Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bardot St., 14018-Eva Johns Nelson and Gregory N. Johns to Israel Rodriguez Marcos and Ada K. Villagran Estrada, $455,000.

Bayne St., 4511-Martin and Teresa J. Basso to Mario A. Reyes, $395,000.

Chestnut Lane, 4518-John J. Cowan and estate of Anna V. Cowan to Keegan R., Kenneth M. and Marjorie L. McNabb, $450,000.

Justice Rd., 13506-Gabriel S. and Jessica Jackson to Linjia Weng, $350,000.

Manorvale Rd., 14006-Paul M. Sully and Diane R. Gardsbane to Victor Henriquez and Carolyn Mueni Kimotho Henriquez, $516,200.

Southend Rd., 4207-William D. Toto and Jessie M. Wetherby to Pedro Lopez Lule and Maria De La Luz Zamora Herrera, $475,000.

Wissahican Ave., 4618-Justin F. Campbell to Boorus Yim, $445,000.


Berkley St., 4910-Maryalys Huston Hopkins to Scott N. and Ilisa H. Paul, $1.01 million.

Broad St., 10009-Dennis Devino to Hasan Jackson, $718,000.

Brookes Lane, 6410-Todd R. Smyth and Joy Williams to Bradley N. and Bridget Edwards, $1.14 million.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 448-Rady Alan Johnson to William and Mary Fran Gildea, $590,000.

Burling Rd., 5411-Carol B. and Robert S. Parker to Minal Damani and Monish Kundra, $1.59 million.

Cromwell Dr., 6107-Christopher E. Mondics and Kirby Robinson to William W. and Patricia Cuna Weaver, $985,000.

Derbyshire Ct., 9-Jerome S. and Jody Ricca Stieber to Wilton Keller Matos and Tatiana Shimabukuro Salim, $770,000.

Elsmere Ave., 5203-Michael A. and Laura J. Olivieri to Min Jeong Kim and Hyun Hoon Chung, $735,000.

Greentree Rd., 5915-Josefina P. Sistoza to Sadegh Khoshdel Nikkhoo and Seyedeh Maryam Vahdati, $635,000.

Honeywell Lane, 7205-Matt and Dawn Jessel to Robert Z. and Kristi L. Smith, $2.43 million.

Kenhowe Dr., 6303-Rosalind and Gordon S. Sigel to Mario Amorim and Ed Stipp, $660,000.

Locust Hill Rd., 9424-Robert W. and Susan Wrampelmeier Atkinson to Dennis and Megan Barrett, $887,000.

Montrose Ave., 10419, No. M-Robert M. Chasson to Harry Daniel and Seth D. Billings, $220,000.

Parkwood Terr., 10105-Nahid Mohamadi to Linda Lee Walker, $685,000.

Ridge Dr., 6101-Aaron W. Kann and Elizabeth K. Ward to Terence W. and Mary C. McDonald, $1.1 million.

Seneca Lane, 8905-Timothy M. Johnson and Madeleine V. Goodman to Adam R. and Justyna Milewski Bolter, $950,000.

Wilson Lane, 5204-Grover T. and Karlie A. Wilson to Neil Frederick, Janine Louise and Neil F. Gregory, $1.6 million.


Barnesville Rd., 15715-Justin Holden and Kathleen Lynn Kelley to Brandon James and Brittany Jeanette Shelton, $325,000.


Brighton Knolls Ct., 3-Kenneth A. and Linda T. Jensen to Amy Yinglun Liu Lee and Alexsander C. Lee, $729,000.


Angelton Ct., 3904-Stephen W. Miller to Cheryl Beth Yetley, $345,000.

Golden Eagle Ct., 14505-Phu D. and My Van T. Luu to Ndip Ayuk Takor, $599,900.

Sandy Spring Rd., 4312-Daniel Kwon Ahn to Sonia M. Portillo, $310,000.

Van Horn Way, 3619-La Fay E. Howard to George S. Davis and Deirdre V. Mcqueen Davis, $330,000.


Appleby Ct., 1-Ceceil Belong Somerville to Matthew M. and Melissa V. Carpenter, $425,000.

Carriage House Terr., 1631, No. E-Oluwakemi Ayotunde Ajomale and Kemi Ola Ibikunle to Meredith K. Elrod and Ann L. Gillentine, $190,000.

Chalkstone Way, 13104-Albertine C. Johnson to Kobob Amanuel, $396,000.

Creekside Dr., 13725-Norma D. and William A. Anderson to Hai Ung and My Sum, $568,500.

Goldstone Ct., 12811-Stephen and Mary Laue to Teena and Richard Wyburn, $450,000.

