Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Aspen Hill Rd., 4901-Gustavo D. Cherquis and Roxana Andres Arias to Edwin A. Castellon and Hilsia Marciela Rivas, $385,000.

Bauer Dr., 14829-Charles B. Lawrence and Sandra Honda to Christopher M. Stone and Adriana L. Riveros, $549,000.

Carrolton Rd., 14620-Carrolton RD Real Estate No 1 Corp. to Natalie H. and Robert P. Silverman, $975,000.

Jasmine Dr., 4925-Thomas L. and Denise A. Jay to Michael Robert Phillips and Christina Lynn Avgerinos, $660,000.

Manor House Terr., 15414-Sergey Dementyev to Carla C. Mewborn, $374,900.

Morgal St., 4513-Ellen C. Caldeira to Ivan Lopez Perez and Elba Maria Hernandez Alvarez, $450,000.


Cherry Hill Rd., 11402, No. 102-Mandana Mirghahari to Winifred I. Wilson, $85,000.


Benalder Dr., 6010-Dana C. and Jennifer B. Olson to Justin M. and Jenna M. Dickman, $960,000.

Brook Lane N., 8315, No. 2-605-Theresa G. Hazel to David A. Pim, $317,000.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 231-FH Bethesda Corp. and Sunrise Bethesda Corp. to Samuel A. and Sally S. Shelburne, $632,073.

Conway Rd., 5927-Dayna S. Fellow to Weidong Zhang and Donglei Yu, $775,000.

Democracy Blvd., 7505, No. A130-Josefina and Kelly Louie T. Dizon to Charina A. Deausen, $155,000.

Earlston Dr., 4912-Mary Ann Bernard to Brianne Suska, $915,000.

Greentree Rd., 5700-Michael W. Nattel and Rebecca F. Rieck to Rezarta and Arben Pejo, $709,000.

Holly Leaf Lane, 9049-Stephen A. and Patricia L. Eckert to Ryan Reza and Hana Vaghef Rosoulian, $1.46 million.

Montrose Ave., 10417, No. 202-Juan C. Garcia to Chengbaio Tu, $175,000.

Northfield Rd., 5423-Lida G. Wright and estate of Jewel Darr Grantham to Bradley Aaron and Sophie Schlosser Buslik, $914,500.

Overlea Rd., 6012-Martha M. Gray and estate of Helen Rhoads Kritzer to Li Li, $1.07 million.

Richard Dr., 7016-John N. and Maryll W. Toufanian to Justin E. and Heather D. Magazine, $1.4 million.

Vendome Dr., 9231-Douglas Anthony Durante and estate of Dorothy M. Durante to David M. Polinger, $1 million.

Weymouth St., 10626, No. 104-Matthew Brian Larkin Morgan to Raezel S. Geiser, $220,000.


Ruby Dr., 21908-Alan Bernard Clayton to Qili Li, $450,000.


Epstein Ct., 2421-Patrick J. and Elizabeth L. Heeg to Charles Andrew and Joan Marie Scaffidi, $465,000.


Allnutt Lane, 15620-David Sullivan to Quintin and Tiffany Francis Jefferson, $425,000.

Dustin Rd., 4304-Patricia A. Martin Kruhm to Anthony and Ann S. Lavigna, $724,900.

Saddle Creek Dr., 14922-Dolatray and Prabhavanti Joshi to Ilfault Daits, $424,900.

Tazewell Terr., 4217-Mitchell and Susan S. Romm to Katherine N. Kirby, $285,000.


79th St., 6517-Edward Q. Goddard to Jionagnan Liu and Qianqian Shi, $699,000.


Carriage House Terr., 1623, No. J-John L. Bell to Davesylvin D. Decker II, $159,000.

Castleleigh Pl., 12513-RJRE Investments Corp. to Buzuayeh E. Kibret and Getachew W. Mekuria, $420,000.

Conductor Way, 13110, No. 200-Geramene M. Alexandre to Misganew Alamerew Mengstu and Ababach Amare Yirbemo, $250,000.

Glenhill Rd., 13201-Larry Dallas and Angela Mary Sanders to Odir Antonio Sorto and Mercedes Yeseni Ramos, $504,900.

Kerwood Ct., 3-DSS Investment Properties Corp. to Girma G. and Frehiwot T. Feyisa, $415,000.

