Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Chesterfield Rd., 14337-Sterling National Bank to Danny and Frayda Penini, $565,900.

Sloan St., 13515-Senake Gajamera and Naomi Setti to Brett and Genie Miller, $490,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 14305-MZ Capital Corp. to Willette Renee Reeves, $525,000.


Albia Rd., 5421-Webb C. and Jaime K. Hayes to Dominic Michael and Kimberly Jeanne Pomponi, $1.94 million.

Arrowood Rd., 7400-Roubina and Nayiri Kredian Poochikian to Oscar A. and Maria D. Morinigo, $1.13 million.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 526-Arthur L. and Julie Ronder Domike to Cecilia F. Dorrow, $480,000.

Chestnut St., 4518-Ronald J. Brownstein and Eileen N. McMenamin to Adam and Rebecca Ballard Schindler, $1.39 million.

Crescent St., 4923, No. B-11-Estate of Estelle S. Sigur to Armando Luis Nazario Barrera and Maria de los Angeles Ramos Olazagasti, $775,000.

Edgefield Rd., 4609-2 Corp. to Albert and Lana Keren Chu, $1.41 million.

Elsmere Ave., 5003-Sharon Ann Martin Edwards to Peter Jancik, $665,000.

King Charles Way, 5353-Peter McElroy to Saba H. Lakhani, $553,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 5718-Glenn L. Northup and estate of Regina K. Northup to Robert S. Teachout and Catherine A. Carpousis, $749,000.

Newport Ave., 5121-Mitchell C. Bailin and Lisa A. O’Brien to Geoffrey Egnal and Clare Geller, $1.09 million.

Park Ave., 4838-Thomas G. and Barbara D. Ingersoll to Jennifer L. Clinton, $1.1 million.

River Rd., 8111, No. 152-Quarry Springs Associates Corp. to Robert S. and Betsy G. Feinberg, $1.85 million.

Sleaford Pl., 7911-Kathleen A. Schmidt and Ann W. Kennedy to Karen M. and Robert P. Lynch, $800,000.

Tuscarawas Rd., 5321-Joanne Roney and William G. Hepworth to Andrew Jones, $999,999.

Weymouth St., 10513-Patrick Mitchell to Irina Bogatyreva, $220,000.


Ashleigh Greene Rd., 14208-Won Seon and Eun Sook Choi to Chintan and Pinky Fafadia, $691,000.

Harvest Moon Rd., 14320-Shengwen Kao and Chuyun Lu to Jigar R. and Krupali M. Patel, $620,000.


Forest Wood Dr., 3405-Robert J. and Christiana Tosatto to Elise D. Miller Hooks, $540,000.


Ballinger Terr., 14225-Waheeda Hye to Golmame Engedageth and Elizabeth Wedajo, $324,900.

Tazewell Terr., 4211-Delores S. Smith to Luis Alonso Valle Lopez and Edith J. Lizama, $270,000.


78th St., 6520-Foxhall Cabin John Corp. to Timothy M. and Julie E. Herwing, $1.8 million.


Davan Dr., 12607-Kathleen Murray to Charlotte I. Perrett and Earl W. and Erica P. Lindsey, $480,000.

Jackson Rd., 1001-Janet L. Meekham to Jeffrey W. Bridegum, $275,000.

Priscilla Dr., 1811-Daniel S. and Pamela Fitzgerald to Nilson O. Canenguez, $470,000.

Sir Thomas Dr., 3309, No. 5-A-33-Claudette R. Smith to Shiela B. Judica, $184,900.

Tufa Terr., 1834-Margaret K. Straughn and estate of Crystal A. Straughn to James H. and Alba Steele, $355,000.


Brennon Lane, 6802-Shauna V. Smith Kauffmann to James Carlsen, $1.08 million.

Chevy Chase Lake Dr., 3647-CC Homes Association Corp. to Berhanu A. Degefu and Muluwork T. Abebe, $216,319.

Drummond Ave., 4720-Stephen L. and Sharon L. Lande to Adam Kaminsky and Michelle Weiss, $1.5 million.

