Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


New Hampshire Ave., 17534-Terrence Patrick and Susan Louise Ryan to Alejandro Burgos and Ana Lopez, $600,000.

Pond Rd., 17929-Roland Stone Corp. to Judy W. Nyachae, $653,000.

Tucker Lane, 1000-NRZ Reo V. Corp. to Anthony and Jacqueline McHale, $785,000.


Ashby Rd., 13711-James Henry Rust Jr. to Sergio Marcelino Castro and Betty A. Feria Benavides, $400,000.

Banff Springs Ct., 4309-Christopher H. and Patricia L. Netter to Kevin W. and Jennifer L. Kessler, $920,000.

Bauer Dr., 14622, No. 4-Wilmington Trust NA to Min Yang and Joseph Fischer, $155,000.

Bitterroot Way, 15221-Bradford C. Stine and estate of Geraldine S. Stine to Caroline B. and Bradley M. Smith, $535,000.

Burnside Dr., 5574, No. 3-Gwendolyn Reams to Jerome A. Carter and Jancarla Carvajal Cespedes, $196,000.

Crossway Rd., 14727-Richard L. Dietrick Jr. to John D. and Jessica L. Boynton, $550,000.

Federal St., 4201-Kevin Garner to Anna Nicole Pura, $395,000.

Flower Valley Dr., 4909-Moshe and Pamela K. Dayanim to Ruth Sofia Hernandez Olivares, $625,000.

George Washington Dr., 16813-Tsung Kai Chang to Stephanie Ann Biglow, $540,000.

Hornbeam Dr., 4716-Rodney O. Shockley to Michel David Janda and Cristy Rae Scott, $574,000.

Justice Rd., 13502-Colleen M. and Craig M. McKee to Beverly Miriam and Thomas Maldonado, $430,000.

Lionel Lane, 13808-Kenneth D. and Joanne B. Shade to Renzo Paolo Olaechea and Roberto Kaemena Eguren, $427,000.

Magellan Ave., 13319-Thomas H. Bass to Brian Michael and Josephine Rios Davis, $435,000.

McCall St., 4900-Marian V. Kleinguenther to Emmanuel Ramos and Oscar B. Torres, $440,000.

Oakvale St., 14407-Ari and Kerstin Patricia Janikian to Sean C. and Jennifer Castillo Campbell, $465,000.

Penrose St., 12915-Bradley R. Gollner to Latania Caprice Tucker, $395,000.

Southend Rd., 4207-William D. Toto and Jessie Marie Wetherby to Pedro Lopez Lule and Maria De La Luz Zamora Herrera, $475,000.

Tallahassee Ave., 4611-Michael T. and Robin R. Pumphrey to Meghan Blair, $419,000.

Vista Dr., 13905-Kyong T. and Unsit Kim to Herbert A. Liverman Jr., $420,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 14204-Audrey M. Haber to Guo Ying and Ai Li Lin, $530,000.


Cherry Hill Rd., 11408, No. 106-Harry H. and Khai Ngoc Tu to Dalila Shirley Huarcacho, $77,000.


Albemarle St., 5302-Maria Flavia Sekles and Renard P. Aron to Elisabeth Bumiller and Steven R. Weisman, $1.1 million.

Arizona Cir., 10205, No. 39-Travis Montgomery to Sally J. Criblez, $305,000.

Battery Lane, 5000, No. 804-Edward J. Abramson and estate of Frances F. Abramson to Harry E. Rogoff and Monique R. Eliezer, $890,000.

Belhaven Rd., 10000-Brian Scott and Dena Marie Muenster to Aleksandr and Damira Gerasimov, $770,000.

Blaisdell Rd., 6926-Alison B. and John W. Galbreath to Adam Michael Smith and Julie Elizabeth Gold, $3.2 million.

Bradley Blvd., 7205-Neel V. and Aditi N. Menon Broker to Marz Attar and Manijeh Marvastian, $1.7 million.

Brookview Dr., 5116-Dean H. and Alisa L. Chestler to Kevin A. and Kathleen McDermott, $1.55 million.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 305-FH Bethesda SL RCU Corp. to Joanna K. Zawadzki, $767,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 413-FH Bethesda SL RCU Corp. and Sunrise Bethesda SL RCU Corp. to Thomas C. Shooltz, $432,888.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 473-Elizabeth Metcalf Miller and estate of Ruth D. Metcalf to John T. and Jane J. Cunningham, $829,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 608-FH Bethesda Corp. and Sunrise Bethesda Corp. to Pamela C. Richmond, $442,221.

Cairn Terr., 6004-Dijana Winch and Aslan Tricha to Alexander George and Teah Abashidze, $1.46 million.

Carnegie Dr., 6304-Emily McSherry and Brian Craig to Jerome Jacques and Rui Gao, $780,000.

Chelsea Lane N., 4548-Randall L. Reiner to Ian and Mary Katherine Day Roosma, $1.68 million.

Clue Dr., 10011-Christopher Bull to Cheng Hsien Lin and Yi Ting Huang, $550,000.

Dalecarlia Dr., 5108-James D. Matheson to Carlos E. Sanchez and Christina B. Rosenberger, $1.9 million.

Duvall Dr., 5240-Anna P. and David M. Cave to Kelsey D. and Thomas V. Clute, $1.18 million.

Eames Way, 6674-RS Homes Associates Corp. to Furong Huang and Wenchao Xi, $1.06 million.

Ewing Dr., 9404-Victor P. and Sandra D. Frattali to Timothy Wallace and Suzanne Battista, $795,000.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 906-Luis Fernando and Maria L. Orozco to Paul Anthony Sullivan, $335,000.

Friars Rd., 9322-Edward Jost Chapman and estate of Marilyn S. Bogner to Tiffany and Kyle Moore, $845,000.

Hampden Lane, 4901, No. 502-Lauren Condos Corp. to Paul W. and Jane M. Whetsell, $3.6 million.

Harwick Rd., 5708-Matthew A. and Kristin M. Gunther to Andrew E. Siegel and Katherine H. Mangan, $965,000.

Honesty Dr., 6711-Jacob H. and Anita L. Stillman to Mingming and Liu Yang, $1.34 million.

Johnson Ave., 5609-Katherine and Toby Ahrens to Christopher Scott and Julia Nicolaysen Gerlach, $879,000.

King Charles Way, 5300-Richard D. and Mary K. Goldman to Julia Franine and Adam David Swissman, $570,450.

Kittery Lane, 9114-RJRE Investments Corp. to Michael George and Lakeisha Munn Lewis, $1.25 million.

Madawaska Rd., 6216-Oscar H. and Adriana Camacho to Ben A. and Amanda J. Cheatham, $865,000.

Maryknoll Ct., 7717-Daniel F. and Dana N. Rice to Jennifer Hyunsook Kim, $800,000.

Melwood Rd., 8805-Maximilien Freelander II to Allison Hauspurg and John Travis Pittman, $699,000.

Mohican Rd., 5704-Mark D. Menefee and Stephanie K. Wade to Behdad and Anna A. Behnam, $1.01 million.

Montrose Ave., 10606, No. M-Adarsh Ramakumar to Edward Weiner, $320,000.

Montrose Ave., 10637, No. M103-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rodrigo Alejandro Maillard Reyes and Maria Fe Lanfranco Gallofre, $212,000.

Namakagan Rd., 6012-Joanna Levison and Kenan Aliyev to Kelly Alice Slater, $830,090.

Overbrook Rd., 4600-Jeffrey C. Florian and Sazmah Hakim to Brian Lessans and Alexis Miller, $1.11 million.

Parkwood Dr., 10109-Cristina Dugan Schmidt and estate of John P. Sommers to Jessica Bagdonis and Darren J. Raue, $785,000.

Persimmon Tree Rd., 6805-Diana Andreae Donaldson and estate of William P. Stedman Jr. to Ernest A. and Campbell Kawka, $765,000.

Pooks Hill Rd., 5250, No. B-13-George D. Raynal to Michael David and Nino Archvadze Rink, $627,000.

Renita Lane, 6800-Michael Fays to Hunter and Anne Dempsey, $692,500.

Ridge Rd., 8812-Charles and Laura Capito to Bradford Thomas and Julia Stolar Bartels, $797,000.

River Rd., 8121, No. 423-Quarry Springs Associates Corp. to Ann Marie Lynott, $1.29 million.

Salem Way, 8504-Patricia McMurray to Timothy J. and Joyce C. Bensman, $700,000.

Selkirk Ct., 6726-Jeremy David and Maria V. Peterson to Samuel E. Knighton and Laura E. FitzRandolph, $1.48 million.

Sentinel Dr., 4978, No. 12-506-Robert S. Krause and Marlene T. Harrison to William Hunt Edgar and Ann Lese Joslyn, $850,000.

Sleaford Pl., 7910-Dania and Dylan Straughan to Catherine E. Crato and Bilal Habibi, $1.11 million.

Spruce Tree Cir., 9413-John C. and Bonnie Zetlin Harte to Wihib Gebregeorgis and Metasebia Munie, $1.15 million.

Swansong Way, 7232-Sanjaya Babu and Bharathi Pobbati to Ying Wang and Yu Lei, $723,000.

Thornley Ct., 8016-Jonathan and Danielle Okun to Niermala Sakoentala Badrising, $965,000.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 146-Barbara R. Anderson to Mohammed and Bobbie Nejat, $307,500.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 1112-Adeel Raza and Rabia Saadat to Joy A. Mbajah and Anthony M. Musembi, $265,000.

Weymouth St., 10670, No. W-Laurin A. Keto to Maria Helena Goncalves Moore, $189,000.

Winterberry Lane, 7032-John H. Grady to Peter T. and Ekaterina Lambis, $1.27 million.

Worthington Dr., 5021-Jesse T. Mann and estate of Thomas S. Mann to Jonathan D. and Sheena Marcus, $975,000.


Autumn Crest Rd., 14405-Melanie M. Hedrick to Raymond A. and Teryn H. Megill, $668,000.

Broken Oak Rd., 18608-Jeffrey and Deborah McCaw to Carl and Maureen Singer, $650,000.

Clear Smoke Rd., 18306-Xiao Tong Wang and Yi Hua Liu to Peter and Alison Khrizman, $688,000.

Ethel Rose Way, 12846-Jin Cheng Wang and Sue Hong Tao to Badar J. Khokhar and Ammara Masood, $395,000.

Kings Crossing Blvd., 14301, No. 209-Dee M. Young to Krishnagiri and Padma Iyengar, $172,500.


Abbey Manor Dr., 19208-NVR Inc. to Andrew H.W. and Nancy Fang, and Elizabeth Hudson Ford, $927,548.

Bakers Run Ct., 19303-Dennis Koubek to James Albert and Ashley Brooke Roberts, $750,000.

Georgia Ave., 21131-John Phillip Muth to Michael Allen Triplett and Suyapa Del Carmen Marquez De Triplett, $730,000.

Hollow Crest Pl., 3000-Brian Orlove and Sarah M. Sims to William J. Kelly, $517,000.

Vandever St., 3017-Kevin Douglas and Talia Sue Cronk to Teddy Ryan and Paige Marie Hall, $479,900.


Aldora Cir., 14157-Clarinda and Gene E. Carter to Kaila Lunn Douglas and Dale Lunn, $285,000.

Ambrose Ct., 4333-HSBC Bank USA and Deutsche Alt A. Securities Inc. to Sixun Yang and Ruli Zhang, $221,617.

Arbor Wood Ct., 4308-Bentley Park Corp. to Naomi Mandishona, $645,860.

Beaker Ct., 14357-Jackson Gabriel to Rufus K. Leeth Jr., $330,000.

Childress Terr., 3628-Mattie Oretha Hicks to Jeannine A. Caldwell, $300,000.

Dunwood Terr., 4230-Saidu and Carolina V. Turay to Emmanuel A. Shaw, $265,000.

Greencastle Rd., 3107-John M. Bowersett and Dianne L. Goldian to David R. Brenner and Brenda J. Lee, $439,000.

McKnew Rd., 14642-Illya Chukhman and Zhanna Shubin to Waini G. Wells Bogue, $330,000.

Stepping Stone Lane, 3707-Samuel Atolaiye to Petar G. Dyakov and Rosalina Ferrufino, $300,000.

Wexhall Terr., 14522, No. 3-26-Wells Fargo Bank to Donna Gedeon, $170,000.

Wildlife Lane, 3836-William R. and Cambrian Powell to Jessica Patricia Ventura and Jose Ernesto Ochoa Fuentes, $334,500.


