Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Cherry Valley Dr., 4609-John A. Hammer III to Jaime and Nancy Elizabeth Tapia, and Lizet Ramos, $575,000.

Heathfield Rd., 4204-Sarir Holdings Corp. to John P. Wagner and Melissa G. Call, $465,000.

Melinda Lane, 14605-Hilda C. Rubin and Paula J. Del Gallo to Hossein Torkashvand and Elahe Imanian, $505,000.

Russett Rd., 5302-Richard H. and Victoria Louise Kornemann to Rebecca G. Reyes, $481,000.

Wissahican Ave., 4611-Carmel S. Del Balzo II and estate of Pauline V. Del Balzo to Guno H. Van Der Jagt, $399,000.


Brixton Lane, 9923-Yoon Y. and Jae K. Chung to Jashoman Banerjee and Arunima Ghosh, $840,000.

Conway Rd., 5826-Frederick Spielberg and Guadalupe Del Carmen Verdejo to Golrokh Zare Moghaddam and Mohsen Marvastian, $958,000.

Gladwyne Dr., 4509-Cynthia Jean Carapelluci to Christopher and Amber Finton, $820,000.

Hoover St., 5502-Paul E. and Jennifer R. Payette to Peter and Katherine Johnson Leininger, $1.22 million.

Kittery Lane, 9118-Manuel De Miranda and Charlotte Raab De Miranda to Tarif Shraim and Salam Zughayer, $1.15 million.

Montrose Ave., 10307, No. 10307-Christopher S. and Stephanie G. Bell to Samuel R. Bara Garcia and Maria Cristina Garcia, $229,900.

Old Chester Rd., 5639-Artemis E. and Evangelos A. Calamitsis to Roman and Sofia Kachur, $1.2 million.

Pooks Hill Rd., 5349, No. 402-53-Priscilla L. and Lawrence G. Doty to Andrea D. Zenga, Pamela D. Braker and Elizabeth D. Potter, $507,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4928, No. 1-201-Judith K. Power to Jill K. Posner, $450,000.

Thornden Terr., 8512-James E. Duys to Shafik and Sarah Hebous, $1.16 million.

Wedgewood Rd., 6208-Fredrick Turner and Anne Lee to Justin V. and Kelsey L. Donaldson, $872,000.


Tatani Dr., 14154-Daryl L. Chernoff to Vicki L. Keltz Reyes, $385,000.


Denit Estates Dr., 21302-Ronald Arentt and Lori Michelle Ayers to Willie P. Cook and Mary Elizabeth Ganganna, $750,000.


Almanac Dr., 14601-Laura M. McCray to Tewodros Assefa, $310,000.

Lansdale Ct., 3818, No. 9-57-Rjre Investments Corp. to William Ramirez Arriaga and Candida Y. Bustillo, $280,000.


Caraway St., 8212-Matthew John Herrington and Shannon Hawkins to Rudy F. and Diana B. Bejarano, $2.42 million.


Davan Dr., 12502-Bank of America to Yefim and Polina Vakser, $381,000.

Fairland Rd., 3112-Gloria Jean Brooks to Sheila Lancaster Graham and Mia J. Lancaster, $268,750.

Loft Lane, 12309-W. David Watts and estate of James H. Vance III to Linh P. Nguyen and Charles L. Tansill, $600,000.

Paula Lynn Dr., 209-Steven F., Thomas E. and Jean Ann Frances McMahon to Monica L. Martin and Kenneth Jacobs, $474,900.

Strauss Terr., 2911-Dylan Lachmansingh and Alia Gupta to Edwin Fermin Gonzalez and Isis Ariana Majano Diaz, $300,000.


Bradley Lane, 3718-Roland W. and Mattie Olson to James D. and Mary E. Donnelly, $2.17 million.

Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. C-Catherine Woods and Bonnie B. Nicholson to John M. and Karen A. Vittone, $655,000.

Hesketh St., 107-Thomas A. and Mary Margaret O’Neil to David Lawrenz, Ann Hartman and Elizabeth H. Lawrenz, $1.68 million.

