Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arctic Ave., 14105-Denis John Curtin to Herrelin Porteria Parin and Keith Santiago, $435,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 4728-Diane Baker Zurenko and Suzanne Baker Leon to Andres Adrian Amaya Sanchez, Corina Ivette Amaya and Pedro Luis Villalobos Deras, $448,500.

Federal St., 4203-Paul Wohlford to Elva E. Benitez, Susana Correa-Salazar, Griselda Belen Gil Ayala and Juan Carlos Huitron Vazquez, $320,000.

Grenoble Ct., 4506-Bfam Properties Corp. to Jose Anibal Hernandez Martinez and Manuel De Jesus Hernandez, $410,000.

Levada Terr., 4809-Helen L. and Elzie B. Bullington to Naveed and Tariq Awan, $418,500.

Narcissus Way, 15440-Ronald A. and Sharon K. Weston to James E. and Elina S. Farnsworth, $610,000.

Rosecroft Rd., 15221-Blake K. Kaplan and Christen C. Rives to Jay M. and M. Ann Gutierrez, $557,500.

Turkey Branch Pkwy., 13100-Marcus J. and Nicole M. Anderson to Daniel B. Rohrer, $399,000.


Armat Dr., 7201-Frances P. and Robert Michael McCullough to Robert Michael Stern, $1.77 million.

Brook Lane N., 8315, No. 2-301-Arlene and Michael Nathan Sharpiro to Kirill Valentine Boyko and Kira Cherneko, $373,250.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 614-Adeline F. and Koob Veneman to Tomajean A. Haugerud, $899,000.

Chalfont Pl., 4426-George G. Clarke to Michael Johnson and Manuel Jose Villena Gallardo Jr., $996,000.

Crescent St., 4808-David D. Shullman and Katherine A. Radi to Mary Elizabeth Manfreda, $1.02 million.

Edgefield Rd., 4711-Newlin T. and Robin P. Morgan to Mark L. and Melissa P. Kelly, $759,900.

Glenbrook Rd., 7609-Christine Coffey Ryan to Jennifer S. and Kenneth R. Possenriede, $2.45 million.

Greentree Rd., 6710-Jay R. and Julie E. Rosenblatt to Nadia Elisabeth Scharen Guivel and Sergio Monaro, $1.9 million.

Hollins Dr., 6214-Karl and Lisa Malik to Shyam Kannan and Sharmila Sandhu, $805,750.

Kentbury Dr., 8211-Anthony C. and Mary K. Lyddane to James A. and Rachel C. Loreto, $1.25 million.

Lambeth Rd., 5625-Edward Alden and Fiona James to Yalda K. and Kia K. Ghamarian, $875,000.

Marjory Lane, 6501-James P. Davenport to Lukas and Lyudmila Valeryevna Casey, $736,000.

Montrose Ave., 10413, No. M-Nalini Berry and Nalina Corcy to Uday Berry, $225,000.

Ogden Ct., 5818-Timothy C. and Tonya T. Finton to Delbert Quentin Wilber III and Andrea Leigh Messina, $999,000.

River Rd., 8121, No. 431-Quarry Springs Associates Corp. to Gail P. and Jeffrey Lee Mendelson, $1.95 million.

Rolston Rd., 5908-Robert A. and Lori A. Maggin to Adam S. Harris, $1.6 million.

Snow Point Dr., 10406-Shahid and Urusa A. Salman to Akhlaq Khan and Bushra Khalid, $1.01 million.

Temple St., 6102-Eduardo F. Simpson and Carla Teresa Sarmiento to Remy and Helene Faures Fustel De Coulanges, $1 million.

Wapakoneta Rd., 5316-Maury E. and Karen Zanoff to Joshua Howard and Jennifer Wigman Feinberg, $2.06 million.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 1012-Judith B. Saks to Cassie Xiaomei Yang and Yuchao Shang, $245,000.

Weymouth St., 10676, No. W-2-Kimani Clark to Paule V. Joseph, $237,000.


Chrisman Hill Terr., 21209-Tony Tu and Kun Cha Hong to Charles G. and Kathleen M. Windle, $640,000.

Kings Crossing Blvd., 14241, No. 404-Harriet A. Maroules to Jung Kil and Mi Sook So, $166,500.


Gold Mine Rd., 2305-Thomas Whitfield and Jeannie L. Athey to Steven H. Rappaport and Gina M. Angiola, $706,875.


Airdire Ct., 3723, No. 5-49-Velica Steadman to Kellana Latese Debruce-Williams, $269,900.

Dunes Way, 3902-Idalia V. Rosado Torres to Teferi Gebremariam and Tinbit Dagne, $355,000.

Hollyhock Way, 14509-Deborah J. Kempl to Trung Thanh Vo and Huong Thi Nguyen, $415,000.

Leatherwood Terr., 4363-Antoinette Eyombo to Mallima Girma Birru and Deble Gudeta Lefe, $310,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 14701-Michael J. and Wanda L. Kemp to Em Hoang Vo, We Gia Chau and Quynh Hoang Ly, $414,500.


81st St., 6614-William L. and Janice G. Neudorfer to Cord H. Schlobohm, $1.36 million.


Brantford Ave., 1106-Victoria Graham and Ruth A. Lockhart to Sanyu M. Reason, Derrick Reason and Jeanette L. Newby, $469,000.

