correction: An earlier version of this listing gave the incorrect sales price for a home on Moorland Lane in the Bethesda area. It sold for $1,950,000, not $195,000. This version has been corrected.

Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arctic Ave., 14113-Tamera Samuel to Christopher J. Knotts, $420,000.

Burnside Dr., 5558, No. 5535-Larisa Aranbayeva to Andrew J. Peck McClain and Emily A. Peck McClain, $310,000.

Cashell Rd., 17008-Robin S. Greenblat to Lawrence G. Meyers, $265,000.

Fox Valley Dr., 4014-HSBS Bank to Jeffery C. and Delma L. Pace, $684,000.

Haverford Dr., 4312-Daniel and Cynthia Bart to Ashley G. and Kenneth W. Nicholes, $540,000.

Melinda Lane, 14517-Fred R. Wagner and Mary D.P. Wagner to Todd D. and Patricia R. Folts, $539,900.

Narcissus Way, 15305-Jacklyn Albi and Sean Flaherty to Sean and Kimberely Flaherty, $480,000.

Tallahassee Ave., 4605-Rosemary M. Lane to Irving C. Gonzalez, Sheyda L. Moreno Baires and Sheyda L. Moreno Baires, $442,000.


Arrowood Terr., 5-Thomas W. Morrison to Sohail Razzaq and Sanna Kausar Nadeem, $1.03 million.

Beam Ct., 5609-Ann C. Reid to Mathew Verghis and Mona Khan, $950,000.

Blackistone Rd., 5411-Gerald F. and Mary D. Chapman to Paolo Di Rosa, $1.31 million.

Brixton Lane, 9702-James Craig Stofko and Hilda Stofko to Mitchell Rishty and Stefanie Litman, $675,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 431-FH Bethesda Corp. to Richard Ewing, $632,400.

Charles St., 5508-Christopher P. and Jennifer L. Long to Philip Sandick and Ariel Djanikian, $1.09 million.

Conway Rd., 5800-Auerelio Menedez and Cira Canelas to Sarang and Nisha Rastogi, $935,000.

Democracy Blvd., 7501, No. B-Laurie C. Meadows and K. Charles to Hugo E. and Juan A. Salguero, $124,500.

Eames Way, 6625-RS Homes Associates Corp. to Connie Y., Patty S. and Kevin D. Chang, $800,043.

Ewing Dr., 9206-Scott C. and Nada A. Lewers to Brian C. and Katherine S. Saphier, $12.15 million.

Geranium St., 7708-Mid Atlantic Custom Builders Corp. to Brian and Deborah Povinelli, $2 million.

Granby St., 6912-Hoss and Michael Farivari to Natacha Marzolf, $935,000.

Hampden Lane, 4901, No. 556-Lauren Condos Corp. to Crystal Ansari, $174,175.

Hampden Lane, 4915, No. 307-Toll MD Partnership IV to Karl and Livia Christensen, $640,000.

Jacobsen St., 10354-RS Homes Associates Corp. to Saba Durrani, $223,496.

Laureate Way, 10009-5400 Grovernor Corp. to David Greenwald, $14.44 million.

Milstead Dr., 9507-American Signature Prop Corp. to Jason Adam Wexler and Joelle S. Tessler, $1.48 million.

Moorland Lane, 8401-Fredrick C. and Victoria A. Finellli to Bradley Aaron and Sopjie Schlosser Buslik, $1,950,000.

Osceola Rd., 5814-Takuya and Yoshiko Kamata to Preetham Kumar, $970,000.

Radnor Rd., 7204-Douglas Construction Group Corp. to Abby Spencer Moffat, $2.2 million.

Rising Ridge Rd., 8014-Barbara and Linda M. Pompa to William B. Munier and Laurinda L. Rohn, $845,000.

Rosedale Ave., 4623-Brain K. and Robin R. Levenson to Toshiaki and Saki Ono, $830,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4920, No. 3-302-Gitty K. Najmabadi to Lawrence Kahaner and Robin S. Latham, $480,000.

Sonoma Rd., 5701-Charles Glenn Stevens and Caroline F. Stevens to Donald T. and Rebecca A. Gillespie, $825,000.

Tammy Ct., 6838-Christopher and Jennfier Roscetti to Haisong Li and Chunling Han, $1.18 million.

Wadsworth Dr., 9607-Belai Bethesda Homes Corp. to Gregory Steven and Tracy Reichman Kalik, $910,000.

Whitley Park Terr., 5402, No. 54-Barry Persh to Matthew T. Quinn and Jennifer Marie Maurer, $662,000.

Wilson Lane, 5804-Thomas W. and Anastasia G. Pullum to Qin Shu, $1.07 million.

Woodmont Ave., 7500, No. S809-Jeanne Kehua Wang Herndon and Jeanne Ke Hua Wang to Daniel Bradlow and Karen Hofman, $332,500.


Ashleigh Greene Rd., 14419-Kyung W. Lee and Sunhee Jeong to Shiwani and Samir Malhotra, $725,000.

