Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Orion Club Dr., 6-Daniel G. and Jaime G. Gittleson to Jasamine B. Hall, $319,000.


Bauer Dr., 14313-Richard M. Saah to Trinidad S. Imana and Valeria S. Castrillo, $515,000.

Candytuft Lane, 15100-Jeffrey R. and Viveca Livezey to Maura E. Barry Boyle, $638,000.

Emory Lane, 15001-Kenneth J. and Sheri L. Parker to Joshua Michael and Tara Hudak Olson, $657,000.

Frankfort Dr. W., 4625-Courtney Pattee and Heather E. Mann to Shira Leah and Max Hillel Neumann, $477,500.

Judith St., 4312-Richard T. and Betty J. Flint to Nilton I. Barrios Caseres, $430,000.

Music Grove Ct., 16621-Steven R. Elville and estate of Lalita D. Palekar to Steven and Angela H. Hansen, $705,000.

Sunflower Dr., 5008-Ana Lucia Diaz De Tapias to Daniel Blanken Roth, $710,000.

Waterfowl Way, 4917-Brian P. and Erynn M. Tait to Elizabeth Ekoyon and Emmanuel Oluyemi Ojuolape, $635,000.


Ayr Lane, 6904-Frank C. Eliot to Annmarie and John Allen, $1.07 million.

Bent Branch Rd., 5716-Anne P. Jones and William Sprague to Beata Katarzyna Glogowska, $950,000.

Brook Lane N., 8348-Sarah McNair and Jordan D. Lane to Edward Herman and Jennifer Craig Forgotson, $675,000.

Carlton St., 5205-Dominic M. and Kimberly J. Pomponi to Marc A. and Nancy Furman Paul, $1.49 million.

Chatsworth Lane, 6031-Oliver and Sandrine Segui Mahul to Joseph G. and Katherine H. Lively, $820,000.

Cobalt Rd., 5904-William J. and Mary Frances Gildea to Daniel F. and Sarah A. Lavoie, $930,000.

Cromwell Dr., 6103-Charles L. Thornton to Ethan David and Diana Morse Lewis, $865,000.

Fairfield Dr., 4548-Shauna Kopit to Prateek and Shriti K. Shrivastava, $1.45 million.

Glennon Dr., 7713-Richard S. and Debra C. Lundin to Hamid Reza Monzavi and Fatemeh Sadat Ebrahimi, $820,000.

Hamilton Spring Ct., 8204-Susan A. Cohen and Ronald K.L. Collins to Mark Brueggenjohann and Malinda Brent, $989,000.

Hatherleigh Dr., 10224-Luis Urbina to King Kei Ngan, $750,000.

Kittery Lane, 9122-Patricia P. Andringa to Kendall Lucas, $1.1 million.

Lowell St., 8709-Matthew and Courtney Carroll to Joel and Tracy Meyer, $1.76 million.

Maryland Ave., 4106-Joel Oxley and Erica Hilary to Lara Marie Hudson Oerter and Brian Patrick Hale, $1.75 million.

Milo Dr., 6006-Joseph A. Sobczyk and Jaculine N. Koszczuk to Benjamin Albert Sigel Schwartz and Elizabeth Whitney Potter, $939,000.

Montrose Ave., 10667, No. M204-Suzanne Stone to Camille A. McFarlane, $390,000.

Newdale Rd., 8007-Douglas Construction Group Corp. to James T. and Jill H. Adams, $1.9 million.

Overlea Rd., 5704-Sharp and James M. Heltzer to Giuseppe Desilvio and Nancy Dee Matthews, $1.02 million.

Rising Ridge Way, 8304-Mark S. Rothschild and Lauren S. Liss to Deborah A. Bonanni, $794,000.

River Hill Rd., 5014-Joshua E. Bixler to James Matthew and Amy Sharp Heltzer, $1.74 million.

Ryland Dr., 5803-Jared B. Rice and Mikell Belser to Ryan S. Watson and Chelsea Fenush, $703,000.

Sentinel Dr., 5013, No. 73-Richard Burke Wilborn to Denise M. Ifkovic and Rustam A. Koralasbayev, $286,500.

Tone Dr., 6413-Harold Greenwald to Brian E. Chow and Alice Tseng, $730,000.

Wadsworth Dr., 9601-Phillip M. and Brooke Ann A. Rickett to Enrique Jose and Sara Rosen Pumar, $760,000.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 1602-Inese and Talivaldis Berzins to Jason Charles, Pattie and Howard Cheng, $300,000.

Whitley Park Terr., 5430, No. 61-Thomas D. Sokoly to Chad Michael and Staci Lynne Jones, $676,500.

Wiscasset Rd., 6111-James and Donna Mulvihill Fehrmann to Qingtao Yang, $950,000.

Woodmont Ave., 7500, No. S616-Pedro and Kimberly Alfonso to Laura D. Wandner, $491,000.