Carriage House Dr., 11788, No. 53-Jayne McKenzie to Cheri A. Bermudez, $135,000.

Eckmoor Rd., 12802-Ruben Salmeron and Nidia Montecinos to Rawlings Tcho Ngambu, $470,000.

Kilkenny St., 3320-Charles S. Flynn Jr. to David Timoteo Gomez Rosales and Felix Joel Gomez Loayes, $375,000.

Northcrest Dr., 1507-Jose A. and Cecilia M. Burgos to Tsige Woldemariam, $455,000.

Riviera Terr., 13119-Glenn J. Perry and Lana Ogram to Dana V. and Sorin D. Cazacu, $630,000.

Sir Thomas Way, 13603, No. 2-B-43-Bruce D. Verduyn to Charles Dotson III, $203,000.

Venetian Rd., 13121-Andrew J. and Maureen T. Kugler to Joseph and Blessing Huesmann, $585,000.


Cedar Pkwy., 5914-John T. and Marilyn B. Montgomery to Alexander M. Nephew and Kathryn B. Doyle, $3.15 million.

Friendship Blvd., 5500, No. 1101N-Pei Wen Chen to Shanaz Devisti Moghandari and Zahid Alimi, $197,000.

Hesketh St., 121-Sarah Courtney and Audrey Lewis Kinter to Christopher A. and Victoria W. Knopes, $1.44 million.

Lynwood Pl., 8511-Melissa Landau Steinman to Margaret P. Holmes and Phillip H. Lam, $971,500.


Clarksmeade Dr., 23730, No. 302-Lisa Sarah Tart to Neil Guangyao Yang and Hsin Hao, $215,000.

Honey Hill Lane, 22327-John Bendana to Parinita Ayya and Raghavendra Uppala, $435,000.

Newcut Rd., 22961, No. 1651-Rama Rajaie to Paul Eduard Guansing and Rufina Carlos, $305,000.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23401-Patrick A. and Megan Quinn to Alexander Parakesyan, $375,000.

Windsong Lane, 13203-Osmar J. and Maura Brenes to Eugene K. Zormelo and Eunice A. Afeti, $550,000.


Bryants Nursery Rd., 700-Nan Jiang and Guilling Hu to Laura E. Marler and Matthew W. Rice, $600,000.

Fairlawn Ave., 15101-Ernest M. Carr to Krasimir Ivanov Nachev, $550,000.

Marine Dr., 14416-U.S. Bank and LaSalle Bank to Seied Mehdi Mirzaei, $321,000.

Watergate Rd., 15212-Dara Falk Castle and Daniel G. Falk to Timothy B. Owen and Rebekah Harrison, $474,700.


Gue Rd., 9226-Song Chu to Nicolas P. Fanelli and Michelle L. Wessel, $390,000.

Moyer Rd., 9801-Eric J. Rommal to Matthew E. and Shauna R. Pier, $445,000.

Ridge Manor Terr., 10101, No. 2000-D-Timothy A. and Linda E. Gilbert to Javier Herrera Guardado and Alejandra Herrera, $180,000.

Wright Rd., 25705-Robert Douglas Lindsay to John Brock, Courtney Elizabeth and Darrel L. Longest, $249,000.


Glen Oak Ct., 6712-William John and Donna Margaret Duce to Daniel P. Hayden and Kathryn E. Dadourian, $510,000.

Muncaster Rd., 18816-Kathryn Paulhus Fain to Nga Bich Tran and Klaus Johann Buchegger, $423,000.

Park Mill Dr., 17804-John N. Herndon and estate of Betty J. Herndon to Sriyani Kennedy, $460,000.

White Cliff Terr., 7709-Jian Qing Wu and Baolan Liang to Lauren A. Hirao, $380,000.


Biltmore Dr., 9521-Francis and Elaine Raue to Jeffrey V. and Gabriela S. Trainor, $503,500.

Curran Rd., 9505-Frank C. Salamone and Manuel Quinones to Kai and Jason H. Parker, $430,000.

Hoyle Ave., 10910-William A. and Cheryl A. Hamilton to Kyleanne Margaret Hunter and Shane Keith Demars, $655,000.

Manchester Rd., 8706, No. 5-Elizabeth A. Blair to Lizbeth Z. Perez, $255,501.

Ocala St., 9507-Wirach Pheng La Or and S. Joan Murphy to Anthony C. Launi and Kurtis Miller, $305,000.

Saybrook Ave., 9522-Daniel E. Medina and Charlene E. Johnston to Michael Nathan, Arlene Rachel and Dina Yael Shapiro, $625,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 10118-Bradley J. and Laura C. Allebach Nichols to Joseph D. Maioriello and Andrew Michael Moon, $450,000.

Wayne Ave. E., 403-Claire J. Milam and Gerber Edilberto Gonzalez to Almaz Essayas Nebyou, $473,500.


Christopher Ave., 405, No. 40-Department of Veterans Affairs to Dmitry Golobov and Marina Eremenko, $131,500.

Elioak Terr., 7646-Ehelbert V. Bampoe and Huweida Shariff Addo to Ana Cecilia and Francisco Ernesto Guillen, $260,000.

