Home Sales

Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Ashton Club Way, 17965-Kim C. Hysell to Ricci Spurrier, $332,500.


Bauer Dr., 14845-Marie R. Pressel to April and Jayson Hamblin Huber, $559,000.

Columbine Way, 15000-Star HF Corp. to Walid and Iuliia Zeytoun, $635,000.

Evanston St., 13105-Anthony Edward and Kathleen Gail Sosnoskie to Randolph Emanuel Lynch, $389,000.

Parkland Dr., 13502-Chris Papasava and Nikolas Bezianis to Anne H. and David K. Briggs, $384,900.

Turkey Branch Pkwy., 13507-Elizabeth A. Wright to Kunjie Zhen, $395,475.

Woodcrest Dr., 14402-Kenneth R. and Betty I. Benson to Hector Marquina and Elizabeth Estrada, $399,000.


Allan Rd., 5026-Christian W. and Bryan E. Lamanna to Scott M. and Kathryn R. Cotter, $1.01 million.

Baltimore Ave., 5224-Geoff Egnal and Clare Geller to Joshua M. Kram and Jacqueline M. Servais, $1.01 million.

Bradley Blvd., 6407-Thomas and Susan Rainey to Thomas C., Lucinda A., Daniel H. and Karen E. Goldman, $1.73 million.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 301-Kevin Conroy to Geraldine Dubin, $397,000.

Chalon Dr., 8817-Mark A. Levitt and Kay D. Klass to Tonya Robinson and Paul Oostburg Sanz, $2.65 million.

Cheshire Terr., 10315-John S. Tegeris and estate of Andrew S. Tegeris to Jane Yan Tan, $810,000.

Crane Terr., 6402-Douglas W. Elmendore and Karen E. Dynan to Yi Zhu and Hou Wang, $965,000.

Elmhirst Dr., 9322-Carol J. Cooper and Peggy Jan Chandler to Steven S. and Jamie L. Thompson, $1.1 million.

Fleming Ave., 10101-Savvy By Sandy Spring Builders Corp. to Cindy Ann Sanquist, $1.55 million.

Hampden Lane, 4901, No. 201-Lauren Condos Corp. to Stephen M. and Susana Fainbraun Shapiro, $1.95 million.

MacArthur Blvd., 10554-Paul M. and John A. Waksmunski to Irina Nossova and Yaroslav Tsagoyko, $540,000.

McDonald Dr., 9124-Morteza and Shohreh Porsaid to Eric and Jennifer Winston, $2.08 million.

Montrose Ave., 10415, No. M-102-Stephen F. Scango to Arthur T. Grayson III, $226,000.

Namakagan Rd., 5503-Alban Salaman and estate of Elizabeth Ann Ross to Jing Zhang and Yan Liu, $1.6 million.

Ogden Ct., 5800-Martin D. and Joanne P. Waugh to Cornelius H. and Stacie C. Deramus, $825,000.

Ramsgate Rd., 5917-Don Rounds and Phoebe Stevenson to Katherine Garrison, $1.05 million.

Robinwood Rd., 6200-Edward H. Comer and Joan A. Schaffer to Jialiu Gao and Jia Yang, $1.23 million.

Sangamore Rd., 5211-Susan Tracey to Andrew Jay and Rebecca Spiegel, $698,000.

Sleaford Pl., 7920-David Eugene Bradley and estate of Diane H. Bradley to Alison and Andrew J. Schissler, $961,500.

Terrace Garden Way, 8641-Ivana Pavlovic to Vahram Stepanyan and Silva Lalayan, $1.15 million.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 218-Joshua W. and Chelsea L. Madden to Tong Zhao, $355,000.

Westpath Way, 5337-Lynne Vollmer and estate of Danya P. Pelzman to John Cokinos, $850,000.

Wilmett Rd., 6506-Taverekere and Jayashree Srikantaiah to Angela Sandford and Bronwen Louise Millet, $765,000.

Wissioming Rd., 5125-Jaclyn S. Frankfurt and Mark D. Cahn to David Williams and Athalia Christie, $1.32 million.


Northern Dancer Lane, 18117-Mark S. Pincus to Luanne Hill, $575,000.


Brookepark Terr., 3505-Kathryn S. and Matthew L. Parker to Maria Ninetta and Sany Cristino Dsouza, $432,500.

Georgia Ave., 21033-Mark D. and Sharon L. Sonstein to Sarah Pontano and Nathaniel Salnick, $630,000.

Richwood Lane, 3305-Richard and Caroline Barrett to Brian and Nichole Pingon, $540,000.


Leatherwood Terr., 4340-U.S. Bank National Association to Amanuel Beyene, $254,900.


78th St., 6417-John Edwin and Kelly Marie Stevens to Richard L. and Dawn D. Lowrie, $1.02 million.


