Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bluebonnet Ct., 4912-Helen Connelly to Rajeevee C. Panditharatna and Rajitha Dananjaya Siriwardana, $629,000.

Emory Lane, 16430-David E. and Melissa R. Covolsky to Jaimiber Ocampo Restrepo, $535,000.


Beallsville Rd., 21910-Paul Scott Meissner and Rebecca A. Fuldner to David Hills and Wendy Smith Butler and Joseph A. Lynott III, $480,000.


Alta Vista Rd., 5626-Francoise Y. Ramsey to Bryan S. and Akrivi A. Pietrzk, $859,000.

Bulls Run Pkwy., 9209-Sisa Amiri to Shanaz Amjafari, $1.57 million.

Chestnut St., 4602-Adam Hoffman to Melinda Carolyn and Richard George Power, $795,000.

Dickens Ave., 10002-Tilden Partners Corp. to Martin J. and Kimberly G. Emerson, $1.33 million.

Edgefield Rd., 4803-Robert L. and Martha E. Lawrenz to Richard Mingxun Zheng and Yanqing Yao, $640,000.

Fairfield Dr., 4517-Charles B. and Meghan W. Mitchell to Amanda and Michael Black, $1.59 million.

Hampden Lane, 4901, No. 106-Julie A. Bishop to Meagan Sexton, $154,560.

Long Acre Ct., 8609-Nathaniel Bruce and Rebecca O. Rand Zumeta Edmonds to Kate MacCary and Crispin Shaw Vary, $1.41 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 6103-Gabriel A. and Jessica A. Horwitz to Adam K. and Anne E. Hoehn, $800,000.

Montrose Ave., 10417-Jeffrey Lowery to Nertila Gjeta, $220,000.

Park Pl., 5000-Makram B. Jaber and Avis G.T. Brock to Geoffrey and Naomi Anisman, $1.33 million.

Rodman Rd., 5003-Great Finds Realty Corp. to Anjula K. Singh, $1.3 million.

Tusculum Rd., 6706-Benjamin C. and Robert I. Fassberg to Martha S. and John A. Alvarado, $670,750.

Weymouth St., 10620, No. 202-Kristin M. Herlson Teodorovici to Nancy E. Kane, $285,000.


Barnesville Rd., 15829-Philip M. and Audra S. Hough to Felipe M. Aguilar, $329,900.

Tapwood Rd., 18310-David K. and Shannon S. Chung to Sujoy Lahiri and Dipannita Dutta, $610,000.


Ridgecroft Dr., 21344-Paul Alan and Heidi S. Williams to Jacques Horvatic and Martine Veillette, $790,000.


Blythwood Lane, 14560-Judith E. Colvin and Raymond A. Gritton to Tibebu Hailemariam and Aster Mebratu, $400,000.


79th St., 6510-Richard B. Sieber to Kevin T. and Mia S. Morrison, $945,000.


Carters Grove Ct., 3-Leatrise L. Carter to Felicia and Philomina Ofordire, $285,000.

Regent Manor Ct., 1605-NVR Inc. to Jose Varela and Ashley Melendez, $474,000.

Sir Thomas Dr., 3315, No. 4-B-23-Chottengada N. Subramani to Kristine E. Gouveia, $149,900.

Willow Wood Dr., 12125-Herbert J. Nickel to Thomas Faltens, $438,000.


Brennon Lane, 6808-James A. Powers and Jennifer M. Scherer to Gianni S. Nucci, $1.25 million.

Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. N-Timothy M. Mulligan to James H. and Lark Wallwork, $652,000.

Essex Ave., 4716-Robert Samuel Wachbroit to Samuel R. Nussabaum, $1.37 million.

Park Ave. N., 4620, No. 1204W-Andrew T. and Cynthia Kimbell Gabor to Salmeh Khalatbari, $460,000.

Western Ave., 5624-Victor B. and Anne C. Fisher to Dan Terbush and Kerin Novak, $1.42 million.

Woodmont Ave., 7111, No. 305-John David Bryant to Judith Andai, $339,500.


Bright Sky Dr., 22446-Nalini Ranjan Mohanty and Sibani Jena to Saurabh and Ritu Srivastava, $436,000.

