Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Avenleigh Ct., 510-Steven P. and Nanci L. Chrster to Brett J. and Elizabth Ames Tuluero, $830,000.


Bayne Ct., 4607-HSBC Bank and Ocwen Loan Sericing Corp. to Timothy Edwin, $272,674.

Grace Max St., 12616-Alicia D. Rutishauser to Sandro Bernedo, $317,000.

Magellan Ave., 13007-Georges Edmond Haddad to Kimberly and Ian Gates, $400,000.

Norbeck Square Dr., 4002-Chander and Ashma Kant to Jennfer R. Smith, $290,000.


Battery Lane, 4977, No. 1-102-Elizabeth A. and Stephen John Konig to Caitlin A. Rothwell, $235,000.

Bradley Blvd., 8430-Zalman and Sharon Mervis to Frank and Christine Leung, $1.52 million.

Brook Lane N., 8315, No. 2-601-Narine Nersesyan and Haroun Tchetchenian to Noel Gerard and Mary McElvaney, $364,000.

Burning Tree Rd., 9101-National Transfer Services Corp. to Nathan D. and Angela M. George, $380,000.

Danbury Rd., 5104-American Signature Prop Corp. and Wormald Homes Inc. to William L. Ragatz, $1.37 million.

Fairfax Rd., 7117-Jeremy Craig Duffie to Basit Patel and Kavita Chaudhry, $2.6 million.

Fort Sumner Dr., 4907-Joseph Dominguez and Amy Trojecki to Robert and Krista Sweet, $1.68 million.

Hoover St., 5517-Daniel Shiman and Amy Grutzner to Michael P. and Courtney S. O'Connor, $952,000.

Manor Oak Way, 6005-Cartus Financial Corp. to Carmen D. Legato and Amy S. Grutzner, $1.21 million.

Montauk Ave., 9811-Yitzchak and Meream Yitzchki to Stephen Wall, $720,000.

Old Chester Rd., 5610-David and Judy Rupp to Aram Ter Minassian and Maria Portela Martinez, $1.32 million.

River Rd., 5101, No. 818-Melanie G. Dorsey and Elizabeth B. Dorsey to Abolfazl Sarraf, $382,500.

Sonoma Rd., 5512-Dougas Construction Group Corp. to Jeffrey Joseph and Briget Smiht Wynne, $1.58 million.

Wadsworth Dr., 9600-Carol L. Alter and Mark B. Tobey to Hongquan Li and Honge Yin, $839,000.

Westpath Way, 5329-Eugene O. and Miriam D. Dessureau to William Bell and Rena Eichler, $1.39 million.

Whitley Park Terr., 5450, No. HR-Alan J. and Gary H. Corbett to Joseph L. Kraut and Rhea D. Siers, $542,500.

Woodmont Ave., 7500, No. S317-Benjamin R. Marks to Victor Duarte Lledo and Tatiana Marafon Maino Lledo, $694,800.


Barnesville Rd., 16112-Susan Ewing and Margaret M. Colmen to Sun Chen and Lydia Natal, $100,000.


Beaker Ct., 14372-Esther V. Paulraj and Joshu Duraisamy to Jon M. and Tara M. Mease, $303,000.

Leatherwood Terr., 4309-Annabella and Guillermo Letona to Mark Tester, $259,900.

Stepping Stone Lane, 3747-Wells Fargo Bank to Jamienguyen, $205,000.

Valiant Terr., 14706, No. 7-78-Phak Duangchandr to Krishna Pong Prasertmate, $220,000.


81st St., 6511-Mendoza Investments Corp. to Leonardo Moreno, $1.77 million.


Cannon Rd., 804-Mien T. Tra De Ngyen and Mike Binh Ngo to Mein T. Tran De Nguyen, Thao Thi Thu Tran and An Hoang Nguyen, $520,000.

Colesville Manor Dr., 304-Landon Tomlinson Group to Carlos Alfaro, Maria H. Cruz and Hector A. Espinoza Carcamo, $548,000.

Gaffney Rd., 12810-John William and Mary B. Myrna to Andy and Kathryn Furtado, $500,000.

