Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ashton Rd., 1711-Thomas McMullen to Daniel Min, $895,000.

Hidden Garden Lane, 17710-Sharon E. DeMarco to Andrew S. and Angela K. Macalpine, $710,000.

Patuxent Dr., 1405-Tammy M. Bond and Dorothy Louise Balderson to Jose A. Viera and Jessica Ramos, $481,000.

Tucker Lane, 900-Jong Tae and Bo Ok Hyon to Benedict Ijomah, $980,000.


Arctic Ave., 14003-Apex Investments & Strategies Corp. to Michael J. Rosamond and Hua Jin, $555,000.

Baltimore Rd., 2507, No. 4-Adam A. Belida to Thuani D. Oliveira Savinova and Nikita Vladimirovich Savinov, $195,000.

Basswood Ct., 15300-Stanley M. and Rosilyn M. Neuder to Aquilino L. and Jessica Y. Tineo, $575,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 4904-Richard M. and Mary I. Marth to Guanquan Han and Yuxia Lin, $485,000.

Burnside Dr., 5556-Thomas F. Duncan and Navee C. Lange to Christine D. and William Barrett, $315,000.

Cosmos Ct., 15109-Michael L. and Sondra L. Romeres to Alex M. and Tamara P. Moore, $660,000.

Flint Rock Terr., 14106-Richard P. and Mary C. Haller to Joseph Shender and Cary Levy, $513,500.

Gaines Ave., 14309-Edward and Alexa Siegfried to Katherine Winfree, $475,000.

Jupiter St., 4411-Eric Milton and Denise Exeter Eskelsen to Wilmer S. Meneces Beza, $400,000.

Magellan Ave., 13311-Isalda M. Kendall to Frederick W. Gesell and Katherine K. Bain, $425,000.

Marianna Dr., 13916-Virginia L. and Ernest M. Carr to Eduardo L. Flores and Maria Ortiz Hernandez, $405,000.

Norbeck Rd., 4512-David and Robin Tacchetti to Sergey and Julia Dementyeva, $580,000.

Pecan Dr., 14404-Joel and Jan Soldan to Katherine Parce France and Marjorie B. Parce, $518,000.

Rosecroft Rd., 15217-Evan C. and Kristen Reese to Joshua and Amy Burgess, $769,000.

Tallahassee Ave., 4610-Russell B. Putman to Humberto Horacio Estrada, and Edith Lourdes and Rossi Ineria Ramos Osca, $380,000.

White Willow Lane, 15500-Margaret M. and Andrew T. Schwartz to Norman Earl Godwin III, $680,000.


Acacia Ave., 5215-Alex Zlotnikov and Irene Haggarty to Jordan Zane and Heidi Brazer Tacktill, $950,000.

Anniston Rd., 5912-Aileen M. and Michael B. Shaffer to Bhakti Hansoti and Aditya Kasarabada, $1.45 million.

Baldwin Ct., 10107-Grace L. and Anne L. Wang to Dennis S. Fehr and Jing Zhang, $860,000.

Battery Lane, 5000, No. 207-Richard S. Martin to Ilona Shtrom and Fabrice Sarciaux, $465,000.

Beech Tree Rd., 8209-Estate of Luis Ratinoff and Ines R. Barlerin to Hao Wei Wang and Shu Ping Chen, $800,000.

Blackistone Rd., 5309-Kip A. Weissman to Steven Erik Seitz and Parisa Haghenas, $1.41 million.

Brookes Hill Ct., 6505-Jonathan W. Cummings II to Zamaneh Afshinfard and Mehradad Bolouri, $810,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 228-FH Bethesda Corp. to Don M. and Madeleine W. Coleman, $916,637.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 405-Irvin Eugene Ball to Edward C. Turner and Martha Saenz, $797,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 454-FH Bethesda SL RCU Corp. and Sunrise Bethesda SL RCU Corp. to Joan Plotkin, $410,972.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 555-Susan L. Sanders and estate of Thomas D. Wilcox to James L. Buckley, $615,000.

Burdette Rd., 9121-Michael and Jeannine Berkman to Lassaad A. Turki and Neila Gharsallah, $5.1 million.

Buttermere Lane, 6802-Norman B. Handler and Richard L. Cumberlin to Xiaoming He and Rui Zhang, $677,500.

Cape Cod Ct., 5108-Robert A. and Adrienne R. Nelson to Paul A. and Nicole E. Sheehy, $1.8 million.

Cedarcrest Dr., 9216-Laila Fouzi El Asmar to Brendan Robert and Katie Elizabeth Stickles, $788,000.

Clearwood Rd., 6233-Janice L. Epstein to Mark E. Luther, $700,000.

Cromwell Dr., 5810-Patricia Sweeney to Bryn C. Greenleaf, $1.23 million.

Dickens Ave., 9907-Robert C. and Glenda L. Henning to Frank and Roxanne Nagurney, $740,000.

Durbin Rd., 5816-Mohammed Vazir and Sithy F. Muhsin to Mandana Tavakoli and Mohsen Moghisi, $950,000.

Eagle Ridge Pl., 7208-J. David Glenn and Karen L. Fagerstrom to Mark Richard and Jennifer Lynn Warmuth, $1.32 million.

Edgefield Rd., 4714-Sterling and Janet Mead to Michal Svec and Olivia J. Caverly, $783,508.

Ewing Dr., 8900-Paul Pham and Nina Song to Peter Stelnyk, $642,500.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 502-Shahram Sharafi and Fatemeh Falahat Pisheh to Orna E. Reiner, $305,000.

Fernwood Rd., 9534-James J. and Celia M. Dial to Abhishek Chatterjee and Ankita Jindal, $900,000.

Hampden Lane, 4901, No. 203-Lauren Condos Corp. to Susan F. and Adam Wegner, $1.82 million.

Hampden Lane, 5111-Richard K. Jung and Janice K. Anderson to David A. Deckelbaum, $1.34 million.

Helmsdale Rd., 7204-Max and Carolyn B. Robinowitz to Robert D. and Ingrid Maria A. Rocha, $1.21 million.

Holly Leaf Lane, 9053-Taiping Cui and Zhen Zhane to Asif Dhar and Aisha Imam, $2.51 million.

Jarvis Lane, 5805-Joan Hoffron and Fred Peter Moosally to Han Kyu Kim, $1.52 million.

King Charles Way, 5155-Daniel A. and Seth J. Berger to Shun and Sae Chonabayashi, $565,000.

Kirkdale Rd., 9004-Alon and Rebecca Smith Vogel to Rodrigo Jose Salas and Lorena Montes De Oca, $820,000.

Longwood Dr., 7025-Thomas B. and Frances G. Bensinger to Paul Katinas, $1.32 million.

Marjory Lane, 6505-Douglas Cook to Sami M. Kokdil, $790,000.

Meadowlark Lane, 8311-Douglas J. and Marie T. Liu to Michael Wohl, $1.21 million.

Mohican Rd., 5309-Stephen A. Seeber and Carol A. Freedman to Robert S. Sonneveldt, $1.1 million.

Montrose Ave., 10523, No. M-102-Russell and Joanna Mason to Yi Wen Chen and Poching Liu, $262,000.

Montrose Ave., 10625, No. M-2A-Julie Ward Hagan to Marcia Maria Laurenzano, $185,000.

Oakmont Ave., 5519-Adam M. Smith and Julie E. Gold to Reid Koester and Kelly O’Donnell, $850,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 9825-Ethel I. Tarazona and Luis A. Rozas to Ryan and Karishma Adair, $730,000.

Parkwood Dr., 9912-Linda Lee Walker to Kasey and Bryn Merrey, $630,000.

Pepperell Dr., 7560-David H. Moon to Jessica M. Lynch and David R. Coffin, $1.1 million.

Pooks Hill Rd., 5226, No. E-33-Rodrigo Salas and Lorena Montes Deoca to Artem Machnev, $609,000.

Rannoch Rd., 6804-Hilton Augustine Jr. to David Monroe and Lauren Shea Waikart, $1.38 million.

Ridge Rd., 8716-Michelle Jaffe to Zhaorui Han and Huimin Sun, $680,000.

Rossmore Dr., 5713-Linda Ahmad and Behzad Mansouri to Bruno Guy Marie Joseph and Marselha Goncalves Margerin, $699,900.

Sebago Rd., 7501-Balroop and Judy Rambocus to Min Li, $800,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4932, No. 6-201-John T. and Philip Blackmore to Antonia Tsutsumi and John Anania, $385,000.

Singleton Dr., 9719-Bradley M. and Karen A. Ritland to Tiarnan Daniel Lenaghan Keenam, $820,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 7506, No. A-Martin J. and Gail H. Karp to Aman O. and Phyllis M. Tahmasebi, $295,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 7535, No. C2-Marina Skalarski to Hao Yu and Dony Ariel Maiguel, $313,000.

Swansong Way, 7135-Laura Williams to Jiong Yan and Jing Wang, $685,000.

Thoreau Dr., 8305-John C. and Maureen K. Ballock to Jorge Dajani Gonzalez and Laura Caceres Ruiz, $1.52 million.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 119-Daniel P. Brogan to Hilary Kalb, $294,500.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 102-Robert L. Hoffman to Min Chu and Carolyn J. Chen, $289,900.

Westlake Terr., 7606, No. 21-Marek and Barbara Brandys to Lucia C. Sorrondeguy Basso, $570,995.

Weymouth St., 10644, No. W-Gil and Claire Giro to Sarah Elizabeth Hill, $217,500.

Windsor Lane, 4609-Paul J. and Elizabeth M. Vitchock to Gonzalo C. and Wendy S. Vicente, $1.32 million.

Woodmont Ave., 8302, No. 505-Duball BW Corp. to Maria Khatchadourian, $1.3 million.


Ashleigh Greene Rd., 14315-Prathap and Preethi P. Manthini to Erika A. and James D. Costantino, $650,000.

Bear Creek Dr., 14123-Wenceslao Cortez to Marco A. and Jakeline V. Rodriguez, $625,000.

Bright Spring Way, 12626-Yun and Jing Lu to Kevin Marc Burke and Ysanne R. Richards Burke, $620,000.

Clear Smoke Rd., 18302-Mark A. and Marisa Sheelor to Jacob L. Munaker and Karen M. Weschler, $675,000.

Ethel Rose Way, 12832-Rishi and Rama Sehgal to Victor E. and Josephine T. Sack, $380,500.

Kings Crossing Blvd., 14241, No. 104-Bryan and Daryl Mowell to Qiaoqiao Bao, $172,000.

Polynesian Lane, 18429-Duraimurugan Govindasamy and Suganya Durai to Jennie E. Bodmer, $695,000.


Abbey Manor Dr., 19105-Charles R. Gonzalez and Karen E. Brown to Michael I. and Jennifer A. Dudek, $735,000.

Astrid Ct., 2454-Napaphone Ratsavong and Kevin D. Davis to Jed Paul A. and Gladys Lorraine M. Sacapano, $334,433.

Farmhouse Ct., 2209-Carl A. and Susan B. Zaner to Jeffrey D. and Amy Scherr, $599,900.

Hollow Crest Dr., 18600-Julius L. and Nancy M. Scarola to Michael T. Heaton and Cainaz A. Vakharia, $799,000.

Rocky Glen Ct., 13-Timothy P. Ryan to Lisa T. and Tyler D. Jones, $759,000.

Vandever St., 2913-Mark N. and Suzanne D. Strosnider to Matthew and Kathleen Bachiochi, $504,950.


Aldora Cir., 14155-Cesar Claros to Elo Hannah Akonawe, $275,000.

Alpen Green Way, 3678, No. 21-228-Curtis and Zakiyyah Francisco to Maria C. Frye, $249,900.

Angelton Terr., 14227-Audrey G. Buchanan to Mesfin G. Kebebe and Lishan E. Aliyu, $335,000.

Ballinger Terr., 14273-Yung A. Choi to Bezunnesh Demesse, $297,000.

Cabin Creek Ct., 20-Eugene L. and Mirtes S. Jones to Henry R. and Kanon R. Rozario, $602,000.

