Montgomery County

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Aspen Hill Rd., 5000-Cheng I. Chen and Li Ting Luo to Ever Heredia Montalvo and Rocio Heredia, $410,000.

Drake Dr., 13913-Norman and Susan Katz to Andrew W. Peacemaker, $445,000.

Federal St., 4201-Kevin Garner to Anna Nicole Pura, $395,000.

Grenoble Dr., 13410-Robert and Maria Briggs Moreno to Rita Alessandra Moreno and Daryl Lloyd Francis, $389,000.

Manor Lake Ct., 5304-Esther Hyun Conte to David Gedney and Catherine Zamarin, $600,000.

Myer Terr., 14619-Grant S. Goldstein and Sylvia E. Kim to Ashwini Mallappa and Chandra Nayan Uttarkar Vikram, $485,000.

Veirs Mill Rd., 12704, No. 29-101-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and GSR Mortgage Loan Trust to Benjamin John Hart, $196,875.


Allandale Rd., 5320-Jeffrey J. and Wendy S. Cohen to Robert A. and Megan Cacace, $1.08 million.

Battery Lane, 4977, No. 1-221-Elizabeth Lebarron to Seth H. Cohen, $289,900.

Bellevue Dr., 9602-Maung N. Lin and Tin Moe Aye to Zaffer and Zarina Mirza, $685,000.

Brookeway Dr., 5303-Kimberly N. Blume and Anthony A. Hansel to Marlon Jose Grullon and Catalina Gonzalez, $900,000.

Carnegie Dr., 6316-Matthew James and Julia Ewart to Sabry F. and Stacy R. Hanna, $725,000.

Crestberry Pl., 10136-Louis S. Pettey and Adrienne P. Wolpoff to M. Teresa G. Willett, $762,500.

Eames Way, 6684-RS Homes Associates Corp. to Bozhen Liu, $1.06 million.

Fairfax Rd., 7804-Susan Bloom to Brian and Jannike Jackson, $2.71 million.

Fenway Rd., 8320-Ashkan Akhavan Malayeri and Amanda J. Walker to Brian P. Glenn Jr. and Dana L. Stroul, $925,000.

Glenwood Rd., 5304-Kevin J. Coloton and Dominique C. Pichard to Savena J. and Eric Brian Allen, $1.5 million.

Greentree Rd., 7220-Helene Shapiro to Valerie B. Feaunati, $640,000.

Hempstead Ave., 8608-Michael N. and Karen Ruth Sack to Maximilien Freelander II and Melanie A. Corcoran, $1.23 million.

Inglemere Dr., 9802-David and Jill Scharff to Swathi Veervalli and Andrei John Pinto, $752,700.

Little Falls Dr., 4934-Jeffrey Hacker and Joan Hankin to Lance and Rachel Helming, $909,000.

Mackenzie Ct., 7401-Kenneth R. Hinga and Noelle F. Lewis to Ernesto F. Moreira and Maria De La Paz Aviles, $910,000.

Northfield Rd., 5705-Edvardas and Ausra Kaminskas to Mihir Gada and Amita Sanghvi, $1.18 million.

Quintana Dr., 9115-Theresa L. Sateri to Salvador Carona Padilla and Ana Lya Nunez Aispuro, $890,000.

River Rd., 5101, No. 1005-Anahita Tavakoli to Jaime Aparicio, $370,000.

Sangamore Rd., 4827, No. 14-June Amling to Robert W. Chatfield, $599,000.

Sonoma Rd., 5804-Alan E. and Glenna L. Seyfer to Carl Justin Thacker and Katherine Marie Datin, $1.17 million.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 336-George A. and Margaret A. Woolley to Alicia G. Ras, $225,000.

Whitley Park Terr., 5450, No. HR-Lucien Blaine Clarke to Paul Vincent Kern, $430,000.

Winterberry Lane, 6828-Todd Frederick and Suzanne B. Esenwein to Paul Liderman and Esther Lazar, $760,000.

Wyoming Ct., 6-Menditch Homes Corp. to Elliot and Susan Anenberg, $1.35 million.


White Trellis Lane, 22005-Keith G. and Maria L. Cockey to Christopher Michael and Zhi Liu Mendez, $555,000.


Dimona Dr., 19212-Mary Ganganna and Willie P. Cook to Erin and Amir Zeituni, $535,000.


Cotton Tree Lane, 3801-Huan Cong Nguyen to Kedija H. Hedara and Edo Geda, $560,000.

Leatherwood Terr., 4361-Granville L. and Marjorie V. Campbell to Lee R. Cheong, $280,000.

Saddle Creek Dr., 14914-Dewey E. and Arlene S. Phillips to Birhan Desta and Wubeshet T. Tesema, $399,000.


Beethoven Way, 3008-Jideog Lee to Gladys Tellez Claure, $401,000.

Cedar Creek Lane, 13527-Donald A. Spicer and Nthakona Peko to Naroeubn and Socheata Chay, $550,000.

Dawn View Ct., 6-Vanessa Nora to Danie Peoples and Roberta Veiga, $302,000.

Hobart Dr., 13633-Johnny L. and Sylvia M. Guzman to Philip N. and Elizabeth N. Suh, $425,000.

Sheffield Manor Dr., 13322, No. 5-Shaun C. and Sara B. Sutton to Shanel D. Jenkins Marchany, $340,000.


Bradley Lane, 3821-Marc and Eileen C. Weller to Barry and Francesa E. Lasala, $3.5 million.