Musicmaster Dr., 13105, No. 85-Michael Allen and Frances Jane Dilsaver to Belinda Y. Fomunung, $256,000.

Overton Lane, 13919-Anne B. Carr to Kimberly Baumgartner and Nicola M. Brown, $374,500.

Schubert Dr., 3095-David A. and Sherri A. Farias to Hezekiah Dunmola Adenigbagbe, $425,100.


Brooklawn Terr., 3305-Meryl H. Lombard and Ruth Askin Lombard to Justin S. and Kimberly G. Wollos, $895,000.

Chevy Chase Dr., 4851, No. 170-Colin M. and Mary Kathleen Cappadona to Kathleen Nealon O. Donovan and Christopher Ross O. Donovan, $670,000.

East West Hwy., 4242, No. 1105-Cam Tu Thi Rinche to Julia Sophia Brigham Glazer and Christoph Johannes Superstar Green, $400,000.

Kenilworth Dr., 3827-Rjre Investments Corp. to Tyler A. and Jamie G. Carlin, $765,000.

Williams Lane, 3708-Angela Liang to Sydney Mintzer and Sue Choi, $988,000.


Autumn Breeze Ave., 22776-Sundeep Bomdika to Venkata K.C. Kandula and Susmitha Yamburi, $471,800.

Byrne Park Dr., 13811-Winchester Homes Inc. to Sixiao Wei and Chong Liu, $425,125.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 12832, No. 203-Mabeline Taguchi to Dong Pyo and Young Hae Kim, $234,000.

Emerald Green Dr., 11674-Raghu K. Rao and Rajani R. Kumar to Ravindra N. and Sheetal R. Dhote, $424,990.

Granite Rock Rd., 12623-Jacob Andrew and Courtney Cross Voigt to Eugenio A. and Wilson K. Amoako, $588,000.

Little Seneca Pkwy., 11950, No. 2522-Yenling Liu to Bahati Mahanyu, $327,000.

Piedmont Rd., 12708-U.S. Bank and GSR Mortgage Loan Trust to Germaine Ethy and Martin Guy Ethy Ethy, $56,500.

Short Hills Dr., 12815-Felix Sokolsky and Misha V. Belkindas to Smriti Khetarpal, $375,000.


Amberleigh Dr., 140-U.S. Bank and the Rmac Trust to Rafijul Bari and Nasreen Farjana, $510,000.

Bradshaw Dr., 14421-Keith A. Lampel to Aleligne Tafesse and Welansa Shiferaw, $465,000.

Pamela Dr., 15725-Lane and Amber Christensen to Lelis Reinieri Nataren Molina and Yanira Guadalupe Nataren, $380,000.

Silverstone Dr., 14640-Marc Louis and Edie Malka Caroff to Kenneth Juan Figueroa and Priscilla Carolina Batista, $535,000.


Durango Dr., 10017-Douglas C. Meier and Melissa Maderia to Jose E. and Mayra C. Moncada, $369,000.

Gue Rd., 9302-Maxwell B. and Maxwell B. Hope to Andrew Raptakes, $397,000.


Caddy Dr., 17712-Ivana Grakalic to Joav Banet and Rotem Bennet, $450,000.

Lisa Dr., 17721-Stuart 200 Free Corp. to Edwin Massiah and Ayama Nwa, $639,000.

Olde Mill Ct., 6713-FV-1 Inc. and Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings to Antonio L. Farias and Shana R. O'Hara, $375,000.


Belton Rd., 305-Bank of America to Cesar A. and Sandra Jovel, $303,000.

Brunett Ave., 10203-Alvaro Moya and Colomba Ramos to Sonya Zhe Chang, $396,000.

Daleview Ct., 9203-Allou Alice Guthmiller to Matthew L. and Marilyn B. Rippetoe, $385,000.

Kerwin Rd., 417-William Davis Turner III and Alana Christine Hackshaw to Jonathan Adelman, $369,000.

