These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Montgomery County

Adrian St., 4524-Ana Mata to Federal National Mortgage Association, $418,000.

Bitterroot Way, 15104-Iva H. and Michael R. Sener to John A. Bowler, $536,500.

Eagle Ct., 14005-Luis Salas and Rosa Tabraj to Hong Ling, $300,000.

Freeland Rd., 13015-Adolphus and Elvire M. Sparks to Yong C. Chan and Yun Li, $307,900.

Jasmine Dr., 5000-John F. and Angela Franklin Lord to Craig Falk and Sarah Mather, $475,000.

Landgreen St., 4216-South Main Street Property Corp. and Qixin Wu to Katherine A. Parker, Joseph K. Kingsley and Margaret M. Kingsley, $345,000.

Magellan Ave., 13012-A.P. and Gina L. Westbrook to Vanilda Da Silva Junkoscki, $305,000.

Rocking Spring Dr., 14812-Ram Scharf and Orit Scharf Reitses to Simon and Abigail Bensimhon, $510,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 14400-Kevin Lee and Benjamin Simcox to Michael G. Barboza and Stephanie M. Morrison, $395,000.


Battery Lane, 4970, No. 306-Tobias Scibelli to LPP Mortgage, $180,000.

Bradley Blvd., 6415-Laura M. and Thomas T. Amlie to Christian Peter and Elsa I. Velasquez Saavedra, $935,000.

Camrose Terr., 6414-American Signature Properties Corp. to Christopher W. and Stephanie M. Chin, $1.05 million.

Crail Dr., 7009-Bradford Schmonsees and Amy Dispanet to Alfredo and Raquel Halegua, $1.55 million.

Durbin Rd., 5504-Samuel C. Brightman to SSB 5504 Durbin Corp., $994,000.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 411-Khai Gia Phan to Daniel K. Updegraft, $304,000.

Greyswood Rd., 6606-Owen Ray and Jean Fitzgerald to Dharminder Singh Kalsi, $64,500.

Hollins Dr., 6428-Oliver M. Moss to Donald M. Banashak and Melissa R. Wier, $645,000.

Ipswich Rd., 5808-Jed Cameron and Ming Ivory to Sepidar N. Tafreshi, $550,000.

Kingswood Rd., 5811-John Brady Harmon Jr. and estate of Suzanne W. Reynolds to Rita L. Albina, $525,000.

Lone Oak Dr., 5705-Robert E. Frer III and Deborah Schnieder Freer to Scott Butera and Susan Amelia Risner Butera, $1.31 million.

Malden Dr., 5018-John A. Moody and Jane Elizabeth Collins to William F. Askinazi, $475,000.

Mayfield Dr., 9906-Maria Corazon and Jaime Gomez to Victor E. Palmeiro, $485,000.

Ogden Rd., 5715-Sandra K. Stowell to Mark Eisel, $880,000.

Orchid Dr., 6303-Jeanne Smith and Robert Malstrom Trust to Patrick Walid and Kerry Carruthers Mufarrij, $675,000.

Rayburn Rd., 8611-Malcolm and Michele Long Pittman to Margaret M. Flickinger, $1.47 million.

Rockmere Dr., 5707-Michael F. Burz and Deborah J. Knuckey to Robert P. and Nancy G. Margie, $1.1 million.

Southport Dr., 6005-Harry Balukjian to Guangfeng Song and Jing Li, $630,000.

Vorlich Lane, 6203-Stacey B. Daughters and Christopher H. Lindley to Lisa A. and Sheng A. Yang, $860,000.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 104-Fabio Salvatore and Mirja Nelk to Guilherme G. Fonseca, $230,000.

Willow Gate Lane, 9112-Erin O’Malley to Geoffrey Meni, $30,243.

Woodmont Ave., 7500, No. S221-Michael James and Samara A. Lorenz to Don H. Kim and Youngsuk Yook, $456,000.


Dairy Farm Dr., 13820-Y.D. Nguyen and Huy N. Tran Dai to Chintan and Pinky Fafadia, $415,000.

Thundercloud Rd., 18410-Kalistus T. and Celine Gomes to Gohil Corp., $350,000.


Honeystone Way, 2208-David I. and Jennifer Friedman to Steven J. and Emily K. Snyder, $615,000.


Bender Ct., 4423-Pegasus Homes Corp. to Dean Michael and Raquel L. Wallace, $235,000.

Isleswood Terr., 4331-Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County to Marco A. and Kimberly L. Rosas, $194,900.


79th Pl., 6510-Selden L. and Nina Daniel to Sanjay and Tanvi Pandit Rajani, $1.39 million.


Carriage House Terr., 1641, No. 1641-B-Rebecca E. Froass to Gerald W. and Kathryn S. Ellis, $70,500.

Conductor Way, 13219, No. 261-Karen D. Armstead to Megan McCurdy, $195,000.