Broadway Ave., 22009, No. 402E-NVR Inc. to Tagba and Essivi Abissi, $168,422.

Broadway Ave., 22022-NVR Inc. to Everett Watson III, $641,700.

Emerald Green Dr., 11707-Pablo Proano and Yassameen Behzadi to Anil Kumar Reddy Kallu and Deepa Bekkeri, $436,500.

Newcut Rd., 22984, No. 2402-Patricia A. and Richard Caplaces to Yashashree Suresh Ngadi and Akshay Odugoudar, $345,000.

Petrel St., 13745-Winchester Homes Inc. to Michael Kevin and Janice S. Coon, $431,648.

Public House Rd., 23611-George A. and Mary O. Cardany to Bo Li Hong Wang, Xoaoxu Li and Siyan Lu, $430,000.

Scholl Manor Way, 23277, No. 1336-Ishmael and Sandra E. Abdul Samad to Ana Emily Rodriguez, Manuel Adonis Chavez and Daniel Alejandro and Eduardo Piedramartel, $369,900.

Tailor Shop Pl., 23447-Srinivasa Reddy and Sadhana Yavasani to Nikita Sangroula, $373,000.


Gamewell Rd., 1617-Ann H. Cosstello to Jon D. and Sharon R. Vandegriff, $625,000.

Pinebrook Dr., 17225-101 Geneva Corp. to Charisse and Barrington Scott, $472,500.

Windmill Lane, 1100-William Hamilton Freeman Jr. and estate of William Hamilton Freeman to Emmanuel and Lucie T. Esthelus, $465,000.


Shelldrake Cir., 10021-Eric S. Rodney to Maya Milcheva Yovcheva and Rad Perkov, $234,000.


Bowie Mill Rd., 17401-Dixianna Hungerford to Laura Elizabeth and Washington Javier Chavez, $720,000.

Decker Pl., 16207-CSP Associates Corp. to Rachel E. Reckner, $740,000.

Heatherford Ct., 6717-David A. Schultz to Erin C. Edwards, $520,000.

Tribeca St., 8042-CSP Associates Corp. to Jeng Ren Wang, $708,000.


Peach Tree Rd., 21521-David L. Ouart to Christopher B. and Rachel S. Plumley, $640,000.


Calumet Dr., 10204-Scott D. and Jasmine E. Kuzner to Igor Djeri and Victoria Pearsol Schneider, $449,000.

Dennis Ave., 505-Robert Connor to Maria Veronica Ramos Mejia and Aaron W. Hunter, $799,500.

Geren Rd., 8522, No. 18-4-Maria Carolina Franco to Angela and Hans Riemer, $266,500.

Kerwin Rd., 409-Susan Muncey to Helen E. Dallam, $438,000.

Markham St., 9929-John M. and Laura H. Shoun to Pamela G. Dent, $577,000.

Seminole St., 9407-Jeffrey S. and Elise J. Foster to Michael and Kimberly Hicks, $550,000.

Whitmoor Terr., 216-Derek E. and Amy R. Mix to Einat Korman and Kevin Buchnan, $430,123.


Badenloch Way, 7907, No. 12-Yaron Ziv to John and Maria Wolff, $114,000.

Deer Park Rd. W., 466, No. 15-F-Nawal E. and Ghattas E. Hajjo to Dan Li, $250,000.

Fallow Dr., 8137, No. 8-D-Jose I. Hernandez and Juan A. Ventura to Manuel De Paz and Carlos A. Rodriguez Martinez, $235,000.

Girard St., 416, No. 92-Dreams Up Corp. to Sharon Amar, $78,000.

Guildberry Dr., 18420, No. L-K. Teena L. Curry to Preeti Navale, $125,000.

Inkberry Cir., 35-Jigar R. and Krupali M. Patel to Nishit and Mona Patel, $410,000.

Raven Ave., 646-Nikhil and Anil K. Kishore to Damion Cunningham, $410,000.

Southern Night Lane, 1120-Kesarimangalam S. Kannan to Fatou Keita Juwara, $321,000.

