Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Baltimore Rd., 2505, No. 2505-6-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kenan Gu and Yan Cui, $183,500.

Cherry Valley Dr., 4720-Michael A. and Mary Ellen Kenealy to Nuwan and Mary Kenealy, $565,000.

Gaines Ave., 14311-Anthony and Kerrie Ettema to Marcello Goldberger and Carolyn Crow, $475,000.

Manor Village Lane, 15304-Catherine L. Flanagan and Patricia I. Piringer to Ryan A. Clapp, $340,000.

Parkvale Rd., 14428, No. 14428-Lyudmila A. Shaulova to Michelle Nicole Grenidge, $205,000.

Veirs Mill Rd., 12702, No. 49-203-Michael J. Horne to Sosina Mehari, $139,900.


Ashburton Lane, 10117-Michael L. Lazar and Sharon B. Fischman to Noam Ben Asher and Puina Gershon, $735,000.

Blaisdell Rd., 6920-Philippe and Sybille Ozanian to Catherine Marie Beresovski, $1.75 million.

Bristol Square Lane, 9847, No. 254-Casey S. and Leslie Michelle Johnson to John Thomas Wyble Jr., $355,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 420-FH Bethesda Corp. to Clinton and Adrienne Curtis, $778,220.

Charred Oak Dr., 8924-8924 Charrred Oak Corp. to Parham and Meetra Farid, $1.82 million.

Cromwell Dr., 5500-Stanislas Y. and Suzanne Kpognon to Michael Christopher and Alisha O’Halloran, $895,000.

Democracy Blvd., 7505, No. 31-B-Christopher James Orcoran to Pooyan Shafiei, $173,000.

Edward Ave., 9905-9905 Edward Avenue Corp. and to Z. Charles Ying and Jane G. Zhu, $1.23 million.

Honeywell Lane, 7205-SSB7205 Honywell Corp. to Matt and Dawn Jessel, $2.4 million.

Lambeth Rd., 5407-5404 Lambeth Corp. to John David Wagner and Lisa Christine Trivits, $1.3 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 6302-Stacy M. Okutani to Lindsey Ferris and Timothy Bushman, $865,000.

Northfield Rd., 5513-North Baltimore Corp. to Justin and Jessica Jay, $819,000.

Parkwood Dr., 9638-Kristen and Jeffrey Brinsfield to Alexander and Michelle Shiel, $775,500.

Robinwood Rd., 6112-Peter A. and Robert D. Spaeth to Mohammad Abu and Sajda Sultana Solaiman, $995,000.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 321-Rose Mary Splain Briggs to Oussama and Connie Eliane Ashy, $365,000.

Weymouth St., 10600, No. 10600-Stephen Hayes Edwards to Zhao Li, $245,000.


Bear Creek Dr., 14102-Kevin J. and Dennis Loutoo to Dennis and Marie Loutoo, $424,100.


Brighton Knolls Dr., 710-Relo Direct Government Services Corp. to Richard S. and Nayle C. Patterson, $659,900.


Blackburn Ct., 10-Innovation Homes Corp. to Glenda Dianne Weber, $410,000.

Forsythia Terr., 14800-James P. Lashley and Marisa La Grende Lashley to Muhammed Faisal and Muhammed Fahad Faizi, $479,000.

Regalwood Terr., 4339-Nicole U. Smith to Christiana N. Hata and Andre R. Moore, $310,000.

Tapestry Cir., 3314-Jiangtian Fang and Zhengwu Lu to Priscilla Lemos and Alicia Terrell, $283,505.


Cypress Grove Lane, 8009-Shahab U. and Aeysha Chaudhry to Kara Christine Cunzeman and Marie Boasch Ruiz, $780,000.


Davan Dr., 12602-Karen D. Silverman and Doris W. Dellen Trust to Eric Rucker Puphal and Maria Ponce, $480,000.

Galway Dr., 12308-My Linh Pham to Tigist B. Getahun, $428,000.

