Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Custis Dr., 4521-Joseph Frascella and Kathryn M. Dirolf to Yadira A. Benavides, $570,000.

Georgia Ave., 14506-American Signature Properties Corp. to Khanh T. and Anh T. Nguyen, $236,000.

Myer Terr., 14504-Neil Vallestero to Jewel Shrestha and Komal Marahatta, $480,000.

Wissahican Ave., 4619-Rita May Benoit and Suzanne Malone to Carlos Eduardo Linares and Edith M. Martinez, $384,900.


Augusta Lane, 5802-Pedro Andre Rodriguez Delemos and Harry W. Down Jr. to Justin G. and Kathryn P. Hartley, $735,000.

Battery Lane, 5105-Ali and Darya Niroo to Ronald J. and Abby L. Shumacher, $2.33 million.

Fenway Rd., 8029-Ann F. Doyle to Jonathan N. Blythe and Heidi T.M. Blythe, $846,000.

Oak Forest Lane, 7108-Alaine Michael Aime Ba Oumar and Casimira Fernande Ba Oumar to Sajid N. Ajmeri, $867,000.

Parthenon Ct., 10436, No. 10436-Stacey E. Rose Blass to Nabil El Chemaly and Maya Abboud, $420,000.

Rising Ridge Way, 8315-Johan Rosseel to Sabina Cornelius, $371,221.

Sangamore Rd., 5220-Shelby L.S. Harper and Keith M. Harper to Karl Quinn and Kerstin Marie Schmidt, $1.06 million.

Wakefield Rd., 5301-Sean Wissman and Aditi Shrikhande to Jessica H. and Micah T. Zomer, $965,000.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 316-Lisa Basile to John Troiani, $239,000.

Woodacres Dr., 5905-Jeffrey and Kristen Brinsfeild to Kevin A. and Clarie P. Hughes, $1.12 million.


Carter Mill Way, 2006-Mitchell E. and Frederica B. Weiner to Andrew K. and Lindsay Vilardo, $925,000.


Ambrose Ct., 4325-Maryettea Suls to Guangan Lin and Liyun Zheng, $240,500.

Bell Rd., 3805-Lucille Marie Osborne to Jefferey D. and Courtney L. Wilson, $540,000.

Stepping Stone Lane, 3747-Jamienhuyen to Nenita and Ricky Mallari, $308,000.


Big Horn Dr., 12818-Krishna and Jyothirmai Guduru to Deirdre and Anthony Curtis Lett, $524,995.

Conductor Way, 13126, No. 187-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lisa Sadanala, $210,000.

Hollywood Ave., 609-Marleny C. Rivera to Tilahun Habtegebriel, Kasech Mekuria and Tilahun Habtegebriel Minilu, $380,000.

Maple St., 12708-Alan L. and Linda E. Schloer to Sandra Ayala, $350,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 11815, No. 83-Ok Soo Park and Hyun S. Han to Janet Zelaya and Kelvin Argueta, $280,000.

Schubert Dr., 2982, No. 16-Toni Y. Peterson to Kirk Walters, $205,000.


Blaine Dr., 2706-John Michael and Anna Meenan to Sarah F. and David Horowitz, $1.02 million.

Chevy Chase Dr., 4800, No. 103-Clare M. Glynn to Miriam W. Simon, $434,900.

Kennedy Dr., 6605-Michale J. and Mary Jo Manning to Graham S. Hauck and Alixine F. O’Malley, $2.1 million.

Sunset Lane, 5304-William H. Becker and Virginia W.B. Becker to Christopher T. and Jessica P. Harrison, $3.33 million.


Broadway Ave., 22039-NVR Inc. to Michael L. England and Kesha L. Flippins, $379,000.

Comus Rd., 16301-Mark A. and Sara J. Camillo to Jinhui Huang and Jianhui Zhu, $745,000.

Observation Dr., 23310, No. 2151-Andrew Huon to Muhammad Taha and Arifa Asim, $127,796.

Piedmont Trail Rd., 12719-Robert Pardo Jr. to Anvar Suyundikov, $435,000.

Scholl Manor Way, 23256, No. 1214-Vania R. Silva and Telmo David F. Silva to Carlos Ivan Gandara and Lilian Guadalupe Aguoree, $299,000.

