Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ashton Rd., 515-Michelle Allen and David Charles Gerdes to Muhammad Khurram Shaikh and Sonali Gurcharan Dutt Sharma, $840,000.


Arctic Terr., 4932-C.T. Camp Consttruction Co. Inc. to Daniel Ring and Erin Kahal, $369,000.

Bauer Dr., 13911-David F. Brown to Antonio M. Pereira, $410,000.

Caldwell St., 12706-Alexander and Elmer Escobar to Kobie A. and Angela M. Edelin, $349,000.

Cherry Valley Dr., 4721-John Lee and Donna Shimoda Hollingshead to James and Maria Kalafatis, $589,000.

Evanston St., 12818-Victor Paston Development Corp. to Washington Javier and Laura Elizabeth Chavez, $374,500.

Glasgow Dr., 4702-Mark and David Lanks to Jeremy Moreland, $413,030.

Iris Pl., 4707-Timothy K. Hensley and Sharon L. Miller to Gregory K. Hensley, $200,000.

Mercury Dr., 4716-Lawrence F. and Jennifer Kilmer to Shawn M. and Carrie B. Weiksner, $379,900.


Aberdeen Rd., 5908-Jon Siegel and Jon Mark Properties Corp. to Matthew H. and Sarah M. Brenner, $2.55 million.

Bannockburn Dr., 6304-Bmii Corp. to Ken Allen and Jacqueline Bueso Merriam, $1.71 million.

Belvoir Dr., 5214-James Issa to Kimberly L. Allman, $690,000.

Bosworth Ct., 10108-Gunnar Sveinn Magnusson and Inga Hronn Kristjansdottir to Ricardo Aguilera and Geordina Crovetto, $719,900.

Broad Brook Dr., 4802-Michael J. Greene and Charlotte S. Bentch to Prashant Chittiboina and Helena B. Pasieka, $775,000.

Carlton Lane, 5910-Thomas M. Gray and Gertrude T. Gray to Kara Takesuye and William Peter Carpluk, $749,000.

Chesterbrook Rd., 5610-Chesterbrook Corp. to Jeffrey T. Chod and Lauren R. Rechtman, $1.68 million.

Corkran Lane, 9704-Maureen and Stephen Lorenzetti to Zoya and Mariano J. Wolff, $781,689.

Dunleer Ct., 6110-Anup and Reena Samantaray to Eva Karin Martina Rejsjo, $975,000.

Eames Way, 6629-RS Homes Association Corp. to Oh Sung Choi and Sun A. Kim, $979,350.

Gloster Rd., 5613-Helene C. O'Neil to Lauren S. and Michael Gradowski, $704,875.

Greentree Rd., 7328-Ingrid A. Bush and Frances L. Coulon to Jaime N. Bayona Garcia and Pilar Mirabay Olmedo Gordan, $549,000.

Hampden Lane, 4901, No. 556-Lauren Condos Corp. to Julie A. Bishop, $153,333.

Hampden Lane, 7820-Steven G. and Joanne Valentine to David and Nicole Solomon Mitchell, $2.27 million.

Jordan Rd., 5611-James M. and Celine Jimenez Crowson to Bradley N. and Alexis M. Garcia, $1.04 million.

Kirkwood Dr., 5603-Mark S. and Paul R. Adkins to William B. and Alison W. Adkins, $500,000.

Lindale Dr., 9111-Anne Javor and Anne L. McCazrthy to Rebecca Anne Feinberg, $700,000.

Mckinley St., 5319-Vittoria Joy and James Douglas Bailey to Shahrokh and Shiva Zargham, $650,000.

Montrose Ave., 10513, No. 10513-Karla E. Bell and Karla E. Bathrick to Robert D. and Nina M. Helwig, $215,000.

Nahant St., 5001-Helen B. Keplinger to Christopher and Hillary Molitor, $1.25 million.

Persimmon Tree Rd., 6904-Joseph E. and Gerral William Gottesman to Alexander Momchilovich, $690,000.

Renshaw Dr., 9308-Peter J. and Biagio John Melloni to Arthur T. and Heather G. Farrell, $1.23 million.

River Rd., 7102-Joyce M. Golden to Jiangbo Yi and Minwen Li, $1.47 million.

Sangamore Rd., 5221-Roberto Puebla and Marta Leiva to Ning and Yuan Wang, $825,000.

Sentinel Dr., 5003, No. 22-Erin Wickham to Nicole C.O. Neal and Ralph K.O. Neal Sr., $289,000.

Stoneham Rd., 6502-Benjamin H. White and Grace E. Gray to Murat Durak, $705,000.

Tulsa Lane, 6300-Christopher J. Brady and Andrea C. Villanti to Brian Russell and Kathryn Louise Grant, $790,000.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 247-Georgia H. Van Der Linden and Frank M. Van Der Linden to Alvaro Caballero Nunez and Maria P. Azaola Vargas, $210,000.

Whittier Blvd., 8012-Audrey S. Bell to Meena Bhojraj, $725,000.

