Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ashton Rd., 1116-William J. and Debra A. Whelan to Alexander and Aissatou Naas, $600,000.

Pond Rd., 17825-Edson Baldwin Olds and estate of Virginia B. Goshdigian to Daniel C. and Tiffany Mast Dragos, $520,000.


Arctic Ct., 4810-Aboubacar Saibou and Elizabeth McDavid to Suresh and Rita Dongol, $450,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 4905-Dorothy Maria Hayes Long to Alice Anne English, $480,000.

Cutlass Dr., 16629-Damien J. and Cassandra P. Carter to Nancy Tran and Thai John Phan, $727,000.

George Washington Dr., 16808-Jason S. and Laura A. McGhee to Brian E. and Martha P. Frydl, $600,000.

Haverford Dr., 4436-Michael Stephen and Ronni Lux to Daniel Edward and Chase Reynolds Keegan, $625,000.

Myer Terr., 14727-Ivan and Laura Vinogradov to Jason and Amy Barnard, $579,000.

Pinetree Rd., 4600-John R. and Anna Garza to Lucio Omar Rodriguez and Carolina I. Rodriguez Borda, $1.17 million.


Battery Lane, 4977, No. 1-1002-Tecu Corp. to Nikolas and Spiro Serpanos, $275,000.

Brookeway Dr., 5202-Charles H. and Susan Roistacher to Jay W. and Melinda R. Janda, $1.1 million.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 529-FH Bethesda SL RCU Corp. to Willis D. Hawley, $912,600.

Crestberry Lane, 7409-Derrick Widmark and estate of Sandra Gina Widmark to Krissie Zhao and Thomas Patrick Stutsman, $640,000.

Dickens Ave., 10117-Gregory Thomas and Stephanie Evangeline Burlin to Steven Michael and Bari Rachael Siegel, $1.4 million.

Ewing Dr., 9304-Ariana M. Kelly to Joseph Edward and Brit Marie Carman Powers, $1.34 million.

Grosvenor Lane, 5806-Joel Kucharski to Behrouz and Shiva Sobhani, $725,000.

Harrogate Rd., 9909-Stephen William and Frances Gill McVearry to Patrick James Crutcher and Lauren E. Spieller, $884,000.

Leroy Pl., 4900-Matthew and Carolyn Miller to Kevin Cochran and Coleen Davis, $850,000.

Madison St., 5607-William L. Walde to Thiago O. and Sabrina Pires De Almeida Matias, $950,000.

Melody Lane, 6606-Gary Altman and estate of Ted R. Oberman to Gunjan Sanghi, $811,111.

Mohican Rd., 5517-Lisa E. Lyons to Alfred Michael Boll and Joost Van Hout, $1.48 million.

Oak Forest Lane, 7021-Graciela R. Ostera and Benjamin J. Haskin to Julia A. Walters, $2.1 million.

Parkwood Dr., 9601-Jessica M. Weber to Justin T. and Shayna Arrington, $815,000.

Redosier Ct., 10504-Robert Alan Wenger to Graciela R. Ostera, $1.45 million.

Rudyard Dr., 6101-Margaret Zimmerman to William and Kuniko Barnett, $785,000.

Seddon Rd., 9409-Peter T. Monroe and estate of Patricia Abbott Monroe to Raphael A. and Bonnie J. Prober, $750,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 7513, No. B1-Luis E. Cardenas Jr. and Nubley Mercado to Matthew J. Schiattareggia, $235,500.

Tulip Hill Terr., 6832-William M. Smith and Brenda Zimmerman to Samer Husni Kuraishi and Anwarabdul Rahman, $930,000.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 1007-Gary Howard Friedman to Joseph Thomas McCann, $249,800.

Westlake Terr., 7620, No. 70-Clare Ward to Xiao Yu and Xuemei Guo, $579,000.

Yorktown Rd., 5317-Lance and Meredith Wade to Fan Liang and Zhi Lin, $1.67 million.


Buskin Lane, 18213-Matthew R. and Carolina G. Drobenak to Shouhui Yang and Yao Lin, $432,000.

Kings Crossing Blvd., 14241, No. 209-Guoliang Hu and Yuexia Dong to Zhongwei Liu, $171,000.


Brighton Dam Rd., 2614-Kip L. Zsupnik and Jacquelyn Sorvillo to Jason V. and Emily S. Gebbia, $861,500.

Gregg Rd., 4445-Carole Ann Devivo Smargiassi to Christine R. Veiga, $350,000.

Tanterra Way, 18740-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Xiomara Elizabeth Rivera Vigil, $377,500.


Arbor Wood Ct., 4430-NVR Inc. to Joy Ezeibe, $520,075.

Cedar Tree Lane, 4204-Hee C. Chang to Wasihun Gutema and Ebise Tuji, $369,000.

Kruhm Rd., 15990-Jared and Jennifer Beld to Mariama Davis and Tavon Reid, $760,000.

Wexhall Terr., 14508, No. 3-35-Roderick Goodson and Kenyatta Jones to Tamika Ali Yerima, $272,000.


Alabaster Dr., 2010-Chin Kung Chen to Martin M. Mutuku and Grace M. Kegeri, $492,500.

Caitlin Ct., 1406-John J. and Marsha A. Fausti to Odyssey Egans Gray III, $550,000.

Cedar Creek Lane, 13402, No. 2-2-Saraswathy Srinivasan and estate of Radha Ramadurai to Gloria J. Engebretson, $306,500.

Crockett Lane, 1220-Cheng Ta Tsai and Ying Ting Chiu to Christian Mairena, $498,000.

Galway Dr., 12304-Mary Jean and Ray M. Jack to Zerihun Awash and Emnet Ergano, $412,000.

Hunters Gate Ct., 30-Department of Veterans Affairs to Ghenet Nabukodonozzor, $345,000.

Locksley Lane, 13413-Estate of Janet Lynn Harris to Jessica C. Pfeifer and Maurice Walter Paulwell, $535,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 12001, No. 802-Martha J. Caro to Daniel Andrew Wiley, $155,000.