Fairland Rd., 2904-Kenneth Lee Armstrong and Jennifer Hollis to Noel Woldegiorgis Haile, $330,000.

Hickory Leaf Way, 2917-Tiru Yesigatand Tesfamichael Bekele Bogale to Tuli W. Feyisa and Yadeni K. Kaba, $140,000.

Montclair Dr., 12506-Erin Gloth to 101 Geneva Corp., $285,500.

Raintree Terr., 13000-Tade Group Corp. to Jeffrey A. and Naomi G. Gunter, $400,000.

Silver Moon Dr., 17-Daniel Chen Ho and Jenny Chan Dao to Wegene Terefe and Hanna Fantu, $340,000.

Springloch Rd., 725-Margaret Bossenga and John R. Bossenga Trust to Rodrigo and Candice F. Alba, $445,000.

Thomas Dr., 19-Fidel C. Diaz to William Weiss, $275,000.


Brooklawn Terr., 3139-Florence Shayne to Kamaal W. and Erin P. Jones, $802,500.

Colston Dr., 2635-Frank A. Molony to Stuart A. and Chelsea M. Kidder, $685,000.

Cummings Lane, 3516-Marjorie E. and James P. McMann to Evan H. and Betsy W. Argintar, $1.08 million.

Fairfax Rd., 6673, No. 89-Wilhelmina T. Behre to Stephen R. Battalia, $572,000.

Jones Mill Rd., 9001-Charlotte R. Skykes and Aldridge Hightower to Ruth G. and Scott Matthew Grove, $1.02 million.

Meadow Lane, 7206-Meadow Lane Partners Corp. to CC Green Vision Corp., $934,301.

Oxford St., 4A-Jay and Dorothy Martin to Alan Fleischmann and Dafna Tapiero, $2.25 million.

Quincy St., 31-Edward F. and Carolyn F. Dunne to Samantha G. Guilder, $1.62 million.

Surrey St., 5525-Richard A. and Chelsea M. Kaplan to Lisa Stacey Krochmal, $1.22 million.

Williams Lane, 3812-James L. and Rebecca M. Bacchus to David Yu Pei, $1.46 million.

Woodbine St., 3514-Bernadette Sweeney and Frances M. Hagins to Kristen Alyssa Lejnieks and Joseph Poulas, $700,500.


Bennett Chase Ct., 13505-Johnson and Sunila Varghese to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $527,450.

Cherry Branch Dr., 12327-David and Jennifer Dabbondanza to Paul C. and Lauren H. Rohwer, $595,000.

Grapevine Ridge Terr., 23806-Sean Bong and H. Karen Lee to Allan and Liza St. George, $450,000.

Mistflower Dr., 23115-Den V. Nguyen and Xuoc T. Bien to Xiaohong Wang, $454,000.

Newcut Rd., 22928-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to R.T. Perry, $269,990.

Sycamore Farm Dr., 23102-Baruch and Sara Pondak to Jean Philippe and Frederique Marie Ducasse, $465,000.

Tregoning Dr., 23607-Piedmont Road Corp. to Mohammad and Maha R. Khalil, $750,690.


Ednor Rd., 1108-Lea and Linda Gilpin to William E. Barrett and Ronnie R. Lau Barrett, $367,000.

Old Briggs Chaney Rd., 2720-Christine Edwards Aragon to Michael E. Pettey and Jean Guadagnino, $360,000.

Pebblestone Dr., 14527-Kevin M. and Margaret Lahr to Donald and Shari Erickson, $435,000.

Windridge Acres Ct., 233-Joseph R. and Marsha W. Marsden to Christopher and Lisa Jordan, $469,000.


Damascus Rd., 9014-Mary Michelle and Daniel Stewart Norton to Alexander J. Attumalil, $835,000.

Glade Valley Terr., 24008-Barbara J. Uzzell Caruso to Daniel H. and Amy M. Estepp, $358,000.

Oak Dr., 25313-Cristina Espejo and Cesar Rojas to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $300,000.


Horizon Pl., 17606-Sheila G. Malry to 101 Geneva Corp., $140,000.

Righters Mill Rd., 7216-David C. Fisher and Susan Anne Yeh to Sarah K. Roberts and Paul R. Guttman, $505,000.


Brookmoor Dr., 10203-Brian Willson to Scott and Heather Moran, $625,000.

Eton Rd., 9013-Norman Ata and estate of Theresa B. Thomas to Robyn E. and Britta A. Garfield, $375,000.

Glenville Rd., 8819-Nancy Perry Newell and estate of Mary Michael S. Perry to Worawut and On Khansamrit, $309,000.

Kerwin Rd., 405-Elijah and Mary Weisberg to Kaili Ruggiero and Nicolene De Toit, $309,000.

Linton St., 9025-Philip and A. Lauretta Calabro to M. Denboba Midekssa and Meron Negguise Worku, $330,000.

