Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in July 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


New Hampshire Ave., 18120-Robert V. and Kathryn G. Althage to Patrick Wilson and Elizabeth Wiemers Smith, $750,000.


Bauer Dr., 14656-Saeed Mirzai to Tracy Oelschlaeger, $290,000.

Drake Dr., 14021-Zvart M. Albeyaz to Jemilla A. Retta and Anteneh Tilahun Tesfaw, $501,000.

Hornbeam Dr., 4809-Patrick R. and Elena Therese Kilner to Christian and Caroline Sevier, $652,500.

Monty Ct., 16229-Robert E. and Amy C. Pierce to Lonnie D. and Leyla A. Falahi Sell, $655,000.

Powder House Dr., 4708-Norma El Shammaa to Jason Lee and Filiz Greenberg, $599,000.


Cherry Hill Rd., 11402, No. 301-Nam Nguyen to Victoria M. and Glen A. McLeod, $90,000.


Baltimore Ave., 5115-Kevin A. and Kathleen McDermott to Paul K. Markovs, $1.17 million.

Bradley Blvd., 8005-Mark S. and Marlyn A. Johnson to Saeed Pilevar and Elham Sabbaghieh Yazd, $955,000.

Broad Brook Dr., 4801-Quoc Anh and Chelsea Ann Thai to Woo Jung Amos Chi and Jinha Park, $875,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 425-John J. and Marian J. McDonnell to David A. Smith, $865,000.

Christy Dr., 5409-Lan M. Tu and estate of Dinh Ngoc Tu to Allison M. and Andrew J. Panzarella, $815,100.

Cromwell Dr., 5715-Daniel A. Castleberry to Gregory J. and Rachel A. Prickman, $1.01 million.

Ewing Dr., 8605-Hamid R. and Abril P. Azmi to William J. and Nicole C. Wolven, $1.75 million.

Farnham Dr., 10237-Douglas Darrell and Emma G. Verner to Victor E. and Rachel N. Palmeiro, $730,000.

Holmhurst Rd., 9811-Jonathan E. and Laura D. Chace to Jonathon Kopecky and Lydia Chen, $865,500.

Kirby Rd., 6408-Aziza Alam to Nicholas M. and Tinelle T. Lossia, $800,000.

Madaket Rd., 5814-Darryl and Huddy Marlene Mexic to Harry and Leah Lauffer Rubin, $1.1 million.

Melody Lane, 6824-Valerie Liquard and Olivier Goudet to Charles A. and Meranee P. Naaman, $2.5 million.

Peck Pl., 8408-P. Mathias Loesche and Gabriele C. Weishaeupl to James A. and Katie L. Jaco, $1.03 million.

Portsmouth Rd., 5301-Barbara G. Whalen to Meredith Whitney, $1.2 million.

River Rd., 4630-Bonnie C.A. and Gilles A.E. Stucker Jr. to Gabriele Barbati and Thea Agape Vasquez Lim, $890,000.

Rosedale Ave., 4604-Nazma Bibi and Mohammad Sajjid Nunhuch to Tushar and Anita Bhatia Garg, $1.18 million.

Singleton Dr., 9846-Janet Sluzenski to Michael D. Holstein, $678,000.

Surreywood Lane, 6735-Melissa Townley to Rahul and Alexandra Gandhi, $675,000.

Weathered Oak Ct., 9633-Charles Reynolds Wooters III and Stacy Rose Kerr Wooters to Daniel Anthony Ebert and Stefanie Weiland, $1.27 million.

Westlake Terr., 7420, No. 1105-Howard N. Applelbaum and estate of Melvin Applebaum to Vittorio R. Felaco, $260,000.

Winston Dr., 6205-Nicholas Cibel to Enrique Blanco Armas, $1.32 million.


Leaman Farm Rd., 13901-Rizwan Alam and Asma Khan to Johnson Binkam and Geetha P. Dayala, $730,000.


Crosswood Terr., 14722-Catherine M. Anderson to Christopher Jonathan and Rong Ru Magelitz, $256,000.

Leatherwood Terr., 4323-Siko A. Dedo to Mohammaed Jalloh, $260,000.

Sugar Pine Way, 15004-Guehenno and Marie Francoise Laborde to Jean Luc Charles Georges, $440,000.


Tomlinson Ave., 7630, No. 21-Anka Hellbach Banks to Margaret Mitchell, $265,000.


Cabinwood Dr., 13204-Huong Mai Truong to Erie Ofei, $465,000.

David Dr., 12135-John H. Green and Andrea R. Weiss to Birhanu Yilma Dererei, $485,000.

Hawkshead Ct., 2609-Douglas A. and Christine Ann Dunkle to Christopher Persad and Jessica Coppola, $464,000.

Mills Ave., 13720-Leon M. and Inge Lise M. Cammen to Sean P. and Brianne C. Kaurup, $530,000.

Notley Rd., 14315-Amy M. Donahue and Robert H. Passman to Christina Lee and Jacob Nicholas Szewczyk, $470,000.

