Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ashton Club Way, 17947-Annette and Fred Stevens to Maria Teresa Guzman and Julie L. Snavely, $249,000.


Briarwood Terr., 14224-U.S. Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Appaloosa Investment Corp., $335,299.

Flint Rock Rd., 13711-Deutsche Bank to Travis Funkhouser and Laura T. Begosh, $382,000.

Keating St., 13422-Michelle Glerum and Way Bandy to Thai A. Truong, Christina N. Truong, Hai H. Truong and Nga T. Nguyen, $339,900.

Oakvale St., 14409-Alvin J. Sirrocco to Mirian I. Mendoza and Henry Jairzinho Ura Quispe, $365,000.

Pennforest Way, 5-Michael M. and Margaret M. Ryman to Quentin Simmons and Cristina Rayford, $685,000.


Baltan Rd., 5105-Janice Boettcher and James Powers Moody to Vishal Gujadhur and Therese S. Leung, $1.17 million.

Brook Lane N., 8318-8318 N. Brook Corp. to Brian L. and Amanda T. Sullivan, $615,000.

Corkran Lane, 9705-Jana M. and Milan B. Bednarek to Jeremy Dana and Hillary Claire Hurlbutt, $655,000.

Democracy Blvd., 7425, No. 114-Clifford and Roxanne Cook to Shant and Kus Markarian, $320,000.

Elliott Rd., 5228-Riyad M. and Madeleine M. Said to K. Lee Blalack II, $1.42 million.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 911-Richard R. and Annette Lando Johnson to Lauretta M. Keegan, $316,500.

Gloster Rd., 6002-Christine McIntyre to William A. and Katharine M. Segal, $949,000.

Harwood Rd., 5404-Gerald J. and Michelle S. Quinn to Darryn Schneider and Elana Konstant, $1.78 million.

Jarvis Lane, 5911-Jason P. Adams to American Signature Properties Corp., $620,000.

Lenox Rd., 6316-Harvey S. and Marlene B. Fenster to Miranda Berge, $1.17 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 5514-Diana Gary and Anita Yeh to Raymond J., Susette and Raymond K. Gustini, $700,000.

Montrose Ave., 10613-Todd M. and Bryan C. Fierst to Cheng Ling Chow, $285,000.

Pepperell Dr., 7508-Jui Y. Li and Juiying Li Hsia to Wei Kai Chang, $780,000.

Renita Lane, 6812-Carlos Eduardo Vasquez to Jamel G. and Charlene D. Gilliam, $575,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4936, No. 5-104-Charlotte S. and Patrick A. Templeton to Joan E. and J. William Armstrong, $460,000.

Swords Way, 6221-Charles A. and Tazuko O. Schmitz to Ivan Bakhutashvili and Nino Dgebuadze, $785,000.

Wakefield Rd., 5307-Estelle L. and John O. Gunn to George Cahlink and Mary Clare Jalonick Cahlink, $869,000.

Weymouth St., 10626, No. W-20-Patricia A. and Helen Hoath to Frederic D. Pambrun, $211,000.

Woodacres Dr., 5907-Mary Elizabeth and Mary Beth Brubeck to Jeffrey F., Jennifer L. and Jeffrey F. Purtell, $898,734.


Barnesville Rd., 15833-Sally Buffington and estate of Mary Margaret Mossburg to Jamie C. and Alison Rodbourn, $330,000.

Polynesian Lane, 18412-Dean and Judith Portney to Weichen Xu and Zhancheng Zhang, $700,000.

Whites Store Rd., 16744-Natalia Gerachenko to Yelena Geraschenko, $495,000.


Tanterra Cir., 3337-Juan A. and Ana M. Hernandez to Bryan Michael Giblin and Margaret Helen Clune Giblin, $399,900.


Childress Terr., 3663-Carmen Rosa Polanco to Dewey A. and Joanna C. Murdick, $305,000.


81st St., 6405-Eric J. and Susan C. Toder to Hugh Dainer and Michelle Holko, $1.15 million.


Castle Terr., 3603-Federal National Mortgage Association to Wonde A. Ayele and Sara H. Shenegelegn, $159,900.