Little Leigh Ct., 6416-Carole A. Freret to Baiyu Yang and Wen Pu, $1.07 million.

Tomlinson Terr., 6713-Thomas K. and Trudi F. Bick to Kevin A. and Heather B. Tomlinson, $1.07 million.


Baker Dr., 12813-Russell and Audrey Elizabeth Chandler to Adam E. Hollenbaugh and Kara L. Sommer, $401,500.

Brackley Terr., 13409-Thomas L. Squire to Sandra Thibault and Michael Dillon, $329,000.

Carriage House Terr., 1641, No. A-Doris S. Park to Bin Zhang and Fang Wang, $112,000.

Collingwood Terr., 13503-Samuel A. Bleicher to Eli Nahun and Yajara Aguilar, $390,000.

Crimson Lane, 12063, No. 195-Mulgeta D. Mengistie to Melanie Sanders, $231,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 12611-Joyful Living Corp. to Jeffrey and Erika Schoppert, $494,900.

Fairland Rd., 2330-David R. and Alison B. Baker to German E. Estevez, $290,000.

Gazebo Ct., 3006-Theodore D. and Barbara H. Simmons to Mulugeta A. Nega, $460,000.

Hawkesbury Terr., 608-Nancy A. Ackerman and Wendy Ackerman Goodson to Gaim T. Medhin and Nazareth Aregai, $475,000.

Hunters Gate Ct., 13-Kathleen Allen to Yonthan Eyob Tadesse, $357,500.

Locksley Lane, 13312-Daniel P. and Elizabeth J. Lathrop to Karolyn Ann and Robert Babak Kaelin, $480,000.

Modrad Way, 13705, No. 33-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Sohee Kim, $150,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 12001, No. 809-Gladys Richardson to Basilia Portillo Morales, $90,000.

Palmer House Way, 13925, No. 29-Jeffrey Gunter to Nelson Almeida, $203,750.

Quaint Acres Dr., 506-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York Trust Co. to Xingzhu Liu and Yan Chen, $403,200.

Shanandale Ct., 10-Robert F. and Marilyn E. Benson to Matthew J. Hodyno, $455,000.

Sir Thomas Dr., 3321, No. 3-B-21-Michele A. Lucas to Elizabeth A. Melchione, $153,900.

Suncroft Ct., 28-Sindy and Shanthy Edward to Bereket Arega Hailemariam, $390,000.

Tanglewood Manor Dr., 117-Ashwinkumar and Parul Vyas to Kuntal Pracinkumar Shah, $425,000.

White Oak Vista Dr., 1676-Darryl and Myrna Arnold to Haile Kelbiso, Abebech Hailegiorgis and Natnael Ganoro, $420,000.


Abilene Dr., 2720-Beverly H. Godwin and Jeffrey A. Jones to Tabitha W. and David R. Bartholomew, $990,000.

Brooklawn Terr., 3115-Barry A. and Margery B. Passett to Jamie S. Lapin, $850,000.

Colston Dr., 2627-Wendy A. Hocking and Scott R. Neitzel to Adam Caldwell and Xochitl Halaby, $752,500.

Delaware St., 6823-Jacqueline R. and Matthew Ryan Gardiner to James J. Dunne and Teresa H. Carlin, $825,000.

Drummond Ave., 4600-Daniel B. and Sybil M. Silver to Kristin M. and Matthew A. Gunther, $1.46 million.

Friendship Blvd., 5500, No. 1129N-George H. Vogel Jr. and estate of George H. Vogel to Avalon E., Lawrence O. and Robin K. Roche, $170,000.

Glengalen Lane, 8025-Wolfang Von and Hanel Von Maack to Leonard and Donna Wartofsky, $1.68 million.

Greenvale Rd., 2923-Phillip J. Simon and Christy Hoffman to Nico Tjandra Leksana and Sarah D. Winston, $1.17 million.

Hillandale Rd., 6696, No. 27-Dennis A. and Carol A. Monaghan to Sara Hargrave and Daniel Aaron Noland, $710,000.

Leland St., 4109-George B. Mitchell to Elizabeth Renate Lecea and Marylou Maco, $1.32 million.

Melrose St. E., 13-Vernon M. Geddy III and Darwin Oryan Curtis to Thomas J. O’Donnell and Caroline S. Fawcett, $1.15 million.

Offutt Rd., 6120-James G. and Susan O. Bradley to Diane M. Hockenberry and Jonathan E. Drum, $1.24 million.

Raymond St., 3415-Robert Gerald and Jeanne N. Livingston to Julie A. and Kevin A. Ryan, $950,000.

Ruffin Rd., 6408-Miles H. and Amy S. Moffatt to Juiching Chang and Sharon Yang, $1.53 million.

Underwood St., 4000-James Thurlow and Danielle Resnick to Nicholas Paul and Claire Bateman Graziano, $995,000.

West Hwy. E., 4242, No. 515-Gladys R. Gutierrez and estate of Luis R. Gutierrez to Timothy Ramesar Ramadhar, $341,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1-1101-Stephen Z. Kaufman and Paul Yoshio Kiyonaga to Leila Kashani, $1.04 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. 602-Ruth Resnick to William F. and Lucretia A. Marmon, $1.77 million.

Woodlawn Ave., 5315-Thomas J. and Michele M. Ridge to Jason T. Snyder and Cynthia E. Richman, $1.73 million.


Arora Hills Dr., 23247-Giri N. Sabari and Salma Kaul to Anushree Kishor Herwadkar and Ameya Ravindra Kale, $472,000.

Bent Arrow Dr., 23305-Dale Allen Arroyo and Silvia Elena Olivella Saurith to Abderrahmane Adardour, $615,000.

Bluebeard Terr., 13320, No. 3164-Dina Corini to Ralph Paulo and Maria Lydia Monteiro E. Pereira, $204,600.

Burdette Forest Rd., 23800-M&T Bank to Amit and Pramita Chanda, $445,000.

Catawba Hill Dr., 23945-Tahir and Nabeela Yaqub to Steve Swetlow, $429,000.

Clarksburg Rd., 22635-Winchester Homes Inc. to Yingjun Emma and Tong Wang, $437,537.

Clarksmeade Dr., 23744-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Kevin and Vanessa Flowers, $434,511.

Dovekie Ave., 13800-NVR Inc. to Deep and Nisha Vijay Kwatra, $695,000.

Fair Garden Lane, 22210-Wei Zheng Feng to Arnold Xien Cheng, $570,000.

Frederick Rd., 23031-Moacyr and Rosane Angelica Camilotti to Rafael W. and Rosa Choi, $430,000.

Godwit St., 13914-Winchester Homes Inc. to Joseph and Robyn Yarbough, $647,331.

Green Poplar Loop, 195-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Paula Mischler, $459,990.

Horseshoe Bend Cir., 12625-Annemarie Zabbara to Heekang Oh and Hyejin Kim, $405,000.

Little Bennett Ct., 25004-Larry and Linda Vance to Joseph and Mary Kurian, $1.05 million.

Little Seneca Pkwy., 11892, No. 1341-Luis Felipe Cadavid to Kan Kue and Kristen Lee Luc, $310,000.

Murphy Grove Terr., 12885-Shin Ja and Jin Sup Um to Vincent D. Hayes, $410,000.

Orsay St., 13204, No. 2603-Olivia Evans to Andrew Ortiz, $306,000.

Petrel St., 13719-Winchester Homes Inc. to Shenella Jaigobin and Alexander John, $471,638.

Public House Rd., 23603-Cibu P. Thomas and Sindhu John Elsy to Ermias Teffera and Bethlehem Mekuria, $439,000.

Scholl Manor Way, 23218, No. 1328-David and Sohini Sunderland to Ji and Jason Kim, $370,000.

Shawnee Lane, 13209-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Richard and Charise Beckett, $460,140.

Stilt St., 14001-Winchester Homes Inc. to Raquel M. Zetino Trinidad, $740,000.

Sugarloaf Chapel Dr., 12943-Nithipong Pithakwong and Phannita Chitsaard to Pratik K. Nagaria and Shailly H. Jariwala, $485,000.

Yellowwood Dr., 23106-Christopher R. Lee to Minghua Liu and Qi Zhang, $596,000.


Ansted Rd., 14215-Matawin Ventures Reo 2 Corp. and Kondaur Capital Corp. to Norma and Francisco Escobar, $450,000.

Butterchurn Lane, 15053-Joseph David and Blythe A. Denton to Lakisha L. Broadway, $562,000.

Countryside Ct., 6-Ithaka Investments Corp. to Claudio A. and Christine Ryann Illanes, $489,900.

Donora Rd., 17215-Susan D. Quarles to Angela T. Mendes and Ademir Borges, $590,000.

Ednor Rd., 1213-Ana Maria Bojorquez to Justin R. and Cynthia E. Fegan, $399,900.

Fairdale Rd., 14423-Quyen Ho and Thuy Linh Nguyen to Phuong Chu and Frank Do, $675,000.

Gamewell Rd., 1801-Mark H. Kaufman to Chirag Bhatt and Sonal Vyas, $755,000.

Kings House Rd., 2020-Gary S. and Elizabeth G. League to David J. and Sarah Gebben, $455,000.

Manor Brook Dr., 600-Marc Jay and Reda Jane Sheinberg to Joyce Margaret Auma Ombere Abur, $510,000.

Myers Manor Ct., 303-Erwin A. and Karen I. Campbell to Molly Priscilla W. and Thomas Neil Ryan Jr., $899,900.

Pebblestone Dr., 14430-Sarah J. Harris to Imran and Asifa G. Chughtai, $541,000.

Stonegate Dr., 317-Karen Jean and Eric John Kasowski to Michael Anthony Khan Anderson and Zulaika Lystra Khan, $455,000.

Sturtevant Rd., 14530-Mark R. Boivin and Delmer E. Padgett III to Arthur A. and Kamonrot O. Staples, $470,000.

Windmill Lane, 704-Miguel and Sandra Alvarado to Daniel R. and Erin M. Adkins, $520,000.


Angela Ct., 25009-Chi T. Ho to Victoria Bruce and Elfi Goga, $273,000.

Canvasback Way, 9918-David F. and Patricia A. Bray to Jordan F. and Andrew S. Wickstrom, $260,000.

Cutsail Dr., 24449-Juan M. and Lisa E. Acosta to Christopher L. and Anne Marie Mumper, $455,000.

Gue Rd., 9116-Lance J. and Kristina L. Rakovan to Robert E. Park IV, $510,000.

Joy Lane, 25501-Daryl and Katie L. Brigner to Ronaldo M. Ramirez and Ma Ethel Sudario Ramirez, $340,000.

Middleboro Dr., 10748-Wayne and Naomi B. Marr to Angel Alsina Sanchez, $500,000.

Preakness Dr., 24017-Timothy C. and Jennifer Ann Richardson to John W. Novinsky Jr., Cindy C. Villavicencio and John W. Novinsky Sr., $520,000.

Ridge Rd., 24721-Peter H. and Barbara D. Klein to Michael and Tara Julian, $585,000.

Ridge Rd., 27512-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to Donis Anaya Hernandez and Iris N. Granados Pacheco, $390,000.

Running Valley Lane, 10313-Esp III Corp. to Yang Yu and Emiliano Galeano, $279,900.

Shelldrake Cir., 10178-Heather Ledford Blatt to Ashely N. Deitemyer and Nicholas A. Lewis, $248,097.

Sweepstakes Rd., 10424-Ana Maria Haro to Steven M. O’Neill and Maria Del Pilar Arce, $460,000.

Valley Park Ct., 33-Cynthia C. and Joseph Roberts to Glenna Sue McLarney, $240,000.


Avery Park Dr., 5704-Carol G. David and Juan Camilo Caripa Villegas to James and Natasha Herz, $855,000.

Briardale Terr., 7865-Anne Katrine Starz to Anita and Shannon Doherty, $313,000.

Centennial Rd., 7325-William J. Sweet Sr. to Gregory Casey and Fan Wang Cahill, $512,000.

Deer Lake Rd., 16417-Phillip Karasik and Gisela S. Meyer to William Robert Thomas, $505,000.

Equestrian Lane, 16425-Gergory Ray Murray and Lori Chow Jiuan Lin Murray to Eric S. Felber, $830,000.

Goodfellow Way, 7702-Jane Tan to Jason and Sarah Hudson, $437,500.

