Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ashton Club Way, 17951-DNJH Corp. to Luis T. Calderon and Allison Pacheco Vasquez, $324,700.


Barkwood Dr., 14421-Sylvia E. and Irwin S. Ruff to Ping Mao Wang and Fangling Lin, $477,000.

Bitterroot Way, 15109-Karsten U. and Irina Dahms to Larry and Anne Andreas, $610,000.

Harlan St., 4613-Catherine E. Leizear to Eduardo Abarca Echeverria and Juana A. Carbajel Deabarca, $395,000.

Kemper St., 4701-Raymond V. Barnes to Fredy S. Castillon, $470,000.

Manorvale Rd., 14204-David R. and Kazuko M. Hogge to John A. Henise IV, $440,000.

Myer Terr., 14731-Michael J. and Helen Toussaint to Mariana Georgieva and Daniel Ioannou, $555,000.

Superior St., 13124-Alfredo Cadena to Holly C. Billie, $420,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 14430-Michael Lecy and Seng Yeoh to Andrew C. Miklos and Pamela W. Klein, $543,000.


Arizona Cir., 10244, No. 35-Wilma C. Probst and estate of Louis Levy to Mariel Trinidad Acosta Hernandez, $565,000.

Brook Lane N., 112-Barry F. Rosenberg to Zenda and Obie S. Sims, $950,000.

Brookes Hill Ct., 6503-Emily Katz to Shannon Marie and Shawn P. Kelley, $800,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 527-FH Bethesda SL Rcu Corp. and Sunrise Bethesda SL Rcu Corp. to James E. Cafritz, $647,920.

Crown St., 5311, No. 24-Richard and Susan Barnett to Jay W. Blumberg and Elizabeth H. Kinkead, $996,000.

Dickens Ave., 9913-Monica Y. Lee to Rex E. and Emily C. Atwood, $650,000.

Fairfax Rd., 7400-Ginger B. and Thomas W. McLaughlin to Michael and Iris Rubin, $2.3 million.

Greentree Rd., 6304-Talon Enterprises Limited to Anil K. and Radhika K. Sustarwar, $674,000.

Ipswich Rd., 5911-Douglas Construction Group Corp. to Zachary W. Preminger, $1.52 million.

Madison St., 5910-Shannon G. O’Neill and Dawn Capaldi to Roger and Lisa Fairfax, $1.65 million.

Montrose Ave., 10601, No. M-Judith Lynn McKinney to Albert Simon Barsa III, $335,000.

Oakmont Ave., 5526-Charles J. Wells and Geraldina L. Blades to Michael P. Guerrieri and Kendall A. Marcus, $960,000.

Sentinel Dr., 5007, No. 40-Denise Ifkovic to Samantha Jaeger, $220,000.

Town Gate Pl., 7805-Margaret W. Haber and Allan W. Cameron to Lulin Wang and Yizi Tan, $1.16 million.

Windsor Lane, 4516-Mark Alan and Anne Marie King to Yi Wu and Rui Ding, $1.35 million.


Brookeville Lakes Ct., 19424-Bernard J. and Susan D. Rogus to Syed Ahmed and Sana Din, $910,000.

Heritage Hills Dr., 18916-RJRE Investments Corp. to Abigail Margaret and Daryl James Witt, $520,000.


Bryan Rd., 3112-William Joseph Bankstone and Kelly Ann Fields to Karen Ann Wright, $33,200.

Greencastle Rd., 3002-Alba and Fabian Sanchez to Eduardo A. Salazar and Derly Carolina Cruz Viasus, $476,000.

Scarlet Sage Ct., 6-Kathy Lorraine Davis Nichols to Onawa N. Simmons, $305,000.

Van Horn Way, 3630-Robert J. and Arlene T. Brown to Timnit Yakob, $315,000.


Arbie Rd., 12101-Jayne P. and Richard Gray Jordan to Glen Lalnun Tluanga, $425,000.

Chiswick Ct., 1719-Nitin Singh to Kimberly L. Nuyen, $425,000.

Cricket Lane, 14128-Greg A. Scholl to Alfred T. Chai, $510,000.

Heartfields Dr., 1105-Chandrashekhar Tamasker and Bernadine Karunaratne to Xing Quin Xu and Wan Hua Ning, $665,000.