Copland Ct., 13242-Cheryl Holliday to Linly and Radha Ramlal, $255,000.

Greenhill Way, 316-Edward C. and Madeline R. Wetzlar to Elizabeth M. and Shane T. Kelley, $499,000.

Memory Lane, 2908-Seth J. and Jenna R. Groman to Benjamin Cappuccitti and Olivia Janowicz, $450,000.

Mozart Dr., 3022-Martial Lekane to Monica Nicole Jordan, $333,000.

Schubert Dr., 2976, No. 13-Man Ning Yiu to Ying Xia Jia, $190,000.


Aspen St., 4105-Damon T. Jones and Diara M. Holmes to Micki Mam and Ehsan Khademi, $1.15 million.

Coquelin Terr., 3315-Paul and Julianne Puzzo to Ananda L. Roy and Sreemoti Mukerjeeroy, $705,000.

Friendship Blvd., 5500, No. 1716N-Sameh Fahkouri and Joan Glickman to Christina Mary Hui, $435,000.

Montgomery St., 5509-Shirley Tubbs Nossaman to Bryan J. and Amanda McKeever Burke, $1.1 million.

Rocton Ave., 7902-M. Paul and Margot L. Zimmerman to Andrew Inyup Yeo and Yoon Young Cho, $790,000.

Woodbine St., 3212-Thomas H. McComrick to J. Campbell Spencer, $917,525.


Country Squire Way, 11897-Arc Immo Corp. to Harold Affio, $430,000.

Gate Rail Rd., 12803, No. 18U-Janet and Latoya Isaac to Maxwell A. and Natasha Bero, $177,726.

Peach Tree Rd., 24200-U.S. Bank to Pillar Investment Group Inc., $357,000.

Winding Woods Way, 22104-Clarksburg Village L to Salim and Lillian D. Leyva, $611,303.


Colesberg St., 1321-GFF LLP to Nouman Ahmad, $410,000.

Flintstone Lane, 14901-Preferred Resource Corp. to William C. and Alice L. Stambaugh, $485,000.

Wembrough St., 15517-Cheryl Jean Futrovsky to David Huff and Vanessa Nino, $385,000.


Paine St., 25401-Abimbola and Olanrewaju Ajala to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $233,118.

Shelldrake Cir., 10186-Cindy L. Bateman to Leah L. Ridgely, $212,160.


Blanchard Dr., 7316-Jane S. Gascoyne to Veronica A. Chavez, $385,000.

Lisa Dr., 17724-Kenneth B. and Sandra L. Leiner to Franciso Saladino and Fania Saldino, $685,000.


Peach Tree Rd., 19600-Suntrust Bank to Sohrob Zebhideh, $30,000.


Dryden St., 1107-John A. Schmiedigen and Nadia N. Subaran to Laurie Ann Yengo, $445,000.

Glenville Rd., 9128-Esther Oliaku and Walter O. Offiah to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $313,127.

Justin Way, 704-Ethel Hancock and William Theodore Anagnoson to Marcel Jares and Yuliya Ilchyk, $342,500.

Lockwood Dr., 11119-Tigist B. Legesse and Yeshitla L. Argaw to Young Won Lee and Sha Ma, $345,000.

Orange Dr., 806-Said and Ruthanna Cherifi to Joseph M. O’Connor and Marilyn Nyajur, $390,000.

Seminole St., 9510-Christopher and Cara Dipompeo to Evin A. and Lisa M. Gordon, $447,500.

Sutherland Rd., 9705-Daniel P. Lazas to Emily Ceresa, Michael W. Radis and Susan T. Radis, $579,672.


Augustine Way, 7515-Benjamin Charles and Karen Rodriguez Mosby to Holly Rainis and Alexander Brindley, $290,000.

Club House Rd., 19441, No. 303-Marcia T. Boogard to Romy R. and Boris N. Vargas, $64,000.

Duvall Lane, 138, No. 251-201-Debra Leafty to Justo Lino Cano Chahuayo and Renson Yefry Cano Chahuayo, $80,000.

Fairbanks Dr., 143-KB Home Maryland Corp. to Parichart Kanchanavatee, $459,854.

Girard St., 426, No. 161-Michael G. and Sarah Calimae Byrnes to Champ Solutions Corp., $108,000.