Marshall Ave., 9706-Charles H.M. Beatty III and estate of Charles H.M. Beatty Jr. to American Signature Properties Corp., $350,000.

Saffron Lane, 9000-Alison Routt and estate of Sally A. Harris to Jason M. and Elizabeth J. Sauler, $330,000.

Snowy Owl Dr., 124-Leon H. Levine and Dianne M. Novick to 101 Geneva Corp. and Pegasus Home Corp., $132,500.

Thornhill Rd., 9419-Matthew R. Segal and Leilani J. Pascale to James Nelson and Paula Querido Kahn, $560,000.


Argus Ct., 7404-Terry A. McKelvey and Kimberly J. Kelly to Zhiguang Shen, $305,000.

Bowspirit Ct., 102-Angela D. Gross to Yu Cheong Chang and Winnie Hang Leung, $199,500.

Calabar Dr., 18017-Mark E. and Michelle Watson to Youwei He, $300,000.

Carousel Ct., 544-Jorge Orlando Sachica to Astoria Federal Savings & Loan Association, $152,000.

Christopher Ave., 427, No. 51-Barbara A. Pine to Phyllis and Michael Courlander, $140,000.

Gaither St., 404-Lucia Magdalena Valrela to Taylor Bean & Whitaker Corp., $505,740.

Girard St., 420, No. 127-Aleia Gomez Oliveria to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $75,510.

Hallmark Ct., 18339-Pattie Berman Wills to Divakar Dhaubhadel and Meeli Amatya, $263,000.

Plum Creek Dr., 7902-Alan J. and Rita S. Buck to Nery O. and Marisol Espana, $615,000.

Rideout Ct., 8-Alexander and Raisa Zilberman to Dangelo L. Cates and Danika A. Montgomery, $430,000.

Sandy Lake Dr., 19432-Jessica B. Auerbach to John Zan Fan and Fengying Huang, $180,000.

Streamside Dr., 18324, No. 104-Linda Nguyen to Jacqueline R. King, $80,000.

Travis Lane, 1086-Bernard Kwabena Awuah and Rosina Attaa Atiemo to Abdul and Abida Dasti, $178,700.

Waxwing Terr., 8813-Jose Flores Amaya and Rosalinda P. Flores to Abdul Q. Dustil, $244,000.

Wheatfield Terr., 19268-Nancy P. Mattson to Aminatu Paseda, $265,000.


Arch Pl., 3, No. 424-Diane L. and Dominic Colangelo to Alberto Hoyos, $410,000.

Carry Back Dr., 15005-John and Angela Yeatman to Craig T. and Margaret K. Weiner, $625,000.

Chestnut Oak Dr., 13012-13012 Chestnut Oak Farm Corp. to Fahd Amjad and Maryann Gluodenis, $561,000.

Dufief Dr., 14970-Susan Ann Loring to Di and Hui Zheng Wu, $660,000.

Fellowship Way, 15612-Brij and Anita Vinaik to Mathew and Maureen Wari, $560,000.

Gold Kettle Dr., 238-Hector Banda to Chiahao Chang and Man T. Lan, $277,500.

Joshua Tree Pl., 11204-Terry L. Edwards and Elizabeth Banks Ray to Tonya T. Russell, $520,000.

Longdraft Rd., 402-J. Matthew Sasser to Maxim Komov and Olga Korsakova, $525,000.

Napa Valley Rd., 8-Enrique and Reina Nunez to Weng Jing and Zhifeng Huang, $272,000.

Owens Glen Way, 11704-Eric S. and Lynn Johnson Langer to John Christian Abell, $731,000.

Parkview Ave., 434-MTG Acquisition Corp. to Papa Demba Thiam and Nenea Florence Mumba Thiam, $358,715.

Parkview Ave., 434-MTG Acquisition Corp. to Rana Nagarkatti and Dewal Jani, $405,295.

Piney Lodge Rd., 11509-Richard Paul Gregory to Mukesh B. and Rinku Panchal, $462,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 744-Victor V. and Guadalupe Guevara to Gwendolyn A. Haney, $80,000.

Red Kiln Ct., 10-Mark T. and Rebecca D. Stauffer to Inna B. Alleni, Jonathan Acevedo Allen and Boris Beskin, $313,000.

Shadow Glen Ct., 266-Senait Gebru and Aman Ghirmay Haile to Tharackandathil O. and Faizijihan Shanavas, $555,000.

Still Creek Lane, 870-Steven D. Lustig and Jessie R. Groothus to Ran S. Shapira and Liat Zlotnicki, $823,000.

Tschiffely Square Rd., 344-Marion J.H. Perry to Jill G. Matthews, Nabiel Matthew Ghanem and Andrew Gage Ghanem, $690,000.


Cloppers Mill Terr., 18101, No. 12-D-Joni L. Ellis to Zion C. Fan, $197,000.