Serpentine Ct., 5-Donald N. and Mary Ann S. Van Duyn to Michael K. and Anita M. Gallagher, $490,000.

Sir Thomas Way, 13605, No. 2-A-42-U.S. Bank and Wachovia Bank to Marquis Davis, $157,500.

Wendover Rd., 13616-Paul R. and Carole C. Burnett to Melissa J. Zarou, $439,900.


Camalier Dr., 3310-Frederick J. Skinner and estate of Alberta Jackson Espie to Michael C. Stanley and Jacqueline M. Seguin, $750,000.

Drummond Ave., 4828-Roland Ninomiya and estate of Calvin Ninomiya to Jasmin Kaur Buttar and Christopher Samuel Press, $1.38 million.

Grove St., 5506-Barbara Parrot Katz and estate of Deirdre Parrot to Bruce and Diane Heiman, $1.7 million.

Kensington Pkwy., 8904-Andrew T. and Mary Beth Greene to Dennis M. and Karen J. Sandstedt, $1.75 million.

Oliver St., 4113-Martin Stone and Lisa Sherman to Yoshini Naomi Rupasinghe and Adriano Guido Scarampi Di Prunetto, $1.08 million.

Raymond St., 3806-Joyce W. McGugan and estate of Patricia H. Wyman to Saeed and Tamara Akeefe Mariani, $1.22 million.

Willard Ave., 4515, No. 1112S-Quinn O’Connell Jr. and estate of Don C. Wang to Jessica M. Brislen, $291,000.

Woodbine St., 3538-Matthew Alan Kromer and estate of Sarel Kandell Kromer to Carolina Maria Lembo, $1.1 million.


Blue Sky Dr., 12642-Kenneth L. and Marco S. Korba to Irfan A. Khan and Maliha Ahmad, $595,000.

Cherry Branch Dr., 12313-David P. and Summer K. Traxler to Chintan M. and Purvi Bhavsar, $650,000.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 13101-Ji Whan and Julia Junghoon Kim to Elizabeth B. Gessese and Mesfine T. Habtemariam, $440,000.

Ebenezer Chapel Dr., 13014-Third Try Corp. to Xiaonan Sui and Qin Chen, $519,000.

Heron Neck Terr., 22396-Matthew J. and Kristina M. Price to Jack Mwangi and Patricia Njoroge, $570,000.

Overlook Park Dr., 23620, No. 103-Thomas J. and Jennifer Shaffer Peters Hall to Joan N. Holdsworth, $215,000.

Scholl Manor Way, 23224, No. 1128-Justin Elliott and Ryan A. Brown to Huanyu Liang, $210,000.

Sugar View Dr., 23619-Jeffrey B. Lunenfeld to Cameron and Dorota Bengel, $525,000.

Wellspring Ave., 14047-Vashawn L. and Pamela F. Henry to Joy and Jamie Lawrence Zaffke, $610,000.


Baywind Ct., 13804-Betty Marie Kohls Stehman to Shuayib M. Abdulkadir, $486,900.

Colesberg St., 1617-Linda D. Kendall and estate of Sophia Louise Kendall to Karina Yamileth Romero and Juan Majano, $457,000.

Oak Hill Rd., 16808-Shabahat and Azmat Husain to Ivey Marie Santiesteban and Henry Raulin Urena, $710,000.

Soapstone Lane, 309-Luke C. and Kristine Nicholas to David and Gretchen Rakelly Valerio Masse, $601,000.

Tarpon Terr., 14413-Chad Everett and Jennifer Norako Smith to Kyle Robert and Christine Swanson Fischer, $582,000.


Gue Rd., 9320-Richard K. Glabach to Matthew S. and Rebecca L. Baldassano, $380,000.

Prices Distillery Rd., 12001-Christine J. Vanslyke to Peggy Piotrowski, $300,000.

Woodfield Rd., 25904-William R. and Mary E. Swink to Ruth M. Child, $332,500.


Decker Pl., 16198-CSP Associates I. Corp. to Pratik Rajan Girdhar and Manjiri Joshi, $664,500.

Horizon Terr., 7016-Jasen and Jovina Orme to Sara Turtle Moon, $300,000.

Mill Run Dr., 7245, No. 12-6-Mirtha Zuelma Calvo Hance to Ngoc Hoa Thi Hua and Steven Hua Pham, $317,500.

Muncaster Mill Rd., 6901-Tsai Ken Wang to Delia Gerarda Munoz, $435,000.

Shady Mill Rd., 17713-Stephen Anthony and Kaitlin Erin March to Rey C. and Christiana M. Martinez, $459,900.

Woodway Dr., 18900-Thomas P. and Debra D. Crone to Robert D. Nanz and Jennifer F. West, $600,000.


Big Rock Rd., 10001-Lisa M. Matt to Taylor and Walter Mullon, $605,000.

Brunett Ave., 9630-Ross S. Pavis to Kelley Darling and Frank Dehnisch, $725,000.

Dryden St., 1105-Keith S. and Stephanie Potter to Scott Thomas McGhee and Jacinth Traxler Planer, $465,000.

Geren Rd., 8607, No. 25-5-Zelda Lecoat to Jennifer S. Ginsberg, $295,000.

Leighton Pl., 3-Amy and Mark S. Smith to Aaron Morrissey and Sara Seavey, $595,000.

Manchester Rd., 8616, No. 5-Derrick Wood and estate of Annette Ivory Dunzo to Alpa C. Vaghani, $195,000.

Normandy Dr., 104-James Franck and estate of Donald A. Franck to Manuel and Teresa Gomez Bramble, $630,000.

Royalton Rd., 405-Ana C. Tolentino to Jennifer A. Plaia, $415,000.

Stoneyhill Ct., 10606-Joseph William Beagle Jr. to Pamela H. and Thomas Nelson, $490,000.

Waterford Rd. S., 306-Kimberly Oliver and Adrian V. Burnim to Meng Huang Rao, $504,000.


