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Montgomery County

New Hampshire Ave., 17729-Mario A. Calix to Paul and Patricia Mangus, $220,000.


Briarwood Terr., 14504-Residential Value Corp. to Jordan W. Lyons, $440,000.

Flint Rock Rd., 14148-Cecile B. Roth and Susan I. Wright to Ovrang R. Sohrabi, $190,000.

Norbeck Rd., 4608-Deutsche Bank to Martin J. Card, $485,000.

Russett Terr., 13604-Charles I. and Carol M. Gale to Karen L. Nonnemaker, $410,000.

Upbrook Ct., 16407-James S. Demb to Robert D. and Mary Ann Becker, $660,000.


Albemarle St., 5209-Anthony F. and Jeannette L. Albanese to Andrew C. and Laura T. Neville, $1.4 million.

Berkshire Dr., 6029-Bertha D. and Paul Atelsek to William Scott Turpie, $650,000.

Cairn Terr., 6017-Hamid Reza Ossareh to Michael J. Rowny and Jane M. Ochsman, $1.86 million.

Ewing Dr., 9203-Marie Lily and Melanie Noelle Delion to Patricia Kapunan and Andrew Gunther, $655,000.

Greentree Rd., 7720-Dilip and Dianela Ratha to Thomas F. and Lara C. Hines, $1.2 million.

Jordan Rd., 5612-Alvaro J. and Barbara Pereira to Brian David Greer and Kristina Marie Heiberger, $825,000.

Lincoln St., 5501-Edward S. and Sally Cornish to 5501 Lincoln Corp., $800,000.

Marjory Lane, 6310-Robert and Nicole Elliott to Grant E. and Akiko O. Lattin, $705,500.

Montrose Ave., 10613-Landon School Corp. to Katy Anis, $310,000.

Page Ave., 9510-Andrew H. and Wendy W. Tannenbaum to Stefan John and Jennifer A. Hull, $757,000.

Rosedale Ave., 4510-Alison J. and Jeffrey A. Miller to Kenneth P. and Randi Streisand Tercyak, $1.31 million.

Sentinel Dr., 5021-Cornelia B. Boland to Keira Sylvia Tracy, $290,000.

Thoreau Dr., 8113-Wendell Lee and Lillian Opal Wallace to Catherine A. Richards, $725,000.

Westbard Cir., 5301-Jessie C. and Thomas E. McCardell to Keith B. and Mary G. Forman, $310,000.

Whittier Blvd., 6601-Gary A. Gerber and Sherry E. Cosby to Edward Hatchig and Sosse Dombalagian, $850,000.

Winterberry Lane, 7032-Carole B. Lewis to John H. Grady, $1.3 million.


Ivy Leaf Ct., 3-John M. and Farrah D. Wise to Jiang and Guang Xu, $500,000.


Bell Rd., 3815-Selma Weems and the Estate of Jack Lee Weems to Raymond Romig, $318,000.

Crosswood Terr., 14730-Bonnie B. Mackintosh to Erika Pelz Butler, $196,000.


Blue Valley Pl., 13001-John S. and Elaine B. Vamos to Jason Sigg and Barbara Vasco, $395,000.

Conductor Way, 13001-Department of Housing & Urban Developmen to Kimberly Taveta Moore, $150,100.

Gracefield Rd., 2917-Larry L. and Patricia S. Reynolds to Anne Kaiser and Nancy Lineman, $391,000.

Kara Lane, 13124-Evelyn J. Brewer to Courtney M. Brathwaite, $322,500.

Needlepine Terr., 12317-Frank G. Altrichter Jr. to Scott R. Phillips, $349,900.

Scott Dr., 412-Francis B. and Barbara E. Suhre to Frances Eskin Royer and Ann M. Eskin, $415,000.


Blaine Dr., 2808-Tracy E. Mulligan to David J. Goldberg and Natalie R. Graham, $583,000.

Chevy Chase Blvd., 4836-Joseph Rubin to Rafael A. Checa and Mirtha M. Elejalde, $1.65 million.