Mozart Dr., 3027-Erica M. Jarrett to Ashley Kafka and Ryan Lunski, $330,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 12001, No. 514-Yasmin A. Beckford to Ana E. Villacorta De Benitez and Magdaleno Benitez Andrade, $160,000.

Quaint Acres Dr., 319-James Radcliffe Boyd to Vinh H. Pham and Oanh Thi Hoang Dinh, $483,000.

Solmar Dr., 2314-Silvia M. Pace to Clerveaux Joseph, Mercitane Joseph Ambroise and Edwig Jules, $440,000.

Turquoise Terr., 12731-Alvin L. and Jorja J. Pumphrey to Deborah C. Montague, $342,933.


Brookville Rd., 7004-Angus Lamond IV to Michael and Erin McMahon, $1.1 million.

Quincy St., 160-George Godding and Beverly Mowery to David O. Shullman and Katharine A. Radi, $1.5 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. 1507-William H. Brody and estate of Florence K. Brody to Marshall C. and Joan A. Cutler, $1.95 million.


Benton Park Cir., 12901-Kenneth S. and Stephanie B. Allen to Yasmeen Siddiqui, $559,500.

Clarks Crossing Dr., 12816-Bruce Wayne and Dai Chuong Patrick to Carmen C. Martinez, $415,000.

Emerald Green Dr., 11677-Asha Ahuja to Dan Yang, $397,000.

Meadow Mist Rd., 22953, No. 3272-Albert B. Cheean to Kendell Joseph Charles, $161,201.

Public House Rd., 23612-Yaya Globa Corp. to Patrice Nzenang and Edith Hagoua, $439,000.

Stringtown Rd., 23009, No. 1123-Kimberly M. Cunningham to Nicole M. Perez, $130,293.


Armond Lane, 1805-Lauron Noble Henkel and estate of Sharon A. Noble to Juan D. Garcia, $760,000.

Elm Grove Cir., 1249-Symra Spottswood to Mahboob O. Yonis and Nabila M. Yusuf, $259,300.

Holly Grove Rd., 15621-Capital One to Joseph and Christina Lim, $602,000.

Pinebrook Ct., 1-Elvin R. and Patricia Ohld to Chun Sik and Helen M. Lee, $400,000.


Johns Dr., 10208-William E. and Jennifer O. Newman to Narcedalia and Jeffrey Grant Pratt, $449,900.

Woodfield Rd., 25309-Justin R. Wieland to Filibert W. Ouedraogo and Balduissa Sawadogo, $400,000.


Mahaska Dr., 7405-Carol D. Flamish to Lance and Nina Ing, $649,900.

Toboggan Lane, 17500-Jue Chen and Xiangbin Zeng to Jose L. Zamora and Xochiti Hernandez Cruz, $168,877.


Cavalier Dr., 10600-Iris Hilary Peabody to Helen M. Amos and Christoph A. Keller, $460,000.

Crestmoor Dr., 10403-David B. Hakim and Maria A. Godoy to Damian C. Manda, $499,000.

Evergreen St., 9619-Jeffrey L. Mason and Cornelia S. Russell to Sarah K. Chambers and Shelton L. Bellamy Jr., $575,000.

Manchester Rd., 8710, No. 3-Tenacity London Terrace Corp. to Joy Kabemba Kazadi, $274,500.

Portland Rd., 10005-Anthony Cliffe Vernon and Leslie Vernon Ries to Anthony James and Lauren Jean Clark, $387,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9149-Stephen W. Young to Megan Keady Ahern and Tushar Bhatnagar Dayal, $619,900.


Bates Ave., 113-Suresh Kumar Bhogavilli and Purnima Chandrasekaran to Lloyd Conyers, $510,000.

Brenish Dr., 7527-Jeong Sook and Joon Huh to Idalia Ester Pineda and Eder Bladimir Pineda Rosales, $315,000.

Christopher Ave., 429, No. 59-Martin J. Nine and Raquel Machado to Ana Lopez, $204,900.

Mallory Ct., 6-JBN Realty Investment Inc. to Zachary Mink and Melissa Lozinsky, $401,000.

Mountain Ash Way, 8244-Diane P. Brigham to Zoltan Demko and Corrin Mroz Diestel, $282,000.

Pintail Lane, 18709-Mark Gloger and Fran Levin to James and Angela Hodge, $275,000.

Sandy Lake Dr., 19332-Georgia and Konstantinos N. Siozios to Elmer Edelmiro Prado Mogrovejo, $295,000.

