Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bauer Dr., 14121-Joan and Ralph Amato Jr. to Hanan Yosef Gancz and Noga Zruya Ami Rav, $462,500.

Butternut Dr., 5007-David W. and Judith B. Kitchens to Marc D. Israel and Abbey G. Frank, $623,500.

Continental Dr., 5220-Michael S. and Helen E. Ray to Thomas J. and Catherine R. Guenther, $525,000.

Fox Valley Dr., 3802-Rakesh Kaushal to Jose G. and Norma E. Mejia, $840,000.

Grenoble Ct., 4507-SBI Corp. 401K Trust to Ian Block and Jacqueline Chavez, $380,000.

London Lane, 14011-RJRE Investments Corp. to Maria Glendy Mendez Sagastume, $407,000.

Muncaster Mill Rd., 4260-Grace R. Kabonero to Mitchell and Jana Parizer, $550,000.

Myer Terr., 14706-Robert and Patricia A. Kenney to Rosario Maria and Joel De Guzman, $480,000.

Parkvale Rd., 14007-Daniel and Colleen Whitaker to Jennifer E. Hollinger, $510,000.

Turkey Branch Pkwy., 13316-Albert Richard and Raelee Dawn Mangiacapra to Jose I. Castro Jimenez and Maritza R. Romero Canales, $390,000.


Allan Rd., 5002-John Edward Kannapell II to Martha and Ryan Orzechowski, $1.35 million.

Battery Lane, 4985-John M. Salzman to Daria M. and Myron Fedoriw, $550,000.

Berkshire Dr., 6032-Abol Hassan Kavoussi and Sourena Moayedi to Mominul H. Khan and Shamim S. Begum, $670,000.

Breuer St., 10412-RS Homes Associates Corp. to Susannah Marie Bennett and Kathleen A. Cox, $1.02 million.

Brooke Dr., 9406-David Clarence Deinlein Pierre and Lindy Jane Pierre to Nicholas and Alexis Wetzler, $1.61 million.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 424-William B. Adkins and estate of Faith J. Adkins to Phyllis Namrow, $522,000.

Cheltenham Dr., 4614-Jeremy T. and Shelby B. Mathis to William and Nancy Osborne, $1.09 million.

Corsica Dr., 9412-Chana R. Sky to Zachary Hahn Simon and Lauree Laurel Tu, $949,412.

Democracy Blvd., 7425, No. 209-Catherine Sarlis Smith to Rupa Gupta, $307,000.

Earlham Dr., 6423-Laurent Dubois and estate of Monique Elizabeth Dubois Dalcq to Bryan G. So and Ye Ri Jang, $635,000.

Fallen Oak Dr., 8717-Halina Cymerman and Jack Zibulsky to Qing Zhou and Hongjia Wang, $749,900.

Garfield St., 8628-David P. and Susan D. Snyder to Brandon and Kimberly Hwang, $860,000.

Greenlawn Dr., 5821-Lester J. and Ophelie C. Leclair Frank to Christopher and Lea Hunerkoch, $705,000.

Hamilton Spring Ct., 8205-Farid Srour to Cari L. Ardrey and Eric P. Delgado, $780,000.

Hoover St., 5506-Thomas M. and Sharon G. Bickford to Amy K. and Casey J. Leblanc, $1.02 million.

King Charles Way, 5239, No. 1-3-Darrell J. Roberts to Bob R. and Kyoko Tanaka Erickson, $500,000.

Maplewood Park Ct., 11-Bank of America to Kolade Akanni and Olufemi Gbemi Ilori, $700,350.

Montrose Ave., 10509, No. M-Wendy Allison Carado and estate of Theodora Knox Radcliffe to Han and Sheena Saydam, $163,000.

Newport Ave., 5025-Carlos Hurtado Lopez and Claudia Fernanda Esteve Gonzalez to Lisa Michelle Harlan and Alan Gregory Thompson, $1.1 million.

Orchid Dr., 6305-Eric L. Alexander to Baoshan Zhang and Xiangdong Liu, $1.71 million.

Rayburn Rd., 8614-Estate of Mary Frances Likar and Marisa L. Cruz Glaudemans to Sook H. Seo, $800,000.

Rossmore Dr., 5904-Gary L. and Patricia F. Habecker to Arlet V. Koseian Beckham, $759,000.

Sonoma Rd., 5516-William F. Schmidt and estate of Richard C. Schmidt to Jason L. and Danielle D. Drory, $850,000.

Springer Ct., 2-Ellen B. Brown and Brent S. Franzel to Peter Van Gelderen and Guoying Liu, $1.4 million.

Viking Rd., 5108-Robert F. and Elissa M. Fisher to Arbind Modi, $840,000.

Westbard Cir., 5301, No. 420-Marianne D. Stohlman to Matthew McCeney Carroccio, $275,000.

Weymouth St., 10524, No. W-103-Estate of Eric Chaiet and Wendy Kivitz to Anara Tabyshalieva, $227,500.

Wilson Lane, 5608-Joyce L. and Wayne Edward Veneman to Saurabh Gupta and Satvika Garg, $879,000.

Wyandot Ct., 5006-Julian A. Caballero Bustos and Angelica M. Pinedo Mejia to Mojtaba Roostaie Grayloo and Foroozan Soltani, $1.57 million.


Broken Oak Rd., 18844-Reynolds and Susan S. Cahoon to Qi Yu and Bo Chen, $440,000.

Deoudes Rd., 12408-Jeffrey A. and Amanda M. Harris to Sarah D. Cline and Brandon M. Lane, $549,000.

Kings Crossing Blvd., 14241, No. 101-Elizabeth S. and Pedring M. Tagalicod to Christopher Ferrenz, $169,000.


Dubarry Lane, 3005-Joyce M. Edelin to Christopher Morales and Gefei Zhan, $560,000.

Queen Elizabeth Dr., 18608-Charles B. Parr to Jose Javier Perez and Susana Javier, $490,000.

Tanterra Way, 18720-Michael Fred and Mary Jane Weber to Kristin Dupre and Edward Launt, $465,000.


Arbor Wood Ct., 4203-NVR Inc. to Randy Gyebi and Rhodaline Eshun, $737,730.

Ballinger Ct., 27-Vaugncale and Manuela Patterson to Sikander H. Aasim, $200,000.

Forsythia Lane, 3404-MTGLQ Investors to Debebe Damtew and Mihret Lejalem, $405,000.

Saddle Creek Dr., 14710-Kelechi and Joan Abaziuwa to Gashaw Woldehanna, $582,500.

Van Horn Way, 3625-Shirley Barnwell to Guilene Brezier, $300,000.


Beaumont Rd., 116-Scott R. and Lauren M. Kolezar to William Boyd and Maria Jose Bowring, $455,000.

Castle Ridge Way, 14034, No. 25-Harry Yeung to Emma Villafuerte and Rizaldy Pablo Deleon, $349,900.

Creekside Dr., 13508-Cecil and Delores Lyday to Alfred Roman Twyman III, $567,000.

Fairland Rd., 3145-Raymond and Madeleine Epote to Mahlet M. Zewdie, $469,000.

Hidden Valley Lane, 2121-Dennis W. and Huong D. Holden to Kenrick and Keight T. Kennedy, $530,000.

Limetree Rd., 13118-Djibril and Aminata Aw to Yohannes Tekle and Etsegenet Tefera, $600,000.

Modrad Way, 13703, No. 9-Jean Paul Rock to Kimberly Singleton, $215,800.

Paula Lynn Dr., 225-Edward W. and Anna B. Deknight to Michael Matese and Shannon Morris, $301,000.

Scott Dr., 408-Morris Campi to Mert Tuncer and Abigail Bowman, $495,000.

