Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bel Pre Rd., 4404-Michael S. and Cynthia F. Nash to Zachary A. Cohen, $449,950.

Old Colony Way, 16924-Leesa A. Chais and Leesa A. Shem Tov to James Schlackman and Elizabeth Sclackman, $599,000.

Vandalia Dr., 13311-Delores M. Brackett and Carol B. Daniel to Miguel A. Valenzuela and Ana C. Molina, $350,000.


Belhaven Rd., 9906-Michael D. and Theresa S. Nguyen to Andres A. Ackerman and Maria Veronica Penaranda, $785,000.

Clearwood Rd., 6245-Mary E. Chaikin to Marc G. Von Keitz and Lori J. Sedlezky, $920,000.

Dickens Ave., 9904-Rachel L. and Elliot L. Tobin to Pedro Doldan and Lily Siblesz De Doldan, $685,000.

Heatherhill Rd., 7000-M. Elisabeth Van Houtven and Leo Van Houtven to Randolph J. Wagner and Feitsen Jean Hsieh Wagner, $950,000.

Kittery Lane, 9120-Steven J. Toll to Ittai and Karri P. Dvir, $1.88 million.

Michaels Dr., 6733-Sybil Kay Baird to Amy T. Hetz and Michael P. Kelly Jr., $1.22 million.

Newport Ave., 5128-Charles J. Groenhuijsen and Catharina M. Van Der Cammen to Jason K. and Carin Levine, $1.35 million.

Redwing Rd., 6221-Annette K. and Nathan J. Gatten to Andrew B. and Noel S. Cooney, $965,000.

Searl Terr., 5905-Michael and Joann Urquhart to Heather Bock, $1.38 million.

Split Oak Dr., 8000-Judith H. and Steven W. Goozh to Andrew Wai and Rachel W. Kwok, $1.23 million.

Western Ave., 4912, No. 2-D-Frederick S. and Allison M. Cristman to Patrick J. and Caroline W. Stanton, $810,000.


Carter Mill Way, 1912-Sara Nusraty and estate of Najib Nusraty to Nabila F. Khan, $710,000.

Starkey Terr., 19002-Brian E. Boltz and Susan F. Boltz to Alex and Meredith Friedman, $718,000.


Monmouth Pl., 3704, No. 14-146-Sandra Samuel to Kisha Logan, $238,000.


Cedar Creek Lane, 13528-Miguel and Milagros Lopez to Srinivas Raghavan and Gayathri Rangan, $560,000.

Northwyn Dr., 14313-Brian K. Delong and Mary Elizabeth Delong to Molly J. and Robert J. Scherf, $480,100.

Winhall Way, 903-Leslie A. and George W. Wilson to Nadia A. and Nadine A. Bio, $405,000.


East West Hwy., 2611-Jonathan P. Stroebel to Evan K. Carter and Courtney S. Druan, $615,000.

Park Ave. N., 4601, No. P447-Scott C. Shewmaker and May Day Taylor to Christopher, Paula and Alexander Hoelzel, $14,000.

Park Ave. N., 4601, No. P545-Scott C. Shewmaker and May Day Taylor to Thomas F. Barrett, $17,000.

Stewart Dr., 3707-Natelli Homes Corp. to Robin Rathmell, $1.25 million.


Emerald Green Dr., 11615-CLKBG Corp. to Luz Mary Sanchez and Faruk Botero, $166,096.

Sweetspire Dr., 23000-Peter Hou to Yuanhua Wang and Chang Liu, $372,000.


Ednor Rd., 340-Wilmington Trust and Citibank to Rubens Josefino, $360,000.

Woodale Dr., 17012-Ella A. Bond to Patrice S. and Eric P. Williams, $510,000.


Artesian Dr., 5724-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Nainan Thomas and Pathickal Poulose, $459,900.

Keyport Terr., 7708-Ron I. Silberberg to Scott R. Allen and Rebecca J. Kahn, $405,000.


Concerto Lane, 613-Marcelo and Paola Escobar to Tomoko T. Dangerfield, $360,000.

Mintwood St., 9207-Nicole L. Brisker and Michele Gaidelis to Victoria Leonard, $570,000.

University Blvd. W., 620-Judith Campos and Gloria Martinez to Christina and Anderson Morrison, $425,000.