Hollingsworth Terr., 6605-Mary Susan Bruney to Timothy Todd and Loretta Sutphin Stenzel, $620,000.

Mill View Ct., 5309-Ellen and Patrick Moriarty to Brian Patrick Sweeney, Daniel Joseph Sweeney and John Christopher Landers, $445,000.

Monona Ct., 2-Hien Thi Ngo and Minh Van Nguyen to Kwansuda Poolsombat, $660,000.

Needwood Rd., 8040, No. 101-Lourdes Diaz Colbert to Aliaksandr A. Mamonau, $214,000.

Redland Rd., 16516-Doris Larue Beckley to Reza Monfaredi, $500,000.

Toboggan Cir., 5808-Ilya and Emily Beynenson to Lijun and Jennifer Jingyi Li, $839,000.

Willow Oak Dr., 18612-Diane B. and J. Craig Defibaugh to Christine and Paul Hawkins, $715,000.


Big Rock Rd., 10115-Brian R. and Nancy M. Parsons to Collin Michael Riggs and Zoe Orr Gandee, $625,000.

Brunett Ave., 10027-Barbara W. Brissett to Christopher and Zakia M. Lindsey, $458,000.

Childs St., 10846-Raymond P. and Vicki A. Aylor to Elham S. Yassin, $430,000.

Daleview Dr., 919-Martin R. Artman to Datannie Borges, $312,000.

Eastwood Ave., 10706-Federal National Mortgage Association to Catherine Sindos, $333,900.

Forest Glen Rd., 707-David A. and Jessica H. Morris to Marc A. and Brandice N. Elliott, $530,000.

Gabel St., 907-Rodney T. Allnutt to Pamela F. Gogol, $385,500.

Granville Dr., 211-Matthew Anderson and Pamela Ross to Ani Saakyan and Sean Peck, $538,000.

Harding Dr., 404-John Thomas and Stephanie Colby Lee to Joseph Patrick and Ashley Ann Wilkes, $550,000.

Lawnsberry Terr., 9512-Yolanda D. Alleyne and Marco T. Zuniga to Eyobe Bisrat, $475,000.

Lockridge Dr., 10700-David Elie to Luke H. and Leslie A. Mason, $455,000.

Lynnmoor Dr., 132-Daniel and Stephanie D. Lauf to Marcus W. and Mihi Yoon Cole, $550,000.

Manchester Rd., 8702, No. 8-Rosali and Rosa Ruiz to Erick J. Torres, $175,000.

Marshall Ave., 9706-Douglas K. and Christine M. Grantham to Samuel M. and Marguerite L. Koelbl, $555,000.

Neale Ct., 406-Lewis W. and Kay V. Smith to Tyler J. and Victoria Z. Blue, $490,000.

Patton Dr., 807-Addisu Lemlem and Netsanet G. Leta to Brett W. and Kelsey B. Norton, $440,000.

Reading Rd., 8808-Kevin M. Sturtevant and Steven J. Geishecker to Seema N. Patel and Graham W. Pettigrew, $588,000.

Robin Rd., 1001-Christopher R. and Kristin M. Meaney to Christine T. Klippen, $482,500.

September Lane, 9104-Alice K. McMullen to Fikru T. Mosisa and Tsedale Chere, $310,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 1211-Lecile Webster to James H. Garner, $155,000.

Snure Rd., 916-Susan M. and Richard D. Paton to Elena R. Vera and Jose Luis F. Pugeda, $450,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 10616-David M. Dunn and Jacqueline Ann Hendrickson to Denis Alias, $337,500.

Vance Pl., 9504-Vincent and Natalie Intondi to Roberto A. and Sylvia L. Cruz Navarro, $469,000.


Amber Meadows Ct., 18312-Arnold Michael and Shelbra Thorla Ginn to Jessica A. and Matthew C. Cunningham, $435,000.

Badger Dr., 10826-Rajesh and Ritu Sharma to Ritik Sharma, $240,000.

Blue Heron Lane, 18908-Francis J. and Elizabeth C. Egan to Yichen Sun, $380,000.

Blue Violet Lane, 18717-Ashraful and Asma F. Haque to Amy Jeanne Lee, $399,000.

Brenish Dr., 7419-Devon Gidley and Amanda Lubit to Michael Gaither and Tina Marie Fantacci Merriman, $356,000.

Cactus Ct., 18032-James Stanley Evans Jr. and estate of James Stanley Evans Sr. to Pedro Aguilar and Maria Margarita Huerta, $329,900.

Cedar Ave., 11-Ruben Salazar and Julia Palacios to Patricia Dyan and Alastair James Surin, $620,900.

Centerway Rd., 9122-Saipunt Dhavorraj to Joy B. Dixon, $280,000.

Chesley Knoll Ct., 9010-Craig K. Hoover to Samuel Naim and Shane R. Runquist, $254,000.

Coneflower Way, 8210-John and Linda Allers to Ching Hsun and Shu Chen Lin, $480,000.

Cross Country Ct., 19-Patrick and Colleen Ciavolella to Deval Girishchandra and Kinjal Suryakant Patel, $300,000.

Deer Park Dr. E., 204-Baldev and Meena Sondh to Jean Danny and Thanh Kim Tran Ta, $450,000.

Elioak Terr., 7535-Indira Y. Kozak to Adrian D. Prather and Bryan E. Grooms Jr., $369,900.

Filbert Dr., 19843-Abner E. Baez and Mariam Quinones to Julio and Gabriela Risco, $320,000.

Framingham Dr., 19735-Mark D. and Megan G. Embley to Cristino Bonilla Salmeron and Edwin Mauricio Bonilla Flores, $305,000.

Girard St., 454, No. 365-MTGLQ Investors LP and Selene Finance LP to Brenda L. Martinez, $100,500.

Grantchester Pl., 21-Timothy C. and Sharon L. Teske to George A. Moquin, $499,500.

Hallmark Ct., 18313-Jhason T. Abuan and Virginie G. Everarts De Velp to Iraj Soroori and Rahela Majidi, $320,000.

Highland Ave., 9-Albert E. Taylor and Thomas Dore to Laura K. Searles, $380,500.

Kingfisher Terr., 18614-Danny P. and Joanne L. Patry to Laurie Deland, $315,000.

Lions Crest Way, 8025-John W. and Patricia A. Maisel to Alyce and Daryl Leach, $626,561.

Maryland Ave., 14-Charles H. and Jessica R. Parker to Courtney Ann Wattai and Thomas Anson Heyboer II, $440,000.

Meadow Green Way, 8416-Kaitlyn Newman Colleli to Freddy Maurico Patino, Doris Magly Panigua Mendoza and Fredy Napoleon Patino, $335,000.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 8432-Federal National Mortgage Association to Omar Diaz and Guadalupe A. Martinez Casas, $340,000.

Pearlbush Dr., 7902, No. 104-Assaf Weiler to Shay Levy and Einat Asael, $105,000.

Pennywise Lane, 9319-Ariel C. and Susie A. Agregado to Parmod K., Harsh, Avnish and Ruchi Aggarwal, $535,000.

Raven Ave., 657-Loc Dao Lam and Mai Ai Lam Phan to Emil and Yijuan Wang, $335,000.

Roundleaf Way, 9132-Philip A. and Sabrina B. Rothberg to Jhon Christian Cruz, $429,000.

Sapling Hill Way, 220-Kevin G. Purser to Prabesh Niraula, $399,900.

Sloop Ct., 101-Ryan M. and Nahla K. Ivy to Frederick and Celestine Vieira Ashiamah, $300,000.

Tanyard Hill Rd., 1506-Jack Sun to Hortense Hema and Thomas Sampson, $335,000.

Travis Lane, 1008-Maicol A. Almonte Fernandez and Mirela G. Almonte to Lydienne C. Tiki Manyaka, $327,000.

Traxell Way, 18503-Federal National Mortgage Association to Hang Chau and Bao G. Vo, $480,000.

Whispering Oaks Way, 8201, No. 104-Derek K. Holt to Eldar and Iris Aharonovich, $179,000.


Apache Lane, 16504-Scott C. Stewart and Valeria Saffer to Einar Esau Grageda and Eunice Grageda Fernandez, $536,000.

Autumn Flower Lane, 203-Fernando Jimenez Jr. to Di Zhou and Bin Shi, $409,000.

Bayridge Dr., 873-Cheryl R. Giordano to Adynda G. Kansil, $345,000.

Blackberry Terr., 12006-Corinne Abramson to Maryann O’Connor and Anton Joseph Parmach, $705,000.

Brandy Hall Lane, 11400-Jason and Miriam Tai to Carl Clemens and Diksha Sharma, $625,000.

Carrington Hill Dr., 12500-Ernest R. Milner to Patrick W. and Jennifer Mitchell, $610,000.

Charles Hill Dr., 16000-Alan M. and Sharon Sperling Silber to Michael A. and Christina M. Mirabello, $625,000.

Chevy Chase St., 120, No. 201-Urmila P. Brahmbhatt to Joshua Funk, $305,000.

Clover Knoll Rd., 12017-Shawn M. and Jordana M. Neylon to Joseph M. and Janna A. Sakla, $535,000.

Cornerwood Ct., 2-Tzu Min and Fumei Kao to Jiaxin Ye, $378,000.

Crown Park Ave., 302-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Doris Jean Ward, $950,000.

Danbridge St., 429-Ronald D. Wiggins and Beverly J. Grimm to Ganeshkumar Balasubramanian and Meera K. Raghunath, $830,000.

Daven Pine Ct., 16012-Bradford Mark and Lauren Goodwin to Sean J. and Doona Kim, $640,000.

Falconbridge Terr., 15235-Ming S. and Su Fan Tung to Tak Kat Cheng and Tina Weng, $535,000.

Fields Rd., 9701, No. 902-Nina Kasari and Aino Tamm to Hong Yue, $215,000.

Fleece Flower Dr., 311-Chang Cheng Song and Bailing Li to Mandy B. Esch, $394,000.

Fountain Green Lane, 210-Peter and Alison Khrizman to Michael L. Cohen, $490,000.

Gatestone St., 635-John T. and Jack Hayn to Alex Chao Wu and Teng Tser Catherine Lo, $520,000.

Golden Ash Way, 50-Weipo Hwa to Andrew H. Park, $550,000.

Granite Ridge Dr., 12508-Deidrea M. Schnabel to Jane E. Morris, $265,000.

Highland Ridge Ave., 318-Kevin J. and Amber M. Colleran to Charles R. Marry II, $510,000.

Keeneland Cir., 14604-Marjorie Mae Roher to Reyna Ivania Stagnoli and Peter R. Alcivar, $312,500.

Lake St., 118-Jimmy Z. Yan to Barry S. Kaplan, $637,500.

Lake Winds Way, 14416-Judith B. and William C. Amick to Shao Deng and Yuetao Ru, $635,000.

Longmeadow Dr., 89-Martin J. and Teresa Kelly to Bethlehem and Selamawit Y. Teklehimanot and Henock Abdissa, $330,000.

Main St., 626B, No. B-Carolyn A. Ryan to Ariel and Susie Agregado, $424,000.

Middlebury Ct., 20-Matthew J. Bowen to Sachin Mehta and Monica Bassi, $643,000.

Mustang Hill Lane, 13830-H. A. Lapa Jr. to Kai Liu and Meng Wang, $605,000.

Norman Dr., 15700-Home Direct Corp. to Dawn C. Sequeira, $345,000.

Orchard Dr., 41-Ernest J. and Doris J. Shifflett to Rainey L. Murdock, $309,000.

Pebble Hill Lane, 14716-Terry L. and Ellen H. Sloan to Daisy E. Johnson, $530,000.

Prairie Landing Terr., 10510-Kyle V. Messineo to Jason A. and Samantha C. Luttrell, $453,900.

Quail Run Dr., 15432-Harvey W. and Wendy G. Bollinger to Pamela M. Powers and Clayton L. Hough, $569,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 790, No. P2-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Farbod Zarkeshian, $125,000.

Ridgepoint Pl., 113-Melissa A. and Aaron C. Knoll to Benjamin C. Scheib and Mikayla R. Alexander, $480,000.

Rolling Green Way, 14752-Gary L. and Barbara Hollis to Nkem A. and Patrick C. Okeke, $745,000.

Side Dr. W., 806, No. 11-C-Graxe Liang to Dong Zheng and Jin Xiao, $237,000.

Side Dr. W., 1050, No. 27-G-George K. Owens and Marla C. Rodriguez to Victor J. Ovelar Vazquez, $230,000.