Sir Thomas Way, 13613, No. 1-A-31-Ty Webb Corp. to Kayla Simone Johnson, $200,000.


Aragon Lane, 8500-May and Sol Aleskow to Omar Biancaniello and Fausta Corsini, $680,000.

Chevy Chase Blvd., 4911-Robert Yetvin and Karen Green to Kelly A. and Patrick Quay, $1.09 million.

Dorset Ave., 4507-Daniel Thomas and Kimberly Ferris Crocker to Joseph Kevin and Kara Petteway Wheatley, $1.51 million.

Falstone Ave., 4913-Marian C. and Arthur Scheiner to Karen M. Thomson, $1.08 million.

Highland Dr., 6411-J. Michael and Sara E. McNamara to Jeffrey and Corey Van Hove, $3.6 million.

Lenhart Dr., 7102-Joseph and Shannon Burkhart to Jeffrey C. Hooke, $1.17 million.

Nottingham Dr., 4616-Emma L. Muscatello to Michael Zajac, $703,000.

Quincy St., 105-Patricia A. Caulfield and Dennis P. Dunlavey to Michael B. Krackov and Maria Glod, $1.29 million.

Spring St., 3604-Belva Finlay to Gerard Joseph and Colleen Elizabeth Roh Sinzdak, $1.24 million.

Western Ave., 6132-H. Norman Knickle and Mary Bottella to Maureen Delaney and William F. Ryan, $1.18 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. 1203-Mehrdad Akhavan to David H. and Linda M. Marx, $2.12 million.


Broadway Ave., 21902-NVR Inc. to Rohan Kulkarni and Asur Rajalakshmi Srinath, $636,890.

Burdette Forest Rd., 23859-John Wayne and Diane Haller to Susan M. and Owin M. Ochieng, $574,000.

Catawba Hill Dr., 23912-Miller and Smith at Clarksburg Corp. to Amanda Rochelle Daniels, $379,990.

Clarksmeade Dr., 23605-Nagarajan Chandran and Minubharathi J. Kala to Cameal Catherine Comrie, $479,000.

Frederick Rd., 23127-Sanchilo and Christine Huynh Kosila to Lanlan Zhang and Zhengliang Bu, $518,000.

Grapevine Ridge Terr., 23808-Gerald and Nancy Garner to Milad Afkhami, $520,000.

Limpkin Ave., 119-NVR Inc. to Diane M. Tran and Nathan A. Powe, $597,165.

Moorhen St., 21906-NVR Inc. to Annie Noel Grimes and Som Bahrami, $580,010.

Newcut Rd., 22969, No. 1671-Stephanie L. Bautista to Laura Chaskes, $317,500.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23208-CSMC Trust and Bank of New York Mellon to Ousainou Bah and Fatoumatta Jallow, $415,000.

Robin Song Dr., 23105-Pargol Ezzati to Antuane L. Allen and Nicole Beth Dantus, $426,650.

Stilt St., 14023-Winchester Homes Inc. to Shin Chun Amy Chen and Ting Long Lin, $738,771.

Uffizi Lane, 13204-Andrew and Amanda Dau to Liliana Mercer and Sandra Celly Ayme Lizarraga, $388,500.


Ansted Ct., 5-Home Equity MTG Loan Asset Backed Trust and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Jorge R. Vasquez Jr. and Kimberly J. Gomez, $403,725.

Farmgate Lane, 109-Estate of Catherine M. McCoy to Arthur D. and Janice B. Washington, $568,000.

Hornell Dr., 1122-Steven J. Hale and Maria Anastasi to Frank Nicholas and Lisa Mae Orifici, $264,000.

Notley Rd., 14700-Erol K. and Robyn A. Shinn Miller to Robert Charles and Andrea Conine, $489,500.

Sandy Ridge Rd., 14620-Daniel Karl and Jeanne H. Hagan to Courtney Victoria Mason, $345,000.

Timberlake Dr., 14900-Linda L. Glatz to Anita Mohan and Rajmohan Guruswamy, $480,600.


Brigadier Pl., 26015, No. F-Karen and Victor H. Rizkallah to Eyhab M. Jaber, $136,000.

Damascus Park Lane, 10409-Angela X. Pan to David Mark Stuckenschneider and Alyson Paige Most, $350,000.

Haney Ave., 26603-Christopher Andrew and Caitlin Claire Faunce to Emily Claire Wooten and Britton Oliver Wooten Janney, $335,000.

Mount Radnor Dr., 27512-Dennis A. and Elizabeth S. Haberer to Daniel Robert and Stefanie Lynn Graziano, $355,000.

Woodfield Rd., 25702-Jerry B. and Ana Paula Bucy to Nadine Amanda Harris, $265,000.


Capricorn Ct., 16-MT Property Corp. to Jose Luis Espejo and Yoliara Marie Ramos Soto, $370,000.

Mill Run Dr., 7409-Eugene and Ingrid Schamko to Maria Regina and Dieneal B. Vitug, $435,000.

Needwood Rd., 8040, No. 102-Dan L. Geisser to Yong Wu, $229,900.

Polara Pl., 7717-Wayne D. and Nancy A. Rosenberg to Hsin Kang and Rachel Mae Chow, $560,000.


Dickerson Rd., 22014-John F. and Joyce E. Price to William P. and William Palmer Bucciantini, $487,500.


Caddington Ave., 901-Stephen and Carol Omokehinde to Chris A. and Megan Demillo, $460,000.

Crestmoor Dr., 10312-Paola C. and Paula J. Dasilva to Kelly Lynn Wedell Gorini and Christopher Joseph Gorini, $559,000.

Eastmoor Dr., 30-Matthew M. Forney to Jason K. and Erin E. Darby, $529,000.

Franklin Ave. E., 502-Richard D. Hunt and estate of Pearl A. Hunt to Victoria Pearl Pemberton, $375,000.

Hannes St., 307-Helen M. and Joseph L. Damiano Sr. to Emily Miksic, $450,500.

Lawnsberry Terr., 9520-Amen Realty Inc. to Tamirat Belete and Meron Workineh, $495,000.

Pickwick Village Terr., 9024-Elena Hazelwood to Tyronda Shamica Gibson Simpson, $325,000.

Royalton Rd., 504-Desimone Real Estate Investment Corp. to Marwan Abed Hishmeh, $300,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 907-Brian M. Pickar to Logan Krusac, $189,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 10722-Jennifer Jaffke to Jamie Glidewell and Shelby Sears, $440,000.


Boysenberry Way, 9907, No. 104-36-CJR Breckenridge Corp. to Jorge Oscar Antezana, $110,000.

Cape Jasmine Way, 18416-Paul C. and Barbara K. Cencula to Angela and Laura Luz Portillo, $445,000.

Centerway Rd., 8919-Snigdha Rao to Emilio R. and Kevin P. Beatley, $290,000.

Chesley Knoll Ct., 9121-Asif Basharat and Basharat A. Mian to Alla O’Connor, $272,000.

Cochrane Way, 19829-James Arthur and Gloria Lopes Childers to Sentayehu B. Akalu, $385,000.

Deer Park Dr. E., 121-Timothy A. and Thu Ha Nguyen Devlin to Salvia and Sepandar Misaghian, $375,000.

Duvall Lane, 118, No. 117-30-Kathy and Mijodrag Miljanic to Abraham Arnaldo Huamani Quispe and Yesenia L. Quispe Huaraya, $90,000.

Emory Woods Ct., 116-George Yuan Yu and Charlene Amy Li to Sharon W. and Kirk Allen Farber, $364,900.

Gardenia Way, 18348-Amanda M. and Charles N. Ramsburg to Alexandre Efremov and Elena Oulanova, $450,000.