Goshen Rd., 18408-American Investments Corp. and Maria Pimentel to Ana Sonia Arias, Luis A. Navarro and Jose Mario Regalado Padilla, $368,000.

Hallmark Ct., 18301-Richard S. and Wendy Carter to Lela C. Nelson, $291,000.

Meadow Green Way, 8432-Mohammed Salman Chippa to Mireya A. Inestroza Romero and Elver A. Ortez, $259,900.

Russell Ave., 108-John J. Nelligan to Donna Susan Zanner, $320,000.

Summit Hall Rd., 533-Wells Fargo Financial Maryland Inc. to Lea Raoul T. Komze and Cesarine Kamdom, $212,500.

Winery Ct., 9720-Dorothy A. Burke to Garner and Agnes Hardgrove, $240,000.


Carrington Hill Dr., 12652-Richard M. and Nancy P. Gasko to Hiroki and Debra L. Asai, $555,000.

Chestertown St., 739-Ninan A. and Sunitha Menon Mathew to Mark G. and Kathy A. Steimer, $825,000.

Cornerwood Ct., 12-Mary H. Wilson to Giant Steel Enterprises Co., $250,000.

Featherstone St., 918-Hany W. Demian to Michael S. and Sara K. Huneke, $605,000.

Gatestone St., 611-Michael J. Binder, Emanuel Binder and Sylvia Binder to Joseph and Rosemary M. Banda, $564,900.

Hallman Ct., 12702-Glendowlyn F. Howard and Cleveland L. Howard to Mary Annette Dejoseph, $655,000.

Kendrick Pl., 172, No. 24-Brian Edward and Kimberly F. Skimmons to Mamadou Thiam, $275,000.

Lloydminster Dr., 12638-Bajrang Bali and Indu Adawal to Neville D. and Roshni N. Gai, $556,000.

Norman Dr., 15805-David L. and Joellen S. Hansroth to Khuram and Faisal Khan, $425,000.

Parsippany Terr., 11604-Gino De Cassan and Cecilia Ann De Cassan to Aaron and Carolyn Cameron, $650,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 830, No. 202-Michael and Hang Waters to Solijon Makhamovich Nasimov, $127,900.

Smoothleaf Lane, 106-Alan E. and Leonard J. Shapiro to Ran Ilkovitch, $395,000.

Teaneck Ct., 6-Terence J. Contay to Cartus Financial Corp., $315,000.


Strathmore Ave., 4423-Primeiro Corp. to Daniel R. and Michelle K. Corno, $919,000.


Ansel Terr., 13658-Wei Wang and Yan Chen to Jiaqi Fu and Luan Wang, $383,000.

Brookmead Dr., 14405-Sandra B. Khan to Matthew S. Morehouse, $450,000.

Cross Ridge Way, 12500-Chris D. and Barbara E. Poland to Juan A. Rodriguez and Camila C. Zambelli Soto, $225,000.

Dover Cliffs Cir., 19463-Robert Edward Schobel Mchugh and Seth Adam Micah Schobel Mchugh to Kristie Lee and Jean Paul Vidal, $315,000.

Galway Bay Cir., 19607, No. 401-Alan Scott Jones and Ronald C. Cantrell to Xiaofan Wang and Jianyong Zhao, $170,000.

Kilmarnock Way, 13304, No. 4-A-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Da Li, $171,500.

Lark Song Terr., 18913-Estate of Rachel Abby Roberts and Michael Roberts to Roxana Rojas Luzon, $230,000.

Mcfarlin Dr., 18880-Hsien Chang and Tsai Fang Liu to Jessica S. Constant, $270,000.

Millhaven Terr., 17800-Shin and Hyang S. Yun to Byung I. and Young S. Kim, $450,000.

Pagano Lane, 15716-Hunter L. and Eneida R. Hassrick to Frank J. Naworal III, $594,000.

Pickering Dr., 12933-Erick A. Reinwall to Sidney Laverl Holcomb, $266,000.

Shadyside Lane, 13048-Paul A. Gaist to Jonathan Brian and Stuart Robert Sherman, $215,000.