Lemar Ct., 12109-Clifford W. and Judith M. Lawhorn to Geset Mengistu and Hiwot Menberu, $395,000.

Musgrove Rd., 2305-Shadrach and Darling Daniel to Gamta B. Fufa, $410,000.

Orchard Way, 707-Tandem Development Group Corp. to Ingrid M. Lestrud, $507,000.

Randolph Rd., 125-Mosaic Investments Corp. to Trung Le, $467,000.

Stonecrest Dr., 12906-Doris B. and Vernon F. Ely to Mekonnen Yerbemo, $398,750.

Two Farm Dr., 13101-Robert N. and Marva J. Fletcher to Frank and Sarah Siegmann Hespeler, $476,000.


Drummond Ave., 4822-Michael and Lesley Strauss McNamara to Stuart and Jessica Trevelyan, $2.55 million.

Friendship Blvd., 5500, No. 1107N-Parichehr Farzam to Judy Park, $132,500.

Lynwood Pl., 8500-Tonia R. Bleecher to Matthew David and Nayoung Lee Louie, $959,000.

Rocton Ave., 7723-Ludovico Giavotto to Marc Steinhardt and Kelsey Knight, $1.37 million.

Woodmont Ave., 7171, No. 506-Roger and Carolyn Johnson to Phyllis Joy Bojan, $1.6 million.


Blue Sky Dr., 12608-Jayme S. and Laura E. Michnya to Jean B. Thorpe-Williams and Ano Williams, $600,000.

Clarks Crossing Dr., 12819-Banh V. and Anh N. Huynh to Marija Nguyen, $350,000.

Fox Fern Lane, 12807-Herbert and Emily Colleen Cuya to Michael Phan and Stacy B. Novelli, $430,000.

Moorhen St., 21928-NVR Inc. to Weike Bao and Ning Dai, $574,355.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23219-Nicholas B. and Bethany L. Ward to Jeffy George and Anila Jeffy, $420,000.


Astoria Lane, 17420-Anthony P. and Jacqueline Grace McHale to Shawna Latisse and Bobby Jerome White, $510,000.

Elm Grove Cir., 1373-David F. Chen to Johames F. Uriza and Rocio Cabas, $295,000.

Locustwood Ct., 21-Shirley Y. and Han Sun Chan to Daniel C. and Tanya L. Nelson, $524,000.

Pinebrook Ct., 9-Pamela L. and Matthew D. Parvis to Gustin M. Eaton and Renee A. King, $410,000.


Bellehaven Blvd., 10933-Kevin R. and Barbara Jones to Rita Carley George, $430,000.

Lunsford Ct., 24609-Ruben T. and Belinda A. Rosario to Anthony D. and Jill S. Bolling, $400,000.

Ridge Manor Terr., 10101, No. 2000-L-Daniel Z. Bar and Moran Banit to Landon C. and Patricia S. King, $180,000.

Woodfield Rd., 25920-Eric D. Lee to Mark E. Morgan and Adrianne M. Jackson, $346,500.


Cliffbourne Ct., 7400-Alec D. and Danielle S. Niedermaier to Jeffrey David Briggs, $449,000.

Mill Run Dr., 7133, No. 14-2-Ahmed Y. Heshmat to Maritza Martinez Alegria and Miguel Pizarro, $301,000.

Weatherby Dr., 7521-Zhongwei Zhang and Yujia Sun to Edan Ben and Chen Ben Atar, $363,911.


Childs St., 10833-Chanyalew Derese Wole and Askal Bihonegn to Melkamu Tesfa and Kumneger Begosew, $376,000.

Dallas Ave., 9509-Aran Capital Partners Corp. to Christopher Charles Torres Estrada and Michelle Silvia Moncayo, $450,000.

Finale Terr., 130-Deutsche Bank to Sharyif and Tricia Field, $297,000.

Franklin Ave., 3-Carmine and Isabel Deluca to Ellen K. Taylor, $465,000.

Legato Terr., 314-Maria Elena Arriaza to Thomas Bassanguen, $260,000.

Lorain Ave., 10405-Randy C. Pederson and Kathleen A. Bernard to Christopher Carroll and Jodi L. Kohlmeyer, $619,500.

Normandy Dr., 123-Shanak K. Maitra and Mayra C. Griggs to Vincent and Natalie Intondi, $560,000.

Reddick Dr., 10009-Anne Marie Martins to Kenneth L. Torrella and Aryenish Birdie, $485,000.

Sutherland Rd., 9604-Natasha and Michael Shur to Emily Boggs and John Michael Fitzgerald, $659,900.