Suffield Dr., 612-Parminder and Naina Singh to Phuong Thao Tuong and Quoc Hung Vu, $420,000.

Thurgood St., 152-Norman R. Katz to Jeffrey W. and Deborah M. McCaw, $843,000.

Treworthy Rd., 8-Cynthia L. Leonard to Eun Hye Ko, $643,000.

Turkey Foot Rd., 15232-Alice M. and Richard W. Prugh to Carla Myers, $625,000.

Upshire Cir., 111-Alexia Kent and Jeffrey David McClure to Chris Siu Cheong Chow and Wanda Kit Ching Hung, $712,000.

War Admiral Way, 12621-Hee J. Ryu to Trevor and Marrah Elizabeth Lachowicz Scroggins, $640,000.

White Ash Pl., 366-Catherine Krebs Lipscomb to Daniella Leah Mizrahi and Iulian O. Brauman, $530,000.


Kenilworth Ave., 10713-Timothy Dewitt and Dale Harley Connelly to Ajay Gulati, $567,000.


Afternoon Lane, 20421-Daniel W. and Jennifer Ann Siderius to Susan L. Sagarin, $295,000.

Ambassador Terr., 20423, No. 2042-Christopher A. Comstock to Hector Oralando Flores Ramirez, and Christina Aide and Guillermo Amilcar De Leon, $260,000.

Ansel Terr., 13400, No. 6-K-Michael Lawrence and Mary Evelyn Iwicki to Olayemi Odusote, $195,000.

Autumn Mist Dr., 18615-Dianne Moore and Jeff Fishel to Wenhai Liu, $336,000.

Bay Leaf Way, 18607-Maria Carla and Elizabeth M. Cliser to Vanessa Del Carmen Linares Lopez Cepero, $230,000.

Birdseye Dr., 18939-Jason Romano and estate of Claudette J. Romano to Jason A. Jutila, $160,000.

Briarcliff Terr., 13114, No. 4-409-Mohssen and Saideh Aliasgary Kabirbaik to Rong C. Wu and Xinhong Luo, $193,500.

Bridger Dr., 13057, No. 1308-Samuel W. and Jennifer E. Jones to Christina Bravos, $290,000.

Burnt Woods Pl., 13436-Lawrence S. and Lisa W. Solomon to Russell and Jennifer Barrett, $451,000.

Chalet Dr., 18020, No. 17-202-Linda Horensavitz and Linda Zimmerman to Heather McCarty, $179,900.

Chalet Pl., 13205, No. 6-301-Melissa C. Brown to Mamood Mamoody and Marjaneh Tehranchian, $160,000.

Cherry Bend Ct., 50-Felix D. and Cinzia P. Gavelan Vargas to Pejman Borghei and Zahra Banirazi, $326,000.

Cloppers Mill Dr., 13201, No. 11-F-Sapienza M. Giordano and Sean Price to Tatyana and Arsenly Butrina, $223,000.

Coachmans Rd., 18008-Michael K. and Chenoa Lyons to Kumaragurubalan Aroumougam and Sudha Kumar, $730,000.

Country Ridge Dr., 13268-Paul K. and Esther E. Yulee to Alexander R. Estraza, $306,500.

Cross Ridge Ct., 27-Qasim Reza Zaidi to Jeris D. and Elizabeth A. Jones, $252,500.

Curry Powder Lane, 18706-Mac Properties Corp. to Jose E. Amaya and Deda Amaya Lopez, $199,900.

Dairymaid Dr., 13205, No. 67-Barbara B. Wicklein to Gianni Minutoli, $128,000.

Eden Rock Ct., 15213-Kristina M. Donohue to Steven V. and Kristina M. Tran, $830,000.

Falconcrest Rd., 13919-Maryam Ahmadi to Athena R. and Pedro Manuel Arguello, $700,000.

Flagstone Ct., 2-Vernon S. and Loretta L. Robinson to Sarah R. and Philip L. Raymond, $405,000.

Gaelic Ct., 20813, No. 507-Moises and Chandon Rodriguez to Anuj Kumar Vohra, $355,000.

Gassaway Lane, 19615-Kai Shen and Liming Fan to Yongsheng Guan, $412,000.

Golf Course Dr., 20525, No. 1704-Holly Koelkebeck to Anita Bianda, $310,000.

Hartsbourne Dr., 13628-Allen T. and Clare A. Slaughter to Ayaba E. and Sewavi A. Prince Agbodjan, $465,000.

Indian Grass Ct., 18-Christopher A. and Michelle D. Lockey to Michael Andrew and Erin Severe, $540,000.

Kilmarnock Way, 13300, No. 7-I-Daniel Lee and Wanda K. Crooks to Brian Mackey, $194,400.

Kitchen House Ct., 18205-Eleanor and Myrafe Sabalbaro to Neeraj and Vikrant Sharma, $298,000.

Larentia Dr., 19805-2D Rentals Corp. to Xin Qi Zheng and Hui Yu Chen, $185,000.

Liberty Heights Lane, 19328-Andrea Julia Erbeck Sandoval to Ruben Guevara and Sandra Y. Villatoro Villatoro, $305,000.

Lowfield Dr., 20501-Lenny V. Ortiz to Kissena and Joseph Jefferson, $285,000.

Meander Cove Dr., 13247, No. 115-Frank William Carroll to Melissa Rose Ashby, $210,000.

Millhaven Pl., 13101, No. 9B-Fang Xie to William D. Rossiter III, $237,500.

Monarch Vista Dr., 13626-Thomas A. and Nina E. Lafferty to Samuel A. Awusi and Christina Elangwe, $505,000.

Neerwinder Pl., 13331-Curt D. Wolfgang to Baolinh Christopher Guyene and Kim Nguyen, $375,000.

Penrod Terr., 19400-Michele S. and Cedrick A. Posey to Mohamed Essa Mohamed Musthafa, $555,500.

Pickering Dr., 13121-Teressa M. Wittig to Uzma and Naveed Syed Zafer, $285,000.

Placid Lake Terr., 20009-Patrick A. and Jacqueline G. Benko to Nida K. Khan, $347,000.

Ranworth Ct., 15-David S. and Jennifer R. Paitsel to Sudeep A. and Smitha Mathew, $610,000.

Rushing Water Way, 13367-Eileen M. Gerrity to Elizabeth and Victor Roman Salazar, $360,000.

Sesame Seed Ct., 12712-Charles E. and Gilda Leveau Harris to Muhammad Afzal, $202,000.

Shamrock Glen Cir., 20811, No. 706-Petra and Christopher D. Garosi to Daniel J. Marques, $370,000.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20408, No. 5-R-Libra Investments Corp. to Christopher M. Douglass and Mona Hofmann, $293,500.

Sky Blue Ct., 5-Loanne Nguyen Lavender to Mellisa Antwi, $305,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18815, No. 4-H-Man Xie to Won Kim, $220,000.

Split Rock Lane, 18568-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bu Tian Ji, $215,000.

Station St., 13591-Travis S. and Megan Durand to Ming Yang Teng, $315,000.

Summer Oak Dr., 11633-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Yuhua Shao and Wei Gao, $251,110.

Swiss Cir., 18226, No. 1-4-Rosemary Sisco to Marlon K. Vallejo, $174,000.

Thackery Pl., 13115-Jaswinder Kaur and Singh Parminder to Shao Yin and Yan Yun Lai, $230,000.

Tilford Ct., 13405-Zafrin Begum to Clarence E. and Loreell L. Woods, $439,999.

Timko Lane, 18334, No. 65-Syed Aamir Ali to Christopher Perry Mulraine, $229,000.

Treebranch Terr., 18940-Juying Lai to Edmond and David Dalmasso, $255,000.

Vaughn Landing Dr., 19501-Melissa Garcia to Kathyayini Jangam and Venkata Gunturu, $437,000.

Walnut Cove Cir., 12444-Craig A. and Kathy L. Ireland Pardini to Taiwo Samuel Olaleye, $305,000.

Wanegarden Dr., 13801-Steven S. and Mary G. Brown to Travis S. and Megan Durand, $439,500.

Whitechurch Cir., 13203-Wilmington Trust N.A. to Ri Shu Zheng, $199,000.

Winding Creek Pl., 18603-Sutoro Properties Corp. to Favour Gabriel, $307,000.

Wonderland Way, 13104, No. 190-Rebecca Jones to Amanda Majoras, $170,000.


Ashwood Dr., 10122-Thomas P. Buzas to Jonathan Burgos and Jialynn Wang, $729,000.

Bexhill Dr. E., 9708-Igor B. and Keiko Ozato Dawid to Javier A. Lizarralde Coutinho and Marina Isabel Lizarralde Perez, $975,000.

Brookfield Dr., 4410-Janice E. and Perry Butler to Christine M. and John M. Craig, $816,000.

Carriage Rd., 9625-Denis N. and Maribeth Harper to Denis Nicholas Harper III and Lucia De Maria Harper, $850,000.

Colfax St., 4413-Virginia A. Azuree and Suzanne Kaspar to Jerry S. and Andrea Fries, $735,000.

Dewey Rd., 11120-Virginia M. Shrader to Jeffrey J. and Jessica L. Watson, $455,000.

East Ave., 11222-Stephanie F. and David L. Savolaine to Ngan Phuong and Noi Ba Nguyen, $432,000.

Ferndale St., 3317-Henry H. Holcomb to Mehrnoosh Abshari, $585,000.

Kensington Pkwy., 9716-Estate of Grace P. Barile to Ben C. Lieberman, $814,000.

Lund Pl., 11403-Lisa A. Soens to Sarah Elizabeth Farmer and Michael Glenn Waldhauser, $445,000.

Midvale Rd., 11117-Lidan Du to Daniel Benjamin and Nichole Marie Scaglione Palchick, $590,000.

Orleans Way, 11411-Tamera A. and Alexander N. Corson to Delio M. and Kimberly A. Quinteros, $696,000.

Rokeby Ave., 11423-Joseph B. and Rosemary B. Whelan to Jeremy Swenson and Michelle Arling, $690,000.

Stark St., 3512-Christopher F. Kates and Anne Kates Smith to Lawrence and Kyung Callahan, $440,000.

Torrance Dr., 10807-Itamar Simhony to Takady Mamadou Konate and Jeff Mbuyi Tshiyombo, $699,000.

University Blvd. W., 3333, No. 710-Dino and Purna Anders to Pedro J. Fernandes, $160,000.

University Blvd. W., 3419, No. 302-Royal Mile Properties Corp. to Daniel I. Bushman, $167,000.

Wexford Dr., 3804-Bruce E. and Rachel Ben Kalifa to Eleni R. Giannakopoulos, $460,000.


Damascus Rd., 6408-Everett T. and Mi Suk Byre to Michael and Deanna Enlow, $679,000.

Goshen Rd., 21020-Nicola Eva Sanchez to Edgar Francisco Garza Palacios and Dora Alicia Guandique, $529,000.

Hickory Spring Lane, 9711-Gina Camman and estate of Sandra Camman to Carol A. Cushing, $209,300.

Johnson Farm Rd., 25017-Wiener J. and Kathleen R. Kernisan to Leo P. and Bonita A. Resop, $711,000.

Mariner Ct., 8308-Bank of American to Brian Mark and Susan Kay Kingrea, $304,500.

Primula Dr., 8904-Samuel and Seema Rodriguez to Benjamin Danso, $775,000.

Rosewood Manor Lane, 7420-John B. and Linda D. O’Sullivan to George M. Wilson, $500,000.

Watkins Rd., 9620-Douglas M. and Nanci C. Hurt to J. Richard and Tammy Kemp Monarch, $750,000.

Woodfield School Rd., 25216-James P. and Donna M. Schwartz to Carlos E. and Kathryn M. Reyes, $580,000.


Aspenwood Lane, 20712-George S. and Justine C. Pullen to Lisa Merritt and Rishi Tangri, $470,000.

Brassie Pl., 19408-Jody S. Belknap to Jose M. Flores and Maria F. Reyes, $190,500.

Brassie Pl., 19603, No. 7-B-Alice A. Scafide to Mary Yaa Dadzie, $247,000.

Butterwick Ct., 5-Marianne Rosenberg to Rabia Haq, $400,000.

Capehart Dr., 19024-Kristopher Craig Shannon to Jairo Orellana Colindres and Karvin Waleska Guevara Reyes, $302,000.