Loft Way, 1723-Robert E. Beatty Jr. to James R. and Audrey M. King, $510,000.

Musicmaster Dr., 13107, No. 86-I. Chen Lin to Saveliy Samoylov, $253,000.

Partridge Dr., 13209-Thien Lan Bui and Hoai Duc Tran to Getahun Mhiretie and Birtukan Kassa, $490,000.

Sherwood Forest Dr., 13713-Thomas J. Murchison to Michael J. and Alison E. Canning, $570,000.

Stravinsky Terr., 13231-David S. Rose to Alicia D. Guy, $320,000.

Venetian Rd., 13129-Tafari Makonnen and Tiruaynet Abebe to Nawraz Abdelgadur Shawir, $586,840.


Chevy Chase Blvd., 4828-Mary Helen Silverthron and estate of Karen W. Sharif to Derek and Christie Harman, $900,000.

Elm St., 4411-Deborah D. Ingram to Kim Hoa Thi Lam and Hieu Minh Tran, $865,000.

Irving St. E., 5-Patrick and Erin Dorton to Katherine G. and Angus Lamond, $1.85 million.

Oakridge Ave., 6909-Carol D. Spence to Brian Farrell and Lauren Wield Rice, $1.06 million.


Arora Hills Dr., 23420-Ari M. and Keri Kahn Bonnett to Garth and Tamaira Mitchell, $600,000.

Brightwell Dr., 12800-Sharon Jasim and Tarek Hanif to Rachel and Linda Scott Griffin, $415,000.

Clarksburg Rd., 22655-Winchester Homes Inc. to Janell and Kendrick Chery, $430,000.

Frederick Rd., 23001-Sang Kyune Lee to Christopher and Pauline Wendling, $655,000.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23229-Brian and Sarah Belonia to Darya A. Litvinchuk, $425,000.

Trentworth Way, 22236-Roger Lisa Echeandia to Nabil K. Moussa and Maha Aranca, $470,000.


Claude Lane, 14907-Michael K. Haney to Cherri Larynn Branson, $564,900.

Good Hope Rd., 15741-Sheriff B. and Olabisi A. Daramy to Anna A. and Russel Gumbs, $799,000.

Soapstone Lane, 308-Heath W. Alexander to Mariela and George Vasilos Travis, $525,000.


Shelldrake Cir., 10175-Shelly A. Dunn to Mary Sexton, $243,000.

Woodview Dr., 28532-Thomas W. Sisk Jr. to Elmer O. and Maria E. Segovia, $395,000.


Dun Horse Lane, 5701-Baxter Corp. to Juan Francisco, Maria Irma and Juan F. Batres, $410,000.

Miller Fall Rd., 7804-Ariel Deforrest and Edith F. Robinson to Diana Carolina Carrasco, $425,000.

Wild Flower Ct., 5809-William R. and Maxine Mae Callender to Daniel E. Soto and Sharon Fitzgerald, $665,000.


Childs St., 10838-Shirley Howell Baucom to Damian Aaron Knox, $430,000.

Dallas Ave., 9912-Timothy R. and Jennifer Husson to Ryan Haerer and Kira McMenamin, $570,000.

Geren Rd., 8626, No. 15-5-Gwyneth H. Granville to Arlene M. Ruiz, $276,000.

Loxford Terr., 920-Shaka S. and Omnias L. White to Nicholas Peter and Rachel Sidford Archambault, $419,000.

Normandy Dr., 218-John D. and Jessica L. Boynton to James P. and Courtney M. Connor, $505,000.

Renfrew Rd., 10102-Joaquin Aristides Barahona to Reez O. Attanayaka Mudalige, $580,000.

Weaver St., 9314-Chris J. and Sandra Benson Brantley to Wa Chau, $330,000.


Blue Violet Lane, 18721-Bernard A. and Sandra R. Babcock to Miguel Francisco Lara Moguel, and Milagro Suyapa and Daniel Alejandro Lara, $435,000.

Cambourne Ct., 8237-Jason C. and Kishanna L. Harley to Lesley Earl, $464,900.

Cinnabar Terr., 7528-James P. and Jennifer A. Etzel to Evan M. Weidner and Stephanie B. Flores, $395,226.

