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Montgomery County

Adrian St., 4901-Michael P. and Thomas B. Maloney to Stephen L. and Mary Ellen Sawyer, $340,000.

Brad Ct., 4604-Robert E. Lee to Robert Louis and Sophia Anne Whitney, $392,450.

Elizabeth St., 4204-Enrique A. and Marley Sosaya to Federal National Mortgage Association, $266,000.

Great Oak Rd., 4509-Wilkinson Ninala and Kenneth M. Cherian to Danny and Frayda L. Penini, $460,000.

Joplin Dr., 4313-Jiann W. and Leo M. Lee to Allison N. Adams Jones, $272,500.

Lionel Lane, 13712-Linda A. Robertson and estate of Anna Mary Robertson to Robert A. and Geraldine Rice, $392,900.

Myer Ct., 5200-Richard J. O’Brien to Emma C. Mejia, Maria Delos Angeles Sierra Mejia and David Alberto Sierra Mejia, $369,000.

Wintersweet Ct., 4005-Brian D. and Namrata P. Wheeler to Ludolph P. and Patricia M. Welanetz, $692,500.


Barnesville Rd., 17501-Katherine W. Evans and estate of Sarah Warren Evans to John F. and Camille C. Finley, $700,000.


Battery Lane, 5000, No. 402-Eleanor H. Augustine Trust to Erin E. O’Malley, $369,000.

Bulls Run Pkwy., 9202-Andrew W. Plitt to Timothy Martin and Lara Bennani Fella, $749,000.

Carteret Rd., 7706-Nancy L. Simmons to Alain P. Youmbi Nouaga, $760,000.

Crescent St., 4912-Sonia and Friedrich Paul Knudsen to David Levy, $573,000.

Durbin Terr., 7308-Lisa Gessow Michaelson and Elaine S. Gessow Trust to 7308 Durbin Terrace Corp., $800,000.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 414-David Bertram Jacobs to Federal National Mortgage Association, $246,000.

Greyswood Rd., 6701-James P. and Jeanne M. Sinkovic to Michael Lee and Margaret Talley Bartholomew, $640,000.

Hoover St., 5505-C.M. Conlan Contractors and Builders Inc. to Richard J. Tyler Sr. and Elizabeth P. Askey, $1.53 million.

Irvington Ave., 8516-Travis R. and Paige Brown to Daniel A. and Margery M. Shanoff, $845,000.

Lindale Dr., 9507-Michael J. and Patricia H. Lang to C.M. Conlan Contractors & Builders Inc., $600,000.

Lone Oak Dr., 6209-Oscar and Vesna Harasic to Jack R. and Ruby G. Lee, $585,000.

Maple Ave., 4403-David J. and Roxanne Sarley to Susan Topchik, $759,000.

Mckinley St., 5714-James F. MacDonald and Janet E. Silver to Jessica H. and David A. Morris, $778,000.

Montrose Ave., 10406, No. 10406-Jonathan and Rosalyn D. Fitch to Brian Fitzgerald and Paul V. Strella, $222,000.

Old Chester Rd., 5627-L. Bruce and Penelope B. Laingen to Joshua Pollak and Karen Joyce, $900,000.

Pooks Hill Rd., 5308-Ronald J. Sleyo to Nigest K. Bogale and Atalye Medhin, $365,000.

Ridge Dr., 6423-Charles W. Fox and Kathleen D. McDonald Fox to Dietrich M. Wiegmann and Sharon A. Witting, $700,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4986, No. 15-203-Eugenia P. Mays to Libra Investments Corp., $340,000.

Surreywood Lane, 6795-Lesli Gail and Robin Lynn Jeweler to Evan R. and Kari E. Winik, $725,000.

Weathered Oak Ct., 9633-Mary Jo Joyce to Charles Reynolds Wooters III and Stacy Rose Kerr Wooters, $1.24 million.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 511-Arash and Mary B. Khosh to Equitable Calvert Corp., $168,500.

Wilmett Rd., 5811-Alan M. Kresky and Carol Clayberger to Vincent S. Allen and Anne M. Moore, $1.4 million.

Woodmont Ave., 7500, No. SL11-Rachel Ingram Viglianti to Rajesh Dindiyal, $381,000.


Dairy Farm Dr., 13905-Mahmood and Nasim A. Ramzan to George M. Eapen and Jeethu S. George, $680,000.

Harvest Scene Ct., 18612-Chuong Hien Tang and Jinee Siew to Mukul and Avni Jain, $706,000.


Carter Mill Way, 2217-Eric H. and S. Paige Nerenberg to Alan R. Crouch III and Blake R. Carrington, $550,000.

Tanterra Way, 18716-Frankie Gladden to Vavel Design Build Corp., $305,000.


Alpen Green Way, 3651-Lucy Etchu to Joseph and Jo E. Spellman, $130,000.

Bender Ct., 4423-Nichole and Annalisa Thomas to Pegasus Home Corp., $170,000.

Regalwood Terr., 4342-Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County to Justin S. and Molly E. Lindsey, $195,150.


