Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in February 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Hidden Garden Lane, 17706-Robert M. McCarthy and Carol Rae Jones to Julia N. Roberts, $721,000.


Aspen Hill Rd., 5029-Benjamin N. and Jane Lee to Huafeng Zhu, $500,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 4925-Lambros Bisbikis and Georgia Siozios to Benjamin Thomas and Emily Elizabeth Danforth, $490,000.

Flower Valley Dr., 4601-Cherise A. and James O. McGovern to Timothy and Robyn Kaminiski, $590,000.

Hallet St., 4414-Capital Home Group Corp. to Maya and Jason Ekus, $354,750.

Minuteman Dr., 4556-Melvin and Cheryl Stevens Broadus to Kenneth T.K. and Deborah A. Sun, $739,900.

Oakvale St., 14103-Rand S. and Sandra K. Huntzinger to Shahrooz Vahedi and Parisa Ghazavi, $425,500.

Sloan St., 13522-Mark Anthony and Linda Lee Holles to Alonso Cerdan Verastegui and Maria Del Carmen Munoz Reyes, $521,500.


Barnum Rd., 7708-Ann R. Hunt to Mahsheed Taeb, $949,900.

Bent Branch Rd., 5615-Michael P. Daniels to John G. Wright, $1.15 million.

Bradley Blvd., 8024-Howard W. Gutman and Michelle P. Loewinger to Daniyal S. Syed and Tubba H. Khan, $1.06 million.

Brook Lane N., 8315, No. 2-904-Jaime Sonabend Janowitz to Elena Segre, $249,900.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 648-FH Bethesda SL RCU Corp. and Sunrise Bethesda SL RCU Corp. to Fereydoun S. and Maureen C. Moghtader, $600,000.

Chelsea Lane N., 4617-Andrew D. Forsyth and Elizabeth A. Rathbone to Stephanie and John Rizas, $801,000.

Democracy Blvd., 7501, No. B126-Ehson Kashfipour to Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou, $187,000.

Ewing Dr., 9316-Bruce Gamble to Christopher A. Albina, $600,000.

Goldleaf Ct., 8-Anastasia and George W. Glatis to Stephen Craig and Suzanne Day Swendiman, $965,000.

Halbert Rd. E., 6206-Spring Valley Builders Corp. to Yajin Wang and Ying Zhang, $1.66 million.

Honesty Way, 7405-Eric A. and Elise Berman Engels to Philip Andrew Miscimarra, $1.65 million.

Kentucky Ave., 7911-Kurt Goodwin and Catherine White Zimmermann to Ellen Canan Grady, $2 million.

Lilly Stone Dr., 8109-Philip A. Frayne and Maria Caridad Reixa to John Emory Meek and Sofia O. Antelo, $828,000.

Millwood Rd., 7304-Barbara Gunnarson Coloney to Joseph A. and Allison H. Giordano, $995,000.

Overlea Rd., 5605-Charlotte Palmer and John E. Seeley to Hamid Ossareh and Reza Haghighi, $750,000.

River Rock Terr., 8512-Ivan J. and Marianna Larin to Jing Cheng, $890,000.

Roxbury Dr., 4607-Yuhki John Tajima and Claudia Lilian Gunawan to Nancy Diazgranados, $699,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 7557, No. C-Anthony J. and Robin L. Baker to Sharon L. Pearce, $229,000.

Thornbush Ct., 5502-Alexandre Barro and Helena B. Chambrier to Alain Emile Louis Jacques Gaugris, $840,000.

Western Ave., 4602-Timothy and Anne Addison Warren to Kyle Strand and Nadia Daar, $980,000.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 1113-Shuchismita Bhatt to Farah Aleem, $258,000.

Whitley Park Terr., 5450, No. HR-Denis Nicholas Harper and estate of Mary Angela Harper to Alex and Kathy Evan, $460,000.

Winslow St., 7012-Daniel C. and Jill D. Nicoll to Sarah Martin Daily and Wilfried E. Kaffenberger, $1.11 million.


Kings Crossing Blvd., 14315-Phillip M. Iorio to Animesh Shukla and Paridhi Gupta, $767,500.


Heritage Hills Ct., 9-Bruce A. Silverglade to Huaguang Wang, $449,500.

Sapling Ridge Lane, 2424-Ae Un and Richard B. Conely to Maximiliano Vasquez, Karla Torres and Mirna Macias, $875,000.


Almanac Dr., 14521-Sheena Green to Michelle Samantha Coates, $310,000.

Dustin Rd., 4309-Manish and Ila Singh to Jennifer P. Davlin, $775,000.

Hunt Farm Ct., 3100-Ai Chan Chen Wong and Yang Kwan Chen to Clarence C. Lewis III, Yalonda Lewis and Patricia F. Durham, $675,000.

MacTavish Pl., 3617-Autana Investment Corp. to Elmer Joya and Mirna E. Majano, $280,000.


Alabaster Dr., 2008-Kevin L. and Elizabeth A. Bridgeman to Jose Aristides Fuentes Rosales and Brenda Antonia Escobar Bonilla, $469,900.

Broadmore Rd., 12808-Frank N. and Lisa M. Orifici to Benjamin Paul and Julia M. Litten, $400,000.

Finsbury Rd., 504-Vinodini D. Solanki to Timothy D. Arnold and Julie A. Murphy, $550,000.