Bralan Ct., 60-Mohan Singh and Harjit Kaur to Kristopher Reyes, $260,000.

Christopher Ave., 425, No. 32-Annyek J. Ango and Anncyk J. Hames to Dalton Souza and Claudia Barion Rosario, $124,999.

Diamond Ave. W., 537, No. 24-Yaoming Huang to Marco A. Castro, $210,000.

Girard St., 428, No. 183-Salvador Quinonez and Alfredo Lievano to Uben A. Sandin, $64,500.

Park Ave., 322, No. 09-322-Ronald Pepania and Maria Lourdes Yuayan to Diana R. Baquero and Ahmad R. Stagg, $349,000.

Wild Forest Dr., 937-Douglas C. Barros to Mary Christine A. Nieva, $315,000.


Dunleith St., 14708-Bruce S. and Norma L. Katz to Michael S. Dreben, $675,108.

Kendrick Pl., 124, No. 124-28-David and Judy Porter to Sam H. and Mahasti Hessami, $270,000.

Massbury St., 216-William A. and S. Elizabeth Hafner to Thomas T. Locke and Julie P. Glass, $939,000.

Quail Run Dr., 15505-Anthony G. and Joan E. Matthews to Kevin P. Holleron, $980,000.

Split Creek Ct., 12501-Kenneth and Amy Bennett to Tarek George and Sirena Scales Shamounki, $997,000.


Blossom Hill Way, 13111, No. 2101-Berneice L. Eby to Martin and Carol Winfield, $334,000.

Climbing Ivy Dr., 12905-Clauvis Kounan Tamto II to Yen Hsi Miao and Wenziang Ren, $240,000.

Cross Ridge Way, 12519-James A. Cunningham to Wilfredo Pertica and Maria Del Carmen Aguilar De Pertica, $203,000.

Furlong Way, 14166-Vikas and Eric J. Bhayana to Badamsukh Adamsuren and Gansukh Dovdontseren, $340,000.

Martins Landing Dr., 18745-Heather H. Napier to Alvaro A. Sanchez Almanzar and Iris R. Sanchez Perez, $320,000.

Pine Ridge Lane, 18930, No. 8-4-the Bank of New York Mellon to Omar Antonio Lopez Guardado, $170,000.

Rhinestone Dr., 19622-Carmine J. Amatucci and Amy L. Tehovnik to Ana Ruth Trejo, $279,000.

Shadyside Way, 20505, No. 1-1-Robert F. King to Kathleen Mead, $185,000.

Swiss Cir., 18220, No. 432-George H. and Renee Schrider to Christina Barrios, $241,000.


Byeforde Rd., 9505-James W. and Lisa C. King to Aimee Hague Wadeson and Michael Harris Hanrahan, $760,000.

Mccomas Ct., 10806-Fouad J. and Claudia Guadalupe Moawad to Anrea Ramos Vallenas, $632,000.


Brink Rd., 8304-Craig E. and Austria L. Hooks to Fang Tian and Zehua Zhu, $690,000.

Peanut Mill Dr., 10113-Peter P. and Victoria H. Arnsberger to Amanda M. and Mark A. Eisenhower, $340,000.


Apple Ridge Rd., 10500-Ricardo and Lidia Hernandez to Zachary Gordon and Alex Norwood, $173,000.

Duffer Way, 9624-Patricia Bradley to Regina Flynn, $349,000.

Nathans Pl., 18767-Michael S. Short to Richard Paul Brunetto, $215,000.

Transhire Rd., 19571-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Selene Finance LP to Guixian Xu, $170,000.


Dunsinane Ct., 11, No. 11-61-U.S. Bank to Robert L. Clark Jr., $157,000.

Goodloe Rd., 11610-Juan Andrade and Jessica Esther Villegas to Luis B. Amaya Vasquez and Jessica Villegas, $209,452.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-526-Stephanie Clinton and Mary P. Richter to Candace Schimming, $200,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-229-the Bank of New York Mellon to Basdeo and Syntra John, $93,600.

Selfridge Rd., 12315-Qualitas Properties Corp. to Edwin Zenon Condori Palma, $275,000.


Continental Dr., 5000-Kevin W. and Deborah M. Lyons to Arana M. and Brandon T. Williams, $615,900.

