Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bel Pre Rd., 4409-Andrew and Eva Shinka to Theodore J. and Yanni F. Ravas, $485,000.

Clayton St., 14205-Pyramid Properties Corp. to Ian Lukens and Sarah Benyamin, $480,500.

Flint Rock Rd., 14009-Brian M. and Abagail Adams to Jeffrey and Jenna Messman, $535,000.

Glasgow Dr., 4705-Jerome C. and Elizabeth A. Lovato to Alex J. and Jessica M. Erlingis Lamers, $435,000.

Hornbeam Dr., 4904-Daniel G. and Tara Q. Zancan to Abagail and Brian Adams, $671,800.


Margot Dr., 13010-Nancy and Victor Melendez to Xiaomeng Liang, $430,000.

Oriental St., 13418-Jean R. and Iddy Pierre Canel to Jesse H. and Christine W. Matsubara, $492,900.


Penrose St., 12910-Janet C. and Ruth V. Coffelt to Songtao Li, $360,000.

Turkey Branch Pkwy., 13005-Janice Sawyer Roberts and estate of Mildred M. Sawyer to David Ferrufino and Fidelia Ferrufino Obando, $390,000.


Barnesville Rd., 18311-James Ramsey Hunter to James D. Mitchell and Desarai Cabrera, $340,000.


Arlington Rd., 7453-Robert and Nancy Koran to Richard Clattenburg and Masaki Hidaka, $1.33 million.

Baltimore Ave., 5232-Marilyn R. Hathaway to Philip Alexander Wallach and Vera Krimnus, $820,000.


Breuer St., 10426-RS Homes Associates Corp. to Nasim Aminnia, $212,901.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 230-Diane Bernstein to Judith B. Linowes, $806,200.

Chalfont Pl., 4407-Estate of Jane R. Vieth and Robert R. Vieth to Leo Millstein and Linda Finkelman, $1.2 million.

Conway Rd., 5827-Elayne C. and Howard C. Bartner to Madhav and Sudha Komaragiri, $772,500.


Eames Way, 6736-RS Homes Associates Corp. to Saran Kumar Baskaran and Eline Anne Maria Appelmans, $790,000.

Fairfax Rd., 7114-Maurice Axelrad and estate of Pearl Axelrad to Richard M. and Chrystal L. Adams, $1.5 million.

Fort Sumner Dr., 5009-Philip M. Walker and Cheryl A. Tritt to Joshua H. Aronson and Danielle E. Beyda, $1.12 million.


Grosvenor Lane, 5712-Bertie P. and Edward M. Leahy to Stephen Kapuschansky, $600,000.

Hempstead Ave., 8512-Natalie N. and Harold M. Johnson to Jonathan and Allison R. Zygielbaum, $1.19 million.

Kirkdale Rd., 9122-Janet L. Krasnican to Leslie Irene Morrison and Andrew Brodeur, $760,000.

Maiden Lane, 6002-Donna C. Osborn and Beth M. Polakoff to Zachary M. and Lisa M. Lipp, $900,000.

Marengo Rd., 5801-Susan L. Sundberg to Christopher John and Joellen Marie Becker, $1 million.


McKinley St., 5513-Jeffrey J. Baron and Kate M. Stern to Erik Osmond and Hannah Epstein, $750,000.

Nevis Rd., 7514-Anthony Joseph and Katja Duggan to Marta Spinella, $885,000.

Oakmont Ave., 5619-Estate of K. Cornelia Hesselbach and Christopher Sintetos to Heather L. Nevin, $810,000.


Persimmon Tree Rd., 6813-Stuart and Lisa A. Gold to Sergio De Faria Coelho De Sousa and Lilian Akie Yochikawa, $945,000.

River Rd., 8121, No. 442-Quarry Springs Associates Corp. to Prachee J. Devadas, $1.75 million.

Sangamore Rd., 4841, No. 21-Daniel Attard and Rosa L.D. Abate to Elizabeth Pittman and Malcolm Hale, $522,500.

Spring Lake Dr., 7523, No. C2-James P. Gerth to Jane and Xiaohong Ma, $250,000.

Tulip Hill Terr., 6820-Lois Ann and Michael Gutowski to Christian J. and Casey K. Lowe, $1.03 million.

Wedgewood Rd., 6210-Sophia J. Parker to Markus Paul and Mary Elizabeth Mueller, $1.82 million.


Westlake Terr., 7420, No. 1005-Rosalie F. Reul and estate of Irene C. Santino to April M. Lewis, $275,000.


Whitley Park Terr., 5450, No. HR-408-Estate of Jerome Perry Feldman and Miriam L. Feldman to Debbie Ghamkhar, $380,000.

Wissioming Rd., 5136-Edwin John and Sylvia Jean Reis to Megan and Theodore Wold, $900,000.

Yorkshire Terr., 6207-Bruce E. Stokes and Wendy R. Sherman to Andrew Daniel and Andrea Marguerite Lerner, $1.26 million.


Cornflower Rd., 18304-Mark and Debra Monninger to Jennifer and Michael Kuk, $706,000.

Gorman Cir., 12729-Hui Zhuang and Hongwei Zheng to Vinoth Jagannathan and Priya Boopathi, $668,000.


Carter Mill Way, 2024-Neil E. and Leslie P. Berger to Hamlet Lopez and Claudia Reyes Puac, $880,000.

Heritage Hills Dr., 19028-Harvey Rudolph to Frederick W. Nothnagel, $489,000.


Tanterra Cir., 3417-Mireille H.F. Grippon to Michael and Samantha Martinko, $412,000.


Almanac Dr., 14506-Robert T. and Roxanne R. Mitton to Joas Perez Torres, $309,000.

Arbor Wood Ct., 4409-NVR Inc. to Latoya Miller, $670,945.

Bryant Park Cir., 3913-Devi D. Khadka to Binod Prasad and Gita Duwadi Timalsina, $390,000.

Perrywood Dr., 14604-Residential Value Corp. to Jean Paul Rock, $455,000.


Persimmon Tree Rd., 6607-Sandra G. Hayward to Joseph P. and Melissa S. Tone, $944,657.


Brahms Terr., 13018-Hernan Urias to Andamlak Munga, $310,000.

Conley Ct., 2001-Lynk Equity Corp. to Solomon Hailu and Tsehay Asfaw, $660,000.


Eldrid Dr., 602-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Timothy A. and Joseph A. Peckham, $294,000.

Gershwin Lane, 3133-Michelle M. Lidd to Thomas Lee Jr., $485,000.


Ivystone Ct., 1542-Jack S. and Helen M. Iams to Julia Ann S. Hobson, $406,000.

Michale Ct., 11506-Irene H. Shere to Sara Willis and Angelique Willis Hilbrich, $660,000.

Northwyn Dr., 14015-Jean M. and Kevin R. Shane to Stephanie Marie and Clifford Gyamfi, $544,900.

Olive Branch Dr., 3408-Asim A. and Fowzia M. Ansari to Natnael Weldemichael, $456,000.

Rabbit Run Terr., 11507-Sam Young Kang to Betelhem Zeleke, $440,000.

Sir Thomas Dr., 3301, No. 6-B-12-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and Newrez Corp. to Yun Song Kwon, $150,000.


Turquoise Terr., 12779-Manoj Bhandari to Rakeb Bekana, $362,000.


Bradley Lane, 3712-Paul S. and Sara A. Russell to Amit and Luz Blancas Sevak, $2.6 million.

East-West Hwy., 4242, No. 520-Veronica Ortiz and Oscar Zimerman to Fang Xie, $135,000.

Ellingson Dr., 8019-Israel S. and Sarah A. Klein to Eytan Jordan and Heather Susanne Diamond Fisch, $1.32 million.


