Montgomery County

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Ashton Club Way, 17937-Mary J. McClain to Maria E. and James L. Boone, $330,900.


Faraday Dr., 14515-MB Next Door Faraday Drive Corp. to Pamela Koyner and Moshe Dayanim, $1.17 million.

Freedom Way, 16913-Taiwo Ogundipe to Amadou Seydou Thiam and Aminata Ngone Traore, $393,000.

Levada Terr., 4803-Howard J. and Linda A. Rosenberg to Assaf and Lina Zelinger, $469,018.

Melinda Lane, 14616-Peter Garvin IV to Nathaniel Weatherby Miller and Susie A. Yi Miller, $605,000.

Norbeck Square Dr., 4055-Debra Frederick to Allan and Jenny Aronson, $420,000.

Russett Terr., 13607-Mona Jill Erwin and J.B. Spitzer to Philip Richard Briggs and Sarah Emily Baker, $484,000.

Turkey Branch Pkwy., 13322-Max and Shira Neumann to Heather D. Hardway, $405,000.

Yellowhorn Ct., 15604-Samuel Winternitz and Patricia Ludwig to Neda and Hamid Rezaei, $630,000.


Baltimore Ave., 5233-Terry J. Fry to David Becker and Beth Levene, $1.09 million.

Battery Lane, 5000, No. 402-Carla and Enrique Gochicoa to Kenneth Morton and Carol Ann Davis, $499,000.

Brixton Lane, 9802-Merchants Development Corp. to Francesca Sommariva and Franck Esquerre, $925,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 501-FH Bethesda SL RCU Corp. to Ernest L. and Florence Fox, $409,275.

Buxton Terr., 7001-Stephen B. Brodie and Laura Selby to Laurence M. and Nicole Sandell, $978,000.

Chestnut St., 4510-Adam M. and Rebecca Ballard Schindler to Junghoon Lee and Jin Eun, $913,750.

Elsmere Ave., 5110-CM Conlan Contractors & Builders Inc. to Andrew Miller and Kathleen Spees, $1.44 million.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 714-George Johnathan and Joanne M. Dizelos to Stephanie L. Fredericks, $214,900.

Fort Sumner Dr., 4915-Matthew G. and Alicia Hard to Francisco Aguirre Sacasa, $1.2 million.

Greenlawn Dr., 5808-Shirley A. Cappabianca and Anna Marie Lipper to Elizabeth Aimee Chung, $770,700.

Hampden Lane, 4901, No. 102-Lauren Condos Corp. to Kimberly D. Hull, $174,175.

Holly Leaf Lane, 8901-William L. Viscardo to Jonathan J. and Theamaria Shao, $1.4 million.

Laurel Oak Dr., 9221-Ellen Turner to Devin M. and Peggy Nasvaderani, $925,000.

Longwood Dr., 7216-Vincent P. and Karen D. Walter to David and Megan Barker, $1.16 million.

Maiden Lane, 5811-Valerie Birsun and Robert Edward Bramson to Maria Valeria Mosconi and Fabio Comelli, $1.12 million.

Parkhill Dr. E., 9309-Linda Nonye Eligwe to Arvind Nadathur and Jayita Chatterjee, $732,000.

Richard Dr., 7005-Mid-Atlantic Custom Builders Corp. to Matthew McBrady and Deedee Fisher, $1.94 million.

Roosevelt St., 5611-Steven A. and Joanna M. Galati to Poupak Bahamin, $995,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4982, No. 14-501-Joan C. Hock to Nancy M. McGuire, $490,000.

Tammy Ct., 6806-Jennifer R. and Jason J. Drake to Jacob Mordechai Cohn and Guinevere Elizabeth Granite, $1.04 million.

Wakefield Rd., 5325-Melanie A. Corcoran to Willis and Lisa H. Holloway, $839,000.

Westlake Terr., 7586, No. 63-Jeannie B. Honeycutt and Kim Honeycutt Little to Ricardo E. and Madelaine O. Rosche Scott, $562,000.

Winnebago Rd., 6217-Christopher D. Libertelli and Yuki E. Noguchi to Kevin Andrew and Damara Leanne Chambers, $1.87 million.

Woodhaven Blvd., 8204-Donna and Jeremiah Courtney to William S. and Anne G. Reynolds, $862,000.


Autumn Gold Rd., 14404-George K. and Kimberly G. Penn to Yeon and Ena Choi, $646,000.

Ethel Rose Way, 13007-Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Qunfang Li and Yu Song, $330,000.


Queen Elizabeth Dr., 18644-D. Elliot and Phyllis A. Parris to Kirsten S. and Marco Candia, $420,000.


Bruton Parish Way, 3545, No. 24-Seyede Arash Yousefi to Josephine Melodie Ngo Tonye, $275,000.

Castle Ridge Way, 14034, No. 25-U.S. Bank to Harry Yeung, $291,200.

Craiglawn Rd., 3008-Christopher J. and Lisa M. Rager to Priscilla Ester Perez, $415,000.

Hawkesbury Lane, 513-Bank of America National Association to Rene E. Benitez, $415,000.

Locksley Lane, 13449-Robert J. and Katherine A. Campbell to Aaron Steward, $517,000.

Snow Cloud Lane, 3418-Oladipo and Olushoia Ashafa to John D. and Dowu L. Greene, $385,000.