Deoudes Rd., 12408-Joseph A. and Alice L. Stieve to Jeffrey A. and Amanda M. Harris, $525,000.


Alpenglow Lane, 19009-David Jeffrey and Minna Lee Erlichman to Gilbert Dionisio and Josephine Secondez Gabriel, $440,000.

Gold Mine Rd., 3208-Lynne A. and Robert J. Heins to Melvin V. and Megan P. Coursey, $460,500.


Airdire Ct., 3743, No. 6-62-Ibrahima Aw to Nasser Rabi Muhammad, $259,000.

Camley Way, 4320-Bentley Park Corp. to Donald and Robin Preston, $667,660.

Dulaney Pl., 3408-Erica A. Wilson and Carol A. Duval to Rong Ye, $560,168.

Mcknew Rd., 15012-Pamela Oliver Burke and Jacqueline Nicole Williams to Aujanae Oliver and Richard Burke, $270,000.

Sugar Pine Ct., 4202-David E. Ascencio Arevalo and Rebecca M. Nuila De Ascencio to Timothy J. and Sarah V. Haigh, $400,000.


Agate Dr., 1905-John E. Dennard to Angela A. Goehl and Timothy Snyder, $460,000.

Bridgewater Dr., 13708-Daniel C. and Chitra C. Barnabas to Anh H.and Duyhien Tran, $727,500.

Chichester Lane, 614-Omid Land Group Corp. to Oscar Jimenez Morales, $429,900.

Conductor Way, 13221, No. 262-Jonathan and Athaiane Greyson to Dale Gordon, $220,000.

Featherwood St., 1706-Dawda Njie to Fatoumata B. Diallo, $324,900.

Kimblewick Dr., 420-William H. Kenworthey Jr. to Nancy A. Tita and Gilbert N. Quarshie, $540,000.

Randolph Rd., 160-U.S. Bank to Pedro B. and Nury L. Arueta, $405,000.


Bradley Lane, 3503-Brandon J. and Dana C. Fields to James and Catherine Hurley, $1.71 million.

Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. 244-Adrian Dunn Bellinger to John K. and Dianne M. Keppler, $470,000.

Delaware St., 6823-CC Homes Associates Corp. to Ahmad Reza Nezhad and Fariba Sarrafiouns, $218,674.

Glendale Rd., 8001-Pamela Raymond and Stanley Edward Durbin to Brady P. and Kara O. Nolan, $1.04 million.

Oakridge Lane, 4213-Shekhar Aiyar and Franziska Ohnsorge to Adam B. Malamnut and Vicki Poulos, $1.17 million.

Primrose St., 23-Pamela D. McCarthy to Elizabeth Ross McGran and Kevin McGrann, $2.58 million.

Western Ave., 5636-Carleton College and Thoms Lowe to Thomas Lowe Hughes, $750,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1-808-Dale M. and Alan E. Sorcher to Andrew D. Alpert, Jonathan B. Alpert and Shelley L. Madden, $2.05 million.


Arora Hills Dr., 23446-Gunlin Wang and Yutao Guo to Chirag Thakkar and Harsha K. Sompura, $594,000.

Branchbrier Way, 23810-Marshall S. Eng and Jaime H. Chen to Paula L. Fidel Aitken, $451,550.

Broadway Ave., 22539-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jin Xiong Lu, $394,707.

Byrne Park Dr., 13817-Winchester Homes Inc. to Raymond K. and Christina M. Chan, $419,000.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 12824, No. 303-Alexander Efendiev and Sima Perkovetz to Marcia Bernstein, $225,000.

Estuary Dr., 13822-Housing Opportunites Commission to Ndirira V. Chizungu, $164,168.

Ginger Wood Lane, 12704-Sou Nyun Lee to Justin Dongin Park and Sunghee Bae, $415,000.

Grand Elm St., 12706-Derek B. and Christin H. Scott to Richard Dabbay and Jill Elizabeth Pelaez, $710,000.

Grey Squirrel St., 12152-Clarkburg Village Corp. to Bradley Hendrick, $445,474.

Juniper Blossom Pl., 12240-Clarksburg Village Corp. to Kakuri M. Omari and Agens N. Mwakingwe Omari, $749,442.

Overlook Park Dr., 23646-Randy G. Defrehn to Giselle D. Carrillo and Ever Noe Calderon Carrillo, $395,000.

Robin Song Dr., 23127-Marcus S. and Christine Lea Stevens to Thomas Joseph and Amy Elizabeth Clarke, $425,000.

Winding Woods Way, 22564-Quincy P. Jones and Phuong Tran to Chin Wan Cho and Chanbin Kim, $554,500.


Aylesbury St., 15228-Jeffrey H. and Ann V. Leisenring to Khadijah Robinson and Shaleek Rice, $531,000.

Eastway Dr., 14901-Lindsay Russell and Patsy Ann Hurst to Sou Nyun Lee, $460,000.