Dunwood Terr., 4201-Young and Dal Sun Kim to Leteberhan Abraha, $304,000.

Forsythia Terr., 14804-Hasna Hena Hossain to Audrey G. Buchanan, $422,500.

Perrywood Dr., 14305-Mirza A. and Vaseema Baig to Viel Tilus and Lurette Paulime, $480,000.

Silver Spruce Cir., 3600-Nancy E. McCrea to Kaci M. Barnes, $295,000.

Thistlewood Terr., 4356-Manas C. and Rodeline D. Das to Hoa Kim Tran, $290,000.

Wexhall Terr., 14772, No. 24-260-Wayne L. and Joyce A. Thompson to Richard J. Jimenez Aquino and Katy M. Balbuena, $277,500.


Tomlinson Ave., 7719-Bennett L. and Alyson C. Ross to Denise M. Levin, $1.16 million.

83rd St., 6416-Drew S. and Gilian H. Engelson to Kristen Vaughan, $1.14 million.


Avonshire Dr., 13753-Stacy Ann Marie Hewan McKie to Asenakech A. Negewo, $191,000.

Bexley Terr., 12705-Q & P Realty Corp. to Sandy Adalberto, Mario R. Gonzalez, Elmer Oswaldo Gonzalez and Jose Alexander Martinez, $455,000.

Castle Ridge Cir., 3342, No. 5-Nova Partners Corp. and Nova MD Corp. to Ngoc B. Mai, Dennis Nguyen and Jessica Alejandra Garcia Urtubia, $349,999.

Chilton Dr., 1334-Stephan J. and Jennifer L. DeBernardis to Mark N. Weilnau and Christine M. Oshansky Weilnauy, $425,000.

Copley Lane, 1007-Anita M. Rayner to Edward T. Goldon, $500,000.

Crimson Lane, 12055, No. 199-Michael P. Hurley to Vilasco Fallet, $230,000.

Drayton Ave., 14208-Stuart and Claire Quimet Coller to Timir Misra, $620,000.

Fairland Rd., 1925-Andrew R. Powell and estate of Gloria C. Powell to Asia Maria Vasquez and Gilmar Frasson Dasilva, $420,000.

Guilford Run Lane, 13205-Peter J. and Jodell M. Johnson to Trevor McGraw, $405,000.

Kathryn Rd., 1225-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mauricio Navarrete, $351,000.

Locksley Ct., 3-Georgy and Yulia Zalevskiy to Luis F. Mendonca, $459,000.

Mica Ct., 13113-Louis J. and Gwinda H. Chaney to Adamu Mulatu and Muluken N. Workneh, $420,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 12001, No. 217-Norman O. Knutsen to Zewdi Tsegay, $92,250.

Palmer House Way, 13809, No. 33-244-Michael J. and Susan L. Buckhout White to Noe Salvador Rivera Benitez and Jocelyn Yamileth Joya, $254,000.

Quaint Acres Dr., 21-Glenn M. and Pamela R. Mason to William Joseph and Stephanie Powers, $649,000.

Sir Thomas Dr., 3301, No. 6-B-13-Charles Sam Motley to Gail Powell, $187,000.

Staley Manor Dr., 1717-Jonathan D. Titman to Marco Mbullu, $285,000.

Summerwood Dr., 12601-Steve and Eunice Lee to Lina Rose Mary Roy and Milton Donald Rozario, $446,500.

White Oak Vista Dr., 1648-Jonathan J. Nee and Sunshine A. McBride to Melanie D. Singson and Ryan James Dela Cruz Topacio, $415,000.

Winterthur Lane, 12903-Theodora and Alexander T. Gibson to Miguel Angel and Anahi Olga Castillo, $426,000.


Broad Branch Rd., 6315-Barbara Zylinski and Natasha M. Matic to Christian Navarro Aramayo and Ximena Ibanez Quintanilla, $1.2 million.

Chevy Chase Lake Dr., 3535, No. 301-Yvette Renee Dowell Milam to Betsy Heidenberger, $270,000.

Drummond Ave., 4502-Susan Rose Hetrick to Bryan and Deborah Cahill, $1.65 million.

Grafton St., 125-Charles J. and Pamela Raymont Simpson to Pablo H. and Clementine M. Illanes, $1.75 million.

Hillandale Rd., 6643, No. 106-Robert D. and Mireille D. Kirmse to Alexander Nichols and Diana X. Nichols Vinueza, $742,500.

Kensington Pkwy., 9100-Walter Carter Pennington and estate of William Golden Carter Pennington to Edward Q. and Courtney W. Cullen, $680,000.

Leland St., 3511-Michael G. and Angela B. Cohen to Korey J. and Kathryn Barry, $1.39 million.

Maple Ave., 7319-Charlene M. Hescock to Brennan C. Kessner and Angela K. Hart, $925,000.

Oakridge Ave., 6906-W. John E. Kress and Lindsay Livingston Clarkson to Jared and Alyson Cohen, $1.26 million.

Quincy St., 125-Jeffrey N. and Kathleen C. Wilks to Alvin I. and Sara L. Rosenblum, $1.21 million.

Rosemary St., 3906-William Richard and Elizabeth F. Haddad to William Allan Bateman and Jennifer Ann Matthews Bateman, $1.26 million.

Turner Lane, 3503-Colleen and Steven B. Markham to Michael and Molly Hess, $865,000.

Warwick Pl., 5712-Frederick King Goodwin to Mark D. and Danae W. Strong, $1.52 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. 110-Seth I. Schwartz and Karl A. and Janet R. Piez to Lon S. and Ellen R. Babby, $1.55 million.


Arora Hills Dr., 22938, No. 3212-Luis A. Marcias Mero and Nicole G. Macias Walker to Khang and Michael Sharp, $340,000.

Bennett Chase Dr., 23606-Federal National Mortgage Association to Linly and Radha Ramlal, $360,000.

Bluebeard Terr., 13308, No. 3176-Jeffrey N. Litviak to Regina C. Bazis, $212,000.

Broadway Ave., 22412-Taylor R. Carlson and Joshua P. Chupak to Yongyuan Teng and Yuning Chen, $438,406.

Clarksburg Rd., 22633-Winchester Homes Inc. A. Delaware Coporati to Zuriashwork T. Damtew, $470,591.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 13001-Lisa and Joseph B. Sabelhaus to Mbazurike Eze, $435,000.

Dovekie Ave., 13775-NVR Inc. to Rod Brian Jimenez and Michelle Devlin, $480,550.

Emerald Green Dr., 11731, No. 903A-Ingrid Y. Dover to Tho Duy Nguyen, $184,746.

Glenbow Way, 22406-Pradistra and Silvia L. Pillay to Daniel I. Yoo and Yejin Lee, $379,000.

Green Poplar Loop, 191-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kenton and Tracey Ann Daley, $457,990.

Horseshoe Bend Cir., 12522, No. 241-Genady S. and Iriba Koretsky to Karrah H. Benson, $170,741.

Latrobe Lane, 13318, No. 3389-Harpinder Singh and Harkirat Kaur to Jack Yanpiang Zhao and Ling Zhang, $385,000.

Linden Vale Dr., 23206-Fabian Reginald and Andrea Elizabeth Thomas to Yoseph Teweldebrhan and Rahel M. Angelo, $585,000.

Little Seneca Pkwy., 11846, No. 1232-Wei Lin and Minhua Chen to Silvia W. and Waigh W. Labib, $350,000.

Majestic Elm Ct., 22671-Michael and Sarah Gavalla to Michael Paul Schweizer and Melissa Beth Lichter, $432,500.

Petrel St., 13713-Winchester Homes Inc. to Xin Zheng, $442,530.

Piedmont Trail Rd., 12704-Robert N. Hyland to Sung Woo Cho and Mi Ae Kwon, $415,000.

Saint Clair Rd., 13029-Michael Ciatto to Mahvash Shahraki Kalhor, $370,000.

Shawnee Lane, 13203-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Salini Lakshmanan and Emeziem Nwokekeh, $457,490.

Stilt St., 13917-Winchester Homes Inc. to Vinod Kantamneni and Soumya Cherukuri, $680,000.

Sugarloaf Chapel Dr., 12938-Bella Vista Properties Inc. to Shirley R. Espin, $438,000.

Trading Post Dr., 23921-Sonalee Gooch to Olayinka and Sherifat Odunsi, $469,000.

Winged Elm Dr., 23049-Gregory A. and Christal L. Chmiel to Rajeev Bakhru and Achita Lilani, $525,000.


Butterchurn Ct., 9-Charlotte Ann Fredell to Laura M. Rowland and Henry H. Holcomb, $532,000.

Donna Dr., 15113-MTGLQ Investors to Kamini M. Wayal, $372,500.

Ednor Rd., 600-Marilyn J. Money and Susan B. Sickinger to Meylyn Katherine Anton Balvin, $369,999.

Emerson Dr., 17211-Agnes Laurence Chenine to Douglas Randall and Katherine Leila Margulies, $430,000.

Gadsden Ave., 1005-David W. Chaisson to Foad Shafighi, $474,900.

Harvest Lane, 14716-Eric E. and Jennifer E. Belin to Sohail Akhtar, and Khalda and Muhammad Ashiq Khan, $506,500.

Kaywood Lane, 2312-Christopher and Anne Malone to Vijay Mandapaka and Keertana Ravindran, $485,000.

Magnolia Ct., 16517-Manuel and Theresa Maria Cebollero to David and Carmen Black, $465,000.

Middlegate Rd., 15141-Keith and Carolyn Surber to Jose E. Rivera, $540,000.

Rainbow Dr., 1205-Kenneth J. Russell to Antonio Paz and Christine Serrano, $409,000.

Stilton Cir., 14300-Christopher and Patricia Hendrie to Mistir G. Dubale and Lily B. Misganaw, $560,000.

Wellwood Rd., 14929-Karen B. Fall to Harry A. Suissa and Belkis Flores, $620,000.

Woonsockett Dr., 14623-Margurite Tagaure Grammont to Fanfan Assad, $500,000.


Budsman Terr., 10618-John Randall Crocker to Jason Alen Burkett, $280,000.

Cutsail Dr., 24421-Miguel A. Hernanadez to Arturo E. Mejia Escobar and Eduardo Gonzalez, $325,000.

Gue Rd., 8550-Geoffrey B. Baron to Daniel and Sharon Fritts, $490,000.

Johnson Dr., 26217-Elisabeth R. Macleod to Amber L. Hale and Frank F. Gonzalez, $403,000.

Ridge Rd., 27315-Jesse Lansdale Moxley to Luis M. Cordova and Ana Elizabeth Acosta Solis, $327,500.

Running Valley Lane, 10303-Maryland Cash House Buyers Corp. to Kathryn Elizabeth Beach, $278,000.

Shelldrake Cir., 10101-Ellen E. Joyner to Vladimir Iovanov and Liliya Novakova, $250,000.

Sweepstakes Rd., 10020-Lillian L. and Earl S. Golden to Robert L. Clark Jr., $305,000.

Valley Park Ct., 9-Daniel and Azelin Powell to Vinicio A. Del Valle Mansilla and Sofia Ramirez Del Valle, $245,000.


Applewood Pl., 6711-Robert M. Arnold and Cynthia A. Batz to Scottie Williams and Nicole Dixon, $770,000.

Briardale Rd., 17119-Pavel M. Batkhan to Chang Chun Lin, $405,000.

Cynthia Lane, 6917-Jose A. Ellias and Javivi L. Alvarez to Elio Rigillo and Valentina Attanasi, $468,000.

Meredith Dr., 19840-Sean M. and Marguerite S. Hennessey to Thomas Ray Blandford III and Kelly Ann Baugh, $760,000.

Mistic View Ct., 7809-William A. and Sarah C. Gouveia to Hsi, Chen K. and Chi Hsu, $425,000.

Needwood Rd., 8010, No. 203-Courtland L. and Hsiaohan Huang Perry to Megan Ryno, $232,000.

Picea View Ct., 331-Steven J. Weiss to Enrique A. and Teresa R. Chaurand, $625,000.

Shremor Dr., 18717-Brian R. and Linda L. Abel to D’Angelo Wil and Mirna Yaneth Da Silva, $655,000.