Michale Ct., 11501-Sergio and Tia Trout Perez to Mia and George C. Ray, $577,500.

Old Columbia Pike., 12001, No. 305-Uttam B. and Usha R. Khatri to Ana Maria Parra and Maria C. Cruz, $180,000.

Schubert Dr., 2952, No. 26-Nancy S. Barr to Jasmin L. Andrade, $265,000.

Venice Dr., 908-Maria T. and Alice T. Humphries to Katherine Abrahams and Marcus Lee, $435,000.


Chevy Chase Dr., 4818, No. 102-Matthew T. Brady to Dennis Juergen Voegele and Lauren Davison Cannon, $290,000.

Cypress Pl., 7904-Darren S. and Julianne B. Pulvirenti to Kenny K. Singh and Vaninder K. Dhillon, $985,000.

Georgia St., 6808-Howard Bradley Myers and Christina Marie Wild to Aras and Elizabeth Holden, $886,500.

Irving St. E., 9-William Norris and Jane Shaw Smoot to Kristen A. Lejnieks and Joseph Poulas, $1.2 million.

Navarre Dr., 2715-Lisa Cortright and David W. Magee to Sarah R. Smaller-Swift and Quinn R. Wallis, $710,000.

West Hwy. E., 4242, No. 417-Wendy M. Hill and Shereen Malek to Chad Scott, $135,000.


Basswood Hill Dr., 23116-Robert and Kelly Vandenengel to Kristopher Phillip Lokos and Elizabeth S. Celi, $405,000.

Country Squire Way, 11892-Christopher W. Dietze and William M. Collins to Joseph M. Kim and Rebecca Hwang, $425,000.

Lewisdale Rd., 13905-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Katelyn L. Poss, $318,000.

Orsay St., 13260-Susan Mary Ochieng to Thomas McElwee, $345,000.

Roberts Tavern Dr., 23115, No. 3183-Rachael M. Ferguson to Ally R. Abdallah, $159,000.


Cantrell Rd., 14316-Bruce E. and Toby Andrea Kahn to Amanda Victoria and Carlos Cuellar, $495,000.

Farmcrest Way, 1411-Inok Cho to Rafael Alvarez and Martha D. Sanchez, $300,000.

Maydale Dr., 1614-Michael K. Yoo to Augusto A. Calles Andrade and Karla G. Cruz Sorto, $550,000.

Spotswood Dr., 1202-M. Kathleen Porter and estate of Patricia Hamm to Vu H. Tran, $499,000.

Windmill Terr., 14928-Alexander and Jacqueline Castellanos to Gilmar Moura and Suzi Pasqualini Deoliveira, $500,000.


Clearspring Rd., 10113-Michael McGlaughlin and Frederick Bass to Wilfredo Jovel Reyes and Gloria E. Jovel, $377,500.

Shelldrake Cir., 10146-Haymaker Corp. to Galo Ivan Naranjo Estrella and Silvia Josefina Cano Felix, $230,000.


Applewood Lane, 17526-Daniel E. and Jane Ann Verner to Young Do Kwon and Jung S. Byum, $762,000.

Dew Wood Dr., 7500-Eugene G. Hilty to Cromwell Chiang and Ruth Chiang Carter, $425,000.

Goodfellow Way, 7732-Pradeep J. and Ira S. Tharakan to Asoka W. and Michele Burke Ranaweera, $431,000.

Muncaster Rd., 19120-Rafiq and Jagwati Inayat to Leah Berhane, $775,000.

Shremor Dr., 18712-Robert G. and Barbara J. Hoyt to Samson Scott and Erin Welsh Doyle, $609,000.

Wick Lane, 7029-Jeannette V. Stewart to Anubhav Saini, $452,600.


Bruce Dr., 9510-Larry R. and Patricia L. Koch to Mary Thembani Glenshaw and Lester Q. Basson, $710,000.

Childs St., 11008-Veenu Tomar and Vedapurisan Nagarajan to Jeremy N. Hairston and Aurora Seva Gonzalez, $471,500.

Dennis Ave., 503-Natalie Moffett Smith to Fidencio Gonzalez, $800,000.

Geren Rd., 8707-Taofik Agunbiade to Joffrey S. and Paulette Wilson, $360,000.

Kerwin Rd., 514-Francine Renee Lee Koch to Ronnie William Colbert and Erika Sonia Reyna, $405,000.

Lorain Ave., 10016-Deborah Smith Paul to Paul Ridenhour and Michelle Pasquale Ramsey, $465,000.

McCeney Ave., 919-PSB Investments MD Corp. to Jennifer Lynn and Raymond Downs, $910,000.

Procter St., 10205-Garry Meus to Surayya Johnson, $398,000.

Thornhill Rd., 9414-Mehmet Fatih Serefoglu and Vera Jennie Keith to Ashley Moore and Derek Fronabarger, $715,000.

Whitaker Terr., 716-Pamela M. Herath to Tieu A. Tat and Cuong Q. Ngo, $440,000.


Boysenberry Dr., 18521, No. 179-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Andres Chirinos Barraza, $116,000.

Broadwater Dr., 9237-Alexander and Julieta Rivera to Owen A. and Robert A. Scott, $225,000.

Christopher Ave., 419, No. 133-Richard Bonilla to George Kim, $177,000.

Crabapple Pl., 18506-Rhett and Maria Dinah Villahermosa to Gina Patricia Ballesteros, $270,000.