Steven Ct., 4, No. 227-Alexander Garcia and Claudia Patricia Villalba Rodriguez to Jose A. Canas Martinez, $247,500.

Westland Dr. S., 16600-Dana S. and Mary E. Grubb to Ever S. Gonzalez Cruz and Francisco Gonzalez, $369,900.


Athletic Way, 9724-Jing Xie to Joseph De Wu, $497,000.

Bright Meadow Dr., 526-Maria Dos Prazeres Barb Razavi to Vladimir and Maria Drozdovitch, $603,000.

Crown Park Ave., 307-MI Homes of D.C. Corp. to Glenn R. and Eileen J. Nason, $899,900.

Firehouse Lane, 616-Paul G. and Eileen S. Dougherty to Jeffrey A. Rohrlick and Debbie A. Cenziper, $1.06 million.

Gold Kettle Dr., 154-Zlatko and Teodora Kapelina to Sviatlana Pashayeva, $375,000.

High Gables Dr., 201, No. 403-Jeffrey P. Scott and estate of Ethel J. Scott to Cecelia R. Ross, $409,000.

Irish Ct., 8-Barbara Palmer to Jacqueline M. Schaeffer, $365,000.

Little Quarry Rd., 119-David F. Cash and Maria R. Rubio to Joseph S. Torg Jr., $850,960.

Main St., 1025-Richard E. and Brittany C. Klabanoff to Ari L. and Lauren B. Kaplan, $632,000.

Orchard Dr., 49-Siyu Deng to Ngozi and Aaron Wexler, $318,000.

Plum Grove Way, 1-Peter E. and Gary E. Graves to Alberto Morales Benitez, $385,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 834, No. P1-Terry S. and Gail C. Thames to Vanlalrema Fnu, $115,000.

Side Dr. W., 1030, No. 28-D-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Luis A. Diaz, $190,000.

Talley Ct., 6-Tony V. and Sandra M. Brewer to Stacy and Bradford Tsakeris, $789,000.


Afternoon Lane, 20566-Patricia H. and Ronald E. Jackson to Dino and Maria Fasce, $226,500.

Ansel Terr., 13454-Matthew C. Mulvey and Katherine A. Saksteder to Steven John Grange, $405,000.

Cloverdale Pl., 13417-Hamid Sepehri to Leonard and Cami Lee Giraldo, $400,000.

Dairymaid Dr., 13137, No. 113-Michael D. Parlett and Brian Howard Cush to Carl M. Lemon, $183,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12221, No. G-Claudia M. Heiney Gonzalez to Jun Hee Kim, $197,000.

Gallop Dr., 19000-Ahmed and Humaira Jahangeer to Christine Hoang, $350,000.

Lark Song Terr., 18912-Andrew and Angela Italia to Vitali Tugarinov and Tatiana G. Lowder, $355,000.

Meander Cove Dr., 13250, No. 22-Nancy T. Sheridan to Erin Jane Iturriaga, $215,000.

Pickering Ct., 35, No. 202-Nathan Andrew and Vicki Lynn Rowell to Guido Amaya, $203,000.

Shadyside Way, 20526, No. 49-4-Barbara L. Brenner to Kelsey Elizabeth Siegel, $150,000.

Silvergate Way, 12309, No. 908-M-Tiffany H. Shao and William B. Messersmith to Mitchell W. Pollard, $159,900.

Steeple Pl., 19034-Bingqing Cui and Mingdong Li to Kwasi and Sharon Frye, $365,000.

Thorn Grove Pl., 12215-Ahmed Danish Afroz and Seema S. Khan to Daniel Chang, $229,000.

Waterside Dr., 20101, No. 128-Donald J. Connelly to Debra Ann Weschky, $231,000.


Bangor Dr., 5316-Francis B. Conlon to Ross Wiczer, $400,000.

Drumm Ave., 10500-Philip M. and Marlene Teigen to Christa Marie and Christopher J. Schrette, $435,000.

Flanders Ave., 5017-Donald L. Schneider and Jean Chin to Lawrence Andrew and Allee Jaye Burka, $625,000.

Glenrose St., 4104-Elizabeth Norris Frese and estate of Mary Frese Peschka to Michael A. and Joan C. Conley, $810,000.

Matthews Lane, 4222-Charles Hampton Hoover to Breanna Beach Becker, $1.27 million.

Moore Lane, 3039-Scott R. and Mary Elizabeth Seprish to Victoria Tolentino, Mario Saturn Martinez and Juan Miguel Mesina Estrada, $690,000.