Red Lion Lane, 2928-Carl and Nancy B. Nagel to Kathie and Harry Tran, $392,500.

Springloch Rd., 700-Steven F. and Ivonne F. Patterson to Lijuan Shi and Michael Koliska, $594,500.

Thomas Dr., 19-Khashyar Darvich and Djamchid Darvich Kodjouri to Tsunemi Kurokawa and Colleen McGraw, $525,000.

Verdi Ct., 13222-Nhanh and Thu Hong Thi Nguyen to Keith and Emerly Tate, $327,500.


Chevy Chase Blvd., 4806-Nazzareno Todini and Megan A. Todd to Hela Cheikhrouhou, $1.16 million.

Cumberland Ave., 4709-Harvey J. Alter and Diane C. Dowling to Colby and Daniele Carrier, $2.02 million.

Edgevale Ct., 4111-Michael J. Case and estate of Rita M. Case to Annie Marie and Stanley Byron Weeks, $600,000.

Hillandale Rd., 6605, No. 88-Kyung Sik Choi and Soyoung Park to Dulce Maria De Guadalupe Govea Aguilar and Remy Rosen Ali Jokhoe, $655,000.

Park Ave. N., 4620, No. 310E-Leonard H. Goldstein and Gloria L. Smith to Donna Krysko Sharpe, $272,500.

Taylor St., 3410-Jorge A. and Nancy A. Solis to Eric and Michael Brancaccio, $1.31 million.

West Hwy. E., 4242, No. 412-Michael Ryan Romanoff to Esteban Pabon Sainz, $163,000.


Arora Hills Dr., 23223-Francisco Rubio Bertrand and Mayra A. Rubio to Randy N. Deleon and Marie J. Johnson, $652,000.

Cypress Spring Rd., 12120-Fidel I. Rincon and Sandra Vesga to Alemnew Dagnew and Yemesirach Wobneh, $635,000.

Grand Elm St., 12834-Jason S. and Ana C. Dubin to Christopher Stockton and Kara Karwoski, $725,000.

Latrobe Lane, 13413-Mohankumar Mani and Kiruthika Vinayagampudur to Fatima Turay, $525,000.

Phillips St., 22543, No. 1603-Joseph J. and Margaret A. Mulcahy to Kevin Cheng, $322,500.

Snowden Farm Pkwy., 11891-Michelle Chin and Xing Wang Liang to John Yu and Rosa Goyes, $405,000.

Timber Creek Lane, 23144-Marlon A. and Loijielyn Marasigan to Guhanand S. Puduvai, $570,000.


Beaufort Pl., 15304-Dawn M. Jenney to Jose R. Barrientos and Elsa R. Bonilla Romero, $441,000.

Cavendish Dr., 1254-Joseph D. and Katherine M. Geiser to John T. and Stephanie S. Mattingly, $484,000.

Ednor Rd., 1218-Kyle A. and Terena M. Belitz to Ricardo E. Mijares Anchondo and Fabiola Noemi Mijares, $574,999.

Gamewell Rd., 1713-John C. and Catherine R. Mortick to Robert S. and Chelsea M. Lewis, $590,000.

Mistletoe Ct., 14800-Kathleen T. and David A. Wolf to Rich A. and Cristin E. Barbour, $479,900.

Stonegate Dr., 22-Haido and Paul K. Martin to Kiros Asmamaw and Almaz Asheber, $530,000.


Kemptown Rd., 28920-Joann B. Norris to Nancy L. Bittle, $398,000.

Ridge Rd., 26550-McKendree B. and George C. Cramer to Mario A. and Armida Novoa, $275,000.

Woodfield Rd., 26117-Robert E. and Marilyn J. Kaiser to Nasmoon S. Creque, $357,000.


Briardale Terr., 7871-Karen J. Winston to Oswaldo Quispe, Celestina Dionicia and Juliana Quispe Maquito, $320,000.

Havenside Terr., 7714-Anthony J. and Mary K. Mendiola to Tu M. Truong, $365,000.

Needwood Rd., 8101, No. T101-Craig A. and Susan McKay to Walter Andrew and Jennifer M. Crosson, $230,500.

Wheat Fall Dr., 17612-Steve and Lorraine Ferouz to Carl M. Halbreiner, $467,000.


Branch Dr., 427-Susan Kay Seiger and Catherine L. Farro to Natalie K. Trzcinski and Nicholas C. Burnett, $435,000.

Fiesta Rd., 10913-Petros G. Exis to Insiya and Ty Bream, $520,000.

Glenville Rd., 9129-Kim Lang K. Nguyen and My Linh T. Nguyen to Meklit Tesfaye Anteneh and Altayech Jembere, $299,000.

Merwood Lane, 9804-Amber J. Mathur to Stephen Hines, $440,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8423-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust to Jonathan Bondzie, $330,000.