Eagles Roost Dr., 18514-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Benjamin N. Makau, $228,000.

Glen Willow Way, 18611-Elena S. Prado to Agnes K. and Samuel R. Tetteh, $244,900.

Hickory Tree Way, 12417, No. 232-Silvia Cortegana to Felix Lin, $89,000.

Lullaby Ct., 101-Ryland Group Inc. to Loan Ngoc VI and Lac Van Le, $397,900.

Owl Run Way, 18526-Carlos A. Monti Monsalve and D.E. Hernandez Monti to Abi and Brady Lemuel Vega Garcia, $249,900.

Rayfield Dr., 19441, No. 15-Dino A. Dibari to 101 Geneva Corp., $120,000.

Shadyside Lane, 13045, No. 11-178-Lisa R. and Richard E. Buxton to Arman Ravery, $167,000.

Snow Fields Cir., 18944-Gloria Delcarmen Rivas and Jennifer Zinner to Kimberly Mary Meghan Myers and Suzanne Smith, $229,000.

Spring Meadows Dr., 14914-Marianne R. Loman and estate of Richard P. Taylor to Alice A., Thomas E. and Elizabeth S. Pare, $724,000.

Winding Creek Way, 12033-Darlene Embrey to Olga Mityaeva, $269,000.


Cushing Dr., 4910-Nancy Spainhour to Thomas G. and Joanne Clark, $555,000.

Matthews Lane, 4214-Sunjay K. and Ellen H. Pandey to Stacey and James Noonan, $640,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 3113-David R. and Sarah N. Nesbitt to Szabina A. Taylor, $399,000.

Valley View Ave., 11115-Lewis Allen Karickhoff to Catherine Arnaud Charbonneau and Michele Arnaud, $280,000.


Brink Rd., 7930-Kerrin Russell and Megan J. Kauflin to Family Investments Group Corp., $251,230.

Hawkins Creamery Rd., 8223-Dennis and Odile Keuper to Christopher E. and Traci L. Porter, $398,000.


Apple Ridge Pl., 19803-Ernesto F. Cabrera Sanchez and Alma Rosa Espejo De Cabrera to Federal National Mortgage Association, $246,905.

Bremerton Way, 9349-James Jenkins to Samuel Awuku, $267,500.

Copps Hill Dr., 9529-Vicky Delacruz and J.B. Gacayan to Beng Hong Loh, $126,000.

Dunbridge Way, 19345-Anthony B. and Beverly S. Holmes to Vericrest Opportunity Loan Trust Asset, $238,219.

Greenside Terr., 19821-Anne L. Johns to Landmark Investment Properties Corp., $220,000.

Jarrett Ct., 9309-Shri B. and Geeta Kansal to Judith Achola, $200,000.

Little Pond Pl., 10118, No. 10118-5-Amy Suzanne Lucia to Rajan Mahajan, $68,500.

Mills Choice Rd., 19044, No. 19044-4-Iris J. Einhorn to Federal National Mortgage Association, $112,829.

Ravenglass Way, 8720-Francisco G. Tena and Rowena Patanindagat to Luis Raul Juarez Jr., $210,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10318-Deepak Shah to Minhtam Le, Doanh Pham and C. Han Tran, $150,000.

Stedwick Rd., 10024, No. 10024-104-Robert V. and Mary Ann Russo to John Walter Hartley, $126,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18630, No. 18630-2-Roderick and Maria Carlina Bustos to Peter M. Fleck and Robert Samit, $91,000.

Welbeck Ct., 30-Robert G. Mason Jr. to Steven Yegher, $135,000.


New Hampshire Ave., 10920-Jasmine Angela Boukouss to Yipping Chenglin, $300,000.

Parkman Rd., 10316-Parkman Corp. to Paul N. Matsui, $765,000.


Allanwood Dr., 15702-Gulf Coast Bank & Trust to David M. and Diane Jane Thomas, $155,000.

Beacon Hollow Lane, 13816-Samuel G. and Carol R. Milwit to Patricia Anne Davis and Sally Anne Foley, $418,750.

Bel Pre Rd., 3754, No. 3754-4-Angela Adames to Ximena Morales, $55,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3912, No. 3912-3-Mauro F. Rivera Chavez and Melva Pineda Rivera to Yu Sen Diao, $64,000.

Bramblewood Dr., 15410, No. 19-Justin H. Purvis to George and Gail Blatt, $299,900.

Camelback Lane, 2610, No. 1-19-Luis Rodrigo Vasquez to Subodhini Adaman, $162,000.

Emden St., 4313-Ismael and Benita Pineda to BDD Holding 2 Corp., $236,200.

Flint Hill Rd., 1905-Thomas G. Keepers to Vavel Design Build Corp., $350,000.

Gaylor Pl., 3107-Michael and Robin Madden to Luis A. and Aracely Vasquez, $250,000.