Wiltshire Dr., 5810-Chandler and Martin Wiegand to Robert P. and Thierine Owens, $965,000.

Worthington Dr., 5132-Stuart William and Mary Duffy Becker to Beth Marie O. Laughlin, $1 million.


Brass Wheel Rd., 14202-Wei Zhou and Yucheng Song to Adam and Rebecca D. Walker, $650,000.

Fable Dr., 18313-Fariba Keshmiri and Amir Banan to Quazi Anwar and Fahmida Karim, $650,000.


Damascus Rd., 3411-Victoria Lowell to Brian Farrington Dillehay, Pei Yin Lee and Jo Ann Farrington, $371,000.

Honeystone Way, 2206-Theodore F. and Cheryl A. Harrop to Adam S. and Debra R. Geiger, $690,000.


Blackburn Rd., 14618-Tenkasi S. and Vijayalakshmi R. Viswanathan to Hina Syed, $595,000.

Childress Terr., 3684-Kenneth R. and Jan L. Ziegler to Carly E. Ziegler, $260,000.

Saddle Creek Dr., 14714-Bentley Park Corp. to Gregory Jackson, $676,045.

Wood Ave., 3208-Orchid Thamm and Robert F. Swanson to Eddy and Dalia Calderon, $335,000.


Alpenhorn Way, 13023-Won Suk Suh and Jeong Won Lee to Ashley S. and Benjamin T. Doyle, $560,000.

Blakely Ct., 12304-Maria Hoa Ho to Huong Thi Nguyen, $168,500.

Bruton Parish Way, 3457, No. 18-131-Rodrick Hobbs and Corrinne M. Talley Hobbs to Gerawork Kebede and Tsehay Abebe, $275,000.

Clifton Rd., 13201-Kristi A. Bleakley to Dapo Biyi Akingbade and Katherine Lynn Germane, $421,000.

Delford Ave., 109-Dennis J. and Kathleen C. Sombs to James P. Goodwin, $655,000.

Galway Ct., 9-Lee Rose to Villevalex Fervil and Dieudonne Filostin, $375,000.

Mozart Dr., 2937-Kasey Kyu Cho to Cuong D. Vo, $320,000.

Old Forge Rd., 13201-Ellen L. and Neil D. Isaacs to Derek Donald Crosier and Kristi Lynn Frank, $472,500.

Sir Thomas Dr., 3317, No. 4-A-21-John and Benice Queen to Richard P. Johnson, $180,000.

Tamarack Rd., 13002-Moses Y. and Mary A. Harris to Ganiat Harris, $390,000.


Center St., 5406-Xavier Becerra and Carolyn Reyes to John and Teresa N. Koshmidis, $1.56 million.

Faircastle Dr., 3601-Charles David and Nancy Hock Connors to Matthew J. and Caroline T. Desarno, $643,000.

Inverness Dr., 3805-Marcia E. Bowen to Martin R. and Judith Coats Crowson, $1.1 million.

Park Ave. N., 4550, No. 244-Jane Kimble Evans to David Roy Neil Connick, $685,000.

Rocton Ave., 7907-Robert M. Versluis and C. Jeanne Deshazo to Brian and Corey S. Kelly, $840,000.

Winnett Rd., 3128-William B. and Rebecca A. Blash to Paul E. and Ann M. Obrkine, $951,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. PH-4C-Frank M. Ewing Corp. to Carla A. Hills, $1.9 million.


Bennett Chase Dr., 23708-Wvue Reo 2015 1 Corp. to Ian and Rashida Moore, $535,000.

Broadway Ave., 22118-NVR Inc. to Yin Ying Sun and David Tam, $769,990.

Broadway Ave., 22610-Emuily C. Freema N. and Sara J. Freema to Daniel J. and Melinda Young, $599,000.

Cabin Branch Ave., 22464-Windherster Homes Inc. to Amitkumar C. Patel and Sneha N. Doshi, $624,968.

Flycatcher St., 22211-Winchester Homes Inc. to Yuan Shen and Sheng S. Trang, $753,757.

Grey Squirrel St., 12120-Clarksburg Village and Clarksburg Village Partnership to Kendra Michelle and Oscar M. Valle, $472,000.

Honey Hill Lane, 22304-Christopher R. and Sarah Elizabeth Cates to Rafik Kouissar and Fatima Chiheb, $405,000.

Lapwing Way, 13727-Winchester Homes Inc. to Ralph Thadeus Sabido Tuason and Babyland Mendoza Encarna Tuason, $588,340.

Scholl Manor Way, 23222, No. 1130-Wahid Wesley and Suvarna Injeti to Brandon A. Shanholtz and Emily N. Seifarth, $206,000.

Tate St., 22610-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Naomi Yongju Pak and Matthew Sang Hyun Pak, $487,490.


Amberleigh Dr., 237-Roger E. and Karen S. Tourangeau to Philippe Edgar Bissohong Ngue and Kimberly Franklin Bissohong, $585,000.

Colesberg St., 1626-Foxhall Fairview Corp. to Sara Ramada, $770,000.