Bell Bluff Rd., 20824-Sulaiman Olubiyi Ismail to John Stephen Blanchard and Neda Bolourian, $550,000.

Calabar Dr., 17718-Pankajkumar A. and Prerita P. Patel to Margarita, Sandra and Oscar Reyes, $479,900.

Cinnabar Ct., 22-Lori and Kempes Jean to Brian and Angela Lachance, $435,000.

Game Preserve Rd., 10812-Eileen Mary Lissak and estate of Patricia Lissak Saether to Robert J. Gorman, $488,000.

Maryland Ave., 29-Kelley Theresa and Robert J. Villers to Scott A. Jackson and Leigh A. Frame, $430,000.

Nuthatcher Lane, 18606-Allan D. Jarquin and Nikki Duarte to Irma G. Nalvarte, $298,000.

Prathertown Rd., 20621-Sarah Claggett to Joshua W. Seek and Eliene J. Bechtoldt, $375,000.

Sandy Lake Dr., 19454-Duane and Elizabeth Huraisingham to Edwin A. Delgado Orellana and Wendy S. Hernandez, $293,500.

Stratos Lane, 7111-Fairlakes Corp. to Afsha Jabeen and Nazeer Ul Islam Ifteoar Ahmed, $759,000.

Windbrooke Cir., 29-Ruth C. and Eric D. Carter to Cha Y. Kang, $160,000.


Big Acre Sq., 40, No. 19-10-Miguel F. and Milagro S. Lara to Alma G. Quintanilla and Carols Luis Luis Pacheco Amaya Jr., $320,000.

Brougham Way, 14631-Jay M. and Shannon Feinman to Benjamin E. and Aryn E. Cahen, $630,000.

Coral Gables Dr., 11308-Walter W. and Zhen Tian to Thomas J., Jarunan S. and Yuri Sanio McCall, $955,000.

Falconbridge Terr., 15112-David A. and Anna R. Saks to Ramesh Rashidi and Behnam Nazaripour, $669,000.

Flagler Dr., 803-Uday Vasant and Vijaya Uday Mahamuni to Tomer Ankave and Raya Gelshtein, $395,000.

Gold Kettle Dr., 214-Ibrahim U. and Devrim Moral to Ryan W. Kim and Joohee Park, $395,000.

Highland Ridge Ave., 602, No. 200-Mary Ellen Wolfinger and Sherry Zangueneh Bridge to Hao Ning and Xiaoyu Cai, $426,000.

Kent Oaks Mews., 107-Lindsey Dombert and estate of David G. Dombert to John Etmekjian and Deborah Seif, $1 million.

Longdraft Ct., 11805-Gail Foley and Beatrice Carr to Sabina and Victor Khaykin, $440,000.

Main St., 640B, No. B-Benjamin Aaron Gershman to Ling Hao and Lingnan Lin, $440,000.

Orchard Ridge Dr., 580, No. 100-Khetsiwe Cordelia Dlamini and Noxolo Khululejkile Mtshali to Joyce Hu, $365,000.

Prairie Rose Ct., 2, No. 11-1-Ruben and Nely Susanto to Olga Golovanenko, $340,000.

Redding Ridge Dr., 44-Guoqing and Lili Jiang to Juliet Eleanor Wright Green, $705,000.

Sour Cherry Way, 12346, No. 104-Yin Xuan Guo to Celia Paulsen, $248,000.

Tannery Dr., 337-Shen Wang to Wenhan Yu, $535,000.


Ambassador Dr., 13626-Ashleigh Bardini and Brittany Mai to Fu Ouyang and Lan Mu, $245,500.

Ansel Terr., 13637-Shira Hill to Harold Paul Katz, $390,000.

Bronco Ct., 1, No. 254-Barbara A. Markovich to Alberto R. Ferman and Alma Y. Hernandez, $246,000.

Cottage Field Ct., 16-Milton A. and Arnette D. Weeks to Febe Antigua and Mercy R. Dietsch, $380,000.

Dover Cliffs Cir., 19475-Eric J. and Erika A. Hidalgo to Karen Ervin Campbell, $275,000.

Gallop Terr., 14110-Brittany Jones and Brittany Beall to Evgeniy Abramov and Kateryna Bondar, $375,000.

Lark Song Terr., 18921-Jarrod Patrick and Mizuki Jones to Roderick Bautista, $299,000.

Middlebrook Rd., 12981, No. 21-Virginia M. Dietz to Jian Yao and Xiaorong Liu, $164,000.

Rayfield Dr., 19411-Martina Wills to Abtin Zohrabi Kalantari and Vista Khoshroo, $420,000.

Sky Blue Dr., 12405-Iuka Holdings Corp. to Luis A. and Maria Cecilia Rivera, $293,626.

