Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arctic Ave., 13016-Julie Parish to Stephen P. and Nannan Hua Straight, $505,000.

Bitterroot Way, 15216-Eric Schatzberg and estate of Sharon Shatzberg Hormby to Scott Kent Warren and Elizabeth Amanda Newman, $585,000.

Hillcroft Dr., 16322-Kwangmoo P. and Hyeon L. Cha to Hong Zhong Wan and Bei Chen, $775,000.

Lake Terr., 14716-Nancy L. Adams to Thomas F. Irish and Brittany C. Moore, $580,000.

Norbeck Square Dr., 4036-Jane and Christy Wagner to James Patrick, John Charles and Tamara Ball Vollmer, $425,000.

Thistlebridge Dr., 15700-Timothy C. and Lori A. Dec to Sung and Hee Park, $803,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 14521-Rose Marie Carr to Jeffrey A. Cole and Allan L. Runge, $510,000.


Battery Lane, 4977, No. 1-402-Justin Emilio Cocozzella to Jay R. Fajiculay, $290,000.

Brixton Lane, 9925-Tae S. and Jung S. Chon to Christopher and Lindsay Craig, $936,000.

Brook Lane N., 8315, No. 2-302-William K. Eitington to Ujjal and Sreemati Mukherjee, $317,000.

Brookeway Dr., 5010-Mark F. Costley to Jason Adrian and Ali Bovis, $1.17 million.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 547-FH Bethesda Corp. and Sunrise Bethesda Corp. to Maurice and Pearl Axelard, $605,560.

Carlynn Dr., 8400-David and Manisha Eigner to Svitlana V. Sweat, $1.35 million.

Custer Rd., 7901-Jeffery R. and Ardelia T. Hayward to Karlie and Grover T. Wilson, $1.88 million.

Dudley Ct., 10, No. 5-Seetha Bhagavan to Shailesh Tomar, $438,000.

Fenway Rd., 8011-Svitlana V. Sweat to Gabriel Roberto Zaourak and Rocio Laura Rivera, $915,000.

Johnson Ave., 6009-Linda Oliver and estate of Patricia E. Pothier to Marc Alaric and Tracy L. Franzos, $700,000.

Kirby Rd., 6108-M&M Builders & Contractors Corp. to Keith R. and Emily W. Unger, $1.75 million.

Natelli Woods Lane, 7016-Mitchell and Kathy Racoosin to Eric and Karen Berg, $4.25 million.

Ogden Rd., 5614-John Christopher Cardon and estate of John Christopher Cardon to Matthew T. and Carolyn M. Carroccio, $1.12 million.

Plainview Rd., 6216-Jane Krasnow and Karen Simmons to Julian P. Cristia and Paulina Kogan, $980,000.

Rutley Rd., 9712-Eric P. and Catherine S. Johnson to Monica Y. Lee, $750,000.

Seven Locks Rd., 9121-John M. and Maria R. Waller to Jessica Lynn and Suman Reddy Puppala, $703,500.

Tuscarawas Rd., 5312-Mouyedi Sourena to Karen A. Riibner, $705,000.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 1202-Dana D. Cottrell to Elaine Warren, $317,000.


Ethel Rose Way, 12815-John M. Staiger to Jaehoon and Kaileen K. Lee, $380,000.


Brown Farm Ct., 2503-Peter L. and Kateri E. Kashuba to Aaron and Heather Johnson Skrivanek, $795,000.

Hollow Crest Pl., 3003-Patricia E. and Glenn E. Culpepper to Irene J. Ngatena, $505,000.


Camley Way, 4412-NVR Inc. to Kori Prior and Kristina Huckins, $680,460.

Miles Rd., 3030-Marvin R. and Mary Karen Shultz to Ronald W. and Ana L. Bacchus, $341,000.

Silver Spruce Cir., 3665-Ricky M. Jackson to Nebiyou M. Tegegne and Elizabeth Negussie, $305,000.

Woottens Lane, 4201-U.S. Bank to Lingzhi Xiao, $230,000.


Beaumont Rd., 521-Stephanie D. and Walter Bowie to Tina Itemere and Thomas Brokaw, $599,000.

Castle Terr., 3724, No. 119-13-Addisu A. Wondem and Tikdem G. Gebretsadik to Alexander G. Ampah and Freda S. Ahenkorah, $275,000.

Colefair Dr., 13605-DNJH Corp. to Carlos Antonio Garcia Rosales, $485,000.

