Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

River Rd., 8111, No. 132-Quarry Springs Associates Corp. to Yasmine Gibellini, $1.2 million.


Arctic Ave., 13008-Michael Edmund Hodnett and Meilie A. Moy Hodnett to Andre Raymond Chappel and Tahleah Reigh Mustaca Chappel, $385,000.

Bauer Dr., 14528-Brian Keith and Marie Kettly Robinson to Panagiotis John, Anstasia I. and Kathlene Beth Panagiotopoulos, $463,000.

Magellan Ave., 12927-Ronald E. Berry and Wendy E. Morrison to Trevor Thomas and Ancy Kunjumon Alford, $380,000.

Sweetbirch Dr., 4840-Krishnan L. and Pushpa Raheja to Hiromi, Toshiro and Kayoko Kobayashi, $647,700.


Aldershot Dr., 9207-William R. and Gale J. Goetzenberger to Thomas C. and Amy T. Greaser, $1.85 million.

Brookes Lane, 6422-Vanandchri Corp. to Troy W. Wasilefsky and Barret Jefferds, $1.8 million.

Corkran Lane, 9719-Rebecca R. and George B. Huckabay to Robert H. Range and Jessie Ei Jei Chen, $645,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 9649-Gene S. and Lauren S. Sachs to Ebnjamin S. Edson, $1.88 million.

Friendship Ct., 6306-Cora M. Yao to Christine Mukolwe, $615,000.

Honeybee Lane, 9016-Granville H. and Leigh W. Smith to William P. and Jannah V. Hobday, $775,000.

Locust Hill Rd., 9414-Steven M. and Cecile D. Worth to Patrick J. and Hayley M. Cole, $860,000.

Melvern Dr., 5907-Alan H. Pohoryles to Joshua Glenn and Ellis Leigh Lester, $740,000.

Montrose Ave., 10406, No. 10301-Brian R. Coyne to Adebimpe T. Huyemi, $209,000.

Portsmouth Rd., 5206-Louis G. Balla to Edward Harris Brownfield III and Jennifer C. Kim, $1.15 million.

Ridge Rd., 8805-Akan Ismaili to Edward Joseph Kania, $1.23 million.

Sentinel Dr., 4952, No. 8-203-Luis R. Viteri and Maria J. Paz to Justin S. and Anatasia Huvelle, $690,000.

Spruce Tree Ct., 17-Michael J. and Mary Ellen Mulcare to Ildy Katona, $710,000.

Weymouth St., 10500, No. 10513-John R. Butler to Chamseddine Azaiez and Vanessa Molina, $310,000.

Wilmett Rd., 5802-Seed Homes Inc. to Faris and Ruhanueh Badii, $506,000.


Gate Dancer Lane, 14213-Jeffrey S. and Cheryl B. Hillis to Fanggeng Zou and Li Ma, $612,000.


Gentry Lane, 21613-Jonathan and Ellen R. Maltz to Kimberly Struble and Scott A. Peterson, $645,000.


Angelton Ct., 3920-David Rathbun and Michelle Priestley Rathbun to Kemar Feurtadd and Ngan Ngo, $300,000.

Stepping Stone Lane, 3703-Richard Alan Schubach to Mario Aramis Villanueva, $290,000.


Aquamarine Terr., 2045-Dianne Shipler to Fiona Bapuji Divecha, $330,000.

Carriage House Dr., 11777, No. 19-Judy Fry and Thomas E. Byerly to Emily Villalta, $130,000.

Hollywood Ave., 901-Nancy A. Gebicke to Brian A. Gebicke and Kimberly A. Johnson, $412,000.

Montvale Dr., 13508-Seung S. and Shin S. Park to Johnny and Eunice S. Hernandez, $500,000.

Schubert Dr., 3105-Adrian Smith and Inda Delibergis to Abigili Josefine Reyes Salzaar, $375,000.

Stoner Dr., 13601-Kimberly Struble and Scott A. Peterson to Frank S. Marmo and Carrie Hill Kennedy, $587,500.


Chestnut St., 7200-Anne C. Dolce and Charles R. Canton to Jonathan and Heidi McCarthy Weinberg, $899,000.