Fairdale Rd., 14520-Wells Fargo Bank to Ryan, Leigh, Maria and Robert Tinsley, $558,075.

Stratford Manor Terr., 801-David Joseph Edward Saumweber and Rosemary Whitley Saumweber to Gerald K. and Elizabeth A. Stair, $515,000.

Woonsockett Lane, 413-Robert P. Paul Nagle and Jean B. Nagle to Scott A. and Lisa S. Hill, $530,000.


Cornor Dr., 26101-Douglas A. and Mary Anne Way to Roberto Matos Ocasio and Nelida Matos, $359,000.

Howard Chapel Dr., 26309-Andrea Wilslow and Michelle E. Rich to Stephen P. and Laurie E. Lyons, $385,000.

Puritan Way, 10022-David A. and Mary V. Jeyasunder to Barbara R. and Frederic T. Farra, $624,990.

Ridge Rd., 27309-Martha J. Schmidt to Sidney Ferreira Da Silva and Vania Luiz Iness, $366,000.


Anamosa Dr., 15830-Eugene B. and Boon S. Kwon to Min Xu and Wei Jia Mao, $499,990.

Columbus Ave., 16325-CSP Associates Corp. to Ana R. Coelho and Dario E. Claudio, $440,287.

Frontenac Terr., 16637-John S. and Marie T. Welsh to Christopher and Manuela Connelly, $540,000.

Jeremy Terr., 7820-Reynaldo C. and Zita C. Geronimo to Michael R. Gouker, $430,000.

Park Mill Dr., 17524-Gessay Family Trust to William McLaughlin and Laura Patterson, $432,000.

Villisca Terr., 15506-Vera Shakhbekyan to Levon Shakhbekyan and Ida Yengoyan, $400,000.


Brookmoor Dr., 10002-Michael E. and Laura S. Wiley to Laura Elizabeth Brewer and Robert Edward Snitchler II, $430,000.

Crestmoor Cir., 218-Keith John Van Leeuwen and Mary Elizabeth Stech to Daniel and Emily A. Higgins, $530,000.

Geren Rd., 8669, No. 26-2-Karen E. Maury and Jo Ann Dickens to Nelda Ormond and Ksakrad Kelly, $280,000.

Hamilton Ave., 406-Thomas G. Camp Jr. to Christopher J. and Lauren S. Reynolds, $490,000.

Lockridge Dr., 10802-Michele L. Frome to Elizabeth J. and Jason M. Sauler, $502,500.

Lynnmoor Dr., 110-Marilyn J. Phukan to Brianna J. Kayton and Gianfranco Demichelli, $387,500.

Melbourne Ave., 109-Carla Evon Gullatt to Brian W. and Margaret L. Kram, $385,000.

Oakwood St., 11025-G. William Lawrence to Dinia W. Little and Darya Karabasheva, $450,000.

Saffron Lane, 9015-Tim Snyder and Angela A. Goehl to Lindsay and Adam Marcal, $440,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 1815-Alexander R. Kennedy to Lydia M. Pesant, $186,000.

University Blvd. E., 431-Alexandria M. Toukara and Jean Claude M. Tounkara to Chalachew Zeleke, $350,000.


Argus Ct., 7412-Patrick J. Reines to Catherine Ann Noonan, $405,000.

Cinnabar Dr., 20028-Linda C. Davisson to Carl and Courtney Butler, $417,000.

Cross Country Pl., 8804-Chicong Tran Nguyen to Jovany A. Rivera and Emely Del Carmen, $289,500.

Hazelcrest Dr., 17840-John P. and Christina J. Mcsweeney to Ethelinda A. and Neil A. Balois, $446,000.

Ivory Gull Ct., 8805-Victor Lourenco to Tony Goncalves, $382,500.

Labelle Ct., 19603-Veronica Chavez to John M. Rose Wood, $270,000.

Olive Tree Way, 19417-Susan Davidoff Gershowitz to Erie Filani, $760,000.

Quail Valley Blvd., 19001-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Gibrand Carbajal Serrano and Selsy Y. Alonzo, $349,000.

Shady Spring Terr., 17638-Alina C. and Robert L. Beall to Ariana L. Beall and Juan C. Albisu, $180,000.

Wheatfield Terr., 19278-William H. Huhn to Jiankun Huang and Qingsheng Yuan, $295,000.


Bent Twig Lane, 124, No. 348-John Martus and Mary Alice N. Martus to King Chee Joseph Ng and Man Chu Terren Lee, $300,000.

Chestertown St., 596-Daniel S. Schruefer to Roman and Svetlana A. Grant, $636,000.

Colton Lane, 13200-Adam M. Domanski to Steven and Carol Haubach Dutil, $595,050.

County Ct., 39, No. 18-10-John E. and Gretchen H. Beckman to Abdul Gadiri and Mona Jeanine Bah, $340,000.

Falconbridge Dr., 12422-Mohammad and Shabnam Makhmalbaf to Andrew Gaudio and Anh Tu Duong Gaudio, $457,000.

