Montgomery County

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Ashton Rd., 1419-Ferdinand M. and Nimfa A. Arellano to John and Jennifer R. Duncan, $319,000.


Arctic Ave., 13406-Jerome D. Cripps to Ryan James and Linda Meier, $410,000.

Bauer Dr., 14622, No. 5576-6-Dylan Koehle to Claudia Lizeth and Patricia Joyce Calderon, $190,000.

Castaway Dr., 14002-Betty L. Wright and Stephanie M. Corley to Benyamin Margolis, $515,000.

Eagle Ct., 14007-Susan Yun to Ivette L. Tapia and Peter J. Vizarretta, $381,000.

Frankfort Dr. W., 4644-Michael S. and Angela Moynihan to Aryeh S. Baronofsky and Aliza N. Libman, $430,000.

Manor Village Lane, 15332-Donald and Donna L. Fisher to Patrick J. and Deette J. Casey, $380,000.

Red Clover Dr., 15120-Michael H. Thomas to Robert L. and Kelly D. John, $623,750.

Veirs Mill Rd., 12700, No. 62-202-Charisma D. Roque and Reylee S. Nulud to Suhail Nieves, $115,500.


Alcott Rd., 6311-Neil J. and Ellen B. King to William A. Burton and Deborah M. Autor, $1.57 million.

Bells Mill Rd., 7606-Edward I. and Ping K. Wan to Goitom M. Ghebreyonas and Sara Tesfamicael, $950,000.

Burdette Rd., 8912-Wilhelmina M. Levy Jong and Dov J. Levy to Britta S. Bjorlund, $1.45 million.

Cayuga Ave., 7701-Luis H. and Maria A. Duran to Douglas and Jean Howell, $760,000.

Denton Rd., 7206-Leonard Schaitman and Veronica J. Grimmer to Mary Magyar, $1.56 million.

Farnham Dr., 10521-Siyavash Nejadi and Alicia M. Torres to Rita Anand, $725,000.

Greentree Rd., 7213-Stanley I. and Marcia Lynn Wolf to Joseph M. and Meri Margaret Deoudes, $927,000.

Hamilton Spring Rd., 7602-John C. Angell and James K. Angell to Akira and Yvonne Takahashi, $695,000.

Helmsdale Rd., 7125-Rhonda E. Presser and Stanley E. Kroll to John P. and Candice L. Cody, $1.6 million.

Jones Bridge Rd., 4604-Mark C. and Liliana Tolton to Emily Penick, $679,000.

Marengo Rd., 5713-Norman A. Klotz and Mary E. Beauchert Klotz to Dana Barika Bennett, $1.15 million.

Merriam St., 5301-5400 Grosvenor Corp. to Chhaya and Mukes Kapilashrami, $1.3 million.

Montrose Ave., 10406, No. 10301-Frank Slaveter and the estate of Norma Elaine Slaveter to Jose Alberto Alvarez, $184,900.

Nevis Rd., 7301-KMCG 2011 Revocable Trust to Jeffrey L. and Catherine M. Poston, $1.99 million.

Orkney Pkwy., 7001-Patrick and Lori J. Zerbib to James R. and Amanda Ravitz, $2.35 million.

Pepperell Ct., 34-Douglas A. and Hilary F. Durante to Tasha K. Teelucksingh and Luke Matthew Kovacs, $1.02 million.

Rockmere Dr., 5703-Robert A. and Caroline Hume Dilweg to Joseph and Mary Beth L. McGowan, $870,000.

Rudyard Dr., 5908-Chadwick and Pamela Marie Lee to John and Jeanette K. Mon, $660,000.

Seven Locks Rd., 9423-Eugene and Jennifer L. Krichevsky to Amy L. Schartner and Anthony J. Schrtner, $1.18 million.

Stoneham Rd., 6504-Yoo Ah Kim and Jihwang Yeo to Tyson C. Sackett and Peisan Lee, $720,000.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 908-Shima Eshraghi to Shabnam and Ashkan Choubineh, $250,000.

Weymouth St., 10662, No. 10656-Lindsay Campbell Kilday to Ruby M. Lam, Minh T. Lam and Ru Min Zhao, $235,000.

Wilmett Rd., 5812-James Edward and Jennifer Lynn Boland to Ross Mardian and Lindsay Maradian, $675,000.

Wriley Rd., 5304-Jesse W. Bradford and Monica Dimitracopoulos to Christopher M. and Elizabeth Kurowski, $1.15 million.


Bright Spring Way, 12712-Kyong H. Kim and Sung J. Lee to Sukhbir Dhanoa and Rupinder Kaur, $645,000.