Yorktown Rd., 5308-John P. and Mary Katherine Leachman to Matthew T. and Marycasey H. Nicholson, $1.49 million.


Festival Dr., 19007-Theadore H. Carter to Yang W. Heo and Eun Jin Kim, $603,000.


Brighton Knolls Dr., 430-Laura G. and Mark H. Griffiths to Luke D. and Susan O. Hiteshew, $650,000.


Brighton Dam Rd., 2160-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and GSAA Home Equity Trust to Meribeth Doud and Paul Charles Petit, $483,000.

Dubarry Lane, 2913-Anibal P. Andreallo Jr. to Patrick and Colleen Ciavolella, $549,000.


Athey Rd., 14816-Troy D. Emory to Phuong Ngoc Van, $435,000.

Red Maple Ct., 4231-Adrianne M. Jackson to Shrde L. Nelson, $315,000.

Wexhall Terr., 14737, No. 18-194-Paragi Shah to Jean Beguerre Mathieu and Stelvio Pierre Zephir, $235,000.


Carter House Way, 13862, No. 13-155-John L. Willis to William R. and Evelyn Zuniga Sanchez, $280,000.

Deerhead Ct., 609-Jennie N. Broadwell to Elhussain Mohamed Soarkati and Olha Samoilenko, $418,000.

Mills Ave., 13709-Morteza Zarrabi and Nahid Rostami to Kathryn J. Van Hulzen and Khachik Abrahamian, $525,000.

Nora Dr., 1101-Ann C. and Victor J. Newland to Kamini M. Wayal, $402,000.

Regent Manor Ct., 1604-David M. and Shannan H. Poteran to Young Joon Kim, $445,000.

Sir Thomas Way, 13605, No. 2-A-41-Irene Burns to Haley E. and Fred Hale, $194,000.

Tamarack Rd., 13123-Thomas Kenneth and Marilyn R. Russey to Michael A. and Megan B. Foster, $435,000.

Warrenton Dr., 10-Barbara Jill Martin and estate of Jane M. Martin to Paul and Krystal C. Witherell, $685,000.


Chevy Chase Blvd., 4609-Lawrence B. and Jean B. Bernard to Robert Cosentino and Denise Kelley, $1.17 million.

Cumberland Ave., 4813-Barry Ekdom and Rebecca Arbogast to Russell A. Green and Jamie N. Kaplan, $1.45 million.

Fairglen Lane, 5110-C. M. Conlan Contractors and Builders Inc. to Neil and Laura Parikh, $2.15 million.

Hillandale Rd., 6613, No. 92-Yoshio and Yukie Nozawa to Marjorie Cutler, $775,000.

Leland St., 3108-Michael William and Susan Reid Morris to Brian C. Crawford and Sarah V. Stewart, $1.52 million.

Morgan Dr., 4717-Roger Cochetti to Joseph C. and Katelyn M. Engbert, $904,000.

Pauline Dr., 3211-Amg Investment Corp. to Yusuf and Veronica Ahmed, $1.42 million.

Taylor St., 3606-Marybeth Sorady Pitts to Jon Z. and Elizabeth M. Davis, $942,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1603-Dorothea Bush Frye and Danielle Reaves Bush to Peter L. Jennings, $1.85 million.


Bent Arrow Dr., 23219-William J. Adams and estate of Leslie Anne Adams to Faisal M. Khan and Shafa Ahmed, $730,000.

Chestnut Branch Way, 11903-Daniel P. and Tina M. Worley to Syng L. Park and Jennifer Jongyeon Kim, $610,000.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 13008-William E. Tucker and Cheryl E. Ott to Rong Zheng, $445,000.

Foreman Blvd., 12435-Shalini Seetharaman and Shankar Viswanathan to Nabil Chehab and Asra Malikzay, $815,000.

Horseshoe Bend Cir., 12703-John and Anita O’Brien to Aryan Kushan and Myra M. Wilder, $415,000.

Muscadine Dr., 22561-Edwin and Erin Torres to Derek Dzormeku, $665,000.

Wheatear Alley, 111-Winchester Homes Inc. to Guan Heng Mai and Juan Wu, $459,496.


Basingstoke Lane, 14416-James J. and Theresa M. Long to Sewasew A. Bogale and Aboma O. Gicho, $492,275.

Jaystone Ct., 23-Amanda A. and Diana E. Bohn to Heidiflor M. and Ariel S. Petty, $625,000.

Pelling Ct., 1804-Theodore Flo to Hicham Hadni, $494,900.

Spottsworth Way, 1604-Cari L. Barnett to Kambiz and Shirin Beyzavi, $532,000.


Angela Ct., 25012-Cesar and Natalia Delaguila to Denise Berrios Torres, $235,000.

Chimney House Ct., 25221-Joe F. and Evelyn Robles to Elissia and Adam Gasbarre, $387,000.