Golden Ash Mews, 458-Nobe E. and Lisa Van Diller to John V. Gresh, $624,900.

Hillside Lake Terr., 1017, No. 1008-Lexis Sinclair Kastanis to Preeti B. Sood, $280,000.

Kendrick Pl., 184, No. 184-28-Justin N. Heilmberg and Marisha Kish to Kristian E. Gamble, $310,000.

Leafcup Rd., 306-Ariel and Mariel Duran to Billy and Lily Ye, $417,500.

Mirrasou Lane, 27-Zhifeng Zhou and Wei Zhang to Michael D. and Laura E. Williams, $340,000.

Palmtree Dr., 406-Lu Bai to Xiaoning He and Shuai Yuan, $274,500.

Pleasant Meadow Ct., 14208-Jeffrey D. Briggs and Ellen O. Martz to Mark Clifford Hyatt and Ellen Wexler, $765,000.

Renmark Ct., 2-Jeffrey Blakel and Solo 401 K. Trust to Jeremy and Victoria Davis, $395,000.

Sharpstead Lane, 58-Namit and Vidushi Khurana to Mariquita G. Mullan, $635,000.

Straw Bale Lane, 13408-Edward A. Fakler and Teresa A. Booth Fakler to Christopher G. and Courtney Conley, $799,000.

Timberbrook Lane, 119, No. 103-Catherine Utz Dischner and Tommy C. Stewart to Judith Filner, $275,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 12729-Christopher C. and Donna C. Furnas to David A. Dipippo, Claire Dipippo, David G. Steinbraker and Mary Claire Steinbraker, $713,250.


Beaconfield Terr., 20332, No. 9-E-Javier Castro and Carmen Castro Conroy to Lanju Zhang and Liping Wang, $158,000.

Black Saddle Lane, 12639-Daniel L. and Lorraine M. Jaffe to Xian Yun Liu, $250,000.

Country Ridge Dr., 13306-Shelly Ann H. Orr to Roger Ponce, $280,000.

Ferry Landing Cir., 18914-Michael J. and Kellyann C. Butterworth to Elijah and Denise Petway, $290,000.

Harvest Glen Way, 13739-Maria Elena Ona to Timothy John Marta, $388,000.

Lark Song Dr., 13772-Jaeson S. and Christine T. Abraham to Nan Guo, $282,000.

Middlebrook Rd., 13033-Noelle F. and Noelle Frances Metting to Maria Cristina Yngente Paraiso and Christopher Charles Yngente Paraiso, $380,000.

Partridge Wood Dr., 19126-Bank of America to Prosper Osei Wusu, $206,100.

Prairie Knoll Ct., 13006-Colleen and Benjamin M. Dooling to Eric and Natasha Draper, $401,000.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20410, No. 6-R-Harvey Kipperlyn Duncan to Qi Jia, $180,000.

Station St., 13554, No. 2-Pierre and Deeborah Walters to Christina Haejin Kim, $279,970.

Swiss Cir., 18229, No. 1-Kathleen M. Ross and Shahrbanou Razjouyan to Kristin Holtje, $170,000.

Wanegarden Ct., 20004-Adam and Rebecca D. Walker to Kyu Ho and in Ja Kim, $427,000.

Well House Ct., 13036-Robert J. and Tami M. Fries to Juan C. Ronchi and Miriam V. Rioja, $259,000.

Wisteria Dr., 13520-Bridget M. Henry to Junior A. Ramos Reyes and Santos Omar Ramos, $375,000.


Bentley Lane, 10702-Girma Allaro and Aster Gebre Michael to Angela Grace Draley, $422,500.

Connecticut Ave., 10814-Adam E. Margolis and Janis H. Riffle to Miguel and Sandra Alvarado, $515,000.

Ferndale St., 3011-Felipe N. and Jennifer M. Carvalho to Kristen M. Neishi and Matthew A. Hopkins, $515,581.

Homewood Pkwy., 3110-Sherman G. and Diane D. Boone to Emily E. Neuhausen and Eugene Borukhov, $660,000.

Summit Ave., 10114-Jorge A. and Caren M. Garayta to Steven Thomas Wellner and Amy Elizabeth Pickard, $785,500.

Valley View Ave., 11214-Nigel P. and Sarah P. Crawford to Michael Gene Klein, $500,000.


Bush Hill Rd., 24034-Marlene P. Didone to Gary Hitchens, $379,000.

Laytonsville Rd., 21532-Jo Ann Diane Howes to Moises Figueroa, $310,000.

Poplar Creek Ct., 9411-Don Paul and Michelle Deaun Rance to Jason Scott and Mary Kate Hoffman, $760,000.

Welsh Rd., 24316-Morris William and Anita W. Clark to James A. and Megan L. McGowen, $435,000.


Bountyfield Ct., 20708-Allen Chan to Jill Kronstaadi, $420,000.

Cove Ledge Ct., 10241-Rjre Investments Corp. to Douglas A. Bautista Ayala, $280,000.