Framingham Dr., 19729-Juan M. Cardenas to Sean Reeves and Elizabeth Cocker, $295,000.

Hummingbird Terr., 9220-Michael E. and Eveleen G. Eaton to Lolita Dessire Gonzalez and Joelvin Soe Chiguil, $311,000.

Labelle Lane, 9218-Realty American Investments Corp. to Dairon Duran Marrero and Jessica D. Poveda Sandino, $294,000.

Poplarwood Pl., 629-Rafael Ignacio and Linda Marie Font to Joseph Khalil and Antoine Zammar, $418,000.

Sandy Lake Dr., 19406-Maria Dude to Yinghui Tong, $292,900.

Streamside Dr., 18322, No. 302-Domingo Retana to Maria Esther Llorente, $180,000.

Travis Lane, 1004-Shankar Jagadeesh and Amshu Siddalingaswamy to Rose Agnoung, $319,900.

Wheatfield Terr., 19220-Aaron J. Schetter and Tiffany A. Wallace to Joanne Melendez and Christopher Michael Carey, $522,000.

Whispering Wind Ct., 646-Eric B. and Cynthia Hamilton to Xiomara C. and Yecenia E. Franco, $281,000.

Woodland Rd., 100-Jenny S. Gregory Cerulli to Julio H. Romero and Jose H. Saravia, $320,000.


Amber Tree Ct., 806, No. 30-Karen B. Padgett to Aya Asherov, $278,950.

Bayshore Ct., 4-Camilla W. Barror to Golnaz Ziaee, $435,000.

Bondy Lane, 15700-Peter B. Carstensen to Richard J. and Laura Giroux, $649,900.

Coral Reef Dr., 530-Prabhati and Radharaman Ray to Yuxue Liang, $350,000.

Curry Ford Lane, 904-Peter Yim to Jo Elle Weech, $377,000.

Dufief Dr., 15108-Howard and Sharon Weinstein to Evgeniya Volkova and Konstantin Tsetsarkin, $560,000.

Forest Preserve Dr., 126-Xun Liu and Shaojie Weng to Vera-Liza and Rodolfo Samson, $635,000.

Helene St., 566-Mary M. Scott to Cheng-I Chen and Li-Ting Luo, $568,260.

Leatherleaf Ct., 15-Ei and Hsiu Yen Chen to George and Jisha J. Mullonkal, $685,000.

Moran Dr., 13405-Stuart H. and Debra J. Anolik to Harpreet Singh and Jasween Sandhu, $750,000.

Orchard Dr., 13-Libra Investments Corp. to Paloma Lucia Fuentes, $343,000.

Pleasant Meadow Ct., 14204-Qing Min Wang to Xian Xin Wang and Yue Yun Lin, $600,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 860, No. 102-Kimeera Y. and Prasad Y. Rao to Manmohan Singh Dhingra, $76,000.

Rollinmead Dr., 15102-Jones W. and Tamara G. Bryan to Giuseppe Izzi and Leticia Maria Mirwald, $980,000.

Timberbrook Lane, 121, No. 202-Susan A. Sprague to Jigisha Trivedi, Bijal Shah, and Heena and Pathik S. Thaker, $280,000.


Rokeby Ave., 11200-Thomas Patrick and Lesley R. Maloney to Jill Neustadt Costa, $758,000.


Beaconfield Terr., 20334, No. 104-18 Armatho Nesty Group Corp. to Gonzalo Robert Correa, $162,900.

Bridger Dr., 13019, No. 1504-Cindy C. Villavicencio and John Novinsky to Bastian Frehse, $295,000.

Climbing Ivy Ct., 11-Ali Reza Nasle Sohrab and Sepideh S. Dadras to Rexford and Esther Ampofo, $315,000.

Crystal Rock Dr., 19912, No. 1-Alex Menendez to Marvin Miller Jr., $250,000.

Grotto Lane, 19011-Mary I. Burke to Margaret N. Mukande, $320,000.

Hickory Tree Way, 12421, No. 133-Patrick T. and Susan K. Barton to Kevin Guzman Iglesias, $143,200.

Jump Dr., 14032-Richard P. and Mary E. Tyner to Ashishkumar H. Patel and Bijal Modi, $327,000.

Little Star Lane, 18607-Banura Annet to Guirguis N. Tadros and Mary Ibrahim, $380,000.

Noble Oak Dr., 19000-Rajesh K. and Seema Dhingra to Dante G. and Patricia M. Preciado, $560,000.

Pine Ridge Ct., 11, No. 13-6-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and PNC Bank to Edith Paz Menendez, $182,000.

Shadyside Way, 20530, No. 50-4-Kay M. Meyer to Kevin L. Cheeks, $160,000.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20408, No. 5-C-Tracy Williams Dupree to Jennifer Kay Ryan, $225,000.

Spring Meadows Dr., 15005-Douglas Steele and Bernice S. Theurer to Luiz A. and Janine E. Gonzaga, $675,000.

Steeple Pl., 19032-Mark A. and Carrianne M. Smith to Nicholas and Wendy Guadalupe Almario, $389,000.

Timko Lane, 18385, No. 83-Estefania Kiesler and estate of Emiro Rios to Jesus S. Martinez, $187,500.