Lunsford Ct., 24625-Gregory J. and Carrie A. Hall to Staci D. Read, $410,000.


Hollingsworth Dr., 18109-Christopher L. Thompson and Marina Alexandra Shellhaas to Georgia and Adam Chasen, $670,000.

Pilgrims Cove, 6509-Janet M. Nesse and estate of Kiet Lam to Roberto Lizama Portillo, Sonia Isabel Jovel Lizama and Jose Elmer Jovel Benitez, $398,000.

Tribeca St., 8046-CSP Associates I. Corp. to John Schachter and Lori Klein, $734,065.


Nicholson Farm Rd., 22325-Christopher and Jennifer Crown to Jacqueline Luders, $326,700.


Caddington Ave., 1118-Gerald J. Fischman and Saran Erdenebat to Antonio Preciado Estacio and Martha Isabel Rodriguez Banguera, $410,000.

Dennis Ave., 816-John A. Schippers and Andrea Cleveland to Darold Glenn and Katherine M. Cole, $475,000.

Gilmoure Dr., 513-JTM Corp. to Jason O. and Faith T. Theodore Washington, $500,000.

Hannes St., 111-Sheetij and Mala Dutta to Renaud Scott, $420,000.

Lorain Ave., 9700-Nathan Renner Johnson to Zenia Sanchez and Marc Fuentes, $600,000.

Merwood Lane, 9600-Robert Taylor Williamson and Megan D. O’Connor to Jonathan L. and Wendy G. Bittner, $429,000.

Sutherland Rd., 10002-Duane S. and Elizabeth Webster Duke to Margaret Ann Martella and Megan Elizabeth Hill, $489,000.

Whitmoor Terr., 230-Tracy Lynn Newbold and Eric D. Tomhave to Whitney A. and Thurman H. Hastings, $950,000.


Augustine Way, 7600-Steve and Linda J. Wanzer to Guang Zeng and Qiaoqiao Zhang, $587,000.

Broadwater Dr., 9282-Yajaira Briganty Lugo Quinones to Ruby Alarcon and Lesbia Alarcon Osorio, $279,000.

Christopher Ave., 423, No. 18-Lalitha Bhuvanagiri to David Anthony and Emilio A. Campos, $192,500.

Cypress Hill Way, 19314-Robert W. Bacon to Hong Wang, $960,000.

Duvall Lane, 108, No. 53-101-William Fhal to Jessy Jonathan Canas Alvarado, Flor De Maria Canas and Oseas Jonathan Canas Membreno, $100,999.

Filbert Terr., 7501-Vilma Eduardo to Phillip Anthony Cosgrove and Donna Gatesman, $295,000.

Grange Hall Dr., 251-Jose and Ana Isabel Andrade to Rajaram C.B. and Sugandha Singh, $485,500.

Inkberry Cir., 77-John B. and Megan L. Brewer to Cheri A. Sarakasetrin and Anita P. Yuthasastrkosol, $435,000.

Meem Ave., 116-Timothy D. and Susan D. Olling to Brian A. and Melba E. Villalobos, $317,000.

Silkcotton Way, 17709-Mary Ann and Melvin Charles Vineyard to Kailing Yang, $440,000.

Travis Lane, 1106-Estate of Joginder Singh Oberoi to Long Hai Ly, $275,000.

Woodland Rd., 104-Kathryn Marian Moore to Daniel M. and Maryzeil M. Moore, $325,000.


Beacon Square Ct., 931, No. 16-Robin C. Manougian to Kawan Nan and Linda L. Yeh, $300,000.

Community Center Ave., 326-Aravind Sampath and Meghana Chakravarthy to Kayla Smith, $546,500.

Crown Park Ave., 303-M. I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Eric and Judith Erdheim, $990,000.

Falconbridge Dr., 12414-Kunihiko P. and Fuyoko G. Ishikawa to Charles George Cochrane, $495,000.

Garrett Dr., 17612-Richard M. Carter to Eli Winningham, $577,500.

Granite Ridge Dr., 12510-Tyler and Mindy Merrill to Danielle Gold, $300,500.

Hidden Brook Terr., 12164-Curtis L. and Carol L. Benesh to Shabram D. Hashemi and Roya Pardakhti, $700,000.

Joshua Tree Rd., 15029-David Ko Li Lee and Violet Y.T. Lee to Jeril Sakaria and Jemi Jane, $550,000.

Kent Oaks Way, 229-Dennis R. and Anna C. Spurgeon to Joshua A. and Wendy Band, $870,000.

Kimbark Ct., 11512-Keith J. and Christina R. Kiedrow to Olayinka Odeniran, $699,900.

Main St., 1033-Mark S. and Mary C. Berninger to Estella Mora and Patrick Eckart, $668,800.