Downs Dr., 1119-Brian Matthew Seeds and estate of Linda Marie Seeds to Ephrem G. Damtew and Zebiba A. Arebo, $400,000.

Hickory Leaf Way, 2915-David F. Miller to Wilmar R. Vasquez Portillo, $215,000.

McAdoo Ct., 12617-Parkland Properties Corp. to Thien Van Than and Thu Ha Thi Dang, $487,500.

Norcross Way, 528-Bruce E. and Janna J. Ecklund to Stephen Petrunak, $539,900.

Paula Lynn Dr., 221-Kenneth Wayne and Kimberly R. Hamilton to Kelly Renee Crisp, $507,000.

Turquoise Terr., 12711-Cheuk Ho Pang to Kimberly L. Nuyen, $332,500.

White Oak Vista Dr., 1634-Ahmad Malik to Andrew S. and Jennifer K. Penrose, $400,000.


Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. C-David J. Mears to Mark C. Matan, $599,000.

Irving St. W., 11-David H. and Jill T. Bralvoe to Gregory and Athena Meyers, $1.94 million.

Offutt Rd., 6401-Carol and Matt Walter Brown to Aaron Lawrence Schwirian and Jessica Chun Han Shen, $1.05 million.

West Hwy. E., 4242, No. 701-Daniel G. Mills to Kiara Marie Ayala Rodriguez, $196,000.


Arora Hills Dr., 23447-Gabriel and Silpa Nanan to Ivan A. Bautista and Danitza Yuliana Elias Palomino, $412,000.

Bufflehead St., 13905-Winchester Homes Inc. to Sarah Christine and Jonathan Luis Ramirez, $528,807.

Grand Elm St., 12843-EPR Investment Corp. to Troy George, $439,000.

Newcut Rd., 23130-Eric P. and Lisa Schrader to Nicholas J. and Nicola A. Bagwell, $650,000.

Robin Song Dr., 23204-Glenn M. and Michelle K. Ford to Prabhu Selvarajan and Krithika Chandrasekaran, $715,000.

Windsong Lane, 13224-Francis K. Amankwah to Yaa Oforiwa Ansah Pobi, $530,000.


Cliftonbrook Lane, 816-Afeef A. Khan and estate of Qamar Khan to Erika Theisen and Guy R. Copeland III, $520,000.

Harbour Town Dr., 16925-William M. and Janet M. Deyhle to Maxwell Asenso, $995,000.

McNeil Lane, 716-Richard W. and Linda J. Haught Wells to Wesley R. Fincher, $410,000.

Stilton Cir., 14350-Samson Assefa and Mignot Mekonnen to Jean R. and Solead Mildor, $540,000.


Damascus Park Terr., 25420-Alex and Cecilia J. Caro to Kurt and Melayne Tulloch, $346,900.

Prices Distillery Rd., 11812-Eric B. Tavela to Mario A. Miranda Valle, $305,000.

Showbarn Cir., 24805-Adam and Cassie Cooley to Catherine E. Eichholz, $449,900.


Baederwood Ct., 1-Randi and Hee Jeong Park to Darci L. Dies and Kevin T. Dougherty, $470,000.

Indian Hills Ct., 4-Perfect Home Corp. and Hung Fung Chan to Amy Michelle Rutland, $402,000.

Needwood Rd., 8111, No. T104-MTGLQ Investors to Tasneem Sharaf, $206,000.


Peach Tree Rd., 21719-NVR Inc. to Jane Mural and Vivien Bonazzi, $1.02 million.


Crestmoor Dr., 10301-James E. and Cindy K. Atwell to Jesse D. Stewart and Lisa R. Sandoval, $598,000.

Eastmoor Dr., 120-Ashley Contino and Christina Witwer to Rajeev R. and Camille A. Raghavan, $515,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 611-Deepa Sundraraman and Vikram Ramachandran to Deborah J. Wagner, $635,000.

Kerwin Rd., 506-Jason Thomas and Stephanie Marie Verdino to Geoffrey S. Greenman and Emily Weber, $550,000.

Lombardy Ct., 801-Ruth H. Hutchins to Elizabeth Anne Laposata and Thomas Joseph Biby, $429,000.

Manchester Rd., 8601, No. 416-James H. and Coral C. Pietsch to Albert E. Fletcher IV and Leah E. Ward, $99,900.

Rogart Rd., 9922-Peter H. Rutledge and Mary J. McAdams to Lisa Vincent, $487,000.


