Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bauer Dr., 14626, No. 3-Kevin Michael and Isabel Tom to Amir Khan, $180,000.

Burnside Dr., 5562-Andrew and Ann Lawless to Odwar Anibal Calderon and Jacqueline G. Brizuela, $299,000.

Iris Pl., 4714-Li Yen Mae Huang to Franz E. Arandia Fernandez, $465,000.

Larkin Pl., 12909-Tochal Homes Corp. to Jana Blazkova, $418,000.

Melinda Lane, 14604-Cynthia Schoen and Paul Shurtleff McNaughten to Kenny Wenhui Gao and Xiaoling Chen, $440,000.

Oaktree Rd., 4312-Kevin M. Kommit to Gary Marlowe, $400,000.

Turkey Branch Pkwy., 13324-Ching Hsun and Shu Chen Lin to Nelvin Ramos Lemus, $396,500.

Wycliffe Ct., 15201-Estate of Emelie Lanou Toven and Christopher M. Toven to Stephen Paul and Sonya Wahi Miller, $620,000.


Battery Lane, 5000, No. 805-Daniel and Meenoch Reider to Christine M. Antonsen, $479,500.

Brook Lane N., 8315, No. 2-604-Lee Weinstein to Alberto and Silvia Graciela Treves, $247,500.

Broxburn Dr., 6515-Antoinette Strother and estate of David H. Strother to Zhefeng Dai and Huixian Xu, $800,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 648-FH Bethesda Corp. and Sunrise Bethesda Corp. to Fereydoun S. and Maureen C. Moghtader, $600,000.

Cobalt Rd., 5907-Matthew T. and Carolyn M. Carroccio to Samuel P. and Valentin A. Klausner, $950,000.

Deepwell Dr., 7912-Linda Maslow to Shahab U. and Aeysha Chaudhary, $920,000.

Dudley Ct., 12, No. 6-Andrea Siegel to C. Steven Georgilakis, $303,000.

Holiday Terr., 7504-Wayne David and Leping Jia Wallace to Chintan B. and Bhairavi C. Tripathi, $2.24 million.

Kenhill Rd., 6616-Justin E. and Heather D. Magazine to Alexander Brewer Ginsberg and Marissa Beth Mallek, $1.45 million.

Newington Ct., 5626-Keith B. Forman and Mary G. Morton to Christopher Ryan and Corrina Beth McGlone, $1.68 million.

Oldchester Rd., 7510-Kevin and Rachel Garrido to Kevin R. and Devorah N. Berman, $2.67 million.

Savannah Ct., 13-James F. and Frances D. Battey to Ngoc Tuyet Le, $1.08 million.

Spring Lake Dr., 7561, No. C2-Dorothy R. and John Daniel Phillips to Mohammad and Saira Ziauddin, $240,000.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 1513-Joseph G. and Joan Doniger to Teresa Truong and Leon Nguyen, $254,900.

Woodmont Ave., 7710, No. 102-Jenny Yang and Adam Marc Axelrod to Sarah Hopkins Decamps, $244,000.


Knoll Crest Ct., 22013-Boyoung Kim to Byung Ki Oh, $620,000.


Epstein Ct., 2405-Mohammad Reza Esmaili to Nicholas Edward and June Ellen Perugini, $470,000.

Zion Rd., 19808-Richard G. Hackett Jr. and Zelma V. Snowden to Yanhui Wang and Xiuyan Lin, $170,000.


Dunes Way, 3904-Cara A. and Wendell A. Swartwout to Fatou Diagne, $355,000.

New Columbia Pike., 16122-Jack P. and Mei Hsin Kao Craig to Regina Ornelas Delgadillo, $379,000.


Tomlinson Ave., 7630, No. 25-Gullian A. Austin to Andh and Oksana Bedratenko, $256,000.


Blue Valley Dr., 2201-Krystyna Maria Bialek and Andrew Kalinski to Mitiku Kelkay and Senait Zena, $485,000.

Castle Terr., 3745, No. 121-15-Robert M. Lewis to Sidonie Patience Olengue, $268,000.

Collingwood Terr., 13122-Alexander J. and Katherine M. Huning to Tsegaye Mulugeta and Amsale Tesfaye, $447,000.

Flannery Lane, 334-Vanessa Tabler and Eric J. Frazier to Kyle E. Smiddle and Alexander A. Reilly, $610,000.

Hollywood Ave., 902-Roger D. Blair and estate of Troy A. Blair to Maria D. Jacome and Luis R. Velasquz, $334,900.