East West Hwy., 4242, No. 1016-Charles P. and Susan A. Borchini to Rebekah M. Solomon, $246,000.

Inverness Dr., 3801-Seema Chandnani to Neal R. Urwitz and Caitlin E. Joffe, $730,000.

Meadow Lane, 7710-Anthony E. Varona and John R. Gill to Thomas A. Kelsey, $1.17 million.

Stanford St., 4315-Claude W. and Leesa J. Owen to Arnold and Sayoung Lee, $915,000.

Willett Pkwy., 4829, No. 76-Hope P. McGowan to Mehmet Coskun Cangoz, $815,000.


Brewers Tavern Way, 23301-Li Cao and Xueju Lin to Rajkumar Karakheti and Bishnu Maya Dallakoti Karakheti, $355,000.

Comus Rd., 15500-Ellen R. Pearl to Catherine M. and Kenneth W. Reddington, $412,500.

Gardenside Pl., 23516-Savi Nanan and Avinish P. Jaigobind to Mekete Mulugeta, $410,000.

Hemlock Hills Pl., 22402-NVR Inc. to Nicholas Forbes and Jennifer Ruhin, $631,735.

Meadow Mist Rd., 23012-Shailendra Singh and Payal Biswas to Hojathllah Mirbaheri, $389,000.

Needle Dr., 12409-Patrick E. Carr to Kevin and Maryanne Dimarco, $380,000.

Public House Rd., 23520-Miller and Smith at Clarksburg Corp. to Chih Chieh Chiang and Fiona Lee, $430,600.

Sweetspire Dr., 22505-Clarksburg Village Corp. and Clarksburg Village Pa to Kiran Kumar Banala, $478,366.

Winged Elm Dr., 23002-Chun Ka and Judith Yu to Raul U. Martinez and Jacqueline R. Duvall, $399,999.


Farmcrest Ct., 23-CitiFinancial Servicing Corp. and Olympus Assets Mangement Inc. to Milagro De Jesus Sorto and Rodolfo Enrique Sorto, $215,000.

Seibel Dr., 2505-Elizabeth Ann Bolan and Onn Wolf Lindwasser to Guadalupe E. Orellana and Jerson G. Orellana Ayala, $429,000.


Biscayne Lane, 10004-Bradford M. and Teresa A. Bernardo to Travis L. and Elizabeth K. Peters, $343,900.

Durango Dr., 10109-Ken and Maria Gwira to Jose R. Alvarenga, $320,000.

Ridge Rd., 24711-Floyd E. Maske III to Jin Hwan Kim and Mi Lyung Oh, $370,000.

Stanley Hills Way, 26000-Donn W. and Cynthia M. Grimm to Tal and Revital Darmon, $990,000.


Havenside Terr., 7722-Kumanan S. Easwarachan and Diane L. Lee to Candace Lee, $315,000.

Wheat Fall Ct., 7617-Catherine M. Shope to Karen A. Gibson, $420,000.


Brookmoor Ct., 10416-Doris M. Euler to William M. and Kimberly Six, $510,000.

Snowy Owl Dr., 117-Ronald Chandra and Bebi Z. Raghunandan to Michael Anthony Floissac and Veronique Marie Morin, $560,000.

Woodmoor Cir., 10201-Vicki Young Sook Yoo to Dejene G. Kassaye and Sitina K. Ebu, $780,000.


Benji Ct., 16, No. 137-Gaby Cordova Zenteno to Hang Thi Thu Doan and Luc Van Pham, $162,000.

Carousel Ct., 424-Christopher M. and Nalu Lapadula to Jose R. Gastanaga, $254,000.

Fallow Dr., 8116, No. 18-Federal National Mortgage Association to Crystal Kelly, $232,000.

Guildberry Dr., 18405, No. 201-Gerald M. Fraynert to Xiufa Zhang and Lin Ma, $119,800.

Laytonia Dr., 7533-Tim Tran to Suzan Hussein and Mohammed Mustafa Ibrahim, $233,000.

Sherwood Green Way, 19205-James J. and Jean M. Parm to Joseph P. and Joan B. Suntum, $749,900.

Turtle Dove Lane, 9129-Kok Chung and Rosanna Wong to Juliana Isibor, $252,000.