Darlington Dr., 20165-Edward F. and Barbara A. Kilroy to Robert Merrill and Yamei Tang, $463,000.

Dellcastle Rd., 9857-Richard A. and Susan E. Kaplan to Jeffrey W. Schofield and Kim Coates, $455,000.

Doolittle St., 20030-William S. and Alyssa J. Laing to Pavithra Silva, $478,000.

Enterprise Way, 19602-MT Property Corp. to Achilles S. Catugas, $289,900.

Forest View Pl., 9934-Matthew Paris to Joseph M. Hartlove IV, $208,000.

Gallery Ct., 8213-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Anna Magdalena Jozefczyk, $435,750.

Grazing Way, 20302-Lisa C. Nickerson and Christopher Heizmann to Darryl Maurice Parker II, $273,000.

Harbor Tree Way, 8045-Alayna D. Benson to Markos C. Leliso and Hana Kumsa, $233,000.

Hawk Run Terr., 8629-Luis N. and Teresa D. Cabrejo to Edelmira and Karla V. Hernandez, $258,000.

Hickory View Pl., 9428-Patricia A. Dennis and Donald K. Corle to Rosa Y. Del Cid Diaz and Hernan Antonio Hernandez Amaya, $298,500.

Hob Hill Way, 20141-John N. and Jean E. McCloskey to Gretchen Gregg, $297,500.

Lea Pond Pl., 20207-Michael Jay Flynn and estate of Joel Halsband to Shinita Scott and Kyle Byars, $265,000.

Mastenbrook Ct., 9-Patricia Belle Getty to William H. Wright and Janne G. Gallagher, $430,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 19000, No. 6-Anthony Malek to Nastaran Aslinejad, $93,000.

Millstream Dr., 10214-Eric Bowen to Chidera A. Nwoke, $269,900.

Nathans Pl., 18829-Sahel Sedghazar to Iver A. Silva, Asuncion A. Marquez and Diana M. Greenberg, $196,900.

Pier Point Pl., 18732-John A. DiCamillo to Robert I. Daniel and Juliet F. Ijeh, $215,000.

Ravenglass Way, 8771-Natasha Maria Crescenzi Chapman and estate of Henry John Crescenzi to Stuart Owen and Bessy Ruth Albaugh, $274,000.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18068-Marilyn Mitchell and estate of Denise Mitchell to Tony Luu, $250,000.

Shadow Oak Ct., 20407-Russell M. and Kimberley Waldron to Santos Barrantes, Ana Barrantes Levia and Kevin Omar Guandique, $315,000.

Singing Pine Cir., 18047-De Ngo and Zhu M. Fu to Jose A. Escobar and Enrique J. Castillo, $255,000.

Stedwick Dr., 19031-Zeina Attar to Jacqueline Tuyishime, Josee Ingabire and Grace Ishimwe, $297,000.

Strath Haven Ct., 23-Joseph Michael Bain to Vivencio B. and Luzviminda C. Salarda, $260,000.

Strath Haven Dr., 20564-Edmond J. and David Dalmasso to Paul Majano, $252,500.

Tiber Ct., 19520-Kathleen R. Bainbridge and Barbara L. Mansfield to Yung Chol Pak and Mi Son Yun, $405,000.

Transhire Rd., 19551-John Charles Marshall to Laurel Foster, $240,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18612, No. 6-Zineb El Mahmoudi to Jared Levid Orellana, $100,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18712, No. 3-James David Loope to Yue Mao, $100,000.

Watkins Mill Dr., 10343-Ramon Claudio Ortiz and Ana Caba to Miguel Rodolfo Alfaro Cruz, and Kevin A. and Aldo E. Alfaro Carranza, $317,000.

Welbeck Way, 8678-Jose Ulises Alvarenga and Elsa Orellana to Eric C. Fessel, $210,000.

Wheelwright Dr., 19823-Xuejun Zhu to Michaelangelo Racca and Edwin R. Diamola, $277,000.


Carroll Ave., 8713-David Kober to Wossen Yohannes, $248,790.

Devere Dr., 1111-Renee Timmons to Alexandra A. Chin Lee and Byron A. Lyles, $415,000.

Forest Dale Dr., 1907-Michael T. Akins to Rao Ivatury and Leela Kriplani, $505,000.

Parham Rd., 1621-Ismael M. and Santa I. Tejada to Hao T. Nguyen, $455,000.

Ruatan St., 1035-Henry M. and Emily J. Evans to Dereje S. Yadeta and Saba Wolteji, $305,000.

12th Ave., 8328-Jose Sanchez and Marina Quintanilla to Jose Tito Lopez Guardado, $200,000.


Bassett Lane, 15400, No. 46-3D-Annette E. Stevens to Sylvia C. Mohammad, $165,000.

Beaverbrook Ct., 15300, No. 88-2J-Adam T. Koons and Yukari Horiba to Barbara Cohn, $155,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 2800-Michael Blank to Rudy A. and Erica M.M. Lara, $406,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3770, No. 2-Jessica Canotti to Ramon Guerra Mendoza and Maritza Mollo Choquehuayta, $140,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3950, No. 8-CGS Consulting Corp. to Ovidio A. Zurita Santiesteban, $121,500.

Bethnal Way, 3707, No. 33A-Robert Lee Lucas to Anil and Sunita Kaushal, $365,000.

Callohan Ct., 15113-Ashraf E. and Farah Kazmi to Leigh Philibosian, $379,900.

Carriage Square Dr., 14947-Moira O. Coleridge Taylor to Blanca C. Torres and Maira K. Espinoza, $340,000.

Cherry Leaf Lane, 2104-Brian J. Hundertmark and estate of Hildegard Hundertmark to Darryl D. and Myrna Arnold, $545,000.

Clara Downey Ave., 3850, No. 41-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Kyung Ae and Rina Lee, $370,000.

Clearfield Rd., 4406-Henry R. and Hugo Elfry Cifuentes to Eddin Hernandez Inestroza, $349,900.

Cold Meadow Way, 2346-Susan L. Geiger and Eva Freund to Timothy Donaldson, $400,000.

Dalewood Dr., 12502-Angelica Maria Martinez Baughman and Aaron K. Baughman to Pedro Jose Leon Espinoza, $384,900.

Dewey Rd., 11603-Luis E. and Bertha Y. Solis to Jason and Julia Seelye Allinder, $375,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3835, No. 11-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Eric Fouladinovid and Roshanak Gholyzadeh, $254,180.

Farnborough Ct., 3147, No. 261-B-Janet R. and John H. Abrahams to Maryellen Connell, $265,000.

Finsbury Park Dr., 3706, No. 51-A-John J. Ferguson and estate of Nancy Kay White to Lindbergh Mitchell and Khadija F. Barkley, $250,000.

Flint Hill Rd., 2009-Donald A. Sloane and Josephine P. Rick to Darryl W. and Sallye G. McSwain, $800,000.

Forest Edge Dr., 3511, No. 17-3A-Christine and Frank P. Lozupone Jr. to Dae Sup and Hea Lan Lee, $172,500.

Gate Lane N., 13905-Vinod K. and Usha D. Mohan to Jessie and Orlando Ortega, $595,000.

Greenery Lane, 2211, No. 202-6-U.S. Bank to Hari Ram and Poonam Fnu, $145,000.

Hatteras Way, 14903-Kim Lanh Huynh and Khan Cao to Gordon Andrew Christie and Rongrong Wei, $450,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3320, No. 8-3-B-Massud Alemi Management Serving Corp. to Donald C. Heisterman, $123,600.

Highwood Rd., 4213-MDC Investments Corp. to Hebert Cesar Adrian Jimenez, $245,000.

Idlewood Rd., 11810-Ge Ruan and Yang Fang to Jose L. Naranjo and Anthony A. Perez Perez Arevalo, $350,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-218-Lasse Syversen and Lawrence R. Jackson to Dekontee L. Johnson, $210,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-705-Helen M. and Lester J. Rosenblum to Ken Saether, $139,999.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-324-Jerriann Mattare to Barbara A. Kaminski, $185,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-1007-Estate of Charles C. Swanke to Francisco Carlos and Ines Hoyos Solano, $269,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-612-Ronald E. Barnes and Sandra M. Newton to Paul and Nicole Ganz, $188,000.

Janet Rd., 3302-Ryan Andrew and Caitlin Ann Clarke to Melvin J. Villanueva and Angie Santos, $355,000.

Kayson St., 3708-Jonathan and Margaret H. Reeves to Luke Swinford, $415,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2900, No. 508-Leslie C. Yeatts and Barbara G. Melvin to Beverly A. Barber and Irving Russell, $240,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3100, No. 302-Michael Aaron Kay and estate of Janet D. Kay to Joyce Constance Rapaport, $242,500.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 112-Todd C. Rosenthal and estate of Carole R. Rosenthal to James H. and Cynthia A. Hensen, $298,700.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 819-Kenneth C. and Kathleen G. Hopkins to Michelle Navine Brittan, $170,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-323-Pauline R. Heil to Yury Boishun and Maria Cherney, $175,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 2901, No. 119-Marie Beysselance and Matthew Lerner to Damaris E. Weidner, $417,700.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 722-Joyce D. Garner to Shirely Chan, $245,000.

Long Green Dr., 14467-Aileen S. Borders to Jacqueline V. Zamora, $294,000.

McKisson Ct., 14904, No. 8CC-Elizabeth B. Ranasinghe to Lai Muchieh, $185,000.

Narrows Lane, 1908-Jane S. Bugg to Wayne and Joyce Thompson, $525,000.

Nordic Hill Cir., 1703-Kenneth H. Schatten to Shana Lynn and Viktor Saienko Smith, $480,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14805, No. 406-Wendy Weiser Ulzheimer and estate of Alan L. Weiser to Ellen F. and Floyd B. Cole III, $225,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15300, No. 85-2H-Estate of Mae G. Bernstein to Habib M. and Corazon C. Latiri, $134,000.

Pondside Dr., 14704-Amitava and Ranjana Banerjea to Niranjeen Prasad and Praveenya Niranjeen Pallipamula, $469,500.

Selfridge Rd., 12102-Robert O. and Lieselotte H. Allen to Opberlina Diaz Amaya, Jose K. Reyes Diaz and Jose A. Palacious Diaz, $360,000.

Twin Branches Ct., 3512, No. 34-A-Karen L. Colbert and estate of Donna J. Gullickson to Michael J. and Sidra K. Van Norden, $380,000.

Verbena Ct., 1107-Cindy Sau Cheng and Warren Ton to Henrique L. Lopes Ribeiro and Nafa Adadevoh, $707,000.

Whitehaven Rd., 16250-Kathleen Ann Lockhart to Steven P. and Sheree N. Link, $829,500.


Archwood Way, 17913-Bonnie L. Eskenazi and Teresa L. Grimes to Michael Edward and Helen Montanez, $456,000.

Batchellors Forest Rd., 17415-Mary Tran Thanh Hai to Steven and Andrea Cathcart, $570,000.

Briars Rd., 4133-Johnny Alexis Rios and Jennifer Jinjia Clark to Luis H. and Sonia K. Rueda, $799,000.

Cherry Valley Dr., 4224-Yann Pyng King and Jan Hsiao Ming King to Janet Huie Yu, $568,999.

Downland Terr., 4913-Stephen J. and Christine B. Haynes to Steven and Kristen Getz, $765,000.

Littlebrooke Dr., 18206-Raul and Alicia K. Cuervo to Riyadh and Joyce Feghali, $520,000.

Madison House St., 19329-Ingeborg S. Foreman to Kathy Lynn Green, $469,000.

Morningwood Dr., 4205-Alan F. and Rhonda L. Molleur to David and Kelly K. Tucker, $545,000.

Overwood Dr., 17713-Kevin D. and Courtney A. Mackay to Daniel J. Baker and Sarah Robinson, $460,000.

Queen Mary Dr., 3621-Robert J. and Andrea M. Elliott to Christopher A. and Randi L.W. Hays, $549,900.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18128, No. 191-Sharon H. Grotsky to Brian Park, $227,000.

Sandcastle Lane, 4200-Jagdish N. and Kokila J. Patel to David A. Strand and Teresa Y. Wu, $562,500.

Shotley Bridge Pl., 17902-Lori Remmers to Mary Michele Crane, $415,000.

Thornhurst Dr., 4604-Gregory A. and Carolyn S. Pomicter to Denise M. and Eric Minch, $635,250.


Bliss Dr., 17910-Timothy F. and Laurie Gallagher to Hamid and Terry D. Sepehri, $674,750.