Caraway St., 8216-Alfred J. Clark Jr. to Wayne and Simone Frederick, $2.2 million.


Apple Grove Rd., 306-Richard B. and Jeffrey A. Stein to Jeff Bell and Pablo Carvajal, $540,000.

Castle Way, 3441, No. 5-25-David S. Goldberg and Desmond C. Brown to Khoa Dang and Huyen Hoang, $165,000.

Copley Lane, 710-Cecelia Anne French to Junru He and Xinhong Feng, $333,000.

Fairland Rd., 3107-Maria T. Hernandez and Mariano Arevalo to Mohammad F. and Habibunnmessa Islam, $267,000.

Musicmaster Dr., 13107, No. 86-Eric and Janet Grant to LNV Corp., $133,000.

Rosemere Ave., 1009-Metro DC 1 Corp. to Deliana Carmen Flores, $343,000.

Silver Moon Dr., 36-Cheryl F. Davis to Ferne Rabsatt, $357,000.

Stonecrest Dr., 12903-Kenneth D. and Rachelle L. Hardy to Evangeline Q. and Stelios Alexandris, $390,000.

Winhall Way, 710-Co Horgan and Stuart Don Dogger to Ermias Semae, $319,000.


Cardiff Rd., 3713-William A. and Noel Michele Holbrook to Colleen R. and Lloyd H. Polmaster, $1.4 million.

Colston Dr., 2719-Robert F. and Alma Nera Barnes to Michael K. and Amanda M. MacArthur, $550,000.

Derussey Pkwy., 4822-Allyn V. and Francoise Bress to Wieslaw and Barbara Malachowski, $835,000.

Falstone Ave., 4900-Daniel and Paul Koffsky to Vre II Corp., $1 million.

Jones Mill Rd., 9102-Ronald and Eleanor Feldbaum to Pedro Espinola and Rosanna F. Gomez, $775,000.

Montgomery Ave., 8809-Linda Silverman Herman and Robert Alan Silverman to Jill A. Gaffey and James Sclafani, $685,000.

Park Ave. N., 4601, No. 1021-W-Marcellino Family II Corp. to Monica L. Villalta, $350,000.

Raymond St., 3421-E. Jeffrey Stann and Stann Family Trust to Glenn T. Reynolds and Sarah E. Pekkanen, $1.16 million.

Trent St., 5525-Noorjahan and Swadesh R. Bose to Andrew Lewis and Nancy Kadowitz, $990,000.

West Hwy. E., 4242, No. 818-James F. and Joan S. Doherty to Martin Jorge Ardanaz and Melina Pia E. Taurozzi, $373,000.

Winnett Rd., 3203-Jonathan M. Grove and Jennifer C. Jenkins to Kari K. Gregory and Randy J. Chandler, $810,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 5201-John C. and Cynthia L. Stauffer to Marcelo Del Negri Macedo and Carol M. Macedo, $1.88 million.


Blacksmith Dr., 13024-Sandra P. Marin and Jorge Neira to Federal National Mortgage Association, $431,841.

Cypress Spring Rd., 12237-Paul and Ellen Jon to Zhexin Xiang, $465,000.

Horseshoe Bend Cir., 12566-NVR Inc. to Christopher L. and Ashley A. Case, $339,990.

Murphy Grove Terr., 12837-Damon and Erica Steele to Ronald Lee Davis Jr., $408,000.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23223-Richard Alan and Kay Pfile to Philip S. and Nancy E. Livingston, $415,000.

Sycamore Farm Dr., 23110-Kenneth Allen and Tracy Staton Angelly to Larry Steven and Nancy Butler Coffman, $455,000.


Armond Lane, 2001-Richard Gerard and M. Nancy Kozlowski to Erik K. and Christine R. Amick, $465,000.

Olive Dr., 801-101 Geneva Corp. to Leslie C. and Marquitta R. Speller, $417,000.

Redgate Dr., 15108-Steven J. and Lori A. Hudson to Leo D. Prahinski and Luz Mercedes Garcia, $445,000.


Angela Ct., 25105-Stuart H. and Arlene H. Greenspan to Holly Marie and Richard John Marince, $360,000.

Buckmeadow Lane, 10305-Jia Ni and Yi Jing Zhu to Eranda S. Samarasinghe and Chamari S. Zoysa, $489,500.

Damascus Park Lane, 10413-Homer W.K. and Karen A. Edwards to Toia and Aerek Stephens, $311,000.

Hunters Chase Lane, 10723-Andris and Dace Incis Freivalds to Donnell Cowan, $310,000.

Tandem Dr., 24708-Michael T. and Angela L. Maloney to Justin D. Hollier, $499,900.


McDade Ct., 17500-Earl E. and Carolyn S. Miller to Faisal Mumtaz Khan, $415,000.

Sabrina Terr., 17520-Jose L. Javier Perez and Susana Javier to Kara Kaluyu, $225,000.


Dallas Ave., 10009-Teresa Lyn N. Evet and Larry R. Lawrence to Federal National Mortgage Association, $395,700.