Warner St., 4129-Dana M. Evans to Michael Peduto and Jillian Smiley, $655,000.


Woodfield Rd., 21150-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and New Penn Financial Corp. to Amber Love Foster and Eric Dubose, $435,000.


Brookridge Ct., 9914-Eyp Corp. to Jiayun Zou, $230,000.

Faber Ct., 19401-Karyl B. Swartz to Amor Fe Arcinas Unte, $380,000.

Gravier Ct., 10108-Paul and Jane M. Green to Mohammad N. Khan and Nusrat Rasheed, $450,000.

Holly Pond Pl., 8609-Mary S. Gipson to Leah R. Arnold, $410,000.

Pruitt Ct., 20614-Noah and Mishelle C. Iturriaga to Robin and Karen Pecana, $240,000.

Rustburg Cir., 8803-Paramount Investments Corp. to Tomas Concepcion, $219,900.

Sterncroft Ct., 20508-Edna A. Irias Montalvan to Roldan Turcios and Lea Bonilla De Turcios, $247,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18810, No. 1-Klara J. and Klarika J. Ellsworth to Nancy M. Vert, $92,900.


New Hampshire Ave., 8430-Bosco Antonio and Marlene Carmen Padilla to Dev Nash and Nita Shrestha, $229,900.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 209-Bettina Thorpe Tucker to Sam Wehbe, $104,000.

Sweetbriar Pkwy., 10620-Rajiv Uppal and Jacob Azhdam to Shanna Batten and Eduardo F. Aguirre, $550,000.


Auden Dr., 2416-Winchester Homes Inc. to Carol Melicia Lowe, $500,149.

Bel Pre Rd., 3764, No. 14-Juan D. Espana to Andrea X. Mayorga, $105,000.

English Orchard Ct., 12652-Anthony R. Fracasso and Timothy R. White to Aria Vaughan and Randall Dass, $373,800.

Foggy Glen Dr., 13782-Roberto Aze Vedo to Joel David and Susan Marie Dulaigh, $505,000.

Glenallan Ave., 2409-Winchester Homes Inc. to Allen Pietrobon and Amelia Kegan, $460,000.

Holdridge Rd., 13105-Charles T. and Deborah Jones to Qijun and Yongyu Chen, $375,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-801-Sydney A., Charles R. and Juletta R. Smith to Marlene Freed, Nancy Hull and Sharon Ledner, $295,000.

Legendary Ct., 2800-Gbemisola Agbellusi to Pedero Gustavo and Maria A. Maury, $593,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-129-Edward Frank Mazurowski to James R. and Sharon K. Cagley, $129,900.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 820-Jon H. Traunfeld and estate of Lottie Traunfeld to Richard L. and Carole Marcia Steer, $349,990.

Narrows Lane, 1816-Jeffrey A. and Crystal R. Vinson to Luis Diaz Luna and Elvira Vargas, $529,000.

Sheraton St., 2609-Carolyn Spigel and estate of Snyder Spigel to Shaheen Mahmood, $265,000.


Bar Harbor Pl., 4211-Michael Sutton and Andrea D. Soliman to Andrew H. and Gina Shin, $380,000.

Center Crest Ct., 18507-Gregory A. and Lisa Maccallister to Yanet Kitessa and Samson Chekol, $675,000.

Clovercrest Way, 2911-Freddie L. Lofton and Curtis L. McEntyre to Shilpa Patel, $403,000.

Gooseneck Terr., 16737-Mitchell R. and Paula K. Zeller to Rhona Leffler, $654,999.

Morningwood Dr., 4000-Alois and Bokyi Dopita to Dana K. and Roman L. Rodriguez, $499,900.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18222, No. 47-Therese F. Omeara to Dawn Morgan, $272,500.

Watercraft Ct., 18302-Eduardo and Juana Abarca to Melinda and Lawrence Csorba, $549,900.


Kohlhoss Rd., 17526-Jason Alan and Alice J. Brant to Kathryn E. Atkinson, $235,000.


Bobbink Ct., 12417-Camille B. Vermess and estate of Michael Vermess to Adam and Dana Goldberg, $660,000.

Clydesdale St., 9712-CitiMortgage Inc. to Yueqin Zhao and Taiyan Zu, $1.02 million.

Farnsworth Dr., 9228-Owen T. and Kimberly M. Fink to Richard John and Patricia Ann Schassburger, $1.08 million.