Saturn Way, 14420-Steven M. Grube and Jennifer I. Hsu to Zhen Lei Zhang and Xiaoyi Tian, $540,000.


Saint George Ct., 3-Robert J. and Michele L. Horwitz to Michael C. and Lauren B. Zarren, $723,000.


Corams Lane, 4206-Beazer Homes Corp. to Gwanpyoung and Jaiyoun Sim Kim, $555,990.

Mcknew Rd., 14812-Kathleen R. Franklin and the estate of Shirlee S. Franklin to Abraham E. Azenon and Nora Lidia Gomez Azenon, $295,000.

Spencerville Rd., 3500-Zuleika D. Bradbury and Theresa Vanover to Armando Blanco Jr. and Johanna Dinora Palacios, $357,000.

Water Drop Ct., 3837-Ruth J. Lee to Adjovi Akoumany, $295,000.


Long Ridge Ct., 7926-Stephen J. Wermiel and Rhonda A. Schwartz to Timothy Paul Trenkle and Sheila Roquitte, $1.25 million.


Acoustic Ct., 13209-Harry Allen and Lois J. Hetz to Makeda S. Murray, $425,000.

Blue Valley Dr., 2308-Eugene and Euzen Podkova to Juan M. Morales Gomez, $365,000.

Gresham Rd., 1102-Kurian P. Jacob and Haritha Kuriakose to Huyet V., Nhung and Dien Nguyen, $434,000.

Hollywood Ave., 914-Jessica Levandowski to Joel Alvarez Umana and Daisy C. Lazo Alvarez, $325,000.

Mozart Dr., 3035-Ernest James and Edith S. Wetherell to Kavon Paul Rezai Zadeh, $285,000.

Northcrest Dr., 1600-U.S. Bank to Sean J. and Jessica A. Urbantke, $335,000.


Chevy Chase Dr., 4818, No. 152-Julian Brantley and Ann Devaney to Vincent Falcone, $245,000.

Delfield St., 7308-Margaret Gaines to Antoinette M. Forbes, $1.05 million.

Fairfax Rd., 6665, No. 92-Elizabeth Bruner to Vedia and Vladimir Alexander Eidelman, $739,000.

Kirke St. W., 25-Margot and Alexander Humphrey to Andrei Lavrov and Irina Lavrova, $1.9 million.

Navarre Dr., 2708-Udom and Samang J. Ruabruam to Juan Fernando Castro Rivas and Sandra A. Medina Castro, $529,000.

Park Ave. N., 4601, No. 510K-Csaba Magassy and Georgette Magassy Dorn to Martha L. Allen, $281,500.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1-707-Anthon C. Deutsch and Diane C. Deutsche to Mark K. and Donna M. Sisitsky, $1.62 million.


Birch Mead Rd., 23124-Michael J. and Andrea K. Fedock to Michael and Kristen Kahler, $680,000.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 12824, No. 304-Zachary and Ashley Lemley to Kalen Roundy, $196,000.

Horseshoe Bend Cir., 12425-Solomon Adjei to Amit Shrikant Adhikari and Kaushiki Sen, $376,000.

Newcut Rd., 22968, No. 2362-John Rendemonti and Danielle Musgrove to Elza George, $331,500.

Skylark Rd., 11858-Bharathwaj Kannan and Shoba Rajan to Ramesh Ganaraju and Subhasri Pericherla, $412,000.

Winding Woods Way, 22005-Clarksburg Village Corp. and Clarksburg Village Partnership to Papa O. Kamara, $881,084.


Good Hope Rd., 14543-U.S. Bank and LaSalle Bank to Gregory C. Economu and Mary A. Cassar, $290,000.

Old Orchard Rd., 16211-Howard E. and Judith S. Hering to Juan A. Benitez, Imelda Y. Pastora and Elcida Pastora Hernandez, $500,000.

Wellwood Rd., 15016-Lori M. Mezoff to Christopher C. and Caroline G. Duncan, $595,000.


Conrad Ct., 25230-Brian and Jennifer E. O’Callaghan to Charles and Linda Eaton, $410,000.

Preakness Dr., 24017-Kenneth Ray and Letha Susan Keith to Timothy C. and Jennifer Ann Richardson, $475,000.

Woodfield Rd., 25001-U.S. Bank to Robert L. Clark Jr., $246,750.


Breezy Down Terr., 7707-James and James O’Connor to Yuqing Tang and Ying Li, $334,000.

Founders Mill Dr., 17406-Eric M. and Catharine Ackerstrom to Jordan Andrew and Sherylls Yadira Kahn, $347,500.

Leopold Terr., 16615-Michael F. Junghans to Seung H., Sun J. and Ann S. Choi, $709,000.

