Montgomery County

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Arctic Ave., 14314-Husna R. Baksh and estate of Zabeeda Baksh to Bing Wu, $460,000.

Bauer Dr., 14301-Matthew C. and Tracy B. Merrell to Ian and Aubrey Marcus, $515,000.

Chesterfield Rd., 14121-Jason and Stephanie A. Adams to Rachid Boumhaoud and Seranush Ozkan, $480,000.

Faroe Ct., 4409-Jonathan Reitkopp to Riad Abu Farih, $410,000.

Manor House Terr., 15426-Myra D. Rosen to Catherine Anderson, $425,000.

Oaktree Rd., 4312-Mary R. Purcell to Kevin M. Kommit, $315,000.

Southend Rd., 4005-Jane E. Radrod to Darrel M. David, $450,000.

Vandalia Dr., 13523-Duncan and Mary Helen McIntosh to Aaron R. Levine, $427,000.


Adelaide Dr., 9319-Julianne MacKinnon to David Engorn and Casey Magor, $575,000.

Bannockburn Ridge Ct., 7307-Barbara D. Heft to Elaine M. Currie, $920,000.

Bayard Blvd., 4913-John M. and Linda C. McAuliffe to Jeremy B. Cohn and Nicole L. Hornstein, $737,000.

Brook Lane N., 107-Jose G. and Jessica L. Hernandez to Patrick and Kelley Flynn, $910,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 503-FH Bethesda SL RCU Corp. to Anne S. Gray, $419,896.

Carlton St., 5213-Robert Andrew Lawrence and Laura Jean Gregory to Helen Rhee and Tarki Taybi, $1.77 million.

Chestnut St., 4621-RSC Investments Corp. to Matthew and Lesley Montesi Renna, $1.74 million.

Dudley Ct., 6, No. 4-Jeffrey R. and Michelle Ann Strich to Kate Faxon St. Georges, $400,000.

Exfair Rd., 7002-Franklin Scott Koonce to Alexandra E. Gichner, $1.3 million.

Farnham Dr., 10241-Craig Phillip Johnson to Victor E. and Rachel N. Palmeiro, $755,000.

Glenbrook Rd., 7819-Alison M. Curtis and David J. Andrews to Kenneth Mattern and Julia Court Ryan, $1.49 million.

Greentree Rd., 5615-Michelle Y. Levesque to Andrew C. and Charlotte S.M. Meldrum, $804,000.

Hawthorne Rd., 8210-Mohan Srinivasan to Avenir Mulita and Manjola Tase, $883,500.

Honeybee Lane, 8609-Meiyun and Thomas Y. Ko to Tao Wang and Jing Guan, $1.2 million.

Lindale Dr., 9002-Julie A. and Aaron S. Brand to Jae Hoon Kwon, $719,000.

Lowell Pl., 8805-Yolanda A. and Elias A. Parra to Aaron Eugene and Stacy Hope Shafran, $918,000.

Newmarket Dr., 7506-Alison O. Seiler to Pallassana Krishnan Ai Mei Chang and Matthew W. Kannan, $825,000.

Pooks Hill Rd., 5336-Calvin T. and Flora H. Milans to Diego O. Aguirre Herreria and Holly D. Maso, $470,000.

Ridge Pl., 8919-Bryan C. and Nicole R. Taylor to Can and Susann Yerebakan, $1.49 million.

Roosevelt St., 5717-Jaikumar Ramasawamy and Deepa A. Mandym to Michael Stoll and Adele Paynter, $1.07 million.

Sentinel Dr., 5009, No. 56-Maribeth Riedmann to Devon Jinar, $301,000.

Thornbush Lane, 10328-Joseph M. and Barbara A. Zamoiski to Rodrigo Navas Oremuno and Porras Porras, $925,000.

Walton Rd., 5816-Flora L. Sanders to Natalie A. Albina, $685,000.

Weymouth St., 10524, No. W-David W. Nazarian to Peiyuan Zhou, $218,000.

Winston Dr., 6305-Edwards Group Corp. to Devang K. and Bijal S. Doshi, $1.67 million.

Worthington Dr., 5133-Anne Frederick and Linwood R. Starbird to Sarah Bowsky, $962,500.


Bright Plume Terr., 18409-James D. and Allison K. Winslow to Jacob Robert and Judy O. Zangrilli, $602,000.

Fable Dr., 18319-Faried and Roya Teymourian to Christian Ahmed and Maeisha Ticole Durand, $640,000.


Dellabrooke Farm Way, 19014-Daniel T. and Karen D. Everett to Blake Adam and Amy E. Buckingham, $789,000.

Saint Albert Terr., 2443-Kelly C. Williams to Ryan E. and Amy C. Gregory, $479,000.


Childress Terr., 3632-Marilin Perez to Cam Linh Thi Lu and Minh H. Nguyen, $315,000.

Wexhall Terr., 14711, No. 16-170-Eyob Solomon Asfaw and Tsedenia Fikru to Faith C. Kunda, $269,000.


Banbury Pl., 13208-Linda Tawfik to Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema, $447,000.

Carlisle Ct., 13708-Christopher and Elaine Hammond to Jody L. Callihan and Christine M. Bergeron, $433,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 12825-Pauline O. Witter to Yeheyis T. Negussie, $470,000.

