Home Sales

Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Ashton Oaks Ct., 109-Todd and Christine Wike to Michael M. and Cindy L. Lauriente, $710,000.

Sir Galahad Way, 17517-Parviz A. and Fariba Tavakoli to Kevin Onyango Onyona and Lynn Akinyi Vicky Senda, $1.07 million.


Amberwood Lane, 5404-Edith M. and Wesley Williams to Kari Rich and Eric J. Ashmont, $430,000.

Barkwood Pl., 5010-Joel T. Ross and Jessica H. Stanley to Michele L. Kadnar and Thuc Doan Thi Kadnar, $500,000.

Briarwood Terr., 14323-Renomax Corp. to Sarah Sanjakdar, $531,000.

Evanston St., 12912-Marcy E. Gallo and Takawira Kapikinyu to Sarah Ruth Stocks, $350,000.

Grenoble Dr., 13519-R. Benjamin Free to Shawn M. and Elaine A. Edelen, $455,000.

Lake Ct., 1-Irwin B. Gerduk and Anita V. Tayabas to Lori D. and Dean Hoyland, $576,000.

Loree Lane, 13802-Gordon W. Tachuk to Geoffrey S. Demitz, $405,000.

Manorfield Rd., 5308-Scott M. and Maureen Giacoppo to Lane and Maria Jefferson, $478,000.

Parkland Dr., 13600-Ricardo E. and Fabiola Mijares to Taylor Maric Hodges, $374,000.

Thistlebridge Dr., 15619-John and Mary Kearney to Jacob T. Moy, $835,000.

Waterview Dr., 5213-Stephen E. and Pamela W. Kleindienst to Douglas K. and Christine M. Grantham, $735,000.

Woodlark Dr., 13715-Christopher Jeffers to Daniel S. and Jennifer N. Garay, $409,000.


Algonquin Ave., 6704-Aaron and Marci Ruderman to Zheng Chao Wang, $865,000.

Arrowood Rd., 7425-Norman M. and Ann L. Rich to Claire Sanders and William F. Swift, $900,000.

Battery Lane, 4970, No. 402-Rosalind Jeffries to Michael David Wish, $365,000.

Beech Ave., 5406-Ajay B. and Amanda L. Sutaria to Nhid B. Mohamadi, $880,000.

Benton Ave., 5205-Irene and Marilyn B. Cramer to Martin Benedikt Stanislaus Albrecht and Kenya Puspita Wardhani, $933,000.

Bradley Blvd., 6204-James and Gayle Economos to Igor Ivanin and Natalie A. Ivanina, $630,000.

Brixton Lane, 9926-Robert W. Moses and estate of Park R. Glass Jr to Jose A. Villa, $650,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 348-FH Bethesda Corp. to Barbara Meyers, $612,700.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 522-Sally E. Dannenbaum to Ian and Crispina McDonald, $889,000.

Camberley Ave., 5200-V. Kumaran Vadivelu to Olivia Giuliana, Timothy A. and Bertran A. Wolfe, $819,000.

Cedar Lane, 9310-Behnaz Talaei Minaei to Manisha Sharma, $560,000.

Democracy Blvd., 7501, No. B-Joseph B. Prendergast to Mason Eduardo Callejas, $145,000.

Dudley Ct., 20, No. 10-Brian G. Gross to Gregg W. Weir, $381,250.

Dwight Dr., 7604-Nafiz and Nurvet Sisman to Ruben Salazar and Julia Palacios, $585,000.

English Way, 7803-Faisal and Fahmida L. Quader to Sarah B. and Tahir Y. Benabdi, $820,000.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 305-Robin Cermak to Betsie Ann Chacko, $317,500.

Fenway Dr., 8620-Ramon and Mary Elizabeth Noonan Sobrino to Steven Lyle and Leslie Borsett Kanter, $1.95 million.

Greentree Rd., 5913-Lisa L. Greenberg to Chris B. and Elise Chon, $1.32 million.

Hampden Lane, 4915, No. PS1-Toll IV Partnership to Jan P. Acton and Helen Blumen, $1.65 million.

Hazelwood Dr., 8516-Afshin Mohamadi and Joanna Giasafakis to Joshua Charles and Stacy Lynne Combs, $863,000.

Ipswich Rd., 5805-Dean Carlton Dubois and Bart Grover Hudson to Lisa Plushnick, $1.34 million.

Jordan Rd., 5500-Antonio M. and Annette M. Santos to Tal and Kara N. Milkovich Alter, $1.29 million.

Lilly Stone Dr., 8013-James M. and Ellen B. Gibby to Christopher R. Ryan, $935,000.

McDonald Dr., 9020-Barbi Richardson to Gizelle Graves Bryant, $935,000.

Montgomery Dr., 9611-Bonny D. and John E. Palmer to Lydia Sullivan, $692,000.

Montrose Ave., 10618-Emilio Bogado to Gevorg Adamyan, $365,000.

Nevis Rd., 7013-Alan H. Kent and Cherie F. Artz to Bram Weinstein and Heather Golde, $825,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 8210-Antonia and James Spaith to Alexander Urban, $1.07 million.

Overlea Rd., 6120-James D. and Alice M. Hathaway to Amy Schoenhard, $1.15 million.

Radnor Rd., 7714-Anne N. Woodhams to Jeffrey M. and Leigh A. Senger, $1.07 million.

Ridge Dr., 6406-Marcus and Isabelle Ledbetter to John F. McCune Jr. and Carole Freret, $1.16 million.

River Rd., 4815-Lois A. Ehle to Maria Miran and Oscar Delgado, $515,000.

Robison Rd., 7929-Natelli Homes Corp. to Shouyi Wu and Jing Jing Chen, $1.4 million.

Seneca Lane, 9000-Timothy A. and Joanna R. Bliss to Abhishek B. and Suparna Agarwal, $1.3 million.

Singleton Dr., 9231-Joaquim F. Nazario Jr. to Gregory C. and Anna M. Whitney, $825,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 7529, No. C-Evan Goldman to Sridevi and Srinivasarao Pappala, $315,000.

Surreywood Lane, 6741-Matthew and Stefanie Krivonak to Joon Hyung Kim, $670,000.

Torchlight Cir., 4306-Michael F. and Maria G. Ryan to Scott D. and Ellen K. Paseltiner, $1.25 million.

Waneta Rd., 5308-Alex H. McKenzie and Patricia Heck to Amir Zamani, $795,000.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 331-Lisa A. MacLeman to Matthew P. Warring, $230,000.

Westlake Terr., 7420, No. 1402-Joanne Lawter to Metecan, Alev and Yusuf Erdi, $228,000.

Weymouth St., 10637, No. 1063-Juliette D. Gaitan to Yan Zheng and Yan Liu, $308,000.

Wickett Terr., 5109-Mark G. and Victoria A. Walters to Louise Yin Che and Sung Wam Kim, $1.29 million.


Barnesville Rd., 15833-Jamie C. and Alison Rodbourn to Cendy and Christopher Cabrera, $345,000.

Bucklodge Rd., 20300-Lingzhi Xiao to Curtis H. Campbell and Kathryn Bendoraitis, $390,000.

Dark Star Way, 18207-Timothy Matthews and Louis H. Bristow to Amanda E. Dali, $536,000.

Fable Dr., 18314-Mohsen Asefi and Soheila Rahmani to Frahad Rajabi, $577,000.


Crossmeadow Lane, 2117-Francesco and Jean M. Gambo to Adaku I. Obenwa, $566,000.

Golden Valley Lane, 19712-Kyu Dae Kim to Donald Edward and Sondra M. Douglas, $680,000.

Old Baltimore Rd., 18901-Andrew and Myeong Gi Shin to Matthew and Erika Terl, $705,000.

Sutcliff Terr., 2523-Gavin and Elisa Chaze to Aloisio and Rachel Reis, $343,000.


Alpen Green Ct., 2, No. 19-201-Sean J. Gerondakis to Kimberly D. Colley, $252,500.

Angelton Ct., 3902-Michael E. and Anna E. Scozzafava to Olyinpriye O. and Fatimoh T. Jackson, $325,000.

Berleigh Hill Ct., 3849-Harnek Singh Sandhu and Daljit Kaur to Verra S. Mubele, $484,000.

Cedar Tree Dr., 15200-Kyn A. Wilson to Yojaira E. Rodriguez and Rene S. Ramos Rodriguez, $335,000.

Dunwood Terr., 4246-Melissa M. Harris to Ranak M. Dcruze and Alice Baroi, $257,000.

Hepburn Ct., 3529-Surinder Kalsi and Surinder Pal Singh to Alexander Valdez Avila, $290,000.

Regalwood Terr., 4465-David V. Imbraguglio to Hien Ngoc Nguyen, $325,000.

Thistlewood Terr., 4209-Joseph Paul A. Swinski to Gaia Eirich and Mark P. Barnsley, $250,000.


76th St., 6509-Peter S. Vogt to Peter Morey and Jennifer Eigenbrode, $940,000.


Cannon Rd., 601-Benjamin Esparza and Ariel M. Mantilla to Clyde W. Rippy, $425,000.

Castle Terr., 3602, No. 102-Kiros Asmamaw to Amsalu Yeneakal, $286,000.

Herrington Manor Dr., 12353-Carolyn Teresa Aliaga Clarke to Diep Ngoc Tran, $339,900.

Kushner Ct., 13603-Tamara Powstenko to Princess M. Cooper, $525,000.

Marlow Pl., 12801-Benjamin and Cynthia Srigley to Carol Laverne Motley, $537,000.

Piano Lane, 3002, No. 42-Christina R. Helble Kelly to Sonia Phuyal, $231,000.

Rosemere Ave., 603-Thomas A. Chaisson to Julie Cannon and Melanie Miller, $395,000.

Sherbrooke Woods Lane, 11706-Everett Bellamy to Thi Ngoc Diep Dang, $660,000.

Verdi Ct., 13228-William J. Clark to Jim and Susie Finelli, $230,000.

Winhall Way, 710-Ermias Semaie to Sara Habte, Yosef Zeray and Tedros Weldeab, $425,000.


Aspen St., 4119-Daniel J. and Lindsay F. Greenfield to Jeremy M. and Caitlin Slowinski Steed, $1.18 million.

Chevy Chase Dr., 4841, No. 175-Sherry Bindeman to Gregg Ian and Lisa Gratz Gruskin, $805,000.

Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. S-D. C. Metro Investments Corp. to Margaret Carol Becker, $640,000.

Grafton St., 23-Richard and Amy Zantzinger to Jeffrey Forbes, $3 million.

