Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Aspen Hill Ct., 4616-Rafael A. and Kenia Rondon to Rony Fernando Claros Nolasco and Maria V. Argueta Lara, $375,000.

Brad Dr., 14212-Lucia H. Demenezes to Bizualem T. Zelelew and Workineh M. Demissie, $381,000.

Cavalry Dr., 16513-Leila R. and George L. Walters to Michelle R. and James Austin Gaske, $575,000.

Emory Lane, 16510-James B. and Trecey L. Powell to Timothy M. and Linda M. Sullivan, $750,000.

Hannans Way, 15200-Raphael Sam Philippe Oum and Samantha Leigh Oum to Helen J. Helen J. Chang and Andrew S. Pak, $650,000.

Listra Rd., 4713-Juan J. Arias to Rommel A. Acedo and Nanette Acedo De Guzman, $389,000.

Melinda Lane, 14616-William Thomas Monahan to Peter Garvin IV, $280,000.

Robindale Dr., 12701-Stephen J. and Whitney S. Duiffy to Matthew C. Joseph and Kalani Ekanayake, $425,000.

Valley Forge Dr., 4613-Kent R. and Kimberly Rosenberger to Michael R. Graves, Laura E. Graves and Ronald D. Tucker, $650,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 14602-Rjre Investments Corp. to Sebastian and Kelsey Mar, $527,500.


Ashburton Lane, 10135-Ivan Joseph Mendizabal and Jose R. Chumacero to Mohamed and Diane Himmich, $642,500.

Blackistone Rd., 5414-Steven A. and Frances B. Brookner to Sean D. Wissman and Aditi M. Shrikhande, $1.43 million.

Brook Lane N., 8315, No. 2-1103-Muriel F. Hahn to Wenli Cai, $300,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 770-Robert Craig and Richard Chatburn Fisher to Carol Horning Woehrle, $760,000.

Carter Rd., 10010-Paul and Sarah M. Schlein to Scott Miserendino Jr. and Rebecca Abigail Adler Miserendino, $1 million.

Democracy Blvd., 7425, No. 212-Rabia Raad Hatoum to Abdul Ghaffar Mughal, $278,000.

Eames Way, 6640-RS Homes Assocation Corp. to Eric L. Mothershead and Lya Hensley, $1.05 million.

Falmouth Rd., 5416-Hugh H. and Constance C. Tompkins to Tulia Ines G. De Serrano, $2.85 million.

Hampden Lane, 4915, No. 205-Toll MD Partnership IV to Peter Ebert, $795,000.

Holiday Terr., 7504-Phyllis J. and Thomas O. Jones to Leping Jia and Wayne David Wallace, $819,500.

Johnson Ave., 5911-Thomas Scott Dziedzic and Nicole Proscia to Michael and Vanita Bhargava, $1.34 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 6214-Francis J. Nowak Jr. and Guy A. Brochu to David Emerson and Carrie Nieman, $800,000.

Newport Ave., 5105-Robert V. Russo and Bonnie Lee Norman to Ran Yosef Nussabcher and Yael Slater, $788,000.

Parkston Rd., 5511-Peter Stelmach and Agnieszka Siarkowska to Sausheen and Gordon Taylor, $1.44 million.

Renshaw Dr., 9312-John Frederick Bowis and Wendy Bowis Malacaria to Karl E. and Nancy W. Macklin, $1.1 million.

River Trail Ct., 6717-Susan M. Edlavitch to Mark D. Boyd, $728,000.

Sangamore Rd., 4855, No. 28-Emily L. Yeskel and Carl H. Rubin to Robert Smith, $625,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4924, No. 2-404-Michael M. Bard and Deborah Benner to Paul G. Sheppard, $412,000.

Singleton Dr., 9517-Henry V. Stoever to John Gary and Katy Barrett, $1.07 million.

Swansong Way, 7242-Marcelo Lessa and Irma Lorenzo Welffens to Leo and Valeria Keats, $699,000.

Virginia View Ct., 6604-Barbara Ann and John Lee Matthews to Allen P. and Margaret R. Brodnick, $840,000.

Westlake Terr., 7420, No. 307-Aniqa Khan to Kevin Arnold Kappeler, $226,000.

Whitley Park Pl., 9703, No. P-156-Pierre Van Den Boogarede and Catherine Van Den Boogarede to Shaila Sharmeen and Mohammed Ullah, $690,000.

Wood Way, 5607-Christopher Joseph and Marsha Friberg Shinkman to Jennifer C. Kerns and Kevin B. Marvel, $925,000.

Wynnwood Rd., 6008-Jason Anthony and Sarah Weller to James Matthew Hamann and Sarah Lorraine Pelkey, $949,000.


Bright Spring Way, 12628-Young Hee Lee to Lei Song, $620,000.

Cornflower Rd., 18410-Rathin and Purvi Y. Shah to Daniel Joseph and Karen Eisenhut Evans, $585,000.

Kings Crossing Blvd., 14301, No. 110-Marsha Prose to John R. Fitzgerald, $175,000.


Considine Dr., 18713-Jennifer C. and Kathryn A. Manfuso to Tabitha Lynne Simms and Sandra Virginia Amaguana, $435,000.

Rena Ct., 19400-Bruce A. Yankelevitz and Louise M. Yankelevitz to Kathleen Anderson and Olive White, $483,000.


Athey Rd., 14927-Billy Pi Yuan to Maria Mory Rodriguez, $373,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 14300-Mohammad Yaseen to Jose I. Estrada and Alma Leticia Grijalva, $320,000.

Turbridge Ct., 14420-Luis B. Serapiao to Christopher D. and Kari D. Miller, $425,000.


