Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Pond Rd., 17717-Victoria M. Mannina to Dawn Patricia O. Croinin and Eric G. Luedtke, $567,500.


Arbutus Ave., 4720-Russell E. and Patricia E. Leigh to Richard Waite, $377,000.

Cliff Swallow Way, 15678-Colette D. Sabbagh to Milena Correa Silva, $285,000.

George Washington Dr., 16605-Howard L. Gary to Donald R. and Shannon L. Page, $579,000.

Hannans Way, 15308-Maxine F. and Earle R. Toense to Leonid and Nicole L. Lukovsky Akhsanov, $569,900.


Melinda Ct., 4935-John C. and Carol A. Greene to Karen Gibson and Daniel W. Mahon, $518,650.

Pacific Ave., 13001-Brent and Laura McCarragher to Jennifer Burns, $445,000.


Pinetree Rd., 4400-James Fitch and estate of Arthur Fitch Jr. to Jacqueline Cadena, $530,000.

Thistlebridge Dr., 15717-Erick and Staci Lang to Brandon and Lindsay Guyer, $826,000.


Acacia Ave., 5302-Clifton A. Poodry and Nancy D. Wallace to John McClure and Susan Elizabeth Burger, $1.02 million.

Barrett Lane, 6810-Darren S. Thompson and Elizabeth A. Howell to Anand and Monica Desai, $2.75 million.

Brixton Lane, 9717-Wu Hong and Louise C.P. Tsai to Alex Y. Lovinger, $715,000.


Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 422-Michael K. Skibbie and estate of Nancy Joan Skibbie to Brooke Coburn, $907,000.

Carlton St., 5302-Kim E. and Judy K. Knoll to Christopher Pernie and Giuseppina Bellafiore, $1.5 million.

Corewood Lane, 6006-David A. Deckelbaum to Gustavo Adler and Luciana De Rosa, $1.43 million.

Devon Rd., 5512-John A. Rasmussen to Aakash B. Ahuja, $1.05 million.


Ewing Dr., 8607-Arun K. and Cassimira D’Souza Acharya to Syed Estem Dadul Islam and Qazi Nasrin Ahmed, $820,000.

Greentree Rd., 5612-Brandon and Phuong Kim Park to Gregory and Reena Tuli Shanahan, $870,000.

Hampden Lane, 4901, No. 403-Lauren Condos Corp. to Daniel A. and Stacy B. Kohl, $1.26 million.


Lenox Rd., 5701-Elliott and Laura M. Robinson to Arash Soleimani and Susanna Leaf, $900,000.

Madawaska Rd., 6113-Dennis B. and Deborah G. Ross to Todd Jones Manchester and Mary Victoria Gorges, $1.1 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 5209-Ahmed H. Dabous and Zein Al Sharaf Ahmes Khalifa to Elizabeth Kendall and Sasan Kevin Sabet, $915,000.

Mohawk Lane, 9007-Carl Conetta and Melani McAlister to Catherine Brokenshire and Kevin Scott, $1.1 million.

Montrose Ave., 10648, No. M-2A-Philip G. Eye to John Pugh and Vy Quach, $309,000.


Oak Pl., 5503-Joseph and Brit Marie Powers to Julia Coffman and James Spellman, $960,000.

Park Lane, 8039-Megan M. Gleason to Todd S. and Elizabeth G. Wilkinson, $1.8 million.


Ramsgate Rd., 6005-Andrew J. and Cynthia H. Gordon to Steven F. Santos and Vanessa I. Oblinger, $1.05 million.

Rockhurst Rd., 6312-Debra A. McKenzie and Joseph L. Gude Jr. to Kim Yolanda Ninassi, $675,000.

Saunders Lane, 8920-Derwin F. Kim to David S. and Jacqueline Karp, $2 million.

Tomlinson Ave., 8104-Satyan N. Ammu and Paula Palladino to Garrett D. Smith and Jennifer W. Keller, $1.15 million.

Welborn Dr., 5913-Leo A. and Jennifer A. Farber to Raluca Georgiana Golumbeanu and Leo Henricus Bouma, $1.02 million.

Westlake Terr., 7420, No. B-1603-Estate of Bernice Rosenstock to Francisco and Ana Escalante, $386,000.

Wiltshire Dr., 5905-Todd and Cynthia Chamberlin to Andrew P. and Catherine Benner, $925,000.


Wriley Rd., 5308-Cheryl E. Rose and estate of Thomas W. Cady to Daniel G. and Megan H. Rauch, $1.25 million.


Bright Spring Way, 12630-Carlos A. and Esperanza Mosquera to Ao Yuan and Lin Xie, $700,000.

Fable Dr., 18305-Kun Xu and Lei Wang to Eric S. and Lauren J. Bernstein, $675,000.

Kimono Cir., 14325-Anthony J. Delaglio Jr. to Natalia Farkas, $371,000.


Gregg Rd., 3500-I.M.I. Inc. and William F. Morris to Ryan D. and Melissa K. Byrd, $790,000.

Riggs Hill Way, 20517-Peter and Jennifer Schmidt to Daniel and Susan Weisman, $799,000.


Arbor Wood Ct., 4407-NVR Inc. to Tiffany Cabrales and Marcus Marshall, $644,310.


Cabin Creek Dr., 2806-Christine Marie Dixon Mitchell and Donald Aubrey Dixon to Bogdan Hriscanu and Theodora Miller, $550,000.

Forsythia Lane, 3505-Thomas J. and Jane M. Aylward to Bizunhe Mulugeta Metaferia, $525,000.