Hesketh St., 135-Robert H. Shorb Jr. and Elizabeth M. Lavette to Brian M. and Kathryn M. Hart, $2.5 million.

Jones Bridge Rd., 4111-Ian Munro Gray and Patricia Sheehan to Brian and Dana Lee, $949,000.

Larry Pl., 8222-Alexander and Susan Michailidis to Jason T. and Maureen S. Meixner, $874,500.

Morgan Dr., 4815-Edward F. and Eleanor H. Howard to Emmanuele Delot, $1.15 million.

Pauline Dr., 3225-Eric Richmond Anderson and estate of William H. Anderson to Jeffrey A. and Amanda W. Beck, $749,000.

Spring Hill Lane, 9000-Zachary J. and Kara H. Karr to Reshma J. Pachikara, $750,000.

Village Park Pl., 8607-Richard M. and Paula J. Avon to Carl and Ellen Maccartee, $1.55 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1-907-Rosalind G. Stern to Jeffrey J. and Sarah Kanne, $1.3 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. PH1-D-Roberta Palestine to Janet G. Baldinger, $1.85 million.

45th St., 7110-Andrew J. and Jade Hendricks to Todd H. and Shana E. Jacobus, $2.28 million.


Arora Hills Dr., 23465-Antonia Louderback to Ousmane Toure, $386,387.

Blue Flag Cir., 23006-Manish K. and Nita Gupta to Aqeel M. Butt, $710,000.

Brick Haven Way, 22404-Ye Zhu and Huan Zhao to Adam and Melissa Longo, $464,900.

Burnt Hill Rd., 24006-Farrukh and Fauzi Rizvi to Cory S. and Norren Rehman Brown, $1 million.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 12824, No. 404-Elizabeth J. Everett Knott to Yuen M. Aguilar, $228,000.

Gardenside Pl., 23503-Tony Shoraka to Paula A. Lemos, $424,900.

Green Poplar Loop, 167-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Wing and Hoo Yin Yuen, $486,990.

Horseshoe Bend Cir., 12447-Sathish Jayapalan to Yi Hua Li and Yiqing Huang, $475,000.

Newcut Rd., 22713-Robert and Rita Galovic to Syyad Athar Ali and Shazia Nahid, $420,000.

Petrel St., 13741-Winchester Homes Inc. to Yong Quan Teng and Qiuhua Zhuang, $453,900.

Robin Song Dr., 23322-Manish and Aparna Nayak to Demitri N. and Jennifer L. Aggelis, $535,000.

Spicebush Dr., 22915, No. 1532-Andrea N. Hoffman Cline to Laura M. Hastings, $355,000.

Webster Hill Ct., 13-Mahesh and Sonu Mittal to Dhiraj and Kusum D. Rathod, $527,500.

York Mill Lane, 12743-Scott J. and Sherry A. Hancock to Mariama Kolon Bah, $462,500.


Bradshaw Dr., 14405-David L. and Karen M. Maurey to Bevon and Kerryll Roberts, $530,000.

Claude Lane, 14621-Russell T. Manzari to Symra Spottswood, $565,000.

Elm Grove Cir., 1269-Gloria E. Taylor to Juan Carlos Guevara Carcamo, $235,000.

Harbour Town Dr., 16533-Joseph H. and Hyon K. Shinn to Wesley D. and Beth Vu Kirk, $858,000.

Kings House Rd., 2113-Alan L. and Suzanne A. Freeman to Alyssa and Trent Truman, $475,000.

Maydale Dr., 1622-Elaine J. Habermehl to John and Shawn Marie Shermer, $500,000.

Notley Rd., 14900-James B. and Diane Levine Rosenfield to Brian A. and Nellie J. Thompson, $550,000.

Pewter Lane, 205-Colleen J. Proctor to Diane E. Scully, $535,000.

Windmill Lane, 1228-Marie Linda and Harry Sejour to Hung Ngo and Trang Nguyen, $376,000.


Damascus Hill Ct., 10009-Vladimir and Tatiana Slepushkin to Matthew Pearson, $359,000.

Hailey Dr., 24206-Michael J. Mansfield to Tuan A. Nguyen, $535,000.

Ridge Rd., 26708-Barbara J. Day to Magno E. Sanchez Romero, $390,000.

Sir Barton Cir., 10806-Janet Bean to Joshua A. O’Connell and Jennifer L. Gruber, $270,000.


Amity Dr., 17038-Kai Ti Yen to Divesh Anand and Sonam Kapoor, $533,000.

Camberford St., 16819-Judy A. and John Roger Johnson to Mona Akbari Ahangar, $532,500.

Eagles Head Ct., 7715-Joe D. Thomas and Patrick Lopez to Jachinta Rooney, $385,000.

Grist Mill Dr., 16113-Theresa J. and Ronald S. Buren to Jackson and Melody Schreiber, $492,000.

Horizon Terr., 7020-Amy M. Roth and Daniel B. Pixton to Lauren and Page Salazar, $330,000.

Lisa Dr., 17701-Franklin Pimenta and Maria Dores Ferreira to Nick and Jeannette Mikouis, $1.1 million.

Millcrest Terr., 7248, No. 5-2-Laura J. Copland to Dana K. Shoup, $310,000.

Muncaster Rd., 18901-Shawn S. and Jane Z.Z. Jing to Francis and Robin McLean, $415,000.

Yukon Lane, 15910-Jennifer L. Ferrigno to Yao Zhang and Tong Gao, $381,500.


Colesville Rd., 9524-David M. and Kathleen Faris Troust to Chasmin Dewayne and Robyn Rene Brooks, $570,000.

Eisner St., 416-W. Oliver and Kyle A. Walsh to Stephanie R. and Rodrick Owens, $427,000.

Foxglove Lane, 11104-James F. and Susan A. Finelli to Gregory Frantz and Stephanie Nicole Jacobs Snyder, $459,500.

Hamilton Ave., 310-Tecu Corp. to Brandon and Elizabeth Jonas, $740,000.

Legato Way, 11234-Albert F. Olson to Tolera H. Amena and Hanna A. Tsedal, $290,000.

Malibu Dr., 824-Edger R. and Edwin W. Coello to Rene Holder, $445,000.

Miles St., 9007-Emily J. Crum to James D. and Thelma P. Naulty, $331,700.

Normandy Dr., 215-Paul T. and Dana M. Stepnowsky to Jeffrey and Allison Koppernolle, $555,000.

Ocala St., 9503-Andrfew and Carol Spahn to Adam King and Emily Spivak, $545,000.

Procter St., 10301-Dale Allen and Mary Gregory Balderson to Charles S. and Colleen B. Kim, $425,000.

Renfrew Rd., 10118-Marcia F. and Russell H. Astley to Colin and Alexandra Lee Cloherty, $501,000.

Sidney Rd., 9901-Cornelia E. Davis to Charles Corrado, $360,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 1604-Corey D. Perkins to Susan E. Fisher, $280,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 10008-Kirsten S. Poole to Brian G. Wilmot and Alexandra J. Hoskins, $636,000.

Three Oaks Dr., 9240-Shah001 Corp. to Daniel A. Llerena and Carisa M. Sumter, $510,000.

Whitaker Terr., 706-Sinh V. Nguyen to William V. Lamping and Katia R. Nabieva, $470,000.


Blue Violet Lane, 18649-JLG Investments Corp. to Edwin Jean Charles, $407,000.

Broadwater Dr., 9239-Julio Florez and Virginia Torres to Ermith R. Ruiz Perla, $285,000.

Carlsbad Dr., 1333-Clarke Patrick Camp to Henry A. and Reina L. Villalta, $339,000.

Chelaberry Ct., 8123-Pawan and Monica Sharma to Nikita Korolkov and Darya Spatkai, $355,000.

Coriander Dr., 7909, No. 302-Brie A. Farkosh to Adnan and Dubravka Trakic, $175,000.

Cypress Hill Dr., 7204-Keelian and Kathryn Wardle to Jon Anthony and Tara Elizabeth Green, $660,000.

Filbert Terr., 7535-Lawrence and Maria Fullerton to Robia and Maryam Zafar, $310,000.

Girard St., 535-Shanta Kumar and Rima Katwal to Ashley Joseph and Tanlesha Alexander, $405,000.

Guildberry Ct., 7802, No. 302-David Morris Dumas to David Letteney, $128,500.

Harkness Lane, 19108-Henry Allen and Thanh Dung Cohn to Johnny and Bethany Ventura, $430,000.

Honeylocust Cir., 18359-Sung H. Kim to Mirna M. Guzman Gomez and Jessica E. Corvera Guzman, $290,000.

Mattingly Lane, 7510-Lawrence A. and Vernell Fitzgerald to Khadine Anna Kay Fisher, $415,500.

Meadow Vista Way, 17715-Byung K. Oh to Jesseca Albacete Belonio, $320,000.

Mountain Laurel Terr., 18549-Stephen Rhodes to Douglas O. and Sandra R. Galdamez, $570,000.

Pelican Ave., 596-John Patrick and Benda McKenna to Hui Mary Tian, $397,000.

Pompano Terr., 7205-Carl E. Morgan to Thomas M. and Susan K. Nastasia, $632,000.

Ridge Heights Dr., 19504-Michael G. and Rebecca C. Henley to Charles R. and Cara M. Lewis, $390,000.

Russell Ave., 8, No. 311-Baljit Singh and Satwinder Kaur Moonga to Surinder Dua, $165,000.

Severn Rd., 18716-James M. and Rebecca M. Mozingo to George and Valeria Ezikpe, $514,000.

Streamside Dr., 18324, No. 301-Alexander Zatuchny to Nitza Heller, $115,000.

Torran Rocks Terr., 19402-Francisco A. and Patricia Barrera to Vitalino De Jesus Berganza Rodriguez and Fredi Arquimides Velasquez, $339,900.

Travis View Ct., 1202-Barbara Pearson to Kimberly Lapine, $315,000.

Tygart Ct., 34-Douglas Wysong and Courtney Roediger Logan to Julian Timothy Samuel and Devini Shalomi Sanders, $372,000.

Watershed Ct., 8631-Lema RE Corp. to Bernitha Neverson, $309,000.

Windbrooke Cir., 22-Eric C. Sye to Roxanna E. Lopez, $193,000.


Amberfield Lane, 207-Kay Norman and Christine M. Kerner to Brett W. Goldstein, $436,004.

Arch Pl., 23, No. 377-Akilah F. Strawder to Zahra Farshad, $319,990.