Dowden Cir., 19008-James R. and Alicia B. Burton to Keir and Natasha Soderberg, $450,000.

Hempstone Ave., 19129-Kenneth E. Fitzwater to Christopher W. and Angela M. Hardison, $420,000.

Jonesville Ct., 9-Gabriella Quattlebaum to William H. and Tina M. Appleton, $320,000.

Selby Ct., 2-Robin D. and Tara C. Lawrence to Jhason T. Abuan and Virginie G. Everarts De Velp, $650,000.

Sugarland Rd., 15200-Catelyn Elizabeth and John Alexander Slattery to Aaron and Elsa Wexler, $1.07 million.


Aqueduct Rd., 8300-Jeanne Kiernan Waugh and estate of Thomas J. Kiernan to Alireza Hassanpour, $612,000.

Avenel Farm Dr., 9832-Ken S. and Regina Brady Vasan to Steve and Julia Chin, $1.44 million.

Beechknoll Lane, 10512-Michael H. and Toni Marie Comer to Priya Talwar, $1.28 million.

Bentcross Dr., 10017-Laurence C. and Lisa L. Siegel to Ying Wen, $3.5 million.

Broad Green Dr., 11213-Walter M. and Judy S. Miller to Motria Onyshuk and Victor Morozov, $1.1 million.

Candlelight Lane, 11045-Francesca M. Ugolini to Jing You and Jianwen Guo, $629,900.

Copenhaver Dr., 9461-Guillermo M. Vega and Liliana Urrego to Pooja Mishra and Vishal Kumar Sinha, $765,000.

Democracy Blvd., 10510-Harish and Rajni Lauthra to Sajan and Bushra Mohammad, $1.3 million.

Evening Ride Dr., 12021-Cartus Financial Corp. to Thomas Russell and Sarah Dillon Barnes Cox, $1.72 million.

Falls Farm Dr., 8931-Joseph M. and Cathy A. Ashcraft to Robert P. and Staci L. Waller, $1.02 million.

Fox Run, 8512-Roger J. and Anne K. Stroh to Michael D. and Shara R. Reiter, $799,000.

Garden Ct., 9316-Robert Andrew and Juying Xie Warner to Aaron Samulcek and Caryne Roey, $925,000.

Glen Mill Rd., 11811-John S. and Ann Marie Hallock to Andrew E. and Nancy S. Holzman, $1.81 million.

Greenbriar Rd., 12632-Obaid and Saima Ahmad to Ping Zhu and Hui An, $1.57 million.

Hall Rd., 9925-Hongyan Wu to Adam David and Kimberley Gorman, $1.18 million.

Hunter Creek Trail, 8504-Gregory J. and Janet M. McElroy to Richard Benjamin and Debra Kemp Fleischer, $895,000.

Larkmeade Ct., 4-Joseph Pang and Nancy Chu to Xiaoyan S. Cao, $1.29 million.

Little Creek Dr., 12116-Tracy Bortnick Lynn to David Levi and Thalia M. Shamash Baumgarten, $738,000.

Logan Dr., 10421-Harry D. Fox to Matthew W. and Michelle Pham Lawrence, $1.15 million.

Maidstone Lane, 13516-William A. and Jennifer L. Pories to Susanna Nemes and Eddy J. Rogers III, $1.55 million.

Mercy Ct., 11-Venkatachar S. and Kusum Raghavan to Lei Qin and Kun Fang, $1.23 million.

Orchard Way N., 6-Wanda S. Tseng and estate of Chung Chei Wu Tseng to Ian P. and Lisa A. Weston, $785,000.

Paddock Lane, 8912-William and Karen Singer to Charles and Kate Rollins, $845,000.

Pleasant Gate Lane, 9739-Karen Slevinski Springfield to Nazem Ahmad Choudhury, $452,000.

Rivers Edge Dr., 12429-James D. and Susan Mayer to Mehdi Hashemipour, Mahfam Motevalli and Mehsa Motevalli, $975,000.

Stable Way, 7816-David and Charlene Rothkopf to Shuping Hu, $1.23 million.

The Corral Dr., 9717-Richard M. Asbill and Anne Asbill Attridge to Rakesh and Rita Gupta, $975,000.

Trailridge Dr., 12037-Xiaomei Zhang to Scott and Tammy Weisenthal, $900,000.

Turnberry Dr., 9428-Alexander M. Luke to Russell M and Tamara J. Doe, $810,000.

Victory Lane, 8811-Steven and Olga Porter to John Fleming and Antoinette Rene Reutemann, $1.2 million.

Wild Olive Dr., 8506-Aliyu Ahmed to Courtney Amsellen and Michael W. Burd, $650,000.


Antigua Terr., 10812, No. 171-Luis A. and Daniel E. Valencia to Alison Babil, $322,500.

Aster Blvd., 1000-Chad M. and Georgina Mendoza McDowell to Shannon and Kevin Grant, $720,000.

Azalea Dr., 867, No. 25-James E. and Mary L. Mooney to Khatuna Salome Chereyskiy, $330,000.

Blackwell Rd., 9405, No. 202-Ajay Panda to Jose De Almeida Maciel Neto and Amanda Sue Phillips Maciel, $430,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1403-Alex and Julia Li to Uri J. Schwartz, $525,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12411, No. 535-Guoxing Huang and Zhijie Jiang to Zhonghao Chen, $190,000.

Brewer House Rd., 10903-Beverly W. Vaughan to Marion H. Thorley, $717,650.

California Cir., 6060, No. 404-Becky Lynn Schaar to Monica Wessels Finucane, $264,000.

College Pkwy., 786, No. 5-Barbara Cohn to Brian A. and Therese Kuwik, $365,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11323, No. 002-Svetlana and Pavels Proskurovska to Nancy Evans Frieder, $445,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11419, No. 104-Mary Louise McGarvey to Arber Decja, $280,000.

Courthouse Sq., 24, No. 801-Anjali Kumar Schruefer to Goretti Chang and Kah Hie Lau, $394,000.

Creek Valley Lane, 405-Darrell R. and Cynthia McIntyre Williams to Derrick J. and Jennifer G. Gingery, $805,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15303, No. 8-A-Jennifer Y. and Kimberly W. Pong to Brett Matthew Spencer Schrack, $328,000.

Dundee Rd., 1954-Marvin and Sandra J. Diamond to Bingjie Hu, $510,000.

Elmcroft Blvd., 333, No. 5-101-Steve J. Reyda to Roy Lee, $399,000.

Falcon Park Lane, 515-Brian Morris Jones and Ivy Hsias Chiao Diana Huang to Thomas Trelvik and Elizabeth Banger, $557,000.

Fordham St., 814-Joseph G. and Rebecca L. Gitter to Rachel Marie O’Hara and Adam Zimmerman, $635,000.

Gormley Dr., 714-Anna Kovrigin to Caihong Cui, $540,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 810-Maria Magarita Gutierrez to Patricia E. McMurray, $330,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1616-SMR Investments LTD to Anthony A. Naing, $475,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 1418-Trend Property Management Corp. to Charles W. Monu, $205,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. 1526-Sheryl Beth Libman Friedlander to Gregg C. and Jill M. Welter, $160,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10715, No. 308-Ari Michael and Amanda Jeanne Levin to Susannah Knust, $374,900.

Havencrest St., 1007-Harvey L. and Abby D. Bobb to Andrew Osorno and Holly Gangwer, $645,000.

Hungerford Dr., 501, No. P83-Kelly Marie Dooley to Sandy and Cindy Zhang, $338,000.

Ingleside Ct., 10-Shahzad Movafagh Mohammad Sanael Ardekani and Ali Mohammad Movafagh to Gregory R. and Katherine T. Labanca, $459,900.

King Farm Blvd., 503, No. 103-Shawki S. and Katy G. Ibrahim to Waldo H. and Jean Burnside, $362,410.

Leyton Ct., 6-Dale Alan Poskus and Maria M. Rico to Evan John and Diana Liao Davidson, $711,500.

Loblolly Terr., 14024-Daniel and Jung Min Ahn to Kiarash Zarbalian and Elham Attarpour Modjarrad, $1.2 million.

Luxberry Dr., 10836, No. 32-Kevin Baker and Janis E. Brose to Judith L. McKinney, $480,000.

Lynn Manor Dr., 329-Benjamin D. Netherland and Sun Ae Kim to Sunghwan and Sun Ae Kim, $530,000.

Maxim Lane, 10-Ramon Miro and Janet Voight to Jun Jian and Min Wen Zhang, $519,900.

Monroe St., 20, No. 201-Si Hong Bi to George Samiotes and Viviana Corbett, $225,800.

Needle Leaf Dr., 6408-Peter Joseph and Rachel Levitt Federowicz to Maxim and Anna Kurapatkin, $610,000.

Nibud Ct., 5405, No. 3-Bahram Efranto Sandra P. Jimenez, $570,000.

Nolan Dr., 10434-Liantyi Han and Chanjuan Zheng to Ganesha Rai Bantukallu and Deepa Raghu, $499,900.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 506-Martin and Joan Abramowitz to Katherine H. Zhang, $437,500.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 219-Jennifer A. Kopp to Christopher Jin, $305,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1202-Chi Hing Siu to Joel and Michele Pertofsky, $545,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2435-Mark A. Allen to Steve Tung Fai Kwan, $420,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1210-Blake L. Schwartz to Randi Smith, $400,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11919, No. 102-William Borch to Abeer Ali Ali, $155,000.

Pinto Lane, 14709-Robert David and Dorothy Joann Jackson to Srivatsan Varadarajan and Varsha Kumar, $785,000.

Pommel Dr., 14640-Ching Ping and Delihi Wu Lee to Adam and Leslie Bryant, $730,000.

Prettyman Dr., 307, No. D-Melissa Vicki Dorman Caswell to Anthony Smith and Heather Hennis, $350,000.

Reprise Dr., 10128-Victor and Luz Magsanoc Copeland to Shu Fen H. and Hsien Ming Lee, $310,000.

Rock Rd., 11111-Michael T. Bogumill to Steven W. Carlin, $435,000.

Rockville Pike., 10500, No. 1011-Sergio and Ester Marta Kapusta to Kennita R. Carter, $221,000.

Rockville Pike., 11801, No. PH01-Valery and Irene Feldman to Tom and Emmy Lee Young, $169,500.

Schuylkill Rd., 11135-Daniel B. and Kathleen A. Goldstein to Edsel H. and Martha C. Clifford, $510,000.

Strand Dr., 11420, No. R-413-Jack P. Segal to Lewis R. and Kay V. Smith, $719,000.

Tilden Lane, 6307-Jane L. and Alfred F. Caputo to Roger David Stevenson and Elnaz Ehsani Darj, $980,000.

Tuckerman Heights Cir., 10545-Howard S. and Sydnee S. Alenier to Xiaoning Chen, $940,000.

Valley Oak Cir., 13615-Yung and Young Pak to Chengjie Yin and Ting Ting Chen, $843,000.

Winding Rose Dr., 453-Jen Chow and Abby Duh to Hugues O. and Ornella A. Pounde Tsafak, $630,000.

Yearling Terr., 14739-Yan Luo and Jun Liu to Ying Lu and Tao Zhen, $490,000.


Lehigh Dr., 16827-Brian K. and Elizabeth Dean Goodger to Paul S. Thesiger and Tracy L. Freeman, $755,000.


Amber Ridge Cir., 12008, No. A-302-May Shalch to Victor and Rodica Neer, $230,000.

Appledowre Way, 11301, No. 120-Gloria Reyes Pena and Humberto Guevara Castro to Jemar and Jane Benjamin, $215,000.

Applegrath Ct., 1-Kenneth and Courtney Duggan to Rafael and Silvia F. Huertas, $295,000.

Boneset Way, 21905-Suzzane and Carmelo Seminara to Jyothi Racha, $575,000.

Brundidge Terr., 11491-Victoria A. Orpin and Victoria A. Middledorf to Kyle M. Sonnefeld, $257,000.

Cedarbluff Lane, 11116-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rosa Rodas and Raul A. Aguilar, $230,000.

Doxdam Terr., 11665-Lequin and Legin Shi to Jose A. Castillo Medina, $309,900.

Dunstable Cir., 20079, No. 410-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kumara S. Jayawardena and Renuka Sumith Udahanape Gedera, $170,000.

Fruitwood Way, 11407, No. 162-Irene Tchonang to Matthew Schaefer, $214,000.