Willow Oak Dr., 18605-Robert B. and Connie K. Tracy to Aaron Andrew Adams and Linyu Li, $657,775.


Peach Tree Rd., 20358-NVR Inc. to Joseph Gurner and Gabriela Taylor, $838,384.


Brunett Ave., 10016-Paul R. Mastrella to Derrick Chan, $424,000.

Carson Pl., 10207-Adam B. Zimmerman and Rachel M. O’Hara to Jonah Michael Meyers and Rebecca Joye Coca, $412,500.

Crescendo Way, 331-Lakeytria W. Felder to Yacob Kahsai, $378,000.

Eastmoor Dr., 23-Mark J. Shmueli and Elizabeth A. Quinn to Eileen Carbonell, $397,000.

Flower Ave., 9105-Jeremy J. Schreifels and Constance Downs to Laura Marie Stets, $646,000.

Gabel St., 902-Mary Ellen O’Keefe to Antonio J. Aguilar, $365,000.

Glenwild Rd., 10613-Rita S. and Irwyn M. Mondschein to Ramtin Momtazi, $490,000.

Lockridge Dr., 10610-Sergio A. and Delmy Arias to Rachel L. Dileo and Peter T. Boss, $375,000.

Loxford Terr., 1118-Barbara Jean Azuree to Brandon Paul Jones and Alexandra Grace Iannolo, $390,000.

Manchester Rd., 8700, No. 4-Candace Marie and Ramon Ivan Tweed to John K. and Trisha Phillips, $112,000.

Markham St., 10121-Jeffrey Bolle to Austin L. and Kathryn R. Alderdice, $500,000.

Mountain Quail Rd., 10413-William R. and Vicki A. Zobel to Marcy A. and Charles D. Hariston, $515,000.

Northwest Dr., 441-Progressive Communities VA Corp. to Sergio D. Lisboa, $405,000.

Ordway Dr., 10607-Kathleen D. McSkeane and Dennis Ehlers to Sarah E. Byrne and Nebeyou Z. Tesema, $417,800.

Quinby St., 10108-Eric Conrad Steinhart and Jane Mary Ricci to Amanda R. Stacy and Jacob B. Abrams, $410,000.

Robin Rd., 913-Elizabeth Planken and Dennis Bodewits to Yolanda P. Lee, $400,000.

Saybrook Ave., 9304-John Dondero and estate of John Ritterpusch to Michael Z. Sanders and Ariela T. Zycherman, $520,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 501-Robert Suchorski to Tilli C. Williams, $266,500.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 1114-Mary Frances Hoag and estate of Mary Etta Gerardi to Roman Kostovski, $185,000.

Symphony Woods Lane, 11428-Rahel Aviva Benyamin to Marguerite Elaine Dennis, $400,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 10607-Eva B. and Ronald Lee Tolbert to Ubaldo and Fernando Morales, $320,000.

University Blvd. W., 703-Maria L. Bentiez and Sebastian Portillo to Dagoberto and Sandra N. Benitez, $423,000.

Whitmoor Terr., 200-Gay Frances Piotroski to Juliet Rudo and Jonathan Marandure, $412,500.


Badenloch Way, 7903, No. 203-Willow Woods Associates Corp. to Maria E. Ruiz, $164,900.

Blue Violet Lane, 18713-Joseph H. and Donna M. Simpson to Kelly L. Pemberton, $420,000.

Bralan Ct., 55-Annie Tse Yu to Jianpei and Yuting Luo, $195,000.

Broadwater Way, 19155-Parmesh Dutt and Kavita Sharma to Nghia T. Hoang and Thao T. Nguyen, $285,000.

Centerway Rd., 9064-Candace C. Cupps to Grace E. Anochie, $300,000.

Cherry Laurel Lane, 18551-Shenghua Wei and Li Jiang to Achara Packett, $330,000.

Christopher Ave., 401, No. 8-Anthony Maalek to Darryl Fabia, $170,000.

Cobbler Pl., 703-Chad Egresi and Yue Mao to Lindsey Green, $420,000.

Deer Park Dr. E., 110-Gaf2 Corp. to Bran Keith and Angela F. Briscoe, $515,000.

Eden Pl., 611-Golash and Nana A. Adadey to Carlton Moffett, $390,000.

Framingham Dr., 19733-Johnnie W. and Lyudmila N. Grant to Janice Sackey McGirt, $320,000.

Girard St., 434, No. 229-Page A. Salazar to Sharon Amar, $80,000.

Grange Hall Dr., 200-Maunank Raj and Aditi Sehgal Shah to Scott M. and Joelle C. Fumai, $500,000.

Guildberry Dr., 18409, No. 203-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Sharon Buyukcan, $130,000.

Hurdle Mill Pl., 610-Kevin Patrick and Shannon Rose Crotty to Jacob Alan and Silvia Alejandra Lacy, $424,900.

Laytonia Crest Terr., 18107-Remmawii and Erik Kristjanson to Humu Cecilia Hassan, $545,000.

Mayhill Terr., 19721-Gary L. and Leslie A. Gimble to Tokunbo Gayemiwo, $428,000.

Paradise Ct., 604-Elizabeth A. Brandenburg and Kathleen S. Federline to Elizabeth S. Kim and Michael J.J. Flack, $560,000.

Pennywise Lane, 9310-Paul Lauper and Toni W. Ellison to Joel G. and Alma Minoza, $520,000.

Quondal Ct., 18311-Christiana Trust to Jesus Ernesto and Jennifer Rodriguez, $370,000.

Rock Lodge Rd., 415-John Stanley and Susan E. Pinkos to Liamara Ferraz Da Silva, $420,000.

Sandy Lake Dr., 19420-Aditya Dhakal to Muna Hussien and Mohammed Saleh Omar Ba Haretha, $285,000.

Summit Hall Rd., 505-Dalia Cohen to Gilberto Umana Gomez and Giannina Diaz Coello, $260,000.

Trams Way, 9101-Jane C. Deschak to Crusoe and Miatta F. Gongbay, $288,500.

Travis View Ct., 1324-Mary Anne Clark to Santos E. Velasquez and Rosalina Perez, $330,000.

Water St., 101-Meeiling Lu to Charito Monica Mendoza Loayza, $325,000.

Whetstone Glen St., 475-Timothy Alan Montgomery and Charlene Chiu Hua Yu to Tai Tan Nguyen and Tien My Thi Tran, $390,000.

Woodland Rd., 403-William A. and Frances L. Bowman to Chiming Wang and Gladys Tapia, $361,000.


Antigone Dr., 14508-Leo L. Farley and Terry Shelton to Guangyong Xu and Nan Yan, $725,000.

Athens Pl., 9673-Jane G. Mural to Stephen J. McConoughey and Cara Huff, $520,500.

Bayridge Dr., 860-Shuang Du and Feng Pan to Chen Gao and Jinzhu Jiang, $337,500.

Bergenfield Ct., 13-Tian L. and Lien C. Kuo Chang to Yogesh and Dipti Kadam, $740,000.

Booth St., 102, No. 32-Richard Degaetano to Inara A. Omuso, $289,000.

Brandy Hall Lane, 11308-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Alain Menguy and Irmina D. Tan, $629,000.

Captains Walk Ct., 11115-Heping Cao and Rui Lin to Zhaojuan Han, $400,000.

Chagall Terr., 15811-Chitra Rajaram to Jerome and Camille Upchurch, $629,225.

Chevy Chase St., 110, No. 302-Steven D. and Mary Ann Beatrice to Marvin and Sandra Diamond , $465,000.

Copley Pl., 403-CF Sept Owner Corp. to Anthony J. Interdonato, $379,900.

Crossbow Lane, 188, No. 243-Valerie M. Viands to Mandana S. and Pardis Kimia, $280,000.

Damson Terr., 14912-Alamgir Karim and Mehraj Parveen to Fidel A. Escobar and Nury Y. Miron, $790,000.

Darnestown Rd., 14010-Petar Radakovic and Christopher Cahoon to Ricardo Ramirez, $320,000.

Falconbridge Dr., 12417-Robert J. and Sandra R. Kamholz to David W. and Sara P. Padrusch, $495,000.

Flagler Dr., 884-Jincheng Wu and Weitong Sun to Nicholas C. Niefeld and Jordan A. Guiton, $378,000.

Gallant Fox Lane, 14500-Dennis Paul and Susanna Suit Kelly to Steven J. and Nancy A. Mottola, $640,000.

Gold Kettle Dr., 230-Chiahoa Chang and Man T. Lan to Michael J. and Michele E. Hoff Fryar, $350,000.

Granite Pl., 16, No. 480-Nathaniel Erdtmann and Trina Mercer to Anna H. Lee, $378,000.

Great Notch Terr., 14036-Yang Liu and Jingsi Luo to Pei Wen and Shuang Li, $428,000.

Highland Ridge Ave., 213-Jennifer L. Heinold to Briana and Clayton B. Wellman, $589,900.

Inspiration Lane, 305-Adam W. and Kimberlee E. Bernstein to Anna Hakobyan, $688,000.

Kimberly Ct. E., 780-James J. and Gretchen L. Walters to Daniel B. and Alicia N. Gopman, $480,000.

Lake Varuna Mews., 662-Mourad and Mondonna Kacimi to Ari Michael and Amanda J. Levin, $765,000.

Longdraft Rd., 16901-Richard S. Felner to Evelyn Pacheco, $374,000.

Main St., 620A, No. A-Stephen and Patricia Whelan to Daphne C. Papanicolaou, $396,800.

McDonald Chapel Dr., 12133-George M. and Eileen P. Carbonell to Jennifer L. Chavez and Eduardo Rubio, $676,000.

Mission Dr., 143-Dennis H. and Mavis E. Gibbs to Cynthia Youree and James Andrew Gill, $750,000.

Norman Dr., 15516-Haesook Teresa Kim and Christian Weber to Glen Michael Fitzpatrick, $602,000.

Orchard Dr., 30-John and Carolyn Ketterman to Sandro Eduardo Bernedo, $327,000.

Painted Post Lane, 235-John W. Fuller and Teresa Zang to Yueting Lei and Haibi Lu, $546,000.

Peach Leaf Dr., 15444-Chia Piang and Kaili L. Chiang to Andrew W. and Natascha C. Dillon, $575,000.

Pineapple Grove Dr., 12001-Timothy J. and Carmen A. Meyers to Sandip Bhattacharyya and Amrita Mukherjee, $900,000.

Pontiac Way, 67-Thomas Christopher Eacho to Patricia B. Kotler, $345,000.

Quail Run Dr., 15429-Ethan and Carrie Balsam to Sarah Layne, $780,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 778, No. 201-Solijon M. Nasimov to Victoria Davidson, $132,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 864, No. 102-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Habib Sheybani Agdam and Khadijeh Rostamifard Ahari, $84,000.

Rich Branch Dr., 14308-Robert N. and Brooks P. Kemp to Marie J. Arthus, $469,000.

Rockborn St., 942-Milad and Jennifer O. Bahrami to Richard E. and Brittany C. Klabanoff, $918,000.

Saddleview Dr., 13912-Anoop K. and Sudha Singh to Roopali Mohan Hundare and Anand Vijay Pawar, $645,000.

Sheets Farm Rd., 12130-George M. and Mark Rados to Shubin Yu and Yuan Ren, $874,000.

Side Dr. W., 1036, No. 28-G-Ousmane Faye and Genevieve Mendes to Zheng Wei Gu and Zhuo Ye Jin, $200,000.

Suffield Dr., 408-Michael Musson and estate of Robert A. Musson to Vanessa Duran and Jose Fernando Mojica, $431,000.

Swanton Mews., 83, No. 200-Barton and Paige Yablonsky to Jessica S. Chang, $400,000.

Timberbrook Lane, 111, No. 302-Tyson M. Bowman and Kelly J. Jefferys to Zhusenru Wu, $329,000.

Twelve Oaks Dr., 203-Christian Alberto Escobar and Barbara Michelle Caraballo to Chengbiao Tu, $291,000.