Tea Rose Dr., 8432-Philippe M. and Marie Noelle F. Befferal to Joshua S. Carroll and Susan A. Palomino, $460,000.


Appleseed Lane, 64-Nicolas and Gabriel Soldi to Yadvinder Ahi and Amandeep Kaur, $400,000.

Chevy Chase St., 179-Gary L. and Jacqueline K. Endcott to Douglas and Carole Beaver, $450,000.

Crossbow Lane, 122, No. 308-Charles and Michelle Bryant to Hadar and Marina Goren, $280,000.

Falling Leaf Dr., 14408-Jeffrey W. Bartlett and Michael Moerschbaecher to Mark Orsborn and Jennifer Ray, $840,000.

Goodport Lane, 21-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Delfino Corona, $250,000.

Kendrick Pl., 102, No. 102-32-Eric M. Sweredoski and Sandra Robles to Ekaterina Sergey Terskin, $322,000.

Main Mews, 1324-Lawrence and Kathryn Bojzyk to Beth Boston Tedesco, $614,900.

Orchard View Ct., 16212-John J. and Judith L. Grolig to Jason R. and Jody L. Malmstrom, $630,000.

Pontiac Way, 50-Babatunde A. Adesokan to Hong Li, $395,000.

Sharpstead Lane, 70-Todd C. Sheinin and Jennifer M. Richitt to Taek Hoon and Joo Young Kim, $635,000.

Turkey Run Ct., 13912-Jon D. and Sharon Lockwood to Jamie Jiyong Kim and Sung Woo Baek, $665,000.


Birdseye Terr., 12016-Angel M. Arias and Melida S. Somarriba to Molly E. Bennett, $245,000.

Chalet Dr., 18040, No. 15-101-Patricia Gill to Verlinda R. Harris, $185,000.

Clear Morning Pl., 13505-Thomas J. and Marina Stark to Hubert A. and Julia A. Thom, $426,867.

Eternity Ct., 5-Sean D. and Jacqueline C. Sheppard to Khaled Abuhatab and Layali Eshqaldef, $547,000.

Giant Ct., 13532-Julie Yujie Lou to Vijay Bhalaki and Deepa Karthykeyan, $327,000.

Lake Geneva Way, 13102-Shahin Rahmani to Alan Kwok Fai Zeng, $360,000.

Pickering Ct., 5, No. 5-02-Joyce L. Reible and Kevin E. Gray to Nancy Saravia, $189,000.

Sawyer Terr., 19064-Sudeep Karve and Gauri Joshi to Lihe Chen and Tianjiao Dia, $365,500.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20402, No. 2L-Laura Carle to Anthony Brown, $250,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18811, No. 5-Darrell G. and Karen L. Eisenhut to Krista A. Spreng, $219,000.

Summersong Lane, 20444-Sandra Flint to Lindsey Browning and Carolyn Bradley, $329,900.

Turmeric Ct., 18622-Changping Duan and Xiaoying Dualinn to Rafael Medina, $246,200.


Ashwood Dr., 10108-Julie K. and Robert A. Liotta to Patrick R. Dougherty and Mary Jeanne Coyle, $649,000.

Denfeld Ave., 4109-Anne E. Fischer and Kathleen E. Boin to Randall Edward and Sarah Beth Saxon Rentfro, $457,000.

Jennings Rd., 3106-Geoffrey W. and Matthew T. Prin to Kevin and Kristin J. Murray, $383,000.

Saul Rd., 3620-John C. Saber to James Joseph and Holly E. Gross, $825,000.

University Blvd. W., 3121-Hugo S. Galdamez to Katherine Elizabeth Ten Hagen, $171,000.


Brink Rd., 7524-Bianca Clavijo to Ruth S. Chambergo Juica and Silvio Juica Porta, $350,000.

Etchison Dr., 24531-Christopher S. and Holly A. Laptew to Vitalino Cardona Roque, $360,000.

Hawlings River Rd., 22605-Maximo Carbonell to Kathryn E. Browing, $370,000.

Woodfield Ct., 8705-Thad J. and Anna R. Tomlinson to Timothy Stephen Oleksa, $464,900.


Battery Bend Pl., 20304-Darren V. Manning to Janina Mera and Keive Brito, $370,000.