Amity Dr., 17523-Phyllis G. Kozak to Henry R. Sanchez Jimenez and Yanely P. Polanco De Sanchez, $265,000.

Briarstone Lane, 22-Jason Elliott and Ashley Hoffacker to Andres E. Dulcey, $312,200.

Chesley Knoll Ct., 9029-James and Amber Sullivan to Dilshan Jayakody, $255,000.

Cottonwood Terr., 17915-Marianela I. Marin to Hua Sheng Wu, $325,000.

Framingham Dr., 19724-Kirsha L. Rhymer to Kara Barauskas, $293,500.

Girard St., 436, No. 234-Wells Fargo Bank to Courtlandt David Buchanan Jr. and Hilario Quixihuitl Garcia, $74,500.

Hidden Forest Dr., 15-Kurt R. and Julie Q. Oliver to Tamu Ra and Miguelle Saha Bakr, $567,500.

Meadow Green Way, 8456-John Teng to Oleksii and Nataliia Kulbatska, $345,000.

Sapling Hill Way, 204-Charles Reginald and Kendra Jeanette Johnson to Hassan and Jeneba Sheriff, $443,900.

Skidmore Blvd., 524-Jer Yih and Lee Jen P. Lin to Maritza Aviles and Krystle Lebron, $565,000.

Topfield Dr., 17720, No. 3-A-Jay W. and Kate S. Jesse to Miguel A. and Nancy M. Jimenez, $255,000.

Virginia Dr., 16-John A. Arnold and Dorothy Reitwiesner to Laura A. Preston, $489,000.

Winery Ct., 9720-Garner and Agnes Hardgrove to Graciela Garcia, $264,000.


Ambiance Dr., 15641-Barbara C. Broderick and Patricia A. Davis to John S. Jenkins III and Jacqueline J. Adams, $326,200.

Booth St., 106, No. 14-Kristoffer Abarilla Brandt and Yujia Feng to Shaohua Li and Kai Yun Cheng, $300,000.

Community Center Ave., 253-Kevin Schifferli to Sandra H. and Ira A. Blumenreich, $395,000.

Englefield Dr., 119-Young H. and Ae Ja Cho to Antonio M. Salinas and Claire J. Telford, $739,900.

Floral Park Ct., 1-Jyh Shyan Lin and Nian Yun Wu to Hariprasad Malladi and Sujatha Pisupati, $860,000.

Golden Ash Way, 124-Cynthia Rosborough to Maozhen Gong and Yuzhi Li, $570,000.

Highland Ridge Ave., 446-John D. and Patricia M. Porter to Jun Young Yang and Shinji Park, $594,000.

Keeneland Pl., 12409-Richard and Dale Weiss to Jairo J. and Damacia P. Umanzor, $565,000.

Linslade St., 615-Laura W. Hardy to Kerri Criswell Major, $506,000.

Michele Ct., 10-Cara Denise O’Connor and estate of Carole Theresa Macrina to Kristen Marie D’Angelo, $452,500.

Orchard Dr., 2-Jeffrey K. Wong and Eric L. Tang to Magaly C. Amaya Alvarenga and Martin Amaya, $359,000.

Perrywinkle Lane, 217-Yamileth Eleana and Torres Hernandez to Ling Jing Eckert and Xi Yan Qing, $247,000.

Query Mill Rd., 13610-Julio C. and Sylvia R. Morinigo to Lingquan Deng and Ying Lin, $1.24 million.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 864, No. 102-Habib Sheybani Agdam and Khadijeh Rostamifard Ahari to Hong Xue, $129,900.

Saddleview Pl., 11409-Massoud Rouhanian to Josephine Udomi, $510,000.

Tannery Dr., 302-Daniel and Elizabeth Pilloff to Sameer and Renuka R. Shah, $725,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 12725-C. E. and Cynthia A. Carpenter to Dawn Houle and Milo Booth, $730,000.

Washingtonian Blvd., 9726-Xuelu Liu and Yanli Wu to Amandeep and Elisha Basi, $530,000.

West Side Dr., 726, No. 5-D-Benito Gonzalez and Gwendolyn Olivia Ward to Ibrahim Saif and Anna Khizhnyak, $128,000.


Anndyke Way, 20549-Robert L. and Diane F. Smith to Jennifer C. and Ronald Scott Sanda, $461,000.

Autumn Mist Dr., 18707-Barbara A. Cloutier to Tadele B. Dadie and Mariemichelle Kebede, $400,000.

Briarcliff Terr., 13103, No. 10-1001-Sheba and Andrew Hakiza to John Mark Ennis, $180,000.

Cherry Bend Ct., 18-Haijiang Wang and Xiaoyi Peng to Cesar A. Guanilo Justiniano and Daisy C. Unda Arredondo, $295,000.

Coachmans Cir., 13919-Ivan F. and Maria G. Silva to Lei Xu and Cheng Ma, $525,000.

Esmond Ct., 15-Alejandro M. Sosias and Andrea D. Torres Ramos to Andrew Truong Hoang Ly, $315,000.

Gassaway Lane, 19601-Andres and Mary Ann Lira to Michael Joseph and Alexis Slaybaugh Arenas, $400,000.

Harmony Woods Lane, 18755-Mukesh and Rashmi Somani to Naira Babayan and Mariam Manugh Khaloyan, $351,350.

Jump Dr., 14006-Mark A. and Amy M. Williams to Prabhat K. Tiwari and Sumita Pokhrel, $349,000.

Laurel Grove Pl., 12539-Rennie and Judy Sablon Taylor to Manolo M. Salcedo Rivero and Sonia Ali De Salcedo, $300,000.

Metz Dr., 18118-Anna Hakobyan to Shirley Geraldine Ruiz Pacheco, $290,000.

Rexmore Dr., 12800, No. 18-Amanda Nichole and John Wesley McThenia to Tzu Yu Kao, $239,900.

Shamrock Glen Dr., 13010, No. 903-Michael J. and Joyelle A. Haddix to Harry Chiu, $369,900.

Split Rock Lane, 18562-Victoria S. Koulakjian and estate of Linda M. Koulakjian to Jie Lin and Feiyan Wei, $290,000.