Pinebrook Ct., 10-Marjorie Anne Beatty to Mauel Gruz and Isabel Rivas, $409,999.

Spotswood Dr., 1201-Chaw Sing Yeoh to Douglas E. Saravia and Omar E. Campos, $422,000.

Windmill Ct., 18-Kathleen M. Downs to Seble W. Afework, $470,000.


Canvasback Way, 9904-Roebrt A. Klein and Mari E. Lopez to Emily Rodriguez, $211,000.

Haney Ave., 26701-Carl W. and Kathryn A. Huntley to Carla C. Dugarte and Rafael E. Dugarte Corso, $617,000.

Kemptown Rd., 28710-Jon W. and Marylyn E. Anderson to Mark T. and Pamela S. Giganti, $950,000.

Ridge Rd., 26617-Charles W. and Elise L. Small to Jeremiah Stearns and Jacquelyn Schankin, $399,900.

Shelldrake Ct., 49-Jeffrey Lacquement to Manuel Antonio Orellana Garay and Edwin M. Aguirre, $260,000.


Bethayres Rd., 16609-Paul C. and Alice D. Etter to Marcos D. Battistel and Sabrina Lusyarghi, $499,000.

Farmingdale Ct., 6524-Pamela Ann and Robert C. Kostecka to Daniel R. Tucker and Martha Paola Acosta Fuentes, $425,500.

Horizon Pl., 17626-Randolph H. Pherson and Lynne P. Cornwell to Massimo and Francesca P. Cannetti, $180,000.

Meredith Dr., 19805-Sen Cherng and Hsiu Yu Chang to Nicholas and Leslie Lenzi, $654,500.

Needwood Rd., 8101, No. 304-Zachary Alexander Gree to Javier A. Zapata, $229,000.

Titonka Way, 7232-Robert and Cunthia Striuse to Jon L. Lozarita and Sonia Elena A. Lozarita, $620,000.


Bradbury Manor Ct., 11000-Paul E. and Ann M. O'Brien to William Shensky III, $461,000.

Eastmoor Dr., 120-Christopher H. and Laura R. Varhola to Ashley Contino and Christina Wirwer, $450,000.

Franklin Ave. E., 101-Deutsche Bank to Eric and Ellen Boxler, $340,000.

Legato Terr., 408-Geoffrey Eden and James Leon Horn to Claudia K. Mbah and Desiree Croal, $225,000.

Lorain Ave., 9601-Bonita Lynn Beanttie to Chandra S. and Niall A. Punch, $715,000.

Manchester Rd., 8601, No. 213-Abey T. Weldemeskel to Anthony R. Medina, $139,900.

Moss Ave., 9900-Sharyn Teresa Sazama Moreau to Christopher J. Cayer and Rachel A. McGarry, $442,000.

Renfrew Rd., 9907-Stephanie L. Cooper to Andrew Scott Cohen and Maria Pia Chirinos Vigo, $575,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 1011-Amelework Tadesse to Jacquline S. Coblert, $165,000.

Sudbury Rd., 9013-Cecile Baudon and Koenraad Vanstappen to Joseph R. Ponzetti, $540,000.


Barn Swallow Terr., 18748-Carol J. Skinner to Stephen M. and Jessica E. Sickmen, $272,000.

Centerway Rd., 8953-Jayesdh Kakkad to Rebecca L. Amick, $290,000.

Coriander Dr., 7924, No. 7924-1-Anita Dianne Wilkerson to Noman Habib, Naim Akhtar and Hiba Umer Habib, $150,000.

Drop Forge Lane, 19725-Ephi Zlotnitsky to Wendolyn Q. Sandoval and Harvy R. Valencia, $389,900.

Flower Hill Terr., 8417-Alan W. Meyer to Alexander and Olga Kraminda, $389,900.

Guildberry Dr., 18424, No. 18424-103-Michael J. and Sally B. Hannum to Mark Christopher Goetz, $140,000.

Hutton St., 124-Alice J. and Kenneth Katoski to Michael A. Wright, $350,000.

Meadowgate Cir., 13-Sally Ann Tighe and Sally Ann Millard to Stephen and Jennifer Desanto, $396,000.

Phoebe Way, 18601-MCM Capital Partner and Capital Partners Corp. to Delia Loyola Lozano, Juan J. Sifuentes and Elmer Gregory Lozano, $275,000.

Saybrooke View Dr., 209-Thomas Patrick and Corinna Dan Corboy to Matthias J. Graf and Deborah E. Sarabia, $450,000.

Weatherburn Pl., 11103-Chen G. Zhang and Eric Chemgwon Jon to Annete Fletcher, $283,000.


Arch Pl., 3, No. 432-Ian Hunt to Jorge Mario Castrogiovanni, $279,900.

Bostwick Lane, 438-Howard L. and Elaine M. Hochman to David Paul Hoogerheide and Shannon Michelle F. Hoogerheide, $535,000.

Cherry Blossom Lane, 15754-Justn J. Ferber to Amanda Black, $505,000.