Greenery Lane, 2310, No. 202-12-Michael B. and Sandra Simmons to Stipan and Xuan Musulin, $107,000.

Harrell St., 3509-Joaquin A. Villanueva and Jose A. Rivera to Jason & Sofia Inc., $230,000.

Hickory Hill Lane, 1939-Sean and Dori Mornan to Jason N. and Jaime L. Froehlich, $315,000.

Ingram Terr., 1625-Kenyatta R. and Allison B. Gilbert to Erick Regente and Cecilia La Noire, $305,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-914-Ronald D. Kabran and Edyce H. Kabran Trust to Carol R. Milwit, $302,000.

Leaf Drop Ct., 2701, No. 4-18-William C. Kruger to Young Sik and Yang Suk Hong, $150,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 212-6-Felix Gonzalez and estate of Michael Joseph Fung to Adissa Barry, $99,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 3005-215-Bessie H. and Jacob Brickman to Nancy J. Herin, $230,000.

Lutes Dr., 13007-Shawn A. Gritz and estate of Nancy Reichmeider to Silvia Cedeno, $250,000.

Moonlight Trail Dr., 13204-Winchester Homes Inc. to Kenneth C. Wolf Jr. and Han Ngoc Nguyen, $820,000.

Pimlico Ct., 4, No. 13-Mary E. Hempton to Wallace Bloom, $270,000.

Saint Leonards Ct., 3425, No. 112-B-Renee Ewing O’Brien and Michele Ewing Failla to Sandra A. Smith, $255,000.

Solomons Ct., 3317, No. 103-B-Craig Thompson Whittle and estate of Barbara Brooke Whittle to John J. Creamer Jr., $245,000.

Wilton Oaks Dr., 13103-Gerald C. and Gilda C. Justo to Emilie B. Ekamby, $333,000.


Gatehouse Ct., 3005-Travis A. and Elisabeth H. Walker to Christine Silvestre, $310,000.

Moss Side Lane, 17154, No. 67-Christopher David and Jodi Koleber to Cuong Ly and Hoai Dung Nguyen, $255,000.

Shotley Bridge Pl., 17807-Tina B. McGuire to Trevor D. and Maureen E. Clarke, $369,000.


Chiswell Rd., 17409-Andrew Thomas Rayno to Matthew Knight, $378,000.

Kohlhoss Rd., 17514-Patrick M. and Suzanne L. Stevens to Michael A. and Tara Steketee, $198,000.


Bentcross Dr., 10000-Douglas S. and Cynthia H. Ingram to Brian L. Rubin and Jodi L. Siff, $2.15 million.

Coddle Harbor Lane, 7855-Inverness Knolls Tenants Organization Inc. to Ka Man Chiu and Po Chih Chen, $259,000.

Falls Rd., 9224-Steven J. and Lisa R. Feyerick to Amir B. and Jessica M. Eyal, $965,000.

Holbrook Dr., 10404-Kenneth W. and Yolanda C. Stith to Carrie C. Sauer and William J. Snoke, $889,000.

Jeb Stuart Rd., 8409-David M. and Cynthia L. McLoughlin to Matthew E. and Jahanvi Miller, $665,000.

Macarthur Blvd., 10560-Jennifer S. Schaufeld and Pourya Mohamad Ali Dehnadi to Neeraj and Libby Mendiratta, $1.46 million.

Pleasant Hill Dr., 10900-Alicia Maria De La Torre Falzon and Joseph A. Falzon to JST Inter Vivos Trust, $1.58 million.

Scarboro Ct., 8508-Douglas A. and Cynthia J. Learned to Bahram and Leila Alavi, $870,000.

Tobin Cir., 9416-Shirley W. and James O. Watkins to Kenneth W. and Yolanda D. Stith, $950,000.

Turnberry Ct., 8302-Robert J. and Anita P. Marino to Robert P. Hughes and Kathleen M. McEnerney, $1.03 million.

Whites Ford Way, 8106-Christina Gayle Woods and Evelyn J. Woods Trust to Diane Chen, $775,000.

Woodington Dr., 9528-Richard Gordon and Maureen McCormick Grant to Dan Shen and Jianxun Dong, $1.29 million.


Balsam Grove Ct., 5735, No. 65-Neil I. and Jodi Stein Rosenman to Sabra Gelfond, $515,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1514-Gregory B. Strylewicz to Man K. and Wendy Y. Yim, $530,000.

Calabash Ct., 56-Janet Rosenbaum to Pavel Khrimian and Zarui Kocharyan, $629,000.

College Pkwy., 734, No. 4-734-Beverly Lynn Mangold to Laurie E. Hulcher, $277,000.

Duke St. S., 7-Mark J. and Margaret M. DiJulio to Robert J. Recklaus and Beth C. Perell, $586,616.

Forest Landing Cir., 14922-Sung Ho Maeng and Mee Kyung to Gina and Alex Lilavois, $429,000.