Brassie Pl., 19426-Ann R. Cooper to German A. Benietz, $150,500.

Dairyton Ct., 9805-Pa A. Jallow to Fatmata Kamara and Idrissa Sesay, $300,000.

Heritage Farm Terr., 20400-Xiaoping Li and Feng Ye to Foli Somado and Adjatougbe Somado Hemazro, $560,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 9853-Kimberly E. Ferguson Hall to Jonathan Boyd Michael, $247,500.

Ridgeline Dr., 10004-Oscar G. Araujo and Alba Emily Pasten to Edward A. Alvarado, $220,000.

Shadow Oak Dr., 9719-Manuel F. and Carmela M. Lora to Amin Keshani, $335,000.

Welbeck Way, 8823-Manish Arora and Sabiha Umar to David Hu, $220,000.


11th Ave., 8525-Ngoc Hung Le to Humberto Antonio and Mendez Garcia, $284,000.

12th Ave., 8325-Ernest C. and Thelma Wims to Dorothy B. Shipes, $170,000.


Carriage Square Dr., 14913-Rachael Gibson to Hannah M. Willison and Jesse Yomtov, $360,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3825, No. 13-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Chaz B. Feizipour, $260,000.

Greenery Lane, 2205, No. T-2-9-Ketty H. Morales to Jose A. Martinez Centeno, $190,000.

Highwood Rd., 4211-Daisy Zou to Juan P. Gongora Guevara, Evelyn A. Gonzalez Rodriguez and Tito J. Gonzalez Ramirez, $335,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-214-James D. Luehrs and Julia A. Luehrs Fagen to Madhav Narayan and Beena Madhav Deshmukh, $290,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-114-Mark L. Seney and estate of Lois M. Seney to Marilyn Caracciolo and Patricia M. Jordan, $200,000.

Janet Rd., 3613-Elizabeth Chavez to Louis Choporis and Thomas Berry Jr., $409,900.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-512-Geoffrey A. Secker to Paul Rene and Lori Lipman Brown, $150,000.

McKisson Ct., 14909, No. 6CE-Carmen Elena Romero to Almaz Lulseged, Ebenezer Aklile and Amisyas Aklile, $165,000.

Sun Valley Cir., 2498, No. 8-H-May Lis Manely and Anita St. John to Saundra M. Coston, $99,000.

Westholm Ct., 15011, No. 272-C-Linda Loraine Davis to Helen Keil Sossen, $210,000.


Finsel Ct., 3022-Kathleen M. Doyle to Henry Philip and Diane Hertz McQueen, $390,000.

Mount Olney Lane, 4205-Steven J. Graves to Sang Ik Ra, $475,000.

Saint Florence Terr., 3136-Patricia and Kathleen Keown to David Mark and Alicia H. Slocum, $389,000.


Wootton Ave., 19501-Richard DeSales Klimkiewicz Jr. to Yoosik Jang and Sungsook Kim, $242,500.


Beechknoll Lane, 10624-Jinhui Huang and Jianhui Zhu to Boris A. and Yelena Levonenko, $960,000.

Copenhaver Dr., 9420-William N. and Adele J. Redisch to Nicholas A. and Oksana Carlson, $834,000.

Frost Ct., 12417-Inez C. Grimaldi to Ibrahim U. and Devrim Moral, $830,000.

Milbern Dr., 11816-Michal Afik Shifman to Ming Zheng and Rong Li, $770,000.

Royal Oak Ct., 1-Kathryn D. Diven and Jorn K. Mitchell to Matthew G. and Sarah W. Sigurrson, $751,500.

Tulip Lane, 10525-Custom Elegant Homes Corp. to Li Zhang, $2.23 million.

Winterset Dr., 9205-Deborah B. and Bekir Sisman to David and Wendy I. Myers, $635,000.


Barkston Ct., 9604-Nancy W. Mattson Wilburn to Vladimir and Irina Yun, $639,900.

Brewer House Rd., 10728-Gerald Zingone and estate of Mildred Eldine Zingone to Stacey Arnesen, $700,000.

Cameo Ct., 6312-Edward H. and Jill Gerstenfield to Brian D. and Jessica J. Nysenbaum, $886,418.