Timber Oak Lane, 20174, No. 165-Terry Dittmer to Erica Renee Burzio, $375,000.

Walnut Creek Ct., 12219-Mitchell E. and Carmen Schloner to Christopher P. and Jill D. Morrow Gorton, $446,000.

Wonderland Way, 13104, No. 191-Beverly Sue Baldwin and Beverly Sue Maples to Michael Razavi, Farahnaz Mirdamadi and Nair Regina Branco, $115,000.


Bentley Lane, 10717-Rebecca S. Smith to Alan Lewis Trexler and Stephanie Maile Moy, $595,000.

Campbell Pl., 2506-Karen W. Jaffe to Chad and Kathleen N. McCormick, $673,000.

Ferndale St., 3022-Andrew J. Kissner and Jacqueline M. Hill to John Stanley and Claire Marie Grabowski, $575,000.

Glueck Lane, 11018-Vivianne Cisneros Wersel to Kara Wright and Daniel F. Klein, $474,900.

Mills Crossing Pl., 3318-Judy Leon to Richard S. Rook, $560,000.

Sandy Ct., 3510-Scott J. and Margaret B. Kabat to Matthew Edward and Alexandra Valnoski, $511,000.

Washington St., 3714-American Intl Relocation SLN Corp. and Daniel Murtha to Adam Sylvan and Jodi Goldstein Daniel, $1.52 million.


Barberry Lane, 236-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Rasheedah Ahmed and Troy Poole, $1.05 million.

Foxlair Pl., 9524-Alan H. and Suzanne Snyder to Isaac and Jennifer Nuss, $705,100.

Hawkins Creamery Rd., 8360-Jeffery Daniel and Deanna Diane Blankenship to Diego Monteiro and Carmen Lucia Podavin, $439,000.

Sabbath Ct., 20711-Cleon F. and Cindy L. Hollinger to Gala Joy and Glen David Wurdeman, $512,000.

Woodfield School Rd., 24109-Cynthia L. Baruch and Judi Ann Baxter to Matthew J. and Kristina M. Price, $696,100.


Beaver Ridge Rd., 20652-Andrew D. and Debra G. Walker to Karen and Rodolfo Whittembury, $511,000.

Brassie Pl., 19653, No. 5B-Edward J. Heath and Kimberly L. Gassner to John McClay, $100,000.

Club House Rd., 19303, No. 303-Ronny M. Samet to Ebenezer Osae and Angela Brako Marfo, $155,000.

Feathertree Terr., 9800, No. 30-George and Nino Kaviladze to Sonal Mazumder and Akash Patel, $207,200.

Galesburg Way, 20002-Tam Thuthi Nguyen and Tien My Tang to Adrienne L. Travis, $285,000.

Hawk Run Ct., 6-Olivia I. and Michael A. Darrell to Alina Cabrejas, $330,000.

Ivybridge Ct., 20404-Marie Jane Tax to David Dalmasso, $245,000.

Maple Leaf Dr., 10050-Pamela Janna Wolf and John R. Kallio to Pejman Aminiha and Payam Setayeshpour, $317,000.

Racine Ct., 19207-Timothy C. and Carolyn W. Lee to Olivia Rector and Joseph Hart, $360,000.

Sailfish Terr., 9825-Ismael Ivan Bachabi to Ian A. Giles, $257,000.

Stedwick Dr., 19001-Jill Filler to Linda Fomundam and Guy Mollet Tobet Ndjiya, $335,000.

Tunstall Pl., 9515-Muhamed and Senada Pajazetovic to Bin Zhu and Zhenzhen Xu, $230,000.

Wheelwright Dr., 19921-Nickolay Mitkov Dimitrov to Myrva M. and Arnulfo A. Abad, $305,000.


Cresthaven Dr., 1309-Jennifer and Mikhail A. Kouznetsov to Jason L. Ak and Cecilia Kai Wong, $470,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 807-Margarita Vega to Jose M. and Marinobi R. De Medrano, $150,000.

12th Ave., 8302-Loretta C. Smith and Charles M. Lewis to Saba Y. Wolteji and Dereje S. Yadeta, $250,000.


Acorn Hollow Lane, 12906-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Amir H. and Firoozeh K. Naeemi, $374,000.

Atherton Dr., 12711-William J. and Kathryn Y. Kuennen to Henry J. Mejia and Xenia Carolina Suspes Cortez, $412,400.

Bassett Lane, 15401, No. 45-2E-Annette M. Helgeson to Margaret Hanscom, $135,000.

Catoctin Ct., 85-Myrian L. and Jose C. Sanchez to Andrea Angelita Garcia and Nicole Aileen Merino, $356,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3417-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Crystal Renee Simmons and Carl Eric Young, $717,540.

English Orchard Ct., 12695-Harvey and Muriel Perlstein to Jocelyn Michelle Baltz and Mark Parker Lehtonen, $390,000.

Gate Lane N., 13815-Caroleann Myers to Chau Long Dinh, $625,000.

Greenery Lane, 2101, No. 201-28-Hong Xuan Lam and Huong P. Ly to Lorena D. Segovia Ocotan, $185,000.

Hutchinson Way, 13112-Joon and Dong Soo Park to Ermias Hailu Zewde, $495,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-204-Audrey A. Bloom to Julio K. and Manuela Thoms, $210,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-121-Judith M. Sills to Herbert B. and Valeria W. Jenkins, $280,000.

Kenosha Pl., 2301-Brian S. and Lena Fang Goldstein to Meron F. Demissew and Haileab Negussie, $427,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2921, No. 1-211-Frank R. and Iris J. Kesterman to Sandra J. Winans Berkow, $114,005.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-1012-Ellen M. Sullivan to Grace Ellen Elliott, $149,000.

Littleton St., 12501-Pamela Woodward and Michael Goldstein to Amy and Victoria Winter, $423,000.

Parker Farm Way, 14205-Sharon S. Oum to Andrew Tran and Thuy Quyen Nguyen, $426,000.