Seminole St., 9511-Jared H. Givarez and Brigitte Carrollo to Tobi C. McFarland and Suzannah R. Stivison, $550,000.

Sudbury Rd., 9306-Andrew C. and Elizabeth Connell to Avril Y. Smith, $605,000.

Wendell St., 9201-Kimberly S. Hubbard and Edward J. O’Callahan to Roy E. Murray and Kathryn L. Zook, $750,000.


Cobbler Pl., 719-Noor Zehra and Reza Azam to Nate S. and Jung Eun Sunwoo, $410,000.

Duvall Lane, 102, No. 8-204-Maryland J & J Associates Corp. to Rene Castillo, $86,000.

Fertile Meadow Ct., 18024-Angela Shih Yau Pun to Frederike Maria Elaina Elzinga, $326,000.

Guildberry Ct., 7804, No. 303-Joyce R. and Carl B. Hawkins to Vivian E. Bacarreza, $130,000.

Hidden Marsh St., 929-Hassana Howe to Charles Ira and Odelia L. Mandrell, $350,000.

Mattingly Terr., 20051-Julio Richardo Alvarado Herrera and Leslie Adelina Alvarado to Adda A. Massah, $420,000.

Raven Ave., 772-Donald and Shannon Weinheimer to Lauren Matthews and Denise Garrett, $405,000.

Sherwood Green Way, 19309-Melissa and Paul R. Huey Burns to Anil and Chitra Sharma, $735,000.

Streamside Dr., 18308, No. 104-Goldstar Rosewood I. Corp. to Carlos M. Grajeda Figueroa and Esli J. Diaz, $145,000.


Alcinda Lane, 11509-Lillian and Edgar Ovando to Katayoun Pamir and Mohsen Semnani, $565,000.

Apache Ct., 10-Gregory and Lili Jing Pfeiffer to Sithamalli V. Chandramouli and Jayanthi Narayanaswamy, $500,000.

Beacon Hill Way, 15-James and Marc Lizmi to Sheng Ru Wang and Li Yu Gao, $397,000.

Capps Ct., 19-Terri M. and Jafar Djavadi to Daniela Soldo Felipe, $365,000.

Community Center Ave., 251-Debra M. Campayno and Linda C. LaBarbera to Vijaya Kommineni and Sahrudaya Nagineni, $420,000.

Danbridge St., 403-Neal M. and Sara E. Simpson to Nga Thi Howard and Lawrence J. Skok, $875,000.

Glacier Ct., 15800-David B. and Anita Shapiro to Karen Lee Wathen, $555,000.

Hallman Grove Ct., 15506-Ameesh G. and Anissa M. Suthar to Timothy P. and Cindy McAllister, $821,500.

Hillside Lake Terr., 931, No. 107-Kathryn E. Devine to Erin Schaal, $218,000.

Kent Square Rd., 331-Naheed Kassam and Morvarid Fontanez to Bradley C. and Alexandra C. Richardson, $630,000.

Longmeadow Dr., 69-Susan L. Zgorski to Matthew L. Gilbride and Meegan C. March, $359,900.

Mission Dr., 140-Jeff and Mi Hyong Olesnevich to Nasser and Minoo Kamazani, $657,000.

Norwich Lane, 169-Kathryn K. and Howard Joel Hersh to Quan Zhou, $655,000.

Pissaro Dr., 12319-James R. and Terri C. Lawrence to Paul and Galen Loehr, $687,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 828, No. 101-David C. Shaw to Ferdinand M. and Mary Grace Camarote, $75,000.

Rollinmead Dr., 15109-Frederic J. and Beatrice R. Kreiger to James Elliot and Kathleen Mary Savitz, $790,000.

Summer Walk Dr., 104-Dennis Woo and Minna Lee Park to Yash P. Modi, $610,000.

Thorburn Rd., 7-Shayan and Toby Salahuddin to Antonio P. Viardo and Sarah A. Roberts, $685,000.

Twelve Oaks Dr., 206-Enrique and Thy T. Parra to Beth Ann and Farron Stacy Riggs, $380,000.


Kenilworth Ave., 10920-Douglas Construction Group Corp. to James M. and Barbara A. Barry, $1.47 million.


Berryville Rd., 13729-Randy William Scheib and Terry Alan Wilson to Quincy Mostow and James Stephen Richardson, $361,800.

Briarwick St., 14016-Abol Hassan Kavoussi to Artemio Cerda and Marisela Garza Chapa, $649,900.

Buckingham Way, 19410-Rebecca A. Carter Bartolo to Maura Gibson, $300,000.

Charity Ct., 13717-Robin M. Zuckerman to Cristofer A. and Leigh A. Brayman, $587,500.

Diamond Hill Dr., 13110-Julie Beaver to Kristen E. and Adam J. Desjerdins, $370,000.

Fountain Club Dr., 13410-Tianhui Pu to Cheng He, $427,500.

Harmony Woods Lane, 18804-Joseph W. Schmitz and Kati Jo Moberg to Shouzhen Wu and Ai Juan Jiang, $301,000.