Westend Ct., 20002-Kenneth Warner to Marvin A. Amaya Gutierrez and Jacqueline Vanessa Ruiz, $266,000.

Whitechurch Ct., 64-Michael T. and Deborah G. English to Franklin Javier Henriquez, $230,260.


Aurora Dr., 5000-Kevin F. and Shawn K. Vorndran to Scott Jay Bojan and Leslie E. Fingerhut, $714,000.

Casper St., 10717-Deborah H. Bryant to Trevor C. and Brittany Demercado Witcher, $365,000.

Decatur Ave., 4002-David Braidich to Dinh N. Chung and Kwong C. Lo, $535,000.

Glenridge St., 4026-Patrick E. and Janet M. O’Donnell to Douglas R. and Deborah M. Palmer, $1.3 million.

Jutland Rd., 2801-Juliana A. Parker to Kathryn B. Walters and Matthew Augustin Conte, $535,000.

Plyers Mill Ct., 3513-Jin Sung and Julie McYoung Mo Kim to Karen M. Fadely and Dylan Craig, $660,000.

Stillwater Ave., 11100-Kevin Gerard and Laura L. Hessler to Lisa M. and Karl F. Malik, $1.11 million.

Westbrook Lane, 4405-Cosgrove Enterprises Corp. to Allison Stone and David Gordon Michaels, $875,000.


Etchison Dr., 24605-Jaime and Karl Kemp to Alicia G. Gonzalez Gaitan, Juan J. Gonzalez and Rodolfo Salo Medrano Hernandez, $367,000.

Ripplemead Dr., 21517-Kevin L. and Marylee C. Holt to Bruce William, Bobby W. and Martha L. Smith, $825,000.

Woodfield Rd., 22200-Thomas L. Harlow Jr. and estate of Marjorie E. Seek to Robert M. and Donna Sue Herbert, $357,000.


Beaver Ridge Rd., 20617-Ismael Ernesto Buseo to James T. and Meghan R. Heeres, $446,000.

Brassie Pl., 19439, No. 101-Taylor A. Gibbons and estate of Christine Kay Martin to Yesenia P. Gaitan, $150,000.

Club House Rd., 19307, No. 102-Shane R. and Melissa Scott to Stephen Ouellette, $120,000.

Hellingly Pl., 9843, No. 80-Aaron Ray Krens to Marion E. Stecklow, $132,900.

Horizon Run Rd., 9652, No. 19-B-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Sonia G. Flores, Yanet L. Guerra and Josefa Espinoza Orue De Guerra, $201,000.

Lea Pond Pl., 20226-Jose Luis and Loide Souza Maranho to Olimpia Fernandez, $275,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 19056, No. 1-Safiya Hamit to Grover Moreno, $82,000.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18018-Hongqing Qin to Susan Chen, $269,900.

Silverfield Dr., 19905-Joseph R. Strasnick to Jessica L. and Dean R. Speer, $415,000.

Stedwick Rd., 10004, No. 103-Howard E. and Margaret P. Noyes to Christopher Sean Ruark, Rebecca Martha Shwalb and Linda Ruark, $173,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18732, No. 2-Daniel E. and Lorraine M. Strickland to Jose J. Henriquez, $95,000.


Cottrell Terr., 9946-Victoria Jane Brewer to Nelson A. and Iris I. Mondragon, $300,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 1212-Sharon Tabb and estate of Percell Winslow Tabb to Jacob Kames, $150,000.


Alderton Rd., 14220-Imelda D. and John A. Watkins to Santos Alexis Alvarado, $480,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3946, No. 2-Sonia M. Batres to Alison G. Brown, $129,000.

Bluhill Rd., 12603-Khin Aungthein to Matthew T. and Sophie B. Odell Yates, $390,000.

Clara Downey Ave., 3850, No. 43-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Patrick Khoury, $360,000.

Dean Rd., 12912-Elizabeth B. Fuhrman and Yvonne K. Kedoin to Michael J. and Catherine A. McKiernan, $405,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3825, No. 24-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Priyamvada Anil Goyal, $375,000.

Edelmar Terr., 3615, No. 131-Pamila J. Brown and estate of William Brown to Janice Nichols, $322,500.

Finsbury Park Dr., 3708, No. 51B-Freda Marie and Henry Lawrence Schneider to Alexandra Michaels, $249,900.

Glade Dr., 15121, No. 13-2F-Gary S. Persinger and estate of Margaret M. Cross to John H. Gravlin and Patricia McDonald, $100,000.

Greenery Lane, 2301, No. 104-5-Marlene S. Robbins to Simon G. Atena, $174,500.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-824-Bruce S. Fried and estate of Helen Fried to Julia E. Usatin, $195,000.

Joseph Mill Rd., 11504-Marco and Tina Clara Leone to Jose H. and Erick Eduardo Guajaca Mayorga, and Doris Lizeth Mejia Diaz, $360,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 223-Nathan Tash and estate of Norma Becker Tash to Arthur B. and Hazel M. Brisker, $175,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 2901, No. 114-Pavel J. Pechacek to Martin H. Brodey, $350,000.

Longmead Rd., 2001-Noddie B. and Eva C. Barrion to Syed Ali Hussain Lahooti and Sana Ali, $590,000.

Piccadilly Rd., 14225-Pastor F. and Maria Lara to Amang Surya Sukasih and Ismi Juswantini, $545,000.