Chevy Chase Dr., 4800, No. 305-Seth W. Schrieber to Patricia Becker, $310,000.

Daniel Rd., 2910-Eric Spooner to Daniel Williamson, $1.27 million.

Leland Ct., 3-William L. and Margaret Taylor Boasberg to Jeremy and Jessica White, $1.6 million.

Quincy St., 37-Quinn O’Connell Jr. and Lucia Grenna to Andrea Pescatori and Cecilia Rosa Caglio, $2 million.

Spring Hill Lane, 9009-Stephen Joseph and Claire C. Wallace to Robert Boggio and Lauren Garry, $803,000.

Western Ave., 5632-Dorothy S. and Thomas J. Egan Jr. to Lydia C. and Christopher M. Dolan, $1.43 million.

Woodmont Ave., 7111, No. 216-Suzanne E. Schmelzer to Elizabeth Shin, $340,000.


Blacksmith Dr., 13010-Colleen Martin to Gustavo and Melissa Delgado, $427,500.

Clarksmeade Dr., 23611-Anand Raj Kimar and Candace Lynn Wilson to Ashvinkumar Chaturbhai and Parita Malaviya, $453,000.

Glacier Lily Dr., 22810-John and Stacy Krushat to Ratnesh Kumar Pandey and Sanju Gurung, $569,900.

Little Seneca Pkwy., 11862, No. 1262-Maria Regina C. and James P. Exon to Amanda K. Wolfe, $340,000.

Scholl Manor Way, 23200, No. 1312-Farhad Dan and Sheida Ahdoot to Mawuko Kpelevi and Jessica D. Kokou Sey, $380,000.

Tannery Ridge Dr., 13111-Gyeonghye Han and Wontai Ro to Raoul Herve Nanga Mbongo, $395,000.


Butterchurn Lane, 15013-Francois Francheshi to Jordan and Katheryn Rosenbaum, $520,000.

Edgeware St., 2125-Vernice G. Buell to Robert Pernell and Min Ju Spriggs, $431,000.

Norwood Rd., 64-Sonia Batres and Maria E. Fuentes to Myra S. Borja Romero, $275,000.

Stonegate Dr., 29-Donald R. and Lynette A. Stauffer to Adisu G. Tedla and Haimanot Getahun, $527,500.


Angela Ct., 25031-Mark Eugene Holland to Alex C. Reyes and Jamila J. Graham Prentice, $270,000.

Middleboro Dr., 10825-Christopher and Shelle Corder to Jorge and Stephanie M. Lopez, $484,900.

Valley Park Ct., 35-Brenda Diane White to Melanie A. and Daniel P. Freed, $235,000.


Bethayres Rd., 16811-Michael Leonard and Melissa Kaye Colavito to Douglas K. Berkowitz and Samantha Guidon, $520,000.

Epsilon Dr., 7520-Michael D. and Bethany Kaye to Tarinnel J. and Nicole Williams, $445,000.

Hiawatha Lane, 7739-Viven Lewis and Marco Farfan to Lia Clearfield, $361,500.

Millcrest Terr., 7281, No. 1-3-Jason and Kathryn Poppe to Jason Adam Levy and Katharyn Maria Baca, $305,000.

Oskaloosa Dr., 7417-Al Douglas and Jane M. Turner to Luis Carlos and Gabriela Verduguez, $620,000.

Tribeca St., 8050-CP Asset Corp. to Patrick K. and Jaclyn Anne Mescher, $763,615.


Brunett Ave., 9700-Matthew B. Hamilton and I. Ling S. Chen to Edward D. and George J. Hernandez, $501,500.

Dunmoor Dr. S., 10617-Daniel and Kara Hallis to Lev Louis Mazeres and Alexandra H. Porr, $495,000.

Foxglove Lane, 11104-Caroline Lee White and estate of Mariko Shinoda Wright to Jim and Suzy Finelli, $300,000.

Gregorio Dr., 822-Arlene R. and Charlotte Golden to John R. McClay, $240,000.

Lockridge Dr., 10615-Chor Kiat and Winnie Lai Sim to Yin Chao and Carly Seng, $412,500.

Manchester Rd., 8536, No. 1-3-Blanca Jackson to John and Devon Melville, $325,000.

Saffron Lane, 9111-Erika and Dave Romeus to John Ronald Lampkins and Susan Schader, $415,000.

Thornhill Rd., 9505-Aaron Q. and Ashley E. Rogers to Erich F. and Bethany L. Klein, $705,000.

Wayne Ave. E., 95, No. 403-Thomas Pham to Andrew Tyler Russell, $150,000.


Badenloch Way, 7902, No. 101-Laverne Webb and Regina Jacobs to Santiago Caceres and Aylin Hernandez Morales, $138,000.

Brenish Dr., 7459-Edmier Ramos to Linda Al Lewis, $349,000.

Cherry Laurel Lane, 18517-Robert Virden and Tehseen Jafary to Nicholas T. and Heidi Francois, $355,000.

Cinnabar Ct., 1-Matthew G. and Diana Avery to Haodan and Haoqin Zheng and Wenfeng Chen, $410,000.

Gardenia Way, 18316-Jose M. and Cridad E. Quintana to Oswaldo D. Ceron and Michelle M. Rivera, $410,000.

Guildberry Dr., 18411, No. 302-Yoron and Emily Singer Hurvitz to Itamar Etay and Andrea Simhony, $120,000.