Sky Blue Dr., 12439-Joshua S. and Amy Rebecca Gordon to Miguel A. Melendez Munoz and Eder B. Pineda Rorsales, $266,000.

Split Rock Lane, 18563-Federal National Mortgage Association to Elsa Garcia and Aurora C. Ellis, $215,000.

Stone Hollow Dr., 18455-Stephen C. Ritenour to Khodarahm Yazdanipour and Sima Bastani, $201,000.

Teakwood Cir., 19733, No. 84-John H. Bartkowiak and Stephen Leon Henry to Federal National Mortgage Association, $188,480.


Fayette Rd., 3317-Harry R. Dressler to Michael J. Manning and Shinobu Kusakabe, $420,000.

Glueck Lane, 11000-Edward P. and James B. Dillon to WWK Construction Inc., $315,000.

Stark St., 3503-Jay B. and William Hanlon to Antonio B. and Maria M. Araujo, $377,500.


Etchison Dr., 24712-William Vernon and Jammie Leigh Chesley to Joshua Uncapher and Brittany Nicole Huellen, $257,500.

Meadow Ridge Lane, 9505-Gary A. Rosen to Bernard L. Brookes, $695,000.

White Pillar Terr., 9505-Maureen E. Plett to Xeujun Zhu, $182,000.


Bishopstone Ct., 18468, No. 245-Laura K. Ngole and Martin Ngole Akwensioge to Tatiana A. Belinkie, $134,000.

Doolittle St., 20030-Javier J. and Mary Ellen Icaza to William S. and Alyssa J. Laing, $440,000.

Greenside Terr., 19748-Kim D. and Victoria H. Mansfield to James David and Kimberly Ann Kastens, $355,000.

Hob Hill Way, 20155-101 Geneva Corp. to Emmanuel N. and Julissa G. Forbeteh, $279,000.

Millstream Dr., 10203-Kurukulasuriya Kanisha and Rochelle Shirley Peiris to Kadelyn B. and Javier E. Reyes, $248,900.

Pike Creek Pl. N., 19108-Nancy Laura Cleveland to Ajayakumar Kesavan and Bini Ajayakumar, $355,000.

Treyford Terr., 9511-Residential Properties Inc. to Miguel Rodriguez and Judith Martinez, $238,000.

Wheelwright Dr., 19903-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Daniel D. Pacheco, $207,000.


Devere Dr., 1209-Howard M. and Dorothy L. Rosenberg to Fidel E. Guzman, $400,000.

Oakview Dr., 1605-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Mainor J. Majano, $262,000.


Beaverwood Lane, 3123-Eduardo and Argelia Martinez to Mohamed F. Kargbo, $330,000.

Chapel Hill Rd., 1917-David C. Gardner and estate of Charles O. Brown Jr. to Milagro C. Regalado, $370,000.

Deckman Ct., 10-Raphael N. and Maria Mouyal to Steven T. Greenblat and Alison Miller, $455,000.

Foxhall Dr., 13309-Eleanor K. Goodwin and estate of Daisy K. Christmas to John Klakamp and Herbert A. Heiserman, $320,000.

Greenery Lane, 2211-Sherry Spinelli and Priscilla C. Wise to Tomas B. Sutjiarto and Jirratt Lekvichien, $144,200.

Holdridge Rd., 12701-Jessica Swendiman Naake to Geoffrey C. and Amy E. Spencer, $390,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-222-Thomas Wolf Ludwig Netter and Christopher Henry Netter to Faith E. Chin, $143,500.

Kelmscot Dr., 14622, No. 199-Stephen J. Parris to Tin Chee and Wynn N. Chan, $249,900.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210-Richard Weber to Barbara W. Gube, $145,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 525-Sylvia Moraga to Michael Urciolo, $140,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 303-Marlene E. Gordon and Irene S. Danker to Patricia S. and Gregory D. Smith, $285,000.

Night Sky Dr., 13704-Oladipo Famuyiwa to Tessa C. and Dorothy V. Williams, $669,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14801, No. 411-John Katrivanos and estate of James Katrivanos to Fifi and Theodore Sakkos, $142,500.

Round Hill Rd., 4216-Donna Kay Munson to Jose A. Amaya and Sorangel Peralta, $253,000.