Dorset Ave., 5204-Alan Adler to Jennifer and Michael McKenna Levy, $4.35 million.

Raymond St., 3505-Sara H.M. Connelly to Jennifer A. and Brendan McCabe, $2 million.

Surrey St., 5603-William P. and Sandra Schwallie Wiesmann to Suhas R. and Janaki S. Deshmukh, $3.25 million.

Willett Pkwy., 4839, No. 81-Meredith Williams to Bret J. Boizelle, $615,000.


Cypress Spring Rd., 12318-Donald F. and Miriam Thompson to Robert L. and Sharon E. Gertz, $562,000.

Grand Elm St., 12814-Emily and Henry Lee to Geetanjali and Pauline Sharma, $800,000.

Mistflower Dr., 23118-Jeffrey L. and Lori C. Rabberman to Taman W. and Vanessa M. Morris, $558,000.

Petrel St., 13717-Winchester Homes Inc. to Martez Marquise Marshall, $417,989.

Petrel St., 13746-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jared Arthur and Jenny Marie Chambers, $436,475.

Spicebush Dr., 22950, No. 1392-Mai T. and Aris Apriyanto to Esther A. Amponsah and Wada Davis, $355,000.

Winged Elm Dr., 23005-Cynthia S. Casemyer to Zahid Noor and Saba Hamid, $442,000.


Cobblestone Dr., 14808-Katrina D. Carr to Boima Johnson and Marie Lucie Argant, $535,000.

Fairdale Rd., 14316-Jose R. and Nancy I. Torres to Brenda J.B. and John P. Soder III and Joanne Bowser, $525,000.

Sea Island Ct., 16600-Grant Stephen and Courtni Crump Wright to Eduardo L. and Adriana Barcelo, $920,000.

Wellwood Ct., 1-Richard Davis Whitney to Amy E. Whitacre, $488,800.


Coltrane Dr., 25636-Kimberly and Ashley Chandler to Brandon Bisselle and Amanda Saliba, $277,000.

Ridge Manor Dr., 26065-Antonino Cicala to Anice Abraham, $292,900.

Windfall Ct., 10417-Carolyn M. Burns and Mechelle Munn to Colby J. and Jamie L. Flint, $420,500.


Briardale Terr., 7856-Demetri J. Dimopoulos to Elizabeth M. Overton, $353,000.

Epsilon Dr., 7848-Jeffrey L. Witorsch and Paul G. Johnson to Leonard Clifton Abram and Angela Marie Pryor, $565,000.

Larosa Dr., 17212-Karen W. and John C. Harvey to Matthew J. and Randi L. Parnell, $527,000.

Muncaster Rd., 18909-Eliseo A. and Silvia V. Albanez to Clark J. and Laureece W. Hymes, $425,000.

Park Mill Dr., 17801-Anatoli M. Malyguine and Olga N. Aprelikova to Wayne and Mary Empson, $490,000.


Concerto Lane, 675-Melanio P. and Bella S. De Guzman to Emily A. Lanford, $388,000.

Franklin Ave. E., 607-Altassa Corp. to Roberto A., Sylvia L. Cruz and Brian R. Navarro, $420,000.

Justin Way, 712-Robert J. and Eileen M. Coyne to Mathias C. and Emma K. Jackson, $415,000.

Lorain Ave., 9909-Robert F. Devine and Miriam Laura Yarmolinsky to Nicholas A. Steiner Bravos and Mariah Meiss Bricker, $480,000.

Manchester Rd., 8700, No. 11-M&T Bank to Hiwot Maru and Brook Abdu, $80,000.

Perth Pl., 600-Lydia Snapp Knechtel to Marco A. and Danny Zapata, $370,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 412-Anderson T. Bray to Andrea Sullivan, $220,000.

Walden Rd., 9012-Timothy M. and Carolyn H. Richardson to Patrick D. Mauro and Marcella Coyne, $530,000.


Christopher Ave., 405, No. 31-Augustine Kang to Sonia E. Matus De Herrera, $160,000.

Coriander Dr., 7923, No. 12-Heidi A. Prescott and estate of Heather May Fish to Joseph C. Moore and Georgia Calambokidis, $120,000.

Flower Hill Way, 18448-Teresa and Michael Wilson to Raquel M. Balingit, $480,000.

Highland Ave., 10-Edward A. Hoiler Jr. to Christopher Hiroshi Krietz and Melissa Marie Zweng, $425,000.

Mountain Laurel Terr., 18560-Deborah Irene Murphy Wetzel to David D. Palmer Jr., $335,500.

Purple Martin Lane, 18814-Richard John and Sharon L. Staiger to Calvin and Karina Jenkins, $269,900.

Shea Lane, 16724-Justin M. and Christen Hobbs to Kenneth R. and Susan D. Marken, $447,000.

Tulip Grove Rd., 9124-Ted E. Manley and Gail E. Newcomb to Milan Stankovic, $400,000.

White Barn Ct., 11209-Arun K. Mathur to Magali Flores Munoz and Jonathan Ambrosio, $305,000.


Booth St., 31, No. 157-Maya Ashley Vemuri to Ann G. Parambil, $247,500.

Clifftop Dr., 760-Meixia Gao to Michael and Nazelie Nersesian, $365,000.

Exchange Ave., 442-Natalie Shuster Lugo and Mark S. Shuster to Huixian Xu, $420,000.

Foal Lane, 11902-Silvia H. Ivanova to Lingling Miao and Ziran Zhao, $385,000.

