Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ashton Club Way, 17963-Brandon Earp and estate of Douglas L. Earp to Consiglia Stacey and Brian S. Grove, $307,000.

Tree Lawn Dr., 17720-Han Mok and Ok Sun Kim to Patrick J. and Kathryn V. Kincius, $525,000.


Arctic Terr., 4902-J. Kenneth and Maria Gibala to Kristen N. Serafin, $385,000.

Bluebonnet Ct., 4904-Frank F. Willson III to Kristin P. and Ryan McGonigal, $710,000.

Drake Dr., 13714-Jaime E. and Olga M. Zabala to Lauren and Joshua Birkins, $550,000.

Grenoble Dr., 13413-Feng Sheng Xu and Jun Yao Li to Amir Elgamal and Julia Ghattas, $415,000.

Levada Terr., 4716-John Joseph and Virginia D. Grubar to Jessica Boac and Cody Brown, $455,000.

Norbeck Rd., 4720-George and Kimberly McWilliams to Christopher M. and Jennifer Lapp, $655,000.

Sloan St., 13801-John Franklin and Roisin S. Suver to Samuel Kotler and Anna Ng, $495,000.

Walkingfern Dr., 4905-Stanley A. and Elizabeth Straiter to Martin J. and Tiany L. Galante, $690,000.


Arandale Rd., 7015-Edward Vaughan and Patricia Gilbert Staros to Tiffany Anne Koons and Kosmas Lois, $2.13 million.

Battery Lane, 4977, No. 1-406-Judith S. Shapiro Auerbach and estate of Ruth K. Shapiro to Peter Rafalowicz, $327,000.

Brookview Dr., 5112-Robin M. and Cynthia M. Truitt to Brendan and Elizabeth Mayer, $925,000.

Burning Tree Rd., 8707-Larry C. and Susan S. Johnson to Faisal and Fahmida Quader, $1.73 million.

Charleston Ct., 7920-David B. and Nancy O. Low to Argyrios and Katherine Louise Stringaris, $995,000.

Dover Rd., 4709-Edward S. and Erica Blayre Crosland to Emily and Eitan Danon, $997,500.

Ewing Dr., 9523-Jane H. Bell to Isabelle C. Roux and Gregory S. James, $690,000.

Hampden Lane, 4801, No. 102-Chia Fu and Wei Wu Sheng to Nestor A. and Eleonora Molfino, $955,000.

Hollins Dr., 6403-Robert and Rhonda R. Rich to Anahita Shahnazi Okhchi and Alireza Soumali, $680,000.

Lakeview Dr., 7420, No. W308-Steven W. Ragsdale to Aminata Bakayoko, $273,000.

Lindale Dr., 9502-Brian J. and Jessica M. Haug to Joel Andrew Scanlon and Kerrie Rezac Rushton, $1.05 million.

Malden Dr., 5009-Carmine D. Oddone to George T. Kosar and Maria Petrova, $826,000.

Melvern Dr., 5912-Stephanie J. Tomasso to Russell Nicholas and Julie P. Chomiak, $785,000.

Montauk Ave., 9908-Mario Amorim and Ed Stipp to Di Zhang and Jiachen Wang, $1.25 million.

Namakagan Rd., 5801-Frederick J. and Jordan B. Regan to Steven Nathan and Nina Beary Rubenstein, $825,000.

Parkwood Dr., 9612-Victoria E. and Kenneth Leonardo to Mita Mukherjee and Raj Tilak Chakrabarty, $1.07 million.

Renita Lane, 6704-Steven J. and Stacy M. Grant to Rafael E. Polonia and Melissa Mena Duran, $753,000.

Ryland Dr., 5919-Hojat Selahvarzi to Chuck Man and Huan Ying Ng, $1.44 million.

Vendome Dr., 9205-Binaya R. and Abha Mishra to Sung Yoon Kim, $1.28 million.

Westlake Terr., 7401, No. 1401-Rebecca K. Queen and estate of Marjorie Jean Houlditch Hamner to Perry and Rubetta Gale Palan, $274,000.

Whitley Park Terr., 5450, No. 603-Estate of Henry Greenbaum and Norman Greenbaum to Linda and Marc Nemiroff, $413,100.


Ashleigh Greene Rd., 14323-Xin Wen and Yong Wang to Imneetpal Singh Brar and Tanvir Kaur, $728,419.

Chrisman Hill Dr., 14428-Ernst B. Harmse and Deborah A. Zucker to Jianying Feng and Jie Liu, $560,000.

Gate Dancer Lane, 14300-Benito De Leon and Kari L. Peterson to Peng He, $725,000.

Kings Crossing Blvd., 14301, No. 205-Beatrice H. Falck to David Anthony Griffin, $180,000.


Brinkwood Rd., 121-Christopher F. and Gregory M. Amigo to Kendra Lynn Lawrence and Douglas Eric Norris, $700,000.

Heritage Hills Dr., 18820-Taiyan Zu and Yueqin Zhao to Brian and Kathryn Marron, $450,000.

Treadway Rd., 19228-Jill C. Asher to Christopher M. and Lisa Schubert, $495,000.


Armilla Ct., 14125-Saroj S. Patel to Aicha R. Kesha, $320,000.

Leatherwood Terr., 4311-Sweetmore Jane Amos Muzondo to Juan Manuel Rodriguez, $237,000.

Saddle Creek Ct., 8-Francine K. Madeoy to Tuwana Wall, $447,500.


Aquamarine Terr., 2011-Bradford C. and Marie L. Brodeur to Godefroid B. Mbolembe and Rachel Ibamba Liangu, $365,000.

Brahms Terr., 13033-Nebiat Kassahun to Hussen Abaere and Tigist Mohammed, $365,000.

Caplinger Rd., 11601-Charles M. and Martha M. Corcoran to Sylvia James, $680,000.