Badger Dr., 10815-Brenda Lou Wilks and estate of Roger D. Wilks to David J. Crocker, $215,000.

Boysenberry Dr., 18512, No. 131-William Thomas Brach to Reza Mansouri, $111,000.

Cedar Ave., 217-RJRE Investments Corp. to Jenni Urania Cisneros Garcia, $329,000.

Cottonwood Ct., 26-Phuoc H. and Jehny Dinh Chau to Laureno Cortez Molina, Aracely Molina De Cortez, Amilcar A. Velasquez Torres and Maria Dalila Molina Franco, $290,000.

Guildberry Ct., 7804, No. 102-Jimmy Su to Doreen Johnson and Eddie Bishop, $190,000.

Shea Lane, 16701-Xin Ma to Shaolin Wang, $385,000.

Taverney Dr., 19522-Rebecca Ann Slone and estate of Gerald George Lovinger to Matilde Tejo, $260,000.

Waxwing Terr., 8805-Ronald M. and Isadora B. Stehlin to Behnam Farkish, $400,000.


Alderwood Dr., 315-Robert C. Horacek and Zenora Khan to Subin J. and Pooja A. Muttath, $950,000.

Bostwick Lane, 402-Marie and David J. Marshall to John and Bonnie Cybulko, $560,000.

Chestertown St., 235-Jeffrey David Goldstein to Walter L. and Suzanna L. Brothers, $637,000.

County Ct., 21, No. 18-1-America V. Lesh to Jin Ma and Zhisong Chen, $291,000.

Fields Rd., 9701, No. 1102-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Luisa Fernanda Gutierrez, $172,000.

Gallant Fox Lane, 14500-Steven J. and Nancy A. Mottola to Stacy G. and Eric J. Aspland, $606,000.

High Gables Dr., 201, No. 206-Indria Sandhoo to Hellen A. Oketch, $315,000.

Hillside Lake Terr., 921, No. 306-Teresa White to Karla M. Saravia Garcia, $211,000.

Lake Breeze Dr., 11140-John Zhen Fan and Fengying Huang to Chong Lee and Yan Cheng, $730,000.

Lopa Lane, 11013-Dawn F. and H. Edward Holtz to Ronnie Pondak and Nomi Lubell, $451,174.

Midline Ct., 13-Steve P. Choi to Anantharamakrishnan Balakrishnan, $374,900.

Palmspring Dr., 433-Amy M. Hillsman to Anthony Carey and Samantha Evans, $250,000.

Saddleview Dr., 13957-Jeffery M. and Kazuko White to Shankar Sagare and Nirupama Desaiu, $640,000.

Swanton Mews., 55, No. 100-Lori and Jared Doebritsch to Sidney David and Arlene Elling, $325,000.

Turkey Foot Rd., 14815-K2NC Corp. to Marlon Junio and Amber Supapon Ramsav, $707,500.


Ambassador Terr., 20447-Joseph Chase and Susan Nicole Dawson to Gladys J. Herrera Garrido, $258,000.

Bay Leaf Way, 18504-Ruby Investments Corp. to Veronica E. Soto Jandres, $234,000.

Chalet Dr., 18050, No. 14-104-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and New Penn Financial Corp. to Manoj and Bhavna M. Khilnani, $138,000.

Cricket Hill Dr., 17830-Sri Mohandas Menon and Lekshmy Sekhar to Milesh Vaidya and Manila Hada, $555,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12201, No. C-Edward J. and Bridget Kerrigan Bonanno to Brian Boltz Jr., $185,000.

Fetlock Dr., 19523-Kariann Tokarchic to William Alberto Morales Merino, $305,000.

Hickory Tree Way, 12415, No. 313-Dhanmattee S. and Avinash Jaigobind to Tariq Anwar, $145,000.

Marksburg Ct., 19008-Christopher R. and Christine R. Levinton to Alexander John and Jenna Lea Bertrand, $350,000.

Palmetto Cir., 13609-Ian Dodoo to Tenzing C. Lama, $380,000.

Sawyer Terr., 19062-David and Danielle Kobi to Michelle and Jeremiah Kuntz, $369,900.

Shipley Terr., 20213, No. 1-A-30-Dominika Wynn to Nathalie R. Reyes and Josue Ramirez, $165,000.

Station St., 13505-Matthew D. and Renee M. Loll to Irene A. Yankson, $300,000.

Village Fountain Dr., 18633-James M. Gribble to Natasha Gupta, $335,000.


