Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arctic Ave., 14204-Katina Kopsidas to Olivia Jayne Hogle and Justin J. Ryan, $410,000.

Bayne St., 4405-Tecu Corp. to Debbie Viviana Galo and Edwin Renaldo Jr., $270,000.

Burnside Dr., 5578, No. 5578-5-Tanya Reid to Sandra N. Huaman Ramos, $188,000.

Chesterfield Rd., 14112-Reyna D. Beltran to Wellington Moy and Qin Huang, $400,000.

Flint Rock Rd., 14148-Ovrang R. Sohrabi to Mark H. Dredze, $550,500.

Judith St., 4412-Shane Xinyi Tan and Sherry Shuhua Wang to Deodat Persaud and Rena Ragunath, $350,000.

Parkland Dr., 13303-Eugene and Veronica Krevinko to Carlos A. Ramirez and Ana Y. Guevara, $376,000.

Sweetbirch Dr., 4813-Stanley A. Cohen to Rashna and Sidharatha Kashyap, $570,000.

Willow Lane, 16006-Toni J. Tanner and Kim Marie Cottrell to Raymond Adelbert Be and Lynda X. Lin, $550,000.


Battery Lane, 5000, No. 106-Chhaya Kapilasrasmi to Sharon Cox, $445,000.

Broad St., 6300-Elliot and Mary Christine Weintrobo to Lauren B. Bauer, $1.5 million.

Cammack Dr., 5114-J. Richard and William T. Thistelthatiew to Edward M. and Elizabeth H. Bolen, $1.79 million.

Crescent St., 4925, No. B-11-Mauricio Pardon Ojeda and Lourdes Rodriguez Valencia De Pardon to Margaret C. and Jonathan M. Champbell, $805,000.

Derbyshire Lane, 9904-David F. Allison and Anita F. Allison to Jose Carlos Raimundo and Erin L. Mikulak Raimundo, $667,500.

Ewing Dr., 9108-Benmar Corp. to Ahmadreza Arash Rajaei and Kelly Labs, $1.53 million.

Fleming Ave., 10005-Savvy By Sandy Spring Builders Corp. to Alan E. and Sherry E. Shapiro, $1.52 million.

Greenway Dr., 5009-Stijn Van Osch to Christopher Schad, $739,000.

Hempstead Ave., 9104-John J. and Toni L. Keating to Daniel and Melanie E. Mouyard, $950,000.

Honeybee Lane, 9000-Pamela H. Phillips and Pamela P. Jeffreis to Jeffrey Marc Salzman and Ricardo Ortegon, $880,000.

Kirkwood Dr., 5412-Jeffrey M. Leitner and Katherine A. Mindlin to Steven Powers and Jennifer Lynne Akman, $1.02 million.

Mountain Gate Dr., 7013-Gary M. and Judith K. Nath to Zhengxian, Tianhong and Tianbing Wang, $1.79 million.

Overlea Rd., 6129-Lynn M. Zakupowsky to Silvia Helena Leme Santiago and Ricardo Luis Santiago, $1.2 million.

Rayburn Rd., 8609-Benjamin Eli and Tara Minardi Moser to Christian D. and Michelle E. Esler, $1.55 million.

River Rd., 6624-Denise Lee to Amir Tofigh, $775,000.

Roxbury Dr., 4605-Mary J. Gibbons to Esmaiel Jabbari, $735,000.

Saratoga Ave., 5108-James and Ann Gerber to Zhongren Cao and Yinqiu Lu, $387,500.

Seven Locks Rd., 8904-Seven Locks Ltd. to Gurpreet and Glady G. Singh, $960,000.

Tisdale Terr., 6419-Lesley Frowick to Lea C. Cunningham, $635,000.

Weymouth St., 10600, No. 10600-Karen B. Halverstadt and W. Paul Bright to Vadim Vartic and Tatiana Lacusta, $245,000.

Wilson Lane, 5906-Kevin T. and Philippa F. Maroney to Madhav Kadambi and Geetha Kadambi, $895,000.

Worthington Dr., 5201-Thomas L. and Katherine A. Brunkow to Gilles and Bonnie Angermann Stucker, $1.12 million.


Broken Oak Rd., 18854-Girum Awoke and Fana Aragaw to Ling Sun, $401,500.

Harvest Scene Ct., 18612-Mukul and Avni Jain to Ravi and Smitha Vasist, $787,500.

Slidell Rd., 23735-Virginia M. Prichard to Dawn and Wilber Garciaguirre, $320,000.


Astrid Ct., 2446-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Amale S. Najjar, $282,000.

Lubar Dr., 2716-Wells Fargo Bank to Shane Hickey, $555,000.


Aldora Cir., 14115-Jeness N. Bozeman to Kenny Phan, $174,500.

Alpen Green Way, 3648, No. 22-234-Justin M. Ralston to Mina Barak, $225,000.

Childress Terr., 3500-Tarqueenia Rose Cooper to Rudy O. Chavez, $326,000.

Mcknew Rd., 14824-Metsihet L. Kebede to Joel D. and Xenia C. Oresky, $314,000.

Sugar Pine Ct., 4218-Eusebia L. Flores to Wilson Humberto Lara and Katherine G. Corella Lara, $410,000.

Wood Swallow Ct., 4018-Prakash Sankurathri to Gregory L. Sells, $319,900.


Tomlinson Ave., 7806-David L. and Jamie Maray Pierce to Howard Russell and Jeanelle Johnson, $1.29 million.


Carriage House Terr., 1625, No. 1625-G-Tom H. Lee to Dorothy Maud Service, $120,000.

Castle Ridge Way, 14022, No. 37-Jayesh Amin and Lalit Patel to Elshaday Dawit Tegegne, $335,000.