Grand Teton Dr., 8001-John P. and Bernadette Reghi to Byung Hoom Kim and Jiwon Roh, $900,000.

Ivymount Terr., 7913-Michael S. Hansen and Brenda Diane Kostelecky to Rebecca and Travis Sharp, $790,000.

Paddock Ct., 17-Theresa Irene Zolet to Stephen and Jenny Namur Karp, $1.15 million.

Powder Horn Dr., 11124-Michaleen M. and Robert J. Mikulski to Alexander and Catherine Throuteaud, $740,000.

Stonepath Ct., 11-Kevin J. and Erika V. Galvin to Geoffrey S. and Sara A. Clasper, $710,000.

Tifton Dr., 11714-Janet M. Nesse and estate of Saiful Bhuiyan to John Manleung and Diana Helen Chan, $585,000.

Turning Creek Ct., 7818-Mary Allyson Taubman to Elise Ann Vernick, $750,000.

Willowleaf Way, 1028-Richard Mahoughon and Lea M. Senou to Eric K. Grant, $515,000.


Aster Blvd., 819-Joseph P. and Susan E. Dulany to Nicholas Mason and Jennifer Nichole Durham, $650,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 715-Kyle Kim to Dennis Scott Hood, $345,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12309, No. 447-Yang Yi Luo to Charlene Freeman, $140,000.

Cavanaugh Farm Way, 10209-Moe Danaie and Shabnam Foroughi to Weimin Hu and Xu Lin, $1.2 million.

Commonwealth Dr., 11323, No. 003-Mary Kathleen and Jason T. Summers to William M. and Ewelina Hauck, $371,000.

Edson Lane, 5811, No. 104-Robert L. Weinberg and estate of Seema Weinberg to Yijie Chen, $405,000.

Glen Mill Rd., 13533-Lorenzo and Carol Marcolin to Sravani T. and Chidepudi Reddy, $700,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1505-Amy B. Wood and Marc B. Kaplan to Sofia Tassano, $410,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10815, No. 605-Mariah N. Sim to Stacy Kirschbaum, $258,000.

Ivy League Lane, 770, No. 8-42-Jacklyn Kim to Dung Thi Kim Nguyen, $432,500.

Laura Lane, 307-Bradley C. Karn III to Ryan Ashton and Cassandra Nicole Bowen, $642,000.

Lynfield Dr. W., 629-Ralph C. and Rita B. Veale to Patrick and Xuefel Li, $305,000.

Monroe St., 4, No. 508-Katia G. Kroutil Cervoni to Jennifer E. Kirchner, $158,000.

Mount Prospect Dr., 13705-Yuhlin S. Yang and Wenlin A. Chu to Stephen S. and Shin Young Yune, $995,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1423-Corrin H. Smith to Nan Zhang, $305,000.

Redland Blvd., 518-Herbert K. Krusen to Kwame and Torie Samuda, $585,000.

Rockville Pike., 10436, No. 302-Sriram Gopal to David H. and Heidi A. Onkst, $170,250.

Rose Ave., 930, No. 1902-Pike & Rose Condominium Inc. to Shahrokh Rahgozar, $386,400.

Tudor Lane, 5902-Michael and Mary A. Lazzeri to Rudolfs and Chiaki S. Bems, $730,000.

Winding Rose Dr., 439-Guan Ru Duh to Zheng Lu, $582,000.


Ashbrook Ct., 11818-Adam and Casey L. Cirner to Hossein Mirshahi and Massoumeh Akbari, $225,000.

Found Stone Rd., 12701, No. 8-302-Chintan and Purabi Patel to Ashish Brandon and Mariana Lizette Walekar, $237,000.

Knolltop View Ct., 11206-Freddy J. and Maria Garcia to Hla Tun and Tint Tint Wai, $515,000.

Panthers Ridge Dr., 12004-Matthew B. Myers and Stephanie S. Canas to Niroj Gautam, $325,000.

Sunnyview Dr., 12101-Thy Hy to Anh Lac Bao Pham and Ly D. Pham, $425,000.


Colston Dr., 2206, No. C-101-Lisa M. Stevens to Enrique Garay Aragon and Yajaira Palin Garay, $270,000.

Dale Dr., 401-KL Design Group Corp. to Tyler M. Beckelman and Anne V. Shaw, $810,000.

Holman Ave., 2537, No. 2566-A-Stephanie M. Stoughton to Kristin Brooks, $324,900.