Sweet Shrub Cir., 11939-Montreal Corp. to Sumit H. Kambow and Manorita Ahuja, $339,900.


Bryants Nursery Rd., 661-John I. and Sara B. Davis to Daniel Y. Teklehaimanot and Addisalem Getachew, $725,000.

Cradock St., 1941-Robert Ierardi and Mary E. Ierardi to Molly and Roscoe Hines, $455,000.

Good Hope Rd., 14731-Yovian D. and Crystal J. Lubis to Smitha M. Israel and Felix N. Samuel, $565,000.

Oxford Square Dr., 716-Amber and Daniel Hawkins to Denis J. Hernandez, $261,000.


Applecross Terr., 25104-Frank and Alison Fish to Jenny Better and Richard Rose, $324,900.

Kings Valley Rd., 24825-Michael J. Barbaer and Beth A. Barber to James Williams, $600,000.

Ridge Manor Dr., 26069-Michael Alan and Breeze Thoma to De Lima Figueiredo, $275,000.

Valley Park Ct., 25-Linda P. Judd to Peter Arguer, $240,000.


Frontenac Terr., 16721-John J. and Nancy A. Gleason to George A. and Melissa J. Parrish, $484,500.


Bradford Rd., 9005-Laurette L. Cucuzza to Sean T. Wolridge and Nastassia Walsh, $517,500.

Franklin Ave., 7-Steven B. Shirey to Jesse D. and Marissa P. Keilson, $499,000.

Ladson Rd., 316-Karen Cole Sinclair to Erin Miller, $330,000.

Raynor Rd., 10001-Douglas G. Bailey and Danielle Hope Braucher Bailey to Jaea F. Hahn, $544,000.

Wayne Ave. E., 95, No. 210-Sharon E. Rathke to Joshua Lee Langeland, $155,500.


Augustine Way, 7519-Teodor and Larisa Yelovich to Marvin A. Gutierrez Velasquez and Carmen Arias, $280,000.

Cobbler Pl., 634-William McDonald and Beth Susannah Rosenfeld to Eugene Yichen Chuang and Renee Nicole Jones, $457,000.

Duvall Lane, 136, No. 240-20-Christiana and ARLP Trust to Anthony Malek, $78,674.

Hutton St., 215-James F. and Karen L. Richardson to Marla Ann Cohen, $395,000.

Lindstrom Ct., 17619-17619 Lindstorm Court Corp. to Joan Davis, $350,000.

Sedley Terr., 19004-Howard D. Clenney to Elaine M. Clenney and Theodore Ayoub, $285,000.

Starboard Ct., 14-Raymond D. and Jenice L. Dickson to Benjamin L. Matthews, $180,000.

Travis Lane, 1000-Naunihal Singh Gumer to Kamal and Erin Nkele, $300,000.

Windbrooke Cir., 52, No. 52-Gwendolyn N. Bunn and Gwendolyn N. Bugger to Rachel Perez, $206,000.


Barnsfield Ct., 130, No. 214-Alan Borst to Emily Manasse, $213,000.

Chevy Chase St., 140, No. 205-Denise J. Magri to Farkhondeh Sadeghi, $353,000.

Dufief Dr., 14841-Scott E. and Jean Marie Brietzke to Andreson Min and Qiong Fang Yao, $673,000.

Gooderham Way, 12410-Jeffrey Sherman and Meryl E. Kahn Sherman to Colin D. and Anna B. Matthew, $360,000.

Hillside Lake Terr., 1037, No. 1107-D-Eric Filani to Wei Han Liu and Ai Lun Chou, $265,000.

Lazy Hollow Way, 6-Samuel J. Listwak and Mary Christine Schultz to Vince Fen and Wai Chen, $366,000.

Massbury St., 109-Stephen Greenman to David Warren Allen, $587,500.

Parkview Ave., 332-Karthik Koka and Manasa Nayani to Cyrus M. and Malektaj M. Javan, $515,000.

Pleasant Meadow Ct., 14200-Robert Riddle to Xian Zhong Wang and Mei Ching Dan, $685,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 862, No. 20-Farid Zahiri to Farbod E. Zarkeshian, $105,000.