Glendower Rd., 18909-Peter Michael Wilson to Robert L. Harris, $390,000.

Meadow Green Way, 8468-Moses A. and Adeola Obajemu to Christine Afolabi, $349,000.

Odendhal Ave., 558-Debra and Donald Wilkinson to Maryam Behta and Alireza Alavi, $319,000.

Purple Martin Lane, 18706-Evidan Marroquin to Gelber A. Lemus and Susan M. Andrade, $240,000.

Saybrooke View Dr., 302-Alisha Sharee and Marion Corday Keehn to Stephen B. Yetso, $400,000.

Summit Hall Rd., 563-Tomasz Gebala and Elzbieta Gustyn Jr. to Obed Moz Ramirez and Melany Gessel Moz Lazo, $299,900.


Booth St., 102, No. 22-Jennifer Campbell to Jacqueline Mendoza, $289,000.

Cherry Grove Dr., 11736-Mohammad Mansour Rouhanian to Farid and Juana Gonzalez Beltran, $465,000.

Coral Reef Dr., 644-Jesus Yactayo Mendiz and Maria Clara Yactayo to Sara J. Schonfeld and Daniel Laufer, $380,000.

Fields Rd., 9701, No. 306-Dorothy Jean and Charles Lee Harris to Luisa Fernanda Gutierrez, $110,000.

Galesville Ct., 1-Debra Jean Mead to Christian H. and Andrew J. Malinowski, $600,000.

Goodport Lane, 1-Rody and Andrea H. Nunez to Hector and Erin Guzman, $350,000.

Hillside Lake Terr., 921, No. 301-Christina Casarella Barrie to Carly M. Fumai, $225,000.

Kent Oaks Way, 222-Adrienne Burns Burlington to Ryan T. and Patricia V. Haggerty, $860,000.

Market St. E., 701-Kelly Eugene and Denise Thinnes Bossard to Mark P. and Tatyana Braginsky Williamson, $824,900.

Owens Glen Way, 11708-James H. and Suzanne R. Folks to Jahanvi H. and Hirenkumar H. Patel, $750,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 708, No. P1-Leslie C. Friedson to Alejandro Lara Jr., and Lorena M. and Fernando Delgado, $119,900.

Roan Lane, 11920-Donald R. Mordus to Chang Liu Phillips and Jingbo Zhang, $285,000.

Tschiffely Square Rd., 610-John A. and Nancy E. Evans to Russell V. Kelley III, $599,900.


Ambassador Terr., 20424-Atkinson Longmire to Darren Matthew Waldron, $249,900.

Bailiwick Terr., 13849-Calvin C. and Mary Christina Sisson to Monica Gavala, $420,000.

Caravan Dr., 19442-Benjamin L. and Pooja Gupta Campbell to Ranjan Sitaula and Kripa Tiwari, $390,000.

Dunbar Terr., 13741-Edmond and Christina Golden to Parysima Zamani Esteki, $382,500.

Falconcrest Rd., 14008-Shen Xu and Yuou Wu to Jason R. and Claudia Knight, $639,000.

Galway Bay Cir., 19627, No. 401-Wendy M. Hill and Shereen M. Malek to Ryan Figueroa, $155,000.

Liberty Heights Lane, 19333-Mark and Teresa Derrick Mills to Tanya J. Meekins, $290,000.

Red Pepper Ct., 12625-Karla M. Villalobos to Firouzeh Ikder and Vahid Varzandeh, $229,900.

Shadyside Way, 20549, No. 18-2-Lorin Steven Gellman and Anthony James Durborow to Alma Aurora Apostol, $214,750.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18821, No. 2-Barbara Stukes to James Lang and Melissa Difato, $244,900.

Village Fountain Dr., 18631-Mark J. Schielke to Michael A. Love, $325,000.

Whitechurch Ct., 2-Arfan A. Sandhu and Ulfat Masih to Ivette Licia Morales and Licia Bahal, $230,000.


Burtonhill Dr., 2919-Sihan Gao to Tania Rivero, $630,000.

Faulkner Pl., 2928-Krisztina and James A. Miner to Daniel Gerard Kruger and Meghan Lindsey Clyne, $658,500.