Regina Dr., 2905-Stephen D. and Alesia M. Damiani to Sanjoy Ghosh and Annyck Jeanne Helene Hamez, $690,000.

Tremayne Terr., 3804, No. 22-380-Emily Downing to Theresa O. Atta and Franklyn Ifogah, $293,000.


Clovercrest Way, 2811-Jaymes F. and Jessica L. Bernhardt to Mahlet A. Ali and Tariku A. Hailu, $430,000.

Lindenwood Dr., 2714-Gary A. and Kelly D. Boswell to Zachary O. and Karolina J. Walters, $600,000.

Mount Olney Lane, 4025-Nicholas and Maria Louise Mondell to Jenny Hakun, $459,900.

Rolling Meadow Way, 18020, No. 276-Michael Duff and estate of Donald A. Duff to Theodore A. Boone and James D. Ehrenfried, $191,000.

Tothill Dr., 4930-Marc W. and Marilyn G. Robboy to Jeanne and Ramy Serour, $525,000.


Bennett Way, 17005-Churchill Classics Corp. to Collins Okley Otoo, $769,823.

Soper St., 17320-Maximiliano Vasquez and Mirna P. Macias to Joseph Michael and Erin Elizabeth Adelsberger, $458,000.


Albermyrtle Rd., 11206-Saied Tadayon and Mahnaz A. Dean to Fan and Mike Yang, $1.9 million.

Bentridge Ave., 9430-Judith N. Law to Leandra M. and Ronald W. Knight, $607,000.

Coddle Harbor Lane, 7614-Janet Falk to Ashley Castillo and Matthew Ibarra, $545,000.

Cranford Dr., 9104-Jose L. and Irene F. Bascunana to Jian Song and Bing Xia, $955,000.

Enid Dr., 11810-Paul A. Buckman to Sami Helou and Dema Assaf, $640,000.

Gregerscroft Rd., 11717-Thomas J. and Mary Corinne Lynch to Amanda Eden and Ryan Patrick Kaiser, $775,000.

Holly Hill Pl., 10237-Wadih Atiyah and Angela Vidmar to Jaclyn Goldberg and Jason Blindauer, $1.22 million.

Masters Dr., 7109-John A. and Alicia M. Phillips to John Walter and Kristen Scharer, $1.07 million.

Orchard Way S., 6-Ann C. and James D. Santini to Rebecca H. and Kevin Derwin, $940,000.

River Rd., 11620-Matthew D. and Roya B. Pilcher to Ryan David and Laura Poole, $799,000.

Stable Lane, 10601-John C. and Patricia C. Foreman to Anthony Anderson and Alicia Catherine Mast, $1.18 million.

Tara Rd., 11000-Gail S. Himelfarb to Handel Lee and Jennifer Xiaoli Yang, $1.25 million.

Twining Lane, 11533-Jay H. and Miriam Weiner to Tianyan Huang, $1.33 million.


Antigua Terr., 10846, No. 63-Michaela Muffoletto and estate of Harvey Lieber to Sarah C. and Christian J. Brady, $345,000.

Bargate Ct., 11933-Wike M. and Ashley K. Kaiser to Dorian and Maribel O. Bregu, $551,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1410-Vadim and Boris Zhitnitsky to Sahar Mohmmadi, $353,000.

Calabash Lane, 14103-Jian Jun Zhang and Zhong Zheng to Chitra Rajaram, $665,000.

Casey Lane, 536-Katharine S. Fairhurst to Phyllis S. Cole, $594,900.

Crabb Ave., 511-Stephen M. and Emily E. Chesterton to Lindsay Conway and Brian Galland Sims, $375,000.

Currier Dr., 313-Elinor C. and Carlos E. Caban to Genqing Liang and Hongmei Zhao, $662,000.

Fallsgrove Dr., 524-Raymond B. Snowden to Thomas Manos Bajis and Maria Despina George, $539,900.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1202-David Andrew Riedman to Ickho and Mijung Kim, $253,500.

Havencrest St., 909-Adam Seth Hordell and Samantha Beth Burka to Daner Li, $530,000.

Hurley Ave., 417-Azizollah and Ziva Azhdam to Mohammad Asif and Sharmin Malek, $705,000.

Longwood Dr., 517-Henry Nash and estate of Bernadine Fain Dyer to Mary Ann Lange Bishop and Karen B. Rohan, $305,000.

Monroe St., 8, No. 301-Susan E. Leiter to Rommie Navylia Abele, $238,500.

Monroe St., 118, No. 1406-Ronald L. and Diana L. Marchitelli to Guillermo Suarez and Ana Maria Valencia, $132,600.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 114-Ronald S. Park to Alvin Shi Chang Hua and Xinyue Liu, $437,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2303-Cord Hartwig Schlobohm to Cornelia D. Cudrici, $417,999.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1310-Alanoud and Isaac D. Congedo to Yan Jin, $407,000.

Randolph Rd., 4807-Juan J. Orozco and Yader J. Orozco Avalos to Suphak Nuanthao, $515,960.

Reserve Champion Dr., 801, No. 17-305-William C. Nickel to Ricki I. and Thomas J. Curry, $365,000.