Fence Post Ct., 18016-Mary Ann and Eric D. Toxey to Kristin Alexa and Tyler John Dietz, $355,000.

Girard St., 513-Fabin Francis to Anna A. and Charles B. Wheeler, $405,000.

Kelso Terr., 8715-Ronald E. and Anneke Heyliger Reed to Dianna I. Patino Nava, $282,500.

Mainsail Dr., 9909-Jeffrey S. and Mary F. Leach to Julie C. and William C. Boyd, $490,000.

Ridge Heights Dr., 19601-Andrew J. and Christin H. Malinowski to Dany O. Maeda, $425,000.

Sedley Ct., 8601-Michael S. Chambers to Freda and Danie S. Cuneo, $275,000.

Turtle Dove Ct., 6-Tori M. Rowe and John J. Golden to Jose Ramon Molina and Johana P. Palma, $305,000.

Wheatfield Terr., 19265-Toni D. Carmine to Abdoulaye Lamine and Dieneba Sow Keita, $284,500.

Wild Forest Dr., 912-Arna Corp. to Hermine and Louis M. Penda, $350,000.

Woodland Rd., 408-David and Christine Malseed to Shilpa V. Majmudar, $443,000.


Amberfield Lane, 305-Ryan and Shahrukh Areu to Erin Ulloa and Marlon David Ulloa Uribe, $423,000.

Bayshore Ct., 19-Cynthia Kaye Nelson to Sean David Batson and Cassandra Kamei Ly Batson, $445,000.

Braemar Crescent Way, 14813-Truman 2017 SC7 MD ML Corp. to Richard A. and Erica L. Heipertz, $705,000.

County Ct., 10, No. 16-5-Haiyi Huang to Mercedes E. Carranza, $340,000.

Darby Ct. E., 34-Thomas M. Nastasia to Oscar Rene Orellana Jr., Stefany Beraly Mata Argueta and Ericka Elizabeth Orellana, $350,000.

Fenceline Dr., 2-Ruth Ann and Steven Allen Maris to Ahmad W. and Cristina Hanif, $361,000.

Gold Kettle Dr., 216-TD Real Estate Development Corp. to Kevin Naish Misener and Amy Elizabeth Brown, $375,000.

Hemingway Dr., 209-Yi Kwang Marcus Lai and Jennifer Haiyen Nguyen to Peter Deoudes, $710,000.

Kendrick Pl., 104, No. 28-Gaetano Dironza and Monica Molina to Steven B. Loeb, $279,900.

Lloydminster Dr., 12512-Jane G. Denney and estate of Jo Ann Scholar to Amy Selig Robinson and Allan Hung, $640,000.

Natia Manor Dr., 14000-Jeffrey Scott and Marnie Grinspoon to Yevgeniy Mizin and Evgeniia Sinakina, $1.02 million.

Parkview Ave., 323-Robert J. and Aye A. Mar Czincila to Quinton Lloyd and Jina Patel Walker, $570,000.

Pomquay Ct., 14912-David M. Paper to Anca Tabakova, $510,000.

Rollinmead Dr., 15133-Bruce S. and Allison S. Desatnick to Joshua Michael and Elena Sergeevna Riff, $929,000.

Stoneridge Dr., 17824-Marion C. Mayo to Derek C. Velema and Jooyun Han, $625,000.

Trippon Ct., 11205-Jyoti N. Zalkikar to Nelofer and Bashir Ahmad Nusraty, $570,000.


Afternoon Lane, 20509-David and Melita Jovel to Ana Isabel Dudamel, $286,000.

Birdseye Ct., 5-Michael A. and Maureen M. Rough to Anastasie Moni-Beyegue, $240,000.

Bridger Dr., 13043, No. 1405-Ravi Sesetty to Marco Antonio Fogelbach, $278,000.

Cloppers Mill Terr., 18001, No. 16-I-Jacob Azhdam to Satya S. and Rita Sarkhel, $235,000.

Country Ridge Dr., 13253-Pooja Berry to Mahmut Nazli, $278,000.

Demetrias Way, 13487-Ridge C. Bowman to Caroline N. Tita and Irene Yaya Mbarga, $220,000.

Flag Harbor Terr., 18905-Timothy E. Lynn to Tiana I. Lewis, $273,000.

Grotto Lane, 19025-Ryan Scott to Luis Felipe Francisco Sierra, $325,000.

Highstream Dr., 19074, No. 772-Hongzhi Guo and Hua Lin to Anna Maria Frances Griffith, $260,000.

Kitchen House Ct., 18140-Anjana Mehta to Helen J. Rivera, $310,000.

Long Channel Dr., 14347-Estate of Surraya Madjid to Joseph Cartney Parker and Eun Hae Naiyoko Kim, $320,000.

Millhaven Pl., 13103, No. 8-I-John Norman Johnson and estate of Gerald Blair Johnson to Frank W. Midgley and Sally M. Brown, $226,500.

Palmetto Cir., 13641-Sunil M. Nagabhushana and Mrinalini Pandey to Wayne F. Brown, $400,000.

Port Haven Pl., 18934-House Buyers of America to Priscilla Meza Duran and Jacqueline P. Munquia, $238,500.

Ridgecrest Dr., 19312-Scott and Ronnie Spector to Cipriano A. Pineda and Karen T. Pineda Arriaza, $406,000.