Terrace Dr., 2937-Timothy Walsh to Keith H. Lam and Jessica E. Galarraga, $585,000.


Janbeall Ct., 23908-Robert G. and Allison L. Stevens to Daniel C. and Liza M. Watkins, $428,000.

Piedmont Trail Rd., 12723-David S. and Teresa Ziffer to Adrien D. McDonald and Courtney R. Sweeney, $420,000.

Stringtown Rd., 23941-Christopher M. Smith to Francisco Ricardo Carlos and Sixta Perales, $350,000.


Bryants Nursery Rd., 610-Eliezer M. Greenberg to Tien H. Nguyen and Nga L. Huynh, $740,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 14904-Marjorie Hannah Gaffigan to Julio Ernesto and Nosilia Lizet Cuellar, $375,000.


Bloom Ct., 22-Shrishkumar and Meena S. Patel to Rosa A. Salazar and Alexander G. Salazar Barquero, $331,300.

Damascus Park Terr., 25409-Rjre Investments Corp. to Henry Koba Jr., $362,000.

Tralee Ct., 25143, No. B-7-Jonathan C. and Candace S. Logan to Sagi Levi and Ronen Scheflan, $165,000.


Artesian Dr., 5731-Arlilian Coleman to John L. and Lidia Solizeszewska Johnson, $488,073.

Dace Dr., 17000-Regina Cer and Nyi Lwin to Aland S. and Hristina Ninova Acuna, $552,400.

Kipling Rd., 16412-Adventist Healthcare and Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health to Hui Chen, $465,000.

Picea View Ct., 300-Tarif A. Shraim and Salam Zughayer to Pavel and Valentina N. Kozyura, $760,000.


Wasche Rd., 18709-S. Marlowe and Susan L. Mentzer to Monica M. and James A. Beeman, $547,000.


Eastmoor Dr., 26-Dawn P. Dwyer to Nicholas A. and Lynn M. Michalopoulos, $630,000.

Legato Terr., 300-Maher I. Jaber to Gina Carbonaro, $265,000.

McAlpine Rd., 9501-Vilma A. Lugo to Edwin W. Coello and Ursula V. Amezaga, $350,000.

Snure Rd., 917-Matthew J. Yorro to Gloria Del Carmen Rivera and Lourdes E. Cornejo Rivera, $350,000.

Whitestone Rd., 416-Nicholas A. and Lauren T. Desarno to Daniel M. and Kerry H. Sheridan, $768,000.


Brenish Dr., 7303-Douglas G. and John E. Kiser to Lorraine Sorrel Sr., $305,000.

Chesley Knoll Ct., 9030-Solis Corp. to Abigail C. and Rene E. Barahona, Mario Arriola and Carlos A. Barahona Valencia, $460,000.

Duvall Lane, 124, No. 153-30-Corinne Rosen and estate of William A. Jones to Marcelo E. Arancibia, $60,250.

Honeylocust Cir., 18339-Hank Wang and Xiaoya Du to Marvin A. and Jenny P. Lopez, $312,000.

Nina Ct., 76, No. 207-Yin Tang and Yingmei Liu to Jose F. Quintero, $255,000.

State Ct., 56, No. 107-Rene Munguia to Maria Jose Castrillo Castro and Jose A. Carcache Castro, $125,000.

Tulip Grove Rd., 9129-Stephen and Nicole Kwan to Johnson and Pooi Meng Truong, $340,000.


Braemar Crescent Way, 14910-Troy Rafael and Allison Jayne Fox to Winter and Corrine Troxel, $944,000.

Copley Cir., 113, No. 32-B-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Russell and Elizabeth Brazil, $595,000.

Falling Leaf Way, 14616-Erica Gail Corson to Yushan Zhao, $500,000.

Lakeworth Dr., 613-Jose Oscar Escudero and Maribelle De La Torre Reyes to Maziar Mohammadi and Seyedph Parisa Alaie, $358,000.