Dellcastle Ct., 6-Brian S. Smith to Oscar E. Martinez, Kelvin Ernes Martinez Bermudez and Sandra P. Bermudez, $417,000.

Elger Mill Rd., 9420-James Edward Hensley to Timothy J. Harvey and Eugenia F. Harvey, $435,000.

Holly Pond Ct., 5-Craig L. and Karen K. Holcomb to Ziad Mohi, $425,000.

Kindly Ct. N., 19108-Scott A. and Cori L. Spencer to Nicole Covington, $312,900.

Montgomery Village Ave., 19020-Eduardo V. and Cecilia M. Araya to Nicholas John and Jessica Kramer, $2.75 million.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18120-Dilan Perera to Shyam Basnet and Devi Kali Raskoti Basnet, $270,000.

Tindal Springs Ct., 5-Daniel Wayne Martin to Garcia Villatoro, $400,000.

Welbeck Ct., 25-Adum Family Corp. to Roosvelt Takougang Nouze, $190,000.


Dilston Rd., 1302-Pressoire and Murielle Desir to Denis D. Rozario and Joachim T. Costa, $292,000.

Ruatan St., 1015-Bruce L. Payne and Seymour G. Gresser to Rose E. Joseph, $205,000.


Atlanta Dr., 2804, No. 8-2804-Janice E. Meer and Michael Bodo to Nnamdi Nwankwo, $322,400.

Chesterwood Dr., 3818, No. 419-John and Jeanette K. Mon to Ai Hua Hsiang, $200,000.

Connecticut Ave., 12601-Gary Levon Arkoian to Sara Saravia Gutierrez and Jorge A. Pachrco, $345,000.

Fitzhugh Lane, 3502, No. 49-B-Patricia H. Thomas and the Eleanor R. Henderson to Barbara Rushing, $389,000.

Greenery Lane, 2211, No. 102-6-Godwin Ahlin Geraldo Delima and Hiram Geraldo Delima to Jose F. Vanegas and Reina Marian Rafailan, $165,000.

Hugo Cir., 1637-Eleen D. Lange to Sandra J. Labissiere, $428,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-523-Mildred Stern Perlow to Patricia and William Carr, $185,000.

Isbell St., 3907-Rjre Investments Corp. to Luke Rush and Jenna C. Curley, $410,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 6-915-Stephen M. Deakins and Frances K. Deakins to Jere L. and Delyra S. Rowland, $158,000.

Middlebridge Ct., 2-Godfrey E. Maynor to Preston S. Feinberg and Jenifher Marino, $510,000.

Osterport Dr., 13210-Antonio A. and Gloria I. Bernart to Toby Lee and Jeanne Kathryn Capion, $474,900.

Prince Frederick Way, 15546, No. 116-A-Ann W. Mason and W. Mason to Theodore and Susan W. Polydoroff, $350,000.

Sheraton St., 2803-Jeffrey McDermott to Scott Nicholas Pochakilo, $297,000.

Stockbridge Ct., 13500-Ashraf and Gehan Girguis to George and Svetlana Jungbluth, $520,000.

Wagon Way, 13924-Derek and Titrese Mitchell to Brent A. Polkes and Hunter Mathew Polkes, $572,900.


Briars Ct., 18800-Sheri Page and Linda Lane to Stephen Charles Crawford and Lynn Marie Crawford, $520,000.

Darnell Dr., 18113-Jan W. and Carl B. Norwood to Andrew J. and Tracy J. Calandro, $590,000.

Longview Lane, 17537-Patrricia D. to Rex Carlos and Rex C. Sagrado, $332,680.

Olney Mill Rd., 19348-Santos Brothers Investmetns Corp. to Maria A. and Guillermo Castillo, $525,000.

St. Theresa Dr., 17502-Jeffrey S. and Susan E. Lowenthal to Matthew Alan and Danielle Leslie Porter, $450,000.

Thorntondale Ct., 17105-Thomas Charles Poe Jr. to Sean and Patricia Robbins, $480,000.

Wilberta St., 3833-Delia P. Davis to Timothy Joseph Evelius and Jeanne Marie Benedetti, $467,000.


Hoskinson Rd., 17478-Delta Investment Group Corp. to Patricia M. Jeffrey, $205,500.

Titus Way, 17103-Frank W. and Laura Vuozzo Mcatee to Kelly and Dana Galentine, $505,000.

Wootton Ave., 19551-Dan Ryan Bulder Mid Atlantic Corp. to Matthew R. Warner and Megan Kenneweg, $380,355.


Bridle Lane, 10501-William and Marjory S. Blumenthal to David H. and Chrisoone Lee Kim, $1.31 million.

Cedar Ridge Dr., 11432-Lucian B. and Luana M. Pop to Shu Shi and Clara Szea, $895,000.

Gainsborough Rd., 10207-Julie Donatelli to George A. and Kathleen W. Alafoginis, $818,000.

Greenleaf Ave., 12228-Sheldon I. and Judith L. Grosberg to Eric Adam Huang and Adilene Nunez, $530,000.