Rosetree Ct., 14340-Mizan Rahman to Fuzhong Chang and Dexiu Li, $380,000.

Urbana Dr., 2808-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Armando Martinez and Stephanie Mangan, $450,000.

Weller Rd., 3913-Kapil K. and Rashmi Sharma to Santos E. Reyes Medrano and Maria L. Escobar, $415,000.


Cannes Lane, 4504-Charles Edward Stogoski Jr. to Hugo and Neelam Minera, $345,000.

Dutchess Dr., 18334-William E. and Erin C. Zimmer to Benjamin T. and Pamela Stokes, $498,400.

Hickory Meadow Dr., 18303-Ashley P. and Neil R. Allen to Jeffrey Shipman and Amber Haf, $685,000.

Megans Way, 3354-Nancy T. Sommer to Sunday Augustine and Oluwatosin Elizabeth Leonard, $625,000.

Random Ridge Cir., 4505-Benjamin A. and Debra A. Newhall to Joseph and Barbara Lacour, $760,000.

Saint Theresa Dr., 17502-Matthew Alan and Danielle Leslie Porter to Chase G. and Allison S. Pendleton, $475,000.

Sunset Lake Ct., 18019-Kathleen M. Dell Orto to Allison M. Reitz, $350,000.

Windsor Hill Dr., 18170, No. 208A-Charles F. Herbert and Sandra Giuliana Scaggs to Stephanie M. and Donald J. Carswell, $232,000.


River Rd., 18810-Suntrust Bank to Rob and Brad Hopkin, $405,000.


Beekman Pl., 11845-Ruthanne G. and H. Clifford Neely to Mikael C. McCowan and Dora J. Stadler, $1 million.

Broad Green Dr., 11300-Jewan Bae and Joanne Jongeun Lee to Beena Alex and Benedict L. John Britto, $1.02 million.

Burbank Dr., 10904-Pierre A. and Colette A. Calilhanna to Guruprasad Prakash and Christine Mae Bandekar, $1.03 million.

Chilham Pl., 2507-Patricia Vogel to Rama Taib and James Vincent Lopez, $719,000.

Coldstream Dr., 11802-Hongyan Tang to Gholamreza Mansourabadi and Vida Bayat Mokhtari, $705,000.

Duryea Dr., 11413-Boguang A. Zhen and Hsingyi C. Liang to Sumit and Anu Gupta, $738,000.

Glynshire Way, 9712-Yifan Huang and Tao Wang to Zhuchun Wu and Wenlan Huang, $1.3 million.

Henslowe Dr., 2430-Jill and Lawrence J. Shultz to Robert P. and Laura P. Woodard, $770,000.

Jeb Stuart Rd., 8208-James A. and Soyeon A. Showman to Yehudah and Michelle R. Krukas Hampel, $740,000.

Lake Potomac Dr., 11704-Jay M. and Debra S. Barnett to Phuong Dinh Ho and Jennifer Lee Young, $1.44 million.

Ormond Rd., 10101-Harvey and Sharon Kaplan to Michael and Michele Primich, $1.42 million.

Reach Rd., 9661-Howard B. and Joy Friedman Isaacson to Robert B. and Rhoda J. Yankowitz, $900,000.

Rouen Lane, 9017-Joseph M. and Kathryn V. Kohn to Robert T. and Gabrielle D. Garretson, $925,000.

Stable House Ct., 12517-Terence J. and Jillian C. O’Connell to Philip and Linsey Brault, $990,000.

Tara Rd., 11013-Jared M. and Irene M. Drescher to John Y. Choi and Emily H. Hsu, $1.47 million.

Watts Branch Pkwy., 502-Stanley A. and Sandra C. Ratner to Meixiang Zhu and Zhou Lin, $615,000.


Antigua Terr., 10806, No. 200-Kathleen P. Nolan to Laura Ann Chite, $355,000.

Azalea Dr., 760, No. 13-Olga N. Peck Korobkova to Arthur Thembinkosi Nhliziyo and Vanessa K. Ofwono, $364,998.

Braxfield Ct., 12413, No. 562-U.S. Bank and Bank of America to Nikolas Bezianis, $128,625.

Clemson Ct., 13-Vicki Senires to Chunnong and Edwin Saeger, $645,000.

Commonwealth Dr., 11409, No. 201-Jin O. Yang to Jared Steven and Hannah Victoria Magee, $395,000.

Currier Dr., 204-Russell E. and Sandra E. Rubin to Wei and Anne Leong, $675,000.

Edson Lane, 5805, No. 1-Philippe M. Burlina and Maureen E. Jaffe to Khadijeh Torkashvan, $381,000.

Foxborough Cir., 9902-Joshua M. Fredricks to Stella Esther Opiyo, $642,450.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1615-Avi S. Katzoff to Shiny Jaison, $384,800.

Harvard Ct., 10-Carl B. and Catherine C. Donvito to Matthew J. and Alayna Rae Hendrix Kinnard, $620,000.

King Farm Blvd., 302, No. 30208-Patrick M. Edwards to Hsiu C. Halligan, $338,000.

Lincoln Ave., 322-Edwin A. Pineda Hernandez to Igor and Alyona Knizhnik, $395,000.

Lynch St., 296-Kenneth and Elizabeth Pimentel to Susan McClure, $615,000.

Monroe St., 4, No. 607-Samuel Evan Brewster and Loretta Jane Bauer to Maguette Ndiaye, $265,000.

Mount Prospect Dr., 13610-Laurie S. and Robert Randall Parr to Prabhjit Singh and Jagandeep Kaur, $1.18 million.

Nolan Dr., 10216-Andrew M. and Hsin Wei O. Hsu Cheng to Ramesh Pandey and Shilpi Taneja, $715,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 427-Zeinalynn Z. and Fadia Zawaideh Kinkel to Ruven Golan and Nurit Golan Fischgrund, $417,000.

Parklawn Dr., 11901, No. 101-Randi Sheffer to Shri N. Malviya, $155,000.