Shady Mill Rd., 17713-Anahita Loloei Marsal to Stephen Anthony March and Katilin Erin McIntyre, $430,000.


Brookmoor Dr., 10015-Robert J. and Judith A. Divilio to Daniel and Rachel Silk, $520,000.

Dallas Ave., 10132-James Jamieson and Dorothy B. O’Brien to Kyle E. Johnson and Rachelle E. Braun, $410,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 606-James Patrick and Rachel Lunsford to Justin P. Barrows and Vanessa T. Thomas, $379,000.

Kinsman View Cir., 37-Aoua Coulibaly to Claire Charlotte Y. Tchimou, $340,000.

Lorain Ave., 9606-Julie A. and Rahi Rahmati to Anthony Wayne Price and Susan Lynn Stafford, $591,500.

Oak Leaf Dr., 11100, No. 77-Rhianna M. and Lorna M. Campbell to Shomuj Miah, Mahmudul Hassan Tuhin and Musammeth Jahanara Begum, $195,000.

Reddick Dr., 10009-Kristen and Sean Chandler to Anne Marie Martins, $375,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 10502-Martha Irene and Francis Thomas Gill to Thomas Robert and Karen Ladd Donnelly, $420,000.

Wire Ave., 9314-Andrew V. and Kara J. Vines to Jehan Arulpragasam and Silvia Holschneider, $467,000.


Brian Ct., 2, No. 154-Billy Lee and Eva S. Hardie to Yujue Wang and Zhonghua Zhang, $153,000.

Christopher Ave., 413, No. 93-Judith L. Rasmussen to William E. Minaya, $174,900.

Crabapple Pl., 18502-Bank of New York Mellon to Cathy C. and James J. Kim, $245,000.

Emory Grove Rd., 8252-Wells Fargo Bank to Te An Chang and Huey Yi, $302,400.

Kelso Terr., 8627-Arthur James and Ernestine Wellman to Maura and Carlos Benites, $280,000.

Larchmont Terr., 17725-Anh Dung Duy Nguyen and Anhdung Nguyen to Miguel A. Cortez and Silvia C. Recino, $245,000.

Linden Hall Ct., 7-Alison J. and Philip Gordon to Michael Thomas Myers and Jasmine Valentine Tucker, $430,000.

Plum Creek Dr., 7903-Mikhail and Tatiana Alperovitch to German A. Benitez, $625,000.

Saybrooke View Dr., 402-Tonette R. Morgan to Waldemar J. Bernedo, $392,500.

Taverney Dr., 19567-Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R and MCM Capital Partners Corp. to Howard Weiss, $165,375.

Wildpark Ave., 1115-Andrew Banks and Russell Gelston to Anyika R. Barnes, $315,000.


Apex Ct., 11-George S. and Luciane G. Stedman to Mei Sim and See Chiu Lee, $280,000.

Beacon Hill Terr., 526-Brian E. Powell to Oksana Setak, $398,000.

Carry Back Dr., 14931-Frank G. Canzoneri and the estate of Nick J. Canzoneri to Jill F. Davis, $625,000.

County Ct., 23, No. 18-2-Citibank and Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Hsiao Ying Chen, $220,500.

Darnestown Rd., 13901-Byung Sook and Ji H. Kang to Nattabi J. Bugembe, $632,500.

Glacier Ct., 15824-Micahel A. Schen to Gary K. Hsieh and Di Gao, $550,000.

Hillside Lake Terr., 921, No. 304-Teri Lynn Parker to Charles P. and Nancy L. Morritt, $215,500.

Kendrick Pl., 184, No. 266-Jerry A. Marshall to Alexander E. and Yelena Dagunts, $310,000.

Lazy Hollow Dr., 166-Teresita Gonzales and Gil Abesamis to Nagi R. Murshed, $420,000.

Main St., 721, No. 721-B-Robin Lane to Jason R. and Martha R. Beene, $430,000.

Napa Valley Rd., 45-Mostafa Rohanian to Ivaylo K. Bobchey and Celeste M. Ruiz, $322,000.

Palmspring Dr., 446-Joel P. Ricci to Amy Grafmuller, $250,000.

Quince Orchard Rd., 14604-Sergey Katsenelenbogen to Sunghoon Kim and Soonheh Susan Park Kim, $500,000.

Sioux Pl., 12113-Christopher Adam and Brianne Marie Connors to Rose I. Wu and Lien Chu Hong, $460,000.

Tiffany Dr., 742-Richard A. and Deborah S. Sockol to Padmanabhan and Smitham Rajaram, $492,000.

Wonder View Ct., 16-Ryan J. and Cassandra Diehl to Jonathan D. and Jennifer J. Thanh, $484,000.


