Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in July were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arbor Crest Way, 3913-Milton G. and Ann G. Dyer to Eleni Dimitrios Tsipouras and Nicholaos Aristidis Kopsidas, $830,000.

Bitterroot Ct., 13-Kenneth Wayne Mellgren to Matthew Cocozzella and Kristen Woo, $580,000.

Continental Dr., 5228-Marshall E. and Jaime N. Jackson to Kenneth and Jessica Kasmir, $633,000.

Frankfort Dr., 4102-Judith A. Fink to Feng Chen and Jinying Wang, $429,500.

Music Grove Ct., 16604-Wenonah Sue and Steven D. Cohen to Adam N. and Mary Frances Wedekind Malone, $735,000.

Penrose St., 12902-Brandon J. Friedman to Lindsay Richards, $567,000.

Turkey Branch Pkwy., 13210-Seth and Heather Brown to Brian K. Theil, $425,000.

White Willow Lane, 15501-Leonard T. and Helen A. Madigan Sedor to Esten Joseph and Shelby Rebecca Cook, $630,000.


Baltimore Ave., 5209-Victor K. Williams to George Polak and Hilary Jane Allen, $785,000.

Brookes Ridge Ct., 600-Brookes Lane Development Co. Corp. to Sharareh Yousefpour, $1.52 million.

Conway Rd., 5916-Alex and Meghan Cross to Linda Smith Nissen, $744,000.

Garfield St., 8610-Richard D. and Terese F. Bernstein to Andres Potes and Emilie S. Adams, $960,000.

Kenhill Rd., 6612-Lee R. and Diane P. Crockett to Eric K. Dixon and Lauren Hendryka Murphy, $1.39 million.

Knollwood Rd., 5614-David M. and Julie E. Schloss to Yuko Kinoshita, $1.07 million.

Lone Oak Dr., 6107-North Bethesda United Methodist Church to Ajay Kailashnath and Hitomi Mehra, $680,000.

Manor Oak Way, 6011-Pushpa Varumal Thadani to Hamida S. Karama, $923,000.

Namakagan Rd., 5601-Joan E. Loveland to Daniel Sasha Paul Schultz and Melissa Elaine Bender, $985,000.

Parkhill Dr. E., 9237-Ella Lichtenberg to Mary Susan Runner, $700,000.

Pooks Hill Rd., 5260, No. B-8-Xinbin Gu and Gang Zhou to Yu Mei Chen, $615,000.

Sentinel Dr., 5017, No. 91-Maria F. and Clark H. Crook Castan to Daniel G. Farney, $290,000.

Stoneham Rd., 6502-Murat Durak and Ayse Pay to Cynthia R. and Jeremy D. Cook, $752,000.

Taveshire Ct., 9-Xavier Debrun to Brendan W. Coleman, $730,000.

Tulsa Lane, 6316-Rudolph E. and Barbara Reese Trent Depass to Orlando Teofilo Mota and Monica Maria Barrios, $750,000.

Wapakoneta Rd., 5324-Syrah Corp. to Myong Chea and Heechong Choi, $2 million.

Westlake Terr., 7420, No. 102-Juan Carlos Montes to Mario Gutierrez, $265,000.

Whitley Park Terr., 5450, No. 802-Craig A. Ludwig and estate of David Davidson to Stanley M. and Carole M. Berman, $475,000.


Autumn Gold Rd., 14229-Ann Hsu and David L. Gordon to Matthew R. and Carolina G. Drobenak, $690,400.

Kings Crossing Blvd., 14241, No. 104-Qiaoqiao Bao to Janet T. McKay, $175,000.

Top Ridge Dr., 20605-Katherine R. and James Anthony Shannon to Dansui Pan and Jianjing Zhang, $680,000.


Rosebranch Ct., 2303-Broad Peak Investments Corp. to John J. and Nancy M. Fox, $380,000.

Starkey Terr., 19001-John B. and Deborah L. Emerson to Lee and Natalie Chernett, $765,000.


Carthage Cir., 13935-Kayla Lynn Robinson Garceau to Micael A. Befkadu and Helen Tilahun, $330,000.

Greencastle Rd., 3001-Kerry W. and Cynthia A. Saul to Paul John Yegge, $525,000.

Swiss Stone Ct., 15103-Robert W. and Genevieve D. Fitzpatrick to Yosef K. Eshetu and Serkalem K. Mamo, $452,500.

Waterbuck Way, 4111-Lai Yong Lee to Rui Lin and Ling Zhi Chen, $325,000.


Aquamarine Terr., 2016-John E. Smith to Soumen Sen Gupta and Rakhi Maitrayee Bhowmic, $375,000.

