carew and Kathleen Downs Carew, $175,800.

Chestnut Grove Rd., 8053-Timothy Vanpelt to Seth A. and Elizabeth Brohawn, $414,000.

Claridge Dr. S., 6312-Jeffrey H. and Margaret R. Jones to Paul Day Jr. and Ann Kerstetter, $354,000.

Coach House Way, 2501, No. 2B-Barbara J. Kastermans Pieters to Kristine Elizabeth Abrecht, $140,000.

Derby Dr., 6226-Thomas W. and Linda M. Snyder to Richard A. and Laurie M. Keir, $239,900.

Deerfield Pl., 110-Michelle Lynn Heck to David F. Miner III and Samantha A. Miner, $192,500.

Ellison Ct., 531-Teresa Thomas Beckwith to Krishna M. and Eswari M. Komaragiri, $179,000.

Emory St., 1739-Richard P. Gussio and Margherita Rosati to Joshua B. Green, $232,000.

Fairfield Dr., 185-Kelvin R. and Mary C. Johnson to Garrick E. and Mary C. Smith, $103,000.

Glendale Dr., 8102-MRC Corp. to David A. and Marian A. Brackna, $360,000.

Hampshire Dr., 1321-Janice M. Heath to Fannie Mae, $137,430.

Hemingway Dr., 2503, No. 2B-Eileen Michiko Bedard to Ramnarayan S. and Surekha R. Randad, $135,000.

Hever Way, 5310-Richard P. and Linda P. Harcum to Brian Ludwig, $395,000.

Jubal Way, 946-Frederick E. McAbee Jr. and Tracey C. McAbee to James Michael and Adriana Leonor Chastain, $232,000.

Lavender Plaza, 5701F-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Stacy Hoff, $59,000.

Lavenport Way, 1024-Kathryn A. Carter and Charles E. Sullivan to Linglan Edwards, $170,000.

Liberty Rd., 10728-Lowrey L. Rhodes and Pamela D. Dellen to Christopher W. and Amy L. Hood, $353,000.

Market St. N., 734-Murphy Properties to Joshua C. Schaefer, $300,000.

Monocacy Ford Rd., 2662-Wormald Development Co. to Robert and Faye Cannon, $1.25 million.

Mountainberry Cir., 8910-Richard B. and Linda L. Thomas to Jacob John Rauh, $340,000.

Norva Ave., 22-Joseph W. Albright to John S. and Jeannette M. Snyder, $199,900.

Pine Crest Lane, 6133-Steven L. Cook and Thomas P. Dore to Bank of America, $267,678.

Pintail Ct., 4953-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Paul Cannon, $126,000.

Rutherford Ct., 6391B-Nancy A. Stasulis to Suzanne Decarlo, $135,000.

Shawnee Dr., 812-Sudev and Patricia M. Shrivastav to John R. and Michelle Jefferson, $286,000.

Shelley Cir., 2513, No. 3D-Faith Arlene Carpenter to Debra S. McClung, $159,000.

Stonegate Dr., 141-Fannie Mae to Nicolas E. and Vicky E. Guillot, $120,000.

Stratford Way, 804E-HSBC Mortgage to Craig S. and Dana C. Watt, $70,000.

Switzer Barn Lane, 5002-Ausherman Homes to Anne Makenya Bell, $430,865.

Tivoli Rd., 682-Beazer Homes to Nathan C. Keller, $264,000.

Trail Ave., 832-Ronald A. Van Otterloo to Danielle Williams, $185,000.

Whispering Meadow Ct., 1800-Ronald S. and Linda S. Bird to Javier F. and Brenda L. Ferreira, $395,000.

Willow Ave., 326-Andrew Arthur Wilde to Nathan W. Robinson, $111,000.

Yates Dr., 2100, No. 3B-Wanda Fountain to Rachel N. Hill, $155,000.

Yew Ct., 6905-Eleanor G. Kitterman to David Rozek and Beverly Bangs, $225,000.

Eighth St. E., 104-Courtney A. and Robert J. Dodson to Dana K. Shoup, $209,000.


Chickweed Pl., 3045-Douglas M. and Janet H. Ryczko to Mark and Carol Baxter, $510,000.

Loch Haven Dr., 2743-Daniel E. Maisel to Bronson A. and Adrienne T. Hall, $400,000.


Boss Arnold Rd. W., 2538-Unberto D. and Christina L. Saunders to Deutsche Bank, $225,250.


Good Intent Rd., 13529-Bertha B. and Christopher R. Allen to PNC Bank, $351,000.


Broad St., 203-Admar Custom Homes to Dionisios and Laurie B. Rentzeperis, $457,211.

Grandview Dr., 2824-Cyrus G. and Carolyn Y. Moazed to Kara Cunningham and James Ros, $275,000.

Mansfield Ct., 8595-Kristine Leann Powers and William Fred Mansfield Jr. to MRC Corp., $208,000.

Tobias Run, 15-Jennifer Beeman Mueller to Mohamed A. Younis and Gehad Eldak, $565,000.


Clayton Ct., 11919-Rula Ruello to John Paul Denson and Corinne E. Camalier, $430,000.


Catoctin Spring Dr., 12304-Suzanne Gillette to Alan S. Meitzler, $240,000.

Oak View Dr., 1204-National Residential Nominee Services to Paul E. and Sharon L. Blackborow, $222,500.

Peddicord Rd., 14315-Michael and Lindsay Nicole Jensen to William Clay Mayne Jr. and Pamela Winson, $335,000.


Rocky Fountain Ct., 1-Charles E. and Heather M. Houck to Derek N. and Melissa B. Lushbaugh, $365,000.


Edgewood Rd., 6614-Randy L. and Parveen K. Burchick to DLJ Mortgage, $298,013.

Lake Point Overlook, 6802-J. David Hesse to Robert and Jennifer Dadak Steenland, $290,000.

Main St. W., 17-Jane M. Rossig to Anthony Connelly and Karen Brenner, $300,000.

Sanandrew Dr., 11050-Bryant and Patricia Perszyk to Melissa A. and Lee M. Frank, $478,000.

White Horse Cir., 10306-U.S. Bank to Terry L. and Tamaira Hawkins, $215,000.


Ballenger Creek Pike, 1630-Katherine A. Bailey to Keith Beachley and Tiffany Staley, $49,000.


Harbaugh Valley Rd., 17869-Matthew John and Diane Louise Turner to Mark Devol, $80,000.


Hessong Bridge Rd., 13103-Deutsche Bank to Timothy Ercole, $74,800.

Stoney Mine Ct., 3-Michael R. and Susan S. Roberts to Adam J. and Jamie C. Stup, $235,000.


Addison Woods Rd., 3906-Fannie Mae to Erik J. and Stacy Pedersen, $332,000.

Ethan Ridge Dr., 9635-Urbana Highlands Corp. to Sujoy Roy, $359,990.

Penrose St., 9378-Arthur E. Brown to Weizao Chen and Jiajia Wu, $285,000.

Springhollow Lane, 3607-Danielle Shegerian to Kathryn P. Mangene, $284,000.


Beacon Cir., 8762-Martha Louise Dohm to Blake K. Ridgeway, $145,000.

Daysville Ave., 9407-Anthony and Rebecca Santiago McPeak to Joseph W. and Kendra L. Hinson, $267,000.

Phoenix Ct., 113-Bruce A. Tilsworth and Margaret A. Shultz to Kiros Fanta Hailemariam and Tsheye G. Berhe, $370,000.

Woodsboro Pike, 9348-Rachel A. Hill to David R. and Danielle M. Kelley, $370,000.