Kushner Ct., 13601-John A. Alston Sr. to Stephen and Amanda Jones Ogden, $435,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 11813-Sharon Lynn Bernot and estate of Gale Strawn to Mauricio Navarrette, $379,500.

Two Farm Dr., 12904-Dawn Ellis and the estate of Dorothy Roberts Daudelin to Sandra A. Peveto, $400,000.


Chevy Chase Blvd., 4600-Naomi R. Freeman to Aubrey L. Moss, $1.27 million.

Gavin Manor Ct., 8501, No. 11-Stephen D. Potts to Hoyt Sherman and Eda M. Joyce, $1.05 million.

Lynwood Pl., 8409-William and Julie Barrie Buchanan to Maria Carme Carbonell, $1.12 million.

Shepherd St., 3518-Christine N. Kohl to Andrew Brancaccio and Kaitlin Duff, $690,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. 1102-Barry L. and Sigrun F. Haase to Ira and Linda Pastan, $2.3 million.


Brick Hearth Cir., 23405-Sharon O. Mokhtari to Donald C. and Deanna N. Duff, $515,000.

Catawba Manor Way, 13307-Jianxiong Chu and Fangfang Xu to Nathanael and Diana Allison, $565,000.

Cool Brook Lane, 13220-Pioneer Hill Corp. to Antonio Aguirre Jr. and Godofredo Herrera, $389,000.

Frederick Rd., 23105-Ian Greaves to Nichol John and Tanya Torcato Augustus, $464,900.

Newcut Rd., 22977, No. 1691-Essie Schloss to Joseph and Lisa Sabelhaus, $287,000.

Pond Pine Dr., 12148-Vo Dinh and Dieu Ha T. Nguyen to Daniel Woldetensay and Addisalem D. Menna, $226,175.

Webster Hill Ct., 7-Michael Corcoran to Divyeshkumar K. Kukadiya and Dayeben V. Virani, $385,000.


Centergate Dr., 15101-Jae Wol and Myung Kil Kim to Augustin Nguenkam and Akukeng W. Mba, $450,000.

Nees Lane, 2325-Mohammad Mokhtarzada and Firoozeh Taherpoor to Edgar Castillo Castro and Mildred F. Castillo, $459,000.

Sea Island Ct., 16610-Steven H. Greenfeld and Archana Singh to Marie Francoise and Guehenno Laborde, $700,000.


Bethesda Church Rd., 12010-Ann R. Davis to Jaime Martinez, $399,900.

Greenel Rd., 9625-Jason D. and Frabchine L. Bergmann to James M. Fish and Irina Bogatyreva, $751,000.

Middleboro Dr., 10708-Kirk A. and Nancy J. Mize to Mary Beth and Desmond Michael Reid, $429,900.


Anamosa Way, 7623-Ahmed G. and Omayma A. Abutaleb to Ma Wah Wah Maw and Aung Din, $500,000.

Capricorn Terr., 7933-Kai C. Liu to Dong O. Lee, $351,000.

Wick Lane, 6928-Sonia Gupta to Javaria Iram, $263,000.


Eastmoor Dr., 113-Kevin and Elizabeth Conry to Dylan and Alia Lachmansingh, $450,000.

Heron Dr., 908-Appaloosa Investments Corp. to Rachel Seyeon Jeong and Matthew Miller, $379,000.

Northwest Dr., 429-Mary Burke and Vickie Lynn Stuart to Stephen G. Dillingham, $408,000.


Amity Cir., 8315-Jose and Josefa Rodrigue to Wascar O. Terrero, $245,000.

Federal Ct., 34, No. 49-Real Estate Investment Firm MD Corp. to Genet Demisse and Abebaw Woldegiorgis, $159,000.

Girard St., 460, No. 408-Barbara M. and Melissa Taylor to Uben Sandin, $110,000.

Larchmont Terr., 17603-Bernard Orellana and Maria H. Flores to Jose A. Fuentes, $250,000.

