Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Westlawn Dr., 321-David P. and Jill G. Smalley to Derek and Ronda McLean, $575,000.


Bauer Dr., 14422-Estate of Stanley J. Letherman to Bruno Neves Marujo, $385,000.

Falcon St., 4500-Waleed and May Manna to Ana C. and Julio N. Estrada, $265,000.

George Washington Dr., 16908-Michael Francis and Rozell A. O’Donnell to Andres and Mayela Gomez, $599,900.

Judith St., 4415-Audrey Inc. to Michael David and Danielle Laurene Brooks, $438,000.

Merton Rd., 4303-Juan A. and Oscar M. Castro to Kevin Anthony and Nalini Corcy, $435,000.

Nadine Dr., 14517-Nicholas and Christine Miller to Aaron E. and Emily Corbin Cooper, $560,000.

Parkland Dr., 12811-Donna Sue Herbert and estate of Joyce Juanita McDermott to Wilfredo Romero Carranza and Maria Orfilia Romero, $320,000.

Tangier Pl., 13405-Brandon S. and Christina Graziose Pettit to Alexander D. Hoffer and Tracy Morris, $409,000.


Allan Rd., 5031-Alicia Athena Clark to Brian M. and Isabel Hecht, $950,000.

Battery Lane, 5000, No. 403-Leslie C. Silver and estate of Sidney Carter to John William Lucey and Linda Cheng, $785,000.

Bradley Blvd., 5803-Robert S. and Sandra L. Jacobs to Hans Horn and Kristin N. Yanulites, $1.2 million.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 606-FH Bethesda SL Rcu Corp. and Sunrise Bethesda SL Rcu Corp. to Louise Grant, $449,680.

Cedar Lane, 9903-Billy Louis and Elizabeth Wensley to Ingrid Bernatzky Kohli and Agustin Beramendi Gimenez, $779,000.

Crescent St., 4799-Robert J. Ritzenthaler and Willow A. Gerber to Simone Velvel, $650,000.

Eastview St., 6105-Richard D. and Shirley E. Fletcher to Zeynep Kantur Ozenci, $1.22 million.

Glenbrook Pkwy., 4605-Leslie L. and Lisa M. Jacobs to Sheheryar Malik, $1.14 million.

Greentree Rd., 5804-Baoshan Zhang and Xiangdong Liu to Yong Chen and Wenjing Sun, $780,000.

Heatherhill Rd., 7212-Dale S. Ugel to Melvi Lastarria and Rogelio A. Morales Bueno, $1.2 million.

Kenilworth Ave., 10600, No. K-104-Emily Liddel Lloyd to Srinivasan Padmanabhan, $210,000.

Lambeth Rd., 5601-Eleanor L. Hickey to David Jackson and Norma Alicia Beasley, $825,000.

Marjory Lane, 6410-Mid-Atlantic Custom Builders Corp. to Adam S. Footer and Julie M. Silverbrook, $1.64 million.

Montrose Ave., 10405, No. M-1-Warren P. Corbett to Elizabeth Ferpozzi, $235,000.

Oak Pl., 5629-U.S. Bank to Kenis Guardado, $627,000.

Rayburn Rd., 8710-M & M Builders and Contractors Corp. to Maria Gonzalez Calvet and Anne Angiolillo, $1.76 million.

Rock Spring Dr., 6563-David D. Francis and Dimple J. Modi to Andrew Carey, $718,000.

Swords Way, 6205-Craig Wesley and Karen Elisabeth Irwin to Annamaria Judith Kokenyne Ivanics and Laszlo Kokeny, $824,500.

Virginia Ave. W., 4415-Richard S. and Jacquelyn K. Lane to Chad William Connolly, $830,000.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 602-Paula and Sidney M. Horowitz to Louba Hatoum, $285,000.

Westlake Terr., 7580, No. 60-Santiago H. and Martha U. Gonzales to Seyed Hamid Tofigh and Fatemeh Ahangarzadeh, $502,600.

Wilson Lane, 6917-Lucia Miranda Costa to Newlin T. and Robin P. Morgan, $1.1 million.


Autumn Gold Rd., 14309-Stephen R. and Michele C. Pawlowski to Jerry Yen and Congyu Li, $720,000.

Ivy Leaf Ct., 1-George T. Conrad to Jasvinder and Preet Singh, $615,000.


Brinkwood Rd., 225-Meredith Ramsay to Colin and Luma Kass, $565,000.

Prospect Point Ct., 19405-Mohinder L. Nayyar to Panganai Java and Lily Tsegaye, $960,000.


Childress Terr., 3618-Aaron J. and Alaina R. Lohr to Gutu Fida, $299,900.

Halton Hall Lane, 3904-Mongkol and Lena Ouk to Janesia and Chauncey Robbs, $399,900.

Lansdale Ct., 3833, No. 82-Segundo Alberto Gonzalez to Jacqueline Rouse Johnson, $227,000.

Tapestry Cir., 3218-Clearview Property Holdings Corp. to Susana Isabel Posada Montalvo, $285,000.


Appleby Dr., 1209-Ward B. Cunningham and estate of Leon H. Cunningham to Jawad T. Madanat and Natalia Alejandra Galvez Molina, $442,500.