Modrad Way, 13705, No. 9-Vinh Nguyen and Nirun Sakulmaeka to Rebwar Jabbar Alwan Al Wassiti, $139,000.

Northcrest Dr., 1500-Cynthia Tyburczy and Benjamin R. Srigley to Christopher Downing, $485,000.

Piano Lane, 3010, No. 46-Darin and Cassiah Cox to Jenipher Muta, $250,000.

Solmar Dr., 2302-Bernard A. and Susanne Marie Perella to Reginaldo Mendes and Juliana Camargo Candido, $527,500.

Turquoise Terr., 12725-Stephanie L. Weber to Remigius C. and Angela N. Ozor, $334,900.

Woodlake Dr., 3527, No. 33-Andrea Nesbitt to Oluwafemi Yekini Baruwa, $370,000.


Coquelin Terr., 3311-Barry J. Friedman to Amy Lion Waldman, $850,000.

Fairfax Rd., 6657, No. 96-Dianne E. Elkin to Karen Halverstadt, $626,000.

Kensington Pkwy., 8909-Carl Frederick Peterson Jr. to Joseph and Garry Jelen, $815,000.

Quincy St., 127-Joseph and Susan T. Kattan to Anand and Deepika Shah, $2.23 million.

Western Ave., 6500-Katherine R. and William M. Schulz to J. Kelly Ryan, $1 million.


Clarks Crossing Dr., 12802-John F. and Melissa Elder to Khiet T. and Thuy Van Nguyen, $600,000.

Cypress Spring Rd., 12312-Buddha D. and Sikha Paul to Herbert and Emily C. Cuya, $580,000.

Lapwing Way, 13730-Winchester Homes Inc. to Ronakumar B. and Binitaben B. Patel, $620,000.

Persimmon Ridge Rd., 23118-David Tzeku Tzon to Harpinder Singh and Harkirat Kaur, $785,000.

Stilt St., 13925-Winchester Homes Inc. to Moojin and Jamie Jeeyung Suh, $700,000.


Amberleigh Dr., 124-Shiny M. Johnson Varghese to Thuy and Quynh Tram Thuy Pham, $525,000.

Cutstone Way, 14515-James H. Burton III to Dimas Antonio and Judith M. Romero, $575,000.

Harold Rd., 14820-Diana L. Harroll and Mark McClellan Owens to Jaime Cristo Flores and Gloria A. Arias Aguilar, $393,900.

Pebblestone Dr., 14511-Jason R. and Amanda Vann to Christopher and Eriade Williams, $490,000.

Wellwood Rd., 14934-Ferdinand and Yvonne M. Leacock to Ntiense Inokon, $428,000.


Highview Ave., 9801-Dominic J. Naples to Benjamin and Maria Del Socorro Alvarez, $317,000.

Valley Park Ct., 19-Roberta Feijo Torres Jones and William Edwin Jones to Christine Marie Conner, $270,000.


Blanchard Dr., 7112-Jeffrey Parker to Stuart Jeffrey and Melissa Bonnie Gaines Samuel, $497,000.

Phelps Hill Lane, 17752-Linda Quach and Kathleen Roy Cheng to Doris Jane Medina, $472,000.


Crestmoor Dr., 10316-Jason and Stephanie Cole to Roger E. Herrera and Francisca Y. Contreras Sosa, $375,000.

Edgewood Ave., 10431-Helen Victoria and Hans Sebastien Manuel Jamet to Niall and Dana Sullivan, $705,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 704-Liquori L. Etheridge to Shari Reese, $530,000.

Kerwin Rd., 805-Joachim Buchner to Robin C. and Jennifer C. Watt, $320,000.

Manchester Rd., 8601, No. 503-Roy Thomason and estate of Ingeborg U. Thomason to Bryan S. Lee, $125,000.

Perth Pl., 609-Tandem Development Group Corp. to Anvaline Adair Cranston and Eli Pushkarewicz, $459,000.


Bannister Lane, 9124-Jeremiah Singer to Walter and Jennifer M. Hettihewa, $396,000.

Boysenberry Dr., 18531, No. 205-Barbara J. Monticello to Yu Liu, $100,000.

Chickadee Lane, 18624-Patrick J. and Ressie L. Malone to Virginia Cooper, $304,000.

Cross Country Lane, 18665-Anthony Bolling to Omari A. Muhammad, $292,000.