Glenridge St., 4100-Mario Amorim and Ed Stipp to Daniel Christopher and Rebecca Lynn Crowe, $1.76 million.

Mitscher St., 11103-King Kei Ngan to Keith Aaron Martinez and Alyssa Rea Spitzr, $510,000.

Stark St., 3502-Anne C. Ellis and estate of Mary C. Roberts to Christopher M. and Kate Helen Dinobile Grant, $485,000.


Goshen Valley Dr., 9136-Alberto Leonardo and Christina Barella to Douglas S. and Kathryn S. Davis, $749,900.

Rolling Hill Lane, 22336-Louis J. and Carol A. Maroglio to Maurice B. and Margie L. Edwards Haywood, $735,000.


Bishopstone Ct., 18458, No. 249-John Dung T. Lam to Khan Mohammad, $170,000.

Brassie Pl., 19432-Elizabeth M. Byrne to Bryian and Terry Tan, $183,000.

Chatteroy Pl., 9425-Angel E. Garcia and Carolina Z. Garcia Ablanque to Timothy L. and Aquanetta A. Momyer, $360,000.

Dowling Park Pl., 8812-Ryan Mollet to Timothy David and Paige Marie Berry, $260,000.

Harbor Tree Ct., 10-Rita and Satya Sarkhel to Kwabena Abuaku Agyekum, $241,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 19006, No. 1-Anthony Malek to Ranjit and Mita Chattopadhyay, $119,000.

Shadow Oak Dr., 9722-George L. Crawford to Katherine E. Fleskes and Julio A. Martinez Geron, $216,000.

Watkins Mill Pl., 10113-Yamil and Beatriz Simon to Claudia Gisella Chuqui Galindo, $270,000.


La Grande Rd., 1003-Shelby Sears and Jamie Glidewell to Scott M. Branner, $515,000.

12th Ave., 8414-Victor A. Martinez and Adriana De La Torre to Mouhamadou K. Diop, $242,299.


Aquarius Ave., 2910-Andrew W. Ziolkowski to Ayesha Arefin and Dustin Sanders, $375,000.

Bethpage Lane, 13817-Wendell C. and Marie S. Wallace to James Michael Eaton and Maureen McNulty, $550,000.

Charles Rd., 12301-Ross A. Vanderhoof to Deysi B. Mollo Coripuna and Reynaldo Angel Torres Huaranca, $365,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3502-Etsegenet Lemma to Edmond Mo, Christine B. Phong, Huy Phong and Phuong Candy Phong, $600,000.

Georgia Ave., 13616-Michael J. and Selena R. Murphy to Hlina Z. Tadesse and E. L. Molla, $378,000.

Goodloe Rd., 11707-Preeti and Sanjay Sharma to John Pellegrino and Tabitha Gold, $342,500.

Idlewood Rd., 11807-Wanda J. Reedy to Jairo J. and Karen Y. Monroy, $395,000.

Janet Rd., 3411-House Buyers of America to Rudy Rogue, $412,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2904, No. 310-Carol A. Keegan to Susan M. Krupka, $225,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-723-Frances K. Feder to Blanca Cedillos, $190,000.

Nordic Hill Cir., 1600-Mary F. Costantino to Denbernesh Yigizaw and Lemi Bedada, $489,000.

Red Eagle Lane, 14122-Tolulope Amiola to Justina Nkemakonam and Godswill Ogbonna Kanu Okorie, $385,000.

Snowbird Terr., 2700, No. 8-13-Henry Omar Marnghitr to Katie Buffano, $202,000.

Village Gate Dr., 14917-Nguyen H. and Tuan to Dzuyen Kim Pham, $560,000.


Brimstone Academy Ct., 121-Luz Maria Gonzalez and Edwin Rivera Martinez to Kanchan Arora, $1.06 million.

Clover Hill Lane, 18820-Thel M. Tibbs to Justus and Judith Mulwa, $525,000.

Dumfries Terr., 2104-Kevin P. and Lauren A. Eckert to Joanna M. Dwin, $467,000.

John Carroll Dr., 3600-Gilber Martin and Tracy L. Sales Anderson to Carlos and Sandra V. Guzman Salvado, $595,000.