Poinsetta Ct., 19317-Edward G. and Rebecca C. Beck to Cesar Torres, $425,000.

Silver Leaf Dr., 18023-James A. and Yang Suk McIntire to Rogger K. Valle, Franciles Valle Peche and Maria C. Benites Gonzales, $453,000.

Streamside Dr., 18330, No. 102-Gabriel Carbonell to Shlomo and Vered Yanay, $130,000.

Walker Ave., 25-Bank of New York to Jason Redmon, $357,000.


Almaden Pl., 14-Evert H. Campbell and Rhonda Sykes to Quanpei Liu, Yuqing Song and Yi Liu, $347,500.

Brandy Hall Lane, 11301-Harbans and Kamala Singh to Michelle Ching Hwei Yu, $609,900.

Chisholm Landing Terr., 10606-Shui Yu Chan to Sachidananda Mishra, $435,000.

Dodie Terr., 14617-Timothy S. Brown and Gretchen L. Hays to Gerald N. and Martina F. Fongyen, $675,000.

Fox Trail Terr., 112-Ronald J. and Abby L. Shumacher to Chris A. Karlovich and Kathryhn L. Brooks, $1.02 million.

Gravenhurst Ct., 18-Natalia Hougton to Ricci M. Hain and Ma Latt L. Minn, $355,000.

Keeneland Cir., 14508-Nanho Jang to Tanya Evans, $502,000.

Letterman Ct., 12-Joseph I. Kimmell and Patricia A. Hadi to Jay Scott and Kristen Leigh Blunt, $632,000.

Pebble Hill Lane, 14600-Felix Liderman and Zhanna Makarvova to Renhuan Xu and Xingcao Nie, $766,000.

Ramsdell Ct., 36-Kap Soo Kim to Lian Jin, $310,000.

Suffolk Terr., 12133-Deborah S. and H. John Reis to Zhenhe Li and Beverly F. He, $360,000.


Keswick St., 10811-Joanna G. Youle to Alexander Sotiriou and Elizabeth A. Nehrling Sotiriou, $695,000.


Celebration Way, 19821-Mina V. Le to Cheum Ni and Alice Sun Sarvis, $410,000.

Climbing Ivy Dr., 12817-Gregory C. Lewis to Roebrt Croat and Cindy Hsneh, $275,000.

Dunbar Terr., 13720-Stella Notzon to Jennifer T. Fox, $395,000.

Island View Cir., 12134-Bertrand D. and Linda L. Delpierre to Ri Shu Zheng, $250,000.

Lullaby Rd., 13802-Maria Milagros and German Escobar to Xuehan Li, $320,000.

Palmetto Cir., 13732-L&M. Real Estate Investors Corp. to Carmen Lynnette Baxter, $379,000.

Quail Woods Dr., 12344-Larry Deutchki to Idiat Tolani Alade Farri, $282,000.

Sanderling Pl., 13519-Ramadevi Gudi and Narayana Kulkarni to Javed Masih and Cicilia Francis, $600,000.

Snow Fields Cir., 18905-Bank of New York to Weixing Pan, $212,000.

Summer Oak Ct., 18785-Shivan and Syeda T. Ramcharan to Joseph G. and Audrey A. Deguzman, $311,000.

Waterford Hills Blvd., 13528-Michele N. Knight to Naser Raoufi Arani, $265,000.

Woodruff Ct., 13305-Cris Agusto and Serena Agusto Cox to Stephanie M. Taylor, $270,000.


Cushing Dr., 5006-Kelly Marie and John Kent Mills to Michael David and Kerry Ryan Potolicchio, $630,000.

Ferndale St., 3102-HSBC Bank to Faycal Zarrami, $481,000.

Halsey St., 3916-Koushik and Omna Bhattacharya to Evangelia and Ioannis Skliras, $682,000.

La Duke Dr., 9922-Karen Franks and Helen Hanson to Aaron Douglas and Kristine Raak Hassinger, $875,000.