Teaneck Ct., 9-Cuirong Ren to Terry L. Griggs and Maria A. Griggs Cartagena, $325,000.

Timberbrook Lane, 119, No. 101-Jan C. Kark to Grigoriy, Valeriya and Irina Gadiyak, $245,000.


Amarillo Ct., 38, No. 116-Paramount Investments Corp. to William Mcquad Martin, $263,000.

Chalet Dr., 18030, No. 16-204-United Bank to Isabelle P. Ayih, $160,000.

Grotto Lane, 19137-Sudhir V. Nair and Kashmira H. Patel to Tahil Bilal and Sadaf Irshad, $280,000.

Island View Cir., 12148-Sandra K. and John Michael Stanton to Sandra K. and John W. Stanton, $256,065.

Lowfield Terr., 13419-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tykisha M. Juarez, $246,500.

Millhaven Terr., 17807-Aney W. and Sarah S. Li to Hsin Hua Yu and Xinhong Niu, $429,500.

Quail Woods Dr., 12405-Roger Echeandia and Lucky Kish to Cynthia P. Suarez, $249,900.

Shadyside Way, 20504, No. 34-3-Joann Berisford to Carlos Gaston Alvarez, $210,000.

Summer Oak Dr., 11809-Charles S. Ansong to Nicolya Lotoya Rigby, $259,500.

Treebranch Terr., 18933-WMC Residental Archeiture Corp. to Sukumar and Mary Rozario, $320,000.

Woodruff Ct., 13309-Laura Jazquelyn Brown to Alessandra and Lacey Gabrieli, $282,000.


Brookfield Dr., 4423-Melanie Ann Ross and Seth David Levin to Scott M. and Lana K. Guthrie, $750,000.

Findley Rd., 2897-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Rhonda and Robin Newman, $499,990.

McComas Ave., 2706-Diane C. and Steven E. Baker to Katherine Anne Rubino Nash and Nathaniel Cushing Nash VI, $415,000.

University Blvd. W., 3355, No. 8-Faycal Zarrami to Thomas Clarence Trexler, $136,000.


Goshen Oaks Rd., 21601-Kathleen Hebert to Claudia Darlan and Robert Schmidt, $840,000.

Nightingale St., 10133-Tuncay Ahmet and Renee M. Tankir to Trung Khanh Tran and Mai T. Nguyen, $440,000.

Sabbath Ct., 20731-Claudia B. Garafola to Eric and Sharonda William Tack, $535,000.

Welsh Rd., 24504-Richard E. and Eileen B. Thompson to Christopher and Rachel A. Ricchini, $435,000.


Brookridge Ct., 9930-Gongwei Jiang and Hong Yang to Ling Xye, $185,000.

Feathertree Terr., 9806, No. 42-Moe M. Than to Alyssa M.R. Moore, $219,912.

Harbor Tree Rd., 20210-Oscar E. and Concepeion Marquez to Lauren Elissa and Michael Andrew Silverstone, $228,000.

Otter Cove Ct., 7939-Amy E. Morantes to Ming Suey Newcomb, $182,000.

Sawgrass Dr., 20411-Husani Bastien to Anne K. and Todd J. Taylor, $545,900.

Strath Haven Ct., 22-Sun Property Corp. to Jorge Javier Villalva Quispe and Francisca Quispe, $258,000.

Welbeck Way, 8871-Alvaro L. and Sandra Cayzedo to Jose Jaime Lopez Torres, $185,000.


Dilston Rd., 9903-Milderd J. and Gordon H. Walck to Karla B. Ramos Mezquita and Maria E. Ramos Mezquita, $325,000.

Robroy Dr., 1013-Thanh Tran and Trinh Ly to Millica Zimonjic, $433,000.


Bassett Lane, 15400, No. 46-2G-John Edward Maxim and George E. Maxim to Steven P. and Nora L. Marini, $193,000.

Camelback Lane, 2603, No. 3-9-Haeok and Seung Han Yu to Dawn D. Bellinger, $198,000.

Cider Wood Ct., 15105-Ingrid Z. and Saul A. Martinez to Mahadere Amare and Natnael Minwuyelet, $392,000.