Rockville Pike., 10500, No. 1408-Linda A. Phillips to Ke Cheng and Yaqi Zhou, $155,000.

Saint James Rd., 12616-John Joseph and Cita Marie Furlani to Lin and Kristen Marie Tu, $719,900.

Sterling Dr., 15402-Dorinda Smith to Joseph Q. and Victoria R. Eperjesi, $585,000.

Troy Rd., 11118-Robert J. Gulakowski to Steven Jay Varabkanich Jr. and Thomas Edwin Baxter IV, $510,000.

Weeping Cherry Dr., 14037-Sylvia M. Williams to Charles and Vera Lewandowski, $1 million.

Winding Rose Dr., 493-Howard Lee and Jill E. Speisman to Cassandra Albano and Michael W. Edwards, $605,000.


Deep Run Ct., 19217-Michael W. and Kaley M. Henry to Harold D. Zevallos and Jennifer J. Lazaro Ceron, $260,000.

Eton Manor Dr., 11824, No. 201-Sean Zhang to Mario Fernando and Ruben Dario Quiroz, $217,000.

Grassy Knoll Terr., 11000-Adam C. and Kristen M. Bush to Ivan Zapata Lazo, Maria Del Rosario Zapata and Yahaira F. Martello Moreno, $525,000.

Herefordshire Way, 11418-Alicia Hawley to Armita Karimi and Shima Etezadi, $255,000.

Milestone Manor Lane, 12200-Gwendolyn C. Dorsey to Austin Vershel, $489,000.

Songbird Lane, 12101-Pen & Ava Associates Inc. to Jason and Tiffany Thornton, $525,000.


Belmont Ct., 7-Jonathan L. and Gina Rothbaum to Sugeily Y. Fernandez and Erick C. Soto, $634,900.

Cedar St., 8203-Rommel E. and Silvia C. Moreno to James R. Herald and Margaret L. Prejean, $502,000.

Dartmouth Ave., 709-Kevin H. and Tiphane P. Turpin to Sarada K. Peri and Naseem S. Khuri, $790,000.

Ellsworth Heights St., 43-Eugenio F. and Lori A. Parisi to Meghana Chalasani, $845,000.

Thayer Ave., 516, No. 1-Jill A. Fischer to Jennifer Spring Coggins, $129,000.

Wayne Ave., 930, No. 704-Vali and Nesa Nourmohammadi to Adenike Opeoluwa Onagoruwa, $245,000.

13th St., 8005, No. 401-Emmarie K. Deputy to Tihtena Mekonnen, $279,999.


Elson St., 1308-Marketpro South Inc. to Martha J.M., David V. and John H. Holdridge, $430,000.

Lee Ave., 111, No. 104-Joana Bragg to Miranda M. Rivers, $184,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 1016-Mary Ann Chiampa to Miles Alexander Jenkins, $185,000.

Sycamore Ave., 7110-Joan Marsh to Emily and Trevor Chaloux, $975,000.


Broadwood Dr., 1119-Susanne Bledsoe to Meegan Kelly, $378,000.

Grandin Ave., 1314-U.S. Bank and Fay Servicing Corp. to Jennifer and Arthur Bildman, $381,500.

Vandegrift Ave., 5912-Jacob and Golchehreh Azhdam to Fred Marco P. Magdaug and Maria Patricia L. Fernando, $475,000.


Arbor View Rd., 1534-Dustin M. and Jolanta Kryspin Watson to Katya Lucia Chambergo and Ever Tolentino, $475,000.

Blundon Dr., 9900, No. 10-303-Chloe and Colinette Waugh to Kalyn Blueitt, $225,000.

Cobble Hill Ct., 4-Bin-Giang Cheung and Dao-Chai Lo to Lindsey L. Turnbull, $480,000.

Galt Ave., 11311-Arnoldo E. Huaiquil to Manuel P. Lopez Jr., $370,000.

Hardy Ave., 2809-Jenifer Huestis and Jeremy S. Boss to Ramano Alexis Quashie and Vanny Bun, $399,900.

Insley St., 10304-Shari Lynn and Kelly M. Handerhan to Angela A. and Paula Umanzor, $370,000.

Kingswell Dr., 2817-Omar A. and Daysi M. Espinoza to Kathryn A. McGuckin and Normen T. Wuertz, $411,000.

Leslie St., 10300-Elizabeth Falloon and estate of Selma D. Falloon to Sara Wilensky and Patricia Manha, $518,500.

Northwood Terr., 629-Zong Ai Wu and Yan Jin Chen Wu to Delmy F. Rodriguez, Rene C. Bernal Andrade and Rafael Mauricio Rodriguez, $396,550.

Saw Mill Ct., 12020-Vanessa McKenzie to Brook Degef and Gelila Gebrehiwot, $450,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 1114-A-Edmund H. and Frances B. Feldman to Kimberly Salter, $117,000.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 1011-B-Abigail J. Salazar to Cheng Kuan Lin, $115,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


K St. E., 504-Landmark Investment Properties Corp. to Marisa and Jonathan Frye, $260,000.

Potomac St. E., 427-Julia Andrews Williams to Michael Francis Gretz and Yannet Marie Lathrop, $233,000.

Volunteer Dr., 1402-Robert A. and Jennifer A. Franey to Michael Bryan Horn and Caroline Elizabeth Lefevre, $398,000.