Midsummer Cir., 200-Behrooz Javadpour to Sean and Melissa McDermott, $780,000.

Norwich Lane, 117-Mathew Mark Brobson and Ping Hu to Mark and Anni Bui, $655,000.

Owens Glen Way, 11715-Ksenia S. Kuzmycz to Yufeng Kevin Wu and Doreen Chen, $720,888.

Pebble Hill Lane, 14401-Hengli H. Li and Qing Chen to Bibimasoumeh Mir Mousavi, $415,000.

Pueblo Rd., 12304-Michael Harmon and Joseph Clapper to Susan Ciriello and Miodrag Lapcevic, $540,000.

Quince Ridge Lane, 15513-Frank Y. and Trina Y. Chen to Prathmesh N. and Neelam Mehta, $725,000.

Riffle Ford Rd., 16024-Estate of Walter R. Smith and Charles R. Smith to Yooyoung Lee and Patrick Gleichmann, $515,000.

Still Creek Lane, 701-Michael J. and Stephanie G. Fellerman to Judd M. and Katie J. Goldberg, $1.09 million.

Sweetbough Ct., 12324, No. 91-Jingming Chen to Xueyan Zhang, $240,000.

Turley Dr., 12308-Richard A. and Penny G. Williams to Michael D. and Bethany D. Kaye, $686,800.

White Ash Pl., 365-Jung H. Kim to Katherine Wang Garcia, $475,000.


Clermont Ave., 10930-Walter T. and Joyce T. Marable to John and Alexandra M. O’Sick, $625,000.


Ansel Terr., 13408-Cosmin and Marjorie Banciu to Emily C. Stano, $420,000.

Bridger Dr., 12957, No. 1605-Kathleen Nicolls to Katherine and Jonathan Torres, $305,000.

Clear Morning Pl., 13512-John A. Clark to Stephen L. Cahill and Justin W. Johnson, $470,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12209, No. B-Sonya L. Schlueter to Edgar and Arely Fuentes, $180,000.

Gallop Terr., 14023-Reza Akhavan Leilabadi to Zhe Zhang and Heng Zou, $358,000.

Highstream Dr., 18999, No. 835-Elizabeth and Amir Kaplan to Mirza K. Baig and Kimberlyn Maravet Baig Ward, $278,000.

Longford Glen Dr., 12825-Xing Xiang Liu and Yen Ching Chiu to Won Seon and Eun S. Choi, $395,000.

Millhaven Pl., 13109, No. 5-J-Sean Keeley to Rahul S. Samson and Marcia R. Palu, $225,000.

Pickering Ct., 11, No. 102-Marques N. Johnson to Nchimunya Velis, $198,000.

Rexmore Dr., 12806, No. 18-Bo Yang to Santiago Salazar Santa, $288,000.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20406, No. 4-C-Christina A. Tarasuk to Allison Porter Lea, $234,900.

Split Rock Lane, 18544-Maclear Jacoby Jr. to Quazi and Nazia Sayeed, $288,000.

Stonebridge Terr., 13505-A. Dwight and Beth S. Benedict to Steve Shyhwuu and Ann Ching Fen Lo, $620,000.

Walnut Cove Cir., 12412-Irma B. Villavicencio and Serguei Viatkine to Elizabeth C. and Jose Orlando Berganza, $338,000.

Wyman Way, 20015-Jian Ming Mei to Hai Sheng and Jiesheng Wu, $295,000.


Blueford Rd., 3106-London Leigh Holdings Corp. to Noeh Mejia and Lauren Toms, $519,770.

Dresden St., 4518-Daniel K. Berrett and Julia M. Malloy to Jennifer Baca and Edward Baca Asher, $649,000.

Franklin St., 4221-David W. Saylor to Alex Michael and Meghan Burke Cross, $900,000.

Hill St., 9707-Stephen F. and Patricia C. Schneck to Janet Novotny Dura, $891,000.


Brink Rd., 7730-Sherry A. Cox and estate of Marie Carter to Jaime A. Campos Martinez, $345,000.

Fitzgerald Dr., 22405-Frank E. and Barbara O. Corn to Robert L. and Allison L. Tjaden, $520,000.

Hanson Rd., 24409-Estate of Mellie D. Cissel to Alain Leukam and Christophine Penka, $440,000.


Battleridge Pl., 10337-Robert G. and Amanda L. Buchanan to Haroon Chaudhry and Zartasha Samson, $295,000.

Buhrstone Dr., 19919-D.C. Metro Investment Corp. to Yi Fang, $307,500.

Duffer Way, 9720-Kevin B. and Laura H. Vaughan to Juan C. Esparza Jimenez and Andrea C. Esparza, $359,900.

Gravier Ct., 10128-Andrew J. and Sylvia M. Fowell to Scott Ryan and Jacqueline Rose Moreno Bayer, $489,500.