Courthouse Sq., 22, No. 413-Scott D. George to Julie Phillips, $360,000.

Grand Champion Dr., 1023-Tin Latt and Su M. Lin to Kelvin Lwin and Nay Yee Yee, $505,000.

King Farm Blvd., 401, No. L-William T. and Jean L. Shergalis to Katherine Roberts, $410,000.

Maple Ave., 720-Timothy B. and Tracy A. Wood to Margo Sussman and Selwyn Ramp, $530,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 814-Bernard K. Ham to Xiaozhong and Yuehua Tang, $493,000.

Princeton Pl., 1105-Nancy J. Light to Nitin J. and Lauren A. Sydney, $619,900.

Rockville Pike., 11801, No. 508-Hila Lee Louise Kush to Artak and Aram Manukyan, $160,000.

Stonewood Lane, 11709-Jesse and Michele Stein to Gyan K. Kanal and Ying Zhang, $735,000.

Tudor Lane, 5901-Stephen W. Coates and Gloria T.Y. Lee to Derrick D. and Kendra A. Williams Rowe, $657,000.

Windermere Cir., 6320-Fang Jen Scott Lee and Lee Wen Lin to Thomas P. and Amy L. Boylan, $950,000.


Aldburg Way, 11530-Ryan Riddell to Nan Hoe Bak and Yu Ri Che, $293,000.

Brundidge Terr., 11445-Thomas and Florence Knox to Bradley Christopher Myers, $303,000.

Dunstable Cir., 19957, No. 252-Deutsch Bank National Trust Co. and Carrington Mortgage Services Corp. to Liqing Peng and Tao Leng, $177,500.

Morning Star Dr., 11820-Jeffrey D. and Davi L. Lavore to Jayachandran Arumugam and Metilda Mariadoss, $640,000.

Stoney Point Pl., 11413-Kofi and Kate Bempah to Asad Ullah, $242,000.

Watkins Meadow Dr., 20445-Kira E. and Ryan B. Pugliese to Benjamin Jacob and Lindsey Alanna Saul, $505,000.


Colston Dr., 2406, No. 2406-C-Estate of Anna L. Saminski to Marisol Murphy Ballantyne, $141,000.

Holman Ave., 2557, No. 2578-B-Annette Hart to Nichole Bravo, $178,400.

Noyes Dr., 1101-David and Jean V. Sullivan to Daniel and Rachel D. Levy, $887,555.

Wayne Ave., 930, No. 1207-Viran G. Ranasinghe to Brandy A. Dawkins, $309,000.

13th St., 8005, No. 409-Nabil Hassan El Ghoroury to Tracy Johnson, $388,000.


Delmont Lane, 1509-Melekte Truneh to Julia S. Penn and Alberto Mejia Baltazar, $310,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 405-Averille and Joseph Campbell to Joi C. Mason, $240,000.

Westmoreland Ave., 6510-Thomas and Catherine Flaherty to Keith Louis Waters and Coline Christiane Dony, $477,000.


Coral Sea Dr., 1609-James Samuel Miller and estate of Robert L. Fyock to Ashley Nicole Smith, $295,000.


Belgrade Rd. S., 801-Charles C. Rowe to Jennifer and Yi Kuo Yu, $225,000.

Brisbane St., 1836-Pamela G. Traxel to Evan Levent and Renee Bannerman, $525,000.

Crest Rd., 1515-David M. and Elizabeth A. Brooks to Daniel P. and Kara Thomas Beck, $450,000.

Dublin Dr., 1712-Alexander N. and Emily Tinling Cook to Hatim and Sara Elizabeth Benhnini, $585,000.

Hardy Ave., 3005-Cogent Resources Inc. to Maria Lizardo and Raiza Bonaparte, $412,500.

Leesborough Cir., 11705-George Aubrey and Flavie Stephanie Johnston to Mandeep and Kriti M. Singh, $453,000.

Randolph Rd., 3606-Deutsch Bank National Trust and Fremont Home Loan Trust to Glenda L. Chevez and Jose L. Cuevas, $305,439.