Girard St., 454, No. 375-Ellery A. Johannessen to Sylwester and Monika Deja, $140,000.

Hallmark Ct., 18307-MBH Corp. to Somawathie Wahumpura Dewage and Thilak Pu Herath Mudiyanselage, $345,000.

Knoll Mist Lane, 1283-Jeffrey L. and Jennifer L. Black to Diana L. Perez August, $329,000.

Mainsail Dr., 9836-Robin Dorene O’Neill and Collin Alexander Magnetti to Rhett G. and Maria Dinah D. Villahermosa, $490,000.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 8239-Atul H. Patel and estate of Pushpaben H. Patel to Kristen L. and Evan C. Peer, $390,000.

Plum Creek Dr., 7910-Stephan C. and Carolyn R. Craig to Rudolph R. Forde, $565,000.

Saybrooke View Dr., 305-Margaret A. and Michael F. Corner to Matthew Braxton and Paul F. Roos, $287,750.

Streamside Dr., 18330, No. 204-Cheng Lun Tsai to Gurinderjit Singh, $174,500.

Tanyard Hill Rd., 1526-William G. and Lucila E. Kaschak to Julio H. Pardo and Alexandra Pardo Arias, $327,500.

Wildpark Ave., 1117-Sarah Magdalene Soule Hoffman to Emily Claire Shutak and Nicholas Scot Riddlesberger, $345,000.


Argosy Cir., 16-Maria Fotiu to Behnaz Babazadeh, $743,000.

Booth St., 325-Xiaoyuan Liang to Hairong Wan, $870,000.

Church Gate Lane, 119-Yusuf O. and Nurten Beyaz Kavuncu to John J. and Sandra I. Barry, $589,000.

Copley Cir., 121, No. 34-B-Balla Mohamed and Lynda Keita to Jason S. Greenberg and Marni A. Gold, $565,000.

Cross Green St., 328B, No. B-Pratheepan and Michelle K. Madasamy to Eleanore J. Tutwiler, $439,000.

Everglade Ct., 11617-David Alan and Marcia Lynne Krieg to Benjamin G. and Alla A. Shapero, $750,000.

Granite Ridge Dr., 12659-Gary Metz to Lucas and Courtney Horn, $499,900.

Hart Rd., 314-Ann Miriam Malizio to Russell Christopher and Erin L. Bruch, $697,000.

Kendrick Pl., 104, No. 26-Janice M. Dumais and Deborah A. Johnson to Peter and Jacqueline Shay, $299,900.

Kepler Dr., 232-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Roy and Paula Wang, $770,000.

Landsend Dr., 41-Diane M. Steele and Marie G. Fullam to Scott Alexander and Laura Eileen McDowell, $360,000.

Main St., 645A, No. A-Gary V. Grossman to Deepa V. Kumar, $385,000.

Massbury St., 215-Holly L. Lokken to Joseph Allen and Julie Theresa Tozer, $1.16 million.

Narrowleaf Ct., 12-Nazem A. and Saoda Choudhury to Franklin Pan, $430,000.

Philmont Dr., 533-Linda Linnea Thelin to Hanghui Huang and Chenlu Wang, $395,000.

Query Mill Rd., 13300-Sam and Mailicelyn Morales Sheldon to Ilene and Blake Godsey, $1.46 million.

Redding Ridge Dr., 33-Paul B. and Silvia C. Bradley to Jeffrey Woo and Ruth Pek Sim Chia, $620,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 13029-Golden Pi Group Corp. to Brian A. and Stephanie M. Dickel, $725,000.

Soft Wind Dr., 14718-Rajeev K. and Sushma Agarwal to Zachary W. and Katie H. Compher, $630,000.

Sullnick Way, 11535-Samuel and Theresa Woodson to David J. Stringer and Samantha N. Lalley, $347,000.

Tuckahoe Ct., 14-William Alden and Florence Cay Beckley to Feng and Rui Wang, $916,000.

Watch Hill Ct., 7-Shirley P. Decker to Anthony Donald Pompa III, $400,000.


Allspice Dr., 18423-Catherine M. Dahlberg to Leo MacAraeg and Frances Sicat Raquel, $225,000.

Beaconfield Terr., 20334, No. 103-Jason R. Slinchak to Bertila Angulo Huaman and Ubaldo D. Coila Quispe, $164,900.

Bromfield Rd., 13913-Saikat Mandal and Aparajita Dutta to Aneel Murari and Sailaja Mareedu, $725,000.

Century Blvd., 20311-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Umar Shah Qudosi and Rustana Minayar, $471,245.

Chatterly Pl., 13917-Yue Qing Xie and Han Ying to Syeda F. Quadri, $434,250.

Demetrias Way, 13479-Diana Marie Jones and Diana M. Salgueiro to Doele A. Wilson, $240,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12221, No. L-Sheldon J. Baird to Kam Chuen Wong, $190,000.

Grotto Lane, 19103-Sunny Real Estate Service Corp. to Wilfredo Miranda and Misael Cordova, $360,000.

Highstream Dr., 19068, No. 775-Jacqueline Ann Lancaster to Xiaoyun Bai and Chengwei Li, $250,001.

Jump Dr., 14052-Melissa Phommaseng to Milos Dordevic and Maja Denic, $347,000.

Marble Hill Pl., 17800-Thomas F. Shockey to Jedediah and Sara J. Stancato, $670,000.

Mountain Lake Terr., 20822, No. 1605-Jaimie and Pernell Fowler to Christopher L. and Catia C. Nolan, $364,000.

Open Hearth Way, 13001-Cristy E. Fuentes to Zavier Hernesto Menjivar and Wendy Vanessa Coreas Morales, $295,000.

Poplar Hill Rd., 14411-Estate of Leslie Sydnor Johnson to Norah and Nicholas Critzos, $700,000.

Porterfield Way, 18903-Gustavo Omar Torres to Dmytro and Whitney Tatton Overchuk, $585,000.

Rising Sun Lane, 13422-Michael and Mary Raboy to Jarjis Jabir and Almira Saifi Hussain, $350,000.

Shipley Terr., 20249, No. 5-C-30-Metropolis Development Corp. to Lorenzo Augusto Bravo, $194,000.

Smokewood Dr., 17712-Steven and Jane Grange to Samuel Ryan Bates and Viviana Mireya Moschen Bates, $410,000.

Springfield Rd., 14608-Simo Homes Corp. to Jennifer and Samuel Hayne, $780,000.

Summer Oak Dr., 11643-Ye Ho and Sung Hye Kim to Paul A. Huerta and Maria H. Melendez Castro, $290,000.

Town Commons Dr., 13001-Christopher Wendling to Alimou Bah, $409,900.

Wallich Way, 13078-Mateny Hill Corp. to Weigang Zhu, $499,666.

Wonderland Way, 13201, No. 2-84-Marvin Miller Jr. to Mitra Naseri Taheri, $180,000.


Brookfield Dr., 4206-Floyd Irvine and Ayako Fujii Sandlin to Theodore C. Williams IV, $560,000.

Colchester Dr., 4404-Patricia Smith Janney to Erik Anders Robb and Lana Lee, $900,000.

Dewey Rd., 11111-Joseph Patrick and Fraser Rothenberg Byrne to Kurt N. Koches and Kyle M. Ridley, $465,000.

Franklin St., 4012-Peter N. Moyer and Denise F. Ferrenz to Carlos Roman Chalbaud Nunez and Anabella Acosta Lopez, $1.15 million.