Beacon Hill Terr., 519-Mathew J. Toomey to Carine Gaelle Albert and Florent Refauvelet, $420,000.

Bostwick Lane, 456-Allen M. Krum to Rebecca Merchant and Jason Daniel Parker, $519,888.

Chestnut Hill St., 436-Diane Naedel to Daniel and Heather Shaivitz, $655,000.

Featherstone St., 940-Theodore M. and Karen Malaska to Adam R. and Meredith E. Polsky, $785,000.

Good Meadow Ct., 15000-Timothy F. and Robin Evnas to Antonia Kousiafes, $509,900.

High Meadow Way, 14528-Donald Victor and Elaine S. Perino to Mark and Margaret Klaassens, $870,000.

Main St., 903-Guohui Yuan and Hong Jiang to Jungyu Han, $538,000.

Prairie Landing Terr., 10505-Francine M. Pivinski to Min C. and Michael S. Yu, $360,000.

Ramsburg Ct., 11406-Jaleh Khorsha Daee and Holly H. Runge to Govindaraj Kumaran and Savitha Manickam, $998,000.

Upshire Cir., 443-Earl R. and Anne Deslattes Mays to Sherry S. Van Sloun, $660,000.


Barksdale Ct., 19121-Samuel P. and Brenda J. Williamson to James Fair and Dorothy Foggis, $479,500.

Dairymaid Dr., 13135, No. 129-U.S. Bank and Caliber Real Estate Services Corp. to Yuefeng Peng, $91,000.

Demetrias Way, 13449-Karen M. Rancont to Xiaodong Lin and Yongli Gu, $180,000.

Falconcrest Cir., 17811-William G. and Gail L. Hoover to Marlon C. and Claire G. Queja, $659,000.

Gassaway Lane, 19610-Achal Dua and Ekta Kochar to Anilson Murinjatheri and Divya Chully, $415,000.

Indian Grass Dr., 17013-Seema Qadri to Kevin S. Lee, $490,000.

Lowfield Terr., 13407-Alex Martinez and Partners Inc. to Sara Mushtaq, $290,000.

Pinnacle Dr., 12972, No. 16-Thaddeus E. Danhauer to Ken Wang and Xumin Ouyang, $160,000.

Shamrock Glen Dr., 13026, No. 203-Yamil Obed Hernandez to Samuel H. and Sarah Hoffman, $345,500.

St Peter Ct., 12205, No. J-Vandre P. Hylton to Rickeya L. Johnson, $162,000.

Summer Oak Dr., 11582-U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas Taylor Korvah and Jacqueline Byewolu Caulker, $261,900.

Waters Point Lane, 20467-Jerrald A. Wilson to Zahra Zahedi, $217,500.


Blueford Rd., 3213-Daniel J. Monlux to Pulin S. and Christina F. Modi, $490,000.

Drumm Ave., 10916-Malik Jamaes and Hussain A. Tuma to Amaris Anglero and Salvador Douglas Jovel, $352,900.

Orleans Way, 10902-Levi Corp. to Mario P. Brunetti, $635,000.

University Blvd. W., 3229, No. 3229G-Charlotte L. and George C. Hogan to Claudia Roca and Eric Luna, $133,500.


Eli Lane, 23712-Mary K. Argauer and Mary K. Rozada to Ryan Matthew and Diana N. Hyde, $394,000.

Harrisons Farm Way, 9308-Linnet O. Grant to Jeffrey W. and Carie A. Wheeler, $912,900.

Planter Lane, 7501-Bradley J. and Lorna M. Klenrock to Saimon Nunes Da Rocha and Christiana Borges Da Rocha, $350,000.


Brassie Way, 9679-Young C. Wang to Henry Dak Wing Man, $205,000.

Chatteroy Pl., 9438-Jeremy and Angela Soto Mack to Jubril and Aizat Subusola Oladapo, $325,000.

Cove Ledge Ct., 10249-Ross Wiczer to Mary L. and Stephen Widener, $279,400.

Grazing Way, 20319-Bank of America to Guoxing Huang, $163,350.

Kindly Ct. N., 19110-Wenceslao Cortez to Rosari Lemus and Liz Tathyana Rivandeira, $307,000.