Flack St., 12408-Clay A. and Dana K. Weiland to Tiger Vang, $378,100.

Goodhill Rd., 12704-Rivendell Properties Corp. to Kyer T. and Kathleen C. Phillips, $365,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-Laura A. and Paul R. Glassman to Sakina Mengle, $193,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-811-Georgi Moyer to Farouk B. and Aisha S. Desouky, $135,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 808-Katherine L. Marohl and John Currin Lynch to Paul Freiman and Phyllis N. Freiman, $250,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3213, No. 101-1D-Rissell J. Kelly and Marion E. Herrington to Patiricia M. Lawson, $149,900.

Matey Rd., 12916-Amnon and Zahava Shemesh to Mickyas Balcha, $399,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14809, No. 309-Lynn Caudle Pendleton and Marion McLeod Caudle to Carl N. and Roberta I. Ridenour, $225,000.

Rippling Brook Dr., 14129-William M. Morrison and Laurin Bedell Morrison to Royo Meza and Amy B. Capcha, $529,000.

Telluride Pl., 2606-Shu Ching Hsu to Brittany Alex Harris, David Jon Harris and Deborah Kathryn Alex, $398,000.

Wilcox Lane, 1717-Xinfeng Hu to Carlos Javier Garcia, $280,000.


Briars Rd., 3804-Anita C. O’Neil to Rebecca E. and Anthony J. Crooks, $490,000.

Fishermans Ct., 4402-Sukhbir S. and Kuldeep K. Bawa to Mona A. Awwad, $290,000.

Old Baltimore Dr., 3829, No. 88-Kristina K. Cooke and Kristina K. Venable to Evangeline M. and Brandon P. Smith, $310,000.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18263, No. 16-Adam M. Goldberg and Stacy Zarin to Michael and Emily MacDnold, $243,000.

Vine Ct., 16905-Douglas A.D. Ascoli and Teresa A.D. Ascoli to Christopher M.D. Orazio and Jessica L.D. Orazio, $612,000.


Cattail Rd., 18316-Joseph W. Caw III to Adam, Samantha and Daniel Mills, $541,000.


Bedfordshire Ave., 11505-John Francis and John Francis Galuardi to Qing Sun and Yang Cheng, $775,000.

Deborah Dr., 10883-Nabil A. and Rita N. Azzam to Yordan Silvera and Giovanna Ramos Oliveira Silvera, $635,000.

Fox Meadow Lane, 9200-Edward H. Kaplan and Joan L. Gindes to Juliana B. Marriott, $1.98 million.

Hunt Club Dr., 11105-Phillip O’Sullivan and Maria E. Solanes to Xi Yang and Yong Xue, $869,000.

Mercy Hollow Lane, 9308-Roger W. and Mijin N. Liu to Jon E. and Catherine L. Heisler, $1.41 million.

Reynolds Ave., 11913-Erika F. Rottenberg and Jayne Rochelle Crandell Sandle to David Edwyn and Kimberly Schwiger Bennett, $798,000.

Wild Olive Dr., 8620-Amy and Stacy Hirschberg to Georges Leno and Kadija Keita, $650,000.


Barbados Pl., 5920, No. 8-Ravindra S. Gill to Aaron H. Feinstein and Alexis M. Rourk, $319,000.

Cedarwood Dr., 11107-Victor A. Marquez and Johalba D. Carrillo to Benjamin, Melissa and Micah Green, $715,000.

College Pkwy., 880, No. 30-Alireza Keshmiri and Shahla Marjani to Yezenia L. Martinez, $169,000.

Crossfield Ct., 5202, No. 124-Viviane Astrid Bloodworth to Matthew Kingbell Lahut, $200,000.

Farmland Dr., 11601-Brian J. and Leslie S. Lux to Leslie S. Lux, $529,600.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 928-Jamie M. and Robert S. Fischer to Ron Charnis, $158,500.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. 1304-Skylar P. and Naila H. Sherman to Victor B. and Marita G. Zhurkin, $419,000.

Hunters Lane, 12108-Batia Barsever to Sovat Chheang and Sheryl Lyn Villanueva, $462,000.

King Farm Blvd., 302, No. 30208-Susan C. Gross and Susan C. Kang to Patrick M. Edwards, $315,000.