Ferndale St., 3305-John C. Monahan and Patrick G. Kyne to Joseph Patrick and Laura Littman Drummey, $489,900.

Glenridge St., 4304-Erik M. and Lisa Z. Schwartz to William P. and Jacqueline C. McConarty, $885,000.

Jennings Rd., 2901-Mercazz Real Estate Corp. to Benjamin and Rachael Mohn, $425,000.

Montgomery Ave., 10205-Barbara A. Coulon to Steven Gabriel Levitus and Meghan Lorraine Tammaro, $753,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 3707-Roy Wade and Lewis William Queen to Nancy Ann Harris, $236,176.

Summit Ave., 10011-Patricia Rhyne Kirsch to Justin and Kelly Barch, $959,000.


Grafton Farm Dr., 6305-Paul N. and Sandra I. Dorsey to Saeed M. Haleem, $698,900.

White Pillar Terr., 9563-Lois Scarola to Amanda and Brian Connolly, $312,000.


Chatteroy Pl., 9440-Michael L. and Jennifer L. Hephner to Victoria H. Chase, $310,000.

Dubois Ct., 20617-Ryan M. and Alison K. Denner to John Kallio and Pamela J. Wolf, $494,000.

Fifeshire Dr., 18216-Farhad B. Verahrami to Elena Estrada Tapia, $223,000.

Helmond Way, 19809-Vicki J. Hoffman to Michael E. and Eveleen G. Eaton, $590,000.

Kindly Ct., 10101-May B. and DuMaresq Lockhart to Osama Farrag, $240,000.

Locust Point Ct., 18512-Milena and Israel Soto to Bridget E. Murphy, $255,000.

Nathans Pl., 18623-Heidi Adams and Maria S. Lopez to Kenneth R. Nock, $195,000.

Roman Way, 19119-Omega Home Solutions Corp. to Cory A. Van Horn and Jason G. Herring, $409,000.

Shady Pine Cir., 8513-Jeffrey H. and Dera Byers to Ting Gao, $475,000.

Transhire Rd., 19416-Michael J. Miller and Heather M. Stewart to Diego A. Saavedra Vallejos, $189,999.

Wayridge Ct., 6-Raho N. and Hankie P. Ortiz to Anil Das, $389,900.


Nolcrest Dr. E., 10812-Esther Joyce Harter to Kellee Dyanne Jenkins, $415,000.

Ruatan St., 1043-Iris S. Coley to Gilma Y. Ruiz Berrios, $303,000.


Astrodome Dr., 14320, No. 66-Prosperous Way Inc. to Shannon H. Siegel, $263,000.

Beaverbrook Ct., 15301, No. 92-1K-Romeo J. Fagiolo to David F. Miller, $190,000.

Blair Stone Lane, 13929-Samira Haddad to Silvia Huezo, $450,000.

Cider Wood Ct., 15101-Sai Ma to Alfa Berhane Andu, $399,900.

Eardley Ct., 15016, No. 281-E-Julie Renee Boswell and Michael James Groves to Galina Fiks and Dona Deutsch, $95,000.

Ferrara Dr., 3845-Krishna and Ambika Shrestha to Barbara Da Mota Lima, $365,000.

Glade Dr., 15111, No. 12-3D-Judith A. and Paul F. Junghans to Robert W. and Sharman E. Dupree, $159,900.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-Dema S. and William H. Nappier to Mary A. Hinds, $145,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3100, No. 1015-Merete L. Seymour to David and Catherine Lowe, $299,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 201-Richard Groome to Leslie C. Yeatts and Barbara G. Melvin, $215,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14805, No. 205-Ae Kyung Hahu to Sally S. Pitilon, $219,000.

Sun Valley Cir., 2436, No. 7-E-Spring Y. George to Edem Kodjo Noameshie, $225,000.


Buehler Rd., 17800, No. 3-C-4-Richard and Catherine Sutton to Simona Loudova, $174,000.

Clover Hill Terr., 4000-Peter Hrycak to Christopher and Lauren Peirce, $469,000.

Dumfries Terr., 2107-Bernard J. and Susan G. Goodman to Steven Alex Zell, $470,000.

McGee Way, 2928-Constance J. Larsen to Thomas and Monica N. Wolfe, $266,000.

Queen Elizabeth Dr., 18325-Residential Continuum Inc. to Lauren McKoy, $395,000.

Sandy Knoll Dr., 17329-Elizabeth K. and Antonio G. Rodriguez to Thomas and Mary Shioutakon, $310,000.