Mills Crossing Pl., 3322-Allen M. and Christine T. Sirotkin to Vaughn K. Morrison and Cathryn A. Meurer, $540,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 3120-Benson George Cooke and estate of Benjamin George Cooke Jr. to Kara and Patrick DiGiovanni, $478,000.

Saul Rd., 3901-Brandon J. and Kara Kamuda Sartain to Rachael B. Connor, $850,000.

Summit Ave., 9712-Nicholas J. and Amy M. Wells to Toni Marie and Sean P. Higgins, $847,500.

University Blvd. W., 3225, No. G-11-Maria O. Poma to Susana J. Cardenas and Roger Jimenez, $153,000.

University Blvd. W., 3117, No. B 2-Ebony Hoskins to Meaza Tassew, $163,000.

Wildwood Rd., 10103-Kenneth D. and Ana Lorena Calderon Noreen to Timothy and Leia Sellers Grady, $795,000.


Damascus Rd., 6404-Robert M. Boyd and Diane M. McCarthy to Yarid Antonio Lopez Mendoza and Gloria E. Lopez, $565,000.

Goshen Ct., 14-Francis J. and Rita D. Wobber to Christopher and Margret Miller, $569,000.

Rocky Rd., 7829-Bonnie J. Hagman to John W. White and Erin D. Page, $331,000.

Warfield Rd., 8014-Chad D. Wheeler and Michael L. Yesenko to Mathias and Ulrike Schlichte Oelke, $650,000.

Woodfield Rd., 23306-Donna Lee Kennedy and estate of Shirley M. May to Teodoro Reyes Campos and Marta Lilian Rivas Funes, $350,000.


Bathgate Ct., 9312-Digna Rodriguez and Julissa Gomez Perez to Edward Lainez, $265,000.

Brassie Pl., 19427, No. 202-Harold Stanley Bennett to Roger Justo Fernandez, $157,000.

Burlingame Way, 19502-Maureen Kershaw to Lousig K. Dedeyan, $276,000.

Club Lake Rd., 19624-Mark I. and Vera Kazakov to Jorge E. and Heidi Liceth Dominguez De Duarte, $296,000.

Crested Iris Way, 19740-Martin S. and Jo Ellen Lis to Yi Zhang and Shuang Zhao, $280,000.

Fifeshire Ct., 11-Jorge M. Contreras to Martha I. Argueta and Veronica C. Renderos, $233,000.

Hellingly Pl., 9851, No. 85-Maria Fano to Melissa Hatfield, $88,000.

Ivoryton Way, 8501-Veronica and Ricardo M. Todd to Takor Joseph Oben and Akwen Neh Mou Bayong, $390,000.

Kardwright Ct., 10446-Adama Kaba to James Roberts and Rebecca Thompson, $319,900.

Lumaryn Pl., 20025-James C. and Andrea L. Miller to Tomas M. and Edelmira R. Vasquez, $287,000.

Mastenbrook Ct., 2-Kenneth H. Anderson to Kabirul Islam and Maksuda Khatoon, $460,000.

Millstream Dr., 10229-Estate of Rose G. Koontz and Catherine G. Kramer to Catherine M. Dalhberg, $300,000.

Pier Point Pl., 18704-Donald J. Rees to Ivan Benjamin Jeffrey and Myrna Wilson, $265,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10015-Mahmud M. and Meherunnessa M. Hussain to Nei S. Samsudeen, $210,900.

Roman Way, 19163-Vincent O. and May B. Chan to Robert and Thomas McClure Holgate, $450,000.

Smoothstone Way, 18903-Maksuda Khatoon to Susana Rodriguez Rios, $115,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18630, No. 5-Nickolas and Colleen Rutar to Hannah R. Crystal, $135,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18808, No. 3-Sarah Combs to Olga Karpova, $100,000.


Dilston Rd., 9800-Courtney A. and Charline C. Van Veenhuyzen to Jose D. Mejia and Ana G. Mata Rodriguez, $355,000.

Navahoe Dr., 8320-Lorraine A. Tull and William L. Moseley Jr. to Saron Asfaw, $295,000.

Paula Dr., 1509-Albert J. Gomez to Armando and Maira Isabel Garcia De Segura, $395,000.


Alderton Rd., 13618-Cheng Hsien Jimmy Lin and Yi Ting Huang to David Guberman and Mei Tsang, $600,000.

Bluhill Rd., 13215-Edward Jones to Sharon Marcia Grosfeld and Russell Gilbert Katz, $445,000.

Chesterwood Dr., 3920-Joe and Mi Mi Wong to Hashim Ahmed Yadallah, $249,900.

Deer Valley Terr., 15127-Jamie A. Chang to Habtamu K. Benecha and Zeyneya Ibrahim, $400,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3825, No. 33-John E. and Sarah Herring to Kalimuddin and Razia Ahmad, $362,000.

Epping Rd., 12621-Eric White to Katherine Elaine Giraulo, $360,000.

Fitzhugh Lane, 3533, No. 77-A-Judy Y. Eng to Trinidad Mendez Hernandez and William Quinones Ortiz, $295,000.

Gaylor Pl., 3102-Deutsche Alt A. Securities Inc. and HSBC Bank to Haoran Zheng and Hao Wang, $251,475.

Greenery Lane, 2305, No. T-3-3-Manuel Lopes to Erich Stumpe, $198,500.

Havard St., 4108-Deborah Cool to Hugo F. Garcia, $404,000.

Highview Dr., 4116-Hugo L. and Alisha M. Quinonez to Brian Piernikowski and Sarah K. Roberts, $420,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-503-Wayne and Naomi Harris to Nancy Lee Hutchin, $189,000.

Joliet St., 3908-Wamu Asset Backed Certificates and Citibank to Nathalie Rodriguez and Bessy M. Ortiz, $330,000.

Ladymeade Cir., 14903-Kathryn Anne Rickard to Christopher J. and Carolyn M. Crawford, $322,150.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3100, No. 306-Karl E. and Barbara E. Sonneman to Blanca Cedillos, $215,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 804-Adele S. Denny and Helen Schwartz to Elizabeth Carrick, $340,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-312-Patricia A. and Kevin Connelly to Arthur B. and Hazel Brisker, $145,000.

Liverpool Pl., 3700, No. 38-A-Roy G. Saltman to Daniel E. O’Connell Jr. and Kathleen D. Moran, $340,000.

Ludham Dr., 3215, No. 192-A-Norman Petersen and Phil Karasik to Leslie C. Yeatts and Barbara G. Melvin, $240,000.

Moonlight Trail Ct., 9-Daniela and Jared S. Smith to Benjamin H. Schor, $758,000.

Park Vista Ct., 12-Michael E. and Katherine W. Scott to Theodore and Katherine Scott, $445,000.

Robert Ct., 4309-Beryl M. Benjers to Maria C. Melendez, $356,500.

Snowbird Terr., 2715, No. 8-28-Ejigayehu Azmera to Cora S. Gulliford, $192,000.

Steamboat Way, 15615-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Esmat Lakhani, $506,502.

Turnmore Rd., 13813-William Paul and Judith M. Neal to Manuel De Jesus Nieto and Tania Julieta Legister, $505,000.


Bowie Mill Rd., 18520-Jennifer R.F. and Shawn R. Mehltretter to Marcus and Krystal Harter, $540,000.

Cannes Lane, 4415-Kathryn E. Dadourian to Timothy Ray, $322,100.

Clovercrest Cir., 18649-Sharon Kay Dooley to Nelson A. and Luz H. Segura Esteban, $405,000.

Fiddleleaf Terr., 18511-Chad Cooper and Lisa Lipitz to Naresh and Veena Chopra, $630,000.

Howe Dr., 17805-Patricia Webb Parker to Ashley Marie and Peter Rosecrans, $620,000.