Grand Oak Way, 1061-Alan and Caroline Raistrick to Austin K. Yamada, $614,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 306-Melissa R. Wier to Raymond J. and Mitra P. Pitts, $360,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1602-Lauren M. Yamada to Shahnaz and Shideh Shahinfar, $277,500.

Halifax Ct., 3-William E. and Sharon L. Fogler to Derek and Christina Mai Koy, $775,000.

Ivy League Lane, 704, No. 12-70-Kun Zaw Oo to Wai T. Cheng, $360,500.

Lawrence Dr., 305-Residential Value Corp. to Mokbul Hossain, Mostafa Hossain and Sajeda Bibi, $325,000.

Nolan Dr., 10215-Matthew E. Jaffer and Karen D. Weiss to Jared Hosid and Laura A. Rosenberg, $810,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2426-Toll MD IX Partnership to B.H. Kim, $407,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1635-Jason Yeh to Sahba Yazdani, $393,000.

Redland Blvd., 513-Jill G. Matthews to Mark Buck and Lauren Rich, $580,000.

Rockville Pike., 10500, No. P-130-Hope Green Hinkes to Livia Maria Marinari, $8,500.

Ave., 217-Joseph Egbarin and Sherri N. Stevens to Hailie Yesnaheh, $97,000.

Tilden Lane, 7021-Thomas A. and Elizabeth A. Wavering to Adam and Marci Possner, $749,000.

Travilah Rd., 14190-Leo T. Miller to Irma Tuan Hwa Liu, $870,000.

Vanderbilt Ct., 29-Linda Rose to Alex Obertop, $485,000.


Aberstraw Way, 11514-Anh V. and Trinh Tuyet Hi Vo to Fan Meng and Grace Jiang, $224,000.

Blue Banner Pl., 22708-Robert G. and Shari U. Darling to James J. and Beverly K. Folmer, $745,000.

Cider Barrel Dr., 20326-Etons Corp. to Leslie K. Taylor, $445,000.

Hawks Ridge Terr., 11301-Christina A. Weaver to Maryland Community Development Adminstration, $230,775.

Peridot Lane, 20407-Elizabeth J. and George W. Statler to Marie Etienne and Guerby Charles, $320,000.

Shakespeare Dr., 20820-John and Isabella Ewusie to Revital Danieli, $280,000.

Stoney Point Ct., 15-James H. Monroe to Jim Yang, $156,500.

Watkins Meadow Dr., 20452-John R. and Annette L. Short to Brian and Christine M. Leonard, $390,000.


Cedar St., 8403-Kenneth and Fannie Rae Warren to Metro DC 1 Corp., $445,000.

Fleetwood Terr., 176-Daniel O. and Melinda E. Martin Beltran to Anthony F. Pipa and Theresa A. Seery, $489,000.

Hartford Ave., 8128-Margaret Lake Young to 6601 Suitland Road Corp., $291,000.

Midwood Rd., 9510-Susan D. Moeller to Neil A. Weinstein and Ellen L. Gorman, $700,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 9007-Ariel and Martha Chinchilla Ruiz to Rongrong Pan and Lijuan Huang, $268,000.

Sundale Dr., 8805-Bradley A. and Stepanie L. Brooker to David Bard and Anna Powell, $519,500.

White Oak Dr., 1708-Rollin B. and Leslie Ann Stanley to Gregory M. Smith and John D. Gehringer, $595,000.


Anne St., 904-Potomac Properties Corp. to Kevin Bray, $415,000.

Flower Ave., 8502-Andrea S. Rutledge to Mark J. Peppler, $368,000.

Manor Cir., 210-David S. and A. Jane Huegel to Gerald A. and Kathryne N. Rosen, $493,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 6806-Michael Teko and Raphael M. Mbah to Divine C. Gana and Jonas M. Muwud, $325,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 214-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Dianna Raschid, $232,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 819-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Deborah B. Doddy, $282,000.

Fourth Ave., 6500-Christopher J. Farrell and Samantha J. Steenkamp Farrell to Harald Fuller Bennett, $320,000.


Atlantic Ave., 13101-Christopher R. Jacobs to Polly Ellison and Dell Fleming Ross, $325,000.

Deertree Lane, 2027-Rock Creek Woods Corp. to Francisco J. Rodriguez Ibanez and Adriana Yepes Guzman, $449,900.

Forbes St., 1615-John Elmer and Doris Ann Rudolph to Glenn R. and Nancy E. Popson, $401,000.

Marshall Ave., 705-David M. and Jennifer A. Forrest to Thuy Thi Bui, $320,000.

Van Fleet Ct., 8-Kevin J. Shay to Daniel R. and Jennifer L. Zaudtke, $309,000.


Auth Lane, 11717-Eva M. Burger and Loraine Kitchelt to Benjamin Paul and Jeremy Edward Litten, $400,000.