Sullivan Ct., 13903-Marc Bellitto and Nadege Ngo Nouk to Clodiz Gallo and Romulo Antonio Arias, $629,900.

Veirs Mill Rd., 12140-Carlos Alberto Fonseca to Oscar D. Salomon Siguenza, Martiza E. Morales and Olga Y. Salomon, $292,500.


Blankenship Ct., 3612-Jason I. and Cherin O. Hershkowitz to Prasant and Alicia Sar, $530,000.

Clovercrest Way, 2913-Flora A. Muller and M. Lorraine Elder to Brent and Kristen Davis, $412,500.

Meadowland Terr., 18601-Charles J. and Sandra F. Geimer to Matthew D. and Michelle S. Stallone, $550,000.

Ripley Manor Terr., 4617-Ian and Debra Sutherland to Zhiyun Chen and Patricia Du Huang, $424,900.

Shadowridge Terr., 18607-Lynne G. Siegel to Amy E. Sedivi and Mark D. Bundt, $362,750.


Cattail Rd., 18200-William John Armstrong II and Brian L. Kemp to Sabina K. Grewal, $170,000.

Soper St., 17305-Jan F. Kress to Lori Ann and Eugene Shawn Douglas, $300,000.


Candlelight Lane, 10918-Robert J. Freda and Doris M. Zulli to Mary C. Brodar, $778,000.

Democracy Lane, 10524-Mei Fei Ku to Michael S. Voegele and Huili Liu, $774,900.

Georgetowne Dr., 11500-George Wilson and Pamela B. Gunn to Antonella Antignani and Vincenzo Guido D. Arista, $639,000.

Lake Potomac Dr., 11724-David M. and Merrie Eisenstadt to Guan Jung Chen and Ching Chuen Feng, $1.46 million.

Penfold Ct., 10005-Chesaco Cardor Corp. and Peter Tassis to Vladimir A. Lizunov and Oxana B. Kapustina, $725,000.

Rock Run Dr., 10827-Khosrow Seyed and Amanda Makki to the Kameran Group Corp., $825,000.

Stable Way, 7914-Michael K. Kasunic to Christopher J. Dickersin Prokopp and Alina Ramirez Joyner, $325,000.


Baltimore Rd., 214-Sami A.a. Almansour and Marilyn K. Al Mansoor to Kurubel M. Asgedom and Helen Fessehaie, $610,000.

California Cir., 6060, No. 50-Mark J. and Consuelo G. Rose to Konrad and Krystyna Bergandy, $240,000.

College Pkwy., 868, No. 101-MCM Capital Partners Corp. to Mareike Finck, $196,100.

Crossfield Ct., 5105, No. 327-Thomas W. Glennon to Jacob S. and Olga P. Schans, $133,000.

Empire Lane, 11358-Milton B. Ruble and Randy L. Lehman to Himadri Bhattacharya and Priyanka Ghosh, $689,999.

Gaither Rd., 1029-Olga and Michael J. Deemer to Kevin K. and Hira Tanveer Hsiao, $580,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 607-Yoshimi Endo and Joseph W. Greer to Seyed Reza Ghasemian, Gilda Athari and Nazanin Ghassemian, $11,150.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10807, No. 514-Behfar Rahmi to Jan Zhan, $250,000.

King Farm Blvd., 302, No. 30202-Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County to Brett Hawkes, $289,268.

Luckett St., 103-Goshen Valley Investments Corp. to Nebeyou Abebe and Martha M. Abera, $921,003.

Monroe St., 102-Massimiliano and Zahrah Spazian to Emmy Lee and Tom Young, $166,500.

Moore Dr., 120-Philip P. Wrattoe and Huda W. Halabi to Hua Xu, $365,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 612-Courtney Hsieh to Yi Yun Shih, $308,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 925-Tracy L. and Grace P. Lewis to Stephen Huttler, $315,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11925, No. T-Federal National Mortgage Association to Gina Millenas, $140,000.

Procera Dr., 10407-Bank of America to Sutoro Properties Corp., $377,000.

Sterling Terr., 10038-Simone Guerami and Amir Ali P. Guerami to Rod Mohadjer and Victoria J. Mahadjer, $650,000.