Macduff Ave., 17420-Nicholas and Christina Kohout to Charles and Elizabeth Catherine Rogers, $582,500.

Moss Side Lane, 17308-Constidino F. and Lisa T. Alexis to Carl Louis and Susan Baumbach, $565,000.

Queen Mary Dr., 4113-Gary J. and Heidi Hastings Brien to Michael A. and Mary R. Covington, $586,000.

Saint Theresa Dr., 17402-Kenneth J. and Marsha Nelson to Kimberly Erin Clark and Justin Conrad Kirk, $485,000.

Skymist Terr., 4320-Dean J. Pompilio to Rosalie P. and Jonathan M. Vecchi, $560,000.

Weston Pl., 4649-Rachel H. Kim to Lukas A. and Cesar A. Williams Padin, $390,000.


Campbell Farm Rd., 17121-Chance and Amy Pearce to Juan A. Escalera and Raquel Godoy Ruiz, $510,000.

Westerly Ave., 19916-JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. and U.S. Bank to Edwin M. Sauer, $361,000.


Angus Pl., 11209-Scott S. and Patricia A. Cate to Dmitry Voloshchuk and Natalia V. Nesterova, $762,000.

Bells Ridge Terr., 8445-Flipp Iosifovich and Nina Kazarain Kofman to Chris Scott Dewitt and Nadia Yusuf, $810,000.

Brass Ring Pl., 13311-Jeanne C. McManus and David J. Stang to Amrita F. and Hrishikesh N. Hari, $1.8 million.

Canfield Ct., 6-Cheng Lun and Yuru Chen to Mahmud R. Rahman and Lubna Ahmed, $950,000.

Chilham Pl., 2416-Deborah Nell and Russell A. Hayes to Caitlin Elizabeth and Patrick Francis Orth, $731,000.

Deborah Dr., 10847-James L. and Jocelyn B. Ulrich to Qingbao Yu, $545,000.

Drews Ct., 12200-Scott T. and Louise M. Mackay to Ting Chi and David Feng Lin, $1.26 million.

Fox Run, 8613-Christopher and Doris Farrell to Abu Saleh and Samna Ali, $749,000.

Garden Way, 10213-Jason P. and Gail E. Chinnock to Nancy M. Floreen and David O. Stewart, $940,000.

Goldfinch Ct., 12436-Christopher H. and Lauren C. Reed to Lin Qiu and Sara Wanner, $895,000.

Heatherton Lane, 7847-Rudolph and Evelyn P. Zamula to Ryan P. and Michelle D. Dean, $590,000.

Karen Dr., 11711-Harvey S. Jacobs to Justin M. and Randi Greene Chapman, $781,500.

Long Pine Trail, 11100-Joseph A. and Pamela M. Winder to Chiu P. and Robert E. Wiegand, $808,000.

Old Canal Rd., 12334-Lawrence H. Norton and Heather L. McDowell to Laura O. Wolf and Tyler A. Copeland, $804,375.

Riverwood Dr., 11001-Larry E. and Jolene F. Shapiro to Maya D. and Geeta Angela Mallick, $2 million.

Stable House Ct., 12609-Stephen Namur and Jenny Namur Karp to Michael Abram and Annie Moore, $919,000.

Stratton Dr., 1408-Frank R. and Alison M. Costantino to Philip J. and Lauren Boland, $684,900.

Watts Branch Pkwy., 600-Jamie R. and Eileen S. Seligman to Michael Ross and Angela Cherman, $660,000.

Wild Olive Dr., 8503-Connor M. Blemly and Mariel Phillips to J. Patrick and Fraser R. Byrne, $734,900.


Aldersgate Rd., 9909-Abdul Saghir Chaudhary to Adam M. Pickett and Michele M. Gage, $1.04 million.

Barbados Pl., 5911, No. 42-Kavi Jivan to Ekaterina Karpova, $420,000.

Blackwell Rd., 9407, No. 101-Vera Follain Grisell to Aaron Jay Sampliner, $380,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12202, No. 222-Michal Afik Shifman to Saeed H. and Ana L. Mohebbi, $190,000.

Buckwood Lane, 11204-Rene Rasmussen and Maria Schnurpfeil to Clayton Cole Swears III and Michelle Neary, $919,000.

Cedarwood Dr., 11067-Wei and Maggie Yongmei Xu to Shomari Stone and Kristal J. Southern, $708,000.

Clemson Ct., 11-Patricia D. and Theodore C. Reuther to Hamid Pourifarsi and Nazanin Naseri, $525,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11323, No. 304-John D. and Katie A. Mason to Justina Pfister, $333,900.

Crabb Ave., 707-Dorothy M. Haines to Kleanthi Dede, $370,000.

Danville Ct., 6413-Sharon W. Farber to Janelle Gudelsky, Holly G. Stone, Jonathan M. Genn and Rita G. Regino, $1.14 million.

Edson Lane, 5801, No. 302-David Choi to Mariyana Popova, $375,000.

Ertter Dr., 4825-Miloud S. Saidi and Johahna R. Johnson to Russell and Molly Beth Maier, $496,600.

Garden View Sq., 611-Nelson T. and Jennifer M. Niu to Adam J. and Catherine J. Donaldson, $559,500.

Greenplace Terr., 1818-David and Paula Darby Lipman to Jay and Stefani Wexler Berdia, $870,905.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 2013-Dmitri Y. Ivashchenko to Jeanie Moon, $290,000.

Hitching Post Lane, 11803-Kevin D. and Paige C. Connelly to Ganit Schneider and Shachar Bir, $956,000.

Inman Park Cir., 5801, No. 1205-Philip J. Boland to Thomas Arthur and Rodica Jeanine Cipu, $363,000.

King Farm Blvd., 501, No. 105-Adolph E. Vezza to Roni M. Glover, $414,900.

Lynn Ct., 805-Karla R. Kauffman and estate of Ruth A. Jones to Yuan Zhi and You Li Yuan, $395,000.

Mist Haven Terr., 10758-Charles W. Stansfield and Charlene Rivera to Jina L. and Jo Ann Dubose, $645,000.

Monroe St., 122, No. 302-Maria A. Da Conceicao to Aaron Siers Kraut and Kirsty E. Groff, $255,000.

Old Bridge Rd., 12000-Carol E. Preston and Richard H. Israel to Chul Kim and Ji Hye Park, $849,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 1301-Kelly Marie Kemp to Joanna R. Yeh, $349,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1411-Alexander Warsaw to Matthew J. Scott and Athena N. Liu, $290,000.

Piccard Dr., 1438-KF Property Owner Corp. to Cuong Duy Khong and Hochin Tu, $610,470.

Ritchie Pkwy., 415-903 MD Corp. to Kourosh D. Tahmassebi and Linda M. Mazaheri, $610,000.

Rockville Pike., 10216, No. 201-Mary Alice Hennigan to Teresa Thuy Tran, $240,000.

Rose Ave., 930, No. 1104-Pike & Rose Condominium Inc. to Myung Ae Sim, $809,900.

Rose Ave., 930, No. 1603-Pike & Rose Condominium Inc. to Scott M. Strickler, $297,500.

Stonewood Ct., 6902-Carol Lynn Dewitt and estate of Barbara Ann Dewitt to Alexander David Stanchfield and Yendry Cristina Quesada Solano, $710,000.

Travilah Rd., 14263-Brookfield Travilah Grove Corp. to Sangrae Jo and Joo Hyun Lee, $647,448.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10036-Dominik N. Van Der Veen to Daniel Ryan Sherman, $566,000.

Winding Rose Dr., 407-George W. and Amy L. Liu to Wei Yao and Kevin Zhou, $615,000.