Cornet Ct., 2741-Jinny and David Yoon to Jonathan M. and Shannon E. Cron, $389,000.

Featherwood St., 1712-Shahid Khan to Maria Eunice Ramires Marques and Joao Miguel de Oliveira Rodrigues, $338,870.

Schubert Ct., 19-Mark and Stephanie Rosen Altbier to Lauren Connelly, $420,000.

Sutherland Hill Way, 11509-Janet Shiffer Sangare to Barkot Teklemichael, $430,000.

Two Farm Dr., 12913-Randall W. Bartholomew and Gloria E.M. Bartholomew to Cristian Ianculescu, $650,000.

Willington Dr., 309-Barbara Ann and Patrick B. Cooper to Pradnya Haldipur and Joe E. Clemons Jr., $700,000.


Bradley Blvd., 5046, No. 4-Sandra Marie Tomlinson Brown and Kimberly Joy Wheatley to Evan and Sarah Milberg, $679,900.

Connecticut Ave., 6817-ZB Connecticut Corp. to Joseph Patrick Matan and Hollace O. Donnell Matan, $2.68 million.

Dalton Rd., 5000-Victor E. Nava and Maria L. Marquez to Jordi Yen and Alicia Fuentes Gargallo, $1.57 million.

East West Hwy, 4242, No. 718-Helen Joyce Schwartz to Ohn and Teresita N. Estoque Myint, $310,000.

Kenilworth Dr., 3712-Jane M. Ganz Imphong to Matthew J. and Yvette R. Greeves, $807,500.

Lenox St. E., 6-Joseph P. and Hollace Tobin Matan to Andrea Lynn Kirstein, $2.5 million.

Park Ave. N., 4550, No. 412-Hugh M. Steinberger and Jo Ann S. Kline to Shawn D. and Imelda Russell, $790,000.

Ross Rd., 2705-Joshua L. Fritts and Tami Weeks to Dustin S. and Heidi H. Brown, $740,000.

Woodmont Ave., 7111, No. 907-Theodore Shin to Nicoletta T. Avgeropoulos, $349,500.


Broadway Ave., 22011, No. 402F-NVR Inc. to Todd Anthony Dunn, $386,775.

Clarksburg Rd., 22619-Winchester Homes Inc. to Supriya A. Herwadaker and Chinmay S. Shete, $484,701.

Clarksmeade Dr., 23751-Montaneze and Melissa Prather to Erik Light and Dongfang Feng, $435,000.

Observation Dr., 23206, No. 2251-Universal American Mortgage Co. Corp. to Joseph B. Lagos, $305,000.

Trentworth Way, 22228-Federal National Mortgage Association to Eguajei Akaya, $425,000.


Amberleigh Dr., 218-Antonia Augusto and Maria Jesus De Sousa to Andrew Michael and Sarah W. Williamson, $495,000.

Cliftonbrook Lane, 1008-Michael J. and Susan E. Brew to Anne, Yuan Chie and Hsiao Yu Wu, $448,500.

Farmgate Lane, 217-Stephanie Turcios and Cecilia Sandoval to Ryan J. and Jamie C. Smallcomb, $615,000.

Reserve Gate Terr., 309-Aileen Pincus and Scot Walker to Gregory Michael and Catherine Toth, $920,000.

Thompson Rd., 15520-Jeremy M. Long and estate of Rosemarie Long to John T. and Stephanie C. Lee, $510,000.


Bethesda Church Rd., 11247-V. George and Gayle F. Conard to Pamela Jeanne Evans and Stephanie Anne and Lauren Elizabeth Sumner, $1.57 million.

Gue Rd., 9200-Thomas K. and Holly M. Dunne to Andrew and Elizabeth Herzing, $470,000.

Valley Park Dr., 9959-Larry A. Wright to Taylor R. Powell, $275,000.


Cliffbourne Lane, 17713-John M. and Marie K. Hey to Rosa Cormier and Jacob Edward Grgurich, $440,000.

Millcrest Ct., 26-Leyla Torres Elite Homes Team Corp. to Marice Ivette Morales, $460,000.

Redland Rd., 16408-Mary and Catherine Baechtel to Kara A. Kahley and Andrew B. Zoeller, $491,000.

Vinyard Lane, 17813-Connor Blemly and Mariel Phillips to Heidi E. and Bruno D. Neto, $506,500.


Bradbury Manor Ct., 11005-Jason Jaesung and Eun Mi Choi to Aisha Osae, $465,000.

Colesville Rd., 10202-Brett Lowell and Stephanie Sayre Smith to Chandra and Dominic Bondzie, $399,000.

Flower Ave., 9507-Jose G. and Christina M. Serrano to Jason Vittorio Cristofaro and Brandice Adelle Berry, $675,000.