Heritage Hills Dr., 18472-Kenneth L. and Cindy J. Cohen to Afiba C. and Farnaz F. Edwards, $525,000.

Spartan Rd., 3212, No. 2-G-4-Sobia Quareshi and Danish Mohammed to Thuy Dam, $165,000.


Albermyrtle Rd., 11212-Curt Albert and Anabela Puhl to Yuguang Wang and Ran Xie, $1.57 million.

Farnsworth Dr., 9228-Jean Marie and Ema Masse to Owen T. and Kimberly M. Fink, $1.03 million.

Korman Ct., 9834-Vincent W. and Susan Lee to Fang Huang, $865,000.

River Rd., 11700-U.S. Bank to John C. and Susan Karl Moffett, $855,000.

Twin Oaks Dr., 802-Azedine J. Elmaani and Maria A. Elamaani to Javed Jahangir and Sameena Sami, $830,000.


Ashley Dr., 12006-Polymathic Properties Inc. to Amanda L. Roth, $392,000.

College Pkwy., 717-Lynn Caudle Boynton to Dipanker Jyoti, $560,000.

Dorchester Lane, 11420-Wiechert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Siew Chai Ting and Mei Leng Chang, $715,000.

Grand Champion Dr., 802, No. 11-401-R-Christopher E. Leschack and Nichola Leshack to Nancy Katherine Deshler Gould and Robert J. Gould, $485,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10703, No. 411-Tracey E. McCabe to Karen Crotty, $245,000.

Lambertina Lane, 9915-William T. and Rina Marcoux to Yuhong Chen, $580,000.

Monet Dr., 512-Charles Alan and Suzanne K. Peyser to Yewon Cheon, $495,000.

Nelson St., 1009, No. 38-1009-B-Nicholas D. Owens to Andrew Jacob and Megan Fischer Oliveira, $335,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 902-Unhee Kim to Holly Ho Chen, $579,000.

Rolling House Rd., 11403-Stephen J. and Erica B. Thomas to William F. and Jessica L. Card, $875,000.

Whitney Mill Way, 5603-Edward A. and Janet A. Aaronson to Juan Osvaldo Borga, $840,000.


Fox Field Cir., 21519-Richard and Catherine Wong to Janel C. and Paul A. Morland, $630,000.

Stoney Point Pl., 11451-Li Qi to Veda Nogaraj and Sripathy Subramania, $203,000.


Holman Ave., 2623-Daniel G. Fallon and Sienna R. Burke to Kathryn Kullberg, $360,000.

Sligo Ave., 614, No. 403-Michael S. Page and the estate of Myrthe Parham to Christopher W. Seveney, $62,000.


Gruenther Ave., 1700-Zachary Preminger to John P. Didion and Katghryn T. Arrildt, $438,900.


Bluff Terr., 117-Carlos Enrique and Bonnie Jean Wall to Benjamin L. and Ilana S. Eastman, $442,500.

Gardiner Ave., 10303-Bibiana M. Borroto and Ruben E. Pelaez to Brendan S. Abbott and Natalie K. Jensen, $484,900.

Pennydog Ct., 44, No. 103-David M. and Sarah C. Stough to Jeffrey Adrian and Amanda Walsh Beck, $308,740.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


John Mills Rd., 2730-Jarrel and Yokechia T. Kenyatta to Bryan K. and Christina S. Santangelo, $565,000.

Union Ridge Ct., 5926-John and Coleen Trainor to Shawn T. and Krystal N. Henning, $520,000.


D St. E., 413-Eric Moore General Contracting Corp. to James P. De Leon, $256,300.

Fifth Ave., 117-Dale J. Gordon to Samuel Johnson and Dayna Michelle Martin, $236,900.


Michaels Mill Rd., 6856-Everything Real Estate to Maria L. Chauca, Matthew Moray and Crystal Cuevas, $280,000.


Newington Rd., 4628-Kriste Hartman Kidd to Wesley Byron and Kristie Simmons Guyton, $334,900.


Academy Ct., 2005-Kathy F. Shirbach to David W. O’Connell, $223,500.

Old Frederick Rd., 16311-Michael Eugene and Tracy A. Huffman to Matthew L. and Dawn M. Milbourne, $830,000.