Cedar Creek Lane, 13657-Felecia Holley to Endalkachew D. Biasazin and Yesewzer M. Kebede, $325,000.

Crockett Lane, 1224-Kenneth and Beth Stewart to Gary Adam Deitch and Holly Childs, $535,900.

Hawkshead Terr., 12717-Gilbert C. and Christiana Nwosu to Abiy A. Nigussie, $316,000.

Ivystone Ct., 1546-Sara Kay Dambrosia to Alazar H. Woldeyes and Tigist T. Kebede, $400,000.

Marlow Farm Terr., 2931-Ursula and J. Bruce Scott to Siraj Hussen Sewo and Meriyama Juneydi Abadiga, $585,000.

Partridge Dr., 13201-Clyde R. and Carol A. Browne to Paul M. and Lesley A. Browne, $540,000.

Springloch Ct., 12616-Mary R. Johanningsmeier to Kristi and Clarence Maeng, $505,000.


Blaine Dr., 2321-Thomas J. and Marjorie M. Gillespie to David J. Goldberg and Natalie R. Graham, $1.01 million.

Chevy Chase Lake Dr., 3657-CC Homes Associates Corp. to Edward L. Emes Jr., $1.58 million.

Essex Ave., 4808-Marc and Mary T. Geffroy to Michael and Melissa Glidden Tye, $2 million.

Hillandale Rd., 6644, No. 50-Estate of Charlotte D. Wall Bluestone to Maria Cecilia Galarza and Diego Alejandro Cerdeiro, $705,000.

Leland St., 3104-William H. and Kathleen F. Stallings to Elizabeth Parker Woltz Mackie and George MacDonald Mackie, $1.28 million.

Park Ave. N., 4550, No. 205-Howard B. Paskow to Jose A. Apud and Graciela Varela De Apud, $885,000.

Thornapple St., 3713-Gordon M. and Lisa A. Ernst to Brian W. and Margaret Hetherington, $1.73 million.

Willard Ave., 4515, No. 912S-Noelle F. Lewis to Robert T. Phillips, $275,000.

Woodhollow Dr., 3208-Marlene Grant Eden and Leslie Grant Albert to Nadia Taobane and Jean Christophe Yin Yeung Cho, $875,000.


Cabin Branch Ave., 22312-Winchester Homes Inc. to Ki J. and Young S. Yoo, $459,101.

Clarks Crossing Dr., 12822-Chung Lung and Liu Ping Wu to Ashwinkumar Bhirde, $415,000.

Ebenezer Chapel Dr., 13066-Third Try Corp. to Myung Gi Baek and Hyun Hee Jeon, $470,000.

Garden Stone Ct., 1128-Devin and Heather Henderson to Amit and Nidhi Arora, $920,000.

Latrobe Lane, 13509, No. 1305-Geetha P. Akkiraju and Harish Vellala to Shadreck M. and Debra Mareya, $385,000.

Persimmon Ridge Rd., 23148-Kurt Russell Christen and Nancy K. Burgess Christen to David M. and Kelly R. Benitez, $600,000.

Scholl Manor Way, 23264, No. 1210-Ajay and Maria D’Souza Datta to Haseeb Irshad and Grace Mutombo Nzambi, $310,000.

Sugarloaf Vista Dr., 14316-Andi J. Bernat to Loren and Marina Hernandez Feldpausch, $415,000.

Yellowwood Dr., 23141-Desirea and Lonnie P. Hughes to Samuel and Caitlin Vallejos, $565,000.


Bradshaw Dr., 14216-Rose Marie Hare and estate of Tyrone J. Harley to Vineet Goyal and Jyoti Mangla, $497,500.

Laurelwood Lane, 14713-Kathleen Egan and estate of Paone Pelnik to Binu and Roy Mathew, $517,500.

Piping Rock Dr., 305-James M. and Patricia Dee Hastings to Beatriz Christofoletti, $670,000.

Stonegate Dr., 33-Young H. and Haeng J. Ko to Anh Hoang Nguyen, $455,000.

Wellwood Rd., 15025-Leonard I. and Arlene R. Samowitz to Lonnie Frederick and April Dawn Harris, $530,000.


Holsey Rd., 9107-Jerome F. and Nancy E. Giganti to Thomas Lee Liller and Kristen E. Herman, $650,000.

Ridge Rd., 25705-Michael D. and Lisa A. York to Amanda Nicole McThenia, $400,000.

Wright Rd., 25711-Richard and Gwendolyn A. Rojas to Jaime O. Lopez Guardado, $360,000.


Flatbush St., 8034-CSP Associates I. Corp. to Christine Rhiannon and Chad Edward Hagedorn, $664,871.

Keats Terr., 16433-Guy R. and Carole J. Bateman to Lee J. and Hanna E. Atkinson, $505,000.

Millboro Terr., 17400-Victoria Hope Nash and estate of Esther Ann Hope to Mark Lloyd and Elizabeth Eisner, $471,000.

Needwood Rd., 8010, No. 103-Ming Wang and Jane Shue to Angel R. Velarde and Maria E. Ducastaing, $238,000.

Teal Ct., 17000-Nancy M. Meyer and Nancy M. Engert to Williams J. Suarez Gomez and Gloria M. Salazar Medina, $570,000.

Yukon Lane, 15923-Michael S. Iseman to Hai Liang and Lingxi Jiang, $398,000.


Bradford Rd., 9010-Nizanna Bathersfield and Noah Scott to Lindsay L. Locke, $447,510.

Cherry Tree Lane, 9809-Damon Terzaghi to Olutoye J. Ayorinde, $420,000.

S. Dunmoor Dr., 10614-Michael John and Jennifer Grassi Laperch to Michael Horwitz and Katrina Rigby, $505,000.

Gilmoure Dr., 10304-Nicholas R. and Heather M. Warner to Melissa S. and Hans Gropp, $413,000.

Lexington Dr., 127-William Elderkin Leffingwell Jr. and estate of William E. Leffingwell to Joseph E. and Maria F. Beck, $615,000.