Pretoria Dr., 12437-Mark S. and Ondine L. Doore to Ronald Ray Trani and Maria Lourdes Adolfo Silvestre, $465,000.

Staley Manor Dr., 1743-Arcadio Gonzalez to Sarah M. Pevey, $278,000.


Aspen St., 4122-Edward T. and Patricia N. Garner to Andres and Kaitlin Panza, $1.1 million.

Chevy Chase Dr., 4844, No. 149-Debra Gartner and Jacob Van Der Gaag to Lorina G. Allin, $631,000.

Dorset Ave., 4922-Michael O. and Kathy Wagner Hill to Sloane C. and Nathan E. Hurst, $1.68 million.

Leland St., 3701-Mary R. and Patrick J. Dean to William Jackson Shock, $1.68 million.

Quincy St., 115-Nader Momeni to Evan and Marisa Wechsler, $1.96 million.

Stewart Dr., 3717-Una Owen and Oleg C. Enikeieff to Christopher A. Albina, $650,000.

Willard Ave., 4515, No. 1518S-Alberto E. Chong and Luisa Zanforlin to Nicole Lynn Sweeney, $265,000.

Woodside Pl., 6917-Matthew C. and Kathryn Freeman Vita to Shelby Patrick Hunt and Kay Tu Lam, $1.35 million.


Brewers Tavern Terr., 13112-Xiaobo Li and Ping Luo to Steve and Diteria Vargas, $565,000.

Comus Rd., 15520-John R. Maley to John Pawlak and Erynn Hall, $248,000.

Glenbow Way, 22414-Pacific Union Financial Corp. to Prakash Sankurathri, $296,177.

Little Seneca Pkwy., 11918, No. 2452-Mawuko K. Kpelevi and Jessica D. Sey to Christopher Ellis and Mehrnoush Karimian Ainsworth, $345,000.

Petrel St., 13715-Winchester Homes to Noel and Jessica Agurado, $426,000.

Petrel St., 13733-Winchester Homes Inc. to Matthew Michael and Jennifer Elise Haggerty, $438,335.

Spicebush Dr., 22933, No. 1481-Thomas Franklin Bryant to Joong Hee Kim, $300,000.


Cobblestone Dr., 14501-Narasimha P. and Sheela Kadambi to Melissa Brand, $525,000.

Ednor Rd., 1104-Sterling National Bank to Thomas Alexander Nam Tarr and Erica Yi Tarr, $375,000.

Orangewood St., 14516-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jose S. Iglesias and Maria S. Rivera De Iglesias, $430,000.

Twig Terr., 1301-Pha Huynh and Ha Duong to Laura and Christopher Sean Corvelli, $315,000.


Ridge Rd., 24300-Chintan M. Bhavsar to Ruben Sean and Michelle Maire Pollack, $499,990.


Briardale Terr., 7821-Dan E. Richey to Devon S. Singer and Emily M. Jarvis, $338,000.

Epsilon Dr., 7800-Carla Jane Gardner to Pamela G. Cliford, $292,500.

Indian Hills Dr., 7522-Khanh Cong and Xuelian Y. Nguyen to Sue Young and Thomas Saemin Han, $406,000.


Trundle Rd., 18401-Eleanor E. Trueman to Eric L. and Courtney Ives, $1.1 million.


Cherry Tree Lane, 9834-Helen Thuronyi to Christopher Davitt and Jessica Devine Smith, $370,000.

Franklin Ave. E., 305-Patrick and Joann Lenhardt to Enid Aliaj and Alexandra Megan Quinn, $448,100.

Heron Ct., 910-Nancy Joyce Teague and Farid Jarrous to Michael F. and Adriana G. Colins, $380,000.

Lockwood Dr., 10910-Asmamaw Atnafu Mengistie and Meswait Tessema to Tadiwos and Eyob Taddese, $449,000.

Manchester Rd., 8601, No. 320-Stanley F. and Jessica M. Barsch to Careema Yusuf, $134,500.

Ocala St., 9505-William C. and Janette C. Choi to Lyndsey M. and Payam Meyer, $645,000.

Schuyler Rd. E., 302-Caleb A. and Sylvie M. Pittman to Muluken Bayabil Ferede and Alem M. Serbessa, $389,900.

University Blvd. E., 225-Bank of America to Mario Rene and Orfila Velasquez Escobar, $362,250.

Whitestone Rd., 424-Ryan C. and Nicole D. Perraut to Andrew T. and Ashley A. Campbell, $595,000.


Bates Ave., 109-Kevin James and Gloria Lee Dabbondanza to Sharon H. Hui and Amy L. and Angela H. Luong, $545,000.

Christopher Ave., 403, No. 17-Norma E. Mejia to Jose Victor Hernandez Cabrera, Misael Sales and Yaneth Kathy Y. Hernandez Ramos, $150,000.

Cinnabar Ct., 18-John Steven and Sandra S. Weddell to Francisco A. and Berenice Rodriguez, $450,000.

Hidden Marsh St., 723-Giuseppe Sama to Ling Wang, $380,000.

Knoll Mist Lane, 1148-Meeiling Lu to Henry O. Were and Brenda C. Keino, $329,900.

Olive Tree Way, 19403-Fran A. and Gladys B. White to Alvaro Miguel and Liliana Cristina Borjas, $757,700.

Tulip Grove Rd., 9109-Matthew J. and Alison E. Armentrout to Ian Gerald and Jessica Alexander, $405,000.