Kilcreggan Terr., 7412-MTGLQ Investors and New Penn Financial Corp. to Maung T. Htay, $335,000.

Mineral Springs Dr., 7820-Annabell V. Owens Moten to Manuel A. Guevara Quintanilla and Glenda E. Guevara, $355,000.

Pepper Ridge Way, 8100-Alphonse Bigirimana and Esperance Kaguruka to Asim Yousafzai, $489,900.

Ridge Heights Dr., 19513-Allison B. and Jean Allison Cord to Zoila and Fatima Villalobos and Kimberly C. Avelar Contreras, $425,000.

Southern Night Lane, 1130-Sarah J. Arnold to Vinh Xuan Nguyen and Lan Vy Phan, $310,000.

Turtle Dove Lane, 9134-Danielle M. Mumma to Barbara Negrao Andrade Sorto, $284,900.


Appleseed Lane, 52-Aminata Diane to Tian Zhou, $395,500.

Bostwick Lane, 427-Joan R. Lamoy to Sun Gu and Mihi Kim, $525,000.

Chestertown St., 658-Dallas W. Mossman Jr. and Kiho Li to Olivia R. and Max Koteen, $628,000.

Cross Green St., 339A, No. A-Leslie J. and Judith R. Toth to Abraham Zegeye, $375,000.

Fields Rd., 9701, No. 1208-Hong Xu to Joyce B. Solomon, $150,000.

Gold Kettle Dr., 110-Benjamin D. and Kelly M. Forney Stevens to Janet Gallagher, $399,000.

High Gables Dr., 201, No. 309-Valina Kara Lim to Nora E. Elbeheiry, $252,000.

Honey Brook Cir., 15-John K. Cochran to Mitishi L. and William D. Dixon, $329,000.

Lazy Hollow Dr., 106-Matthew D. Rokita to Chui Wa Lai Cheung, $423,500.

Main St., 949-Hua Zhang and Guey Yuan Chang to Scott Anderson and Lisandra Caridad Torres, $849,900.

Mustang Hill Lane, 13924-Chris Siu Cheong Chow and Wanda Kit Ching Hung to Guangjun Gao and Lili Liu, $585,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 726, No. 102-Sean J. O’Boyle and David Alden to Fariba Zarkeshian, $90,000.

Short St., 101-Kenneth J. and Rebecca K. Smondrowski to Denise T. and Kelly Bossard, $840,000.

Whitcliff Ct., 307-Ellen P. Footer to Timothy R. and Claudia S. Stepp, $360,000.


Ansel Terr., 13446-Aaron Thomas and Laura Camilla Galvin to Danny Zheng and Xiaoyun Liu, $390,000.

Briarcliff Terr., 13107, No. 2-214-Faye Baldrey and Faye Hooper to Karen Amy Spencer, $195,000.

Climbing Ivy Dr., 12883-Gary Marlowe Jr. to Randy Ruano, $305,000.

Crosstie Terr., 18905-Helen Lettlow to Michael Vernon Miller and Colleen Honnon Robinson, $323,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12217, No. A-Krista M. Kennedy to Carl Frederick Peterson Jr., $172,000.

Furlong Way, 14164-Vincent Cecilio and Rosemarie Mamuad to Kenrick and Antoinette Knights, $368,000.

McCubbin Lane, 12903-Stefan and Gerlinde Lay Schmitt to Hok Kee Kwan, $535,000.

Palmetto Cir., 13726-Estate of Glenn S. Bowery and Johanna P. Gallagher to Alona Kokhanevych, $357,000.

Shadyside Lane, 13015, No. 12-195-Jamica Browne to Kizzalibah G. Lavala, $225,000.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20412, No. 7-C-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Stepan Kazakov, $189,000.

Station St., 13517-Donald K. and Sandra J. Forsythe to Jordan E. Mateo Salazar and Carmen R. Negreiros, $310,000.

Walnutwood Lane, 13437-Shayne R. Cullen and Ashlee M. Ehlers to Sergio A. Garcia Portillo and Edith C. Guerra Mundo, $420,000.


Yale Ave., 6001-Katharine M. Feehan and Richard R. Hoffman to Roshini Thinakaran, $1.01 million.


Flanders Ave., 4811-Serge M. and Mee Knystautas to Gregory Edward and Jenna Favin Constable, $595,479.

Glenridge St., 4414-Jason P. and Meena G. Andrew to Suzanne R. and Timothy G. Davis, $1 million.

Moore Lane, 3035-Derek M. Hodgins and Sarah Jenny to Hau N. Nguyen and Cheryl A. Swit, $675,000.