Collingwood Terr., 13011-Levar S. and Jessica Depizio Cole to Michael and Lisa Carroll, $430,000.

Cordoba St., 3209-Bruce Kenneth and Lois M. Donaldson to Glenda L. Chevez and Ramon J. Guerrero, $420,000.

Falling Creek Ct., 9-Hobin and Dom Sook Chi to Clint N. Moats and Laura Antonovich, $555,000.

Loft Way, 1727-Muoi Tu and Duong Dao to Daniel M. Desta and Wagaye Gebremeskel, $465,000.

Norcross Way, 512-David Burgess to Harold Gilbert E. Creighton Randall and Olayinka Creighton Randall, $532,000.

Silver Moon Dr., 48-Daniel L. Porter and Robert B. Harman to Aurora M. Fontainhas, $401,500.

Tanley Rd., 1204-Agnes P. and Robert A. Wasel to Maria Lillian Voelkel, $375,000.

Vierling Dr., 206-Shaun M. and Eunice Lasharn Meyers to Patrick J. and Patricia McManamee, $529,000.


Friendship Blvd., 5500, No. 1524N-Sabrina Ciancio to Olga Deviatkova, Galina Deviatkova and David Beckel, $225,000.

Jones Bridge Rd., 4201-Steven Reid and Inez L. Hawkins to Mark B. Pasion, $530,000.

Park Ave. N., 4550, No. 704-Harold Maxwell and Susan Conway Hersch to Carleton D. Willimas and Jacqueline M. Newsome Willimas, $660,000.

Susanna Lane, 8728-David F. Winkler and Lorraine W. Krautwurst to Susan and William Stone, $732,525.

Village Park Dr., 3813-Susan and James Healey to Andrew C. and Laura Bernasconi, $1.34 million.

Woodmont Ave., 7111, No. 801-Gary Vernon Gilmour Jr. and Terri Ann O. Gilmour to Jessica Leigh Cohen, $380,000.


Basil Park Cir., 23911-Pye P. Win and Kimberly T. Chen to Therry Kengni and Christine Kengni Monthe, $204,000.

Broadway Ave., 22430-Winchester Homes Inc. to Victoria E. Jurado, $153,668.

Bufflehead St., 13947-NVR Inc. to Clifton N. and Jessica R. Engle, $677,460.

Catawba Manor Ct., 8-Krishna K. Vallabhaneni and Roopa Datla to Sami and Mohammed H. Rashid, $515,000.

Dancrest Dr., 12309-Gerald K. Gimmel and Banu H. Gracey to Amanda and Charles Anazco, $345,000.

Dogwood Hills Dr., 11526-CLKBG Corp. to Subhash Somarauthu and Sreevidya Kunapareddy, $875,065.

Estuary Dr., 13955-Shermaine C. Wells to Nicholas and Krista Dibartolomeo, $425,000.

Fulmer Ave., 22218-Winchester Homes Inc. to Prasanna Babu Jonnalagadda and Alekhya Gollapudi, $424,582.

Gate Rail Rd., 12800-Firoze and Sumaira Ahmed to Emily J. Payton, $429,900.

Glenbow Way, 22443-Hosne M. and Hosne Fahmida Ahmed to Samar Shool and Renuka Salaye, $370,000.

Haines Rd., 26500-Laura J. Guerra to Jacquelyn S. Kubicko, $599,000.

Lewisdale Rd., 13805-Great Lakes Developers Corp. to Felipe J. and Geovanna Teixeira, $445,000.

Murphy Grove Terr., 12823-Samuel and Rebecca Dimmerling to Francisco J. and Kelly M. Garcia, $372,000.

Peppervine Dr., 11864-CLKBG Corp. to Travis and Aislinn Fones, $960,690.

Phillips St., 22548, No. 304-Chao Chen and Jin Liu to Ji Won Kim, $330,000.

Scholl Manor Way, 23256, No. 1214-Vania R. Silva and Telmo David F. Silva to Carlos Ivan Gandara, Carlos I. Gandara Aguirre and Lilian Guadalupe Aguirre, $299,000.

Tailor Shop Pl., 23422-Sandeep and Anuradha Yaddula to Sharon and Reynold Repaje, $510,000.


Culp Ct., 14409-Milton and Phoebe Mikalaski to Lucas Alan Runion and Lindsay Nicole Holmes Runion, $489,000.

Firestone Dr., 440-Ffarley T. and Michelle Y. Price to Tallat, Shaheen, Amber and Sania Mahmood, $762,000.

Jaystone Pl., 509-Mary E. Gilliam and Arnold S. Collier to Carlos U. Fuentes and Claudia P. Lainez, $555,000.

Windmill Lane, 1264-Samuel Asamoah to Tebebeyesus Garedew, $385,000.


Club View Dr., 24322-Kevin J. and Kara Kearney to Allan E. and Noelia C. Gonzalez, $435,000.

Dix St., 26832-Melissa Birken and Tim T. Ober to Timothy Serlo, $440,000.

Mount Vernon Ave., 26115-Celso U. Nieto and Socorro P. Olivas to Ryan D. and Tressie M. Allgood, $421,000.

Shelldrake Cir., 10170-Justin St. Louis to Gilberto Ortiz and Sandra Lucrecia Jimenez, $245,000.


Artesian Dr., 5724-Nainan Thomas and Pathickal Poulose to Nevena and Branko Djurdjevic, $615,000.

Deer Lake Rd., 16407-Michael Werner Moore and John Drayton Moore Jr. to Thomas F. Adornetto and Elaine M. Jagoda, $440,000.

Granby Rd., 6014-Beverly Joyce and Ralph H. Friedman to Chad A. Bleggi and Rachel Dippold, $730,000.