Stella Ct., 10800-Alison J. Garrity Barrat to Theodore Flores, $329,000.


Brink Rd., 7824-John F. and Dianne L. Abbott to Hipolito Quispe, $799,990.

Lochaven Dr., 8901-William R. and Elizabeth A. Kraham to Brenda Y. Fevrier Sullivan and Richard L. Sullivan, $435,000.

Seneca View Dr., 8200-Kenneth A. and Sue C. Phillips to Cris Agusto and Serena Agusto Cox, $479,900.


Desoto Ct., 10001-Thomas Joseph and Cynthia Pellegrino Moran to Byron and Cemile A. Valencia, $464,900.

Kanfer Ct., 9684-Ann B. Prentiss to Carlos C. and Kristi Taylor Sayles, $317,000.

Leatherfern Terr., 9800, No. 247-Antonio M. Martis and Maria Lourdes Dasilva to Kenneth G. Gemmell, $185,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 19044, No. 19044-Deborah Joan Oehmann to Alain D. Chu and Giaochau Tran, $80,000.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18024-Elizabeth M. Ryan to Juan D. Marquez and Mirna Estela Marquez De Batres, $284,000.

Stedwick Rd., 10020, No. 10020-Howard Chenkin and Sally Ann Morales to Mario R. Soria Chisaguano, $130,000.

Yankee Harbor Dr., 7822-Maxine Chen and Ray Kee Sun Chen to Farid and Raouf Azzoug, $360,000.


Gatewood Ave., 10718-Larry W. Busching and Erik K. McConnell to Eric Vilain and Emmanuele Delot, $1.23 million.


Bakersfield Ct., 14438-Kishore V. and Sharda K. Dighe to Abayneh Alemu and Medhant Eshetu Bogale, $280,000.

Beaverbrook Ct., 15310, No. 89-2G-Lillian Feingold to Lynne Flora Margolies, $135,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3976, No. 3976-8-Pankaj B. and Nila P. Shah to Jose Estrada and Lama Alay, $85,000.

Clear Shot Dr., 2800, No. 5-35-Moon Seon NA to Hyun Ran Lee, $176,600.

English Orchard Ct., 12616-Silvia Evelyn Posada De Herrera to Joel Yves Bernard and Mirveline Jean Louis, $345,000.

Farnborough Ct., 3123, No. 259-B-D. Carolyn S. Ford to Frederick D. and Barbara A. Merkel, $174,000.

Glen Eagles Dr., 3814-James C. and Pamela W. Cooper to Ronald E. Holsey, $670,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3350, No. 302-Beverly A. Dodson to Bethlhem Mengesha, $120,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-518-Shelly and Rochelle Suzette Ekhtair to Qadir T. and Vivian Y. Abedus Salaam, $205,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-902-Stephen A. and Alexis K. Walter to Veronica and Rafael Mevorach, $122,000.

Kandinsky Loop, 157-Winchester Homes Inc. to Nigatu Ambo and Awetash Addo, $162,298.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 716-Elaine and Jeffrey B. Zarin to Hillisa S. Janoff, $285,000.

McVeary Ct., 2503, No. 11-the Secretary of the United States Dept to Nicole E. Cecil, $140,750.

Olympic St., 3510-Aras Mermer to Tobias M. Ventura, $395,000.

Saint Helen Cir., 2911-Tezera A. Bellehu and Almaz T. Araya to Luis Gomez and Amalia M. Quinonez Galvis, $425,700.

Silverdale Dr., 2704-Lani T.and John B. Kienker to Marino F. Figueroa and Richardo Figueroa Cruz, $416,000.

Wallbrook Ct., 15301, No. 48-3F-Rebecca A. Saltz and estate of Ethel Jean Saltz to Valerie Anita Bartlett, $98,000.

Wilton Oaks Dr., 13110-Diana M. Stayman to Canquan Zhao, $425,000.


Dutchess Dr., 18325-Debrah W. Miller to Tobin Marc Fried, $465,000.