McKnew Rd., 14908-Luke Faxon and Alison Faxon St. Georges to Maurice A. Ximinies and Tamara S. Dixon, $412,000.

Silver Spruce Cir., 3645-Nien T. Tang and My Ngoc Hang to Metasebia Kebede, $318,000.


Ainsley Rd., 1518-Young Hwan and Young Sook Kim to Silvio A. Espinal, $455,000.

Bronzegate Blvd., 1834, No. 187-Michael Hardy and estate of Barbara A. Crocker to Rongbo Lu, $180,000.

Conley Ct., 2016-Lynk Equity Corp. to Cara Lee Griffith and Jason John Levit, $599,000.


Eldrid Pl., 12713-Bryan K., Owen and Delores Nichols to Bizuayehu Aynalem and Olga Maltseva, $485,000.

Hobart Dr., 13716-An Hong Tran to Michael Chin and Eleanor Chin Lee, $475,000.

Limetree Ct., 1404-Xue Shun Chen to Bolly Ba, $550,000.

Randolph Rd., 930-Stephen Nicholas Verges to Han Ngoc Phan, $447,000.

Sir Thomas Dr., 3321, No. 3-B-41-Lucas R. Bussey to Amy J. Parkhurst, $165,000.


Tourmaline Terr., 12905-Mulugeta Dessie and Zemenay Yeha to Emilia Vida Samura, $390,000.


Brennon Lane, 7202-Martin R. and Elise T. Baach to David E. Debuys and Ashley E. Merrill, $1.15 million.

Glenmoor Dr., 3507-Michael S. and Maria Brennan to Damarah Rhymer and Marlon Alvarez, $890,000.


Jones Mill Rd., 9204-Hwa M. and Chang Wook Lee to Mario Cesar Ferreira and Maria Camila Uribe Sanchez, $1.6 million.

Nottingham Dr., 4620-Michael S. and Melissa Glidden Tye to Daniel Ethan Ben Zadok and Rochelle Leigh Joy Rosenberg, $1.1 million.

Pickwick Lane, 3210-Eve Buckley to Andrew T. and Mary Beth C. Greene, $868,000.

Spring Valley Rd., 8801-Jeffrey A. Bailey and Kimberly A. Doran to Ian and Amanda Lee, $785,000.

Western Ave., 6908-Patricia L. Rengel to Patrick J. and Catherine S. Rothwell, $990,000.


Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. 1006-Claudia M. Meer and James R. O’Neill to Alan Stephen and Margaret W. Hut, $1.9 million.


Birch Mead Rd., 23107-John K. Burns to Prabesh and Samagya Karki Aryal, $620,000.

Catawba Hill Dr., 23910-Miller and Smith at Clarksburg Corp. to Tsun Kim Frankie Li, $386,000.

Clarksburg Square Rd., 12943-Merissa F. Henry and Kevin D. Johnson to Deang Zheng and Pingting Lin, $449,000.

Dutrow Dr., 13436-Mary Hull to Maria Jenkins Thomas, $430,000.

Foreman Blvd., 12428-Thao P.and Gary A. Buffenbarger to Sriraman Chakravarthy and Priya Parthasarathy, $788,500.

Grey Squirrel St., 12300-Raghu Kumar Rao and Rajani Kumar to Dwayne E. and Tamara Haskins, $600,000.

Robin Song Dr., 23225-William and Stephanie Bryant Di Iorio to Antonio Possolo, $435,000.

Spicebush Dr., 22923, No. 1512-Adam and Erin Ulsh to Ronald and Diane Boschini, $345,500.


Wellspring Ave., 13910-Kimberly Marie and Calum Alexander Anderson Carroll to Nicole Marie Piette and Brent Steven Binder, $450,000.


Basingstoke Lane, 14417-Seymour Gittleman to Theresa and Robert Hiller, $445,000.

Claude Lane, 14812-Mervyn W. and Yolando M. St. George to Juana Zeballos and Carlos Richard Via Teran, $463,500.

Gadsden Ave., 1020-Jason and Andrea Ware to Daniel Stuart and Sarah Elizabeth Genua, $544,000.

Millgrove Rd., 1216-Maria G. Dempsey to Valentin L. Mihail, $475,000.

Silverstone Dr., 14621-Marc Wigdor to Sharon Marie and Brenda Lou Pitts, $629,900.

Sturtevant Rd., 14613-Harriet M. George to Timothy W. and Lourdes I. Diehl, $460,000.


Damascus Park Terr., 25319-Graciela Garcia to Khalil and Haifaa Sebiti Fahie, $365,000.

Preakness Dr., 24305-Aliana Properties Corp. to Christopher J. and Bailey A. Gregory, $410,000.

Tralee Ct., 25210, No. V-6-Madeline A. Feltus to Maria Valenzuela Saldana, $136,000.


Chieftain Ave., 15913-Upton D. Reed Jr. and Diane M. Hazard to Molly M. Reed, $375,000.

Malabar St., 16816-Lori Louise Keenan Summers and estate of James J. Keenan to Terry and Theresa Ramasroop Marajh, $421,000.

Moccasin Lane, 7629-Bryan S. Lee and estate of Byong Lee to Yanhong Li, $310,000.

Rocky Way, 18709-James M. and Lynda T. Whitcomb to William E. Curtis and Julie A. Bytnar, $486,000.

Winegrove Ct., 5801-Estate of Rita Chaudhary to Carlos Alberto Tabares, $700,000.


Whites Ferry Rd., 23500-Paul and Leslie Foster to Peter Jarod and Nicole Roberta Pappano, $535,000.