Liriope Pl., 132-Yongfu and Lijing Li to Arnaldo J. Garcia Rivera and Marilyn Diaz Maldonado, $580,000.

Pleasant Meadow Dr., 11632-Catherine M. and Jeffrey B. Fleishman to Xuong Chau, $296,000.

Ridgepoint Pl., 205-Daniel Joelsson to Steven Wayne Ollis and Xiaoli Mao, $468,500.

Strummer Lane, 222-Narimaan and Jacqueline D. Pourahmadi to Frank and Elizabeth Delange, $695,000.

Twelve Oaks Dr., 208-Dana Mary Annis and to Christopher N. Malagisi and Anna Koval, $383,000.


Birdseye Terr., 12018-Jose A. Montesinos and Amiriz Dussan to Syed Sulaiman Ali and Amy Belkan, $237,000.

Charity Lane, 17500-Marlene J. Gusella to Susan, Abdul Ghani, Rahman and Spozhmay Manan, $650,000.

Dover Cliffs Pl., 13612, No. 13612-Kerynn N. and Rebecca J. Holtzman to Evert Campbell, $284,900.

Glen Willow Way, 18608-Neshia Blocker to Richard H. Birch, $267,500.

Lark Song Dr., 13733-Stacey M. Cooke to Zheng Guo, $316,000.

Sesame Seed Ct., 12707-Diego C. Flores Umanzor to Jorge I. Quintanilla, $210,000.

Stags Leap Terr., 18163-Susan S. Poisson to Shengyan Hong, $360,000.

Westend Ct., 20008-Thillainath and Shanthi Chelliah to Joel P. and Ana M. Kieper, $295,000.

Wild Cherry Lane, 19940-Pallav and Chaitali Thakkar to Marbin O. Granados and Jenny Duong, $425,000.


Everett St., 4009-Courtney M. Banks to David M.K. Metzger and Cecelia Ann Adams, $1.9 million.

Waycross Way, 11009-Daniel J. Young to Holly A. Posin, $539,000.


Stanbrook Lane, 5716-Russell L. and Jeanine M. Fritts to Karl M. Cetnieks, $630,000.


Club House Rd., 19303, No. 19303-James A. and Carol Jean Guth to Mohsen Khani and Claudia Vasquez Quezada, $103,000.

Meggs Point Pl., 9700-Mavis J. Vandegrift to Anusha Fernando Sellapperumage and Guruge Bimbila Fernando, $370,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10236-Waldo M. Wedel and estate of Frank P. Wedel to Melecio Espinoza, $150,000.

Thomas Lea Terr., 8822-George M. Tartal and Kerri A. Kavangh to Gary R. and Wanda Anderson, $355,000.

Wayridge Dr., 10751-Johanna Aragon and Yarid Lopez to Samuel A. and Jacqueline Mejia, $365,000.


Parkman Rd., 10226-Janet Cumblidge and estate of Frederick Luther Dunn Jr. to Han Ngoc Phan and Sam T. Tran, $480,000.


Autumn Brook Ave., 1402-Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County to Negash Ahmedin and Momina Dino, $165,921.

Estelle Rd., 13015-Ernest Joseph and Judith R. Sowada to Khoi T. Nguyen and Thuy Nguyen Le, $359,000.

Galvez St., 13303-Lin Zaw Oo to Braulio A. and Sonia Cecilia Miranda, $391,000.

Hugo Ct., 5-Dhirendra N. and Mini D. Morarji to Ekarin Boonuraj and Aomi S. Fernando, $400,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-619-Rebecca Nash to Heriberto and Maria Concepcion Roman, $121,900.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 2901, No. D-Gale David and Anne W. Adams to James M. Kinsella and Kathryn A. Bleecker, $437,500.

Lutes Dr., 13018-Carlos Baez Mora to Firoozeh K. and Amnir H. Naeemi, $375,000.

Wagon Way, 13800-Larry Ronald and Rochelle Abramson to Thomas Hormuth Jr. and Victoria Shequine, $500,000.