Robert Rd., 709-Michael R. Morgan to Dorinda and Barry Hailstock, $370,000.

Rolling Fields Way, 705-Jacquelyn C. Cole Dietrich to Kwawu Mensan Gaba and Fatimata Gaba Ouedraogo, $590,000.

Schuylkill Rd., 11437-German A. and Reina Y. Pineda to Matthew and Lauren Newsome, $520,000.

Tegner Ct., 3-Mary M. Ziomek and Douglas R. Wright to Lenard S. Cohen, $690,000.

Unicorn Way, 10203-Jeffrey and Jill T. Weiner to Amit Gulati and Jharna Sareen, $1.2 million.


Amber Ridge Cir., 12005-Oscar Glenn Goodhand III to Abhilash Nair, $362,500.

Bedford Ct., 11636-Victor F. and Gianina I. Obando to Gregory D. Willis, $270,000.

Cross Laurel Ct., 45-Thomas F. and Linda M. Panter to Mirna Marilu and Hector Alonso Pacheco, $290,000.

Gunners Branch Rd., 19609, No. 3-0314-Hamid and Mohamad S. Haririsoud to Damir Josic, $118,000.

Madrigal Dr., 19812-Imran Mustafa to Ramatou Sylla Davies, $540,000.

Sandsfield Terr., 20316-Daemon Dartouzos to Nicholas G. and Jennifer M. Rentmeester, $415,000.

Stoney Point Way, 19921-Edwin Tom III to Leah M. Weaver, $239,000.

Willowdale Dr., 11311-Mahmoud and Lagha Kashanian Mirshah to Brandon Michael and Phonethida Tiffany Fischer, $520,000.


Blair Mill Rd., 1220, No. 205-Owen D. and Melissa L. Thomas to Jose Carlos and Stefanie Ursula Dierichs Garcia, $425,000.

Columbia Blvd., 9416-Helene J. Faures to Jennifer and Andrew Scott Davison, $805,000.

Forsythe Ave., 2912-Shira F. and Kyerion D. Printup to Scott Howard Burgess and Morgan Elizabeth Milner, $600,000.

Islington St., 803-Thomas M. and Meredith E. Sundlof to Claire B. Cole and Daniel Mirsky, $628,100.

Lyttonsville Rd., 2035-Joshua M. Rosenbaum and Elissa M. Redmiles to Katherine Lucas and Samantha Michelle McKay, $525,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8305-Clarence and Elsa Henderson to Brian J. and Emily M. Glassman, $425,000.

Thayer Ave., 606-Kathleen M. March to Jennifer C. O’Reilly, $520,000.


Aspen Ave., 7414-Patrick John Lynch and Christine Aguiar to Rachel Fredman and Sean Lyngaas, $595,000.

Erie Ave., 719, No. 7-Ronnie Whiteside to Wilnelia Rodriguez, $139,900.

Holly Ave., 7303-Carolyn J. Bassing to Keith and Sara Sieverding, $885,000.

Lockney Ave., 7802-Amilcar Vega Miranda and Thuy Nguyen to Aaron William and Abigail Wildman Konopasky, $450,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 101-Vincent and Eber Rosario to Jinelle Wilkinson, $157,400.

Piney Branch Rd., 7426-Saskia J. and Sean P. Moffatt to Tara Brennan and Altin Ajdini, $720,000.


Baltimore Rd., 813-John C. and Arleen Sleeman to Fang Tao Ren and Jinyan Xiao, $408,000.

Denfield Rd., 5731-Donald E. and Janice M. Scott to Jill M. and William B. Beaver, $463,800.

Lemay Rd., 5955-Conrad C. and Sara L. Zeglin to Roxana Yoo, $394,950.

Rockland Ave., 1922-Jane Hess and estate of George C. Williams to Adam J. Krukas, $410,000.


Circle Cir., 12-Nils Erickson and estate of Margaret Mary Erickson to Sandra L. Gallagher, $475,000.


Andrew St., 11949-Ralph and Sacha Snyder to Sabas A. Pineda Paz and Anielka D. Zuniga Cruz, $319,725.

Blueridge Ave., 3004-Toni Marie and Sean Higgins to Katherine and Joseph Herbert Stangl, $439,000.

Colt Terr., 11509-Laurie Torchinsky to Adrienne J. Capkovic and Andreas Gelner, $535,000.

Darrow St., 2411-Yecenia Morales and Brandon Bell to Lesley M. Cothran, $332,000.

Floral St., 3426-Claudia Lorena Castro and estate of Blanca E. Castro to Jesus Flores Ruano and Lilian Mairoby Milian Garcia, $290,000.

Georgia Ave., 9900, No. 27-417-A-Patricia K. Lesnick to Philip and Christine Gary Diven, $240,000.

Hayden Dr., 2502-Donald Lee McClure Jr. to William Alexander and Elizabeth Hart Ketchum, $643,000.

Highview Ave., 11711-Realty American Investments Corp. to Manuel A. Gomez and Rodolfo A. Perez Lopez, $380,000.

Jennings Rd., 2508-Lunasol Corp. to Andres Camilo and Lacey Beth Talero, $367,000.

Malone St., 10703-Daniel S. and Sarah E. Genua to William James Hunley, $378,000.

Saw Mill Ct., 12006-Gwen E. Garrison and Linda K. Hodson to Camray Andre and Rasheeda Anika Smith Yee, $470,000.

Weisman Rd., 3011-Justin Robert and Robert F. Markiewicz to Carlos Arturo Bonilla and Nancy Maribel Paz, $320,000.

Woodridge Ave., 3605-Michael R., Joseph and Patricia Goudreau to Antonio Fernando Martins and Maria G. Lima, $402,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Morland Dr. N., 5771-Charles L. and Margaret Duber Snyder to Reginald and Kimberley Sanford, $484,900.


Volunteer Dr., 1308-Bryce and Meghan Dahnert to Jose and Ingris Beltran, $375,000.


Brockton Dr., 3275-Francis T. and Kristen V. Harris to Ronald R. and Michelle L. Sisler, $359,000.