Stonington Pl., 11717-Bernard Kim and Margate Chang to Jessica and Kalman Knizhnik, $480,000.

Woodridge Ave., 3808-John Joseph and the Mary Hogan O’Connell to Richard A. Zmuda and Samantha S. Riggles, $417,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Park Mills Rd., 2804-Scott and Cynthia Lawrence to Matthew P. and Bianca R. Kmieciak, $329,900.


D St. E., 27A-William E. Fluellen Jr. and Kira R. Thomas to Brendon Peck, $195,000.

Hope Farm Ct., 1305-Rodger M. and Nancy P. Carroll to Peter M. and Jodye L. Roebuck, $439,900.

Pennington Dr., 1306-NVR Inc. to Dana and John Hunter Scott Pitts, $399,241.

Potomac View Pkwy., 631-Joseph D. and Jennifer M. Ondarsik to Jonathan and Megan Day, $294,000.

Fourth Ave., 114-Eric Moore General Contracting Corp. to Lauren N. Cline, $190,000.


Basilone Lane, 4708-NVR Inc. to Mary Patricia Wright and Peter Joseph Friedlander, $387,780.

Old Middletown Rd., 4820-William T. Clevenger to Patrick F. and Frances A. Donovan, $414,000.


Alan Linton Blvd. E., 6542-DR Horton Inc. to Lawrence Joseph and Jean Marcy Garland, $545,000.

Alysheba Way, 5608-Robert M. and Mary J. Hanley to Nathaniel S. and Jillian L. Somerville, $337,500.

Ballenger Run Blvd., 6503-NVR Inc. to Fidel E. and Fanny J. Marquez, $322,013.

Black Duck Ct., 6717-Daniel E. and Stacy Przybocki to Shing Chun Benny Lam and Lai Yee Leung, $242,500.

Britannic Pl., 6501-DR Horton Inc. to Scott M. and Kaitlin S. Laforte, $363,990.

Britannic Pl., 6532-DR Horton Inc. to Sergey Leikin and Marianna Mertts, $359,850.

Cambria Rd., 4611-DR Horton Inc. to Michael C. Diseveria and Brandon Aube, $339,000.

Cawley Dr., 593, No. 3B-Phyllis F. and Barry Hutt to Matthew Gorchesky, $186,000.

Danielle Dr., 1228, No. E-Nuno M. Marques to Nahidh Fathi Musstafa Shaath and Rania M.M. Kasmia, $130,000.

Eleanor Dr., 4903-William Rush to Andrew Michael Gadbois, $525,000.

Horizon Dr., 15-Anthony Long to Baishali Kotthari, Mennakshi Brown and Dhurv Bhoot, $201,100.

Killdeer Ct., 6742-Ronald and Cynthia Morris to Monica Gabriel Vasquez and Iris Yesenia Narvaez, $255,000.

Leben Dr., 5955-NVR Inc. to Jennifer Tran, $279,000.

McLauren Lane, 5105-Jigibashen R. and Rakesh K. Patel to Robert James, $279,900.

Partners Ct., 5369-Ricardo S. Davila to Earl M. and Mari J. Lee, $250,000.

Posey St., 6216-NVR Inc. to Shaina Asbury and Michael Riley, $368,998.

Seagull Ct., 6676-Josh and Jennifer Nalesnik to Peter and Glenda Huyser, $240,000.

Upper Mill Terr. S., 5430-D. Mirna and Ramio Sayegh to Hansha R. and Srijana Khadka, $250,000.

Walcott Lane, 6395-Jason and Donna Ruth to Tameiko and Jeffery Oliver, $340,000.

Woodwinds Cir., 5834-Mark J. and Arthur K. Stover to Maxwell L. and Amanda S. Taylor, $460,000.


Baldridge Cir., 6135-Federal National Mortgage Association to Youssef Semaan, $229,500.

Berry Rose Ct., 1603, No. 3B-Melissa N. Thomas Ambush to Clayton M. and Barry L. Holdcraft, $160,000.

Briarcliff Lane, 8878-Martha C. Ott to Tabatha M. Podleiszek, $265,000.

Caulfield Ct., 2601-David B. Hanna to Nickolas D. Senseney, $283,000.