Cape May Rd., 14346-Janis D. Emshwiller and Bette G. Dompka to Victor H. and Milagro E. Martinez, $350,000.

Cedar Creek Lane, 13510-Mark Justin Chambers to Megan and Myron Aldridge, $585,000.

Kerwood Rd., 12005-John Sanford Kearns and estate of Edith Sanford Kearns to Shamal D., Ruma M. and Bimal D. Costa, $324,220.

Tourmaline Terr., 12944-Linda M. and Bobby Bobo to Zewdu Biru and Mimi Mengistu, $335,000.


Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. N-Charles W. and Susanne E. Misner to Carol L. and J. Michael McGarry, $700,000.

Farmington Dr., 3220-John Bengt and Monica Rosenquist to Amy M. and Kapil K. Saharia, $1.44 million.

Hesketh St., 7-Sydney B. Bath to John H. Davis and Phyllis A. Murphy, $2.1 million.

Lynwood Pl., 8507-Robert H. McKeon and estate of Edward Joseph McKeon to Robert S. and Erin E. Barcellona, $938,500.

Rollingwood Dr., 7300-Robert A. Neuman and Kathrine L. Henry to Thomas T. and Wendy M. Slagle, $1.02 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1306-Michael Barnett Clayman and estate of Jeanne Clayman to Susan Brennan and Charles Frederick Schill, $1.28 million.


Clarksburg Square Rd., 12948-Nuzhat Sultan Khan to Asif Basharat, Basharat Ahmad Mian and Noreen Fatima, $370,000.

Hemlock Hills Pl., 22406-Rakesh Trivedi and Arpita Ramkaran to Jeya Dhanaraj Anandhan, $512,000.

Newcut Rd., 22904-Cameal Comrie to Nantiepe Kolani, $305,000.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23240-James S. and Janice D. Huff to Barry and Yisely V. Lebowitz, $428,000.

Winding Woods Way, 22108-Clarksburg Village Corp. to Adelaide Abankwah, $645,000.


Eastway Dr., 14900-Lynette Hotchkiss to Maria Lucciana Teresa Costta Silva, $380,000.

Langside St., 15520-Barney Mack and Sharon Tennyson to Michelle A. Taylor and Delilah R. Works, $599,000.

Pebblestone Ct., 713-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Javel Wilson, $387,700.

Thompson Rd., 15823-Iqtedar Anwar Chaudhry to Shelley Rochester, $642,500.


Carlyn Ridge Rd., 10452-Meredith L. Spungin and William L. Janik to Amanda C. and William B. Fox, $305,500.

Ridge Manor Dr., 25905, No. 8000-C-Richard C. and Ryan J. Palazzo to Cherry Maradiaga, $177,500.

Tralee Ct., 25202, No. V-2-Elieth Corp. to Ashley Romero Martinez, $180,000.


Bowie Mill Rd., 17945-Timothy David and Mary Elizabeth Zastrow to Mark and Lorena Mihill, $538,000.

Horizon Pl., 17622-May P. Aung and Zaw Oo to Michele D. Witherow and Jason Williams, $306,000.

Needwood Rd., 8151, No. 204-Grace A. Gnall to Rongzuo Xu, $224,000.

Wheat Fall Dr., 17630-Mildred B. and Clyde F. Dameron to Daniel Marc and Jianan Qi Avery, $399,900.


Baden St., 202-J. Paul and Sandra Loether to Joseph and Carrie Savinell, $540,000.

Carson St., 1109-Kelli M. Peter to Michael Gabriel and Glennys Kramer, $386,000.

Crescendo Way, 310-Erin L. Dawes Alcantara and Erin L. Dawes to Aracely Y. Larios, $369,000.

Eastmoor Dr., 1-Norrinda Hayat to Antonio G. Vann and Lawrence M. Thompson, $580,000.

Hillmoor Dr., 414-Michelle Navine Brittan to Margaret Bergman, $399,900.

Lorain Ave., 9702-Michelle Anne and Michael J. Bongiorno to Nicholas and Rachel Carter, $475,000.

Manchester Rd., 8601, No. 405-Luis A. Vasquez Rivera to Kirubel Mersha, $169,900.

Oak Leaf Dr., 11465-Michael E. Chew and Janice C. Yu to Patrick Chuanjun and Ying Li, $365,500.

Saint Lawrence Dr., 201-Bonnie M. Aubin and estate of Anne P. McClenny to Tracey Elizabeth Ambrose and Roman Marc Vellinga Nelsen, $480,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 1406-Jeffrey and Robin Rothstein to Jonathan Ryan Griffin and Ryan Lee Cross, $200,000.

Walden Rd., 8910-Erik D. Jens and Olga Haldey to John M. and Karen B. Kent, $549,950.


Brenish Dr., 7548-Enrique Noy and Zoila Campos to Katherine and Colby Howser, $300,000.

Carriage Walk Cir., 18617-Amjad Moinuddin and Asma Fawad to German Clavijo and Vicky Villegas, $343,500.

Cochrane Way, 19809-Christine Ann Collins and Cheryl L. Toth to Jerver J. Chicas-Romero and Iris Yessenia Hernandez, $365,000.