Evergreen St., 9506-Christopher G. Jordan and Lisa A. Giljam to Edie M. and Douglas Burns, $412,000.

Hannes St., 406-Robert Michael Haynes and Eugene W. Policastri to Atmanand Ramgolam, $305,000.

Kinsman View Cir., 20-Jean W. Arp to Chih Wen K. Yao, $306,000.

Lorain Ave., 9606-David Pickering and Janet M. Field Pickering to JG Core Corp., $295,000.

Northwest Dr., 824-Robert William and Carol R. Suebert to Maura Keniston and Gary Hintermeier, $400,000.

Seaton Square Dr., 522-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Tolleah K. Price and Corey C. Mitchell, $425,000.

Southwest Dr., 412-Gregory J. Blust and Kitty Sessions to Kimberly Noel Chehardy and Megan R. Roberts, $382,500.

Whitmoor Terr., 217-Richard R. and Fran Sadoff Lebow to Mark Ettenhofer and Gillian Stavro, $421,000.


Augustine Way, 7632-Merrie Lee and Michael A. Roller to Norman and Rachel Barth, $470,000.

Boysenberry Dr., 18531, No. 295-201-Kerry Ann M. Thompson and Eugene E. Aleibar to Jiafang Sun and Ming Yan, $88,000.

Cape Jasmine Way, 18412-Denise C. Blackburn Phillips to Mark T. and Rebecca D. Stauffer, $389,000.

Carriage Walk Cir., 18635-Carmen Rochester to Narcisse B. Tedonzong Djiogap and Valerie M. Azafack, $300,000.

Creekstone Ct., 7612-Gladys L. Hamer to Dennis M. Kane, $284,250.

Gardenia Way, 18467-Ana G. Zetino and Norma Rosales to Nardito R. Manalang, $250,000.

Girard St., 434, No. 226-James Cullen and Diana H. Dalrymple to Jovino Donis III, $87,000.

Hurdle Mill Pl., 631-Paul Moody and Kyujin Shin to Jiahnsheng and Showping Yin, $397,000.

Kilcreggan Terr., 7434-Federal National Mortgage Association to Hui and Biyan Chen, $241,000.

Maryland Ave., 15-Roberta J. McVeigh to 15 Maryland Avenue Corp., $145,000.

Purple Martin Lane, 18701-First National Mortgage Association to Alexander P. Voltz, $118,900.

Rock Lodge Rd., 502-Dawn Y. Martin and estate of Edith L. Barnhart to Patty Phuong Tran and Lan Ba Truong, $345,000.

Southern Night Lane, 1106-Fumei Kao and Tzu Min to Alvaro Rodriguez and Cecilia Martinez De Rodriguez, $245,500.

Swallow Ct., 8815-Ahmed Raza to Juan Carlos and Darby R. Calixto, $255,000.

Trento Ct., 10, No. 10-Nina and Mario Gutierrez to Xinli Wang, $158,500.

Wheatfield Ct., 19-Judith A. Koval to Christin C. Green and Kevin Power, $240,000.

Whetstone Glen St., 430-Xue-Zheng Zhang to Dong Wen Jiang, $415,000.


Blue Mountain Ct., 12609-Wanda Bossa and Christina Dambrosio to James C. Makous, $565,987.

Carry Back Pl., 12520-Kevin and Isabelle C. Juhring to Stephen Kenneth Thorn and Hong F. Oiu, $629,900.

Clagett Crossing Mews., 133-Larry J. and Diane V. Bernstein to Mary Ann Pettorini, $810,000.

Dufief Dr., 15120-Mukul Agarwal and Meenu Gupta to Gaofeng Liu, $464,500.

Fenceline Dr., 40-Maria Albertina Ortet Veiga to Jing Chen, $321,000.

Helene St., 558-Verelyn Gibbs to Michael and Marie Marino, $500,000.

Kwanzan Ct., 15310-Paul and Vicki Fischer to Yu Yang and Minn Shenn H. Yang, $750,000.

Main St., 620A, No. 620A-Cynthia Chan and Ela Co. to Stephen and Patricia Whelan, $355,000.

Night Hawk Way, 14322-Howard A. and Jessica T. Present to Joshua S. and Lynda G. Levine, $815,000.

Parkview Ave., 434-MTG Acquisition Corp. to Christopher R. and Diane D. Boragno, $360,355.

Platinum Dr., 14240-Cindy B. Rampp to Kaizhi Tang and Xuequn Ding, $700,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 746-Jeffrey Gottshall to Wanyu Chen, $103,000.

Scottish Autumn Ct., 13-National Residential Nominee Services to Loren D. and Charles J. Kemp, $750,000.

Side Dr. W., 724, No. 5-C-Santos M. and Maria P. Argueta to Janly C. Lo, $140,000.

Sweetbough Ct., 12378-D. Mitchell and Barbara Bratton Allen to Eddy, Cheryl and Elizabeth Cheung, $410,000.

Turley Dr., 12209-Lee J. and Ann M. Whitney to William J. and Susan L. Lambert, $770,000.