Oak Knoll Terr., 619-John T. and Jacqueline C. Manger to Payam Nourianpour and Maryam Ghasemifaraji, $1.18 million.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2420-Alexandra C. Hayward and the Celia R. Halpern to Ozkan Aysan, $167,500.

Piccard Dr., 1448-KF Property Owner Corp. to Abdoul Karim Diallo, $625,000.

Reserve Champion Dr., 910-Christopher T. and Nancy J. Nidel to Gerald and Irene Holtz, $615,000.

Rosemont Cir., 6118-Paul V. Greene to Jacob Hyun and Robin Iihwa Lee, $1.49 million.

Topping Rd., 4708-Kathleen Doyle to Kara and Michael Tabb, $474,900.

Watkins Pond Blvd., 101, No. 4-301-Alexander D. and Maryann G. McKenzie to C. Felton Jones Jr. and Susan E. Jones, $310,000.


Appledowre Way, 11330, No. 156-George M. and Megan J. Gnall to Kobby Douse and Joana A. Mente, $230,000.

Brandermill Dr., 20340-Andrew J. Villardo to Miguel A. Rubio Viera, Martha Dinora Mardonado Larios and Martha D. Maldonaod Larios, $351,000.

Elderberry Terr., 19321-Melvani Jevoanny and Nafatali Cruz to Marvin R. Aplicano, $196,000.

Waterbury Way, 11412-Naleeni Chotoo to Neal Jay Raaz, $170,000.


Colston Dr., 2306, No. 2306-C-Kristen L. Sgambat to Pamela Razon De Ocampo and Evelyn Bondoc, $215,000.

Linden Lane, 2711-George J. Tidwell Jr. to Abigail Pritchard, $620,000.

Pershing Dr., 611-Henery C. and Sheilagh Smigen Rothkopf to Erik T. Donald and Maren Hozempa, $985,000.

Washington Ave., 2204, No. 2204-W-Donna C. Osborn and Beth M. Polakoff to Alison C. Dillard, $308,000.

Woodland Dr., 8844-Sandra N. Walia to Patrick and Kathleen Thornton, $615,000.


Haddon Dr., 8313-James C. Harrell and Judith C. Moss to Adam M. Kriesberg and Stephanie E. Peer, $410,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 709-Kristin Haddock to David Hall Dixton, $205,000.

16th Ave., 7407-Pedro E. Garay to Damon A. and Markette Elaine Sheppard, $405,000.


Halsey Rd., 5913-John E. Halada to Emogene Johnson, $310,000.

Wainwright Ave., 5814-James Paul and Michael F. Conway to Jin X. Xu, $331,000.


Bucknell Terr., 2131, No. 55-Rhea Payne to Missila Seyoum, $356,000.

Connecticut Ave., 11605-Mary Catherine Potter and Francis M. McNulty to Mesay K. Abebaw, $410,595.

Forest Grove Dr., 9903-Aimee L. Stern to Renard T. and Traci H. Jenkins, $539,000.

Korth Pl., 1505-Amy M. McCann to Alex C. Amaya and Eva Esperanza Ramos Arevalo, $445,000.

Lovejoy St., 11407-Avi E. and Gittle Moses to Malin Ben Itah, $415,000.

Pendleton Dr., 3314-Wayne S. and Jean Danzik to Michael Lecyy and Seng Kit Yeoh, $315,000.

Schoolhouse Cir., 2864-Massimo Marchiori to Gloria Zekila Mathis, $352,000.

Woodman Ave., 1513-Michael A. Sauers and Kristin W. Weddings Sauers to Travis and Swathi Massar, $494,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Lawrence Ct., 5923-Gregory J. and Lisa Ann Marunycz to Todd Curley, $405,000.


Central Ave., 115-Michael W. Clem and Nora B. Sheehan to James Kruper and Krysten Leidig, $214,000.

Maple Ave. N., 213-Ashkenazi Inprovements Corp. to Lisa Conselatore Gallagher, $248,000.

Potomac View Pkwy., 738-Valerie Alwards and Shawn P. Cavenee to Stacy Marei Greber, $306,900.


Manheim Ct., 4024-Michael B. and Nicole G. Kirby to Mary Ann Genecki, $424,900.