Tuckerman Heights Cir., 10527-Toni P. Footer and Frederick S. Edelstein to Roy W. and Susan K. Eckert, $870,000.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10124-Thomas A. and Elizabeth P. Gravely to Marina Kraus, $499,000.


Windrush Lane, 1008, No. 22-Leslie L. and Alan M. Rothfeld to Jeff J.N. Charles and Sanchez Gail Saint Fleurant, $295,000.


Davis Mill Rd., 21525-Thomas A. Fessenden and Anne L. Hill Fessenden to Mark A. and Joy D. Ahlman, $560,000.

Ledbury Way, 11420-Marta A. and Renee A. Piquado to Sripathy Subramania and Veda Nagaraj, $186,500.

Severndale Terr., 20825-20825 Severndale Terrace Corp. to Tracy L. Articola and James E. Caskey, $375,000.


Colston Dr., 2408, No. C-103-Alan M. Robinson to Libra Investments Corp., $153,500.

Luzerne Ave., 2201-RJRE Investments Corp. to Deval Mehta and Laura Hayden Van Voorheed, $465,000.

Meredith Ave., 10202-Harold E. and Katherine Lyon Radtke to Daniel J. and Laura K. Hettich, $688,000.

Silver Spring Ave., 748-Lynn Quincy Albert and M. Lynn Quincy to Steven Mento and Claudia Grossmann, $659,000.


Belford Dr., 6806-Leslie Jackson to Francis and Lisabeth C. Nugent, $412,000.

Garland Ave., 7215-Federal National Mortgage Association to Preferred Resource Corp., $360,000.

Larch Ave., 806-Lucille F. and John L. Barry to W.H. Homes Corp., $300,000.

Park Ave., 114-Norman L. Dean Jr. to Rohit N. and Alison C. Rao, $870,000.


Allison Dr., 1303-Mary Jo Casey and estate of Roswell Lee Stonebraker to Patrick J. Wason, $204,000.

Lewis Ave., 1011-Christopher Karchanak and Heidi Anne Bahr Karchnak to Dolores Hughes, $383,000.

Okinawa Ave., 13302-Shirley May Steinbach and Joav Steinbach to Ulder Jane Tillman, $336,000.


Arcola Ave., 1011-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Araya Assefa, $340,000.

Billman Lane, 1605-Alida S. and Weston Vernon to Damien and Rose Marie Miggins, $368,000.

Claridge Ct., 3339-Deutsche Bank to Martha Garcia Lopez, $185,000.

Elkin St., 11601, No. 60-Clifford Evans Roberts and Anne N. Panarak Roberts to Ali and Chasisty Jaafar, $205,000.

Hermitage Ave., 2200-Dale R. and Carol L. Tavris to Alexander S. Von Streeruwitz, $521,000.

Lindell St., 2503-Joseph C. Ritondo and estate of Livina C. Ritondo to Oscar L. Martinez Viera, $280,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2100-Charles J. Voith to Bret M. Anstett and Erica L. Curtis, $450,000.

Stonington Rd., 209-Samir Kaluf to Michael J. and Leah L. Rogal, $655,000.

Woodman Ave., 1707-Joe Thornton and Jan L. Feldberg to Braden P. and Sonja B. Fulmer, $439,900.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Buckeystown Pike., 3503-Alexander M. Lankler to Nick and Jennifer Markoff, $660,000.

Mountain Approach Rd., 7522-Bank of America to Brandon Nguyen and Hai Doan Truong Nguyen, $109,500.


B St. W., 301-Eric Moore General Contracting Corp. to Nicholas Falkenberg and Kristina Gorham, $169,000.

Potomac St. E., 309-William L. and Luanne P. Scott to Federal National Mortgage Association, $180,000.


Amesbury Way, 4812-Lisa M. Graham to Kelly and Brushaun D. Lagway, $248,000.


Mountain View Rd., 17603-U.S. Bank to Jose and Maria Rivera, $55,000.


Arbor Dr., 7028-Raymond G. Brown to Paul J. Kassab and Carolyn M. Wilson, $195,000.