Autumn View Dr., 128-Meredith Lyvers Benning to Bernard Arthur Joseph, $624,500.

Bayswater Rd., 12109-Barbara Kean to Steven J. Mance Jr., $410,000.

Beacon Hill Terr., 708-Mark W. Huffman to Andrii Begeida and Olha Katynska, $515,000.

Boat House Ct., 1-Rita Sahai to Christopher and Emilie Murthwaite, $679,000.

Bounty Cove Ct., 10517-Ganesh and Ruth Li to Shenghua Wei and Li Jiang, $470,000.

Bright Meadow Mews, 628-Carol S. Blackston to Shawn Cissel and Amy Lauterstein, $527,500.

Case St., 31-Michelle T. and Ting Luo to Elena Muehlenbeck, $624,000.

Chestertown St., 729-Matthew P. and Pamela B. McCarthy to Ian Lee and Lisa Ann Gebert, $674,900.

Chevy Chase St., 133-Gemma Mihyong Cho and Hye J. Pak to Tara Herrmann, $410,000.

Community Center Ave., 229-Cynthia Lea Mays to Elizabeth Dentan, $383,000.

Country Creek Ct., 2-Barry and Cynthia A. Adkins to Katherine E. Fleskes, $230,000.

Crown Park Ave., 610-Mehdi and Homayra Nassiri Nezam to David and Wendy Tsuneishi, $920,000.

Darnestown Rd., 11926, No. V-2-C-Irene C. Coan to Stanley and Corinne N. Levine, $260,100.

Driscoll Way, 117-Mark I. and Claudine H. Rubin to Scott F. Glenn and Debra Dagostino, $777,500.

Fenceline Dr., 14-Athena R. and Pedro M. Arguello to Sheng Guo Wang, $349,900.

Fields Rd., 9701, No. 2307-Vincent K. Wing and Siu Ying Wong Wing to Yan Li and Cheng Luo, $197,000.

Flints Grove Dr., 29-Joan Ellen O’Brien to Marwan S. Oweis and Fariha H. Khan, $818,500.

Freas Dr., 11209-Eugene and Asya Mirvis to Nazha Bourouis El Idrissi and Hassane Moumnani Tagnaouti, $614,900.

Glenhurst Rd., 13621-Michael C. Hughes to Amanda Flores, $1 million.

Good Meadow Ct., 15017-John P. Wattecamps and Annell Bond to Darren Kopp, $617,000.

Gravenstein Way, 15221-Patrick and Kristin Paolini to Vahid Khajoee and Azita Malekmohammadi, $715,000.

Happy Choice Lane, 11613-Hong and Lily Zhang Wang to Leah Jennifer Wagner and Stewart Everett Davis, $595,000.

Honey Brook Lane, 6-Virginia M. Quinn to Hong Dai, $327,000.

Kent Oaks Way, 145-Christopher and Lisa Hayes to Enrico Maluf Repetto, $880,000.

Lake St., 207-Erik and Heather Pulkstenis to Katherine A. and Matthew C. Sacksteder, $1.2 million.

Lazy Hollow Dr., 220-Roberta Helzner to Judith Fan, $419,900.

Main St., 1120-Nancy J. Heron to Eric and Rebecca Bacaj, $610,000.

Main St., 911-Richard A. Morenoff to Sulav Rupakheti and Sunita Maharjan, $544,000.

Mills Orchard Dr., 16013-Bruce M. Stott to Stacey L. Brandt, $592,000.

Natia Manor Dr., 14010-Terrence D. and Joan L. Fullerton to Xingfeng Wang and Qinqing Shi, $885,000.

Oak Shade Rd., 81-Xuanlan and Phuong Nguyen to Guy Mputu Kembola and Mireille Azansima Mikango, $295,000.

Outpost Dr., 10909-Ian P. and Lisa A. Weston to Ryan Jay and Amy Rebecca Smith, $690,000.

Parkview Ave., 336-Jose M. Contreras to Kishan Thota, $507,000.

Perrywinkle Lane, 230-Freweini Haile to Deanglea Zabrina Hill, $343,500.

Platinum Dr., 14221-Zhiliang Wu and Hao Wang to Htet A. Khant and Theingi M. Thway, $834,950.

Pueblo Rd., 12116-Pierre and Keira Bowery to Yoon Kung Choe and Dong Kenn Rhee, $540,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 836, No. 201-Xiao Cui Ye to Sheba Chalotte Bamutiina, $115,000.

Quince Trace Terr., 15605-Larry and Melissa Miller to Fredrick S. and Dora M. Berman, $650,000.

Ridgepoint Pl., 415, No. 14-Deborah C. Uzun to Leslie and Judith Toth, $305,000.

Rollinmead Dr., 15129-Gordon M. and Therese M. Bodnar to Johny J. and Mariam E. Motran, $980,000.

Shadow Glen Ct., 270-Hongying Jiang and Li Song to Ritu and Rita Sahai, $649,000.

Side Dr. W., 864, No. 14-D-Roger D. and Dia M. Stracher to Xuemei Feng, $220,000.

Solitaire Ct., 24-Jeffrey R. and Deborah G. Kosnett to Collin Seebadan and Abhilasha Rao, $510,000.

Sullnick Way, 11511-Nancy Z. Correll to Martin G. and Guillermo E. Sobalvarro, and Martha Samara, $335,000.

Tschiffely Square Rd., 322-Robert A. and Erin M. Jones to Donald C. and Barbara E. Richardson, $835,000.

Turtle Pond Lane, 719-Eric S. and Carrie A. Sypes to Ethan D. and Carrie M. Balsam, $850,000.

Uptown St., 405-Randy S. and Joyce R. Rossnan to Jeffrey Jenglon and Audrey Lin, $600,000.

Welland Terr., 14019-Larry A. and Susan L. Davis to Pavel and Olga Bathkan, $1.03 million.

Wonder View Way, 12200-Edward F. Fones Jr. to Lisa M. Schreiber, $575,000.


Allspice Dr., 18364-Ali D. Eidizadeh to Diana Adutwumwa and Rosemary Akua Frempong, $280,000.

Amber Hill Ct., 20828-Charles V. Kauzlarich to Jacqueline G. and Patrick A. Benko, $450,000.

Bargene Ct., 13-Lauren M. Bross and Sandra M. Roll to William I. Reyes, $401,000.

Beaconfield Terr., 20330, No. 2-Eric P. Stephens Sr. to Pedro Adalberto Enamorado Hernandez and Anna Paola Chavez, $172,000.

Blossom Hill Way, 13107, No. 2103-Shuda Li and Michael S. Merrell to Dalilah and Bruce Mbithi, $350,000.

Bridger Dr., 12913, No. 1803-Federal National Mortgage Association to Daoning Zhang, $110,250.

Bromfield Rd., 13905-Lily Xing to Dancheng Zhang and Jue Yao, $760,000.

Buckingham Way, 19411-Reshma Patel to Oscar Renee Berrios, $185,816.

Caledonia Ct., 18712, No. K-John C. and Valerie J. Duffy to Soon and Rachel Moon, $147,000.

Chalet Dr., 18131, No. 24-302-Leonor M. Delgado to David Manouchri Sales, $140,000.

Charity Lane, 17620-Timothy D. and Susan M. Brown to Daniel Greenburg and Alexandra Guyker, $675,000.

Churchill Ridge Cir., 12901, No. 11-Joseph Edward Smutz to Marco T. Cajas and Magan M. Bacher, $225,000.

Copperfield Lane, 15612-Hanijanto and Megawati Soewandi to Abayomi and Adebola Ajao, $769,000.

Creola Ct., 13718, No. 199-Reuben and Stacey Turner to Johanna Aragon, $278,000.

Cross Ridge Dr., 19200-Dhilshan D. Surasinghe and Nirosha Wadumesthrige to Andriy Volkov, $335,000.

Dairymaid Dr., 13135, No. 128-Jeffrey Gallo and Julie Case to Scott E. Benjamin, $132,500.

Dairymaid Dr., 13213, No. 25-Gerald L. and Veronica Wilson Cooper to Tammy S. Tira, $190,000.

Diamond Hill Dr., 13103-Ovidio and Maria Dora Alicia Guevara to Ju Hun Park, $292,050.

Eternity Ct., 14-Douglas E. Macauley to Kathryn N. and Jonathan Peterman, $554,900.

Ferry Landing Cir., 18947-Ihab and May Shraim to Christian E. Rivera and Juliet L. Perez, $278,400.

Gallop Terr., 14011-Kurt R. and Kendra A. Burkum to Christy Oanh Le, Chinh N. Hoang and Chau N. Nguyen, $339,000.

Ginger Ct., 18723-Tianwei Li and Yanhui Zhang to Kathy J. Holloway, $220,000.

Harvest Glen Way, 13631-Iyad and Rania Darwish to Hussien Abd El Baky and Meliha Zekovic, $405,000.

Hottinger Cir., 19326-Joyce Lok Man Chau to Mazharul and Shahnaz Islam, $280,000.

Kelley Farm Dr., 14925-Michael J. and Viviana Urban to Justin and Meredith Rettner Dayhoff, $975,000.

Kingshill Rd., 18504-Estate of Mary Louise Wise and Jerrold L. Wise to Xiaodong Qiu and Xiaoqian Xiong, $430,000.

Lake Park Ct., 6, No. 933-Michael David and Stephanie Ann Greenberg to Michael W. and Nancy W. Krause, $285,000.

Lark Song Dr., 13702-Rotimi Soetan and Jose F. Majano Salcedo to Ruben Antonio Salcedo, $317,000.

Locbury Dr., 19905-Carman L. Gannotti to Min Gao and Long Qian, $375,000.

Lullaby Rd., 13823-Ehsan and Maria Assefi to David A. and Sofia Seitchik, $575,000.

Meander Cove Dr., 13209, No. 78-EPR Investment Corp. to Olajumoke Akiosi, $212,000.

Millhaven Pl., 13113, No. 2-C-Katherine R. McGinnity to Lee A. Escobar, $199,900.

Mossbrook Ct., 19305-Justin Biermann to Monica J. and Fan Yang, $425,000.

Pickering Ct., 37, No. 102-Joyce Reible to Francisco Paulino, $199,000.

Pine Ridge Ct., 25, No. 12-3-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Dansui Pan and Xihua Chen, $182,000.

Prairie View Pl., 13001-Ashok Kumar and Lotika Sharma to Guan Yun Zhu and Susie Xiaoxi Cheung, $395,000.

Rayfield Dr., 19417-Rajagopal M. Hari Krishna and Bindu Kempanna to Peiyan Zheng, $379,000.