Shadyside Way, 20547, No. 20-2-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Residential Credit Opportunities Trust to Cheri Willis, $223,200.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20410, No. 6-G-Kenneth C. and Barbara A. Kuehn to Delaney A. Tenca, $215,000.

Station St., 13514-Ramon A. and Nicole A. Mitchell to Jaison Eapen and Roseann E. Narikkattu George, $300,000.

Stone Hollow Dr., 18406-George C. and Haroldine G. Robinson to Michael C. Ramsaran, $303,500.

Swiss Cir., 18223, No. 2-64-Robert E. Jones Jr. and Kathryn Gargett to Zheng Gu, $179,900.

Treebranch Terr., 18926-Juan Armando Uribe Gonzalez and Bertha R. Castillo Anava to Eric Calvin and May Anne E. Russell, $315,000.

White Saddle Dr., 19636-Fu-Jung Chao and Shu-Yuan Tung to Melba Muana, $300,000.


Brookfield Dr., 4210-Sean P. Murphy to David C. McMullen and Amy E. Turriff, $550,000.

Colfax St., 4402-Barbara Ann Milihram and estate of Julien R. Milihram to Luke Olson and Patricia Chen, $727,500.

Edgewood Rd., 3220-Erin Aslan and Keith Graham to Kongxun Wang and Liya Pan, $862,000.

Glueck Lane, 11015-Deborah Depew Surman to Jacob William Seagrave and Helena Neophytou Gregoriou, $455,000.

Lawrence Ave., 3822-Patrick J. Conley and Margaret Lindsay to Chung Min Han, $390,000.

McComas Ave., 3011-Emiy Ruth and Tomas Bilbao to Luke C. and Jaclyn F. Waidmann, $632,500.

Plyers Mill Rd., 3419-Thomas F. and Rosemarie I. Sokol Chang to Elmer R. Alcantara, $505,000.

University Blvd. W., 3109-Oscar Centeno and Anna Clements to Blake Ary, $212,500.

White Flint Dr., 5209-Estate of Mary A. Ryder to Salem El Nimri, $517,500.


Goshen School Rd., 22403-James B. Pearson Jr. and Linda Williams Pickle to Hyeong Il Kwak and Bo Yeon Lee, $715,000.

Stanbrook Lane, 5704-Noreen M. Kern to Jane Salzano, $717,000.


Apple Ridge Pl., 19936-Catherine Gibson to Felix Ayande, $279,000.

Burchap Dr., 8418-Kerry Ann Roth to Tracy Backhaus and Daniel Garriga, $324,000.

Coltfield Ct., 19028-Anthony Richley and Bacilia Herrera to Ibrahim Saif and Anna Khizhnyak, $234,000.

Fountain Valley Dr., 8635-Herbert A. and Nadine S. Tolbert to Candice Yvette Anderson, $236,000.

Hellingly Pl., 9904, No. 155-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to David Elf, $75,000.

Ivoryton Ct., 6-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and Newrez Corp. to Josue A. Flores Vijil, Jenny P. Molina and Mercedes Lopez, $392,000.

Lindos Ct., 20405-Elena N. Muehlenbeck to Tamene Shifferaw, $354,000.

Pier Point Pl., 18740-Juan J. Martinez to Gifty Quarcoo, $225,000.

Seneca Ridge Dr., 10621-James G. Kushmerick and Danielle E. Conger to Ejaita A. Usude and Victor O. Ogboru, $410,000.

Smoothstone Way, 18901, No. I-1-Sequoyah Corp. to Abdullah A. Mamun, $95,000.

Watkins Mill Dr., 10323-Bank of New York Mellon and Newrez Corp. to Surinder Tohan, $222,180.


Edgewater Pkwy., 2112-Karen E. Bogley and estate of Ernest L. Hurd Jr. to Nixon G. Lemus Romero and Maria M. Zaldivar, $489,000.


Beret Lane, 3305-Robert A. German and estate of Sybil J. German to Alejandrito Paulino Liriano and Roxana Del Carmen Sandoval Duarte, $425,000.

Coachlamp Lane, 13532-David Chong Lee to Cathy and Justin Monroe, $550,000.

Deer Valley Terr., 15135-Olusesan Tayo Rotimi to Obafemi O., Olulola and Adetayo Adenike Sosanya, $362,600.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3911, No. 24-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Kenny Cha, $345,000.

Edelmar Terr., 3638, No. 123-B-James C. and Judith A. Durell to Dennis Donald and Leta Ann Kopp, $322,500.

Fiske Terr., 3503, No. 155-Wayne R. and Carmelita J. Watkinson to Barbara B. Cuthill, $238,000.

Goodloe Rd., 11704-Clarence Burton Simpson to Sergey Y. Burnayev and Yekaterina Teplyakova, $510,000.

Habersham Cir., 14913-Mary G. Sinclair to Jean M. Gambo, $345,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3322, No. 7-2-A-Ralte H. and Florence S. Rova to Leticia Molina and Josel Luis Melendez Benitez, $150,480.

Ilford Rd., 3919-Deborah L. Coates and estate of Gerald E. Weikel Jr. to Sovichea So and Channaly Em, $385,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-1024-Vera M. Douglass to Setha Lim Honma, $172,000.