Viewside Dr., 12510-Tamar Manuelyan Atinc and the Brian Wesley Ames to Salim B. and Nina Khan, $875,000.

Westbourne Terr., 16809-Wayne M. and Caitlin M. Vargas Cissel to Wyatt Hughes, $300,000.


Clermont Ave., 10912-Matthew and Tammy Pasquinelli to David Murray and Marisa Van Saanen, $1.35 million.


Afternoon Lane, 20407-John Peter and Helen Kay Hughes to Jonathan Ariel Marcia Portillo and Melissa L. Marcia, $324,900.

Ambassador Dr., 13545-Ethan A. Rossignol to David Demitchell, $232,000.

Ansel Terr., 13400, No. 6-J-Jing Bao to Maria Margarita Camara Detres, $193,000.

Ansel Terr., 13635-Robert A. and Stephanie E. Gomer Petroff to Kristie Smith Kiser, $415,000.

Bay Leaf Way, 18514-Flora Luz Zambrana and Fredy S. Lemus to Angela D. Gibbins, $196,000.

Birdseye Ct., 7-Carlos E. and Arielle R. Gonzalez to Warangkanar Eiamchim, $277,500.

Bridger Dr., 13045, No. 1314-Charles Gaba to Melissa Brigham, $292,800.

Bronco Ct., 11, No. 259-Bradford and Kristy Miller to Rafaela D. Froes, $275,000.

Celebration Way, 19829-John T. Armstrong to Bai Cheng Yen and Yinghong Zhao, $420,000.

Chalet Pl., 13205, No. 6-102-Caroline Doong Pitts to Carlos Cordon, $172,500.

Chatterly Ct., 39-Leon Liang Pang and Hui Ying Chang to Deli Wang and Chunxia Lin, $450,000.

Climbing Ivy Dr., 13007-George Milev and Maria Del Rosario Tohalino Flores to Trang Thi Thu Tran and Phong V. Phan, $313,000.

Country Ridge Dr., 13236-Marvin Jeovan Hernandez Romero to Jefferson Santos, $300,000.

Cricket Hill Dr., 17834-Mehri and Hadi Gaznavi to Rotimi L. and Mirabelle M. Soetan, $700,000.

Dairymaid Dr., 13143, No. 98-Ismail Hanieh and Fahed Al Araj to Jaime Sepulveda, $160,000.

Deerwater Dr., 13550, No. 3-A-Pei Hung Yu and Mandy Yupeihung Alger to Shadee K. Lake, $263,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12208, No. G-Lynn Lathai to Tong Ming Shur, $180,000.

Eternity Ct., 21-Gregory D. and Robin N. Belsaas to Chamil Vidusha Madushan Jinadasa and Dona Chathuri Galhenage, $615,000.

Finegan Farm Dr., 14942-Clarissa S. Beyah and Andrew L. Taylor Jr. to Mohammad Khalid and Nida Jamal, $1.32 million.

Foxworth Ct., 18001-Mehdi Taei Tehrani and Parvin Nafar to Chengze Fan, $450,000.

Galway Bay Cir., 19620, No. 401-Brenda V. Billoch to Patricia Libby, $235,000.

Golf Course Dr., 20501, No. 1701-Federal National Mortgage Association to Akeem Henry, $130,000.

Hartley Hall Pl., 14000-U.S. Bank to James Bannister, $660,000.

Hazelnut Ct., 20613-Constance M. Cameron to Sylvie C. Bertholet Girardin, $529,900.

Indian Grass Ct., 11-Mumtaz and Rashid A. Khawaja to Hongshan Li, $525,000.

Kildare Hills Terr., 13520-Arlene and Matthew Kunszt to Domingo V. Bautista, $431,603.

Kitchen House Ct., 18145-Thomas Lake to Carlos Espinoza, $220,000.

Larentia Dr., 19800-Jose Gabriel Garcia to Francisco O. Benitez and Imelda E. Flores, $230,000.

Laurel Hill Way, 20147-Matthew Christopher Lawrence to Silvia E. Genovez Martinez, $327,000.

Long Channel Cir., 14462-James L. Egbert and Jennifer L. Cramb to Joseph S. and Grace Thume, $360,000.

McFarlin Dr., 18801-Prakash Sankurathri to Momoh Sadi S. and Mujra Nat H. Zekeri, $361,000.

Mill House Ct., 13043-Victor H. Castro to Xiaoru R. Zhang, $235,700.

Mockingbird Dr., 14701-Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to Tsvetelina Y. Tsekova and Dimitar E. Dimitrov, $634,095.

Musser Ct., 19618-Urayna Knowles to Esther A. Lee and Angela A. Garcia, $390,000.

Partridge Wood Dr., 19146-Patrick and Marianne Kelley to Allen Newsom Rawlings, $312,000.

Pickering Dr., 12900-Jessica P. Duarte to Silvia L. Espinal and Victor M. Carcamo, $299,900.

Piney Point Pl., 18909-Mark G. Franzluebbers to Jose Roberto Portillo Jr., $290,000.

Ranworth Ct., 6-Catherine Elizabeth Race to Jorge J. Chavez, $580,000.

Red Robin Terr., 19029-Kevin J. and Melissa M. Rouse to Fredy Lemus and Flora Luz Zambrana, $320,000.

Rushing Water Way, 13346-Arnold Xien Cheng to Hossein Sharif, $349,000.

Sawyer Terr., 19010-Yang W. and So K. Heo to Yuk Y. Cheng, $364,500.

Shadyside Way, 20669, No. 8-121-Sobia Shaikh to Anna Palacios, $201,000.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20406, No. 4-E-Jagruti Rana to Rose G. Koontz, $229,900.

Sky Blue Cir., 18814-Russell and Mandy Schlosburg to Julius, Lorna P. and Matthew Francis, $305,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18801, No. 8-301-Conroy C. Zien to Cecilia H. Yin, $230,000.

Staffordshire Ct., 21-Elizabeth Grout McMahan to Amanda Christine Harris, $315,000.

Summer Oak Dr., 11533-Gordon E. and Edna G. Leimbach to Irakli Khomasuridze, $286,000.

Summersong Lane, 20510-Jeanne Allf and George Warren Peterman to Santos A. Cutzan and Marcia C. Velasquez, $247,370.

Swiss Cir., 18224, No. 1-William H. and Kathleen S. Mayer to Joanne Lawter, $124,500.

Thackery Pl., 13102-Kristen M. Hunter to Yaw Mensah, $285,000.

Timber Oak Lane, 20176, No. 166-Kandi Miller Wertz to David Samuel and Gina Marie Floyd, $365,000.

Trailside Way, 13025, No. 4-Department of Veterans Affairs to Mingchi Chen, $175,000.

Valleyside Way, 12408-Chicong Tran Nguyen to An Phan and Margarita Concepcion Orellana Pineda, $278,000.

Walnutwood Lane, 13410-Bryan and Melissa Steward to Louis R. and Yolanda A. Corbin, $450,000.

Willow Spring Dr., 19102-Maria Elena and Enrique Reyes to Abraham Marroquin and Gissell Bucarelo, $258,000.

Wonderland Way, 13102, No. 194-Lawerence P. Rednick to Koushik Paul and Suparna Das, $171,270.


Ambler Dr., 4215-John W. Taylor to Scott Allen Whittier, $755,000.

Bexhill Dr. E., 9508-Ida and John DeVierno to Daniel P. and Sandra E. Ferris, $840,000.

Brookfield Dr., 4407-Daniel H. and Patricia H. Skelly to Timothy Clark and Kaitlyn Flynn Connolly, $830,000.

Campbell Dr., 9845-Bruce C. Morehead and Imelda Mehlert to Andrea L. Tan and Thuan H. Le, $699,000.

Denfeld Ct., 3918-Craig A. and Yuhi Schaffran to Kathleen Marie Minke and Robert James Sekinger, $465,000.

Dupont Ave., 3717-Lisa and David M. Schlesinger to John S., Elizabeth Triantis and Edward A. Blick, $400,000.

Everett St., 4001-Christopher G. and Angela T. Wratney to Timothy D. and Susan M. Brown, $1.05 million.

Fayette Rd., 3111-Nancy Balph to Robert T. and Megan Williamson, $610,000.

Halsey Ct., 4012-George J. Hawthorn to Jae Hhan Lee and Sandy Y. Ho, $250,000.

Landy Ct., 11205-Donald W. and Barbara J. Dickerson to Eric Alexander Levine and Karen Elise Bien, $417,500.

Puller Dr., 4511-Eric B. and Sally B. Jacobs to James Benjamin and Elizabeth Kaiser Robinson, $1.31 million.

Spruell Dr., 4011-Paul Mease and Ann Cullen Leffingwell to Lisa Cirillo, $425,000.

Torrance Ct., 20-Eric Russell and Rebecca Bowen Sigmon to Lakshmi Kannan and Jitesh Veetil, $475,000.

University Blvd. W., 3333, No. 302-James Jongyup Yi and Yun Jung Yang to Kourtney Holloway, $240,000.

Westbrook Lane, 4414-Julian Werfel and Margaret Dayhoff Brannigan to Peter Vandeveer and Sara Elizabeth Hart, $759,990.

Woodson Ave., 11226-Nubia Hernandez to Joseph P. and Nicole Morgan Chapin, $539,000.


Bush Hill Ct., 7-Jordan Michael and Talila Rose Kauflin to William Lainez and Natalie Alfaro, $231,750.

Goshen View Dr., 8408-David C. Sykes and Lori T. Donelson to Ana V. Giri, $593,500.

Hawkins Creamery Rd., 7705-Ida J. and Paul Dekousis to Elias E. Gonzales Delgado, $675,000.

Jarl Dr., 25524-George A. Burroughs Jr. to Ralph J. and Sharon H. Gaskin, $440,000.

Manor View Terr., 20004-Allen J. and Patricia A. Chatman Driver to Timothy C. Nill and Maria C. Nichols, $680,000.

Rosewood Manor Lane, 7319-Charles Dennis and Susan S. Langley to Karen Blonder and David Stephenson, $577,500.

Warfield Rd., 7919-Peter L. and Susan M. Flaherty to Soheil and Tarazieh Heiraty, $645,000.

Woodfield Rd., 23831-Rebecca W. and Steven Norwood to Darwin Omar Valencia Marroquin and Lucia Cruz Castro, $358,000.


Apple Ridge Pl., 19829-John C. Lee to Luis Alonzo Aleman, $270,000.

Brassie Ct., 37-Ann Joan Morrison and Phillip Karsaik to Elisa B. Cruz and Yamaly Robinson, $200,000.

Brassie Way, 9713-Michael Diamola to Gloria M. Andrade Holbus and Jose E. Andrade, $185,000.

Burchap Dr., 8402-Zeus Mitchell S. and Allison Marie Paredes to Benjamin Schabert and Erin Price, $328,000.

Capehart Ct., 10414-Jennifer Erun Cross to Boris Martinez Lozano, Dina Emerita Perez De Pineda and Edurado A. Pineda, $270,000.

Darlington Dr., 20112-Kevin J. and Julie B. McLeod to Allen and Beckie L. Cavalier, $495,000.

Dellcastle Ct., 11-Robert J. and Frances P. Mazzaferro to Orlando A. and Leah D. Marcelo, $460,000.

Drumridge Cir., 19200-Kenneth C. and Anne E. Barnes to Jason Arthur and Linda Grant, $449,500.

Eclipse Pl., 9718-Lee H. and Marcia J. Haller to Zachary M. and Tanya Kittrie, $520,000.

Forest View Pl., 9910-Melvin F. Cortez to Dorothy Gibson Johnson, $220,000.

Frontwell Cir., 8311-Charles H. and Kathleen A. Majane to Hae Soo Jon and Hye Hong, $470,000.

Grazing Way, 20231-Crosscut Holding Corp. to Katshina B. Nosanga, $273,000.

Heritage Farm Dr., 7815-Steve and Becky Opitz to Tracy L. Zajac, $447,500.

Hob Hill Way, 20000-Holly S. Lord to Michaele Dena Rea, $324,950.