Cinzano Ct., 9-Deutche Bank and Terwin Mortgage Trust to Zhiyong and Lazheng Ding, $283,000.

Coral Reef Dr., 524-Jose G. and Karen Ruth Torres to Amani Arman, $360,000.

Diamond Dr., 833-Steven N. and Debra A. Blivess to Michelle Blanchard and Bryan Moss Baude, $495,000.

Freas Dr., 11333-Debra Marie Baranyi and Debra Marie Farran to Hongbin Yu and Chen Wang, $832,000.

High Meadow Way, 14532-Qiong Xiong to Andrew Mitchell Levine and Amy Lynne Hapip, $1.01 million.

Lake Varuna Dr., 701-Allen A. and Jill S. Small to Milan and Dionora Runko, $775,000.

Masonwood Dr., 15300-Bank of New York Mellon and JP Morgan Chase Bank to Li Liang and Wei Chu, $953,000.

Narrowleaf Ct., 2-Irina Fedowova to Jakob L. and Molly A. Fischer, $420,000.

Philmont Dr., 504, No. 6-Victoria E. and Elina Ben Sheer to Mobeen Tabusum, $169,900.

Query Mill Rd., 13605-Judith Johnson Wymer and William H. Wymer to Wayne R. and Elizabeth C. Adams, $949,000.

Quince Valley Dr., 12221-Daniel A. and Kelly Grossberg to Curtis A. and Kristina E. Zang, $655,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 12916-James A. Forsythe to Wayman Neal Lockhart, Rhonda Eileen Range Lockhart and Rhonda Eileen Lockhart, $525,000.

Solitaire Ct., 19-Phillip G. Grabow and Valerie V. Holford to Shikha U. and Anupam K. Gupta, $617,500.

Talley Lane, 12801-Lawrence D. Day to Paul Michael Robben, $803,000.


Ambassador Terr., 20437, No. 20423-Craig R. and Jessica Dubler to Wendy N. McCormack, $225,000.

Birdseye Dr., 18809-Muhamad Wamid Khan to Natali R. Gitelman, $220,000.

Coral Grove Pl., 12571-Jane and Raymond L. Fairchild to Michael J. and Uakotora Gomez, $255,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12208, No. K-Daniel A. Garcia to Rachel Shuo Ling Chong, $174,000.

Gaelic Ct., 20803, No. 502-Stephen E. Allen and Allison Starr McGowan to Phong Duy and Jessica Pham, $334,000.

Kilmarnock Way, 13304, No. 4-A-Da Li to Ping He and Jiaxing Liou, $179,000.

Poppy Seed Lane, 18805-Porfirio Rodriguez to Oscar Garcia, $235,000.

Shipley Terr., 20248, No. 28-Laura H. Ruffley to Danto and Xiaoquing Liang, $111,880.

Summer Oak Dr., 11535-Joshua S. and Krista Kaizer to Marshall Dean Bell, $272,320.

Tidewinds Way, 20228-Christopher H. Barlow and Min Yan to Elizabeth Ann Rathbone and Andrew David Forsyth, $339,000.

Waters Point Lane, 20407-Ruslan Brodskiy and Viktokriya Boyko to Liya Sui, $300,000.

Winding Creek Pl., 18634-Chithra Keembiyehetty and Jeffrey Stephen Nightingale to Gamaliel Padilla Ramos and Senia C. Ramirez, $254,500.


Anderson Rd., 3500-Roberto and Margaret N. Iraola to Ivana Tyrlikova and Mojmir Tyrlik, $425,000.

Colchester Dr., 4303-Kevin L. and Janet Jensen to Gary and Christine Henehan, $649,000.

Druid Dr., 4902-Stephen McCaskill to Ian R. and Emily R. Moise, $675,000.

Findley Rd., 2908-K. Hovanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Kathryn Marie Eliasen, $499,990.

Lexington St., 10607-Michael V. and Milena P. Zauberman to Erin E. and Duy T. Tran, $625,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 3005-Richard Hoffman and Jariya Charoenwattana to Joshua Manes, $430,000.

University Blvd. W., 3500-Jerry L. and Monique S. Priddy to Myo Htun Maung and Ma Thida Naing, $540,000.


Highcrest Dr., 8208-Kathleen F. Stephenson to Vanessa M. and Ibran G. Davila, $330,000.

Nightingale St., 10156-Turnkey Properties Corp. to Steven P. and Alexandra H. Adkins, $470,000.

Robin Ct., 22409-Devin and Mari V. Fay to Kirsten Corprew, $519,000.


Battleridge Pl., 10024-Bobby G. Coslett to Agnes Owusu, $300,000.

Coltfield Ct., 19019-Wells Fargo Bank to Xiadong Xue, $211,500.

Delcris Dr., 8634-Andrew J. and Tracy J. Calandro to Ardony Ritchy Valcourt, $351,900.

Gentle Way, 20315-Irving J. Rodriguez to Oscar Echeverria Cordova, Martha E. Galindo Galeas and Michael Echeverria Galindo, $270,000.