Welty Ave., 10-J.G. Wentworth Home Lending Corp. and J.G. Wentworth Home Lending Inc. to Raymond Buccheister, $67,500.


Apple Way, 53-Liselle M. and Mitchell J. Sisler to Win Htut and Phyu Phyu, $160,000.

Baron Ct., 6922-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Michael and Janet Burch, $365,000.

Beebe Ct., 511-Michael J. Chuk to Ricardo A. and Ana G. Cruz, $142,000.

Boysenberry Lane, 559-U.S. Bank and LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Ahmet Evren Kaplan, $169,900.

Bradshaw Ct. W., 7087-Christopher and Lauren Vandergrift to Anne N. Kuebler and Seamus M. Scott, $260,000.

Buttonwood Ct., 6885-Tonja L. and Shirley Simpson to William J. Rucker, $195,000.

Camelback Lane, 5003-Michele S. Garrett Laster and Agnes Johanna Alida Garrett to Noel S. Manalo, $450,000.

Cascade Way, 589-Angela D. Washington to Mang Tin Tial and Thawang Hau Lian, $145,000.

Clarendon Terr., 4962-Tanayha A. and Barrington F. McLeod to Shawn M. and Jacobi L. Martin, $230,000.

Devonshire Lane, 6392-Dennis W. Gartin to in Ae Hur, $290,000.

Eisenhower Dr., 536-Aiquin Li and Jinsong Wu to Megan M. Hack, $230,000.

Ellison Ct., 590-Charles K. Hanowell to Cristian S. Machado Amaya and Maritza E. Campos, $243,000.

Foxhall Ct., 5538-Chedley A. and Sherilyn R. Moses to Elisa Sanchez, $230,000.

Hames Ct., 7041-Gregory Long to Blanca Lorena Cordon, $178,200.

Lancaster Pl., 515-Alban Place Partnership to Malina A. Owens and Nicholas Tyler Danowski, $207,400.

Mary Frances Ct., 294-Christopher D. Wagner to Jose and Maria V. Zelaya, $305,000.

Murray Terr., 6194-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Ashley Wilson, $264,990.

Newton Dr., 6540-D.R. Horton Inc. to Bruce, Christopher Tyler and Teresa Thomas, $235,000.

Pintail Ct., 4959-Andrew E. Keefer to Oscar B. Melendez Benitez and Jennifer V. Campos Melendez, $219,700.

Reigate Ct., 5083-Terrance W. and Christine L. Baeth to Nelson and Lauren Capurata, $422,000.

Seagull Ct., 6658-Eduardo Arfarel and Antoneina Esther Delacruz to Gabriel Wilman Valverde, $210,000.

Tarrington Ct., 6435-John E. Jordan to Neil F. Ladow, $217,000.

Upper Mill Terr. S., 5431-Donald F. Fanucci and Mayette De Castro Fanucci to Marcus R. and Mollie G. Zito, $280,000.

Woodlyn Ct., 5404-Craig S. Davis to John M. and Farrah D. Wise, $410,000.


All Saints St. E., 35, No. 104-Michael Gabaly III to Kyle and Regan Leblanc, $440,000.

Bentz St. N., 410-Alicia M. Brant and Alicia M. Otto to Sando Bernstein and Phillip A. Berkheimer, $160,000.

Blue Leaf Ct., 902, No. 1B-Carrie A. Eaton and estate of Wanda Eaton to Reagan M. Faulkingham, $147,000.

Carmichael Ct., 9410-Steven R. and Maureen H. Mussler to Nicholas and Casan Nicolaides, $410,000.

Catoctin Ave., 112-Patricia D. Long to John N. Bartgis, $250,000.

Caulfield Ct., 2610-Debra O’Brien to Cesar Barreto, $230,900.

Church St. E., 23-Terrence and Mary E. Reis to James S. and Heidi K. Ottenritter, $617,500.

Cypress Ct., 7189-U.S. Bank to Ephraim Shahar and Joseph Alleva, $126,500.

Dockside Dr., 1521-Federal National Mortgage Association and BP Fisher Law Group LLP to Modesto Reyes, $175,000.

Egret Way, 2629-Elianna I. Morales and Erick E. Jimenez to Richard K. and Leigh A. Tolbert, $335,000.

Halleck Dr., 901-Marcelino E. Guevara to Paul W. and Micheline J. Brosseau, $267,650.