Oxford St., 4404-Felicia L. Bellows to John and Lauren Cartoux, $930,000.


Bridger Way, 20506, No. 1907-Yi Ting Tong to Roman M. Mychajliw, $210,000.

Country Ridge Dr., 13411-Steve and Pam Roth to Nakisa Karimian Simpson, $201,000.

Crystal Rock Terr., 12527-William B. and Mary J. Hungerford to Jin Ma and Wensheng Liang, $211,000.

Golf Course Dr., 20504, No. 93-Michael A. and Amanda Gibble to Andrew K. Barrie and Shannon M. Ryan, $300,000.

Highstream Pl., 13912, No. 818-K-Edwin A. Ortega and Wells Fargo Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $294,439.

Mateny Hill Rd., 19230-Alan J. Hyatt to Gurdave S. and Parvinder Heir, $450,000.

Palmetto Cir., 13647-Residential Value Corp. to Joseph M. Cejmer, $320,000.

Red Pepper Ct., 12613-Pablo A. Guevara to Aurora Loan Services Corp., $93,825.

Shamrock Glen Cir., 20848, No. 1107-James P. Kane to Wensheng Hu, $256,470.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18707, No. 11-104-Barry Weisman to Maud Ruhung Chen, $150,000.

Sunbright Lane, 20426-Jason P. and Lauren Elizabeth Nagy to Lisa V. and Andrew S. Bielen, $300,000.

Wonderland Way, 13124, No. 21-303-Roland Estrada to Andre Ropero Panesi, $145,000.


Denfeld Ave., 3829-Edwin H. and Roena C. Daniel to American Signature Properties Corp., $368,600.

Halsey St., 3918-Eleanor Williams to Michael and Lada Dombo, $294,000.

Mitscher St., 11221-Keyvan F. Farahani to Robert C. and Meghan O’Neill Blake, $430,000.

Strathmore Ave., 5305-Dal W. Chun and Jennifer E. Lee to Alan S. and Cynthia R. Weitz, $714,000.

Wexford Dr., 3810-Mecklai Property Investments Corp. to Brandi M. and Felton L. Joseph, $480,000.


Club View Dr., 24237-John C. and Barbara M. Burkinshaw to Robert L. Swaim, $280,000.

Holland Meadow Lane, 6315-Dean A. and Pamela R. Teague to David C. and Jennifer L. Dabbondanza, $710,000.

Welsh Rd., 24518-Kelvin and Anice Freeman to Jaime Sevilla, $315,100.


Battleridge Pl., 10306-Melvan H. and Maria A. Kirksey to Luis and Leonor Masson, $190,000.

Brookridge Ct., 9918-Isidro and Elena Garcia to Changben Jiang and Wenling Dong, $135,000.

Crested Iris Way, 19716-Janet L. Mitchell to John W. Lukasiewicz, $257,000.

Dunbrook Ct., 9513-Joyce Middleton and Joyce Thorpe to Amanda Pelaez, $154,000.

Hawk Run Terr., 8520-Francois Koenig and Marianne K. Bender to Janice Hedarla and Bryan Gacuma, $220,000.

Kanfer Ct., 9650-Juan A. and Margarita M. Gomez to Xiaoqing and Dantao Liang, $200,000.

Kindly Ct. N., 19114-Devini S. and Srimalee C. Sanders to Eveline Neba, $210,000.

Loading Rock Pl., 20103-David J. and Lois E. Hughey to Desiree Corwin, $350,000.

Otter Cove Ct., 7945-Mazhar Asim to 101 Geneva Corp., $122,000.

Remsbury Pl., 20424-Lawrence L. and Rosemary L. Delorimier to Barry and Elizabeth C. Hagen, $370,000.

Strath Haven Dr., 20549-Denise Hokett Scott to Community Development Administration of Maryland, $269,558.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18710, No. 18710-4-Esperance Desouza to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $85,500.

Welbeck Terr., 20131-Jordan M. Spivok and Philip J. Collins to Daniel Dubois and Anand Jagessar, $82,500.


Nolcrest Dr. W., 1112-Richard Ceccone to Monica A. Munoz, $325,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 703-Vivian M. Morgan and Geraldine P. Flowers Trust to Ayoola Aremu-Cole, $65,000.


Beaverbrook Ct., 15311, No. 90-2G-Diane S. Brewington to Federal National Mortgage Association, $86,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3770, No. 3770-8-Santiago Rodas Aguilar to Yitzchak Yitzchaki, $65,000.

Beret Lane, 3221-Samford W. and Theresa R. Pinsky to Robert J. Mills and Puthida Riel, $395,000.

Broomall Lane, 14009-Wells Fargo Bank to Orlando Enrique Angel, $325,000.

Chorley Woods Way, 3607, No. 5B-R. Lorraine Brown and Ruth L. Clemons to Emmett L. Lauer and Helen D. Koelle, $193,000.

Emden St., 4416-Doris Anselmo Smith and estate of Raymond J. Anselmo to Celia Argumedo, $205,000.