Elioak Terr., 7568-RJRE Investments Corp. to Ana Alicia Hester, $365,000.

Framingham Dr., 19600-Robert W. and Gail L. Crook to Migdalia Ramos and Pantaleon Castro Hernandez, $429,900.

Girard St., 436, No. 232-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Sharon Amar, $103,500.

Guildberry Dr., 18422, No. 201-Kunal and Rohini Dhall to Samad Ali, $145,000.

Knoll Mist Lane, 1254-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Aman and Swati A. Sachdeva, $280,000.

Misty Dale Way, 112-Thomas A. Wortman Jr. and Edith E. Gonzales to Broadrick M. and Imelda E. Feludu, $256,000.

Roundleaf Way, 9126-Ranchhod B. and Shyama R. Patel to Salvador Eduardo and Veronica Patricia Escobar, $399,900.

Skidmore Blvd., 519-Christian Rey to Jingxian Shen, $585,000.

Taverney Terr., 9309-Eva Kodula to Asha K. and Amadou Mohamadou Kabirou, $299,000.

Water St., 17B, No. 23-Brian Hong to Behrang Eini Bidsorkhi and Ahamd Eini, $64,000.

Whetstone Glen St., 629-Frederick B. and Lola Prats Kamprad to Chantal S. Nesbeth, $326,000.

Wisely Square Ct., 5-Target Community Education Services Inc. to Jesus Huayapa and Maria A. Cano, $456,000.


Alderwood Dr., 113-Theodore D. and Lisa Doiron to Siddharth and Mamta Khosla, $930,000.

Barnsfield Ct., 146, No. 206-Ki Suk and Yoon Chung Koh to Mojtaba Tofighbakhsh, $294,000.

Bent Twig Lane, 102, No. 358-Boyd F. and Vio Conley to Erik Embrey, $231,500.

Chestertown St., 333-Bruno and Elizabeth De Faria to Ronald E. Davis Jr., and Zeina, Brien and Fadia Kinkel, $812,000.

Curry Ford Lane, 701-Amir Razi to Andrew Hu and Yanhuan Huang, $399,900.

Dufief Dr., 14861-Geoffrey D. and Marion Kaiser to Rachel and Michael Ricci, $649,900.

Fleece Flower Dr., 107-Delmy Machado Zarabozo and Aurora Castaneda to Geraldine M. Salazar De Villao, $392,500.

Granite Pl., 17, No. 498-Theodore J. Lim to Consita Wulansari and Darrell Owens, $254,000.

Hillside Lake Terr., 933, No. 112-Loretta Morrow to Liza Pastore, $206,000.

Kersten St., 528-James and Erika Trevaskis to Stephen L. and Maxine David Baydush, $751,000.

Market St. E., 687-Seth Goren and Michael Dufour to Lance and Liza Bragin, $790,000.

Oak Shade Rd., 47-L. Tanya and Kerry Wilkerson to Harry Yeung, $262,500.

Pissaro Terr., 15706-Neal R. and Gwen S. Littman to Agamemnon Katsanis and Lisa M. Decker, $680,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 838, No. P2-Adelheid Springer to Sanaz Yavarzadeh, $138,900.

Ramsdell Terr., 4-Comfort M. Adedeji to Luis A. Cordova and Ruth I. Figueroa, $325,000.

Sharpstead Lane, 172-Richard P. Theis to Stephen Y. Park, $350,000.

Whitcliff Ct., 303-Nelson Russell Brown and Hui Chuan Wu to Binliang Wang and Lingyu Bao, $380,000.


Allspice Dr., 18331-Christopher R. Jacobs to Carlos Baduillo Morales Garcia and Tomasa Gomez, $234,900.

Bargene Ct., 4-Angelo P. Alano to Carrie Carpenter and Michael Hofmann, $367,500.

Bridger Dr., 12917, No. 1813-George B. Schramm to Raymond Moore and Ashley Claire Clinton, $278,000.

Cherry Bend Terr., 13015-Paul Willier to Anocha Yudhthonglang and Wimonwan Sukprasong, $314,900.

Country Ridge Dr., 13168-Kathryn Breckenridge to Prehlad Sawhney, $224,000.

Crosstie Terr., 18903-Ziba Homes Corp. to Lonielle T. Cousar, $349,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12205, No. G-Jason R. and Natalie V. Wisniewski to Diana L. Gomez, $197,000.

Hickory Tree Way, 12421, No. 113-Shawn M. Cavender to Maneka Dheman, $150,000.

Ireland Ct., 20801, No. 301-Jia Chang and Xiaolan Chen to Edo Mawuenyega and Cynthia E. Ofosu, $350,000.

Laurel Hill Way, 20113-David E. Clark to Maria Lourdes Parayno, $300,000.

Mountain Lake Terr., 20916, No. 2004-Bishop F. Hague Jr. and Ping Gan to Ananta Prasad and Pravita Niraula, $355,000.

Pickering Dr., 13109-Elizabeth G. Frank to Joshua Lucas and Kasey Nichols Murphy, $265,000.