Indian Grass Ct., 16-Trenna S. Allen to Cyrus and Esther Davani, $532,000.

Kitchen House Ct., 18107-Jose V. Padilla and Juana Marisol Pleitez to Nirmal C. and Sumki R. Das, $270,000.

McFarlin Dr., 18882-Glide Path Real Estate Investors to Mhamed Grati, $345,000.

Porterfield Way, 18844-Jeffrey A. and Heather Ford to Joshua M. and Elizabeth B. Schuman, $540,000.

Rockingham Rd., 13909-Matthew J. and Julie S. Pietras to Paul and Hillary Cavanagh, $699,900.

Snow Fields Cir., 18927-Kevin Joel and Melody M. Turner Monroe to Zhengyu Wang and Jian Ding, $260,000.

Tattershall Ct., 5-Robert E. and Jennifer A. Park to Matthew G. and Elizabeth G. Butler, $597,000.

Twilight Ct., 13117-Stephanie M. Babb Ayala to Ahsan Habib and Mossammat Tania Sultana, $290,000.

Whitechurch Cir., 13213-Juan A. Velasco Flores to Abigail Lee and Brendan Shawn Slack, $224,000.


Campbell Dr., 9829-Scott and Boglarka Chastain to Paul C. and Ellen J. Goleb, $650,000.

Drumm Ave., 10807-Luanne M. Flanigan to Joanna S. and Adam Abrahams, $711,000.

Greenfield St., 10210-Michael Pearlstein to Judy Leon and Daniel Jeffrey Delstein, $1.03 million.

McComas Ave., 2720-Tecu Corp. to Lindsay and Margaret Hamilton, $605,000.

University Blvd. W., 3123, No. E-Daniel L. Bushman to Keunta A. Caruthers, $152,000.


Damascus Rd., 7316-Adriana L. Martins to Lauro Henrique De Almeida, Eslaind Leitic De Costa Silva and Eslaine Leticia Da Costa Silva Leonardo, $540,000.


Bishopstone Ct., 18452, No. 251-Guowen Zheng and Binbin Guo to Amanda B. Wesley, $153,000.

Burchap Dr., 8435-Karen Henderson to Stephen A. and Andrea C. Pfister, $303,000.

Club House Rd., 19315, No. 104-Ihor G. and Catherine Murashchyk to Matthew R. Klecker and Tania G. Sanchez Guerrero, $135,000.

Docena Dr., 9827-Judith L. Pitts to Jeraldine A. Benitez Cruz and Nicolas N. Cruz Arevalo, $195,700.

Hawk Run Ct., 11-Troy Charles and Caitlin Yvonne Hughlett to Victor Rodriguez Ordonez and Daniel Angel Borda Patino, $290,000.

Marketree Cir., 8343-Brett Michael and Amy C. Jordan to Derrick D. and Andrea R. Smith, $459,000.

Ravenglass Way, 8742-Goldwynn A. Bandong to Donald A. Davis, $265,000.

Strath Haven Dr., 20530-Andrew Lyon Polack to Carmen Fuentes, $245,000.

Trolley Crossing Ct., 20309-Xinjing Chen and Xinhua Deng to Kevin and Ellen Jones, $370,000.


Penn Shop Rd., 13855-Barbara L. and David N. Greenfeld to Carl C. Fowler Jr. and Ashley M. Hungerford, $664,900.


11th Ave., 8555-Carlos Brito and Jose Almanzar to Filimon Hagos, $285,000.


Baywood Ct., 2605-Shan P. and Elizabeth K. O’Keeffe to Robert Fazekas and Michele Folley, $469,500.

Bethnal Way, 3700, No. 35-Michael C. Joseph Jr. to Martha Hooper, $368,000.

Deckman Lane, 2351-Karen E. and George K. Aggrey to William P. Roberts III, $460,000.

Eardley Ct., 15003, No. 283-C-Sonaventures Corp. to John W. and Deborah A. Fowler, $212,000.

Fernedge Rd., 13125-Jane P. Lee to Siqi Lin, $398,888.

Gawayne Terr., 3715, No. 3-Leo C. Inglesby to Arturo G. and Estrellita E. Alde, $300,000.

Hathaway Dr., 13111-Frank Paul and Allison McClendon Scopelliti to Guofan Li, $461,000.

Hugo Cir., 1525-James Henry Dotson Jr. to Helena Maria Walker, $410,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-509-Anju Verma and estate of Vic Verma to Bertha F. Knisely, $185,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2904, No. 416-Leah Zlotnitsky to Myra Schnur, $260,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 416-Stephen A. and Sherrie L. Russ to Denis J. and Patricia Curtin, $305,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-502-Vonja Kirkland Dempsey to Doris M. Von Nessen, $194,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 518-Charles M. and N. June Hill to Joyce D. Garner and the Joyce D. Garner Trust, $255,000.