Park Ave. N., 4550, No. 413-Robin Caplan Richard and Sherry W. Caplan to Martin and Amy Kramer, $585,000.

West Hwy. E., 4242, No. 601-Joan Morie Doty and Peter Marc Dilonardo to Brenda A. Young and Douglas E. Stansberry, $186,700.

Woodlawn Ave., 5321-Charles E. and Patricia S. Beverly to Robert Blake and Mary Laura Stamper Shue, $1.75 million.


Bright Sky Dr., 22366-Robert D. and Suzanne A. Maxey to Yuri N. and Karin D. Inwood, $660,000.

Broadway Ave., 22007, No. 402D-NVR Inc. to Joshua and Julia S. Otten, $394,675.

Broadway Ave., 22123-NVR Inc. to Sneha Patel and Vishal M. Bant, $440,750.

Lapwing Way, 13725-Winchester Homes Inc. to Latoria and Brandon Cantey, $638,500.

Orsay St., 13280, No. 1908-German A. and Michelle D. Martinez to Megan Hutchinson and Troy Gloster, $345,000.

Prado Lane, 135, No. 2902-Peter and Charis Granger Mbugua to Conomiah M. and Andrea Brigewater McCarthy, $319,900.

Robin Song Dr., 23321-Germain M. and Regina Castro Allen to Manpreet and Lakhvinder Wadhwa, $531,000.

Sweetspire Dr., 23025-Antonio J. Santiago and Yvette Perez to Xiao Chao Yu and Victoria Manistre, $399,000.


Peach Orchard Rd., 15601-Armando and Ester P. Toledo to Cristiano Da Silva and Alair B. Flores, $495,000.

Spotswood Dr., 1128-Brian J. and Jennifer Gibson to Raj K., Shukla and Hersh Kapoor, $400,000.


Cornor Dr., 26104-Douglas Scott Iles and Douglas Wayne Gaither to Michael Walter and Evan Thomas and Stephen R. Kaufman, $440,000.

Shasta Ct., 10623, No. B-7-Victoria Del Carmen Ramos Morales to Sisavart Chanthaphon, $147,000.


Applewood Pl., 6710-Leonard Sammarco and Judie M. Fernandes to Joseph Pinto, $740,000.

Crabbs Branch Way, 16568-CSP Associates I. Corp. to Tiana A. Bey, $622,245.

Granby Rd., 5601-Laura Stewart Wallace to Steven D. and Carmela Willis, $588,000.

Pilgrims Cove, 6508-Katherine E. Fleskes to Patrick Joseph and Laura Marie Austin, $480,000.


Burnt Mills Ave., 505-Phyllis N. and Richard L. Smith to Alif Mehari and Blain Estifanos, $411,000.

Crestmoor Cir., 215-Matthew C. and Daina V. Galinanes Scheider to Stefan Lorch and Natale Long, $579,000.

Gabel St., 911-Carlos A. Espinoza and Rody M. Nunez to Robert and Friedel Krusen, $490,000.

Irwin St., 301-Patrick Koyangbo Modeba to David H. Bradley, $425,000.

Manchester Rd., 9017-Linda A. Matuskey to Angela Spicer, $253,000.

Saint Lawrence Dr., 409-Edward Matthew and Catherine M. Donohue to William D. Turner and Alana C. Hackshaw, $680,000.

Walden Rd., 9305-Dorita and Harold C. Davis to Molley Hardin and Kevin Duff, $540,000.


Calypso Pl., 18733-Gladys I. Walker to Ericka Elizabeth and Rachel Jocelyn Orellana, $395,000.

Cinnabar Ct., 17-Colleen M. McElwee to Tomeka C. Granderson, $410,000.

Emory Grove Rd., 9130-Joumana and Ibrahim Aridi to Tu Thien Tan and Huongthu Thi Nguyen, $590,000.

George St., 2-John Forbes and Ashley Whitmire Kerwin to Sara Christine Ahlgren, $424,900.

Guildberry Dr., 18401, No. 201-Glenn R. Winegardner to Dennis Williams and Jeffrey Ganz, $140,000.