Pumpkin Seed Ct., 12735-Shawn S. Ali to Doris Alberta Kingsbury, $214,500.

Shadyside Lane, 13009, No. 12-203-Amirreza Nazari to Erdem and Marjan Akdag, $170,000.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20406, No. 4-J-Elaine and Kweli Simone Ferguson to Malinda Hebron, $215,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18808, No. 16-203-Raffaele Baffa and Giuseppe Albrto Rescio to Steven M. Bahner, $229,000.

Steeple Ct., 37-Daniel and Mariko Douglass to Katrina C. and Dorian Mark Rucker, $349,000.

Swiss Cir., 18207, No. 2-104-Federal National Mortgage Association to Gabriela A. Gomez and Donald H. Demory, $182,900.

Timko Lane, 18379, No. 86-Margaret H. McMahan and Margaret Nottingham to Fiona M. Lawrence and Miguel D. Palma Lopez, $205,000.

Waterside Dr., 20139, No. 88-Alicia G. Baiocchi to Zhaoyang Xie and Yuan Yuan, $183,000.

Whitechurch Cir., 13439-Palakondrayudu Obu to Stephen K. Ninson Donkor, $255,000.


Anderson Rd., 3416-Mary Beth Goosman to James and Hannah McLaurin, $459,000.

Campbell Pl., 2502-Joan M. Edler to Jonathan S. and Yael S. Freimann, $650,000.

Decatur Ave., 3912-David S. and Sarah S. Anderson to Joyce and Joel Foreman, Dennis McCurdy and Dimitar Yanev, $332,500.

Franklin St., 4610-Thomas Kehoe to Amanda S. and Paul M. Amundsen, $1.36 million.

Jennings Rd., 3111-Christian and Kerri Ray Valencia to John Edward Pinto, $490,000.

Madison St., 11003-NMA Homes Corp. to Miles G. and Christy D. Painter, $427,000.

Perry Ave., 3516-Tiffany and Timothy Draves to Paul S. Stutts and Kirsten L. Gossett, $940,000.

Stella Ct., 10804-Asymptote Corp. to Eduardo A. and Claudia A. Tiznado Cruz, $337,000.

Wake Dr., 3206-Katharine P. and Ralph W. Stell to Megan and Patrick Williams, $800,000.


Creekview Dr., 22218-James M. and Nancy C. Hodges to Chamila K. and Larry L. Evans, $820,000.

Log House Rd., 24328-Naiem A. Badr to Jose Rolando Yanez and Ana Elsy Aguiluz, $399,900.

White Pillar Terr., 9592-Patricia M. Klosky and Joao Geraldo Santos to Nancy M. Wilson, $257,000.


Battleridge Way, 19423-Trudye J. Khan to Kenia Molina, $290,000.

Drumridge Cir., 19208-Xiong B. and Liyan Jiang to Alvaro E. Huezo, Erika C. Umana Sosa and Rafael Guillermo Hernandez, $420,000.

Hawk Run Terr., 8621-Asya Dorogaeva to Yerania H. Riveria Benicio, $275,000.

Hoffstead Lane, 20022-Rajeev Malhotra to Guijing Xiong and Zhongmian Wang, $309,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 9815-Huifang Si to Jianping Wang, $264,000.

Nathans Pl., 18715-Eric A. Mazariegos to Bayani Gonzales and Clemen G. Gehlhar, $225,000.

Silverfield Cir., 8509-Larry Wayne and Judith Ann Camper to Mary Jane and Juan Pablo Reyes, $530,000.

Stedmall Terr., 8304-Arpan and Riki Patel to Francia A. Franck, $505,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18604, No. 5-Mohammad Abu Solaiman to Adam Wright Wysong and Lisa Deleon, $129,000.

Wheelwright Dr., 19828-Mirian D. Lovos and Ana D. Romero to Jhon R. and Bernadette D. Osorio, $290,000.


Madre St., 1804-Tonya M. Logan to Jose Alfredo Lima, $390,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 9205, No. 106-FNA Maryland Corp. to Jose Luis Ortiz Gonzalez and Luis Eduardo Ortis Mosquera, $55,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 904-Condominium Investors Corp. to Jose L. Guevara, $140,000.


Alderton Rd., 13939-Debra Shalom to Jennifer and Christopher Sponaugle, $710,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3944, No. 5-Evelyne Mitton to Jose L. and Maureen C. Pulvera Ramirez, $115,000.

Blue Knob Terr., 2112-Katherine Castaneda to Engin Gultekin, $422,155.

Charles Rd., 12217-Genaro Reynoso to Khin M. Moh, $357,000.

Dean Rd., 12809-House Buyers of America Inc. to Edgar Alvarado, $393,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3507-Heath Adam and Jessica R.S. Kalmanson to Suman Lata Kaushal and Harinder Takyar, $625,000.

Dunsinane Dr., 3818, No. 27-Idrissa Turay to Robert L. Clark Jr., $205,000.

Ferrara Dr., 3732, No. 11-Laural D. Findley to Lara Southgate, $265,000.

Glade Dr., 15111, No. 12-Robert E. Richards and estate of Robin Ellen Hopkins to Michael D. and Judith H. Cronin, $110,000.

