correction: An earlier version of this report gave the incorrect price for a home at 5105 Fairglen Lane in Chevy Chase. The home sold for $1.08 million, not $108,000. The report has been updated.

Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Striley Dr., 17709-Jeffrey Scott and Angela B. Carney to Jackson G. Carney, $360,000.


Baltimore Rd., 2503, No. 2503-5-Roxance Naylor to Alkindi Rahman Kadir, $184,000.

Evanston St., 13003-David Murray and Jacqueline Mercer to Tarick Fathi Elgendy, $380,000.

Grenoble Dr., 13600-Kaytura L. Felix to Shamun Cole and Nancy Riker, $400,000.

Loree Lane, 13808-Diana C. Travieso Palow to Kara E. Gray, $396,250.

Narcissus Way, 15441-Paul G. and Celeste D. Prunier to Daniel S. and Laura C. Pease, $642,500.

Powder House Dr., 4838-Yvonne B. Buchanan to Brendan D. and Lauren V. Lawrence, $530,000.

Vandalia Dr., 13203-Chong Sun Hong to Wilmer S. Meneces Beza, $400,000.


Acacia Ave., 5019-Bernitt Builders Inc. to Shane L. and Andrea C. Cole, $1.45 million.

Battery Lane, 4977, No. 1-801-Dorothy G. Scanlan and Loni Anna Glinos to Dorey Anne Buttler, $231,000.

Brookeway Dr., 4906-Paul F. and Elizabeth M. Johnston to James F. and Heather Lett Reed, $1.07 million.

Crescent St., 4921, No. B-9-Cecilia M. Kang to Andres Cavelier and Juanita Uribe, $796,300.

Fairfield Dr., 4504-Ambrose and Yana Dieringer to Vladlislav and Hallie M. Bulkin, $685,000.

Friendship Ct., 6315-Robert Andrew and Heather Lee Carraway to Patrick and Jaclyn McEachern, $890,000.

Grosvenor Lane, 5905-Frank George Gomas and Julia Ann Brown to Patti and Peter Gottesman, $757,000.

Hollins Dr., 6305-Margaret N. Greenwald to Hector G. Bladuell and Lisette C. Osorio, $800,000.

Lonesome Pine Lane, 7820-Russell Minkoff and Nancy H. Minkoff to Trevor and Katherine Richman Voglmayr, $1.77 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 5627-Scott and Flavia L. Modell to Jeffrey and Simona Lightfoot, $922,000.

Montrose Ave., 10317, No. M-1-Mohamed Amine Hammadi to Joseph E. and Leslie Brown Zeman, $240,000.

Oak Pl., 5516-Jeffrey S. and Anne Marie Gemunder to David D. Hollander and Julie A. Tenney Hollander, $1.31 million.

Quarry Ridge Way, 8028, No. 2A-Carolyn E. Caludis to Elizabeth, Jiayuh and Huey Jen Lin, $379,000.

Sangamore Rd., 5504-Maria D. Velez to Agustin, Kimberly Hall and Kimberly Eve Chavez, $600,000.

Sonoma Rd., 5908-David and Helene A. Emsellem to Esther Michelle Emsellem and Matthew Ryan Pledger, $575,150.

Temple St., 6108-6108 Temple St. Corp. and 6108 Temple Street Bethesda Corp. to Steven and Ezogelin Gruyters, $1.58 million.

Walton Rd., 6010-Alvaro Molina Cruz and Marcia B. Brown to Leily H. Kiani and Siamak Sharifai, $760,000.

Westmont Terr., 8414-Andres Gonzalez Gomez and Maria Carolina Posada Velandia to Zhong Zhao and Li Zhi, $890,000.


Ivy Leaf Dr., 22006-Cynthia D. Allen and Cynthia D. Morgan to Rajinder S. Dhugga and Surinder Dhuga, $531,000.


Olney Mill Rd., 19732-Joseph Richard Hagan and Mary F. Hagan to Walter and Mary Hardy, $505,000.


Angelton Terr., 14139-Margaret R. Hazelwood to Maria M. Olmeda and Orly M. Santos, $280,000.

Hepburn Ct., 3537-Krupa Shukla to John B. Flester, $299,900.

Tazewell Terr., 4229-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Sunset Mortgage Loan Trust to Jullian Elamay Francis Brooks and Marlin Garcia Brooks, $239,300.


Cabinwood Dr., 13120-Warren S. Hill and Champ S. Hill to Minh Xuan Nguyen and Macy Hong Ngo, $400,000.

Carriage House Terr., 1605, No. 1605-H-Michelle Lopez to Ling Xue and Yan Li, $142,500.

Crimson Lane, 11909, No. 146-Romella J. and Eartha Arnold to Kim Dung Phan, $256,000.