Saybrook Ave., 9303-Andrew Peter Smolen and Jerzy Gorzala to Carla Christina Bettina Stadelmann and Daniel Lachaud, $785,000.

Symphony Woods Dr., 644-Steven R. and Andrea M. Selzer to Kathleen M. March, $577,750.

Wendell St., 9213-Catherine M. Hechler and John M. Phillips to Nicholas Pereira and Casey Risko, $700,000.


Black Forest Way, 11137-Wardah R. Ali to Chun Kit Chung, $290,000.

Cape Jasmine Way, 18504-Ernest R. and Clara G. Boisvert to Neil Costello and Victoria Baramki, $489,900.

Christopher Ave., 417, No. 31-Dana Schuchhardt to Vilmar Orlando M. and Teresita Villa, $110,000.

Duvall Lane, 102, No. 10-302-Maryland J & J Associates Corp. to Claudeomiro Josefino Freitas and Maria M. De Lara, $96,500.

Gardenia Way, 18460-Moustapha Sow to Reina De Los Campos Granados, $437,500.

High Timber Ct., 207-Lauren A. Barna to Luis and Josue I. Zelaya, $345,500.

Meadow Vista Way, 17721-Darren Chen to Lynette May Lee, $334,500.

Sapling Hill Way, 212-Esther Susan N. Perez to Yaneli Yero Mena and Michael H. Seligman, $400,000.

Towne Crest Ct., 8404-James B. McDaniel and Celena Phaire to Nikita Raush Gernet and Ganna I. Raush Gernet, $240,000.

Water St., 130-Aaron Auyeung and Anna Felisiak Golabek to Syeda Zahra and Zahra Naqvi, $430,000.

Winter Park Ct., 18329-Peter I. and Minoo Hatten to Brenda I. Gomez Diaz and Santos E. Rivera Hernandez, $455,000.


Booth St., 106, No. 26-Lisa J. Bain and Lisa J. Desroches to Jerome Patrick and Karla M. Henwood, $285,000.

Corning Lane, 187-Kenny S. Loza and Rosemary Alloh Owino Loza to Dipesh Mamtora and Prajakta Chaudhari, $663,000.

Falconbridge Ct., 10-Joseph W. Sachs to Daniel and Elizabeth Pilloff, $725,000.

Fountain Green Lane, 214-Do Sik and Soon J. Min to Thambiarulselvan Ramasamy and Balameenakshi Sankarasubbu, $480,000.

Golden Ash Way, 204-Steven S. Spaulding and Kenna J. Bradford to Geoffrey Lavaine Knable, $815,000.

Hillside Lake Terr., 903, No. 602-Christopher Anthony Oram to Marie C. Mukakayange, $225,000.

Kent Oaks Way, 718-Carol Burns Duke and Marc D. Brannock to Charlotte Ama Oduma Baidoo and Nebojsa Keresevic, $620,000.

Lopa Lane, 11013-Ronnie Pondak and Nomi Lubell to Kevin Wei, $615,000.

Midsummer Cir., 205-Paul A. and Jane S. Garner to Charles Lewis and Anna Swicklik Wagner, $790,000.

Orchard Grove Rd., 16009-Reza Tajaili N. Tehrani to Claudio D. Andon, $645,000.

Pinion Ct., 11108-Monte V. Mortensen to Amarpreet and Amrit Kaur Singh, $655,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 744, No. P1-Lindsay Richards to Kaitlin Mashburn, $120,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 874, No. 202-Zhiheng Yu and Yan Zhang to Yuyi Wang and Juan Lin, $127,000.

Secluded Way, 10808-Gustavo and Julia Goldstein to Carolina and Phillip Alexander, $799,000.

Side Dr. W., 1042, No. 27-C-Sabriz Naduvilothi to Christopher F. Zheng, $225,000.

Tannery Dr., 341-Richa Agarwala to Soheila Ebrahimian, $570,000.

White Surf Terr., 516-Mahin R. Shahidi to Vien Van Cheung and Lap Cong Truong, $256,350.


Anndyke Way, 20564-Sharon R. Campbell to Naheed and Lawrence Oberfeld, $550,000.

Berryville Rd., 14020-Leon and Olga Leytush to Apostol T. Vassilev and Francoise A. Andre, $512,500.

Briarcliff Terr., 13103, No. 10-1006-Mohammad G. and Ismat Sarwar to Sithy F. Mowlana and Seyed Hamid Rizwan Mowlana, $180,000.

Cherry Bend Terr., 13005-Camron Ranje and Noushin Shariati to Leonardo Alvear and Jarma L. Chico Tituana, $322,000.

Coral Grove Pl., 12530-Derek J. Waldron to Kyle R. Sullivan and Alex C. Weymouth, $260,000.

Golf Course Dr., 20537, No. 304-Sajan and Bushra Mohammed to Benjamin A. and Claire A. Marsh, $315,000.

Hickory Tree Way, 12407, No. 512-Robert E. and Roberto E. Acevedo to Sherel Bowman, $162,900.

Kildare Hills Terr., 13501, No. 404-Mary Lynn Veltri Forghani and Mary Lynn Francis Veltri to Kidist Haimanot Temkete and Teferi Seyoum Wolde, $238,000.

Laurel Grove Pl., 12541-Andrea D. Whetzel and estate of Sandra I. Abbott to Meihui Zhang and Yuping Tan, $277,000.

Owl Run Way, 18510-Adama B. Kamara to Severiano C. Cordova Carrillo and Esperanza Marcela, $289,899.

Ridgecrest Pl., 12508-Michael A. and Margaret W. Scott to Xiaohong Jiang, $400,000.

Shamrock Glen Dr., 13122, No. 1401-Steven F. and Mary Ann Augente to Paul A. and Elizabeth Willier, $360,000.