Falstone Ave., 4708-Lee Schinnerer and Francesca Dougherty to Sara S. Ridgway, $949,000.

Montgomery Ave., 8813-Stuart R. Feldman and Kazumi Shibata to Joseph and Marlynn Ciavola, $720,000.

Thornapple St., 3707-James D. and Vicki Seyfert Margolis to Alexander and Sonja E. Gibbs, $1.55 million.

Woodlawn Ave., 5329-Michael J. Rowny to Roger A. and Rebecca J. Conley, $3 million.


Carriage Park Pl., 12403-NVR Inc. to Haroon S. Alimi and Ana P. Alami, $529,325.

Newcut Rd., 22783-NVR Inc. to Wilbur Williams and Michelle Diaz, $536,415.

Pond Pine Dr., 12103-James R. and Heather B. Laduca to Liang Ge, $370,000.


Awkard Lane, 200-Jorge A. and Aida Maribel Lazo to Dario Orellana, $455,000.

Countryside Dr., 2517-Gabriel Stix to Vasudev G. and Hina V. Modha, $455,000.

Pebblestone Ct., 700-Christopher J. and Melissa L. Boyum to Emily C. and Lee A. Smith, $425,000.


Brigadier Pl., 26011-Karla Gensheimer to Eva M. Bright, $120,000.

School Yard Ct., 26001-Advantage Homes Corp. to Adam Prescott and Mollada Sweet, $642,648.


Baederwood Lane, 16533-David B. and Mae E. Dillon to Joel H. and Maria K. Wisner, $495,000.

Horizon Pl., 17613-Xiaoyu Du to Jason Schaffer, $241,555.

Yukon Lane, 15900-Hsiu Lin Tseng and Chin Lan Tseng to Marie L. Delion, $355,000.


Calumet Dr., 10517-Janine H. Silvola and Janine Hackett to Zachary J. and Erika P. Zweihorn, $346,000.

Dennis Ave., 740-Martha Ann Talley to Susan M. Delbert, $300,000.

Franklin Ave. E., 709-Douglas T. Howard Jr. and Brynda J. Pappas to Sonya Gauhar and Max Bernard Aaronson, $497,000.

Lorain Ave., 9612-Linda Jane Sessions to Christopher and Lindsay Addington, $399,000.

Merwood Lane, 9700-Christian Tsedeke Taye to Nhi T. Vo, $222,874.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 116-Robert H. Neuman to Emily Miksic, $145,500.

Weaver St., 9421-Adrienne J. Kochanski and Gary G. Laskowitz to Tsehau Tadesse and Wossene Wodajo, $280,000.


Carriage Walk Ct., 24-Thenkuttige T. and Uduwage D. Thilakarathna to John W. Keene, $240,000.

Crabapple Lane, 8124-Konstantin Kutuzov and Olga Kutuzova to Marie G. Ulysse, $255,900.

Girard St., 448, No. 327-Dorothy Lincoln Harris to Ritchell D. Dondoyano, $76,500.

Inkberry Cir., 69-Rajeev and Christina Lee Mannan to Dong R. and Choon J. Ryoo, $410,000.

Meadowgate Terr., 225-Rachmanors Corp. to Michael J. and Patricia A. Walshe, $267,800.

Saybrooke View Dr., 205-Tyrone V. and Margaret A. Eggleston to Richard S. Bolhofer, $413,500.


Amarillo Dr., 19000-Jonathon and Amy Walsh to Andrew M. Curtis, $232,000.

Burnt Woods Ct., 9-Joseph P. and Ann Marie Mudano to Joshua A. and Amy M. Schaller, $365,000.

Creola Ct., 13704-Leslie A. Dodd to Cynthia Lord and Randall Lord Wilkinson, $220,000.

Flag Harbor Dr., 12139-Max J. Gevinson to Jianwei Li and Zhaolang Cheng, $225,000.

Hottinger Cir., 19330-Matilde Alberto Flores to Ching Ming Li, $164,000.

Leatherbark Way, 12012-Robert and Pamela D. Koviack to Gregory M. McIntyre and Margaret E. Tomeo, $440,000.