Noyes Dr., 1601-Martha Fulford and David Tyler Coyle to Kristina T. and Michael S. Saccone, $820,000.

Ritchie Ave., 113-Lawrence W. and Julie Evans to Michael and Emily Liddel, $905,000.

Wayne Ave., 802-Joshua Wadsworth and Nicole Spear to Brian R. Phelan, $630,000.


Carroll Ave., 7348-Bryan P. Allen and Dana M. Allen-Greil to Rashi A. Venkataraman and Thomas Emiliano Romanoff, $610,000.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 204-Jacob Rodriguez Noble and Eleni Grove to Semhar B. Ogbagaber, $199,900.

Orchard Ave., 6425-Joahana Tingem to Emily Rose McRae and Stephen Alexander Bowden, $445,000.

Trescott Ave., 7300-Marwan A. Hishmeh to Vikram Ramachandran and Deepa Sundaraman, $857,500.

15th Ave., 7228-Brittnay L. Bailey Meininger to Kirsten and Chloe J. Jex, $321,000.


Rockcrest Cir., 34-Cheryl E. Rose and Michele Renee Anthony to Narayan Prasad, $441,000.


Belgrade Rd. N., 716-John S. Daniluck to Daniel Kugler, $355,000.

Cory Terr., 2679-Abraham M. Denmark and Laura K. Meissner to Nicholas A. Poczynek and Alexandra R. Ralph, $416,000.

Grandview Ave., 12105-Alexander Y. Calderon to Simon J. and Stefany A. Feria, $299,000.

Henderson Ave., 2208-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Alexis Blanco Salmeron and Ricardo Rivera Lopez, $350,000.

Kimberly St., 2508-Robert C. Liotta and estate of Marilynn A. Liotta to Arnell Milton and Holly Brown, $319,900.

Randolph Rd., 3606-Jose L. and Glenda L. Cuevas to Juana Arias De Salvador, Aliss Salvador and Jose F. Parada, $440,000.

Sherwood Rd., 1700-Patricia M. and Jack D. Sharkey to Michelle McLean, $650,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in December 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Haddington Dr., 5600-Kenneth J. and Clare C. Witte to Edward W. and Martha D. Kirkpatrick, $459,900.

Mae Wade Ave., 2611-Neil and Sharon Haggerty to Therese N. and Ernest J. Binfon, $600,000.


G St. W., 15-Martin J. and Caroline O’Connell to Samantha Kylene Callicutt, $221,000.


Broad Run Ct., 2395-Randolph H. and Joyce R. Yeary to Timothy and Brandy Fry, $310,000.

Fry Rd., 2931-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Karine Elise and James Conrad Lepillez, $409,900.

Old Bridge Lane, 4107-Silvercrest Properties Corp. to Zane Edwin Bailey Jr., $369,900.


Harney Rd., 11316-John and Kimberly Maynard to Christopher J. and Kallie D. Steele, $420,000.


Alex Ct., 6906-Jamie L. Champagne to Lennyn Cornejo Molina, $217,500.

Apple Way, 44-Allen C. Green Jr. to Virginia Bowser, $203,000.

Ballenger Run Blvd., 6523-NVR Inc. to Benjamin Hibbeler, $341,990.

Box Elder Ct., 5816-Janet F. Haight and Brenda J. Ferko to Barbara I. Asher, $225,000.

Catalpa Rd., 7080-William Ledman to Alice Toigo, $209,000.

Collinsworth Pl., 7127-Cassandra A. Roche to Patrick S. Weagley, $270,000.

Danielle Dr., 1220A, No. A-Sharon Grice Golden to Fathi Mustafa Shaath, Nebal Jafar Al Gha and Nahidh Fathi Shaath, $125,000.

Drawbridge Ct., 5809-Jennifer Ellen Davis to Maria L. Novoa, $175,000.

Ellison Ct., 550-William P. and Dora Duncan to Hadil Abusharbain, $251,500.

Himes Ave., 615, No. 103-Phillip and Barbara Fogle to Harry C. and Patricia L. Lenhart, $140,000.

Indian Cedar Ct., 5774-Frederick Villas Corp. to Clelia V. Melgar, $240,000.

Madigan Trail, 6312-NVR Inc. to Loretta Bedward, $408,610.

Mount Zion Rd., 4651-Tameria Martinez to Phillip A. and Ursela C. Jackson, $545,000.