Glenmoor Dr., 3501-Michel Del Buono to Charles Michael Corrado, $660,000.

Leland St., 4204-Marc L. Frohman and estate of Erica Lynn Frohman to Alec Asher Levy and Joanna Grace Evans, $910,000.

Montrose Dr., 3908-Estate of Anne Marie Gonzalez and Anne H. Gonzalez to Deniz N. Tolu and Samir G. Garcia, $790,000.

Park Ave. N., 4601, No. 1116-Helen P. and David W. Secrest to John S. and Mary Baras, $265,000.

Shepherd St., 3318-Steven H. and Carolyn I. Bernstein to Paul and Alana Choquette, $1.71 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 1-Susan B. Kay and estate of Bess G. Brill to Claudio Marcelo and Raquel Beatriz Loser, $1.37 million.


Bennett Chase Dr., 23706-Brenda S. Grisham and Kelly K. Meyer to Kyun Choe and Sandy S. Choi, $570,000.

Broadway Ave., 22829-Winchester Homes Inc. to Shauna Renee and Jadrice Toussaint, $699,224.


Cabin Branch Ave., 22306-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jane L. and Bunnara H. Tes, $429,156.

Clarks Crossing Dr., 12815-Mark T. Murphy to Hakawa J. Asso and Carol A. Hernandez Lainez, $389,000.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 13030, No. 5-Lisa Robin Cahn to Stacie Lynette Rice, $300,000.

Derby Post Pl., 23501-Robert C. Malm to Andrew Michael and Susan Rhodes Gould, $415,000.

Glenbow Way, 22465, No. 2102-Jonathan and Michelle Santiago to Carolle Wend Whoaga Zongo, $199,500.

Horseshoe Bend Cir., 12621-Tianning Li to Kanwaljit S. and Karishma K. Rekhi, $382,500.

Linden Vale Dr., 23204-Otis L. and Danielle R. Miller to William Jameel and Michelle Denise Roberts, $585,000.

Martz St., 13059-Third Try Corp. to Karita Kirk Williams, $525,000.

Muscadine Dr., 22481-Joshua M. and Heather M. Horner to Malav Sheth and Rinku Shah, $648,000.

Prescott Rd., 26195-Paul and Diane H. Bandholz to Twila and Arlyn Logan, $600,000.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23359-Kenneth N. and Mary J. Kolb to Michael T. and Wendy L. Anderson, $565,000.

Stilt St., 14020-Winchester Homes Inc. to Vipulkumar Chauhan and Nidhi Nitin Doshi, $576,121.

Turtle Rock Terr., 22929-Gary R. and Susan S. Brenner to Andrew L. and Mariette L. Klein, $590,000.

Yellowwood Dr., 23143-Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Joseph F. and Deborah C. Miehl, $575,600.


Durant St., 15312-Sean P. and Kimberly H. Doherty to Ravi and Henanksha Sainani, $490,000.

Harbour Town Dr., 16606-Frank L. and Brenda Baldwin White to Lina Florence Gomez, $670,000.

McNeil Lane, 730-Ny and Phany Sath to Kepson and Gerbiana Gedna Germain, $677,000.

Peachstone Dr., 15205-Thomas and Karen Kneeland to Sandra U. Swann, $560,000.

Stonegate Dr., 104-Hugh R. Haworth and Lubov Fajfer to Regina A. Cline and Colin P. Preston, $515,000.

Valencia St., 15400-Alexander Joseph and Jessica Emily Shackman to Warnakulasuriya Theja Sri Sachini Lowe and Jayakody Arachchige Don Venura Dhananjay Jayakody, $418,000.


Bellehaven Blvd., 10909-Donald A. Duquette to Roberto Alejandro Ventura and Maria C. Chaparro, $420,000.

Buckmeadow Lane, 10204-Wells Fargo Bank and Wachovia Bank to Kommaly Dias, $549,900.

Grace Ct., 26805-Brian Allan Sadtler and estate of Allan Philip Sadtler Jr. to Justin Michael and Carolann Pentifallo, $325,000.

Middleboro Dr., 10909-Linda Oller to Arturo Huaman and Percy Arturo Encarnacion, $410,000.

Tralee Ct., 25146, No. B-4-Fayton and Kristin Williams Washington to Emmanuel A. Nai, $192,500.


Briardale Ct., 32-Mondo Properties Corp. to Lindsay J. Deacon, $400,000.

Columbus Ave., 16163-CSP Associates Corp. to Alexandra Ross, $1.06 million.

Mill Run Dr., 7115, No. 16-6-Sriyani Kennedy to Katja H. Harper and Terence J. Basile, $328,000.

Needwood Rd., 7200-Sen Qi and Fang Wu to Lauren Storbrauck and John Przywara, $515,000.

Needwood Rd., 8141, No. 203-Eric Chengwon Jon to Yicun Wang, $270,000.

Vestry Ct., 17215-John Judson and Mary Nolan Pedder to Shanyn E. Harry and Adam L. Hollander, $499,900.


Bradbury Manor Ct., 11008-Cameo D. Cozart and Travis M. Chance to Natran Abebe, $458,000.

Brookmoor Dr., 10021-Craig W. and Rebecca A. Kier to Timothy and Katherine Boylan, $650,000.

Childs St., 10900-Round Hill Realty Corp. to Shelly Zhu, $544,000.

Franklin Ave., 320-Marc H. and Bertha C. Levin to Lori Ann Scozzafava, $560,000.

Kinsman View Cir., 112-Hugh H. Wyatt to Marina I. Frey, $350,000.

Loxford Terr., 1145-Sue Lee and Worawit Siriamnuaypas to Tony Wai Cheung Kwok and Shuling Wu, $455,000.

Playford Lane, 1100-Vincent and Holly Stofa to Meredith and Emanuel Donate, $475,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 112-Tejas Bharat Kadakia and Soumya Korrapati to Eileen Hammond, $235,000.

Sonata Way, 714-Bradley J. and Joan Geiger Wood to Cole P. Denkensohn and Madeline R. Fleit, $638,000.

University Blvd. E., 403-Eleanor Macauley Thompson to Jose Ismael Padilla Gutierrez and Yanci C. Sanchez, $385,000.


Blue Smoke Ct., 26-John A. and Patricia Spangenberg to Reina G. Monge Castro and Freddy Quisbert, $260,000.

Cactus Ct., 18008-Johnson and Partners Corp. to Benjamin Hernandez Cruz and Yanira Del Carmen Paniagua Rubio, $344,900.

Carlsbad Dr., 1317-Shawn S. Ali to Samuel Gudiel Rodas, and Samy D. and Brayan E. Gudiel Iboy, $339,000.

Centerway Rd., 9129-Santos and Lidia Diaz to Yuriy and Iryna Pylypchak, $305,000.

Christopher Ave., 413, No. 88-Montreal Properties Corp. to Sonia M. Batres, $169,888.

Creeper Lane, 18810-James and Inna Fremming to Ryan Chandler and Yuliya Seldina Johnson, $280,000.

Duvall Lane, 132, No. 208-Damir Tutic to Gregory L. Gibson Jr., $90,000.

Game Preserve Rd., 10740-Sandra M. and Robert Craig Brisbane to Kurt A. Kautman and Laurel Anne Menapace, $510,000.

Gatlin Dr., 19229-Ann and Brandon Carter to Chima F. Nwanna and Sonia Moses, $475,000.

Girard St., 442, No. 283-Helena Leibovici to Peter J. Vizarretta Fulle, $93,000.

Grouse Lane, 18524-Michael A. Peitzmeier to Gilberto E. Castilla Jr., $293,000.