Joseph Mill Rd., 11704-Anita Marie and Quentin R. Stuck to Kevin Thomas Michaliga and Elizaveta Andreyevna Kuznetsova, $399,990.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 328-Randi I. Toth and estate of Jacqueline K. Goldberg to James M. Shopshire Sr. and Ramonia L. Lee, $305,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 2901, No. 133-Lois Hobson to Patricia Brobst, $370,000.

Melfordshire Way, 14812-Awatif M. Diab to Christopher F. Molina and Selma M. Zelaya, $346,500.

Pennfield Cir., 14800, No. 208-Sandra K. and Sherrie Lynn Rosenblatt to Karen Marie Morrow Reeve, $149,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15300, No. 85-2J-Ilene M. Brink to Daniel H. and Jean V. Wright, $134,900.

Tynewick Terr., 14623, No. 7-1462-Kenneth and Daphne Binns to Francis M. and Maxine F. Sweetney, $285,000.


Bilney Dr., 18027-Ernest L. and Christine B. Messick to Orlando E. Landaverde Rosales, $563,000.

Dumfries Cir., 17963-Erica Enders Blake to Melissa Lea Goldberg, $487,000.

Llewellyn Field Rd., 3220-Jawwad A. Khan to Vivian Y. Quinones, $482,000.

O’Hara Cir., 18020-Jamal David and Ana Lizeth Gonzalez Smith to Michael M. and Diana J. Concepcion, $288,000.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18106, No. 258-Christine A. and Claude W. Roxborough to Frank Barbieri, $235,000.

Singers Glen Dr., 3501-Francis M. Cromwell to Arnoldo E. and Amy L. Huaiquil, $500,000.

Viburnum Pl., 3000-Gregory John and Avis M. Dyson to Justin Dominick and Stephanie Lorraine Ridgeway, $720,000.


Bruner Way, 19612-Bryan and Catherine Cleghorn to Kenneth S. and Tenneh T. Yeaher, $540,000.

Spates Hill Rd., 17124-James Roy and Andrea A. Elliott to Andrew and Maria Shkeda, $550,000.


Aqueduct Ct., 11-Nhan Thu Nguyen and Szu Chieh Kuo to Johahna Ruth Johnson and Miloud Said Saidi, $726,000.

Big Tree Ct., 2-Jorge C. Palau and Margarita Tobar to Melissa Pici and Michael Opalski, $760,000.

Coddle Harbor Lane, 7636-Amy Gudelsky to Weibing Wang and Dan Tian, $635,000.

Deborah Dr., 10765-Lyman G. Van Nostrand to Roji and Tejman Tamang, and Arbin Ghising, $550,000.

Farmbrooke Lane, 10609-Michael S. and Sandra E. Marantz to Zhenshou Weng and Qing Feng Chen, $1.11 million.

Grey Fox Lane, 12514-James and Graciela Bruno to Vinh David and Loann Jacquelin Bui, $1.3 million.

Long Pine Trail, 11201-Margaret F. Cudney to Ugochukwu B. and Jennifer I. Nwadike, $699,000.

Masters Dr., 7813-Hirad and Mojgan Yazdankhah to Eduardo and Carrie Pereda, $1.11 million.

Overgate Pl., 10405-Reza Safarnejadarabi and Katrin Kassiri to Yuan Lin and Xinyi Li, $741,000.

Rivers Bend Lane, 10614-Wen Hua Wu and Jen Jue Yeh to Ozkan and Eda Dikmen, $1.33 million.

Trailridge Ct., 14-Allen J. and Katherine A. Zantal Wiener to Lihuan Zhou and Luona Lin, $795,000.

Wandering Trail Ct., 9-Gerald and Elaine B. Libman to Youshan He and Ping Li, $716,000.


Antigua Terr., 10848, No. 69-Danielle Natalie Crane Power to Donald K. and Gwen E. Crane, $236,000.

Barnside Pl., 500-Charles T. and Nancy M. Kaelber to Wenchang Zhou and Hui Chen, $760,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12407, No. 489-Sandra Mayhall to Willian Keller De Matos and Eliana Renata Trotta, $192,000.

Calabash Lane, 14113-Diane Johnson and Roland Sipes to Jingyang Lu and Hebing Liu, $625,000.

Chantilly Ct., 19-Dominique Vissetthida Khieu to Daichi and Misa Tsuchihashi, $455,000.

Crabb Ave., 600-John W. Reeves to Xiang Zhang, $285,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15309, No. 5R-George N. Filippakis to Andrew and Lucia Cary, $328,500.

Forest Landing Cir., 14903-Bao Z. Chen and Shu Ming Li to Shilian Duan and Yue Qi, $450,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1803-James C. Kostiw to Jeni Maneva Maneva, $256,000.

Hawthorn Ct., 6-Paula Darragh and Richard Pedowitz to Daniel Edward and Jessica Erin Doll, $625,000.

Inman Park Cir., 5820, No. 710-Juan N. Caicedo and Johanna P. Florez to Elizabeth S. Perez, $425,000.

Mannakee St., 510-Debra C. Nielsen and Sandra F. Crum to Shanshan Ni and Shurui Li, $645,000.

Monroe St., 110, No. 302-Patricia D. Gill to David Parent and Erika Marie Burr, $204,500.

Monroe St., 120, No. 101-Federal National Mortgage Association to Meghan and Jeremy McDougal, $197,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 325-Timon D. Krimitzas to Nidhi and Ritesh Agrawal, $319,900.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2420-Ryan Bess to Adam Sheffler and Stephanie Beauchesne, $274,000.