Queen Elizabeth Dr., 18107-Kathryn Stubblefield to Courtney Evonne and Lucas Richardson, $494,500.

Roseneath St., 3807-Dennis F. and Debra R. Day to Jeffrey Glenn Stromberg, $495,000.

Thornhurst Dr., 4617-Mark and Teresa Lavoie to Joshua Ethan and Katherine Ann Brill, $610,000.


Hoskinson Rd., 17446-Jamison Brothers Corp. to Bijay Khadka and Rashmina Risal, $228,000.


Ambleside Dr., 12309-Lee O. Feinberg to Robert Cheng Pu Weng and Zhuldyz Baimbayeva Weng, $649,000.

Canterbury Way, 1381-Nga Thi Pham Trust to Kevin Cuellar, $595,000.

Colebrook Terr., 11300-Carl Louis Naser Corp. to Valerie G. and Josh P. Mayer, $973,000.

Garden Ct., 9417-Sumita Chaudhuri to Cynthia Rosborough, $784,500.

Henry Fleet Dr., 11810-Anne Alice Alexander and estate of Alice L. Alexander to Ali Foosherian and Neda Akbari, $632,000.

Maidens Bower Dr., 12704-Lynn and Mark Beasman to Leanne Austin Miller and Juan Jose Tijero, $900,000.

Old Coach Rd., 11013-Steven I. and Suzanne K. Sloan to Matthew C. and Patricia R. Gill, $810,000.

Paisley Pl., 8105-Mary Kathryn O’Brien to Mark Gary and Teresa Anita Weingart, $825,000.

Rosalinda Dr., 11800-Ayda Sanver to Ahsen M. Khan and Farheen Kaleem, $670,000.

Stratton Dr., 2420-Eric S. and Debrah D. Dunner to Jacqueline T. and Jeidy N. Levandez, $775,000.

Turnberry Dr., 9401-Robert H. Fogarty to Michael K. and Phoebe M. Manders, $1.2 million.

Twining Lane, 11612-Arnold M. and Stephanie L. Hecht to George Godding and Beverly Mowery, $1.3 million.

Woodington Terr., 11405-Goitom Ketema and Workie Semere to Kun Xu, $1.4 million.


Barbados Pl., 5903, No. 220-Maria Lorena Ordonez to Claudia Grimaldi, $382,500.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1212-Benjamin and Ronald Schimel to William J. and Barbara C. Tedeschi, $465,000.

Calabash Ct., 59-Gaurang M. and Salony G. Maniar to Shyue Hong Chuang and Jun Su Lee, $685,000.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5708, No. 1907-Christofer L. and Stephen F. Sundlof to Erick M. Rivas, $376,400.

Crofton Hill Lane, 131-Rosanna M. Coffey and Timothy J. Stranges to Tommy and Xiaojun Jones, $720,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 2007-Daniel and Jenna Romanoff to Stephen M. Ross, $276,000.

Horners Lane N., 212-Robert W. Gilroy to Brian and Angela Crowe, $549,990.

King Farm Blvd., 502, No. 306-Eugene and Surrell Silverman to Richa Agarwala, $499,500.

Lincoln Ave., 303-Jose M. Mendoza and Mayra Y. Morales to Waiguang Hou and Jian Qi, $398,000.

Mapleton Rd., 715-John Luther and Karen Phillips to Jessica Samantha and Nelson Edgardo Martinez, $357,000.

Montgomery Ave. W., 524-Chenglan Su to Brenda S. and Roger C. Gibson, $925,000.

Nelson St., 1015, No. 38-101-Susan Anastasi and estate of Emily J. Cooke to Katherine M., Roger W. and Donald Bordine, $395,000.

Piccard Dr., 1444-KF Property Owner Corp. to Daniel Sergio Kaufman, $805,000.

Reserve Champion Dr., 912-David A. and Lisa D. Ulanow to Hyle K. Nusbaum, $639,000.

Rockville Pike., 11801, No. 202-Shlomo and Rachel Carmi to Pradeep Kumar Dagur, $190,000.

Tildenwood Dr., 11919-Joan L. Mancuso to Imbar and Rowie Lipsitz, $635,000.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10016, No. 6-11-Afarin Shahidi to Vidhi Urmil Dharia, $275,000.


