Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Baltimore Rd., 2509, No. 2509-4-Yi Chang and Shing Huang to Mary V. Ley, $180,000.

Levada Terr., 4804-Bank of New York Mellon to Kamaljeet Singh and Mohammad Alkarmi, $355,950.

Park Lake Dr., 3810-Bentley Hamilton to Rohit K. and Suchi Sood Saini, $670,000.


Battery Pl., 8911, No. 31-Joseph W. and Marisa D.K. Morse to Agnieszka Demianska, $474,900.

Brook Lane N., 8314-Bianca Benincasa to George Neshski and Ami Conti, $567,500.

Cedar Way, 9214-Victor Henry Esch Jr. and the estate of Albert Frederick Esch to Francesca Rawleigh and Alper A. Ozinal, $944,000.

Duvall Dr., 5405-Eugene K. and Stephen G. Lawson to Vincent and Milagros Urbancic, $1.35 million.

Fleming Ave., 10001-Savvy By Sandy Spring Builders Corp. to Chester Martin and Rita Mandel Stein, $1.78 million.

Hartsdale Ave., 8712-Anand Gurunath and Anagha Anand Barve to Samir M. and Vaishali S. Deshpande, $780,200.

King Charles Way, 5207, No. 2-16-Neelima Denduluri and Kiran Kolluri to Aki Naganuma and Stanley Stocker, $515,000.

Malden Dr., 5018-William F. Askinazi to Ryan and Andrea L. Kiernan, $660,000.

Nevis Rd., 6913-One Parkwood Corp. to Desmond P. Smith and Ryan D. Nickulas, $2.65 million.

Pepperell Ct., 33-Bandana S. and Alakadri K. Bose to Sanjeev and Gyata Kataria, $870,000.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 308-Clare S. Hume to Mladen Basaric and Suzana Basaric Ilic, $375,000.

Winnebago Rd., 6216-John S. and Wendy M. Myseros to Jacob and Elizabeth Appleton, $1.5 million.


Foolish Pleasure Rd., 14510-Rong Liu and Bo Yu to Seong Jeong, $368,000.


Brighton Dam Rd., 422-U.S. Bank to Neal J. and Beth A. Atwell, $432,000.

Tanterra Way, 18712-Lester R. and Peggy L. Vough to Young Hwan Kim and Hye Sook Min, $398,000.


Leatherwood Ct., 3-Yoriko Harigaya and Yukio Koibuchi to Mackenzie Nussbaum and Rhonda Stockinger, $260,000.


Apple Grove Rd., 710-Christopher Mathews to Frances McWorter and Tierney Eichman, $401,000.

Carriage House Terr., 1611, No. 1611-C-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tara Neuheisel, $115,000.

Clifton Rd., 13401-Frances Kumpf to Jennifer Voss, $320,000.

Ivywood Lane, 13728-NVR Inc. to Belay Beshah and Eskedar Kassa, $689,470.

Meadowood Dr., 12600-N. Foster Allen and Beverly M. Hyatt Allen to Retta Makonnen and Tensaye Aynalem, $425,000.

Strauss Terr., 2931-Sultan A. Ibrahim and Seada A. Degu to Christopher Sansaricq, $2.5 million.

Whitingham Dr., 509-James and Sue Goodwin to Johnathan P. Lloyd and Tiffani D. Stevenson Lloyd, $419,000.


Essex Ave., 4721-Stephanie T. Ringland and the estate of Valentina Ringland to Richard James and Michelle Hondal Scurfield, $1.55 million.

Hillandale Rd., 6609, No. 90-David A. Williams and Frances Lachowicz to Haluk Resat, $550,000.

Kenwood Forest Lane, 6735, No. 40-Adele A. Shinsky and Nancy J. Ratherdale to Javier Lesaca Esquiroz and Teresa Uranga Jadraque, $655,000.

Village Park Pl., 8617-John and Barbara S. Magistro to Charles J. and Dominique Faselis, $1.59 million.


Brick Haven Way, 22454-Aklilu A. Ande to Nelson E. Brizuela and Ana Ingrid Jimenez, $233,212.

Ginger Tree Way, 22112-Green River Capital Corp. to Roger and Kathleen Ramkeesoon, $500,000.

Trentworth Way, 22235-Sun Jin Hong and Kyong Chong Cha to Douangchay Yao and Ting Li, $395,500.