Mandolin Ct., 525-Lidia E. De La Cruz and Nicolasa Pastor to Eric M. and Lawrence J. Zevallos, $250,000.

Raven Ave., 725-Karen E. Sieger to Youn J. Bang, $405,000.

Whetstone Glen St., 643-Paul L. Chang and Mariane Wong to Si Hong Bi, $369,500.


Argosy Dr., 204-Jasbir Singh Matharu to Yin Liu and Yinghui Shi, $660,000.

Bucksfield Rd., 123-Andrew and Sherri Lendner to Natalie Lynn Board, $445,000.

Chestnut Hill St., 314-Ryan Aschenbech to Ronda Hartzel, $617,500.

County Ct., 9, No. 15-5-Daniel R. Chapman to Ramon Olaf and Adalei Broers, $320,000.

Dodie Dr., 13218-Joseph C. and Kathleen T. Famulare to Wai Chan and Wai Ling Donna Lai, $700,000.

Frances Green Dr., 11417-Robert W. Stover and estate of Constance M. Stover to Farangis and Abdolali Rafi, $603,000.

Hendrix Ave., 409-Jeevan Puri to Daniel and Rebecca Sommer, $674,000.

Kendrick Pl., 122, No. 12-Kenneth Leong and Belkis Leong Hong to Mariana and Timothy R. Swann, $269,000.

Lake Varuna Mews., 744-Paul R. and Michele K. Lumsden to Ryan and Tracy Aschenbach, $845,000.

Main St., 628A-Jean L. Rodrigues to Christina Quinones, $383,000.

Mustang Hill Ct., 6-Hong Qiang Gao and Wei Zhao to Sharmin Rahman, $600,000.

Quince Valley Dr., 12244-Brian C. and Belinda F. O’Berry to Daniel and Thamar Gonzalez Kaufman, $650,114.

Redding Ridge Dr., 16-Jacob Orin and Jennifer Renee Wolfsheimer to Ravishankar Prabhakar and Nanjundamurthy Rachana, $640,000.

Seurat Dr., 15809-Jennifer H. and Baeil Peter Park to Candice and Trevor Subero, $750,000.

Sour Cherry Way, 12341-Benjamin M. and Kelly S. Gruitt to Brian Bun and Joanna W. Leung, $435,000.

Sweetbough Ct., 12370-John E. and Helen C. Copsey to Sean Christopher Patro and Brittany Lee Good, $447,000.


Afternoon Lane, 20546-Marcus J. and Grace E. Hull to Lauren L. Miller, $324,900.

Autumn Mist Cir., 13205-Richard L. and Renee C. Gaudin to Julius O. and Jesselda P. Bagasbas, $415,000.

Beaconfield Terr., 20309, No. 202-Mark D. Randall and Taryn L. Aloi to Steven Anthony Montecino, $210,000.

Chalet Dr., 18110, No. 12-103-Achal Dua and Sangita Kathuria to Pablo E. and Shirley R. Rivera, $182,500.

Copper Ridge Rd., 13306-Alan L. and Bonnie J. Speich to Tarek Habal, $570,000.

Crosstie Dr., 13867-Felix Yixian Yin to Kathryn E. Mellott and James C. Fielding, $337,300.

Eagles Roost Dr., 18520-Mark D. and Donna J. Timmons to Miso Sofia Juhnn, $275,000.

Forest Brook Ct., 7-Bernard M. and May H. Garcia to Seong K. Lee and Jinsook Goo, $499,900.

Laurel Hill Way, 20233-Shaun Underkoffler and Lesley A. Tarongoy to Joey Chambers and Jenny C. Chang, $400,000.

Meander Cove Dr., 13232, No. 38-Rosa A. Rosado to Roshanak Fardad, $205,000.

Pinnacle Dr., 12977, No. 2-Alton L. Linghtsey to Kong B. Shao, $298,900.

Rockingham Rd., 14011-Parag and Neelam Vaidya to Brian M. and Megan Isaacson, $429,000.

Shadyside Way, 20623, No. 108-7-Theresa Sieler to Scott Broussard and Lexus Krause, $195,000.

Stone Hollow Dr., 18443-Giezi Guevara to Fernando A. Lazo, $305,000.

Tidewinds Way, 20200-Thomas E. and Ann M. Sullivan to Narin Hunbanit, $370,000.

Treebranch Terr., 18915-Jinlong and Guixia Zhou to Emily Hsiangmin Lu and Zachary M. Gartenberg, $325,000.

Wedgeport Lane, 13304-Joseph E. and Sharon L. Bender to Bishow Raj Batola and Ramisha Bhattarai, $275,000.

Winding Creek Way, 12025-Ashley R. and Samiirah Ruhomutally to Wendeline Y. Ngong, $299,000.


Decatur Ave., 4015-JHP Investment Corp. to Meredith C. Gobbi, $358,000.

Hillridge Dr., 9600-Eric Scott Bogel and Laura Lee Cantillo to Francis Gregory Shepperd and Patricia Ann Dinsmore, $949,950.

Lexington Ct., 10608-Marina Dunn to Emilio Hernandez and Gabriela Cordero Rodriguez, $677,000.

Old Spring Rd., 9904-Norman Joseph and Lorraine A. Roddy to Rebecca Krantz and Danielle Springer, $892,000.

Saul Rd., 4514-Vincent J. and Katherine C. Vaghi to Andrew and Lauren Flickinger, $820,000.