Thornwood Rd., 10114-Shari M. Tavel to Pedro J. De Oliveira Rodrigues Batista and Hatice Efsun Arda, $635,000.


Log House Ct., 9808-Matthew H. and Michaelle C. McGill to Scott Bishop, $600,000.

Wilderness Walk Ct., 23205-Michael J. Johnson to Sara and Giancarlo Rodriguez, $600,000.


Brassie Way, 9813-Radhia Marouf Henry to Robert Galecki and Aigul Batalova, $195,000.

Club House Rd., 19323, No. 204-Galina Fiks to Kamla and Gurdas Ram Rangra, $125,000.

Duffer Way, 9547-John A. Postulka to Brittani N. and Danielle C. Everson Riley, $354,000.

Forest View Pl., 10046-Lein Jiun Lee to Luis A. Cruz Flores and Nicole A. Arnez, $235,000.

Marketree Ct., 5-Charles D. and Patricia Z. Butz to Gordon S. Terrell and Marianna Sabatino, $450,000.

Nesbit Ct., 9005-James F. Andary and Maria M. Murphy to William and Mariola Buzbee, $400,000.

Smoothstone Way, 18908, No. 4-Joshua Messite to Carlos J. De La Carrera, $88,000.

Wheelwright Dr., 19909-Yuke Wu to Angel G. Garay Portillo and Sandra G. Lizama Guzman, $262,000.


Pagebrook Rd., 2000-Justin L. and Kathleen E. Kramer to Christopher W. Murphy and Elspeth Payne, $565,000.

Stateside Dr., 1404-Joy K. Adams and Gregory N. Osburn to Mayra Arly Perez Martinez and Erick A. Perez Martinez, $410,000.


Auden Dr., 2414-Winchester Homes Inc. to Yishi Wang, $482,271.

Beaverwood Lane, 3219-GC Investment Group Corp. to Peggy Benline and Ghislaine Villarson, $373,500.

Broomall Lane, 14025-Scott T. and Christina L. Martinson to Venice Chen, Roxann K. and Neville B. Wellington, $485,000.

Cranberry Terr., 2306-Robert R. and Suzanne S. Thomson to Wesley Ellis Grubb, $650,000.

Elkridge Way, 15211, No. 94-2H-Mary Ellen Lamontagne and estate of Arnold W. Deporter to Ajene Reece, $163,900.

Flack St., 12836-Jarrod M. and Christine M. Elwell to Dyan K. Francisco and Tammy T. Vodinh, $352,000.

Holdridge Rd., 12923-Mongolmaa and Iderjavkhlan Gurbazar to Nhan Thi Pham, $390,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-310-Patricia J. Kenehan to Virgina L. Cooper, $167,000.

King Lear Ct., 14624, No. 13-146-Marvin A. and Kaity P. Caceres to Firdaweke G. Habteyes, $300,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 907-Joan Desberg Lewis to Herbert Krusen, $287,500.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 501-Anne J. Abbott to Carol Fendler, $255,000.

Pennfield Cir., 15000, No. 110-Eugene F. Mullin and Marcia Steinberg to Judith E. Yellon, $380,000.

Teaberry Rd., 12802-Mariejose Lauredan Bonhomme to Sandra Araujo, $400,000.

Wimbledon Ct., 3-Guan Hsong and Debbie K. Hsu to Kinh Khanh Tran, Thi Tu and Cuong Thi Dao, $338,800.


Buehler Rd., 17820, No. 1-F-6-Russell S. Brown and Beth A. Myers to Artan Hasanaj, $132,000.

Clovercrest Cir., 18651-Joel Kruzel to Thomas Comer Lewis, $409,000.

Georgia Ave., 16644-Peter G. and Susan M. Kopperman to Nikola P. Di Giulio, $540,000.

McGee Way, 2954-Marguerite E. Dandrea to Michael Norris, $275,500.

Shotley Bridge Pl., 17828-Estate of Donald J. Burch to Andrew and Jamie Zvirzdin, $399,000.

Waltonshire Cir., 4857-Peter H. Choi to Rachel Heesun Kim, $465,000.


Beman Woods Ct., 18-Frank J. and Barbara N. Cain to Peter J. Insani and Sharon Anne Riotto, $1.5 million.

Cloverbrooke Dr., 10714-Moez M. and Sobia A. Jaffer to Michael Paul and Michelle Erica Fenton, $1.26 million.