Whetstone Glen St., 649-Ziauddin M. and Roxana Choudhury to Nelson R. and Vicky T. Ragasa, $335,000.


Blue Mountain Ct., 12608-Timothy J. and Maura C. Kibbey to Michael P. and Christine T. Keller, $640,000.

Case St., 12-Cheng Chieh Tuy and Ya Jung Sophia Tong to Zhou Ma and Yun Lin, $585,000.

Chisholm Landing Way, 14764-Cheol J. Park and Won Jung Choi to Mohammad Ali Tabatabai and Mandana Fatemi, $465,000.

Evermay Ct., 12305-Carol L. Johnson to Forest Timothy Crumpler and Jessica Stadd, $612,000.

Gatestone St., 720-Kathryn R. and Michael J. Schroeder to Valerie C. and Augusto C. Altavas, $819,900.

Hidden Brook Terr., 12184-Nancy L. Herrmann to Nikki Jahangiri and Ali Kordkheili, $615,000.

Kendrick Pl., 162, No. 32-Choon H. Lee to Sang Won Park, $305,000.

Landsend Dr., 38-Michael S. Wikoff to Renhua Huang and Gretchun Jungyun Kim, $375,000.

Oak Shade Rd., 54-Sarah E. Valentin Schlenker to Ian St. Claver Harvey II, $330,000.

Paramus Dr., 11524-Phyllis L. and Michael I. Hirschman to Hao F. Deng, $775,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 782, No. P2-Khalid Masood to Ezedin A. Hassen and Iman Mohammed Ali, $135,000.

Ramsburg Ct., 11405-Gary and Nanci M. Feldman to Junghyun and Jungwan Kim, $995,000.

Rich Branch Dr., 14507-Richard Alan and Frances E. Quinn to Jingfeng Huang and Ying Sun, $718,000.

Samuel Manor Ct., 107-Mark Christopher and Lisa Ann Boccia to Di Wu and Xiaonan Zhao, $635,000.

Shadow Glen Ct., 222-Estate of Brandi T. Beach to Oleksii Pashkevych and Olga Shuklina, $646,400.

Story Dr., 23-Janice L. Reatherford to Jay W. Collins, $305,000.

Tern Dr., 12803-David and Maryanne Yontef to Jeffrey L. and Lori C. Rabberman, $835,000.


Alderleaf Terr., 20502-Paul George and Theresa A. Cuzzolino to Kenneth W. Carlson and Mirian U. Obiozo, $385,000.

Beaconfield Terr., 20323, No. 102-Sharon W. Williams to Metogbe Patricia Ahonon, $170,000.

Black Rock Rd., 16225-Jeffrey L. and Karen A. Duncan to Scott H. and Melissa L. Mostrom, $875,000.

Brittania Cir., 12103-Pavel Y. and Valentina N. Kozyura to Steve Y. and Grace Kwon, $330,000.

Chalet Pl., 13201, No. 9-301-Jose E. De La Barra to Anurag Kumar and Vanda Saini, $173,500.

Coral Grove Pl., 12525-Allen G. Magtibay and Monique M. Marchese to Robin A. Wilkerson, $285,000.

Crusader Ct., 10-Hong Yu Zhang and Zi Ye to Syed Muhammad Raza Gilani, $300,000.

Ebbtide Cir., 18927-Sunil Prithviraj to Darrin and Linda K. Cowley, $315,000.

Gallop Terr., 14040-Karthikeyan and Sripriya Seetharaman to Bryan Lamonica, $372,250.

Highstream Dr., 19104, No. 758-Jose Mark Moral and Rosel C. Mendoza to Jarret Clark, $235,000.

Liberty Mill Rd., 19201-Jerry N. and Deborah Joy Marindin to Bryce R. and Megan N. Goodman, $437,500.

Peach Crest Dr., 12209, No. 903-E-Meliha Esmerer to Nimia Magly De La Cruz Lemus, $161,000.

Sky Blue Dr., 12419-Robert and Justine McCutcheon to Venera A. and Julia Romanova, $305,000.

Stonebridge Ct., 2-Tandem Development Group Corp. to Lily Mercedes Dietz and Victor Alfredo Sales Vizcardo, $620,000.

Tidewinds Way, 20204-Peng Fei Zhang to John Mark and Leslie A. Jones, $382,000.

Waterloo Ct., 19924-Carlos Espionza and Christie Lynn Baxter to Karen J. Juarez, $269,900.

White Saddle Dr., 19615-Chengen K. Chiang to Edward A. Beal, $252,000.

Winding Creek Way, 12043-Joseph Gentile to Jose A. Quintanilla, $295,000.


Delmont Lane, 4404-Randall S. and Abigail W. Lackey to Kristen and Warren McDaniel, $1.11 million.

Kent St., 3105-Marie R. and Frederick H. Johnson to Douglas R. and Karen Miller, $757,500.

Meredith Ave., 10400-Marvin V. Jones to Matthew Guinan and Meredith Ryder Rude, $425,000.

Parkwood Dr., 10245-Donna Engleman to Jon C. Brothers, $750,000.

Stillwater Ave., 11003-Robert P. and Walewska M. Watkins to Stephanie L. and Brad L. Busse, $595,795.


Brink Rd., 7920-Gary S. and Karen W. Levine to Marianne Beyer, $515,000.