Strath Haven Dr., 20503-U.S. Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Chih Chung Han, $178,994.

Thomas Lea Terr., 8852-David L. and Raquel Soraya Howell to Christopher Carl Peter Kaleyias, $357,000.


Royal Rd., 10327-Marilin Barillas to Edilberto Nicia and Dora Alicia Linares, $308,000.


Big Bear Ct., 14302-Ultra Properties Corp. to Paul Jozef Duran and Omar D. Reyes, $560,000.

Chesterwood Dr., 3816, No. 419-Noura Salman to Alcina Hoang Tran, $179,000.

Fall Acre Ct., 14101, No. 7-22-Martin W. Mullan to Kelin Fuentes, $170,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3301, No. 105-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Ted Dang, $79,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-Estate of Caroline Sykes Miller and Frank Nelson Miller to Robert and Ruthe Kaplan, $294,000.

Ladymeade Dr., 2412-Michael Karen to Clara Evans, $290,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 2-Steven M. Bowers and the estate of Ruth C. Monaghan to Howard and Alice Linbda Baum, $330,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 618-David George Fischer to Bettina I. Buonanno, $255,000.

Massanutten Dr., 2315-Patricia B. Saffen to Tiannhua Wang, $379,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15316, No. 82-3A-Federal National Mortgage Association to Delinda H. Washington, $156,500.

Regina Dr., 3208-Jo Ann and Roy Abbott Goertner to Jorge M. Uscamayta Condori, $340,000.

Taos Ct., 14429, No. 5-T-Judith A. Robinson to Cleydi R. Pacheco Salazar, $185,000.

Wilcox Lane, 1748-Bonnie Brooks Young and the estate of Holly Anne Brooks to Teresita De Castro Mascarinas and Arthur Susan Mascarinas, $263,000.


Buehler Rd., 17822, No. 1-Larry A. Ganbin Jr. to Christopher Lawrence and Vicki Hope Nash, $145,000.

Forest Crossing Ct., 18406-Theodor M. and Amy E. Talvac to Kevin M. and Camille M. Henley, $673,500.

Lindenwood Dr., 2911-Renwick C. and Rosanna L. Harvey to Shripal D. Shah and Ami P. Banker, $525,000.

Ohara Pl., 3028-Eugene H. and Rose Mary O’Brien to Huguet I. Hernandez and Ezequiel J. Valladares, $277,000.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18240, No. 31-Edith A. Barbely to April J. Lee, $245,000.

Spartan Rd., 3228, No. 2-C-4-Bnafsha F. and Rashed Sayed Saberi to Jason Raouf Abushaikha, $162,500.

Weston Pl., 4651-Sergio and Deborah Coelho to Harialos Demogiorgas, $395,000.


Crimson Leaf Terr., 9412-Frank T. McFaden to Jason D. Bernstein and Heather Lief, $1.21 million.

Garden Ct., 9304-Anne Elise Moore to Luis A. and Sandra J. Benevides, $885,000.

Kentsdale Dr., 9928-Robert N. and Norma O. Riess to Andres Londono and Catalina Tafur Arbelaez, $1.1 million.

Oracle Pl., 7819-Alan Vedadi to Julia Timofeev, $835,000.

River Falls Dr., 7304-Matthew J. and Rose W. Oppenheim to Meredith Anne G. Coppinger, $1.1 million.

Victory Ct., 5-Wahida Huo and Al Ameen Chaudhury to Hagay and Talia Sassoon Cohen, $700,000.


Adams St. S., 133-Ethel E. Hickman to John P. and Karen L. Anselmo, $760,000.

Bargate Ct., 11936, No. 886-30-Shirley May Steinbach and Joav Steinbach to Yaroslav Ryabov and Natalia Grishina, $490,000.

Carr Ave., 725-Carr Rockville Corp. to Goshen Valley Investments Corp., $355,000.

Cross Haven Ct., 10208-Vijay K. and Kiran K. Sangar to Jie Hang and Samantha He, $970,000.

Edson Lane, 5902-John M. Walker and Patricia A. Hinton Walker to Sharon and James Norman, $634,900.