Afternoon Lane, 20550-Nancy Gutierrez and Stephen M. Frechette to Marie Chris and John Garcia, $317,500.

Bowman Ridge Dr., 19517-David M. and Jacqueline Giocondo Streets to Shanti Kaligotla and Partha Ghosh, $541,100.

Cloppers Mill Terr., 18001, No. 16H-Leonora F. Cook to Charles P. Park, $193,000.

Crystal Rock Terr., 12529-Sharon R. Dorsey to Ronaldo Montecer Jr. and Clarita Ibarrola, $265,000.

Ferry Landing Cir., 18906-Michael J. and Angela Marie Portussi to Sun Hwa Meang, $272,000.

Giant Ct., 13518-Diane Simone Jacobson to Nevien A. Ismail, $300,000.

Hickory Tree Way, 12421, No. 112-Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R and MCM Capital Partners Corp. to Yang Liu and Jingsi Luo, $130,000.

Kingshill Rd., 18420-Joon Ki and Joung Nan Lee to Surjawan Widjaja and Nenmey Jakin, $450,000.

Poppy Seed Lane, 18842-Larry Douglas Matthews Jr. to Roxana Aragon Palma, $209,000.

Sage Terr., 12863-Angrae D. Johnson to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $167,700.

Shadyside Way, 20617, No. 28-Kenneth C. and Peggy S. Gilbert to Amanda M. Gonzalez, $205,000.

Summersong Lane, 20521-Celestino A. Delgado and Juan Gabriel Rodriguez to Juan Gabriel and Maria E. Rodriguez, $153,516.

Town Commons Dr., 12916-Yan Yu Zhang and Tin Tuan Lu to Luis Eduardo Sevilla Kreysa and Boitumelo Karabo Kgobe Sevilla, $385,000.

Waterside Cir., 13314-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Nicholas and Oksana Carlson, $259,000.

Wyman Way, 19936-Mohssen Kabirbaik and Siavash Asgari to Quelvin A. Servellon, $265,000.


Kensington Pkwy., 9814-James R. Chambers and Marjorie C. Ernst to Jessica V. Chiu and Christopher P. McManus, $699,000.


Ambergate Ct., 9700-Casi N. Meiklejohn to Michael David and Rebecca Alice Kendall, $215,000.

Glendalough Rd., 21717-Gustavus S. and Mary A. McLeod to John Aasman, $495,000.

Hawkins Creamery Rd., 8619-Robert W. and Denise R. Gibbs to Daniel Michael and Seheno Ralitera Reilly, $350,000.


Amboy Rd., 9416-Matthew Bradley Dugan to Desira N. Stearns, $340,000.

Breckenridge Pl., 9713-William H. and Robyn M. Lake to Patrick Thaddeus and Holly R. Jackson, $464,999.

Delcris Dr., 8720-Ryan M. De Ramos and Rachelle L. De Ramos to Olunike and Kafayat Adeaga, $335,000.

Enterprise Way, 19601-Allison F. and Ramon Grullon to Biova and Laure Edith Kabine, $309,000.

Lake Landing Rd., 9978-James J. Luko to Richard T. Knapman, $295,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 18900, No. 19116-Jordan M. Spivok and Philip J. Collins to Anthony Malek, $73,000.

Ravenglass Way, 8740-James Emmett Gormley and Lisa Ann Musumeci to Craig Edward and Lenascaduto, $249,900.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18076-Sue A. and June Friedlander to Benjamin Herrera and Rosalinda D. Figueroa, $255,000.

Yankee Harbor Dr., 7822-Chuanguo Zhang to Maxine Chen and Ray Kee Sun Chen, $339,900.


Kimberly Rd., 1907-1907 Kimberly Road Corp. to Courtney and James Van Spearson, $336,900.


Acorn Hollow Lane, 12906-Stanley A. Crocker to Gregory N. Dudley, $455,000.

Cherry Leaf Terr., 14804-James N. Ishida to Diane Hanner, $415,000.

Clondesley Ct., 15200, No. 23-Jean M. Donaldson to Raymond D. and Dorothy L. Patch, $267,500.

Epping Terr., 12711, No. 7-B-Structured Asset Mortgage Investments II and Bear Stearns Arm Trust to Blessing Ezidinma Murray, $178,900.

Furman Ct., 4506-Shahbaz Custom Homes Builders Inc. to Jose Herman Gonzales Flores, $232,863.

Greenery Lane, 2301, No. 103-5-Estefang G. Vasquez to Herbert A. Portillo, $143,000.

Hathaway Dr., 13208-Elanor J. and Christopher Beattie to Arthur G. Bibb II and Olivia Daisy Gibb, $402,500.