Canvasback Ct., 5001-William B. and Linsey J. Rundell to Josef R. Dorsey, $219,900.

Delafield Ct., 6822-Mary Beth Nicholas and Jane Lastella to Louis Lefevre and Judith Valbrun, $245,000.

Grouse Ct., 1410-David R. and Danielle C. Tomlin to Nzeale Daahjah and Fabienne Pierre Noubiap, $359,900.

Hillcrest Dr., 1338-Wayne L. and Linda A. Grimes to Ernesto Mendiola, $224,900.

Leben Dr., 5906-JTPI Investments Corp. to Virginia Corp., $420,000.

Mercantile Dr. W., 5810-Matthew W. and Margaret A. Jackson to Dwayne O. and Juanita V. Smith, $269,900.

New Haven Ct., 6345-William and Angela Fu to Angela B. Lamm, $219,130.

Patton Cir., 500, No. 7D-Theresa G. Crawford and estate of Pauline May Brandt to Niroj Bhandari and Leena Thapa, $143,500.

Robin Ct., 4988-Elizabeth D. Adams to Heston F. and Vera L. Bass, $299,900.

Upshur Sq., 5540-Bank of America to Sogail Malik, $177,000.

Walcott Lane, 6404-NVR Inc. to Devin Sheehan and Mariah Perkins, $274,335.


Algonquin Rd., 1708-Williard C. and Connie L. Vangarven to Joseph and Terreah Augustine, $352,800.

Baldridge Terr., 6123-William Cave and Virginia Mitchell to Nicholas Byron and Veronica Hoornstra, $255,000.

Cameron Way, 2658-Heather D. Knisley to Federal National Mortgage Association, $184,069.

Catoctin Ave., 207-Ruby E. Shaff to Roselyn Ramos and Fawaz Al Chikh, $110,000.

Danville Terr., 8909-Ernest Myles and Kimberly Foster to Antonino Vazzana and Adriana C. Scialpi, $389,000.

Everly Dr. S., 2612-Hamid Reza and Neeranart Alami to Brandon Lee and Krista Jean Palm, $278,900.

Market St. N., 1301-Katharine K. Habicht and George F. Knapp Jr. to Omar Cruz and Ana Katherine Cascio, $365,000.

Monocacy Ford Rd., 2672-William J. and Orleny Torres Whelan to Gail T. Guyton, $516,900.

Osprey Way, 2727-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Inc. to Matthew C. and Jennifer F. Randolph, $307,307.

Pine Crest Lane, 6109-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Jawad Kakar, $190,575.

Rhine Ct., 804-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jessica R. Escobar, $158,000.

Spring Valley Dr., 9038-Jeffrey S. and Samantha Hope Rollins to Gary D. and Alero N. Gerald, $430,000.

Terry Ct., 407, No. A-4-Ronald Lee and Marsha Ann Payne to Nicole A. Oleng, $88,000.

Wheyfield Dr., 1608-W. Bruce McNaughton to Michael and Amanda Weber, $230,000.

Fifth St. E., 138-Justin Seymour to Marc L. MacDonald, $183,000.

14th St. W., 109-Federal National Mortgage Association to Steve H. Ring, $200,000.


Andover Lane, 1626-Henry J. and Cynthia L. Kreysa to Marie Y. Layton and Martina Queen, $234,900.

Buell Dr., 2091-John C. and Jennifer B. Weaver to Jamie Roberto Johnson, $247,500.

Carrington Way, 2594-Pamela J. Glass to Desoto S. and Amanda I. Jordan, $252,500.

Coach House Way, 2509, No. 2A-Joy Colman and estate of Zelma Deaton to Federal National Mortgage Association, $150,000.

Ellsworth Way, 2402, No. 3B-Malinda L. Mullen and Malinda L. Holdcraft to Cody L. Raymor, $161,500.

Hampshire Dr., 1311, No. 1A-Hamid Rahnema to Ventures Trust 2013-I H, $132,000.

Indian Springs Rd., 8802-Gilbert F. Bourcier Jr. and Kimberly A. Bourcier to William B. and Jessica C. Pullen, $372,900.

Lake Coventry Dr., 203-Lawrence Edward and Shaleena Dawn Thomasson to Eli Abel Cruz and Eber J. Cruz Molina, $310,000.