Forest Landing Cir., 14913-Alexander and Raisa Zilberman to Stuart A. Turner, $475,000.

Juniper Hill Rd., 9803-Glen J. and Silvana L. Heitmann to Bhavin Patel and Prali Dave, $1.29 million.

Nelson St., 807-Amy Laura Maddox and Victoria Lynn Peebles to Edward and Caitlin Drew, $610,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 327-Charles A. and Margaret T. Lewis to Yinglu Tong, $395,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11909, No. 886-30-Niles and Tumirah Hancock to Olver Andres Bernal Ostos, $205,000.

Pommel Dr., 14639-Mark E. and Ilene M. Cohen to Chenh Li Zhang, $727,000.

Riding Fields Rd., 12314-Robert R. Parr to Andy Q. Yuan and Jian Gou, $1.18 million.

Scandia Way, 3-Qurose Beklik to Mariya Rakhovskaya and Nir Moaz, $480,000.

Wilmart St., 1710-Nasser Shirazi to Yashar and Gail Shirazi, $600,000.


Yellow Leaf Way, 11120-Byung Chan and Young Sook Song to Felix A. and Lidia Laboy, $495,000.


Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 711-Quang and Kim Tran to Samuel and Veweyneshet Suraphel, $315,000.

Ellsworth Heights St., 69-CS Homes Associates Corp. to Anchal Kaushiva and Devraj Choudhuri, $819,660.

Greenbrier Dr., 409-Charles S. Albert to Canden S. Arciniega and Manuel G. Ariciniega, $579,000.

Luzerne Ave., 1711-Teresa Marie Walsh to Peter and Kristin Lipke Sparding, $585,000.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1900, No. 1012-Francisco Del Pozo Flores to Kelly D. Blackmon, $150,000.

Sligo Ave., 737-Barbara L. Hartman and Johanna Gross to Erika Grimm and Ryan McGeorge, $589,000.

Thayer Ave., 511-Timothy A. and Amy C. Craig to Daniel and Kimberly Marie Prager, $545,000.

16th St., 9108-Donald A. and Audre Fields Williams to Jacquelyn D. and Vincent G. Wharton, $525,000.


Flower Ave., 7219, No. 2-Adil Alp Keceli to Mari Arnette, $171,500.

Lee Ave., 111-Wedgewood LLLP to Arron Fritschner and Karen Feagin, $235,000.

Poplar Ave., 6610-Todd Bolton to Kristen Dill, $565,000.


Broadwood Dr., 1203-David W. and Katherine E. Oleksa to Sameet Sreenivasan and Andrea Asztalos, $381,000.

Kennon Ct., 1019-Linda Sue MacDermid to James Chumley Augustus Crosland Jr. and Kiera Derman, $432,000.

Rockwood Dr., 1505-Brian E. Holmes and the estate of Ernest W. Boussy to Susi and Daniel Cahyadi, $325,000.


Amherst Ave., 10709-Baltimore Home Wholesalers Corp. to Glenda Urgiles, $502,000.

Bluhill Rd., 11932-Carlos Santiago and Margot Sazo Romero to Ivania D. Arriola, $240,000.

Centerhill St., 11912-Michael and Amon K. Colburn to Jasvinder Kaur and Balvinder Singh, $225,000.

Dublin Dr., 1610-Arthur L. and Ina L. Waidmann to Kristoffer S. Tripplaar and Jennifer L. Dodenhoff, $40,000.

Green Holly Terr., 10301-Judith Bihop and Connie Shortridge to Georgina B. Smith, $375,000.

Hemley Lane, 10415-Robert J. and Barbara J. Reges to Jean Pierre Assaas and Selena Perkins, $340,000.

Moline Rd., 3308-Federated Holdings of Maryland Corp. to Sarah B. Williamson and Marie S. Dade, $380,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Tudor Dr., 3407-Bruce S. and Deborah L. Cohen to Paul M. and Nicole M. Pultar, $435,000.


C St. E., 15-Harry W. Minnick and the estate of Helen V. Minnick to Leonid Soubbotin, $70,000.

K St. E., 212-Bank of New York Mellon to Pete Bianchini, $61,000.

Village Green Way, 1304-NVR Inc. to Eric K. Six and Kelsey A. Hagan, $283,065.