Laytonia Dr., 7643-Mario and Carmen Quinonez to Elmer Arturo Rodriguez, $199,900.

Misty Ct., 7808-Sergio Luis Paiz Polio and Carlos Orlando Aguirre Hernandez to Jheny R. and Alexis M. Osorio Rosales, $379,900.

Nuthatcher Lane, 18618-Trazie E. and Mami A. Bai to Miguel E. Flores Elias and Carolina Del Carmen Perez De Flores, $280,000.

Skidmore Blvd., 412-Sadhan and Sanghamitra Chakraborty to Anna Kaloudis, $384,000.

Summit Hall Rd., 503-Wendy Vasquez and estate of Bruce M. Johnson to Luis A. Diaz, $220,000.

Travis View Ct., 1323-Ngoc Dungand Khiem Lam to Juan Francisco and Juan Carlos Medina, $345,000.

Windjammer Way, 1909-Michael L. Regen to Clark H. and Maria F. Crook Castan, $345,000.


Bayridge Terr., 915-Hongwei Zheng to Li Qiu, $395,000.

Brougham Way, 14660-Brad J. and Margary J. Gold to Nicole and Genghis Haroon, $620,000.

Cherry Blossom Lane, 15724-Chris Bae and Carina Yuji Jeon to Willis C. Williams and Mackenzie M. Wanagel, $518,500.

Chevy Chase St., 95-Charles H. and Helen Beady to Chen Peng and Yijing Li, $415,000.

Coles Chance Rd., 14813-Xueming Xu and Baochun Wang to Adam and Tracy Weatherford, $530,000.

Coral Reef Dr., 651-Sy Cao Nguyen to Xintong Chen and Shuhua Zheng, $383,000.

Dearden Pl., 1-Edwin E. and Sandra M. Rutkowski to Russell J. and Lindsey M. Tonks, $499,000.

Gold Kettle Dr., 210-Samuel M. Jonjo to Greta and Lindsay Allardyce, $385,000.

Hackberry Pl., 452-Qiyu Qiu and Xin Xin Quan to Althea Echeona, $542,000.

Highland Ridge Ave., 445-Michael and Debra Raden Richards to Savita S. Kaji, $644,900.

Irish Ct., 4-Alvin I. and Sandra L. Poms to Ashleigh M. Gottlieb and Kevin S. Glass, $375,000.

Kent Oaks Way, 226-William T. and Maryann Sharp to Christopher and Karin Bowen, $925,000.

Lake St., 119-Leonard M. Murphy to Alexander G. and Michelle Amick Prikhodko, $1.12 million.

Maddox Ct., 11605-Kenneth N. Sherman to Dennis Andrukat and Jessica Kratchman, $670,000.

Marquis Dr., 14-Wolfdieter Erich Frey to Michael S. and Ashley M. Rea, $490,000.

Montecrest Lane, 16509-Richard J. and Karen E. Fournier to Miguel Saba Jr. and Chantal Marie Castro, $664,900.

Palmtree Dr., 512-James L. Bridges to Martin B. Morris, $241,500.

Prairie Landing Terr., 10515-Steven M. and Rachel B. Rabin to Jun Yao and Yanyu Zhu, $456,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 726, No. 201-Edward Brailovsky to Andrew Lee Kolden and Jennifer Katerine De Armas, $133,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 874, No. 10-Leandro Netto Marinho to Jose L. Lopez Guerra, $113,462.

Roundabout Dr., 16504-Mazen R. and Diane M. Eraifeg to Andrea K. Plewes and Kenneth John Mroz Jr., $510,000.

Strummer Lane, 130-Eric J. and Sophie R. Shpritz to Grace Xinye Gu, $600,000.

Summer Walk Dr., 737-Rohit and Anika Khanna to Jing Du and Lei Zhao, $749,000.

Treehaven St., 114-Jeffrey D. and Heather Katz to Yihong Yao and Jun Gao, $1.1 million.

Upshire Cir., 407-Dan Xiang and Jennifer Z. Duan to Andrew J. and Sarah J. Pruchniewski, $669,000.

Winter Walk Dr., 352-Serap S. Akisoglu to Ryan and Lauren Lowe, $599,000.


Anndyke Way, 20544-Thomas G. and Laura Greene to Jonathan Nein and Courtney Erin Egan, $485,900.

Bridger Dr., 13005, No. 1511-Reza Shakoori and Mohammad Reza Shakoordokht to Cheryl Darling, $289,400.

Bronco Pl., 13838, No. 217-Adam Bazinet to Ngalula M. Lonji, $264,900.

Chalet Pl., 13205, No. 6-204-Jack W. and Beverly J. Nimmo to Garrett Gillin, $165,000.

Churubusco Lane, 19336-BNC Mortgage Loan Trust and U.S. Bank National Association to Hongzhi Lu and Zhongzhen Huang, $235,000.

Dover Cliffs Cir., 19417-Debra Gerlt Jay and Jessica Aimee Carpenito to Shafeeq Aqeel and Kaleema Overton Ameen, $340,000.

Eagles Roost Dr., 18565-Andrew and Catherine B. Kormann to Elan Rochelle Jones and Romeo Y. Abraham, $282,000.

Flag Harbor Dr., 12149-Katherine B. Yeakim to Jennifer F. Sorto, $330,000.

Germantown Rd., 17301-Lyle A. Alexander to Sara S. Thompson and Sarabeth J. Smetzer, $585,000.

Hickory Tree Way, 12411, No. 411-Dolly Ramsahai and Tejwattie Persuad to John P. Moldiz, $157,000.

Jamieson Dr., 19020-Mary Cheryll C. Justo to Lizeth Juliana Monsalve and Alexander French, $445,000.

Liberty Heights Lane, 19347-Ana H. Amaya Rivas to Luis Saavedra Munoz and Cristina Romero Rodriguez, $313,000.

Meander Cove Dr., 13223, No. 81-Carole Denise and Ian Gregory Fraser to David W. Thibodeau, $220,000.

Pickering Ct., 25, No. 202-Lakeview Loan Servicing Corp. to Nagendra Nath Paudel and Mukti Nath Dawadi, $162,580.

Port Haven Dr., 12433-Jennifer E. Dorfman and Jennifer E. Jacobs to Aniruddha P. Gaekwad, $300,000.

Red Rocks Dr., 18002-Paul Ricketson and Ivy Kohn Reed to Gnana Prasoona Krishnamurthy and Rajagopalan Rengarajan, $552,000.

Sawyer Terr., 19004-Philip and Sarah B. Klein to Anne Bwogi, $329,000.

Sky Blue Ct., 27-Homer Ronoel Crispe Atencio to John Grant and Muna Fodys, $328,000.

Spinning Wheel Dr., 13663-John G. and Carol R. Sheridan to Patrick and Jennifer Blinn, $540,000.

Steeple Ct., 52-Michael and Amanda Jane Zbarsky to Vinod and Chanchal Sharma, $381,071.

Thyme Ct., 13001-Dawit T. Deggfe and Fikirte L. Wondmu to Carla P. Alcantara Dextre and Madeleine Dextre Carhuamaca, $273,000.

Wallich Way, 13035-Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County to Behaylu Teklemariam and Hana Asfaw, $210,800.


Calgary Ave., 2607-Diane K. Kuwamura and estate of Elsie E. Thull to Amber Dulcy and Jose Carlos Arana, $430,000.

Culver St., 9638-Pamela A. August to Peter Hughes and Audrae Erickson, $1.34 million.

Edgewood Rd., 3207-Charles F. and Kathy L. Schreier to James R. Smith and Victor A. Sugiharto, $734,900.

Flanders Ave., 4831-Samuel J. Lieberman and Cara E. Tenenbaum to Mary H. Highfill, $618,000.