Thomas Village Lane, 17814-NVR Inc. to Rohul and Qalbia Ghazal Amin, $586,980.


Cider Barrel Dr., 20350-Katherine Beebe to Derek and Ana Holt, $400,000.

Elderberry Terr., 19317-Montreal Properties Corp. to Amelia and Mary Catherine Baechtel, $226,500.

Gunners Ct., 2-Anna L. Riley to Tracey Nicole McDonald, $393,000.

Major Dr., 12224-David and Glen Edward Huston to Kim Young Tan and Kim Hong Seb, $395,000.

Sojourn Ct., 21046, No. 60-Michael and Sandra Chambers to David E. Wells and Septeriani A. Putri, $339,000.


Dale Dr., 1304-Dianne Sue Tencer to James R. Hefner IV and Caitlin T. Holland, $635,900.

Glenridge Rd., 9112-Barbara Marie Savarese to Elizabeth Roberge Malerba and Jeremy Thomas Horan, $595,000.

Seminary Rd., 2410-Elaine Bradley to Scott Thomas and Judith Mary Janiczak, $505,000.

Wayne Pl., 305-David J. Pass to Earl Zollicoffer and Jyana S. Browne, $515,000.


Delmont Lane, 1521-Veronica Fletcher and Collin Elias to Jessica D. and Daniel L. Robertson, $292,500.

Grant Ave., 228-David S. McHold and estate of Ted B. McHold to Julie and Brian Gabriel, $589,000.

Poplar Ave., 6718-Eric L. Holt and Margaret A. Heinlen to David Guillermo Holliday and Natalia Victorovna Malysheva, $665,000.


Abbott Rd., 1311-Helen M. and Albert H. Ratliff to Jinglu Qaio and Guiying Pan, $309,000.


Amherst Ave., 10851, No. 202-Anisa and Ahoura Afshar to Jordan T. Allen, $295,000.

Berry St., 12017-Richard Angelo and Linda S. Licata to Ines Rocio Hourwitz and Ines Mercedes De La Cruz, $280,000.

Bucknell Dr., 11514, No. 124-Residential Value Corp. to Tania Irizarry and Juan Pablo Orozco, $190,000.

Eccleston St., 2423-Angela Louise Ramsey and James D. Chapman to Rosemary Madeleine Addy, $485,000.

Medway St., 3209-Mark James Malengo and Judy Ann Carnahan to Yolanda Turpo, Jenny Vanessa Tito and Luis Mamani, $275,000.

Rocky Mount Way, 10955-Kevin G. Coles and estate of J.R. Coles to Roger B. Fiteu, $450,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Hyde Park Ct., 3200-Elizabeth A.m. Simpkins to Jeffrey and Dawn P. White, $500,000.


A St. E., 109-JHRP Corp. to Donald Wade Jr. and Mary Mitchell, $235,000.

Third Ave., 220-Landmark Investments Properties Corp. to Daniell L. Clipp and Morgan Laing, $220,000.

10th Ave., 21-Kevin M. Smith and Kelly L. Fowler to Olga and Leon Leytush, $220,500.


Burkittsville Rd., 5002, No. B-Susan Janiece and Bonita L. Mann to Gary Michael Blake, $219,000.

Gapland Rd., 2270-Jeffrey L. and Mary E. Novak to Douglas E. and Andrea K. Wise, $479,900.


Regina Dr., 2230-Wetzel F. and Marie A. Campbell to Marc Lyles and Jessica Bernath, $364,000.


Aeriel Pl., 5516-Matthew Deitch to Violeta F. and Fane Tanase, $260,000.

Allington Manor Cir. E., 7012-Timothy M. Delaney and Mary Catherine Cam to Marisa A. and Tristan A. Beyer, $414,900.

Avonshire Pl., 5600, No. K-Wilson C. and John C. Owens to Edwin E. and Jean M. Herrera, $180,000.

Betty Linton Lane, 6386-Nathan Peter Vaichus to Alexander G. Terpening and Erin N. Quinn, $332,000.

Cimarron Ct., 7183-Patricia N. Mason to Jennifer A. Senseney, $160,000.

Crossover Ct., 601-Wells Fargo Bank to Munaza Kausar, $336,000.