Wagonwheel Ct., 18037-Mary Reeves Likos and Mary K. Reeves to Bady M. and Melinda K. Shadid, $335,000.


Jerusalem Church Rd., 18515-Paul Hawkins Jr. to Jose Abraham and Mayra Evelyn Cruz, $350,000.


Bells Ridge Dr., 10904-Michael R. and Karla R. Silverman to Yuru and Cheng Lun Chen, $1.17 million.

Carmelita Dr., 9901-Robert J. and Lewellyn H. Daley to Thomas Qa and Susan M. Faries, $1.71 million.

Doubletree Ct., 9908-John R. Pobiak to Christopher A. Wilson and Gilda B. Ingle, $905,000.

Gary Rd., 10310-Eliana G. Burkhalter and estate of Barton R. Burkhalter to Daniel J. Cronin, $890,000.

Inverness Ridge Rd., 8082-Shohreh Mohammadi to Russell E. Mardon, $570,000.

Maidens Bower Dr., 12808-Iman and Labkhand Sami Movahedi to Marvin P. Motaghi and Sara Torabian, $1.1 million.

Old Post Rd., 11204-Diana J. Gilpatrick and A. Stephen Daggett Jr. to Adam Soon Dam Chua, $912,500.

Park Potomac Ave., 12500, No. 906-Adele M. Barrett to Steven C. and Linda R. Cohen, $1.4 million.

Sky Ridge Ct., 3-Victor G. and Marla P. Cohen to Benjamin J. and Monica Z. Zeitlin, $700,000.

Turnberry Dr., 9480-Debra Rales to Christine Louise and Eric James Forward, $1.19 million.

Watts Branch Pkwy., 420-Deanna G. Hilton to Fred and Mounda Khilifi, $590,000.

York Manor Way, 8600-Gary Jerome and Susan Chartoff Lancz to Janell Mayo and Lawrence Duncan, $3.15 million.


Braxfield Ct., 12209, No. 68-Parastou Shahpoori to Quang Huy Nguyen and Thi Yen Le, $187,000.

Calabash Lane, 14106-UCLA Foundation to Gumei Liu, $561,000.

College Pkwy., 854, No. 202-Sava Mahboob to Jingyuan Song, $210,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15311, No. 5-E-Judith Snavely Arman to Hasan Mithiborwala and Fatema Aurangabadi, $285,000.

Farm Haven Ct., 24-Daniel D. Isaac and Gerri R. Baer to Shannon Ivy Lipp and Ariel Rosenstein, $818,000.

Grandin Ave., 314-Thomas E. and Veronica Muccino Martin to Paul Coney Phillips and Virginia Ann Bennis, $390,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 1424-Domingo Lorenzo Angeles to Yunyun Chang, $152,500.

Ingleside Ct., 7-Aaron James Moe and Rita Wong to Changyang Weng and Yue Zheng, $450,000.

Martha Terr., 1604-David Lei and the Lei Paoying Wu Lwi Revocable Trust to Vinko Milovanovic, $540,000.

Moore Dr., 126-Olajide Dada and Oyebola Oyedijo to Capital Terefe, $435,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 201-Phillip L. and Catherine B. Robinson to Farah M. Towfic, $485,000.

Pinto Lane, 14605-Xiaodong Li to Mauricio Ricardo Colomo and Lidya Daniella Perez Simon, $785,000.

Ridgemont Ave., 610-Deborah Temkin and Bryan Jeffery Cahill to Richard Sean and Patricia Bandy, $652,000.

Rockville Pike., 11801, No. 1601-Josef and Mary Ann Osterweil to Bidan Zhang and Yu Tang, $162,500.

Travilah Rd., 14318-Nausheen Khan and Arif Massod to Lei Chen and Juan Ma, $1.25 million.


Windrush Lane, 1048, No. 39-Robert N. and Deborah N. Hanson to Benjamin Charles Zagami, $374,900.


Cider Press Pl., 11719, No. 2-Yaya Global Corp. to Yosan Girmay, and Alan and Robert Silverman, $385,000.

Eton Manor Dr., 11812, No. 302-Monica M. Vegarra and Ana Espinoza to Myong Un Shin and Mija Hwang, $243,500.

Gunners Branch Rd., 19613, No. 622-Richard Payano De La Rosa to Asefa Mekonnen, $135,000.

Maryland Manor Ct., 11157-Beatrice Nanga Bukasa Mundela to Johnnie Chin and Chien Hung Hwang, $250,000.