Eclipse Ct., 3367-Kelvin K. and Marlene Womack to David W. Miller and Victoria Coviello, $765,000.

Shadywood Dr., 3847, No. 3A-Scott L. Morreale to Greg L. Wilson, $105,000.


Huntley Cir., 1307-Mark A. and Joanne L. Dominowski to Mehdi Allaverd and Laura Gervasio, $377,000.


Arwell Ct., 453-Chad R. and Kadi A. Englehart to Allison Helen Glensor, $213,000.

Binford Ct., 576-Stanley R. and Patricia E. Powell to Brian Russ and Elena R. Sten, $356,000.

Chinaberry Dr., 1018-C. Scott and Deborah J. Kiser to Elias Garcia Solais, $340,000.

Daytona Ct., 6516, No. 206-Thomas and Vassiliki Anderjaska to Laura K. Lamb, $210,000.

Earles Ct., 5260-Sandra G. and Geoffrey Smith to Ellis K. Aloryi, $273,000.

Elmer Derr Rd., 4939A-Gregory T. and Julie A. Welter Smith to Joseph Carmine Ferrara Jr., $338,000.

Foxhall Ct., 5555-Bernard Lopez to Ana Paula Panesi, $265,000.

Hastings Ct., 6214-Deborah Diane Hazlak to Suhey E. Dominguez and Andre O. Miller, $240,000.

Lauren Ct., 117-Raul A. Magana Arriaza to Jose Alirio Torres, $190,000.

Mercantile Dr. W., 5800-Andrew P. Hauser to Benjamin K. Burch, $306,000.

Old Stage Rd., 593-Carlos D. and Marina Gonzalez to Sean A. and Cindy McGlaughlin, $270,000.

Primus Ct., 509-Aaron and Danielle Duvall to James Christopher Lindstedt, $259,900.

Snow Goose Ct., 6822-Bertha A. Smith to Xiao Guo, $185,000.

Tivoli Rd., 642-Stephanie E. Shank to Ying Xiao, $230,000.

View Point Ct., 6412-James D. Mitchell and Desarai Cabrera to Mohammed A. Khan, $245,000.

Woodlyn Rd., 5705-Steven Burtner and estate of Faye T. Burtner to Jacob C. Birkholz, $320,500.


Bentz St. N., 329-Mark Williams to Nefeli E. Georgoulia and Mehron Kugler, $210,000.

Blue Leaf Ct., 905, No. 7-Andrew Gregory Stoner to Charles Edmund and Sherril Whitaker Harris, $162,000.

Brook Valley Rd., 2645-Robert Y. and Linda C. Lee to James P. and Marilyn J. Mayo, $474,900.

Carrollton Dr., 504, No. 10-Stephanie Ann Page to Vanessa Carolina Canas and David Abdiel Preciado, $170,000.

Dockside Ct., 1463-Catherine and Nicole Vincent to Karelle M. Makangu, $199,000.

Fieldcrest Dr., 6145-Amy L. Wachter to Matthew Herbert Coates and Minerva Victoria Suarez Tellez, $510,000.

Insley Cir., 836-Nathaniel D. and Kimberly N. Cash to Phillip A. and Kylie Helmer, $327,500.

Kingston Pl., 9544-William E. Sublett III to Taylor K. Hane and Patrick A. Reed, $370,000.

Longmeadow Dr., 7909-Federal National Mortgage Association to Anhlac Bao Pham, $275,000.

Market St. N., 918-David P. and Melanie L. Williamson to Alexander A.W. Novak, $350,000.

Monocacy Ford Rd., 2654-John Guy and Elizabeth Cannon to Merrill Edgar and Ann Bailer Fisher, $800,000.

Palatine Dr., 3019-Lee K. Gillespie to Thomas and Elizabeth Koerner, $560,000.

Shadybrook Dr., 9001-Leslie B. Kramerich to Kenneth J. and Susan E. Yost, $510,000.

Spring Forest Rd., 6422-Scott W. and Lauryn M. Murphy to Dennis Wayne and Sharon Kay Perry, $530,000.

Turning Point Ct., 900-Andre A. Motayne to Olaoye Jegede, $259,900.

Wheyfield Dr., 1808-Carl G. and William H. Becker to Brian Patrick and Gina Irene Boone, $320,000.

Wyngate Dr., 251-Christopher A. and Johanna E. Castro to Bi E. Lin and Xiumei Chen, $328,000.

Fifth St. W., 240-Joann Griffin to Thomas Michael and Jean Marie Diehl, $296,000.


Barnham Way, 1009-Elizabeth Rodriguez and Daniel W. Gonzalez to Rachel Karen Farr, $210,000.

Bootjack Dr., 5518-Paul D. Smeck Jr. and Keary J. Johnston to Frank M. Dunhour Jr., $555,000.

Colonial Way, 1677-Roy Watts to Samuel Isaac Martinez and Maira Stefani Baires, $205,000.

Dulaney Ct., 1821-TDR Properties Corp. to Carlos Eduardo Alfaro and Vicky L. Jarquin De Alfaro, $210,000.

Gambrill Park Rd., 11816-Suntrust Bank to William R. and Stacey L. Larson, $215,000.

Heather Ridge Dr., 750, No. 15E-Benjamin Chou and Christina Fang to Christopher Lloyd and Zana Miller, $88,000.

Independence St., 2211-John J. and Sonja H. Sienkowski to Lewis E. and Kimberly A. Darling, $415,000.

Lake Coventry Dr., 208-Alex and Rebecca Miller to Javier Sebastian Aguilar and Maggy Torrico Luizaga, $289,900.

Masser Rd., 10093-Steven W. and Laurie B. Orlowski to David Samuel Pleasants, $1.01 million.

Opossumtown Pike., 7911-Richard T. and Jessamine Brown Kreuzburg to Paula L. Fidel, $370,000.

Schaffer Dr., 1199-Jeff and Patricia Pinchinat to Flor V. Mejia Romero, $254,000.