Caraway St., 8208-James D. Wilner to Javaka Moore, $2.5 million.


Brittany Dr., 13103-Annie G. Roberts to Dakseos H. Balke and Tihitena Worku Negash, $424,900.

Chiswick Ct., 1761-Antonio D. Levine and Antonio Louise Dow to Christopher R. Edwards, $445,000.

Collingwood Terr., 13200-Kenneth J. and Andrea Chadwick to Elliott J. Rosenblum and Sarah E. Reese, $428,500.

Dawn View Ct., 30-Scherrie Nicole Jones and Scherrie Nicole to John T. Hartnett and Amanda M. Rosenfelder, $370,000.

Ivystone Ct., 1553-Ann R. Verghese Goodwyn to Alberto Hernandez and Olga L. Argueta, $379,500.

Old Columbia Pike., 11871, No. 74-Manoro Perez Williams to Chinyere Rita Agu, $280,000.

Schubert Dr., 3071-Abbe S. and Charlotte Lazrus to Anthony George and Denise J. Lewis, $381,000.

Sutherland Hill Way, 11510-Jacob M. and Patrica L. Wesser to Girum and Liya M. Sebro, $410,000.

Tourmaline Terr., 12948-Elanor Pernia to Meaza M. Weldesilassie, Tekleshum A. Tesfamichael and Dawit Tesfamichael, $360,000.

White Oak Vista Dr., 1691-Madhav Thambisetty to Rahel N. Kidane and Wondwosen E. Kedanemariam, $410,000.


Connecticut Ave., 6705-Stephen and Patricia Nava Edelen to Marc and Eileen C. Weller, $2.1 million.

Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. C-Zohreh Shokrai of Zohreh Sho to Alfred Serafino and Gail S. Sumter, $619,000.

Farrell Dr., 8412-Michael and Aubrey T. Weller to Venu Gopal and Ulka Patel Ghanta, $725,000.

Hesketh St., 27-Grace Howard and Abigail Spring to Louisa Bullard, $1.3 million.

Leland St., 3215-Marc S. Appelbaum and Pammie Liz Montelvo Appelbaum to Sue Ann and Ronald J. Minard, $1.6 million.

Park Ave. N., 4620, No. 403E-Alvin M. Stenzel Jr. to Sandhya D., Dilip and Shilpa Phadke, $323,000.

Taylor St., 3617-Albemarle Realty Corp. to Michael and Shawn Chernousov, $1.35 million.

Willard Ave., 4515, No. 1602S-Benjamin H. and Donald E. King to Xiaoling and Jinling Wang, $257,000.


Arora Hills Dr., 22836, No. 121-Krista M. Flickinger and Krista M. Dibartolomeo to Sandesh and Chandni Shrestha, $166,532.

Bluffwood Terr., 12221-Clarksburg Villages and Clarksburg Villages Partnership to Anthony J. and Allison M. Ladner, $474,098.

Bufflehead St., 13908-NVR Inc. to Austin Krablin and Melanie Secula, $755,565.

Burdette Forest Rd., 23846-Alan D. and Janine M. Peisach to Jian Zhong Zhang and Ying Cao, $720,000.

Cherry Branch Dr., 12313-Don F. Schade and Monica Gibson to David P. and Summer K. Traxler, $630,000.

Deets Manor Ct., 23313, No. 2146-Thomas P. Walsh to Christian A. Macias and Maritza J. Lopez, $234,900.

Dovekie Ave., 13813-NVR Inc. to Eugene Aleibar and Kerry Ann M. Aleibar, $637,940.

Fulmer Ave., 22212-Winchester Homes Inc. to Radha V. Gholkar and Dipta J. Basu, $405,426.

Fulmer Ave., 22224-Winchester Homes Inc. to Vinay Murli Goplakrishnan and Krupa Subramanian, $415,930.

Glacier Lily Dr., 22856-CLKBG Corp. to Ryan J. Nau, $660,000.

Harrier Way, 13816-NVR Inc. to Shantanu Datar and Vibha Bhatia, $580,175.

Houser Dr., 12320-Rjre Investments Corp. to Maria Natalia Lopez, $595,000.

Moneyworth Way, 12823-Harry A. and Sharon H. Bauer to Sarah Martaghavi, $450,000.

Needle Dr., 12301-David and Stacy Krysztof to Jason E. and Leon Christopher Plummer, $380,000.

Petrel St., 13801-Winchester Homes Inc. to Lei Shao and Wenjie Xu, $463,928.

Piedmont Rd., 12504-Lee and Hilston Simkins to Michael Scott Davis, Wendy B. Davis, Mary Bowers and Patricia Davis, $500,000.

Robin Song Dr., 23334-Christopher Sean and Kelly B. Marks to Jae Min and Yuee Kim, $575,000.

Short Hills Dr., 12817-Jason and Ana Remmers to Chanchal Gupta and Vishal Sachdeva, $430,000.

Wild Hyacinth Way, 23105-Melissa Wyatt and Melissa Lee Zudal to Varaprasag Bandaru and Kalyani Telu, $520,000.


Elm Grove Cir., 1361-Estella Batres Grandos to Alganesh Gebremedhin, $253,000.

Harvest Lane, 14708-Jeffrey D. and Crystal H. Kueter to Teresa J. Perez, Andres Perez and Decklon Thomas, $518,000.

Old Briggs Chaney Rd., 2724-2724 Old Briggs Corp. to Jose A. and Maria Emma Ascencio, $455,000.

Sturtevant Rd., 14305-Steven E. Nesseler to Kitumba Disasi and Kapita Talahumbu, $430,000.


Canvasback Way, 9912-Jason R. Cokinos to Ana Bernardina Segura and Alexis V. Segura Cruz, $273,000.