Hummingbird Terr., 9233-MT Property Corp. to Katherine Nicole Parra and Erick Alvaro Pierola Velasco, $295,000.

Mayhill Terr., 19709-Bradley Porter and Myriangie Traverso to Marco Antonio Coicca and Angela Shannel N. Della, $345,000.

Pelican Ave., 555-Michael Winston and Tien Tran to Fadi R. and Jennifer Baaklini, $400,762.

Silver Leaf Dr., 18033-Hyung Yong Kim and Hea Gyung Ryeom to Taeil Kim, $530,000.

Turtle Dove Lane, 9123-Parker E. Cowgill to Pedro J. and Mercedes A. Ramirez, $236,750.

Windbrooke Cir., 136, No. 136-Eleeka Saghri and Tamer Hassanien to Brandon J. Steele, $182,000.


Chevy Chase St., 177, No. 177-Mark B. and Elizabeth Austin Rosenfeld to Catherine B. Lewis, $419,900.

County Ct., 34, No. 17-8-Georges Fontus to Thomas Carbone, $310,000.

Falconbridge Dr., 12609-Winter Andrew and Corrine Alise Troxel to Daniella and Ryan Cummings, $710,000.

Golden Ash Way, 98-Hang Xu to Frank A. and Gladys B. White, $565,000.

Inspiration Lane, 330-Hannah H. and Richard Y. Han to Megan Annie and Victor Grigori Prikhodko, $723,000.

Longmeadow Dr., 25-Jesse Wertjes to Andrew William and Margaret Elizabeth Burton, $362,000.

Orchard Dr., 23-Priya K. Patel and Swetang B. Kadakia to Jiali Xiao, $320,000.

Polk Ct., 1-Omer and Hacer Karadag to Sua Kang, $360,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 778, No. 778-10-Stephanie Wills to Fariba Hadibakhtiari, $115,000.

Ridgepoint Pl., 404, No. 404-12-Dudley D. and Sally L. Connell to Bruce A. and Debra A. Poese, $300,000.

Timber Rock Rd., 50-Shu Hui C. Huang and Yongwu Justin Rong to Luxi Shan, $305,000.


Bargene Way, 20405-Gladys Pagcial to Melissa Ann and Christopher James Rivieccio, $385,000.

Celebration Way, 19802-Sean F. and Johanna G. Bruce to Rodrigo J. and Sinthia M. Colocho, $425,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12205, No. M-Xiaowen Lu to Gillian C. Lan, $173,000.

Giant Ct., 13524-Franck Pejoux to Ricardo Julio Roldan Leon and Judith Veronica Roldan, $315,000.

Kelley Farm Dr., 14810-Laura Ann Harris and the Charles Eric Carlson Revocable Living Trust to Mario and Kimberly Campuzano, $788,000.

Mill House Ct., 13061-Manish Saraf and the 13061 Mill House Land Trust to Wyneshia R. Hicks, $293,500.

Rockingham Rd., 14019-Victor A. Salas Vizcardo and Lily M. Dietz to Philip Ahn, Saetbybul Lee and Soo Kim Ahn, $438,000.

Shipley Terr., 20216, No. 201-8B-Jose M. Ugalde to Brigitte Thackston, $149,900.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18811, No. 5-Lelia Y. Nimatallah to Patricia and David Goodnight, $230,000.

Summer Oak Dr., 11835-U.S. Bank National Association and Bear Stearns Backed Securities I. Corp. to Oluwafemi Eytoyosi Adetula, $260,000.

Treebranch Terr., 18904-June M. Smith to Zhijiang He and Xinyuan Zhang, $265,000.


Archer Pl., 3805-Eileen Shirley Graves and Stanely Morris Weinman to Carlos A. and Lauren A. Trujillo, $444,000.

Denfeld Ave., 3910-Patrick F. Greaney to Matthew J. Henika and Jing Shen, $449,000.

Everett St., 4533-Catherine M. Flynn and Anthony C. Depastina to Hong Gao, $584,000.