Sparkling Water Dr., 18705, No. 12-Jessica L. Kendal to Bharat and Sweeja Kilaru, $238,000.

Summer Oak Dr., 11526-Brandon M. Lane to Nakeya L. Fleming and Anthony Darnell Parrish II, $290,000.

Timko Lane, 18382, No. 61-Jackquelyn Filani to Dominique R. and Rhasha Dudley, $260,000.

Walnutwood Ct., 9-Jill Johanna Nelson to Marion Njambi Browne, $435,000.

Whitechurch Cir., 13425-Judy Hsu Romano to Grace Oluyemi, $275,000.

Wonderland Way, 13214, No. 383-Marie A. Fleuridor to Dean Zarpak and Marjan Nowzadi, $190,000.


Byeforde Rd., 9408-Gregory and Meaghan Davis to Michael P. Ferguson and Katherine H. Miller, $799,000.

Decatur Ave., 3311-Nancy G. Morin to Ming Wei Zhang and Bi Lan Yang, $850,000.

Ferndale St., 3200-April Skinner to Alistair Reader and Jessica Brady, $562,075.

Kent St., 3104-Michael A. and Tida K. Lee to Ryan H. and Bethany M. Metzroth, $791,375.

Nash Pl., 10608-AE Home Group Corp. to Erik William and Erica Lauren Wyche, $615,000.

W. University Blvd., 3121, No. E9-Debra L. Shea to Jetho Condes Bayud, $222,000.

Westbrook Lane, 4312-Douglas R. and Patricia M. Collins to Giovanni and Ashley Vignola, $766,000.


Barberry Lane, 277-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Richard and Judith Keeler, $948,514.

Goshen Ct., 2-Judith L. Lyons to Marieliza McClain, $585,000.

Hipsley Mill Rd., 24244-John H. and Susan Hardy to Garrett and Joan Paseur, $475,000.

Stableview Ct., 8620-Raymond F. and Janice L. Freeman to Andreas and Bernarda Marountas, $665,000.


Apple Ridge Pl., 19806-Xiao Nan Sui to Arthur T. Johnson Jr., $296,000.

Brassie Ct., 73-Citibank and Cwabs Inc. to Kamaljeet Singh and Okan Yilmaz, $159,600.

Darlington Dr., 20117-Geoffrey B. and Roberta Lepage McFadden to Christopher Rest and Reyna Palacios, $477,000.

Fifeshire Ct., 22-Grace Pooisin Wong to Armel Bolou and Stephanie D. Gokou, $268,000.

Gallery Ct., 8233-Jeffrey A. and Monia Benhamed Hammer to Margie Uzoma Chinasa, $578,000.

Hawk Run Terr., 8539-Rasmi Aratt and Manu Somakumar to Merissa F. Johnson, $317,000.

Ivybridge Ct., 20427-Sudeep M. Kumar and G. Michael Dufour to Rafit Rakhimov, $306,500.

Marketree Pl., 20315-Alexander Kuznetsov to Muhammad Armoghan Tahir, $429,900.

Rosemark Ct., 8815-Steven and Ashley Zuraf to Gabriela R. Mendez, $263,000.

Sawgrass Terr., 7501-Pamela and Bruce Ringler to Silvia P. Torres and Esther L. Young, $560,000.

Strath Haven Dr., 20590-Anthony J. and Sasha L. Varner to Shannon N. Johnson Jones, $242,400.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18613, No. 4-James T. Reddrick Jr. and Meocka Tataibia Townsend to Jose Luis Espinal Corea and Stephen G. Schultze, $105,000.

Whetstone Dr., 9508-John D. Hoeveler and Haijing Qin to Andrew and Rachel Oblitas, $445,000.


Dunoon Ct., 1202-Steven M. Sandler and Donna Lynn Rosenbloom to Bele Alex and Abby Yosef, $425,000.

Ruppert Rd., 1110-Dorothy C. Sheppard and Anthony Lipuma to Candyce and Scott Anthony Elmore, $410,000.


Adderley Ct., 3150, No. 242-E-Kenneth L. McMahill to Anne S. Frey, $145,000.

Autumn Brook Ave., 1201-Morris and Bernice Wiseman to Chanh N. Tran, $680,000.

Bear Valley Terr., 2202-Philip Matthew and Pajareeporn Maynard to Ermias Kifle and Yordanos R. Vallery, $405,000.

Bel Pre Dr., 14422-Victor Manuel Alvarez and estate of Maria Del Carmen Scott to Ernesto G. Mejia Moreno, $242,000.

Chesterwood Dr., 3815-Elanor Diana Cato and estate of George L. Cato Jr. to Caroline Melo Sales Knight and Aaron Douglas Knight, $257,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3421-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Andrew and Elizabeth Aguilar Smith, $739,368.

Estelle Terr., 3300-Wilmar Zacarias to Israel Coutinho Maia and Thaiana Rodrigues Maciel, $375,000.

Greenery Lane, 2103, No. 301-27-Avner Y. Sachs to Oscar Mauricio Molina Trejo, $175,000.

Idlewood Rd., 11814-Jonathan A. Dail and Kristina Kough to Kwaku Dogbefou and Abra E. Apenoutsou, $408,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-423-Sakina Mengle to Rise M. Williams, $295,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-517-Carl V. and Edith Bank to Frank A. Walker Jr. and David G. Fischer, $249,000.

Ladymeade Cir., 14937-RCMA Investment Inc. and ANHV Investment Corp. to Claudia Liseth and Ana O. Reyes, $360,000.

N. Leisure World Blvd., 3100, No. 716-Lorraine P. Okun to Rina C. Randolph, $225,000.

N. Leisure World Blvd., 3330, No. 5-208-Sandra K. George to Howard L. and Sandra G. Sribnick, $215,000.

Littleton St., 12708-Angeline E. Loomis and estate of Aurora R. Eugenio to Marta Del Carmen Diaz, $430,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14809, No. 307-Modesta R. and Felix B. Laboy to Nancy Pierie and Charles Nicholas Kalcounos, $264,000.