Broad Run Ct., 2391-Ian and Holly Lynn Jenkins to Deborah Johanna Martens and Donald E. Pugh Sr., $415,000.


Jennifer Ct., 2400-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Justine and James Gagnon, $363,300.


Provincial Pkwy., 41-Natasha J. Doan to Justin K. and Ashlie M. Hitchcock, $155,000.


Acacia Ct., 6838-Barbara A. Colunga to Michael W. Hale, $219,900.

Allington Manor Cir. W., 9059-Bruce Allen and Stephanie Jan Lipson to Sean D. and Nikki E. Henry, $345,000.

Catalpa Rd., 7073-Julie A. Trail and estate of Norma Jean Ward to Sandra Buck, $317,000.

Crabapple Dr., 5692-Samuel L. Osborn to Don E. Rippy, $225,000.

Eisenhower Dr., 574-Marie A. and Tiffanie Thorogood to David Ball and Jingyi Li, $232,500.

Finnical Way, 4851, No. 2-Deborah Vandepoll to Jose and Lily Rosa Mercado, $240,000.

Hiteshow Dr., 4794-NVR Inc. to Courtney Spahn, $349,770.

Jefferson Blvd., 6641-Janet D. and Andrew D. Arnold to Rolf E. and Alexandra Metral, $312,000.

Lavender Plaza, 5701, No. C-Joseph P. Lucas to Ellen Awoyemi, $122,000.

Newton Dr., 6430-Caitlin and Jonathan Harris to Julie Kpotivi and Noel Ama, $349,500.

Primus Ct., 559-Stacey M. Billek Phillips to George Nana Oduro, $254,000.

Rivendell Pl., 5592-Maxine L. French to Robert T. Faass, $265,000.

Sugarbush Cir., 520-George E. Edwards to Amanda Fine, $253,500.

Winterspice Dr., 601-Denis I. Morales to Anuja Ban and Bikash Shrestha, $335,000.


Bannister Dr., 6363-Michael C. and Lore G. Neubeiser to Joann S. and Randall F. White, $507,500.

Bellevue Pl., 6422-Richard T. and Kathleen M. Weaver to Erik M. and Deanna Gonzales Morales, $509,000.

Braddock Ave., 405-Hope Seezox to Debbie S. Cousins, $267,000.

Carroll St. S., 250-Shawn and Kathy Putnam to Kirubel Kelecho and Aynalem Assefa, $365,000.

Church St. E., 230-Helen M. Delaney to Dianne Stewart Pickersgill, $342,000.

Court St. N., 20-the Pythian Castle Condominium Corp. to Charlotte J. and Derek Timothy Shackelford, $370,000.

Eden Dr., 1475-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and Newrez Corp. to Jose David Silva, $236,900.

Frederick Ave., 5-Anne D. Williams to Madison E. Winters and Benjamin A. Jackson, $285,000.

Holden Rd., 745-Wornald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Patricia Heiges Winter, $404,280.

Logan St., 558-Ricardo Cortez Johnson to Jose A. Ortega, $250,000.

Poolside Lane, 1818A, No. 36A-Christine Schmitt and Kyle Turpin to Jacqueline A. Stanley, $210,000.

Queen St., 311-Sappington Properties Corp. to Lisa Marie Ulearey, $214,000.

Ridgefield Cir., 9220-Sonia Castell Majano to Robert Anthony Bueso and Silvia Alexandra Columbo Espinosa, $280,000.

Springwater Terr., 6340, No. 1300E-Jec One Corp. to Mauricio D. and Claudia M. Bohmer, $194,900.

Wheyfield Dr., 1648-Lingyuan and Tszechung Tai to Alexander Nwankwo, $268,000.

Sixth St. E., 122-Kevin J. Kusmider and Eugenia B. Chambers to Bernardo Alonso Gabriel, $225,000.


Bethel Rd., 10602-Charles W. and Elise L. Small to Daniel Burdette, $278,050.

Bristol Dr., 2101-Frederick A. and Violeta Thomason to Joseph Benton, $189,000.

Colonial Way, 1650-Hongzhi Lu to Juan M. Serrano, $208,000.

Eagle Rock Lane, 1807-Francis K. Osei and Nana Abena to Abdul Wahab Zarrar, $375,000.

Glendale Dr., 8116-Monica E. Yost and Lavern D. Rasmussen to Melissa A. Sites and Stephanie Schwartz Pain, $389,900.

Hampshire Dr., 1324, No. 7B-Anthony Lee to Micah Holmes, $174,900.

Heather Ridge Dr., 330-Vestar Corp. to Safoura Moraveji, $189,900.

Kearney Ct., 100-Robert E. Johnson Jr. to Michael and Karen Patterson, $300,000.

McClellan Dr., 410-Margaret C. Robbins to James and Kathryn Henry, $385,000.

Runnymeade Dr., 7921-Deborah A. Kachman and Richard Tehansky to Kyle Johns and Emily Weinberger, $400,000.

Stonegate Dr., 161-Karen E. Molloy and Karen E. Mosher to Dawt Tha Iang, $172,000.

Vienna Ct., 22-David W. Salner and Barbara J. Greenway to Lian Kip Thang and Vum Thian Muang, $175,000.