Heartfields Dr., 1002-Grant F. and Lillian A. Demeritte to Nephthalee Edmond and Binyam Tefera, $660,000.

Lisage Way, 2906-Andrew Mwavua to Kathrine Porlles and Delmar D. Sosa Ramos, $160,000.

Northwyn Dr., 14008-Kevin R. and Jerolyn Duron Vrieze to Eden Elizabeth Vrieze and Christopher Minh Le, $200,000.

Rigdale Terr., 12702-Evelyn Hill to Patricia L. Carpenter, $409,000.

Summer Hill Dr., 12903-Brent and Lisa Plemons to Abibou Jallow, $430,000.

Venice Dr., 810-Oaktech Properties Corp. to Joshua M. and Leah R. Parsons, $457,500.


Cardiff Rd., 3725-Clyde D. and Diane P. Garrett to Sean Patrick and Mallory Meehan Joiner, $1.3 million.

Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. S-Zoe Billman and Ruth M. Mandes to Paricia Lucile and Carolyn Leigh Calkins, $460,000.

Fairglen Lane, 5105-David Hollander and Julie Ann Tenney Hollander to Ryan Edward and Lisa Lee Hansen, $1.08 million.

Kenwood Forest Lane, 6733, No. 41-Caitlin M. Cusack to Andrew John Kitchen and Martha Denisse Pierola Castro, $668,000.

Park Ave. N., 4550, No. 207-Alan N. and Hedda E. Gnaizda to Michael D. McNamee and Karla G. Taylor, $750,000.

Taylor St., 3416-Benjamin Dunford and Noel Bingham to Courtney A. Evans, $890,000.

Willard Ave., 4515, No. 817S-Mani and Andrea Pahlevanpour to Adam S. Williams, $279,000.

46th St., 7201-Edmound J. and Brooke H. Haughey to Brodi L. and Yvette F. Fontenot, $1.7 million.


Bluffwood Terr., 12217-Clarksburg Village Corp. and Clarksburg Village Partnership to Zain Hatim and Rola Haddad, $492,470.

Broadway Ave., 22428-Winchester Homes Inc. to Bujana Shakya Kansakar and Suraj Shalya, $150,741.

Dancrest Dr., 12337-Robert Michael D. Onorio and Bobbie S. Onorio to Lisa Charles and Lisa Ann Antus, $415,000.

Forest Vista Dr., 26305-Rebecca K. Holt and Carl R. McMahon to Nathan L. Weiser and Stephanie M. Gubb, $475,000.

Grey Squirrel St., 12030-Bhaskar and Moniva Sarkar to Srinivasa and Bramarambica Mekala, $605,000.

Meadow Mist Rd., 23000-Rajesh Chitta to Chintan M. and Purvi Bhavsar, $414,000.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23432, No. 104-Nancy Phuong and Nancy Phuong Pham to Jiamin Liu and Ivy Dan Zhao, $195,200.

Robin Song Dr., 23229-Wells Fargo Bank to Prakash Sankurathri, $320,000.

Stilt St., 13800-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jin Fang Lu, $638,583.


Briggs Chaney Rd., 2525-Lester T. and Nancy A. Oroian to Manuel and Mary C. Penson, $450,000.

Elm Grove Cir., 1373-Merawi Wondemu and Kidest Negussie to David F. Chen, $280,000.

Harbour Town Dr., 16805-Chales F. and Sandra G. Herbert to Myrna D. and Myrta D. Charles, $995,000.

Netherlands Ct., 1119-Francis P. and Dona M. Klem to Kenny J. Bain Jr. and Joan Salnave, $420,000.

Twig Rd., 14229-Tracy Hsiao Chi Liu to David Scott and Kelly Kathleen Hoffman, $486,000.


Founders Way, 9922-Francis X. and Ellen M. Burns to William R. Garcia Salamanca and Emily K. Salamanca, $635,000.

Kemptown Rd., 28403-Richard M. and Jane Connelly Hope to Kris Hakanson, $360,000.

Woodfield Rd., 25001-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Ana Rivera Luis Tello and Jessica Rivera, $389,000.


Briardale Rd., 17122-Radha Edappallath and Edappallath Radha to Collin Helm and Rania Al Awar, $395,000.

Granby Rd., 6009-William M. and Susan L. Swartz to Garry S. and Susan K. Wu, $635,000.


Darnestown Rd., 20401-Josephine P.C. Jan and Han S. Jan to Nellie and Nellie L. Hanagan, $1.15 million.


Carson St., 1006-Anne Fello Diaz and Anne F. Welsh to Xiaomin Sun and Xian Lu, $387,500.

Franklin Ave. E., 217-Kathy L. Lockhart to Vicky Maldanado and Krystynne Wharff, $438,000.