Forest Edge Dr., 3500, No. 15-2D-Doris C. Messick Trust to Sidney C. Chapman, $105,000.

Glade Dr., 15100, No. 11-2A-David Engel to Federal National Mortgage Association, $115,000.

Gunstock Ct., 14426, No. 4-LM-Erica Epps to Dana and Yizhak Etedhi, $70,000.

Heritage Lane, 14117-Maria A. Blanco and Wilfredo Espinoza to Myhanh Thi and Quang Nguyen, $300,000.

Holdridge Rd., 12705-Luz E. Tobar Rivera and Ana Y. Tobar to Santon Marleni Mejia and Luis Mejia Paz, $276,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-Paula and William Phillips to Maxine L. Richardson, $155,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-Charlotte S. and Kline A. Price to Cho T. and Raquel L. Lor, $140,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-614-Angelina Giove to Patricia S. Grimm, $323,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2900, No. 209-Dorothy A. Powell to Renee D. Lawson, $199,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 229-Elizabeth Drabkin and Miriam Hirsch to Kathy Mahalati and Parvin Dehkhoda, $78,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 3005-504-Maria J. Kight and estate of Marian R. Hoffman to Richard Gerard and M. Nancy Kozlowski, $330,000.

Manor Spring Terr., 2203-Libra Investments Corp. to Marco C. Garcia, Bernadette H. Garcia and Guillermina V. Bangit, $575,000.

Nordic Hill Cir., 1711-Nicholas M. Murphy to Wilma and Rachelle Robles, $447,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15320, No. 83-2J-Charlen W. Franklin Jr. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $129,020.

Sampson Rd., 4006-Wei Jin and Xiaojin Du to Pablo D. Hernandez Ramos and Dora C. Salamanca Vargas, $200,000.

Tynewick Dr., 3838, No. 16-3838-Mattie Williams Brown to Rhonda N. Jackman, $167,500.


Buehler Rd., 17801, No. 2-G-7-Edis Aracely Morales to Dorothy M. Long, $158,000.

Gelderland Ct., 3704-Patricia and Thomas J. Laydon to Jeremy T. and Rebecca A. Roof, $260,000.

Mount Olney Lane, 3808-David A. and Susan Y. King to Sandra Robins, $400,000.

Shotley Bridge Pl., 17910-Kevin Michael and Maria Catherine Schmitt to Jonathan A. Fedder, $374,900.


Conlon Ct., 19503-Gregory H. and Theresa A. Dalton to Steven Allan Smith, $537,000.

River Rd., 15915-George H. and Kathy Watson to Dean Lanzano and Rayna Nedelcheva, $365,000.


Colebrook Ave., 10052-Allison Tracy Talbot and R.T. Spencer to Anli Ma, $680,000.

Falls Rd., 10040-Theresa Simon Porter and Alice Simon to Ahmad R. Habibi, $800,000.

Hunt Club Dr., 11105-Vanessa R. Allen to Phillip O’Sullivan and Maria E. Solanes, $815,000.

Lakenheath Way, 8105-Teresa A. Gardner to Wei Bu and Wenqi Guo, $646,500.

Martingale Ct., 10935-Juliet and Bernard Stopak to Jun Cheng, $1.5 million.

Purcell Dr., 9517-Robert C. and Lucinda H. Hardzog to Louis A. and Kari J. Dainty, $1.55 million.

Stable Way, 7823-Young H. Kwak and Kay H. Han to Chung Kyu Choi, $1.3 million.

Trailridge Ct., 1-Douglas R. Coggins and Moutsos Family Trust to Zhen Lei Zhou and Huijuan Tang, $615,000.

Turnberry Dr., 9415-Raymond A. Lloyd to Gregory J. and Jennifer S. Golden, $1 million.

Willowbrook Dr., 11140-Manoj K. and Dipti Singh to Gregory Bardwell and Anne C. Lennan, $1.03 million.


Ashley Dr., 12004-Vicente Gutierrez to Montreal Properties Corp., $257,000.

Barbados Pl., 5921, No. 18-Joseph C. and Mary McGreevy Gillen to Vladimir V. Belkin and Olesia Ivanenko, $384,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1905-William A. Srole to Ramon E. Maceyras, $540,000.

California Cir., 6060, No. 6060-107-Cecilia Richardson to Dan Lu, $255,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11319, No. 11319-101-Joseph A. Lynott III and estate of Barbara S. Veirs to Serge Belolipetski and Elena V. Belolipetskoya, $335,000.

Elmcroft Blvd., 1002, No. X-305-R-Royce Wallace to Ashkan Ostovari and Maryam Vafakish, $319,000.

Garden View Way, 405-Elton A. Peller Trust and Marilyn Leach Peller to Theresa S. Parkinson and Gerald D. Willett, $610,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 513-Jose L. and Luz C. Gutierrez to Ladan Fakory, $249,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 202-Matthew Smith to Rachela K. Klein, $224,900.

Hill Dr. W., 11608-David and Jonathan Orloff to Jason C. and Jennifer K. Schwartz, $700,000.