Haverhill Dr., 9823-John M. and Winifred K. Holbrooke to John Hinton and Alana Marie Wilson, $900,000.

Kincaid Terr., 3926-Babak Amirshahi Shirazi and Maryann Mazer Amirshahi to Peter A. Cauley and Kristen J. Prentice, $809,000.

Meredith Ave., 10507-Patrick G. and Suzanne C. Mitchell to Hue Huynh, $564,900.

Oldfield Dr., 10201-Stayce E. Beck to Frank C. Li and Nicole Kornspan, $670,000.

Saul Rd., 3805-Mark D. Crowdis and Elizabeth A. Parr to Patrick Finnegan and Andrea Taylor Gavin, $925,000.

Stillwater Ave., 11111-Donald Lane and Deborah L. Ryan to Ryota Nakatani and Yi Chen Chen, $890,000.

University Blvd. W., 3201-Patricia M. Barnes to Alden Moffett Utter and Sara Beth Altman, $225,000.

University Blvd. W., 3333, No. 804-Shirley M. Repta to Ralph Bauer and Grace Crussiah, $225,000.

Westbrook Lane, 4314-Zachary B. and Caitlin M. Hart to Daniel Stahl and Alexandra Spector, $894,000.


Clematis Ct., 9204-Thomas L. and Karen L. Yanus to Matthew William and Angela Marie Plescia, $660,000.

Fairway View Dr., 20801-HSBC Bank to Sean C. and Venice Mundle Harvey, $810,000.

Hilton Pl., 24382-Nathan C. and Kara Nichole Debord to Zonia Elizabeth Cantarero, $550,000.

Pocahontas Dr., 23529-Jeffrey Michael and Sharon Ann Wright to Carmen Nicole Ehret and Robert Gittins, $675,000.

Sweet Meadow Lane, 20226-Twila Kimbrough Taylor to Vinh Vo, $750,000.

Welsh Rd., 24122-Daniel P. and Daniela M. Koch to Phyllis M. Rattey, $420,000.


Aspenwood Lane, 20439-Helen S. Thomasian and Simbat Movsessian to Briand Duk Ramirez and Karin Golda Ramirez De Duk, $410,000.

Chadburn Pl., 9411-Sheilah Sullivan and estate of Kennisha Sullivan to Tiera Anne Howard and Terrell Andrico Young, $232,000.

Coltfield Ct., 19011-Nancy Guadalupe and Blanca Irma Maldonado to Noel E. Blanco Penado, $277,400.

Hellingly Pl., 9700, No. 216-Ali Sharifpour to Kamal Hadine, $113,500.

Horizon Run Rd., 9504, No. 15-Steril S. Fox Jr. to Manoj Adhikari and Dikshya Karki, $210,000.

Judge Pl., 9320-Martin W. Dow Jr. to Colleen Hattie Haugen and Jose Nolberto Ortiz, $455,000.

Lindos Ct., 20423-Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Iyabo Jumoke Masha, $305,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 19006, No. 1-Anthony Malek to Ranjit and Mita Chattopadhyay, $119,600.

Rhodes Way, 19112-Jeffrey C. Dove to Stephan A. Polsdofer and Dylan Kenneth Mooney, $365,000.

Rustburg Cir., 8808-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Henry J. Cruz, $224,900.

Stedwick Rd., 10022, No. 204-Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Veronica P. Ascension, $139,900.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18616, No. 2-Edith Evans to Sara Assadullah, $105,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18726, No. 4-Anthony Malek to Jose A. Romero and Maria Elvira Orellana Garay, $157,000.


Carroll Ave., 8740, No. D-1-Anclacal Corp. to Etsegent and Hirut Gebre, $213,000.

Nolcrest Dr. W., 1126-Nana I. Dayo Otekunrin and Biba M. Inoussa to James F. and Susan Finelli, $330,000.


Adderley Ct., 3148, No. 242D-Margarita Lopez to Vannest G. and Brenda Wilkins, $209,000.

Auden Dr., 2423-Winchester Homes Inc. to Philip C. Johnson, $633,731.

Bel Pre Rd., 3720, No. 8-Shashi R. Bartley to Kevin F. Mejia Ramirez, $131,000.

Berkenhead Ct., 3604, No. 18-A-Estate of Elizabeth S. Miller and Frances Miller to David A. Slattery, $271,500.

Camelback Lane, 2607, No. 7-12-Sunmi Kim to Jaide A. Pabunan, $236,000.

Deer Highlands Way, 13230-Nadezhda N. Skrynnikova to Judith M. Gansberg and Robert J. Burger, $515,000.

Dewey Rd., 12305-Franco Construction Corp. and Jachson R. Franco to Natalie Morales and Gloria M. Rivera, $425,000.

Epping Ct., 12510-Kenneth J. Clair and Peter Egyin Mensah to Guzel Fanilovna Gufranova, $391,000.

Fiske Terr., 3548, No. 147-A-Lori L. Sundstrom to Anita P. Diem, $330,000.

Garrett Park Rd., 4408-Anila Strahan to Sergejs Hripunovs and Elena Maximova, $254,000.

Gould Rd., 12705-Estate of Betty J. Pounds and Nancy J. Gibson to Jiang Long and Xiao Jun Wu, $332,000.

Harrell St., 3507-Sayuri Jones to Werner Wothke and Maria Osorio Padilla, $398,000.

Hewitt Ave., 3301, No. 402-Nigel L. Scott and estate of Philomena Collier to Michael Alan Fielder, $85,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-Laverne M. Earley to Raymond Charles and Elizabeth Carolyn Ward Ortman, $299,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-517-Carl V. and Edith Bank to Frank A. Walker Jr. and David G. Fischer, $249,000.

King Lear Ct., 14602, No. 12-146-Equity Builders Corp. to Diana Astrid Rojas Nunez and Oscar Hernando Sarmiento Herrera, $310,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2921, No. 1-224-Kimberly Howell Simmonds to Margarita Poma and Brett Kevin Streicher, $123,500.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3100, No. 816-Estate of Dolores B. Hammett and Paula H. Gibbs to Susan Starr Calder, $240,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 425-William E. Cross Foundation Inc. to Clara F. Sachs, $178,500.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 401-Estate of Mildred G. Eidelman to Beverly J. Green, $235,000.

Long Green Dr., 14236-Gail C. Powell and Barbara K. Zoellner to Dinesh Tharmalingam and Santhra Sithambaram, $309,000.

Middlebridge Dr., 1817-Stephen B. and Marilou B. Legge to Brian Alan Yu and Stephanie Elaine Tan, $541,000.

Niles St., 3304-GSAA Home Equity Trust and U.S. Bank National Association to Robert L. Clark Jr., $262,000.

Selfridge Rd., 11815-Defu Chen and Biyin Li to Jose Daniel Argueta, $380,000.

Stargazer Lane, 13610-Robert and Thomas McClure Holgate to Jordan and Hannah Tropf, $506,000.

Tierra Dr., 15705-John R. Terrell and estate of Lyman B. Powell to Margareta K. Cuccia, $460,000.

Veirs Mill Rd., 12116-Guillermo A. Mendoza to Wilfredo A. and Amelia Cabrera, $345,000.

Westholm Ct., 15011, No. 272-C-Helen Keil Sossen to Christine Kate Sinclair, $300,000.


Ashmore Ct., 3325-Stephen and Elizabeth Griffin to Arun Babu and Rithu Moideenkutty, $558,000.

Buehler Rd., 17800, No. 2-C-4-Christopher A. and Nadezda Aragona to Reginaldo Da Silva, $150,000.

Clovercrest Cir., 18537-Bernadette and Maria L. Concepcion to Azzam T. Harake and Joanne F. Musa, $410,000.