Kinross Ave., 10015-Helen Dean Goodrich to Kimberly E. Fox and Traci L. Gonis, $387,000.

Prelude Ct., 11205-Donna J. Clark to Sheetij and Mala Dutta, $568,000.

Symphony Woods Lane, 11412-Allan L. and Diane C. Wright to Bibiana Campos Seijo and Jonathan Pincher, $585,000.

Woodburn Rd., 9914-Nina P. Schlossman to Claudia Guiselle Godinez Arrastio and Jeffrey Ball, $420,000.


Brian Ct., 18, No. 238-George E. Estrada to Girish Chaskar, $147,000.

Christopher Ave., 401, No. 8-Tammy Hunt to Anthony Malek, $115,500.

Dogwood Dr., 308-Maria Filipa F. Decarvalho to Nicole M. Wiloughby and Milan Stevic, $385,000.

Framingham Dr., 19707-Sara Kebede to Myint Oo and Min Min Than, $270,000.

Hidden Forest Ct., 202-PMT NPL Financing 2014 1 and Pennymac Loan Services Corp. to Harry Bonga, $490,000.

Rolling Rd., 123-Alice Jean and Harold L. Mills to Fredis F. Alvarez and Jose D. Sorto, $349,900.

Summit Hall Rd., 130-Scott A. and Virginia E. Perando to Andre Ramone McGruder, $438,000.

Torran Rocks Way, 7313-Christopher E. Beccles to Mirian Arias Carranza, $299,900.

Walker Ave., 7-Grace United Methodist Church to Theresa Ann Arnone, $370,000.

Whetstone Glen St., 615, No. 615-Julian S. Greenspun to Kenneth Robert Freebern and Jian Ping Wang, $335,000.


Ambiance Dr., 15637-Steven E. and Marlen M. Williams to Chin and Eleanor Koerner, $304,000.

Beacon Hill Terr., 409-Ailing and Jeh Chin to Chienhsun Li and Shiowwen Su, $406,000.

Chevy Chase St., 85, No. 85-Wendi Bretner to Candice J. Wilson and David K. Brown, $410,000.

Crossbow Lane, 156, No. 277-Scott Madison to William Weining Li, $231,000.

Falconbridge Terr., 15232-Jeffrey A. and Linda L. Zinner to Preston R. and Emily A. Weir, $633,000.

Green Meadow Rd., 15921-Mark D. and Georgianne D. Rasmussen to Ralph B. and Ana Meyers, $720,000.

Hillside Lake Terr., 901, No. 610-Farkhondeh Sadeghi to My My Ly, $217,000.

Lamont Lane, 123-Toby N. and Linda Fox Lehman to Zijian Mo and Min Xin Shen, $374,000.

Main Mews., 1330-Chase J. and Ashleigh M. Carlson to Leslie A. Katz, $619,500.

Nirvana St., 502-Erik R. and Michaelen K. Barsness to Kevin S. and Gina E. Carlton, $899,000.

Owens Glen Way, 11704-John Christian Abell to Farid Najmabadi and Azardokht Salour, $788,000.

Polk Ct., 11-Shanfen Lin to Erin L. Vaughn and Charles J. Na, $369,000.

Rockborn St., 953-Jarett B. and Marci Pincus Minkoff to Melissa O. and Jason M. Smith, $106,000.

Sioux Lane, 16576-Craig D. Dart to Brandon H. Dart and Michael C. Fassbach Jr., $500,000.

Suffolk Terr., 12033-Barry and Shanna Engel to Patricio I. Allendes Sr., $400,000.

Timber Rock Rd., 79-Olivia Lynn Mabeus to Andrea M. Lachin, $302,500.

Winesap Terr., 12029-Gustavo Nunez to Matthew Stephen and Quynh Chi Brew, $549,000.


Bayberry Dr., 13334, No. 2-Tyrone and Tanya Simmons to Jacquelyn Mamie Lewis, $190,000.

Bronco Pl., 13804, No. 232-Mustafa and Tasneem Shahmalak to Cenora Singleton, $259,000.

Cloverdale Pl., 13348-Ninett Arely Amaya and Ninett Amaya Coaxum to Adakou Foli, $370,000.

Deerwater Dr., 13627, No. 9-Aryan Frizhandi to Jonathan P. Druhan and Lorraine Vivien Bball, $264,900.

Gaelic Ct., 20808, No. 604-Justin C. Walcott and Jessica V. Almonte to Laverah C. Olukune, $340,000.

Harmony Woods Lane, 18728-Soomi Lee Chang and Soomi Lee to William V. Brumby and Megan A. Doney, $359,000.

Liberty Heights Lane, 19332-Linhua Tzeng Goh and Linhua Tzeng to Zhenwen Geng, $287,000.