Cool Crest Dr., 3509-Irene G. Swantkowski to Mark A. and Jillian M. Roelkey, $330,000.


Brookfield Dr., 1230-Christopher and Jennifer Staiger to John F. and Melanie T. Owens, $350,000.


Angelwing Lane, 718-Donny G. and Yolanda G. Johnson to Stephen H. Strickland, $355,000.

Bradley Ct., 502, No. 5C-Jason R. Lucas to Laura Covington, $159,000.

Clarendon Terr., 4972-Elizabeth A. Weisgerber to Timothy and Stephanie Fields, $219,990.

David Lane, 1396-Matthew and Marina E. Moseng to Juan Diaz and Emma Claros, $175,000.

Ellrose Ct., 533-U.S. Bank and MASTR Adjustable Rate Mortgage Trust to Kun Shen and Wei Ju, $82,950.

Fringetree Ct., 5794-Wells Fargo Bank to Jun Tang, $157,000.

Jefferson Pike., 5531-Charles Hughes to Louie Walton and Linsey Marie Ashton, $287,000.

Jefferson Commons Way, 5936-NVR Inc. to Kevin P. and Patricia G. Douds, $321,425.

Leben Dr., -NVR Inc. to Brenda Leitner, $274,950.

Mount Zion Rd., 5125-Deutsche Bank to Honghung Judy Tran, $419,344.

Planters Ct., 5827-Federal National Mortgage Association to Xiongong and Xiuli Chen, $122,950.

Renn Rd., 5372-John and Emily M. Sines to Pamela Denise Myers, $313,000.

Walcott Lane, 6375-NVR Inc. to Lady Protes, $349,000.

Walcott Lane, 6511-NVR Inc. to Lorre Stottlemyer, $305,825.

Wythe Ct., 6806-Bank of New York Mellon to Michael Stevens, $290,000.


Barrington Dr., 6400-Bower & Bower Builders Inc. to William and Virginia Fleet, $475,000.

Bentz St. N., 508-Lancaster Craftsmen Cuilders Inc. to Marshall R. and Laura Ann Micheals, $465,000.

Briarcliff Lane, 8815-Kevin Bates to Greg P. Belt, $277,000.

Clipper Ct., 7986-Meghan L. Wilson to Casey J. and Carolyn Q. Burdette, $233,000.

Fairbanks Lane, 6403-Kyle E. and Jessica R. Albright to Patricia Corbin Banks, $343,000.

Holden Rd., 1138-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Diana M. Dolan, $387,225.

Liberty Rd., 10399-Tony G. McLean to Robert and Tonya Purdum, $299,000.

Oakley Terr., 6400-Robert H. and Teresa K. Baker to Yvonne and Josh Weinstein, $359,900.

Poolside Lane, 1810, No. 32B-Charles M. and Mary Lawrence Poore to Wesley Aaron Wiser, $235,000.

Second St. E., 106-Christopher R. Lewis to Thomas M. and Miranda M. Darby, $465,000.

Shearwater Lane, 2712-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Jeremy Meskimen, $336,770.

South St. W., 203-Kevin J. and Gladden P. O’Neill to Daniel W. Conrad, $279,000.

Eighth St. E., 110-Pamela L. Jeffers to Sandra Blake, $225,000.


Caisson Rd., 2106-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Shelley A. Kapp, $295,000.

Country Ct., 1703-Michael Simons and Kelly R. McCutcheon to Anthony M. Moriarty, $149,000.

Falstone Dr., 6812-Department of Veterans Affairs to Joyce E. Morgan, $317,000.

Greenleaf Dr. W., 2252-Jonathan and Rachel Wissner to Ralph and Catherine Mastantuono, $390,000.

Jollie Dr., 5595-Suzanne F. and Carl J. Nielsen to Jordan Carduner and Heather D. Angelo, $375,000.

Lee Pl., 406-Adam S. and Meagan L. Fogle to Judith Lynn Kornett, $257,000.

Ridge Rd., 8024-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Lucas Moxley, $220,500.

Spring Run Cir., 2037-Day Development Co. and Greentree Homes to Jenna R. Duranko, Cynthia R. Duranko and Cynthia H. Smith, $259,900.