Donna Dr., 15213-Bank of New York Mellon to Frances C. Gomes, $364,000.

Peach Orchard Rd., 15418-Robert L. and Meredith A. Holman to Brian Patrick McGee, $472,500.


Damascus Park Terr., 25359-Megan Abshari Means to Selina Shengqing Gao, $335,000.

Valley Park Terr., 25704, No. F-3-Home Ways Residential Corp. to Haoyue Wang and Xiao Wu, $270,414.


Needwood Rd., 8111, No. 304-I. Kenneth and Gayle B. Brooks to Xin Liu, $233,000.


Branch Dr., 406-As Pontos Corp. and Gregory Funding Corp. to Rebecca A. Espina, $424,000.

Cherry Tree Lane, 10204-Timothy J. and Courtney Kane to Matthew G. and McNevin M. Morris, $703,500.

Encore Dr., 11449-Charles Von and Stephanie Gardiner to Solomon Y. Haile and Emebet Shiferaw Woldeslasie, $365,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 705-Sandra Lee and Lewis M. Newmyer to Steven J. Bulthuis and Rosanne Morici, $434,000.

Indian Spring Dr. E., 210-Clement H. and Janice Rall to Lubomir Lubomirov and Lubimor Alexiev Mitov, $590,000.

Melbourne Ave. E., 500-Johnny Harper to Kevin Harper, $40,000.

Snure Rd., 900-James Mattingly to Adam Timothy and Sarah Lynn Pearl, $384,500.


Cypress Hill Way, 19312-Timothy P. and Mary S. McCarty to Terrence S. Walsh, Alexander N. Walendziak and McKenzie S. Walsh, $735,000.

Girard St., 446, No. 306-Joe Haley to Fernando Xol Tiul and Julia Castro Chiquicondor, $82,000.

Linden Hall Ct., 9-Marshall R. Mazer to Ryan S. Johnson, $415,000.

Southern Night Lane, 1024-Hsiao Chiang Yu to Sheldon Thomas Frantz, $290,000.

Taverney Dr., 19555-Azizur R. and Sohayly P. Khan to Riazur and Roushanara Ali Khan, $240,000.


Ambiance Ct., 13-Kenneth and Barbara A. Kuehn to David and Sharon Harvey, $408,000.

Capps Ct., 8-Tomas and Carlos Cervantes to Gregory Joseph Spero and Cally Rebecca Chakrian, $366,000.

Devereaux Terr., 14639-Natalia Alexandrova to Maria Bindy Bagh and Sirsendu Jana, $392,500.

Fields Rd., 9701, No. 208-Nader and Yildiz Heyat to Shia Feng Wang, $172,000.

Golden Ash Way, 32-Christine Lin to Jonathan A. Freed, $539,000.

Quail Run Dr., 15408-Harold A. and Susan M. Levin to Francesca Cimino and Justin Davis, $760,000.

Side Dr. W., 976, No. 21-H-Amy Yu Tzu Tsui to Tiger Liang and Shuhua Zhao, $209,000.

Sweetbough Ct., 12348-Kyung Chun Lee and Matthew O. Mastracci to Tugba Gulden and Haydar Celik, $415,000.


Montrose Ave., 10933-Deborah Johnson to Reena Advani and Ajay Bhatt, $675,000.


Autumn Mist Dr., 18633-Tri Chau Pham and Nga Dieu Dinh to Jun Wang, $349,000.

Briarwick St., 14006-ARLP Reo II Corp. to Tapas and Pranati Panda, $448,604.

Caravan Dr., 19462-Allyson G. Harvey to Fritz and Claudia Wesslhoft, $375,000.

Churchill Ridge Cir., 12909, No. 7-12-Steven A. Barrie to Debra J. Giacchetta, $2.19 million.

Curry Powder Lane, 18700-Justin T. Bridgett and Adelaide Da Silva to Justin T. Bridgett, $101,000.

Falconcrest Cir., 17829-Wells Fargo Bank to Xueli Sun, $573,300.

Grotto Ct., 11-Michael D. and Priscilla A. Shannon to Hoan Ngoc and Thanh Binh Tran, $290,000.

Indian Grass Dr., 17023-Jerry A. and Kimberly A. Dronenburg to Baljeet and Amandeep Sandhu, $524,900.

Liberty Heights Lane, 19336-Gregory R. Gosnell to Carmen V. and Cynthia Y. Velasquez, $280,000.