Halsey St., 3907-Anterb Corp. to Paul Sheehy, $473,000.

Morrell Ct., 3909-Virginia Sullivan to Carl E. and Aime C. Keith, $462,000.

Summit Ave., 10321-Equity Resource Corp. to Virginia M. Sullivan, $899,000.


English Meadow Pl., 21605-John M. and Clarice D. Brown to Omar Khan and Elizabeth Duke, $690,000.

Griffith Rd., 5235-Glenn C. and Diana S. Massey to Timothy K. and Julie G. Hussman, $575,000.

Sugar Cane Lane, 24032-Linder Park Gerner and Linder Pak to Erica Wolanin and Mitchell Benjamen Black, $355,000.


Bathgate Ct., 9301-Blanca Reyes and Blanca O. Crespo to Damarcus and Keisha Charles, $275,000.

Club House Rd., 19309-Ann G. Parambil to Lida Beigi, $110,700.

Giantstep Terr., 20000-Bernard Jeffrey and Luann Petty Cravath to Younas M. and Lailuma Yar, $572,000.

Hellingly Pl., 9783, No. 15-Dian Irawati Brown to Lingxia Jiang and Zuoming Deng, $110,000.

Kardwright Ct., 10412-Calvin J. and Donna M. Richardson to Monica Olive Rogers Rogers Wanner and Jerry Playee Lafalay, $300,000.

Marketree Cir., 8337-David and Erika Stottuth Hessler to Christopher M. Tully, $439,900.

Pier Point Pl., 18626-Fast Properties Corp. to Stephen D. Broderick, $248,000.

Seneca Ridge Dr., 10629-Sima Seide to Mary B. Grove and Richard H. Ingraham, $420,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18634, No. 18634-Arthur and Tamara Fishel to Romy R. and Boris N. Vargas, $102,000.


Bel Pre Rd., 3750, No. 3750-1-Chranjibi Nirola to Gloria Marian Guzman, $84,000.

Blue Spruce Lane, 2824-Pauline B. Campbell to Tania M., Manuel Antonio, Christopher Manuel and Gabriela Lizette Ochoa, $579,900.

Catoctin Ct., 78-Simanco Staley to Maria Concepcion Argueta Rivera, $330,000.

Everton St., 3510-Jose B. and Maribel Romero to Jose G. Quintanilla, $394,000.

Gleneagles Dr., 3625, No. 2-1B-James C. and Elaine W. Hurley to Evelyn and Shurland Samuel, $125,000.

Hideaway Pl., 1508-Gary M. Moreland and Karen Rivara to Steven T. and Kristin B. Maki, $688,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-515-Maria A. Stevens to Ken B. Lee, $177,500.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-823-Michelle L., Harold and Lenore P. Kuptzin to Beverly B. Jones, $190,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2921, No. 1-307-Daisy Hamlett and Wade Lawrence Hess to Mohammad B. Wessal, $100,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 6-926-Jeffrey D. Rivikin to Deanna G. Mills, $236,000.

Macaulay St., 12619-Winchester Homes Inc. to Lounes and Melissa Khenane, $550,000.

Park Vista Dr., 2013-Pin Wang and Wia Y. Cheung to Addis Y. and Wondwosen A. Belay, $533,500.

Sun Valley Cir., 2403, No. 4-D-Sun Valley Builders Corp. to Marco Antonio Hernandez and Guadalupe Martinez De Hernandez, $247,000.

Valleywood Ct., 13112-Nadia Bouraoud to Jonathan and Gloria Noblejas, $405,000.


Carrisa Way, 18111-Amish and Sonya Naik to Kostantinos and Michelle Tsiolis, $600,000.

Morningwood Dr., 4425-Allen and Tiara Laben to Patick Allen and Kathleen D. Keown, $515,000.

Paradise Cove Terr., 18408-Joyce M. Buckley to Jason J. and Jillian P. Davis, $545,000.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18238, No. 30-Laurie Barger Sutter and estate of Michael O. Lowther to Jesenia Cadenas and Fabian Aispuro, $266,500.