Moonlight Trail Dr., 13331-Linda D. and John A. Calder to Rhiana D. Saunders and James C. Plummer, $750,000.

Shamrock Ridge Rd., 15008-Corey and Eileen Witherspoon to Michael T. Diressie, $379,000.

Travert Way, 15049-Minh H. Nguyen to Claudia L. Arias and Jose Rigoberto Ortega, $318,000.

Vixen Lane, 2800-Mary L. and Neil M. Mall to Tetsuo Miyabara and Oana Hinley, $450,000.

Wilcox Lane, 1732-Xinfeng Hu to Kobina Andoh, $324,900.


Archwood Way, 17904-Lori C. and Gayle T. Hecox to Anje Marie Hall, $475,000.

Cannes Lane, 4402-Odessa S. Henderson to Amir H. and Firoozeh K. Naeemi, $262,000.

Fox Chase Cir., 18241-David M. Mines to Mathew T. Parsons, $355,000.

Leman Lake Dr., 18217, No. 506-Craig T. Bukowski to Jacqueline Lopez Giang and Florentino Lopez, $239,000.

Prestwood Dr., 4608-Wells Fargo Bank to Bogdan Bazyluk, $354,231.

Sandburg Terr., 3301-William Alvis Freeman III to Gregory S. Fuller and Alicia C. Cohen, $610,000.

Spartan Rd., 3224, No. 3-G-7-Leidy D. Jimenez De Martinez and Yesenia V. Gonzalez to Chan Young Jung, $185,000.

Vintage Spring Terr., 3530-Merry Livingston to Ashish Shrestha and Rajeshori Prajapati, $340,000.

Winter Laurel Terr., 3629-Samuel Gilliam Teague to Christopher V. and Rhiannon C. Smigocki, $479,900.


Cattail Lane, 19020-Gregory D. and Carolyn E. McFall to Rishiram and Jenna Ashman Singh, $535,000.

Hoskinson Rd., 16910-John W. and Dorothy M. Brady to Michael J. and Natalie M. Charbonneau, $610,000.


Allview Dr., 1509-Nancy and Illya Suslov to John Thomas and Sabina W. Dugan, $675,000.

Bells Ridge Dr., 10925-Traci S. Levine to Peifeng Yan and Jing Wang, $955,000.

Brickyard Rd., 7704-Denise Melanson to Peter L. and Jane M. Casciano, $1 million.

Fallsmead Way, 1214-Shahrokh and Heather A. Johnson Sari to Yen J. Tran and Alex M. Kee, $767,350.

Glen Rd. S., 11530-Kenneth D. and Joanna E. Martin to Joshua M. Basse and Jaclyn B. Toll, $810,000.

Hayworth Dr., 13502-Yoonjung Yang to Daguant Xu and Yuezhe Tang, $595,000.

Korman Dr., 11124-Jonthan A. and Stacy M. Sambur to Jonathan Aaron and Suwei Chen Cook, $869,000.

Muirfield Dr., 10648-Michael A. Berenhaus to Truong Quang and Thuy T. Bui, $555,000.

Rapley Preserve Cir., 8511-Mary Grace Day to Timothy Steven and Jennifer Hill, $2.1 million.

Rock Run Dr., 10724-Henry Kumm III and estate of Henry Kumm Jr. to Behzad and Lindsey Westcott Rassuli, $747,000.

Trailridge Dr., 11712-Bechir Naier Bouzid and Ines Tlemsani to Ariel Obaldo and Elyse Loosararian, $839,000.

Willow Valley Dr., 9029-Susan S. and Bruce Magazine to Phillip M. and Brooke Ann Rickett, $960,000.


Barbados Pl., 5905, No. 236-Claudia Freitas Cohen to Kevin J. Young, $343,000.

Bratton Dr., 10016-Barry and Marcia Z. Strauss to John Zhen Fan and Fengying Huang, $875,000.

Charles St., 112-Jeffrey S. Rice to Fang Ni and Yu Wang, $437,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15300, No. 6-4-John R. Manouelian to Daniel N. Rosales Berstein, $272,000.

Englishman Pl., 5504, No. 135-Frank K. and Roxanne Z. Nagurney to Juan C. Rojas Cortez, $629,000.

Grand Oak Way, 1030-Rudolph Shihping and Lily Rei Hua Huang to Hanh K. Bui, $730,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1909-Harvey E. Rand and Aliza Lauren Mayer to Anatoly Lubarsky, $260,000.

Harrington Rd., 717-David Goldberg to Joseph J. and Brittany P. Panetta, $540,000.

King Farm Blvd., 300, No. 9-203-Brooke E. Greenwald to Tara E. Brown, $355,000.

Lily Pond Ct., 9-Walter and Charlotte M. Cohen to Thomas B. and Rana Kim Carroll, $917,500.

Monroe St., 118, No. 1010-Monroe Street Apartments Corp. to Qunjie Guan and Feifei Zhang, $202,500.