Golf Estates Dr., 21319-U.S. Bank National Association and J.P. Morgan Mortgage Trust to Earl E. and Anna M. Kittleson, $650,000.

Newbury Rd., 24208-Matthew M. and Chrisina F. Moore to Randy and Tricia Schmitz, $442,000.


Brassie Pl., 19429, No. 103-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Stephen Ouellette, $103,000.

Brookridge Ct., 9851-Elvis Kamsu Bounga and Ghislaine Nana Fankem to Gustavo Adolfo Escobar Romero, $200,000.

Club Lake Rd., 19671-NMA Homes Corp. to Michelle P. Agostini, $277,900.

Hawk Run Terr., 8510-Jorge L. Melendez and Vilma Ausejo to Marion Ulises and Wendy S. Lopez, $278,000.

Islandside Dr., 9820-Kristen W. Graham to Marilyn R. Leung, $250,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 9843-Jardin M. Punzalan to Mohammad Samim Sediqi, $245,000.

Marketree Cir., 8412-Michael M. and Diana A. Bartell to Liliana M. Rodriguez Rubio, $445,000.

Ravenglass Way, 8700-Humberto and Gloria Duarte to Jose A. Acosta Sepulveda and Giovana V. Marcelo Aburto, $272,000.

Smoothstone Way, 18912, No. 3-Nora P. Bell to Manuel H. Merchan Persantez and Sara Ilda Haro Asipuela, $110,000.


New Hampshire Ave., 10612-Cindy Kim Chi Nguyen and Mike Ngo to Evans Mariano Kakpovi, $798,000.

Sweetbriar Pkwy., 10535-Michael D. and Pamela C. Mason to Cynthia Rebecca McCabe, $770,000.


Beret Pl., 13704-F. Robert Troll Jr. to Cornell and Levette H. Chasten, $475,000.

Carriage Square Pl., 2105-John P. and Brenda J. Soder to Patricia Ann, Reginald L. and Patrick A. Brown, $328,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3911, No. 16-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Stanley Blorstad, $289,000.

Ewood Lane, 13206-Scott and Michele R. Lyons to Caryn N. Bruyere, $435,000.

Gilpin Rd., 14506-Robert E. and Elizabeth C. Lesser to Ian Weise, $525,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3234, No. 3-2-B-Otis and Cassandra Sugg Smith to Luis A. Chaparro and Glenda M. Begazo Jacob, $135,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-109-Stanley P. Blorstad to Bette and William O’Connor, $189,000.

Kandinsky Loop, 161-Winchester Homes Inc. to Atiya Safiya and John Michael Aguilar, $481,468.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2921, No. 1-218-Dorothy Cannon Pratt and estate of Dorothy V. Vincent to Adam and Ngoc Truog, $110,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-620-William S. Fralin and estate of Rosella M.O’Neill to Roberta Hershberg, $169,900.

Littleton St., 12406-Boonyaporn and Plueng Pirintr to Alfredo Solano, $425,000.

Minden Rd., 3905-Fernando R. and Nilda M. Verduguez to Liza R. and Zia Sami Lieberman, $440,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15301, No. 86-2C-Jennifer Lynn Zaudtke and estate of Shawn Hughes to Ann Shuman Berman, $140,000.

Taos Ct., 14428, No. 5-G-MTGLQ Investors to Jenny K. Padilla, $165,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12930-James S. Murphy to Rene Hernandez, $250,000.


Cannes Lane, 4411-Kevin S. Haney and Nooshin K. Fard to Samuel and Jordan M. Simuzoshya, $322,500.

Fulford St., 4024-Jill Marie and Kevin O. Judge to Maria R. Castro and James Patrick Exon, $479,449.

Moss Side Lane, 17149, No. 8-Benjamin A. Guterman and Susan E. Leach to Rachel Hillary Nachman and Joseph Foley Mann, $334,600.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18026, No. 279-Mark E. Wallen and estate of Laura Elizabeth Wallen to Jennifer M. Hagan, $255,000.

Snowberry Way, 18420-Drew A. and Anne Denicoff to Joseph P. and Kathryn B. Ulerich, $675,000.

Wagonwheel Ct., 18035-Isela Camrales Martin to Teresina M. and Kenneth L. Robbins, $330,000.

Windsor Hill Dr., 18218, No. 305-Michael W. Burd to Marisa Van Der Eijk, $169,500.


Fisher Ave., 19500-Susan A. Homire and to Andrew M. Navarro and Norma C. Pimentel Herrera, $374,000.

Seneca Chase Park Rd., 17300-Robert C. and Valerie J. Corekin to Brittany Lavonne and John William Boehm, $532,500.


Charen Lane, 11810-Pavel A. Abaev and Elena I. Denisova to Chondon and Jacqueline D’Costa, $1.32 million.

Congressional Pkwy., 9010-Loretta M. and Edward M. Downey to Marc D. and Eileen F. Weller, $4.12 million.

Democracy Lane, 10318-Gary M. and Dorothy Wolfe Welsh to Rafael Garcia Andreata and Zhi Boon, $775,000.

Falls Chapel Way, 9224-Michael Lee to Lei Wang and Li Liu, $950,000.

Gainsborough Rd., 11925-James Hyman and Jessie Nathans to Sumee Oh, $855,000.