Jarrett Ct., 9304-Edward Alexander and Candace Megan Klepacz to Mama Reme Ndiaye and Lawrence Ndode Ekane, $255,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 9841-Christopher J. Kaminsky to Elton Milner Carrion, $235,000.

Marston Lane, 9601-Residential Properties Inc. to Imani Ahmed Amin and Mahmuda Ahmed, $280,600.

Mills Choice Rd., 18925, No. 5-Sunilda Silva Ledentu to Francoise A. Vogel, $112,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 19029, No. 6-Maximo C. Falcon and Delia Esther Lopez to Mauro Roque, $77,000.

Nathans Pl., 18823-Vee and Su Vu to Mahrukh M. Hussain, $190,000.

Pier Point Pl., 18640-Elizabeth Falvo to Andrea M. Black, $230,000.

Ravenglass Way, 8703-Kourosh Samia Kalatary to Jose Eduardo Granados Amaya and Becky Chang, $285,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10183-Filadelfo Vasquez Lemus to Eddi S. Avilez Paz and Jose A. Salmeron Navarrete, $241,000.

Seneca Spring Way, 10605-Gregory J. and Barbara J. Hartman to Ross Conn and Angela Ramirez, $457,000.

Shrewsbury Ct., 9908-Vincent R. and Laura G. Wallace to Qibing and Xuhui Zhang and Huiyan Fu, $455,000.

Spring Berry Ct., 8905-Paulette A. Harris to Mohammad W. and Zubaida Karimi, $450,000.

Stedwick Rd., 10022, No. 302-Jack D. Bilby to Luis F. Morno Marpartida, $185,550.

Strath Haven Dr., 20541-Dorothy Mosley to Mohammad Hasham, $230,000.

Thomas Lea Terr., 8825-Alice P. Carvalho to Macky Silimana, $370,000.

Transhire Rd., 19511-Robert Oawar and Ara Arabian to Wilbert Galileo Funes and Kattia Lizette Gonzales, $300,000.

Vineyard Haven Dr., 9336-William T. and Therese Marie Harkey to Andres Felipe Gutierrez Vidal and Alexandra Tenorio Fernandez, $412,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18611, No. 4-John W. and Roberta A. Mayes to Courtney L. Mattson, $130,000.

Watkins Mill Dr., 10333-Christopher D. Town to Hinton A. and Miguel L. Lynch, $274,000.

Wheelwright Dr., 19818-Morteza Peiravi and Sarah Charmchi to Victor and Jacky Ramos, $302,900.

Wheelwright Dr., 19915-Kim Coates to Sydney Elizabeth Allen and Ryan Graham Luke, $285,000.

Wild Apple Cir., 10266-Latesa Hughes to Robert L. Richardson Jr. and Damika C. Brame, $277,500.


Cahart Pl., 9821-Anthony C. and Abigail Rogers to Mynor E. and Luis Armando Lopez Espino and Maira P. Rodriguez, $376,000.

Devere Dr., 904-Robert C. and Danielle N. Scalise to Jennifer and Deborah Peace, $499,000.

Edgewater Pkwy., 2025-Omid Land Group Corp. to Lima Redhead, $500,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 9203, No. 308-Michael Richard and Michael Bettinger to Alamgir Kabir, $63,000.

Nolcrest Dr. W., 1120-Jose B. Diaz and Ruth N. Ayala to Gezahegn Gute and Fireselam Shenegeleng Hailu, $450,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 1202-Mary Frances Saunders to Mohammad F. Islam and Razia Sultana, $150,000.


Aquarius Ave., 3019-Ruben Guevara to Elliot G. and Jennifer E. Bradshaw, $355,000.

Banquo Dr., 3621, No. 6-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Girma A. Tiruneh, Yalemwork T. Mengistu and Mulumebet Woldetsadik, $250,000.

Bear Valley Terr., 2223-Stephen and Olatunji Mumuni to Kuku Bekele and Henock Daddi, $385,000.

Beechvue Ct., 2-Melinda A. Merritt to Tsehay Natchore and Temesgen Hankebo, $465,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3764, No. 8-Brien and Cheryl Patterson to Gustavo C. Quico Mendoza and Silvia F. Romero Delgado, $99,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3906, No. 8-Juan C. Deras Aguilar and Niesi T. Bernedo Aragon to Cynthia Wein Lett, $120,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3946, No. 2-Roque O. and Ana Bertila Umanzor to Sonia M. Batres, $75,000.

Bennion Rd., 4412-Rachel Schuldenfrei to Mario Enrique Sandoval and Jessica Kristin Napper, $360,000.

Blair Stone Lane, 13807-Hugh D. and Becky L. Simpson to Elizabeth J. and Armando J. Motta, $413,500.

Bushey Dr., 12801-Mark A. Aguirre to Andrew and Kerry Martin, $405,000.

Clara Downey Ave., 3750, No. 27-Princella Clinetta and Curry Corder to Aziza Sayed, $280,000.

Clear Shot Dr., 2814, No. 2-34-Dupe Ajayi and Rita I. Ouedraogo to Marco A. Bejarano, $189,000.

Cold Meadow Way, 2316-Dawit Bekalu and Hibret Yifru to Menber Negash, $415,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3825, No. 45-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Lisa Stearman Segel, $385,000.

Fall Acre Ct., 14101, No. 8-22-David M. Whitacre to Stanley Liu, $203,000.

Fitzhugh Lane, 3535, No. 77-B-William F. Fagan and Norma N. Fagan to Richard and Christine Lawrence, $440,000.

Forest Edge Dr., 3510, No. 16-3C-Betti Dione Goodman and Rose Anne Zivich to Bahram, Farzin T. and Farhad Ahdoot, $138,000.

Gate Dr. N., 13600-Eugene A. Aprehn to Nga Thi Tran and My Loi Thi Nguyen, $510,000.

Goodhill Rd., 12916-Marcy Pollan and estate of Mildred Pollan to Jason Matthew Sonson and Daniel Gonzalo Borja, $415,000.

Hathaway Dr., 13316-Hassan Golriz and Nasrin Ghaemi to Monica Daravy Lun and Buntha Nhe, $488,900.

Hewitt Ave., 3320, No. 8-1-B-Pouria Jamaleddin to Sarah Morin, $125,000.

Hickory Hill Lane, 1933-Henning A. Kramer and Lori S. Chaikin to Wannakuwatta Waduge Lakshan Malshika Fernando and Wijemuni Gishani Ruwanthi Preshila De Zoysa, $405,000.

Hydrus Rd., 14943-Brandon and Kiana Johnson to Ibrahima Kouyate and Aimee D. Gbelay, $347,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-607-Teresa Elbin and estate of Richard A. Elmendorf to Beverly A. Dodson, $225,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-116-Edward D. and Jean C. Purich to Michael Murray Watts, $130,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-1007-Ann R. Cifarelli to Kim M. Sharp and Theodora and Philip T. Gibson, $160,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-602-Barry and Sharon Fleischman to Mary Tsai, $110,000.

Ivy Glen Rd., 4303-Ahmad R. Hodjat to Christopher Michael Costa and Nina West Russell, $430,000.

Kayson St., 3704-Byron C. and Shanna Ratnesar Shumate to Nykolus and Alexander Gray Alvut, $395,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2900, No. 308-Sonanventures Corp. to Moira Coleridge Taylor, $230,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3100, No. 211-Sally Metheny Keelan to Janet L. King, $315,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3200, No. 801-Robert M. and Andrea M. Covell to Harold P. and June J. Thompson, $465,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-104-Dorothy M. Bell to William J. and Rosalie A. Retzbach, $300,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-926-Ronald and Diane Eichner to David R. and Randy G. Rosenblum, $245,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 520-Daniel H. and Myrna W. Norwitz to Glenn M. and Pamela R. Mason, $359,500.

Long Green Dr., 14301-George V. Travis to Joseph E. Couchman and Carolin L. Baehr, $320,000.

Massanutten Dr., 2355-Lucia I. Palacios to Juan Carlos and Brenda Nava, $405,000.

Moonlight Trail Ct., 25-Richard Culton to Samuel and Seema Rodriguez, $562,875.

Norbeck Rd., 2646-18 Armatho Nesty Group Corp. to Roberto O. Obordo and Emerlyn B. Nelson, $454,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14801, No. 408-Mary Lou Kitchen to Belinda R. Adams, $175,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15300, No. 85-2C-Tomiesenia S. Wiles to Martin J. and Susan Lilly, $155,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15320, No. 83-3H-Helen Frances and Lawrence Kilmer to Richard T. and Elsa S. Labonski, $160,000.

Rabbit Hollow Pl., 1551-Travis A. and Maisha M. Rudison Bryant to Bo Lin, $535,000.

Rockview Ct., 13308-Bank of America to Luk Ying Ko and Man Wing Cheung, $370,000.

Selfridge Rd., 11816-Nathaniel Scott Miller to James S. and Josielyn V. Concepcion, $435,000.

Snow Mass Ct., 15101-Teshome H. Kintamo and Senait Kassa Yifru to Jennifer Dickey, $419,900.

Tabiona Dr., 13916-Daryl Leach to Marshall C. Lee, $375,000.

Turnmore Rd., 13838-Louise Weiss Jackson and estate of Seymour H. Weiss to Thomas Joseph Burke Jr. and Beth Elaine Dennard, $511,000.

Tynewick Terr., 14660, No. 4-1466-Kishore Sammeta to Veronica King, $290,000.

Vedanta Way, 14400-Alana Ihne and Patrycja Klosinek to Ellysha Raelen Caunte Recto and Justin Charles Lohr, $465,000.

Westholm Ct., 15015, No. 272-A-Celina T. Wood and estate of Margaret M. Carroll to Margaret McCaunn, $178,425.

Woolen Oak Ct., 14203, No. 10-31-Gary D. and Emma E. Neal to Lourdes Z. Seda Rivera, $220,000.


Bar Harbor Pl., 4242-Kristine Kiel Wienecke to Stephen J. Rudden, $382,500.

Bluebell Lane, 18209-Anita M. Harrison to Joseph B. Luptak and Sumei Zhao, $665,000.

Cannes Lane, 4423-John F. and Elaine M. Stubbings to Edgar Perdomo Esteban and Claire Teel, $323,000.

Globe Theatre Dr., 17717-Jason and Andrea C. Weisenthal to Li Wang, Lanmei and Wangmei Luo, $735,000.

Kirstin Ct., 17402-Andrew M. and Leonice M. Wurst to Morgan L. and Nicole R. Evans, $575,000.

Macduff Ave., 17566-Edward B. Hayden to Ryan Baker and Ivy Choe Branstetter, $335,000.

Monitor Pl., 3713-Richard M. and Joann M. Giannola to Gregory E. and Renee E. Gisriel, $662,500.

Olney Mill Rd., 19513-Brian Furmanski and Cynthia Klubnik to Michael and Christine Comas, $520,000.

Queen Elizabeth Dr., 18004-Jennifer E. Ojeda and Jennifer E. Marino to Vanessa C. Chicas and Gustavo A. Morales, $325,000.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18105, No. 245-Caitlin Fu Thompson and Caitlin F. Ulmer to Phillip Durity, $276,500.

Saint Florence Terr., 3230-Thomas L. and Janine M. McLaughlin to Geneflor Yadao Tiu and Sidney Noel Sonco, $400,000.

Shotley Bridge Pl., 17849-Robert A. Pokorny and Laura P. Bradshaw to Godfrey and Joyce Amadi, $417,000.

Sundown Farms Way, 3404-John A. and Connie B. Seminerio to Christopher T. and Diana Alvarado Irby, $575,000.

Tothill Dr., 4839-Carol A. Nove to Nathan and Noelle Skvirsky, $471,000.

Vintage Spring Terr., 3514-John M. and Kathleen Patterson Byer to Hope Zak, $385,000.

Windsor Hill Dr., 18166, No. 207B-Michael S. and Michele Bonavia to Reema S. Seagle, $236,000.


Cobb Ave., 17618-Richard M. and Leigh A. Johnson to Mark J. McKnight and Cynthia M. Seidel, $735,000.

Hackett Ct., 22-Brice A. and Michelle M. Halbrook to Glenn J. Whelan, $784,900.