Summer Oak Ct., 18787-Cheryl A. Johnson to Alejandra M. Sarmiento Carcamo, Victor J. and Carlos F. Sarmiento, $273,000.

Whitechurch Cir., 13259-Dustin A. Gilbert to Javier A. and Marco A. Guzman, Albertina Beatriz Gonzalez, $260,000.


Brainard Ave., 4004-James A. Dutton Jr. and estate of Charles Everett Dutton to Miguel and Sandra Alvarado, $449,900.

Drumm Ave., 10503-Joseph M. Lodmell to Ermes Cogliani and Francesca J. Casano, $769,000.

Glencrest Lane, 9600-Carl and Ellen Maccartee to Benjamin N. and Shilpy Tingo, $1 million.

Greenfield St., 10211-Mark D. and Rebecca D. Silverman to Birgit Heitzmann Mitchell, $812,000.

McComas Ave., 2501-Vincent Holmes and Sara Woldehanna to John P. and Kristy L. Foley, $730,000.

Orleans Way, 11406-Bertha L. and Giuseppe Pino to Travis Johnson and Anna V. Sberegaeva, $699,900.


Damascus Rd., 6600-Thomas M. and Maureen A. Cavanaugh to Omar A. Herrera Larios and Erika Abigail Herrera, $356,000.

Pecan Grove Lane, 24012-Robert A. and Nancy E. Nannetti to William E. and Roberta Jones, $470,000.


Chadburn Pl., 9220-Alberto Morales Benitez to Silvia Esperanza Cea and Jennifer Del Carmen Castillo, $225,000.

Dockside Terr., 9857-May Christine Anderson to Deborah J. Salen, $245,000.

Fifeshire Ct., 4-Juan A. and Luz Maria Rodriguez to Khilendra Mani and Shanti C. Neupane, $239,000.

Greenside Terr., 19807-John M. and Mary Beth Huber to Eduardo Creque, $367,400.

Horizon Run Rd., 9603, No. 3-B-Jose Gilberto Mejia to Marvin Antonio Espinal Corea, $235,000.

Meadow Pond Pl., 20401-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Candido D. Gutierrez and Yokasta Medina, $265,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10010-Manish D. and Aarti M. Butani to Kaysar Ahammed and Nilufa Easmin, $239,000.

Thomas Lea Terr., 8840-Michael and Janelle Palmisano to Kevin Donohew, $347,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18815-Brandon T. Johnson to Emran M. and Hina L. Qureshi, $283,200.


Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 811-Swank Homes Corp. to Levora J. President, $165,000.

Tahona Dr., 8506-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jose D. Martinez, $361,900.

Xaveria Dr., 1309-Larry R. and Karen L. Medsker to Terry H. Williams, $425,000.


Bel Pre Rd., 3770, No. 1-Oscar Mejia and Oscar A. Mejia Ayala to Jose David Henrriquez and Miriam Martinez Jordan, $125,000.

Casino Cir., 1521-Deborah C. Bartlett to Anil, Babita and Shekhar Rateria Agrawal, $425,000.

Deer Highlands Way, 13227-Bryan C. and Barbara B. Cygnarowicz to Deirdre L. Kittner, $524,900.

Farnell Dr., 12629-Eftihia and George Thomopoulos to Lennis B. Landaverde Menjivar and Concepcion Gonzalez Reyes, $385,000.

Georgia Ave., 12709-Silvia A. Ochoa Pineda and Griselda G. Mora to Luis A. Barrera and Sandra B. Contreras Escobar, $400,000.

Goodloe Rd., 11505-Yali Ndiaye to Sirelmy Santos and Christopher Ramirez Suarez, $319,900.

Holdridge Rd., 13118-Juan P. Rivera and Christine Kim to Song Quan Liu and He Cui Lai, $380,000.

Isbell St., 4114-Ruben V. and Erica V. Reyes to Gillian Meteh Epse Nkwichet and Lynda Tekougang Nguegang, $380,000.

N. Leisure World Blvd., 2900, No. 502-Charlotte E. Walhay to Gerald and Jean Feuer, $265,000.

N. Leisure World Blvd., 3330, No. 5-209-Ronald J. Fornatora and estate of Kathleen Una Fornatora to Therese F. O’Meara, $199,000.

Night Sky Dr., 13772-Prakashchandra V. Shah to Helma A. and Allen R. Mayuga, $719,000.

Plum Run Way, 14205-Judith E. Yellon to Gary Officer, $423,500.

Silverdale Dr., 2707-Suryaprakash V. Durvasula and estate of Nagasundari Durvasula to Youssef and Blanca Halli, $464,500.