Jeremy Ct., 13-Hanna Investments Series Statutory Trust to Carlos E. Navarrete Ponce, Alma Esther Reyes De Navarete and Jonathan N. Burgos, $410,000.

Phelps Hill Lane, 17712-Ronald Renner and Victoria Fresenko to Sandeep Singh Josan and Navjot Jot Marwaha, $468,000.


Barley Field Ct., 20-Stephen M. Seeger and Beth A. Daly to Glenn Miles and Maristuart Alexandra Caroline Miles, $735,000.


Belton Rd., 105-Jonathan Cross Knautz to Johnny Joseph and Erica Bruno, $440,000.

Colesville Rd., 9405-James L. and Margaret Hunter to Joanna D. and Dylan A. Westbury, $442,500.

Kerwin Rd., 512-Anthony J. Marcavage to Christophe Botts and Kristin Ericson, $467,000.

Lorain Ave., 10516-Diana Napolitano and Matthew Werner McKclveey to Kenneth A. and Jennifer K. James, $614,900.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 1406-Alexis Glover to Jeffrey and Robin Rothstein, $196,000.

Symphony Woods Dr., 725-Daniel B. and M. Chana Keleman to Michael S. and Alyse K. Leibelson, $600,000.

Whitaker Terr., 705-Douglas Robert Bollock to Alemayehy T. Tesfaye, $435,000.


Black Forest Way, 11138-Christopher A. Hawkins to John W. and Danielle M. Hudson, $298,500.

Bralan Ct., 18-Mauro Roque to Higinio Pedro Molina and Roxana Emilia Cataneda, $309,000.

Carlsbad Dr., 1304-Sapna and Animesh Giri to George I. Hernandez, $315,000.

Centerway Rd., 9134-Lateasha Armstead to Malwina P. and Jayson O. Mendoza, $245,000.

Cobbler Pl., 733-Garrick Michael Bodnar to Christopher and Helen Wong, $325,000.

Eden Pl., 634-Raymond Joon and Cindy I. Goh to Lori Malachi, $425,000.

Filbert Terr., 7508-Loretta Stipa to Carlos A. and Ana I. Aguilar, $296,500.

Girard St., 420, No. 122-Ellen Loomis to Vidal E. Cansas Martinez and Venessa G. Flores Alvarado, $125,000.

Guildberry Dr., 18411-Suzanne Elizabeth Walker and Josephine Dorsch to Henry O. Fuentes, $135,000.

Hurdle Mill Pl., 615-Cheryl Ann Hayes to Bernard W. and Alice S. Tsai, $387,500.

Knoll Mist Lane, 1247-Bradley Joel Williams to Aravind Koduntharapully Adikesavan and Sowmya Mohan, $317,500.

Logmill Lane, 1725-Judith K. Sudholt to Thilanka M. and Gimhani S. Dolamulla, $333,000.

Mayhill Terr., 19820-Thomas L. and Carla C. Tuite to Cindy G. Pehlivan and Justo Veraneo Cribeiro, $355,700.

Montgomery Ave., 7-Colleen and Michael Opitz to Julia I. Jackson, $385,000.

Oakmont St., 8721-Darin and Chrintimini M. Keith to Lauren M. Zegowitz and Richard A. Howard Jr., $382,000.

Rose Anne Pl., 9200-Ronald and Christina Daseking Frank to Marc L. Levitan and Elisabeth H. De Jonge, $581,000.

Sunburst Ct., 475-Amy L. Grier to Elmer A. Castro Sanchez, $303,000.

Turtle Dove Lane, 9119-Kurniawan and Noviani Handoko to Shana Robinson, $287,650.

Windbrooke Dr., 902, No. 902-Jessica Hull Adams and Jessica Hull to Michelle L. Hondros, $205,000.


Ambiance Dr., 15745-Kimberly M. O’Sullivan to Chloe Emma and Pierre Verroye, $330,000.

Bayridge Terr., 903-Kathleen McClure to Yuhua Tan and Da Zhang, $365,000.

Chestertown St., 315-Michael Anthony and Paula Richardson Reible to Jacek Capala and Eleanor D. Fink, $600,000.

Dufief Ct., 23-Nikolai Shapposhnikov to Mikyung Lee, $399,900.

Fields Rd., 9701, No. 603-Nader and Yildiz Heyat to Tatyana Mamay, $172,000.

Gravenstein Way, 15212-George P. and Sue K. Margelos to Yu W. and Sun Y. Pak, $765,000.

Hibiscus Ct., 24, No. 14-2-Margarita Ben Sheer to Victoria E. Sheer, $300,000.

Lamont Lane, 139-Lisa B. and Michael Vardi to Parisa Meisami and Majid Joneidi, $350,000.

Longpoint Way, 207-Jackie S. Smith to David M. Brown and Lauren M. Perillo Brown, $477,000.

Palmtree Dr., 508-Stephen Karol Kowalchek to Huaxian Chen and Yonghong Zhang, $285,000.

Pointer Ridge Dr., 920-Theresa F. Collins and Theresa F. McCarroll to Quazi R. and Tuhin Kamal, $530,000.

Ranch Lane, 11652-Jee Eun Lee to Xiaozhuo Wang and Nidanuch Ussavaponganant, $595,000.

Shenorock St., 11605-Henry C. and Airlee R. Johnson to Carla M. and Ely Fall, $460,000.

Sullnick Way, 11539-Debra L. Steinbrink to Lihao Zhu, $326,000.

Timberbrook Lane, 137, No. 203-Julie A. Esson to Karen E. Hyde, $285,000.

Viewside Dr., 12511-Madelyn Andrea Asisi Namini and Amdelyn Asisi Namini to Christopher B. and Amy N. Simms, $779,000.