Highland Hall Dr., 20729-Arthur R. and Monica J. Muchajer to Michael James Maltby, $365,000.

Jarrett Ct., 9308-Elisaida R. Metansingh to Anna Marshall Meleney and Mitch Veltri, $205,000.

Mastenbrook Pl., 19917-Mahmood Farshid and Olga Benjumea to Lisa M. Dawson, $458,000.

Spur Hill Dr., 20004-Jeffrey R. and Laura E. Lewis to Cesar E. Contreras and Joseline B. Garcia, $273,000.

Walker House Rd., 9920, No. 9920-5-Robert W. Fosdick and Karen G. Landner to Lrina Amelina, $113,000.


Ridge Rd., 28733-Bank of America to Robert L. Clarrk Jr., $252,100.


Ashmont Terr., 2748-George and Kaye F. Probeyahn to Urmas Arjuese, $100,000.

Bel Pre Dr., 14436-Harris Chan to Jose E. Chavez, $219,000.

Bennion Rd., 4408-Roger A. Velasquez to Dennis Amor and Kellye Truc Pham, $400,000.

Densmore Ct., 3313, No. 201-B-Leslie C. Yeatts and Barbara G. Melvin to Marie R. Johnson, $379,900.

Finsbury Park Ct., 14, No. 45-A-Mindy P. Pennington and Faye A. Freedman to Sara Torvik, $317,000.

Glen Eagles Dr., 3716-Theresa V. Brown to Alethea P. Leake, $702,500.

Hewitt Ave., 3240, No. 6-3-B-Wendy Ann Montague and Wendy M. Seligman to Aseged T. Desta and Meseret Woldegiorgi Erenso, $142,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-Tien Seng Chiu and Celia C. H. Chen to Martin Hayes and Anna R. Shipman, $181,999.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-907-George Thomas Prince to William M. and Phyllis M. Taylor, $299,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3200, No. 215-Frank G. and Judy Ann Aines to Francisca E. Olivos, $345,000.

Livingston St., 12502-Brian R. Della Rocca and Gayle Carey to Teofilo Edmundo Garicia Salan and Ana E. Garcia, $260,000.

Merrifields Ct., 15318-Thomas F. and Priscilla A. Parker to Scott A. Peterson and Kimberly Struble, $670,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15316, No. 82-Glenn F. Jackson and Betty Ruth Jackson to Isabel Da Costa Coelho and Isabel Coelho, $170,000.

Rabbit Hollow Pl., 1529-Raquel Farias Moeller and Jose H. Salazar Osuna to Kimberly R. Moton, $525,000.

Sequoia Hill Lane, 14903-John B. and Suzanne M. Foley to Ling Shi and Zhenshi Huang, $397,000.

Soaring Wing Lane, 13717-NVR Inc. to Marson Sharipov, $713,873.

Turnmore Rd., 13900-Alica Walker and Joseph H. Duff to Jarrell Bevan Crowder, $580,000.


Bettswood Ct., 4-Richard S. and Cheryl H. Artz to Issac Michael Ray and Kathryn Rose Hefner, $550,000.

Chipping Ct., 17700-Francis C. and Lucy S. Gomes to Gonzalo and Marcela Edith Barba, $362,000.

Gallagher Way, 17432-Paulo and Kalliopi Docounto to John Matthew and Erelita V. Gibeault, $333,500.

Old Baltimore Rd., 17813-Jayson Edward and Katherine Hoover Stevens to Ryan M. and Katherine G. Levine, $616,000.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18036, No. 267-David and Lorie A. Benitah to Meredith D. Evans, $243,000.

Vintage River Terr., 18011, No. 152-Denise M. Amico to Richard and Caitlin Victoria Lyon, $275,000.


Dry Seneca Ct., 19407-Brightwell Crossing II Corp. to Mazen and Lama Masri, $819,575.

Munger Farm Rd., 19107-Nicholas F. and Nancy C. Tucci to Michael A. and Kristen L. Fox, $5.7 million.

Wootton Ave., 19547-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Carlene Salkeld, $388,500.


Bells Mill Rd., 8814-Bonnie Steinberg Jennis and Alfred Steinberg to Dawda M. and Lolley T. Njie, $605,000.

Camille Dr., 8617-Mitchell M. and Julie A. Kraus to Scott and Holly Cullum, $815,000.

Cranford Dr., 9120-Stephen H. and Heather L. Green to Matthew B. Underwood and Tara S. Abraham, $1.18 million.

Falls Chapel Way, 8801-Tianae Jia and John Zong Hui to Jeesun Jung and Young Seung Kim, $923,000.

Great Arbor Dr., 10405-JLG Investments Corp. to Lakshmi E. Arjoonsingh, $884,000.

Laurel Leaf Dr., 7813-Sam Ouliaris and Yong Hui Tan to Sekaripuram R. and Indira R. Venkateswaran, $1.3 million.