Bruce Dr., 9614-Denise R. Miller to Luzmira A. Torres and Chike Aniukwu, $675,000.

Crescendo Pl., 11321-Carol L. Minnich to Conni Lynn Defranco and Saul Flores, $300,000.

Franklin Ave. E., 105-Ira M. Shorr and Rebecca L. Reviere to Katherine Lee Douglas, $417,500.

Indian Spring Dr. E., 534-Carol Taylor and Thomas Williams Living Trust to Michael Darnell Williams, $335,000.

Manchester Rd., 8612, No. 8-Lateefah Z. Burgess to Hannah and Todd Churn, $265,000.

Moss Ave., 9935-Sharon A. Morgan to Aimee Lessard and Lauren Schumer, $548,000.

Renfrew Rd., 10107-Michael O. Basile to Kathlea C. Carrasco and James P. Brennan, $407,500.

Waterford Rd., 308-Barrett L. and Shannon E. Smith to Nicole and Matthew Kowalik, $625,000.


Addenbrook Way, 20515-Linda Chappell to Zanethia Yantras Eubanks, $550,000.

Bralan Lane, 129-Dao Nguyen to Sydney E. Roberson, $320,000.

Centerway Rd., 9174-I. Jiun Liu to Innocent K. and Matilda Kumazah, $295,000.

Cottage Hill Ct., 8335-Huy Chi Luong and Ching Yee Wong to Ibrahim Fasihuddin, $489,000.

Duvall Lane, 134, No. 224-104-Farshid Shariati to Jose A. Alfaro and Magno Nazario Portillo Hernandez, $115,000.

Girard St., 434, No. 219-Fidelicia G. Josefino and Jessica Michele Morera to Michael Becerra, $133,000.

Harkness Lane, 19112-Vickie Huicheng Wang to Eric and Grace Vrba, $395,000.

Mattingly Terr., 20003-Stephen B. and Kim W. Irish to Timothy V. and Kimberly A. Taylor, $440,000.

Sandy Lake Dr., 19408-Residential Properties Inc. to Paul Gerard Belliveau, $295,000.

Sedley Ct., 8621-Joan R. and David L. Paseur to Michael Konstantopoulos, $305,500.

Tygart Lane, 19946-Isaac K. and Jennifer L. Nuss to Hamid and Khalid Mehmood, $368,000.

Whetstone Glen St., 559-Constance N. Morgan to Tradd D. and Cassandra Dobbins, $369,900.


Ambiance Dr., 15521-Robert A. and Diana M. Scardelletti to Bahman Ariannejad and Kathy Alishahi, $610,000.

Birdale Lane, 13018-Guy G. and Elizabeth K. Fisher to Dale Edward Scyphers and Lindsay Ogden Witt, $841,000.

Clopper Rd., 11501-Yi Cheng Chen and Fang Lin to Alireza Rabiei Kia and Aida Partovizad, $380,000.

Diamondback Dr., 506, No. 340-CF Sept Owner Corp. to Maria Jose Cardenas, $314,900.

Gold Kettle Dr., 172-Gary W. Senese to Josue Antonio Garcia and Michelle Johana Imana Leon, $389,000.

High Gables Dr., 310, No. 403-Paul A. and Linda A. Poto to Richard L. and Martha E. Strombotne, $340,000.

Hyacinth Ct., 18, No. 8-9-Brant Tesky and Amy Holmes to Duaeno Dorsey, $304,000.

Lakeworth Dr., 612-Ida Sukalo and estate of Anita C. Sukalo to Thushara G. and Rukman D. Niyangoda, $365,000.

Marquis Dr., 7-Mikhail and Olga Strikovski to Stephanie Bautista, $489,900.

Native Dancer Rd., 14833-Thomas R. Willats and Eva J. Murray to Athanasios T. Karadimas and Katherine G. Liapis, $757,000.

Perrywinkle Lane, 204-David Cowart to Michelle Lynn Vawter, $370,000.

Pontiac Way, 117-Misook Uh and Kirk A. Greenway to Matthew C. Brown, $374,000.

Ramsdell Ct., 1-Rebecca Joye Coca and estate of Tammie J. Bell to Stephen J. and Krisia A. Escobar, $343,000.

Sheila St., 518-Michelle Popa to Allison Malamut, $655,000.

Talley Lane, 12819-PNC Bank and HSBC Bank USA to Brian P. and Lora L. Zarchin, $850,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 12132-James D. and Eileen Parker to Aliakbar Hajiesmaeili, $635,000.

Viewside Dr., 12501-Ben Chikkaswamy and Keerthi Swamy to Nakia and Qiana Spain, $830,000.


Amarillo Ct., 9, No. 134-Amy Robinson to Erik C. Wolf and Anjali J. Boray, $271,000.

Astoria Hill Ct., 13201K, No. 13201-K-Matthew R. Frank to Ani and Arpine Panosyan, $208,000.

Bay Leaf Way, 18630-Sara K. King to Andrew M. Gong, $250,000.

Birdseye Dr., 18918-Richard Bernstein to Ahmad Massahi, $209,000.

Bronco Pl., 13819, No. 229-Estate of Tracy Hope Dubin to Samantha Kareema Haddad, $282,113.

Churubusco Lane, 19348-William A. and Joni E. Forrest to Michael P. and Rebecca P. Goold, $365,000.

Duck Pond Pl., 20612, No. 5-507-Jamie Edwards and Linda Mardel Sly to Annale G. and Alex S. Carlos, $350,000.