King Farm Blvd., 501, No. 304-Howard M. Pasternak and Barbara C. Eaton to Weijiang Wang, $370,000.

Lincoln St., 909-Jacob Azhdam to Hannah A. and Adam D. Zollman, $369,950.

Monroe St., 16, No. 16-201-Claire Angela and Kevin P. Weschler to Sharon P. Berlin and Michael Gilmartin, $247,000.

Northrup Dr., 2607-Marcia and David Birch to Shaojing Guo and Ping Liu, $840,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 620-Hrair H. and Elizabeth Pakhchanian to Ariel Stein, Ana Elisa Bucher, Elizabeth Maria Scarton Bucher and Enrique Hugo Bucker, $295,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2510-Catherine K. Lam to A.W. Brylawski III, $230,687.

Oxbow Rd., 4802-Jennifer K. Chaney and estate of Linda Lee Chaney to Round Hill Realty Corp., $270,000.

Redland Blvd., 516-Recklaus Perell Trust to Sudhir Menon and Silja Nair, $480,000.

Rockville Pike., 11801, No. 613-Robert M. McCarthy and Judith Bleich Kahn to Susan E.D. Neuberg and Erie M. Doulman, $250,000.

Starwood Way, 6200-Derik T. and Lynn C. Perry to Stuart L. Lipshutz and Dori L. Silverman, $30,000.

Tildenwood Dr., 12204-Julia Blair Junkin to Alex H. and Paula Z. Brager, $585,000.

Tuppence Ct., 10602-Madeline S. Vadkerty to Hao Zhu and Qi Liu, $365,500.

Waddington Lane, 52-Jean Yves Halle and Shaden Kamhawi to Louis and Michelle Chang, $545,000.

Willow Tree Dr., 13707-Charles Rhett and Julie E. Butler to Shi Xu and Hua Feng, $1.07 million.


Apperson Pl., 20023-Angel R. Escobar to Tarandeep and Jasbir Bawa, $190,900.

Brundidge Terr., 11404-Leesa M. Emenaker to James G. and Amanda M. Morocco, $200,000.

Found Stone Rd., 12700, No. 202-Jane F. Tutsock to James Ferrier, $223,000.

Kings Arrow Ct., 11608-Antonio Muel and Cheryl G. Vela to Federal National Mortgage Association, $296,082.

Rabbits Glen Ct., 21404-Matthew A. and Kara L. Tidd to Steven R. Bass, Michele Lynn Foshee and Stacey J. Bass, $425,000.

Silver Birch Lane, 21111-Stone Financing Corp. to Sara E. Mitchelle, $525,000.

Stoney Point Pl., 11400-Terri J. Steinberg to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $133,656.

Woodcutter Cir., 13041, No. 134-Alberto and Anissa B. Marin to Huyen Ma, Hoang N. and Hung Ngoc Nguyen, $317,500.


Colston Dr., 2210, No. 2210-C-201-Donald M. and Erika Brown to Gideon Bass and Paula M. Cooper, $245,000.

Galveston Rd., 8407-Wells Fargo Bank to Obed E. Diener and Kari Marie Jorgensen Diener, $425,000.

Hartford Ave., 8414-Neil S. and Rachel Decter Hyman to Lisa and Benjamin Seigel, $502,500.

Milford Ave., 8505-David M. and Anne P. Bergman to Robert I. and Leslie R. Urofsky, $510,000.

Ramsey Ave., 8710-Imoni Akpofure to Talesha Reynolds, $540,000.

Sundale Dr., 8818-Joseph and Amy Pasternak to Stefan Byrne and Susan Elizabeth Awad, $518,000.

Wilton Ave., 2920-Alyssa Claire Perroy to Patrick N. and Carolyn J. Purcell, $450,000.


Elm Ave., 600-Estate of William Ronald Waldron to Daniel F. Metcalf and Kathleen Jo Peacock, $395,000.

Garland Ave., 7804-Kathleen T. Gregory to Maria Jose Vinas Garcia and Michael Douma, $550,000.

Manor Cir., 223-Aixa Fraser to Regina M. Labelle and Timothy Treanor, $350,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 215-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Jonatha D. Warren, $160,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 909-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Amy B. Benoit, $204,000.


Allison Dr., 1218-Cecilia V. Cisneros to Alyson Popkin, $270,000.

Atlantic Ave., 13107-Eric Calvo and Mariarosaria Bocca to Patricia Lockhart and Anthony J. Ouellette, $370,000.

Edmonston Dr., 305-George P. Kimmel IV to Christopher and Maria Helena Manydeeds, $389,000.

Gilbert Rd., 1110-Han Bin Chen to Michelle J. and Luis M. Pilligua, $335,000.

Meadow Hall Dr., 527, No. B527-Yusuf A. Rahman and estate of Gisela Mary Kunkel to Dia Eldin Ahmed Elnaiem and Manal Elfadil Elawad, $260,000.


Amherst Ave., 10609-Elizabeth M. Labat to Robert C. and Susan T. Palmer, $399,000.