Rockingham Rd., 14013-Stephen Edward Mahn to Wing Chi Tsang, $445,000.

Sage Terr., 12866-Inci Ocal to Hengxin Chen and Jun Yang, $230,000.

Shadyside Lane, 13115, No. 10-160-Danielle D. Dupree to William H. and Isabelle P. Evans, $210,000.

Silvergate Way, 12305, No. 907-A-Kenneth A. Sanquist and Paila A. Tranfaglia to Antonia V. D’Souza and Sujan Bennis, $170,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18715, No. 9-201-Jonathan G. and Carrie L. Pollock to Barbara L. Hawes, $227,500.

Spinning Wheel Ct., 2-Arthur L. and Mary J. Costas to Stephen M. and Anastasiya S. Schreiner, $525,000.

Steeple Pl., 19052-David and Victoria Ly to Arun Vattaparambil Bhaskaran and Priyanga Narayanan, $370,400.

Sunbright Lane, 20412-Abhinav and Nisha Chopra to Vladislav A. Malkov, $343,600.

Thunderhead Dr., 13020-Dale L. Sonnefeld to Jose F. Ascencio, $305,000.

Timber Hollow Pl., 12556-Cynthia M. Triplett and Darrell L. Martin to Georgine M. and Paulo A. Joaquim, $295,000.

Town Commons Dr., 13020-Amir Ansari Jaberi and Courtney Thomas to Ima E. Greens, $385,000.

Wallich Way, 13023-Mateny Hill L. to Brian Keith Ebbitt and Aparna Rao, $519,605.

Walnut Creek Ct., 12212-Erfan Khazaee Torshizi to Truong Dinh Phan and Kathleen Vy Nguyen, $425,000.

Waterside Dr., 20233-Abrehet Abdu to Suzzanne C. Woods and Rodney Spencer, $340,000.

Whitechurch Ct., 11-Scott M. Springmann and Loella T. Pickering to Mariano Solis and Jose A. Torres, $255,000.

Winterspoon Lane, 13501-Michael Marcell and Kate M. Corrigan to Chelsea Boo and Yamil Boo Irizarry, $403,000.

Wonderland Way, 13257, No. 1-301-Suzanne L. O’Toole to William P. Bohrer and Lloyd Adkins Jr., $156,750.


Astoria Ct., 3504-Anne C. and Hughes A. Leblanc to Gabrie and Norkeilan Castille, $462,000.

Blueford Rd., 3014-Lorrie Ledesma to Ronald Lara, $422,500.

Byeforde Rd., 9724-John U. and Julie L. Richter to Alan V. Vouk and Caroline V. Babina, $752,000.

Colchester Dr., 4218-Julio C. and Shirley F. Carvalho to Elizabeth L. Andrade and Miguel A. Granda, $720,000.

Crestwood Rd., 10107-Timothy C. and Kaitlyn F. Connolly to Christopher James Horning and Meghan Christina McCarthy, $662,500.

Dupont Ave., 3506-Stanka Radeva and Assen Yanev to Michael and Jennifer Cherner, $905,000.

Edgewood Rd., 3319-Dolly W.P. Bronkema and Joseph B. Greyz to Alejandra C. Quevedo, $585,000.

Farragut Ave., 3607-Nathan L. and Katherine P. Davidson to Raymond Joseph Walsh and Laura Ann El Sabaawi, $955,000.

Franklin St., 4413-Richard C. Daniels and estate of Donald F. Nalley to Michael L. and Madeleine C. Diakiwski, $625,000.

Kincaid Terr., 3909-Laura A. Bowman to Ronit and Yuval Shafrir, $448,500.

Mannakee St., 10305-Sameer and Trushna P. Mehta to Andrew Michael and Claire Suzanne Witko, $617,000.

Nimitz Rd., 3721-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Katherine S. Nicholson, $350,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 3132-Richard L. and Kirstyn Purcell to Natalie Leikus and David Taylor, $490,000.

Soward Dr., 11416-Cory J. and Jeana Michele Dollear to Lisa M. Bucci, $435,000.

University Blvd. W., 3201, No. H-1-Ruth C. Perez Gamez to Gemma Giezel Ariza Urmeneta, $207,000.

White Flint Dr., 5205-Arturo Sanchez Corp. to Guilermo Jose Areas Solano and Violeta Margarita Barcenas Chamorro, $705,000.


Dunterry Ct., 25015-Elaine D. Eaker to Dan L. Chadwick and Patricia Mott, $600,000.

Goshen Park Ct., 21400-John T. and Lisa C. O’Connell to John and Celeste Mahoney, $850,000.

Hanson Rd., 24404-Donald J. and Antoinette Beaton to Susan Diana Willie and Alex E. Barros, $479,900.

Hipsley Mill Rd., 24312-Thomas J. Kierein to Zachary Jordan and Emily D. Mitchell, $580,000.

Lando Ct., 8309-Mark Prebilic and estate of Anne M. Prebilic to Javier A. Marroquin Castro, Claudia Olmedo Duarte and Jose R. Olmedo, $458,800.

Peanut Mill Dr., 10120-Jerome Charles and Judith Blanche Conrad to Andrew Howell and Michelle Joy Robinson, $445,000.

Rolling Fork Way, 23508-Mark L. Julian to Matthew R. and Ashley H. Johnson, $637,000.

Sweet Meadow Lane, 20100-Rossi and Linda Elayne Wein Bonugli to Julie Marie and Amy Christine Brown, $805,500.

White Peach Ct., 23606-Pun Lap and Emily L. Wong to Aditi Sehgal and Maunank Raj Shah, $649,000.


Apple Ridge Pl., 19815-Patrick S. Seibert to Trac Ngoc, Hoang Bich, Chau Hong and Lam Ngoc Nguyen, $264,900.

Battery Bend Pl., 20306-Eric and Samantha Distler to Brandon Eral and Karen Lee Williams, $385,000.

Bazzellton Pl., 19869-Xiaoyang Wang and Yang Qin to Ada Cecilia Blanco, $292,000.

Brassie Pl., 19431, No. 301-Hoa Vo to Pedro P. Balarezo Bedon and Pedro Pablo Balarezo Valladares, $100,000.

Brassie Pl., 19651, No. 5A-Claudette Sanchez and estate of Oscar R. Sanchez to Nane, Hilary M. and Morgan G. Smith, $238,000.

Briar Glenn Way, 9501-William C. Onksen to Gyunam Bak and Jihye Lee, $375,000.

Canal Rd., 9812-Gary A. Rosen and Tarek Badram Elbeshbeshy to Joseph C. Yu, $438,000.

Delcris Dr., 8684-Vicki L. Marino to Claudia Allotey, $365,000.

Docena Ct., 25-Miguel Edgardo Flores Elias to Dermawan Hariyanto and Elok Suciningsih, $250,000.

Drexel Hill Cir., 19957-Edward P. and Lynette W. Demarest to Ramon M. Quintana Jr., $226,000.

Dunbridge Way, 19249-Mary Ellen and Javier J. Icaza to Justin W. and Jennifer M. Sumner, $359,900.

Fern Hollow Way, 9514-Negar Bayat Mokhtari and Erfan Ahmadi to Saadia Akram and Sadaqat Ali, $308,000.

Fountain Valley Dr., 8530-Jocelin Villegas to Tenaw Gebru and Hana G. Kassa, $333,000.

Gentle Way, 20300-Allen Alvandy and Ilene Sue Weinbrenner to Gladys Y. Rodriguez, $283,500.

Halfpenny Ct., 5-Peter John Genovese II and estate of Mollie A. Genovese to Nicole Yeh, $385,000.

Hellingly Pl., 9724, No. 205-Poya and Payam Golriz to Nelly Elisa Vega Rocano, $118,500.

Highland Hall Dr., 20324-Miriam and John C. Peace to Edwin T. Nora, $460,000.

Horizon Run Rd., 9638, No. 18-Hermenegildo Velasco to Indra Bahadur Gharti and Pushpa Khasu, $285,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 9735-Carol Bauer to Ross Allen Johnson and Lin Tong, $252,000.

Lime Kiln Ct., 8601-Donald R. Swain and William A. Loy to Lisa H. and Bryan Frates, $467,500.

Maple Leaf Dr., 10089-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Orrin C. Kendall, $265,000.

Meadow Fence Rd. N., 18924-Steven L. and Rosann W. Boggs to Robert Grant and Amanda Iolani Buchanan, $360,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 19007, No. 6-Arquilla Ridgell to Lianjie Li, $100,000.

Nathans Pl., 18761-Richard Wesley and Richard W. Ishihara to Julian Andres and Ingrid Saavedra, $227,000.

Pier Point Pl., 18603-Irene Kayembe and Jack Masangu to Avigail Porter, $259,000.

Pleasant Ridge Dr., 20333-Sanja and Tomislav Modric to Charles Wayne and Sherine Sarojini Pratt, $454,500.

Ridgeline Dr., 9953-Mazharul and Shahnaz Islam to Jenifer S. Miranda, Maria C. Ortega and Jose S. Parad, $223,000.

Sailfish Terr., 9827-Jacqueline K. Luders to Clara and Jason Paone, $263,000.

Shadow Oak Dr., 9709-Patricia E. Simmons and Patricia Ricaurte to Roza and Vladimir Liss, $316,000.

Stedwick Rd., 10006, No. 102-Yvonne R. Hill and Cindy D. McCoy to Gene C. and Martha C. Schaerr, $145,750.

Strath Haven Dr., 20532-Paul and Delia Galley to Jennifer Fredrick and Denes Lopez, $235,000.

Swallow Point Rd., 20309-Irlande Andre Johnson to Vincent Anthony Tanchoco Obligacion and Amelia Rosario Limgenco Ampil, $410,000.

Tindal Springs Pl., 20104-David M. and Patricia D. Free to Tererayi R. Muronda, $389,900.

Tryal Ct., 8705-Jeffrey S. and Kimberly P. Larochelle to Maria A. and Abyselle Brumarie Salinas, $365,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18620, No. 6-Maged Sharaf to Fabian Jozsa, $165,000.

Wedge Way, 10030-Xiong Biao Jiang to Hector Wilfredo Paz, $250,000.

Welbeck Way, 8707-Ana Booth to Gloria U. Adu and Uwem Bassey, $200,000.

Wheelwright Dr., 19832-Ellen F. and Patricia B. Griffith to Miguel Angel Echevearria Uribe and Gloria Maria Echevarria, $299,000.

Whetstone Dr., 9764-Michael Burd and Courtney S. Amsellem to Nicholas N. Kittrie, $515,000.