Huxley Cove Ct., 13925-Rochelle E. Hackley Harris and Rochelle E. Hackley to Delphine Akiy, $530,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-403-Phyllis and Albert Mapou to Tania Iwanowski, $205,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2921, No. 1-221-Mildred Siegel to Eun S. and Sun Y. Rhee, $103,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 625-Mary Breen and Mary Bassler to Sudha Baxter, $145,000.

Lutes Dr., 13111-Alisa and Scott B. Thompson to Michael B. Conte, $540,000.

Redspire Dr., 13511-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jennifer M. Axe and Patrick J. Donovan, $699,873.

Snow Mass Ct., 15106-Constance M. Cultraro to Dennis and Julia Sparks, $390,000.

Tynewick Dr., 3830, No. 16-Humberto Losada Plazas to Robert L. Clark Jr., $170,000.

Wallbrook Ct., 15300, No. 47-2A-Katherine P. Hunt and Thomas L. Phillips to William C. and Faith H. Welsh, $177,000.


Briars Rd., 4221-Reginald J. and Esther M. Day to Justin and Theresa Kaufman, $625,000.

Islander St., 19625-Timothy E. and Karen E. Hansen to Hugo Tepeng and Heather C. Cheng, $459,000.


Hempstone Ave., 19225-James and Jenna L. Erickson to Jefferson Lee Wilkerson, $329,900.

Lewis Orchard Lane, 19610-Brightwell Crossing II Corp. to Kennethy and Victoria Clyne, $821,659.


Abbey Terr., 8917-John Anthony DiSalvatore Jr. to Liangjun Yu and Xiumei Liu, $1.7 million.

Bentridge Ave., 9209-Stuart H. and Cathryn R. Miller to Jacqueline Coleman Snead, $915,000.

Chapel Rd., 10110-Francesco M. and Elizabeth M. Marincola to Bozhong Zhang, $1.3 million.

Deborah Dr., 11612-Boyd G. Steward and Fortunee Schettewi to Edson Correia Araujo and Cristina Ferreria De Melo Pereira Araujo, $650,000.

Gainsborough Ct. W., 8205-Gregory Scott Nickerson and Anne Michelle Hailton to Alexander F. and Julianne M. Martinez, $940,000.

Heatherton Lane, 7879-Jeffrey Berman to Lu Zhu and Lingid Wang, $579,000.

Iron Gate Ct., 8908-Ida Zeger to Anthony Fatemi and Rosalis Torres, $1.4 million.

Lamp Post Lane, 12701-Emil Von Arx III and Anna D. Von Arx to David H. Aleskow and Lisa D. Hunega, $865,000.

Lost Trail Way, 9438-Robert L. and Carol A. Freeman to Mario E. and Judith A. Lombardo, $868,000.

Orchard Way N., 20-Steven and Nikki Posnack to Noah W. Trager and Pamela R. Newman, $655,000.

Potomac Manors Dr., 9810-Carlos Alberto and Elizabeth Marie Silva to Meng Cai, $2.22 million.

Rock Run Dr., 10900-Michael S. and Lori Swell to Charles D. and Hyejeong C. Bolan, $1.39 million.

Sprinklewood Lane, 9326-Cyrus Baghelai and Soroor Aazam Mohammad to Sepehr Morshed and Sarah Ghoddousifard, $1.32 million.

Sunny Brooke Pl., 13300-Kellie H. Kim to Leonardo Viana Nicacio and Taisa Gheller, $770,000.

Windcroft Way, 9608-Tanya A. Lampert to Yun Wang and Jingyi Zhu, $1.02 million.


Barbados Pl., 5915, No. 201-Hal Edwin Cole to David W. Skala, $325,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1412-Afsoun T. Dehghan and Koorosh Dehgdan to Hannah Sim, $522,000.

Brewer House Rd., 10788-Barbara A. Conley and Gerald S. Schatz to Bradley Craig and Samantha Dubit Morick, $679,000.

Cleveland Dr., 13512-Paul J. Barrett Sr. to Thomas R. and Danae M. Serrano, $750,000.

Creek Shore Dr., 4803-Jennifer Ojeda and the estate of Dolores G. Dick to Sherman J. Taylor and Rosana Chavez, $411,000.

Fairwood Ct., 14-James Ryan and Margaret Anne McCarthy to Anthony N. and Angela D. Bush, $849,000.

Garden View Way, 716-Capital One Bank to Gavin E. and Cheryl Y. Jackson, $595,949.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. P-68-Mark and Fay Widome to Nikhail D. and Rayan Tejuja, $11,000.

Lisa Oaks Way, 306-Robert and Carol F. Babiskin to Frances I. Silbert, $750,000.