Saint Helen Cir., 2946-Li Nie to Siyang Idaho Aca and Sherry Sun, $434,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12930-Rene Hernandez to Jason Medrano and Karla Y. Murcia Iglesias, $400,000.

Westholm Ct., 15025, No. 273-A-Estate of William H. Lerch to Patricia Ann Robinson Langevine and Samuel King Henry Langevine, $199,900.


Chichester House Rd., 4814-Rajita M. and Nicholas Andrews to Rachel Winer and Matthew Sticklin, $885,000.

Falling Green Rd., 3705-Janisann H. Sewell to Robert J. and Christine Nadeau, $550,000.

Golden Spring Ct., 18004, No. 235-Cynthia N. Gould to Lindsey J. Bird, $289,000.

Leedstown Way, 18316-Tiger Investment Group LP to Jeffrey and Ashleigh Duce, $895,000.

Monitor Dr., 17421-Craig Michael and Kelly Weaver Fritz to Joel Craig and Melissa Maria Seppala, $505,000.

Redbridge Ct., 18300-Qingli Ma and Qun Zhang to Howard J. and Ray L. Dwyer, $685,000.

Sandy Knoll Dr., 17204-Eugene J. and Patricia M. Sullivan to Mario Renato Farfan and Grace Daysi Fernandez, $659,900.

Thorntondale Ct., 17124-Tsehay L. and Wehibe Aklile to Eric J. Kola, $469,999.


Bruner Way, 19604-Vijay K. Chundru to Jeffrey R. and Polina Y. Malone, $599,000.

Westerly Ave., 19808-Todd and Meredith Leader to Adam J. Sroka and Jami Elizabeth Earle, $420,000.


Belmart Rd., 8700-John S. and Dawn N. Ziemski to Ethan Edward and Molly Barkman Marsh, $1.36 million.

Broad Green Dr., 11320-Kai Cheong Mong and Jie Gao to Yonggang Yun and Qian Yin Pan, $1.3 million.

Candlelight Ct., 17-Martin H. and Sabina Dym to Jennifer A. Mann and Brian Griffith Bush, $915,000.

Clagett Farm Dr., 9714-Mehdi Razmjou and Masoumeh Samadnejad to Xin Tao and Hsiao Ling Lu, $1.39 million.

Conestoga Way, 9733-Rohit and Rahul Kishore to Zheng Li and Yan Jiang, $1.42 million.

Enid Dr., 11805-William M. Moser to Jason C. and June Cooper, $660,000.

Greenbriar Preserve Lane, 11233-Prachee J. Devadas to Lian Long and Fei Ai, $1.36 million.

Holbrook Lane, 9413-James W. and Amanda J. Nichols to Christoph and Nabila Naegelin, $905,000.

Jongroner Ct., 9416-Robert Edward and George Pittman Patterson to Jizhong Zou and Yu Wang, $932,000.

Logan Dr., 10105-Michael Chung Shu Fu and Fan Chen Fu to John Hoeveler and Mahsuda Aisa, $895,000.

Pebble Ridge Ct., 22-Raquel B. Loser to Mark L. and Lisa A. Reid, $790,000.

River Falls Dr., 8109-Patrick J. and Jennifer Castle to Brendan M. and Erika L. Dowd, $1.35 million.

Sandalfoot Ct., 35-Shiva K. and Meera Srivastava to Dawn N. and John S. Ziemski, $1.08 million.

Steeple Chase Way, 12712-Nai Shun Yao and Yi Ming Hsu to Kenneth J. Lebrun, $950,000.

Willowbrook Dr., 10623-Scott A. and Mary Belle Gutschick to Barbara S. and Joseph A. Levitt, $1.78 million.


Antigua Terr., 10814, No. 177-Debra A. Roane to Emad S. Madha and Dana C. Hadra, $345,000.

Bargate Ct., 11901-Marc S. and Lindsey Posner Bragin to Elvin Ismayilov and Aytan Ismayilova, $560,000.

Brewer House Rd., 10917-Susan J. Stevens to Andrew James and Laura Elizabeth Hunter, $736,000.

Cleveland Dr., 13519-Elena F. Kennedy and estate of Filippina Giacometti to Diana Jenab, $725,000.

Courthouse Sq., 22, No. 402-Hua Zou to Yi Lin Lin, $213,102.

Edson Park Pl., 11216, No. 11-Damian E. and Emily Anne Cevallos to Jennifer Groves and Michael Tennekoon, $446,500.

Frederick Ave., 304-Estate of Deborah A. Jacobs to Yeat Peng Tan, $192,500.

Grandin Ave., 405-Stephen C. Pollock to Jason and Andrea Ware, $422,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 912-Amirali Nasserian to Eckhard and Anissa J. Kleinau, $153,000.

Hounds Way, 11409-Leila Berner and Franna Ruddell to Howard Alan and Marcie Satosky Axelrod, $820,000.

Kirkfield Ct., 4-Emil S. Tabakov and Anca Tabakova to Krishana Chaitanya Gulla and Vrushali Kolhe, $475,000.

Loganwood Ct., 2-Fiscina Properties Corp. to Vahid Khanagha and Sanaz Aliari Kardehdeh, $716,000.

Mannakee St., 107-Angel A. and Nicole M. Santiago to Robert and Ellen Cousins, $480,000.

Monroe St., 114, No. 301-Michael S. Winn to David L. James, $249,900.

Muriel St., 630-Sarah Kuhns Giarratana to Prosper and Gila Bitton, $610,000.

Oak Knoll Dr., 324-Greg R. and Isil Gumustas Pollack to Bryan William and Margaret Kochuba Wood, $1.05 million.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 807-Eran Sharon to Esther Kim, $321,000.

Paxton Rd., 6617-Albert M. and Jerilyn S. Teplin to Marc and Caitlin Helman, $1.02 million.