Hemswell Pl., 9522-W. Clark and Karen C. Bunting to Qiang Hu and Wei Gao, $16 million.

Karen Dr., 11611-Carl and Susan Backman to Albert Fwernandez Blanco and Laura Laura Lugo Garcia, $825,000.

Palatine Ct., 12508-Kung Kung and Walter Hu to Todd I. and Stacie G. Greenbaum, $1.47 million.

Stratton Dr., 1408-Paul E. and Barbara P. Prosswimmer to Frank R. and Alison M. Costantino, $665,000.


Aqua Lane, 13601-Wanda D. Scholz to Zhongying Chen and Yongzhong Li, $116,000.

Casey Lane, 521-Donald T. Liu and Stephanie P. Lee to Fiorella Sarita Vargas, $585,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11309-Michael Scott Durrant and Sarah Grace Flecher Durrant to Joshua Young, $395,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15313, No. 6-8-Christopher Mrozowski and Teresa M. Nalecz Mrozowski to Julia Murray, $255,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. P-215-Andrew D. and Darlyn R. Wolvin to Xinran Qi, $165,000.

King Farm Blvd., 503, No. 105-Kevin Palmer to Ali Rezai and Lynette M. Vitanaza, $429,900.

Luckett St., 103-Nebeyou Abebe and Martha M. Abera to Ingrid L. Chua, $1.2 million.

Mazwood Pl., 10800-Brian Charles and Nicole M. Salcetti to Mariusz and Christine M. Ruszczyk, $1.25 million.

Montgomery Ave. W., 409-Churchill England Ward to Lewis Parker and May T. Cheng, $645,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 907-Alerto Levy and Lngrid Rojas De Levy to Garrett B. Kulash and Ian T. Cronkhite, $431,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2511-George Erskin Ingraham Jr. to Mary E. McClure, $315,000.

Pinewood Rd., 523-Ralph Kozlow to Morton E. Jacobs, $270,000.

Schuylkill Rd., 11003-Garrett Quinn and Pamela Trau to Francis Y. Colindres and Hamed H. Makou, $466,500.

Sterling Terr., 10142-Shirin Toosi to Ryan Abod, $537,000.

Troy Rd., 11013-Benja and Elizabeth Rouse Gill to Stephanie Housel, $430,500.

Wickshire Way, 11032, No. B-2-Paul M. Rosenbery to Richard R. Yang and Xuan Du, $615,000.


Brooke Rd., 18470-Sarah Evans Elzinga and Sarah Evans to Amnada Katherine Rockler, $385,000.


Amber Ridge Cir., 12016, No. 7-F-Aylin Tasci to Joel Guevara, $220,000.

Appledowre Way, 11322, No. 152-Kenneth Lefebvre to Megan Repoley, $222,000.

Drumcastle Ct., 24-Simone M. and Btissame Benchequroun to Phillip Sumby and Courtney Carrington, $317,500.

Grassy Knoll Terr., 11013-Vijaykumar Kandaswamy and Indhupriya Balasubramaniam to Kuntal Patel and Samantha Louise Needle, $509,000.

Halethorpe Terr., 11324, No. 188-Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. to Stephen Anthony Mann and Donya Botkan, $185,000.

Shakespeare Ct., 1-Deutsche Bank to Claudine Barandagiye, $385,000.

Yellow Leaf Ct., 1-Ita M. Mannathoko to Eric Kwabena Nyonator, $400,000.


Colston Dr., 2304, No. 2304-C-Rachel C. Baliff and Rachel Beth Culter to Christina Sexton and Elizabeth Larson, $261,000.

Dale Dr., 1408-Thomas P. and Darcie A. Russell to Elise Michelle O. Connell and Matthew Jerome Boyce, $850,000.

Fenwick Lane, 1320, No. 6-1320 Residences Corp. to Elston and Lynette Butler, $279,000.

Grace Church Rd., 1508-Scott E. and Todd C. Lightfoot to Sean Micheal and Addic Clowmon Solomaon, $710,000.

Leonard Dr., 8508-Concepcion R. and Felipe E. Fernandez to Lisa Taylor, $460,000.

Mississippi Ave., 422-Michael E. Snusz and Georgia V. Hancock to Matthew Aumen, $573,000.

Ritchie Ave., 701-Edward M. and Mary T. Furgol to John B. and Melissa S. King, $785,000.

Woodland Dr., 9500-Juanita Gray to Nathaniel C. Bottorff and Kimberly J. Bohnet, $600,000.


Albany Ave., 517-David M. and Nancy Hunt Weiman to Susanna Campbell and Matthias Zwicker, $1.18 million.

Carroll Ave., 7507-Carrol S. and Randy Baxter Hicks to Victor Iwugo, $391,000.

Flower Ave., 8215-Micah F. and Evlyn L. Baker to Justine Erickson Karl, $390,000.

Kennebec Ave., 1001-Jerrilee H. and Anna M. Jennigs to Cara L. Kennedy and Jean Prosper Elie, $515,000.

Philadelphia Ave., 29-Valentino Zocca to Aaron D. Samsel and Rachel E. Mehl, $522,000.