Gunners Branch Rd., 19513, No. 512-Sergio De Jesus and Carmen Rosa Castillo Romero to Anita R. and Rommel Saxena, $145,000.

Hawks Ridge Terr., 11401, No. 74-Ram and Mora Vig to Glendale L. McDougal, $217,049.

Ledbury Way, 11412-Gene Molovinsky to Maria C. Bracamontes, $221,600.

Milestone Manor Ct., 3-Brian C. Rossi to Wendy I. Massias and Barrington G. Burnett, $605,000.

Plummer Dr., 19201-Carol L. and Michael S. Echols to Jose D. Villeda Villeda, $403,000.

Stoney Point Pl., 11437-Jennifer Monteiro to Michael Nakon III, $249,900.

Virginia Pine Dr., 11711-Cartus Financial Corp. to Bryant J. and Katharine Loughlin Beebe, $534,000.


Colston Dr., 2402, No. C-103-Nancy B. Katz to Rebecca Rhodes, $190,000.

Dartmouth Ave., 603-Joshua W. Goldberg and Sandra S. Elvin to Julianne Nassif, $675,076.

Eastern Ave., 7923, No. 1001-Andrea Hickman and Andrea Jalbert to Geetanjali Bhushan, $330,000.

Esther Ct., 2404-Joseph L. Lechner III to Alison Brown and Brian Joseph Plunkett, $564,000.

Fenwick Lane, 1320, No. 400-Clint and Stephanie Bowers to Karen A. Storms, $387,500.

Flora Lane, 1515-Elsa D. Berganza Sandoval and Juana D. Lopez Salinas to Elsa D. Berganza Sandoval, $200,182.

Grubb Rd., 8205, No. G-201-Daniel A. Llerena and Carisa M. Sumter to Marjolaine A. Souquet, $330,000.

Hilltop Rd., 110-Sara R. Fuller and estate of Raymond A. Fuller to Wendy J. Siegel and David C. Baker, $625,000.

Leighton Wood Lane, 1709-Danita R. Dehaney and Michael F. Nias to Cynthia and David Jamison, $750,000.

Locust Grove Rd., 1809-Bekele Debele Negewo to Binyamin and Lila Besser, $495,000.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1900, No. 1309-Nelson L. and Ruby B. Davis to Sydney Noor Finger, $155,500.

Mansion Dr. S., 1009-Charles Jacob and Marla Brown Fogelman to James N. Schulz, $845,000.

Mississippi Ave., 414-Brent A. Hill and Elizabeth J. Drake to Joshua Jacobs and Daria Jacobs Velde, $555,000.

Newell St., 8045, No. 319-Michael D. Grunseth to Melissa Sokol, $320,000.

Pershing Dr., 714-Sarah E. Bergbreiter and Joseph J. Schmid to Aasha M. Abdill and Michael L. Speights, $719,000.

Silver Spring Ave., 405-Pravat K. and Sonjoy Choudhury to Carlos A. and Fatima I. Villa, $450,000.

Washington Ave., 2100, No. 1C-Robert J. Reed Jr. to Dorainia R. Bell, $250,000.

Washington Ave., 2230-Justin Lamb to Dinora Hernandez, $224,500.

Woodland Dr., 9515-William Joseph Powers to Marta Garcia Montojo and Arnaud Vincent Lamarca, $545,000.


Baltimore Ave., 7413-Seneca Wood and estate of Faith Valerie Lunen to Iris E. Bennet, $850,000.

Elm Ave., 407-Brenda T. Williams to Jeffrey Szuchman and Sonya Edelman, $570,000.

Erie Ave., 903-Theodore J. and Deborah L. Vornbrock to Sandra Renae Mitchell Ogunfolu, $516,400.

Hilton Ave., 7306-Susan E. Fleck and Nery Duron Licona to Timothy J. Reilly and Elizabeth L. Holman, $650,000.

Kingwood Dr., 1113-Dennis A. Baird and estate of Jesse Lee Doby Sr. to Olajide Atoyebi, $555,000.

Lee Ave., 111, No. 309-Kristina I. Nwazota to Mohamed Nabil and Hiba K.M. Elsharif, $295,000.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 405-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nibretu G. Gelaw and Selam W. Admassu, $105,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 206-Tomika R. Marshall to Luchia Gebremichael Kelit, $200,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 1000-Alireza Ramzan to Mirakem Ramovic, $130,000.

Poplar Ave., 7106-Richard Dal Bello to John R. and Mary A. Corke, and Allison L. and Kevin D. Hasser, $970,000.

First Ave., 105-Caroline J. Lander to Catherine Marie Matacic and Jon Michael Brescia, $540,000.


Debeck Dr., 1003-Nicholas A. Ferris to Hui and Zhe Nie, $340,000.

Edmonston Dr., 1211-Jesus E. Castro and Liz Calzadillas to Jia Wang and Qingyuan Hao, $340,000.

Grandin Cir., 6-Timothy J. Dennee and Lin Lui to Digna J. and Hugo H. Castillon, $449,900.

Lewis Ave., 802-Shiu P. Mangal and Martha L. Sardinas to Oluwarotimi Abimbola, $637,000.

Linthicum St., 504-Sharon L. Kenneweg and estate of Margaret E. Ostrow to Paul Gonzalez and Duygu Erucman, $412,000.

McIntyre Rd., 614-Cindy Greenburg and Quinn Joseph Burroughs to Christopher Galliford, $375,000.

Rosanne Lane, 3-Nicholas N. Franson and Alexi C. Drilea to John Scott Satterlee, $395,000.

Woodburn Rd., 403-Renville Leonard Coleman and Marie Etienne to Daniel E. Wilson, $284,000.


Amherst Ave., 11052-Timothy Lwanga and Stephen Musisi to Linda T. Streitfeld and Neil D. Roland, $520,000.

Arcola Ave., 2105-Lawrence William and Marie C. Musgrove to Israel Sayag and Gil M. Cohen, $410,000.

Billman Lane, 1508-Staci Page Rothman and estate of Gail B. Newman to Alejandro G. and Samaida T. Aguilar, $475,000.

Brisbane St., 1816-David A. and Cecilia E. Capacchione to Abigail Jane Wacker and Michael Joseph, $550,000.

Bybee St., 11204-Stanley C. Ford Sr. to Sebastian P. Cohen and Liset Guevara, $473,018.

Centerhill St., 12206-Why Reality Corp. to Edgar C. Saavedra and Maria Jesus Sossa Chavez, $275,000.

Cody Dr., 1622-Daniel E. and Beth R. Winkowski to Brooke N. Romm and Jeffrey E. Goldfond, $580,000.

Dalewood Dr., 11906-MDC Investments Corp. to Biniam Kebede Gebreselassie, $265,000.

Dennis Ave., 2409-Precious B. Stone to Mary R. Lewis, $325,000.

Dublin Dr., 1706-Chaty Creed Lonas and Stephen Tong to Anne Catherine and Basav Sen, $425,000.

Gardiner Ave., 10407-LPM Corp. and Patricia B. Weston to Lindsay Samuel, Kevin He and Caitlin L. Samuel, $513,000.

Georgia Ave., 9900, No. 27-412-Alan Berger to Robert L. Clark Jr., $165,000.

Grandview Ave., 11605-House Buyers of America Inc. to Terry and Kayla Camp, $408,000.

Horde St., 11013-Tsabikos A. and Ioannis A. Papadimitris to Wright Smith and Cassia Pangas, $410,000.

Huntley Pl., 10802-Carter C. Hull to Hayelom Abera and Melkamsew Ribbiso, $395,000.

Kemp Mill Rd., 11724-Leonard D. and Jamie R. Lenoci to Deborah and Shlomo Buxbaum, $600,000.

King George Dr., 11352, No. 9-Linda T. Steritfeld and Neil D. Roland to Sarah L. Vonesch, $395,000.

Lamberton Dr., 705-Avrum and Hilary S. Leeder to Todd D. Hanik and Cheryl Lobl, $485,000.

Lindell St., 2610-Alicia A. and John D. Stover to Edzel Rapada and Jimema P. Alinsod, $367,000.

Lindell St., 2905-Waktasu Negeri and Majitu Tiba to Bruke Hagos Gebru and Zeynab Abdulkadir Ahmed, $369,000.

Myrtle Rd., 1707-James R. Swab to Olusoji O. and Gabriella Newas Adeyi, $727,500.

Patternbond Dr., 2314-William D. and Nyla L. Devall to Finot Berhanu, $405,000.

Rampart Way, 10922-Elizabeth A. Chaisson and Shubhankar T. Sanyal to Molly C. Friesenborg and Nicholas Close Suibtirelu, $401,075.

Regnid Dr., 11509-Susan T. Lach to Jessica Corey Johnson Dupont and Andrew Douglas Fickley, $425,000.

Schoolhouse Cir., 2802-Ralph J. Duffie Inc. to Yuan Chiao Lu and Hsiao Mei Liao, $370,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 813-A-Richard M. and Muriel F. Owens to the Justin Gilburt Residence Trust, $110,000.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 911-B-Mark C. and Arlene E. Frayman to Tatyana Protsentova, $103,000.

Walsh View Terr., 2107, No. 14-201-Marjolaine A. Souquet to Julie V. Evans, $297,500.

Yeatman Ct., 25-Robert Lloyd and Henrietta Leonise Carol Giles to David and Talya Weinberg, $642,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Park Mills Rd., 2533-Andrew V. Mackintosh to Travis L. and Angie M. Kowalke, $575,000.


A St. E., 915-Elizabeth M. Knott and Elizabeth M. Fritter to Ronald A. Stenley Jr. and Carlotta Fired, $255,000.

D St. E., 6-Michael G. and Shannon K. Petrakos to Joseph Colin Clark, $229,990.

E St. E., 503-Wayne A. and Cynthia A. Shaw to Kyle and Kimberly Dunning, $250,000.

Maple Ave. N., 810-Landmark Investments Properties Corp. to Paula L. Whysall, $239,900.

Potomac St. E., 507-Wayne Karl Schultz to Daniel Martin, $130,000.


Burkittsville Rd., 6006-Erin L. and Kristi A. Hawley to Edward Skabisky Jr., $410,000.

Glenoble Ct., 3636-Andrew B. and Michelle D. Sommers to Gregory and Katie Brewster, $356,000.

Manheim Pl., 3901-Kevin D. and Heather S. Shawver to Simona Florea, $258,000.

Shadywood Dr., 3860, No. 3A-Timothy J. and Erin A. Kelly to Ellen G. Heller, $130,000.


Covell Rd., 8625-Joseph Gilman to Ning and Jing Tan, $1.85 million.


Arbor Ct., 6887-Stephen P. Marks and Elizabeth Finelli to Frances R. Parise, $270,000.

Barclay Terr., 4957-Donald W. Rohrbaugh to Cesar E. Zamora Cabrera and Maria E. Montilla Rojas, $235,000.

Blackgum Dr., 5261-Clinton and Kathy Hare to Christopher Justin and Tia Theresa Rhoads, $490,000.

Britannic Pl., 6527-DR. Horton Inc. to Salieu Samura and Wei Jing Xia, $360,750.

Cascade Way, 552-Kenneth Eldridge to Ibrahim Karikari, $195,000.

Coachlight Ct., 7291-Daniel Francis Cumberland Jr. to Christy Lee Carpenter, $155,000.

Corbel Way, 6599-DR Horton Inc. to Christopher T. Wilson, $379,999.

Dahlia Lane, 1221-Stephen B. Strickler to Jose Cruz Ventura and Katy Hernandez, $227,500.

Devonshire Lane, 6399-Suzanne Joyce Ogg Weddle to Debra Hudson, $365,000.

Edgeware Terr., 4911-Deanna L. Drumm to Terry Lawrence Maxwell, $233,000.

Farmbrook Ct., 6834-Douglas and Bethany McConnell to Robert Biak and Rosy L. Tluang, $185,000.

Fulmer Rd., 6153-Beatrice V. Baugher to Edward J. and Gail A. Whitbred and Rebecca A. Whitbred Cruden, $205,000.

Gooseander Ct., 6621-Robert Joseph Webb to Josue Ortiz and Andrea Cortijo, $324,900.

Jefferson Blvd., 6139-Lawrence J. Cover and Elizabeth A. Ehrlich to Enrique A. and Susan R. Castro, $359,900.

Judicial Way, 5019-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Craig Estrin and Audrey Estrain, $370,000.