Brightwood Rd., 4706-Stefan D. and Stacey Ann Baugh to John A. Pannucci III and Emily S. Browning, $610,000.

Fishermans Ct., 4419-Juan A. and Sonia M. Picado to Joseph Ansaldi and Kathleen Taylor, $326,400.

Olney Mill Rd., 19305-Janet L. Molleur to Kyoungin Cho and Woohee Kwon, $460,000.

Waltonshire Cir., 4852-Mamata Osborn to Omolara Idris, $470,000.


Selby Ave., 19744-Charles A. and Tammera L. Albrecht to Yol Eui Kwon and Joung Won Lee, $645,000.


Cambridge Manor Ct., 9221-Hedieh Mirahmadi to Lucy W. Drennan and Ying Wang, $1.1 million.

Garden Ct., 9425-Colleen Scureman Kepner and estate of Murray Scureman to Ivy Y. Jiang and John P. Fedak, $840,000.

Macarthur Blvd., 10501-Darren R. and Lisa M. Anzelone to Joseph Peter Lombardo and Rosemary Bechara, $1.17 million.

Spur Wheel Lane, 11417-Roger and Frances Bernstien to Yi Lu and Qunhong Bian, $800,000.


Ashley Dr., 11416-Glen C. Oliff to Charles J. Overly and Sara E. Montone, $472,500.

Bloomingdale Dr., 10964-Stephanie Kay to Heidi Shahrzad Zia, $736,000.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5705, No. 1807-Natalia Angelucci and Fernando Cuneo to Ashley E., William T. and Carol Ann Carpenter, $374,000.

Douglass Ave., 600-Ella M. Holland and estate of Maude Smith Kilgo to Jay Yu, $290,000.

Hungerford Dr., 501, No. 141-Chun Yen C. and Chang An Lin to Kenneth Lasala Jr., $385,000.

King Farm Blvd., 500, No. 304-Frank and Joan L. Dicostanzo to Marie S. Keung, $318,000.

Lynn Manor Dr., 215-Sherin A. Ronaghian to E. Khosrowzadeh, $535,000.

Nelson St., 799-Fu Sheng Jin and Gui Fang Chen to Jian Xin Chen and Wen Qin Gao, $610,000.

Parkedge Dr., 11505-Gregory and Carol Papillo to Ji Eun Lee and Young Wook Cho, $675,000.

Rockville Pike., 10500, No. 316-Mary L. Gaughan to Patrick Wayne Coffey, $205,000.

Tilden Lane, 6904-Matthew W. Hamill and Stacey J. Arnesen to Raphael Lemaire and Aviva Ellenstein, $870,000.

Wolftree Lane, 7049-Esb Investments Corp. to Nadav and Hodaya Segal, $720,000.


Bedelia Way, 21007, No. 12-Rosemary S. Plummer and Kimberly Carter to Michael J. and Alicia Padilla, $290,000.

Choctaw Ct., 19948-Ying Fan and Xu Zhan to Julie Stewart, $276,000.

Watkins Meadow Dr., 20460-Wilber A. Lopez and Mery Y. Claros to Juan A. and Sandra Ramos, $400,000.


Courts Way, 8815-William J. and Lisa Drago Piechowski to Matthew and Catherine Kramer, $762,000.

Hale Pl., 9502-Arie Heijkoop Jr. and Edelwiss S. Calcagno to Sean and Kristin Gallagher, $487,500.


Flower Ave., 8311-Cheryl M.A. Shabazz-Muhammad to Era Marshall, $385,000.

Ludlow St., 703-Nicholas and Lynn Michalopoulos to Corinde E. Wiers, $385,000.

Prospect St., 1206-Lizette I. Westney to Jeremiah and Jeralynn Miller, $555,000.


Clagett Dr., 1200-S. and N. Investments Corp. to Jonathan D. Bozarth, $380,000.

Grandin Ave., 1307-John B. and Gloria J. Dodson to Robert L. Clark, $285,000.

Twinbrook Pkwy., 708-Carol Ann Mannix to John Branat Ward Jr. and Heather Anne Chockley, $417,250.