Mateny Rd., 18606-Yesenia Elizabeth Martinez to Sergio A. Pena, $220,000.

Partridge Wood Dr., 19015-Glory Umoh to Manjit Singh, $215,000.

Rustic Farm Ct., 11900-Cheryl D. Epps to Vannessa Wilson and Brian Leach, $400,000.

Town Commons Dr., 12918-Edwardo T. and Rebecca S. Mahayag to Zhigang Chen and Huiqing Wang, $336,500.

Waterside Dr., 20101-Linda C. Curry to Donald J. Connelly, $179,900.

Wyman Way, 20009-Jeremy M. Wishart and Kimberly A. Siebecker to Michael E. Rodriguez, $248,000.


Blackbriar St., 1923-Timothy J. and Viola A. Posthuma to Kevin and Tawna Grasty, $535,000.

Schindler Ct., 11-Ida G. and L. Leonard Ruben to Steven P. and Sheree N. Link, $435,000.


Dewmar Lane, 9618-Robert Bodansky and Harry Bodansky to James A. and Veronica M. Robertson, $705,000.

Jennings Rd., 3129-Robert A. Hitchcock and Suzanne Matteson to Zachariah Q. Clark, $275,000.

Stillwater Ave., 11014-PRH Corp. to Peter J. Silberman and Cathleen C. Debelius, $625,000.


Birdie Lane, 21305-Northern & Western Insurance Co. to John Charles Kalohn and Thomas Lynn Warning, $750,000.

Lochaven Ct., 20911-Charles J. and Carolyn F. Mahaney to Chad A. and Lisa K. Cooley, $600,000.

Rolling Hill Lane, 22301-Terry E. and Mary J. Herndon to Dominick and Jane E. Messano, $730,000.


Brassie Pl., 19419, No. 303-Joe Haley to Peter Fleck and Charles Malament, $63,000.

Cove Ledge Ct., 10237-Barbara D. Mallon and Robert Somerville to Carmen O. Duran, $241,000.

Dunbridge Way, 19312-Gloria W. and David H. Livingstone to Frank Harton, $315,000.

Leatherfern Terr., 9701-Daniel J. Chamoun to Aisha M. Faquir, $175,000.

Stedwick Rd., 10004-Robert V. and Mary Ann Russo to Kevin M. Kennedy and William J. Kottage, $122,500.


Beaverwood Lane, 3121-David Tang and Tracy Lin to Latifa Elhadri, $294,900.

Bustleton Lane, 3200-Abdullah and Fozia A. Dasti to Pierre and Tanie Guirand, $405,000.

Dewey Rd., 12107-Marsha L. Denekas to Peter J. Brandel, $165,000.

Farnell Dr., 12501-Karen Judith Soencksen and Erik James Sunday to Wen Hui Gao, $210,000.

Georgia Ave., 13614-Modesta Yepes to Peter Gosak, $210,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3354-Ana Mercedes Garcia to Marvin S. and Patricia C. Arriaza, $62,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115-Francine Seltzer to Rosalind Phoenix Dixon, $115,000.

Park Vista Dr., 1909-Michael and Dawn Lipshultz to Rezaur Sikder, $375,000.

Saddlebrook Pl., 12713-Irene S. and Allan Kolker to Denise Marian Wood and Noah Alexander Teske, $355,000.

Turnmore Rd., 13900-Francis D. and Haydee C. Hernandez to Joseph H. and Alice Walker Duff, $445,000.


Alfandre Mews, 349-Marsha L. Kottler to Michel J. Roberge and Donna R. Doubleday, $550,000.

Big Acre Sq., 17-Francisco G. and Ana M. Joson to Stacey Holder, $225,000.

Citrus Grove Rd., 12004-Chung Hing Li to Christopher H. and Bonny Yaen, $825,000.

Diamond Dr., 801-David T. Hill and Thomas Edward Hill to Gregory G. Ondich and Beverly J. Campbell, $378,000.

Flagler Dr., 854-Ernest A. and Lisa Chase McFarland to Darwin D. and Gwendolyn E. Johnson, $312,000.