Fox Chase Cir., 18239-Ben H. Simmons IV to Geoff Brandt Duncan and Dawn Marie Simounet, $355,000.

Littlebrooke Ct., 5-Estate of Sharle A. Hussion and Timothy M. Hussion to Felix Y. and Blanca S. Wang, $685,000.

Megans Way, 3316-Jean Rosen Rankin to Viswanathan and Usha Santhanam, $619,900.

Olney Mill Rd., 19412-Daniel J. and Nancy J. Murray to John and Stacy Jowers, $520,000.

Shallow Brook Lane, 4024-Danielle Joy Zion and Rory S. Ready to Andrew J. Horos and Kathryn L. Digiulian, $539,900.

Tidewater Ct., 3321, No. C-10-Matthew F. and Tara A. Pomerantz to Ran S. and Judith J. Cohen, $264,000.


Beallsville Rd., 18522-John Franklin and Margaret Jean Cooley to Jose Jaime Henriquez, $270,000.

Edwards Ferry Rd., 17000-Martha H. and Elliott D. Degraff to Daniel A. and Harmony Little, $710,000.

Lewis Orchard Lane, 19508-Brightwell Crossing II Corp. to Gordon Michael and Therese Marie Bodnar, $915,260.

Wootton Ave., 19221-Joan E. Mayer to Virginia S. Kennedy, $345,000.


Bells Mill Terr., 10316-Daniel G. and Gina M. Shultz Farney to Timothy B. Webster, $756,200.

Belmart Rd., 8711-Victoria M. and Robert Baumgartner to Satyen Manilal and Jessica H. Gada, $1.1 million.

Broad Green Ct., 11604-Alan and Sheri Heller to Hans T. and Linda M. Haglund, $1.37 million.

Charen Lane, 11825-Howard L. Cohn to Arnold M. Hiller, $470,000.

Dalebrooke Lane, 10406-Kourosh and Samin N. Ahadpour to Zemin and Suping Wang, $729,000.

Donegal Ct., 10109-Don J. Donchi to Shwu Ling Sheri Yeung and Thomas Wai Wah Yeung, $888,000.

Farnsworth Dr., 9209-William G. and Janice G. Dubyak to Duke K. McCall III and Janet M. Tropea, $1.18 million.

Gainsborough Rd., 11313-Perfect Home Corp. to Nathan M. and Tiffany A. Charles, $755,000.

Glen Rd. S., 11106-Frederick A. and Bridgit Fried to Raymond P. and Margaret Martin Piselli, $1.8 million.

Hayfield Ct., 11816-Michael R. Zachariah and Lynne M. Thomas to Jamie Craig Van Pelt and Michael Joseph Clark, $870,000.

Hunter Creek Trail, 8502-Randy J. and Katherine S. Branitsky to Ude Lu and Fang Ting Kuo, $895,000.

Lakenheath Way, 8100-Corinne Emily O’Leary to Jonathan Paul and Kate Elizabeth Laflin Malachowski, $841,000.

Meriden Rd., 9812-David H. and Linda M. Marx to Liliana Ubillus and Peter Choharis, $1.65 million.

Park Potomac Ave., 12500, No. 1002-David A. Deckelbaum to Ralph R. and Anita D. Kornbluth, $1.86 million.

Raymond Lane, 8309-Marcia L. Simon to Sharon J. Field, $660,000.

Snug Hill Lane, 8201-John A. and Greer Dellafiora to Joon Seok Lee and Hyein Ku, $930,000.

Tuckerman Lane, 8847-Parkwood Homes Maryland Inc. to Jeffrey A. Rubenstein and Rebecca N. Levitt, $1.38 million.

Whiterim Terr., 7720-Kathleen Mahoney McGuiness and Kathleen Mahoney to Patrick David and Bana Kopty McCamy, $726,000.


Academy Way, 12203, No. 176-Xiaoping Yu and Tingrui Dong to Jesse Soileau, $209,800.

Antigua Terr., 10842, No. 93-Arthur R. Mielke Jr. to Charleston Adrienne Hurley, $345,000.

Azalea Dr., 780, No. 15-Allison M. Alfaro to Irina V. Tiper, $348,000.

Beall Ave., 327-Yuan Li and Chung Mei Luan to Jeffrey B. Lunenfeld, $433,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1503-Estate of Eugene Adams Keeney and Tyler T. Keeney to Larry Yuhsong Liu and Serena Lishu Yen, $527,500.

Braxfield Ct., 12303, No. 395-R. Frederick Marsden to Stephen A. Lapkoff, $209,000.

Carter Rd., 717-Nathan and Tiffany A. Charles to Bageshwari Sherchand, $540,000.

Chapman Mill Dr., 5716, No. 1509-William R. Lestrange III to Candice Michelle Fine Kaufman, $233,000.

Cloister Dr., 5030-Alexis and Alexa K. Catsambis to Michael Anthony and Nevena Erlingis, $745,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11419, No. 301-James Kennedy to Laura Rose Major, $322,000.

Crestfield Dr., 1022-Netkal M. and Bharathi B. Madegowda to Pallavi Gowda, $533,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15306, No. 2B-Danny R. and Wendy C. Ratnavale to Jennifer Briggs, $335,000.

Empire Way, 5919-Maureen B.E. Miles to Ciro Monti and Anna Kononetova, $730,000.

Farmland Dr., 11403-Estate of Helene Ambrogne White Benson and Peter Colin White Jr. to Heidi Beth Friedman and Thomas Jay English, $831,500.

Grayling Lane, 11411-Estate of Sophie D. Calderone and David W. Calderone to Chris and Chelsea Greco, $445,000.

Grove Ridge Pl., 10521, No. 62-Fabio Camilo Amezquita Lozada and Martha Maria Gutierrez to Donato De Rosa and Jovana Stojanovic, $655,000.

Hull Pl., 411-John Tripplaar to Michael Christopher and Crystal Mickalie Kelly, $552,500.

Ivy League Lane, 633, No. 23-140-Ju Tung and Tuan Shih Chen Chu to Yang Yang and Roy Ke, $460,000.

Mazwood Rd., 6220-Jeffrey H. and Joan A. Rohlfs to Sohail Mosaddegh and Rama Sina, $869,000.

Monroe St., 18, No. 202-Anna M. Leshchinskaya to Douglas and Sara A. Potvin, $150,000.

Mori Dr., 4805-Nancy M. Sera and estate of Carlos Manuel Sera to Shihui Chen and Mei Long, $422,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 503-Jill Irene Mattia to Bahman Sarabi, $345,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2326-Estate of Arvind Chandran to David C. and Satoko J. Kuramoto Crawford, $390,000.

Piccard Dr., 1408-KF Property Owner Corp. to Ki Tae and Dae Yeon Kim, $642,000.

Potomac Heights Lane, 14308-Brookfield Travilah Grove Corp. to Nageen Gandikota and Kusuma K. Yarlagadda, $681,561.

Rocking Horse Rd., 11902-Gary Kaushansky to Milton O. Luna and Ana D. Castillo Alfaro, $410,000.

Royal Cres., 819-Bank of New York Mellon and Structured Asset MTG Investments II Inc. to Kenny and Rachel Tsang, $570,000.

Sterling Terr., 10135-Todd C. and Tammy R. Villines to Kyu Chul Jang and Minyoung Grace Son, $609,900.

Strathmore Park Ct., 10401, No. 3-Estate of Dorothy C. Mergner to Jacqueline W. Farris, $1.12 million.

Taylor Ave., 313-Phuong Hong Van and Luke Osmun Skinner to Jason C. Anderson and Janel E. Quinn, $399,900.