Hoskinson Rd., 17517-Craig and Jessica C. Schneibolk to Zachary J. Podrasky and Lauren M. Adams, $229,750.

Montevideo Rd., 15205-Patricia M. Beakes to Roy Jenson, $419,931.

Sugarland Lane, 14400-Jane P. and Robert W. Kinzie to Eric S. and Jennifer E. Middleton, $600,000.

Wootton Ave., 19216-Jeffrey Gibson to Juan C. and Dawn M. Ramos, $402,500.


Arlive Ct., 3-William B. and Jordan Michael Fenton to Nicholas J. Beauregard and Hana Kim, $715,000.

Beall Spring Rd., 12312-Barclay A. and Melissa A. Phillips to Mark E. and Kathleen M. Sims, $1.2 million.

Beman Woods Way, 9636-George Hall and Kathleen Miller Martin to Kimberly A. Holland, $1.1 million.

Briarbush Lane, 12332-Ralph J. Duffie Inc. to Bankim J. and Jyoti B. Patel, $400,000.

Commons Way N., 12904-Zalman A. and Lenore C. Shavell to Eric Djimeu Wouabe and Manuela Mafo Notue, $700,000.

Dahlia Terr., 11516-Patrick E. and Lynne C. Connolly to Michael H. and Toni Marie Comer, $1.56 million.

Deer Hollow Lane, 8800-Diane Donovan Mack to Francisco Ramon Ruiz Garcia and Maria Esther Gomez Rejon, $1.15 million.

English Ivy Ct., 6-Ahmed and Jo Ann Motawie to Leonardo R. Bullard and Jaein Seo, $750,000.

Falls Farm Dr., 8926-Alyssa Li Chi to Ebrahim and Sanaz Mizrahi, $886,050.

Fox Run, 8309-Bernard and Nathalie Delforge Geenen to Daniel and Lauren Fellenbaum, $700,000.

Gainsborough Rd., 11314-Robert M. McCarthy and estate of Arshad Farooq to Mohammadhadi Bagheri and Sharareh Adeli, $667,500.

Glen Rd., 11400-Joseph A. Sutton Jr. and Naz Elyassi to David H. and Mary K. Affeldt, $2.25 million.

Grand Teton Dr., 8020-Kenneth Way and Alfred Myaing to Pauline Fratantoni, $795,000.

Hall Rd., 9917-Global Engineering Solutions Inc. to Holly L. Soistman, $1.3 million.

Heatherton Lane, 7782-Rahel and Jason Schwartz to Jorge L. Gomez and Roxanna Cabrera, $599,000.

Holly Hill Pl., 10305-Marc Wertheimer and Neil Gurvitch to Jessica Kulak and David Arluck, $1.33 million.

Jeb Stuart Ct., 4-Saeed Pilevar and Elham Sabbaghieh to Zion Levi and Mateem Tikkun Olam Meod, $653,000.

Lamplighter Lane, 11014-Virginia M. and Robert H. Gill to Jonathan Mallett and Yasuko Farumoto, $850,000.

Liberty Lane, 8920-Steven P. Wise and Elisabeth A. Murray to Kyu Hwan Yeo and Kyung Jae Lee, $550,000.

Logan Dr., 10309-Donna Pence and the Franklin R. Bower to Daniel R. Fendelman and Lori M. King, $895,000.

Magruder Farm Ct., 13517-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Ying Ming Yeung and Zheng Wang, $930,000.

Masters Ct., 11-David Warren and Dalia O. Blass to Peter Beat Rheiner, $1.47 million.

Newhall Rd., 10021-Michael and Rikki Postal to Lawrence Michael and Michelle Erin Spott, $1.85 million.

Park Potomac Ave., 12500, No. 603-Alvin and Arline Atlas to David and Marian Holtz and Diane Astley, $1.27 million.

Piney Meetinghouse Rd., 12007-Raymond Teng and Gary Altman to Wande D. Leintu, $1.1 million.

River Rd., 9460-William Lewis and Katherine Alexandra Slover to Jian Yun and Fanny Feng Li, $1.32 million.

Seven Locks Rd., 11700-Francisco and Ana Escalante to Harry and Kemberley Banks Beukelman, $740,000.

Stable Lane, 10609-Brandon Smith and Kathryn Shapiro Flury to Jason and Carrie Show, $1.43 million.

Tara Rd., 10901-Paul W. and Jane M. Whetsell to Ken Jian Ding and Simin Zhu, $1.4 million.

Tobin Cir., 9465-Timothy J. and Heather T. Lawrence to Seung Bum Son, Angela Chu Son, Erin M. Carmany and Jack Yee Chieh Chu, $1.36 million.

Tuckerman Lane, 9001-Pearl Cohen to Suhail S. Kassim, $600,000.

Twin Oaks Dr., 800-Geise Maria Batista and Jose Galhardo Souza Dos Santos to Anastas N. and Vassia Atanassova Stoilov, $810,000.

Whiterim Terr., 7832-Tracey B. Hall to Douglas Houghton and Emily Price, $684,000.

Wooden Bridge Rd., 9008-Bryan L. and Cheryl Stewart to William S. and Wesley W. Strang and Allison H. Weiss, $895,000.


Anderson Ave., 731-Robert W. and Rose R. Ellis to Terry G. and William L. Pinkston, $626,000.

Ashley Dr., 11702-Thomas R. Whitney to Zachary A. and Jenny M. Calamante, $477,500.

Azalea Dr., 786, No. 15-Rhoya Tocco Diden to James W. and Katherine M. Murray, $314,500.

Beall Ave., 328-Patricia Ann Barchers and Charles R. Shipe to James Wilson, $380,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1210-Andrew K. Goodman to Yangwuzhou Tang, $336,500.

Braxfield Ct., 12411, No. 527-Donna M. Senfaute to Darryl Smith and Yemisrach Tesfa, $162,000.

Brewer House Rd., 10752-Bridget Veihmeye and Kevin Sean Monahan to Christopher T.J. Button and Mah Doreen Chi, $715,000.

California Cir., 6060, No. 210-Leila Nezakatgoo to Wade W. and Elizabeth A. Green, $395,000.

Chancelet Ct., 4-Donald L. Herskovitz to Michael Bernstein, $790,000.

Cloister Dr., 4920-Douglas L. and Barbara Norland to Wei Li and Wenting Wang, $710,000.

Columbia Ave., 1502-Brian L. and Richard I. Shrager to Ezra B. and Gillian J. Caplan, $615,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11419, No. 3-Roger A. and Amy Mermelstein to Jose L. and Etel M. Di Fabio, $263,000.

Courthouse Sq., 24, No. 606-Fred and Belinda Wong to Magda Abdel Sayed, $255,000.

Creek Shore Dr., 4826-Randall Merling to Allen Reed Rose and Toni Kathleen Kenny Rose, $401,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15300, No. 9-4-Dolores P. Radovich to Catherine M. Hornback, $269,900.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15315, No. 13-7-Deborah Grippaudo to Matthew David and Frances T. McGlaughlin, $325,000.

Elizabeth Ave., 203-Watson H. and Mabel B. Prather to Lisette Formoso and Rochelle Tan, $300,000.

Farsta Ct., 1-Elizabeth Ann Burkhard to Marc Alexander Friedman and Robin Katherine Yasinow, $680,000.

Frederick Ave., 306-Mark Leon Genus and William Hartley Harper Jr. to Diego L. Del Cid Cruz and Maria S. Orellana Cid, $330,000.

Goodland Pl., 509-Angela Yee June Chu and Seung Bum Son to Samuel K. and Sabrina Y. Huang, $715,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 409-Dolores Martos to Meryl B. Berkowitz, $257,900.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1517-Jordi Camps Polo and Monstserrat Raventos Pujol to Christopher Edward Grant, $260,800.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10713, No. 310-Miguel A. and Elizabeth L. Andrade to Allison B. DeWolfe, $384,900.

Havencrest St., 1004-Xiaolan Wang to Alan Choyuan Hsu and Janice H. Wong, $635,000.

Hungerford Dr., 501, No. 374-Tamielle Maree Taylor Horn to Siu Mei Cheng, $350,000.

Hurley Ave., 805-James Floyd and Sally Goodlin Headlee to Xiaojun Liang, $757,500.

King Farm Blvd., 403, No. BR-301-Earl E. and Dianne T. Homsher to Alberto M. and Anna Colombi, $434,000.

Lady Slipper Terr., 10700-Phillip R. Hertz and Nancy J. Dunham to Jennifer A. Lin and Jeniffer Lee, $1.15 million.

Lauderdale Dr., 12109-Phillip Karasik and estate of Elisa Martinez to Mark E. Luther, $372,000.

Linden Square Ct., 5808, No. 42-Jodi R. Glick and estate of Anita P. Glick to Mary Susan Head, $607,180.

Luxberry Dr., 10835, No. 29-Kristin M. Rohr to Gillian Griffith, $604,500.

Lynn Manor Dr., 327-Eugene and Khatuna Chereyskiy to Maria Elena Belledonne, $535,000.

Martins Lane, 202-Erik Bloom and Martha Yolanda Quintero to Haji A.O. Huseynov, $827,000.

Monroe St., 118, No. 1205-Carlos A. Silvani to Michael and Jilla Falk, $262,500.

Neal Dr., 1013-Pablo and Celina Gomez to Marina I. Posada Nynez and Esmeralda B. Guardado Posada, $439,000.

Newton Dr., 2203-Kan Cao and Zaijin Zhan to Kotchakorn Thepnorarat, $485,000.

Nina Pl., 403-Marlene C. Jacome to Lifeng Gong and David Lyons, $680,000.

Old Gate Rd., 7105-Niv Ad and Gilli Ad Marbach to Andrew P. and Amy Spasoff, $910,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 1204-Israel and Blanka Ilkovich to Henry and Molly Hilken, $580,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1124-Joyce Liu and Nai Ko Nick Kuo to Nansun Gumulak, $310,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2413-Rohit Kumar Dave to Jeffrey and Hayan Helsel, $427,000.

Olden Rd., 4708-Enyesh Hanna Hailu to Mussie Tesfazion, $420,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11911, No. 104-Samir and Steve K. Hamatto to Lan Xiao, $216,000.

Pender Pl., 232-Cynthia S. Cogan to John C. and Maria Chelo De Venecia, $445,000.

Pommel Dr., 14632-Jennifer L. Ayoroa to Saijee Varghese and Monica Ingudam, $763,000.

Renwood Lane, 11915-Brian M. and Jamie L. Callery to Sergei Boris and Kristen Calvin Zaslavsky, $735,000.

Rockville Pike., 10500, No. 706-Benjamin F. Gruenspecht and Terri Bullock to Maria Elena Garcia, $290,000.

Rockville Pike., 11801, No. 1010-Gary S. Becker and Ruth Ann Greenberg to Fatima Rodriguez Martinez, $192,500.

Schuylkill Rd., 11123-Ann S. Kopelson and estate of Charles J. Lietwiler to Katrina A. Righter and Samuel A. Lahood, $380,000.

Stonewood Lane, 11801-Guy and Simcha Stecklov to Chad Anthony and Melissa Malone Moore, $760,000.

Talbott St., 180, No. 201-Marian Bell Nuckolls to Juliane R. De Jesus and Katherine De Jesus Rosa, $150,000.

Valley Dr., 13732-Boris and Irina Skopets to Albert Yat Wing Yeung and Siu Kuen Wong, $1.25 million.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10129-Linbao Liu to Adam Gregory and Rachel Kovach, $480,000.

Winding Rose Dr., 451-Babak Ganjavian to Liu Ying Xu and Guangjin Zhang, $585,000.

Yearling Ct., 18-Kui Shen and Li Ma to Kevin and Joy Chai, $808,000.


Dominion Dr., 17805-Joseph G. Connor and estate of Anne H. Connor to Stephanie and John McCarthy, $395,000.

Windrush Lane, 1037, No. 8-Barbara M. Abbott and estate of Dawn M. Maurer to Kevin P. Fitzmaurice and Ashley K. Cohee, $359,900.


Amber Ridge Cir., 12008, No. A-203-Hannah Lively to Elizabeth Burch, $208,000.