Misty Meadow Terr., 19238-Laura Lentz to Yheudy K. Stancil Bencomo, $230,000.

Pickering Ct., 15, No. 15-101-Caren M. Brown to Joni Lynette Bosan, $177,000.

Rockingham Pl., 18016-Miao Feng Duan to Jacob M. Miller, $420,000.

Skip Jack Dr., 12146-Naomi Dyer to Kelvin Maurice and Adrianna Lucia Little, $291,000.

Trailside Way, 13003, No. 5-2-Sun Jin Choi to Jian Zhang and Suhua Wang, $202,000.

Warrior Brook Terr., 13613-Permjit Brown to Boonchai B. Boonyaratanakornkit and Lan Nguyen, $382,000.

Willow Spring Dr., 19111-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lino Romero and Daniela Nogales, $260,000.


Casper St., 10728-Joseph Sherwood and Jocelyn A. McGinnis to Kathleen and Erik Sizemore, $740,000.

Farragut Ave., 3511-Lawrence and Richard Warren to Darin and Peter N. Bartram, $375,000.

Puller Dr., 4313-Lowell Plank to Anne Easby Smith Gardner and Grant B. Gardner, $514,000.


Heather Field Ct., 9207-Michael H. and Doreen L. Cohen to Mauricio Bascunan and Misty Heggeness, $775,000.

Pleasant View Lane, 23720-James and Patricia Savary to Cain De Jesus Garcia Orellana and Mauricio Reynaldo Mendoza, $216,933.

Wiley Ct., 20308-Paulo C. and Kalliopi K. Docouta to Michael and Michelle G. Seelman, $1.3 million.


Capehart Dr., 19134-Ihar and Halina Muliarchyk to Thomas William and Lesly Caroline Pettit, $299,900.

Freestate Pl., 9809-Henry and Judith Thierry to Jason Saul Rosenberg, $498,000.

Hellingly Pl., 9918, No. 149-Thomas R. Cuff to Alvaro Preciado Diaz, $97,000.

Kindly Ct. N., 19104-Carlo Magno Cura De Vera and Barbara Louise De Vera to Victor M. Nicmic and Maria Josef A. Nicmic, $260,000.

Nathans Pl., 18773-Joel V. San Buenaventura to Gloria E. Cureton, $210,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10019-Quazi Nizamuddin to Quazi Zafor, $220,000.

Strath Haven Ct., 8-Ashwin A. Metha to Vira and Bita Safai, $223,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18753-Aslam M. Ansari to Guadalupe Gomez De La Torre and Louis A. Gomez De La Torre, $257,000.

Wild Apple Cir., 10226-Eugene P. Dibella to Sofiya Cherni, $230,000.


Forest Hill Dr., 2016-Pa Yusu and Yaisa Jawara Samba to Frank W. Velasquez, Mercedes Umanzor and Evelin M. Umanzor, $335,900.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 502-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Seth Berman, $110,000.


Bel Pre Rd., 3974, No. 3974-7-Zhao Luan Zheng and Qing Yue He to Sushil K., Arvinder K., Marisol and Patricia Sharma, $129,000.

Dewey Rd., 11613-Bruce Kevin and Kevin Jackson to Audelino David Giron and Ileana Dela Paz Vasquez, $353,000.

Forest Edge Dr., 3501, No. 14-Kathleen J. Marsden and the estate of George E. Jarboe to Stanley C. Jones and Shelagh Hodson, $195,000.

Harrell St., 3310-DMV Development 3310 Corp. to Manuel D. Guevara, Marvin Antonio Mata and Jose A. Guevara, $365,000.

Idlewood Rd., 11608-Thomas R. Thoma Jr. and the estate of Thomas R. Thoma Sr. to Erick Eduardo Herrera, $2.69 million.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-219-Howard Steinhardt and Doris S. Cohen to Salvador M. Rivera, $135,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3100, No. 523-Millie A. Bahn and Phyllis Rabinowitz to John Angelopulos, $150,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-615-Selma A. and Morton Kisseleff to Michael Victor Zanville and Steven M. Shaffer, $130,000.

Redspire Dr., 13207-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jin Woo and Sung Ja Shin, $736,269.

Sun Valley Cir., 2366, No. 2-H-Anthony C. and Bridget C. Launi to Anebech Negatu Shibeshi, $197,000.

Wolfcreek Way, 14201, No. 3-24-Mitchel V. Capulong to Elma S. Torela and Evie A. Sajot, $189,900.