Mannakee St., 594-David A. and Lynn T. Strauss to Pei Fen Amy Yam, $603,000.

Oak Knoll Terr., 202-Barry C. and Yvette J. Schwartz to Brent A. Ebright and Natasha Guerra, $728,888.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 228-Gallery 228 Corp. to Marjorie R. Glazer, $370,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11925, No. 101-Smitha Maddala to Justin Mildenstein, $166,000.

Regal Oak Dr., 1146-Sunrise Holding Co. Inc. to David and Iman Myles, $708,000.

Rockville Pike., 10404, No. 10216-Zachary B. Clay to Jaclyn B. Kurtz, $195,000.

Stephalee Lane, 11209-Christopher A. Albina to Shalini and Brian Stone, $2.34 million.

Tuckerman Heights Cir., 10521-Sheila Gail Birnbach and Jack Guttmann to Kendra Outler, $849,900.

Wolftree Lane, 7045-John A. and Karen F. Lowe to Wayne Van and Cecelia Van Rooyen, $725,000.


Appledowre Way, 11444, No. 46-Jacob Azhdam to Shawn Jeffrey and Margaret Sherall Miller, $215,000.

Found Stone Rd., 12713, No. 5-103-Lamar R. Lockridge and Robin I. Young to Carlo Leni and Alexandra M. Sowa, $212,000.

Hawks Nest Lane, 12507-Marlon E. and Diana P. Villatoro to Anomi C. Kodithuwakku, $446,000.

Minstrel Tune Dr., 11239-Oliver and Amy Kilburg to Franklin D. and Charysse R. Taylor, $495,000.

Sojourn Ct., 21043, No. 51-Eric Jerman and Brooke Cebuila to Aixian, Wenguang and Qiong Zhu Chen, $349,000.


Burton St., 1208-Philip Yale and Naomi Schwartz to Benyamin Shmuel Marks and Bessie Gewirtz, $750,000.

Devon Rd., 10-Daryl Gayhardt and Ricardo Galan to Tyler R. and Kristen R. Hans, $899,000.

Fenwick Lane, 1320, No. 6-1320 Residences Corp. to Magdaliz Alvarez Figueroa, $240,500.

Forest Glen Rd., 2220-Charles E. and Kelly G. Noxon to Christopher Byron and Whitney Schumm, $718,000.

Grubb Rd., 8201, No. 3737-Karen R. Silver to Kelly Campbell, $278,000.

Newell St., 8045, No. 121-Janet L. Owens to Stephanie Hoffman, $299,000.

Sligo Ave., 614, No. 501-Elsa Bauer and Peter H. Johnson to Jose R. Campos, $75,000.

Woodland Dr., 9412-Philip W. and Jillian Downs to Carlos Andres Ramirez Correa, $492,500.


Garland Ave., 7224-Douglas M. Bushey and Sikina A. Jinnah to Joshua D. and Sara D. Goldberg, $692,000.

Lee Ave., 111, No. 211-Samuel J. Lieberman to Vuk and Nadezda Mijatavic Sekicki, $218,000.

Poplar Ave., 6719-Howard B. and Rachel M. Schaffer to Barbara A. Gill and William D. Leith, $600,000.


Baltimore Rd., 1001-Juan and Mercedes Zaldumbide to Thanh Van Tran, Nga Tu Lam and Hue Tran, $425,000.

Gainsboro Rd., 1901-Jose Dimas Hernandez Diaz to Eliseo J. Cruz and Adam Gonzalez Lopez, $330,000.

Pinneberg Ave., 2320-Shirley L. Dodson and the estate of Eileen L. Mader to Richard A. Davis and Ya Quan, $428,000.

Veirs Mill Rd., 1124-Umar Ahmed to Xiaoyan Zhu and Saiying Chen, $345,000.


August Dr., 1813-Aaron J. and Maura H. Davis to Julia K. Smith Aman and Noel O. Verzosa, $483,000.

Brunswick Ave., 10413-Residential Value Corp. to Andrew Richeson Jones and Elizabeth Ann Weber Jones, $433,000.

Darrow St., 2411-Emily A. and Thaddeus A. Ellerbe to Brandon Bell and Yecenia Morales, $293,000.

Gannon Rd., 3910-Morris and Annie D. Semiatin to Jose Ivan Marquez and Elena Hernandez, $295,000.

Hemingway Ct., 11024-Sharon K. Rudy to Jude T. and Hernanda Elais, $395,000.

Hillsboro Dr., 508-Summer Hemphill and Claudette A. Brewer to Monica Palacios Gonzalez and Robert K. Morris, $430,000.

Livingston St., 12307-RVN Ganesha Corp. to Jaime B. Joya, $292,000.