Hawkins Creamery Rd., 8020-John Kelly and Debbie K. Lewis to John C. and Gloria E. Ruppert, $660,000.

Nightingale St., 10110-Anne Marie and Christopher Lee Mumper to Narada Prabhath Malarachchi and Ayodha Lakmalee Seelagama, $280,000.

Warfield Rd., 6934-Kirk and Angelina Anderson to Derek Almeida and Durga Bagve, $475,000.


Butterwick Ct., 8-Earl Douglas and Sheila M. Fillmore to Frank Aaron Canozo Gallardo and Yamalis Nieves, $402,500.

Darlington Dr., 20149-David F.R. and Maryanne C. Mildner to Stuart and Kimberly McColl, $492,500.

Forest View Pl., 9988-Erick Landaverde to Riscobel M. Seh and Clifford Wakha Kibang, $225,000.

Hellingly Pl., 9827, No. 68-Sang Won Park to Jae M. Yu, $41,000.

Lea Pond Pl., 20222-Firouzeh Firouzabadi and Asad Zavar to Michael M. Winter, $275,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10267-Wishvender and Ravi Behl to Yesenia and Rodrigo J. Guirola Leonardo, $220,000.

Stedwick Rd., 10010, No. 104-Louise M. Piechocinski to Mirna N. Solano Bermudez and Santos S. Cruz, $165,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18609, No. 5-RND Maryland Corp. to Nancy Chung and Barnaby Yeh, $99,900.


Cahart Pl., 9817-Henry Muhizi and Beatrice A. Bandi to Bryce Lee and Amelia Rose Manchester, $380,000.

Chickasaw Dr., 1131-Marie C. and Donald F. Thomas to Ibizuneh W. Ashame and Genet D. Sima, $220,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 303-Yvonne V. Pegram and Derek K. Harps to Patricia M. Oseka Chukwurah, $125,100.

11th Ave., 8538-Adam and Indira Kolluri to Shauna D.A. and Denzel L. Knox, $285,000.


Bassett Lane, 15400, No. 46-1G-Margaret C. and Ronald G. Mullins to Coleen M. Corbey, $200,000.

Burning Bush Lane, 14116-James R. and Joanne J. Crawford to George H. Wigfall Jr., $501,000.

Casino Cir., 1469-Robert Norboru Yamakazi to Malini D. Arambewala, $407,500.

Drury Rd., 2221-Felix Ammah and Patience Ammah Tagoe to Sally Chaupiz, $462,575.

Greenery Lane, 2305, No. 103-3-Obinna Ugochukwu to Gloria Uche Ikepeazu, $171,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-303-Cheryl L. Dickason to Carole E. Janney, $120,000.

Layhill Rd., 12608-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jacqueline D. and Joseph A. Sealey Jr., $453,225.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2921, No. 1-319-Vali Nourmohammadi to Roy Kenneth Powell Jr., $126,500.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 2901, No. 320-Evelyn Sturza to Philip and Barbara Berman, $270,000.

Massanutten Dr., 2308-Evelyn Wang and estate of Chia Shen to James M. and Paola A. Pokorny, $390,000.

Normandy Square Ct., 1-MTGLQ Investors LP to Elefterios G. and Eleni Hangemanole, $165,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15310, No. 84-1H-Laurin A. Keto to Jose A. Rodriguez Perez and Idalia J. Lopez Rivera, $152,115.

Tremayne Terr., 3839, No. 17-393-Magette Wade to Janet E. Uko, $250,000.

Vedanta Way, 14405-Matthew W. Kukla and Qinwei Xie to Shereese Harris, $480,000.

Wolf Creek Pl., 14201, No. 11-24-George Gillespie to Brett L. Wright, $212,500.


Commandery Way, 18306-Brooke McElwee to Jamshid and Amy Everett Al Huque, $725,000.

Gooseneck Terr., 16713-Kevin P. and Leigh A. Messett to Cynthia Gallo and David Thomas Lee, $651,000.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18040, No. 269-Joyce A. Robinson and Mary E. Johnson to Jessica Lee Felice, $215,000.

Spartan Rd., 3228, No. 3-E-5-Adriana Gamez to George W. Awkard Jr., $158,000.

Wagonwheel Ct., 18048-Wilmington Saving Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Katherine E. Fleskies, $250,500.


Bruner Way, 19604-Jeri O’Farrell to Vijay K. Chundru, $600,000.

Lewis Orchard Lane, 19605-Jason and Kimberly Altman to Joseph J. Espelage and Michelle L. Bender, $994,900.

Whitaker Rd., 17316-Alan R. and Christine Mullis to Robyn Marie Engel, $400,000.


Bentridge Ave., 9331-Andrea E. Stern to Mark W. Hickey, $470,000.

Bytham Ridge Lane, 126-Winchester Homes Inc. to Arnold and Wanda F. Chiet, $1.07 million.

Chartwell Manor Ct., 10038-Gerald S. and Sarah Bellew Lilienfield to Dengfeng Chen, $1.27 million.

Copenhaver Dr., 9129-Matthew L. Wald to Vladimir Alexander Valera Romero and Beatriz A. Walter Rodriguez, $986,000.

Democracy Lane, 10405-Guocheng Jin and Zhen Zhao to Kim and Elisabeth J. Nichols, $1.16 million.