Holden Rd., 1159-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Craig S. and Dana C. Watt, $484,724.

Jubal Way, 911-Resires Vargas and Mauricio A. Supulveda to Eliezer Molina and Maria D. Flores Vargas, $268,000.

Market St. N., 1027-Donald B. Dean and Edna Dean to Melvenia R. Harding and Gus D. Biser, $315,000.

Mercer Ct., 104, No. 3-Ruth G. McKinney to Patricia D. Long, $230,000.

Navaho Dr., 421-David C. Roles to Mark R. and Peggy E. White, $253,000.

Newport Pl., 6204-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to William Michael and Melissa Lynn Gray, $297,590.

Newport Pl., 6208-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Jorge and Jennifer Sequera, $295,940.

Patrick St. E., 604-Ella Mae and Earl E. Ramsburg to Michael R. Peterson, $185,000.

Rippling Brook Rd., 2402-John Fitzgibbons and Sherill Colonero to Timothy and Sandra Taylor, $334,500.

Spring Forest Rd., 6302-Brenda L. O’Donnell to Jacqueline Marie Vitak, $400,000.

Stratford Way, 804, No. J-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Elizabeth Young, $99,900.

Thirteenth St. W., 106-Robert L. Stanley to Elizabeth E. Winston, Nancy K. Pearson and Frederick B. Winston, $279,900.

Wade Ct., 5650, No. A-Mary A. and Donald E. Cooper to Nicole A. Dunston, $137,000.

Willow Ave., 303-Lauren A. Ioli to Ethan T. and Gary E. Hollenbaugh, $245,000.

Fifth St. E., 236-Daniel S. Hussey and Julia K. Scherschligt to Julia McLellan, $195,000.


Andover Lane, 1577-GPH Investments Corp. to Richard T., Janet E. and Barbara L. Bouchard, $265,000.

Aynsley Ct., 8416-William E. and Margaret A. Brubaker to Christian Ross Davis, $362,500.

Brookside Dr., 7313-David D. Eigenbrode to Mark and Ashley Karis, $465,000.

Cedarcrest Lane, 1511-Kara Papin and Matthew Scott Durrschmidt to Selman M. Taboada and Samuel Martinez, $250,000.

Colonial Way, 1605-HSBC Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Jaime and Patsy Gutierrez, $127,514.

Country Run Way, 1839-Stanishaw and Domitila Kaczmarczyk to Bernardo G. and Christina A. Manaloto, $262,000.

Eastbourne Terr., 1001-Louise Eller to Paul Krasley and Ashha Krassley, $309,900.

Ellsworth Way, 2408, No. 3A-Jennifer A. Caughy to Hannah M. Potcner and Victoria R. Lowry, $159,500.

Fieldstone Way, 1905-Bradley T. and Alexis Nielson to Michael K. O’Hara and Sarah E. Arnold, $248,125.

Granalta Cir., 7319-the Bank of New York Mellon to Jose Carlos Arevalo and Milagro Barrera De Arevalo, $154,035.

Hamburg Rd., 9012-Steven E. Harman and Jacquie Murtagh to David W. and Kimberly A. Crocker, $200,000.

Heathfield Dr., 105-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to David J. Miller, $161,000.

Howard Ct., 97-Katrina Miller to Anthony and Jessica Reggio, $359,000.

Kemp Lane, 7632-Matthew J. and Krista J. Moss to Edward Robert and Teresa Ann Gildersleeve, $265,000.

Lakeside Dr., 2417-Rita J. Pishavaian and Alberto Deheza to Katherine M. Quinn, $209,000.

Longfellow Ct., 2407-Robert M. and Christine M. Rueger to Madina Shaik, $435,000.

Midsummer Dr., 170-Nicholas J. and Debbie J. Kourilo to William C. Wooten Janney and Savanna Marie Seabolt, $395,000.

Old Receiver Rd., 8019-Daniel R. and Alexandra Chlebowski to Kasie M. Beaver, $290,000.

Pleasonton Ct., 92-the Department of Veterans Affairs to David and Breanna Robinson, $309,000.

Rosecrans Ct., 2018-Keri A. and Chad Winger to Daun and Quin D. Duvall, $244,900.

Shannonbrook Lane, 210-Cernomics Solutions to Ilunga C. Kanonga, $265,000.