Alan Linton Blvd. E., 6468-Sahnon M. Tsonis and Shannon M. Schmansky to Vladislav Litosh and Andres Garcia, $287,500.

Bella Marie Way, 5899, No. B-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Kevin Henry, $275,000.

Butterfly Lane, 5726-William E. Shelleman to Jeffrey Leary, $325,000.

Canvasback Ct., 5008-Luis A. and Aracely Carmen Vasquez to Sergio Vazquez, Sergio Vazquez Martinez and Monica Valencia, $235,000.

Duncan Pl., 6581-Milan Brown and Tina M. Russell Brown to John A. and Heather M. Guzman, $272,000.

Gresham Ct. W., 7075-Robert H. Jones to Olena Shanidze Debabenh, $229,900.

Ivywood Dr. N., 5334-Christian Dominguez to Michael Albert Sugatan Linsangan and Catherine Goyone Linsangan, $425,000.

Jefferson Commons Way, 5976-NVR Inc. to Kenneth and Michele Beaudet Miller, $314,665.

Katsura Ct., 5750-George J. and Cecelia Wiederock to Farong Li, $219,900.

Lancaster Pl., 564-Alban Place Ltd. to Cesar A. Navarrete, $241,877.

Merganser Ct., 5048-Sherwin Bautista to Christopher Canizales, $188,000.

Pendleton Ct. N., 24, No. 10F-William H. and Lynn S. Siegel to Juver Hernandez Del Cid, $150,000.

Posey St., 6321-NVR Inc. to Maragret A. Issacs, $355,515.

Sugarbush Cir., 512-Tyzanaya Jordan and Chayil Nefertiera Holston to Aquavia Nicole and Damien Antonio Wallace, $192,000.

Tivoli Rd., 677-James R. and Cassie B. Reniers to Quoc T. and Lauren M. Nguyen, $282,500.

Vona Lane, 4702-NVR Inc. to Jabari Beverly and Ashley Broden, $355,160.

Wesley Sq., 5047-John P. and Tanya M. Rouce to Jenna and Myron Giles, $344,000.


Bear Den Rd., 2218-Ak Maryland Homes Corp. to Jeffrey Paul Ormiston and Brandy Lynn Noel, $300,000.

Berkley Lane, 9414-Silvercrest Properties Corp. to Hellen H. Kim, $254,900.

Blue Leaf Ct., 900, No. 9-1B-Bonita Bennett and June M. Jordan to Stephen C. Hackmer, $135,850.

Court St. N., 106-Peter Merril and Ann Brooke Hobart to Amy Tkac, $680,000.

Glen Valley Terr., 6260, No. 7G-Eugene A. and E. Beverly Deavers to Emily A. Johnson, $183,000.

Linganore Rd., 7128-Sherry Lynn Fisher White and Ralph E. Hurley to Loren Burns Morgan III, $287,000.

Mobley Ct., 1471-Caoctin Overlook Corp. to Victoria Brun, $189,000.

Oakwood Dr., 1236-Martin Brown to Joseph T. and Dawn R. Humbertson, $199,000.

Rambling Way S., 1522-Christina A. and Jesena A. Cikins to Neil Kishore Roy, $223,500.

Stratford Way, 803F, No. 6-Maria S. Donis and Maria S. Aguilar to Lotfali Dehghan Rankouh, $126,900.

Waterside Dr., 2535-Catharine M. Clark to Simone A. Cobb, $316,000.

Fourth St. E., 100-Jordan L. and Aimee Meier to Luke T. Fisher, $330,000.


Artillery Rd., 2102-Chandrasekar Ponnusamy and Romilla Arokiaswamy to Harish Parasurama Moorthy and Geethu Saroja, $317,000.

Coleridge Dr., 2501, No. 1-1A-Faye R. Bevard to Micheal Connelly, Joan Connelly and Christine Pick, $181,000.

Dominion Dr., 2400, No. 1A-Thomas and Kathy Schultze to William E. Monath and Barbara A. Monath, $157,000.

Edgemont Rd., 6916-Bradford Scott Powell to Elizabeth M. Dunk, $259,900.