Gregerscroft Rd., 11801-Mark E. and Karen L. Kaufman to Daniel M. and Helena Lopez, $1.07 million.

Hunt Club Dr., 11204-Richard S. and Beverly Rudman to Ronald M. Hapler, $800,000.

Larkmeade Lane, 10809-Ronald E. and Linda Recht to Eduardo Augusto Olaberrie and Lucia Irene Visus, $855,000.

Muirfield Ct., 7865-Judith Starr Crawford to Carla Marcolin, $535,000.

Stanmore Dr., 10821-William E. and Terry Soule Witowsky to Jonathan Reuben and Ivana Lisavac Bloom, $1.9 million.

Tallyho Trail, 8817-Douglas J. and Stephanie Behr to Guang Jin and Jiaojiao Gu, $920,000.

Turnberry Dr., 9461-Gregory and Catherine A. Miles to Christopher P. and Susan Marchand, $997,000.


Cedarwood Dr., 11149-Todd E. and Melissa M. Phillips to Nimesh Thapa and Bhawana Khadka, $712,000.

College Pkwy., 846, No. 11-Marlene J. Dunsmore to Dianne E. Lee, $356,500.

Cushman Rd., 11505-Kevin B. and Moira J. Anderson to Spencer David Stone and Jessica R. Milby, $1.16 million.

Englishman Pl., 5505, No. 141-Martin J. and Kimberly G. Emerson to Frederick and Joanna S. Tsai, $617,500.

Farm Haven Dr., 999-Ronald and Gail L. Daumit Minsk to Gregory A. and Bonnie Minoff, $947,500.

Grey Hollow Ct., 11908, No. 83-Lee R. Ramsayer to Eric D. and Rebecca L. Zatz, $747,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 313-Randall Bartow to Sundar Ganesan and Swapna Sundar, $162,000.

Hollow Tree Lane, 11408-Carlos Ignacio Suarez Anzorena and Carolina Tagliabue to Andrew A. Tobon, $1.2 million.

Lauderdale Dr., 12103-Abraham and Harriet S. Schwartz to Jiancun Rao, $445,000.

Mannakee St., 515-Elaine Gebell and Philip Sparer to Matthew C. Udvardy and Amy K. Castner, $670,000.

Monroe St., 4, No. 701-Sonia Cruz Sandoval to Jiayan Gu, $130,000.

Oak Knoll Terr., 901-Frances Taoran Sun to Eric Ying Tai and Mary Zhang, $938,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 717-Mohammad Hossein Sharifi and Mahasty M. Vaziri to Ruth D. Molano and Antonell Pileggi, $540,000.

Paulsboro Dr., 911-Casey A. Nelson and estate of Michael P. Nelson to Patrick and Theresa Reed, $507,000.

Redgate Farms Ct., 1723-Carlos Alberto Neto to Jasna Marie and Dax Rodulfa Blemberg, $370,000.

Rockville Pike, 11801, No. 1607-Uzi Karus to Saliha Selda Aytekin and Can Bozkurt, $168,000.

Sulky Lane, 7024-Michael E. and Dori Katherine Morper to Kenneth L. Lebrun, $903,000.

Wickshire Way, 11038, No. B-5-Benoit A. and Therese Y. Taiclet to Xiaoxuan Anne Zheng, $622,000.


Apperson Way, 11514-Swarn Bhandari to William Botero, $315,000.

Cabana Dr., 20416-Deborah K. Gafner to Lumu Manandhar, $400,000.

Crystal View Ct., 19702-Frederick C. and Jenilyn K. Justo to Lovetti M. Dwanah, $529,000.

Eton Manor Dr., 11820, No. 101-Wendy Lee Julian to Veronica M. Jaua, $209,900.

Stardrift Dr., 12102-John E. and Helen F. Horton to Ahmed Taher Masood Sayeed, $502,500.


Columbia Blvd., 9340-Steve Spaeth and Laura Stewart to Samuel Robert White and Brittany Ciara Muetzel, $580,000.

Flora Terr., 1420-Seiden Enterprises Corp. to Lori Ann Ehrlich and Richard Sean Fulton, $650,000.

Pershing Dr., 418-Debra Bingham and Kent Hamilton to Thor Nelson and Catherine Maulsby, $726,000.

Violet Pl., 816-Donal D. and Michele Kingsey Bruice to Ziad Paul Haddad, $759,000.

Wayne Ave., 802-Joshua Wadsworth and Nicole Spear to Brian R. Phelan, $630,000.


Phillips Oak Dr., 15812-Ernest Sinanan to Wyman O. Jones, $450,000.


Elson Pl., 1319-Ryan and Margaret Scully to Kimberly M. Siegal and Colin W. Christensen, $554,000.

Lee Ave., 111, No. 312-Augustus G. and Elizabeth M. Adams to Dorina Baptiste, $239,000.

Takoma Ave., 7303-Susan R.A. Bortnick and David S. Bortnick to Gretta Stone, $811,000.


Calvin Lane, 503-Seth Adam Strawbridge to Claire A. Whiteman and Osmar Esterque Jr., $387,000.


Adams Ct., 4082-Eric Delgado to Steven Adams Sr., $546,000.

Arcola Ave., 2008-Vu T. Bui and Van Cam Tham to Joshua and Ketelin Jackson, $429,000.

Bucknell Dr., 10860, No. 302-Andrew Gerlach and Angela Ianni to Suryany P. Diggs, $315,000.