Gregorio Dr., 807-Phuong Ngoc Nguyen and Thanh Ngoc Cao to Trinh H. Nguyen and Khoa V. and Thi Q. Chau, $395,000.

Langley Dr., 918-Teresa Ann Gorman Matheson to Shiril Sarcar, $307,000.

Loxford Terr., 857-Jill Salvaterra and Peter Sullivan to Joseph W. Shiferaw and Nardos G. Moges, $461,000.

Normandy Dr., 118-Douglas G. Prouty and Michele I. Osherow to David R. and Erin L. Stoker, $525,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 910-Zheng Zhu and Can Dong to Kevin James and Sherriel Jeanette Sullivan, $153,500.

Walden Rd., 9130-Michael D. and Carman D. Quizon to Sarah Ziegenfuss and Robert Harvey, $501,000.


Alden Ave., 16609-Theodore C. and Miriam M. Liu to Phyllis M. Axtell, $483,000.

Bell Bluff Ct., 9-Fuyuki and Kazuyo Tokumasu to Nicole L. Rowley, $470,000.

Carriage Walk Cir., 18601-Vinicius C. and Evelyn C. Gambeta to Edward K. and Gertrude A. Arhinful, $373,000.

Coriander Dr., 7909, No. 301-Deanna Buckner Marquez to Jin O. Feng, $175,000.

Emory Grove Rd., 9432-Jose A. and Mary M. Quick to Ali Shahparvari, $257,500.

Framingham Dr., 19653-Scott B. Harren to Nawar Abd Allatif, $284,000.

Hidden Marsh St., 809-Kamal K. Dhingra and Neelima Kalani to Tana Jankowiak and Fnu Shali, $430,000.

Jericho Dr., 19140-P. Frederic and Lynn M. Stepler to Richard Austin and Alicia Grace Nichols, $460,000.

Pullman Pl., 656-Yu Ru Chen to Ailing Gao, $406,500.

Streamside Dr., 18316, No. 102-Goldstar Rosewood I. Corp. to Tal Ben Yosef and Anat Heller, $117,500.

Wake Forest Dr., 1414-Federal National Mortgage Association to Gabrielle Camillo Panara and Natalia Marin, $307,000.


Appaloosa Way, 11824-Miao Hu and Yin Fei to Steve Marquis Fernandez and Nandita Prasad, $666,900.

Beckwith St., 130-Linda Rubenstein to Aaron and Bogumila Kroft, $840,000.

Coral Reef Dr., 513-Rozita Safavizadeh and Foad Fred Taleghani to Stephanie L. Schoenthal and Feizal F. Hosein, $360,000.

Fields Rd., 9701, No. 501-Reena E. Lentz and the estate of Isabel R. Barov to Sudesh and Shailee Upadhyay, $230,000.

Golden Ash Way, 58-Hanna Tetens to Shirley Guatemala Chacon, $540,000.

Happy Choice Lane, 11728-Gary R. and Marisa E. Trettel Stolper to Yungjae An and Ji Eun Rhee, $599,900.

Holdcroft Lane, 111-Patricia Ann Smith to Travis and Kristen Fousek, $362,000.

Keeneland Cir., 14824-Peter A. and Michele A. Mnatzakanian to Jason William and Barbera Thomas Dooley, $662,000.

Kepler Dr., 277-M. I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to William Brian Schwartz, $809,401.

Leafcup Ct., 109-Mark W. Betten to Brandan P. and Courtney T. Jason, $415,000.

Main St., 907-Ashish and Rritu Gulati to Di Lu and Dawei Ni, $565,000.

Morning Light Terr., 12349-Peter D. and Julie B. Tittle to Steven and Margo Kim, $652,000.

Palmtree Dr., 524-Yung Chi Sung to Minjiang Bai, $296,000.

Pebble Hill Lane, 14712-Shine and Neena A. Jacob to Lavida D. Cooper, $700,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 706, No. 101-Ning Wu and Chuanning Zeng to Nadia Esfahani Zarkeshian, $112,500.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 818, No. P1-Robert D. and Janis D. Nix to Behy Baharloo, $83,000.

Quince Valley Terr., 15500-Gary R. and Nicola D. Milwit to Douglas Cremin and Lili A. Leon, $674,900.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 12913-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Rui Wang and Jiexin Liu, $535,500.

Strummer Lane, 210-Atsushi Satoh to Kevin and Jannie Mooney, $702,500.

Timberbrook Lane, 115, No. 202-Emil Wang to Georgeta Crivat, $280,000.

Vicars Way, 15113-Ronald Schoner and Beverly Bechtel to Kevin and Tamra Wade, $875,000.

Winners Dr., 15700-Eutimio Hernandez to Yan Wei, $566,000.