Chipping Ct., 17748-Sean and Jessica Brennan to Sam T. and Silvia V. Hazel, $299,000.

Gallagher Way, 17500-Dan Edward and Melba Griffin Martin to Shawna L. Rafalko and Heberto Galicia Rodriguez, $310,000.

Overwood Dr., 18005-Norman and Susan M. Dudley to Madjid Karimi E. Asl, $460,000.


Ansin Circle Dr., 12526-Elaine H. Richard to Robert D. Scheige, $900,000.

Carmelita Dr., 9821-Joseph M. and Tracy Lyn Stanton to Christopher J. Cusack and Lauren Z. Gavaries, $1.93 million.

Gauguin Lane, 11501-Marvin B. and Suzanne C. Rosenblatt to Charl Francois and Rene Bonita Marais, $855,000.

Heatherton Lane, 7827-Jane Barker Sweeney to Brian B. and Joanna W. Leung, $580,000.

Park Potomac Ave., 12500, No. 909-Alberto and Aminta L. Hoyos to Bruce Herman, $1.14 million.

Scotland Dr., 7801-U.S. Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Shucai Guan and Ping Chen, $478,909.

Winterset Ct., 10-Barry S. and Lynne G. Slevin to Jeffrey A. and Nicole V. Lehtman, $1.23 million.


College Pkwy., 752, No. 7-752-MT Property Corp. to Christopher A. Freeman, $358,500.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15302, No. 9-3-Dongen Lily Lu to Patrick D. Burke, $269,000.

Fire Princess Ct., 14-James F. and Lorine P. Coyle to Adam J. Gadaleto and Michelle E. Lacey, $595,000.

Hurley Ave., 710-Atanas N. Stoilov and Yang Li to Allison Chang and Emmett Moran Vanriper, $422,000.

Mark Lane, 1710-H&O Development Corp. to Moshe and Oshrat Goldbrrg Hodara, $750,000.

Mount Vernon Pl., 402-Ines and Alberto Camacho to Ines and Tatian Camacho, $200,000.

Paxton Rd., 6621-Lloyd A. and Marie T. Ronick to Jihwang Yeo and Yooah Kim, $930,000.

Potomac Corner Dr., 10312-Gautam and Jasmine A. Sudhakar to George C. Sellner, $705,000.

Schuylkill Rd., 11432-Federal National Mortgage Association to Eder D. Barbosa, $305,500.

Wickshire Way, 11020, No. 43-544-Philip H. and Janine V. Armstrong to Corey and Emily Baker, $590,000.


Amber Ridge Cir., 12139-Young Ju and Meyoung Kon Kim to Yulia V. Rychkova, $329,000.

Emerald Way, 12213-Bejamin D. and Mary Mittapalli to Bedh P. Yadav and Sailu Subedi, $450,000.

Herefordshire Way, 11416-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Servis One Inc. to Ali Benayed, $151,000.


Cedar St., 8217-Lawrence Michael Tyminski to Alisa Abadinsky and Marc Greenfield, $775,000.

Deerfield Ave., 609-Deerfield Partners Corp. to Benjamin D. and Viviana V. Roseth, $675,000.

Fenwick Lane, 1320, No. 6-1320 Residences Corp. to Li Liang Chen and Xiaofan Li, $249,900.

Rosensteel Ave., 9810-H. Samuel and Joan M. Holtgraver to Lei Ming Tam, $541,000.


Larch Ave., 907-Louis J. Weinkam Jr. and Barbara Ann Taylor to Catherine S. Tunis, $255,000.

Second Ave., 6510-Amber L. Parker to Audrey Grace Tornblom, $289,000.


Okinawa Ave., 13103-Gios Properties Corp. to Michael Allen Coslow, $340,000.


Arcola Ave., 2718-Demetrios P. Spiropoulos and the estate of Angie Kontostergios to Jennifer Lynn Fernandez and Andrew Woodbridge Biederman, $435,000.

Constance St., 1510-Zygmunt Jozwiak to Samuel E. and Lisa P. Kessler, $487,000.

Hemingway Ct., 11006-Andrea M. Hrusovsky and Diane M. Fedie to Lyndon C. Orinion and Kaye Ashley S. Orinion, $395,000.

Jewett St., 10806-Patrick E. and Lindsey O'Brien to Christopher Thomas Perry, $400,000.