Sumner Dr., 2008-Benjamin Michael and Meredith Frances Henning to Casey N. Beck, $252,000.

Wayside Dr., 2103, No. 2A-James W. and Kimberly D. Radtke to Christopher and Cristina Jones, $171,000.

Willis Lane, 6713-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to William and Cathy Tyeryar, $179,900.

Wynfield Ct., 2403-Stacey Briggs and Stacey Clarit to Susan Rakely Justiniano, $276,000.


Broadmoor Terr. N., 5590-Teresa Ann Stedman to Thomas C. and Mitzi G. Montemore, $584,000.

Fire Tower Lane, 2025-Ronald D. Kuenzli to Dejan and Milica Senic, $360,000.

Oakdale Village Rd., 5824-Hannah Li to Nicola Lorena Hildreth, $328,000.


Ash Dr., 13B-Steven J. and Laura Taylor to Roberto Javier Sullivan, $135,000.

Olive School Rd., 3510-Patricia D. and Woodrow W. Weddle to Mario A. Rivera and Flor D. Maria Rivera, $399,900.


Beechtree Lane, 7293-Joshua L. and Tracey S. Gormer to Jeanette M. Coffin, $305,900.

Hill Ct. N., 3316-Mark S. and Tara Lampman Boulden to Christopher A. and Katherine E. Frey, $450,000.

Main St. E., 100, No. 102-Ronald J. Terbush to Ana Maria Powell and Suzanne D. Borgel, $345,000.

Wash House Cir., 16-Estate of Charlotte Lynn Aufdem Brinke to Arik James and Megan Elizabeth Baker Knapp, $335,000.


Fingerboard Rd., 12150-David G. Cobb to Jerome Frank and Nancy Giganti, $415,000.

Monrovia Blvd., 4508-Linda Tolbert Stringer to Amy S. and Eric H. Steinhoff, $487,500.

Viridian Terr., 4515-Winchester Homes Inc. to Roger A. and Lisa V. Kessler, $654,492.


Highboro Ct., 4614-Sterling National Bank to Ruth Zotti, $365,000.

Park Ridge Dr., 1203-Mark and Sharon Sheldon to Nicholas S. and Courtney Feeser, $485,000.

Woodville Rd., 5733-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Ronald S. White, $307,000.


Harp Pl., 15-Jake E. and Caitlin Vandegrift Brandenburg to Chris Krogh and Shelley Eyler, $274,900.

Mountain Terr., 235-Rhonda Lynn Sisler to Collin and Jordan Delauter, $253,000.


Club House Cir., 7008-Thomas A. and Colleen M. Geppi to Michael S. and Jocie L. Palanza, $490,000.

Country Squire Way, 702-Marcy Vannoy to Kathleen E. and Brandon R. Hamilton, $499,000.

Edwardian Lane, 10569, No. 166-Edwin R. and Kerry L. Esbrandt to Dennis and Sue Thornton, $465,000.

Holly’s Way, 5803-Robert J. and Maureen T. Smith to John K. and Mary F. Jackson, $470,000.

Lakeridge Rd. E., 6643-David and Aimee McBride to Mary Ellen Hilleary, $340,000.

Nicholas Hall St., 314-New Market Residential Corp. and Oak Hill Properties Corp. to Noha S. Maklad and Sean P. Northrup, $704,900.

Saddle Rd., 7119-Claudio R. and Sheri R. Almeida to Jonathan Maxwell Cameron and Tatiana Stormy Boadwine, $429,900.

Shore Way N., 6529-Jay H. King to Mark James and Jenifer Eve Powers, $631,000.

Windsong Ct., 5746-Amy G. Wilson to Donald S. Alsberry, $355,000.


Renner Rd., 11904-U.S. Bank and Structured Asset Securities Corp. to Joseph W. Richards, $250,000.


Old Frederick Rd., 12952-Dwayne L. Lare and Bonnie L. Baust to Regina E. Dinterman, $500,000.


Bosc Ct., 115-Joanne M. and Joseph P. Langan to Chelsey Howser and Cody Donovan, $315,000.

Eyler Rd., 209-Robert D. and Patricia K. Crawford to Brett Hahn and Shelby Fox, $225,000.

Hessong Bridge Rd., 11504-Scotty M. and Helene M. Abbott to Dane Andrew Brady, $280,000.

Old Oak Pl., 102-Stacey L. Ridge to Kimberly J. and Pamela J. Droneburg, $175,900.

Terben Ct., 12-Benjamin T. and Caroline A. Marcus to Rosa Elizabeth Monterroso, $301,000.


Beall Dr., 5440-Cheryl L. Thomas and David L. Terry to Sukhvinder Kaur Bal, $506,000.

Braidwood Terr., 9714-Regina A. Evans to Delphine A. Batcha, $372,000.

Denison St., 3618-Thomas M. and Nicole A. Schulien to Victorine Musima Esaka and Elvis Esendise Fonjungo, $727,000.

Hyde Pl., 9535-Richard S. and Cynthia A. Murray to Nauran Yasser Moustafa Heshmat, $316,000.

Major Smith Lane, 9055-Crist E. and Sally A. Helle to Hari Krishna Gullapalli and Udaya Krishna Kommineni, $609,500.

Shepherd Dr., 5828-Jason and Chrissy Barnette to Matthew C. Carmody and Eunmi Lee, $458,000.

Sweet Briar Lane, 3936-Colin M.B. and Amy E.B. Crehan to James and Tanya McEvoy, $500,000.

Worthington Blvd., 3629-Miguel and Robin Forero to Faisal and Hina F. Bhinder, $345,000.


Glade Blvd., 200-St. Timothy Roman Catholic Church Inc. to Andrew Floyd Reed and Tanya Sophia Thielke, $310,000.

Sandalwood Ct., 108-Howard Kirk Evans to Sharon Ellen Watts, $213,000.


Cornell Dr., 225-Fred Alan Jackson to Thomas Brown and Stacy McGill, $420,000.

Wood St., 6-Mark D. and Pamela S. McClendon to Laura Espenshade and Justin Purdy, $291,500.