Constance St., 1513-Alfred M. and Beverly I. Barros to James Q. Lauer, $420,000.

Flowering Tree Terr., 2010-Suzanne Djidjoli to Max W. Rothwell and Maria A. Urdaneta Rothwell, $300,000.

Hermitage Ave., 2113-Joel M. Kennet and Sharon L. Turner to Tegawende Leone Zongo and Baguima Bayala, $436,500.

Kersey Rd., 1012-Kenneth Frank and Tasha N. Solomon to Michael and Rachel Sushner, $469,000.

Leesborough Dr., 2201-Zhi and Peng Yan Lin to Yiong Chen and Hong Lin, $380,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2702-Joan V. and Thomas M. Mouer to Maureen P. and Arthur Whelan, $466,500.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 212-A-Timothy Brennan to Dong S. and Kwang Soon Yang, $100,000.

Walsh View Terr., 2113, No. 9-Dung Thi Kin Vo and Stephen Mark Petterson to Sana Tabite, $234,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Mountain Approach Rd., 7518-Derick Ogg to Thomas J. O’Hare III, $350,000.


Brunswick St., 311-Robert E. and Cathey J. Dawson to Maria G. Brumm, $300,000.

C St. W., 8-Steven and Megan M. Root to Maggie M. Marston, $238,000.

H St. E., 11-Nicholas Cononie and Kelsi Nakielny to Ali R. Kenworthy, $210,000.

Martins Creek Dr., 512-NVR Inc. to Paul Wood, $527,999.

Potomac St. W., 522-Estate of Sylvia H. Quesenberry 43195 to Scott A. Fowler, $160,000.

Scheer St., 1312-NVR Inc. to Raymond and Tracey Reid, $290,935.

Volunteer Dr., 1313-Gary and Colette Diane Nelson to Lloyd Alton McPherson and Sherraine Rawlins Bacchus, $419,000.


Aaron Ct., 4645-Kevin C. and Audrey D. Colgan to Todd Joseph and Susan Heishman, $440,000.

Joe Foss Way, 4702-NVR Inc. to William Bane Schill and Deborah Hodge, $538,960.

Teen Barnes Rd., 4406-Charles F. and Shirley I. Cligan to Sixto Cubias, $304,500.


Old Gettysburg Rd., 17527-Ferdinand Johannes Myers to Jackie E. and Ann Marie Haines, $265,000.

Tract Rd., 17611-Beverly Ann Fitzgerald to Kevin S. and Stacy L. Beall, $274,900.


Allington Manor Cir. E., 7027-Albert and Simone Brock to Miguel A. Suarez Dominguez and Lizzet B. Suarez, $445,000.

Arctic Tern Ct., 4924-Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Yan Zhang, $192,000.

Avonshire Pl., 5630, No. H-Marco and Shirley Cristino to Jacob M. Holland and Haley Isabella, $174,999.

Ballenger Run Blvd., 6519-NVR Inc. to Jonathan O’Neill and Tara Nicholas, $287,990.

Basswood Rd., 7010-Gilmour K. Sheates to Angela M. Algire, $178,000.

Britannic Pl., 6529-DR Horton Inc. to Vitaliy M. and Cassie Khlebnikov, $349,990.

Cambria Rd., 4615-DR Horton Inc. to John F. and Lakesha L. Mulheron, $344,990.

Charstone Ct., 5732-Timothy Coleman to Nathan L. Rivers Jr., $200,000.

Corbel Way, 6597-DR Horton Inc. to Lucas L. and Autumn M. Ricker, $364,990.

Himes Ave., 609, No. 110-Danielle Jestene Moore to Kassim and Ayishetu Ganiyou, $141,000.

Hiteshow Dr., 4893-NVR Inc. to Raven Tresler, $281,595.

Judicial Way, 5017-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Janie Sue Felton, $292,240.

Leben Dr., 5946-Dimas Guzman Turcios and Frank Taboas to Steven and Angelique Jenkins, $295,000.

Locust St., 8-KRB Corp. to Douglas Neff, $199,900.

McLauren Lane, 5107-Michael D. and Rosemary A. Home to Daniel J. McNichol, $283,000.

Murray Terr., 6151-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Shanika and Roberto Graffeo, $304,345.

Oberlin Cir., 7152-Silvercrest Properties Corp. to Terence M. and Kathleen D. Brady, $265,000.

Posey St., 6200-NVR Inc. Corporation to Courtney and Scott Low, $351,015.

Primus Ct., 515-Anthony C. Ianneo to Peter and Glenda Huyser, $245,000.

Red Ct., 600-Charles D. and Mindy E. Whitfield to Tiffany L. and Brent Warren, $419,900.

Running Springs Ct., 6849-Michael C. and Mary A. Neely to Jonathan K. Ivins, $585,000.

Tami Terr., 5852-Larry E. Wise to Nicholas A. and Katherine C. Yacovone, $275,000.

Whitfield Ct., 5818-Cynthia L. Wilcox to Karen J. Claros Lentz and Emma Claros, $155,000.


All Saints St. W., 136-Brett A. Spangler and Christine M. Davis to Sharon and Greg Jacobs, $255,000.

Bannister Ct., 6454-Maria and Julian P. Nicol to Theiry Polynice and Marie N. Laveus, $492,500.