White Rock Ave., 9321-Randy E. and Marie Cynthia Crouse to Cody Wisner and Paige Hughes, $185,000.

Whitestone Way, 115-Kevin Becka to Mamdrena Georgina Majoro, $198,000.


John Kline Rd., 13707-Ava H. Read Schwartz and Harwood E. Read III to Jeffrey P. and Christine N. Raney, $415,000.


Eagle Ridge Ct., 9702-E. Thomas and Theresa L. Vagrin to Chad Olinger, $640,000.

Summit Dr., 2997-John L. and Shirley A. Shanton to Roberto J. Estigarribia and Raquel Bermudez, $379,900.


Jennifer Lynne Dr., 25-Philip E. and Kristie L. Graves to Madeline and Leonard Morrisey Jr., and Donato and Edith M. Mileto, $430,000.

Tritapoe Dr., 628-Cross Country Equity Corp. to Nathaniel Robeson, $214,000.


Liberty Rd., 11920, No. 104A-Federal National Mortgage Association to Morgan E. Johnson, $106,000.


Boileau Ct., 19-Amy Severn to Harry and Julie Neibich, $240,000.

Glenbrook Dr., 611-Rebecca Y. Tawiah and Richmond Tettey to Eric N. Addae and Dereck B. Amoah, $530,000.

Manda Dr., 108-Gregory P. and Eva R. Lucht to Shawn M. and Catherine S. Cassidy, $430,000.

Poffenberger Rd., 2894-Christopher Beatty and Rachel Kelly to Daniel and Ida Namur, $484,900.


Clayton Ct., 11910-David A. and Maureen F. Mack to Michael Daniel and Lisa A. York, $560,000.

Sugarloaf Ct., 3995-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and Champion Mortgage Co. to Kelly Gail Powell, $325,000.


Oak View Dr., 1104-Paula A. Bruno and Leonardo Bruno Oquendo to Samantha L. Kretschmer, $262,500.

Timber Dr., 4801-Julie A. Cruickshank to Kathryn Martin, $625,002.


Highland Ave., 3900-Luke Gray and Danielle Watson to Michael C. and Spiridoula Uecker, $285,000.

Wistman Lane, 3968-William H. and Brenda L. Bohn to Kyle Watkins and Kelsey D. Hall, $245,000.


Boyers Mill Rd., 5626-Mark G. Nichols to Jacqueline N. and Donald L. Miller, $299,900.

Finn Dr., 10664-Gary Ruc to Calvin D. and Rachel Doudt, $439,900.

Lakeridge Rd. W., 6756-Cynthia Garris to Nicholas M. German and Karine Munoz, $300,000.

Nyasa Bnd., 6570-Eton and Bernadette Yellin to Lisa Marie and Jason A. Frye, $374,000.

Queen Anne Ct., 5631-Daniel Ronald and Rebecca J. Woodby to Madelein Delgado Castilla and Victor Manuel Nunez Moreno, $240,000.

Sanandrew Dr., 11308-Cynthia M. and George L. Monkovic to Matthew and Ashley Puk, $365,000.

White Pelican Way, 10205, No. C-Susan M. Randolph and estate of Nancy Carol Wilson to Joseph William Poisal, $161,300.


Sams Creek Rd., 3407-Jon Charles and Maureen Elizabeth Holmes to Shane and Annie Martin, $575,000.


Red Leaf Ct., 3906-Sean Gierveld and Elizabeth C. Matherly to Harry Lahanas, $327,000.


Black Rd., 7307-James G. and Linda M. McKenzie to Mary C. Rolle, $200,000.

Fish Hatchery Rd., 6518-Winifred A. Mount and Deborah Lee McCune to Robyn Daniel and Oliver Goetz, $240,000.

Jermae St., 18-Charles D. and Lydia J. Jenkins to Leo F. and Ann E. Komorowski, $283,000.

Powell Rd., 10610-Anthony Lorusso to Jose E. Romero, $276,000.


Brien Pl., 9114-James M. and Linda L. Lawson to Zuzana Mayercak, $405,000.

Charterhouse Rd., 9111-Tina M. and Jonathan W. Allgaier to Brian F. Musekiwa and Sophia Mutamba, $725,000.

Landon House Lane, 9142-Jose L. Jusino Lopez to Erik E. and Elizabeth C. Tammarn, $360,000.

Shady Pines Dr., 8704-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Nicholas Scott Albaugh and Sahar Geramifar, $449,990.

Templeton Dr., 9029-Main Street Homes at Urbana Corp. to Robynne Nucci and Jim Forlenza, $470,225.

Winthrop Lane, 3544-John and Tara Dixon to Huakun Xu and Yuqing Meng, $285,000.


Challenger Ct., 44-Federal National Mortgage Association and Old Republic Title Co. to Jay Dertzbaugh, $183,000.

Dublin Rd., 10731-U.S. Bank to Diancy Hector, $225,000.

Revelation Ave., 8387-Robert S. and Jennifer S. Griffin to John R. Amos, $164,900.

Solar Dr., 208-Laura J. Margulies and estate of Peggy L. Wiley to Laronda D. and Lee D. Stepherson, $380,000.


Second St. N., 203-Robert C. and Janis L. Stottlemyer to Joshua T. Puckett, $185,000.