Daytona Ct., 6510H, No. 202-Melissa Curtis to Tejasri Pavuluri, $195,000.

Eisenhower Dr., 500-GCB Home Properties Corp. to Taylor R. Smith, $265,000.

Forum Sq., 6032-NVR Inc. to Lori Kubic, $290,220.

Judicial Mews., 7137-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to April Eichorn, $285,000.

Mercantile Dr. W., 6544-Jason M. Moyer to Juan P. S. Sinning, Luis Hernan Silva Sinning and Andrea Hermida Silva, $249,900.

Oberlin Cir., 7128-Mark J. and Nichole L. Tarkanick to Kofi Egnodou and Juanita A. Anthony, $269,900.

Primus Ct., 508-Rebb Investments Corp. to Anish Desai, $250,000.

Snow Goose Ct., 6799-Steven H. Greenfeld and Daryl A. Boffman Sr. to Desha Kisanga and Meryse Dihandjo Othepa, $235,000.

Teen Barnes Rd., 4840-Patrick L. and Mary L. Green to John Michael and Michele Prevost Corr, $450,000.

Viceroy Ct., 5407-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to Ramiro Sulca Medina and Amelia Gonzales, $270,400.

Wild Hunt Rd., 612-J.B.C. Developers Inc. to Eldo Daniel and Bindu Matthew, $235,000.


Adam Rd., 305-Golam Sanwar and Bahar Alam to Isael D. Amaya Cuevas, $295,000.

Berry Rose Ct., 1602, No. 2-John Hamilton to Richard Allen Gove, $160,000.

Claridge Dr. N., 6369-Tony M. and Lisa M. Doyon to Shaun M. Hibbs and Lauren Bauer, $460,000.

Dockside Dr., 1521-Modesto Reyes to Jody Belknap, $240,000.

Holden Rd., 743-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Jason Joseph Matthews and Pallavi Dundumalla Reddy, $563,081.

Meadow Rd., 5926-Paul Carmack Summers to Taylor J. and Sarah J. Prieur, $269,000.

Mercer Ct., 102, No. 22-Mark and Lisa A. Warenko to Darlene G. Fogle and Cynthia G. Trout, $239,900.

Motter Ave., 900-Reginald Wayne and Nicole L. Rhoades to Jeffrey A. Leblanc, $362,200.

South St. E., 28-Kimberly M. Becraft to David and Christina Wagner, $358,000.

Wheyfield Dr., 1824A, No. 3-A-John D. and Audrey F. Donaldson to Vinod Kumar Surisetty and Shruti Buddha, $204,000.

Third St. E., 248-Lauren S. Kremers to Deborah A. Perry, $530,000.


Andover Lane, 1539-Robert and Erin M. Studer to Rene E. and Marta L. Guevara De Moran, $247,500.

Bexhill Dr., 1015-Paul G. and Garnetta S. Morgan to Douglas K. and Lynn P. Williams, $361,000.

Colonial Way, 1619-Dorian R. Parker to Juliene E. Nguena, $215,000.

Drought Spring Dr., 7208-Barbara Ann Umbaugh and Jeffrey Allen Merriman to Randy and Cynthia Crouse, $356,000.

Edgewood Church Rd., 8335-Wanda Vess to David Cruickshank, $220,000.

Fairfield Dr., 153-Patricia Tonchuk Fleming to Kereem Anthony Cumberbatch, $204,000.

Hammond Ct., 1818-Joel E. Rodriguez Martinez and Meylin H. Sandoval Najarro to Pascaline Marie Juogo, $205,000.

Key Pkwy., 1493-William and Lisa Rodriguez to Constantino Palacios Torres, $185,000.

Millstream Dr., 1851-Sunny Real Estate Service Corp. to Charles P. Jones and Lauren N. Harris, $339,900.

Noble Manor Lane, 2406-Jamie Hawk Jacobsen to Gregory S. and Emily M. Meinecke, $385,000.

Rocky Springs Rd., 8345-NVR Inc. to Linn Galligan, $495,000.

Spruce Peak Way, 1807-Scott H. Parker to Marsha Dyan Reveal, $270,900.

Sunlight Ct., 138-James M. and Lesley D. Hayes to Noel J. and Jhemika W. Leslie, $460,000.