Winding Hill Way, 211-Joelle Arnold to Charmaine T. Cha Camp, $290,000.


Dean Dr., 510-Shi Guang Chen and Li Yu Zheng to Steohanie and Enrique Doig, $400,000.

Meadow Hall Dr., 524, No. B524-Jason and Alexis Bernhard to Stephanie Devlin and Ranjodh Sunny Gill, $382,000.

Thornden Rd., 1214-Jenny Liu to Matthew Sale and Grace Ng, $380,000.


Amherst Ave., 10801, No. 100-Timothy J. and Maureen S. Stueve to Mercedes J. Olmos, $229,000.

Arcola Ave., 2605-Timothy P. Branigan and James D. Borris to Jonathan Ackerman Jordan, $320,000.

Bucknell Terr., 2132, No. 29-Ron K. and Helen E. Vederman to Nickolas R. Foran and Laci N. McDonald, $355,000.

College View Dr., 11616-Michael F. Wade and Merritt D. Nolden to Justin Nolden and Rebecca E. Hill, $365,000.

Edgemont St., 12105-Joshua M. and Leah Parsons to Daniel Jess and Shelby Jean Houser, $405,000.

Georgia Ave., 11522-Elizabeth A. Albouari to Mequanenet Haregewoine, $409,999.

Lindell Ct., 2912-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeidi Ibet and Lewis Armando Cruz, $283,000.

Newport Mill Rd., 11502-Alexander Momchilovich to Rosa M. Roldan Torres, $489,900.

Sherwood Rd., 1612-William J. and Diane M. Wagner to Bradford Dana and Ellen Malinin Carpenter, $552,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Maryland Ave., 6922-Jessa N. Miller to Martin P. Hobbs, $299,900.


F St. E., 10-Marcos Vinicius and Lusine Baghdasarian Veloso to Daniel and Theresa Clayton, $259,880.

Maple Ave. N., 415-Eric Moore General Contracting Corp. to Judith S. Fitch, $268,000.

Wills Creek Dr., 402-NVR Inc. to James J. and Marjorie L. Reardon, $371,366.

Yourtee Spring Dr., 1310-Michael C. and Kelly Schmidt to Anthony Paul and Valerie Kucan, $389,000.


Westport Dr., 3345-Jay M. and Cynthia L. Zimmerman to Melissa R. Shop and Donald F. French, $389,900.


Seton Ave. N., 139-Cynthia Marie Ott and Mary Elizabeth Royce to Julie A. Morris, $154,900.


Basford Rd., 4206-Michael S. and Christine E. Kepler to Matthew Scott and Sarah Elizabeth Scherhaufer, $409,000.

Cawley Dr., 594, No. 1A-Ingrid I. Backman to Randall J. Wallace, $179,900.

Clarendon Terr., 4968-Shelley B. Lebel to Elyssa Knapp, $217,000.

Feagaville Lane, 5541-Debra Fouche and George William Brust to Amy C. Hammond, $183,000.

Jefferson Blvd., 5826-John F. Rusk to Robert and Susan McGinnis, $200,000.

Mount Zion Rd., 4833-Gidcon Properties Corp. to Keenan W. and Katie L. Billingsley, $350,000.

Newton Dr., 6418-NVR Inc. to Thomas Price and Jessica Neumar, $325,000.

Prince William Ct., 5490-Paul M. and Mark J. Vernier to Jose Ismael Najarro Vasquez and Ryan Burns, $243,000.

Sylvan Ct., 514-Joanthan Valverde and Jonelle Boye to Julie Marie Ganassa, $260,500.

Walcott Lane, 6401-Jerid and Patty Winkler to Jeremy S. and Amber M. Parks, $366,000.

Walcott Lane, 6448-NVR Inc. to Candace Trostel, $253,975.


Beverly Ct., 1557-Christopher J. Flaherty to Christopher J. and Mary L. Flaherty, $153,700.

Blue Leaf Ct., 905, No. 2A-Janice C. and Lawrence H. Barr to Cody M. and Sarah F. Horn, $150,900.

Church St. E., 232-William F. Ryan and Maureen A. Delaney to Frances K. Delvin, $310,000.

Delaware Rd., 450-William J. Brown to Michael Boyle, $360,000.

Egret Way, 2735-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Leigh Friedman, $340,704.

Hillsborough Dr., 9301-Sean S. and Amanda O'Neil to Scott and Bethany Dentes, $487,000.

Kline Blvd., 5-Charlene E. Albertson and Hilllal Eastburn to Joseph S. and Carole E. Rodero, $470,000.

Market St. N., 424-Paul and Jennifer Dabisch to Steven L. Jakubczyk and Carol L. Bridges, $547,800.

Mill Island Pkwy., 2001-Robert T. Weaver to Momed A. Greene and Nastasha Knight, $280,000.

Mill Race Rd., 2530-Joshua C. Mendelson and Barry L. Elliott to Gene N. and Jacqueline M. Flanigan, $332,900.