Gatestone Square St., 655-Wenjung Wang and Zengyuan Yang to Ronald and Dana Sheryl Guice, $545,000.

Gooseberry Ct., 15600-Jamie E. and Michael T. Dobbs to Paul R. and Michele K. Lumsden, $922,500.

Horn Point Dr., 16904-Harold Edward and Elena Detwiller to Kelli J. Bankard and Lucas K. Perry, $667,000.

Kent Oaks Way, 212-Joseph S. and Susan Slater Williams to Dmitry V. and Natalya I. Yun, $910,000.

Little Quarry Rd., 127-Scott C. and Pamela Martin to Norman P. Hubbs IV and Mariam Ghovandlou, $830,000.

Masonwood Dr., 15305-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Roger and Lisa Echeandia, $1.14 million.

Orchard Dr., 70-Feng Liu and Yan Shun Chu to Eak Raj Gautam, $333,000.

Parkview Ave., 212-Peggy J. Lopez and Robert D. Tunstall to Dawei Li, $480,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 832, No. 102-Priscilla Anne Walchshauser to Ruben Dario Deza and Inna Lariiciuc, $106,500.

Ramsburg Ct., 11411-Shakuntala and Anura Chularaja Gunarane to Cheol J. Park and Won Jung Choi, $965,000.

Ridgepoint Pl., 305-Norman S. Marks and Judith L. Benkendorf to Gina Rubinstein, $482,500.

Secluded Lane, 14224-Firouzeh and Mitra Hashtroudi to Premkumar Mani and Ruchi Pande, $770,000.

Sharpstead Lane, 42-Michael J. and Samantha H. Kravitz to Drago and Mirjana Skrtic, $645,000.

Strummer Lane, 314-CF7 Owner Corp. to Brenna A. Dutton, $1.26 million.

Turkey Foot Rd., 14423-Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Yuesheng Li and Fei Zhou, $910,000.


Ambassador Dr., 13505-William N. Turner to Ling Pan, $278,000.

Autumn Trail Dr., 13605-John Burson to Michael T. Brennan, $409,000.

Beaconfield Terr., 20327, No. 1-John Callahan to Scott B. Kendall, $183,000.

Black Rock Rd., 16401-Scott Howard and Melissa Mostrom to Brian L. and Deborah J. Tupa, $425,000.

Caledonia Ct., 18704, No. K-Yekaterina Mamchur to Rebecca Noel Prater, $175,000.

Cherry Bend Dr., 19120-Cong Zhang and George Jiang Young Li to Seblewongel G. Eshete and Dereje E. Gizaw, $330,000.

Country Ridge Dr., 13304-U.S. Bank to Gladys Velasquez Bonilla, $250,000.

Crystal Rock Ct., 18-Cheryl A. Dove to Solange A. Kutowu, Jude D. Wayi and Koffi Agbobli Dougno, $295,000.

Esworthy Rd., 13840-John Russell to Gary and Nanci Feldman, $919,000.

Gallop Terr., 14045-Dwayne Mitchell and Tara L. Parker to Hadda Camara Faye, $355,000.

Kildare Hills Terr., 13507, No. 204-Robin Delores Chun and estate of Tanya L. Chun to Dawit Wolde Amanuel, $142,000.

Lullaby Rd., 13829-Karen L. Williford and James T. Dungan to Ian Deshea Yankosky and Connie Yenhwa Cho, $569,000.

Mustard Seed Ct., 18650-Luis F. and Maribel Romero to Pan Choy, $265,000.

Pepper Ct., 13308-BLN Properties Corp. to Bernard C. Alferez and Thi Ngoc Le, $430,000.

Poplar Hill Rd., 14804-Terry W. Zenon Sr. and Natalia J. Peart to Alberto Felipe and Marianna Doris Jimenez De Lucio, $834,888.

Shadyside Way, 20647, No. 8-126-David Bryan Thomas Jr. to Edith O. Waller, $200,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18801, No. 8-Laura C. and Andrew R. Beard to Elizabeth Y. Cueva, $218,000.

Summer Oak Dr., 11709-Peterman 1 Corp. to Adriana Beatriz Guevara Martell and David J. Funes, $285,000.

Tilford Ct., 13425-Xiaohua Chu and Bao Lan Zhu to Wenshu Li, $450,000.

Waters Row Terr., 20229-Drago and Mirjana Skrtic to Carlos and Devin Pedemone, $328,000.

White Sands Dr., 18734-Liz and M.E. Malin to James Tully, $289,000.


Findley Rd., 2891-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Marlon Quiocho and Hang Nguyen Tingzon, $514,990.

Knowles Ave., 4102-Daniel J. Coughlin and Sarah R. Pilewski to Ilana Weinberg and James Charles, $661,000.

Metropolitan Ave., 10305-Bauer Dermel to Frank Albert Shields and Stephanie Megan Condrey, $785,000.

University Blvd. W., 3109, No. F-6-Marie Claire Gabriel to Christopher Allen Rowe and Annie Jeanne Gabriel, $201,000.


Brink Rd., 8220-Sherman O. and Debra A. Canapp to Betty Kasasa, $710,000.

Mobley Farm Dr., 21725-Joseph A. Sladki to Whitney J. and Marva L. Madise, $734,900.


Brassie Pl., 19635, No. 6A-Emma J. Travis to Norma Natasha Redding, $244,900.

Delcris Dr., 8626-Rougeau Living Trust to Jerome L. Dempsey, $345,950.