Cromwell Ct., 783-Sharon K. Issacs to Alexander H. McAleer and Maria Cancel Figueroa, $250,000.

Fieldcrest Dr., 6150-Peter W. and Sandra J. Hall to Travis F. and Trisha A. Gaskill, $498,000.

Kline Blvd., 141-Kevin R. and Kate E. Chasse to Nefeli E. Georgoulia and Mehron Kugler, $405,000.

Merchant St., 2459-Donna L. Logan and Robert D. Lumsden to Larry D. and Audrianne Eddy, $370,000.

Monroe Ave., 207-Kyle B. and Courtney E. Martineau to James M. Bauer Sr., $265,000.

Pine Crest Lane, 6138-Ellen Tress Potter to Shanna Cattrell, $285,000.

Saddlebrook Lane, 6472-Camenzind and Brooke Robinson to Sarah E. and Justin Marshall, $459,900.

Springwater Pl., 6134, No. 1200J-Gail Murphy and Kathy S. Hunter to Carol Woodall, $195,000.

Viewsite Dr., 6198-David M. and Milinda J. Hanlon to Joseph and Elizabeth Royal, $469,900.

Willow Oak Dr., 1316-Eric A. and Dianna L. Adams to Bradley Glen Zaretsky and Jamie Lee Douglass, $347,995.

Third St. W., 14-James B. and Diane Simpson to Steven S. and Meilan Buckingham, $275,000.


Apple Creek Rd., 114-Fanta and Karidiata Conlibaly Toure to Edemir Ramos, $255,000.

Bishops Glen Dr., 269-Jose A. Grandos and Marleny D. Torrez to Sarah Elizabeth Arnold and Lee Andrew Jordan, $325,000.

Conundrum Terr., 420-NVR Inc. to Jorge Leiva, $397,120.

Driftwood Ct., 2501, No. 1B-Karlene Dorthea Kaufmann to Mark A. and Susan L. Baugher, $160,000.

Fox Hunt Lane, 8210-John F. and Marianne L. Wenger to Wayne A. and Michele Irene Jennings, $399,500.

Harvest Dr., 1792-Sizang Burmese Mission Church to Rafael A. Garcia, $272,000.

Indian Springs Rd., 8717-Kimber L. Shank to Jacob Edward and Lauren Paige Naill, $410,000.

Lawnview Dr., 1839-John M. and Ashley N. Corcoran to Kevin T. Show, $263,000.

Mountain Laurel Pl., 5705-Maureen M. Olson to Michael L. Davies and Kristin K. Fino, $425,000.

Ridge Rd., 7539-South Mountain Developers to Jeffrey Alberts, $606,485.

Rosemont Ave., 1607-John T. and Rebecca A. Lohmeyer to Rosa Marina Escobar, $180,000.

Stonehaven Lane, 1779-Travis J. Sheets to Randolph and Suzanne McKann, $251,500.

Wainwright Ct., 2141, No. BD-Sara M. Brownlowe to Myriam and Santiago Thomas Rubino, $149,900.

Wynfield Ct., 2408-Wilson C. and Christine N. Owens to Harold Villavicenico and Jaclyn Battista, $273,000.


Bramblewood Ct., 11211-Thomas M. and Lisa M. Clement to Kyle W. Binder and Nancy J. Rapp, $547,000.

Lindsey Ct., 3066-John M. and Gail P. Wachtel to Patrick W. and Jennifer L. Norfolk, $599,900.

Rochefort St., 5812-NVR Inc. to Jeffrey W. and Sharilyn McClaflin, $375,500.

Winmoor Dr., 3429-Frank and Akosua A. Gyekye Kusi to Narayanan Hariharan and Lavanya Subramanian, $815,000.


Green Valley Rd., 10748-Jesse G. Moats and Christina M. McNemar to Katrina Cutshall and David Clark, $295,000.


Brookridge Dr. W., 7902-Michael L. and Belinda Harris McKee to Daniel E. and Susan A. Tipsord, $605,000.

Feldspar Ct., 7106-Dennis R. and Sandra J. Moats Thigpen to Julio C. and Kendy Nadia Pina, $322,500.