Coltrane Dr., 25635-John A. Villela to Merennage A. Peiris and Harshi Dias, $266,000.

Prices Distillery Rd., 12650-Agha K. Ghahari to Steven Anthony and Rosario Castillo, $360,000.

Sweepstakes Rd., 10011-Vijayvel Jayaprakash and Sathiyapriya Marimuthu to Ashley Boland, $590,000.

Woodfield Rd., 25850-Elisabeth J. Swenson and Ralph W. Johnston to Debra N. Marks, $460,000.


Briardale Rd., 16704-Edward George and Kendra Godfrey Barrow to Andrea N. Snitchler and Jeffrey S. Miller, $532,800.

Farmingdale Ct., 6516-Alexandra B. and Jerald R. Hess to Matthew and Maya Wray, $445,000.

Lake Christopher Ct., 5-David R. and Carol R. Patterson to Brian Townsend, $689,000.

Serenity Lane, 5926-Satwant S. and Mary J. Bajwa to Jason and Jaime Froehlich, $665,000.

White Cliff Terr., 7710-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Noel A. Trejo and Mirna Rivas, $351,500.


Mouth of Monocacy Rd., 20400-Daniel and Mildred Piasecki to Yi Zhao, $328,500.


Bradford Rd., 8805-Gopalakrishnan and Jyoti Balachandran to Robert Speer Hill III and Melissa Hua Linn Goh, $495,000.

Crescendo Way, 303-Natalie M. Dempsey to Jazalyn Dukes, $365,000.

Grayson Ave., 9709-Eunice Kate Ramsey and Cynthia Neubrech to Alison Whyte, $399,900.

Kinsman View Cir., 121-Ralph J. Duffle Inc. to Mesaye T. Debele, $359,900.

Saybrook Ave., 9300-John A. and Elizabeth U. Hill to Mark Fonseca, Amy Uhrin and Amy Uhrin, $580,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 10812-John Steven and Karen Mohr to Firku Belete, $372,000.

Woodridge Ave., 107-Jason Robert and Rachel Elizabeth Henry to Martina A. Gunwald, $469,000.


Broadwater Dr., 9252-Mohammad Rizwan to Gifty Manmeet Kaur and Amrit Jot Singh Muchhiana, $265,000.

Carousel Ct., 472-Moustapha and Massandje Diaby to Eduardo Ernesto Molina, Scheley Jessica Molina and Eduardo Ernesto Molina Gamez, $290,000.

Chesley Knoll Dr., 19928-Salam Hussein Dahbour to El King Shen and Tsai Lien Yang Shen, $355,000.

Deer Park Way, 122-Delphine P. Youmbi to Kamnin Leung and Connie Mei Ling Leung Tsun, $250,000.

Fairgrove Terr., 312-Zachary R. Hollcraft and Elizabeth Readkatz to Janeblyth O. Dimagnaong and Roquesa L. Ramirez, $168,000.

Gardenia Way, 18329-Jose Armando Rivera and Jason Velazco to Carola and Stephen Huerta, $385,000.

Guildberry Dr., 18424, No. L-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Gilda and Joseph Chamandy, $129,900.

Ivory Pass Ct., 20503-Jon M. and Wendy S. Delapp to Ibrahim and Alefya Sabir, $559,900.

Larchmont Terr., 17711-Julieto M. Carell and Raechel Gavarra to Lorena Evelin and Lorena Majano, $258,500.

Maryland Ave., 12-Dominic A. and Lynne Dukes Galloro to Michael L. Siegrist, $399,900.

Meadow Green Way, 8467-Jeanette Lynn and Patrick Marie Marin to Amir, Sumaira and Tahir Chaudhery, $329,000.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 8225-Sabriz Naduvilothi and Fathimath Shamla Sabriz to Nectali and Julia Figueroa Flores, $367,000.

Odendhal Ave., 546-Balaram Dey to Mesfin T. Frew, $395,000.

Spring St., 5-Janelle Zamore to Walter Gonzales Rojas and Jose Luis Gonzales Rojas, $334,000.

Topfield Dr., 17723, No. 5-B-Patricia A. Young to Jose David Molina and Digna Particia Meza Estrada, $200,000.

Windjammer Way, 1806-Robert James Schiefer and Michael Mcauliffe to Francisco and Maria Amaya, $267,500.


Bambi Ct., 11905-Adam Lee and Nilam Parekh Pintar to Xianrong Li and Siliing Ou, $378,000.

Beckwith St., 213-Jeffrey Michael Laskowski to Gerald L. Boarman, $630,000.

Carrington Hill Dr., 12519-Lisa Burchfie and Michael Vardi to Andrew Schwab and Naomi L. Gabay Schwab, $640,000.

Colton Lane, 13132-Stephen R. Pattison and Carolyn R. Johnson to Patrick B. and Natalia C. Dandenault, $640,000.

Cross Green St., 333B, No. 333B-Robert D. Lee and Julia M. Fu to Ming Ma, $426,800.

Forest Preserve Dr., 300-Kevin Zhan and Margaret S. Lahey to Hun Ki Hur, $826,000.

Hayshire Ct., 16110-Annette K. Harrah to Richard W. Reid, $314,000.

Highland Ridge Ave., 838-Conrad L. Henry to Pujak Arora, $568,000.

Lazy Hollow Dr., 159-Debra N. and Allen P. Marks to Di Zhou and Bin Shi, $415,000.

Melmark Ct., 5-Bonnie and Kathy Mitchell to Lauren W. and William C. Dellapenna, $355,000.

Pebble Hill Lane, 14426-Qing Guan to Jayakumar P. Arasan and Anura Sivanesan, $420,000.