Avenel Rd., 9507-Kiros Asmamaw and Almaz Asheber to Selam Ashebr, Tarekue Kerga and Yonas Bekele, $460,000.

Cottrell Terr., 9602-Susan E. Strachman to Dominic and Beauty F. Rozario, $320,000.

Moffet Rd., 1615-James R. Landolt and estate of Wilda W. Landolt to Jesus Gonzalez Hernandez and Hereida Raymundo Vargas, $334,500.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 709-Robert M. McCarthy and Margaret Ngoc Xinh Thi Tu to Mary B. Tewan, $94,700.

Schindler Ct., 11-Steven P. and Sheree N. Link to Cyprian and Phyllis Weech, $540,000.


Adderley Ct., 3167, No. 249-James H. and Cynthia A. Hensen to Eduardo M. Cunningham, $220,000.

Astrodome Dr., 14326, No. 63-Wells Fargo Bank to Robert Lee Clark Jr., $171,000.

Bassett Lane, 15401, No. 45-3F-Hazel B. Tullar to James F. Sockwell, $115,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3900, No. 1-Norma Nelly Roman and Rosa A. Saman to Roque Macha and Diecy Roman Camposano, $120,000.

Birchtree Lane, 3217-Serena Mehra to Stuart Allen Samuels and Joan Margaert Parsons, $524,500.

Bonsal Lane, 13805-David J. Vercelli to Barbara A. Liles, $465,000.

Camellia Dr., 12833-Norma Espinoza Deen to Egbonde E. Ohin and Josephine Adotanou, $450,000.

Casino Cir., 1404-Noel Alberto and Clelia Blanco to Eden Getachew Debela and Abebe Bikila Edo, $400,670.

Chesterwood Dr., 3956-Joan B. and Erwin F. Solomon to Caroline and Unray Headen, $180,000.

Clear Shot Dr., 2800, No. 10-35-Harriet Hershman to Violeta M. and Moises C. Tiongson, $215,000.

Cleese Ct., 14911, No. 4BF-Amilcar Cruz to Mauro A. Romero Rodriguez and Constanza Romero Buitrago, $170,000.

Connecticut Ave., 13011-William Buss and Daren West to Katya L. Caballero and Matthew Stormer, $540,000.

Elm Tree Lane, 2135-Brian M. and Lynell Bliss to Brian and Bonnie Parady, $415,000.

Farthing Dr., 3303-Lolita R. and Mohamed Mubarak to Sisay Gebre Haile and Yarmot Nigusse Ayele, $310,000.

Fiske Terr., 3571, No. 140-Malden D. Waite Jr. to Dudley Harvey and Lori Gabrielle Millen, $329,500.

Foggy Glen Ct., 1404-Robert B. and Sharon S. Helms to Anna Obedkova and Andrei Podlesny, $565,000.

Garrett Park Rd., 4406-Han Wen to Mia R. Lowden, $345,000.

Greenery Lane, 2303, No. T-2-4-Glen Waye Gardens Condominium Association to Maria Serrano Lopez, $155,000.

Hathaway Dr., 12903-Carmelita L. De Castro to Hubert, Teresa S. and Raphael S. Gomes, $410,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3301, No. 101-Shouki and Sandra Alsakir to Julie Doar and Richard H. Sinkfield, $106,501.

Hewitt Ave., 3425, No. 218-Tanya Clarke to Hawa M. Koroma, $195,000.

Hugo Cir., 1577-Timothy J. Haran to Skipwith C. and Linda R. Calvert, $405,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-504-Alan W. and Laurence W. Frye to Grace Tighe, $244,900.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-1009-James V. Brooks Jr. and estate of Barbara L. Brooks to Wendy P. Flannery, $204,900.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-626-Robert D. Bernier and Winifred Eloise Koskela to Bryan D. and Karen L. Parker, $195,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-412-Mason and Juliann Goldman to Kehinde Mbanefo, $170,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-809-Sondra T. and Ansel Morganstein to Li Shu and Ruei Lan Chen, $284,000.

Jeffry St., 3803-Michael A. Bosco to Jennifer Kelly Delgado Lopez, Jose Noe Delgado Gonzalez and William Rivera Flores, $355,000.

Layhill Rd., 12602-Winchester Homes Inc. to Charles T. Lauer and Daniel A. Sangaree, $579,741.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2921, No. 1-105-Andrea R. Brody and Linda Silverstein to Petite Barbel, $109,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3100, No. 715-Heidi Ruth Morse to Deanna G. Hilton, $315,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 215-Arnold and Vivian Kirshenbaum to Winston C. Barber and Wedlina A. Hunter, $158,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 6-628-Barbara Carleton to Florence H. and Morris Campi, $292,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-422-Robert J. and Barbara M. Sestili to Nettie M. Geier, $144,900.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 502-Daniel F. Cunningham and estate of Mary Louise Cunningham to Robert Hyland, $200,000.

Long Green Ct., 1-Nashat and Neda J. Hijazin to Juan Carlos Infantes, $305,000.

Ludham Dr., 3233, No. 189-A-Benice E. Blumenthal to Charles A. Gettys and Sarah Alison Moseley, $350,210.

Night Sky Dr., 13792-Luke Clifford Richmond and Cindy Cheung to Arunachalam Thenappan and Thenu Subramanian, $760,000.

Park Vista Ct., 18-Kazem Kazemzadeh to David and Danielle Marie Adam, $405,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14809, No. 402-Barbara C. and Alan Hairston to Robert Hyland, $230,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15311, No. 87-2D-Finance of America Reverse Corp. to Mario O. and Cynthia M. Anderson, $122,550.

Saint Helen Cir., 2917-Michael T. Heaton and Cainaz A. Vakharia to Justin Rivadelo Padua, $425,000.

Sheraton St., 2806-Igor Stacho to James Walsh and Brenda Estefania Ortiz Calva, $309,000.

Stargazer Lane, 13612-Nafa Adadevoh and Henrique G. Lopes Ribeiro to Rina Shrestha, $470,000.

Tremayne Terr., 3814, No. 22-381-William A. and Lynn D. Gangloff to Emilie Simone and Brian Tomas Pinder, $295,000.

Tynewick Dr., 3933, No. 9-Martha Karina Dittberner and Martha K. Munoz to Al Amin and Saida Othman, $300,000.

Valleyfield Dr., 14008-Angela F. Wilson to David Carter Gardner, $365,000.

Walking Crest Ct., 2106-Sharon R. Jackson to Yadong Wei and Jianyang Wang, $560,000.

Wimbledon Cir., 2204-Timni and Hardat Mahase to Negussie G. Woldegioris and Teshay A. Kaasa, $350,000.


Ashbourne Pl., 18713-Robert Richards and Crystal N. Yee to Ari M. and Keri K. Bonnett, $800,000.

Bishops Castle Ct., 17700-Martha G. Hoffmann to Syed A. and Ayesha A. Nasir, $710,000.

Buehler Rd., 17733, No. 18-Flatdog Properties Corp. to Khalil Boyd Davis, $330,000.

Clovercrest Way, 2900-Iris Kim and Ross Alexander Marklein to Jason C. Henderson, $420,000.

Fox Chase Cir., 18228-Leslie Payton Boyd and Luster Payton to White J. Walla and Lena L. Rezgalla, $358,500.

Jenner Ct., 4509-Michael and Marjan Pasgar to Rosa Emilia Benitez, Deborah S. Contreras and Rosa Emilia Benitez, $349,910.

Macduff Ave., 16817-Harold M. and Christine A. Bratlett to Renee and Paul Witherspoon, $612,000.

Martins Dairy Cir., 3642-Anand Ramachandra and Deepti Dronamraju to Robert and Sarah Breslaw, $650,000.

Ohara Cir., 18037-David and Carmen Black to Robert Atanda, $260,000.

Paladin Terr., 3023-Derrick and Whitney Treichler to Sharon H. Grostsky, $375,000.

Rio Dulce Ct., 17409-Vanessa N. Martinez to Rupali Deshmukh, $539,000.

Saint Augustine Ct., 3222-Michael Edward and Helen Abigail Montanez to Russell C. Capps, $334,900.

Softwood Terr., 3550-Mogees Ahmed and Mohammed A. Uddin to Dat Vuong and the Bich Chau, $348,000.

Toddsbury Lane, 3608-Raymond M. and Celeste B. Behrens to Caitlin and Randy Thompson, $525,000.

Wickham Rd., 18702-Gilberto Colon Ortiz and Rosa E. Acevedo to Mohan L. Gupta and Sudeepta Aggarwal, $875,000.


Brown Rd., 17208-Daniel and Joanne Hurwitz to Thomas and Cynthia Medema, $437,805.

Hoskinson Rd., 16908-John G. and Victoria K. Billerbeck to Stephen E. and Mary K. MacAvoy, $636,000.

Kohlhoss Rd., 17667-Timothy M. Heron and Annie M. Pare to Carlos L. Cortes Vazquez, $260,000.

Tom Fox Ave., 17028-Katherine A. and Richard K. Hart to Ashleigh Louise and John Ciulla, $625,000.


Accord Dr., 9520-Turnkey Properties Corp. to David and Allison Fialkov, $935,000.

Aqueduct Rd., 8403-Charles D. and Alison Levingstom to Ralph W. Fairbanks IV and Maria T. Leyva, $675,000.

Bartonshire Way, 1290-Joyce Watts and Robert W. Jenkins to Ishani Chowdhury and Subrata Haradhan Mishra, $649,900.

Bells Ridge Terr., 8404-Alan P. and Yola S. Rosenberg to Xing Chen and Jie Cong, $775,000.

Bettstrail Way, 1133-Shouyi Wu to Eltjon and Raimonda Nuredini, $749,900.

Buckspark Ct., 13-Donald and Carol L. Tender to Sanjeev Joshi and Asma Samiullah Siddiqi, $852,500.

Centurion Way, 11729-Richard S. and Elaine M. Braun to Yuvesh and Ruchika Passi, $1.6 million.

Cripplegate Rd., 10803-Charles D. and N. Dabney O’Dell to Xiao Wang and Zhixiang Xu, $2 million.

Deborah Dr., 10907-MSJA LTD to Dinara Besekei Sutton, $585,000.

Dunster Lane, 1479-Mark A. and Christiane G. Deitz to Peter and Joy Boone, $645,500.

Falls Bridge Lane, 9112-William Gunnar and Donna Petrocella to John L. and Vita M. Larkin, $1.59 million.