Islandside Dr., 9826-Scott Randall Carlson to Derrick Brian Douglas, $270,000.

Maple Leaf Dr., 10007-Cristen Barsi and Kevin Sizemore to Diana Win Min, $309,278.

Rainbowview Terr., 20404-Robert and Zhabiz Chu to Nehemes Jose Flores and Claudia M. Iglesias, $495,000.

Saint Regis Way, 8403-David E. Rasmussen to Paul and Viana M. Gros, $600,000.

Torrey Pond Pl., 20136-Nathaniel S. Somerville to Godfrey Chinembiri and Edith Mawoneke, $305,000.

Wayridge Dr., 10604-DNJH Corp. to John Brima Sesay and Criselda H. Comendador, $375,000.


Light Dr. E., 9815-Paulino F. and Neide S. Oliveria to Simon, Minjana and Clancey A. Moreino, $405,000.


Breeze Hill Lane, 14025-Marcia E. Wilson to Lisa Marie and Jason Gary Krueger, $425,000.

Connecticut Ave., 12713-Betty and Joseph Lim to Nora Kathleen Murphy, $360,000.

Elkridge Way, 15210, No. 91-Larry and Gloria A. Horwitz to Michael L. Makfinsky, $125,000.

Farthing Dr., 3302-Jennifer Watson Correa to Lindsay R. and William B. West, $410,000.

Glen Eagles Ct., 10-Kathleen A. Kelly and estate of Elizabeth B. Kelly to Lawrence S. and Judith L. Lessin, $715,000.

Greenly St., 3705-U.S. Bank National Association and Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Eva V. Escobar, $262,500.

Hugo Ct., 12-Tomlinson Russell and Kristina A. Heimlich to Kevin C. and Joyce Valerie S. Kinsella, $439,999.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-507-Natalie Baker Lewis to Annette B. and Edward R. Davis, $159,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2921, No. 1-321-Mavis Ann Cantril to Wendy B. Pailen, $118,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 2901, No. 309-Marvin J. Franklin to Bruce S. and Kathleen B. Barden, $297,000.

Middlevale Lane, 13704-Sharon and Anton Korinek to Roy Koczela and Christine Capobianco, $526,000.

Olympic St., 3506-Adam and Anna Grace Mbow to Jesse Snider, $410,000.

Prince Frederick Way, 15412, No. 123-C-John Charles Swindler and estate of Marianne C. Swindler to Harry E. and Kathleen E. Geehreng, $415,000.

Sequoia Hill Lane, 14904-Feven Isayas and Yobannes Tedla to Cheryl M. Shabazz Muhammad and Melvina Lewis, $459,000.

Wilton Oaks Dr., 13011-Mohammad H. Asi and Massoumeh Roghani to Hartini Amir and Sukiman Kadir, $453,000.


Bluebell Lane, 18205-Paul and Elizabeth A. Lemmo to Ryan M. and Nahla K. Ivy, $770,000.

Clovercrest Cir., 18503-Margo Bianchetti to Dawn C. Hancock, $395,000.

Gallagher Way, 17514-Jennifer Elaine Austin St. John to Jennifer Shin, $350,000.

Headwaters Dr., 18100-Barry E. and Theresa L. Wilcox to Jhon B. Zelada Pardo and Patricia M. Zelada, $615,500.

Megans Way, 3342-Gregory P. and Robin L. Guillie to Stephen Morris and Corinne Galanko, $573,000.

Riverton St., 19017-Vivian A. Thompson to Timothy J. and Jennifer A. Hopper, $478,000.

Windsor Hill Dr., 18104, No. 102A-Michael W. Feldman and Rachel E. Smar to Sonny Licud, $235,000.


Fisher Ave., 19578-Ali M. and Mohammed S. Abduljabbar to Rama Sega Nam, $228,000.

Soper St., 17321-John Edward and Charlotte Chester Roberts to Andrew Lyon Polack and Sarah Ruth Mecklenburg, $515,000.


Beman Woods Way, 9716-Charles Richard and Clara L. Collins to Ilze Vipulis, $1.05 million.

Brushwood Way, 13145-David A. Carlin to David Lee Buyandelger Lee, $1.21 million.

Cedar Ridge Dr., 11405-Christine M. Yamamoto to Paul and Katherine Butterfoss, $859,500.

Commons Way N., 12900-Steven P. and Michele M. Morgan to Nbi Gno and Tung Pham, $840,000.

Democracy Lane, 10430-Melissa G. Blair to David and Julie A. Sink, $892,000.

Falls Chapel Way, 8800-Joan Giannini to Timothy Pabst, $850,000.

Gainsborough Rd., 10910-Charles and Bessy Fan to Jiwei Fan and Fei Gao, $830,000.

Hackamore Dr., 7904-David W. and Lora N. Bevirt to Matt and Elizabeth D. Megary, $1.3 million.