Rockville Pike, 10304, No. 201-Mary C. Cushing and Teresa C. Channon to Alan Youssef and Dina Hamid, $254,000.

Rolling House Rd., 11311-Thomas W. Morrison to Jose L. Lozano and Jennifer Ann Beckman, $810,000.

Stonewood Lane, 11401-Harold E. and Cornelia E. Matter to Paul and Sandra Hernandez Carton, $787,000.

Templeton Pl., 1565-Xiaoban Xin and Xiaoxiao Han to Ivan Alonso Garcia Bustamante and Yolima E. Romero Garcia, $545,000.

Valley Oak Cir., 13617-Gregory and Nella Rozofsky to Cheng Cui and Yupeng Liu, $1.03 million.


Ashton Forest Terr., 17526-Herbert Donald and Carol Anne Laut to Ali Reza and Tanaz Forghani, $1.07 million.


Appledowre Cir., 20058, No. 243-Lucio C. and Ana Ruth Colin to Kerri Wallis, $217,000.

Bent Creek Terr., 11338-Joseph K. and Shirley A. West to Cinthia Herrera Justiniano, $310,000.

Doxdam Terr., 11636-Carina and Andrea Rock to Byron Rene Gonzalez Monzon and Ana Lucia Carrera, $399,000.

Hickory Forest Way, 21113-Ozgur and Ozgun Ileri Ozkan to Ashok B. Khadka and Marisa K. Holiday, $579,000.

Morning Star Dr., 11705-Keith F. and Linda C. Mordoff to Paula M. Ross, $699,000.

Scarlet Leaf Cir., 11730-Brian J. and Katherine M. O’Boyle to Jonathan Ross and Alyssa Nicole Marmer, $440,000.

Stoney Point Way, 19940-Laura M. Guischard to Victoria Simonetti, $258,800.


Ament St., 9572-Jay Seidenstricker to Coy B. Coley Jr. and Gina Brillante, $739,000.

Cassedy St., 2755, No. AH-Eileen P. Zagone to Andreana Nicole Able, $449,900.

Crestridge Dr., 1402-Lawrence Gerard Wyborski and Sylvia Anne Buie to John Rushforth Garside III and Montana Kurtz McCormick, $683,000.

Glen Ross Rd., 2000-Eytan and Heather Diamond Fisch to Owen Daniel and Melissa Thomas, $772,000.

Islington St., 805-Sharon M. and Brenda L. Pitts to Lauren Woolston and Lucas Thompson, $668,000.

Mansfield Rd., 300-Mildred R. Dickerson to Sergio Gregorio, $430,000.

Mississippi Ave., 632-Martin Wollesen to Ealena S. Callender, $555,000.

Ross Rd., 2310-Mavis Araba Ampah to Stefanos Ghebrehawariat and Semhar Yemane, $610,000.

Washington Ave., 2212, No. W-201-Caroline and Andrew Doepping to Marshall Rasyiid Syahrial, $317,000.

Westview Dr., 2211-Zuli Russi to Colleen Hoang, $500,000.


Barron St., 8001-Meggin Rose and Al Davidoff to Lala Ann Seidensticker and Nathan Scott Epley, $660,000.

Drexel St., 1405-Miriam K. Mills to Donte M. Hamilton and Katherine Bravo, $300,000.

Ethan Allen Ave., 414-James Lee Wright III and Dana Catherine Ivey to Katherine Manchester and Bouke Berns, $525,000.

Holstein St., 7905-Kerri Blankenship to Perry Adyson Zurn and Asia Lynn Ferrin, $520,000.

Ludlow St., 705-Jane Meneely to Claudia Fernanda Esteve Gonzalez, $665,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 309-Herfil General Trading Corp. to Keith Majette, $197,000.

Sherman Ave., 13-Seth D. and Julie M. Hassett to Andrew Rickles and Melissa Gartner, $845,000.


Cedar Lane, 315-Estate of E. June Branthover to Erica Mays, $387,500.

Fletcher Pl., 505-Glide Path Real Estate Investors Inc. to David Robert Navara, $460,000.

Maple Ave., 1118-Stephen V. Hughes to Jufeng Fan and Yue Peng, $356,900.

Scott Ave., 1021-Zachary O. and Karolina J. Walters to Justin M. Hobbs, $400,000.


August Dr., 1806-Emmalene M. Furcolow to John P. Anderson Jr. and Elaine G. Seremetis, $480,000.

Brightview St., 3807-Maria M. Solano and Enrique I. Diaz to Kyaw Zin Soe, $394,900.

Charlton Ct., 304-Nicole and Sara Vitelli to Malkitzedek and Zelda Zirkind, $464,000.

Cosgrave Ct., 5-Jeffrey J. Martin and Elizabeth A. Neason to Yael L. and Jacob A. Meisler, $555,000.

Flowering Tree Terr., 1907-Srividhya Shyamsunder and Gopal S. Vembar to Christine Elizabeth Buzzard and Yves Marie Edwidge Almazor, $425,000.

Georgia Ave., 11613-Brian Daniel and Kathryn Bond McNeill to David Claude Paul Blache, $447,500.

Greeley Ave., 10003-Christopher J. Begley and Lindsay Y. Silverblatt to Lynn Kelly and Richard Harris, $570,000.

Hayes Ave., 10422-Corina Dubois and Ryan Jackson to Benjamin and Jenna Chandhok, $570,000.

Hillsboro Dr., 222-Deborah Hoshizaki to Scott W. and Elizabeth A. Miller, $465,000.

Judson Rd., 11811-Virginia I. Pantella to Jianru Chen and Meichan Wu, $360,000.

Lamberton Dr., 816-Daniel A. Kugler to Andrew and Michelle Penn, $468,000.

Monticello Ave., 11518-Frank P. and Carol A. Ippolito to Deborah Horenstein, $560,000.