Heritage Farm Dr., 7750-Steven Nguyen to Stephen Theodore and Alma Vanessa Ajamian, $375,000.

Keymar Way, 19344-Rudy G. Valladares Martinez and Jackeline Vega Sanchez to Roman A. Maldonado Fuentes, $242,500.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18166-Lee G. Rider to Jeanette D. Lewis and Augustine Richardson, $305,000.

Stedwick Rd., 10020, No. 304-Peter A. Marchant to Leah M. Alabanza, $165,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18610, No. 1-Catherine Y. Pei to Indra Widya Putra, $95,000.


Chickasaw Dr., 1133-Paul J. McGarvey to Marites P. Cedenio, $225,000.

Dilston Rd., 1503-Wilfred S. and Alice M. Banaci to Walter Berrios Chamul and Dilia Berrios, $430,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 804-Philip Karasik and estate of Rachel Ann Travers to Reina Rosario and Claudia L. Somoza Pineda, $102,500.


Bear Valley Terr., 2227-Deborah Greene Bryant to Sean Wendlinder and Maria Jimenez Pimentel, $390,000.

Bushey Dr., 12506-Francisca M. Brauch to Antonio N. and Erica V. De Leon, $380,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3825-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Daniel Edward Parow and Christopher Kyle Hansen, $375,000.

Ferrara Dr., 3813-Linsley E. Nyack to Sonia Cruz Sandoval, $349,900.

Glade Dr., 15111, No. 12-1C-Stephanie E. Sidella to Adrienne J. Taylor, $167,000.

Greenery Lane, 2309, No. 101-1-Lilian Vargas Ponce to Catalina A. Canales, $185,000.

Idlewood Rd., 11602-James Beverage to Miranda Worthington, $342,500.

Layhill Rd., 12610-Winchester Homes to Jessica Manandhar and Prajwol Shrestha, $544,926.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3100, No. 412-Andrew Majower and estate of Joan Majower to Joyce J. Edwards, $306,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 2901, No. D-Marc P. Kramer to John L. and Carol S. Gilbert, $440,000.

May St., 3711-Michael W. and Courtney N. Beaver to Saeed Aghdam, $430,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14805, No. 208-Douglas R. and Kenneth E. Schaus to Robert Barry and Patricia Ann Grundy, $169,000.

Punch St., 14213-Joseph A. Consolino and Nancy L. Boling to Jiyoon and Hyunku C. Kim, $625,000.

Red Eagle Ct., 2330, No. 15-Elsy Marcela Moradel to Ketsanee Petoudomsiri and Kathleen Prime, $265,000.

Turnmore Ct., 1-James J. and Barbara J. Kelly to Gonzalo Dilaudo, $480,000.

Westholm Ct., 15021, No. 273-C-Vicky L. Willits to Jean D. Richelsen, $199,000.

Woolen Oak Ct., 14201, No. 6-32-Timothy Albert Litschgi and estate of John Kevin Litschgi to Kristin A. Singh, $195,000.


Dumfries Cir., 17953-Janet R. Grinder to Emmanuel H. and Georgia E. Athanasakis, $450,000.

Hines Ct., 22-Julian H. Goldman and Maria V. Gorodetskaya to Jennifer L. and Lee D. Cossette, $328,600.

Olney Laytonsville Rd., 5320-Mary E. Allen to Parisima Nourmohammadi, $550,000.

Thornhurst Dr., 4521-Karen Lynn Cuviello to Isela C. Martin and Sebastien M. Watteau, $649,999.

Weston Pl., 4604-Margaret E. Holmes to Sanli Wang and Yuxin Hu, $390,000.


Campbell Farm Rd., 17101-Joseph Stratton Jr. and Leila Nimatallah to Mauricio Vladimir Martinez and Maria C. Torres Vasquez, $570,000.

Mount Nebo Rd., 14929-James Vandersea to Maureen L. and Donna M. Reese, $715,000.


Ansin Circle Dr., 12410-Murray P. Abrams to Mark R. and Jacqueline G. Olinger, $1.45 million.

Bettstrail Way, 1103-Barbara L. Richard to Amit P. and Seema R. Panchal, $876,000.

Bytham Ridge Lane, 133-Winchester Homes Inc. to Christopher James Dufek and Anne Marie Fejka, $1.05 million.

Copenhaver Dr., 9216-Owen and Lisa Burman to Mallory Elizabeth and Taggart Baim Hutchinson, $777,000.

Devilwood Ct., 11700-Anthony J. and Brenda Lee Pellicane to Jared B. Rubenstein and Anna Raykher, $840,000.

Fallsmead Way, 1429-Michael T. and Helene P. Ambrosino to Chuck Szeto and Michelle Tseng, $848,500.

Jeb Stuart Rd., 8300-Harry and Mildred Dornbrand to Charles Jeremy and Ashley Brannen Holt, $680,000.

Maplecrest Lane, 10602-I. Ling and Deana F. Chow to Andrew and Jaclyn Stief, $1.1 million.

Park Potomac Ave., 12500, No. 106-Stuart G. and Phyllis R. Blum to Jodi M. Savitz, $475,000.

River Rd., 13300-Jinxia Zhang to Kejia Li, $1.32 million.

Sundance Ct., 10233-Erik and Amy Rogstad to Brooks Morgan and Kathryn Mary O’Brien, $895,000.

Timber Hill Lane, 8616-Walter S. and Debra E. Goldberg to Harold Edward and Elena Detwiler, $990,000.