Hectic Hill Lane, 8307-David C. and Stephanie W. Cromwell to Patricia Davis and William Muffett, $1.7 million.

Inverness Ridge Rd., 8102-Elliot Postow to Vivian Jacob and Meryl Kuriakose, $576,100.

Lockland Rd., 10700-Tanger Corp. to Justin P. and Cristina Calvert Schoolmaster, $800,000.

Old Canal Rd., 12307-Thomas J. and Alexis M. Aschenbach to Thomas M. and Elizabeth Wojno, $762,000.

Postoak Rd., 8713-Bruce I. and Melissa J. Milzman to Nelson B. Guzman Pineda and Yessenia R. Guzman Salas, $835,000.

Rosalinda Dr., 11807-Scott and Sarah Michnick to Ricky and Stephany Choi, $676,000.

Starlight Ct., 11-Perfect Home Corp. to Nafeez A. and Jessica A. Rider Amin, $739,900.

Trotters Trail, 10604-Joel B. Resnick to Steven Steckler and Theodora Scarato, $885,000.


Adams St. S., 127-Verna and Robert Vaughn to Mike Ming Kuei and Gabriele Tsung, $560,000.

Beall Ave., 736-Christopher S. and Kathleen L. Marcum to Benjamin Cannon Portis, $520,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12207, No. 51-Jessica M. Hughes Woelfel to Yadira Isabel and Michael Eduardo Centeno Silva, $190,000.

Calabash Ct., 24-Michael A. and Joann R. Schoppman to Cheng Chen and Hanbing Zhou, $690,000.

Chinkapin Dr., 14114-Elias Epstein and Tamar Weinsweig to Yongmin Lee and Yu Kwon, $1.1 million.

Courthouse Sq., 24, No. 610-Juanita T. Flowers Beeson to Kin Ti and Hui Jou Lin, $360,500.

Dairyfield Ct., 3-Michel Joseph Alexandre and Amy Jill Rostas Vachon to Samantha Grayson and Brendon Thomas Miller, $905,000.

Edson Lane, 5801, No. 202-Franklin J. Burns and estate of Patricia M. Burns to Bettina Buhring, $380,000.

Ertter Dr., 4905-William A. and Ronise A. Murray to Shir A. Naveh and Gil Nave, $425,000.

Garden View Sq., 607-Stephen E. and Diane L. Riordan to Alvaro Ramos, $550,000.

Great Pines Ct., 17-Suzi L. Andiman to Yaxin Cai, $530,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 1203-Nader and Yildiz Icoz Heyat to Nan N. Corrigan, $190,000.

Hilltop Ascent Dr., 10223-Brookfield Travilah Grove Corp. to Uko Tan and Lulu Ran, $818,000.

Ivy League Lane, 806, No. 7-36-Catalina D. Chiarella to Dareen Chuan Roo Miao and Angelyn A. Liem, $496,000.

King Farm Blvd., 942-KF Property Owner Corp. to Zhijia Ding, $743,830.

Moore Dr., 132-Lavida D. Cooper to Michelle A. Coy, $422,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1533-Hugh J. Green to Celestin Njankou, $293,000.

Redland Blvd., 303, No. 401-Jorge and Myrna Zelaya to Hsien Cheng and San San Yu, $553,000.

Roxboro Rd., 803-Richard Albright II and Natasha Buzeli Yin to Matthew F. and Laura D. Hines, $540,000.

Tall Tree Terr., 6508-June K. Jones to Kazem Kazempour, $800,000.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10003, No. 10-1-Xiang Yu to Alexander J. Chow, $270,000.

Welsh Dr., 1013-Samuel F. and Jemima M. Azcarraga to Kelly Jo E. and Larissa C. Brown, $521,000.


Aldburg Way, 11511-Zhenwen Geng to Marcia Joan Arroyo Ruiz and Rolanda Celestina Reyes, $255,000.

Cool Breeze Pl., 11201-Charles R. and Joann Sarver to Omar R. Zeballos, $500,000.

Flowerton Pl., 11408-Sandra Rodriguez Goldamez and Zhang Rodriguez to Jose Diaz, $230,000.

Gunners Branch Rd., 19517, No. 424-Laddawan Thirachawalit to Yu Liu and Xiaozhu Ma, $128,000.

Red Admiral Way, 12105-Jiwei Fan and Fei Gao to Wilhelm A. Okraku and Mabel S. Tsahey Okraku, $612,000.

Tall Forest Dr., 20826-Cecilia Sebatindira and Simo Malinen to Neil D. and Jennifer C. Camp, $468,000.


Blair Mill Rd., 1220, No. 105-Sarah A. Wingfield to Georgia Leith Ruggiero, $180,000.

Colston Dr., 2210, No. C-201-Gideon Bass and Paula M. Cooper to Susan Amanda Davis, $233,000.