Royalton Rd., 405-Tiffany N. Wright and Jessica Flax to Ana C. Tolentino, $325,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 9903-Romain Felloux and Kristin E. Goen to Randall A. McLeod and Lucille J. Hague, $430,000.


Bell Tower Ct., 1-James and Michelle Techtmann to Wonjiku McCarthy, $450,000.

Centerway Rd., 9049-Bryan Cambell and Brittany Love to Bernice A. Moore, $275,000.

Cross Tie Ct., 14-Sean Alexander and Norah Clair Gourlay to Manuel Antonio Castillo Solis and Rosa Liliana Machado, $292,500.

Filbert Terr., 7503-Scott and Jessica Casselman to Daniel and Brandie Armijo, $270,000.

Girard St., 420, No. 125-Jon and Theresa Lee to Sylwester and Monika Deja, $116,500.

Holly Dr., 11-Howard Moon to Eve and Emily Carpenter, $360,000.

Knoll Mist Lane, 1145-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Xiaoqiu Hu and Jian Mao, $245,600.

Mineral Springs Dr., 7807-Andrew S. and Wendy E. Proulx to Santos E. Blanco Torres and Julio C. Blanco Torres, $349,900.

Quail Valley Blvd., 19029-Michael Burke and Geraldine E. Garner to Jose Duran, $380,000.

Swan Stream Dr., 18216-Mu Zeng Zhou to Yan Mei He, $124,000.

Wheatfield Terr., 19232-Pablo R. Rivera to Matthew Camardi and Stacy Neira, $290,000.


Appaloosa Ct., 13824-Rjre Investments Corp. to Pankaj Kapoor and Ranjini Prabhakar, $648,000.

Autumn Flower Lane, 101-Rahel Assefa Difaye and Theodros Zemui Teklu to Michael N. Celenza, $390,000.

Canfield Hill Dr., 108-Rodolfo E. and Susan S. Ruiz to Hongshan Wang and Yang Tsau, $740,000.

Copley Cir., 175, No. 31-B-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Michael T. and Jeewon Cho, $590,000.

Foal Lane, 11918-Nianci Wang to Xiumei Cao, $262,000.

Golden Ash Way, 150-Leslie Anne Shafer to Scott J. Gordion and Jennifer L. Barren, $565,000.

Gravenhurst Ct., 55-Lola Nita Ozbey and Amber L. Ozbey to Duli C. and Chanda Agarwal, $313,500.

Hillside Lake Terr., 971, No. 807-Esther Abelson to Priscilla C. Fox Morrill, $265,000.

Kent Oaks Way, 213-Charlotte Pelliccia and Richard F. Hinton to Merle Elmer and Susan V. Brann, $879,000.

Linslade St., 809-Raymond W. and F. Adelle Robert to Flor Brito, $890,000.

Mateus Way, 8-Stephen Y.P. Yu to Josiah D. and Sharon K. Hartley, $340,000.

Orchard Ridge Dr., 444, No. 103-28-Frendo and Barbra I. Perez to Sarah S. Lesser, $384,500.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 718, No. 237-Nesrin S. Rechache to Eddy Dolores Silverio, $124,000.

Roundabout Dr., 16613-Jang Ho and Jea Sil Cha to Mei Ling Liou, $380,000.

Sweetbough Ct., 12380-Equity Trust Co. and Craig Dart Roth to Samuel Mbabazi and Mark Odeke Ongwen, $425,000.

Upshire Cir., 441-James D. and Pamela K. Fiedler to Elizabeth Ratliff and Kathryn Potts, $675,000.


Oxford St., 4509-Duc Nguyen to Jacobus A. De Zwart and Anouk Van Aanholt, $706,875.


Autumn Mist Cir., 13203-Joon and Hak Kim to Uaman M. and Nicole Zirad, $420,000.

Bronco Dr., 19016, No. 235-HSBC Bank to Jose G. Mejia, $214,000.

Cloppers Mill Terr., 18101, No. 12-G-Xichun and Jie Sun to Jianwei and Wendy Xu Bei, $193,000.

Cross Ridge Way, 12529-Ehsan Asssefi to Omar Antonio Guardado and Xiomara G. Tejada De Guardado, $205,000.