Oak Knoll Terr., 411-Christopher R. and Joana M. Conklin to Chunyu Cheung and Poki Leung, $709,500.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1503-Glenn D. Sandberg to Laura Ann Hunt, $319,300.

Overlea Dr., 9601-Joshua Treyden Hattfield Charles to Nathalie Cioffi and David A. Webster, $768,000.

Pine Haven Terr., 10508-Maureen O’Brien Chelius and estate of James Patrick O’Brien Jr. to Jacob T. and Ashley E. Molzahn, $571,000.

Ridge Dr., 13212-William A. and Susan Swan Berreford to Judith L. Streeter and Janice A. Rieke, $818,000.

Stonewood Lane, 11701-Norman Leong and Anu L. McNeil Lukk to Carol Dewitt, $765,000.

Van Buren St. S., 132-Gerald R. and Linda D. Harris to Patricia L. Blanton, $850,000.

Watkins Pond Blvd., 101, No. 4-404-Sandy Chang to Marcos A. De Arruda, $312,500.

Windy Knoll Ct., 3013-Rong Tang and Peng Ke to Javier N. and Maria Jose Solis, $800,000.


Boneset Way, 22030-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Sharlene and Albert Abraham Klotz, $755,241.

Flanagan Lane, 11126-Carlos Ivan and Janesette Flores to Michael and Molly K. Van Akkeren, $522,500.

Manor View Cir., 21523-Alfredo and Magdalena Navarro to Matthew M. Friel and Nicole E. Marcus, $624,990.

Scottsbury Dr., 21000-Alvaro E. and Silvia V. Huezo to William J. Kay and Chan J. Zhou, $568,000.

Twinflower Cir., 19550-Harshad M. and Panna H. Mehta to Alba L. Rivera, $273,000.

Watkins Meadow Dr., 20336-Wayne G. and Wanda L. Mowatt to Nicholas and Sharon Church, $412,000.


Clark Pl., 2131-Jason D. Weaver and Priya Santhanam to Brian E. and Jennifer C. Peisach, $540,000.

Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 610-Thamar Petit and Divesh Mistry to Robert Fagan and Elaina Barker, $335,000.

Greyrock Rd., 9309-Thaisa Tiglao and Jason Katz to Nicholas Miroff and Camila Pineiro, $769,000.

Locust Grove Rd., 1916-Adam Noyce and Sarah Claire Matheny to Jonathan and Alyssa Betz, $555,000.

Ottawa Pl., 9007-William Ray and Stephanie Kaufman Ruvinsky to Brian and Colleen Ruddick Tomaino, $550,000.

Takoma Ave., 8000-Joseph A. Gordon and Alice J. Wilkerson to Rodrigo D. Maramba and Debra M. Bowen Ziecheck, $645,000.

Wilton Ave., 2920-Carolyn J. Purcell to Manuel Panigana and Maryana Madorskaya, $531,000.


Allegheny Ave., 6709-David K. and Linda R. Keely to Rebecca Jones and Paul Albertus, $815,000.

Garland Ave., 7908-Sarah Bowsky to Dennis M. and Amber D. Flynn, $618,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 901-Olutayo Olushola Akingbe to Brianna Ilene Stewart, $199,900.


Ashleigh Woods Ct., 2001-Peter D. Tietjen and Doretta E. Shull to David A. Rudin and Tobey Berlin, $500,000.

Clagett Dr., 404-Barbara D. Blazer and Joene B. Gessner to Cheuk Ho Pang and Sin Kawn Vong, $451,000.


Brown St., 505-Judith Ann and Anthony J. Russo to Rebekka Popov, $584,000.


Blueridge Ave., 1809-Karen Anne Malkin to Eduardo F. Ortiz and Stephanie Kaufman Glaberson, $522,500.

College View Dr., 11812-Nicholas B. and Fallon S. Hitchens to Daniel Jeffrey Pecoraro and Monica Milena Morales, $345,000.

Douglas Ave., 10306-Thomas A. Gentile and estate of Stanley C. Fiore to Krishna V. Akella II, $331,200.

Glenhaven Dr., 10504-John E. and Linda J. Sabelhaus to David M. Lyons, $470,000.

Inwood Ave., 10410-Jeffery B. and Amanda K. Pretti to Tania Ullah and Colin C. Christopher, $477,500.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 606-A-Maxine Ellenberg Arnsdorf and Mark C. Ellenberg to Mahlet W. Aklile, $135,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Buckeystown Pike., 3429-Lawrence Aaron McCarter III and estate of Francesca G. McCarter to Michael Roschuni and Bianca Ferrario, $325,000.

Tracey Bruce Dr., 5521-Donita M. and Kenneth I. Doane to Samuel P. Hinson, $370,000.


Peach Orchard Lane, 1008-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to Jolissa M. Gue, $159,900.

Village Green Way, 1418-Kelly Powers and Roger Perry Orman to Jonathan and Nicole Elizabeth Nieves, $420,000.