Valleyfield Dr., 14018, No. 4-Loraine Griffith to Marriah T. Lombardo, $211,073.


Brightwood Cir., 4819-Richard C. and Viena A. Milla Orridge to Akosua Pomaa Kawajye Marfo, $326,000.

Charley Forest St., 4261-L. Franklin Kolakowski to Gabriel and Kiriakoula Kavadlas, $501,500.

Dartmoor Lane, 3532, No. 17-Nerses and Ritta Garabed to Celina Jessica Gutierrez Montenegro and Esteban N. Urbina Irias, $310,000.

Gratitude Ct., 940-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Patrick Ashkan and Peter Arash Bagheri, $1.19 million.

Moss Side Lane, 17325-Adetunji B. and Valerie C. Williams to Ye San Su and Alexandria Soleil Fujisaki, $632,500.

Roseneath Ct., 5-Opi Holdings Corp. to Robert Edward and Keta Joy Johnson, $531,750.

Thornhurst Dr., 4412-Fred A. and Sophia T. Walker to Matthew and Cara Scott, $600,000.


Bodmer Ave., 19504-William Christian Stephens and estate of William Ellis Stephens to Qing Yang, $438,000.

Shores Dr., 17608-Neville W. and Patricia Williams to Gregory Wen Haw Su and Amy Jen Su, $838,000.


Brickyard Rd., 7601-Myrta L. and Mark L. Peyton to Chandrika and Nilesh Bhut, $1.5 million.

Coldstream Dr., 12003-Joseph A. and Janet Signorelli to David and Anna Itskevich, $680,000.

Hall Rd., 9904-Maryanne R. Lavan to Tim T. Wei and Hsiang Ru Huang, $1.24 million.

Lancashire Dr., 1990-Joel L. and Alice S. Greene to Grigor and Arax Khachikian, $675,000.

New London Dr., 10120-David A. and Marian F. Holtz to Craig and Kristen Holden, $1.12 million.

Paddock Lane, 9112-Jeffery M. and Meryl M. Cohen to Kevin J. and Erika V. Galvin, $885,000.

Rivers Edge Dr., 12320-Pin Yu and Frances M. Chang to Ricci V. Tan and Charbel T. Fahed, $750,000.

Stratton Dr., 2302-Colleen M. Sorto to Kyle P. and Christiana C. Hetherington, $743,000.

Trotters Trail, 10605-Catherine Schaeffer to Jocelyn B. and James L. Ulrich, $900,000.

Twining Lane, 11409-Richard J. Greenberg and Julie A. Eskow to Allison K. Shaffer, $192,884.

Windcroft Way, 9500-Jonathan Baylor and Jodi Joy Kurtis to Eric Scott and Deborah Diane Dunner, $1.09 million.


Bald Cypress Dr., 9824-Michael I. and Joanne R. Myers to Rong Wang and Xin Yao, $1.19 million.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1205-Khin Aungthein and Michael C. Ridgway to Malcolm Lawrence Miller, $495,000.

Brewer House Rd., 10936-David and Thalia Baumgarten to Kafu Kofi Tsikata, $700,000.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5704, No. 2009-Danielle Ranee Smyla to Baldev S. Dhillon, $266,000.

Courthouse Sq., 24, No. 502-Kathryn A. Morrical to Ruyi He and Jiun Wang, $242,500.

Edson Park Pl., 11228, No. 19-Teng Da Yang to Slobodan Simic, $439,000.

Glenmore Terr., 2310-Stephen S. Yune to James T. Lee and Ma Allour Pascual Bince, $610,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1515-Jorge C. and Carmen Moreno Perez to Claudia Daniela Perez, $420,000.

Hollowstone Dr., 11441-Michael and Kerryn Kent to Jesse Eggert, $829,900.

King Farm Blvd., 327, No. 105-Michael Vincent Yuhas Jr. to Suzanne R. Hirsch, $548,000.

Lily Pond Ct., 26-Robert J. Spanswick and Vicki L. Lyons to Shahin Oveisi and Sepideh A. Rafia, $835,000.

Magruder Lane, 11801-Matthew and Elizabeth Jalazo to Dennis R. and Jessica D. Wuestkamp, $849,000.

Monroe St., 14-Alicia F. Feingold to Ronette Pratt, $229,900.

Nelson St., 1011, No. 38-101-Kevin Patrick and Susana Mendoza Birdsong to Randall J. Gardner, $345,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11919, No. 201-Salvacion M. Kai and estate of Evelyn Pallera Lozada to Jamini Kanta Mohanta, $225,000.

Regal Oak Dr., 1101-Taslim Ngom to Andrea Bertrand, $687,000.