Pendleton Dr., 3401-Daniel Vinh and Michael P. Cook to Angelic and Jordan Young, $599,000.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 519-B-Paul Goodnick to Etagegen Tadesse, $125,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Paprika Ct., 3321-Justin and Jeana Redmond to Catherine Anne Gilliam, $414,000.


C St. W., 117-Karl J. and Marcia A. Metzgar to John L. Tucker, $122,000.

H St. E., 16-Terry Lee Shifflett to Brian Green, $247,000.

Potomac View Pkwy., 725-NVR Inc. to Cindy J. Hurd, $272,000.


Buckeystown Pike., 3636-Charles Matthew McGuffin to Michael J. Neuman and Logan S. Henry, $270,000.


Jennifer Ct., 2411-Brittany Lee and David Andres Marroquin to Zachary D. and Ashley Lemley, $438,500.


Pembrook Ct., 2010-John S. and Frandel K. Marsh to Anthony Emille Trought, $326,500.


Adelay Ct. W., 6212-Fred and Carol Ann Hochhauser to John T. Donoghue and Cassandra S. Stevens, $215,000.

Cambria Rd., 4709-D. R. Horton Inc. to Susan and Gustavo Adolfo Bobadilla, $351,920.

Catalpa Rd., 7080-William and William Ledman to Alice Tolgo, $209,000.

Derby Dr., 6218-Paul D. and Kimberly A. Asbury to Ashbury Elizabeth and Ryan Mead, $359,000.

Himes Ave., 607, No. 101-Lin Jiang to Duyen T. Cao, $114,500.

Keswick Pl., 1133-Brian and Rowena Smith to Richell B. Cando, $200,000.

Merganser Ct., 5032-U.S. Bank to Walther Montes, $170,000.

Murray Terr., 6195-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Christopher and Sonia Tineo, $305,150.

Pebble Dr., 5674-Joyce M. Bovello and the estate of Rebecca A. Oden to Lucas John and Ginger Lynn Badger, $278,000.

Ritter Dr., 6258-NVR Inc. to Linda Pitsenbarger, $352,135.

Valley Pine Ct., 5101-Alan E. and Cathy A. Blumenauer to Franklin E. and Deborah M. Carpenter, $359,900.

Walcott Lane, 6379-NVR Inc. to Desiree Williams, $388,805.


Fourth Thru 233 St. E., 231-Feva Corp. to Joseph Harris and Hillary Gottemoeller, $349,000.

Apache Ct., 817-Charles E. and Janet B. Harrington to Betty and Suzanne N. Lawton, $359,500.

Bear Den Rd., 2250, No. 404-Mary Ann Schindel to Richard P. Better and Jane K. Wilson, $393,000.

Berry Rose Ct., 1602, No. 1A-Brant A. Myers to Danette Marie Rodriguez, $135,000.

Center St., 412-Brent K. and Donya W. Billings to Fariba Mansouri, $195,000.

Eden Ct., 804-Margaret M. Beatty to Daniel Gasson, $254,000.

Fleetwood Ct., 9650-Ryan A. Burkey and Amy Kay L. Burkey to Eric and Elizabeth Newdom, $345,000.

Hamilton Ave., 7-Olegario Ramirez to Elizabeth Ann Tinker, $163,500.

Holden Rd., 1148-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Jennifer A. Caughy and Leandra M. Zicus, $399,850.

Island Grove Blvd., 2614-Federal National Mortgage Association to Craig and Janice Conlin, $275,000.

Mckaig Rd., 7702-Ian L. and Jean C. Frank to John N. Chantiles and Rachel E. Kaniecki, $469,000.

Motter Pl., 904-Garth A. Castle to Henry C. Schaefer and Elizabeth Kopta, $290,000.

Queen St., 321-Judith T. Crews to Mohammed Haseebuddin, $169,750.

Spring Forest Rd., 6408-Stephen M. and Leslie Ann Santora to Adam Christopher and Mary Christina Beaver, $426,000.

Thomas Ave., 213-Paul K. Howell Jr. and Carrie L. Bennett to Joseph Mark Cleaveland, $175,000.

Winston Dr., 10194-Christina M. Cavallaro to Charles D. and Laura A. Beall, $160,000.

Fifth St. W., 270-Brian Virts to Gena Dee, $230,000.


Bishops Glen Dr., 265-Miguel C. and Debra Villarreal to Karen Jackson, $260,000.

Crestview Dr., 10173-No Lian Thang to Dominic R. Lodati, $263,000.

Foxfield Cir., 2101-Robert E. and Sandra K. Thompson to John W. and Donna K. Johnston, $367,000.

Harpers Way, 158-Justin S. Moser to Colin P. O’Dell, $246,500.