Black Rock Rd., 17221-Erin M. Willis and Kathryn A. Mullinix to Saroja David Doddamani, $545,000.

Chalet Dr., 18022, No. 27-Greg C. Adams to Lincoln Wayne Parker and Juana Isabel Montes, $179,000.

Cherry Bend Terr., 13111-Enk J. and Krystle M. Manzano to Shanna Saslow Engel, $320,000.

Cross Ridge Ct., 34-Vino Investments Inc. to Edmond H. Mo and Christine B. Phong, $235,000.

Deerwater Dr., 13513, No. 5-B-Almoustapha Amadou and Safiatou C. Cisse to Silvia Marisol Marinero Flores and Liliana Yaneth Iraheta Torres, $265,000.

Falconcrest Rd., 13904-Jessica A. and Bryan Moseley to Virender and Kiran Kumar, $770,000.

Grotto Ct., 12-Andrea K. Foster and Steven B. Katz to Katty E. Suarez, $282,000.

Hickory Tree Way, 12417, No. 221-Walter A. and Margaret J. Mstowski to Dorothy Pitts, $150,000.

Kildare Hills Terr., 13507, No. 103-Keyli C. Bonifacio Gutierrez to Sarah Pinto, $165,000.

Larentia Dr., 19804-Nafissatou Garba to Margaret Mukande, $255,000.

Leatherbark Dr., 19017-Terell I. and Kina Campbell to Liseth C. Suarez and Adolfo R. Lopez, $435,000.

Meander Cove Dr., 13257, No. 125-Douglas T. Young and Thomas J. Young to Michael S. Winn, $107,000.

Musser Ct., 19607-Douglas A. Barrios to Matthew Kent Tucker and Michelle Teixeira Lacerda Freire, $410,000.

Pine Ridge Lane, 18922, No. 7-2-Elizabeth Robinson and Elizabeth Friedman to Kandarp Suketu Patel, $205,000.

Ranworth Dr., 19214-Alan and Penny Svetlik to Dan Wang, $520,000.

Schaeffer Rd., 14108-Margaret A. and David R. Norman to Oscar and Veronica Granados, $350,000.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20412, No. 7-E-Deborah Kirk and Ruth H. Mastromarino to David C. and Lenora A. Tooher, $194,249.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18809, No. 6-Keith K. Um and Hyong in La to Mary Khani, $225,000.

Stone Hollow Dr., 18419-Aihong Hu and Samantha He to Addis Y. Tadese and Gabrieline Amankwaa, $280,000.

Thunderhead Way, 20204-Kerry Murphy to Wei and Yan Li, $260,000.

Walnutwood Lane, 13508-Christopher S. and Ivy M. Doss to Cesar A. Yanes, $402,000.

White Sands Dr., 18719-Vanessa Santis Caraballo to Menbere G. Haile, $320,000.


Brookfield Dr., 4417-Bevelry A. Fischetti to Samantha Segall and Zachary Charles Dittler, $1.17 million.

Decatur Ave., 4108-John W. and Jaqueline N. Kircher to Joi A. and Colin B. Brown, $550,000.

Fayette Rd., 3008-Simun and Rose Marotta Glavinic to Bryan M. Mercer and Megan M. Wright, $467,000.

Hawick Ct., 3506-Robert L. Palmer and Lucy C. Pope to Rashad Hasann and Angela Hasan, $1.04 million.

Lund Pl., 11417-Rjre Investments Corp. to Benjamin and Sarah Bazyluk, $489,900.

University Blvd. W., 3109, No. 3109-Nora D. Zambrana to Luis H. Guzman Villatoro and Glenda Lisseth Morerira, $187,000.

University Blvd. W., 3411-Jerry and Joseph Anderson to Liyanage P. and Pin Yu Perera, $135,000.


Churchill Downs Ct., 21801-Raymond Patrick and Kathleen Krause to Glen M. and Johanna F. Ford, $880,000.

Goshen School Rd., 22100-Jose A. and Susan E. Goncalves to Robert T. and Sylvia C. Nogueira, $600,000.

Kimblehunt Dr., 9012-Meierbech Properties Corp. to Yih Jang Chang and Pi Ju Chang, $690,000.

Rolling Fork Way, 23817-Cindy Leigh Pifer and Richard L. Cauble to Elizabeth Van Ravenswaay, $442,000.

Tobacco Leaf Ct., 6-Lauren Taylor Davis to Alejandro Ventura Salmeron, $250,000.


Apple Ridge Rd., 10523-Sai Ganesh and Thamizharasi Narayanaswamy to Alvin E. and Monica G. Flores, $275,000.

Brassie Way, 9695-Lauren Weber to Ruben S. Salomon Lopez and Maria H. Murillo Salazar, $175,000.

Collingdale Ct., 10-John E. and Angela P. Stuber to Liudmila Prokunina Olsson, Goran Olsson, Carl Goran Olsson and Luidmila Prokunina Olssom, $550,000.

Digging Rd., 9708-Carolyn M. and Thomas G. Ferris to Eromosele Lucky Akhelumele, $470,000.

Drumridge Cir., 19220-Paul and Lynn Rabenhorst to Kurniawan and Noviani Handoko, $417,130.

Hawk Run Terr., 8531-Zinat Granmayeh to Vasilos Arthur Pournaras and Gary Lee Mayes, $312,000.

Lea Pond Pl., 20224-Wells Fargo Bank to Sonia Batres and Maria E. Fuentes, $190,000.

Royal Woods Ct., 10314-Federal National Mortgage Association to Chieniekia Idonia Johns, $248,000.