Rockville Pike., 10500, No. 914-Camilla W. Barror to Masood and Susan Ahmad, $210,000.

Sterling Ct., 23-M. Catherine Mathison and Katherine Hudson to Mariangeles Jimenez, $595,000.

Tudor Lane, 5915-Susan De Russy Kengla to Aziz and Fatma Atamanova, $730,000.


Butterfly Weed Dr., 718-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Thomas E. Quinn and Lyndsay N. Harris, $699,794.

Dunstable Way, 11204, No. 164-Johnson P. and Linda B. Gibson to Jann L. Marshall Nakoski, $245,000.

Futura Ct., 21113, No. 77-Patricia G. Woolf to Arniko, Gyani B. and Urmila Niraula, $350,000.

Locustdale Dr., 20160, No. 336-Wendyann Henry and Wendyann Walters to Mercedes Issamara Flores, $225,000.

Scarlet Leaf Cir., 11632-Michael C. and Karla J. Jozaitis to Jacklyn Arthur, $447,000.


Dale Dr., 1207-James M. Thresher and Laura K. St. Claire to Michael Skoler and Maria Kirsch, $745,000.

Glen Ave., 9732, No. 201-97-John H. and Peggy H. Speaker to Stefania Dobre, $130,000.

Lansdowne Way, 1705-Matthew and Juliette McKinney to Elizabeth Anne Gonzalez and Matthew Wong, $489,500.

Seminary Rd., 2106-Mary Modig Waters to Russell M. Cox and Lydia S. Neher, $450,000.


Chaney Dr., 707-Brett R. Johnson and Zoe A. Dawson to Craig Oakley and Marina True, $520,000.

Maple Ave., 8018-Katarina Vilkman to Jacob Leon Beier and Lucia Nisenson Rosenbaum, $550,000.

Poplar Ave., 6618-J. Hicks Development Corp. to Timothy J. Sheehan Jr. and Kristin N. Kopsheaver, $750,000.

Fourth Ave., 6424-Rahul Grover to Patricia Ann and Joan Catherine Bory, $549,000.


Henry Rd., 1921-Jessica Thi Nyman to Tuyet Thi Phung and Hung Huu Nguyen, $392,500.

Veirs Mill Rd., 1007-Glenn Carroll and Judy Lynn Butts to Bao Ta and Uyen Le, $405,000.


Dennis Ave., 1908-Uduak A. Essien to David Scott and Bridget Ann Zangueneh, $410,000.

Highfly Terr., 2206-Nicole V. Dixon to Sandra R. Murcia Matallana, $449,900.

Lantern Dr., 3922-Duncan K. and Jane K. Mukira to Alfredo Umana Mejia, $379,000.

Pennydog Ct., 50, No. 106-Joseph A. and Lauren F. Williams to Nora M. Hernandez, $295,000.

Stonington Rd., 418-John Lawson Gilbert to Jeffrey B. and Sara S. Elikan, $620,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Hope Valley Ct., 7914-Lorraine R. Blank and Sarah Abigail Blank Whitelocke to Oleg Shutov, $430,000.


Old Swimming Pool Rd., 4615-Edward T. and Jennifer A. Van Steinburg to Matthew A. and Kiersten A. Tancos, $300,000.


H St. E., 606-HD Real Estate Investments Corp. to Antonio F. and Jillian A. Nicholls, $275,000.

10th Ave., 19-Wells Fargo Bank to Melinda Sue Williams, $90,000.


Brockton Dr., 3310-Darrell L. and Frank William Roy to Leslie D. and Charles J. Gum, $399,000.

Gapland Rd., 1911-Joellen Gregory and Stephen L. Kolbe to Craig C. and Jessi Nicole Zecher, $369,900.

Shadywood Dr., 3851, No. 1D-Steven A. Shook to Rafael and Sandra Garcia, $145,000.


Taneytown Pike., 11137B-Alvin L. Cregger to Adam Trivette and Angela Christine Spraker, $289,900.


Alex Ct., 6916-Kevin D. and Sarah R. Brown to Mark Claiborne Jr., $219,900.

Autumn Olive Dr., 6522-NVR Inc. to Marisa Sheelor, $405,965.

Bradshaw Ct. W., 7089-Sean and Nikki Murry Henry to Wyatt Young and Loren Chavez, $268,950.

Cawley Dr., 591, No. 1-1B-Dennis and Caryn Weinstein to Nicholas G. and Norma W. Falcone, $192,000.

Crabapple Dr., 5645-Raymond I. Wudarski and James Jeffrey Holmes to Samuel L. Osburn, $225,000.