Waverly Ave., 4601-Patrick P. Dove to Warren McBroom, $350,000.


Birdseye Dr., 18803-Allen Chen to John A. Clevenger Jr. and Silvia N. Gonzalez Diaz, $229,000.

Burnt Woods Pl., 13316-Robert B. Kelso to Maximino Gutierrez, $402,500.

Cricket Hill Dr., 17802-Valarie A. and Steven I. Lazerowich to Donald Eri and Audra Elizabeth Hornback, $623,000.

Fountain Club Dr., 13401, No. 14103-Sunkoo Cheoung to Xiaoling Luo, $230,000.

Hartsbourne Dr., 13628-Allen T. and Clare A. Slaughter to Ayaba E. and Sewavi A. Prince Agbodjan, $465,000.

Kilmarnock Way, 13300, No. 7-F-Christine Greene to Megan E. Begley, $194,000.

Manor Stone Dr., 13332-Giovanna Morena to Jean August S. Harb, $885,000.

Meander Cove Dr., 13257, No. 125-Michael S. Winn to Angelina Mulenga, $243,000.

Open Hearth Way, 13089-Glenn Trowbridge to Luis F. Gomez and Marcia B. Santos Ferman, $267,500.

Quiet Oak Lane, 18939-Ehsan Khazaee Torshizi to Ruddy A. Medal and Mirna P. Henriquez, $335,000.

Rosebay Dr., 13120, No. 5-502-Radha Rani and Krishnamachary Nandigama to Jamil Saah, $347,000.

Sky Blue Ct., 19-Traci K. Granthan to Dipak and Anjana Mudbhari, $307,000.

Summersong Lane, 20490-Varna G. Boyd to Maria Josine Au, $288,000.

Wheatridge Dr., 18026-Arnold Lee and Tina Louise Buratty to Patrick M. and Sophia O. Robinson, $449,000.


Anthony St., 4208-Bradley and Erin Welter to Jennifer Concepcion, $1.34 million.

Everett St., 4419-C. M. Conlan Contractors and Builders Inc. to Christopher Scott and Brittany Allison Gallaway, $1.41 million.

Greenfield St., 10204-Theresa L. and Peter Kolacek to Mary Angela Long and Thomas Wippenbeck, $572,350.

Meredith Ave., 10402-Gregg Allen and Sarah Louise Simmons to Jennifer Scherer, $739,000.

Summit Ave., 10217-Frederick Simard to Jonathan Defosse and Kaori Nakamura, $1.18 million.

Wheatley St., 10609-Sidney H. Monen to Kabir Joshua and Lindsey Nicole Archuletta, $435,000.


Brink Rd., 9540-Robert R. and Kathleen K. Shultz to Christopher Bull, $595,000.

Goshen School Rd., 22200-William C. Fowlkes to Abigail L. and Randall Jenkins, $800,000.

Hoover Farm Dr., 19638-Thach V. and Diana D. Le to Roberto Vasquez, $869,999.

Silver Crest Dr., 25001-Mark R. and Robin X. Hayden to Cindy McKneely, $575,000.


Brassie Ct., 30-USC Properties Corp. to Guozan and Joanne Zhen Wu, $205,000.

Castlebar Way, 8610-Curtis L. and Lynn Marie Freeman to Barry E. and Theresa Wilcox, $460,000.

DeSoto Ct., 10005-Don K. Bostick and Danny L. Cain to Snider and Nicole M. Page, $487,000.

Feathertree Terr., 9801, No. 2-Robert T. and Nancy A. Napolitano to Rosa Maria De Chomon, $230,000.

Heritage Farm Dr., 7712-Thomas J. Swanson to Samuel L. and Petrea Johnson Hicks, $365,000.

Laurel Valley Lane, 8716-Jennifer D. Stisher to Ingrid Chavarria and Jonathan Rudd II, $412,000.

Meadow Fence Rd. N., 18909-Edward L. and Edith Isaacs to Tasha Jackson, $459,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10224-Vivian Wing to Susana Del Rosario Ayala Pineda and Odilio Ayala Martinez, $220,000.

Sparrow Valley Dr., 9333-Georgios and Kiran Bardis to Rommel Cruz and Marco A. Saavedra Ojeda, $275,000.

Welbeck Way, 8668-Elida Esperanza Morales Funes to Israel Gonzalez, $187,000.


Cottrell Terr., 9922-Gabriella and Pierre A. Matar to Stephanie A. and Seth Schoenert, $390,000.

Schindler Dr., 1200-Matthew Paul and Stephanie G. Simmons to Sandra L. Escobar, $395,000.


Chesterwood Dr., 3807-Barbara Smith to Osmar A. Maldonado, $269,900.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3911, No. 25-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Eric V. and Saudia S. Harris, $362,000.