Stedwick Rd., 10024-Gholam Reza and Shahin Bolouri Samimi to Kissy Anne Lluberes Luna, $135,000.

Torrey Pond Pl., 20102-Richard E. Thompson to Issah Mohammed, $243,000.

Wayridge Dr., 10725-Ryan Fickes and Jieli Tan to Steven Baranski Jr., $375,000.


Cahart Pl., 9805-Hao Thien Ngo and Ngoc Hoa Le to Pronoti D., Dilip M. and William S. Rozario, $317,000.

Navahoe Dr., 906-Mohamed Omar Afrah to Nasro H. Mohamud and Nur Omar, $275,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 8442-Gregory J. Thomas to Jose W. and Jose R. Lopez, $220,000.


Alpine Valley Ct., 15114-Gavin Portnoy and Elizabeth Foks to Michael C. Higgins and Hamwattie Singh, $392,000.

Bassett Lane, 15400, No. 46-Lilyan B. Rodgres and the James L. Rodgers to Debra J. Brown, $110,000.

Beckenham Ct., 3124, No. 250-G-Barbara Ann Klein to George Park, $140,000.

Blue Spruce Lane, 2808-Bruce and Eileen Longsworth to Lorenzo Santo Lo Re and Rosa Lo Re, $474,900.

Charles Rd., 11701-Michael Belan to Michelle Maluwetig and Graciela M. Martin, $408,000.

Connecticut Ave., 12606-Jane Marie Hacker and Kimberly Vallejo to David and Tracey Wise, $348,000.

Emden St., 4303-Edward J. Ryan to Lucas D. and Maurita L. Howeron, $400,000.

Foxhall Dr., 13316-Joy and Alice Cherian to Alexander E. Contreras Aldana and Maria L. Rodriguez Aldana, $440,000.

Glade Dr., 15100, No. 11-1F-Richard S. Saunders to Mary Derr Humphrey and David Derr O. Sullivan, $115,000.

Greenery Lane, 2211, No. T-2-2-Gregory M. Kusel to Juvenal Yaya, $155,000.

Hargo St., 3512-James Dominey and Uyen Vo to Maria Cristina Becerra and Miguel F. Ballon, $364,000.

Homecrest Cir., 2815-Marion S. Lipshultz to Kevin and Yaiza Garabrito Burrell, $325,000.

Ilford Rd., 3909-Min Yi Chen and Tuan Duc Nguyen to Tu Duc Nguyen, $164,756.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-1005-Habib A. Azari and Monireh V. Roudsary to Curtis R. Baity, $149,000.

Island Creek Ct., 3419, No. 132-C-Sandra A. Allen and Judy A. Grant to Rochelle and Larry R. Abramson, $425,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2900, No. 209-David M. Ray and Renee D. Lawson to Philip E. Sardelis, $209,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3200, No. 804-Sue Ellen and Theodore Levy to Linda S. Mihm, $332,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 518-Anne A. and Maurice Berk to Dolores V. Wells, $157,000.

London Bridge Ct., 5-Cesar A. Jovel to Patricio Rodolfo Keogan, $350,000.

Middlebridge Dr., 1973-Sandra and Miguel Alvarado to Tegist Bekele and Ejigineh Simie, $536,000.

Redspire Dr., 13216-Winchester Homes Inc. to Mehmet C. and Sefika Bilge Ekinalan, $825,600.

Selfridge Rd., 12222-Joseph Martin Stang Jr. to Andrea T. Musalem, $225,000.

Tierra Dr., 15708-GNF Corp. to Crystal and Kenneh Shelton, $659,900.

Wallbrook Ct., 15300, No. 47-3C-Carolyn J. Whittenburg to John A. and Sally C. Zimmerman, $128,200.


Abbyville Pl., 4804-Allen R. and Mary B. Beard to Sajad Radfar and Paria Habibi, $445,000.

Buehler Rd., 17805, No. 3-Artan and Gentiana Hasanaj to Carmen D. Laguna, $165,000.

Olney Mill Rd., 18711-Nicole Lipka to Luke Ledebuhr Bandi, $725,000.

Rolling Acres Way, 18817-Scott P. Houldsworth and Karolyn S. Houldsworth to Stacy D. Scott McKinney, $495,000.

Stoneyhurst St., 18813-Rodger K. and Ann T. Strickler to Blake K. Thomas and Nancy G. Thomas, $460,000.

Winding Oak Dr., 4500-Lawrence and Cari O. Berger to Norman A. and Kristina K. Cooke, $659,000.


Bruner Way, 19613-Paul R. and Robin L. O’Connell to Nawal Tahri Joutey and Zouhair Tahri, $672,500.

Selby Ct., 14-Pamela J. and Hugh Allan Flick to Samar and Monika Saxena, $595,500.


Abbey Terr., 8909-Jan R. Phillips to Chunmei Shi and Gang Song, $1.65 million.

Bells Ridge Dr., 10930-Steven L. and Nithinee Schneid to Bahador and Heather Leigh Azimirad, $980,000.

Blue Meadow Rd., 1532-Robert H. Allegar to Afshin Amiri, $530,000.

Bunnell Ct. S., 11601-James Francis O. Donnell to Dale R. Sanders and Jennifer A. Legge, $820,000.

Crown Point Ct., 10313-Eric Y. and Meelee Lee to Jin Cao and Yoko Inoue, $900,000.

Falls Rd., 11827-John R. Mapother Jr. and Margaret Mapother to Maria Elena Troconis Iribarren and Jose Rafael Mora Esteves, $706,000.

Great Arbor Dr., 10800-Hao Wu and Xiaoxiao Tang to Shahab Kaviani and Elaine Yu Lin Kaviani, $810,000.