Apperson Pl., 20013-Beharry and Anne Roopchand to Bryan Scott Bendall, $267,000.

Boneset Way, 22069-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Jeffrey Keith and Sheryl G. Wilson, $769,144.

Dunstable Way, 11208, No. 162-Katherine Bo and Bo Huang to Christian Jamar Sullivan, $235,000.

Found Stone Rd., 12705, No. 7-204-KLS Acquisitions Corp. to Cortenous Q. Herbert Jr., $238,500.

Hickory Forest Way, 21224-Sanoj and Minakshi Suneja to Ladonna Ann Fletcher, $574,000.

Morning Star Dr., 11722-Daniel and Susanna Benson to Franklin Patrick and Danielle Nicole Lynam, $680,000.

Saint Johnsbury Lane, 19408-Rajesh Chhabra and Seema Dheman to Wilfredo Bonilla and Rosa Bonilla Orellana, $350,000.

Stoney Point Pl., 11452-Yehoshua Tzurdecker to Adrienne Angevine, $187,500.

Watkins Rd., 11100-William and Linda Wheelhouse to David N. Dunn, $605,000.


Capitol View Ave., 10245-Amy B. and Christopher P. Murphy to Scott and Margaret Kabat, $837,500.

Dartmouth Ave., 716-Kimberley Marie McKeon to Stephen J. and Catherine E. Dematteo, $495,000.

East-West Hwy., 1201, No. 217-Allen E. and Anna A. Corniel to Megan L. Thompson and Christopher P. Dockrey, $480,000.

Grant Ave., 10206-Randy Eckert and estate of John A. Canning to Megan Foley and Phil D. Wolf, $520,000.

Louis Ave., 9106-Patricia J. Benson and Amy L. Lewis to Daniel S. Riley and Megan E. Barrett, $670,000.

Midwood Pl., 1309-Alan O. and Rosalie M. Kogan to Dana Elfin, $777,000.

Pershing Dr., 505-James Dawson Hinshelwood to Floyd Gomez and Carlos Gomez Starnes, $535,000.

Sheffield St., 105-Samuel C. Phinney and Lisa K. Prince to Musad A. Haque and Mariska Van Delft, $570,000.

Thayer Ave., 721-Pamela Filomena and Robert E. Peay to Todd R. Laubach and Marissa A. Wagner, $564,948.

Wilton Ave., 2923-LS Design Group Corp. to Arun Prakash Suresh Kumar and Justin Andrew Wilcox, $699,000.

13th St., 8005, No. 302-Jared L. McLemore to Jasmine Carpenter, $375,000.


Cockerille Ave., 6718-Anne Ketter to Dustin J. Maghamfar and Laura B. Belazis, $764,000.

Garland Ave., 7207-Sheri M. Meisel to Marc and Sharon W. Blecher, $665,000.

Lee Ave., 111, No. 101-Michael W. Glock to Emil Parker and Anne Pfitzer, $108,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 611-James C. Simpson to Ryann and Ayobami Fapohunda, $250,000.

Woodland Ave., 7009-Lauren E. Wheeler and Deyanira A. Bautista to Adrienne Elise Fowler and Roger Joseph Gural, $1.18 million.


Crawford Dr., 1017-Thomas D. and Elizabeth L. Beard to Haeyoung Kim, $385,000.

Grandin Cir., 8-John F. and Whitney K. Fahy to Trevor L. and Jolie N. Scott, $415,000.

Lewis Ave., 1953-Catherine H. Ho to Jeramy Ray and Shannon Pfeiffer Norland, $418,000.

Pinneberg Ave., 2323-Duncan Wambogo Omole and Edwina Adhiambo Wambogo to Kyle Evan Robison and Doris Quynh Nhan, $415,000.

First St., 710-Luann T. Battersby and estate of Stanley J. Letherman to Sean Cullinane, $340,000.


Belgrade Rd. S., 804-Aarden Design & Build Corp. to Jeffrey B. and Channah D. Cohen, $480,000.

Bucknell Dr., 10715, No. 7-Meredith and Emanuel Donate to Hewan E. Woldemariam and Jordan T. Mersha, $350,000.

Centerhill St., 11910-Juan Vigil Escobar and Francisco Vigil to Francisco E. Bonilla and Cecibel Ayala, $270,000.

Conover Dr., 10304-Joseph A. and Patricia A. McAlarnen to Michael Samuel and Sofia Eileen Iszard, $492,000.

Eldon Lane, 1804-Andrew and Jean Ann Fortunato to Faith E. and Andrew F. McNeill, $429,900.

Georgia Ave., 10526-Herbert F. Sands to Errazi Belmihoub, $402,500.

Hillsboro Dr., 720-Lise P. and Donald McCallum to Mathewos Demissie, $445,000.

Imperial Dr., 1703-Black Rock Corp. to Evan Lambert, $515,000.

Ivydale St., 2821-Joel W. and Kirsten T. Withrow to Peter and Victoria Thomas, $438,000.

Kersey Rd., 716-Ronny A. and Joyce Schaul to Richard M. and Miriam A. Roth, $705,000.

Le Baron Terr., 11603-Randi Kay and Judith Ann Neff to Addisu Ayele, $460,000.

Norlee Dr., 11101-Bertram and Eileen Z. Rothenberg to Danh Thanh Dang and Sam Thi Nguyen, $405,000.

Rocky Mount Way, 10923-Krysta Copeland to Olusola Akinseye, $460,000.

Spruell Dr., 3700-Suzann Furney and Joan D. Cadmus to Brendan McNamara and Gail Austin, $630,000.

Wallace Ave., 2014-Roger J. and Jeannie Williams to Amy Gottlieb and Darren Wayne Korunich, $699,900.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Buckeystown Pike., 1016-Anita Moore and estate of Hazel L. Wilcom to Andrew and Luke Marchwicki, $195,000.

Tudor Ct., 3301-Stewart and Jennifer L. Cummings to Adrienne Nicole Maher, $452,500.


Brunswick St., 608-Amanda Baumgardner and John William Dayton to Katherine P. Vo Dinh, $247,000.

Delaware Ave. N., 307-John A. and Bernadette Tregoe to Michael F. Swire and Devon N. Lebaron, $255,000.

Long Farm Cir., 1125-Eugene F. Gaynor to Christopher John and Lindsay Ryan Matthai, $425,000.

Peach Orchard Lane, 1013-William Richard and Ashley Marie Shriver to Caleb Vermillion, $158,000.

Potterfields Ct., 704-NVR Inc. to John William and Amanda Baumgardner Dayton, $512,700.

Virginia Ave. N., 15, No. 17-Herbert L. Daugherty Jr. to Patrick W. McLane, $226,000.

Fifth Ave., 817-Constance Stiars to Christina F. and John P. Caves, $369,900.


Carone Dr., 2911-Justin David Williams to Corey A. and Kayla H. Smith, $435,000.

Horine Rd., 4249-Jeanette Lynn Toms and Paul Erwin Hobbs to James Leo and Ines B. Sweeney, $335,000.


Four Points Rd., 10430-William L. Cochran Jr. to David K. and Sarah E. Stine, $255,000.

Main St. E., 220-Kevin E. Wantz to Morgan Zigler, $164,900.

Warthens Way, 3-Need More Property Corp. to Kelsey M. Hurley, $172,500.


Avonshire Pl., 5601, No. C-Amber Marie Elia to Nicholas Aaron Selby, $178,000.

Bamburg Ct., 5222-David I. and Megan L. Maddox to Kevin Lewis, $282,000.

Betty Linton Lane, 6388-Henri and Benita V. Roberts to Joann P. and Thomas J. Hughbanks, $349,900.