Old Baltimore Dr., 3713-Edwin J. and John E. Parker to Sandy R. Sellman and Richard A. Coward, $569,930.


Hoskinson Rd., 17417-Jerome M. Hobart Jr. to Guillermo E. Simpson and Laura V. Dunes, $217,000.

Wootton Ave., 19555-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to James E. Brown, $330,000.


Bytham Ridge Lane, 127-Winchester Homes Inc. to Nruce Q. Yang and Mi R. Kim, $1.12 million.

Coach St., 8200-Paul F. and Ellen R. Kruse to Christian Schneider, $1.19 million.

Gainsborough Rd., 10000-Sachin N. and Sweta S. Shah to Karaina Yu and Aaron Liu, $900,000.

Halesworth Dr., 1138-Debra B. Morgenstern to Dan and Stephanie Fulop, $710,000.

Lincolnshire Dr., 12736-Thomas M. Morrison to Brian F. and Margaret L. Koosed, $970,000.

Rosalinda Dr., 11813-Jane V. and Alice V. McKenna to Danny Mi and Wenchong Weng, $670,000.

Tobytown Dr., 12605-Housing Opportunities Commission to Mary Wilson, $121,068.

Tobytown Dr., 12655-Housing Opportunities Commision to Linette Harrison, $110,832.


Blackwell Rd., 9405, No. 309-Shannon Eng Kheradmand to Andrew Richard Bouis and Jonna Yichia Lee, $386,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12409, No. 524-Gerald S. Gelfeld and Dana Aronovich to Zhongmou Chen, $180,000.

Cedarwood Dr., 11106, No. 203-Sarah T. and Eric D. Weis to Ashkan Hodjatzadeh and Karin Hasse, $350,000.

Crofton Hill Ct., 10-Sandra A. Wade to Zan Wang, $637,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15313, No. 8-8-John Paul and Susanna Eighmney to Petar Petrov, $265,000.

Grand Champion Dr., 804, No. 10-305-Huan Tang and Weimin Zhou to Liang Lii and Zei Pao Huang, $379,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10807, No. 508-Shane R. Onufrock and Elizabeth M. Rienzo to Michael J. Chow, $255,000.

Horners Lane S., 327-Tom M. Mackin to Michael J. Nagan and Laura Nagan Brown, $380,000.

Macon Rd., 4715-Lincoln Stuart to Jarrett L. and Keyla Y. Cooper, $422,600.

Oak Knoll Terr., 207-940 Key West Corp. to Jung Myung Bae and Roberta Choi, $720,000.

Overlea Dr., 9306-Lynda Catherine and Warren Alden Brinson to Jonson Lum and Man Xie, $790,000.

Ralston Rd., 10917-Gloria P. and Richard H. Gross to Joseph H. and Ariana H. Tipograph, $812,000.

Tudor Lane, 5806-Brian and Jessica Nysenbaum to Danny E. and Candace D. Robertson, $705,000.

Watkins Pond Blvd., 111, No. 3-201-Susan L. Olsen to Ranjan Pant, $349,900.


Aldenham Ct., 19125-Robert E. Acevedo to Monica D. and Clayton M. Costa, $255,000.

Arista Manor Way, 12005-Karyn S. Ross and Susan K. Meadows to Ruschelle S. Reuben and Maima Daba Barclay, $658,000.

Doxdam Terr., 11612-Howard J. and Amy L. Hall to Ivonne R. Salazar, $360,000.

Milestone Manor Lane, 12303-Tuyet Let and Son X. Cao to Kevin G. Ordiales and Adina Perlow, $526,000.

Seneca Crossing Dr., 21308-Elmar and Kathryn Gliger to Howard J. Hall and Amy J. Hill, $600,000.

Valley Bend Dr., 11286-Winton Lee and Susan Haynie Hill to Zhumingxin Zhu and Yillinm Bao, $348,000.