Fallswood Dr., 1421-Suzanne Ruth Hirsch to William Patrick and Gretel Figueroa Doherty, $867,825.

Fox Meadow Lane, 9229-Juliana B. and Stephen G. Marriott to Abayomi Edu, $3.2 million.

Gary Rd., 10140-Craig and Rachel Flamm to John W. Borchert and Francesca Ngolini, $991,000.

Goya Dr., 11830-Gina M. Faricy and estate of Jean Anne Iarocci to Ronald Sung Park and Claudina Cufre, $740,000.

Greenleaf Ave., 12291-Aaron Yakov Nagar and Debra H. Yakov to Sun Jae Yoo, $515,000.

Heatherton Lane, 7536-DMV Real Estate Investment Group Corp. to David and Ayle Karvani, $685,000.

Iron Gate Ct., 8904-Ning Tan to Jing Tan, $1.75 million.

Kersey Lane, 1409-Karen and Dolores Goertzel to Evan M. and Julia E. Ross, $615,000.

Laurel Leaf Pl., 10720-Tarcy Owen Abdo to David J. Schwartz and Sarah K. Taylor, $1.38 million.

Lochinver Lane, 8258-Young Jin and Keum Hwa Won to Jin Chol Won, $630,000.

Luvie Ct., 11516-Laurence D. and Shannon Estrin Rosoff to Ryan D. and Katherine Cahalane, $2.1 million.

Marseille Dr., 9119-Sylvie Zawatsky and estate of Kenneth Zawatsky to Kristian D. and Jennifer M. Shappell, $1.2 million.

Muirfield Dr., 10711-National Residential Nominee Services to Boyi Xu and Yufei He, $549,900.

Orchard Brook Terr., 12604-Deane E. and Grace E. Holt to Michael and Amanda Jane Zbarsky, $757,500.

Palatine Dr., 11404-Jennifer Ann Albert to Mark I. and Claudine H. Rubin, $1.56 million.

Patriot Lane, 11416-Neoimmunetech Inc. to Hongwei and Hui Zheng, $1.41 million.

Raymond Lane, 8305-Susan E. Baltimore and Robert A. Beck Jr. to Carlos Eduardo Candido and Patricia Landaeta Cuellar, $700,000.

Rock Run Dr., 10823-Dinesh and Amita Jain to Patricia Lewis, $2.4 million.

Stratton Dr., 1407-Ryan and Bridget Urgo to Gregory and Tina Basalla, $799,000.

Timber Hill Lane, 8610-Brian and Ingrid Nixon to Jason and Miriam Park Tai, $910,000.

Tuckerman Lane, 8045-Adam Myers to Thomas and Jennifer Whitney, $640,000.

Turnberry Dr., 9479-Madelyn Harris to Peggy Anne Olson, $1.03 million.

Wandering Trail Dr., 9109-Ross A. and Joan M. Lumley to Sharon B. Lamb and Catherine A. Meola, $844,000.

Whiterim Dr., 10910-Johnathan L. and Sarah C. Ramirez to Parastou Shahpoori, $465,000.


Anderson Ave., 523-David L. and Deborah Ellen Berry to Jacob H. Lloyd and Vanessa N. Rai, $517,400.

Antigua Terr., 10836, No. 98-Daniel E. and Diane R. Keller to Chi Kit Chan, $363,000.

Azalea Dr., 758, No. 13-Ruth E. Koenigsberg to Bradford Richard Adams, $360,000.

Balmoral Dr., 2897-John Wallace Blackwell and estate of Titika Effla Blackwell to Kevin L. and Patchanan P. Owen, $660,000.

Blossom Dr., 603-Bruce K. Davis and Heidi W. Hill to Andrew E. and Tracy Cowley, $547,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1606-Petrina and Bruce Markowitz to Michael and Ida Hsu, $303,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12403, No. 464-Kevin R. Gordon and Ashley Snock to Michael Charles Best, $225,000.

Brewer House Cir., 5715, No. 102-Nancy M. McGuire to Stuart and Esther M. Aiken, $415,000.

Bristol Manor Ct., 11908, No. 69-Vladislav Bulkin to Anupama Khare and Amit Kokate, $750,000.

Carnation Dr., 1039-Richard F. and Susan D. Barror to Roy S. Cloud and Cheri Dorfman, $769,000.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5716, No. 1518-Jennifer L. Menaker to Richard Rappaport, $374,000.

College Pkwy., 880, No. T2-Andrea Guckes and Alison Friedrich to Bendict Galeon Torres and Marilyn Henandez Magsino, $239,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11401, No. 2-Roby Fields to Zoya and Michael Brodsky, $470,000.

Copperstone Ct., 1046-George Addo and Alfred Addo Larbi to Stefania Alexis and Manfred Pablo Scott, $468,000.

Crabb Ave., 310-Thomas A. and Melba C. Stetz to Xiaolei Pan and Xihua Lyu, $315,000.

Darnestown Rd., 8720-John W. and Robin R. Sheets to Aref Alvandy and Ilene Weinbrenner, $885,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15311, No. 5G-Irene Chudny to Zhixin Zhu, $270,000.

Edson Lane, 5801, No. 102-Henry J. Norris and Sandra E. Pike to Katherine C. Bond, $384,900.

Empire Lane, 11225-Ross A. and Joy A. Demain to Roby C. and Coleista A. Fields, $775,000.

Fallsgrove Dr., 518-Yao Chim Chao to Jae K. and Theresa T. Woo, $549,900.

Forestvale Dr., 12108-William D. and Cecelia C. Sullivan to Agnes L. Chenine and Frederic J. Roche, $447,500.

Glenmore Terr., 2266-Yinishi Ma and Yin Huang to Nikolai V. Shaposhinkov and Tatiana V. Sechko, $640,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1010-Abnik Nasabzadeh to Andrew T. Turner, $341,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 207-Donald B. and Susan R. Reise to Bailey A. Timmons, $194,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. 528-Sakineh Shabani to Joseph L. Pusateri II, $170,000.

Grove Ridge Way, 5439, No. 112-Lidia Ruth Carnota Cohen to Daisuke and Yuriko Kanazawa, $596,000.

Hardy Pl., 194-Nancy L. and Andrew Fang to Billy Lee Woodward and Regina Damaris Landor, $527,500.

Huntover Dr., 11008-Brian and Kelly A. Baker to Stevan A. and Kathleen J.S. Varga, $1.11 million.

Inman Park Cir., 5821, No. 907-Bee Ean Gooi to Xuji Su and Yinzhi Qu, $380,000.

King Farm Blvd., 105, No. F206-Juan Jose Tjero and Silvia S. Garcia to Choonkwon Chung, $300,000.

Kings Riding Way, 10701, No. 101-14-Vanessa A. Lantin to Pater Albert Williamson and Mary Adelaide Brakenridge, $442,000.

Lambertina Pl., 13787-Mohammad Asif and Sharmin Malek to Jamie L. Henry, $599,900.

Lincoln Ave., 213-Joanne L. Crutchfield and Dorothy V. Prather to Zhixiong Shi, $211,000.

Longhorn Cres., 404-Hui Su Lund to Charles R. and Carrie L. Lund, $550,000.

Lynch St., 508-Anne E. Boyce and Mary T. Collins to Brian Benjamin Maranville and Kathryn Lynn Krycka, $542,000.

Magruder Lane, 11715-Elizabeth B. Bazan and Katherine B. Heller to Igor and Anna Kronic Nakshin, $898,800.

Mills Farm Rd., 13602-Hak Sang Suen and Sau Lan Cheung to Arminder Pal Singh and Anup Kaur, $646,000.

Monroe St., 104, No. 101-Kenneth E. and Evelyn W. Beckman to Adam G. Chomski, $205,000.

Mossrock Dr., 5805-David C.Y. Huang and Kathry Di Fong Liu Huang to Ginger Dietrich, $1.27 million.

New Mark Esplanade, 146-Vernon K. Sandin to Randall Owen Woods and Juscilenia Erica Martins, $479,000.

Nicholson Lane, 5800, No. 1-505-Olga M. Kouznetsova Smith and Eric K. Ford to Bahram Erfan, $230,000.

Old Club Ct., 6-Andrew J. and Susan F. Campbell to Ivone Kim, $850,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 801-Doris Y. and Lydia L. Yee to Jeremy Waldron and Crystal Grayson, $360,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1323-Laleh Hosni Jahan Hardine to Corey and Goggo Maryam Casbarro, $480,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2525-Young Seung Kim and Jeesun Jung to Kseniya Temnenko and Dmytro Sidoriako, $465,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1538-Mary Ann Wilmot to Jay D. and Moutusi D. Sau, $316,500.

Owens St., 722-Robert W. and Patricia Gentili Poole to Amy A. Costello, $515,000.

Patapsco Dr., 11504-Gregory Robert and Tina Gupta Basalla to Kathleen and Ilan Jonathan Oresky, $510,000.

Pleasant Dr., 1013-Tao Hsing Tseng and Wei Sing Chang to Sonia M. Moore, $640,000.

Potomac Heights Lane, 14331-Brookfield Travilah Grove Corp. to Eric Ho Yin Siu and Sylvia Lin, $721,563.

Regal Oak Dr., 1110-Behfar and Sarah Marr Rahmi to Erika Marina Kontner and Brian William Decker, $685,000.

Ridgemont Ave., 309-Muhittin and Beyhan Kurt to James M. and Nancy Paez Nelson, $560,000.

Rockville Pike., 10316, No. 401-Benjamin and Suzanna Ilkovitch to Thomas K. Winkert, $251,000.

Rockville Pike., 11801, No. 506-Minsu Lee to Izabela M. Zielinska, $210,000.

Roseland Dr., 6113-Luxmanor Custom Homes Builders Corp. to Jennifer and Ariel Lavinbuk, $1.05 million.

Smallwood Rd., 609-Chi S.K. and Alessandra G. Pham to Lauren Hope Komarow and Jason James Hillger, $705,000.

Surry Ct., 9-Ayesha Husain to Stephen E. Gittelman and Renee S. Orleans, $665,000.

Tildenwood Dr., 12202-Hanh K. Bui to Daniele La Porta Arrobas, $593,775.

Valerian Lane, 5949-Gail M. Schwartz to Ahmed O. and Osman M. Haboub, $735,000.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10016, No. 7-11-Arya Parsee to Theodore C. Lydon, $275,000.

Waycroft Way, 11027-Robert T. and Kathleen C. Frazier to Toni Troiano, $1.2 million.

Winding Rose Dr., 480-Matthew and Karen Rosenthal to Sujata M. Shanbhag and Moinak Chatterjee, $610,000.