Fallsmead Way, 1223-Lynne C. Astrich to Christopher Rasa, $739,900.

Glen Rd., 12414-MT Bank to Adisa P. and Josephine F. Bakari, $1.8 million.

Hackamore Dr., 7713-Margaret Elizabeth Mueller and Paul B. Parker to Adam Grant and Lissa Hayes Maynard, $1.23 million.

Hunt Valley Ct., 8908-Ronald E. and Ivy S. Holsey to Zuhairah S. and Marc Washington, $1.54 million.

Longhill Dr., 1425-Janet M. Nesse and estate of Marie T. Sejna to Parviz Golabi and Alireza Keshmiri, $500,000.

Oakenshield Dr., 2519-Robert McCarthy and Alida De Jong to Lars Thomas and Ida Susan Solander, $725,000.

Redbud Ct., 5-Hao Chien Chen to Girish Mahajan and Rashmi Jalah, $775,000.

Stratton Dr., 2503-William L. Steiner to Michael A. and Melissa J. Karp, $675,000.

Turning Creek Ct., 7801-Norman Loeb to Ahmet N. and Umran Ozman, $675,000.

Winterset Dr., 9321-Stuart A. and Donna L. Roop to Aleksander O. Morgulis and Rogneda A. Khovanskaya, $898,000.


Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1502-Donna M. Neuges to Eliana R. Quiroz, $309,000.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5700, No. 2212-Jordan Snyder to Inga Feldi, $379,500.

Courthouse Sq., 24, No. 107-Cathleen A. Reilly to Shahram Amini, $245,000.

Cushman Rd., 11539-Christina A. and Natalie Albina to Gavin and Joanna D. Pratt, $2.23 million.

Farmland Dr., 11703-Aron Trombka and estate of Elsie W. Trombka to Paul J. and Kelly B. Roszko, $738,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 324-Sean Michael Cassidy to Ivan Dario Naranjo and Liliana Andrea Sanchez, $152,000.

Hollowstone Dr., 11411-James N. and Helen Ruseell May to Harry Isaac and Rowena Abadi, $825,000.

Lily Pond Ct., 1-Lawrence E. and Louise M. Eskay to Toby R. and Deborah E. Biswas, $832,000.

Maxim Lane, 16-Theodore G. Braitman and Li Yin Yeh to Leah Goldfine and Borjan Zie, $500,000.

Montgomery Ave. W., 301-Margaret Welsh and Charles O. May to John B. Williams and Gail C. Monahan, $725,000.

Nicholson Lane, 5802, No. 2-1008-Terence E. and Linda E. Edwards to Stephen Lawrence and Julia Dee Edelman, $427,000.

Oakglen Dr., 5112-John and Jennifer Ryder to Joong Kim and Chong Fultz, $452,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 909-Muhang Cho and Seongjin Park to Vikram K. and Sonal Chand, $303,500.

Piccard Dr., 1416-KF Property Owner Corp. to Hefei Yang and Hongji Liu, $680,000.

Regal Oak Dr., 1108-Alexandras M. and Paul T. Bortnick to Konjit Amare Worku, $725,000.

Rockville Pike., 10404, No. 402-Jason D. Berkowitz to Jed M. Weiner and Veronique R. Nussenblatt, $265,000.

Tall Tree Terr., 6500-Mitchel H. and Jill F. Kider to Patrick and Shannon Dugan McDonough, $1.24 million.

Windy Knoll Ct., 3025-Andrew and Arleen B. Pollin to Keyoor Brahme, $821,000.


Found Stone Rd., 12701, No. 8-303-Tandem Development Group Corp. to Amy Beth Berliner, $239,900.

Leaman Lane, 21313-Wendy A. Wilmowski to Erica Mitos and Ryan Williams, $465,500.

Stoney Point Ct., 6-Ernest Chrappah to Neftali and Altagracia C. Montero, $181,000.


Brunswick Ave., 10017-Ricardo Dominguez and Ines M. Pousadela to Joseph G. and Carrie B. Adler, $880,000.

Dartmouth Ave., 604-Andrea R. Mitchell to David S. Meyer and Annabelle M. Vinois, $534,000.

Georgia Ave., 8907-Bianca M. Benincasa to Lincoln Lee and Michelle Kaffenberger, $730,000.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1925-Lillian Tureman Durham to Jorge L. and Mirna J. Garnica, $100,000.

Washington Ave., 2204, No. W102-Hilda Shriver to Bin Giang Cheng and San Lan Lo, $160,000.

West Hwy. E., 1201, No. 244-Michael S. Brick to William J. Houghtaling, $327,000.


Boyd Ave., 429-Jora Stixrud and Paul Anthony LaFontaine to Stefan E. Wagner and Lesley A. Hunter, $530,000.

Flower Ave., 7311-Brian M. Higgins and Hetty B.H. Irmer to Freeborn Garrettson Jewett, $548,200.

Lee Ave., 116, No. 112-Lis Nao Corp. to Anjanie Deonauth, $99,900.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 706-David Myron Bird and estate of Robert Boughner to Frank M. DiSimino and Nicolette George, $230,000.

Fourth Ave., 6505-Petra E. Mayer to Jessica Ellen Graber, $499,000.


Deertree Lane, 2048-David W. Evans and Jackie R. Nedell to Charles Raymond Pollack, $547,000.