Songbird Lane, 12105-Julia M. Garey Bores to Patrice C. Triggs, $467,000.


Blair Mill Rd., 1220, No. 309-Dajun Sun to Daniel P. Levenson, $325,000.

Columbia Blvd., 9300-Gregory J. Manning and Patti A. Barnett to Chris Betti, Meggie S. Tortolero and Christopher M. Betti, $729,000.

Darcy Forest Dr., 9832-Julia Tsvetkova to Kenneth Todd Bogen and Deborah Lee Rose, $545,000.

Highland Dr., 921-Jennifer Riesch and Stephanie Berkowitz to Michael and Debra Walter, $925,000.

Mansion Dr. N., 1011-Janne G. Gallagher to Arlen Jeremy Cox and Jennifer Rose O’Brien, $756,776.

Queen Annes Dr., 8213-Vincent L. Fazzalare to Michael James Bartock and Nora May Wong, $730,000.

Washington Ave., 2223, No. W-202-Danira H. Mayes to Michael Joseph Fitzpatrick, $275,000.


Darwin Ave., 22-Katherine Lee Kincade to Nicholas and Rebecca Broussard, $604,500.

Erskine St., 1501-Beverly A. Mohamed Rafik and Shalisa Mohamed to Douglas Kirkpatrick and Asami Isomichi, $300,000.

Poplar Ave., 7100-Deborah M. Zuckerman to Christopher M. Bernstein and Jon M. Frederick, $670,000.


Bradley Ave., 1510-Virginia G. and G. Davidson Collins to Brent and Maria Barone, $355,000.

Marshall Ave., 716-Robert Clutter and Jessica M. Muse to Konstantin Shtilkind, $399,000.


Amherst Ave., 11505, No. 24-Andrew D. and Christopher J. Platt to Shervon Laurice, $180,000.

Blundon Dr., 9900, No. 10-302-Brian C. Demarkis to Steven Feister, $185,000.

Cascade Pl., 10503-John L. and Joie MacArthur to David and Camille Silberman, $440,000.

Evans Pkwy., 1912-Richard B. and Debra J. Fleischer to Mary Kathleen and Chad Benson, $475,000.

Hemley Lane, 10409-Sabin M. and Kristel Hinton to Fan Tjong Wong, $357,000.

Insley St., 10402-Eve and Norval R. Stephens to Shwe Khaing and Kyawt Tin, $320,000.

Nairn Rd., 11715-Carol C. and Kenneth R. Rawie to David G. and Annelies Z. Galletta, $490,000.

Radius Rd., 2908-Jeremy D. Filsell to Greg Durbin and Betsie Kalicos, $375,000.

Sanford Rd., 1504-Carla Brock to Stuart and Stephanie Pechner, $509,000.

Weisman Rd., 2905-Mario A. Amorim to Hector A. Lone Avila, $309,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in December 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Inwood Dr., 2630-Glenn and Susan Silver to Vasanth and Latha Kumar, $435,000.


Sixth Ave., 605-Carl Richard McKnight to Nathaniel A. Stientz, $154,000.


Amesbury Way, 4838-Amanda L. Fischer to Michael J. and Brittany S. Caetano, $249,900.

Champlaine Dr., 4831-Federal National Mortgage Association to Dennis A. Wenner and Cathy L. Rossomondo, $369,900.

Joe Foss Way, 4703-NVR Inc. to Frederick Sparks, $443,264.


Banner Rd., 7400-Charles Tyson and Stav S. Rose to Connor Austin Kenly, $465,000.


Alan Linton Blvd. E., 6440-Amber and Brandon Jones to Jose J. Umpierre, $290,000.

Allington Manor Cir. W., 9009-Silvercrest Properties Corp. to Katherine Victoria Ortega, $365,000.

Avonshire Pl., 5601, No. H-Sara Lynn Fox and Sara Degrange to Peter N. Covert, $155,000.

Blueridge Ct., 88-Labi Koi Larbi to Laura Medina and Cristina Martinez, $228,000.

Calverton Dr., 6480-NVR Inc. to Florence Jenkins, $280,605.

Clifton Rd. S., 6730-Sexton Contractors Corp. to John G. Grubbs Jr., $312,000.

Denton Ct., 5613-Robert S. Simmons to Dawn Fahey and Christopher Brune, $249,900.

Eisenhower Dr., 550-Joseph R. Horman to Reuel Akil Sandy, $243,000.

Foxhall Ct., 5550-Leah Dawn Rockenhauser to Salma and Saiful Islam Bhuiyan, $248,000.