Duke Ct., 5402-Naeem A. and Urooj Syed to Tina E. Meyers, $250,000.

Forum Sq., 6002-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Sharon Pritts, $339,345.

Hiteshow Dr., 4876-NVR Inc. to Chantel and John Brown, $264,570.

Jefferson Blvd., 5476-Julie Hoang and Nicholas Kaiho to Russell V. and Melody M. Hurd, $285,000.

Madigan Trail, 6419-NVR Inc. to Ruben Dimo, $439,510.

Murray Terr., 6193-Robert L. Baxter II and Crystal Denise Watson to Boren E. and Regan Y. Grelling, $265,000.

Posey St., 6303-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Ferial Moein Ansari, $315,000.

Rollinghouse Dr., 1402-Jennifer TaylorDomen to James and Elizabeth I. Graff, $272,500.

Slippery Elm Dr., 5252-NVR Inc. to Kwesi and Alberta Ward, $532,224.

Sylvan Ct., 503-Alexander H. and Andrea M. Hayes to Jerry and Elizabeth Gammon, $280,000.

Upshur Sq., 5542-Cathy L. Rossomondo to Selena Marie Rosa, $285,000.

Weatherby Ct., 6405, No. L-Kevin R. Blaci to Sree Harsha Sreerama Reddy, $180,000.


Abbey Ct., 1588-Stephen Joseph Kayda to Sultan and Sediqha Hashim, $230,000.

Berry Rose Ct., 1601, No. 4-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Michael Seliga, $134,000.

Broadway St., 403-Marc C. Heisel to Yoshan Perera, $269,900.

Delaware Rd., 447-Jeffrey E. Platt and Tiffini J. Brookens to Christopher B. and Rachel Finucane, $396,000.

Geronimo Dr., 821-Teresa G. Yeary Puler and Teresa G. Yeary to Richard Dale and Jennifer D. Smith, $372,500.

Jubal Way, 935-Lisa P. Mahara to Rayford C. and Jennifer H. Lederer, $279,900.

Lindley Rd., 1012-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Christopher O’Brien and Gina M. Zdanowicz, $448,945.

Mary St., 609-Robin M. and Christine R. Reeder to Paul T. McGinley, $259,900.

Megan Ct., 407-Brigit and Jill Ciccarello to Jasmine Grace and Alexander Michael Hembree, $210,000.

Mosby Dr., 923-Joseph M. and Jenifer L. Watkins to Raymond B. Innocent and Alemtsehay K. Alemu, $261,000.

Prospect Blvd., 372-Landmark Investments Properties Corp. to Felix Hernandez and Joaquin Villegas Sales, $287,000.

Sagner Ave., 493-Hui Cao to Matthew Victor Bassett, $165,000.

Wheyfield Dr., 1817A, No. 8-A-Faud Abdallah to Deborah Ann Hamburg, $215,000.

Third St. E., 218-Jacqueline M. Lamothe to Colleen R. Ashwood, $285,000.


Bethel Rd., 10536-Erin B. Stansbury to Eric M. Curwin, $449,900.

Carriage Way, 1737-Kashif and Lubna Raza to Lauren M. Stewart, $215,000.

Chestnut Lane, 2117-Vivian G. Delaluz to Fernando Jose Tapio Montiel and Laura Angelica Tapia, $415,000.

Deerfield Pl., 116-KH Investment Properties Corp. to Zachary Hallas Fredlund, $275,000.

Edgewood Church Rd., 8301-Matthew and Sara Holderfield to William and Christina Lee Caulfield, $499,000.

Fairfield Dr., 140-Kerry E. Krammer to Stephanie L. Kelley, $195,000.

Free Terr., 1805-Preston A. Weedon to Matthew D. Ganley and Molly F. McDaniel, $255,000.

Harpers Ct., 1951-Colette M. and Daniel K. Marsteller to Rasaline Alorbi, $277,000.

Hills Dr. W., 7897-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to Megan Joy and Michael Matthew Zemrose, $375,000.

Millstream Dr., 1813-Ronald C. and Cherie L. Baumann to Angela M. and Christopher R. Neils, $305,150.

Murdock Ct., 1848-Constance L. Martin to Mary Joyce, $175,000.

Rocky Pointe Ct., 2507-Cathy Lynn Leatherman and Kevin Ira Jones to Vida Afia Wassow Asare, $445,000.

Sundown Lane, 8102-Sandra A. Illig and Shawn D. Seymour to Thomas M. and Linda A. Price, $310,000.

Yates Dr., 2100, No. 6-Rachel N. Hill to Robin E. Campbell, $189,900.


Beerse St., 10030-NVR Inc. to Gobinda and Usha Baidya, $352,800.