Hart Rd., 310-Brigg and Melanie Bunker to Tracy L. Wikse, $660,000.

Kendrick Pl., 114-Denise Harris and Shirley Carter Harris to Omid Moayed and Shiva Mashhadi Shafi, $240,000.

Main St., 644B-Christopher and Bonny Yaen to Anjalee and Trisha Sewpaul, $405,000.

Query Mill Rd., 13218-Ana Maria and Ernest J. Capbert to Gregory E. and Beth Ann Smith, $1.01 million.

Silent Valley Lane, 11821-Anthony D. Desomma to Ann Marie Luciano and Christopher Hull, $515,000.

Washingtonian Blvd., 9722-Amber Hoagland to David Wendel, $470,000.


Bluebell Lane, 18203-Andrew S. and Amy E. Eiseman to Jacob J. and Megan S. Kamon, $615,000.

Dumfries Cir., 17986-Scott A. Marino and Susan M. Forcley to Rachel C. and Rick Dubois, $420,000.

Queen Mary Dr., 4005-Rebecca Holtz Shank to Jeffrey P. and Rachel E. Thompson, $510,000.

Sunset Lake Ct., 18001-Mark S. and Lisa M. Donovan to Alison Ehatt and William Williams, $315,000.


Haller Ave., 20015-David B. and Arlene W. Karlin to Nicholas F. Mitchell and Jennifer Ferguson Mitchell, $640,000.


Bentridge Ave., 9332-Hyug Moo and Wha Seon Kwon to David R. and Katrina M. Fisher, $410,000.

Glen Rd. S., 11530-Paul Michael and Winifred K. Thompson to Kenneth D. and Joanna B. Martin, $712,000.

Greenleaf Ave., 12001-Mihai and Dorina Berdan to Karl J. Dittberner and Martha K. Munoz, $650,000.

Lake Potomac Dr., 11757-Isabel Faller and Raphael Semmes Jr. to Lake Potomac Corp., $700,000.

Oracle Pl., 7849-Alexander X. and Andrea Diaz to Loren John and Mary Anne Romano, $650,000.

Raymond Lane, 8301-Mihael H. and Mahy D. Polymeropoulos to Jose R. Bastidas and Maria T. Martinez, $615,000.

Royal Oak Ct., 7-Keith M. and Clare Goodman to Michael Kido and Noriko Sato, $665,000.

Sunny Brooke Pl., 13300-David and Deborah Lee Venn to Kellie H. Kim, $719,000.

White Post Ct., 8605-Dennis Aloysius Cullen and Ellen Marie Dugan to Brian M. and Alicia C. Henneberry, $1.7 million.


Auburn Ave., 1500-Helen V. Foerst to Jennifer Weiland Zuckman, $560,000.

Bou Ave., 5750-Joseph B. Mizgerd to Mohammadhossein Ameli, $585,000.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5705, No. 130-Patrick A. Smith to Aidin Ravand and Mitra Assadi Schahir, $207,500.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15306-Margarita Vargas to Tiffany W. and Wai L. Wang, $240,000.

Empire Lane, 11327-Barry and Samantha Kanczuker to Emir Pilav and Jean Young Kim, $673,000.

Gaither Rd., 1051-Eugene and Jennifer Park to Vinh Thai and Quihong Ye, $524,900.

Gerard St., 1503-Yoav and Stacey Katz to Pamela L. and Britton N. Perry, $635,000.

Hardy Pl., 191-Aris Cubuk to Michael L. Benton and Marie L. Gravelle, $510,000.

Lambertina Pl., 13720-Brian C. and Gloria S. Hoybach to Debabrata and Chandana Biswas, $610,000.

Monroe St., 22, No. 302-Eduardo Pineda and Ilse Pineda to Sedigeh Baradaran Mohajeri and Reza Sadat Abhari, $210,000.

Oak Knoll Dr., 330-Zeruesenay Desta and Elizabeth Berhane to Baoming M. Huang and Qing P. Lei, $850,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11901-Velija and Muamera Hurko to Randi Sheffer, $125,000.