King Tree St., 3029-Francisco San and Maarceline San Sebastian to Franciso San Sebastian, $80,000.

Lester St., 10759-Alan B. Frankle and Martin Steven Baron to Benjamin S. Aaronson, $270,000.

Tilton Dr., 1802-Harry M. Schwirck and Joanna B. Silver to Harry M. Schwirck, Joanna B. Silver, Eli Roberts Schwirck and Harry M. Schwirck, $66,700.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Doubs Ct., 2420-Federal National Mortgage Association to Abdul Sheikh, $31,950.


B St. W., 212-Michael and Melissa Amussen to Katrina Marjorie Krause, $220,000.

Maple Ave. N., 320-Mark Hood and Deborah J. Umbach to Susan Higginbotham and Donald Coomes, $145,000.


Shadywood Dr., 3885-David and Brenda Swiger to Michal Milaniak, $247,500.


Heritage Lane, 9-Benjamin R. and Ashley E. Lillard to Michelle Getzandanner, $215,000.


Angelwing Lane, 714-Bruce A. and Sheila M. Walker to Alvin and Aurora Muana, $300,000.

Black Creek Lane, 7206-Pritinder Sing Khara to Alejandro and Brenda Centeno, $290,000.

Box Elder Ct., 5785-Sandra T. Orton to Faith E. and Clifford N. Miller, $205,000.

Cambria Rd., 4740-D.R. Horton Inc. to Eliana Herrera and Jose Fuentes Flores, $337,990.

Duke Ct., 5705-Teresa C. Ladino to Charles A. Ausherman Jr., $206,000.

Farringdon Ct., 4961-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to Michelle Anacleto Arnow, $4,800.

Granville Ct., 6622-Richard M. Burke Jr. to Melrose Fredericka Letitia Caulker and Arnold S. Caulker, $245,000.

Hillcrest Dr., 495-Paul Dowling to Carlos E. Gonzalez, $232,000.

Hunting Horn Lane, 1427-Matthew E. and Diane M. Stitcher to Houston P. Keil Jr., $325,000.

Lancaster Pl., 526-Alban Place LTD to Morgan J. Dailey, $190,500.

Pebble Dr., 5690-Oula D. Thavongsa to Christopher C. Smallwood, $296,500.

Seagull Ct., 6648-PMT NPL Financing 2014-1 and Pennymac Loan Services Corp. to David Estiven Porras Poblador and Cecilia Romero Soto, $214,000.

Tivoli Rd., 661-Ashley Marie Vincent to Renju Alex Thackenkary, $285,000.

Walcott Lane, 6521-NVR Inc. to Petr Ruben, $226,339.


Castle Rock Rd., 1742-James B. and Debra L. Barousse to Sanjay Kumar N. Dhanak, Pragna Sanjay Dhanak, Hardik Sanjay Dhanak and Jaydeep Sanjay Dhanak, $430,000.

Cloister Way, 3005-Lynda C. Bennett to Oluwaseun O. Awuwoloye, $339,900.

Dill Ave., 235-Robert M. and Kathleen W. Cramer to Hunter Herrman and Renee E. Bourassa, $407,400.

Holden Rd., 1141-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Elizabeth Kemp and Simone Melillo, $464,361.

Long Branch Rd., 6108-Gloria Ann Godbee to Jason A. Scaroni and Gwyneth Whieldon, $345,000.

Mobley Ct., 1457-Matthew M. and Sarah S. Deener to Alexandra Michelle Daniels, $199,720.

Old Frederick Rd., 9929-James G. McLeod to Gayle and Thomas Giblin, $515,000.

Rippling Brook Rd., 2447-Brian F. and Jessica Pham Montes to Justin Byron Anderson, $27,600.

Shannon Ct., 424-Esper T. Ajaj and Eddy Rabadi to Lalbiak Zuala, $175,000.

Thomas Ave., 209-Deutsche Bank to Robert Kirschner, $115,000.

Woodruff Way, 1703-Robin W. and Kimberly D. Pennington to Megan Labrozzi, $262,900.

Ninth St. E., 408-Joseph Jay and Mary Kate Battles to Daniel and Ashley Erin Stouffer, $310,000.


Belford Dr., 1905-Ryang S. Bak to Nicholas A. and Samantha C. Strine, $360,000.

Coach House Way, 2506, No. 1C-Leanna Duvall Koehl and Betty A. Duvall to Nii Amon Amon-Kotei, $170,000.