Finsbury Park Ct., 1, No. 43-B-Lynn L. Cavalluzzi to Lily C. Lim, $245,000.

Greenery Lane, 2210, No. 202-Routie R. Reddy to Scarleth Melissa Bernabe, $205,000.

Holdridge Rd., 12917-Sadia Abbasi and Faisal Khan to Qingqing Li and Canming Zhao, $386,668.

Idlewood Rd., 11817-Harborside Properties Corp. to Ugur B. and Selen Sezen Akar, $352,000.

Layhill Rd., 12901-Deok Seon and Sa Yong Woo to Juan Carlos Deras Aguilar and Niesi Tereskova Bernedo Aragon, $415,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3200, No. 219-Renee M. Forcier to Deborah Pomeranz, $365,000.

Macaulay St., 12609-Winchester Homes Inc. to Nikolai Atkinson, $482,247.

Munsey St., 3704-Estate of Gustave Shapiro to Katelyn Rose and Eric Jason Bittleman, $400,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15301, No. 86-2H-Geoffrey A. Secker to Robert F. Owens, $138,900.

Punch St., 14123-Jose A. and Cecilia M. Burgos to Julio A. Martinez Giron and Alicia A. Delcid, $735,000.

Soaring Wing Lane, 13647-Johan Woger to Michael and Meredith Beeler, $522,000.

Victor Ct., 2205-Anuruddha Yatiwawala and Dulari Ranaraja to Odette Touko Tchuannni and Mathias J. Haleu, $420,000.

Yorkshire Woods Dr., 14139-Robert T. and Caron M. Hess to Bonita Alston, $250,000.


Buehler Ct., 3343, No. 103-Sharon R. Jordan to Kristina Gjika, $257,500.

Dumfries Terr., 2101-William P. Mason IV to Georgina Blasco, $466,300.

Kirstin Ct., 17401-Stephen B. and Susan J. Terrio to David and Olga LaCour, $572,000.

Paladin Terr., 3118-Christiana Shim to Jason Diep Ngoc Thach and Nhu Thi Huynh, $372,000.

Stakeburg Pl., 18530, No. 27-Daniely A. Bailey to Ashley, Harutiun and Tanya Nazarian, $245,000.

Winter Garden Way, 2246-David J. LaCour to Ibrahim Saleh and Jamila Ismael, $460,000.


Hempstone Ct., 19004-Stuart Y. Gross to Aytaj and Otar Vily, $457,000.

Spates Hill Rd., 17005-Christopher Hernandez and Jennifer Hernandez Soriano to Demian Colin and Nan Maria Cough, $553,000.


Bluegrass Rd., 9912-Eugene Alan Fisher to James R. and Jill S. Hammerschmidt, $1.33 million.

Burbank Dr., 10823-Burbank Development Co. Corp. to Elizabeth Wohlstadter and Hans Biebuyck, $2.14 million.

Cherbourg Dr., 9009-Brian C. and Patti L. Fitzgerald to James L. and Carey M. Beckley, $1.05 million.

Copenhaver Dr., 8808-Jeffrey M. and Lynne E. Karp to Jeremy M. and Hannah K. White, $1.05 million.

Edgepark Ct., 12028-Thomas H. and Holly B. Scanlan to Jonathan Chris Stergiou and Nancy Nienhwa Hu, $980,000.

Fox Hunt Lane, 10805-Helen H. and Jhong Sam Lee to Stephen J. and Jessica M. Stecklien, $885,000.

Halesworth Dr., 1202-Robert C. and Judith V. Seal to Seth and Allison Berger, $780,000.

Hidden Hill Lane, 8811-Zahra and Jalal Fatemi to Vadim S. and Nadira A. Fomov, $870,000.

Jeb Stuart Rd., 8302-Andrei Gugiu and Gabriela Herrera to Nicole and Edward Uliassi, $680,000.

Maidens Bower Dr., 12725-Bradley J. Johns and Brenda Serna De Johns to Yao Chin Chao, $985,000.

Paddock Ct., 13-David Wayne and Theresa Irene Zolet to James Bruce and Leah M. Hepburn, $899,000.

Red Barn Lane, 10808-Cary G. and Margery C. Prokos to Christopher and Shannon E. Patterson, $1.88 million.

Shad Lane, 9003-John W. and Rosalba A. Kampman to Chi S. and Alessandra G. Pham, $1.1 million.

Sunny Brooke Pl., 13305-Seonghun Park and Taeyang Kim to Liping Hou and Jing Hu, $720,000.

Turnberry Dr., 9415-Alexander and Ellen Giller to Rory E. and Tamara J. Verrett, $1.04 million.


Antigua Terr., 10806, No. 201-Matthew E. Krivonak to Yu Han Wei, $350,000.