Ridgerock Lane, 11501-Worthington H. Talcott Jr. and Jacqueline L. Talcott to Abolfazl K. Soheili, $751,000.

Silver Glade Pl., 307-Michael Castine to Pankaj Goel, $575,000.

Willow Tree Terr., 9909-Laurence M. and Betsy K. Baden to Jie Zhou and Yuanyuan Xue, $1.02 million.


Appenine Ct., 21301-Dom and Lauren S. Fazio to Louis A. and Ting Luo Rosenthal, $502,900.

Drumcastle Ct., 16-Fannie Mae to Tesermaa Khurelbaatar, $255,000.

Grassy Knoll Terr., 11032-Leonardo Nefi and Jennie Chavez Bodmer to Nayyar Iqbal and Nasreen Aman, $505,000.

Minstrel Tune Dr., 11202-John L. and Janice Hogan to Edwin and Evangeline Ricamata, $347,000.

Valley Bend Dr., 11254-Joan R. Cooley to Jennifer L. Owens, $305,000.


Clement Pl., 1219-Robert K. and Cara E. Hur to Emma L. Whelan and Gonzalo Espariz Nieto, $637,000.

Forest Grove Dr., 9715-Rex P. Raymond and Tanya L. Doriss to Owen and Anita Whitehurst, $455,000.

Linden Lane, 2310-U.S. Bank to Willie and Carrie Parham, $220,050.

Sligo Ave., 810-Patricia Paugh and Gertrude E. Yaros to James Gray Kimbrough III and Holli R. Jones, $366,000.

Thayer Ave., 575-Edileuza N. and Dhanpaul Ramnarine to Louis Christian Huber and Priscilla Mary Schulz, $194,000.

Woodland Dr., 9006-Richard Simms and Priscilla Ballsun to Jerome J. and Susan L. Mullin, $535,000.


Haddon Dr., 8323-Venetia L. Orcutt and Dianna Garcia to Jan Felix Wolfinger and Sara L. Eggers, $580,000.

Spring Ave., 212-Matthew R. and Kristina K. Oakes to Andrew M. Gohn, $495,000.


Crawford Dr., 5902-Pamela J. Dover to Caleb C. and Lindsay B. Michaud, $297,000.

Pinneberg Ave., 2306-Audra B. and Thomas F. Rafter to Michelle T. Moran and Andrew S. Nolan, $320,000.


Belvedere Blvd., 1637-Thomas J. and Dorthy L. Camarda to Michael B. Ward and Julie Taylor Hagan, $339,000.

Bucknell Dr., 10862, No. 302-Bohuslav and Karlene Henninger Frelich to Devashree Saha, $278,500.

Gardiner Ave., 10218-Jose E. Romero and Salvador Romero Alvarenga to Abera G. Zerefa and Tsion T. Woldetsadik, $275,000.

Ivanhoe St., 11908-Glenn F. Burriss and Jean Vierling Burriss to Suliman Ibrahim Shihadeh, $265,000.

Parker Ave., 2512-John C. and Charlene V. Holmes to Christopher M. and Maryam Henson, $327,000.

Randolph Rd., 3810-Carlos Melgarejo to Brazilian Floors Corp., $250,000.

Frederick County

Rosemary Ct., 2704-Sandra Lynn Pingatore to Richard J. and Tracey H. Witthaus, $325,000.


Alan Linton Blvd. W., 6209-Beazer Homes to Palmer and Jennifer M. Williams, $463,000.

Baldridge Terr., 6116-Rachel L. Holmes to Jose Zenon and Diana Patricia Canaza, $242,500.

Black Haw Ct., 8270-Donald and Elizabeth Nicewarner to Matthew Sullivan and Lindsay Zieler, $158,000.

Carrington Way, 2590-Timothy D. Corun to Marcella White, $210,000.

Charlington Ct., 5135-Luis F. and Sandra A. Flores to Jin Hwan Kim and Lyung Oh, $420,000.

Chestnut Grove Rd., 9026-Michael R. and Laura T. Blanchard to Mark V. Francesco, $260,000.