Milbern Dr., 11603-Christopher T. and Victor Nazarian to Nazmul Ahsan and Shamema Sultana, $649,000.

Old Coach Rd., 11105-Webster and Margaret Helen Sewell to Yichen Liu and James Austin Simmons, $830,000.

Postoak Rd., 8702-Qing Xu and Curtis Y. Chang to Meiyn Tsung, $439,000.

Rosalinda Dr., 11818-Gus Andrew and Christine C. Kavounis to Randall K. Merling and Jee Young Lee, $630,000.

Sorrel Ave., 10216-Robert and Linda Jumblatt to John R. and Cynthia H. Wright, $1.32 million.


Adclare Rd., 107-Donna M. Stivers to Richard Joseph and Anne S. Falcone, $498,000.

Baltimore Rd., 210-Roebrt A. Meyer to Brice A. and Michelle M. Halbrook, $567,000.

Brentford Dr., 5105-Hungyi Shau and Ching Ching L. Shau to Marina Ter Sargsyan and Arsen Mnatsakanyan, $500,000.

Coachway Dr., 4701-Richard J. Schule to Jinwon and Yeji Kim, $458,000.

Crossfield Ct., 5105, No. 319-Samapk P. Garg to Zaheer and Erin Rehman, $133,000.

Fallsgrove Dr., 337, No. 39-Margaret E. Rivera to Ja An Lin, $340,000.

Greenplace Terr., 1827-Xiang Qing Yu and Hong Peng to Jianbin Han and Jiali Du, $770,000.

Hungerford Dr., 501, No. 256-Arturo Guzman Melendez and Kristen P. Zeligs to Arturo Guzman Melendez, $299,500.

Jay Dr., 209-Mindy Felinton to Lina T. Chaing, $849,900.

Longhorn Crescent, 413-David and Christine Kim to Abigail Soyombo, $660,000.

Mark Lane, 1709-Marshall D. and Dairen B. Bell to Amir Neeman, $638,000.

Monroe St., 106, No. 106-10-Mona and David Goldstein to Leonid Allen, $160,000.

Old Stage Rd., 6912-A. M. and M. Margaret Dean to Benjamin L. Gill and Elizabeth B.R. Gill, $775,000.

Rockville Pike., 10500, No. 705-Rhoda G. and Andrew Jason Lawrence to Anthony Dimuro, $158,000.

Shagbark Ct., 4-Francisca E. Olivos to Abhniav Juwa and Prabha Shrestha, $570,000.

Valerian Lane, 6035-Jeffrey Scott Posner to Mauro Sarmiento and Jacqueline Woodside, $995,000.

Winding Rose Dr., 556-Robert D. Scheige to Jeremy E. and Allison J. Magid, $624,900.


Aldburg Way, 11519-11519 Aldburg Way Corp. to Girik Khatta, $310,000.

Appledowre Cir., 19926, No. 252-Zakiya Proctor to Karen Yim Ge Chen and Tina Chem Huang, $145,000.

Cross Laurel Ct., 43-Christopher P. and Meilissa A. Greer to Marjorie E. Stewart, $300,000.

Found Stone Rd., 12701, No. 8-203-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Atef Khezriyazdan, $180,600.

Halethorpe Terr., 11321, No. 205-John R.T. Sutton to Andrew Latil, $218,000.

Scarlet Leaf Cir., 11603-David K. and Debra C. Turner to Jennifer Browning, $559,000.

Stoney Point Pl., 11404-Laurenti K. and Crystal M. Ngutter to Babu Ganesan and Sangeetha Natarajan, $207,000.

Watercress Cir., 21232-Heather M. and Nicholas A. Thomas to Lylan Tran Nguyen and Nhi Thu Thach, $415,000.


Ament St., 9508-Robert and Kimiko Lipstiz to Ethan Foster Hayes and Tara O. Neill Hayes, $660,000.

Crosby Rd., 9206-Daniel M. Dickson and Richard A. Dickson Jr. to Terence Carl Helwig, $786,000.

Ellsworth Dr., 622-Matthew and Kristen Wampler to Karl Kosiorek, $825,000.

Glen Ave., 9736, No. 104-97-Jonathan Corrales to Renee Palletier and Timothy Maloy, $155,000.

Holman Ave., 2613, No. 2635-Carin S. Sprick and Carin N. Anderson to Charles W. Cox and Carolyn Ruocco, $381,000.

Lyttonsville Rd., 2440-Norma Jean Culp to Hui Li, $684,000.

Ray Dr., 606-Federal National Mortgage Association to Franklin Simplice, $455,000.

Second Ave., 8521-Vinai and Katharina Maes Roopchansingh to Troy S. and Jessica R. Crosby, $655,000.


Baltimore Ave., 7320-Joseph J. and Marguerite T. Gaffney to Peter D. Greenberger and Cassidy D. Waskowicz, $525,000.

Eastern Ave., 6313-Jorge A. Contreras to Paola and Marvin Contreras, $390,000.