Victory Lane, 8703-Khalid and Shirin Ikram to Katherine Y. Jou and Brian Alexander Pieragostini, $726,500.


Antigua Terr., 10844, No. 77-Kameron F. and Krista L. Cox to Jeremy K. Adkins and Lee Levy, $420,000.

Bouldercrest Ct., 16-Minzhi Wang and Ling Wu to William W. and Jamie E. Seaton, $707,000.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5701, No. 2101-David and Helene A. Emsellem to Maryann Ortega, $331,900.

Courthouse Sq., 24, No. 612-Melissa A. Conley to Benjamin Lang, $270,000.

Edson Lane, 5805, No. 5805-2-Yehuda and Gila Nordman to Janet Voight, $412,500.

Evans St., 102-Said M. Dahreddine to Zachary W. and Jennifer Prager, $655,000.

Foxborough Cir., 9956-Ilyas and Roja Hamdizai to Derek and Russell Gestl, $594,999.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1320-Tanya M. Ivanov to Fei Han, $270,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 1208-Estate of Allen H. Mason and James D. Mason to Hope Green Hinkes, $150,500.

Hungerford Dr., 501, No. 366-Hyun Ju Kang to Michael Mobley, $285,000.

Lindley Terr., 2503-Frances M. and Jeffrey L. Miller to Virigina N. Takahashi, $678,900.

Mayfair Manor Dr., 5717, No. 108-Anil Sharma and Kamaljeet Sigh to Roubina L. Poochikian, $600,000.

Nicholson Lane, 5809, No. 810-Steven P. Benson and estate of Joan M. Wallace to Pushpa Varumal Thadani, $495,000.

Old Gate Rd., 7103-Allan Schwartz to Jeremy and Elizabeth Martinich, $875,000.

Olden Rd., 4712-Shannon Lynn Flood and James Shea Goheen to Marsha Greene, $407,000.

Reserve Champion Dr., 801, No. 17-302-Khoi Q. and Candice D. Tran to Payam Hariri, $420,000.

Rockville Pike., 10444, No. 102-Ryan W. Rowe to Silvia Albina, $165,000.

Stephalee Lane, 11122-Daryle Ryan and Beth O. Bobb to Jason Eric and Illana Cindy Rubin, $1.65 million.

Wootton Oaks Ct., 121-Pasquale and Courtney C. Silvestre to Peter Do and Kristen N. Hoang, $620,000.


Choctaw Ct., 20026-Kim H. Goh and Wen H. Chiu to Jose Luis Gastelu, $283,000.

Drumcastle Terr., 11664-Alex E. and Karen L. Garcia to Elizabeth Anne Sorenson, $288,000.

Halethorpe Terr., 11324, No. 188-Stephen Anthony Mann and Donya Botkan to Je Taek and Sang Im Woo, $190,000.

Panthers Ridge Dr., 12000-Hui Feng to Ranmin and Heng Liu, $328,000.


Chesapeake Ave., 705-Dana J. Shields to Elizabeth Petro and Morgan Stern, $614,000.

Dartmouth Ave., 702-LS Design Group Corp. to Christopher and Catherine Kalna, $730,000.

Glen Ross Rd., 1908-Larry T. and Mary D. Patterson to Paul Vincent Bruno and Margaret Darling Callahan, $925,000.

Meredith Ave., 10203-Dorothy Happiness Vivian Clark and Nora Buckley to Thomas and Caroline H.B. Witkop, $385,000.

Salisbury Rd., 2200-Joseph F. and Margaret C. Williams to Edward J. Murphy and Jenny M. Knopinski, $850,000.

Wayne Ave., 205-Roser Marie Rupard and Michael Eddins to Garrick Robert Racz, $437,500.

Windsor St., 303-Neil R. and Malgorzata J. Sullivan to Nathan C. and Lisette B. Steinwald, $799,000.


Chester St., 8118-Frank M. Disimino and Nicolette M. George to Joshua H. and Sarah P. Shields, $575,000.

Heather Ave., 1020-David M. Carroll to Jennifer R. Hayman and Robert A. Wolcheski, $570,000.

Lockney Ave., 8116-Beau Aaron Archer and Drake B. Hagner to Regina D. and Kathleen D. Curran, $420,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 1120W-Xiaopi Jin and Elena Komarova to Sia N. Henry, $210,000.

Fifth Ave., 6407-Metro Area Management Corp. to Noila and Wade A. Sorenson, $585,000.


Fletcher Pl., 717-Nationstar Reo Sub 1B Corp. to Angela M. Fritz, $393,700.


Amherst Ave., 10402-Aaron W. Hunter and Maria Veronica Ramos Mejia to Eleanor K. Blalock, $497,000.

Barrie Ave., 10406-Henry R. Bauer and Darryn Lickliter to Todd A. Albertson and Stephanie L. Pico, $468,000.

Cambridge Park Ct., 2115, No. 8-Yvonne A. and Robert Edward Bailey to Phillip H. Fansler and Samantha J. Fede, $350,000.

Eaglewood Ct., 12038-Montenegro Investments Corp. to Sopnil and Aubry Bhattarai, $361,000.

Gannon Rd., 3902-Marta Sanders to Carlos Nolasco, $260,000.

Green Holly Terr., 10325-Sylvia L. Minor to Lucas Comfort and Shawna O’Donnell, $400,000.

Insley St., 10410-Michael J. Nocerino and estate of Sondra Nocerino to Emily Rose Bass, $369,000.