Justin Pl., 6552-Jason and Katie Mahaffey Thomas to Byron A. Baughman and Gloria D. Rivas, $285,000.

Monarch Ridge Rd., 706-Kingsley and Charmaine P. Nwachu to Eucharia Owunna, $369,000.

Parkers Farm Lane, 7263-William and Christina L. Caulfield to Jamie L. Champagne, $289,000.

Prince William Ct., 5484-Timothy J. and Erin Alayna Kelly to Amanda Christine Olyniec and Drew Allen Myers, $252,500.

Seagull Ct., 6687-Charles D. and Michele D. Federline to Jason Lee Clay, $245,000.

Split Rail Lane, 1322-Carlton H. and Kimberly Sue Rice to Jose A. Zelaya, $235,000.

Thornhill Pl. W., 391-Linscott E. and Krista L. Hall to Dhruv Bhoot, $194,000.

Vona Lane, 4717-NVR Inc. to Zubair Asghar, $338,730.

Woodlyn Rd., 5702-Anthony R. and Margaret S. Manning to James P. and Jennifer A. Etzel, $445,000.


Algonquin Rd., 1716-Keith and Caprice Delatorre to Raquel D. Carter and Noel Colbert McBeam, $424,000.

Blue Heron Dr., 8205, No. 2D-Scovitch Properties Corp. to Pui Rum Kim, $172,500.

Cliffside Terr., 6209-Kevin and Jenna M. Murphy to Mark C. Bruns and Trang La, $285,000.

Everly Dr. S., 2612-Brandon Lee and Krista Jean Palm to Eric R. Gudenius Jr. and Carly N. Williams, $289,000.

Holden Rd., 1163-Wormald Homes at East Church Corp. to Gary Allen Blair Jr., $408,000.

Market St. N., 1194A-Richard and Stephanie R. Lowe to Michele Moser, $354,999.

Meandering Woods Ct., 6367-Lisa Jones Estes to Ruben N. and Karolina Belen, $280,000.

Mercer Pl., 1012-Nancy L. Bittle to Rebecca Kay, $575,000.

Newport Terr., 6153-Joren Andrew Bender to Fina Castro Vidal, $295,000.

Record St., 121-Raymond L. and Susan R. Malamet to Susan G. Young and Thane A. Young, $1 million.

Spring Forest Rd., 6431-Thomas C. and Patricia A. Schweikert to David F. and Charles B. Irwin, $425,000.

Trail Ave., 722-Jon Bailey to Benjamin Michael Bates and Emma Elizabeth Crenshaw, $310,000.

Fourth St. E., 221-Sappington Properties Corp. to Jeffrey Ira Shulman and Gretchen Ann Super, $262,000.


Apple Creek Rd., 100-Michael G. and Nina M. Catron to Michael Alfredo Herrera and Norlyn Peguero, $260,000.

Bishops Glen Dr., 243-Anthony J. Georgiana to Yolanda and Komi Honsou, $325,000.

Carroll Creek View Ct., 2103-Michael D. and Kimberly M. Hill to Frank Lee Reed and Jaime Ann Cartagena, $435,000.

Colonial Way, 1623-David G. Heath to Cassandra Ann Gould, $159,000.

Dulaney Mill Dr., 1007-Claus P. and Anjeannette G. Madsen to Russell M. Karim, $425,000.

Fairfield Dr., 165-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Lee H. Diaz Machuca, $150,000.

Hampshire Dr., 1337, No. C-Tacs Corp. to Menelaos Notara, $175,000.

Longford Dr., 268-Dean Couto to Carlos A. Melgar and Claudia C. Morales Ramirez, $269,000.

Old Receiver Rd., 7639-Darren L. Gray to Vivian Guadalupe De La Luz and Reynaldo De La Luz Herrera, $299,650.

Stillwater Ct., 7188-Charles M. and Natalie J. Boyles to Mark and Sylvia Kross, $383,000.

Victoria Sq., 58-Michael A.L. Walters to Bridget W. Bigelow, $195,000.

Wetherburne Way, 2239-Tabitha L. Copeland to Paul and Heather Lucia, $260,000.

Seventh St. W., 1605-Nikolay A. and Elena N. Postnikova to Drake T. Roediger, $242,500.


Burin St., 5810-NVR Inc. to Philip E. and Susan D. Flynn, $314,000.

Fire Tower Lane, 2040-Anthony J. and Joanne E. Di Ieso to Cynthia Louise De La Fuente, $382,500.