Boysenberry Lane, 596-Jaime E. Walters to Katherine Judith and Dina Judith Romero De Fuentes, $221,000.

Cambria Rd., 4762-D.R. Horton Inc. to Guiani Vernon Bitkeu Biali and Elionore M. Nkwemou, $374,999.

Christian Kemp Dr. S., 4924-Christopher P. Lombardi to Fahima Azizi and Furrukh Jamil, $542,500.

Crabapple Dr., 5676-Julie L. Hirka and estate of Gloria J. Furr Fornshill to Rebecca C. McNeilly and Michelle McNeilly Landolina, $246,000.

Dock St., 6163-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Robert James Whalen, $286,340.

Eisenhower Dr., 552-Kathleen Moore McKeever to Ronald E. and Michaela Stevison, $239,000.

Fellingwood Ct., 6595-Preston Home Investments Corp. to Jehan Z. and Tausif Ahmed, $317,900.

Henden Wood Lane, 5328-Robert Barry and Kathleen B. Buzby to Juan and Jeanette A. Miranda, $401,000.

Hunting Horn Lane, 1415-Marcus Scott and Krystal Harter to Olugbenga Baiyewu, $369,000.

Jefferson Pike., 6107-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Dustin Michael and Savanna Dawn Bowers, $326,215.

Lauren Ct., 123-Andrea N. Bowers to Olman and Kellie Venegas, $169,000.

MacDonough Pl., 4961-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to John Kwesi Koomson and Kate Mensah, $339,240.

Margarita Way, 6214-Ram and Sameer K. Batta to Najah Aaliyah Barton, $315,000.

Monarch Ridge Rd., 621-Marisol Escoto and Evelyn E. Coreas to Maxwell and Amy Jones, $345,000.

Murray Terr., 6190-Derrick Lamont Bailey to Juan Uzcategui, $268,000.

Posey St., 6213-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Gregory Alphanso and Lerita Roxanne Carter, $317,025.

Providence Ct., 1151-Deborah R. Markuski to Juan F. Pineda Leon and Yngris S. Benitez De Pineda, $189,000.

Small Gains Way, 5009-Ahmed Hudhud to David Nester, $392,500.

Walcott Lane, 6363-Mehran Rezai Dogahe and Taban Rezai to Kitadi and Muwangu Kolongo, $374,900.

Whelan Lane, 5957-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Charene Marie Du Boyce and Gerald James Albano Prieto, $283,295.


Admiralty Pl., 8015-Erin L. and Mark T. Gossart to Jose A. Sanchez and Mindy L. Boulanger, $305,000.

Baldridge Cir., 6132-Dimitri and Maria Garbis to Anna Kwon, $260,000.

Bellevue Pl., 6426-Kathleen A. Hilton to Kyle David Peirce and Michelle Louise Munger, $465,000.

Bentz St. S., 44-Taylor M. Jenkins Grewe to Anthony Wells Brock and Rula Jones, $225,000.

Black Haw Ct., 8246-Kathleen B. Ford to John K. Wineland, $229,900.

Cameron Way, 2681-Debra Kemp to Luz Marina Leon, $274,900.

Court St. N., 20-Pythian Castle Condominium Corp. to Neil Markey, $532,811.

Dockside Ct., 1485-Heidi A. Smith to Melinda M. Eldin, $216,450.

Emory St., 1734-Marion Scott and Kelly Pridgen to Theckla Pantazes, $275,000.

Holden Rd., 820-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Ryan and Sameeha Bricklemyer, $557,889.

Horseshoe Ct., 7804-Ashley Hawkins and William Roberts to Mark J. Meyers, $325,000.

Iverson Terr. S., 6297-David Lee Toy to Andrea Mountney and Victor Enrico Zottig, $495,000.

Kingston Pl., 9546-Steven Gilbert and Stacey Lynn Yankee to Matthew James and Antoinette Louise Parker, $375,000.

Lindley Rd., 904-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Chad Rudy Ahalt and Cassandra Clara Crouse, $517,281.

Market St. N., 910-Luke H. MacDonald and Jaclyn A. Sicoli to Marc J. and Samantha D. Reilley, $365,000.

Mount Olivet Blvd., 107-Kathryn McClafferty and Travis Roahrig to Graham C. and Marcia M. Baker, $365,000.

Palatine Dr., 3004-Wormald Development Co. to Terrence W. Leonard and Doreen M. Dotzler, $529,900.

Ridgefield Cir., 9217-KTK Ridgefield Corp. to Suzanne Notio Simo, $275,000.

Saint Lawrence Ct., 1551-Andrew Michael and Susan Rhodes Gould to Lindsay N. Hile, $232,000.

Shawnee Dr., 809-Monet Corp. to Maria Alicia Romero Sanchez and Franklyn A. Parada Canales, $238,500.

Springwater Ct., 6512, No. 4203-Flip Flop to Florida Corp. to Eileen Gellerman, $199,000.

Stratford Way, 806H, No. H-Self Help Ventures Fund to Angela M. and Jairo A. Tamayo, $120,000.

Trafalgar Lane, 1502-Monocacy Park Land Corp. and Monocacy Park Condominium Corp. to Raymond Rosario, $348,120.

Warren Way, 2642, No. 2-Jared T. Crouse to Taylor Brooke Simpson, $224,900.

Wheyfield Dr., 1819B, No. 7-B-Darius Jason Ghannadian to Oluyinka O. Oni, $235,000.

Sixth St. E., 205-Carl and Ann Berger to Elizabeth A. Stringer, $240,000.

Seventh St. W., 6-Housing Authority of City of Frederick and Lancaster Craftsmen Builders Inc. to Nelson Alejandro Rivas Canas, $349,900.


Barnham Way, 1005-Emilie Angelety and estate of Lorell Henry Angelety Jr. to Lee Zhang, $170,500.

Birch Bay Ct., 1807-Dayssy Davila and Franklin L. Luzuriaga to Matthew F. and Alice Klem, $430,000.

Colonial Way, 1612-Walter A. and Diana Lee Brown to Jorge T. Solis, $204,000.

Ellsworth Way, 2400, No. 3D-Timothy D. Page to Rachel Miranda Kinsey, $180,000.

Ford Rd., 6705-Lucian K. and Kenneth M. Falconer to Frederick D. and Amelia J. Fisher, $235,000.

Independence St., 2111-Nanette Davila to Jeffrey Joseph Morella, $375,000.

Key Pkwy., 152-Roy H. and Barbara E. Taylor to Carlos Bello and Alexandria Bello Perez, $130,000.

Laurel Ridge Rd., 8117-David C. and Bridget D. Moody to Shannon Lertora and John L. Fitzsimmons, $410,000.

Pedigree St., 1418-NVR Inc. to Joseph Lafayette and Elizabeth Tracy Pankey, $521,642.

Rocky Pointe Ct., 2514-Paul and Karen Mekkelson to Adam Lee and Jennifer Lynn Bazinet, $442,000.

Saxton Dr., 1119-Dream Finders Homes Corp. to Tyrone B. and Belombo Gina Johnson, $430,000.

Shelley Cir., 2501, No. 3-TB-Anushka Kapahi to Humberto Chamucero Garnica and Carina Paola Muller, $185,500.

Shookstown Rd., 5245-James E. Mackenzie and Laura C. Shipley to Terry E. and Virginia M. Miller, $550,000.

Trotter St., 1607-NVR Inc. to Marci Harper and Randall Wayne Scott, $421,050.

Washburn Ct., 1917-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Moses and Adeola Obajemu, $439,900.

Worthington Ct., 1756-Ray Sean Neal Spriggs to Vanel G. Nono Ngansop and Akissi K. Nono, $189,999.