Fountain Club Dr., 13401, No. 14204-Michael Conner and Sarah Given Wilson to Judy S. Kim, $228,000.

Harmony Woods Lane, 18751-Bich Nguyen to Azaria S. Hailu and Meseret Y. Yilma, $365,000.

Hottinger Cir., 19318-Adrian Hernandez to Christina Marie Gutierrez, $324,500.

Mcfarlin Dr., 19040-Home Direct Corp. to Anthony Redrick, $412,000.

Placid Lake Terr., 20025-Jeffrey S. Wigle Jr. and Megan C. McKibben to Peter S. Rotella, $380,000.

Sawyer Terr., 19060-Kanishka Dey and Soumita Nandi to Rachel Heller, $366,000.

Skip Jack Dr., 12121-John Jacob Hussell to Steven E. Thogersen and Josselin A. Tadeo Perez, $315,000.

Spinning Wheel Pl., 20708-Troy Connor and Diana Marie Benesh to John J. and Karen M. Garrity, $535,000.

Timber Hollow Pl., 12526-Shaohua Zhao and Jianghong Meng to Freddy M. and Nely W. Muroki, $333,000.

Treebranch Terr., 18940-Ed and David Dalmasso to Richmond Adu Boateng, $335,000.

Well House Ct., 13021-Matthew M. Harbison to David Emerson Crump and Keri Elizabeth Arauzo, $272,500.

Wisteria Dr., 13604-Jacqueline Riley to Maria Solano and Enrique I. Diaz Aguilera, $455,000.

Wyman Way, 19923-Leslie Gale Anderson and estate of Howard A. Anderson Jr. to Matias Henriquez Rivas and Rolando Antonio Cordova, $250,000.


Campbell Ct., 4-Ann I. Mahoney and Donald Bruce McLendon to James Erik Gargas and Fabrice Gilbert Simeon, $719,000.

Dewey Rd., 11207-Howard Alan and Marcie Satosky Axelrod to April Goldenberg, $510,000.

Frederick Ave., 10108-Jeri E. Rhodes to Andrea and Alonzo Chisolm, $799,000.

Mccomas Ave., 3204-Richard H. and Nicole D. Cohen to Michael G. Montross and Vivianne Alves De Sa, $605,000.

Red Orchid Way, 3209-Lloyd H. Polmateer to David R. and Katherine E. Stagliano, $759,000.

Warner St., 4123-Quentin L. and Linda L. Jordan to Sisay D. Midekssa, $570,000.


Augusta Farm Lane, 8614-Bunthoeurn Mo and Champa Sok to Michael J. and Lynn M. Greis, $820,000.

Griffith Dr., 22608-Omid Land Group Corp. to Jay Young and Christina K. Lee, $520,000.

Rosewood Manor Lane, 7457-Ser Hain and Monique Sjiarif Lim to Myong Woo and Anna Lee, $530,000.


Battleridge Pl., 10016-Rolland E. and Mona Windmueller to Esteban Rodrigo and Shilynn Escobar, $302,730.

Brassie Pl., 19583, No. 8-B-Yoo Yeon Seong to Jorge E. and Kennia Coca, $252,000.

Chatteroy Pl., 9408-Frank W. and Pamela A. Mondell to Nicholas and Sarah Abbenante, $374,000.

Dry Ridge Rd., 8104-Bradford Theodore White to Jason J. Brezovic, $627,000.

Frenchton Pl., 19315-Robert L. and Rhonda A. Reinwald to Guirong Zhu and Bo Bai, $350,000.

Harbor Tree Way, 8000-Howard Berliner to Mzati Kapalamula, $260,000.

Highland Hall Dr., 20304-Karl B. and Martha M. Mossberg to Kteba S. Dunlap and John G. Wright, $490,000.

Maple Leaf Dr., 10018-Antonio and Jacqueline S. Alicea to Tameka Aundice Cruz, $335,000.

Pier Point Pl., 18619-Frederick Herman Garbers to Emily M. Huaman, $259,900.

Seneca Ridge Dr., 10521-Ursula Any Wassiliew to Alexander and Rowena Natividad, $439,900.

Tippett Lane, 9513-Martha Lilian Silva and Nelson Javier Ponce Carbajal to Cynthia Mariana Nahuin Quispe, $310,100.


Burnt Ember Dr., 10416-Donald Plotkin and estate of Sadie S. Plotkin to Wendy M. Anderson, $450,000.

11th Ave., 8522-Claron McDaniel to Rebecca C. Mann, $292,000.


Astrodome Dr., 14419, No. 27-Berenice K. Sommer to Tofik Bedru, $270,000.

Bassett Lane, 15400, No. 46-2A-Stephen V. and Sineart Lundberg to Terry L. and Shiuling T. Dittmer, $245,000.

Beaverbrook Ct., 15311, No. 90-2E-Marcia N. Davis and Ronald D. Riggin to Mark D. Miller and George T. Hawkins, $193,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3413-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Natesh S. and Sundarimani N. Magge, $768,659.

Elkridge Way, 15211, No. 94-3C-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Leah P. Garry, $155,000.

Gould Rd., 12728-C & G Carpentry Services Inc. to Daniel L. Troconis and Cruz Yasmin Camacho, $404,000.

Hewitt Ave., 2808-Richard L. and Sally M. Gerhart to Juan R. Farfan, $499,900.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 4-110-William Quinones Ortiz and Trinidad Mendez Hernandez to Deborah Ann Arielle Essex, $215,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-716-Arlene Butt to Ava, Michael and Ashley Valentin, $120,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-821-Michelle B. Smith and estate of Thelma Barmack to Jeri E. Rhodes and Michael O’Connor, $280,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2900, No. 506-S&C Spector Corp. to Gil Tadmor, $226,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 511-Gilbert and Philip I. Waganheim to Kevin G. Hessler, $355,000.