Horseshoe Lane, 8560-D.D. Puri Foundation to Renping Zhang and Xiaohong Li, $2.35 million.

Linda View Lane, 12527-Jsaak Corp. to William T. Pond and Jamie Baraff Rogers, $1.35 million.

Maxwell Dr., 8822-Joan J. Feldman to Kiana Hyejin Cho, $700,000.

Overpond Way, 12315-Lawrence S. Jacobs and Steven R. Snapp to Bradley L. and Abigail J. Sherman, $983,000.

Renoir Ct., 7804-Judith Roumani to Jonathan and Elana Schanzer, $894,500.

Shepherds Crook Ct., 10416-Diplomat Property Manager Corp. to Bo Man and Tao Zhang, $1.27 million.

Trailridge Dr., 11705-Seven Locks Jewish Community Inc. to Helen and Jacob Wesley, $799,000.

York Manor Way, 8603-Steven J. Buckely to Danielle Lee and Simon Charles Wanrer, $3 million.


Azalea Dr., 504, No. 40-504-Kori L. and David W. Chisham to Tara Ann McCranor and Brett Glenn Souza, $295,000.

Azalea Dr., 765, No. 33-765-Joanne Riley Barron to Robin K. Butchin, $335,000.

Brent Rd., 540-Bak Corp. to Kristin Lee Pintilie, $1.07 million.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5700, No. 2207-Katuko T. Coelho to Hormoz Shashami, $369,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15315, No. 2-7-Alexander Dickey to James Greene, $252,500.

Fallsgrove Dr., 514-Wei Tang and Cheryl S. Liu to Jenny Cheung, $560,000.

Forest Landing Cir., 14918-Patricia Stefany Hjertberg to Ramesh Bachu and Navajyothi Palavarapu, $463,000.

Gerard St., 1402-Sonia Sagranichiny to Wei Chen Chen and Yu Yi Hsu, $598,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1512-Sohail Soleimani to Eugene H. and Jacqueline B. Kern, $275,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. 1524-Valerie Nolan and Valerie Dickson to Thomas Frederick Tepper Jr. and Jennifer Jyh Feng Deng, $122,400.

Hunters Ct., 12214-Joyce Mary Grossman to Sheila K. Nolan, $379,900.

King Farm Blvd., 918-KF Property Owner Corp. to Kunal and Sneha V. Singh, $750,000.

Mayfair Manor Dr., 5717, No. 108-Deutsche Bank to Anil Sharma and Kamaljeet Singh, $477,750.

Montgomery Ave. W., 702-Anthony Yan and Kim Anh Tran to Zachary Reeder and Stephanie M. Hom, $542,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 1106-Jing Huang and Li Guo to Feng Feng S. Wang, $430,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2408-Michele Spinak to Kaoru Yamamoto, $300,000.

Old Stage Rd., 6815-Wendy Boland to Gil and Tammy Cohn, $755,000.

Piccard Dr., 1636-Chien Bang and Lorraine Wang to Scott T. and Elizabeth A. Julich, $560,000.

Redgate Farms Ct., 1725-Shirley A. Ashton to Mario A. Torres, Silvia M. Ayala and Francisco S. Curz Cerda, $335,000.

Rockville Pike, 11801, No. 1201-Gary S. Becker and Ruth Ann Greenberg to Yen Ju and Patrick Chen, $164,500.

St. James Rd., 12403-Donald E. and Kelly R. McGriff to Jerome P. and Kathleen A. Desanto, $678,500.

Talbott St., 180, No. 180-10-Samuel and Audrey Jan to Idamisee Feliciano, $184,000.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10024, No. 8-14-Guoying Li to Courtney A. Filippi and Shiva Vaswani, $268,450.

Waycroft Way, 11101-Dennis M. and Margaret Cassidy to Stephen and Nathalie McCaskill, $1.07 million.


Windrush Lane, 1035, No. 9-Kevin Maurice and Regina Andrews to Lissa Z. Conningham, $390,000.


Drumcastle Ct., 19-Dorateo Talampas and Elizabeth G. Narvaez to Nicolas J. Ivanic and Monica A. Yakoncic, $329,900.

Gunners Branch Rd., 19601, No. 1-0122-Consuelo Cruz to Ana De La Rosa and Johnny De Los Santos, $107,000.

Mill Pond Terr., 20323-Federal National Mortgage Association to Hamrawit Tesfa, $282,000.

Scarlet Leaf Cir., 11608-Ellen Mcbee and Ellen Green to Oluseyi O. Ogundipe, $419,000.

Stoney Point Way, 19935-Daniel Alexadner Garcia and Oscar A. Ramos to Hector O. Reyes and Maria L. Contreras De Reyes, $235,000.

Waterbury Way, 11412-Laura Dicky Chiochankitmun to Naleeni Chotoo, $152,000.


Fairview Ct., 1107-Kenneth P. Davis and Julie Ann Miller to Roger M. Brown and Karen Jayne Doswell, $640,000.

Houston St., 8406-Stephen P. Munro and Lane C. Tapley to Brooke C. Derenzis and Joseph J. Mauro III, $530,100.

Luzerne Ave., 2216-Gary Richard Colwell Jr. to Brian and Justine Elliott, $360,000.

Red Oak Dr., 1528-Housesmart Corp. to Michael P. and Ellen Mitchell, $850,000.

Wayne Ave., 930, No. 1402-Lori A. Crowe to Stefanie Trop and David Grolling, $320,000.


Albany Ave., 527-Douglas N. Gurian Sherman and Stacy Gurian Sherman to Michael Shoenthal and Erika Dyste Farris, $735,000.

Drexel St., 1616-Arthrese M. Lacey and Peggy L. Stadeker to Oscar A. Rivas and Roxana Y. Martinez Perdomo, $279,900.