Leben Dr., 6016-NVR Inc. to Charles and Sheila Hocker, $270,090.

Maitland Terr., 5123-Nancy J. Hill to Julia M. and David Garey, $594,000.

Meridian Ct., 4884-Ramesh B. and Srinivasan Kamalanathan to Moises DeLeon and Jessica Rodriguez, $424,900.

Olive Ct., 5802F, No. 415-Onh Mar Aung to Silenat G. Gamada, $170,000.

Posey St., 6311-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Hong Cai, $311,990.

Rockledge Ct., 5628-Brian Stewart to Christopher D. McTamany, $253,500.

Sleet Ct., 6506-HSBC Bank USA to Thomas More and Rhonda Marie Ryan, $315,410.

Sylvan Ct., 505-Luis Jimenez and Jhony Velastegui to Cristian G. Ferrufino and Wendy Lorena Velasquez, $245,000.

Tivoli Rd., 669-Carlos A. and Jordan R. Waters to Angela Visna Keo and Ty Sok Phea, $282,000.

Vona Lane, 4700-Kristofer and Katherine Gochenour to Kelly R. and Rachel N. Simpson, $380,000.

Willard Horine Ct., 6597-Eric and Eric Mansfield to Dae Sik Kim and Chun Hwa Oh, $255,000.


Baldridge Ct., 6093-Eric S. and Melanie G. Ubil to Douglas T. and Kimberly Y. Victory, $285,000.

Bentz St. N., 427-Phyllis Trettien to Elliott and Heather L. White, $299,900.

Birchwood Ct. W., 9412-Terri M. and Rita J. Dietz to Shannon E. Hicks, $268,000.

Blue Leaf Ct., 902, No. 8-Teresa M. Ismach to Atta Awal, $160,000.

Center St., 416A-Dianne M. Sears to Marquita Jocelyn and Michael Landon Cameron, $239,900.

Chestnut Grove Rd., 7927-Roger E. and James W. Cochran to Steve L. and Julie A. Kemp, $375,000.

Cliffside Terr., 6237-Michael Casgrande and Meredith Bradshaw to Matthew R. and Megan R. Willis, $294,900.

Dill Ave., 266-Scott A. and Katherine K. Langworthy to Sara D. Woody, $400,000.

Fleetwood Way, 9732-Steven Nam Tien Tran and Holly Tran to Francis and Margaret Oppong, $355,000.

Halleck Dr., 900-Alex and Deborah Gonzalez to Bijay R. Khanal, $257,500.

Hollow Reed Ct., 8006-Georgeanne Elaine Neptune and Georgeanne E. Harvey to Andrew Gallagher, $252,000.

Logan St., 413-Gayle E. Woodyard to William D. Melendez, $200,000.

Mercer Ct., 104, No. 14-Carl W. Disque and estate of Lorraine G. Disque to Bernice V. Huff, $265,000.

Monroe Ave., 104-Zachary R. Castle to Thomas Nash, $260,000.

Oakwood Dr., 1205-Robert L. Stanley to Joyce Elizabeth and Joseph Francis McDonald, $350,000.

Prospect Blvd., 501, No. B-31-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Julian Weitz, $105,000.

South St. W., 301-Christopher William Ale and Grace Marie Riley to Justin C. Emaman and Alex G. Wright, $240,000.

Spring Forest Rd., 6413-Jeffrey T. Watts to Bernard M. Igiri, $474,900.

Thomas Ave., 207-Tracey J. Summerall and Kim Blankenship to Ivy Davis, $240,000.

Wheyfield Dr., 1804-Mark A. Newman to Jason R. Hawkins and Shannon M. Greene, $290,000.

Woodsboro Rd., 9929-Roger Schlossberg and estate of Richard N. Stine to Richard B. Stine Jr., $88,000.

Fifth St. W., 273-Diane L. Rhoades to Joanne E. and Bruce R. Weiss, $369,000.


Autumn Leaf Lane, 7116-Jennifer M. Sanders to Matthew J. Gorman, $269,900.

Biggs Ave., 619-Monet Corp. to Mark G. and Meredith R. Nichols, $314,000.

Burnside Dr., 2029-Richard J. and Leslie Parente to Julienne Abigail, Ekor Tah, Ekor Abigail and James Njang, $387,000.

Coach House Way, 2505, No. 3D-Linda Elaine Hope to Luis Santiago Roman and Marieli Gonzalez Cotto, $189,000.

Danbrook Ct., 6753-Gregory L. Lavanier to Randy M. Embrey, $494,000.

Ellsworth Way, 2406, No. 2A-Victoria L. Anderson to Sabrina Chevonne Wilson Campbell, $168,000.

Fairfield Dr., 149-Jose V. Ayala to Rebecca A. Sullivan, $195,000.

Hampshire Dr., 1326, No. 7C-David Misinger to Sergio De Jesus and Carmen Rosa Castillo Romero, $181,405.

Heather Lane, 1718-First Tennessee Bank National Association to Jonathan Linder, $219,000.

Heather Ridge Dr., 531, No. L-Dennis G. and Tsai Y. Bassen to Thomas Estrin, $92,000.

Jennings Ct., 1608-Tammy Lynn Morgan to Karishma Narang, $203,000.

Leather Fern Way, 106-Anthony S. Clark to Matthew O’Grady, $229,000.

Murdock Ct., 1862-Esper T. Ajaj and Eddy Rabadi to Patcelia K. Tubman, $189,500.

Quartz Cir., 6097-Philip D. Craw to Kenneth James and Michelle Lynne Laurent, $217,000.

Rosecrans Ct., 2022-Ann C. McGreevy and C. Hammond to Logan D. Engler and Nicole M. Fiorenzo, $270,000.

Shookstown Rd., 5513-Terry L. and Vicky L. Weldon to Brandi and Amir Rashidian, $612,000.

Sundays Lane, 7709-Pamela Lynn Schildt Vickers and estate of Carroll L. Schildt to Gary Steven and Dawna Lynn Hubble, $220,000.

Victoria Sq., 23-Aimee L. Kotzker and William J. Watson Jr. to Jalyssa L. Pettaway, $209,000.

Wainwright Ct., 2140, No. 1A-HSBC Bank USA to Ruifeng Ray Liu and Xuefeng Jane Zhou, $123,500.

Wilcox Ct., 1117-Steven J. and Vicki Raposa to Karl V. and Paurie A. Kyhl, $520,000.


Garfield Rd., 3716-Carlos C. Lopez and Sarah Castillo to Joshua C. Planck and Nicole A. Robertson, $255,000.


Berwick Pl. N., 8700-Long Grove Capital Corp. to Thomas W. and Margaret Bell Fischer, $790,000.

Canary Dr., 11397-William F. and Brenda F. Voltaggio to James R. Wilmot and Roberta A. Nicholson, $540,000.

Old National Pike., 10023-Christine M. Clark to David R. Baldwin, $240,000.


Chick Lane, 3529-Michael Scott and Richard Kirk Green to Carrie E. and Michael A. Gaither, $300,000.

Rosemont Dr., 1126-William G. Gifft to Susan M. Murray, $265,000.


Handboard Rd., 11404-Byron L. and Virginia D. Grossinckle to Michael S. and Janet M. Conner, $340,000.


Beechtree Dr. S., 7203-Cynthia A. Bowen to Aaron Bowen, $180,000.

Linden Blvd., 103-Melissa Minsker to Annette Hackey Runion, $344,000.

Picnic Woods Rd., 7604-Marc P. Stachowski and Martha A. Gallagher to Michael Andrew and Kathleen Kerns Denning, $367,000.

Willow Tree Dr. S., 7012-Jenny Lee DiCarlantonio to Nestor J. and Deysi D. Pereira, $289,000.


Landsdale Pkwy., 4503-NVR Inc. to Romin Roshan and Shamin Parsa, $365,000.

Pathway Lane, 10840-Winchester Homes Inc. to Antony Odhiambo and Alice Maina, $388,270.

Tall Oaks Dr., 4949-Devin and Jessica Corbett to Brian A. and Jessica M. Helton, $379,900.


Harrisville Rd., 14038-Brett Howard and Shirley A. Winston to Thomas Patrick Reed, $495,000.

Northview Rd., 505-Christopher Lee and Jennifer Lynn Neuman to Matthew W. Newcomer, $282,000.

Ryan Ct., 13401-Kathy Jo Libert to Gregory and Carol Nolf, $423,000.


Flintridge Dr., 2753-John P. and Karen Kraynak to Brett James and Julia Marie Maceikis, $360,000.

Pleasant Walk Rd., 12133-Ronald W. Chen and Robert J. Short Jr. to Ana L. Abrego Soriano, $415,000.


Applefield Path, 5753-Ming Zhou and Lun Li to Benjamin H. Cushwa and Sara L. Rose, $430,000.

Boyers Mill Rd., 6332-Nicholas R. Klank and Vera J. Sines to Zachary R. Castle, $342,999.

Hemlock Point Rd., 6608-Brian A. and Vickie L. Krolak to Brian J. and Elizabeth A. Estes Bonn, $405,000.

Lakeridge Rd. W., 6704-William J. Thomas to Stephen P. Hudacko and Elizabeth S. O’Connell, $405,000.

Old Barn Ct., 10635-Tina M. Sinnett to Tiersa S. Laforce Kieffer, $305,000.

Sewell Dr., 719-Christopher M. and Jamie M. Leinauer to Theresa and Sean Connor, $519,900.

Waters Edge Ct., 6593-Joseph A. and Peggy A. Zagorski to Troy and Sandra Jordan, $525,000.

Worchester Dr., 11150-Timothy S. and Shelley M. Burns to San No Thuan and Tha Cuai, $325,000.


Oak Orchard Rd., 15655-Lonnie R. and Patricia A. Wright to Nicholas M. Rice, $260,000.


Pippins Pl., 3801-Van Gelder Real Estate Corp. to Todd A. and Heather Miller, $278,000.


Altamont Ave. N., 164-Steven J. Smith to Matthew Douglas Pruett and Konnar Jade Miller, $122,500.

Clark Ave., 9-Alice L. Kells to Steven V. Eckfield, $179,900.

Eylers Valley Flint Rd., 7321B-Lois D. Prescott to Justin Albert Jones and Heather E. Malloy, $410,000.

Putman Rd., 11109-Thomas E. Ruprecht and Donna L. Ryan Ruprecht to Stephen A. Rush, $345,000.

Westview Dr., 109-Rrcap SFR II Corp. to Dustin R. Shaffer, $261,500.


Byron Cir., 3668-David Warkman and Jessica Eisner to Lyudmila N. and Johnnie W. Grant III, $555,000.

Ethan Ridge Dr., 9656-Keith D. Oravsky and Juana E. Lawrence to Matthew D. and Amanda F. Pierce, $448,000.

Hope Commons Cir., 3754-Nancy C. Giuffreda to Teresa M. Insmach, $355,000.

Loch Ness Ct., 3939-Bill A. and Christine L. Miller to Jomo Martin Nkunika, $470,000.

Scott Ridge Pl., 5632-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to Daniel J. Deffinbaugh, $412,900.

Shepherd Dr., 5837-Ling Xie Wu to Thomas R. and Victoria J. Sprague, $440,000.

Stone Barn Dr., 3237-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Elisa Jonas Herms and Lorraine Eleanor Bromhal, $349,990.

Tantallon Way, 4117-Antonio L. and Elizabeth B. Muniz to Matthew Patrick and Pamela Brooke McCarthy, $535,000.

Urbana Pike., 3635-Angela Paschall and Lauren Fuller to Donald Terry McNeely III, $344,900.


Braeburn Dr., 221-Kurt Matthew and Patricia A. Dutton to Brian McGraw and Karen G.O. McGraw, $310,000.

Chapel Ct., 100, No. 317-Christopher and Sarah J. Jones to Rebecca J. Montgomery, $142,000.

Glade Rd., 5-Charles E. Covell and estate of Alvie Newton Covell to Judith Behm, $175,000.

Liberty St., 8-Anthony Johnson and Deborah A. Bartlett to Eddie and Lisa Eyler, $150,000.

Winter Brook Ct., 207-John P. and Renee M. Keener to Cari and Olock Jordan, $353,000.


Gravel Hill Rd., 9610-Wilms Family Corp. to Robert Burlingham Thompson II and Joan Frances Cartier, $660,000.

Woodsboro Rd., 9942-Kenneth S. Beall to Thomas E. Batchelor and Stephanie L. Abrecht, $270,000.