Bucknell Dr., 11512, No. 109-Magdalena C. Reyes to Rachel Grant Adjiri, $169,000.

Cosgrave Ct., 1-Bruce A. and Rebecca A. Geanaros to Adira L. and Simeon Botwinick, $532,500.

Drawbridge Ct., 10800-David Lin and Nancy Tsai to Colin and Kyoko Mackillop, $399,000.

Galt Ave., 11502-Denise E. Holmes to Richard Laurence Flannery and Martha Aracely Medina, $365,000.

Jasper St., 1504-Rodolfo Bobadilla and Balanca Salguero to Maria T. Cruz, Ana E. Mejia Cruz and Alexander Garcia Cruz, $357,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12117-Evelyn Turner and estate of James Matthew Turner Jr. to Comfort D. Mingot, $230,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Annandale Rd., 17311-Mary T. Keepers to Ariel Ortega, $275,500.

Provincial Pkwy., 11-Jennifer L. Hormes to Stephen Ray Horning, $174,500.


Barberry Ct., 5694-Dorothy Brown and Vickie L. Southers to Howard G. and Mildred M. Muhly, $245,000.

Canada Goose Ct., 6677-Bruce C. Wilson to Gregory Scott Burkhammer, $225,000.

Eugene Way, 4807-NVR Inc. to Irene Darko, $337,260.

Glenmeadow Ct., 7199-KH Investment Properties Corp. to Demetrius Bowers and Ashley Bailin, $224,900.

Hunting Ridge Dr., 605-Willie and Juanita Hackshaw to David Gveni, $375,000.

Kelly Ct., 6407-Bryan A. and Kristy L. Malseed to Michael R. and Kristina R. Shipyan, $245,000.

Leben Dr., 6032-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Alexander Joel and Jennifer Katherine Fuka, $288,775.

Mountaingate Dr., 24-Kathleen G. Maloney to Kirk and Adrienne Benjamin, $183,000.

Regal Ct., 5249-Shive K.L. and Vijaya L. Gowda to Bonnie S. Stultz, $224,900.

Sunset View Lane, 5772-Davin Bernard and Denise Phelps to Emily Jane Friend, $157,000.

Vona Lane, 4716-NVR Inc. to David and Kathryn Horvath, $352,543.


Blue Heron Dr., 8204, No. 2B-Wendy Nalborczyk to Robin K. Willis, $167,000.

Caulfield Ct., 2607-Nova Partners Corp. to Dwayne Scott Totten and Concetta Papa, $274,000.

Fleetwood Way, 9718-Michael David and Anna Rachel Anderson to Candice Korolevich, $358,800.

Jacobs Garden Lane, 3045-Wormald Development Co. to Walter H. and Corinne F. Ask, $443,395.

Lenhart Rd., 10621-Home Renovations 17 Corp. to Shawn Setherley, $360,000.

Mobley Ct., 1469-Jason M. Shafer to Carmen E. Giron, $194,500.

Pine Ridge Terr., 6107-Silvercrest Properties Corp. to Randy S. Bartgis, $254,000.

Stratford Way, 808, No. K-Susan L. Bianchi to William Bradford and Ann Whitney Coe, $135,000.

Wheyfield Dr., 1434-Monocacy Park Condominium to Stephen Hayes, $304,000.

Wormans Mill Rd., 7863-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Nicholas and Tiffany Russell, $337,125.

Second St. E., 9-John G. and Kelsey J. Lorman to Jean L. Wolf and Debra L. Doyle, $367,900.

Eighth St. E., 103, No. 103C-Matthew C. Taylor to Peter Anthony and Debra Hanley, $183,000.


Bishops Glen Dr., 258-Department of Veterans Affairs to Carlos A. Henriquez, $256,000.

Emerson Dr., 2566-Suzanne Staiger to Kadeem K. James and Raheem O. Williamson, $270,000.

Paxton Terr., 2102-Richard E. and Elizabeth G. Godfrey to Olabamiji Macaulay, $265,000.