Saint George Pl., 7702-Alan B. and Lori L. Loux to Marc and Brandi Deserio, $615,000.


Jeffrey Lane, 33-Xiangyang Michael Yao and Chang Catherine Liu to Bryan D. and Lindsay J. Hsu, $400,000.


Green Valley Rd., 8829-Charles F. and Diana L. Bracone to Jason Eldyn and Jamie M. Stanley, and Linda Ann Johnson, $330,000.


Bidle Rd., 2511-Deana Snyder Mullaney to Scott Knopp, $449,900.

Grandview Dr., 2810-Shon A. Andrews and estate of Katherine Ellen Andrews to Christopher and Lauri Palmer, $272,000.

Linden Blvd., 209-Sylvia Sands and estate of Joyce E. Routzahn to Karen A. Jensen, $307,000.

Marker Rd., 2902-Stephen Thomas and Kelley K. Mitchell to Benny W. and Kelli A. Ferguson, $640,000.

Picnic Woods Rd., 7409-Arthur Lee and Katherine R. Williams to Jordan Hopf, $361,000.


Archer Cir., 11404-Robert M. and Barbara J. Loesch to Anthony D. and Kathryn V. Hackey, $405,000.

Lynn Burke Rd., 5010-Charlotte Eliane Driver to Roland and Carol Viens, $275,400.


De Invierno Pl., 4767-NVR Inc. to Olumide and Olanireti Onabanjo, $536,913.

Oak View Dr., 1112-Michael J. Dito and G. Michael Dufour to Adam David Cook and Kaitlyn Elizabeth Scott, $259,000.

Unionville Rd., 13730-Linda S. Bruchey to Albert M. Booth, $325,000.


Easterday Rd., 10416-David B. Ramsey to Paul M. Lisowski, $215,000.

Harmony Rd., 9617-Luis E. Marelli Castillo and Olga Ceballos Cota to Adam and Danielle Schofield, $290,000.


Beach Dr. E., 6621-Gary L. Noonan Jr. to Kimberley G. Nowicki, $250,000.

Lakeridge Dr., 6410-Davor Mrkoci to Kelly B. and Matthew L. Jarvis, $329,900.

Picea Ct., 10007-Donald Ray and Danita G. Frisby to Amy and Mathew Beall, $550,000.

Sewell Dr., 716-Kraig Keith Kessler Jr. to William G. and Melissa Q. McVicker, $323,000.

Whistling Swan Way, 6807-Robert R. Smith to Patrick Joseph McComiskey, $372,500.


Hill Rd., 11428-Donna E. Jackson and Sandra Bollinger to Cathy Lynn Leatherman and Kevin Ira Jones, $425,000.


Gibbons Rd., 1603-Jodye L. Roebuck to Jovan Humberto Andrade and Lauren K. Waddell, $324,900.


Carroll St. N., 157-Kelly L. and Timothy Pizza to Linwood E. Boyd Jr., $170,000.

Jimtown Rd., 13719-Jody L. and Tracie R. Gilbert to Dennis D. Dawson and Lindsay C. Tomlin, $359,000.

Old Oak Pl., 211-Thomas and Shelly Fraley to James A. and Vicky D. Fraley, $165,500.

Woodland Ave., 803-Ray Truman and Kimberly S. Waltz to Mark T. Smith and Kelly L. Pizza, $325,000.


Byron Ct., 3674-Walter J. and Claudia J. Trail to Manoj Thomas Panikkaveetil and Sajitha Cyril Parambil, $565,000.

McPherson St., 9066-Bryan J. Veale to Gregory Smith, $365,000.

Thurston Rd., 3011-Melvin Irani to Robert W. and Rose Ellis, $405,000.


Chapel Ct., 200, No. 101-Hesbia C. and Judith K. Foster to Lisa A. Weddle, $140,000.

Fulton Ave., 6-Warren and Elaine Haug to Eurizar A. Gramajo, $175,000.

Inspiration Ct., 8785-Cynthia D. Proctor to Vladimir E. and Akeem R. Trench, and Tara Haughton, $312,500.

Monocacy Ct., 4-John M. and Martha E. Hamel Huff to Ryan S. and Karly M. Reynolds, $320,000.

Vision Lane, 8419-William P. and Tracy A. Goss to Yvette Nicole Mason and Maxine M. Pearson, $200,000.


Wood St., 7-Daniel R. and Jodi L. Herche to Douglas A. Wise, $270,000.