Monarch Vista Ct., 16-Phuonchi T. and Phinga Thi Nguyen to Corey Michael Strittmatter and Amber Michelle Wilkins, $364,000.

Palmetto Cir., 13754, No. 13754-Andrea J. Piper to Bryan O. Chung, $220,000.

Rockingham Ct., 4-Luis E. Rodriguez to Majid Raissi Dehkordi and Sarvin McGhaddam, $383,500.

Shadyside Lane, 13008, No. 227-Jason S. Pribble to Anna Vasquez and Michelle Dellota, $169,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18701, No. 13C-Sarah Nachlas to Lorenzo and Jasmine Smith, $203,000.

Stone Hollow Dr., 18443-Giezi Guevara to Fernando A. Lazo, $305,000.


Cable Dr., 9805-Michael J. Kearns to Sean M. and Madeline K. Keegan, $875,000.

Dupont Ave., 3611-Stuart B. Cohen to Patricia Lynn and Victor R. Donham, $665,600.

Frederick Pl., 3502-David Sterberg to John M. and Fredda M. Haines, $832,000.

Puller Dr., 4421-John F. and Madeline M. Rice to Gabriel Magnna Gutierrez and Shirley Ann Micallef, $780,000.

Summit Ave., 10208-Andrew C. and Meghan M. Ellis to Jennifer T. and Gregory D. Marr, $729,900.


Brink Rd., 8200-Catherine Marie Fridell to David J. and Pasimani Paane Fryauff, $759,000.

Goshen Rd., 21021-Lorenzo Santo Lo Re and Rosa Lo Re to Betty L. Valdes, Ja Bette L. Lozupone and Anthony S. Lozupone, $535,000.

Lochaven Ct., 20910-Stanley O. and Barbara M. Benning to James Tompkins, $495,000.

Ripplemead Dr., 21640-John and Connie L. Howard to Paul A. and Harriet M. Turkheimer, $695,000.

White Pillar Terr., 9549-Jason and Michelle Allen to Nancy Lee Gugerty and Mark Graham Sanford, $286,663.


Aspenwood Lane, 20509-Darlene Wright to Janette Arnez Turay, $370,000.

Brassie Way, 9626-Guy Robert Baratte to John A. Domeny, $169,000.

Docena Dr., 9725-John Z. and Mary Duan to Evelyn Pak, $165,000.

Forest View Pl., 9957-Lawrence A. Katz to Wendy Rostran, $200,000.

Laurel Valley Pl., 19806-Karen R. Bury to Baucum Fulk, $416,000.

Penshurst Ct., 9419-Ed and David Dalmasso to Adrian Anorve and Shannon R. Mendoza, $265,000.

Smoothstone Way, 18914, No. 18914-Bank of America to Anthony Malek, $110,200.

Tindal Springs Ct., 42-Robin Friedman and Robin Weiss to Jeffrey Babb, $400,000.

Weathervane Pl., 9307-Veronika and Giovanna Garcia to Wilmins E. Suarez Rosado, $240,000.


Cahart Pl., 9813-Kami C. and Kamerron Cooper to Juan Inocencio Silva Sr. and Ana Gonzalez, $359,000.


Alderton Lane, 1341-Maria Teresa and Michael A. Hill to Jessica Sosa, $260,000.

Beaverwood Lane, 3139-Michael A. and Cecil J. Chew to Wudie G. Feleke, $329,900.

Catamount Ct., 14235-Giovanni and Stefania Impeduglia to Susan Christine Hawkins, $360,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3835, No. 23-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Evelyn Reveron Hill, $350,125.

Epping Terr., 12711, No. 7-B-Maggi E. Ezidinma to Shaheed and Lucky Haroon, $285,000.

Garrett Park Rd., 4402-Lewis Paul and Martha R. Whitefield to Jaime R. Nogales Sapiencia, $306,000.

Hammersmith Cir., 14839-Sixtus and Jennifer J. Wilkinson to Michele D. Francis, $315,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-524-Joan R. Paregol to Sylvia Beck, $172,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-315-Gerald and Barbara Rarden to Gerald and Barbara Rarden, $117,462.

Leaf Drop Ct., 2703, No. 3-17-Richard Lynn Roller to Irina McNeace, $206,120.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3200, No. 517-Robert L. and Barbara W. Pillote to E. Patrick Webster, $410,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 928-David W. Chidakel and Adele C. Schwartz to Ramon Samaniego and Lina P. Samaniego, $310,000.

Lydia St., 13311-Stephanie Tsacoumis and Filomenie Zaharoolis Tsacoumis to Guillermo Lenin Macas, $358,500.

Pimlico Pl., 3600, No. 11A-Cherles M. Schoman and Beryl Mina Scho Jr. to Anita F. and Philip A. Walker, $320,000.