Barbados Pl., 5919, No. 20-Mindy A. and Stephen E. Frankel to Gary L. and Mary Ann Brechbill, $340,000.

Blossom Dr., 636-Amey E. DeSoto to Corinne Noll Cayatte and Natalie Joanne Martin, $640,000.

Brewer House Rd., 10804-Mark Brandt and Lisa B. Wishman to Arunoday and Mousumi Chatterjee, $699,000.

College Pkwy., 874, No. 201-Arthur P. and Stephanie Coras to Qiang Zheng, $210,000.

Crestfield Dr., 1005-John W. and Audrey N. Kusiak to Yabing Hu, $656,000.

Dale Dr., 105-Benjamin D. and Stephanie M. Barlow to Kenneth C. Ayres and Amy E. Gravell, $675,000.

Elmcroft Blvd., 119-Benjamin D. and Sheng Lin Gibson to Xing Xiang Liu and Yen Ching Chiu, $588,800.

Feather Rock Dr., 401-Matthew W. and Kristen W. Hoyle to Jacqueline Shana and Cedric Leon Dana, $707,000.

Goosefoot Terr., 13811-Philip and Michelle Schoenfield to Dustin Yung Yoon and Jung Yun Joo, $1.23 million.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1315-Ari B. Schuler to Gale Katz, $395,000.

Grove Ridge Ct., 33, No. 79-Kevin M. Kane to Nathan A. Gordon and Jillian A. Hunphreys, $599,900.

Hungerford Dr., 501, No. 260-Martin Saggese and Irina Stepanova to Anna Leshchinskaya, $260,000.

King Farm Blvd., 936-KF Property Owner Corp. to Yunxia Ma, $660,000.

Little Tree Ct., 13912-Greg E. and Julie A. Gesterling to Shyam and Vamshi Kadigari, $1.09 million.

Nolan Dr., 10447-Binghua and Ellen Li to Pu Yang and Jialie Luo, $515,000.

Pender Pl., 220-Gabriel and Rita Eidelman to Amalendu Ghosh, $462,000.

Reserve Champion Dr., 1107-James S. and Sandra M. Long to Elle and Michael Uh, $654,700.

Saint James Rd., 12601-Barry N. and Carol M. Burke to Hyun Ju Lee, $830,000.

Stonewood Terr., 6804-Bernard J. Sadoff III and Suzanne J. Keller to Ayala Singer and Yaron Dayani, $732,000.

Unicorn Way, 10208-Shu Hui and Jason H. Wang to Key Mak and Lai Y. Mak Lau, $1.25 million.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10123-Susan Milstein to Benjamin Craneflatt Maxwell and Melissa Tien Brooks Maxwell, $524,900.

Wootton Oaks Ct., 129-Joseph and Kimberly Willis Gentile to Kafai Ma, $674,500.


Davis Mill Rd., 22913-Nosheen Malik and Shahzad Chaudry to Zaifi Shanavas and Nelofar Anwar, $1.1 million.

Gateshead Cir., 19914, No. 25-Christian Diego Mendez Lopez to Ping and Wei Zhong, $235,000.

Mallet Hill Ct., 20301-David C. and Susan M. Moylan to Zhiyoung Zhang and Jiju Xu, $627,000.

Watkins Meadow Dr., 20404-Jack R. and Pinhkeo T. Vivona to Alexis Kwokshing Wong and Xiaoqin Chen, $415,000.


Caney Pl., 9715-Tamara L. and Robert J. Hughes to Partap Singh Verma and Palmer Young Phillips, $408,000.

Colston Dr., 2410, No. C104-Todd Altenburger to Benjamin G. Brighton and Andrea C. Wolfman, $215,000.

Ellsworth Ct., 8907-David L. Blakemore and Alice P. Meyer to Shanak K. Maitra and Mayra C. Griggs, $860,000.

Grove St., 8300-Mary Lou Randour to Rina Hakimian, $635,000.

Milford Ave., 8517-Colin K. and Elizabeth J. Dobbins to Boris Gershman and Hatice Sahinoglu, $605,000.

Spencer Rd., 2511-Tao An Investments Inc. to Stacy Burdett and Gregory T. Diaz, $725,000.

Watson Rd., 9208-Woodside Park Partners Corp. to Kelly and Karen Mills, $1.16 million.

Second Ave., 8501-Peter Paul and Freda Wu Cooner to Jacqueline Theresa Irving, $675,000.


Elm Ave., 99-Avril Y. Smith and Gina Bowersmith to Clark Bennett Pettig and Laura Elizabeth Pardue, $760,000.

Roanoke Ave., 8205-Jane Ann Peters Arnold to Sarah M. Martin and Steven C. Campbell, $340,000.