Greenery Lane, 2203, No. 104-10-Esther R. and Leslie Whitten to Kevin Loc Phan and Nhumai Thi Luong, $158,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3301, No. 208-Georgiy Karev to Cecilia T. Rodriguez, $103,000.

Hugo Cir., 1565-Cathy Wiltshire to Michael and Lauren Baham, $436,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-409-Sylvia M. and Leonard Forman to Mack H. and Iris I. Burnell, $185,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-504-Habib M. and Corazon C. Latiri to Carmen Durrani, $290,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2921, No. 1-124-Leta Pontious to David Gibbons, T. Gibbons and Kathleen Pickens, $110,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-801-Frederick H. Denecke and estate of Frederick W. Denecke to Eliot L. and Melissa J. Lieberman, $289,000.

Long Green Dr., 14335-Shah001 Corp. to Yirgalem Tesfaye and Desalegn G. Hadgu, $280,000.

Murphys Tin St., 15714-Phillip Kronstein to Myong Hee Kim, $520,000.

Peppertree Lane, 4112-Andrew J. and Tara M. Lemerise to Jessica Bolton, $299,000.

Poplar Run Dr., 1509-Eric D. Shuster to Yoon K. Oh, $475,000.

Tivoli Lake Ct., 15-Henry R. Johnson Jr. to Karen Konkel, $440,000.

Wallbrook Ct., 15301, No. 48-3F-Valerie Anita Bartlett to David W. Wyatt, $139,000.


Clovercrest Cir., 18533-Claudia E. Cooper and estate of Kathleen V. Howard to Patricia S. Langan and Bradley J. Dworzak, $395,000.

Mount Olney Lane, 3517-Sherman Lee Young and estate of Mary G. Young to Ivy Diemha Nguyen and Tu Thanh Phan, $435,000.

Saint Theresa Dr., 17418-Amanullah and Zainab Hamidzai to Tiago Arantes Esteves Da Silva, Hannah F. Silva, Jose A. Silva and Jose Esteves Da Silva, $442,000.

Tothill Dr., 4804-John Palmer to Anas Boksh Mazady and Farzana Sharmin, $435,000.

Windsor Hill Dr., 18118, No. 105A-Theresa Hampl to Eron R. Pagnussati and Elayne P. Albino, $245,000.


Jerusalem Church Rd., 18640-Armatho Nesty Group Corp. to Misael D. Navarrete and Jennyfer M. Guzman, $362,100.


Accord Dr., 9620-Caroline Hartsock to Wei Zhao, $700,000.

Chandler Rd., 10910-David L. and Elizabeth G. Snyderwine to Roberto Muehlich and Maria Isabel Sarmiento Molina, $865,000.

Conestoga Way, 9712-David H. and Phyllis M. Coburn to Lewis and Lisa Birnbaum, $1.11 million.

Devilwood Dr., 11722-Thomas M. Lechner and Melinda M. Ramsey to Wenjie Hoe and Chaoming He, $603,000.

Gainsborough Rd., 11512-Eli M. and Philip S. Rutstein to Yuan and Menglu Xu, $635,000.

Great Arbor Dr., 10621-Gary N. Gondelman to Erik D. Jens and Olga Haldey, $800,000.

Hidden Meadow Terr., 7830-Hye Ok Kim to Navjyot and Dilbagh S. Chahal, $1 million.

Masters Dr., 7105-Lynn Kurtz Muys to Brian and Keegan Lemek, $1.02 million.

Olmstead Ct., 7-German Zappani and Paula Alvarez to Michael and Amanda L. Hoa, $680,000.

Prestwick Rd., 11803-Robert S. and Lori B. Miller to Henry Allan and Kathleen Collins Moulton, $715,000.

Sorrel Ave., 10217-Ronald A. and Susan H. Kapp to Nabil M. and Teresa G. Koudjeti, $1.24 million.

Sussex Ct., 2-Rosalind Elisabeth Hayden and estate of Lonnie G. Wells to Youn Hee Jee, $579,900.

Turnberry Dr., 9475-Margaret L. and Joseph G. Passaic Jr. to Carlos E. Diaz Rosillo, $830,000.


Academy Way, 12207, No. 152-Eli and Sara Salti to Rommy S. Abt and Agusto Alarco, $178,000.

Barbados Pl., 5903, No. 219-Carlos A. Saenz to John Lehning III and Zhimei Zhu, $335,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 712-Larissa Hyland to Christopher Edward Withee, $458,900.

Buckwood Lane, 11203-Meredith S. and Bridget H. Buel to Andrew and Danielle Davis, $938,000.

Casey Lane, 325-David Quam to Denzel R. Cadet and Nicole E. Noelliste, $554,000.

Courthouse Sq., 24, No. 102-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Melanie Schwartz, $200,000.

Crothers Lane, 804-Michele Guagliardo and Christopher Eugene Steadman to Georgina L. and Holger Reinhard Roth, $505,000.

Fallsgrove Dr., 520-Siu Ping Cheung and Chris Zhu to Sara S. Epstein, $529,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1013-Matthew Francisco Sierra to Erika Atzl and Joshua Drew McBee, $270,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 306-Richard A. and Robin S. Fine to Nhu Nguyen, $162,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10819, No. 602-Colette M. Magnant and David P. Milzman to Ann Jillian Wilbert, $367,900.