Snow Mass Ct., 15104-Charles Loron and Linda Harrison Acker to Sadik Ali, $390,000.

Tivoli Lake Ct., 34-Sharon Anne Lavoy to Gcinisizwe Andrew and Eden Ahmed Mdluli, $401,000.

Valleywood Dr., 13103-Ryan R. Lea to Milciades A. Candia and Rossana C. Gomez Francis, $345,000.


Bishops Castle Dr., 2102-Jin S. Choi and Chung H. Lee to Ryan Parks and Melissa Delos Reyes, $606,000.

Chipping Ct., 17736-Roxanne Schweitzer and Linda Kumkumian to Giavanna Marie and Michael Steven D’Angelo, $3 million.

Fairweather Ct., 3118-John L. and Karen A. Shea to Patrick Ly, $560,000.

Longview Lane, 17503-Deutsche Bank to Raul Montecino and Marial Florida A. Gutierrez, $291,854.

Meadowland Terr., 18532-Mark and Mary Ellen Crichton to Michael and Jacqueline Tust, $541,000.

Rose Theatre Cir., 2112-Gerald T. Charles Jr. to Tiruayer Negatu, $650,000.

Stoneyhurst Ct., 1-Lisa J. Colpe to David and Mariana Spitzberg, $515,000.

Wickham Rd., 18219-Scott E. and Denise F. Deffinbough to John A. and Katherine J. Pattillo, $800,000.


Conlon Ct., 19507-Eduardo H. and Susana M. Zapata to Michael E. Harrington, $657,500.

Westerly Ave., 19509-Stephen P. and Diane D. Mankus to Michael N. Wengloski and Laura E. Fassak, $449,670.


Bartonshire Way, 1288-Laura Degnon to Ariel F. Rattner and Micaela V. Carmio, $795,000.

Cloverbrooke Dr., 10720-Mohamad Hassan Elhage and Susan S. Eslami to Zubaid Ahmad, $1.2 million.

Deborah Dr., 10827-Kirkor and Talin Saraydaroglu to Ping Luo, $560,000.

Fallsmead Way, 1114-Cove Family Trust to Petal Dhillon and Arjun Bhagat, $750,000.

Hidden Trail Ct., 10811-Harry N. and Linda V. Snyder to Jaime and Lourdes Posada, $1.1 million.

Larkmeade Terr., 8309-Donald E. and Madeleine S. Geller to Marco Shiva and Giuliana Calidia Ortiz, $1.22 million.

Maidstone Lane, 13632-Alan E. Van Egmond and Juliane H. Van Egmond to Vinay and Manisha Kumar, $1.35 million.

Piney Glen Lane, 12209-Bank of America to Mohinder and Lucky Singh, $850,000.

Sleepy Hollow Lane, 8800-Robert S. and Cecily G. Uhlfelder to Scott Terrence Krize and Amanda J. Wickwar, $1.15 million.


Aldersgate Rd., 9903-Kathryn Kennedy and Kathryn K. McGriff to Suvankar Majumdar and Sriparna Mitra, $1.18 million.

Azalea Dr., 676, No. 5-674-Daniela Marie D. Elia and Norberto Gabriel D. Elia to Daniele Sibert, $325,000.

College Pkwy., 878, No. 878-20-Freddie Hoffman and Steven Kishter to Saha Dhevan Meyanathan, $260,000.

Crownwood Lane, 11402-Travis S. and Jessica T. Georgieff to John D. Pent, $676,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15313, No. 9-8-Deborah A. Goldstein to Alexander David Parker, $252,500.

Garden View Way, 209-Dennis S. Schmelzer to Mike and Jackline Nam, $545,000.

Grey Hollow Ct., 11902, No. 86-Gregorio C. Sanchez and Anamaria Friede to Brian A. and Lauren M. Coblitz, $712,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10817, No. 609-Sarah Dammeyer, Michael J. Dammeyer and Mary M. Dammeyer to Samantha K. Willoughby, $357,000.

Marcliff Rd., 11026-Keith and Rebecca Rudich to David M. Goldberg Jr. and Chase W. Bae, $999,900.

Monroe St., 12, No. 12-302-Richard E. Theimer to Hue Van and Guohong Yan, $210,000.

Nelson St., 109-Mark H. and William H. Washburn to Andrew Ryan and Elizabeth A. Burke, $558,000.

Old Club Ct., 5-Hector R. Lopez and Julia L. Fueyo to Christabelle J. Cook, $843,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1428-Chih Ying Chen and Chih Ying Pratt to John Seok Cha and Dohyee Kwon, $385,000.

Pender Pl., 204-Amy L. Garson to Richard L. and Mary Elizabeth Shafer, $460,000.