Rockledge Ct., 5606-William W. and Brenda Lee Duvall to Steve Gomez, $244,625.

Shawn Ct., 6293-Marion Adineh to Kendrick Hall, $246,170.

Sweet Bay Ct., 5777-Matthew James and Stephanie Ann McGovern to Jorge Luis Novoa Cornejo, $215,000.

Turnberry Ct., 6902-Benjamin M. and Megan Hyrkas to Luis A. Cedillos Salmeron and Evelyn Noemi Cedillos, $254,900.

Weatherby Ct., 6405, No. K-Tara L. Hemp to Jason Michael Kirk, $180,000.


Bear Den Rd., 2544-Nicholas G. and Norma W. Falcone to Angela Donovan, $394,000.

Dearbought Dr., 1712-John K. Hess II and Angela J. Locke to Modesto Reyes and Margarita Granados, $385,000.

Fleetwood Way, 9719-Jason Ray Dorsey to Tara Leigh Grinnage Pulley, $355,000.

Jubal Way, 807-Caroline Nichols Pratt and Caroline Nichols to Modou Jarju and Bintou Sumbundu, $289,000.

Liberty Rd., 11318-Rhonda M. Ballard and estate of Ruth B. Cline to Charles E., Judith and Heather S. Lager, $800,000.

Martingale Ct., 10896-Judy D. Owens to Michael Jeffrey Little, $380,000.

Megan Ct., 406-Terrapin Certificates Corp. to Travis Lee Dodson, $206,000.

Monocacy View Cir., 1832B, No. 52B-Charles R. Hicks Jr. to Robin B. Lee, $234,000.

Pine Ridge Terr., 6100-Corinne Prentiss and Deborah Imirie to Bryan G. and Avery B. Berdit, $265,000.

Saddlebrook Ct., 9421-Leslie B. Davis to Nicholas R. and Natalie E. Glenden, $405,000.

Springwater Pl., 6109, No. 2403-Elizabeth H. Durinzi and Elizabeth Renn to Stephanie Tymoch, $199,000.

Waterside Dr., 2500, No. 210-Wilhelmina Scarzella to Nancy C. Plummer, $210,000.

Second St. W., 313-Joan Layton and estate of Betty R. Thomas to Douglas E. and Theresa Gardiner, $700,000.

Sixth St. E., 221-Jackson Properties II Corp. to Kasilee E. Curcio, $250,000.


Bethel Rd., 10209-Thomas and Mary A. Zygmunt to Michael Edward and Sharon Ann Sexton, $420,000.

Bristol Dr., 2127, No. 27-Xiujie Li and Russell Harms to Anthony A. Brown and Helen Lettlow, $189,000.

Chamberlain Dr., 2015-William Paul and Sonya Marah Madison to Daniel William and Elizabeth Rodriguez Gonzalez, $473,000.

Crestview Ct., 200-Clyde B. and Katherine M. Finley to Timothy J. and Erin A. Kelly, $350,000.

Eastbourne Terr., 1015-Estate of Rita J. Ellsworth to Judith A. and Morrie R. Clark, $307,000.

Emerson Dr., 2594-Glenn S. Reed to Aretha Chum and Rosa Prak, $255,000.

Harpers Ct., 1929-Shannon M. Twentey and Michael G. Smargiassi to Martin Eugene Lampkin, $268,000.

Hillmeade Sq., 1790-Saeed A. Hassan and Farhia Abdulkadir to Thomas A. Clarkson, $199,000.

Meadow Dr., 5749-Oakdale Investments Corp. to David Kelso, $371,685.

Mountainview Dr., 2197-William L. and Katherine Turner Schneider to John E. and Catherine A. Bigger, $394,000.

Ridge Rd., 7616-Lisa M. Bolton to Janet L. Sholes, $284,000.

Storrington Dr., 1008-Shazad Ansari and Guadalupe Rodriguez to Shanise Lewis and Walter R. Swanson, $367,000.

Vienna Ct., 28-Jose Ricardo Salgado to Jose Alexander Medrano Serrano, $202,000.

Yates Dr., 2100, No. 6-Robin Elizabeth Campbell to Olivia K. Day, $179,900.


Antwerp St., 5785-Timothy Leposky and Suzanne Lambert to Adam V. and Danielle V. Swaney, $342,500.

Doctor Perry Rd., 9355-Gary Arthur Noubarian to Bryan K. and Catherine L. Cleghorn, $1.45 million.