Auburn Village Dr., 17811-Patrick V. and Joey A. O’Connell to James David and Champa Golden, $750,000.

Oakwood Manor Dr., 1004-Caragh M. McLaughlin and Mark A. Miller to Jeremy P. Gruber, $775,000.


Amber Ridge Cir., 12000, No. A-101-Joseph Wan and Stella Woo to Weiss N. Farouq and Elias Sayfi, $200,000.

Amber Ridge Cir., 12137-Jose M. Becerra Murillo to Shanzhu Lin Liang, $320,000.

Appledowre Way, 11406, No. 60-U.S. Bank and Residential Finance Trust Mortgage Loan to Dany and Marileny Contreras Morel, $168,682.

Arrowleaf Ct., 11204-Jason Jun Kim to Surya and Sujata Nayak, $530,000.

Brundidge Terr., 11525-Miguel Vasconcelos to Daniela S. De Andrade, $292,000.

Cider Press Pl., 11714, No. 15-Anurag and Sangeeta Sharma to David Eduardo and Jessica R. Andrade, $405,000.

Drumcastle Terr., 11602-Morgan L. Evans and Nicole R. Van Berkum to Carlos Alberto Montano Velasquez and Alicia Paola Montano, $310,000.

Eton Manor Dr., 11820, No. 302-Phillip Wise to Melanie A. Johnson, $243,500.

Foxwood Ct., 13-John E. and Lisa E. Gaegler to Sohail Sarwar Tahir and Zareen Fatima Raza, $530,000.

Gateshead Cir., 19921, No. 55-Vivek V. Pillai to Terry Ann Marie Morris, $235,000.

Gunners Branch Rd., 19625, No. 931-Pradeep K. Nayyar to Darline Pierre, $145,000.

Herefordshire Way, 11447-Qili Li to Shanne Leigh Ewoldt, $176,000.

Locustdale Terr., 11412, No. 373-Madhusudhan and Vanisree Annadata to Jamari M. Donovan, $210,000.

Milestone Manor Lane, 12523-Ralph L. and Susan L. Whalen to Dhyan Jyoti Das and Madhumita Barooah, $530,500.

Shakespeare Dr., 20701-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and New Penn Financial Corp. to Hector Francisco Carrion, $315,000.

Tewkesbury Terr., 20920-Ling Wei and Heng Yu to Ameerunisa Shaik and Sulthan A. Mohammed, $289,000.

Twinflower Cir., 19624-Meunda Nakena Williams to Oscar Lemus Alvarez and Enma Flores Revolorio, $225,000.

Wayfarer Rd., 10740-Lulai and Tongsuo Yang to Roger M. Escalante, $453,000.


Cameron Hill Ct., 1303-Knowlton R. Atterbeary Jr. to Senedu and Mulugeta Fekade, $690,000.

Colston Dr., 2410, No. C-102-Thomas F. and Jennifer J. Tepper to Ruthy Zaghdoun, $211,000.

Dale Dr., 705-Jenny Knopinski and Edward J. Murphy to James L. Corbalis and Allison K. Guarino, $612,000.

Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 416-Daniel C. Gill to Anai S. Montero, $218,074.

Fairview Ct., 1121-Frederic C. and Brenda G. Hof to Jonathan Braxton and Minjon Tholen, $665,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 2216-Victoria E. Ziegler Houck to Lester Mark Joseph and Sarah Ann Rockwell, $738,000.

Harvey Rd., 9329-Charles H. Nalls and Elizabeth F. Carroll to Mohamed Zahar, $750,000.

Linden Lane, 2202-Roy M. and Lillian C. Abreu to John Kylan and Mai Shiozaki Lynch, $715,000.

Luzerne Ave., 2030-Theron A. Gray to Karen and Wade Channell, $460,000.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1925-Jorge L. and Mirna J. Garnica to Matthew C. Fraioli, $195,500.

Milford Ave., 8533-Bradley A. and Stephanie L. Brooker to Nadav and Lily Samin, $660,000.

Newell St., 8045, No. 522-Melanie Kate Share to Miranda Wickham, $283,000.

Red Oak Dr., 1405-Rachel and David Schmeltz to Mikael Troubh and Helena Duncan, $660,000.

Spencer Rd., 2415-Rebecca Dawn Williams to Karen B. Levin and Luis M. Acosta, $575,000.

Washington Ave., 2100, No. 5A-Harold Silverman and estate of Judith Inman Brown to Donald and Lisa James Baxter, $205,000.

Wayne Ave., 306-Christiane Ramos to Nilda Mirtha Verduguez, $350,000.

White Oak Dr., 1700-Timothy J. and Mandy L. Whitman to James P. and Bahar S. Caulfield, $656,000.


Batson Rd., 16500-Kidist Yacob Abire to Arvind F., Priya A. and Kunal F. Lemuel, $182,500.


Conway Ave., 6717-Alcinda Van Deursen to Ashley Chaifetz and Casey J. Wichman, $478,000.

Elson Pl., 1209-Scott K. and Allison B. Hamilton to Robert J. and Christina M. Respress, $540,000.

Flower Ave., 7406-Mark Black and Mary Linehan to Michael Rubin, $800,000.

Garland Ave., 8501-Debra Friedman to Alexandra Swan and Robert Van Trees, $380,000.

Lee Ave., 116, No. 509-Lis Nao Corp. to Ernest Tito Bringas Jr., $215,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7308-Lee Melvin and Melissa Roberts to Matthew and Jessica Taguding, $382,550.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 402-Terrill J. and Bernice D. North to Dan Cong Nguyen, $228,400.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 1015-Susan M. and Kenneth J. Sheehan to Jasmine Nicole Marshall, $199,900.

Sherman Ave., 9-Elissa M. McBride to George and Kimberlee Hannum, $725,000.

15th Pl., 7306-Claude E. Barnes to Trevon Alexander Dursey and Mercedes Teasley, $319,900.


Ashleigh Woods Ct., 2021-Thomas Janecek to Gustavo G. and Priscilla A. Amador Do Amaral, $530,000.

Cedar Lane, 314-Carol A. and Thomas E. Van Antwerp Jr. to J. Michael Galway, $319,000.

Debeck Dr., 1016-Shaolin Wang to Matthew Wattleworth, $262,500.

Gail Ave., 809-Jeffrey A. and Lauren M. Earley to Jessica B. Dearmond, $485,000.

Halpine Walk Ct., 212-Michael and Julie Darling to Jiali Li, $620,000.

Linthicum St., 605-Homestead Homes Corp. to Rebecca V. Dixon, $515,000.

Simmons Dr., 1206-2008rockland Corp. to Kyle Moore and Hannah V. Abrams, $364,000.

Veirs Mill Rd., 1332-Collin and Caitlin Vrendenburg to Michelle Murguia Tamez and Michael Phillip Goralczyk, $359,000.


Ridge Rd., 342-Michael and Elizabeth Hutter to Lisa V. and Andrew S. Bielen, $445,000.


Amherst Ave., 10809, No. E-Adam M. Woodford to Ernest N. Shanaman Jr., $210,000.

Atherton Dr., 12209-Monise Maria Campbell to Luis Velis Maldonado and Dora D. Martinez, $412,900.

Bucknell Dr., 11506, No. 79-Oswaldo Ortega to Mitchell D. Fleming, $229,000.

Byron Ct., 2814-Homa Teramu to Alba Alicia and Elmer Turcios, $370,000.

Coleridge Dr., 2005, No. 13-202-NRZ Reo VI Corp. and Selene Finance to Scott and Jennifer Scope, $149,900.

Connecticut Ave., 12217-Paulette L. Gentile and estate of Evelyn M. Diggs to Guncha M. Sakhatova, $335,000.

Dawson Ave., 2810-Michael K. Davison to Thanh V. Tran, $369,800.

Dennis Ave., 2502-Jennifer Murphy and Robert Lee to Elizabeth Tossell and Kristen Pitts, $505,000.

Evans Dr., 2411-Andrew T. and Lizabeth A. Freeze to Danielle Marie Hincey and Joseph Albert Russell III, $449,900.

Georgia Ave., 9900, No. 27-Eric C. and Ellen R. Jessen to Fikre Wube, $180,000.

Georgia Village Way, 2323-David W. Bray to Stanley Noneze, $475,000.

Hanby St., 1513-Janice L. Sapienza to Isaac Rodriguez Jimenez and Hilda Moran, $330,000.

Hermleigh Rd., 505-Fernand Bedard to Edwin and Miriam Zaghi, $630,000.

Huggins Dr., 11844-Rafael Antonio Lopez and Carlos Edmundo Cruz to Henry E. Viera Romero, $173,436.

Jasper St., 1512-James C. and Margaret Ann Giglio to Brett Niles Tomlinson and Tanaquil L. Baker, $415,000.

Kemp Mill Rd., 11808-Alfredo and Rita Mazariegos to Elisheva D. and Aaron M. Levitt, $497,500.

Kingswell Dr., 2817-U.S. Bank to Omar A. and Daysi M. Espinoza, $293,500.

Leesborough Cir., 11710-Roland S. Carey Jr. to Ricco Davis, $367,200.

Lindell St., 2803-P & R Investments of America Corp. to Hao Dong Li, $449,000.

Livingston St., 12306-Maria Angelica Diaz Godoy and estate of Alfonso A. Madrid Noe to Lorena M. Vallejo, $275,000.

Monticello Ave., 11306-Ryamond D. and Barbara Hasting Kane to Reuben A. and Tzivia E. Rosen, $530,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2316-Rajesh Sharma to Minasie Negash and Nigat Dagne, $480,000.

Randolph Rd., 2803-Zachary Mitchell to Josue O. Canas, $299,900.

Rocky Mount Way, 10922-Abin and Elsa Joseph to Ozong Agborsangaya, $487,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 1206-A-Shari Bergstein Feld to Robert Gross, $150,000.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 1206-B-Feng Yen Li to David Mark Anthony, Ann Marie Zelecia and Jordon Alexander O’Neil Robinson, and Vinette Hyacinth Malcolm, $146,902.

Wheaton Haven Ct., 2003-Daniel W. and Thais Fernanda Glenn to Bryan Bentley and Caitlin Lechner, $455,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Adamstown Rd., 5910-Kimberly S. and Ronald D. Butler to John and Tracy Parsly, $265,000.

Underwood Ct., 5817-Charles W. and Donna M. Elgin to Holly M. and Amy E. Green, $545,000.