Belgrade Rd. N., 715-Jesse R. and Virgie O. Whitted to Eli H. and Lisa H. Landy, $350,000.

Brunswick Ave., 10411-Warren Duplinsky to Karen J. Nozik, $405,000.

Clara St., 11403-Saul and Ronald Lustberg to Joseph E. and Patricia L. Dillon, $373,000.

Cody Dr., 1602-American Signature Properties Corp. to Nathan A. and Sarah C. Barthel, $449,900.

Elmont St., 2618-Patricia C. McElroy to Rocken Enterprises Corp., $212,600.

Green Holly Terr., 10237-Arthur David and Glenn Charles Frankel to Mehreteab Helebo, $325,000.

Hermleigh Rd., 200-John K. Davidson to Jeffrey and Julie Murphy, $520,000.

Judson Rd., 11701-Adrienne C. Desch to Rubis and Ana Sandova Molina, $249,900.

King Tree St., 3109-Albert John Awad to Suleyman and Anna Njie-Konte, $378,500.

Newton St., 2806-Marta and Ana Y. Estrada to James A. Heller, $225,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2609-Nancy G. Rea to Joni R. Anderson and Scott Rhea, $345,000.

Schoolhouse Cir., 2830-Gerald E. Strasbaugh to Suzanne O. Kaasa, $329,500.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 518-A-Flora and Paul David Berner to Sharon Holdings Corp., $84,000.

Frederick County

Paprika Ct., 3319-Carter B. and Rosemary N. McCamy to Man S. and Annie H. Kim, $358,000.


I St. W., 38-Charles A. and Rebecca E. Stine to Federal National Mortgage Association, $240,430.

Potomac St. W., 415-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Nadine Sanepour, $27,000.

Fourth Ave., 115-James and Linette M. Johnson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $198,750.


Main St. W., 220-Church of the Incarnation to George Marshall, $120,000.


Allington Manor Cir. W., 9019-Stephen A. and Janice A. Kinney to Whitney E. Hahn and Araminta J. Finn, $332,600.

Betty Linton Lane, 6370-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Gina L. Curcio, $311,950.

Buttonwood Ct., 6889-Glenn A. and Thomas A. Martin to Doris T. Sabine, $169,900.

Gresham Ct. W., 7067-Deutsche Bank to Erin Davis, $175,000.

Himes Ave., 619, No. V-104-Mark B. Baker and PNC Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $98,556.

Jefferson Blvd., 6620-Betty Lynne Farley and Victor Fielding Klein to Mary J. Kosch, $340,000.

Marsden Ct., 4826-Donnalee M. Kudla to Brian and Cheryl Holder, $416,000.

Old Stage Rd., 588-Romualdas K. and A. Ruth Gruodis to Kelley M. Stennett, $213,000.

Saint Simon Terr., 5034-Lee Dubose Fuhr and Michael Kassakatis to Yucif S. Altheblah, $150,000.

Wellington Ct., 529-Maryland Community Development Administration to Dehua Zheng, $136,000.


Bellhaven Ct., 9540-Kyle J. Hendrickson to Salmer A. Zelof and Sherry L. Rubin, $222,000.

Blossom Lane, 402-Kerry T. Miles to Nathan T. Cross, $165,000.

Cherokee Trail, 902-Nelson O. Arana Caballero and Jessica Jimenez Arias to Ronald and Cynthia Morris, $138,000.

Dunbrooke Ct., 826-Bryan Jay and Dawn Burke to Mary Ledyard, $240,000.

Fieldcrest Dr., 6133-Allan C. and Joanne C. Hoffman to Jon J. and Rebecca R. Steen, $380,000.

Logan St., 430-Daniel E. Ryley to Ricky L. and Michelle M. Simpson, $176,000.

Market St. S., 429-Christopher O. and Amanda Ray to National Transfer Services Corp., $272,500.

Mill Race Rd., 2631-Christine Hill Wilson and estate of Robert Taylor Linthicum to Donald C. and M. Rebecca Linton, $398,000.

Park Ave., 324-Carroll K. Stottlemyer to Christine E. Stone, $190,000.

Pine Crest Lane, 6127-William Edeen to Karen S. Plummer, $249,500.

Springwater Pl., 6133, No. 1400-L-Daniel Kelly Grimes to Federal National Mortgage Association, $195,000.

Waterside Dr., 2500, No. 413-Todd Flower and Robert V. Enlow Trust to Bonnie A. Berger, $186,500.

Wormans Mill Rd., 7805-Beazer Homes Corp. to Simarjeet K. and Tarlochan S. Sandhu, $259,990.

Third St. W., 111-Irvin L. and Karen W. Muszynski to Della C. Colville and Tammie A. Workman, $619,900.

Seventh St. E., 244-Ronald D. and Dornise D. Hemby to Arthur Vickers Hall, $157,000.


Battery Lane, 2107-NVR Inc. to Bladimir I. Corrales, $359,480.