Oxbow Rd., 4805-Paul Flood and Amanda Boone to Carlos Martin Manco, $458,000.

Redgate Farms Ct., 1741-Michelle A. Heiney Smith to Christina Reem Francisco and Jose Aramis Arevalo, $400,000.

Ritchie Pkwy., 426-Mahin and Parvis Huschmand to Xiaoxi Wan, $530,000.

Rockville Pike., 11801, No. 404-Lalchand Ramcharran and Carmen Karola Anderson to Nicole Suzanne Ugel, $350,000.

Schuylkill Rd., 11111-Lucas and Erin M. Radzinschi to Matthew Ching Chung Krause and Virginia Marie Meyer, $490,000.

Sterling Terr., 10101-Tecu Corp. to Jeffrey Thomas Hoyle and Christine Sparks, $635,000.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10003, No. 3-1-Piena Karns Coulibaly to Priyanka Matlawala and Namit Ravindra Satam, $286,000.

Whisperwood Lane, 11107-Shahram Sabet and Faranak Jamali to Juan Caicedo and Johanna P. Florez Moreno, $720,000.


Berland Pl., 11403-Atul Philips to Rabi Thapa and Bhagawati Saru, $295,000.

Dunstable Cir., 20047, No. 308-Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County to Zhengyi Fang and Quanfeng Lu, $175,000.

Eton Manor Dr., 11828, No. UN102-Deborah Jill and Robert B. Elliott to Xijun Zhang and Chien J. Ting, $200,000.

Gunners Branch Rd., 19505, No. 713-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Fay Servicing Corp. to Blanca Clavijo, $104,000.

Hickory Forest Way, 21230-Ouma D. and Sherman T. Singh to Joaquin Rosa Duarte, $609,000.

Othello Terr., 11728-James M. and June A. Herron to Wendy Ann and William D. Henry, $415,000.

Stoney Point Ct., 11-James and Derrick James Bell to Babu Ganesan and Sangeetha Natarajan, $210,000.


Blair Mill Rd., 1220, No. 610-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mesfin Mehari, $171,675.

Colston Dr., 2202, No. C-201-Michael R. and Sharon Jean Husic to Robert R. West II, $182,500.

Derby Ridge Lane, 2006, No. 4-9-Jonathan M. Harnois and Stefanie N. Hennes to Michelle F. Kerbel and Mathew S. Barkan, $489,000.

Ellsworth Heights St., 60-Sam Picoult to Samantha Anne Spindel and Justin Ryan Musaffi, $852,000.

Menlo Ave., 10001-Artec Home Builders Corp. to Jeffrey S. Sutton and Amy L. Parker, $630,000.

Thayer Ave., 575, No. 603-Indra A. Books and Felicity Feiser to Sabine Kaltenpoth and Terese Swatt, $145,000.

West Hwy. E., 1201, No. 353-Mohammad T. Hajiaghayi to Richard J., Elizabeth G. and Meredith G. Osterman, $445,000.


Browning Ct., 421-Daniel McCarthy to Claudia Ahiabor, $289,000.

Forston St., 714-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Angel Cabrera Juarez, $305,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 820W-Mayron Tsong to Lania J. Robinson, $207,000.

Tulip Ave., 407, No. 103-Nina F. Allen to Rachel Heckscher and Eric Olson, $310,000.


Coral Sea Dr., 1304-Robin Bates and estate of Linda Sly to Norman Z. Lai and Jumei Zhang, $286,000.


Circle Cir. , 6-Darrell E. Anderson and estate of Edward E. Roberts to Patryk Koj, $255,000.


Arcola Ave., 1822-Susan Rosenberg to Chaminda Indika Jayatilake, $490,000.

Cobble Hill Ct., 12-Temujene H. Makua and Jared F. Van Buskirk to Zerina Rishat Borhan, $510,000.

Elkin St., 11607, No. 136-Wayne E. Kramer to Lewis S. Oates, $223,000.

Galt Ave., 11314-Benjamin Takis to Nicolas E. and Sarah T. Church Roberts, $369,999.

Haywood Dr., 10315-Bernice T. Ramey to Francisco Jesus Waltersdorfer and Cyntia Navarro, $335,000.

Judson Rd., 12212-RJRE Investments Corp. to Rudy Ramirez, $390,000.

Lamberton Dr., 416-German V. and Maria A. Salguero to Thomas Francis O’Reilly-Pol and Laura Marie Lanigan, $525,900.

Lindell St., 2720-Lorena Magdalena Piris and Maria Teresa Macias to Josue Zelaya Flores and Elena Yohana Pinto Velasquez, $400,000.

Parker Ave., 3000-Bulgaris Residential Corp. to Titilayo Shodiya and James Schneidewind, $474,900.

Sherwood Rd., 1701-William A. and Joan Hyman to Russell Cole Burnett and Jordana Alexis Hochman, $760,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 401-A-Jeanette Roegge to Dingzhen Xiang, $64,000.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 701-B-Marilyn Sandler Robinstein to Marlin Ben Itah, $55,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bill Dorsey Blvd., 2709-Kenneth B. and Kathie D. Sipe to Aaron and Mollie Prescott, $451,000.