Dundalk Rd., 7509-Eddie E. Serrano Miranda and Marian G. Taliaferro to Andrew C. Silton and Katherine A. Weissler, $690,000.

Hickory Ave., 5-Carol Kincaid to Nicholas Hand Wadhams and Zoe Alsop, $746,000.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 811-Sameer Sawhney to Corinna E. Lathan and David Kukalak, $129,594.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 1114-Natalia Guerrido to Sheila Faustin, $245,000.

Westmoreland Ave., 7006-Marwan Hishmeh to Jonathan T. Nurse and Kevin A. Lee, $950,000.


Baltimore Rd., 902-JLG Investments Corp. to Harris Brian and Emily Hannah Trobman, $450,000.

Denham Rd., 502-Andrea X. Mayorga to Branon J.R. Perkett and Lisa D. Bernstein, $490,270.

Lewis Ave., 1000-Sue Der Yu Tucker and Frank Luke Tucker to Carl and Anne Holscher, $360,000.

Ridgway Ave., 5814-Margaret L. Cook to Nathaniel D. Nguyen and Erica Gayle D. Payne, $370,000.


Ridge Rd., 334-Glenn K. Pierce to Richard K. Curtis and Debra O. Shea Curtis, $380,000.


Blueridge Ave., 2516-Anup Jagwani to Michael Alan Franklin and Corinne Varnal Houlihan, $460,000.

Bybee St., 11243-Andrew Reiner to Leonard and Diana Ruchelman, $410,000.

Gardiner Ave., 10304-Michelle Kayhoe Hauspurg to Valle Nicole Hauspurg, $285,000.

Green Holly Terr., 10105-Melanie B. Hudes and Martha B. Feldman to Parke M. Brewer Jr., $379,000.

Henderson Ave., 3201-Tecu Corp. to David J. and Merab A. Rapoff, $375,000.

Inwood Ave., 10316-Douglas William Patience and Alona Phillips to Armejoy and Benjamin Koontz, $429,000.

Lamberton Ct., 11505-Luis T. and Monica A. Ruck to Daniel and Valerie Kugler, $376,000.

Loma St., 2703-Kirby Lawrence and Nancy Lawrence Hill to Chad Thomas Fulton and Brittany Eileen Lukens Fulton, $495,000.

Sherrie Lane, 11419-Alfredo Cruz and Jose A. Pineda to Rene M. Nolasco, $295,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Mae Wade Ave., 2705-Deutsche Bank to Elaine Saba Koch, $330,519.


E St. E., 13-Julie Anne Duncan and Kent Allen Carter to Alejandro Pegan, $234,000.


Holter Rd., 6021-James E. Clarke and Renee Dyson to Philip Joseph and Amy R. Coblentz, $248,000.


Annandale Rd., 16820-Bernard P. and Deborah M. Krahm to Nahida Mrkanovic, $101,400.

Taneytown Pike, 11502-Robert E. Hampson Jr. to Stephen Wesley Kelly, $450,000.


Alexa St., 6269-Calatlanitc Group Inc. to Piying Liu, $316,605.

Blueridge Ct., 86-Jsoe M. Munguia to Salomon Linares, $205,000.

Cambria Rd., 4654-D.R. Horton Inc. to Tyler Alan Saah and Tatiana Anastasia Lambert, $324,990.

Cambria Rd., 4756-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kevin E. and Katelyn I. Cunningham, $319,990.

Crabapple Dr., 5684-Patricia Clemson and Wendy S. Westley to Cynthia D. Foster, $229,900.

Eisenhower Dr., 510-Thomas J. Michaelwski to Aaron P. Guillen, $253,000.

Fox Run Ct., 1384-George J. and Cynthia B. Laugelli to Matthew A. Novel and April John T. Mercado, $292,500.

Hiteshow Dr., 4839-NVR Inc. to Scott D. Riffle, $227,830.

Jefferson Blvd., 6338-Adam P. and Sarah E. Martin to William B. and Meagan Elizabeth Byrd, $620,000.

McLauren Lane, 5156-Matthew C. Doan and Jane J. Choi to Matthew P. and Rachel A. Schooley, $283,000.

Primus Ct., 521-U.S. Bank to Michael L. and Laura S. Donohoe, $225,000.

St. Simon Terr., 5035-Paul and Lesley D. Yates to Andrew J. Lavigne, $229,900.

Turnberry Ct., 6923-Peggy T. and Dennis W. Lowary to Mario Amilcar Granados and Stefany Arely Calix Olivares, $188,900.

Winterspice Dr., 603-Federal National Mortgage Association to Edgar J. Apesteguia Sanz and Diana Marcela Torres Diaz, $300,000.


Arbor Square Dr., 3010-Warren P. Rothe to John G. and Shirley Gillen, $416,000.

Beverly Ct., 1507-Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc. and U.S. Bank to Ruthann Mcandrew, $199,900.

Dogwood Dr., 1731-William K. Goldberg to Thanva Siriboury and Daorunee Kitikhu, $200,000.

Fairview Ave., 7-Tehresa M. Eyler to Katie Elizabeth Barnard and Matthew Thomas Bucker, $395,000.

Holden Rd., 747-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Douglas L. and Karen K. McGee, $481,735.

Hollow Reed Ct., 8026-Abebech Asres and Aster Wassu to Christine F. Crow, $242,000.

Jefferson St. S., 324-Stanislav and Jirina Skopek to Andrea Lynne and Brent D. McFerren, $193,000.

Market St. N., 420-Andrea Petroff to Timothy O. and Maria O. Toole, $599,800.

Mill Pond Rd., 212A-Linden and Brenda Granthan to Darren Leslie, $237,000.