Masser Rd., 10138-Bryan J. and Kay A. Dowty to Jeffrey D. and Joanna D. Buton, $645,900.

Prentice Ct., 2424-James H. and Amy N. Clapp to Gavin Tyler Berryman and Maria Ann Downs, $220,000.

Timber View Ct., 248-Randy C. Gibson to Ravindranadha R. Vyzasatya and Anitha D. Yerrabelli, $272,000.

Waterford Dr., 839-David E. and Kimberley K. Webb to Nelva Flores, $211,000.


Ball Rd., 8740-Ronald C. Loretta A. Parsons and Ronald C. Parsons to Deborah Nathanson, Jerry Roberts and Lorri Park, $650,000.

Firestone Dr., 3490-Beverly J. Cook and Stewart S. Cook Jr. to Jose L. Gonzalez and Mercedes L. Alvarado, $300,000.

Oakdale Village Rd., 5853-NVR Inc. to Stephen and Erin N. Orr, $461,122.

Tinder Box Cir., 4530-NVR Inc. to Shrikar and Shilpa Bolumalla, $365,625.

Windsor Rd., 11129-Helio R. and Leslie Weitzman Zwi to Jose A. Montesinos, Amiriz Dussan and Cesar Montesinos, $389,000.


Tritapoe Dr., 515-Gerald L. and Dietra K. Travis to Michael and Lisa McKenzie, $190,000.


Freestate Dr., 7387-Mildred V. and John J. Alexander to Katie M. Donovan Loaisiga and Roberto Loaisiga, $385,000.

Wash House Cir., 6-Bryant Matthew and Jenny Leigh Barnhouse to Robert Marrone, $293,000.


Lynn Burke Rd., 4325-Edward Otis and Ruth A. Mills to Jennie C. Funes, $295,000.

Wonder Ct., 11915-Teresa S. Shank to Jacinta B. Cowgill, $430,000.


Lomar Dr., 4075-Maureen T. Meushaw to Troy D. and Sara E. Yowell, $464,900.

Peddicord Rd., 14646-Helena Elaine Wines to Curtis and Dawn O’Leary, $370,000.

Village Gate Dr., 1110-Barbara A. Denny to Brian and Jessica Rehrey, $405,000.


Main St., 604-Turnkey Properties Corp. to Shawn Grant Church, $329,900.


Isaac Russell St., -New Market Residential Corp. to David E. and Kelly M. Harbourt, $540,000.

Oakridge Rd., 6723-Wells Fargo Bank to Matthew J. Gorman, $292,899.

Spring Blossom Lane, 111-Christopher and Kelly A. Abrecht to Christopher and Alicia Miller, $475,000.


Warner Rd., 12005-Taggert L. Cohen to Phillip Michael Newman, $285,000.


Brookshire Run, 1722-Todd W. and Katherine J. Gleason to Samuel Mull and Katherine Mark, $282,000.


Hammaker St. W., 133-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jeffrey R. Fisher, $138,000.

Leekyler Pl., 25-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Jena Zittle and Christopher Watts II, $242,026.


Belvedere Lane, 4007-Gaetan J. and Christine Bedard to Cory E. and Lisa A. Osher, $610,000.

Ethan Ridge Dr., 9516-Douglas Trent and Kristen T. Carithers to Adesh and Melissa Francis, $614,900.

Holborn Pl., 3650-Taylor Bowman to Shan Shui and Yangling Chen, $280,000.

Reels Mill Rd., 5103-Darren and Dawn Conant Lowe to Sean and Ruchna Pepper, $419,000.

Singleton Terr., 3639-Matthew R. and Stephanie S. Rittler to Jose Harold Pena Alvarez and Claudia Mercedes Tempo Castaneda, $329,900.

Templeton Dr., 9037-Main Street Homes As Urbana Corp. to Nagireddy Kamatam and Leela Kanagani, $481,867.

Worthington Blvd., 3562-Parkwood Homes to Xuda Zhang, Qi Zhang and Qing Yin, $626,350.


Glade Blvd., 206-John Robert Logan and Barbara Louise Miles to Wilson L. Fernandes and Bianca Tayna Salinas, $255,000.

Revelation Ave., 8338-Mit Desai to Joel M. Antezana Gonzales, $155,000.