Elaine Dr., 6108-David L. and Ruth Ann Burgener to Lee R. and Carrie A. Palmer, $385,000.

Mar Lu Ridge Rd., 3689-John V. and Janet A. Cugini to Brandy Kristin and Kenneth Roy Putnam, $549,000.


Robindale Dr., 44-Quinton Williams to Andrew M. Nelson and Sarah A. May, $182,500.


Arwell Ct., 475-Kaytlin E. Garland to Precious Faith Kennedy, $219,000.

Bushytail Dr., 619-Robert J. and Lisa Perkins to Sandrine M. Atemekeng and Prosper Ngangnang Lengya, $442,000.

Duncan Pl., 6616-Matthew W. and Angela A. Worrell to Chad K. and Louise Heather Dawn Wilson, $295,000.

Finnical Way, 4861, No. 301-NVR Inc. to Petros and Mary Michelle Psihogios, $255,640.

Hannover Ct., 5768-Appaloosa Investment Corp. to Leonidas M. Bravo, $382,000.

Hurdle Hill Ct., 5792-Richard D. Phillips Jr. to Johnnie Faulks and Jonathan Evans and Ursula Lara Bright, $440,000.

Kelly Ct., 6411-Julie T. Poplewski to Eileen C. Grant, $265,000.

McLauren Ct., 4867-Ameet and Jaimini K. Patel to Jeffrey A. and Corrina M. Nobis, $459,900.

Murray Terr., 6152-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Penelope M. and James Manousoff, $272,990.

Pendleton Ct. S., 36-William H. and Lynn S. Siegel to Jorge A. Marroquin, $187,000.

Taran Ct., 6915-Shawn C. Sikes to Mary C. and Lawrence Neubauer, $409,000.


Ashbury Pl., 9509-Richard K. and Rebecca C. Frizzell to Darrel B. and Angela J. Dorsey, $515,000.

Berry Rose Ct., 1602, No. 2-Charles Shirley and Monica Fernandez to Yahna Christensen and Laine Heath Ripley, $155,000.

Blue Leaf Ct., 902, No. 8-Betty C. Eyler to Stacey Hahn, $160,000.

Derrs Sq. W., 1700-Jesse Smith and Joellyn Stolinski to Heather Damron, $290,000.

Everly Dr. S., 2622-Anthony C. and Bridget C. Launi to Imaobong G. Inuen, $275,000.

Flagstone Ct., 6093-R. Reza and Barbara A. Shafii to Dillon G. and Danielle E. Johnikin, $285,000.

Holden Rd., 818-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Malena Rone and Andrew Midzak, $598,644.

Jacobs Garden Lane, 3026-Wormald Development Co. to John R. and Jill Mitchell, $485,035.

Laurel Wood Way, 1402, No. 87-Monocacy Park Land Corp. and Monocacy Park Condominium Corp. to Phillip L. York, $299,900.

Mill Island Pkwy., 2003-Melissa A. Wojtylak to Leesa M. Harbin Ridgely, $285,000.

Motter Ave., 708-Daniel Elder and Stephanie Vincent to Donald E. Boyd, $250,000.

Red Wing Ct., 8220-Brenda De La Cruz to Curtis L. Comrie and Carissa A. Galiachatos, $238,000.

Saint Lawrence Ct., 1564-Lindsay E. and Erin L. Kelly to Cindy M. Lemus, $215,000.

South St. W., 402-Chad R. Lawyer to Henry Breen, $280,000.

Sweet Gum Ct., 901-Stephen E. and Anne L. Ingram to Samba Marah, $365,000.

Fourth St. E., 40-Jorge L. Acevedo and Mabel Ruz to Stephen M. Wengryniuk, $208,000.


Bishops Glen Dr., 216-Teresa D. Hernandez De Pena and Ramon E. Munguia to Bertha G. Villatoro and Jose Agustin Vera, $315,000.

Caisson Rd., 2124-Mark A. and Stacy M. Lloyd to Lisa Collins, $330,000.

Coach House Way, 2508-Sara M. Barnes to Joyce Draper, $196,000.

Driftwood Ct., 2501, No. 3B-Sherry A. Moores Epperson to Debra Marie Linton, $189,900.

Fairfield Dr., 115-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Angela Rodriguez De Amaya and Juan M. Alfaro, $185,000.

Gambrill Park Rd., 10819-Frederick Milton and Kathleen Grace Buck to Dallas M. and Tamey Goble, $370,000.

Hamburg Rd., 9033-Myersford Inc. to Stephen R. Mogck, $335,000.

Heathfield Dr., 113-Joshua D. Dyczewski to Stuart McCallum, $219,000.

Key Pkwy., 1403, No. A301-Eric Stanchfield to Italo Barcelli, $97,000.

Old Coach Ct., 2502-Vernon Ray and Rebecca Spielman McKinnon to Diana P. Castiblanco, $365,000.

Quails Nest Way, 102-Hampshire Drive Properties Corp. to Morris M. Williams Jr., $225,000.