Hunters Lane, 12216-Emelda Yumang and Ronald Leon Valenzuela to Shayan Navaie and Ligia Beatriz Ceron Coreas, $439,550.

Longwood Dr., 514-Housing Solutions 1 to Daniel Casey Wilusz, $343,000.

Monroe St., 4, No. 1104-Jorgina L. Andrawos to Allan E. MacLeod, $147,500.

Monroe St., 118, No. 1009-Adele M. Draiman to Nancy B. Hartsock, $145,000.

Nicholson Lane, 5809, No. 905-Jean N. Hayes to Luba Tsaturova, $469,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1525-Adolfo Mata and Martin Ornelas to Vance Hum and Imelda A. Martin, $607,135.

Ralston Rd., 10921-Michael J. and Lakshmy A. Mahon to Sean T. and Michelle G. Rankin, $1.01 million.

Reprise Terr., 15415-MT Property Corp. to Avi and Carmen Koldaro, $318,000.

Rockville Pike., 10500, No. 1217-Claire K. and Kenneth B. Taylor to Anna Munichkina, $200,000.

Royal Crescent, 816-Edward Lee and Alisa J. Ottman to Yan Chun Zhou, $590,000.

Stephalee Lane, 11200-Mark A. Maloney and estate of T. Alice Maloney to David Edward Orsak and Debrethann Rayette Cagley Orsak, $812,500.

Timber Lane, 11808-Paul Johnson and Hilary Moy to Kelsey and N. Eric Carnell, and Sangwoon Han, $449,000.

Wayside Dr., 6100-Ayesha Malik to Charles R. and Lisa Ann Ostroff, $1.04 million.

Wilwyn Way, 4710-Brooke Gemma Bellows Falcone to Levan Ungiadze and Tamar Chitashvili, $449,900.


Choctaw Ct., 20042-Larry E. and Barbara W. Herrington to Muhammad Waseem Anjum, $295,000.

Eton Manor Dr., 11816, No. 302-Nancy Q. Shaw to William Michael Delgadillo, $249,000.

Golden Meadow Dr., 19313-Jian Bin and Fenhua He to Lisa Haneul and Dong Hoon Chang, $485,000.

Hawks Ridge Terr., 11415, No. 81-Kevin and Silvia G. Edmonds to Neftali Castaneda and Betsie Nicole Blanco, $254,000.

Locustdale Terr., 11425, No. 276-Barbara Zamora to Juan F. and Baneza Aracely Ochoa, $217,000.

Weybridge Lane, 11924-Ye Tian and Yun Li to Jing Mao, $396,000.


Cassedy St., 2734-Louis Mayer and Carmel Judith Nayman to John Andrew Scott, $630,000.

Ellsworth Heights St., 30-James R. and Cecelia C. Cooley to Brian James Rolater and Erin Elizabeth Dexter, $727,000.

Luzerne Ave., 1719-Jonathan E. and Alexandra S. Rackoff to Mary C. Hufnell, $599,000.

Sligo Ave., 614, No. 501-Jose R. Campos to Chinenye Ursula Anyanwu, $186,000.

Wayne Ave., 930, No. 302-Susana Rosales and Veronica J. Marana to Vesa Vuniqi, $275,000.


Eastern Ave., 7049-Triad Investments Corp. to Jeffrey Michael Rezmovic and Melanie Lisa Vant, $880,000.

Larch Ave., 809-CGR Solutions Corp. to Kimberley Mauldin and Jill A. Nolde, $695,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 1008-Marina Shimanski to Michael G. and Judith Meyer, $139,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 801-Amy J. Jackson and John E. Loftus to Catherine B. and Kristofer A. Lofgren, $765,000.


Ashleigh Woods Ct., 2017-Patrick J. and Sarah E. McCormack to Kevin P. and Laura E. Barry, $541,000.

Meadow Hall Dr., 308-U.S. Bank to Haoran Zheng, $292,500.

Twinbrook Pkwy., 910-Gregory K. and Bonita Riggs Weiser to Megan E. Lang, $407,000.


Amherst Ave., 11509, No. 51-Dorinda Daryl Lee to Lee W. and Jennifer N. Ballard, $252,000.

Bluhill Rd., 12109-Nihal Niunhella and Nishadi Kariyapperuma to Sien Tan Dang and Tram Thi Hue Nguyen, $260,000.

Claridge Rd., 12041-Marlon S. Carranza and Oselvin Sandoval to Cristian D. Reyes, $260,000.

Dennis Ave., 1913-Renovation Solutions Corp. to Samuel D. Johnson and Isabel P. Dayson, $599,900.

Fuller St., 12209-Jung Mi and Eung Sun Choi to Hugo Fernandez, $300,000.

Highview Ave., 11717-Mariluz Cabana and Sunny Saini to Luis Miguel Huanca Cusihuaman, $335,000.

Monterrey Dr., 11415-Logan and April Lenhart to Suzanne Raven, $385,000.