Valley Oak Cir., 13641-Joshua Hyuk and Elena Hyunju Lim to Brian S. and Lena Pang Goldstein, $916,000.

Wilwyn Way, 4600-Barbara A. Bowman to Michael Chatterelli, $399,900.


Nesbitt Farm Lane, 17505-Bruce Alan and Lyndsey Price Bartoo to Justin Xavier Shackleford and Anna Elizabeth Montgomery, $1.1 million.


Canterfield Way, 22321-Joseph L. and Dena L. Defrank to Payton Joseph Kilcarr, $672,500.

Futura Ct., 21125, No. UN91-Jack Sun to Tethiana Marcelin, $340,000.

Milestone Manor Lane, 12405-Swee Lee and Edward J. Towey to Matthew and Kathryn Roberts, $542,500.

Rosearbor Ct., 11724-Darwin C. and Hilda S. Flores to Alex Wong, $220,000.

Stoney Point Ct., 7-Sharon L. Petronio to Jilmer Manrique Ruiz, $210,000.

Twinflower Cir., 19534-Jennifer Murach Poletti to Elizabeth Atangcho Fortaboh, $279,000.


Blair Mill Rd., 1220, No. 206-Meghan Peterson McCoy to Ramavatibahen R. Pal, $210,000.

Courts Way, 8811-Selena Dawn Ready to Michael Kevin and Anna Katherine Connelly, $725,000.

Eastern Ave., 7915, No. 612-Andrew P. and Lahela M. Peterson to Colby Whittington, $339,000.

Holman Ave., 2621-Russell B. Smith and Alisa L. Bishop to Marissa and Bar Lehmann, $377,500.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1937-Charles J. Kahn and estate of Bettie Kahn to Beth A. Wilt, $275,000.

Newell St., 8045, No. 321-Eric C. Deussing to Vivek Viswanathan, $303,000.

Seminary Rd., 2419-Christopher Michael Lapp to Gregory Shigeru Higa and Amalia Bettina Chamorro, $545,000.

White Oak Dr., 1708-Gregory M. Smith and John D. Gehringer to Robert C. Nowatzki and Lauren E. Onkey, $650,000.

Woodland Dr., 9411-Richard and Ashley Caudill Mirillo to Lauren Bressack and Andrea Bressack Goddard, $583,500.


Cedar Ave., 7109-Scott E. Schang and Douglas S. Gross to Oren Shur and Katie Buongiorno, $912,500.

Elm Ave., 1001-Joseph W. Edgell Jr. and Barbara Muhlbacher to Mark D. Richardson and Julia D. Harris, $711,550.

Jackson Ave., 7507-Bethany Jones to Brendan Herbert and Alexandra C. Adams, $611,500.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 411-Federal National Mortgage Association to Daniel Aibel and David S. Pittman, $108,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 918W-Brandon and Lindsey Shaw to Emily Marie Whiteman and Andrew Wesley Goodwin, $284,540.

Valley View Ave., 2-Carol Ann Arango and estate of Bonnie E. Kennealy to Emma C. Jones and John Krizel, $620,000.


Clagett Dr., 1105-Donald J. and Susan Broadhurst to Yushan Bai, $330,381.

Denfield Rd., 5705-Monico and Digna Vigil to Vilruza P. and Pervez Iranpur, $400,000.

Halpine Rd., 5923-Peter L. and Sophia Lignos to Kenneth C. Fang and Janet N. Lee, $411,000.

Stanley Ct., 1-Jean Wanchuan Teng and Lily Lau to Rita Miller, $420,000.


Amherst Ave., 10859, No. 102-Erin E. Perkins to Anne and Henry Lao, $299,000.

Belvedere Blvd., 1619-Jeffrey J. Szuchman and Sonya L. Edelman to Christopher P. and Elizabeth A. Beck, $442,500.

Bucknell Dr., 11507-Dee C. Weiss and Doris D. Coplon to Mukeshkumar Bhatia, $469,000.

Cobble Hill Ct., 10-Anh Dao Mai and Michael R. Strong to Victor I. and Fania Yangarber and Ido Rabinovich, $510,000.

Dexter Ave., 2205-Home Selling Solutions Corp. to Daniel and Shannon Kowalczyk, $565,000.

Georgia Ave., 9900, No. 27-412-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Lindsey Marie Washington, $250,000.

Gridley Lane, 1712-Edward and Barbara Magwood to Tesgera Negewo and Aziza Bekri, $435,000.

Huggins Dr., 11800-Bernardino Coluchi to Halmar Antonio Zelaya Solano and Ingrid Elvira Castillo Medina, $355,000.

Inwood Ave., 10700-Corina L. and Harold W. Dubois to Rachel Howard, $352,500.

Julep Ave., 10426-Teresa M. and William A. Merryman to Camila and Justin Grant, $370,000.

Lamberton Dr., 906-Noah and Menucha Wolfe to Leah M. and Justin A. Scheininger, $525,000.

McKenney Ave., 10210-Stephanie M. Galeota to Kyle Arnone and Crystal Hernandez, $475,000.

Randolph Rd., 2703-MJM Contracting Inc. to Jonathan and Heather Moody, $463,500.

Schoolhouse Cir., 2851-Theresa M. Schenk to Daniel Aaron and Emma R. Tabor, $375,500.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 603-B-Estate of Dorothy Schreiber and Lois Schreiber to Andrew Dobrowolski, $149,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Flint Hill Rd., 3045-Frederick Investments Corp. to Mark A. Thomas, $350,000.


A St. E., 214-Sai Laxman Allu to Kara N. Debord, $225,000.

Tide Lock St., 1203-NVR Inc. to Robert R. and Narantuya Lopez, $399,199.

Wills Creek Dr., 409-Robert Cleveland Heffner Jr. to Tony and Lynda Mallory, $370,000.


Basilone Lane, 4695-NVR Inc. to William Thomas and Kara Maureen Botker Summers, $381,635.

Camden Dr., 4113-Steven C. and Dorey L. Renzi to Fabian and Madian Willis, $359,500.

Glen Hill Ct., 5613-Anne C. Schmid and Anne Fernandez to Matthew Lewis Rehberg and Kathryn Jean Blorstad, $420,000.

Jefferson Pike., 4806-Paul R. Facemire and Lynn Chamberlin Morgan to Jamison F. Bowman, $320,000.

Stockton Dr., 4804-Troxel O. and Nancy C. Plummer to Issac and Rhodesia Mabry, $445,000.


Irishtown Ct., 6-Michael P. and Debra A. Williams to Kenneth J. and Nancy E. Fizer, $256,900.

Seton Ave. S., 120-Christopher Edwin Barrett and Mollie Teresa Moran to Robert E. and Leslie Ann White, $165,000.


Acacia Ct., 6840-Carla A. Ragusa to Meghan R. Vineyard, $207,500.

Arwell Ct., 470-Monica I. Gabriel to Emine and Astrit Ajazi, $205,500.

Ballenger Run Blvd., 6608-Abderrahim and Myriam Moutanabbih to Varun Mago and Nadia Siddiqui, $297,600.

Bella Marie Way, 5853-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Edwin Lozano, $309,285.

Boysenberry Lane, 574-Lindsey C. Heisey and Gaye Lynne Denton to Lee Zhang and Qiuyun Lu, $165,000.

Calverton Dr., 6490-Vincent P. Cipollone Jr. and James Michael Keating Jr. to Pauline Magnant, $236,500.

Cotswold Ct., 555-Jessica M. McGinty to James Burnell and Bessi Nereyda Abbington, $218,000.

Delegate Pl., 7211-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Michael Akenhead, $329,990.

Duke Ct., 5309-Victoria J. Lockett to John R. Rodman IV, $246,380.