Northside Dr., 707-Dorothy Farley Jessen to John Gamba, $281,000.

Shannon Ct., 421-Hawkens MT Corp. to Brittany Burns, $214,900.

Sherman Ave., 427-Ruth A. and Dale Biggs to Cameron Scott Hollenberg and Holly Rebecca Nelson, $220,000.

Stoney Creek Rd., 2485-Leonard E. Gebase to Eric M. Pripstein and Sara Gebase, $200,000.

Wheyfield Dr., 1738-William T. and Roxann R. Bolst to Kenneth A. and Linda A. Cann, $410,000.

Third St. E., 124-Jess J. and Amanda M. Lawrence to Anthony N. Sirico, $485,000.


Bethel Rd., 9016-Michael W. Karnes to Michael Melendez and Claudia Viscarra Medrano, $230,000.

Carrington Way, 2562-Brant A. Myers and Leah F. Schust to Aretha Chum, $271,500.

Glen Heather Dr., 8217-Carol A. Cornwell to Anna Elwood, $399,900.

Key Pkwy., 188-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Wadie Amoah, $185,000.

Lookout Lane, 8214-Richard G. and Bonnie M. Zeber to Thomas G. and Aubrey D. Mohler, $340,000.

Penwick Cir., 160-Thomas A. Ferro to Danielle Ashley Garcia, $245,000.

Schley Ave., 607-Richard D. and Kathleen Ann Costlow to Vincent and Colleen Rogers, $369,900.

Stonegate Dr., 147-Amanda Addinton to Juan L. Maldonado Yepez, $200,000.

Wainwright Ct., 2136, No. 1C-Jessie M. Fisher to Robert F. and Robert R. Degrange, $145,000.

Wilson Pl., 632-James C. and Melissa B. Johnson to Jeffrey, Megan and Andrew Heller, $245,000.


Innsbrook Ct., 11157-Jerry E. and Abbey R. Kurimski to James A. and Lisa Schantz Harrison, $565,000.

Rochefort St., 5821-NVR Inc. to Alok and Namrata Alok Brahbhatt, $345,500.

Tinder Box Cir., 4550-NVR Inc. to Pouya Ahadi, $350,960.


Donovan Ct., 19-Suneeta D. and Rohan R. Rengen to Elizabeth Jo Murcia, $415,000.


Hollow Rd., 9005-Department of Veterans Affairs to Shirley B. Happ and Howell C. Happ Jr., $142,000.

Poplar Lane, 7300-Craig S. and Patricia A. Rhoderick to Wayne P. and Sarah K. Clark, $325,000.

Springbrook Ct. W., 7320-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Darrell R. and Kimberly A. McClure, $159,900.


Overlook Dr., 12183-Gary Leroy and Renate A. Gulbranson to Matthew Douglas Bailey and Amanda Lynn Decker, $330,000.

Veranda Lane, 10929-Winchester Homes Inc. to Kathleen Lynn and Samuel S. Esposito, $633,000.


Catoctin Overlook Dr., 5803-Ronald Thomas Woods to Ashley N. Hensley and Kevin W. Saylor, $363,000.

Main St. S., 708-Amethyst F. Tymoch and David G. Bell to Ann Cavanaugh O. Keefe and John Bourdeaux, $330,000.

Park Ridge Dr., 1107-Richard and Olga L. Torres to Thomas W. and Karla P. Easton, $462,500.


Mountain Terr., 201-Curt A. Hallberg to Tora A. Scott, $242,400.


Commodore Ct., 6611-Kenneth and Tosha Canterbury to Monica Minaya, $279,900.

High Beach Ct. E., 6625-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jack Jason Pruitt and Gregory Andrew Thompson, $178,000.

Old National Pike, 10638-Christiana Trust to Donald Howard Ivill, $236,250.

Reindeer Pl., 10296-Richard A. and Ashley E. Rickel to Braclay A. Griffis, $330,000.

Tessie Ct., 5636-Meridyth Cissel and Jessica Green to Wayne Hoy, $243,500.

Worchester Dr., 11129-Alan Carr and Lauren Whiteman to David C. and Doris M. Shipp, $335,000.


Thomas Dr., 1610-Steven and Ellen Marie Jacobs to Michael L. Melby and Patrick Button, $170,000.


Rocky Ridge Rd., 10539-Harry Thomas Luther Lawson and Joann Lawson to Ronald J. and Gina L. Krambeck, $272,000.


Meadow Lane, 12-Craig E. Carter to Jason A. Brown and Sierra S. McCormack, $182,500.

Stull Ct., 112-Joshua F. and Casey M. Work to Justin L. and Justine Houck, $184,500.


Barts Way, 5775-NVR Inc. to Nathan Bradley, $300,640.

Braveheart Dr., 3837-Steven and Carolyn Zimmer to Jose L. Cedillo Cedillo and Laura A. Galvan De Cedillo, $450,000.

Little Spring Way, 5738-Leo J. Bourdeau to Joshua S. and Melissa Clayton, $449,000.

Pine Bluff Rd., 8418-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to Ian Joseph and Annie Boursiquot Garland, $314,880.

Sweet Briar Lane, 3920-David W. and Judy L. Jupin to Gregory Banasz, $549,900.

Wyndham Dr., 9758-Cartus Financial Corp. to Michael S. and Christine N. Fleming, $663,000.


Glade Ave., 9421-David A. and Leah C. McCullough to Bobby and Sophia Lorraine Moore, $329,000.

Raleigh Rd., 2805-Richard Kidwell and Virginia Raines to Brandon E. Henderson, $260,000.


Pine Tree Rd., 9923-Michael and Julie Slaughter to Gary Edward and Stephanie Ann Warthen, $410,000.