King George Dr., 11362, No. 12-Catherine Anne Dodge and Paule Bugala to Spencer Nam, $316,875.

Little Sorrel Way, 2109-Samanth G. and Brendon T. Miller to Do Thi Thanh and Ngo Hoai Vy, $458,000.

Randolph Rd., 2605-Gregory A. Yoder to John Maxwell Jordan, $345,000.

University Blvd. W., 2034, No. 6-Jeremy J. Schreifels to Kevin J. Davis, $400,000.

Westchester Dr., 2035-Sana Naveed and Steve Vieux to Mokyang Paul Kim and Morui Li, $453,200.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Buckeystown Pike., 3529-Barry L. Adams Jr. and Chad A. McDaniel to Matthew S. and Kolette D. Marcoff, $549,900.

Haddington Dr., 5614-Thomas M. and Sharon L. Newman to Robert Louis and Geraldine E. Carbo, $539,900.

Yorkshire Ct., 3333-William H. and Joanna Lilley to Brian E. and Karen E. Unruh, $407,500.


D St. E., 508-Amerihome Mortgage Co. Corp. to Edward J. and Sarah H. Wynee, $217,500.

Hope Farm Ct., 1307-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust to Stacy Kummer, $369,900.

Potomac View Pkwy., 721-Humberto A. Cabrera and Nathan Roberts to John William Diggs, $330,000.

Scheer St., 1316-NVR Inc. to Josue Gonzalez and Wanda Rodriguez, $314,095.


Holter Ct., 4407-Frederick and Terry Sparks to Stephen E. and Anne L. Ingram, $499,900.

Shadywood Dr., 3850, No. 2D-Betty Regina Mackley and Diana L. Straeb to Joelle Grossnickle, $145,000.


Regina Dr., 2214-Zachary D. Modig and Jennifer B. Werner to Thomas E. and Allison N. Meyer, $461,500.


Ramblewood Dr., 1457-Mary F. and Steven G. Dart to Michael D. and Kimberly M. Hill, $375,000.


Acacia Ct., 6814-Cynthia May Brown Marshall to Stephanie L. Redwine, $218,000.

Alysheba Way, 5610-Silvercrest Properties Corp. to Katrina Mangada, $370,000.

Autumn Olive Dr., 6544-NVR Inc. to Penelope and Paul Colbert, $397,825.

Ballenger Run Blvd., 6511-NVR Inc. to Hector Irizarry and Palmira Mendez Rodriguez, $344,630.

Bradley Ct., 502, No. 5L-Brian Michael Mayer to Sean Alan Carter, $162,500.

Britannic Pl., 6554-William and Nicole Steigelman to Akoba Akoubia, $350,000.

Cap Stine Rd., 4847-Margaret E. Heydrick to Jennie and Rodney Jamison, $460,000.

Clifton Rd. S., 6712-Christopher Regan Shafer and estate of Kenneth Oliver Greenwood to Karen Q.M. and Phillip P. Hall, $299,900.

Crabapple Dr., 5666-Rosemary and Harry J. Roenick to Leslie Ann Eyler, $265,000.

Duke Ct., 5176-Richard Bradford and Kathryn Anna Zimmerman to Colin B. Ripley, $238,000.

Farmhouse Dr., 5696-Jeffrey D. and Joanna D. Button to Avelino Martinez Portillo and Romduol Bin, $335,000.

Hames Ct., 7007-Joshua Adam Masser to Jorge A. Funes Cruz and Cristina Funes, $190,000.

Hunting Horn Ct., 507-John J. and Wendy Nash to Arvind Solanki and Seema Singh, $375,000.

Keswick Pl., 1114-Juan C. and Dawn M. Ramos to Joseph M. and Adrianne T. Leiter, $210,000.

Lancaster Pl., 576-Alban Place Partnership to Walter Marcos Higinio, Jessica Hurtado Marcus and Carlos Ramos Valencia, $236,350.

Leben Dr., 5953-NVR Inc. to Laronce Marshall, $316,200.

Madigan Trail, 6506-NVR Inc. to Rami Islam, $422,465.

Pendleton Ct. S., 13S-Andrew P. Egan and Charelin Elisabeth Rivas to Pedro O. Lara and Thelma L. Trejo, $210,000.

Posey St., 6206-NVR Inc. to Natausha Adamson, $360,565.

Purple Leaf Ct., 5770-Allen M. and Janet D. Roth to Eno I. Ekpenyong, $219,995.

Red Maple Dr., 5213-NVR Inc. to Mindy and William Collins, $511,914.

Shadbush Ct., 5806, No. C-Alexis Bunn to Steven K. and Samantha Marstaller, $162,000.

Sweet Bay Ct., 5765-Michael Alan and Clair Englebracht to Lindsay Nicole Nelson, $219,350.

Upper Mill Terr. N., 5543-Leilani A. Rubio to Benjamin E. and Shannon Wooten, $300,000.

Walcott Lane, 6511, No. 4-Samuel P. and Brenda J. Williamson to George L. Bistany, $298,450.

Wood Duck Ct., 6792-Angela R. Forney Conrad to Blanca Lila Menjivar, $237,000.


Apache Ct., 816-John William and Diane B. Rowland to Wilbur T. and Sandra H. Wright, $360,000.

Bear Den Rd., 2250, No. 403-Richard Frank Calhoun to Thomas M. Cuff and Nancy Purinton, $417,500.

Blandwood Rd., 605-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Denward C. and Joyce Ann Jamison, $547,260.