Essex Pl., 504-Christopher Andrew and Kathleen Elizabeth Childs Kober to Travis Montgomery Dean, $183,500.

Hames Ct., 7038-Mark Wharton and Michael J. Haggerty to Varinder and Shashi Rishi, $219,900.

Himes Ave., 617, No. VI103-Richard S. and Connie Dianne English to Marissa B. Wiles, $145,000.

Jefferson Blvd., 5727-Michael Scott Monroe to Anthony H. and Sarah H. Ford, $425,000.

Ladd Cir., 7111-Heather Smith and Nina K. Macalister to Luc Don Don Sr., $259,900.

Leben Dr., 5932-Tyler and Erika Magnuson Ikwild to Sheila K. Amara, $292,500.

Manorly Ct., 6710-Jennifer L. Steadman to Martha D. Paredes Alvarez and Jeovanny A. Paredes Alvarez, $280,000.

Olive Ct., 5802A, No. 410-Roby L. Beall to Aeher K. Darwish and Rabiha J. Kayed, $125,000.

Posey St., 6155-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Megan Christine Pritts and John Benjamin Pyzik, $319,990.

Proclamation Pl., 7140-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Nicholas Joseph Andre Duong, $257,750.

Rollinghouse Dr., 1394-Neris Mauricio Alvarez and Sulma L.F. Hernandez to Antonio Hernandez Torralba and Analilia Hernandez Flores, $280,000.

Wade Ct., 5640, No. J-Christopher Glenn Howell to Sharon D. Turner, $182,950.

Whelan Lane, 5951-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Jillian Morgan, $310,105.

Woodwinds Cir., 5825-Barry L. and Toni Zimmerman to Yeonjin Lee, $427,835.


Allview Dr., 10220-Carol S. Grosbier to Joshua and Sarah Terry, $315,000.

Bear Den Rd., 2379-Mary Lou and Neil Martin Mall to Steven Bingham and Martha Bowles Pugh, $300,000.

Birchwood Ct. W., 9401-Kyle and Lauren O. Malley Lewis to Tiffany M. Kapp, $287,500.

Catoctin Ave., 327-Qi Shui Lin and Yuedan Jiang to Jeremy B. Terrell, $220,000.

Church St. E., 552-Griffin G. Schmidt to Colson A. and Laura L. Vorwald, $238,500.

Delaware Rd., 439-Scott D. and Susan B. Willett to Bradley William Meadors and Diane J. Schuster, $389,000.

Egret Way, 2605-Vicki K. Lynch to Wayne A. Thomas, $315,000.

Everly Dr. S., 2624-Mathew C. and Erin M. Burke to Diem Phuong T. Nguyen, $269,000.

Forest Hills Ct., 6470-Paul and Marla R. Nedzbala to Joel Bruce and Pauline Anne Leber, $557,000.

Hawkins Ct. S., 6290-James Levie and Joanne L. Clarke to Portia N. and Francis P. Koomson, $480,000.

Hollow Reed Ct., 8037-Michael P. and Sarah J. Hourigan to Harold E. and Leah Shipe, $249,900.

Island Grove Blvd., 2537-Erik L. and Laura J. Dincau to John and Ntambose Kaendera, $355,000.

Jefferson St. S., 7-Catherine J. Chase to Ricky Allan Mason, $268,000.

Lindbergh Ave., 330-Ace Corp. to Nicholas J. and Lindsey N. Wade, $499,000.

Mill Race Rd., 2526-Sara J. Terpening to Francis Mulangu and Tanya Kafulu, $375,000.

Monocacy View Cir., 1830A, No. 51A-Simone H. Debrah to Chelsea Lauren Rio, $220,000.

Redwood Ave., 319-Alice Keeney and Sherry M. Ryan to Lal Fak Zual and Ju Ju Biaktei, $200,000.

Saddlebrook Lane, 6455-Lori M. Moers to Joscar E. Guivas Fabery and Maria Z. Frias Diaz, $465,000.

Sebastian Blvd., 1813-Sherita Crosby to Matthew Rota and Allison C. Meehan, $270,500.

South St. W., 434-Koros Corp. to Benjamin Lazer Safren, $250,000.

Spruce Ct., 208-Xinia Emerson and Nancy Vanessa Emerson Vargas to Dolores E. Mendez and Eduardo D. Miranda, $299,900.

Turning Point Ct., 938-Sandra Belcher to Teresa De Jesus Cruz, $240,000.

Waterside Dr., 2500, No. 315-Sandra R. Rich to Adriana Camacho and Gaby I. Camacho Janus, $219,000.

Third St. E., 311-Leonard F. Mongeon IV to Jack S. and Jill Margret Ascher, $515,000.

Fourth St. W., 115-Janet Susan Roger to Charles W. Ross, $300,000.

Sixth St. W., 34-Brett Munther Schwartz and Sally Eileen Larson to Scott M. Young and Allison N. Allie, $358,500.


Abbington Ct., 7301-Kathleen M. and Christopher W. Crowley to Virgil A. and Kelly M. Rivera, $615,000.

Beaver Creek Lane, 1819-Travis M. and Patricia A. Hess to Julio C. Granados Joya, $272,000.

Bristol Dr., 2119, No. 19-Charlene E. and John W. Dimig to the Milton Lee Miller, $165,000.

Cohasset Ct., 2026-Ridgewall Corp. to Erin and Mark Cantu, $400,000.

Country Ct., 1713-Christopher P. and Nicola M. Swinarski to Paul C. Maxwell III and Susan A. Montone, $222,000.

Edgewood Church Rd., 8404-Jeanne M. Wonderling to Brian J. and Katherine M. Snyder, $385,000.

Falstone Ct., 8203-Douglas R. and Louise V. Rose to Thomas E. and Kathleen E. Igo, $420,000.

Gambrill Park Rd., 10832-Dwight and Traci Henderson to Jonathan Nuss and Darci R. Smith, $684,900.

Heathfield Dr., 121-Malcolm Bohlayer and Gerard Mulcahy to Nicholas Miller, $227,000.

Lindfield Dr., 1009-Omar D. and Claudia M. Enriquez to Patricia and Jeff Pinchinat, $420,000.

Old Receiver Rd., 7800-Rylea Homes Inc. to Jeremy G. and Genevieve L. Thomas, $665,000.

Ridgelea Ct., 8203-HD Real Estate Investments Corp. to Jared and Laine Crouse, $450,000.

Schaffer Dr., 1213-Ralph D. and Elizabeth L. Hawthorne to Edgar A. Guzman Amaya and Mirna Y. Chavez Benavides, $295,000.

Shookstown Rd., 1722-Meadows Property Corp. to Lauren M. Beacham and Tyler J. Oyler, $399,000.

Stillwater Ct., 7197-Judy M. and George Larry Stup to Donald and Laura Lupini, $390,000.

Stonehaven Lane, 1767-Casey L. Mills to Odilio Samayoa Cortez and Reyna De Jesus Portillo Torres, $250,000.

Trotter St., 1507-NVR Inc. to William and Kelly Weeks, $510,130.

Wainwright Ct., 2121, No. 1C-Paul Raymond Lucia to Melissa Sue Kononenko, $148,000.

Weybridge Rd., 1804-Anthony Y. and Kua M. Lumei Smith to Chrisensia and George Kombe, $500,000.

Winpenny Dr., 6303-Mary A. Patil to Lisa Bourbeau and Andrea Parsons, $630,000.

Seventh St. W., 1304-Albert L. Sacks to Cheryl Collier, $269,000.


Stottlemyer Rd., 14416-William Robert and Kelly M. Ellis Neal to William B. and Andrea L. Bristor, $840,000.


Barts Way, 5851-NVR Inc. to Racquel Russ, $325,000.