Dover Cliffs Cir., 19419, No. 2-Rupen M. Parekh to Nildeep Jana, $280,000.

Forest Brook Rd., 19117-John W. and Jessica A. Conroy to Sheng Xu, $465,000.

Gunnerfield Lane, 19244-Michael M. and Amy Z. Martinez to Jonathan Aguilar and Liliana V. Silva, $369,000.

Island View Cir., 12144-James L. Briggs II and Monaliza Menor to Meghan Byrne, $302,000.

Neerwinder Pl., 13321-Mareena Nephew and Daphne Berwald to Doreen Fowler, $320,000.

Open Hearth Way, 13091-Tammy A. Bennett and Joanne E. Miller to Rene Mauricio Cardenas and Amalfi Gaviria Caicedo, $248,000.

Shipley Terr., 20244, No. 28-Annette R. Receveur to Christopher M. Johnson, $152,000.

St. Peter Ct., 12209, No. H-Joseph A. Grossman to Larry A. Kimball, $160,000.

White Saddle Dr., 19525-Jiovanni Mataverde to Zhengyu Wang and Jian Ding, $242,500.


Calgary Ave., 2700-Pro Draft Corp. to Kristin M. Burns and Steve Vinicio Dominguez Lainez, $594,000.

Decatur Ave., 3918-David John and Ann R. Smithson to Kithsiri K. and Seelawathie K. Wljekoon, $440,000.

Franklin St., 4100-Philip E. Boune and Roma Bourne to Jorge and Michele Costa, $1.52 million.

Lawrence Ave., 3912-Nanci Gail and Stephen Scott Klein to Stacey L. Platte, $449,000.

Saul Rd., 4614-Martha A. Wellsto Brendan H. and Maria M. Tracz, $720,000.


Belle Chase Dr., 20000-Joseph W. and Sharon S. Warsaw to Chiu Wah Yu and Shu Wah Lin, $700,000.

Goshen School Rd., 22110-Larry W. and Anne L. Falls to Joseph Suhre and Kelley P. Elliott, $506,750.

Seneca View Dr., 8020-Justin Van and Koren J. Anderson to Frank C. Salamone and Manuel G. Quinones, $650,000.


Battery Bend Pl., 20323-Peter B. Webb and Katherine H. Anderson to William S. and April L. Percifield, $356,100.

Copps Hill Dr., 9529-Beng Hong Loh to Francisco H. Casasola, $185,000.

Hob Hill Way, 20004-John Naleszkiewiez and Katarzyna P. Grzegorzewski to Lenka L. Garcia, $266,000.

Ivybridge Ct., 20406-Seth S. and Mehga Shultie to Matthew Lyons and Rachel Mayhew, $330,000.

Shadow Oak Dr., 9611-Osvaldo Briganty and Peter Silva to Cheng Ling and Rebecca Ho, $3.35 million.

Treyford Terr., 9513-Rajendra and Janak Patel to Chih Sheng Chou, $243,200.

Welbeck Way, 8812-James R. and Mercedes Holsinger to Valente D. and Carla Bugnon Labuguen, $195,000.


Navahoe Dr., 906-Alex Jonathan Wong to Mohamed Omar Afrah, $180,000.


Ashmont Terr., 2819-Michelle A. Massie to Rose G. Roberts, $2.85 million.

Cleese Ct., 14905, No. 5AD-U.S. Bank and Fay Servicing Corp. to Graciela Cotera, $150,000.

Dinsdale Dr., 14937-Jennifer L. Fortoul and Amadou Aw to Esther Reyes Castellanos and Jose S. Reyes, $310,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3911-Calatlatic Group Inc. to Moinuddin Khaja Syed and Nicole Priya Thamby, $411,950.

Dressler Lane, 2409-Louis N. and Laura Caligiuri to John A. and Anne C. McDaniel, $482,990.

Estelle Rd., 12913-Ohimi Land Gorup Corp. to John A. Schwanke, $397,800.

Greenly St., 3814-William D. and Donald Shaheen to Christina F. Walls and Joanna Ford, $125,000.