Rosemont Ave., 2022-Charles F. and Kathleen A. Murphy to Kevin F. and Susan D. Slagle, $499,000.

Springfield Lane, 1734-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Yi Song and Ying Zhang, $156,000.

Wayside Dr., 2100, No. 1B-Donald L. and Michael E. Vansant to Nancy L. Dorsey, $180,000.

Wynfield Ct., 2404-David A. Davies to Arpelleh James Honapoly and Carla Adjibodou, $260,000.


Mackenzie Pl., 6604-Alexander L. and Lisha N. Utt to Ashley Williams and Ronald James Roberts, $679,900.


Jefferson Pike., 732-Theresa M. Shoemaker to Paul D. Cutlip, $250,000.


Holly Ct., 9097-Justin Short to Kenneth D. and Bethany R. Kirby, $310,000.


Broad St., 208-Robert B. and Nancy C. Mickelson to Michael J. and Nicolette N. Moore, $399,000.

Hollow Creek Cir., 2-Jean A. Canetti to Patrick D. and Colleen V. Sherman, $470,000.

Morningside Ct., 6506-Donald S. and Sue A. Short to Yoshimi Johnson, $369,900.

Smoke House Cir., 11-Vincent Peter Romano to Akhtar and Sarwat Ali, $295,000.


Fingerboard Rd., 12645-Richard E. Thompson to Jeffrey W. Bel and Alicia R. Brown, $395,000.

Seths Folly Dr., 4546-NVR Inc. to Mark Adams, $397,000.

Weller Rd., 11809-Edward H. Hill to Juan Manuel Ramos, $245,000.


Lomar Dr., 4035-Patricia D. Schuman to Brian and Jennifer Thomas, $550,000.

Warfield Dr. S., 901-Center Industries Maryland Corp. to Steven E. and Carey E. Yokay, $435,000.


Dewey Way E., 10808-Malinda M. and Sergio R. Marroquin to Harpreet Kaur and Jassa Singh, $310,000.

Hemlock Point Rd., 6748-John F. and Christine A. Gilbert to Carmine Puteri and Regina Jenkins, $447,000.

Queen Anne Ct., 5635-Roy Stevens and Casey Schreiber to Lisa Cabe, $259,900.


Good Intent Rd., 12249-Candace N. Howard and Douglas H. Hamilton to Aldo A. and Gemma N. Manino, $360,000.


Wise Rd., 1624-Joseph and Meghan Michaels to Cody D. Shipman, $268,500.


Catoctin Furnace Rd., 13228-Wendy Mask and Tim Murray Jr. to Daniel James and Jodie May Schmidt, $135,000.

Leekyler Pl., 10, No. 20-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Mary Condon, $244,990.

Redhaven Ct., 144-Stephen R. and Kelly S. Horning to Jacob R. and David West, $286,000.


Bartonsville Rd., 5923-Paul Cutlip to Matthew G. and A. Catherine Slagle, $219,900.

Carriage Hill Dr., 3878-Constance S. Reilly to Jessica Lynne Ely, $385,000.

Holborn Pl., 3671-Tub Vang and Christina M. Vangilder to Yan Feng and Ru Yan, $290,000.

Knott Lane, 9079-Main Street Homes at Urbana Corp. to Alexis and Clint Chaffee, $407,051.

River Oaks Terr., 8809-Mark E. Ramsburg to Ryan W. and Rebecca S. Uhlendorff, $450,000.

Sugarloaf Pkwy., 3827-Renard T. and Joy P. Klubnik to Jerry M. Suls and Rene E. Martin, $370,000.


Challedon Dr., 106-Scott T. Daily and Heidi L. Robar Daily to Derek A. Shullenbarger and Pearl L. Sims, $294,000.

George St. W., 15-Richard W. Fogle and Melea Sue Fogle Baker to Adam and Crystal Edgley, $183,400.

Sandalwood Ct., 114-Lindsay Kelly Hartsock to Rachel E. Andrews, $180,000.