Browningsville Rd., 11239-Tobin J. and Jennifer G. Lehman to Ezekial Gammill, $350,000.

Corner Stone Mews, 4720-NVR Inc. to Michelle Carr, $532,495.

Eaglehead Dr., 5827-Oakdale Investments Corp. to Kevin Teddy Lesesne and Julie Hance, $444,624.

Morning Mews, 4701-NVR Inc. to Bradley W. and Lovely S. Poch, $538,495.

Tulip Lane, 4440-NVR Inc. to Stephen and Mary Laue, $408,290.


Fiona Way, 121-Jamie C. and Mitchell E. Dawson to Andrew J. Surgrue and Susan Purcell, $245,000.


South St., 11939-Chad J. Barrick to Bernard A. Litchfield III, $195,000.


Boileau Ct., 38-Ann P. Matheson to Francey Hoang, $234,000.

Gaver Way, 4-NVR Inc. to Michael and Jean Lapadula, $494,840.

Ingalls Dr., 212-NVR Inc. to Ryanne and Anthony Hartman, $444,685.

Lockwood Dr., 3076-Marc A. Crawford and Samantha Riley to Ashley V. and Shawn McGrew, $249,999.

Roy Shafer Rd., 3507-Zachary William and Jaclyn Danielle Miss to James M. and Lauren E. Regeimbal, $485,000.

Tobias Run, 20-Brian J. and Laura C. Martin to Christopher B. and Chelsea G. Herman, $604,900.


Landsdale Pkwy., 4523-NVR Inc. to Sarath Chandra Mutyapu and Harpreet Kaur, $372,430.

Merricks Ct., 12122-John W. Preston and Mindi N. Valuckas to Paul H. and Amy E. Duray, $674,950.

Shamrock Dr., 4373-Rebecca Lee and Christopher Joseph Celis to Mahesh Kumar Aitha and Naga Venkata Sravani Voora, $552,000.


Bill Moxley Rd., 4004-Paul and Consuelo Beeks to Paul M. and Amber M. Gouge, $670,000.

Detrick Rd., 6042-John and Susan Migliore to Chad and Cory Zirk, $922,500.

Leafy Hollow Cir., 919-Glenn D. and Theresa T. Hoke to Ben and Sofia Simmons, $469,000.

Moxley Crest Dr., 12605-Craig D. and Kristin D. Chilton to Alyssa D. and Aaron L. Tucker, $360,000.

Prospect Rd., 409-Robert and Mary Castor to Matthew M. Goodwin and Kaitlin Worley, $255,000.

Rising Ridge Rd., 1611-Emmanuel O. and Niya J. Yeboah to Dominic J. Ropon, $450,000.


Brandenburg Hollow Rd., 12511-Debra K. Bachtell to Raymond J. Storms Jr. and Ugne D. Williard, $297,000.

Deerwoods Pl., 105-Todd Randolph Dehart to James R. and Sarah Funkhouser, $373,000.

Meadowridge Ct., 2707-John C. Conway to Ty Bradley and Danielle Main, $375,000.

Rocky Fountain Dr., 716-Sheila D. Madeira and Perry E. Darby to Sean T. and Anna L. Linehan, $370,000.


Beach Dr. E., 6610-Jon P. and Lara G. Wilson Hayes to Christina L. and Jonathan A. Gariepy, $269,900.

Club House Cir., 7021-Mary Lynn and James Strieter to Daniel George Jones and Stephanie Marie Shores, $460,000.

Divot Ct., 10917-Heather Marie and Cory Clifton Beahm to Mark and Vicki L. Crowe, $449,000.

Edgewood Rd., 6612-Ryan Legacy Builders Inc. to Robert J. Bielucke and Nicole R. Buzin, $468,215.

Joseph Ct., 5699-Jodie Lynn Patkus Ammerman to Richard Wayne and Rebecca Lynn Carr, $252,400.

Lakeridge Dr., 6418-Questar Development Corp. to Derek Robertson and Anika Rub, $424,900.

Meyer Ave., 5739-Michael D. Schoonover to Robert Michael and Sara I. Leary, $485,000.

Nuthatch Dr., 10236-Ryan Legacy Builders Inc. to Waseem Riyaz, $350,000.

Pecking Stone St., 5835-Oakdale Investments Corp. to Paul Andrew and Linda Kay Pflug Elmore, $348,000.

Shore Sq. N., 6516-Brett and Ximena Rice to Michael A. Peitzmeier and Sarah E. Bradley, $316,000.

Tessie Ct., 5647-Nicholas B. and Jessica M. Little to Kevin G. Crowley Jr., $249,900.


Fletchers Way, 1616-Jamaine Owen and Marche L. Strickland Yarborough to Jennifer and Neal Dorfman, $483,000.

Thomas Dr., 1606-Jeffrey R. and Nancy D. Tome to Matthew and Lindsay Tedrow, $415,000.


Bennett Dr., 122-Stacey A. Keilholtz to Stephen Pocklington, and Dustin and Amanda Degrange, $325,000.

Clark Ave., 5-Timothy Alan Duhan to Christopher C. and Cynthia L. Banks, $264,900.

Gateway Dr. W., 510-Darryl E. Rice to Christopher Stouter, $264,900.

Mud College Rd., 14821-Richard Dean and Donna Laura Francis to Imran Nazir Razvi, $1.05 million.

Rouzer Ct., 1-Leslie Fisher to Erin L. Kelly, $164,900.

Sylvia Cir., 3-John W. and Gaile S. Ashbury to Edward G. and Debbie D. Hobbs, $340,000.


Addison Woods Rd., 3908-Ryan D. and Katie L. Silver to Miguel Arcangel and Marianne Lugo, $400,000.

Bothwell Lane, 9622-Vin Investments Corp. to Aramis A. Perez and Jacqueline M. Hance, $429,000.

Brien Pl., 9118-Alan J. Dorfman to Andrew and Julia R. Hughes, $545,000.

Clendenin Way, 9038-Michael and Brianna Broderick to Kimberly and Jerris Joseph, $594,000.

Hines Rd., 5431-Steven M. Verrill to Taraneh S. Ghodrat, $315,000.

Kenway Lane, 9150-Brian O. Kaigler to Philip M. and Kimberly Ann Soper, $410,000.

Mission Peak Way, 3111-NVR Inc. to Nathan Peter and Rachel Marie Vaichus, $736,004.

Pinecliff Dr., 8619-Michael M. and Sara L. Balthazor to Benjamin E. Carnow and Carley J. Gregory, $399,900.

Scott Ridge Pl., 5649-MS Gladhill Farm Corp. to Genaro Reynoso, $366,860.

Shady Pines Dr., 8843-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Matthew Dubetsky and Jennifer Brengel, $426,331.

Sprigg St. S., 3604-Renee Debalso Mason to Deborah Hayes and Andrew R. Conti, $355,000.

Tallyn Ridge Dr., 5481-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Sean Frederick and Adrien Portia Dawson, $643,755.


Chapel Ct., 500, No. 324-Joseph H. Wehage Jr. to Emily Gebhart, $147,000.

Fortune Pl., 8500-Lisa M. and Brandon T. Batt to Marceda H. Lavien, $175,000.

Grantham Ct., 103-Zachary and Briannin M. Howard to Kwame and Amanda Lovell, $240,000.

Kelly Rd., 10029-Edward C. and Jessica D. Graves to Bryan A. and Kristy L. Malseed, $445,000.

Sandalwood Ct., 134-Sara N. Abrecht and Jason C. Haymaker to Phillip and Jami Shoaf, $192,500.


Copper Oaks Ct., 105-Joey and Mary Esquivel to Daniel and Lindsey Shankle, $335,000.