Norbeck Rd., 3201-Maurice Andrew and Jacqueline Skinner Jackson to Tom Onyango Olewa, $540,000.

Rippling Brook Dr., 13220-Meaza Gebre Alem and Meaza Woldesenbet to Liliana P. Barahona and Carlos F. Lopez, $515,000.

Tynewick Dr., 3818, No. 28-Mitty Cole to Robert L. Clark Jr., $199,000.


Bridle Ridge Lane, 16611-Toll XI Partnership to Norah M. Tancara and Raul Aleman, $184,031.

Dartmoor Lane, 3401-Gayle V. Amos to Jorge and Lisa Garcia, $665,000.

Martins Dairy Cir., 3703-Beth L. Mittleman to Andrew Taylor and Kara Lord Simpson, $700,000.

Queensborough Dr., 3416-Thor Hagen to Bamunuge Ranil Ajantha Perera, $335,000.

Saint Agnes Way, 17703-Deniz Nil Tolu and Samir G. Garcia to Brian K. and Veronica A. Boone, $602,000.

Spartan Rd., 3210, No. 1-B-2-Jenna M. Lyndly to Randy James Mackiewicz, $125,000.

Wickham Rd., 18266-Robert M. and M. Caroline Masters to Mostafa P. Tafaghodi and Seyedeh M. Alaie, $915,000.


Jerusalem Church Terr., 19509-18 Armatho Nesty Group Corp. to Angel David Cruz and Tayrin Perez, $320,000.


Atwell Rd., 8512-Patricia N. Goldberg to Joshua Aaron and Dana Lee Williamowsky, $760,000.

Bridle Lane, 10405-David S. and Jacqueline E. Karp to Mario Tognetti and Emily R. Winslow, $1.83 million.

Cold Spring Rd., 8801-John R. Schulze Jr. and Sara W. Wikstrom to Aaron M. and Stephanie M. Sand Udler, $895,000.

Glen Rd., 10201-William C. and Antoinette K. Govier to Joshua Hyuk and Elena Hyunju Lim, $1.23 million.

Inverness Ridge Rd., 8120-Alison H. and Salvatore Presti to Olena Bodnar, $622,000.

Kentsdale Dr., 9838-Sepidah and Kourosh Malool to Hui Feng and Min Ren, $1.78 million.

Newhall Rd., 9809-Francis X. and Margaret M. McKenna to Hilary A. Fordwich and John B. Williams, $2.78 million.

Reach Ct., 2-Alexander Ikenson to Felipe Vicente Lazaro, $1.02 million.

Riverwood Dr., 10706-David S. Kovsky and estate of Richard L. Wyatt Jr. to Joshua N. and Golda Jeffries, $2.6 million.

Stable Lane, 10605-Lynda McIntyre to Eric C. Burton, $1.12 million.

Swains Lock Terr., 11500-Jason Reis and Kit J. Strauss to Bruce K. and Michaela M. Chen, $1.67 million.

Watts Branch Pkwy., 410-Michael R. Slater and Erin M. Cline to Apassara and Vorajit Vechasart, $661,000.


Antigua Terr., 10802, No. 212-Patricia Ann Tellish to May Hu, $345,000.

Azalea Dr., 644, No. 3-644A-Kenneth J. and Sharmistha Ghosh Janjigian to Brittany Rosser and Morgan Lyons, $302,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12305, No. 406-Jaime A. and Kirsten J. Moncada to Albert Tseng and Jenny Cheung, $178,000.

China Rose Ct., 12-David Parker and Deidy Rivas Scott to Julie A. Flieger, $930,000.

College Pkwy., 882, No. 202-Sergio D. Ruiz and Benigna Luz Lemus to Colin L. and Katelin L. Davis, $230,800.

Croydon Ave., 209-Sakineh H. and Tilman Walther to Dimitriy Vadimovich Radchenko, $423,000.

Feather Rock Pl., 5-Andreas M. and Christiana M. Chrysostomou to Gayle Amos and Karyne Jones, $799,000.

Grand Champion Dr., 800, No. 12-203-R-Ali and Roya R. Akbari to Leejen Peng Lin, $400,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 706-Iluminada Salvador Chinneth to Ana T. Acevedo, $390,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. 1419-MP Corp. to Laura A. Dang, $165,000.

Jay Dr., 219, No. D-Hung Hsi Liu to Carrie M. McMahon Dietz, $325,000.

Lambertina Pl., 13745-Moon Jong and Kyung O. Noh to Denise S. Dolan, $615,000.

Luxmanor Rd., 11420-Erick J. Velasquez to Irene Mayzel, $1.6 million.

Monroe St., 4, No. 605-Jon Church to Steven W. Ragsdale, $200,000.

Mori Dr., 4817-Jesse T. Parkes and Arianna Simonetti to Scott C. Lacombe and Melissa M. Smith, $495,000.

Nibud Ct., 5419, No. 10-Thomas Lee Powell to David Elias Rappoport Wurgaft and Carolina Andrea Orellana Echaiz, $623,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 315-Raymond Heng Tem Wong and Lorna Yoke Lian Chia to Qian Qian Shi and Jiongnan Liu, $462,000.

Parkedge Dr., 11510-Erika C. Shugart to Sohyoung Kim and Cheol Lee, $875,000.