Rampart Way, 10956-Francisca A. Akala to Endrias Zewde, $378,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 1103-Yaye Lo Gueye to Asnakech T. Assefa, $149,900.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 1004-B-Deborah Ungar and estate of Arlene Schwartz to Bisrat and Abnet Mekuria, $145,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Village Ct., 5404-Marcia J. and James M. Tessier to Jennifer M. Schweizer, $253,900.


G St. E., 208-Tyler J. McLaurin to Noah A. and Jessica E. Porter, $262,500.

Potomac View Pkwy., 410-Veron C. and Annjuliet Lyons to Stephen Kojo Gyamfi and Sarah A. Ampadu, $439,900.


Bedford Dr., 3818-J. Allen and Janet M. Wallace to Karen D. Barber, $299,000.

Sigler Rd., 3552-BLR Properties Corp. to Claudia Chambi and James Shepherd, $414,900.


Orndorff Rd., 9239-Oliver Homes Inc. to Henry Kumm IV, $296,650.

Warthens Way, 1G, No. H-Jessica Jae Valentine to Brooke L. Adams, $105,000.


Allington Manor Cir. E., 7020-William Birley and Sara Elizabeth Randall to Michael and Nazesh Cattelona, $405,000.

Avonshire Pl., 5620, No. D-Katherine and Minnie S. Reynolds to Paul Werking, $115,000.

Crabapple Dr., 5639-Janet R. Kendall and estate of Marguerite J. Lentz to John M. and Maureen E. Kaufman, $226,000.

Cypress Ct., 7187, No. B-Carina Judith and Miguel Angel Gonzalez to Eric Delgado and Yomara Castillo, $161,856.

Drawbridge Ct., 5803-Kathryn E. Phillips to Patricia Malatt, $199,900.

Himes Ave., 615, No. 112-Hoffman Real Estate Corp. to Kaybria Alexa Moore, $149,000.

Indian Cedar Ct., 5793-Frederick Villas Corp. to Elmer Martin and Isabel Carolina Montano, $247,000.

Katsura Ct., 5752-Katherine E. Woltz to Ryan Murrell and Rebecca Smith, $235,000.

Mulberry Ct., 1323-Daniel R. and Jeanne K. Bruins to Victor M. and Jessica C. Rosales, $255,000.

Postoak Rd., 506-BHM Renovations Corp. to Jose Israel Reyes Torres, $260,000.

Riggs Ct., 508-Charles B. Condon and Lori Leigh Shirpley to Whitney D. and Javier Reyes Leon, $162,000.

Spokeshave Ct., 6615-Joseph Wheat to Jonathan Daniel and Shaina Yvonne Freeman, $239,900.

Turnberry Ct., 6905-Dale A. and Carol J. Conner to Shoaib A. and Naveen Abid, $219,000.


Baldridge Terr., 6108-William H. and Nancy M. Weed to Tracy McWilliams, $272,000.

Bear Den Rd., 2381-Kathy J. Chandler and estate of Jean N. Jones to B. Kenneth and Mary Ann Whitmore, $360,000.

Blue Heron Dr., 8207, No. 3B-Ryan and Angelina Richards to Stephen and Caroline Lamphier, $172,500.

Carriage Lane, 11011-Andrew and Minnie Modelski to Sarah A. Bianco and Charles L. Ayton Jr., $315,000.

Coopers Way, 1623-William C. Pechnik to Brian Alves, $278,000.

Dunbrooke Ct., 819-Ralph J. and Dolores H. Maier to Gary E. Moeller and Susan E. Harwell, $358,000.

Fleetwood Way, 9706-Brian N. May to Thomas King and Christiana Michelle Smith, $396,000.

Grove Blvd., 200-Paul E. Gauthier and Marjorie V. Warfield Gauthier to Kenneth E. Gray and Carolyn L. King, $635,000.

Iverson Terr. N., 6307-Craig W. and Laura L. Syme to Joseph D. and Katha E. Madron, $440,000.

Liberty Rd., 10901-S. More Home Solutions Corp. to Livingston and Mary A. Vann, $299,990.

Market St. N., 1311-Adebola James Adeeko to Samuel E. Edgin, $432,000.

Monocacy Ford Rd., 2630-Terry Van Dyke to Gordon D. and Jane J. Quin, $490,000.

Pinoak Lane, 278-John C. and Gary W. Leishman to William R. and Melisa Hansen, $190,550.

Quay Ct., 7996-House Buyers of America Inc. to Paul T. Hunter, $239,900.

Record St., 117-Jeffrey A. and Linda F. Jones to James M. Langley and Leslie A. Powell, $790,000.

Springwater Pl., 6125A-Sylvia Mateo to Sheryll Suzanne, Larry Russell and Jeffrey Robert Strube, $180,000.

Warren Way, 2607, No. 4-Charles E. Curry to Santiza and Tyler Futrell, $217,000.

Fifth St. E., 45-Hazel Goshen Corp. to Daniel W. and Bonnie A. White, $318,000.

13th St. E., 4-Maryland Cash House Buyers Corp. to Rosalyn R. Hnasko and Mary Beth Ann Toth, $335,000.