Appledowre Ct., 30, No. 53-Olayinka M. Odunsi to Lorena Bradley, $235,000.

Appledowre Way, 11457, No. 2-Matthew Dickson to Janelle F. Fundersburg, $235,000.

Boneset Way, 21901-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Tony Tu Pyo Hong and Kin Cha Hong, $620,000.

Brundidge Terr., 11476-Jorge J. Chavez and Angelita Orellana to Elane Lopes Vieira, $271,630.

Canterfield Way, 22345-Helen H. Lyngas to Stephanie S. Canas and Matthew B. Myers, $560,000.

Delevan Way, 21225, No. 159-Ming K. and Kwok Wai Chan to Frederick Ray Smith III and Ashley Brooke Farrell Smith, $323,500.

Dunstable Cir., 19936, No. 226-Elinore Louise Lambert to James C. Shieder Jr., $223,500.

Glendevon Ct., 21308-Dawn C. Chapelle and Paul B. Neal III to Kenneth Lee Herring and Michele Nathan, $764,000.

Halethorpe Terr., 11301, No. 209-Michele Renee Ceppos and Michele R. Canarte to Carlos Fernando Bentancor, $190,000.

Hourglass Way, 11608-Donna M. and Richard E. Gallagher to James J. and Niven Fenstermacher, $485,000.

Maryland Manor Ct., 11135-Paul L. and Alisia A. Madariaga to Duy A. Vu, $270,000.

Moon Ridge Dr., 19318-Jim Shoukou Lu and Xin Chen to Damion C. and Aileen Salabie, $495,000.

Trophy Ct., 11712-Silverlake Properties Corp. to Gilberto V. and Mariastela De Oliveira, $250,000.

Village Green Cir., 21314-RF Property Services Corp. to John Adam Handwork, $540,000.

Woodcutter Cir., 13000, No. 160-Robert A. and Jane O. Storm to Aminata Seck Wade, $356,000.


Blair Mill Rd., 1220, No. 117-Billie K. Motely to Daniel B. Rubin, $175,000.

Crestridge Dr., 1427-Steven S. and Margaret E. Fine to John Laird Ligon and Diana Elizabeth Frymus, $740,000.

Dartmouth Ave., 501-John W. and Wanda B. Willis to Raymond E. and Meghan Sontag, $655,000.

Eastern Ave., 7923, No. 303-Sunbin Song to Jeremy B. O’Brien, $315,000.

Ellsworth Heights St., 31-Max and Tai Meltzer to Traevena L. and Marlon T. Byrd, $987,500.

Fenwick Lane, 1320, No. 208-Jeannette V. Clobridge to Ashley Brown, $369,000.

Fleetwood St., 506-Pu Mei Leng to Crystal A. Williams and Michele Mazzocchetti, $539,000.

Highland Dr., 1613-Karen Maury to Richard Dagen, $850,000.

Lansdowne Way, 2014-Joseph E. Ashman to John Arthur Geoffrion Jr. and Albey Brooks Miner, $495,000.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1900, No. 610-Karyon Owen to Jacques and Michelle Paraskevas, $120,000.

Mansfield Rd., 303-Bharteshkumar and Chintan B. Tripathi to Delbert C. and Randi P. Drewry, $515,000.

Newell St., 8045, No. 212-Judith Stroman to John Rosser Matthews III, $300,000.

Parkside Rd., 13-Vincent Curren and Julie Preis to Ronald and Odelya Gertel Kraybill, $560,000.

Riley Rd., 9510-Skafte Development Group Corp. to David Baker and Lydia Zweimiller, $599,900.

Warren St., 9309-Mard Morel and Zenia Sanchez Fuentes to Andrew R. Vogel and Elizabeth D. Abraham, $550,000.

Washington Ave., 2228, No. W-301-Zachary William and Whitney Kasle Howell to Jennifer A. Hamilton, $286,500.

Wayne Ave., 930, No. 309-Valencia R. and Carl R. Webb to Kathy L. Bell, $440,000.


Baltimore Ave., 7313-Kenneth M. Wyner to Michael Edward Sloss, $937,500.

Erie Ave., 721, No. 6-Thomas P. Irwin to Ivy Ruth Love and Thomas Alan Crockett, $175,000.

Flower Ave., 8513-Daniel McMahon and Jessica Christy to Jun Zhu and Zheng Li, $490,000.

Kennebec Ave., 652, No. 2-BP Kennebec Corp. to Barbara Lee Berman, $164,497.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 303-Laura D. Taylor Kale to Daphne A. Williams, $230,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 907-Ryan R. Van Fleet to Amanda and Devin Chesney and Susan Adams, $141,000.

Philadelphia Ave., 501-George L. Askew and Katherine F. Russell to Lauren Cooper and Jesse Ammon Van Tol, $675,000.

Westmoreland Ave., 6610-John O. Sick to Michael David Geller and Katherine Mack, $900,000.

16th Ave., 7411-Thurman Scott and Judith S. Graham to Suyapa K. Melendez and Cecilia Beatriz Jovel Rodriguez, $310,000.


Broadwood Dr., 1200-Kyle L. Hoedebecke to Viviana Aviles Varela, $320,000.

Grandin Ave., 1005-Elaine M. McNally to Benaifur Khosravi, $335,000.

Lewis Ave., 1917-Donald P. and Kil Cha Scherr to Anita L. Robbins, $418,000.

Marcia Lane, 503-Theresa J. Monaco to Theodore D. Dang, $385,000.

Rockcrest Cir., 4-Christopher W. and Alyson B. Smith to Thomas Colling and Katya Salmi, $540,000.

Thornden Rd., 1420-Raymond A. and Deborah M. Wittschen to Pedro Nunes, $442,500.

Wade Ave., 805-Carol J. Wheeler to Jose Amilcar Ramos Jr., $280,000.


Alberti Dr., 1810-Ideal House Corp. to Sarah Downey and Hai Son Kien, $430,000.

Amherst Ave., 11046-Dallas S. and Whitney P. Brooks to Amir and Kasra Mojtahedi and Parvaneh Ardabili, $529,500.

Arcola Ave., 1904-1500 Jefferson Street Joint Venture to My Lan T. Nguyen and Komkit Listisard, $427,000.

Belgrade Ct. N., 722-Joseph Larry and Elisheva Katz to Hannah A. and Steven P. Wiggins, $454,000.

Burnley Terr., 11022-Jen Hao and Wel Lin Chen to Mark G. Davidson, $460,000.

Castlehedge Terr., 10302-Thomas J. Burke Jr. and Beth E. Dennard to Marjorie Fuller, $390,000.

Clay St., 3325-Jonathan Bromerg and Renee Kascic to Francisco Castro Ibarra and Margaita Alamanza Vargas, $310,000.

Collins Ave., 2915-Kenneth A. Sprinkle to Carlos Ramos Jr., $395,000.

Dalewood Dr., 11903-Cameron Ford to Nilo Juan Romero Huaman and Blanca A.C. Briceno, $220,000.

Douglas Ave., 10225-Chandra Dissanayake to Andrew T. Honeycutt and Ingris Merari Herrera Chavez, $420,000.

Gardiner Ave., 9920-Michael Edward and Maija Hanson to Sandra Wright and David Therriault, $430,000.

Georgia Ave., 9900, No. 27-205-Kenyatta Ramsey and Suzanna Hughes to Alemush Imeru, $170,000.

Grandin Rd., 10409-Marjorie Lope to William R. and Kathleen M. Bauer, $450,000.

Hayden Dr., 2508-Richard A. and Joan E. Nelson to Elaine and Michael Bond, $505,000.

Henderson Ave., 3008-Gary Lee Jones and estate of Wanda Lee Monger to Ana C. Paniagua Demendez and Josue E. Galicia Alas, $353,000.

Holborn St., 900-Spencer A. and Sima D. Gakner to Daniel and Shoshana Moskowitz, $470,000.

Huntley Pl., 10503-Aarden Design & Build Corp. to Jamie Lerner, $649,000.

Keller St., 10809-Alba Y. Cordorva to Jose R. and Eddy Marilyn Ramirez Panameno, $315,000.

Ladd St., 1800-Harriet B. Levi to Caroline K. Bradford and Clayton D. Marsh, $445,000.

Lindell Ct., 2910-Stephen C. Whitney to Vera M. Zislin, $400,000.

Lindell St., 2817-James B. Morton to Carmelita F. Mazariegos De Leon, Blanca L. De Leon and Pedro F. Mazariegos Rodas, $370,000.

Lovejoy St., 11507-Theresa M. and Michael Chen to Aubrey and Mafelicitas Fajardo Carlisle, $418,000.

Munson St., 2826-Anabel Orellana Medrano and Santos Quinteros to Melvin N. Hernandez and Jonathan J. Lainez, $390,000.

Parker Ave., 3103-Lijin Yang to Jonathan Borko, $351,200.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2705-Rahel Kumela and Seifeselassie Lemma to Thomas H. and Kathryn D. Rodriguez, $436,500.

Reedie Dr., 2212-Jill E. Kolody to Hang Nguyen and Cuong V. Phan, $430,000.

Saint Margarets Way, 10721-Charlotte Cree and Dorinda Krasley to Carolyn Stenzel and James Gagne, $371,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 411-A-MDC Investments Corp. to Mordechai Yitzhaky, $128,000.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 619-B-Marc Sushner to David and Anita Kolat, $134,000.

Vivian Pl., 1522-Charles and Lisa MacDonald to John R. Schwartz and Patricia Meheriuk, $479,900.

Winona Ct., 600-Robert and Sarah Breslaw to Pamela and David Lebeaux, $505,400.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Paprika Ct., 3320-Nicola L. and Brittany N. Dinatale to Klaus B. Piontek and Barbara Joanne Alger, $436,000.

Young Family Trail W., 5530-Rudolph R. and Dawn M. Zimmerman to Michael K. Lewis and Nicolas A. Kegley, $640,000.


C St. W., 109-Michelle Suzanne Kotler Tuwiner to Timothy J. and Michelle R. Potts, $242,000.

Dargon Quarry Lane, 1111-Kara M. Bedsole and Matthew R. Williams to James Kevin and Veronique Ghislaine Butler, $430,000.

Potomac St. E., 419-Robert Wayne Drozynski and Katherine T. Smith to Mark S. Lolli, $186,900.

Yourtee Spring Dr., 1307-Joseph M. and Heidi E. Neal to Joseph Eugene Hubbard and Shakira Louise Dixon, $410,000.


Glenoble Ct., 3619-Allen E. and Patricia M. Funkhouser to Jonathan Thomas and Ashley Marie Carr, $395,000.

Shadywood Dr., 3860, No. 2C-Patricia Anne Pickett to Donald Thompson, $159,500.


Lewisdale Rd., 14437-Robert Hilton and estate of Tarra L. Woodfiel Hilton to Erika Carrasco Zavala, Juan Carrasco Cuevas, Juan Manuel Carrasco Zavala and Soledad Zavala, $375,000.


Pembrook Ct., 2060-John A. and Ellen B. Slotwinski to Tracy A., April C. and William Preston Goss, $345,000.


Allington Manor Cir. W., 9067-Tia Theresa Rhoades St. Denis to Stephen Ahmad and Tiffany Ellen Hayes, $391,000.

Barberry Ct., 5680-Katherine J. Miller to Samuel David and Linda Mary Oliver, $300,000.

Black Duck Ct., 6705-Shellie L. Lamm Jenrette to Timothy Eggars, $245,000.

Britannic Pl., 6526-DR Horton Inc. to Richard E. and Lynn Strite, $364,745.

Clifton Rd. S., 6722-Christopher Reagan Shafer and estate of Kenneth O. Greenwood to Samuel C. Frank and Ashley B. Decapua, $265,000.

Corbel Way, 6595-DR Horton Inc. to Joseph Moore II, $357,000.

Crescent Spot Lane, 1419-John T. and Stephanie L. Kavanaugh to Alfio and Pamela Torrisi, $410,500.

Derby Dr., 6258-Angela Vidi and Robin Soranno to Benjamin P. McGee, $317,000.