Innsbruck Ct., 14403, No. 3-V-Juniper Reo 2013 Corp. to Sami Shaibani, $168,500.

Kelmscot Dr., 14501, No. 161-B-Sandra M. Byrnes and Joan M. Byrnes to Sherlee S. and William E. Nelson, $224,900.

Lantern Hill Ct., 13223-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joel Virothausakun, $269,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3200, No. 415-Paul G. and Joseph C. Veith to Stanley M. and Rosilyn M. Neuder, $375,000.

Rabbit Hollow Pl., 1535-Candace M. Holmes and Jonathan G. Scruggs to Eden Rose Castillo, $549,900.

Tremayne Terr., 3825, No. 18-382-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Robert Jeffrey Rendelman and Robert L. Clark Jr., $19,600.


Buehler Rd., 17807, No. 2-B-2-Albert V. Ruberti to Linda Garcia, $120,000.

John Carroll Dr., 3701-Issam and Jonathan M. Kadi to Brian M. and Kara Hennan, $612,400.

Morningwood Dr., 4524-Alexander Baczynsky to Andre O. Parkes and Marietta A. Ovando Guevara, $450,000.

St. Augustine Ct., 3201-Mohammad Hanif Shaikh and Mohammed Rafique to Mohammad Hanif Shaikh, $263,600.

Tidewater Ct., 3304, No. A-3-Danielle McFall to Melinda A. Boswell, $235,000.


Collier Way, 17409-Jeffrey and Karen Onley to Mindaugas Smuikys, $385,000.


Bells Mill Rd., 9312-Hyejeong Root and Charles D. Bolan Jr. to Huadong Pei and Jing Gu, $1.19 million.

Coldstream Dr., 12024-Mark David Kamchi and Timothy Mark Fischer to Evan Lucchesi and Christina Lucchesi Leon, $775,003.

Falls Rd., 11701-David R. and Claudia C. Williams to Adam S. and Alisa T. Weinstein, $1 million.

Heatherton Lane, 7739-Bonnie Shana Saichek to Rosemary McManus and Rosemary McManus Coleman, $609,000.

Lost Trail Way, 9419-Kevin K. Erfan to Brett Lee and Cathy Anne Hom, $785,000.

Pipestem Pl., 1056-Paul Odarchenko to Wei Han, $650,000.

River View Dr., 11222-Russell P. and Laura K. Brunner to Stephen and Kathleen Ervin, $2.17 million.

Stable Way, 7828-Thomas Kent and Margo Robinson Lamotta to Gregory F. Linsin and Julie A. Blum, $1.59 million.


Beall Ave., 716-William Henty Kevin Egan to Darrin Hall, $562,500.

Defoe St., 1502-Thao T. Tran to Connor and Jacqueline Renfrow, $679,000.

Edson Park Pl., 11236, No. 29-Jeffrey S. and Rona S. Abramson to Couper Turkewitz, $429,900.

Glen Mill Rd., 13900-Arshanoosh and Jamal Yousefi to Jinlin Jiang and Ning Gu, $147,600.

Horners Lane N., 503-Federal National Mortgage Association to Zhouchen Geng, $2.02 million.

King Farm Blvd., 912-KF Property Owner Corp. to Jie Chen, $762,680.

MacArthur Dr., 427-Adam R. and Shalyn D. Mitchell to Michael A. Oreilly, $380,000.

Nibud Ct., 5427, No. 14-Alain Taylor to Parizad Torabi Parizi, $619,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1509-Merrick C. Marshall to Rajat K. Sen, $252,000.

Rockville Pike., 10408, No. 10304-Vanessa Araguas Hampton and Ramon Araguas to J. Emmett Ward, $254,900.

Templeton Pl., 1305-Anthony J. and Holly L. Nicastro to Shakuntala Munshi and Rajat P. Malik, $535,000.

Weeping Cherry Dr., 14019-Howard L. and Judy F. Kramer to Ling Liu, $1.02 million.

Wyaconda Rd., 4727-Andrea Palmer to Mary M. Murphy and Ian R. Sager, $390,000.