Spates Hill Rd., 17228-Paul T. and Penelope C. Colbert to Ryan D. and Xinzhu Weng Cupko, $574,999.


Barn Wood Lane, 10828-David A. and Mimi K. Gutschmit to Mario Pepe, $1.25 million.

Canfield Rd., 11732-Barbara J. and Jean Bahlmann Dutton to Minesh N. and Kelly S. Patel, $1 million.

Cloverbrooke Dr., 10719-Valerie Constance Lee to Ashequr Rahman and Hasina Akter, $900,000.

Falls Rd., 12540-James W. and Belinda C. Seach to Houng and Evadne Yu King, $619,500.

Hall Rd., 9801-Vladimir Eskin and Wendy Mak to Suellen G. Estrin, $1.2 million.

Jeb Stuart Rd., 8205-Timothy Craig Harkcom and Greta Lise Flaaten to Emily Michelle and Jacob Duncan Kleidman, $740,000.

Piney Glen Ct., 19-William H. and Jeanette M. Timbers to Joshua Lee, $3 million.

Tobin Cir., 9441-Brooks Morgan and Kathryn M. O’Brien to Thomas and Esther Pinder, $1.27 million.

Willow Pond Lane, 9112-Lawrence David Mandes and Marilyn Barberies to Jordan Brent and Pamela Jaye Feinstein, $750,000.


Baltimore Rd., 300-James Christopher Webb to Thalia Jane Elizabeth Hodges, $521,000.

Brewer House Cir., 5705, No. 301-Dale L. Preston and Christopher Adam Cahoon to Franca and Darius Jones, $410,000.

Cameo Ct., 6300-William J. and Ashlei W. Lowery to Drew D. and Tallulah Dropkin, $1.05 million.

Courthouse Sq., 22, No. 22-506-James A. Hathaway and Elainne M. Alvarado to Yukuan Gong and Jian Guo Yang, $335,000.

Grand Champion Dr., 804, No. 10-203-Nima Jahanbin to Matthew E. Seedall and Heather Martens, $375,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 1125-Borzou Biabani and Payan Nawab to Archana Bhat, $197,000.

Hilltop Ascent Dr., 10211-Brookfield Travilah Grove Corp. to Yuning Zhou and Jian Zhang, $824,990.

King Farm Blvd., 327, No. 303-Karen Kucik to Jon and Barbara Ranhand, $489,500.

Magruder Lane, 11611-Louise and Karen Lantner to Bruce Moravchik and Colleen Labbe, $891,000.

Monroe St., 4, No. 4-610-Christopher and Dolores S. Cheadle to Huadi Zhang and Christopher Michael Young, $269,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 207-Farhad Naghash to Gladys Veintimilla and Ricardo Villacis, $227,000.

Potomac Riding Lane, 13524-Hong Ki and Jung Sook Kim to Christina Marie Scalco and Jason Thomas Brown, $1.07 million.

Rockville Pike., 11801, No. 406-Michael J. and Suzanne M. Cowley to Vahan Melikyan and Lilit Gevorgyan, $195,500.

Travilah Rd., 14249-Brookfield Travilah Grove Corp. to Ivan Sijussar and Daneila Carcani, $747,000.

Wild Oak Terr., 1320-David and Jenny Cho Shane to Ahmed A. Chohan and Saniya Anwar, $675,000.


Stoney Point Ct., 14-Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County to Hong Chao Gao and Yong Wei Luo, $144,000.

Valley Bend Dr., 11266-Christopher and Laura Massari to Hong Liu Jiang, $365,000.


Colston Dr., 2310, No. 2310-C-Elizabeth B. McKay and Dennis G. Brown to Michael P. McCarthy, $245,000.

Wayne Ave., 930, No. 504-Catherine L. Miller to Daniel Jang, $207,000.


New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 202-Andrea F. Carney to Fuwen Zhou and Fengying Li, $222,000.


Coral Sea Dr., 1327-LD Hope Corp. to Alexis Y. Morales and Joseph P. Doherty II, $320,000.