Hayward Ave., 800-Colleen F. Clay and Karen A. Vernon to Kaylee and Steven Peters, $699,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 609-Amanda Haddock to India C. Taylor, $209,500.

Trescott Ave., 7205-James Conner to James N. Willett and Megan N. Sanders, $430,000.


Atlantic Ave., 12903-Steven P. Wilcox to Glenn M. Canencio and Maria Ximena Moreno, $339,000.

Kennon Ct., 1004-Brian D. and Sarah L. Annear to Heidi Hayes and Ruben Illescas, $411,000.

Scott Ave., 1105-Mary S. Beard to Rudy Arredondo, $330,000.


Fifth Ave., 404-Peter J. and Irene A. Carrato to Meredith Beckhardt, $400,000.


Amherst Ave., 11509, No. 54-Russell E. Gordon to Nikolas Bezianis, $161,000.

Bucknell Dr., 10605-Jessica and Bryan A. Kanotz to Brian John Quinn, $395,000.

Claridge Rd., 12055-Lorna McDonald to Elias Villatoro, $229,000.

Dennis Ave., 2011-Rider G. Nolasco to Juan Cortez Escobar, $425,000.

Gardiner Ave., 10215-Patrick M. Dunn Jr. to Anthony R. Davenport and Elizabeth A. Stepanek, $495,000.

Harris Ave., 2608-Robert John and Gayle A. Jones to Yemane Baraki, $421,000.

Hutting Pl., 10406-Gerald C. Seegars to Gerardo E. Nixon, $375,000.

Mason St., 2515-Leland and Stacy Hall to Miguel D. Lozano, $365,000.

Sanford Rd., 1507-George W. Turiansky to Daniel Scott Ramsey and Taryn Lee Cummens, $515,000.

Wallace Ave., 2022-Kathleen Elizabeth and Christopher E. Hambrecht to Matthew Robert Kasper and Maya Williams, $746,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Norwood Pl. W., 5935-Lars M. Desalvio to David and Elizabeth Chung, $5.42 million.


Brunswick St., 602-TMP Investor Corp. to Paul V. Thompson II, $247,900.

Gum Spring Rd., 606-Eric Moore General Contracting Corp. to Jeffery A. and Sonya N. Johnson, $271,900.

Terrace Ave., 9-Elizabeth A. Augustine to Aimee Rider and James Rippeon II, $234,000.

Wills Creek Dr., 418-NVR Inc. to Brandon A. Barna, $350,148.


Manheim Ct., 4026-John C. Riggs to Ellen G. Metz and Angela Kelley, $450,000.


Ashburn Terr., 5611-Nancy M. Vellardita to Kenneth L. Williams and Amanda E. Moreau, $260,000.

Canvasback Ct., 5018-Daniel Downs to Erin E. Myers, $233,000.

Eisenhower Dr., 582-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ria Evans, $252,000.

Lime Kiln Rd., 4214-Roscoe G. and Ellen L. Barlett to Kevin L. Edwards, $185,000.

Newton Dr., 6402-NVR Inc. to Matthew Small and Dayna Metz, $389,032.

Planters Ct., 5820-Federal National Mortgage Association to Danielle Monica Reap, $167,000.

Small Gains Way, 5063-Kenneth E. and Kelly Mrie Houck to Breanne K. Marsh, $257,000.

Walcott Lane, 6340-NVR Inc. to Stephen Gulliford and Jessica Levin, $400,000.

Walcott Lane, 6448-NVR Inc. to Emmanuel Boateng, $253,185.


Banksia Dr., 419-Andrew Driscoll to Alan E. Alfaro Villanuea and Dora E. Pocasangre De Villanueva, $201,000.

Blossom Lane, 444-Robert and Megan Nyack to Richard T. Matney Jr., $220,000.

Catoctin Ave., 207-Roselyn Ramos and Fawaz Al Chikh to James L. Munson Jr. and Jeannine M. Kilgore, $192,500.

Cool Spring Terr. N., 6125-Howard and Sheri Lee Mendelshon to Olaf S. and Katherine M. Leikvoll, $427,000.

Egret Way, 2729-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Asta Seck, $343,993.

Knollwood Way, 8907-Bryan S. and Kristana M. Ray to Kevin Richard Sutter and Jennifer Brown, $519,900.

Market St. N., 1500-Joanne Foster Crichton to Kristian J. Collins, Frantz L. Jean Francois and Kristian J. Collins, $361,000.

Mill Island Pkwy., 3030, No. 209-Bruce Thomas and Karen Lamdin Warner to Betty J. Gardiner, $301,500.

Newport Terr., 6134-Patricia Stacie Barlow to Scott Tydings, $260,000.

River Mist Ct., 1815-Paul E. and Christine M. Dunford to Anne Christine Steinhardt, $400,000.

Stratford Way, 801, No. 1000E-Delmar E. and Nancy L. Trout to Tania T. Khoury, $119,000.

Westwood Dr., 7313-Shelia Washington to Robert S. Thomas, $340,000.