Regal Oak Dr., 1169-Brett P. Leffler and Sharon D. Divino Leffler to Charles Chan, $655,000.

St. James Rd., 12604-David W. and Judith D. Laist to Peter and Monique Lllig, $735,000.

Stonehenge Pl., 6012, No. 30-Robert C. and Mary K. Palmer to Jeffrey S. and Anne Marie Gemunder, $690,000.

Sulky Lane, 6716-James Ira and Suzanne Thorpe to Victor H. Escala Mendez, $754,500.

Valley Oak Cir., 13728-Renping Zhang and Xiaohong Li to Abani K. Patra and Sipra Roychoudhury, $560,000.

Welsh Dr., 1016-Florence Griffin to Justin and Emalyn Shutters, $481,000.


Amber Ridge Cir., 12020, No. 7-F-Randall A. Lord Wilkimson to Emily Zhang Lawrence, $232,000.

Cider Barrel Dr., 20320-Sarah A. and Glenn V. Nickens to Mateo Pallera and Angelica Mae C. Pallera, $400,000.

Gateshead Cir., 20017, No. 133-Keith J. and Diane H. Chun to Opper Chiweshe, $220,000.

Knights Ct., 11101-Rjre Investments Corp. to Li Yin, $530,000.

Scenery Dr., 20327-Paul M. Noga Jr. and Benjamin W. Gill III to Robert Yurgal Christopher Yurgal, Emily Cullalther and Emily Cullanther, $550,000.

Tall Forest Dr., 20912-Ali and Mehar B. Akbeer to Suresh L. Arora and Amarjeet K. Juneja, $575,000.


Ballard St., 1303-Jeffrey E. Russel to Trevor and Kate O’Neill, $730,000.

Cassedy St., 2720-Ian B. and Kelly L. Velinsky to Lindsay E. Gordon and Adam Taft, $605,000.

Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 910-Diem Nguyen and Adam Joseph Salmon to Aaron Stone, $345,000.

Hale Pl., 9406-Foster M. and Alison E. Lewin to Alan Goinzalez Cota and Mary Amelia Luckett, $465,000.

Newell St., 8045, No. 322-Marc Kline to Maura Taylor Spiegelman, $300,000.

Seminary Rd., 2501-Tarra Hardeman to Edwin Acosta Jr. and Sarita Gupta, $601,000.

Washington Ave., 2100, No. 10B-Sean Christopher and Michele McCoy to Tim Muruvanda, $250,000.

Woodside Pkwy., 835-Frederick F. Murray to Stefanie R. McDonald and Alvin David Williams, $850,000.


Haddon Dr., 8312-Rebecca M. and Jessica A. Smith to Maria Caitlin Alcock Chafetz and Shane Victor Alcock, $617,000.

Maplewood Ave., 600-Paul Baines to Katherine Morrow, $645,000.

Poplar Ave., 7014-Janet Sweeney and Linda Susan Gordon to Susan M. Salek, $431,500.


Ashleigh Woods Ct., 2031-Clyde G. Min to Garrett G. and Melissa V. Hamilton, $525,000.

Grandin Ave., 924-Kevin C. and Patricia King to Edward and Judy Romano, $399,900.

Rockland Ave., 1904-Ariel Mora to Giulia Dambrosio and Benjamin A. Zisman, $415,000.


Bucknell Terr., 2209, No. 18-Samantha Weiner and Samantha Engstrom to Kimberly Lauer, $355,000.

Conover Dr., 10213-Heidi Kestner Kuchta and Heidi T. Kestner to Alba Struga, $500,000.

Gannon Rd., 4002-Martha Garcia Lopez to Jose L. Henriquez Rodriguez and Gladis Rosibel Amaya, $379,900.

Inwood Ave., 10313-Julia M. Santucci and Joel C. Schubert to David and Beverly Spencer, $460,000.

Kenton Pl., 11412-Melodie L. Weller and Paul A. Wilson to Adriana Cutler and Michael Peter Dolan, $430,000.

Parker Ave., 3104-Jonathan Hawes and Hannah Clark to Eugene Stohlman and Natalie Waibel, $325,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12300-Sandra Carroll to Sheyna Arthur, $407,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Doubs Rd., 5503-James G. and Susan L. Corle to Clayton Grossinger, Samantha Ruthland and Vicki Kitsembel, $475,000.

Union Ridge Ct., 5916-Patrick T. and Carolyn T. Manley to John and Jennifer Schermerhorn, $522,000.


D St. E., 415-Sherry Ann Marken to Sarah J. Phillip, $161,500.

G St. E., 204-Jack B. Bell to Richard Leslie Torian, $236,000.

Third Ave., 212-Charles G. and Jessica M. Higgins to Walter C. Breedenn Jr., $225,000.