Broken Reed Ct., 8010-Carole A. Kriewaldt to Kathryn Meagher, $209,000.

Captains Ct., 8013-Michelle M. Martin and estate of Marilyn F. Sawyer Janzen to Michelle Anne Torres, $310,000.

Cliffside Terr., 6235-Nicholas Krop to Daniel Bozzo and Autumn Painter, $275,000.

Dockside Ct., 1480-Tyson M. Stull to Jair Gama Chavez, $230,000.

Fairview Ave., 105-Warren and Ashley Hinkle to Jason Frank Bonasera, $353,500.

Frederick Ave., 109-Ingrid P. Halvorson and Charles D. Savel to David Bruce and Kristin Patricia Hanna, $355,000.

Hamilton Ave., 22-Epic Properties Corp. to Shelley Tressler, $225,000.

Market St. N., 706-Ronald Charles and Kathryn Harbaugh Burow to Tyler Mackintosh and Lily Kunsha Brennan, $225,000.

Mill Pond Rd., 106-AMR Investments Corp. to Zachary R. Dillon and Brandi J. Duffy, $300,000.

River Run Ct., 7829-Catoctin Overlook Corp. to Kemuel Caceres Hernandez and Rebecca Domenech Muniz, $260,000.

South St. E., 13-Donna K. Harman to Charles D. Hamilton, $365,000.

Springwater Terr., 6341, No. 9304-Kay L. Wilkinson and Rita C. Goldberg to Christina P. Barmoy, $189,000.

Trafalgar Lane, 1423-Glenn T. and Diane S. Jones to Andrew Ho and Angela Shen, $296,900.

Waterside Dr., 2520, No. 115-Michele D. Lewis to Sharon and Bert E. Martin, $240,000.

Willow Oak Dr., 1304-Scott J. and Valerie L. Murphy to Jessica E. Fitzwater and Gerald D. Bigelow III, $370,000.

14th St. W., 12-Dameon V. and Cara J. Huether to Taryn Dee and John Burroughs, $355,000.


Bear Creek Ct., 2111-Brian D. and Lauri A. Blevins to Youngjae Kim and Kyoohee Park, $463,000.

Butterfield Overlook, 2012-Michael J. and Eileen P. Martino to Catherine Denise and Willie Henry Gammage, $475,000.

Cohasset Ct., 2011-Ridgewall Corp. to Charles S. Ansong and Nana A. Akoto, $433,788.

Deerfield Pl., 105-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nicholas Bookman, $249,900.

Eastbourne Terr., 1015-Evelin Ag Wlodarczyk to Rita J. Ellsworth, $307,000.

Emerson Dr., 2605-Matthew W. Lacey to Heather L. Conversano, $275,000.

Heather Ridge Dr., 751A, No. 18A-Michael F. Amos to Randall Edward Fischer and Patricia Ann Winchester, $62,000.

Noblewood Ct., 1803-Miriam Robin and estate of Gary Lee Robin to Van Tha Hmun, $225,000.

Quartz Cir., 6092-Bruce E. Randolph to Carly J. and Michael Picco, $245,000.

Schley Ave., 614-John B. and Michael C. O’Connor to Adam C. Bradley and Courtney Ebner, $359,000.

Stonehouse Ct., 5805-David A. and Lisa A. Whitehead to Joseph and Rachel Stern, $380,000.

Taney Ave., 602-Michael and Shannon Frownfelter to Paul and Brigitte R. Farrell, $315,000.

Victoria Sq., 96-Catherine H. Didas Henry to Allen M. Holl and Angela N. Truitt, $205,000.

Waterford Dr., 877-Patrick S. and Tamara S. Brock to Bailey R. Wright, $218,000.

Whiskey Creek Cir., 101-James and Tina Brant to Samuel O. and Oluwatomi Bolanle Fadipe, $235,000.

12th St. W., 1413-Daniel W. Atwood and Melanie L. Santos to Claudia F. and Iris M. Fuentes Argueta, $280,000.


Fairgreene Way, 5213-Kuljit and Amar Klar to Brian E. and Kendra N. Myles, $619,000.

Hopewell St., 10204-Oakdale Investments to Marina Denisova, $364,770.

Pheasant Run, 3120-Jennifer Garrard and Nancy P. Morgan to Megan Mary and Joseph Saverio Candaffio, $415,000.


Addition Ave., 3114-Joshua B. Garn to Robert and Pamela Paich, $205,000.

Jennifer Lynne Dr., 5-Terri L. and Monica J. Paige to Osei and Pamela O. Bonsu, $389,900.

Petersville Rd., 3610-Baltimore 180 Properties Corp. to Darren and Melinda Loy, $272,000.


Green Valley Rd., 9997-Ellen M. and James L. Forsberg to Veronica Burlas and Raymond Matthew Conner, $700,000.


Bankbarn Cir., 14-Luis and Virginia Kay Rolon to Brent Belmont and Kiersten Millert, $308,500.

Ingalls Dr., 107-NVR Inc. to Eileen Ford, $408,685.

Main St. W., 204-Bo Chen to Coral K. Cruey, $275,000.

Stone Springs Lane, 508-James J. Colaianne Jr. to Alain Roger and Cecile Ndong Dissake Bileg, $304,000.


Gladhill Brothers Rd., 11615-Carl Fowler Jr. to Felipe and Maria Fernandes, $375,000.

Lee Hill Dr., 12505-Neil and Kathryn Weigle to Steven Kyle and Tess M. Bennett, $370,000.