Appledowre Way, 11438, No. 43-Christine J. and Susan L. Fonseca to Jorge A. Miranda and Delmy M. Melara, $233,500.

Bent Creek Terr., 11204-Sean M. Frover to Earl Anthony and Carolina Vicente Gray, $317,000.

Gateshead Cir., 20021, No. 135-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Christine Rizkallah, $197,000.

Sojourn Ct., 21012, No. 45-Karmann Kasten Corp. to Kim B. Tran, $319,000.

Wayfarer Rd., 10736-Todd B. and Miranda A. Showalter to Isaias D. Garza and Gladis M. Mormontoy, $445,000.


Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 511-Nathan A. James and Kerri J. Poppler James to Edward F. Kleinschmidt, $335,000.

Grubb Rd., 8207, No. 3737-Casandra E. Vasco to Michael Balasia, $218,000.

Linden Grove Ct., 9200-Edythe Chasen Schneider and Courtney G. Springirth to Trevor and Lorraine R. Day, $715,000.

Sacks St., 2829-Bruce M. and Ellen K. Eanet to Dennis P. and Cathy R. Barrow, $508,000.


Cedar Ave., 7309-Susan Kessler and Robert A. Lazun to David M. Corn and Welmoed A. Laanstra, $860,000.

Lancaster Rd., 1114-Mark J. and Linda Marie Prati to Anne S. and Anthony C. Nelson, $567,000.


Vandegrift Ave., 5816-Carol T. Webb to Mariya H. and Mariya Owens, $515,000.


Auth Lane, 11709-John A. and Margery S. Bernbaum to Chava L. and Joseph D. Elbaum, $650,000.

Brisbane St., 1705-Harry M. Schwirck and Joanna Beth Silver to Eric L. and Jeniffer C. Smith, $430,000.

Cobble Hill Terr., 2316-Neil C. and Charene A. Potts to Ryan and Lora King, $525,000.

Harmon Rd., 2500-GT Investments Associates Corp. to Robert J. and Millie Lewis, $489,000.

Jewett St., 10805-Nhung Nguyen to Annabella Letona, $392,000.

Stonington Pl., 11700-Peter J. and Nancy Kramer Bickel to Stephen E. Bickel and Eliyana R. Adler, $489,500.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


John Mills Rd., 2734-John A. and Alexandros J. Alexandrou to Sean M. and Brigitte Kirchhoff, $555,000.


Brunswick St., 803-Robert and Bonnita E. Otto to Michael and Kelda Stetson, $172,000.

Drydock St., 1248-NVR Inc. to Thomas R. and Ann Y. Morgan, $382,960.


Wallingford Pl., 4905-Moon Yong and Grace A. Han to Bryan and Alison Hahn, $450,000.


Warthens Ct., 1, No. B-Stephanie M. Bushman and Sylvia Loraine Bushman to Shirley Ann Little, $120,000.


Allington Manor Cir. W., 9055-Appaloosa Investment Corp. to Hope C. Law Hebron, $368,000.

Cambria Rd., 4708-D.R. Horton Inc. to Melissa A. Moore, $322,990.

Clifton Rd. S., 6550-Robert N. and Celeste Louise Crouse to Jennifer and Anthony Arden Ortiz, $245,000.

Croydon Terr., 5044-David D. and Crystal G. Perkins to Annette Ricketts, $232,000.

Duncan Pl., 6614-Richard A. and Julie A. Hanks to Justin Campbell, $269,900.

Foxhall Ct., 5520-Jack B. Hopkins III to Shalewa Hardaway, $243,900.

Lancaster Pl., 522-Alban Place Partnership to Kenneth Williams, $225,000.

McGrath Pl., 6659-Brian M. and Katie L. Dills to Harlette Metagmo, $275,000.

Newton Dr., 6416-NVR Inc. to Cong Nguyen, $346,250.

Tami Terr., 5856-Jason A. and Nicole M. Corry to Gia An and Lee Thanh Dang, $270,000.

Westcott Cir., 5546-Bank of New York Mellon to Peng Qu, $219,594.