Doctor Perry Rd., 9401-Robert Earl Craft and estate of Clara R. Craft to Molly Lynne Stuart and Andrea J. Stuart, $550,000.

Mussetter Rd., 4773-Timothy Rigg to Tyler J. Blatt, $335,000.


Galyn Dr., 229-Carrie Gaither and David Austin Hickman to James A. and Catherine A. Blankenship, $395,000.

S. Mountain Rd., 3512-Mariellen Susan and Christopher J. Krivos to David J. and Megan Forsee, $219,900.


Bunker Hill Ct., 11708-Kathy Franklin and Eric T. Baldwin to Benjamin J. and Jessica P. Pelletier, $304,000.


Agate Ct., 4397-Eleanor Rose Warrenfeltz to Bradley T. Stone, $269,250.

Frostown Rd., 9241-Naomi and Phillip Polley to Hakim and Faith Bayyan, $432,600.

Jasper Dr., 7105-Scott F. and Stephanie R. Musson to Bryson C. and Victoria T. Cramer, $261,000.

Mariam Pass., 106-Keith Gregory and Andrea Michelle Moffatt to Jeremy J. and Octavia Jessica Bruce, $510,000.

N. Pointe Terr., 215-Percy and Carmen A. Diaz to Joshua and Deana M. Snyder, $455,000.

Old Hagerstown Rd., 9022-Nicole H. Martin to Debra Brust Fouche, $405,000.

Tobias Run, 203-William Buell and Michele D. Jones to Kyaw Joe and Tanya M. Soe, $579,000.


Saint Clair Ct., 3891-Patricia L. Grick to Wesley and Victoria Paige Garey, $550,000.


Noah Ct., 4405-David J. and Cynthia L. Vanderveer to Charles J. and Charles D. Neighoff, $415,500.

Sherwood Forest Dr., 12345-Christopher G. and Annette S. Habel to Juan H. and Margaret M. Saco, $459,900.

Willowglen Ave., 319-Charles C. and Tara Murray to Lisa H. Ireland, $313,500.


Fox Rock Dr., 53-Scott A. and Randi B. Numbers to Bernardino and Jessiette Rodriguez, $365,000.

Rum Springs Rd., 10551-Rebecca K. Griffin to Matthew and Lynsey Ann Fohner, $265,000.


Country Club Terr., 6957-Marvin J. and Diana L. Adcock to Roger David and Kathryn Harper Rich, $426,000.

Illinois Ct., 6220-Renee Patterson to Timothy P. and Lisa P. Geraghty, $240,000.

Orchard Crest Cir., 440-Ryan C. and Melissa W. Tuck to Jason A. and Lindsay E. Anderson, $505,000.

Talbot Ct., 5584-Adam and Brittany Freet to Francis V. and Kendra R. Hourigan, $247,000.

Yeagertown Rd., 5733-Karl R. and Janine Griffith to Serge G. Champagne, $270,000.


Jim Smith Lane, 3806-Virginia Lynn to Jessica A. Haynie, $374,900.


Motters Station Rd., 15008-William Joseph and Deborah Lynn Kaas to Edward G. and Yvonne M. Green, $365,000.


Altamont Ave. N., 114-David H. Mirch to Lai Mui Chan, $127,900.

Luther Dr., 10-Rockie Lee and Renee Knight Fraley to Jonathan R. and Elizabeth A. O’Neal, $209,500.

Sabillasville Rd., 14738-Donald P. Dougherty and estate of Howard W. Schmidt to David Seiss, $178,000.

Walnut St., 11-Gerald G. and Rebecca H. Freeze to Kelly R. and Anita M. Harding, $219,900.


Brushfield Dr., 4125-Timothy E. and Leticia M. Meyers to Rohit Ulpe and Nitika Basrur, $520,000.

Knights Walk Lane, 9515-Moheb Eslahi to Atanacio R. and Josefina S. Cruz, $285,000.

Rines Tavern Lane, 3502-Do Hyung Kim and Myungsun Paek to Elizabeth H. Giacalone, $352,900.

Sugarloaf Pkwy., 3870-Christian M. and Julie A. Ellis to John E. and Rachel Adams, $512,450.


Braeburn Dr., 233-Roger P. and Stephanie A. Thorpe to Laura Francis and Robert Freeman, $375,000.

Discovery Pl., 8398-Ana Lidia Abrego Soriano to Kevin A. and Rebecca I. Watkins, $220,000.

Savannah Ct., 120-Dustin Edward Trey to Richard C. Conner, $193,900.

William St., 25-Vicki Marlene Grantham to Joseph Sigmon, $261,500.