Brightview St., 3813-Miguel A. and Carina F. Rodriguez to Joseph Eugene Bailey, $261,000.

Cascade Rd., 2011-Wallace B. Ashby Jr. to Arel Properties Corp., $250,000.

Cobble Hill Terr., 2312-Charles B. and Mariola Rosser to John L. Dambrosio, $432,000.

Dalewood Dr., 12103-Patricia M. Rossano and estate of Margaret P. Breen to Weiwen Gu and Lin Qi, $160,000.

Grandview Ave., 11512-Gerald L. and Belinda C. Rawls to Jill Babson Grundy, $295,000.

Hemingway Ct., 11002-Adam L. and Maya Nelson to Fatima Johnson, $390,000.

Insley St., 10504-Isaac and Irma Yolanda Ortiz to Betsey Katiti, $350,000.

Nairn Rd., 11503-Martin G. and Margaret A. Oliverio to Aaron C. Pawlyk and Shyrie Ara Edmonson, $408,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2315-Paula Bielski and estate of Thomas E. Sochocki to Jun Yan, $225,000.

Rocky Mount Way, 10944-Mary A. and Hal G. Hubachek to Livia Irene Amezcua, $375,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 1209-A-Elizabeth Rosenfeld to A.R. Williams, $84,000.

Frederick County

G St. E., 208-Harry J. Conley Jr. to Raymond Dewitt and Brenda J. Mongold, $186,000.

Potomac St. E., 723-Seth J. and Ashley C. Elder to Nadine Sanepour and Robert J. Lucas, $75,000.

Fourth Ave., 115-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lindsay B. Jones, $133,900.


Buckeystown Pike., 3711-William Stephen Hurley to Sarah A. and Cameron D. Sabel, $300,000.


Old Bridge Lane, 4107-Jeffrey J. and Deborah H. Reese to Silver Crest Properties Corp., $305,759.


Dickerson Rd., 6773-Eric E. Runion to Kyrie L. Garretson, $430,000.


Taneytown Pike., 11317-Harry S. and Margaret Springer Hahn to Eric E. Glass, $325,350.


Ballenger Creek Pike., 4346-Gary D. and Kathleen M. Compher to Peter and Glenda Huyser, $296,000.

Buttonwood Ct., 6878-Gregory G. Hendrickson and estate of Elmer Elsworth Hendrickson to Robert L. and Kathy A. Main, $150,000.

Himes Ave., 613, No. 105-Kathleen V. Drew to Dong Zhao and Sue S. Zhang, $85,000.

Jack Linton Dr., 4917-NVR Inc. to Samantha Kanekuni, $261,950.

Maitland Terr., 5297-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. and DRB Financial Corp. to Megan Annette Ely and Stephen Andrew Kalnoske, $550,000.

Mulberry Ct., 1339-Federal National Mortgage Association to Elizabeth K. and James R. Vanderhuff, $224,900.

Saint Simon Ct., 5000-George Strasberger and estate of Madeline E. Boone to James F. and Stacey L. Hurst, $130,000.

Weatherby Ct., 6413, No. F-Erica L. McDermid to Stephen J. Haller and Carol Lynn Ferlisi, $134,000.


Baldridge Terr., 6138-Gail Amati to Ionia and Kevin Bates, $170,000.

Berry Rose Ct., 1605, No. 3-1B-Anne H. Blough and estate of Bessie H. Howard to Megan L. Bell and Mary J. Candela, $134,900.

Captains Ct., 8000-Judy A. Carlson and Christopher Sheffler to Equity Trust Co., $230,000.

Chapel Alley, 310-Kenneth J. and Joanna L.A. Shapiro to Jason S. Strawderman, $765,000.

Dogwood Dr., 1604-Jacob Lynn and Guinevere Vandebrake to Daniel W. Trombetta, $210,000.

Egret Way, 2609-Beazer Homes Corp. to Richard D. and Shelly M. Alcoy, $298,689.

Laurel Wood Way, 1522-Amnds Corp. to Renata M. Ermery, $236,500.

Market St. S., 429-National Services Corp. to Eva Gee and Michael Cooper Scott, $258,875.

Mews Lane, 806, No. 806-Melissa Mae Minsker to John and Louise Carr, $120,500.

Old Liberty Rd., 10123B-Nancy S. Ramsburg to John D. Whiting Jr. and Marsha E. Kessler, $340,000.

Patrick St. W., 237-Kathleen Patricia Williams to 237 West Patrick Street Corp., $96,700.

Shawnee Dr., 908-Annabelle I. Lawson and Winifred D. Droppleman to Lakota Corp., $158,000.

Water St., 121-Ridgefield 50 Corp. to Elizabeth Ann Tinker, $125,000.

Winchester St., 19-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jennifer Sherman, Jeffrey Sherman and Stephen Kruger, $82,100.