Tuscarora Valley Ct., 2017-Day Development Co. and Greentree Homes to James J. and Kathryn A. Bockins, $331,900.

Whitehall Rd., 2100, No. BB-Patricia A. Mascaro to Carol Mamattah, $132,500.


Ridenour Rd., 14408-Ronald Chen to Laurie A. Baker, $30,000.


Loch Haven Dr., 2721-Ronald and Janis L. Stalbaum to Kristina McCloy and Scott M. Springirth, $416,000.

Whiskey Ct., 4802-Douglas and Karen McGee to Louis A. Bevilacqua and Heather M. Goren, $993,000.


Rosemont Dr., 900-Robert E. and Virginia L. Houck to Lawrence F. and Patrcia E. Watkins, $369,900.


Handboard Rd., 11510-Byron L. Grossnickle to Michael S. and Janet Conner, $830,000.


Deer Spring Rd., 4632-Laurie S. Stuckey and Barbara S. Zimmerman to Laurie S. Stuckey, $25,000.

Mountain Church Rd., 6605-Jeanette and David M. Weatherholt to Edward T. Winfield and Heather R. Delauter, $80,032.

Prospect St., 104-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and Champion Mortgage Co. of Texas to Terrelyn S. Greszler, $230,000.


Glowing Hearth Way, 10710-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jeffrey M. and Jeanne M. Fahrner, $353,700.

Tranquility Ct., 4013-Richard D. Eubanks and Dallas L. Eubanks to Tyler David Knott, $313,000.


Jesse Smith Rd., 13400-Stephen R. Probey and Nancy Sue S. Probey to Eric J. and Jodi Weakland, $690,000.

Oak Dr. W., 12604-Gary L. and Pammela D. Parrish to Brian J. and Sharon L. Layton, $545,000.

Old National Pike., 13518-Helen B. Hawthorne to Kevin Y. Yao and Kelly A. McGuire, $75,900.


Black Rock Rd., 3057-Stacy P. Timble and Stephenie P. Wikberg to Zene Alan and Sara Jane Wolfe, $500,000.


Balmoral Rdg., 6799-Carol M. Baker and John J. Olinski to Melissa Lorine and Mathin Keith Rowley, $461,900.

Divot Ct., 10907-Tyler Wormald Westwinds Corp. to Christopher W. and Katelyn R. Masters, $440,290.

High Beach Ct. E., 6610-Jose L. Alejandro and Milca T. Diez to Jennifer L. Blaugrund, $209,000.

Meyer Ave., 5713-Mark H. and Deborah G. Ring to Rehan Bashir and Fauzia Rehan, $482,500.

Sawyer Rd., 6188-Matthew J. and April Bucher to Jacob R. and Bonnie J. Heider, $420,000.

Woodland Rd., 9623-Doman L. and Lindsey L. Webb to Iris R. Johnson, $499,000.


Swains Lock Ct., 2185-Cody C. Worthington to Brandon F. Badgley, $247,500.


Sabillasville Rd., -Federal National Mortgage Association to Kevin Brunner and Cynthia Free, $230,000.


Kelbaugh Rd., 16146-Gregory T. and Annette N. Windsor to Nicole M. Markman, $145,000.

Moser Rd., 13550-William and Carol Ann Hudak to Gregory Wayne Dewees, Patrcia D. Dewees and Sandra Jean Eyler, $265,000.

Sunny Way, 113-Deutsche Bank and Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. to Michael and Holly Late, $136,149.


Brushfield Dr., 4123-Edward L. and Kelly A. Gerdiner to Nathaniel E. and Kelly Kreel, $550,000.

Kenway Lane, 9104-Monocy Land Co. to Bradley and Holly Ortman, $493,120.

McPherson St., 9043-William P. and Michelle H. Powell to Mazhar A. Syed and Sadia Nayeem, $365,500.

Seward Lane, 3715-Earl J. and Kristen Knight to Barry Joens III, $585,000.

Worthington Blvd., 3568-Parkwood Homes LTD to Xuda Zhang, $633,500.


Fallsworth Pl., 300-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Nelson and Elizabeth Oliveira, $380,000.