Cranberry Ct., 414-Daniel and April Przygocki to Ashley L. Kemerer, $172,000.

Falstone Ct., 8200-James W. and Roxanne K. Cannon to Joseph P. and Patricia S. Jennings, $315,000.

Hawkins Ct. N., 6309-Rita Maria O’Neil to Sudev S. and Patricia M. Shrivastav, $435,000.

Hunting Ridge Dr., 615-Khuang and Nitang Mang to Lian Pau, $150,000.

Liberty Oak Dr., 11585-Jeffrey M. and Niki H. Popovich to Robert and Veronica Ann Schanberger, $272,950.

Mercer Ct., 104-Donald E. and M. Simone Phebus to John Nolte, $200,000.

Monocacy View Cir., 1868B-Matt D. Beery and Renica G. Best to Raymond and Xiaoping Speciale, $180,000.

Mountain Creek Cir., 108-Lindsi and Matthew Allen to Tiffany R. Edwards, $220,000.

Primus Ct., 507-Rebecca Dele and Musbau A. Enitan to Bethel A. Nicholas, $162,000.

Tivoli Rd., 649-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jesus M. Nunez, $265,618.

Trafalgar Lane, 1403, No. 76-Monocacy Park Land Corp. to James Burnett, $277,332.

Wade Ct., 5650C-Community Development Administration to Charlotte R. Bushroe, $128,000.

Whitehall Rd., 2108, No. 2C-Nadeem Khan to Anwar H. Qadri and Samina Anwar, $107,650.

Seventh St. E., 105-Alan R. and Harriet McGregor to Pedro N. Nieves, $285,000.


Nicholas Ct., 3312-Tony Joseph and Mary Jean Damato to Stephen W. Heineman and Bernice Kay Sirico, $430,000.


Petersville Rd., 3810-Patsy A. Davies and Gary R. Main Sr. to Daryl E. Grisgraber and Christopher G. Thomas, $185,000.


Crone Lane, 12-Admar Custom Homes to Alan R. and Harriet McGregor, $354,000.

Old Hagerstown Rd., 8219-Paul D. and Richelle B. Weiger to Dale R. Raso Jr., $220,000.


Rolling Meadows Ct., 3117-Edwin A. and Mary E. McGuire to Scott James and Jessica Connolly Rosania, $480,000.


Manor Dr., 13126-Leo M. and Laura J. Borger to Tony W. Fulford, $305,000.


Meadow Fence Ct., 10254-Howard Joseph and Donna Ruth Evans to Frank E. and Janet L. Brakenwagen, $329,906.


Lake Edge Ct., 10745-Michele D. Bodenhorn and Michele Diane Neale to Christopher L. Acker and Genevieve Rosemary Sapp, $195,000.


Simpsons Mill Rd., 11904-Marell Armacost Mehring to Marion Grimes Meskill and Robert McCloud Fulton Jr., $180,000.


Naylor Rd., 17440-Frank S. and Cheryl Turner to Anthony P. and Kari E. Saavedra, $125,000.


Catoctin Ave., 110-Janet E. and Charles L. Snurr to John C. and Margurite T. Doll, $86,000.

Geoley Ct., 22-Perry C. and Belinda S. Lewis to Robert H. and Barbara P. Morgan, $325,000.

First St., 11502-James A. and Patricia A. Milstead to Robert L. Lupini, $221,000.


Elgin Lane, 9327-Chandra and Vasanthi Sekar to Raghu Neelagiri and Sandhya Thakallapali, $550,000.

Notting Hill Dr., 9816-Remco J. and Michele L. Hoytink to Guy A. and Jodi Tarnstrom, $555,000.

Sprigg St. S., 3592-Main Street Homes to Jung W. Kang and Sujung Youn, $351,000.


Albany Ave. E., 133-Residential Value Corp. to Juanita L. and David L. Delair, $257,500.

Fortune Pl., 8519-Jose L. Morant to Theodore Thomas, $78,000.

Water Street Rd., 8517-Nicole M. Murtaugh to Mattie E. and Aaron C. Nash, $203,555.