Battery Lane, 2120-Justin A. and Danielle M. Neely to Marie A. and Saint C. Anoma, $408,000.

Deerfield Pl., 115-Debra S. Helman to Anselmo Carranza Ayala, $265,000.

Falstone Dr., 6819-Lisa Michele Smyle and estate of Elizabeth Fry Smyle to Brandon and Catharine Fleming, $379,900.

Heather Ridge Dr., 318-Department of Veterans Affairs to Jun Zhu and Ling Chen, $126,000.

Jollie Dr., 5589-Greg and Nancy Weakley to Daniel and Theodora Marie O’Connell, $584,242.

McClellan Dr., 105-Audley G. and Suzan Wallace Walters to Lucien and Esther Slack Metellus, $284,800.

Noble Manor Lane, 2405-William O. and Anna L. Watt to Evelyn M. Polk, $398,000.

Rock Creek Dr., 1505-Stacy Henderson to Sarah Elizabeth Fritz, $395,000.

White Flint Dr., 6012-Janice C. McLoon to Edward D. and Rose G. Thomas, $215,500.

Whitehall Rd., 2110, No. 2D-Jaclyn L. Harty Heffer to Sean M. Dennis, $154,999.


Dudley Dr., 10090-William G. and Elizabeth B. Olson to James H. and Jillian Stephenson, $528,000.

Mountain View Lane, 11110-John S. Turner to Luis and Velia A. Ortiz, $380,000.


Jefferson Pike., 2110-Kirby Joelle Morales to Nicholas J. Nosek, $305,000.


Bennies Hill Rd., 2902-Karen J. Jones to Michael U. and Jamie K. Baltrotsky, $888,000.

Glenbrook Dr., 610-Mark E. and Lei Ann Woozley to Dustin L. and Cari Wolf, $539,900.

Linden Blvd., 11-Vincent R. and Amanda P. Simmel to Jose Antonio Pagan, $315,000.

Picnic Woods Rd., 7423-Sulion Corp. to Laura H. Waggy, $450,000.

Stone Springs Lane, 507-Dustin Lee and Cari Leigh Wolf to Michael P. and Angela D. Kearney, $315,000.


Autumn Crest Dr., 13403-Bertrand E. and Deborah T. Newcomer to Andy L. and Jennifer Akin, $721,000.

Lomar Dr., 4089-Don G. and Kathleen A. Harvey to Luke and Abby Ebaugh, $412,000.

Molesworth Terr., 4317-DW Homes Corp. to Patrick J. Bruch and Sarah M. Holmes, $390,750.

Rambling Sunset Cir., 519-Mario A. and Fatima P. Livioco to Dmitry Y. Lukonin and Ekaterina S. Marakasova, $510,000.


Rollingridge Ct., 10248-Enrique F. and Paula M. Lopez to Markoe and Christine Beachley, $340,000.


Beach Dr. E., 6632-John and Elise Harich to Kevin Patrick and Victoria Castleman Dooley, $275,000.

Federal St. S., 1-Dianne Stewart Pickersgill to Leonard Mongeon IV, $255,000.

Lakeridge Rd. W., 6712-Charles Skidmore and Katherine N. Logan to Michelle Grace Erica and Lauren Jordan Milligan, $395,000.

Mussetter Ct., 5777-Daniel C. and Kylene V. Toomey to Shatema and Bryan Mills, $314,900.

Sanandrew Dr., 11047-Charles J. and Angela A. Quansah to Gerald W. and Bryn Potts, $469,980.

Whistling Swan Way, 6855-Brighton Homes Corp. to Richard and Ingrid McPhee, $390,000.


Kanawha Ave., 3722-Peter Gustave and Maria Christina Johnson to John Thomas Ehrhardt and Michael Taylor Poole, $332,000.


Emmitsburg Rd., 234-Sitka Properties Corp. to Brandon Earl and Marie Kathleen Summers, $255,000.

Hessong Bridge Rd., 11126-Thomas L. and Jon S. White to Frank A. and Karen L. Mabry, $180,000.

Old Oak Pl., 425-Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. to Deidre Haller, $169,900.


Carriage Hill Dr., 3616-Andy Carrera and Carla Villarreal to Robert Patrick Cavanaugh, $315,000.

Katherine Way, 3561-Andrew and Robert Michael to Vineet Arya, $352,500.

Royal Crest Cir., 9691-George L. and Jennifer E. Coppit to Giancarlo G. Begazo Feria and Yolanda Maria Begazo, $490,000.

Templeton Dr., 9020-Jacqueline L. Morales to Doo Sung and I-Hsuan Paek, $425,000.

Whitmore Lane, 9108-Kevin and Lisa L. Disotelle to Noreen Z. and James D. Gilsinn, $729,000.


Braeburn Cir., 241-Joseph D. and Kathleen M. Romanelli to Matthew William and Megan Dara Hamner, $380,000.

Inquiry Ct., 8743-JKCK Properties Corp. to Jilma Yaneth and Mario Argueta, $172,000.

Polaris Dr., 220-Trent J. Hassett to Christopher and Jennifer Kelly, $495,000.

Sherwood Dr., 78-Steven Brady to Heidi Paulus, $289,000.