Springfield Lane, 1750-Harald Weissenborn to Heather Starcher, $185,000.

Waterland Way, 118-Robert L. and Nancy A. Robertson to Lynval and Daniella Williams, $239,000.

Weybridge Rd., 1802-Vanita Bharwani to Todd J. Lowber and Valbona K. Dasilva, $392,000.

Whitehall Rd., 2102, No. 2C-Stephen T. Horvath to Deborah A. Siers, $120,000.


Beulah Dr., 5389-Joyce Westen and Thomas M. Marcum to Francis N. and Rosemary J. Brown, $375,000.

Innsbrook Ct., 11161-Jeffrey J. and Jennifer Leaird to Amy E. and Holly M. Green, $605,000.

Spencer Lane, 9701-Richard McGlaughlin to Jose Luis and Vicky C. Morant, $289,000.


Knoxville Rd., 808-Matthew M. Campbell to Zachery J. Herman, $165,000.


Liberty Rd., 11920, No. 108B-Michael Teague and estate of Anthony D. Teague to Robert A. and Kyra L. Pare, $105,000.


Colebrook Ct., 3597-John R. and Christine F. Graybill to Thomas J. and Kristina L. Kelly, $301,000.

Derr Lane, 1-Antoinette Jean and Malcolm Douglas Munro to Thomas J. and Anita D. Dorr, $346,000.

Grandview Dr., 2821-Tammy A. Hammond to Matthew A. and Jessica Hollis, $335,000.

Jasper Dr., 7088-Valerie and Phillip J. Mascaro to Stephen R. Ioli, $345,000.

Myersville Rd., 8313-Jonathan D. and Shawn D. Raup to Alexander and Desirae Sechrest, $259,000.

Red Rose Ct., 4410-Justin J. and April L. Hagmeyer to John Joseph Ryall and Ingrid O. Stamberg, $445,000.

Smoke House Cir., 11-Jason R. and Jennifer O. Aud to Vincent Peter Romano, $290,500.

Vale Summit Lane, 6819-Andrew J. and Susan Secula to Robert C. Woods, $234,000.


Bess Way, 3519-the Drees Co. and Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Samuel Robert Cown and Gary Leigh Pleasants, $863,650.

Fingerboard Rd., 12522-Elizabeth A. Day to Octav Minhai Degeratu, $159,800.

Melinda Ct., 3601-Matthew D. Shaffer and Kati J. Dinger to Susanna Lynn Rusi, $450,000.

Wendy Ct., 4311-Alex and Susan K. Braunstein to Ryan and Pamela Courtney, $277,000.


Bartholows Rd., 4329-Thomas P. and Linda C. Kelly to Nathan A. and Jenny F. Hogue, $620,000.

Caleb Ct., 12920-Anthony A. Weadock and Ann M. Repka to Craig E. and Sandra J. Long, $550,000.

Corporal Jones Ct., 5811-Jonathan and Joan B. Fader to Nicholaus and Laura Beth Martinez, $350,000.

Highboro Dr., 4412-Jane A. Kreuter to Joseph B. and Stephanie A. Siegmann, $410,000.

Manor Dr., 13117-Kimberly L. Dempsey to Meredith L. Oyen and Matthew D. Beers, $295,000.

Millwood Rd., 4311-David Lee Seal to John Richard and Valerie Ann Unekis, $360,000.

Old Annapolis Rd., 13432-Gerald E. and Sharon I. Dillon to Denise M. Helton Mayne, $351,000.

Skyview Dr., 3911-58 Water Street Corp. to Joseph A. and Christina M. Rice, $350,000.

Western View Pl., 5792-James M. and Cassandra C. Hand to William and Alena Fowler, $280,000.


Briarfield Ct., 1000-Saber Ridge Corp. and Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Brian M. Sherman and Theresa A. Heigel Sherman, $383,015.

Main St., 111-Jenice Palachick to Christopher and Lauren Vandergrift, $355,000.

Pleasant Walk Rd., 11204-Reo Corp. to Marian E. Warrenfeltz, $67,000.


Coldstream Dr., 6657-Thomas Lipscomb to Kim Allan and Julie C. Christiansen, $354,000.

Glade Ct., 10803-Robert W. and Kristen Ann Johnson to HP Maryland I. Corp., $295,000.