Rothschild Ct., 13-Shahid and Shahida Ahmed to Virginia Long, $335,000.

Still Creek Lane, 614-Darren T. and Angela N. Kaufman to Martin Philip Devenport and Chitra Krishnan, $1.02 million.

Sylvan Glade Dr., 14432-William D. and Irene S. Biron to Wei and Li Chen, $955,000.

Winesap Dr., 15213-Allan Stewart and Karim Sandra Bond to Stephanie Wu and Stephanie Wu Mosley, $579,900.


Brittania Cir., 12200-Felly K. Blege to Rashmi Dangol and Ashish Chakradhar, $317,000.

Chatterly Ct., 41-Ananth Ramkrishnan and Jyoti Ananth to Yali Tseng, $434,000.

Club Hill Dr., 20148-20148 Club Hill Drive Corp. to Ellen Mcbee, $300,000.

Crusader Ct., 2-Hong Zhuang to Fuwu Zhang and Shan Li, $305,100.

Demetrias Way, 13353-Matthew T. Davis to Cynthia Marie Alger, $255,000.

Fountain Club Dr., 13438-Richard L. Moyers and Jeremy A. Dolin to Mohinder Singh and Bhajan Kaur Mudahar, $421,200.

Gunnerfield Ct., 1-Ephraim C. Escobar and Geolie Rose A. Escobar to Manisha Gupta, $327,000.

Highstream Dr., 19156, No. 1019-Christopher C. Gogarty to Emilia N. Tabe, $237,500.

Kitchen House Way, 12829-Nicholas A. Suarez to Kenny and Linda Li, $265,000.

Lark Song Terr., 19007-Cary Rodrigues to Scovia Namutosi, $268,700.

Lullaby Ct., 115-Emma and Joshua Henry Telo to Abiy Halilegiorgis and Moekdes Shewamoltot, $146,500.

Millhaven Pl., 13105-HSBC Bank to Sirisha Kommi, $155,000.

Peach Crest Dr., 12205, No. 902-K-German W. Canas to Kemberley Ramirez, $162,000.

Rustic Farm Ct., 11901-Ravindra P. Nirgudkar and Nileema M. Pargaonker to Garfield C. Walker, $525,000.

Shadyside Way, 20619, No. 97-7-Selina L. Sands to Maureen Warriner, $212,990.

Stags Leap Terr., 18161-Samir A. Balala and Elmaghrabi Nuha to Kade Oumar Wane, $385,000.

Summersong Lane, 20406-Jeffrey Labrec to Daniel William Malgran and Cathleen Elizabeth Hannah, $285,000.

Timber Oak Lane, 20126, No. 191-Anne C. James to Christopher A. Duplessiis, $385,000.

Weathered Barn Ct., 14404-David and Susan Dorozinsky to Shane and Monica McCoy, $735,000.

Whitechurch Cir., 13239-Robert E. Acevedo to Alice Baaba Holdbrook, $241,000.

Winterspoon Lane, 13420-Varghese T. and Mariamma V. Cherian to Cassandra F. Hudson, $439,000.


Anderson Rd., 3408-Joyce K. Burlas to Brianne M. and Noah J. Szezepanek, $395,000.

Calvert Pl., 3811-Pieter and Tara Boogaerts to Patrick and Joseph Donoho, $910,000.

Drumm Ave., 10707-Samuel H. and Leisa R. Wiest to Robert and Sara Matulonis, $598,000.

Ferndale St., 3406-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Adeline Harrell Mitchell, $364,900.

Jennings Rd., 2810-Marketpro South Inc. to Zede F. Rosenberg, $499,000.

Orleans Way, 11204-Michelle E. Reinsfelder Esler and Christian D. Esler to Wenqian Huang and Calinda Yew, $772,000.

University Blvd. W., 3135, No. A-1-Lisa Lynne Loyo to Gemma Giezel Ariza Urmeneta, $151,000.


Damascus Rd., 6909-Roger L. and Martha B. Lawrence to Sabina and Vugar Aghayeva, $650,000.

Hawkins Landing Dr., 24234-Harold R. and Elizabeth M. Michaud to Danny A. and Megan T. Tudge, $760,000.

Magruder Knolls Ct., 9011-Nick J. and Mary Beth Grujich to Alan D. and Janine M. Peisach, $935,000.

Woodfield Rd., 24023-Christopher J. and James J. Cliffon to Joann Berisford, $400,000.


Battleridge Pl., 10006-Ariesh and Kathryn Elissa Katz to Erich Franz Jorgensen and Liliana V. Acha, $307,000.

Chadburn Pl., 9218-Mary T. Inniss to Juan Carlos Escobar, $222,500.

Cove Ledge Ct., 10208-Padma P. and Nimal Ratnayake to Michel Tonda, $227,800.

Docena Dr., 9823-Paulino N. Santos III and Rachelle R. Belizario to Mauro M. Flores Sangines, $223,800.

Fern Hollow Way, 9522-Jonathan C. and Keeko G. Thompson to Anayochukwu D. Iwukemjika, $265,500.

Hellingly Pl., 9847, No. 86-Sun Kyn and Grace Ahn to Kye Ja Park, $50,000.

Kardwright Ct., 10428-Brian and Laura Judy to Mariana D. Latif, $301,000.

Maple Leaf Dr., 10131-Louis Michael and Hilary Rose Kam to Benjamin and Eileen Risbeck, $287,100.

Rainbowview Pl., 8222-Christopher Paul Gilley and Melissa Joy Keyser Gilley to Christopher A. and Erin C. Crouthamel, $424,000.

Rustburg Cir., 8818-Aaron and Cara Stern to Rushabh P. Kamdar, $247,000.