Fallsmead Way, 1313-Donn J. and Shirley P. Barnhart to Edwin Gump and Bethany Morrison, $750,000.

Glastonberry Rd., 1707-Howard and Marcelle James Rontal to Leah R. Rindler and Shippen C. Royer, $720,000.

Inverness Ridge Rd., 8166-Christopher W. Meyer to Michael D. Kinstle and Teruko Lida, $600,000.

Missionwood Way, 12904-Ravi O. and Shama R. Mittal to Christophe Bernard Laurent and Niloofar Ghaemi, $724,000.

Old Post Rd., 11209-Adelfried and Lamiah Al Daghistani Saidely to Jiandong Yang and Chen Lai, $880,000.

Pettit Way, 14401-Roshan Soleimanloo to Ali and Margarita Elyassi, $1.35 million.

Snowhill Ct., 8709-Keiko Yoshitake to Farzan Tamami and Natalia Pinzon Gomez, $1.22 million.

Sunrise Dr., 1707-Marc B. and Bonnie L. Kaplan to Marjorie D. Lope Moutsatsos and Basilio A. Moutsatsos Morales, $764,000.

Turning Creek Ct., 7811-Bank of America to Workie Ketema and Goitom B. Semere, $683,800.


Blaze Climber Way, 235-Chang Eun Jung and Joann Hye Yun Kang to Mourtada Deme and Kadiata Kane, $615,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12303, No. 393-Uzi Kraus to Jie Liu, $190,000.

California Cir., 6060, No. 310-Judith W. Gaines to Jeongoen Lee and Minhye Kim, $375,000.

College Pkwy., 866, No. 102-Edmond and Ann H. Chang to Mahsuda Aisa, $225,000.

Edson Lane, 5809, No. 203-Susan G. Gardner Cronin to Robert A. Walker and Annie Kao, $470,000.

Foxborough Cir., 9934-Lynn F. Duffy to Daniel R. Stavish III and Ashley E. Bonanno, $591,750.

Grandin Ave., 319-Brian B. Maranville to Peter and Elizabeth Cooper, $389,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10809, No. 505-Jennifer Brudno and Jonathan Gitlen to Andre Yamasaki, $365,000.

Inman Park Cir., 5800, No. 1313-Michael and Erin Pettiway Severe to Jacqueline Mugadza, $384,000.

Loblolly Terr., 14001-Howard J. and Dara E. Lansat to Ning Guo and Chunbo Shao, $940,000.

Maryland Ave., 38, No. 311-Rodolfo and Gersenda Maria Varisco to Gary R. and Emily C.N. Correll, $680,000.

Mori Dr., 4822-Ayala E. Singer and Yaron Dayani to Caroline Esnault Petrov, $500,000.

Potomac St., 301-Tammy Kim Chau White to Alexander T. and Melissa W. Kopit, $570,000.

Riding Fields Rd., 12315-Young Y. and Ae K. Lee to Hyacinth Kuasi, Fatoumata Bamba and Hyacinth Kuasi Ntchobo, $1.07 million.

Rose Ave., 930, No. 1405-Pike & Rose Condominium Inc. to Young Hi Choi, $792,400.

Troy Rd., 11226-Round Hill Realty Corp. to Michelle Steingerwalt, $470,000.

Watts Branch Pkwy., 217-Carey Eugene Cheek Sr. to Jian Tao Lin and Xue Yun Zheng, $645,000.


Aberstraw Way, 11507-Winston M. Viana to Natalio and Juliana V. Espinoza, $235,000.

Drumcastle Terr., 11642-Angela and Stephen David Trice to Moises A. Gonzalez Carrasco and Alejandra F. Gonzalez, $311,500.

Found Stone Rd., 12700, No. 104-Helene D. Kukielka to David Chang, $230,000.

Herefordshire Way, 11411-Joshua Shifflett to Christopher L. Lin and Mingming Liu, $235,000.

Morning Star Dr., 11816-Robert S. and Catherine A. Bosland to Kevin S. McGuirk and Rachel C. Robbins, $695,000.

Staleybridge Rd., 19044-Hansagauri P. Sojitra to Jose W. Carcamo and Fatima E. Avalos Ramirez, $370,000.


Bonifant St., 900, No. B-Greyson H. Goon and Susan Chin to David L. Snyder, Mark B. Flaherty Jr. and Mark B. Flaherty, $468,000.

Courts Way, 8916-Alex R. Berman and Lisa A. Wald to Andrew C. and Olga M. Freedman, $712,500.