Huntley Cir., 1316-James R. Jewell and Cynthia M. Austin Jewell to Patrick R. and Julia M. Hamilton, $3.4 million.


Alan Linton Blvd. W., 6211-Mohammad Razvi and Syed Rizvi to Eric and Rebecca Martinez, $505,000.

Briargrove Ct., 5692-Gerald K. and Barbara A. Duncan to Linda J. Gugliemelli and Mark A. Blum, $334,900.

Corbel Way, 6608-D.R. Horton Inc. to Mustapha Bukar and Asmau Belly, $475,000.

Duke Ct., 5802-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Jawahardeen Abdulkareem and Azeezaumaitha Kaja Mohideen, $165,000.

Frontline Dr., 1134-Geraldine Lamb to Michicara Graham and Courtney Findlay, $229,000.

Ivywood Dr. N., 5314-Troy and Christina Clinedinst to Deborah Grant, $443,000.

Lancaster Pl., 554-Alban Place to Shaheed S. Salaam and Daa Iyah Cooke, $200,440.

McLauren Lane, 5130-Matthew Lindsay and Shannon W. Graham to Partha Pratim and Anwesa Ghosh, $271,900.

Mount Zion Rd., 4813-James Borert McClellan to Gregory Lynn and Wendi Jo Wofgram, $649,900.

Pintail Ct., 4976-Larry W. and Deborah M. Grove to Carl Spessard IV and Josie Zeman, $221,000.

Snow Goose Ct., 6793-Sultan S. Khan to Niop Alier Kut, $224,900.

Towncrest Ct. W., 6421-Selassie Amentewee and Gifty A. Quarshie to Kahlima Holmes, $256,000.

Whitfield Ct., 5830-Caroline A. Worrell to Phylicia T. Dorsey, $154,000.


Birmingham Dr., 420-Westvue NPL Trust II to Douglas V. Nieto Salinas and Yeny L. Alvarado De Neito, $274,000.

Blue Heron Dr., 8200, No. 2B-James and Janet Blaylock to Maurice P. and Linda S. Joyce, $160,000.

Claridge Dr. S., 6312-Paul Day Jr. and Ann Kerstetter to Colin P. and Amanda J. Kuehn, $425,000.

Derrs Sq. W., 1719-Nicki L. Crumrine and Joyce A. Cernoch to Joyce A. Cernoch, Nicki L. Crumrine, Iryna Dmytrivna Kiefer and Yuliya O. Dromova, $270,000.

Egret Way, 2731-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Qian and Zhugong Liu, $316,000.

Fairview Ave., 605-Christopher F. Toronto and Krista K.P. Maughan to Harrison and Stephanie Fisher, $485,000.

Holden Rd., 1121-Wormald Home at Eastchurch Corp. to Deborah Lynn Bozmoff, $454,130.

Hollow Reed Ct., 8014-Silvercrest Properties Corp. to Monica C. Vendouern, $246,000.

Jubal Way, 928-Justin A. and Ashley N. Higgins to Tanja Grkovic and Christoph Rohmann, $265,000.

Mercer Ct., 102, No. 4-Richard Joseph Keegan Jr. and Mary Louise Keegan to David Bryant Schneck and Cameron McLean Stokes, $225,000.

Oak Tree Ct., 9183-David J. and Jaclyn L. Wood to Michael C. Rossen, $317,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 101-Monica and Karina Gomez to Peter, Lisa and Darren Bonanno, $180,000.

Sherman Ave., 402-Gina Marie Weddle and Georgette S. Main to Stephen H. Ring, $225,000.

Springwater Pl., 6133, No. 1400M-Alan J. and Sue Mraie Kalons to Rogina Bolt, $227,000.

Stratford Way, 807F, No. 1300F-Trushar Agrawal to Lydia Kidwell, $131,000.

Warren Way, 2638, No. 3-U.S. Bank and Lasalle Bank to Ram Tin Thang, $136,000.

Windsail Ct., 7994-Hollie W. Sun and Hollie J. Wise to Travis S. Rice, $216,000.


Carrington Way, 2556-Houliang and Ting Li to Huijie Zhao, $288,000.

Crosstimber Way, 142-Rebecca L. Staley to Diana Stayman, $369,000.

Flint Cir., 9305-Dean A. and Vivien Marian Cline to Ingrid S. Ramirez Alfaro and William E. Ramirez Alfaro, $242,000.

Indian Springs Rd., 8807-Eyda Glver to Josue J. and Karol De Crespin, $334,000.

Lakeside Dr., 2491-Zsolt Harsanyi to Saima and Sehrish Iqbal, $250,000.

Midsummer Dr., 197-Percy L. and Geneva T. Morring to Audryana Marivi Camacho, $395,000.