Bear Den Rd., 2596-Atsuo Kuki to Patrick Kelley and Jennifer M. Harris, $424,900.

Beverly Ct., 1571-William Joseph Drew to Elmer A. Lopez and Lorena C. Martinez Vargas, $222,000.

Blue Leaf Ct., 901, No. 1C-Marlene S. McCreery and Judy Ann Martin to Nancy D. Cillay, $156,400.

Coachlight Ct., 7285-Beverly J. Studebaker and Betty Jane Fauble to Awarose Osobase and Mariama Sanni, $136,000.

Danville Terr., 8910-Greg E. and Janis M. Light to Augustus L. and Mackenzie T. Martz, $4.9 million.

Dustin Dr., 8006-Amber D. Nagle and Marsha Daves to Michael S. and Brooke L. Williams, $505,000.

Fairview Ave., 506-Charles F. Trunk III to Trumer J. and Alicia R. Wagner, $380,000.

Holden Rd., 731-Richmond American Homes to Thomas Thai and Emily Breeden, $570,000.

Holden Rd., 1145-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Joseph Wayne Rosenburg and Veronica Ann Rittenhouse, $483,793.

Island Grove Blvd., 2518-Wormald Development Co. to Neerada Rao, $413,660.

Logan St., 509-Jason Edward Shank to Lindsay and Ryan Slawson, $199,900.

Mill Island Pkwy., 2832-Wormald Develoment Co. to Timothy A. and Valerie Anne Gates, $729,940.

Mobley Ct., 1466-Katharine and Patrick Seville to Kathleen A. Dudley, $201,500.

Motter Ave., 908-Sharon Stride Poole and Morris A. Stride to Alan L. and Alan L. Denmark, $149,900.

Osprey Way, 2617-David and Pauline Buete to Nicholas A. Provinzano, $292,000.

Sagner Ave., 499-Terry Lee Freland and Terry Bowins to Catalino Del Cid and Maria L. Del Cid, $150,000.

Springwater Pl., 6109, No. 2301-Amerihome Mortgage Co. to Quan Lin, $132,000.

Stratford Way, 803, No. 1100J-Willaim Marshall Castle to Mark Wahlfield, $127,000.

Winchester St., 49-Jessie L. Morgan to James E. Bellucci, $142,000.


Baltimore National Pike., 7703-Margaret A. Stidham and Rosemarie D. Dews to Edward W. Shafer, $220,000.

Bristol Dr., 2122, No. 22-U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Ruifeng Liu, $134,000.

Burgess Hill Way, 120, No. 208-James A. Dutcher to Michael J. Herron, Carol J. Herron and Victoria M. Fairhead, $191,000.

Coach House Way, 2505, No. 1B-Federal National Mortgage Association to Damian E. France and Travis Scott, $149,900.

Cumberland Ct., 98-Alessandro Prologo to Victor Manuel and Angela Karina Guerrero, $345,000.

Lochinver Ct., 1203-Brian W. and Phyllis Crane to Carlos R. Herrera and Maria J. Monterego, $350,000.

Morning Dew Lane, 8202-Robert G. Trilling to Lionel Yannick Supicin Boladji Hounkanrin and Heather Marie Hounkanrin, $330,000.

Parkview Dr., 7304-Annette S. and Thomas Robert Shives to Michael P. Bassett Jr. and Jessica M. Rogers, $315,000.

Scott Chase Dr., 1509-National Residential Nominee Services in to Carl M. Moore, $295,000.

Spring Run Cir., 2073-Robert Usher to Charles Andrew John Rempe and Alexander Elizabeth Coates, $356,000.

Sunset Dr., 6425-Eric Lars Olson and Barbara L. Olson to Jeremy Pierce Mullins and Maegan Elizabeth Olson Mullins, $242,000.

Victoria Sq., 40-Daniel E. Gardner and Lory C. Robinson Gardner to Kathleen E. Roberson, $192,000.

Windom Ct., 1905-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Emeka Enworom, $400,000.