Young Family Trail W., 5528-Scott and Bridget Friedman to Raphael Mukwelle Sona, $551,000.


Orndorff Dr. E., 5-Katie Brewster and Katie M. Palasciano to Denise Tipaldos, $135,000.


Carone Dr., 2885-Thomas L. and Barbara A. Kimble to Brian K. Reid and Brett A. Brenner, $304,000.

Old Bridge Lane, 4116-Gary S. and Dian M. Bushko to James Lewis and Christine Nicole Johnson, $435,000.


Thurston Rd., 1555-Y. C. Francis and Irene M. Thio to Carl R. and Valerie L. Hall, $385,000.


Robindale Dr., 52-Geoffrey Mark and Lee Ann Wharton to Karen Leigh Lind, $180,000.


Alan Linton Blvd. E., 6454-Alexander W. and Terra R. Hoffman to Kyle Smith, $285,000.

Amberfield Rd., 613-Alexandria M. and Morgan S. Tamez to Peter Vien and Annie Cao, $275,000.

Bamburg Ct., 5228-Angeliki Lee G. Allen to Ping Zhang, $225,000.

Brentwood Ave., 6011-S. More Home Solutions Corp. to Nathan D. Perry and Karen Brioso, $405,000.

Cawley Dr., 597, No. 5-Heather Smith and estate of Nina K. Macalister to Norma Louise Winpigler, Linda Ann Barnes, Debra Ann Winpigler Beck and Sharon Lee Winpigler Chance, $175,000.

Danberry Dr., 1310-Jacquelyn Leslie to John Benjamin Jarboe, $255,000.

Eisenhower Dr., 602-Dawn Alena Rice to Marie Njanpou Tchienang, $230,000.

Goldspire Cir., 501-Larry E. and Judy P. Hallman to Daniel L. and Denice E. Weedon, $175,000.

Hollowstone Rd., 609-Steven Thomas and Ashley Dawn Carney to Jesse Addison Kadesch and Natasha Duvenage, $250,000.

Jefferson Pike., 5533-Thomas A. George to Thomas W. and Laura B. Roberts, $202,000.

Leben Dr., 5919-Frances Koomson to Sravan Kumar Goud and Divya Rani Korwar, $340,000.

Old Swimming Pool Rd., 5058-Charles R. and Pamela R. Stultz to Edward Lupcho and Kenneth Wayne Klipp, $242,000.

Purple Leaf Ct., 5768-Matthew M. Divincenzo to Suhail Hussein Ahmed and Aida Aboud Ridha, $244,000.

Rock Spray Ct., 5784-Frederick Villas Corp. to Sarah E. Guy and Brian K. Mara, $247,000.

Sulky Lane, 494-Louise Michaux Gonzales and Christopher A. Alfaro to Victor and Marina Stempliuc, $299,000.

Upper Mill Terr. S., 5435-Robert L. and Mary L. Jose to Shania and Jeremy Levert, $268,000.

Wood Duck Ct., 6781-Quality Leasing Inc. to Adrian D. Vandelwijnen III, $222,500.


Barbara St., 202-Fenny Tan to Rene A. Vasquez, $215,000.

Birchwood Ct. W., 9413-Jennifer Pishvaian Clingan to Desiree Wade, $285,000.

Bridle Path Cir., 7731-Robert T. and Lisa M. Byrd to Nicholas W. and Elizabeth Wassel, $320,000.

Carrollton Dr., 502, No. 9-Harlene F. Jackson to Ralph D. Johnson, $143,000.

Derrs Sq. E., 1706-Charlene A. and Brad S. Berger to Kenneth L. and Kathryn E. Paul, $274,900.

Egret Way, 2707-Joanne Carol Larose Lightcap to Guoli Shi, $320,000.

Holden Rd., 748-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Francis Keith Brooks, $498,580.

Jefferson St. S., 227-House Buyers of America Inc. to Esther Gaitan, $199,900.

Meandering Woods Ct., 6303-Vishal and Shetal U. Datta to Sam Haddad, $472,000.

Parkland Pl., 7960-Matthew and Ashley Puk to Michael Sluss, $278,500.

Prospect Blvd., 356-Andrew M. Langlois to Brian G. and Donna L. Kolb, $281,000.

Quinn Rd., 6348-Kelly Louviere to Roger L. and Rachel Hall, $398,000.

River Mist Ct., 1819-Michael and Nikki Reineck to Mark Sunday Balogun, $405,000.

Springwater Terr., 6340, No. 1300F-Molly J. Divens to Nicole Wolfe, $195,000.

Sweet Gum Ct., 909-Leo F. and Ann E. Komorowski to Louis Altamura and Sarah E. McCarthy, $329,000.

Seventh St. E., 26-KTS Enterprises Corp. to Joseph M. Mulligan, $235,000.

16th St. E., 824-Slade H. Sidwell and Heather L. Scull to Lloyd and Peggy Ann Card, $229,000.


Bexhill Dr., 1005-Gourab Nanda and Devina Mahapatra to Larry Charles Gee Jr., $370,000.

Buell Dr., 2057-Dario Abbasian to Jennifer Andrew and Kenneth Rodas, $249,900.

Country Run Way, 1821-Charlotte Shackelford to Jofel B. Santolaja, $249,899.

Edgemont Rd., 7220-James E. Main to Micah and Sarah Wiles, $450,000.