Andover Lane, 1598-Yoko Lobb to Ricardo J. Torres Ramos, $258,000.

Bowers Rd., 7226-Wells Fargo Bank and Citigroup Mortgage to Jeffrey E. and Rebecca M. Main, $199,894.

Colonial Way, 1679-Travis Ofenstein and Patricia Gonyea to Stephen and Anne Vanbronkhorst, $165,000.

Graystone Ct., 2103-Gordon M. Harris and Teresa J. Ogwin Harris to Trevor D. and Veronica G. James, $379,900.

Lakin Dr., 1111-Day Development Corp. to Jeremy C. and Jill Kemp, $477,058.

Norwick Rd., 1010-Carl G. and William H. Becker to Meena and Bharat Prasad Bashyal, $272,000.

Spout Spring Rd., 7814-Dawn V. Hiltner to Elizabeth Ann Degrange, $308,000.

Toll House Ct., 105-Abratifou Bonfoh to Edward W. Shafer, $169,000.

Whiskey Creek Cir., 107-Javier and Yeluy P. Szuchman to Edna C. Seagraves, $222,000.

Windom Way, 219-Stephen Stelmash to Rodrigo and Pamela Domitila Rojas, $4.24 million.


Dudley Dr., 10082-William T. Werder and Angela M. Werder to Christopher Michael and Jennifer L. Ross, $680,000.

Innsbrook Ct., 11159-Wesley P. and Nakesha H. Williams to Rushan Ahmed and Farhat Khalid, $585,000.

Tinder Box Cir., 4560-NVR Inc. to Stephen and Rebecca Woldarczyk, $356,350.


Limestone Lane, 7128-Randy P. and M. Jane Schlotterbeck to James Bradford Ward Jr., $280,000.

Springbrook Ct. W., 7322-Micahel T. and Roberta A. Smith to Kesley A. Dyson, $168,000.


Browningsville Rd., 11817-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Stephanie S. Soares Higdon and Lamar J. Higdon, $329,000.

Melinda Ct., 3618-Shawn R. and Dana C. Carey to Carolyn F. and Vadood Lotfian, $469,000.


Bartholows Rd., 4241-Jeffrey B. and Lisa A. Copeland to Frederick O. and Evelyn E. Hanson, $330,000.

East Rd., 104-Kevin L. Daughton to Kenneth A. Dotter III, $287,500.

Langdon Dr., 4312-Cheryl Pokorny to Joseph R. and Kimberly E. Viola, $412,900.

Prospect Rd., 407-Bruce D. and Cynthia J. Zimmerman to David J. and Catherine C. Raeder, $435,000.

Warfield Dr. S., 903-Emory and Jessie Haines to Coleman, Amanda E. and Diana L. Manning, $250,000.


Meeting House Rd., 11454-Jean Louis and Gena R. Lepage to Gary Ray and Stacy Ann Biser, $145,133.


Country Club Terr., 6913-Tyler Wormald Westwinds Corp. and Tyler Westwinds Corp. to Christopher Martin Haskins Coppola and Kimberly Sue Coppola, $414,430.

Highwood Pl., 10810-Michael S. and Katie L. Schoonmaker to Kyle and Kacie Rottman, $400,000.

Main St. W., 41-Marcus D. and Jennie O. Schwaderer to Christine Marie Hajek, $365,000.

Rockridge Rd., 6606-Michael G. Albert to William R. and Jennifer L. Spencer, $394,900.

Tailor St., 406-Jeremy C. and Erin M. Spoales to Michael and Heather Zaiter, $495,000.


Brookshire Run, 1712-Sherry J. Brako to Robert Watson Curry and Bryce Robert Jacobs, $279,900.


Angleberger Rd., 11868-Gideon Properties Corp. to Thomas James McKenna III, $400,000.

Old Oak Pl., 301-Mary E. Hollomon to Jacob M. Martin and Felicia M. Warfield, $169,000.


Araby Church Rd., 4416-Patricia Ann Mills to Randal Seweryniak, $280,000.

Barts Way, 5763-NVR Inc. to Kishor Shrestha and Sonam Karmacharya, $337,975.

Broadstone St., 4017-Anthony N. and Dallas R. Saah to Mark and Katherine Carr Esposito, $525,000.

Hope Commons Ct., 3604-Robin Dunnigan and Robin E. Manning to John L. and Juliantari Clifford, $369,900.

Royal Crest Cir., 9745-Stephen J. and Leslie H. McGowan to Joseph and Adetola Daramola, $585,000.

Templeton Dr., 9044-Parkwood Homes to Erubey Mendoza, $450,505.


Chapel Ct., 400, No. 4L-Zachary Allen Foster to Andy Kim, $130,000.

Eastfield Pl., 309-Joseph N. and Sarah L. Antos to Michael P. and Lauren K. Marchone, $452,000.

Winter Brook Dr., 246-John R. and Wendy H. Miller to Kevin B. and Anna E. Nielsen, $308,000.