Portree Dr., 12112-Marcin and Anna Maria Zmudzka to Ilia and Dina Shkolnik, $430,000.

Rockville Pike., 11801, No. 411-Fariba Eslamipour to Sonia Bagherian, $255,000.

Rose Ave., 930, No. 2001-Pike & Rose Condominium Inc. to Ronit and Lee Genish, $1.44 million.

Strathmore Park Ct., 10404, No. 103-Alfonzo Leon and Laura G. Yataco to Martin and Carolyn Shargel, $720,000.

Watchwater Way, 21-William Vonneida and Caroline Hazard to Edward Potocko, $715,000.


Ashworth Ct., 11712-Syed A. Ali to Genevieve A. Sarpong and Ernest K. Akuamoah, $275,000.

Cider Press Pl., 11703, No. 9-Housing Opportunities Commission of Mont to Amssatou Ndiaye and Cheikh Tidiane Niang, $385,000.

Fruitwood Way, 11464, No. 99-Yeama Ade Rahim to Rafael J. Sanchez and Carmen Buonovino De Sanchez, $238,000.

Lucrece Terr., 11600-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and the Terwin Mortgage Trust to Katherine E. Fleskes, $375,000.

Saint Johnsbury Lane, 19140-Jorge A. Suarez Flores and Jose A. Navarrete to Wilfredo E. and Martha N. Mejia Coreas, $325,000.

Staleybridge Rd., 19052-Michael Raymond and Nicole Suzanne Larson to Mario A. Mendoza and Peggie C. Mendoza Robles, $386,000.


Black Oak Lane, 1704-Natalie Christine and Patrick R. Thomas to James C. Kostiw and Laura M. Willing, $665,000.

Columbia Blvd., 9216-Thomas R. Kennedy and Alaine M. Gherardi to Linda Chavez and Christopher Gersten, $825,000.

Holman Ave., 2543, No. 2570-Cecile M. Mattingly to Timothy and Sarah Loveday, $342,500.

Pine St., 10100-Clyde F. Dorsett and estate of Jeanne F. Dorsett to Thomas Henry Hughes, $402,500.

Thayer Ave., 575, No. 502-Viran Ranasinghe and Vimalka Riveros to Isaac Fordjour, $140,000.

West Hwy. E., 1201, No. 5-Tiffany B. Mosley to Jean Ellen Stoner, $408,000.


Allegheny Ave., 6504-Reid Baron and Deborah Gay to Alexander Barlow Perkins and Jennifer Lane Johnson, $770,000.

Davis Ave., 815-Jose Luis Davila Gonzalez to Matthew G. Baker and Courtney J. Jones, $515,000.

Gude Ave., 6613-Nicholas J. Finio and Helen Lyons to Anne Holmes and Matthew Gifford, $439,000.

Lee Ave., 116, No. 401-Lis Nao Corp. to Minushe and Zamir Shtylla, $135,000.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 804-Vanessa M. Curto to Michele Malloy, $225,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 920W-Michael and Cyrus Morelli to Gerard K. Williams Jr., $196,100.


Aleutian Ave., 13213-Kenneth and Krisztina Janosko to Claire Anne Singer, $445,000.

Halsey Rd., 5914-Ana Tulia Coronado Cardenas to Yujia Feng, $422,000.

Rockcrest Cir., 64-Zoia Karapetian to Ivy Jan Zu Chow and Gary Paul Burke, $495,000.

Willoughby Ave., 703-Juan S. Santander and Liliana L. Ortiz to Minh Quan Vo and Anh Tra Van Truong, $505,000.


Amherst Ave., 11503, No. 14-George Tsioros to Liya M. Ketema, $183,000.

Billman Lane, 1504-Ann W. and Elizabeth G. Joseloff to Garrett Michael and Lital Shair Nada, $490,000.

Bybee St., 11218-Lior Ben Soussan to Bruce Gordon and Laura Voelker, $561,000.

College View Dr., 11714-Amrit Patel and Jessica Harrington to Nathan R. and Marjorie E. Tidwell, $465,000.

Evans Pkwy., 2004-Domenico and Beth Montanaro to Anna Burns Olson and Steven Kenneth Ury, $465,000.

Grandview Ave., 11612-Joergen and Lai M. Lee Birman to Carter L. Murray, $435,000.

Higby St., 11507-Allison and Thomas Phillips to Jennifer Emily Tinker, $444,500.

Huntley Pl., 10508-John H. Trinh and Ngoc Bich T. Le to Geoffrey C. Gomez and Riva J. San Juan, $460,000.

Ladd St., 1703-Lynden P. and Roxane Bowden to Birhanu W. Alemu and Muluwork K. Amsalu, $467,300.

Little Sorrel Way, 2133-Andrew D. and Hana Kong to Dinh Hoang Ngo and Dinh Hong Hoang Ngo, $475,000.

Wallace Ave., 2006-Catherine S. and Patrick J. Rothwell to Meredith M. Stickler and Bradley R. Larson, $635,000.

Winding Waye Lane, 1516-Mitchell Remer and Stewart Sachs to Damon Loomer and Nieves Santos, $485,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Michaels Mill Rd., 6856-Maria L. Chauca and Matthew Moray to Mark Howard Anders, $299,900.


F St. E., 46-Joseph P. and Sheri L. Harrington to Clifton S. and Stacey A. Parks, $260,000.

Potomac View Pkwy., 713-William Daniel Painter to Nora L. Marshall, $328,500.


Bellemonte Ct., 2194-U.S. Bank and Rmac Trust to Jacob and Katherine Fields, $297,900.