Bentz St. N., 411-Summer S. Grossman to Jessica R. and Heidi Reif Jones, $363,000.

Birchwood Lane, 9455-Mark T. and Tarah A. Casagrande to Sabrina M. Sparkman, $276,000.

Bridgewater Ct. E., 9525-Scott E. and Amy S. King to Sean and Melissa Wooster, $505,000.

Cameron Way, 2650-Deborah J. Cannatella and Sara Diane Jandebeur to Christopher and Erin Inman, $280,000.

Dearbought Dr., 1723-Bradley A. McNeil to Timothy and Jennifer Shively, $399,900.

Fleetwood Way, 9708-Thomas and Lesley Giancoli to Philip and Alison Bowling, $390,000.

Green Valley Rd., 7431-Barbara L. Brookhart to Jesse and Darina Merriam, $399,000.

Holden Rd., 802-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Timothy Rice, $524,990.

Lindley Rd., 1010-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Dorothy Anderson Farmer and Wilson Mann, $451,566.

Market St. S., 123-Marti M. Leighton to Robert J. and Kim S. Truesdell, $470,000.

Mercer Ct., 104, No. 13-Kirk S. Burgee to Lynne MacCracken, $239,000.

Monocacy View Cir., 1806A, No. 41A-Brian C. Hanlon to Yulia Anisimov, $212,000.

Palatine Dr., 3002-Wormald Development Co. to Kenneth A. and Mary A. Sanchez, $450,000.

Ridgefield Lane, 9106-Pyung K. Yoon to Tammy Lee Cross, $267,000.

Shearwater Lane, 2818-Briana Campbell to Ginu U. Unnikrishnana and Ragi R. Unnithan, $329,000.

South St. W., 226-Yvonne H. Bourne and Michael Honsborough to Thomas B. Trott Jr., $360,000.

Stratford Way, 823, No. J-Eric Kessler to Nicole A. Mooney, $128,000.

Waterside Dr., 2500, No. 309-Colleen E. Abbott to Nancy H. Sell, $239,900.

Wheyfield Dr., 1810-Robert Pieter Jansen to Sarah Hudson, $285,000.

Third St. E., 224-John and Taryn Dee Burroughs to Rachel A. Eibling, $284,900.

Seventh St. E., 21-David L. Goldberg to Samuel P. Eng, $249,900.

14th St. E., 5-Patricia I. Garst and Sharon M. McKinney to Lindsey Nicole Hamilton and Tyler Allen Harrison, $220,000.


Autumn Leaf Lane, 7113-Terre R. and Peggy M. Rhoderick to Andrew A. and Gretchen L. Carlson, $425,000.

Brigade Cir., 2109-Joseph E. and Sharon K. Holland to Jacob and Jennifer Williams, $489,000.

Coach House Way, 2509, No. 3A-Joy L. Chambers to Wilford L. and Mary Jane Shrader, $191,000.

Conundrum Terr., 406-NVR Inc. to Alex and Kimberly Schaub, $435,615.

Dunmore Ct., 2413-Janis R. and John G. Bunch to Mildred Graves, $245,000.

Ellsworth Way, 2400, No. 1A-June S. Cowan to John C. Stock, $150,000.

Hansonville Rd., 9603-Hank Ray and Trish Marie May to Carol E. Lockhart and Susan M. Schoenly, $91,000.

Huntwood Ct., 2442-Brian E. and Lauren E. Engel Ulander to Omer Z. Bhatti, $249,900.

Livingstone Terr., 13-Laura M. Mendez Coffin to Matthew Jardeleza, $200,000.

Mountainview Dr., 6604-Lotus D. Gadd to Gabriel Alexiz Cabrera and Vanessa Corona, $279,000.

Prentice Ct., 2411-Paul and Amanda K. Sachtleben to Orvil R. Heras and Gina M. Woods, $245,000.

Rosecrans Ct., 2003-Gonzell Turner Jr. to Kaitlyn Calhoun, $230,000.

Spring Run Cir., 2071-Nicholas and Stephanie Tschohl to Ian Walker and Lauren E. Zenner, $295,000.

Sundays Lane, 7137-Stephanie Ann Shafer and Timothy E. Blank to Andrew Robert Taylor and Conny Lynn Tello, $282,500.

Toll House Ct., 111-Dermot Kiernan to Jing Lin and Fang Zheng, $254,000.

Washburn Ct., 1926-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. Corp. to Kathleen A. Vardon, $631,202.

Wetherburne Way, 2262-Christopher L. and Stefanie G. Ashley to Mustafa Karakus, $255,000.

William Franklin Dr., 2003-Andre R. Pippen and Betty Sanders to Larell J. and Crystal Warnock, $375,000.


Beerse St., 10008-NVR Inc. to James Walls II, $320,000.

Garland Ct., 5107-Julia Williams Selby to Geoffrey William Prin and Lauren Paradise, $525,000.

Hutzell St., 10054-NVR Inc. to Ruben Cayetano and Maricela Araujo Chagoya, $556,990.

Lindsey Ct., 3060-Linda J. Orante to Zachary D. and Jennifer B. Modig, $599,900.

Saint George Pl., 7706-Michael W. and Amy Jo Bednarcik to Matthew J. and Lea A. Evans, $622,000.


Jefferson Pike., 736-Dana L. Wright to Mark E. Kline, $286,000.

Mountain Rd. S., 3718-Teresa E. Justice and Patsy J. Loudan to David S. Johnsonbaugh, $210,000.