Day Ave., 10118-John P. and Carolyn G. McHale to John A. Herne, $505,000.

Geneva Ave., 210-Blessing From Above Corp. to Luis Amedeo Hernandez Situ and David Decelis Rodrigez, $565,000.

Holman Ave., 2519, No. 2520-James A. and Monica Beeman to Denise A. Robinson, $302,000.

Thayer Ave., 575, No. 206-Estelle and Ronald J. Kamp to Nyashadzashe and Jimel Mandima, $143,500.

Woodland Dr., 9223-Gerardo A. and Patrice B. Pascual to Samuel and Sarah Goldman, $877,000.


Barron St., 8007-Ryan J. and Jamie C. Smallcomb to Diane Mary Darrigo, $500,000.

Heather Ave., 1012-Kathryn C. Montgomery and Jeffrey A. Chester to Christine Mielle and Kala Bokelman, $605,000.

Maplewood Ave., 804-Interfaith Housing Coalition Inc. to Mark L. Di Pinto and Ekaterina Y. Tomenko, $590,000.


Bradley Ave., 1407-Ines and Matthew Hourwitz to Brian Tseng Liang Hung, $413,000.

Edmonston Dr., 400-Elliot M. Rockler and Elara M. Macabasco to Dmitry Baranov, $375,000.

Kennon Ct., 1013-Todd and Junghwa Allen to Scott and Amanda Colburn, $429,000.


Adams Dr., 4017-Louella M. Gorman to Erlinda Dominguez Garcia and Marco E. Ponce, $380,000.

Belgrade Rd. S., 717-Christopher and Amanda Quirin Pavetto to Kathryn Anne and Harrison Mikhail Misewicz, $420,000.

Catalina Terr., 11411-Randall E. and Teresa I. DePaul to Michael Adam Lee and Alice Hok, $670,000.

Elkin St., 11607, No. 127-Andrew Platt to Rahemoon and Lutz Halfmann, $195,000.

Flowering Tree Terr., 2020-Jonathan George Fry and Matthew Edward Kriston to Joshua Daniel Davis and Ji Won Baik, $304,000.

Hardy Ave., 2910-Kazuhiro Okumura to Victoria Lynn Ludwig, $400,000.

Hyde Rd., 817-Seth and Allison Goldstein Berger to Micah D. and Michael T. Segelman, $427,500.

Wheaton Haven Ct., 2026-Walid W. and Iuliia Zeytoun to Amanda K. Sarata, $475,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


B St. W., 211-Robert S. Rowse to Amber Rose Greer, $189,900.

Martins Creek Dr., 511-NVR Inc. to Andrea and Heyward Wiggins, $482,575.

Tamarack Way, 220-Diane J. Merriman to Ryan J. Jones and Tasha J. Cobb, $245,000.


Provincial Pkwy., 20-Barbara Martin to Genevieve Joanne and Samantha Marie Poirier, $175,000.


Ballenger Run Blvd., 6517-NVR Inc. to Nicole and Christopher Johnston, $316,385.

Bluewing Ct., 1409-Randall W. and Cheryl A. Steiner to John J. Thompson, $355,000.

Calisto Way, 4651-DR Horton Inc. to Grant C. McCarthy and Kimberly E. Chidel, $368,990.

Carpenter Rd., 6610-Teresa Lynn Cline to Kara and Daniel J. Clemson, $230,000.

Cypress Ct., 7195-Calvin V. Vanbik and Hoi L. Sung to Thawng Lian Hmung, $147,000.

Ernie Lane, 5204-Robert J. and Sharon S. Eichelman to Oh Shang N. Sinclair and Diane M. Wigfield, $426,000.

Ivywood Dr. N., 5353-Anish Varghese and Amy Mathew to Zachery Koda and Thidar Tun, $446,501.

Manor Woods Rd., 6230-Kelsey and Justin Shupe to Christopher Chirigos, $270,000.

Posey St., 6202-NVR Inc. to Jae Shin, $348,305.

Red Maple Dr., 5211-NVR Inc. to Thejo Chipinapi, $592,439.

Small Gains Way, 5011-Jessica Lynn Gortz to Tommy J. Giles Jr., $374,900.

Towncrest Ct., 6331-John J. Almaraz to Lauren M. Melia, $265,000.

White Mulberry Lane, 6525-NVR Inc. to Lucas McLaughlin and Tiffany Jones, $399,215.


Blandwood Rd., 611-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Francisco Jose Ayala and Ana Cristina Medina Magana, $439,380.

Center St., 217-Deborah F. Ghanayem to James Edward Raymond and Lisa Ann Bedolla, $379,000.

Emory St., 1730-Laith Alkhafaji and Dalia Altaai to Brian J. Henigin, $265,000.

Holden Rd., 765-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Deborah Kettler, $533,441.

Knollwood Dr., 6308-Michael B. and Donna R. Keys to Vincent James and Heather Lea Gontarek, $474,000.