Strath Haven Dr., 20596-Tochal Homes Corp. to Christopher R. Paskvan, $240,500.

Welbeck Ct., 16-Floyd R. Walters to Jose S. Vasquez, $192,000.


Cresthaven Dr., 1045-Richard J. Meyer and Kristen Paula Brown to Trang Thi Kieu Bui and Phouc Hunn Nguyen, $405,000.

Nolcrest Dr. W., 1109-Juan C. Peirano and Heidi A. Cordova to Angelica Barreto, Bunna Mao and Maria Luisa Delgado, $539,500.

12th Ave., 8311-Mehdi Lahuti to Joel Sosa Saravia and Maria D. Villatoto Escobar, $278,000.


Autumn Brook Ave., 1112-Matthew H. and Holly Hoefer to Zongyu Zheng and Yuxia Jia, $712,500.

Beacon Hollow Lane, 13809-James D. Bridgeman to Carolyn J. Sosnowski and David E. Goverman, $479,900.

Bel Pre Rd., 2700-Mohmmad A. and Farida Khan to Jamarne T. Courtney and Fardina Asikin, $457,000.

Camelback Lane, 2607, No. 4-12-Thomas G. and Janice Warrington to Kwadwo Buadu and Nelley Acheampong Buado, $218,000.

Chesterwood Dr., 3907, No. 3907-Sung Tae Kim to Maria Sueli Lacerda, $257,500.

Dinsdale Dr., 15018-Tanya Morant and Tanya M. Lee to Syarah Syarah and Muhammad Yusuf, $320,000.

Estelle Rd., 13106-James T. Pleiman and Maria A. Uchida to Cristina and Bladimir Hernandez, $360,000.

Flack St., 12842-Uriel and Icolin Anderson to Beth Suzanne and Beth S. Sanchez, $345,000.

Gate Dr. E., 2405-Matthew and Bonnie Jo Savard to Julio R. Munoz, $465,000.

Goodhill Rd., 12919-Charles A. Lewis to Sara J. Hursen, $374,000.

Haslemere Ct., 15005, No. 266-D-Kris M. and Barbara E. Shekitka to Hue N. Tran, $169,900.

Hickory Hill Ct., 6-Katrina Rose Wyllie to Rosanna Harvey, $360,000.

Hutchinson Way, 13116-Gerald L. and Cynthia W. Lett to Endrias H. Zewde, $571,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-304-Melvin Kraus and Frida Rowe to Leilani Lansing, $263,500.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3100, No. 316-Artemis Davitian and Darryl E. Derk to Elaine J. and Leonard Levin, $187,500.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 409-Neil E. and Adele Deborah Berger to Neil E. Berger, $33,000.

Matey Rd., 12816-Maliaka Dawn Brown to Carolina and Johan Orjuea Yusty, $350,000.

Nordic Hill Cir., 1631-Zalkiya Carr and Euris Johnson to Austin Welborn, $490,000.

Regina Dr., 2814-Penelope Tolle to Lisa Foster and Winston Thomas, $560,000.

Soaring Wing Lane, 13605-Winchester Homes Inc. to Vivien C. and Joseph Licaros, $631,099.

Valley Bridge Ct., 13203-Carlos N. Vasquez to Francis Gomez, Dominga Menoti Gomes and Gregory Gomes, $342,000.

Wendy Lane, 3939-Darryl O. Smith to Nigiru Kibert Tesfa, $360,000.


Blankenship Ct., 3605-William F. and Teresa M. Picking to George E. and Nina Greene Simms, $495,000.

Coatbridge Ct., 9-Fred E. and Ita Lola Springer to Farhat Seraj, $360,000.

Lochness Cir., 17834, No. 42-Theodora B. Nicolaus and Theodora B. Johnson to Erica Leigh and Hunter Lindsay Gardner, $296,000.

Pisner Terr., 3304-Michael L. Steiner to Bridget K. Gallagher and William A. Diaz, $435,000.

Shadowridge Ct., 70-TD Real Estate Development Corp. to Jeffrey M. Levesque, $379,000.

Thornhurst Dr., 4807-Franklyn G. Musgrave Jr. to Keith and Sandra Pernie, $480,000.


Beatriz Ave., 19880-George F. Kuster to Ramakrishna and Mary R. Gangavarapu, $228,000.

Hempstone Ave., 19136-H. Steven and Howard S. Steinberg to Erik D. Pedersen, $410,000.

Soper St., 17413-Robert and Elizabeth Lawler to Craig H. Gaddis, $468,800.


Bedfordshire Ave., 11220-Luang Chian Liang and Shanzhu Lin to Qin Yan and Yinan Liu, $775,000.

Bentridge Ct., 7-Joseph E. and Mary S. Gillen to Nejmudin Kedir Bilal, $629,900.

Boswell Lane, 10613-Barry S. and Yvonne Z. Cohen to Mandi Yu and Qiang Chen, $1.29 million.

Falls Chapel Way, 9117-Hadi and Mona Kassim to Ermias A. Mekonnen, $699,000.

Glen Mill Rd., 11731-Ser Corp. to Henry U. Mere Jr., $645,000.

Gregerscroft Rd., 11813-Laura Ziegler Rhodes and Guy Geoffrey Ziegler to Samuel K. and Winnie W. Lee, $808,000.

Lamplighter Lane, 10919-Peter J. and Katherine R. Wiernicki to Edward Joshua and Christine L. Schraeder, $1.24 million.

Longhill Dr., 1405-Pablo Cardinale and Monique Perret Gentil to Papa Mamadou Fall, $665,000.

Old Canal Rd., 12333-Adam E. and Peardl Rawson to Steven M. and Nhung N. Mort, $718,000.