Blair Mill Rd., 1220, No. 810-Edward Thurston to Claire E. Hildebrandt, $247,000.

Dale Dr., 405-Francis and Margaret G. Foley to Kyle P. McElroy and Lee J. Altamirano, $595,000.

Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 710-Cindy and Hector Herrera to Anastasiya M. Osborne, $330,000.

Holman Ave., 2509, No. 2506-Emily Linde to Allen and Elaine Minzer, $280,500.

Philadelphia Ave., 816-Amit and Jacey Natanzon to Nicholas V. Cota and Elen A. Feinstein, $732,500.

Ritchie Ave., 736-Kristen A. Barnes to Pavel Takmakov, $396,000.

Wayne Ave., 624-Zachary and Lauren Chitwood Schauf to Darrell Joseph and Anna Rebecca Smith, $579,000.

13th St., 8005, No. 202-James Arthur and Miyoshi Michelle Thomas to Harold and Rene Fruchter, $330,000.


Garland Ave., 7227-Audrey M. and Aldo Joseph Lemucchi to John A. Coughlan and Lucia C. Lykke, $532,500.

Lockney Ave., 8124-Sharon A. Keyser to Mason Calder Imgram and Kelsey M. Ryan, $375,000.

Valley View Ave., 4-Ari B. and Lauren B. Holtzblatt to Jonathan Michael and Ivy Michelotti Valant, $776,000.


Calvin Lane, 505-Tracy L. Castle to Jeffrey G. and Michelle L. Moser, $386,250.

Tweed St., 1713-Paramount Investments Corp. to Richard P. Stumpf, $372,500.


Brunswick Ave., 10404-Gloria E. Esmilla Reyes to Matthew Bare and Alexandra Samaniego, $387,000.

Clement Lane, 12304-Saw Myint and Hla Hme to Laverne Rens, $440,000.

Galt Ave., 11402-Matthew J. Moosey to Solomon H. Yetafferu and Haregawa T. Kebede, $355,000.

Ivanhoe St., 11905-Nicolas and Elizbaeth Ayechemi to Taing Heng Bo, $350,000.

Saint Margarets Way, 10717-Anita J. Elder and estate of Audrey C. Elder to Ahmad R. Hodjat and Faramarz Mamdouhi, $295,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Morland Dr. S., 5738-Ahmed M. and Yasmine S. Monib to Amy M. and Bruce E. Selby, $439,900.


D St. E., 401-HD Real Estate Investments Corp. to Bradley R. Croizier and Alexandra R. Schmier, $245,000.

Virginia Ave. S., 19-Rippeon Properties Corp. to Sarah E. Szymczak, $179,000.


Manheim Pl., 3912-Daniel G. and Tricia A. Beveridge to Lawrence A. Sinacore, $241,400.


Harney Rd., 10619-Philip K. Rauh to Frederick J. and Maria G. Cornelius, $485,000.


Ballenger Run Blvd., 6606-NVR Inc. to Yahir Martinez and Patricia Madera, $291,000.

Butterfly Lane, 1319-Roy H. and Barbara E. Taylor to John Wilbert and Jennifer Christine East, $130,000.

Consett Pl., 15, No. HG-Brookfield Relocation Inc. and Marcy Rafferty to Joseph E. McCormack Jr., $180,500.

Duke Ct., 5321-Thomas Pham and Van Tran to Sue and Dong Zhang, $242,000.

Jefferson Blvd., 5928-Ian Higgins and Megan Stark to Mary Elizabeth Custer and Taki Negas, $373,000.

Lancaster Pl., 569-Alban Place Limited to Oscar Garcia and Adela Gonzalez, $236,800.

Linden Ave., 201-Jason E. Hamilton to Jeremy Bruno and Heather Ravenscroff, $264,900.

Posey St., 6316-NVR Inc. to Amy Hatzis Van Haren and Colin Van Haren, $316,339.

Sandpiper Ct., 6725-Rising Realty Corp. to Eric T. and Hilary Yancey, $248,000.