Glendale Dr., 8205-Charles B. and Laura H. Millard to Stephen Paul and Lisa Anne Sell, $340,000.

Heathfield Dr., 152-Aaron S. Benjamin to Nicky and Pamela K. Simmons, $175,000.

Moran Dr., 1941-Hernan and Amy Del Agulia to Rodolfo Esteban Ruiz, $448,000.

Prospect Dr., 7501-Patricia Ann Campbell and the estate of Donald H. Campbell to Elisabeth Flessner and Daniel Phelan, $300,000.

Rosecrans Ct., 2033-Kathleen C. Grolton to Bernadette C. Morton, $245,500.

Tuscarora Valley Ct., 2026-Day Development Co. and Greentree Homes to Ronald V. and Elick J. Nina, $294,900.

Wayside Dr., 2103, No. 3A-Denise Santeufemio to Lindsay E. Clark, $140,000.

Whitehall Rd., 2110, No. 1A-Leslie H. Williams to Leah Neumaier, $147,000.


Fire Tower Lane, 2045-Michael A. and Vivian E. Graban to Robert J. and Kathleen J. Culkin, $365,000.


Jefferson Pike., 130-John S. and Jean K. Yingling to Virginia and Claude E. Beacht, $74,500.


Coventry Dr., 7307-Ellis H. Stroup to Gary Edward and Patricia Anne Mumford, $480,000.

Palomino Ct., 4214-John F. and Alyson L. Bradfield to Susan H. Boyle and David E. Hicks, $659,000.

Willow Tree Dr., 4502-Darl W. Hinkle to Natalie and Corbett Amorati, $275,000.


Millstone Cir., 3903-David J. and Gail S. Orr to Randall Good and Kelly Johnsen, $465,000.


Acorn Ct., 505-Rory A. and Janice L. Houck to Mary E., Helen S. and Steven E. Thomson, $475,000.

Catoctin View Dr., 12415-Radian Guaranty Inc. to Manuel Adolfo Perez Lopez and Teresa Bendana, $285,000.

Northview Rd., 609-Michael Stephen and Elizabeth Nicole Velisek to Ashley Miller Shelley, David A. Shelley, John Miller and Pamela Miller, $293,890.


Wistman Lane, 3972-Grey S. Home Solutions Corp. to Nicholas J. and Deborah B. Thrasher, $4 million.


Edwardian Lane, 10550, No. 119-Ronald G. and Shirley M. Kase to James A. and Leslie M. Pegg, $479,900.

Lilac Pl., 11705-Hans G. and Jennifer E. Mykytyn to Matthew and Malgorzata Ryan, $445,000.

Pear Blossom Pl., 5731-Dorothy Michele Glock to Odette A. Rivera and Angel L. Colon, $397,000.

Worchester Terr., 11312-Christopher and Lisa Heizmann to Kyle Coles and Symphony Joy Walkey, $360,000.


Ballenger Creek Pike., 1752-Jennifer A. Phillips to Jose A. Sigiuenza and Maria Vincenta Paredes, $192,000.


Carroll St. N., 141-Allen J. and Brittany N. Clegg to Kimberly T. and William D. Jenkins, $215,000.

Main St. E., 709-Georgette S. Baxter to Bryan M. Myers, $237,500.

Sylvia Cir., 6-George E. and Elsie J. Bills to Charles Richard and Patsy Rippeon, $310,000.


Addison Woods Rd., 3907-Bryan and Virginia Sayder to Kevin S. and Kaitlyn M. Joyce, $4,500.

Kinnerton Pl., 9426-Payne Maerten Corp. to Martin Jaeger and Natalia Garcia, $447,000.

Sharon Dr., 8320-Kevin D. and Sasha N. Wright to Elisabeth and Joel Vitale, $379,540.

Travener Cir., 9124-Steven G. and Diana R. Kaminsky to Daniel P. Duplantier and Xiaolin Zheng, $620,000.


Chapel Ct., 100, No. 209-Carol A. Stitely to Vicki L. Matiukas, $132,500.

Farmingdale Ave., 9415-Kenneth G. and Karen M. Howser to Dustin M. and Kathryn E. Pinto, $272,500.

Mount Pleasant Ct. E., 7913-Samuel and Katherine Mills to Lowell Tracy and Denise McDonald, $328,000.

Vision Lane, 8421-Nicole Marie Shew to Michelle Jin Kim, $181,000.