Leahy Dr., 12801-Maria O. Schirmer to Scott Joseph and Suzanne Minna Tyburski, $347,500.


Brisbane St., 1812-Marc H. and Colleen M. Langweiler to Emmanuel Beryhun and Nathalie J. Parke, $606,500.

Charlton Dr., 11509-Bulgaris Residential Corp. to Aaron Wolff and Bella Leboeuf, $640,000.

Constance St., 1507-Steven Thomas and Kristin Brown Maki to Carolina and Dennis Cravedi, $510,000.

Dennis Ave., 2500-9119 Kimes Street Corp. to Diego and Theresa Maureen Urbina, $490,000.

Georgia Ave., 11702-Albert and Nora Han Lee to Jamile Assy, $340,000.

King George Dr., 11371, No. 3-Gwendolyn B. Franklin to Nora E. Onley, $344,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2604-VS Real Estate Corp. to Thomas J. and Alison M. Peterson, $594,000.

Sea Port Way, 3305-Kevin Ercoline and Xianhong Jiang to Kenzie and Maxim Tynuv, $350,000.

Weisman Rd., 2713-Idit Dvir and Guy Pinhas Cohen to Davean Garcia and Karen Q. Alcoran, $375,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Laurel Ct., 5917-Mary R. Grimm to Nicholas and Maria Drader, $389,500.


C St. W., 110-Dale Properties Corp. to Carl D. and Mable W. Fritter, $231,750.

E St. E., 101-Ralph E. and Connie S. Moore to Sandra L. Simone, $266,000.

Pennington Dr., 1302-NVR Inc. to Jimmie D. and Marjorie A. Pridemore and James P. and Suzanne R. Gaither, $379,000.

Potomac View Pkwy., 615-Cynthia M. Grooms to Anthony Bielucke and Christine Price, $293,300.

Younkins Dr., 1206-NVR Inc. to Anthony E. Jackson and Danielle L. Easton, $280,315.


Irishtown Rd., 17509-Helen M. Kelley to Francis S. Selby Jr. and Emily C. Davis, $540,000.

Zanella Dr., 26-G.A.S. Investments Corp. to Costas and Maureen C. Yiatrou, $217,000.


Allington Manor Cir. W., 9057-Nicole Blais to Keith M. Ryan and Kara C. Beisswanger, $405,000.

Ballenger Creek Pike, 5048-Premium Property Management Corp. to Ilaben Patel, $290,000.

Bella Marie Way, 5891-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Alfred and Geetha Shakespeare, $292,975.

Box Elder Ct., 5823-Cynthia A. Mills and estate of Delores Hahn to Nanci and James Hamm, $240,000.

Britannic Pl., 6519-DR Horton Inc. to Juan Pablo Yanez Escobar and Diana C. Mena Tapia, $316,000.

Cambria Rd., 4609-DR Horton Inc. to Folly M. Kuevy, $334,990.

Cotswold Ct., 553-Aaron Stansbury to Danny Lee Linthicum and Maria C. Flores, $215,000.

Eisenhower Dr., 535-Lisa M. Kerr to Suman Babu and Sujan Shrestha, $247,000.

Keswick Pl., 1123-Ajay Prakash to James Christopher and Meliha Ceyda McGraw, $220,000.

Lantana Cir., 5802-Frederick County Department of Housing and Community Development to Ram A. Yamiv and Einat P. Biltz, $106,000.

Posey St., 6214-NVR Inc. to Joseph Canlas, $365,515.

Saint James Pl., 5344-Joby Chesnick to Jack R. and Pinhkeo T. Vivona, $424,900.

Stone Rd., 5445B-Brian D. Abell to Shannon and Anthony Phifer, $299,000.

Upper Mill Terr. S., 5423-Andrew Hyrkas to Matthew S. Brown, $283,000.

Wade Ct., 5640, No. E-Craig R. Sarver to Clayton E. Morgan, $162,500.

Wild Plum Dr., 6518-NVR Inc. to Brianne Widmoyer and Maggie Thomas, $466,170.