Cherry Lane, 3800B-Diane Louise Smith and Diane Louise Whitley to Justin Edward and Cynthia Michelle Smith, $325,000.

Old Holter Rd., 4824-Maryann Deprospo to Rommel D. and Pia Grace S. Villamor, $389,900.


Arbor Dr., 6983-Daniel J. Linton and estate of H. Bruce Linton to Maryann Deprospo, $239,125.

Beebe Ct., 514-Brent W. Smith and Jennie R. Nelson to Jose Herbert Garcia Cerritos and Felicita Anton Mijango Vasquez, $215,000.

Cascade Way, 594-Roberto Munoz to Raul I. Garcia Villavicencio and Nije D. Freeman, $215,000.

Duncan Pl., 6634-Christopher Watkins to Christopher A. Arrington, $280,000.

Ellrose Ct., 501-Debra Tyson to Cesia Gama and Bryan Martin Cardoza, $242,000.

Foxhall Ct., 5538-Elisa Sanchez to Andrew G. and Monica A. Stoner, $249,900.

Hames Ct., 7003-William C. Dixon to Simon Cung, $210,000.

Hunting Ridge Dr., 616-Charles H. and Nancy A. Zang to John M. and Carol A. Wunderlich, $411,897.

Mallery Ct., 6505-Mark A. Taylor to Ekua Bawuah and Michael Ahenkora, $268,000.

Murray Terr., 6198-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Eric Turkson, $290,000.

Small Gains Way, 4935-Sterling and Nycole Montgomery to Ryan P. and Ellen H. James, $325,000.

Talladega Ct., 5302, No. 203-Beverly Wells Reeves to Beeta Nazemian, $201,540.

Upshur Sq., 5514-Michelle L. Emmons and Michelle L. Johnson to Matthew E. Jones and Caitlin C. Byrne, $281,000.

Wiltshire Dr., 6505, No. H-Amir Forghani to Eitel J. Pinango Garcia and Josmary K. Gutierrez Bastidas, $209,900.


Baldridge Dr., 6106-Robert L. Lewis to Antonio Luis and Amanda Marie Robles, $285,000.

Blue Leaf Ct., 901, No. 10-Michele T. Brooks to Calvin John and Patricia Ann Cillay, $165,000.

Broken Reed Ct., 8016-Nancy Jo Hoenstine to Albert Hay Wah Chan, $270,000.

Carey Pl., 1589-Ashley A. Webb Hyrkas to Nancy L. Miller, $239,990.

Cherokee Trail, 930-Estate of James M. Green and Juliet Fee to Emma Kate and Lynda Marie Bock, $239,000.

Delaware Rd., 449-James W. and Dana R. Adkins Patterson to Daniel J. Bartling and Magdalena Holz, $395,000.

Fieldcrest Dr., 6105-Michael Anzick to Thomas and Molly Pillsbury, $469,900.

Long Branch Rd., 6143-Paul S. and Connie J. Althoff to Jeffrey and Virginia Johnson, $320,000.

Mohican Dr., 412-Philip Victor Maslan to Grant M. and Sean N. Otto, $515,000.

Newport Terr., 6143-Catherine R. Mattsen and estate of F. Lorraine Masciarelli to John Harold and Katherine Elizabeth Lentz, $281,000.

Remington Dr., 6314-Francis J. and M. Kathryn Lane to Nicholas O. and Uchechi N. Ukachi, $450,000.

Spring Forest Rd., 6405-Chris A. and Angela M. Chase to Jason Ryan and Jennifer Lynne Neubauer, $500,000.

Trafalgar Lane, 1426-Michael and Chelsea Hittel to Brittany M. Akers, $275,000.

Wormans Mill Rd., 7827-Da Zhao and Qingyang Wang to Sarah Elyssa C. Popielasz, $340,000.

Fifth St. W., 233-Daniel C. Goebel and Bangyeon Kim to Muhammad T. Halim and Ashlee N. Harris, $342,500.

14th St. W., 110-Christopher J. and Bailey A. Gregory to Jonathan and Aline F. Van Eck, $306,500.


Bishopstone Cir., 101-Julius B. Taka to Rudis Rodriguez Baires and Nelly I. Benitez Ferman, $185,000.

Brookside Dr., 7314-Mark Alan Poli to Michael Matthews and Meghan A. McCann, $465,000.

Carrington Way, 2598-Thiruvanamalai P. and Savithri Sivakumar to Devon L. and Kimberly S. Welsh, $290,000.

Driftwood Ct., 2500, No. 2B-Stephen G. and Lisa V. Anderson to Mary Esquivel, $167,400.

Ellsworth Way, 2408, No. 1C-Patricia A. Alger to David W. and Sandra M. Baker, $170,000.

Hampshire Dr., 1306, No. 2D-Paul F. and Jeanette B. Rose to Terisa L. Spain, $165,000.

Howard Ct., 97-Anthony and Jessica Reggio to Michael W. and Susan M. Ellsworth, $395,000.

Lake Coventry Ct., 1206-Paul James and Andrea Coleman to Jonathan Stanley, $264,000.

Lookout Lane, 8210-Sandra M. Baker to Ogla Merari Diaz Guevara, $260,000.

Old 7th St., 7937-David E. and L. Kristen Kennedy to Hilda Elizabeth Johnson and Barbara Lee Marshall, $382,500.

Rock Creek Dr., 7005-Adam J. and Fary A. Burgower to Cesar Flores and Aleyda Montano, $205,000.