Lindley Rd., 1014-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Gabriel Rojas and Nally Maria Vazquez, $429,840.

Mill Island Pkwy., 3030, No. 306-Eric R. and Maureen R. Hewins to Linda G. Wright, $295,000.

Quinn Rd., 5921-Constance and Dana L. Hamblin to Michael and Dawn Boston, $640,000.

Shawnee Dr., 910-Chad W. and Lindsay N. Duvall Hooper to Michael Anthony and Brandy Lavon Lee, $285,000.

Stoners Ford Way, 3019-Seugho Kang to Judy Ann Hill, $389,000.

Wheyfield Dr., 1797A, No. 16-A-Susan L. Williams to Yen Hoang Phi Nguyen, $204,500.

Wormans Mill Rd., 7871-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Nadine Kelly, $318,408.

Seventh St. E., 25-Caley R. Childs to Nicholas M. and Ralph L. Hertges, $260,000.


Baughmans Lane, 208-Maryland Cash House Buyers Corp. to Caley Childs and Brenton King, $350,000.

Catoctin Ct., 2501, No. 5-Sandra L. Jones and estate of Paul E. Wagner to Rhonda S. Cavenaugh, $165,000.

Crestview Ct., 203-John Clifford and Margaret Thurmond Waldrep to John Frederick and Alyce Hannington Denton, $449,900.

Edgewood Church Rd., 7940A-Stephen A. and Marianne G. Stupar to Robert and Justin McCutcheon, $400,000.

Harpers Ct., 1927-Danielle McGriff to Ekoue Folly Bebe, $290,000.

Kehne Rd., 7200A-Bruce L. Reeder Jr. and estate of Bruce L. Reeder Sr. to Norman and Michelle McGaughey, $425,000.

Nahal Dr., 6618-William K. and Susan M. Redwine to Justin E. and Krista N. Saloom, $575,000.

Saxton Dr., 1020-DRSFA Corp. to Victor J. Guevara, $519,563.

Wainwright Ct., 2121, No. 1B-Amanda Marie Fishel to Katie Kosack, $153,000.

White Rock Ave., 9335-James B. Tarantella to James Biser and Erin Davis, $305,000.


Ijamsville Rd., 4206-Xiumei Chen and Zhixiong Shi to Tarlouh A. Gasque, $365,000.

Springside Terr., 10392-Spring Hollow Land Corp. to Gregory J. and Kelly A. Waddell, $870,528.


Birch Ct., 4603-Edward W. Harris to Mark and Mary B. Joannides, $355,000.


Green Valley Rd., 4424-Keisha S. and Allen E. Weller to Daniel W. and Shannon L. Day, $330,000.

Monrovia Blvd., 4523-NVR Inc. to Christopher and Maria Rosales Hartshorn, $669,570.

Viridian Terr., 4284-Winchester Homes Inc. to Kevin Evringham and Megan Ehret, $626,823.


Marianne Dr., 4820-Ann M. and Rudolph G. Kontner to Elizabeth and Amir Kaplan, $502,000.

Turf Terr., 13252-Detlef and Laura Spencer to Wu Ning and Huong Kim Huang, $569,900.


Highland Ave., 3909-Matthew T. and Katie E. Hevner to Alexis C. Bunn, $315,000.


Aspen North, -MS Aspen North Corp. to Adam and Katelyn Vanleeuwen, $464,305.

Coolfont Crossing, 10206-Jeremy and Kara Wilmoth to Brandon L. Plemons, $302,000.

Drexal Ave., 5803-Michael and Maria Lane to Usha Nimmala, $527,900.

Harbor Light Way, 6640-Dustin A. and Michelle M. Weiler to Jennifer D. Chabala, $285,000.

Nuthatch Dr., 10222-David L. Chernov to Dustin Wortman and Myrnie Johnson, $348,500.

Shore Sq. N., 6517-Deidre M. and Russell A. Repass to Leslie D. McClatchey, $295,000.


Hammaker St. E., 118-John A. Krauss to Gary Barrett and Danielle Shupe, $208,000.

Moser Rd. E., 54-Raymond William and Yvonne Smith Walker to Joan East, $355,000.


Broad Branch Way, 5840-NVR Inc. to Rakesh and Jigishaben Patel, $488,566.

Pine Bluff Rd., 8432-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to Dana Marie Angleberger, $322,880.

Shady Pines Lane, 3537-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Avdhoot and Preeti Panchpor, $460,000.

Verdugo Ct., 2943-NVR Inc. to Jennifer and Ronald Chen, $868,845.


Dublin Rd., 9518-Frank Edward and Barbara Joann Clem to Vern E. and Carol A. Bean, $385,000.


Pine Tree Rd., 10026B-Martin G. and Carol M. Fuller to John D. and Jennifer S. Aitcheson, $425,000.