Annas Terr., 3005-Bruce D. and Vivienne L. Champion to John Eaton, $320,000.

Berry Rose Ct., 1602, No. 2-Danette Marie Rodriguez to Gary M. and Patrick T. Drury, $149,900.

Blandwood Rd., 617-Wormald Home at Eastchurch Corp. to Shaunta P. Johnson, $495,590.

Cattail Ct., 8013-Steven D. and Mary Ann Beatrice to Anthony B. and Ninia Beatrice, $215,000.

College Terr. W., 304-John Michael and Pamela Diane Ritmiller to Pamala J. Barger, $855,000.

Hawkins Ct. N., 6306-Stephen D. and Lora L. Arrington to Jeffrey Steven Chaperon, $464,000.

Jubal Way, 822-Kimberly H. Sandifer Hirschman to Damion L. Lyons, $238,500.

Megan Ct., 414-Sarabeth Bodenhorn Warner to Roderick I. and Trudy Ann K. Reid, $220,000.

Monocacy Ford Rd., 2610-Sarge D. and Joan R. Rousselle to Thomas S. Evans and Charlotte Mayberry, $494,900.

Parkland Pl., 7961-D. Christopher and Lindsey Peterson to Lorena Del Carmen Reyes, $263,000.

Rockwell Terr., 205-Alice Hoxie Faison to William L. Farrell and Lauren S. Kremers, $790,000.

Springwater Ct., 6501, No. 8404-Nicole Weiss Shulman to Brent Weingard, $192,500.

Vermont Ct., 458-Housing Authority 0f the City of Frederick to Mary Beth Angelo, $135,000.

Westwood Dr., 7306-Michael W. and Regina Angelica Clabaugh to Paul Anthony and Maura David, $500,000.

Third St. E., 230-James Edward Babb to Stacey and Andrew Gibson, $289,000.

16th St. E., 806-Wells Fargo Bank to Wai Kin Chan and Chuen Kong, $182,000.


Canfield Terr., 239-Daniel and Tristan Noble to Sarah Elizabeth Behan, $187,500.

Conundrum Terr., 410-NVR Inc. to Steven Munson and Kim McConell, $510,425.

Downhill Run, 7409-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Hugo A. and Karla Y. Vasquez, $249,900.

Fieldstone Way, 1924-Cheryl Chaney Wright to Yolanda Marie and Thomas Edward Stevenson, $260,000.

Harpers Way, 144-Carissa Grose and Aaron Horst to Christopher R. Tyeryar, $234,900.

Key Pkwy., 210-Marcus Quintin and Roxanna V. Hall to Mamoru and Toshiko Maura, $185,000.

Meadow Dr., 5806-James A. Broadbent to Walter and Maria Ines Iraheta Pineda, $375,000.

Regiment Way, 1914-Peter and Alfred Terwilleger to John R. and Mary E. Garrett O’Lear, $345,000.

Rosecrans Ct., 2014-Nathan Martin to Reider Felberg Borges, $229,000.

Stonegate Dr., 127-Conrado Alvarez to Jesus Alejandro Paramo Cabrera, $200,000.

Toll House Ct., 121-Federal National Mortgage Association to Vida and Stephen M. Gyimah, $243,000.

Wilson Pl., 535-Christopher J. and Elizabeth L. Rankin to Judith A. Miller, $330,600.


Augusta Dr., 3474-Jeannette M. Burnham and estate of John Kevin Sugrue to Jonathan Ross B. Riffle, $364,900.

Jon Ct., 11204-Carl Warren and Tammy J. Haight to Robert Edward and Jennifer C. Lefebvre, $300,000.

Rochefort St., 5810-NVR Inc. to Hao and Thao N. Du, $379,785.

Tinder Box Cir., 4504-NVR Inc. to Justin D. and Danielle M. Knight, $369,240.


Bunker Hill Rd., 12730-Katrin E. Stambach to Dominick Alfano, $383,500.


Amethyst Ct., 4395-Robert J. and Kimberly S. Lynch to Isabel L. and Ryan A. Cohan, $269,900.