Monrovia Blvd., 4535-NVR Inc. to Mohamed Gohar and Reham Youssif, $577,965.

Rosewood Rd., 3941-Dale H. Smith and Terry Smith Madison to Scott D. and Cecelia S. Baker, $325,000.

Seths Folly Dr., 4540-NVR Inc. to Mukumadi Tshibuabua and Ines Etoumbi, $393,460.

Viridian Terr., 4283-Winchester Homes Inc. to Stephanie Ann and Curtis Maurice Hunter, $559,458.

Weller Hill Dr., 11830-Conrad J. and Patricia A. Reese Farina to Allen D. and Monica D. Smith, $690,000.


Catoctin View Dr., 12316-Eric William and Shannon Charlice Lovewell to Amy C. Fitzgerald, $347,000.

Heritage Farm Dr., 8-Anastasia Michaels and M. Tucker Lazarus to Jeremy Robert and Kimberly Anne Burke, $525,000.

Moleton Ct., 4421-Hongyan Gao Mauro to Michael R. and Carol Beth McQuaid, $520,000.

Shirley Bohn Rd., 14758-Rick L. and Joy M. Pulley to James T. and Sharon S. Miller, $579,900.

Westridge Dr., 401-Jonathan Menz to Thomas and Teresa Fyanes, $380,000.


Hunters Knl., 1018-Bryan W. and Lisa L. Sixkiller to Jonathan P. and Julie A. Keeler, $500,000.

Woodland Way Rd., 11904-Christopher and Shawn Carr to Matthew C. Lawrence, $380,000.


Caspian Way, 10306-Steven P. Gribben to Umed Zokirov, $396,000.

Coldstream Dr., 6677-Sin S. and Frank Grzelecki to Katherine Yeakin, $250,000.

High Beach Ct., 10608-Jaclyn R. Noriega to Kyle A. Staley, $259,000.

Lakeridge Rd. W., 6707-Jonathan H. Pembroke to Tony J. and Stacey Holsinger, $276,080.

Nicholas Hall St., 317-New Market Residential LLA to Todd M. and Jessica L. Nelson, $510,000.

Pond Fountain Ct., 11145-Kevin M. Bates to James William Somerville, $370,000.

Sanandrew Dr., 11310-Alexis N. Dankanich to Lee Alan Janes Jr. and Annabel Hiltz, $479,900.

Shavano Rd. W., 6848-MS Aspen North Corp. to Richard J. and Kristin M. Demma, $501,430.

Watson Ct., 6058-Eileen Carol Ford to Jonas I. and Christina M. Mitchell, $410,000.

Yeager Ct., 6111-Richmond American Homes to Jonathan and Diana Greenberg, $442,519.


Barnes Rd., 15405-Diane and Kevin Gooch to Ronald Eugene and Ann Marie Saylor, $428,000.


Canal Run Dr., 1746-David A. and Heather J. Clark to Michael H. and Ann M. Cohen, $365,000.


Easy St., 117-Clabaugh Family Revocable Trust and Sandra K. Wiley to Jerry C. and Vivian E. Martin, $180,000.

Leekyler Pl., 2-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Staci R. Manan, $250,000.

Moser Rd. E., 59-Dennis and Dawn E. Sweeney to Kaitlyn M. Bolton Blevins, $217,000.


Atterbury Pl., 4068-Joshua and Stephanie Buchs to Victor A. Almeida, $365,000.

Braveheart Cir., 3932-Vladimir and Tatiana Lebedev to Axiang Liu and Bingfang Ruth Xu, $560,000.

Broad Branch Way, 5831-NVR Inc. to David M. and Kaitlyn M. Klein, $408,250.

Charterhouse Rd., 9209-Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Ji Hong Hao and Hong Gao, $556,000.

Dunraven St., 9451-Eric C. Rubado to Michael Duane, $387,000.

Haycock Ct., 5705-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Vishwesh Parkash and Alison A. Mokashi, $495,000.

Notting Hill Dr., 9824-Bryan and Lisa Shinn to Amreen S. and Sajjad Ahmad Aziz, $750,000.

Quinn Orchard Rd., 6005-Whitney D. Swiger Hartsock to Tammy Kefauver and Todd Keith, $237,000.

Shady Pines Dr., 8831-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Samir K. and Elora Gupta, $431,793.

Sprigg St. N., 3727-David M. and Maryam Jordan to Bridgetta Bourne and Leslie Firl, $635,000.

Tabard Lane, 3502-Samantha H. Baker Dowling to Nelson Martinez and Raissa Benitez, $364,900.

Timber Green Dr., 3504-Dream Finders Homes Corp. to Tarik O. Chapman and Jane A. Mulvihill, $578,082.

Wasatch View Dr., 3004-NVR Inc. to Nicholas and Amy Caretti, $764,650.


Chapel Ct., 100, No. 319-Carol A. Morrison to Thanh Ho and Truong An T. Vo, $143,000.

Discovery Blvd., 8524-Stephanie L. Abrecht to Tameka Cora Sims, $188,000.

Silver Crest Dr., 305-John J. and Anne M. Jeffas to Charles A. and Deborah A. Lefevre, $334,500.


Cornell Dr., 229-Justin M. and Megan A. Cook to Bruce E. Randolph and Nicole M. Baugress, $405,000.

Woodsboro Rd., 104-Kevin J. and Elizabeth A. Shields McGuinness to William J. Steele and Brittany D. Gartner, $204,500.