High Beach Ct. E., 6627-Joseph B. and Elizabeth L. Martin to Ted R. Benz, $199,900.

Lakeview Ct., 6504-Harold M. and Gail R. Newton to Thomas Benjamin and Katy Lynn Chase, $245,000.

Meyer Ave., 5711-Nenna Sanoir and Tgrudy Gaitwood to Wilmington Trust NA and Citibank NA, $544,500.

Oakridge Rd., 6737-Michael A. and Kemlyn K. Brazda to Matthew Dearborn and Megan Kathleen Marsden, $353,000.

Rehnquist Ct., 6807-American International Relocation Solutions to Bradley A. and Emily R. Keller, $659,000.

Ridgecrest Rd., 6727-Ryan Legacy Builders Inc. to Sean M. and Joanne D. Robbins, $437,790.

Steamboat Way S., 6174-Thomas and Lauren Socks to Joseph King, $235,700.

Woodridge Rd., 6747-Jimmy D. and Joyce A. Duffy to Ryan D. and Heather J. Law, $415,000.


Cash Smith Rd., 11849-Heritage Park Baptist Church Inc. to William and Kerry Anne Muller, $269,000.


Greysens Ferry Ct., 1815-Esther Owusu Bediako and estate of Emmanuel Owusu Bediako to John and Debbi Gillispie, $300,000.


Browns Quarry Rd., 7064-Joseph B. and Frances P. Princehouse to Mark K. and Roseann J. Charlton, $310,000.

Raven Rock Rd., 16701-CitiMortgage Inc. to Richard Staley and Dessie Ann Bowers, $92,500.


Bennett Dr., 104-Emil D. Bennett to Raul A. and Jennifer S. Fuentes, $450,000.

Dogwood Ave., 107-Danny Noonan Corp. to Reed D., Jean Marie and Connie N. Jewell, $255,000.

Geoley Ct., 33-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Frank E. and Linda L. Haro, $209,000.

Main St. E., 407-Stephen W. Howard and Joann Marie Pilachowski to Kimberly Chandler, $245,900.

Pleasant Acres Ct., 3-Matthew and Douglas Topper to Maria Beatriz and Valladares Romero, $342,000.

Sunhigh Dr., 119-Antonio Testa to Airen M. Ross and David P. Cooper II, $229,900.

Sylvia Cir., 8-Deborah C. McGuire and the estate of William C. Collins to Raymond Wilson and Virginia Ellen Hertel, $255,000.


Bealls Farm Rd., 9170-John and Jennifer Laserna to Amy B. Hamstead, $624,900.

Bridge Spring Rd., 5883-Nipa Parikh to Christopher R. and Lauren Ariel Valentine, $445,000.

Burnt Hickory Cir., 8619-Michael J. and Donna L. Welch to Brian E. and Susan F. Boltz, $432,000.

Dunraven St., 9432-Christian P. Becket Dickerson to Rong Yang, $396,000.

Notting Hill Dr., 9874-Finlay I. Lewis and Mary K. Collins to Byron G. and Jeanette T. Bustos, $564,000.

River Meadow Dr., 8401-U.S. Bank and Banc of America Funding Corp. to Kamlesh Parikh, $363,300.

Spicebush Dr., 3717-Melanie Moyer to Cesar A. and Sebrina Valle, $527,000.

Sugarloaf Pkwy., 3880-Holly M. Green and Holly M. Lovelace to Theresa M. Jones, $405,000.

Wyndham Dr., 9747-Ian and Lori Das to Sandeep and Sonal Nandal, $540,000.


Braeburn Dr., 233-Connie Marie Buchanan and Connie Marie Milligan to Roger P. and Stephanie A. Thorpe, $352,500.

Dublin Rd., 10534-Joseph Andrew Hale and Mary Ann Mood to Bradley C. and Heather Gleason, $424,900.

Main St., 30-John T. and Christina L. Ireland to Andrew Reagan Stull, $161,000.

Sandalwood Ct., 130-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Kelly Gaver, $139,900.

Smithfield Ct., 106-Mark William Binder to Waltz Properties Corp., $194,400.


Rosewood Ct., 11, No. 104-Bobby and Maurice M. Case to Catherine Jane Parker, $160,000.