Farmstead Pl., 7-John R. and Mary B. Hyssong to Austin Cornelius and Mary Diane Stup, $579,000.

Glenbrook Dr., 705-Chad William and Kristin Leigh Bohn to Benjamin F. and Kelli M. Koehl, $500,000.

Palomina Lane, 4180-Michael S. and Regina L. Main to Harry D. and Elisabeth S. Whiteley, $490,000.

Southridge Way, 6804-ETrade Bank to Michael C. and Kristen M. Coon, $540,000.


Ashcroft Terr., 12102-Dave R. Senires to Paul Daniel and Christine Sako Martin, $510,000.

Landsdale Blvd., 4339-Winchester Homes Inc. to Brittany Raymond, $548,845.

Serene Ct., 11713-Christopher J. Hull and Ann Marie Luciano to David Marshall, $419,000.

Tinder Box Cir., 4533-NVR Inc. to Freddie D. and Vania Tamara Everett, $451,000.

Viridian Terr., 4355-Winchester Homes Inc. to Remberto E. Gomez Baires and Erika Alfaro Gomez, $359,172.


Alfran Dr., 5792-Earl B. Crehan III to John Peter and Jamie Lee Golembiewski, $365,000.

Foggy Bottom Ct., 13885-Gary L. and Rebecca A. Stup to Thomas George Poovan and Brittany Marie Kozlewski, $350,000.

Sidney Rd., 5405-Cernomics Solutions Inc. to Jacob W. and Cristin M. Nelson, $400,000.


Mountain Terr., 203-Adam W. Earp and Amy J. Phillips to Lisette Rodriguez, $245,000.


Arapahoe Rd., 9909-MS Aspen North Corp. to Michelle Ferrara, $552,880.

Fox Chase Rd., 6915-Larry N. and Susan A. Scruggs to Jason P. and Christine Zizzamia, $329,900.

Meadowlawn Cir., 6746- Frederick County Department of Housing and Community Development to Konstantin D. and Hilda S. Bonarrico Kotchadze, $280,000.

Placid Pl., 10295-Fieklin Properties Corp. to Elena Baker, $490,000.

Upton Cir., 5807, No. 47-Bruce and Betty Ann Ritter to Bradley Scott and Kathleen Hanks, $488,315.


Albaugh Rd., 9235-Randall C. and Abigail L. Jenkins to Martha Elaine Eggink, $675,000.


Catoctin Highlands Cir., 51-Michael Patrick Shutty to James Earle Simms III, $180,000.

Ironmaster Dr., 16-Charles K. and Nora Del Carmen Fountain to Nicholas M. and Jenny M. DiGregory, $270,000.

Park Lane, 110-Todd and Claire Bennett to Brian and Stephen P. Waesche, $410,000.


Bealls Farm Rd., 9158-Anthony and Megan T. Jarkowski to Angel and Stephen Losquadro, $625,000.

Landon House Lane, 9167-Mary Kathryn Seiser and Kathryn Kelley to Michael R. and Elizabeth Michelle Eisenhardt, $380,000.

Pine Bluff Rd., 8436-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to Dona Min Kim and Eun J. Chung, $318,210.

Spicebush Dr., 3721-Jason H. and Megan Richardson to Darin J. and Chintimini M. Keith, $595,000.

Tallyn Ridge Dr., 5484-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to Justin W. and Christine M. Bean, $500,720.

Urbana Pike., 3651-Nathaniel D. Brubaker to Ting Yao, $360,000.

Winthrop Lane, 3548-Robin C. Heintzelman to Koffi and Senami Eulalie Amefia, $360,000.


Discovery Blvd., 8505-Carroll G. and Donna M. Flaherty to Eric C. Kameni Patipe, $205,000.

Glade Ave., 9502-MTGLQ Investors to Spencer E. and Susan E. Schweinhart, $274,900.

Kenwood Pl., 294-Craig Raymond Carlson to Chad M. and Heather A. Putnam, $435,000.

Ports Cir., 107-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to David O’Brien, $480,327.