Morning Dew Ct., 8220-Kevin and Daryl Lee Rawlings to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $220,500.

Rosecrans Ct., 2005-Gerald and Barbara A. Degray to John Andrews Jr., $239,900.

Spring Run Cir., 2029-Wells Fargo Bank to M&N Investment Partners Corp., $150,100.

Sundays Lane, 7444-Randy A. and Karen L. Smith to Richard E. Harding Jr., $170,000.

Tuscarora Valley Ct., 2005-Day Development Corp. and Greentree Homes to Richard A. Ade Jr. and Jackie L. Reynolds, $353,625.

Waller House Ct., 2209-James L. and Margo N. Patrick to John P. and Jessica M. Dillon, $219,000.


Prestwich Terr., 10000-Robert E. and Janet M. Parnes to Harmeet S. and Deeksha Taneja, $700,000.


Bennies Hill Rd., 3111-Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Brenda C. and Tammy Jo White, $457,000.

Fern Lane, 7099-Deutsche Bank to Margaret A. Gutierrez and Eduard D. Luebke, $186,000.

Pointe Terr. N., 214-Bank of America to Robert L. Clark Jr., $252,005.

Wash House Cir., 28-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Choice Industries Corp., $180,000.


Windy Hill Dr., 4194-Mathew and Jana Amsellem to John H. and Tamar Farrar, $399,999.


Jesse Smith Rd., 13148-Virginia Hammett to Federal National Mortgage Association, $317,000.

Molesworth Dr., 12640-Elizabeth B. and Ronald Brown to Francis W. and Kirsten C. Schmidt, $380,000.

Western View Pl., 5806-Bank of America to Jennifer P. Leslie, $272,900.


Wistman Lane, 3974-Oneida McFarland and Raymond T. Wolfe to TRP Properties Corp., $335,000.


Cairo Ct., 10652-Russell A. and Cynthia L. Reed to Anthony A. Absalon, $280,000.

Harvest Terr., 802-Jason and Sarah Cressman to Michael and Natalie Westbrook, $500,000.

Ladoga Pl., 10205-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Charles and Catherine Hollander, $383,000.

Panorama Dr., 11298-Timothy A. and Kelly K. Hughes to Michael and Wanda Scott, $145,000.

Tessie Ct., 5630-Denise and Roger Duvall to Brenda Lee Adkinson, $235,000.


Woodsboro Pike., 12229-Edward W. Cook and Tammy S. Kefauver to Cheryl L. Smith, $250,000.


Crommelins Ct., 1702-Victoria West Estabrook to Daniel L. Del Balzo and Victoria Del Balzo, $424,900.


Church St. N., 14-Martin A. and Suzanne E. Burns to Jason A. Eppley, $267,800.

Ore Mill Pl., 13-Daniel Duranko to Stephanie Lopez, $185,000.

Water St., 116-Vivian A. and Donald P. Fogle to Brandon A. Grimes, $152,000.


Beall Dr., 5415-Margaret M. Novicky to Maria R. Prepscius, $499,000.

Broad Branch Way, 5806-Steven G. Burton and Teri A. Myers to David L. and Genevie J. Satterfield, $383,900.

Charterhouse Rd., 9218-Jeffrey J. and Emily Smith to Elliot S. and Laurie H. Salzman, $680,000.

Kenway Lane, 9152-Monocacy Land Corp. to Donette and Stephen Goldsmith, $508,385.

Landon House Lane, 9122-NVR Inc. to Xaview Morales and Karla Patrica Cedeno, $435,000.

Slate Hill Cir., 8602-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Ryan P. Gee and Erin L. Jackson, $435,000.

Springhollow Lane, 3689-Wilmington Trust to Neeraj Koul, $325,000.

Winthrop Lane, 3544-Benton S. and Meghan C. Beavers to John and Tara Dixon, $319,900.


Eureka Lane, 8821-Gene Shuldes to Paula C. Dorsey, $172,000.

Kenneth Dr., 2-Shawn W. Gould to Teddy Ray Coeburn, $254,998.


Second St. S., 205-Department of Housing and Urban Development to John Kastelein, $150,000.