Pine Valley Ct., 4510-Darrin Drum and estate of Judith Marie Drum to Adam Lahart and Kristen Hood, $300,000.

Stone Springs Lane, 213-Shirley E. Anderson Beswick to Matthew P. Fiore, $310,000.


Browningsville Rd., 11805-Teresa L. Kelleher and estate of Matthew William Kelleher to Carina J. and Andrea J. Rock, $350,000.

Marigold Dr., 3506-Ross David and Linda Diane Wood to Matthew Clark Drury and Cara Marie Ammann, $415,000.

Seths Folly Dr., 4552-NVR Inc. to Norma Winffel, $444,440.

Tolley Terrace Dr., 12105-Gary M. and Pamela A. Rawlett to James Logan and Lindsay Joanne Lethbridge, $110,000.

Viridian Terr., 4359-Winchester Homes Inc. to Christopher I. Cook, $365,637.


Almeria Ct., 5152-Justin R. and Jennifer L. Owen to Kelly Lynn and Eric M. Kuba, $535,000.

Fordice Dr., 6514-Robert R. and Shannon Hankins to Clayton F. Elsbach, $387,000.

Jesse Smith Rd., 13410-Christine Amereihn and Henning Jonassen to Michael and Carol J. Halper, $450,000.

Turf Ct. S., 3861-Bank of New York Mellon to William J. and Elizabeth A. Sweeny, $430,000.

Woodville Rd., 5601B-David A. and Sandra Mull to Walter Miller and Marion Michele Snider, $525,000.


Pleasant Walk Rd., 12357-Seth D. DeLauter to Julie M. Toms, $214,000.


Harbor Light Way, 6661-Francis T. and Michelle G. Benvenga to Nicholas R. Durien, $287,900.

New London Rd., 6215-Philip G. Etzler to Kyle B. and Courtney E. Martineau, $282,500.

Ridgecrest Rd., 6737-Joshua and Monica Talley to Hector Z. and Kathleen E. Oropeza, $413,000.

Vineyard Path, 11836-Daniel and Linda Elmer Hauprich to Lisa A. and Ross A. Beschner, $432,500.

Windwood Way, 5768-Thomas E. Murray to James M. and Lisa S. Abbinanti, $362,000.


Barnes Rd., 15427-Oliver Homes Inc. to Kenneth E. and Kelly M. Houck, $376,252.


Sabillasville Rd., 17025-Duane E. Heaton to Catherine I. Prue, $164,194.


Catoctin Highlands Cir., 63-Dennis E. and Judy K. Black to Lori A. Brown, $179,000.

Mills Manor Ct., 7997-Coby Lewis to Charles and Nora Fountain, $485,000.

Saint Anthony Rd., 15714-Robert L. and Regina A. Kline to John T. Dumas and Maria L. Donato, $750,000.


Broad Branch Way, 5836-NVR Inc. to Matthew R. and Lori A. Condit, $499,575.

Golden Eagle Rd., 5510-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Astrid Vermer, $589,280.

Mantz Lane, 3411-Scott T. Brittain to Robin, Meghan W. and Charles B. Mitchell, $318,000.

Pine Bluff Rd., 8438-MC Gladhill Farm Corp. to Steven James and Kimberly Morse Talcott, $332,385.

Sundance Way, 3053-NVR Inc. to Christos and Vaneesha Xenohristos, $731,260.

Tallyn Ridge Dr., 5490-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to Erik M. and Janice L. Hess, $518,760.

Urbana Church Rd., 8845-Parkwood Homes LTD to Sofia Monteblanco, $445,445.


Adventure Ave., 8810-Kevin R. Grossnickle to Beatricie M. Piedjou, $299,900.

Dublin Rd., 9305-Stephanie R. Howell to Brian Feaga, $314,900.

Monocacy Ct., 4-Gilbert L. Oldach and Brenda Lee Akins to John M. and Martha E. Hamel Huff, $245,000.

Ports Cir., 108-Dan Ryan Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Jack and Malorie Marti, $454,329.


Copper Oaks Ct., 100-Kevin J. and Elizabeth B. Morris to Stephen A. and Galina D. Pankovin, $400,000.