Essex Pl., 516-Community Development Administration to Noah Hunter Ruby, $172,000.

Fringetree Ct., 5786-MVA Holdings Inc. to Brian J. Frantz, $235,000.

Humberson Lane, 618-William and Mary Lynch to Karuna Kaushik and Reena Pancholi, $424,000.

Judicial Way, 5001-US Home Corp. to Nicholas Serge Lemieux Renaud, $297,140.

Lambert Ct., 6368-Alexander A. and Maria Lecuona to Amanda Michelle and Marcus Edward Canada, $455,000.

Madigan Trail, 6410-NVR Inc. to David Saez and Melissa Alvarado, $429,805.

Posey St., 6309-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Katherine Margaret Taylor and Carl Michael Travis, $315,490.

Rockledge Ct., 5607-Mid Maryland Motors Corp. to Akmal Nadeem Awan, Tasneen Sajada and Fnu Arsh, $260,000.

Sunset View Lane, 5746-Nanette S. Francella to Wilfredo A. Rivera Fuentes, $215,000.

Whitfield Ct., 5826-Brittany J. Shelton Day to Taylor Noel Williams, $169,900.


Algonquin Rd., 1710-Furman C. and Sharonne T. Lee to Jeffrey A. Taylor and Charlotte Camacho, $400,000.

Baldridge Cir., 6162-Zachary R. Viccica to Christopher Cross and Morgan Slaughter, $268,000.

Bear Den Rd., 2555-Carl S. and Elisabeth Catalano Appleton to Daniel F. and Camille A. Engelstad, $397,500.

Birchwood Lane, 9442-David G. Heath to Chad A. Benford, $265,000.

Blue Heron Dr., 8207, No. 3C-Marsha Lynn Devan to Samantha M. James, $165,700.

Broken Reed Ct., 8035-William A. Rankin to Jose Gabriel Perez, $260,000.

Catoctin Ave., 118-Thomas S. Humburg and Anela M. Collazo to Elizabeth Ellen Kanalley, $330,000.

Dill Ave., 201-Marilyn H. Buchen to Judy D. and Bruce D. Agostino, $660,000.

Egret Way, 2723-Arthur Franklin Sprinkel Jr. and Jolynn Lucas to Mary A. Patil, $327,900.

Fleetwood Ct., 9665-Ellen A. Gardiner to Stephanie and Michael D. Greenberg, $350,000.

Glen Valley Terr., 6260, No. 7M-Sogra Corp. to Stephen F. and Shelley A. Francella, $219,000.

Holden Rd., 761-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Gary Van Bush Jr., $403,158.

Island Grove Blvd., 2621-Brian and Maria Kramer to John and Nancy Mahoney, $335,000.

Linganore Rd., 7132-Rock Smith to Diane M. Friedel, $290,000.

Meandering Woods Ct., 6327-Retha E. and Kenneth B. Parsons to Nadege Ngassa, $490,000.

Monocacy View Cir., 1848A, No. 63A-Crystal Lynn Clauser to Leslie Rose Harper Williams, $210,000.

Norva Ave., 10-Sandra Troxell Seaton to Kaitlyn M. Griffith and William Kyle Hauptman, $265,000.

Prospect Blvd., 501, No. B-2-Michael James Bowe to Jerome M. Bonheyo, $95,000.

Rippling Brook Rd., 2402-Timothy and Sandra Taylor to David C. Sykes and Lori T. Donelson, $359,900.

Spring Forest Rd., 6401-Howard L. and Sheree R. Moyer to Michael and Meredith Casagrande, $489,900.

Stoners Ford Way, 3001-David A. and Kelly A. Handy to Vicky Lynn Weldon, $360,000.

Waterview Ct., 8030-Joanne M. McArdle to Wendy Wilson, $248,400.

White Oak Dr., 6233-Sharon Marie Pritts Chearney to Tyler J. and Justine E. Harman, $350,000.

12th St. W., 200-Kenneth Mattiuz to Douglas C. Bane Jr. and Michelle L. Schaffer, $385,000.


Ashfield Ct., 200-Jian Wang and Shiyue Mao to Kara Williams, $191,500.

Bethel Rd., 10722-Jeanne Beckmann and estate of Nancy F. Humm to Alexei, Nina and Mikhail Bubunenko, $330,000.

Crosstimber Way, 112-Peter and Mariana Daddone to Donte L. and Shermaine D. Booker, $376,000.

Ellsworth Way, 2404, No. 1C-James R. and Monique L. Secula to Ernesto Suarez Alvarez, $149,000.

Fairfield Dr., 95-Dorjbal Dorjsuren and Yunden Badralmaa to Jose C. Gamez and Rosa E. Garcia, $199,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 155-Akm E. Ullah to David D. Park, $250,000.

Grant Pl., 607-Choice Industries Corp. to Christena Pazos Lundy, $279,000.

Jacob Brunner Dr., 1770-Matthew S. and Valerie J. Moore to Darrick Newman Sr. and Syncera Casey, $198,000.

Lakeside Dr., 2430-Katherine Adreon Minor to Whitney Ellen Kujawa, $263,150.

Masser Rd., 10025-Leslie H. Williams to Frank Chiaramonte, $1.12 million.

Mountaindale Rd., 6331-Christopher J. Steele Jr. to Matthew P. Hexter and Hannah J. Klipp, $224,900.

Pinecroft Ct., 1807-David J. and Donna L. Sisson to Daniel John Rodkey, $290,000.

Rocky Springs Rd., 8401-Bank of America to William Thomas and Mary Teresa Lynch, $348,600.

Shookstown Rd., 1611-Cheryl A. and Richard O. Robinson to Vivion Diggs Jr., $270,000.

Sumner Dr., 2006-Sandra A. Illing Stewart to Quinton Cook and Katie Mann, $258,000.

Victoria Sq., 4-Christopher J.W. and Eva N. Butler to Spencer J. and Ania Kowalski Warner, $227,000.

Wainwright Ct., 2129, No. BC-Ruthann K. and Michael R. McFadden to Belva Staley, $155,000.

Wheeler Lane, 117-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeffrey and Elizabeth Liu Litviak, $414,900.

Windom Way, 224-Drees Home of D.C. Inc. and Ausherman Homes Inc. to Yewande Okubanjo and Frieda Johnson Alabi, $460,000.


Beerse St., 10044-NVR Inc. to Elizabeth Klamert, $394,665.

Canary Dr., 11396-Heather Kramer to Thomas Bentley, Wayne Walter and Kelly Fennington, $392,500.

Gray Marsh Pl., 11017-James M. and Teri D. Nicholson to Matthew James and Shakira Yasmin Brannan, $545,000.

Mackenzie Pl., 6602-Kathy and Michael J. Campagnoli to Tariq and Najiba Mohabbat, $615,000.


Carlisle Dr., 3306-Marion F. and Elwood W. Nagel to Donnie Mike and Jennifer Mary Tyndall, $274,900.

Rosemont Dr., 1121-Wade A. and Vickie A. Burgee to Mark L. and Tina M. Cooper, $270,000.


Green Valley Rd., 11357-KH Investment Properties Corp. to Christopher W. and Jessica L. Krantz, $326,900.


Hogan Dr., 4207-Francis D. and Dolores T. Tarleton to Phillip Zachary and Emily Christine Brohawn, $800,000.

Larch Lane, 106-Daniel C. and Kristina D. Bernazani to Johsua A. and Ronni Bolz, $385,000.

Tobias Run, 101-Philip Z. and Emily C. Brohawn to Darin L. and Lacey Gordon, $589,900.


Haven Park Cir., 10903-Winchester Homes Inc. to Annemarie Zabbara and Christopher Scott Howell, $575,311.

Pathway Lane, 10806-Winchester Homes Inc. to Elwyn Bryan Thompson and Krystal Thousand, $610,228.

Shamrock Dr., 4375-Winchester Homes Inc. to Anthony W. and Bonnie C. Jones, $646,242.

Weller Rd., 12272-Donald R. Collins Jr. and Veronica L. Dumbroski to Curtis and Melissa R. Ashton, $406,000.


Molesworth Terr., 4407-Johnny Wayne and Pamela J. Green to Cordell L. Garrett Jr. and Emily Eaton, $415,000.

Reyburn Ct. S., 4775-Robert and Nina Hagy to Gregory T. and Loren M. Kennell, $489,700.

Woodville Rd., 7524-Edward Johanson and Sarah O. Kee to Andris and Dace I. Freivalds, $452,000.


Easterday Rd., 10951-John J. and Tammy L. Watson to Jason L. and Jessie L. Foster, $543,900.


Accipiter Ct., 9805-Jonathan E. and Laura B. Gilmer to Adam and Rachel J. Belanger and Alan N. Johnson, $618,000.

Boyer Ave., 10892-James L. Fry and estate of E. Helen Fry to Daniel Brent and Lea S. Johnson, $310,000.

Hedgeapple Ct., 10403-Department of Veterans Affairs to Mark and Sarah A. Naras, $220,000.

Lakeridge Rd. E., 6646-Bradley C. and Brooke Megan Katzenberger to Brooke Ashley and Christopher Nicholas Manzo, $313,000.

Oakledge Pl., 6899-Adam G. and Rachel J. Belanger to Erin and James Good, $425,000.

Saddle Rd., 7108-Iosolve Inc. to Anthony Georgiana, $340,000.

Twain Dr., 6101-Paul J. and Melissa Lilly to Jesse M. Spurrier and Carlie B. Harris Spurrier, $415,000.

Wood Thrush Dr., 10206-Stephanie C. and Edward J. Swanson to Rosemarie Dennison, $339,000.


Conrads Ferry Dr., 1735-Ezell Tucker and Susie Stubbs to Joseph J. McNicholas and Caitlin Lynch, $425,000.


Sabillasville Rd., 17323-Kenneth Arthur Lamb III to Susan E. Gonzalez, $260,000.


Easy St., 117-Chad Matthew Wiley and Erica Wiley Hayes to Tracy L. Pleasants, $177,000.

Hillside Ave., 13722-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Kevin E. Wantz and Kenneth H. Willets, $200,000.

Putman Rd., 6513-Jeffrey R. and Mary L. Hackman to Daniel Clint and Kaitlyn Giddings Wheeler, $648,750.

Sunny Way, 108-Christopher E. and Anita L. Barry to Kari E. Lacrosse, $200,000.


Broad Branch Way, 5904-NVR Inc. to Isaias Gutierrez and Wendy Arce, $399,000.

Connor Pl., 3516-William Lee and Patrice H. Cheatham to Veronica M. Jaua, $375,000.

Holborn Pl., 3610-Raymond D. Johnson Jr. to Kishan and Sharmistha Sarkar, $297,500.

Penrose St., 9350-John Craig Beutelspacher to Richard Paul and Haydee Harsanyi, $350,000.

Scott Ridge Pl., 5627-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to Maureen A. Borrego and Clarence Morgan, $360,830.

Shady Pines Lane, 3539-Dream Finders Homes Corp. to Adrian and Mayrola Sapio, $564,990.

Stone Barn Dr., 3209-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Derek Reed and Bethany Osman, $411,135.

Tabler Rd., 4212-Russell Earl and Mollie Lynn Radonovich to Eric K. and Dawn N. Croft, $570,000.

Timber Green Dr., 3512-Dream Finders Homes Corp. to Nagarjuna Parupalli and Narmadha Rajkumar, $527,000.


Adventure Ct., 8514-Vincent W. Bauer to Shellie L. Jenrette, $335,000.

Glade Ave., 9414-Sean and Marguerite Donegan to Hiram H. and Stacey M. Bundy, $330,000.

Inspiration Ave., 8398-Rosanne Patchen to James Troy and Colleen Ruby, $319,900.

Polaris Dr., 117-Marlene E. and Dennis L. Pruitt to Khalid T. Crosse and Natalie D. Reid, $412,000.

Wildwood Ct., 2822-Michael A. and Maria J. Mens to Jason A. Kirby, $287,000.


Etzler Mill Rd., 10721-Sharon L. McGrew and Kathleen M. Noffsinger to Andrew T. and Kellie D. Putman, $455,000.