Huntwood Ct., 2403-Federal National Mortgage Association to Caprice and Venice Mundle Harvey, $236,500.

Lakeview Dr., 5706-Anthony and M. Carol Spencer to Jason Tringone and Beth Jordan, $279,900.

Mountain Laurel Pl., 5710-Susan P. and David P. Chapin to Angela and Charles D. Lakatos, $459,000.

Round Hill Rd., 7431-Michael J. and Peggy A. McAloon to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $289,095.

Stonegate Dr., 160-Philip J. and Erin L. Marr to Roger E. Gibson, $116,000.

Tuscarora Valley Ct., 2008-Day Development Company and Greentree Homes to William B. Bright and Natasha I. Pierre, $296,785.

White Rock Ave., 9305-Kyle W. Smoot to Francine Minty, $235,000.


Brandenburg Hollow Rd., 13456-Julia A. Barnhart to James J. McCullough, $30,000.


Oak Dr., 2311-Boardwalk Holdings Corp. to Jonathan M. and Jessica E. Stahl, $329,900.


Fiona Way, 14-Raymond W. and Charlotte M. Klaar to Richard E. and Tammy S. Fouke, $441,153.


Boileau Ct., 56-Vincent Q. and Amy C. Norman to William S. and Kelsey L. Johnson, $223,500.

Hawbottom Rd., 8952-Christopher and Lisa S. Miller to John L. and Kristin R. Pratt, $725,000.

Serpentine Rd., 4303-David A. and Ok Soon Harvey to Jordan Ceroy and Jaclyn Garrish, $265,000.


Gladhill Brothers Rd., 11816-Harold C. and M. Eileen Krema to Elizabeth W. and Kevin C. Soisson, $338,000.

Weller Rd., 12301-Stephen L. and Lori D. Wise to Curtis B. and Barbara Johnson, $499,000.


Detrick Rd., 6518-Helen M. Smith to Aaron M. and Meagan L. Hahn, $500,000.

Moxley Crest Dr., 12608-Linda Mae Clay and Gloria L. Lewis to Flavia Del Rosario Alarco Mavila, $320,000.

Summer Ridge Ct., 4500-Kenneth A. and Mary J. Hochkeppel to John and Jillian Rouillard, $409,400.


Brandenburg Hollow Rd., 12824-Amanda L. and Patrick E. Shafer to Andrew L. Daniels, $380,000.


Country Club Terr., 6915-Tyler Wormald Westwinds Corp. to Joshua M. and Misti A. Black, $569,942.

Lakeridge Dr., 6454-Federal National Mortgage Associations and BWW Law Group Corp. to Kenneth Hurley Jr., $287,000.

Pond Fountain Ct., 11129-Katherine B. Merritt and the estate of Felicia Constantine to Grant Alvin and Jennifer Lynn Wilson, $322,000.

Sanderling Ct., 6862-David G. Stolba and Maria E. Vitale Stolba to Robert A. and Susan A. Ulisney, $414,900.

Wimbledon Ct., 6909-Edward G. and Jeanmarie C. Shagen to Matthew Anderson and Megan Lyn Ryan, $423,800.


New Windsor Rd., 15004-Matthew and Jessica M. Deardorff to Michael Harper, $248,000.


Sabillasville Rd., 17056-Kenneth Myers to Brian L. Lewis, $85,000.


Hillside Ave., 13736-Anna M. O’Donnoghue and Margaret Jean Zook to Colt A. Taylor, $236,000.

Mountain View Pl., 9-John G. and Steven A. Woelfel to Christi L. Fre, $230,000.

Walnut St., 8-Susan Zimmerman Lynch to Adrienne G. Sharitz, Jamie D. Smyth, Douglas C. Comer and Elizabeth A. Comer, $139,900.


Brigadoon Lane, 9553-Bradley A. and Emily R. Keller to Gabriel Mahns, $361,000.

Hyde Pl., 9539-Sherron D. Garrett to Claudia Caroline Marchena Rasuk, $299,999.

Lew Wallace St., 3595-Robert W. and Lisa A. Grose to Luke Grimshaw, $455,000.

Tabard Lane, 3516-Sungjin Bae to Yoonchul Roh, $332,500.


Foresight Lane, 8414-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Roda Sang Hniang Garcia, $115,000.

Moon Maiden Ct., 7-Brian R. Belida and Kelly Gruber to Danielle N. Van Note, $175,000.

Winter Brook Ct., 200-Shaun M. and Brandi R. Ross to Robert P. and Stephanie L. Betteker, $314,900.


Woodsboro Rd., 10119-Michael D. Hobbs and Sherry L. Boozer Hobbs to Christopher R. Lewis, $460,000.