Broadwood Dr., 1502-Linda Beth Tucker to Casey Hughes and Sarah Aylor, $390,000.

Farragut Ave., 403-Randall K. Martin to Azita Vedadinia, $399,900.

Meadow Hall Dr., 528, No. B-Nicholas De Sando to Zachary G. Sponaugle, $370,000.


Amherst Ave., 10817, No. C-Barbara J. Nelson to Lina Gong, $255,000.

Brisbane St., 1821-Patrick R. and Elen T. Kilner to Timothy and Denise Braudoin, $485,000.

Claybrook Dr., 136-Lior Ben Soussan to Janet F. and Neal H. Kahn, $605,000.

Eugene St., 2416-Susan H. Scholl and estate of Susan K. Dunn to Katherine Molski and Matthew Rine, $449,000.

Hermitage Ave., 2212-Luis and Gabriela Verduguez to Arielle G. Shugoll and Gabriel A. Mariasch, $600,000.

Little Sorrel Way, 2117-Franklin A. Gonzalez and Patricia C. Sosa to Navik H. Mistry, $455,000.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 704-B-Mitchell Nelson to Tarik Estie Alemu, $120,000.

Woodman Ave., 1401-Donna N. Burns Lampert to Michael J. Soracoe and Elizabeth M. Newbury, $680,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Morland Dr. S., 5743-Sharad and Hir Sharma to Jaryd and Rachelle Metz, $450,000.


Dargon Quarry Lane, 1134-NVR Inc. to Hamma and Marie Diallo Toure, $369,534.

Shenandoah View Pkwy., 1317-NVR Inc. to Darren and Dawn Lowe, $325,300.


Brockton Dr., 3333-Scott J. and Rebecca G. Bushey to Robert J. and Christina A. Swanson, $441,500.

Shadywood Dr., 3855, No. 2D-Thomas and Kathy Dawson to Bryce A. Franks, $148,000.


Autumn Olive Dr., 6538-NVR Inc. to Vincent and Hien Mai Marie DiGiovanni, $415,450.

Barberry Ct., 5678-Mary Elizabeth Johnson and Linda Jean Delphey to Donna M. and Charles W. Elgin Jr., $235,000.

Boysenberry Lane, 504-Mary B. Gregory to Sheng Si Lin, $179,900.

Cambria Ct., 6604-DR Horton Inc. to Dulari Ranaraja and Yatiwawala Pannasara Anuruddha, $542,500.

Crestwood Ct., 5634-MTGLQ Investors and Selene Finance to Idrissa Bangoura, $254,000.

Dahlia Lane, 1222-Patrick Ackah to Ashley Kamauf, $220,000.

Katsura Ct., 5797-Paul S. and Michelle H. Venit to Brian J. and Jessica D. Lawrence Wujek, $240,000.

Murray Terr., 6154-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Oladapo Oluwakunmi Alli, $304,990.

Primus Ct., 507-Bethel A. Nicholas Quick to Wander Alberto Marenco Benitez and Jennifer Leonor Marin, $254,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6750-Rachel M. and Joseph A. Stern to Joshua D. Kline, $255,000.

Sunset View Lane, 5742-Mohammad Kabir Patwary to Alexandra Caballero, $189,900.


Bear Den Rd., 2609-Charles T. Snyder and estate of Howard R. Snyder to Cubby L. and Jennifer K. Gardner, $365,000.

Bridgewater Ct. W., 9407-Norman Clarence Waters Jr. to Susan and Timothy Paul, $379,000.

Cromwell Ct., 794-William H. Smith to Linda M. Perez, $259,900.

Forest Hills Ct., 6467-Erick L. and Carolyn J. Reynolds to Mohamed Ndiaye, $480,000.

Island Grove Blvd., 2527-Christopher M. Goodman to Steven Irving and Valarie Ann Lazerowich, $377,500.

Liberty Rd., 9507-Deborah Bostian to Harold and Patsy Denton, $305,000.

Magnolia Ave., 516-Carol Ann Parks to Margaret Garguilo, $331,199.

Mill Race Rd., 2626-William J. and Mary S. Futrell to Douglas A. and Valerie L. Dailey, $310,000.

Ridgefield Cir., 9249-Gabriela G. Cadena Lopez to Randy H. Phillip and Melissa M. Gibbons, $261,000.

South St. W., 439-Christina Corum and Lisa Parks to Shane D. Stewart and Renee C. Gulino, $199,900.

Stratford Way, 813, No. M-Michael B. and Elizabeth A. Logue to Richard L. Smith, $121,000.

Willow Oak Dr., 1314-Madhu Sudan Tyagi to Deborah E. Ruprecht, $310,000.

Second St. E., 225-Dian S. and Guillermo J. Rubiera to Jerrold and Nancy Van Winter, $810,000.