Tilton Dr., 1615-Fred Kopatich and Rebecca S. Wilson to Kyerion Devon and Shira Fishman Printup, $578,340.

Wheaton Lane, 1314-Henriot and Nneka St. Gerard to Madeleine Alexandra Billeb and Thomas Eberharter, $460,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Central Ave., 108-Millard Wesley Shafer to Robert L. Thacker Jr., $175,000.

W. Orndorff Dr., 130-Destiny Anderson to Pauletta D. Brooks, $172,500.

Walnut St., 303-Jon R. Hain to Sara E. Perkins, $196,000.


Burkittsville Rd., 5232-Lawrence W. and Debra A. Ward to John Michael and Teresa Snyder, $235,000.

Hartford Ct., 4103-Peggy A. Koelble to Erik L. and Robin T. Odom, $365,000.

Sigler Rd., 3232-Susie Mercer to Caleb A. and Lauren M. Grove, $457,100.


W. Main St., 220-George Marshall to Ana E. and Michael S. Hahn, $290,000.


Arwell Ct., 488-Simmons Real Estate Teams Corp. to Darlin E. Najera Arita and Jose Fernando Sanchez Mayorga, $216,000.

Calvert Cir., 4301-KH Investment Properties Corp. to Shannon and Jeanette Kline, $357,000.

Clarendon Terr., 4976-Darren L. Gray to Ricardo J. and Jorge M. Hernandez, $235,000.

Denton Ct., 5612-Gerald T. Conroy Jr. to Nicholas L. and Elizabeth Rodriguez, $260,000.

Eisenhower Dr., 566-Arthur and Amy Sauve to Lara J. and Karen I. Martin, $249,900.

Granville Ct., 6648-Jason R. and Gina L. Montgomery to Bertha and Bayardo Alvarez, $294,000.

Henden Wood Lane, 5320-Joseph and Terri McCormick to Ralph and Tatiana I. Siegrist, $480,000.

Leben Dr., 5900-Ram Batta and Puja Tucker to Noah Moss and Donna M. Rahn, $374,000.

Merganser Ct., 5054-Rita K. Fitzgerald Allen to Michael Lee Fisher, $235,000.

Patton Cir., 501, No. 6J-Gary F. Stevens to Hilda T. Wren, $185,000.

Primus Ct., 587-Chelsea C. Clark and Matthew S. Hollenberg to Debbie O. Kim, $251,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6740-Herbert M. Levengard and Deborah L. Couture to Olusesan and Idowu Ajibade, $240,000.

Sovereign Pl., 5316-William C. and Martine Christensen to William R. and Carole H. Sterner, $399,900.

Tivoli Rd., 665-Ashley Marie Fox to Thierno S. Bah, $260,000.

Wade Ct., 5650, No. J-Mark Ismach to Rogel Jeremy Johnson, $182,950.

Woodwinds Cir., 5824-Kenneth O. and Guyanna Shank to Benjamin and Crystal Livelsberger, $489,900.


Briar Ct., 839-Wasyl Stephan Atanasov to Caroline Tung Richmond, $299,000.

Brookhaven Dr., 6103-Ruth C. and Thomas M. Bruening to James J. and Stacy P. Burress, $440,000.

Castle Rock Rd., 1711-Gregory Joseph and Susan Chicca to Josiane Plassy and Josue Ka Ketemepi, $410,000.

Chestnut Grove Rd., 8617-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and MR Cooper to Shary Marie Moxley, $192,500.

Dogwood Dr., 1723-Marissa Paoletti and Brian Alspaugh to Randal S. and Lee Anne Fisher, $235,000.

Glen Valley Terr., 6240, No. 5B-Linda S. Weedon and Mary Helen Ziehl to Richard J. Taylor, $189,900.

Island Grove Blvd., 2518-Neerada Rao to Crist E. and Sally A. Helle, $389,900.

Marlborough Terr., 6455-Gina Anderson to Joseph M. and Kristin L. Dremock, $521,250.

Monocacy Ford Rd., 2683-Michael Cumberland to Larry Lugaro and Melissa S. Morn, $529,000.

Pearl St., 514-Larry Vernon and James Alfred Underwood to Carla Perez Colon, $179,900.

Shawnee Dr., 803-Charles H. and Judith Bare to William Dixon, $299,900.

Waterside Ct., 8280-Estate of Linda S. Broadrup to Andrea Dube, $220,000.

White Oak Dr., 6202-James and Janel Heckman to George France Jr., $420,000.

E. Sixth St., 227-Jackson Properties II Corp. to Jeffrey and Stephanie Senft, $250,000.


Baughmans Lane, 168-Saeid J. Tehran and Tayebeh Taheri to Soumya Benmlih and Maria Eman Bahamou, $335,000.

Boxgrove Way, 104-Daniel L. and Kathryn L. Press to Veronica B. Lopez Velasco, $219,225.

Country Run Way, 1813-Manuel D. Blanco and Maria E. Orellana to Manuel Alberto Marchelli, $265,000.

Dulaney Mill Dr., 1036-William G. and Alice C. Hall to Andre and Latoya Chung, $367,000.

Emerson Dr., 2613-Brandon and Nadine Levelston to Dominic and Nineveth C. Valdellon, $299,000.

Glendale Dr., 8017-John E. and Mildred K. Cartee to Rachel E. Jones, $375,000.

Harpers Way, 137-Richard T. Weaver to Raul A. and Alma Idalia Magana, $270,000.

Heathfield Dr., 131-Vanisree and Madhusudhan Annadata to Ajay Bhandari, $215,000.

Indian Springs Rd., 8718-Robert W. and June S. McDaniel to Daniel C. Wells Jr., $315,000.

Leather Fern Way, 108-Lalaine R. and Wayne A. Harris to Wilfridice Chanakira, $239,900.

Meadowgrove Lane, 1813-Larry R. and Sheryll S. Strube to Marleny Yaneth Romero Castillo and Saul Antonio Guzman, $294,900.