Carter House Way, 13860, No. 13-154-Adam M. Mutuku to Victor Manuel Lemus and Juan C. Argueta, $276,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 12625-Sean R. and Colleen F. Conley to Monica Solomon and Jessica Mills Odoi, $470,000.

Gordon Rd., 11815-Donald George Housley Jr. to Solomon Teklai, $530,000.

Locksley Lane, 13201-Quan Dung to Bilcha Akmache and Tesfu Soreta, $510,000.

Mowbray Rd., 224-Kenrick and Nsona N. Whiteman St. Louis to Guy Sindjou and Azara Turaki, $583,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 11813, No. 84-Gary Chen to Yue Zheng, $303,000.

Quartet Lane, 3104, No. 213-Marie H. Erickson to Rosa da Silva Clara Prado, $260,000.

Suncroft Ct., 15-Sofia and Gregory Khrizman to Adrian T. and Rebecca L. Reece, $389,000.


Derussey Pkwy., 4826-Shawn and Imelda Russell to David M. and Kera G. Martin Race, $1.05 million.

Garnett Dr., 6211-Jean Daniel W. Borgeaud and Eda Elbirlik to Matthew Morris Mauney and Emily O’Reilly Harris, $1.65 million.

Hillandale Rd., 6612, No. 65-John W. and Caroline G. Roche to John Stewart Ellis and Stephanie Lynn Hightower, $705,000.

Kenwood Forest Lane, 6726, No. 64-Shelda Weinstein to Shaza Abdelrahman Zeinelabdin Ahmed and Ghusai Mahdi Ageed Gubraiel, $840,000.

Leland St., 3713-Mikhail and Sophia Adamantiades to James R. and Saragh M. Soltesz, $1.6 million.

Pickwick Lane, 3210-Eve and Howard E. Buckley to Andrew T. Greene and Mary Beth C. Greene, $868,000.

Taylor St., 3512-Michael B. Krackov and Maria Glod to Farhad Jamali and Parand Alavi, $852,000.

Woodmont Ave., 7111, No. 915-Amir Reza and Goli Parvizian to Todd Howard Jacobus, $296,000.


Branchbrier Way, 23810-Paula L. Fidel Aitken to Feng Zhang and Rui Tian, $459,000.

Forest Vista Dr., 26405-Michael and Megan Reiter to Douglas Jay and Rachel Naomi Simms, $425,000.

Newcut Rd., 23134-James and Jennifer McQuiston to Jason E. and Jordan E. Beckwith, $635,000.

Prado Lane, 136, No. 2401-Shahram Soleimani and Camille Martinez to Jaffar Ali, Zubaria Jamshaid and Saeed M. Chaudhry, $325,000.

Skylark Rd., 11819-Som Bahrami to Duwayne M. Broderick, $410,000.

Spicebush Dr., 22936, No. 1361-Kevin Widerman to Namakan D. Keta, $318,000.

Winding Woods Way, 22564-Chin Wan and Chanbin Kim Cho to Marcus E. and Quantrice Lewis, $579,000.


Ednor Rd., 1214-Richard M. and Angelina G. Cannatella to Blaine S. and Lauren K. Keys, $440,777.

Kings House Ct., 13-Michael and Catherine Kugelmann to Stephen and Nicole Ziadi Hadley, $500,000.

Twin Ridge Ct., 17309-Robert Jacob and Jessica Leigh Riegle to Joy R. and Sherryl D. Bartholomew, $640,000.


Bloom Dr., 10412-Norman P. Wollmann to German A. and Elizabeth Cordero, $325,000.

Grace Ct., 26810-Patricia A. and Robert E. Andersen to Maura Lynne Dinwiddie and David Elhadad, $350,000.

Ridge Rd., 26605-Lyle E. Wilson to Scott and Tessy Nash, $115,000.

Sweepstakes Rd., 10409-Susan Motaghi and Mohammad Nadeem to Julio C. Montano Amaya and Ana E. Montano, $405,000.


Caddy Dr., 17816-David Kennedy and estate of Paula Jeanne Schmidt to Alan Shenwen Su and Thai Hoa Xuan Nguyen, $461,000.

Miller Fall Rd., 7829-Paul and Rosella Anstine to Mohd Sulaiman and Moska Hakimzada, $428,500.

Righters Mill Rd., 7221-Lee and Natalie Chernett to Daniel Patrick and Deanna Marie Connors, $599,999.

Weatherby Dr., 7526-Riva and Alexander Bondarenko to Lisa Michelle and Eli Aaron Nesson, $380,000.