Rosemont Ave., 1101-Robert and Joyce Hopkins to Christopher S. and Amy K. Horn, $482,500.

Upper College Terr., 312-Edwin Tieh Tsung Chen and Mei Yean Chen to Alexander L. and Lishan N. Utt, $779,000.

Sixth St. E., 131-Heatehr Krikland Pardue and Heather E. Kirkland to Christopher David Lucas, $225,000.


Barrett Ct., 2407-Timothy N. and Linda Turner to Corey L. and Melany J. Rabideau, $445,000.

Country Run Way, 1800-Betty J. Williams to Demon and Tamico Kenee, $274,900.

Fieldstone Dr., 8013-Melva L. Urban to Anne K., Howard N. and Georgia A. Boyer, $307,000.

Hemingway Dr., 2500, No. 3-1C-Tracy L. Ochs to Deborah J. Irwin, $176,900.

Leather Fern Way, 112-Angela M. and Patrick S. Donovan to Anthony and Tiwaah A. Gyapong, $214,000.

Round Hill Rd., 7427-Jesse K. and Margaret A. Mackery to Chester and Heather Virnig, $400,000.

Storrington Dr., 1028-Francis H. Mitokpe to Olukunle A. Oyekanmi, $381,000.

Twin Eagle Ct., 106-Tjao Y. Chin to Joan Marie Ward, $205,000.

William Franklin Dr., 2041-Trevor R. Hawthorne to Juana I. Sequeira, $335,000.

Yellow Springs Rd., 7919-John L. and Linda C. Kenyon to Robert S. and Deborah L. Smith, $425,000.


Hillside Ct., 2715-James Kevin and Donna Lee McMann to Jessica R. Gilbert and Cary L. Frey Jr., $491,500.

Melbourne Pl., 7502-Patricia A. Guerieri and Patricia A. Weaver to Christopher M. and Amy C. Kerns, $686,000.

Wilcom Ct., 2255-Nam H. Rhee to Kenneth and Kori Keyser, $710,000.


Feldspar Rd., 4509-Terrence P. and Judith E. Brady to Patrick and Adrienne McCarrick, $275,000.

Mason Ct., 7503-Samson Martin and Sheela Victor to Eliot and Cherly Trantos, $450,000.

Washington St., 9-Douglas C. Austin to Gregory and Ana Lomb, $315,000.


Farmfield Dr., 12304-Mark P. and Kimberly A. Coakley to Richard M. and Angela M. Burke, $475,000.

Viridian Terr., 4342-Winchester Homes Inc. to James J. and Katherine E. McCloy, $400,793.


Bill Moxley Rd., 4009-Vince E. and Pamela S. Wright to Edward David and Danielle Laboskie, $348,050.

Hillside Turn, 7388-Barbara Dodge to Mark Andrew and Morgan McDonough, $305,000.

Mayfair Ct., 7511-Brady P. Tessmer to Tobias B. and Ashley C. Meier, $425,000.

Talbot Run Rd., 7536-Laurie M. Schaberg and Janet Elaine Huddleson to Shane D. Shaffer, $599,900.


Beach Dr. E., 6618-Sherman and Stephanie A. Hardesty to Stefan H. Comhaire and Nadine F. Geysen, $259,000.

Harbor Light Way, 6659-Francis V. and Katherine M. Cuttitta to Hafsah H. and Ryan T. Blatz, $270,500.

Joseph Ct., 5605-Bernard T. Knoerdel II to Nicole M. Burns, $250,000.

Meyer Ave., 5723-Michael L. and Pamela G. Trammell to Amir and Sophia Heydari, $545,000.

Sewell Dr., 703-Monica Morales to Mary E. Longenecker, $435,000.

Talbot Dr., 5518-Randal Edward and Elizabeth Ann Blough to Brian Mauck and Nicole Dimauro, $239,000.


Westview Dr., 202-Christopher B. Souris and Denmond L. Souris to Jennifer R. and John W. Sayre, $268,000.


Barts Way, 5754-NVR Inc. to Eric Nicholson and Emiliya Bagirova, $309,540.

Belvedere Lane, 4005-Christopher L. and Mary Beth Coffman to Kit Man Tsang and Kwong Tai Oscar, $599,900.

Denison St., 3619-Herman K. and Loan P. Wong to Scott M. and Kristyn Nicholas, $498,249.

Pinecliff Dr., 8620-Raymond J. Antoniuk to Matthew S. and Kathryn M. Blanch, $382,000.

Shepherd Dr., 5809-NVR Inc. to Matieyendou and Angele Djagbare, $432,830.

Ward Pl., 9510-Erin E. Seley and Kevin S. Poland to Stephanie L. Rutter, $345,000.


Daysville Rd., 9613-Melissa D. Shaw to Anthony J. and Elizabeth R. King, $345,000.

Heritage Ct., 228-Lynda M. Harmon and Lynda M. Evans to Patrick M. Breads and Gloria J. Williams, $236,000.


Elizabeth St. E., 102-Lauderwood Investments Corp. to Amanda K. Welsh, $192,000.