Easley St., 710-Matthew R. and Alina M. Ptaszynski to Kathleen Anne Moriarty and Alexander James Czisny, $536,000.

Hollow Glen Pl., 9910-Jay T. Hornick and Lynne E. Jenkins to Bradley Farnsworth and Elaine S. Wilson, $982,500.

Milford Ave., 8510-David Michael Reile and Barbara Hilton Suddarth to James Derik and Jennifer Leigh Takach, $585,000.

Washington Ave., 2242, No. W-301-Melanie L. Gowen to Allison Gail Mitchell, $299,000.


Albany Ave., 500-Adam W. and Kathleen M. Fifield to Paul Richardson and Maia Stern, $807,000.

Eastern Ave., 6617-Melissa Sanabria Design and Development to Ingrid Grace Langham and David William Scherler, $730,000.

Linden Ave., 1127-Lisa Renee Buchanan and Barbara J. and Willie R. Lee Sr. to Mulubrhan Amare Reda and Frewoini Mezgebo, $425,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. PH14-Lawrence Chien to Sylvia N. Nyamira, $257,000.

Sherman Ave., 108-George D. and Kimberlee Cook Hannum to Angela C. Ambroz and Max C. Bode, $750,000.


Burris Rd., 1603-James W. Thomas and estate of Louise B. Thomas to Luis A. Lopez Claudio and Vivian E. Fong, $365,000.


Arbor View Terr., 12517-David J. and Leighann Yarwood to Kim Loan Thi Dinh, Hung Minh Vo and Tuyet Thi Dinh, $445,000.

Brentwood Lane, 900-Jeffrey M. and Marc A. Gordon to Douglas Shelling and Michelle Weiner, $558,000.

Cloverhill Dr., 11400-Eleanor Bond High to Marie P. and Cassagnol Innocent, $439,900.

Everest St., 1805-Tecu Corp. to Ryan Thomas and Suzanne Bottorff Wrasse, $557,000.

Henderson Ave., 2200-Mark and Ann Nicholson to Paul and Kathleen A. Ennis Durstine, $382,000.

Julep Ave., 10417-Van Thanh Vu to Rafael Flores Figueroa and Imelda Serrano De Flores, $329,900.

Newton St., 2814-Charles Frank Marx and Carolyn Case to Raul A. and Iris E. Estrada, $276,000.

Randolph Rd., 2723-Swan Properties Inc. to Julian E. Sepulveda, $310,000.

Schoolhouse Cir., 2883-James B. Strait and Kristine L. Schlegelmilch to Nhi Ngo, $363,500.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in December 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Haddington Ct., 2822-Dorothy Anderson Farmer to Matthew W. and Angela A. Worrell, $490,000.

John Mills Rd., 2714-Paul Hahr to Charles and Christina L. Schoeneberg, $433,000.


B St. W., 601-John F. Saunders to Jonathan and Kaitlynn Hoffman, $155,000.


Meadow Dr., 4914-Michael Reifsnider and estate of Phyllis H. Bowlus to John Broschart Jr., Tanya Gourley and Crystal Marie Crogan, $268,000.


Alan Linton Blvd. E., 6536-DR Horton Inc. to Sharanya Tumati, $506,250.

Allington Manor Cir. W., 9053-Charles and Sophal Pettit to Anneta Fennell and Juliet J. Gray, $335,000.

Ballenger Creek Pike., 4304-Frank R. and Carla K. Pickett to Jonathan A. and Tiffany M. Woods, $335,000.

Box Elder Ct., 5803, No. D-Alfredia M. Moxley to Melvin F. and Juanita F. Hamburg, $160,000.

Cascade Way, 574-Tac S. Corp. to William Joel Velez Perez and Noelia Alcantaro Laboy, $200,000.

Coats Bridge Pl., 4, No. 2B-Cherryl Alarcon and Lilia G. Sales to Vincent Ringgold, $175,000.

Denton Ct., 5645-Jason E. and Mende E. Pomartinez Potkay to Aundrea Bobenmoyer and Collin McGowan, $243,800.

Eisenhower Dr., 575-James B. Willis to Jena M. Rizziello, $239,000.

Henden Wood Lane, 5312-Clifford K. and Betty I. Doutt to Robert W. and Kristie M. Young, $450,000.

Hunting Horn Lane, 1425-Michael J. Pishvaign to Matthew S. and Valerie J. Moore, $315,000.