Piney Meetinghouse Rd., 11725-Eleanor M. Cain and Eleanor McConihe Pisarra to Mark Afgan and Mojgan Nasseri, $825,000.

River Falls Dr., 7712-Jon S. and Frances Jouvenal to Gary Scott Ginstling and Marta Lederer, $1.2 million.

Sleepy Hollow Lane, 8825-Donald L. and Ivy Fields Gutman to David C. Euang and Xiaochu Hu, $1.11 million.

Sunny Brooke Pl., 13302-Ching Long Joseph Sun to Gelu and Iana L. Deborah, $730,000.

Warde Terr., 8517-John H. and Panthip T. Arnold to William E. Manders and Jennifer M. Manders, $915,000.


Ashley Dr., 11803-Christopher G. and Courtney K. Conley to Aaron Jamison and Kaylee Dunford Folsom, $424,900.

Azalea Dr., 658, No. 4-658-Walter R. and Alisen Kirsi Mendoza to Jin Hee and Jiin Kim, $360,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1610-Yin Yin and Liang Wang to Siu Loong Cheung, $332,000.

California Cir., 6050, No. 6050-3-Hilde Hofmann to Susan Magee, $378,000.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5708, No. 1910-Tanaya Slesinger Sheres and Tanya Slesinger to Rachel A. Oxman, $262,000.

Daphney House Ct., 13611-Stuart L. and Lori K. Soberman to Yimeng Wang and Pan Gu, $1.24 million.

Elmcroft Blvd., 1002, No. L-Jorge L. and Myrna Zelaya to Stanley Xiucheng Li and Carolina Cheng, $343,000.

Farsta Ct., 14-Daniel C. and Lindsay J. Hoffman to Daniel B. Amodeo and Ilana B. Jolson, $645,000.

Gaither Rd., 1033-Jie Qi and Ning Lai to Navin Keswani and Anuradha Raju, $548,000.

Grand Champion Dr., 1106-Asif S. Ahmed to Edith Reizes, $594,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 816-Joseph W. and Yoshimi E. Greer to Edward and Stephanie Hirsh, $465,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 323-Diane R. and Bruce W. Carminati to Deonariene and Cgowmati Paul, $127,500.

Inman Park Cir., 5801, No. 1213-Michael D. and Shara D. Reiter to Nicole Deoudes, $368,000.

Nature Lane, 413-Robin and Ellen S. Kearon to Joshua W. and Kelley S. Rosenblatt, $1.1 million.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 424-Saiwah Ng and Thoi Lien Chung to Kenneth M. Grundafast, $328,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1121-Gregory P. and Stephanie Brown to Michelle Flanagan and Michael Kirk Bales, $515,000.

Overlea Dr., 9700-Tamara Faulkner and Marion S. Peake to Neal D. and Britney R. Hays, $725,000.

Pleasant Dr., 914-Timothy and Diane L. Buckley to Alexander Chiu Sun and Sue Jen Hsieh, $650,000.

Ridgemont Ave., 200, No. L-Alexandra J. Kramer to Ok Hee and Hyun Y. Shin, $127,835.

Rockville Pike, 11801, No. 1215-Gener G. Gotiangco to Yie W. and Margaret C. Chien, $168,000.

Stonewood Lane, 11705-Ethel Levathes to Cesar A. Santa Maria and Vassiliki Saloura, $685,000.

Tuppence Ct., 10600-Kil Tae Back to Raeul and Koyeli Banerjee, $450,000.

Watkins Pond Blvd., 101, No. 4-204-Francisco Sy to Sonia I. Carrero, $275,000.

Wilson Ave., 703-George S. and Edla E. Coleman to Kevin C. and Lauren D. Davidson, $542,000.


Appledowre Ct., 18, No. 73-Troyce M. and Howard Holland to Amfo Koranteng and Esther Amaning, $204,000.

Boneset Way, 21921-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Yee Mei Tse and Henry H. Shiu, $674,401.

Butterfly Weed Dr., 836-Pulte Home Co. Corp. and Pulte Home Corp. to Daniel John and Sheila Lynch Shea, $662,347.

Elderberry Terr., 19310-Fredy and Amalia Graves to Rosalia Antonieta and Alexs Sehastian Huaman, $229,990.

Greenfield Rd., 20429-Marilyn Price and Marlene Varneke to Phuong Due Tran and Thanh Dung Thi Tran, $310,000.

Little Fox Lane, 11206-Matthew L. Hendrickson and Jacklyn M. Palme Hendrickson to Haliyamtu Amani, $475,000.

Panthers Ridge Dr., 12013-Diomar and Ashley Burgos to Yongxiao Jian and Yi Chen, $356,000.

Trophy Ct., 11720-Hammad A. and Fazal Majid Dasti to Raul A. Rodriguez Cossio and Brigidia L. Patino De Rodriguez, $245,000.

Woodcutter Cir., 13018, No. 152-New York Mortgage Funding Corp. to Habetamu B. Bula and Hilina H. Bete, $339,000.


Dale Dr., 245-Lan J. Truong and Melanie Orhant to Brian Patrick Dunphy and Samantha Schasberger, $575,000.

Harvey Rd., 9340-Stanley H. and Linda W. Scofield to Mary Frances and Krzysztof Witold Niski, $540,500.

Lanier Dr., 8910-Helen A. Ayoub to Edward P. and Vianette Thurston, $530,000.

Maywood Ave., 8809-Gregg and Stacy M. Molander to Aaron Walter Chrietberg, $580,000.

Silver Spring Ave., 508-Kimler D. Corey Jr. and Rebecca A. Wilkinson to Nicholas A. Sponaugle Jr., $300,000.