Tarrington Ct., 6433-KH Investment Properties Corp. to Brian A. Barton and Katie D. True, $234,000.

Yellow Birch Way, 5355-NVR Inc. to Francis G. Dohnji and Larissa B. Nyonkaa, $346,500.


Bentz St. S., 28-Allison M. Dineen to Amy, Thomas and Kathleen Shellabarger, $181,000.

Blue Leaf Ct., 902, No. 3D-Joseph W. Davis Jr. to David Baruch Gordon and Xiaoqin Lu, $158,000.

Fairview Ave., 713-Frances Guest and John Michael Rosenwald to Theodore Peter and Suzanne Eileen Burkhardt, $310,000.

Holden Rd., 755-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Terri M. Braddock, $521,926.

Market St. S., 213-John and Harriet E. Lankford to Michael A. and Caitlyn F. Johnston, $385,000.

Monocacy View Cir., 1826B, No. 50B-Ellen M. Lawrence to Frederick E. Waddell Jr., $205,000.

Waterside Dr., 2500, No. 106-Ann C. Harris and Laura L. Jackson to Robert Carig and Lyn Preston, $225,000.

Windsail Ct., 7996-Fiona Dias to Scott Daniel Arneson, $228,000.


Buell Dr., 97-Paul E. Burick to Bernard E. Mambo, $254,000.

Driftwood Ct., 2502, No. 1C-Estate of Peter Stephen Ligocki Sr. to Dixie Lee and Stephen Robert Cerutti, $165,000.

Fieldstone Way, 1909-Kelly and Karin Anne Pindle to Donna Hsueh Chen Luke and Gary Hill, $280,000.

Lawler Dr., 1227-Drsfa Corp. to Kelli Ann Oswald, $305,000.

Waterford Dr., 862-Emw Corp. to Brian and Anna Ashby, $195,000.


Ijamsville Rd., 5320-Andrew C. and Sharon L. Sickler trusts to Allie S. Watkins and Kathleen M. Moe, $1.5 million.

Rochefort St., 5811-NVR Inc. to Marci Vinal, $395,000.

Tinder Box Cir., 4541-NVR Inc. to Diana Damm, $374,090.


Agate Ct., 4395-Robert Hume Hartman Jr. and Tara Lynn Ketteringham to Jeffrey and Kristina Angel, $275,000.


Lantern Hill Ct., 910-Terry R. and Michelle M. Hershberger to Abire Lekezime, $400,000.

Sycamore Rd., 207-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to Thomas F. Cox, $293,000.


Joseph Ct., 5704-Jason B. and Kerry C. Oswald to Thomas S. and Kirsten M. Juul, $263,500.

White Pelican Way, 10253C, No. 103C-Lan A. Huston to Karen E. Kerrigan, $162,500.


Easy St., 117, No. 33-Diane N. and Robert M. Chamberlin to Larry and Donna Lee Eby, $175,000.

Main St. W., 18-Yvonne Brown and estate of Anna Mary Humerick to Jennifer Kolb, $109,000.


Bothwell Lane, 9654-Peter Bruce and Paula S. Deppen to John Schidlovsky and Lenonre R. Magida, $442,400.

Clendenin Way, 9075-John M. Rusinko to Richard S. and Agnes A. Hubbard, $537,900.

Knott Lane, 9083-Main Street Homes at Urbana Corp. to Ramanaganapathy Kandaswamy, $429,082.

Royal Crest Cir., 9682-Shawn P. and Janet S. Kilcoyne to Robert A.and Johanna C. O’Branovich, $482,450.


Adventure Ave., 8814-Cheryl Gipson to Bryan Francis Stillman, $276,000.

Greenwich Dr., 128-Gavin J. and Melissa C. Donahue to Katherine Louise and Gregori John Trojan, $415,000.

Woodsboro Pike., 9721-Donald L. Ausherman Sr. and Lisa Ann Millberry to Joshua M. Tabler, $155,000.