13th St. W., 5-Bonnie C. McRoberts to Lindsey V. Hurley and Ray Nicholson, $286,000.


Bristol Dr., 2133, No. 3-Sharon Y. Jones to Robyn Witt, $180,000.

Colonial Way, 1635-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Wadie Amoah, $173,000.

Dulaney Ct., 1845-C. Ray and Beth Ann Roberts to Elias B. Hernandez, $205,000.

Featherstone Pl., 107-Erica Yi Tarr to Huma Hakim and Naseer Nayeem, $232,000.

Harvest Dr., 1765-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to Norma Julieth Flores, $290,000.

Indian Springs Rd., 8587-Thomas W. and Nancy T. Evans to Glen Calderon, $585,000.

Meadowgrove Lane, 1817-Victorvan Rojas to David Drayer, $280,000.

Regiment Way, 1816-Ajuzie C. Erondu to Mohammad, Saira and Kousar Rizwan, $420,000.

Shookstown Rd., 1624-Revient Corp. to John V. Scherer, $316,500.

William Franklin Dr., 2019-James L. and Tina Y. Brant to Intidar, Mohammad, Marwa and Milad J. Al Saadi, $400,000.


Pheasant Run, 3117-William John and Kathleen Elinor Palmer to Adam G., Angela N. and Carol Marie Holder, $546,000.


Brad Alan Dr., 22-Brandon D. and Jose Zenon Canaza to Richard P. and Jennifer L. Burchnall, $450,000.


Bunker Hill Rd., 12804-Peter A. Morrow to Mark Elton and Paula Sue Torkelson, $250,000.


Flint Ct., 7102-Jose X. Pinto to Miguel Aleman Luna, $249,000.

Valley View Rd., 4320-Jordan E. and Kelsey L. Hopf to Lydia Cassandra and Gregory Allen Dehn and Margaret Cassandra Robbins, $755,000.


Landsdale Blvd., 4305-Winchester Homes Inc. to Simarjeet K. Sandhu and Ranjeet Kaur, $516,857.

Pathway Lane, 10836-Winchester Homes Inc. to Robert Andrew and Amy Marie Charest, $368,593.


Fordice Dr., 6516-Barry A. McCleary to Ross Asato, $450,000.

Horizon Rd., 1201-Jimmy O. and Nicole E. Cimino Fiallos to Ashley Brooke and Julian Darrell Thomas, $390,000.

Millwood Rd., 4320-Chelsea E. Onksen and Kyle C.J. Muise to Sandra Lynn Clark and Michael McCormick, $440,000.


Church Hill Rd., 10409-Katherine Keiholtz Frushour to Jeri L. DeYoung and Curtis A. Rintz, $264,900.

Meadowridge Ct., 2702-Karen Clark to Terry A. Sparks and Madelyn Cross, $341,000.


Balmoral Overlook, 6706-Vincent P. and Carol B. Barkley to Zachary P. and Morgan C. Ryan, $340,000.

Country Club Rd., 11221-Joseph J. and Monica A. Gerlisky to Denise M. and Joseph Sirenne, $450,000.

Forest Edge Pl., 10807-Questar Development Corp. to John M. Biljan and Patricia A. Tumas, $550,700.

Masters Rd., 7162-John R. and Kara L. Garruto to Aristides and Gianina Dimitriou, $425,000.

Sanandrew Dr., 11317-Edward and Cynthia Jacobs to Raymond Michael and Kimberlee S. Geoghegan, $499,900.


Hessong Bridge Rd., 11404-Department of Veterans Affairs to Betty L. Seiss, $212,000.

Tocati St., 9-Linda Lee and Lewis Custer to Charles M. Glymph, $329,000.


Brien Pl., 9121-Robert G. and Stephany M. Faulkner to Sherri Ann Wallmark, $526,000.

Golden Eagle Rd., 5537-Dress Home of D.C. Inc. to Chad and Ashley Marie Lenz, $520,020.

Knott Lane, 9077-Main Street Homes at Urbana Corp. to Raul Feliciano and Syra Maldonado, $441,119.

Scott Ridge Pl., 5620-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to Nelson I. and Phyllis T. Kaplan, $422,810.

Tabard Lane, 3542-Cesar and Patricia Paredes to Mark G. Kagotho and Esther Wairimu Mwangi, $360,000.

Wyndham Dr., 9748-Nicholas and Diana McDermott to Roberto Carlos Rivas Chacon and Cristina Perez Uceda, $680,000.


Eyler Ct., 9444-Patrick C. and Kristin Laske Turner to Andrew M. and Martha Conlin, $249,900.


Weinberg Ct., 612-Russell Trading Corp. to Daniel J. and Amanda C. Dunn, $270,000.