Woodland Dr., 8854-Wells Fargo Bank to Paul H. Kruchoski and Arile Yanah Markowitz Sulman, $545,200.


Baltimore Ave., 7410-Julia Salmon and Jane Clark to Melissa Toogley and Daniel Mazmanian, $1.04 million.

Flower Ave., 8414, No. 5-Shannon Sumner to Michelle Dudley, $146,500.

Kansas Lane, 6512-Clark Musgrove to Ingrid Mae Christian Gardiner and Fitzroy Edward Gardiner Jr., $599,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 101-Brian Daniel Alejandro to Vincent and Eber Rosario, $155,000.

Poplar Ave., 7010-Michael F. Breen and Susannah Stevens to Thuy Tu Tran and Jacob Ackerman, $767,500.

14th Ave., 7203-Steve S. Mencher and Rosanne M. Sinegr to Karen E. and Timothy P. Hunt, $547,000.


Bernerd Pl., 1408-Russell J. Dare Jr. and Russell J. Dare to Morgan Kiyomi Maneely and Victor Ramos, $365,000.

Gladstone Dr., 1405-Michael and David Conner to Godgan Radu, $350,000.

Valley Stream Dr., 1924-Stephen K. Serbin to Sara E. Reef and Tal Shahar, $395,000.


Washington Grove Lane, 207-Linda Buchanan Mansfield to Jan Davis, $300,000.


Belgrade Rd. N., 717-Yancy Sore to Yonasan and Rena S. Schwarez, $416,000.

Bucknell Dr., 10864, No. D-Derick C. and Jennifer H. Wallace to Tiffany D. Mathis, $299,900.

Claybrook Dr., 109-Jonathan M. Marks to Yitzhak H. and Abigail J. Shahar, $445,000.

Harmon Rd., 2401-Nicholas Pappas to Violeta G. Junio, $450,000.

Jamaica Dr., 10714-Brenna L. Mikesell and Michael J. Buns to Christopher Blackburn and Kristen E.g. Hudgins, $44,490.

Kingswell Dr., 2814-Solomon Mengstu and Hilina Feyisa to Raul J. Soto Troncoso and Nancy Rodriguez, $392,000.

Lester St., 10748-Samantha T. Ayazi to Janice A. Nunley, $285,000.

Mayhew Dr., 1702-Solomon Kibreab to Khoi Ky Andthi Tran, $430,000.

Randolph Rd., 2502-David A. Welch and Patricia Welch to Tefesehet Mesfin, $302,700.

Sherwood Rd., 1814-Nancy W. and Karl E. Macklin to David L. and Anne B. Gregal, $659,000.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 719-B-Shulamit S. Taragin to Bayron N. Bonilla Reyes, $125,000.

Winding Waye Lane, 1412-Heather Toombs and Linda I. Hill to Lin Li, $440,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bill Dorsey Blvd., 2725-Peter J. and Stacy A. Strates to Odell D. Cosner Jr., $450,000.

Tudor Ct., 3303-Anthony H. and Tamme K. Polson to Nicholas A. and Meghan E. Myers, $490,000.


Volunteer Dr., 1208-Timothy and Gabrielle Wawiernia to Ronald B. and Stacey M. Stewart, $525,000.


Spring View Dr., 4106-Christopher R. Moffatt and Jennfier L. Keley to Michael Chadwick Guy, $409,900.


Ballenger Run Blvd., 6600-Virginia Corp. to Yuanting Chen, $350,000.

Bushytail Dr., 642-Nileshkumar S. and Nilima N. Rawal to Samuel A. Choto Marroquin and Maria Virginia Figueroa, $330,000.

Cambria Rd., 4658-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kenya C. Onley, $377,000.

Chestnut St., 903-Dwight E. and Patricia E. Jones to Lal T. Kima and Van Chhuanenga Vaiphei, $242,000.

Dispatch Way, 6217-Joseph F. Gideon to Harlen Castillo, $535,000.

Eugene Way, 4827-NVR Inc. to Samuel King and Brittany Wood, $351,708.

Hastings Ct., 6217-Matthew and Rebecca L. Carrado to Joseph C. Rockvich, $250,000.

Hiteshow Dr., 4839-NVR Inc. to Natalie M. Dempsey, $234,895.

Jefferson Commons Way, 5953-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Tauron R. and Rasheeda Lawrence, $315,120.

Lancaster Pl., 565-Alban Place to Taylor G. and Nicole D. Galbraith, $199,700.

Prince William Ct., 5480-Bret M. Rowan to Andrew Press and Kaitlin Bailey, $240,000.

Staghorn Ave., 1037-Jeffrey W. Dixon to Janet Shatz, $171,900.

Wesley Sq., 5001-Larry Lee and Janice Marie Wheeler to Paolo De and Delia De Jesus, $485,000.


All Saints St. E., 35, No. 314-Kathleen Kelley to Justin Ward, $210,000.

Baldridge Terr., 6100-Sharon M. Wood to Brian A. Patton, $273,000.

Blue Leaf Ct., 902, No. 2A-W. Jeannette Whitmore and Carmen Whitemore Martin to Joanne Ambrose, $147,500.

Egret Way, 2717-Brian Karle to Joanne C. Lightcap, $320,000.

Frederick Ave., 102-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kim J. Roy and Catherine E. Gutierrez, $200,000.

Holden Rd., 753-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to James Chandler Rathbone, $528,621.

Jacobs Garden Lane, 3039-Wormald Development Co. to Bonnie D. Valesco, $427,135.

Liberty Rd., 11129-Ronald Jason Cline and Deborah Kelly to Aieron D. and Dorothy Howard, $430,000.