B St. W., 115-Jonathan Hoffman to Michael Aaron and Lisa Marie Green, $145,000.

H St. E., 210-K2NC Corp. to Jake R. Gillman, $255,000.


Buckeystown Pike., 3522-Beau and Chara Embrey to John E. and Bethan M. Kocka, $462,000.


Copperfield Dr., 4599-Silvercrest Properties Corp. to Ronald and Stephanie Stull, $326,500.


Alan Linton Blvd. E., 6552-DR Horton Inc. to Srinivas Kunchala, $499,990.

Basswood Rd., 7022-Katherine Coss to David M. and Kathleen D. Porter, $125,000.

Britannic Pl., 6517-DR Horton Inc. to Johnnisha T. Rice, $339,990.

Calvert Cir., 4303-Wilson Guerrero to Stephen D. Jenkins II and Patricia Mason, $315,000.

Crabapple Dr., 5646-Patricia and Karen Van Hise to Randi Johnson, $280,000.

Delafield Ct., 6806-Elizabeth A. and Charles J. Simpkins to Stanley and Francesca Knight, $272,700.

Ellison Ct., 510-Nicholas R. and Cindy S. Baran to Dustin A. and Lauren R. Willett, $263,000.

Forum Sq., 6004-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Zhaohua Wu and Jinqi Zhang, $309,870.

Himes Ave., 611, No. 106-Shannon E. Hicks to Teresa Marshall, $143,000.

Judicial Mews., 7133-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Christine Anne Spangler, $300,000.

Krantz Dr., 5952-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Matthew Dugliss and Elizabeth Anne Arney, $283,945.

Lyndale Way, 5437-Stefan and Caitlyn Sliter to David A. and Katie A. Zapalo, $265,000.

McGrath Pl., 6635-Jerry W. and Cristin M. Hill to Christian C. Botero and Evelyn M. Reynoso, $255,000.

Mount Phillip Rd., 6009-Heather A. Eckert to John Foster, $385,000.

Red Ct., 605-Manasseh and Cyndy Abijah to Joseph Mbong Enongene and Elisa Enongene Mbong, $410,000.

Sovereign Pl., 5343-David R. and Denise S. Ordonio to Yen Tran and Jasmine Vinh, $465,000.

Upper Mill Terr. N., 5514-Yawovi and Messan Adodo to Carrie R. Wells, $277,500.

Wesley Sq., 5053-Morid Rouhi to Sarah R. Hewit, $340,000.

Yellow Sheave Ct., 6840-Irving P. Margulies to Jonathan D. and Caitlin E. Swartz, $242,000.


Apple Ave., 622-American Pride Properties Corp. to Javier Alejandro Valenzuela Moreno, $238,500.

Bear Den Rd., 2413-John B. and Ann T. Whelan to Andrew R. and Christine B. Bernero, $399,000.

Blue Heron Dr., 8206, No. 3C-Mark A. Brown to Jessica and Pamela Wetzel, $176,000.

Briarcliff Lane, 8852-Steve W. and Darcy Basgall Newell to Jeffrey T. Watts, $282,900.

Carrollton Dr., 497, No. 13-Elke H. Hodge to Linda M. Rice and Paemla G. Coates, $139,000.

Chadwick Cir., 832-Karen A. Hamilton to James Staples, $138,500.

Cheyenne Dr., 307-Michael A. Hartman to Mauricio A. Senez Melara, $268,000.

Court St. N., 20-Pythian Castle Condominium Corp. to Fredrick R. and Jane Branski, $466,107.

Dogwood Dr., 1605-Sam and Premalatha Abraham to Armand Charles Atwater, $260,000.

Fairview Ave., 517-Mary Lorraine Rigg to Stefanie M. Carroll, $381,000.

Glen Valley Terr., 6260, No. 7E-Anastasia Kouyeas to Emily L. Dordevic and Matthew M. McKetney, $200,000.

Hamilton Ave., 49-Jess C. Reed to Jessica L. Watson and Stephanie J. Jenks, $225,000.

Hollow Reed Ct., 8024-June Faust Moore to Larissa A. Kurman, $237,000.

Market St. N., 730-Megan G. Clark to Jason B. Seibert, $249,000.

Market St. S., 329-Greggory J. Housler to Andrew J. Tate and Je Hi An, $429,900.

Mobley Ct., 1468-Gordon Fleck to Kevin Sekelsky and Shannon Robinson, $224,250.

Motter Ave., 731-Andrew and Katie Campbell to Alannah Farley, $292,500.

Pearl St., 402-Dustin N. and Amanda H. Showe to Robyn and Shirley A. Duley, $285,000.

Reed Ct., 8008-William G. and Christina D. Patterson to Lucas S. Horstman, $262,000.

Waterside Dr., 2520, No. 105-Victoria B. Firor to Holly S. Anderson, $235,000.

Third St. W., 121-Debra A. Shiben to John A. and Sarah E. Goulet, $545,000.

Ninth St. E., 31-Timothy R. and Janice A. Harman to Eugenia Maria Moreno, $243,500.


Bartgis Ct., 9489-Kerry S. and Franca R. McDonnell to Shane J. and Amy Adkins, $549,500.

Brecken Dell Ct., 2114-Antony M. Musembi and Joy A. Mbajah to Chen Xu, $249,000.

Cavenrock Ct., 105-Yong and Craig Bouma to Anthony and Tiwaah Gyapong, $245,900.

Harpers Ct., 1915-Nicole L.H. Orisme to Jennifer Cruz and Eder M. DeLeon, $279,900.

Robin Hill Terr., 1003-Nikolay and Elena Postnikov to Stephen J. and Traci D. Lowrey, $179,900.

Shelley Cir., 2507, No. 4-Joanne Marx to George and Jane D. Terrill, $175,000.

Spruce Peak Way, 1800-21st Mortgage Corp. to Navdeep Singh, $240,000.

Toll House Ct., 120-Meghan E. Crum to Elena Lizeth and Marilyn Stephanie Alvarez, $255,000.

Wilson Pl., 403-Joel and Amy Saydoff to John Keith and Mary Colleen Robert, $405,000.


Averley Rd., 3052-Dennis Allen and Sarah Anne Cario to Nathan Johnson, $675,000.

Broadmoor Terr. N., 5560-Anne Lipman to Michael David Olszak and Barbara Velarde, $692,500.

Innsbrook Way, 11105-Joan and Walter K. Maier to Roy and Radha Arunkumar, $597,000.


Sheridan Lane, 24-Sharon E. Green Morgan to Engin and Ozge Gelisen, $420,000.


Main St., 11919-Augustus C. Harris to James C. McLaughlin, $240,000.


Boileau Ct., 64-Travis Mitchell Unger to Cara Plunkett, $235,000.

Red Rose Ct., 4404-Dolores A. Weickert Harris to Linscott E. and Krista L. Hall, $485,000.


Tranquility Ct., 4009-James E. and Sue Ann Thwaite to Stephen R. and Rebecca McDow, $385,000.


Purdum Dr., 3829-Thomas J. and Linda S. McKenna to Steven E. and Tracy G. Brecher, $795,000.

Sleighill Ct., 1101-James M. and Charleen K. Rudeau to Meredith Hilton and Christopher Michael Shaffer, $499,900.


Deerwoods Ct., 8-Stephen and Danelle Deloach to Brian S. and Erin L. Bowser, $384,000.

Saddleridge Ct., 50-Owen P. and Lisa Murphy to James and Katie J. Zimmerman, $385,000.


Balmoral Overlook, 6714-Joseph Kehoe to Dennis James and Rebecca Ridenour, $510,000.

Chickadee Lane, 6801-Ryan Legacy Builders Inc. to Jana L. Conigliaro, $349,990.

Fox Chase Rd., 6913-Daniel Clint and Kaitlyn Giddings Wheeler to David and Alison Baker, $324,900.

High Beach Ct. E., 6629-Lisa M. Burke to Melissa Ann Rodriguez, $240,000.

Millime Ct., 6706-Dennis A. and Penny L. Huth to Aaron and Danielle Patrick, $499,000.

Shavano Rd. W., 6835-MS Aspen North Corp. to Vincent Chan and Lindsey Ann Harsh, $500,220.


Brookshire Run, 1728-Christopher C. and Amy E. Hunter to Kathleen A. Miller, $289,900.


Motters Station Rd., 14714-Lawrence Forrest Estate to Lewis S. and Jeffery A. Smith, $245,500.


Browns Lane, 7178-Rosalie V. Goodsell and John Staley Grimes to Katelyn M. Kumm, $240,000.

Founders Cir., 111-Geneva L. Coren and Edward F. Whipp to Aaron Fisher, $255,000.

Stoney Park Way, 12-Nicholas Toms to Travis Mitchell Unger, $285,000.

Wigville Rd., 5215-James R. Wiggins to Domineke R. Harrison, $460,000.


Bartonsville Rd., 5641-Bonnie Scott to Jaun F. Palacios Quintanilla, $215,000.

Brigadoon Lane, 9513-Nicholas M. and Brittany B. Costello to Nwando Mary Olisa, $349,900.

Carriage Hill Dr., 3818-David W. Eastep and Erin M. Brown to Louis M. and Becky C. Orsini, $505,000.

Katherine Way, 3589-Daniel and Amy Schwarzbach to Leila Whiteside, $411,000.

Penrose St., 9310-Mario and Leticia S. Pinto to Cynthia L. Ricci, $350,000.

Seward Lane, 3711-Bratin K. and Raka B. Saba to Mervin and Hazelyn Cardin Henry, $560,000.

Sprigg St. N., 3705-Arthur D. Leclair to Marvis Osel, $550,100.

Timber Green Dr., 3506-Dream Finders Homes Corp. to Abdul W. and Monique A. Harris, $630,000.

Worthington Blvd., 3627-Chris W. Barnett to Weysnish Tafesse and Sadat Ahmd Mahmud, $359,000.


Braeburn Dr., 301-John L. and Sharon R. Laub to Justin E. and Catherine L. Krajewski, $415,000.

Dublin Rd., 9804-Lawrence E. Williams to Gordon and Amy Fleck, $365,000.

Oakmanor Way, 210-Michael L. and Amy M. Piscotti to William D. and Mary R. Lull, $330,000.

Sandstone Dr., 222-Seth and Carla Clarke to Michael and Jamie Hallowell, $354,900.


Angus Way, 11210-John H. and Kimberly G. McGee to Daniel and Jennifer Leigh Saenz, $645,000.

Scarlet Oak Ct., 605-Henry B. Wilson Jr. to Caleb J. and Dana N. McConnell, $449,500.