Sawmill Ct., 1910-North Fund III Corp. to Antonio Schiano and Jazmin S. Di Cola, $379,000.

Summerfield Dr., 7003-Roger W. Johnson to George F. Kearchner III and Janice M. Hauver, $308,500.

Waterford Dr., 841-Joseph Gene Amorati and estate Nancy Marie Amorati to Ghulam Abbas and Bisma Qayyum, $220,000.

William Franklin Dr., 2051-William C. and Donna M. Sonnenberg to Frederick A. Rockenbaugh and Suzanne Y. Rizkallah, $405,000.

Worthington Ct., 1758-Matthew and Jocelyn F. Rock to Tyler S. Pittenger, $185,000.


Big Woods Rd., 3038-Sandra Irene and Herbert G. Lytle to Drew Jacob Onspaugh, $195,000.

Fingerboard Rd., 9515-Merle E. and Mary D. Lyles to Thiago D. Da Silva and Nery B. Cifuentes, $329,000.

Mussetter Rd., 5031-Thomas R. and T. Susan Hill Rozynek to Gregory M. McIntyre and Margaret E. Tomeo, $730,000.

Wentworth Pl., 9901-Rondal D. Tobler to Jesse D. Catron, $610,000.


Knoxville Rd., 806-Jordan L. and Valerie A. Davis to Terry and Ginger Vattimo, $220,000.


Basset Pl., 4601-Byron and Amanda Houston to John Paul and Kristin M. Benante, $470,000.

Glenbrook Dr., 301-Stephen A. and Marilee Clipp to Bruce A. and Linda D. Burgee, $550,000.

Limestone Lane, 7200-Irvin R. and Carol L. McQueen to Kimberly McClure, $312,000.

Southridge Way, 6800-Sandra A. and Gary D. Lueken to Patrick S. and Candice N. McGarity, $680,000.


Lynn Burke Rd., 4311-Elizabeth and Michael P. Lapadula to Michael and Sarah Giacalone, $395,000.

Tall Oaks Dr., 4978-House Buyers of America to James Michael and Deborah Cebry, $352,000.


Oak View Dr., 1127-Phillip G. and Jennifer B. Ritz to Alejandro A. and Jorge Aguilar, $275,000.

Walden Way, 110-Gregory Scott Shonting to Derek E. Fereday, $329,900.


Chickadee Lane, 6814-Gary A. and Gayle V. Byers to Dawnavan Davis, $379,000.

Country Club Terr., 6987-Michael and Jocie L. Palanza to Anulikananwa C. Ashamu, $419,000.

Edgewood Rd., 6624-Stephen and Clair Ketchum to Shayne Wagner, $379,500.

Hemlock Point Rd., 6745-Peter D. and Jessica A. Gillott to Jeffrey Kugelman, $391,500.

Lakeridge Dr., 6416-Richard D. and Lauren F. Nazelrod to Charles Lank and Samantha Smiles Johnson, $478,000.

Morning Glory Trail, 5647-Eric and Nidal Pitzer to Sandy Ramsey, $460,000.

Rehnquist Ct., 6816-William M. and Agnieszka Collins to Michael and Heather Ott, $575,000.

Shavano Rd. W., 6813-MS Aspen North Corp. to Ray and Brandi Phan, $460,653.

Whiterose Way, 5819-Julie Thackston Scherer to Sherri Lindstedt, $320,000.


Good Intent Rd., 12315-Joan H. and Lester D. Brubaker to Lynn K. Pellegrino, $350,000.


Brookshire Run, 1733-Diana L. Gansel to Redentor Jimenez, $320,000.


New Cut Rd., 9102-Regina E. Dinterman to Bonnie L. Baust, $285,000.


Black Rd., 7645-Mark and Patricia Drechsler to William T. Conlon III, $310,300.

Easy St., 115-Robert H. and Rebecca M. Hunter to Susan E. Ecker, $192,000.

Hammaker St. E., 136-Ryan Frederick and Chelsie Nicole Lundregan to Amanda Rachelle Geisendaffer, $176,000.

Moser Rd. E., 25-Antonio Testa to William Gerald Judd, $220,000.

Stevens Rd., 8129A-Marybeth and Kenneth L. Renner to Daniel Stewart and Amy Lynn Wolcott Prouty, $365,000.


Belvedere Dr., 9127-Martin G. and Laura C. Payne to Mutsa Nyakabau and Amie M. Russell, $699,900.

Holborn Pl., 3593-Gary Bruce and Blaire Allyse Guard to Perry and Susan Mullsteff, $292,500.

Lew Wallace Rd., 8841-Timothy P. and Joan S. Mcilmail to Jennifer and Adam Rusniak, $560,000.

Quinn Orchard Rd., 6006-Jerry D. and Helen K. Roberts to Laura Ewing, $349,500.

Shady Pines Lane, 3531-Dream Finders Homes Corp. to Gail L. Bell, $539,990.

Sugarloaf Pkwy., 3816-James Y. and Cynthia K. Choi to Dongmin Kim, $359,100.

Ward Lane, 3509-Victor and Ryan Weinstein to Theodore Lambert, $320,000.


Devon Lane, 8389-Chatham Properties Corp. to Joseph M. and Edna D. Ferraro, $535,000.

Gallorette Ct., 9-Todd M. Zimmerman to Lindsey Virginia Longenecker, $231,000.

Wyndale Dr., 1-Matthew R. and Krystal D. Conley to Warren J. Rowe III, $332,000.


Pine Tree Rd., 9924-Kelsey and Matthew Decamp to Justin Hale and Christine Mae Greaney, $339,000.