Ridenour Rd., 14244-Lawrence R. and Rene L. Whittemore to Thomas J. and Tamara L. O'Connell, $503,000.


Ijamsville Rd., 5157-Charles M. Abell Jr. to Otso A. Massala, $641,000.

Nicholas Ct., 3310-Kevin L. and Joiy L. Spain to Edward V. and Priscilla A. Ohanian, $485,000.


Evan Ct., 10-Myles K. and Maryann Aydelotte to Raul Espinal and Claudia Alvarado, $404,700.


Bolivar Rd., 8054-Jason Daniel and Sara Beth Minnick to Eric Lee Winters, $187,000.

Feldspar Ct., 7109-Shereen Blanton to Georgia Geisser, $329,000.

Lauber Ct., 3-Gary E. and Bonnie W. Walvoord to Paul J. and Janet M. Fox, $393,800.

Mountain Church Rd., 6605-Heather Delauter and Edward T. Winfield to Derek Graham, $298,000.

Station Rd., 2903-Christian Strong Investments Corp. and Christian Strong Investors Corp. to Kenneth A. and Michelle D. Beatty, $408,000.

Wagon Shed Lane, 25-Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Oleg A. and Alena Kirillov, $550,000.


Landsdale Blvd., 4309-Winchester Homes Inc. to Cindy L. and Daniel F. Zorica, $479,750.

Rosswood Dr., 12270-Rick I. Latifov to Kevin and Michelle Tanner, $451,250.


Bartholows Rd., 4901-James Patrick Oot to Robert J. and Kirra L. Seliga, $584,000.

Heritage Farm Dr., 6-Gerald W. and Cynthia S. Fink to William R. Esarey, $439,900.

Peddicord Rd., 14419-Brandon S. Jenkins to Michael F. and Lisa Navarra, $275,000.


Crickenberger Rd., 11616-Richard N. Elliott and Stephanie Cacopardo to Mark Edward Swanson, Donna Carol Swanson, Lindsey E. Gapp and Micah Scott Gapp, $458,000.

Hedgeapple Bend, 10386-Old Gray Shoemaker Corp. to Benjamin John Drewry and Lindsay Johnson, $350,000.

Morning Glory Pl., 11711-Pate Harvey and Maryellen Woglom Ausin to John A. Rian and Karen M. Mattsen, $490,000.

Roy Ct., 5518-Michael C. Harris to Daniel J. Waters and Courtney Dreisch, $299,000.

Wicomico Ct., 157-Robert D. and Erin K. Hajjar to Matthew L. Baker, $342,900.


Bollinger Rd., 14525-Donald E. and Pamela Brant to Timothy L. and Laurie A. Atwell, $206,000.


Sabillasville Rd., 17014-Bonnie L. Gray and Shannon R. Wetzel to Scott M. Beard, $146,000.


Hammaker St., 138-Judy and Clarence Bostian to Amy Elizabeth and Jonathan Reed Miller, $259,900.

Moser Rd. E., 60-Diane L. Weant and Alberta Lillian Weant to Gerrie K. Miller, Amanda Miller and Timothy Lott, $179,900.

Roddy Rd., 14532-Anne Lea and Arthur H. Weihrer to Cody W. Hahn and Lauren A. Jacobson, $232,000.


Bartonsville Rd., 5943-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Wilmer Rojas and Eduardo Quispe, $160,000.

Braidwood Terr., 9735-Michael and Kaitlin White to Pamela Decederfelt, $390,000.

Charterhouse Rd., 9202-Nicholas Emanuel and Anglica McKenzie Georgilas to Mark K. and Zolinka Z. McCauley, $550,000.

Hope Commons Cir., 3732-Dawn St. Hilaire to Amiee and Ariel Aquino, $365,000.

Spicebush Dr., 3714-John M. and Megan N. Donnellon to Duwahn B. Lee and Michelle McNeeley, $509,900.


Diamond Dr., 236-Stephen R. and Patricia W. Orr to Ryan Patrick and Danielle F. O'Donnell, $309,900.

Grantham Ct., 119-Ryan P. O'Donnell to Keith and Krista L. Novak, $215,000.