Leahy Ct., 500A, No. 1A-James A. Boles and Kellie Sue Hinkle to Jessiemae P. Shank, $177,000.

Mount Phillip Rd., 6207-James C. and Carolyn L. Baugher to Joseph M. Hallaren, $285,000.

Pendleton Ct. N., 8, No. 11D-Juver Hernandez Delcid to Lisa V. Williams and Larryce C. Ham, $197,500.

Providence Ct., 1136-Rafael and Sandra Garcia to Michael and Barbara Whiting Rowe, $215,000.

Shadbush Ct., 5806, No. G-Rising Realty Corp. and Richard Means to Katy Lynn and Daniel Robert McWilliams, $190,000.

Sulky Lane, 496-Krystopher Sidney Westover to Jasmine A. Holmes, $270,000.

Tivoli Rd., 643-Anastasiya S. Soper and Stephen M. Schreiner to Don Bui and Michelle H. Tran, $239,000.

Wye Creek Dr., 5340-Walter L. and Elisabeth A. Busse to Barry P. and Theresa M. Yunes, $620,000.


Bear Den Rd., 2425-Deirdre P. and Conrad Joseph Grant to Patricia Parker, $289,900.

Court St. N., 20-Pythian Castle Condominium Corp. to Francis D. Tarleton Jr., $610,000.

Everly Dr. S., 2635, No. 8-12-Julio Cesar Juarez to Judy E., James P. and Danyelle Marie Sterling, $218,000.

Island Grove Blvd., 2627-Michael E. and Sarah J. Waters to Balmore Eligio and Consuelo Arce Gochez, $329,900.

Liberty Rd., 10534-Ronald and Jennifer Chen to Fred and Kimkitta Cariah Butler, $795,000.

Market St. N., 916-Rayford C. and Jennifer H. Lederer to Matthew Robert Karns and Alisha Bretz, $385,000.

Meandering Woods Ct., 6382-Jodi Lynn and Brian Charles Anderson to Jeffrey Moore, $339,900.

Monocacy View Cir., 1802A, No. 39A-Vin Investments Corp. to Emily Page Sinton, $220,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 9925-Tamara M. and Jeremy D. Feaster to Chris and Brenda Lee Cucchi, $480,000.

River Mist Ct., 1801-Avril J.M. Williams Yakasai to Keshab Parajuli and Priyasha Khattri Chettri, $440,000.

Springwater Ct., 6505, No. 7302-Terry D. Norris and Connie F. Burgee Holiday to Brendan M. Raleigh, $190,000.

Turning Point Ct., 922-Maxwell Richards to Neil Kishore Roy, $215,000.

Wormans Mill Rd., 7865-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Erich F. Bailey, $299,990.

Fifth St. E., 14-Stephen A. and Lorren Meyer to Elaine Habermehl, $399,900.


Artillery Rd., 2121-Adam Campbell and Teresa Flanagan to Pedro R. and Kashawna Smith, $338,600.

Brigade Cir., 2103-Jeffrey M. and Ava M. Weltz to Jon Potter, $388,000.

Catoctin Ct., 2503, No. 4-Robert H. and Paulela E. Burchill to Kelsey R. Bunn, $165,000.

Ellsworth Way, 2404, No. 2A-Mark B. Martin and Nina P. Abell to Krista M. Linthicum, $177,000.

Featherstone Pl., 100-Jec One Corp. to Marie Ann Bowles, $239,900.

Hansen Cir., 6002-Margaret Pigott and estate of Margarete Burdo to Thomas G. and Barbara E. Whitefield, $348,000.

Heathfield Dr., 163-Burton and Heidi L. Schmuck to Amora Kyei, $205,000.

McLendon Dr., 910-Estate of Florence A. Hogan to Charles L. and Trina Marie Wagner, $220,000.

Moran Dr., 1936-Steven and Ashley Peduto to Jianbo Chen and Mingguang Nie, $495,000.

Petworth Way, 1012-Bababowale O. and Olabisi O. Fabunmi to Jason Daniel Key, $194,000.

Round Hill Rd., 4910-Stuart Allen Samuels and Joan Margaret Mary Parsons to Jared Fureman and Rachael Simon, $420,000.

Vienna Ct., 27-Robert Marendt to Joshua S. and Nicole E. Martin, $184,900.


Ridenour Rd., 14524-Robert Paul and Phyllis Lynn Knotts to Matthew Young, $399,900.


Canary Dr., 11376-John R. and Joyce E. Mooney to Michael Stock and Katherine Russell, $370,000.