Arboretum Dr., 4604-Winchester Homes Inc. to Frederick Agbomanyi and Favour Annette Tsogbe, $664,144.

Beerse St., 10000-Richard and Ashley Hatton to Geraldine and Jameson Dory, $285,000.

Corner Stone Mews, 4710-NVR Inc. to Pedro J. Alicea and Raquel R. Torres Fernandez, $530,000.

Doctor Perry Rd., 9843-James William and Nancy Moeller Reed to Jeremy Lessard and Amy Schlom, $715,000.

Hutzell St., 10104-NVR Inc. to Gustavo Omar Torres, $362,845.

Old National Pike., 10004-Oakdale Properties Corp. to Gene and Crystal A. Dinkins, $297,000.

Yardley Ct., 11203-William J. Plank Jr. to Maedeh and Fatemeh Noroozi, $546,900.


Jefferson Pike., 1503-Rachel K. Zimmerman Michelson to Mark Vincent and Jennifer Catherine Bisignano, $399,900.


Fountain School Rd., 10234-Adam J. and Catherine J. Donaldson to David E. and Elizabeth Frey, $545,000.


Brownstone Ct., 7093-Nancy R. Meikrantz to Shane and Melanie Lear, $350,000.

Groff Ct., 10-Darrell and Kimberly McClure to Jeremy Franck and Kristin Grace Watson, $489,900.

Ingalls Dr., 317-NVR Inc. to James Stokes IV, $578,840.

Main St. E., 505-Lawrence A. and Michelle T. Peterson to Brian G. Ludwig and Amy L. White, $369,000.

Southridge Way, 6811-Christopher K. and Dolly C. Tormoen to Jairaj Kumar and Usha R.J. Acharya, $675,000.

Woodmere Cir., 13-Donna R. Gaver to Jeremiah D. Shuman, $1 million.


Landsdale Pkwy., 4515-NVR Inc. to Janet Garner, $365,290.

Linganore Woods Lane, 12404-Ronald D. and Patricia B. Bergeron to Chris and Nicole Padgett, $349,900.

Ridgeway Dr., 11806-Paul R. and Karen Lynn Klem to Justin Waterstraat, $434,900.

Viridian Terr., 4501-Winchester Homes Inc. to Robert Hedidor and Erica Kuwornu, $677,827.


Caleb Wood Dr., 4732-Kirk O. and Natacha Douglas to Anthony S. and Jennifer L. Burns, $720,000.

Liberty Rd., 14512-William J. and Melinda Dobbie to Reynaldo C. Alvarado and Maria Lourdes Hernandez Chavez, $340,000.

Oak Dr. W., 12623-William L. and Karen L. Federman Henry to Matthew W. and Jennifer L. Bagby, $489,999.

Rambling Sunset Cir., 526-Praful D. and Mina P. Patel to Morgan C. Rock, $499,999.

Sidney Rd., 5406-Rebecca L. Corey to Wayne E. and Carol A. Gregg, $335,000.


Canada Hill Rd., 2702-Daniel W. and Callie P. Shea to Andrew Alexander and Marie E. Lee, $415,000.

Fox Rock Dr., 23-Sean T. and Anna L. Linehan to Zachary S. Uchima and Megan E. Grove, $289,890.

Ward Kline Rd., 3202C-Sherman E. Katz to Eladio and Katia Hernandez, $465,000.


Arapahoe Rd., 9923-MS Aspen North Corp. to Evin and Kacie Vannoy, $498,270.

Country Club Rd., 11044-John and Desiree Difabio to Arthur W. and Lisa J. Cox, $519,900.

Douglas Ave., 6077-Jeffrey R. and Susan S. Clark to Erin Lindsay Frank and James Robert Harris II, $410,000.

Emmaline Dr., 10658-Leonard Nathaniel Howard to Robert Evans and Caitlin Anne Walker, $386,400.

Labri Ct., 6804-MS Aspen North Corp. to Michael Lawrence and Deirdre Moyer Burke, $520,335.

Littleleaf Ct., 5828-Richard L. and Carol M. Kuhlman to Stephen A. and Jennifer Roberts, $560,000.

Nightingale Ct., 6525-Roxanne Denise Cox and Ophel Ayodele Iyamu to James Carlyle Thornton, $510,000.

Oakrise Ct., 6801-Jonathan and Tabetha Klein to Benjamin H. and Kristy Nicole Cline, $490,000.

Queen Anne Ct., 5612-Jeffrey E. Broyles to Kelly L. O’Grady and Daniel Blaugrund, $261,000.

Sponseller Ct., 5543-Matthew and Alice Klem to Rebekah E. Stapf, $360,000.


Warner Rd., 11804-Sidonia V. Huffer to Vincent Xavier and Amy Joanne Paylor, $220,000.


Ballenger Creek Pike., 1752-Jose A. Siguenza and Maria Vicenta Paredes to Felix Hernandez Jr., $222,900.


Eylers Valley Flint Rd., 6930-Michael and Debra Jean Michalik to Michael William and Kathryn Marie Riling, $625,000.


Blue Ridge Ave., 41-Rockie L. and Renee Knight Fraley to Tyler Lynn and Keith D. Donnelly, $240,000.

Fish Hatchery Rd., 6504-Paul J. Frederick to Griffin G. Schmidt, $290,000.

Pleasant Acres Dr., 12-Annie M. Murty to Zachary and Briannin Howard, $349,900.

Sabillasville Rd., 14738-David Seiss to Caryn Lynn Willard, $294,900.

Tacoma St., 23-Joseph M. and Tatiana V. Dockendorf to William E. Crescenze and Amy L. Cregger, $258,000.


Alpine Ct., 8320-NVR Inc. to Matthew and Lindsay Lowe, $850,318.

Bealls Farm Rd., 9214-Monocacy Land Co. Corp. to William G. and Christine D. Mathews, $502,134.

Bothwell Lane, 9645-Kristie S. Sohn Chung and estate of Dai Yong Eom to Stewart and Jennifer Cummings, $422,000.

Brushfield Cir., 4012-Eric K. and Dawn N. Croft to Daryl A. and Marygrace C. Mercado, $545,000.

Holborn Pl., 3694-Vernitta Tucker to Christopher and Sara McCamy, $310,000.

Layton Ct., 8290-NVR Inc. to Kristopher and Jennifer Lyn Weidling, $855,328.

Mission Peak Way, 3114-NVR Inc. to John Edward and Rosa Diaz Scheck, $810,973.

Randell Ridge Rd., 8457-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Matthew Wayne Myers and Emily Ashton Barbe, $321,000.

Shady Pines Dr., 8837-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Nataly Bashaw, $399,990.

Shiloh Ct., -Robert S. and Barbara A. Wilcom to Tanweer and Roomika T. Baig, $225,000.

Stone Barn Dr., 3225-Dream Finders Homes Corp. to Rene and Christina Lopez, $554,990.


Adventure Ave., 8802-Oscar Rojas and Gabriela Rojas Salas to Aster Tesfaye Zewde and Adane Zegeye, $325,000.

Diamond Dr., 206-Scott G. Drega to Moshe Barrientos and Cesar Salvador Serrano, $307,000.

Fortune Pl., 8506-Ralph W. Thrash to Christian Alejandro Velasquez, $205,000.

Hahn Cir., 3-Michael S. Crocker and estate of Russell A. Crocker to Justin Grow and Amanda Fletcher, $255,000.

Phoenix Ct., 103-Arvest Central Mortgage Co. to Dmytro Berkout and Haiyan Cheng, $365,000.

Tylerton Ct., 201-Warren Scott and Mary Melissa Steele to Michael Patrick and Sarah Jane Hourigan, $370,000.