Glendale Dr., 8232-Margaret L. Herring to Linda Clare Hause, $351,275.

Havilland Pl., 1514-Kocak Ozcan to Jose R. Mejia and Yesenia A. Lovo Menjivar, $280,000.

Heather Ridge Dr., 731, No. F-Kalen Scott and estate of Jutta Scott to Arthur Robinson, $97,000.

Key Pkwy., 200-Ai Juan Jiang and Shou Zhen Wu to Dror Zaks and Yuko Maura, $170,000.

Meadowbrooke Dr., 7193-William J. and Margaret J. Richman to Ronald L. and Sonia M. Mallow, and Richard and Robin Gordon, $750,000.

Palace Green Terr. W., 2240-Chris Papasava and Nikolas Bezianis to Katherine and Joseph Gaidurgis, $254,000.

Stonegate Dr., 191-Empowered Real Estate Solutions Corp. to Polina Mineva, $140,000.

Vienna Ct., 31-Jeremy Wright and Amber Whipp to Yesenia E. and Marvin E. Cruz, $190,000.

Whitehall Rd., 2100, No. 2A-Coby and Yulia E. Savona to Christopher M. Root, $156,000.


Innsbrook Ct., 11146-Thomas Owen and Kristen Marie Mills to Clark B. and Jamie R. Undem, $710,000.

Winmoor Dr., 3432-Thomas S. Lipscomb and Carol C. Frishman to Shruti and Kartik Patel, $775,000.


Bunker Hill Rd., 12813-Shaun N. and Nancy L. Campbell to Trent J. and Heather Hassett, $300,000.

Liberty Rd., 11920, No. 107A-Brittany L. White to Emily M. Allwein, $121,500.


Boileau Ct., 20-Martha J. Hoeber to Brennen A. Wright, $227,000.

Hollow Rd., 9416-Michael P. and Angela D. Kearney to Ernest S. Krouse, $398,250.

Marker Rd., 2730-Midatlantic Farm Credit to Craig Devlin and Theresa Aniece Sullivan, $555,000.

Quebec School Rd., 2506-Joyce C. Ross and estate of Ronald L. Dickinson Sr. to Philip R. and Amanda M. Mandzik, $315,000.


Debkay Ct. N., 12395-Anne Martin to Anthony and Lynn Martin, $220,000.

Viridian Terr., 4351-Winchester Homes Inc. to Deborah M. Ratti, $395,755.


Harrisville Rd., 14121-Angie M. Palmisano to Elba Y. Hernandez De Umana, Roberto A. Umana Hernandez, Claudia V. Umana Benitez and Erik Jeobany Orellana Portillo, $350,000.

Oak View Dr., 1301-Jason Jackman to Matthew Thomas and Shannon Leigh Morgal, $245,000.

Western View Pl., 5813-Michael Vincent and Lizzie Paola Painter to Zachary Ian and Jordan Emily Safford, $375,000.


Main St., 426-Ashley Goldsborough and estate of John Calvin Summers to Allan Pickett, $251,000.


Country Club Rd., 11026-Geert H. and Karel L. Visscher to Kathleen and Teak Bassett, $495,000.

Hedgeapple Ct., 10404-Brad Lee A. and Angela J. King to Donovan Paul Ruth and Felicia Gruver, $320,000.

Masters Rd., 7106-Mary Jane and Chester L. Wagstaff to Eric Richard Hall and Laura Meredith Favin, $349,000.

Old Barn Rd., 10601-Dennis J. and Rebecca E. Ridenour to Nathan D. and Kimberly M. Durant, $365,000.

Rimrock Ct., 7429-Wells Fargo Bank to Dean Russell Darr, $316,000.

Sponseller Ct., 5551-Nicholas A. Stargel and Ashley L. Sittner to Alexander E. Phelps and Erin H. Fava, $320,000.

Woodland Rd., 9645-Michael P. and Kathleen M. Thom to Matthew and Mallie Rydzik, $560,000.


Woodsboro Pike., 12223-Jarrod F. and Rebecca L. Burall to Nicolette A. Sartori and Dillon L. Morrissey, $267,500.


Ballenger Creek Pike., 1750-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to Mark and Alexandra Hieronymus, $245,000.

Thomas Dr., 1625-Dennis B. and Martha E. Sanders to Linda Rodriguez, $315,000.


Black Rd., 7602-Robert M. Meunier Jr. to Barbara J. Day, $625,000.

Gateway Dr. W., 518-Harold Lewis and Cynthia Jo Wantz to Mariana Perez Albela, $247,000.

Jimtown Rd., 13926-James W. Ruppert to Richard T. and Angela M. Roderick, $219,900.

Todd Ct., 11-Terri Lynn Smith and estate of Walter Kovalchek to William and Deborah Kaas, $349,900.


Byron Cir., 3615-Michael E. and Tania M. Blessing to Stefan Francis and Christina Elena Cecelski, $510,000.

Golden Eagle Rd., 5514-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Mahesh Shetty and Pallavi Agalpadi, $499,900.

Loch Ness Ct., 3936-Suad Asmar to Kamilah and Jeffrey Bunn, $470,000.


Chapel Ct., 500, No. 215-Elizabeth Weidner and Gloria Jean Gladhill to Lai Mui Chan, $135,000.

Sandalwood Ct., 126-Justin A. and Tamica M. Watson to Claudia Patricia Moreno Smith, $195,000.