New Windsor Rd., 13825-Kyle T. Boone to Stavros Gerogiannis, $250,000.


Keller Lane, 10-Susan McQuade and Douglas Mikleson to Valerie Woods, $305,000.

Springbrook Ct. E., 7301-Daniel A. and Stacey L. Burkje to Maria Gabriela Alayza Castro, $192,000.


Greenridge Dr., 3837-Carolyn Ann Gooding to Justin and Megan Sandy, $390,000.

Moline Ct., 3628-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Mark Radford and Robin Xander Hayden, $666,555.

Overlook Dr., 12187A-Cheri R. Smith to Shawn D. Johnston and Samantha M. Karis, $405,000.

Seths Folly Dr., 4536-NVR Inc. to Jason Hittel and Johanna Koenig, $378,715.

Tinder Box Cir., 4506-NVR Inc. to Meaghan Sanchez and Anton C. and Lisa K. Kriss, $400,000.

Viridian Terr., 4361-Winchester Homes Inc. to Amar and Sagoon Thapa, $404,125.


Harrisville Rd., 14801-German and Lana Ruiz to Curtis Ryan Thompson and Haley E. Singleton, $335,000.

Meadowgreen Dr., 1009-Claudia Spivey and David McCombs to Christopher Nolan and Michelle Orange, $505,000.

Quiet Stream Ct., 12504-Eugene E. Meeks and Barbara M. Giacomo to Walter Ramirez and Ana Yancy Gonzalez, $340,000.

West Rd., 104-David R. and Jaime M. Jordan to Leroy K. Ellenwood, $327,990.


Fox Rock Dr., 52-Paul A. and Maura David to Kolawole O. Tugbiyele, $376,500.

Old Harmony Rd., 8915-James S. Fitzsimmons III and Bridget Burge to Robert N. and Kathleen M. Curran, $280,000.


Boyers Mill Rd., 5503-Kenneth E. and Elizabeth A. Lamb to Angela Morale, $370,000.

Chickadee Lane, 6815-Ryan Legacy Builders Inc. to Thomas E. and Brittany A. Popomaronis, $344,100.

Dorseys Chance, 205-New Market Residential LLC and Oak Hill Properties to Jeremiah D. and Lindsay N. Poehlman, $530,000.

Lake Edge Ct., 10743-Corey T. and Tammy C. Immer to Andrew J. and Cara L. Dawes, $305,000.

Morning Glory Trail, 5635-Marc Burford to Andrew Miles Conisbee and Kristen Wood, $430,000.

Orchard Crest Cir., 426-Jaclyn Michelle Nilan to John Francis and Dana Marie Sharpe, $487,000.

Rimrock Rd., 6527-Layn and Tedra Lesniewski to Casey Lee Licausi and Alyssa G. Barlow, $285,000.

Shavano Rd. E., 6857-MS Aspen North Corp. to Kalen Christopher and Megan Elizabeth Scott, $439,280.

Steamboat Way S., 6189-Hedwig Rivers to John W. Hawkins, $242,900.


Ballenger Creek Pike., 1708-Joseph H. and Barbara A. Paciotti to Lester B. and Sadie E. Bird, $330,000.

Tuck Ave., 3711-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Darlene E. Smith, $244,900.


Carroll St. N., 148-Cindy L. Long to Anthony C. Cregger, $65,000.

Hammaker St. E., 104-Della Lewis and Joseph G. Alexander to Jeremy M. Pelovitz, $197,900.

Mantle Ct., 17-John G. and Brenda Woelfel to John David and Sandra Larenas Bull, $375,000.

Vista Ave., 21-Joshua R. and Rachel R. Workman to Joseph Garland, $259,900.


Broad Branch Way, 5905-NVR Inc. to Jeremy D. Brown, $521,985.

Denison St., 3628-Loyalyn J. Walther to Richard A. Felice Jr., $487,500.

Golden Eagle Rd., 5513-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Hubert M. Kuete and Anne Marlyse Wanko, $584,485.

Kenway Lane, 9134-Gerald R. and Robyn E. Courtright to Devin and Renee C. Hoeckle, $495,000.

Pine Bluff Rd., 8428-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to Kami V. Nolke, $314,870.

Spicebush Dr., 3719-Darrin G. and Sayo Campen to Tima Thomas and Sojan Abraham, $530,500.

Stone Barn Dr., 3213-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Daniel and Mary K. Eakin, $466,000.

Tavistock Rd., 3651-John W. and Shauna Folk to Erin K. Harvey, $405,000.

Wasatch View Dr., 3001-NVR Inc. to Michael and Jaclyn Libby, $813,053.


Buchanan Dr., 8209-Jeffrey Erik and Jessica Elise Hanson to John Joseph and Allison Duffy, $395,000.

Cramer Ave., 201-John R. and Jean A. Dalinsky to Carlos G. Barragan, $375,000.

Fallsworth Pl., 306-Kenneth C. and Christy R. Evans to Robert L. and Laura L. Allen, $399,900.

Triumphant Ct., 8896-Adam and Megan Cornelius to Clinton Robert Ward, $304,000.


Main St. S., 202-Terry E. McMahon to Justin M. and Jennifer Piege, $275,000.

Second St. S., 302-Donald W. Crum and estate of Betty W. Crum to Bethany Gail Strobel, $243,000.