Princetown Dr., 102, No. 5D-Leqin Shi to Carlos Ciro Beltran Moreno, $162,000.

Rockwood Rd., 7503-Peter J. and Rebecca S. Kemeny to Christopher M. Hubbard and Caitlin Crisafulli, $374,900.

Spring Run Cir., 2075-Ericka Hunter and Aaron Stitt to Trusharkumar Agrawal, $230,000.

Sundays Lane, 6812-Teresa Gail Jones to Steven M. and Susan M. Kuzniewski, $340,000.

Westham Ct., 2184-Glenn D. and Cathy A. Gordon to Stanley M. and Emily G. Katongole, $340,000.

Windom Way, 213-Jenica L. Getto and Jenica L. Brault to James R. and Cathleen M. Rowland, $435,000.

W. 12th St., 1412-Thomas P. and Ashley Harkins to Marvin G. Estrada Monroy and Maria Rodriguez Moreno, $260,000.


N. Broadmoor Terr., 5616-Rajen M. and Erin M. Vora to Brian and Angela Funderburk, $575,000.

Innsbrook Way, 11137-Robert L. and Teresa A. Bonneville to Peyman Rouholfada II and Samira Shabrang, $685,000.

Old National Pike, 10405-Valri E. and Gerry L. Monroe to Christopher D. and Katherine J. Degrange, $374,900.


Jefferson Pike., 820-Maryland Cash House Buyers Corp. to Kevin R. and Caitlyn Ray Lewis, $319,000.

Petersville Rd., 3614-Jo Anne Barb to Zakariah Barton and Karianne Swinehart, $273,500.


Cone Branch Dr., 315-John A. and Brenda L. Rota to Peter J. and Rebecca S. Kemeny, $424,900.

Ivy Hill Dr., 3-Daniel A. and Erin K. Weissman to Steven and Jessi Barmoy, $417,500.

Old National Pike, 2620-Dean E. and Brian Paul Considine to Joseph M. and Gwyneth L. Breyer, $376,500.

Westchester Ct., 3613-Eugene J. and Barbara Lindberg to Joseph C. and Robert A. Smalley, $595,000.


Gladhill Brothers Rd., 11957-Lewis E. and Kimberly A. Darling to Brent and Clifton L. Clevenger, $430,000.

Serene Ct., 11708-Bridget Ann Sneddon to Jennifer Lane Erwin, $465,000.

Waxton Ct., 5006-Lawrence D. and Kathryn P. Koenig to Nathanael and Sianna Rose, $423,000.


Highboro Dr., 4407-Linda Junkins and Stewart L. Smith to John A. Russo Jr., $450,000.

Sidney Rd., 5411-Ottati & Associates Inc. and Sajum Properties Corp. to Matthew S. and Christina Robinson, $463,000.


Bittle Rd., 3512-John M. and Joan E. Williams to Benjamin C. Dixon and Dilynn Christensen, $359,000.

Main St., 507-Sharon Lynne Ricketts Bellosi and Allan Eugene Ricketts to Wendy Marie Fogle and Brian M. Williams, $312,500.

Walnut St., 7-Annabelle L. and Charles S. Martin to Joshua N. and Carrie E. Ross, $197,600.


Coldstream Dr., 6669-Eleanor J. Alexander and Barry G. O’Brien to Nancy K. Jones, $370,000.

E. Dewey Way, 10800-Daniel T. and Clara D. Tehaan to Dustin James and Jyl Lynne Mixon, $324,900.

Fox Chase Rd., 7003-James D. Mazzullo to Paul Katrivanos, $346,000.

Jordan Blvd., 5609-Dan J. and Alice T. Frishkorn to Kiona Lanay Moore and Luisito Carlos Miguel Jr., $500,000.

Masters Rd., 7110-Robert Nelson and Diane P. Galny to Bruce A. and Teresa D. Thomas, $435,000.

Samuel Rd., 6122-Susan E. and Kenneth J. Yost to Michelle Emmons, $445,000.

Sponseller Ct., 5553-George E. and Stacey Best to Pilgrim Lin, $354,600.

Wood Thrush Dr., 10200-Krystal Humphreys to Corrie Bolcik and Scott W. Matthiessen, $373,475.


Buffalo Rd., 3911-Ashley Shelley and Nathanael Haines to Thomas H. Davis, $325,000.


Greysens Ferry Ct., 1804-William E. and Martha B. Wilson to Willson S. and Karina Garcia, $400,000.


Fish Hatchery Rd., 6508-Holly Elizabeth and Dale Mitchell to Connor J. Carter, $164,800.

Jermae St., 9-Maryland Cash House Buyers Corp. to Kenneth E. and Pok Im Gill, $283,500.

Pleasant Acres Dr., 60-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kerry A. Trojnar, $331,500.


Bealls Farm Rd., 9218-Monocacy Land Co. to Joseph Bernard and Linda Jane Kane, $532,830.

Byron Cir., 3620-Richard R. and Vickie L. Southers to Diego Gomez and Claudia Gomez Morales, $575,000.

Dunraven St., 9441-Gregory T. and Victoria B. Underhill to David I. and Valerie Margot Leitman, $406,000.

Reichs Ford Rd., 8834-Shirley Ann Cole to Justin Laroy Chaney, $249,900.

Shepherd Lane, 5915-Shannon Humphreys to Logan Smock and Brooke Kline, $334,750.

Tabard Lane, 3500-Tex D. and Joan W. Lanier to Jose Antonio and Janet Giovanna Cueto, $375,000.


Dublin Rd., 10808-Larry W. and Michelle W. Cook to Aaron Mathew Bush, $165,000.

Harp Rd., 10127-William M. and Rebecca S. Little to David E. and Anna J. Peele, $476,150.

Treasure Ave., 8739-Nancy Cawley to Marbin B. Garmendez, $185,000.