Ridgway Ave., 5711-Robert and Elizabeth L. Baker to Jeffrey Bachman and Jennifer J. Khouri, $403,000.


Adams Dr., 3915-Dean W. and Cassandra L. Miller to Chad J. and Gail S. Zik, $472,770.

Arvin St., 2603-Harry Edward and Wanda L. Tutwiler to Minh V. Nguyen and Hien T. Ngo, $320,000.

Bucknell Dr., 10949, No. 25-William Raymond Fromme to Sefanit Urgessa, $329,900.

Darrow St., 2412-Suken S. and Hetal M. Jain to Matthew and Caroline Bootle Pendergast, $435,000.

Insley St., 10405-Narda Valdivia to Martina Mills Smith, $378,000.

Kersey Rd., 1163-H. David and Jill E. Loshin to Adrian Magendzo, $573,000.

Lillian Dr., 2423-David and Paula Latter to Alexander and Morgan Parent, $470,000.

Randolph Rd., 2603-Panalytics Corp. to Clara Patricia Brizuela and Carlos Waldemar Penate, $393,500.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 1007-B-Alma Gangcuangco Adriano to Prosper and Gila Bitton, $100,000.

Weisman Rd., 2908-Rommel Hosmin Chinchilla to Arias Jimenez, $315,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Adamstown Rd., 6012-James W. and Linda Jo Graham to Scott Allen and Jean Marie Pierce, $280,000.

Goldenwood Pl., 5853-Eric E. and Annette Hackey Runion to Steven Jeremy and Charlet Vinetta Beale, $495,000.

Norwood Pl. E., 5956-Erick A. and Christa A. Reinwall to Patrick B. Tadesse and Nathalie E. Valle, $450,000.


Brunswick St., 516-Charles F. Clingan to Arthur Tornabene Zalas and Abigail B. Levine, $199,900.

D St. E., 27B-Eileen M. Castiglia to Jennifer Albright, $199,900.

H St. W., 28-Eric Moore General Contracting Corp. to Yaroslav and Irina Tsybovsky, $284,900.

Musgrove Aly., 1400-Daniel Cassana to Leroy B. Rowan, $420,000.

Scheer St., 1314-NVR Inc. to Lindsey Gish and Anthony Sipala, $320,998.


Newington Rd., 4647-Steven and Traci Small to Julie Anne Repasy and Andrew Charles Traugh, $335,000.

Wallingford Pl., 4904-Charles Paul and Carolyn Sheppard Scarborough to Hector and Rosalyn Mendez, $439,900.


Allington Manor Cir. W., 9033-William R. and Janice L. Dice to Brian Ross and Brittani Marie Barrows, $400,000.

Ashburn Terr., 5636-Angela Brewer to Jesse B. and Jenny Clarke, $277,000.

Ballenger Creek Pike., 2913-Gary Rosen and Harmilee Cousin Jr. to Alex Rafael Rodas Jr., $400,000.

Ballenger Run Blvd., 6521-NVR Inc. to Miranda Hughes, $300,940.

Black Locust Dr., 5265-NVR Inc. to Ashwin Reddy and Kavya Reddy Nandyala, $385,000.

Britannic Pl., 6531-DR Horton Inc. to Annette E. Varndell, $359,990.

Cambria Rd., 4634-DR Horton Inc. to Ju Hyeong Jeon and Jin Young Seo, $338,890.

Chestnut St., 909-Mary M. and Larry E. Wills to Michael Strausbough, $250,000.

Corbel Way, 6610-DR Horton Inc. to Fiore J. Mancini and Shaghayegh Mostofi, $469,990.

Derby Dr., 6237-Frank C. and Phyllis R. Schneider to Joseph J. and Margaret Ann Mulcahy, $375,000.

Eugene Way, 4819-NVR Inc. to Elizabeth Challenor Reese, $346,784.

Grouse Ct., 1430-Christopher A. and Elena A. Kinny to Luis A. Gonzalez Escobar, $365,000.

Himes Ave., 613, No. XI111-Marina N. Manguiri to Debra Moore, $123,000.

Honeysuckle Ct., 5610-Andrew and Betty J. Fasiska to James W. and Linda Jo Graham, $229,900.

Lancaster Pl., 507-Alban Place Limited to Eric Shedlock and Melissa Dryman, $218,400.

Leben Dr., 5947D-NVR Inc. to Lashawn Campbell and Kevin Gardner, $312,000.

Merganser Ct., 5040-Sizang Burmese Mission Church to Leslie Castillo and Nicholas Summers, $239,900.

Murray Terr., 6157-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Celeste Gordon, $288,560.

Old Swimming Pool Rd., 4910-Brenton A. McGraw and Danielle L. Thacher to James Kafchinski, $225,000.

Posey St., 6204-NVR Inc. to Tony Ferguson, $350,770.

Prince William Ct., 5475-Dennis C. Corun to Miles Christopher and Leah Nichole Kobus Neff, $224,000.

Red Maple Dr., 5201-NVR Inc. to Oscar Bermudez and Ruth Flores Soto, $541,959.

Seagull Ct., 6656-David W. Pulford Jr. to Sharon Thompson and Bradley Collin Jenkins, $216,764.

Stone Rd., 5323-William T. and Debra Ann Babcock to Sean N. Carpenter and Malgorzata M. Nowaczyk, $390,000.

Wild Plum Dr., 6510-NVR Inc. to Lee Simkins, $502,045.