Market St. S., 135A, No. 135A-Homes Market Square Corp. to James E. Nicholson, $245,000.

Mobley Ct., 1482-Alexey Postnikov to Barbara J. White Stepney, $209,000.

Springwater Pl., 6125-Corinne P. Prentiss and Deborah C. Imire to John Wesley Wivell, $165,000.

Trail Ave., 522-Scott Barbely to Paul Concannon and Emma M. Bell, $247,000.

Waterside Dr., 2505-Teresa B. Hilty and Teresa L. Burroughs to Seyed A. Mirbaghri Shahezaei, $325,000.

Willow Ave., 317-Rohry Francis and Jamie Lynne Flood to Kathleen M. Araiza, $249,800.

Third St. W., 23-Daniel J. and Kathleen Cassidy to Brjuce A. and Barbara Chase Lessey, $460,000.

Seventh St. W., 7-Micheal A. Thomas to Amy Elsabeth Maire Brown, $290,000.


Archet Lane, 2176-Winston Gomez to Marquita A. and Rolando B. Adams, $339,900.

Burgess Hill Way, 120, No. 216-Bonnie L. Blake to Charlene M. Eastburn, $178,000.

Cohasset Ct., 2050-Ridgewall Corp. to Allen G. and Corazon R. Bondoc, $381,495.

Fieldstone Ct., 146-Gregory W. Thrasher to Edgardo Pineda Lezama and Gabriela Soad Cruz, $285,000.

Harpers Way, 133-Adam S. and Laura L. Heinzmann to Qingjun and Xiao Zhou, $208,100.

Lawnview Dr., 1814-Paul C. and Jeffrey L. Clark to Julie Y. and Ary L. Frazier, $279,900.

Mountaindale Rd., 6617-Jennifer L. Sundergill to Christopher M. and Laura B. Perry, $280,000.

Sumner Dr., 2022-Patrick W. and Julia L. Murphy to Gabriel E. and Kristy L. Gonzales, $239,900.

Westham Ct., 2188-Justin B. and Jennifer L. Rucker to Timothy K. and Felicia A. Sheils, $350,000.


Tower Rd., 14301-Robert J. Hauver and Elizabeth Goldberg to Mark E. Sexton, $280,000.


Mackenzie Pl., 6609-Shawn L. and Milissa M. Pierce to the William Kenah Browman and Suzanne in, $665,000.

Shel Mar Dr., 1908-Jeanine Parlett and Jeanine P. Simmons to Jose R. Bermudez and Karen A. Aguirre, $500,000.


Addition Ave., 3107-Gapview Holdings MD Corp. to Joshua W. Davis Sterling, $219,900.

Fiona Way, 167-Katharine A. and Patrick R. Seville to Corey Clifford and Jessica C. Spielman, $224,900.


Liberty Rd., 11920, No. 207A-Anthony Christopher Launi to Shirley A. and Tony V. Favorite, $118,130.


Fingerboard Rd., 12202-Stelman T. and Judith A. King to Scotty Lee and Brenda Ann Testerman, $323,900.

Viridian Terr., 4336-Winchester Homes Inc. to Manilet J. Macaraig, $343,000.


Meadow Field Ct., 710-Michael H. and Jennifer N. Bennett to Conor P. and Elizabeth C. Mullaney, $400,000.

Rising Ridge Rd., 1515-Stephen A. and Lynda F. Arhin to Matthew J. and Brooke E. Russell, $425,000.


Dawn Ct., 9062-Michael Robert Maynard to Robert W. and Megan R. Nyack, $342,900.


Accipiter Dr., 6707-Lynn Bevilacqua to Ricky C. Naylor, $500,000.

Douglas Ave., 6076-Suzanne E. Rich and Henry P. Vali to Herbert William Jankowski III and Michelle Silverio, $425,000.

Moss Rock Way, 5784-Jason A. and Lynn J. Milke to John and Meghan Keller, $445,000.

Paddock Ct., 7203-Brian M. and Page M. Esworthy to Manuel R. and Luzmilda S. Donoso, $350,000.

Ridgecrest Pl., 6610-Ricky C. and Shirley N. Naylor to Earl S. and Lana Jo Kiser, $535,000.

Windsong Ct., 5737-Mark M. and Barbara S. Hoffman to Jason and Heather Sprankle, $435,000.


Woodsboro Pike., 12229-Cheryl L. Smith to Earl and Melody Lawson, $307,500.


Rocky Ridge Rd., 9139-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Gary and Nicholas Tubolino, $207,000.


Catoctin Furnace Rd., 13534-Edel Anders to Richard C. and Christina M. Toms, $208,500.

Moser Rd. E., 35-Thomas and Andrea Webb to Michawl T. Seiter Jr. and Eleanor Hubbs, $245,000.

Water St., 114-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kevin E. Bolinger, $104,000.


Barts Way, 5779-NVR Inc. to Chris O. and Darcy O. Daniel, $308,655.

Carriage Hill Dr., 3896-Darrell W. Dubmire to Andrew T. and Jennfier A. Murphy, $380,000.

Penrose St., 9433-Anthony Digirogio to Angel M. Varela Rohena and Sandra C. Varela, $390,000.

Scott Ridge Pl., 5604-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to David Ross McCullough, $370,940.

Templeton Dr., 9022-Parkwood Homes to Craig Lowther and Hagere Temesgen, $413,850.


Cramer Ave., 200-Earl Lawson and Karen Wood to Jason and Janet E. Kravitz, $281,500.

Inspiration Ave., 8359-Marinne D. Parker to Juan Ramon Rivas Jr., $290,000.


Scarlet Oak Ct., 602-Linda L. Richards and Virginia B. Maloney to Thomas and Andrea Webb, $425,000.