Greensward Link, 10140-Roberta M. Huber to Michael and Patricia Flora, $769,000.


Fiona Way, 123-Bryan D. and Lindsay J. Hsu to Joel E. Rodriguez Martinez and Erika Elizabeth Marroquin Aviles, $256,000.

Jennifer Lynne Dr., 23-Phuc Hoang Nguyen to Joren A. and Amy Rose Bender, $415,000.

Petersville Rd., 4004-Herbert L. and Mary Ann Daugherty to Herbert L. and Heather N. Daugherty, $360,000.


Green Valley Rd., 10742-Lynn C. Root to Michael Blanton, $330,000.


Briarwood Ct., 4252-Thomas M. and Margaret E. Freeman Karcewski to Matthew M. and Leslie G. Stillitano, $660,000.

Locust Blvd., 9-Connie Reimel and estate of Betty Katherine Reimel to Kevin P. Linehan and Brooke A. Spiker, $290,000.

Middle Ct., 8195-Vicki May and Grayson E. Flook to Benjamin R. Allen and Dayton A. Young, $259,900.

Pinewood Trail, 4602-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Alexandre Gerena, $324,900.

Rhoderick Cir., 114-Rafat Izadi and Mahnaz Rasti to Annie M. Clark Gates, $362,000.


Ashcroft Terr., 12112-Diane M. and David L. Reed to Christopher D. and Maureen M. Burgy, $525,000.


Harrisville Rd., 13930-Crystal Sellers to Nigel and Gillian Howe, $435,000.

Old Annapolis Ct., 13596-James C. and Paula M. Smith to Jesse Smith and Jo Ellyn Stolinski, $500,000.

Village Way, 209-Aeric and Debra Alexander to Jamie C. Franke, $295,000.


Flintridge Ct., 2711-Stuart K. and Anjel L. Scarborough to Joseph Robert Raffa and Jennifer Rose Bayliss, $387,500.

Highland School Rd., 10907-Kevin Lee and Robin Ann Smith to Ronald P. and Lena G. Goldberg , $484,500.


Boyers Mill Rd., 6041-Sonja J. Boyer to Michael C. Allwein, $350,000.

Fox Chase Rd., 6908-Brianna L. and Martin J. Stiteler to Patricia and Patricia P. Smith, $311,000.

Lakeridge Rd. W., 6623-Douglas S. and Helen M. Axtman Evans to Paul and Julie Errichetti, $390,000.

Pond Crest Ct., 11800-Raymond A. and Alberta Hepner to Samuel MacDavid and Julia Mary Woods, $405,000.

Sewell Dr., 722-Kerry M. Taylor to Susan Lynn Snyder, $325,000.

Wicomico Dr., 5543-Joseph A. and Laura J. Sequeiros to Guoxin Jin and Zixi Zhou, $358,000.


Gibbons Rd., 3893-Timothy J. and Terry L. Spesick to Francis Rene Garcia, $300,000.


Herman Hauver Rd., 14706-A. Wayne Six to Tyler S. and Caroline L. Redman, $360,000.


Catoctin Highlands Cir., 13-Wells Fargo Bank to Kais A. Manoubi, $179,475.

Kelbaugh Rd., 15429-Linda Pendola to Anna M. Mason, $175,000.

Pleasant Acres Dr., 20-Jimmy L. Bisenieks to Richard D. Kuhn, $333,000.

Sunny Ct., 10-Perpetual Builders Inc. to Shannon O. Landes, $240,000.


Beall Dr., 5450-Martha Elaine Eggink to Stephen M. and Darci F. Renehan, $495,000.

Hinks Lane, 9154-Robert D. Baumler to Jae Woo Hong and Miha Im, $429,990.

Notting Hill Dr., 9819-Alan and Michele Fishman to Andrew N. and Tara N. Garmon, $660,000.

Singleton Terr., 3626-Barbara J. Edenfield to Chanli Lu and Si Qiu, $335,000.

Urbana Church Rd., 8835-Parkwood Homes to Charles and Megan Tufano, $467,415.


Chapel Ct., 400, No. 320-John Cleve Trout to Jakob Hunter Gramm and Mary Nicole Moshier, $141,000.

Georgetown Rd., 24-Doris O. Alexander to Timothy Daniel Weber and Rachel Dorren Rose, $239,900.

Kelly Rd., 9939-William F. and Rita J. Delawter to Jamie A. Turner and Brian A. Wallace, $300,000.