Wetherburne Way, 2213-Matthew G. and Jonathan D. Wilcox to Michael and Grace Reese, $272,000.

Yellow Springs Rd., 7923-Anas Place Corp. to William Russell and Carol Hobbs, $450,000.


Beerse St., 10034-NVR Inc. to Anne Marie Colegrove, $331,690.

Fallfish Ct., 6031-Oakdale Investments Corp. to Madhu Babu and Lavanya Duddala, $686,562.

Ridgeview Rd., 3673-Stephen Lamphier to Timothy Brian and Danielle S. Oboyle, $336,000.


Jefferson Pike., 1619-Matthew M. and Leslie Grant Stillitano to Neil Frederick and Nicole Marie Mantle, $575,000.


Clemsonville Rd., 9660-Sara J. Hubble to David W., Kaitlin M. and Patricia K. Kidd, $618,000.


Glenbrook Dr., 504-Richard J. and Leslie M. Tighe to Michael I. and Kathryn E. Hellmann, $589,900.

Onyx Ct., 4406-Thomas P. McLaughlin O’Toole to Andrew and Courtney Moore, $226,600.

Pyrite Ct., 4396-Corey A. and Robyn C. Wheat to Jacob D. and Karina Schulze, $340,000.

Valley View Rd., 4500-William Heinrich to Philip H. Tepper, $264,900.


Kemptown Church Rd., 3347-Melissa L. and Majed H. Rizkallah to Yamila Chacon Ugalde and Andres A. Ramirez Nates, $406,000.

Weller Rd., 11739-Federal National Mortgage Association to John J. and Nicole L. Saulsberry, $276,000.


Oak Cliff Ct. S., 101-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to William Carter, $199,700.

Sycamore Rd., 201-Brenda Lee and Chris Allen Cucchi to Benjamin Rhodes and Sarah Elizabeth Marecki, $312,000.


Brandenburg Hollow Rd., 12543-Maryland Cash Housebuyers Corp. to Patrick J. Fassanella, $305,000.

Stottlemyer Rd., 12427-Susan A. Gibson to Jeremiah M. and Nicki L. Keller, $299,900.


Country Wood Ct., 5761-Joyce H. Pearson to Joseph T. and Rebecca M. Loeffler, $357,500.

Lake Square Ct., 10808-Angelina C. Rausch to Rebekah P. Randazzo, $245,000.

Pax Ct., 6802-MS Aspen North Corp. to Dirk Burghouts and Liga Michailovs, $585,000.

Rimrock Lane, 6504-Matthew Gorman to Julie A. Ellis, $300,000.

Vantage Point Ct., 10157-Allison Lindsey Perzinski and Sophia Anastasia Walter to Diane A. Carpenter, $625,000.

Yeagertown Rd., 5921-Richmond American Homes to Alexandra L. and Bryan M. Briest, $455,000.


Bennett Ct., 217-John P. and Lisa K. Jacobs to Nicholas Huff and Lauren Folk, $305,000.

Spangler Ct., 10-Mark T.L. Smith to Ai Feng and Benson Chen, $195,000.

Weil Dr., 6-James K. and Pamela L. Hamrick to Dave Allen and Shawnee Jane Cox, $225,000.


Lynn St., 2795-Anthony Pileggi and estate of Gisualdo Pileggi to Melvin T. Irani, $350,000.

River Meadow Dr., 8404-Elizabeth Powell to Manuel R. and Shannon D. Blackner, $660,000.

Sugarloaf Pkwy., 3874-Debra J. Bates to Jonathan D. and Sarah E. Taylor, $650,000.


Chapel Ct., 100, No. 214-William Louis and Stefanie Marie Rife to Camelea Lynn Tulastono, $135,000.

Edinburgh Ct., 100-Winona K. Leaman Croce to Angela D. Mansfield and Alexander S. Connor, $227,900.

Grossnickle Ct., 8425-Gary L. and Charlene Chandler to James P. Connel, $450,000.

Solar Dr., 215-Jeffrey and Erin Moore to Kenzig R. and Lauren E. Rufino, $418,000.


Weinberg Ct., 605-William N. and Michelle L. Willet to Erick R. and Ginger P. Greene, $320,000.