All Saints St. W., 163-Nikki Couloumbis to Elinor E. Markey, $286,500.

Bear Den Rd., 2222-Bruce R. Halpern to Jay J. Mardi and Melanie H. Adams, $355,000.

Bentz St. N., 634-Housing Authority of the City of Frederick to Tawanda Torres, $382,250.

Broadway St., 404-Jason S. Blank to William J. Purves, $200,000.

Cameron Way, 2687-Yousuf Zaigham and Zakiyeh Naqvi to Markenson Pierre and Isabelle Lucien, $284,700.

Claridge Dr. N., 6361-Karen M. Underwood to Steven and Angela Gangloff, $487,000.

Dill Ave., 229-Miles R. and Karen S. Bowling to Jay S. Aument and Diana Juliano, $387,500.

Elkridge Lane, 9014-Kathryn L. Champion to Stephanie O. Mballa, $292,000.

Frederick Ave., 20-Bryan Shaw and Robin Burke to Patrick Hoimes, $362,490.

Halleck Dr., 927Federal National Mortgage Association to Brian Bogarde, $249,000.

Horseshoe Dr., 11018-Mary C. Bredice to Joshua Nalesnik, $345,000.

Market St. S., 343-Catherine C. Lawhon and Gloria M. Ladouceur to Daniel McGuire and Rebecca Smith, $500,000.

Mews Lane, 822-Catherine Swezey to Michael L. and Deborah L. Portney, $190,000.

Monocacy View Cir., 1842A, No. 66A-Roxanne Marie Beal to Ryan A. Franklin and Aynslie L. Barrie, $217,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 103-Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Karan Samtani and Emily Scherer, $182,500.

Ridgefield Lane, 9107-Samuel J. and Michelle L. Corden to Trina Marie Colie, $270,000.

South St. E., 5-Veronica Karpiak to John Michael and Carolyn Sue Jurns, $290,000.

Springwater Ct., 6508, No. 3202-Lisa Phillips Hanagan to Leidy Y. Alvord, $195,000.

Trafalgar Lane, 1409-Clinton A. and Symone D. Hammett to David Clawson Douglasson, $280,000.

Waterside Dr., 2520, No. 102-Agnes S. Torossian to Louise Jira, $175,000.

White Oak Pl., 410-Jon Charles Holmes to Yanira D. Fuentes, $255,850.

Fourth St. E., 42-Frederick Investments Corp. to Sumner Crenshaw, $210,000.

14th St. E., 7-Gregory P. Clark and Nora E. McKay Clark to Adam Richard and Erika Rae Stephens, $315,000.


Bristol Dr., 2135, No. 2-Eric P. Bradley to Marc M. Sepantaie, $115,000.

Coach House Way, 2510, No. 1C-V. Kevin Kennedy and estate of Alice Kennedy to Dorothy Thomas Boucher, $170,000.

Country Run Way, 1825-Adam D. and Terri J. Trzybinski to Kossivi Gaouto, $269,000.

Eastbourne Ct., 1024-Thomas A. Henwood to Terri N. Rencher, $325,000.

Ellsworth Way, 2406, No. 2D-Sarah A. Hudson to David Thomas Fricker, $171,000.

Fieldstone Way, 1915-Shawn W. and Kaitlin E. Kent to Charles W. and Audrey P. Metz, $263,000.

Jacob Brunner Dr., 1706-Randall C. and Mary W. Bodine to Ana Silvia Ayala De Lainez, $199,900.

McLendon Dr., 914-Kevin C. Lewis and Lorraine D. Covell to Benjamin J. McCardle, $212,500.

Quails Nest Way, 105-Andres Wright to Ruby A. Manoharan, $230,000.

Runnymeade Dr., 8119-Daniel and Adrienne B. Sanker to Matthew and Sarah Bryson, $379,112.

Stone Ridge Dr., 8105-Diane Negley to Robert John and Daria Oleyar, $399,900.

Sunlight Ct., 137-Dean K. Olsen Jr. to Tao Li, $444,900.

Valleyside Dr., 1780-Charles J. and Nicole M. Snyder to Priscilla Hassid, $290,000.

Washburn Ct., 1928-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Christopher J. and Christina L. Mason, $451,495.

Wetterhorn Ct., 1915-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Joseph Jones Koranteng and Vivian Sanze Sanez Koranteng, $425,915.

11th St. W., 1415-Howard K. and Richard B. Loohner to Harold L. and Dottie J. Meadows, $279,000.


Burin St., 5816-Oakdale Investments Corp. to Thaddeus Dmuchowski Jr., $391,500.

Glenwood Ct., 11703-Matthew J. Felts to Hugh and Petra Graham, $625,000.

Hutzell St., 10056-NVR Inc. to Ronald W. Thompson Jr. and Robin L. Etchison, $590,000.

Pebble Beach Terr., 10020-Mark and Meghan Stone to John T. and Crystal M. Esler, $672,000.


Jeffrey Lane, 29-Rigoberto M. and Bernardina C. Mendoza to Damon William and Kimberly Ellison, $391,500.

Petersville Rd., 3520-Gunther R. and Pamella S. Sirtautas to Joel Michael Lambert, $240,000.


Fox Ridge Dr., 9094-Joseph and Lorri Lynn Doffmeyer to Lorenzo C. Acosta and Kimberly V. Aguilar, $310,000.