Ridge Rd., 7501-Daryl L. and Ann M. Tyler to James J. Culnen and Janelle J. Massiatte Culne, $689,000.

Shelley Cir., 2508, No. 2D-Anthony J. and Kathy Ann Scarzello to Allan F. and Nancy A. Imirie, $173,000.

Stoneybrook Ct., 181-Susan B. Vaz and Susan L. Baines to Emet Rodneuy Andres Jr. and Sally Jo Best, $288,000.

Wainwright Ct., 2133, No. 1C-Mary Christine Vignola to Estefania Barajas, $155,000.

Wayside Dr., 2100, No. 2B-Stewart John and Stephanie Reich to Kellie Lynn and Gabriella Cirko, $172,000.

Wilson Pl., 1203-Sherri L. Goheen to Taisuke Izumi, $220,000.


Wolfsville Rd., 13126-Thomas E. Latherman to Everest and Jennifer Shook, $250,000.


Lindsey Ct., 3051-Steve H. Abelman to Nancy Marks, $490,000.


Galyn Dr., 231-Kenneth and Madalyn Jones to Udbhav Nitinbhai and Rutvij Nitinkumar Pathak, $444,900.


Garnet Dr., 4209-Mary Ann Rundall to Douglas S. and Allyson A. Kinsey, $360,000.

Main St. E., 118-Randi L. Gibson to Jesica Kruger and Travis Lamont Brooks, $205,000.

Mountain Church Rd., 7201-Ralph William Fink to Theresa M. Moser, Tyler D. Moser and Jeffrey C. Smith, $299,900.


Chaucer Ct., 3802-Olin L. Dyer Jr. to Brandi Lynn and Daniel John Roller, $340,000.

Kemptown Church Rd., 3526-Ledford Homes Inc. to Matthew F. and Jamie L. Sibenaller, $624,170.

Tinder Box Cir., 4557-NVR Inc. to Nora and Chhoura Sokhon, $385,660.


Autumn Ridge Ct., 903-Gregory L. and Janice R. Dalyai to Kyle Pattn and Julie Patton, $439,000.

Glenvale Ave., 306-Brittney Frew to George C. Manaras and Rosanne E. Hodge, $310,000.

Mill Bottom Rd., 4454-Lewis W. and Betty Mae Crouse to Alyssa Leigh Thomas, $355,000.

Whitetail Ct., 1306-Jeffrey J. and Lindsey M. Ott to Brittania E. and Sean W. Hebeler, $515,000.


Forest Edge Pl., 10805-Chad William and Sara Ranae Bailey to Kevin Newell and Gavin Robertson, $420,200.

Pond Fountain Ct., 11113-HSBC Bank and Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust to Amy J. Reynolds, $270,000.

Sponseller Ct., 5555-Antwonie B. McLaurin and Brandy J. Dalrymple to Camila B. Mendes and Alex P. Dufour, $350,900.


Legore Rd., 12223-Department of Veterans Affairs to Andrea B. and Frederic D. Highland, $170,000.


Browns Lane, 7195-Martha Boone to Travis W. and Odilia P. Young, $170,000.

Hammaker St. E., 125-Bradley Wayne and David Seiss to Thomas Matteo Jaxton, $195,000.

Kelbaugh Rd., 15664-Jason E. and Kathleen M. Arvidson to Anthony Cliffe Vernon, Leslie Vernon Ries and Joanna Park Vernon, $340,000.

Pleasant Acres Dr., 70-Fred E. and Christine C. Szabados to John N. and Erin B. Code, $350,000.

Victor Dr., 125-Richard and Kyra Fry to Nathan B. and Carrie P. Laird, $278,000.


Bartonsville Rd., 5641-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bonnie V. Scott, $161,000.

Braveheart Dr., 3849-U.S. Bank to Fatimah Bana, $350,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 3822-Christopher J. and Heather A. Estridge to Daniel C. and Cheryl M. Spruill, $494,000.

Knott Lane, 9085-Main Street Homes at Urbana Corp. to Ravikumar Ramaswamy, $435,805.

Notting Hill Dr., 9848-David Binkney to Manoj Mathew, Dimple Mathew and Rosamma Decasto, $555,000.

Springhollow Lane, 3659-Emina Dedic to Marilyn C. Whipps, $280,000.

Sugarloaf Pkwy., 3829-U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Particiation Trust to Tamer Ghobrial and Amal Mansour, $370,000.

Timber Green Dr., 3455-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Hyun Jun Ju and Sang Im Woo, $439,910.


George St. W., 13-James F. and Nancy Jayne Walsh to William and Brittany Eger, $299,000.

Revelation Ave., 8344-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to John A. Cavaliere, $185,000.