Spring Run Cir., 2014-Megan E. and Barbara Schuster to Amanda and David Burson, $269,900.

Sunlight Ct., 134-Theron C. and Melissa J. Hamilton to Gilberto and Ashley Rodriguez, $475,000.

Waterford Dr., 832-Nicole M. Regobert to Richard Zachary Patrick and Carla Judyth Tellez, $198,000.

Wilson Pl., 514-Karen L. Edwards to Michael C. Glickman, $271,500.

11th St. W., 1423-Javier Espinosa and Edilsa Eledy Perez Olivarez to Francisco A. and Jonathan J. Granados Castillo, $285,000.


Fallfish Ct., 6019-Oakdale Investments to Chandra and Madhuri Edam, $649,990.


Mountain Rd. S., 3516-Colyn P. and Samantha P. Crowder to Daniel Schatzer, $272,000.


Freestate Dr., 7379-Jane C. Alexander and Carol C. Rattay to Michael V. and Stephanie S. Burnett, $345,400.

Southridge Way, 6807-Muhammad Amjad to Rudolph R. and Dawn M. Zimmerman, $715,000.


Lace Leaf Lane, 10900-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Umair and Muhammad Farooq and Amna Ashraf, $548,070.

Mid County Dr., 11921-Andrew V. and Thomas W. Mackintosh to Ashley Nichole and Leibin Morales, $295,650.

Sugarloaf Ct., 3994-Neil Arthur and Sandra Warren Smith to Azelin Renee and Daniel Wesley Powell, $350,000.


Jasmine Ct., 14114-Gerald E. and Melanie G. Jackman to Robert Kyle Heidelbach, $435,000.

Rising Ridge Rd., 1618-Charles and Kimberly Frierson Moore to David R. Brinkley and Bethamy N. Beam, $450,000.

Western View Pl., 5810-Martin D. and Janet E. White to Ralph Sherman, Kristie and Diane Baynard, $405,000.


Arapahoe Rd., 9911-MS Aspen North Corp. to Christopher Thomas Matthews and Constance Ibolya Mihaly, $508,440.

Country Club Rd., 11004-Jack E. and Florence Ann Sallie to Thomas Lor and Lindan Vue, $500,000.

Forest Edge Pl., 10805-Kevin Newell and Gavin Robertson to Daniel F. Llenas and Kelley A. Huston, $449,000.

Jacobean Pl., 5914-Charles P. Guerra and Lara Spaid to William Irvin and Susan Hoadley Smith, $425,000.

Mississippi Lane, 6172-George and Marta Owens to Trenton L. and Jessica L. Croxall, $405,000.

Quaker Way, 206-Paul E. and Kimberley L. Hustler to Eric R. and Lori Lynn Beard, $648,000.

Shavano Rd. E., 6855-MS Aspen North Corp. to Timothy Dale and Tara Crystal Walsh, $464,530.

Waters Edge Ct., 6594-Daniel J. and Janet S. Byrd to Matthew and Sarah Fleischer, $685,000.


Oak Orchard Rd., 14860-Randy Joe and Carol H. Maddux to Christine L. Paull, $625,000.


Appolds Rd., 9505-Jerry C. and Vivian E. Martin to Michael T. and Helen O. Tousignaut, $284,900.


Blue Ridge Ave., 34-John and Teresa Kempisty to Gabrielle E. Burns, $255,000.

Tacoma St., 106-Eric A. and Kelly L. Dummann to Kerry Berier, $275,000.


Atterbury Pl., 4066-Robert Garland and Neil Haggerty to Yemane H. Gebre, $369,000.

Broad Branch Way, 5833-NVR Inc. to Solomon and Mercy Makwara, $507,904.

Hedwig Lane, 8458-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Michael and Kelly Lewis, $342,620.

Mackall St., 3722-Sang Hyun Lee and Min Kyung Park to Andrea Nichole Hoffman, $645,500.

Reels Mill Rd., 5004-Nicholas Stine and Elizabeth J. Nady to Matthew B. and Emily Bernard, $301,600.

Shady Pines Dr., 8829-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Mark McCullough, $419,990.

Singleton Terr., 3600-U. S. Bank to David A. and Kathleen T. Wolf, $334,000.

Triton St., 3962-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Tahira Anwar, $420,000.

Winthrop Lane, 3539-Victoria E. Skahill to Kristen Marie Mills, $360,100.


Cobble Way, 234-Justin E. and Catherine L. Krajewski to Christopher T. and Michelle D. Ross, $340,000.

Heritage Ct., 213-Jon M. and Katherine L. Boller to Timothy Shaen and Kaci Dawn Leatherman, $240,000.

Savannah Ct., 119-Jason W. and Sandra L. Strom to Darren M. Fitzwater and Ourania Blue, $192,000.

Zodiac Ct., 214-Aaron Marcus and Daniela Horton to Steven Todd and Demere George Knecht, $415,000.