Third St. E., 201-Yigal Rappaport to Aurora Loan Services Corp., $234,623.

Sixth St. W., 29-Housing Authority of the City of Frederick to Nexus Energyhomes Inc., $303,102.


Battery Lane, 2103-NVR Inc. to Dias Amarawardena and Chamaree K. Abeysinghe, $322,875.

Beaver Creek Lane, 1808-Juan C. Delgado and Martha L. Muriel to Xialong Wang and Juehe Bao, $170,000.

Country Run Way, 1803-National Transfer Services Corp. to Lei Sun and Acong Young, $221,000.

Edgewood Church Rd., 8422-Jeff Ellis and estate of C. Webster Sayler Jr. to Peter M. Buckley, $209,000.

Glendale Dr., 8118-Karen Nalley to Chris R. and Becky Jo Serio, $289,900.

Hampshire Dr., 1306, No. 2D-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Dwain Webber, $80,000.

Harpers Ct., 1933-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. and Jeffrey G. Bond to Kizito Adejumo, $230,000.

Heather Ridge Dr., 600M, No. 11-M-Chelsea and Sean Hayes to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $140,853.

Key Pkwy., 1405, No. 306-Terrapin Certificates Corp. to Mahmood Ahmad, $42,500.

Meadowgrove Lane, 1827-Gregory B. Davis to Christopher L. Wikham and Renee Wickman, $199,150.

Prentice Ct., 2413-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ann Jullette Einsmann, $145,000.

Rock Creek Dr., 7009-Aaron Mitchell to KH Investments Properties Corp., $132,700.

Stonegate Dr., 135-Lashundra Patrice Rucker to Freddie Gonazalez, $110,000.


Old National Pike., 10004-Hutzell Family Properties Corp. to Oakdale Properties Corp., $1.3 million.


Green Valley Rd., 10737-James V. and Doretta L. Dorsch to Andrew D. Wachter and Shannon E. Hohl, $250,000.


Myersville Rd., 8735-Alan J. Hyatt and Jonathan M. Wall to Joseph Mangiafico Jr., $241,000.

Stone Springs Lane, 507-Elizabeth Granzow to Dustin Lee and Cari Leigh Wolf, $272,000.


Fingerboard Rd., 11229-Catherine A. and Jesse I. Burall to 7580 Properties Corp., $1 million.

White Pine Dr., 3006-HSBC Bank to Charles and Durann R. Ecalono, $240,000.


Deer Hollow Dr., 901-Timothy L. and Shauna L. Hugen to National Residential Nominee Services in, $410,000.

Rambling Sunset Cir., 522-Mark S. and Renee A. Deibert to Chadwick A. and Kimberly W. Pringle, $489,900.

Woodville Rd., 8435-Philip and Amber Brengel to Little Leaf Corp., $365,000.


Pleasant Walk Rd., 11804-David Eugene Schroyer and Ruth Ellen Dalton to Thomas B. Branham, $265,000.


Hollys Way, 5808, No. 71-Kenneth I. and Roberta Belsley to Dorothy Jayne Raff, $335,000.

Jacobean Pl., 5910-NVR Inc. to Stanley L. Mathias, $316,590.

Lakeridge Dr., 6431-Michael E. and Brenda K. Thompson to Allison Lynette Davis, $344,900.

Old Stonehouse Lane, 6717-William W. Russell Jr. to Sheree Lynn Plumb, $198,088.

White Pelican Way, 10220, No. 107D-Anthony P. Higgins to George J. Deal Jr., $142,000.


Rileys Ct. S., 1802-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Michael M. Mabry, $467,675.


Gateway Dr. W., 522-J. Latrelle Remington to Kyle T. Nolan, $230,000.

Ramsburg Rd., 8749-Onewest Bank to Joseph L. and Suzanne M. Keller, $263,000.


Greenfield Rd., 1147-Michael T. Roche to Michael and Patricia Sutherland, $172,500.


Bothwell Lane, 9655-Branden Paul Ryan and Candace Eva Philips to Peter Zhimin Tan and Mae Xuemei Weng, $387,500.

Harris St., 9022-Juliana Peck to Darrin James and Allison Beth Santay, $535,000.

Hyde Pl., 9553, No. PLL-NVR Inc. to Iain Buckingham, $310,705.

Seward Lane, 3721-Karel and Julie A. Leemkuil to Jeremy C. and Jennifer L.M. Kliphouse, $465,000.

Tabard Lane, 3538-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Elberth Orozco, $286,000.

Travener Cir., 9133-Nhu An Vuong Ho to Yanyu Wang and Quan En Yang, $521,000.


Chapel Ct., 200, No. 317-Donald L. Rippeon Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $174,236.

Revelation Ave., 8340-Angela Lee to Ghislain Brunet, $80,000.

William St., 25-Michael J. Socks to Federal National Mortgage Association, $293,414.