Glenbrook Dr., 706-Vijay A. and Preeti V. Pandit to Stephanie Phillips and Mark Hodor, $550,000.

Linden Blvd., 213-Margaret M. Perry to Lisa Marie Cunningham, $375,000.

Stone Springs Lane, 306-Sammy and Celia Renee Arouni to Sean Perry Burgess, $298,500.


Monrovia Blvd., 4533-NVR Inc. to Benjamin and Sandra Nkrumah, $646,500.

Seths Folly Dr., 4538-NVR Inc. to Daniel Cope and Darlene Inez Hill, $381,250.

Tinder Box Cir., 4508-NVR Inc. to Charles R. and Elizabeth Bandura, $393,400.

Viridian Terr., 4370-Winchester Homes Inc. to Tricia D. Larade, $436,039.


Catoctin Spring Dr., 12306-John R. and Cynthia L. Simpson to Adam C. and Catherine E. Altman, $380,000.

Millwood Rd., 4311-John Richard and Valerie Ann Unekis to Paul R. Wilson Jr. and Ellareese O. Burke, $379,900.

Shirley Bohn Rd., 14318B-Michaela L. Maynes and Jacob H. Demarest to Nathan D. and Matthew D. Mays, $395,000.

Western View Pl., 5814-Theresa C. Mankowski and Theresa C. Younger to Scott M. and Deborah E. Jones, $340,000.


Highland Ave., 3918-Micheal D. and Alison P. Huston to Mark Burns and Rebecca Foster, $325,000.

Pleasant Walk Rd., 12237-Ellen Jane Brady and Joanne Elizabeth Warrenfeltz to Rodney and Annette Waddell, $243,403.


Boyers Mill Rd., 6300, No. A-Jeffrey G. and Sydney K. Taylor to Elizabeth N. and Gregory A. Thompson, $492,000.

Club House Cir., 7019-Donald Logan and Tamara Loraine Wilson to Omar and Marisa Belia Maldonado Oquendo, $475,000.

Lakeridge Rd. W., 6605-Questar Development Corp. to Luke C. and Manoucheka M. Tilbury, $445,000.

New London Rd., 6445-Ann L. Winters to Jeffrey and Sydney Taylor, $752,500.

Pear Blossom Pl., 5728-Lisa A. Boyland to Hal R. and Ellen S. Yurow, $395,000.

Roy Ct., 5512-Thomas J. and Stacey A. Janosko to Melinda W. and John Murnane, $375,000.

Shavano Rd. W., 6844-Christopher Campbell and Kathlene Holmes to Mudassar N. Malik, $482,500.

Stoneledge Ct., 6805-Ryan Legacy Builders Inc. to Maria Elena Hawkins, $437,659.

Yeager Ct., 6100-Richmond American Homes to John and Ann Marie Cruz, $625,000.


Detour Rd., 12398-Bonnie J. Wachter Dudrow and Donald Jay Wachter to Kenneth A. and Tina F. Fink, $315,000.


Appolds Rd., 9640-Laurie Ann Allison to Timothy C. Hays, $179,000.


Creagerstown Rd., 13141-Dana L. Cessna and estate of Nancy M. Gates to Clay C. and Melissa A. Kinna, $335,000.

Ironmaster Ct., 4-Christopher Gallerizzo to Quinton R. and Erin D. Williams, $257,000.

Moser Cir., 203-Nicholas P. and Karla S. Rutten to Nick L. and Angela N. Fogle, $199,500.

Stoney Park Way, 19-Danielle S. Atkins to Bradley and Melissa Stidom, $300,000.


Amelung St., 8951-Adam Gordon and Angela Nicole Holder to Ashley Nguyen, $359,900.

Belvedere Dr., 9128-Waseem Ahmad and Holly R. Chughtai to Thomas M. and Thelissa A. Sweeney, $625,000.

Broad Branch Way, 5830-NVR Inc. to John and Rachel Schmidt, $457,720.

Byron Cir., 3603-Michael S. and Jackie K. Ireland to Ali Shraim and Asma Ismail, $539,000.

Dunraven St., 9439-Gregg and Allison E.E. Adams to Julie L. Leonard, $392,000.

Golden Eagle Rd., 5519-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Malinda and Sergio Marroquin, $636,565.

Shady Pines Dr., 8827-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Seo H. Baik and Hye W. Jeong, $439,900.

Spicebush Dr., 3751-Thomas Becze to Truc Pham, $590,000.

Sugarloaf Pkwy., 3851-Melvin Masao and Krysta S. Hranaka to Mirna C. Jovel Mendez, $368,000.

Templeton Dr., 9016-Parkwood Homes to Carl J. and Jennifer Albert, $471,260.

Wasatch View Dr., 3002-NVR Inc. to Richard Williams and Fay Chen, $740,818.


Creek Walk Dr., 217-Raymond E. and Dawn M. Dinterman to Michael J. Martin and Aida M. and Scott T. Miller, $414,900.

Grossnickle Ct., 8424-Terry P. and Patricia White to Kira C. and Jeffrey W. Froude, $525,000.


Buffington Rd., 12013-J. Ivan and Anita M. Barnsley to Mary Kelly and Mary Allison Bragg, $268,000.

Second St. S., 306-Peter and Sharon Galleher to Stephen M. Coulter, $237,000.