Country Run Way, 1803-Jeremy Joseph and Irma Escatel Bantista to National Transfer Services Corp., $221,000.

Dulaney Mill Dr., 1011-James D. Burgoon to Robert C. Unfer and Elena Mitrofanova, $305,000.

Elmwood Ct., 1588-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Abdul Kareem Mohammed, $127,000.

Fieldstone Way, 1905-Random Properties Acquisition Corp. III to Alexis A. Nielson, $220,000.

Grant Pl., 504-Steven D. and Jo Ann Faszcza Pruchniewski to Jon Paul Duvall and Allison N. Lepelletier, $299,000.

Hampshire Dr., 1313, No. 3F-Jason R. Hopper to Qiuyun Lu, $118,000.

Hayward Rd., 7341-Marcia K. and Gary W. Bell to United Cerebral Palsy Central Maryland, $336,000.

Lake Coventry Ct., 1202-Gabriel Derosier and Lovetta F. Willie to Jessica V. Perdomo, $210,000.

Melrose Ct., 139-Frederick R. and Sandra Phelan to Fernando A. Lopez, $179,900.

Putman Rd., 10020-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jay and Susan Kephart, $175,000.

Rocky Glen Dr., 1819-Edwin T. and Mary F. Larr to Edward D. and Ross G. Thomas, $165,000.

Stonehouse Ct., 5805-W. Louise Cather and Carol M. Lane Trust to David A. and Lisa A. Whitehead, $293,000.


Hyatt Rd. W., 10322-William A. and Ruth Collins to Shaun R. Owens and Charles W. Small Sr., $150,000.

Ritchie Dr., 9915-Paul Choon Shim to Marcel and Natasha Colthirst, $450,000.


Harley Rd., 6281-Roy Wilson and Gail Sheridan Craddock to Christopher J. and Heather M. Mathews, $534,900.

Pete Wiles Rd., 8608-Thomas Edgar and Terri Lynn Kroon to Randall D. and Jennifer K. Halsey, $480,000.

Tobias Run, 103-William E. Sauser and estate of Robert F. Cavanaugh to Timothy and Michelle Abel, $442,530.


Tommy Ct., 11803-Joseph and Cynthia Roberts to Jason M. and Tiffany S. Welbourn, $325,000.


Annapolis Dr. N., 5562-Bonnie A. Berger to Wallace Eugene and Sheila Bridget Jones, $338,000.

Fairwood Lane, 202-Steven W. and Jacquelene Gallagher Burkett to John D. and Jordan P. Blades, $329,900.

Sycamore Rd., 202-Roy E. and Ilona Buzzard to Christopher R. Heying, $239,900.

Woodville Rd., 8603-Michael R. Hill and Pamela Courtney to Frey Family Corp., $150,000.


Balmoral Rdg., 6797-Cassandra Ann Jones to Aaron M. Bachofsky, $240,000.

Honey Glen Ct., 5707-Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Jonathan C. and Candace S. Logan, $396,000.

Jacobean Pl., 5930-Suzanne Seminara to Alvin and Ellen Steinbach, $405,000.

Mississippi Lane, 6180-Questar Development Corp. and Corbex Corp. to Robert and Laura Taylor, $349,900.

Sewell Dr., 707-Mel Shaw and Laura Riddell to James and Kelli Laffin, $405,000.


Good Intent Rd., 12029-Phillip O. and Virginia S. Furr to Keith E. and Sharon J. Warner, $350,000.


Altamont Ave. N., 13-Keith Daihl to Janey Giles, $207,000.

Geoley Ct., 22-Perry C. and Belinda S. Lewis to Robert H. and Barbara P. Morgan, $315,000.

Roddy Rd., 14503-Arthur Dale Kemp to John E. Tsikerdanos, $295,000.


Atterbury Lane, 9660-Daniel R. Munger and Tauri S. Summers to Kara Aughinbaugh, $310,000.

Burgee Pl., 9501-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Aaron J. and Courtney H. Bouk, $330,000.

Holborn Pl., 3591, No. 3591-Scott Lee and Sookyung Seo to Walter A. and Jessica L. Baseler, $295,000.

Hyde Pl., 9553, No. PLL-NVR Inc. to Kimberly McKinney Willis, $302,025.

Seward St., 9059-Darrin J. and Alison B. Santay to David Craig and Allison Dawn Landsman, $465,000.

Tavistock Rd., 3661-Martha D. and Mario Figueroa to Jose A. Hernandez and Patricia Milagros Voysest, $318,000.

Urbana Pike., 4325-McClellan Family Corp. to James Jeremy and Alicia Chilton, $425,000.


Deer Run Dr., 246-Robert C. and Dawn R. Carmick to Anthony R. Chakalis and Lisa N. Garst, $300,000.

Inspiration Ave., 8367-Amy L. and Lewis Brian Schmidt to Ana P. Gamero, $220,000.

Revelation Ave., 8350-Dustin and Rachel Chalker to Shagufta Ehsan Javed, $105,000.


Wood St., 14-Matthew H. and Nancy Ann D. Royer to Erin E. George, $269,000.