Maidengrass Lane, 4494-NVR Inc. to Maria Papagjika, $414,890.


Fiona Way, 133-Sam and Carmenrosa Diezcanseco Mallipudi to Ashley B. and Amber L. McNeese, $244,900.

Maplecrest Dr., 3795-Mary Siobhan and Francis Thomas Clements to Deanna Charise Iler and Tyrone Eugene Figg Sr., $575,000.

Rosemont Dr., 1106-David B. and Karen M. Dunn to Matthew Roelkey and Nicole Frock, $243,000.


Houck Rd., 11730-Roy Stuart and Laura K. Pfeiffer to Kenneth Shane McQuay, $190,000.


Church St. S., 315-Mark C. and Kelly E. Davis to Michael S. and Jennifer Ament Blake, $431,000.

James St., 8206-Mary E. McMurtrie to Sonepheth and Meggan Sombat, $305,000.

Main St. E., 30-Steven Greenbaum and Jeane I. Rosen to Regina Lynn Main and Byron S. Muniz, $299,000.

Mount Tabor Rd., 9710-Timothy F. and Ellen L. Doreen to Nicholas T. and Angela C. Kinart, $1.13 million.

Pointe Terr. N., 1-Allie Stanleigh and Alexandra Lynn Bowers to John B. Vinson and Elizabeth L. Curtiss, $395,000.

Rod Cir., 215-Kirk R. and Mary Ann Hall to Scott F. and Stephanie R. Musson, $475,000.


Fingerboard Rd., 11508B-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to Thomas M. Whitehouse, $336,000.

Rye Lane, 3986-Randy and Meghan Lawson to Ian Matthew and Jennifer Marie Doidge, $434,900.


Harvest Hills Ct., 7709-King Sherman and Carol Jean Fox to Jared M. and Heather M. Mattick, $459,900.

Rolling Acres Ct., 4302-Wesley Garey Jr. to Licia Scearce, $374,900.

West Rd., 7-Cody C. Hobbs to Brian A. Parker, $315,000.


Flintridge Dr., 2724-Michael Lee and Patricia A. Huff to Kevin M. and Jenna M. Murphy, $359,000.

Hunters Knl., 1002-Jose H. and Esther A. Martinez to Nelson and Sarah Schwartz, $510,000.


Coldstream Dr., 6677-Katherine Yeakim to Anthony James Durborow and Lorin Steven Gellman, $365,000.

Onega Pl., 10302-MTGLQ Investors to Christopher and Kaitlyn Eckard, $315,000.

Spring Blossom Lane, 103-Thomas K. Kraft to Mark S. and Trina L. Ellis, $438,500.

Woodland Rd., 9630-Deborah Burns Kuhn to David and Aimee McBride, $520,000.


Greysens Ferry Ct., 1810-Peter N. and Kathrin B. Donatucci to Kellie A. O’Donnell and Robert S. Simmons, $409,900.


Rowland Hill Rd., 5826-Daryl B. and Marie G. Thomas to Richard M. Jones and Barbara N. O’Bryen, $245,000.


Easy St., 113, No. 13-Charles William and Christine A. Eyler to Ruth Doreen Neff, $190,000.

Lombard St., 27-Dale A. Larue Jr. to Jennifer Redding and Sylvia Gough, $226,800.


Bowling Green Dr., 9113-Matthew J. and Lindsay M. Lowe to Valmik S. and Prapti A. Desai, $700,000.

Kinnerton Pl., 9408-AMR Invests Corp. to Miran Dalley and Norwin Glenn Prasad, $595,000.

Sugarloaf Pkwy., 3813-Kenneth R. and Christina E. Timmerman to Brett L. Martin, $380,000.


Adventure Ave., 8818-Lawrence C. and Sheila F. London to Carl E. and Tonie Angeley Brady, $306,000.

Creek Walk Dr., 213-Dennis R. and Laura J. Caruso to Carl T. and Kathleen Larcom, $447,000.

Georgetown Rd., 42-Esther E. and Melvin E. Filler to Brian D. Springfield, $243,000.

Kelly Rd., 10003-John Michael and Michele Prevost Corr to Patrick Eskew, $700,000.

Revelation Ave., 8322-James H. Sniezek Jr. and Janet L. Norcross to Meagan Parker and Brittany Huss, $187,000.

Wellesley Ct., 203-Norma L. Kemp to Joshua Martin and Denise Shifflett, $395,000.