Caroline Ave., 9317-Alice M. Ritter to Susan Beth Kannel, $606,500.

Dallas Ave., 9507-Marc Smolonsky to Krishnan Vasudevan and Mairead Burke, $439,000.

Finale Terr., 206-Jonathan Troy and Katherine Elizabeth Lewis to Medhane Wubet, $381,500.

Geren Rd., 8503, No. 20-3-Margaret Anne Baker to William Ford and Hannah Younes, $289,000.

Loxford Terr., 903-David S. Markus and Penny S. Kline to Cui Chen and Hui Zheng, $482,000.

Roswell Dr., 1001-Hamid R. Davoodi and Shiranthi M. Gnanaselvam to Jean E. Hutchinson, $473,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 1005-Maritsa Poros and estate of Demetrios Poros to Katherine P. Fernandez, $183,000.

Thistle Dr., 205-Brian P. Schoonmaker and Alexandra M. Travers to Elizabeth Coleman Jones, $455,000.

Whitney St., 9206-Cherri L. Branson to Justin P. and Lauren J. Bernstein, $580,000.


Briarstone Lane, 6-Serge Zouantcha Ngadou and estate of Aime Raymond Tchoua to Manama Kone, $310,000.

Christopher Ave., 421, No. 3-Kilburg Properties Corp. to Omar A. Guevara Zavala, $140,000.

Cross Country Lane, 18917-Kyong Hong and Mahnsuk J. Yi to Cory A. and Holly Evans Curtis, $456,500.

Fallow Dr., 8130, No. 12-A-Joan Godfrey to Brendan Courtney, $300,000.

Irwell Ct., 8113-Zhenyu Li to Amelia E. Molina Leon and Giancarlo H. Legarda De Lorenzi, $449,900.

Pelican Ave., 599-Endesco Developments Corp. to Minyoung Lee, $416,000.

Rock Lodge Rd., 501-Paul N. and Karen H. Gregory to Jeffrey M. Ventura, $465,000.

Swarthmore Ave., 123-Jessica Lynne Naftzinger and Kenneth John Romito to Vincent J. Sanchez and Rocio B. Borgen Cajina, $395,000.

Turtle Dove Lane, 9136-Jason Jutila to Christian Eng, $305,000.


Alcinda Lane, 11521-Saurabh Channan and Anahita Yousefi to Chris L. Pettit Jr. and Yu Ting Pan, $616,000.

Appleseed Lane, 58-Juan A. Escalera and Raquel Godoy Ruiz to Andrew P. and Caroline F. Doepping, $412,500.

Chestertown St., 345-Maureen Gordon to Tracey Dondero, $655,000.

Crown Farm Dr., 164-Catherine Celestin to Bruce W. and Judi L. Kletz, $990,000.

Diamondback Dr., 502, No. 409-CF Sept. Owner Corp. to Morgen Ashlee McAlister, $349,900.

Firehouse Lane, 221-Karen W. Norris to Ali H. and Juliet H. Al Hakim, $699,900.

Golden Ash Way, 208-Vincent and Silvio V. Crescenzi to Robert J. and Susan S. Walden, $718,000.

Hemingway Dr., 233-Channdeep Singh and Samardeep K. Randhawa to Christopher Edwards, $738,000.

Jones Lane, 15229-Fang Xie to Elias Getachew Abebe and Amesale Mengistu Abera, $649,000.

Lazy Hollow Dr., 111-Penny Coleman and Leo J. Nolan III to Hongyan Yong and Yiyu Zhang, $425,000.

Manifest Way, 14204-Anna R. Panchenko to Yiquan Wu and Wei Zhang, $440,000.

Pulver Pl., 13406-Gordon S. and Pamela J. King to Kathleen J. Wu, $800,000.

Quince Trace Terr., 15613-Susan S. Ruiz to Mayila Reheman and Khaldoun Muhammad Al Atrash, $655,000.


Keswick St., 10801-David O. Stewart and Nancy M. Floreen to Frank and Ann Marie McGuire, $957,500.


Autumn Mist Dr., 18621-David Livingstone and Robert Pettigrew Hunter to Mary Aileen Dempsey and Hung Viet Ngo, $350,000.

Beaconfield Terr., 20301, No. 202-Rivka Adele Zuares to Ayisha Ochieng, $210,000.

Bridger Dr., 13041, No. 1404-Paul A. Williams to Andrea Johns, $293,000.

Bronco Pl., 13810, No. 275-Beatrix C.M. Bradfield to Aiysia M. Jones, $280,000.

Coachmans Cir., 13945-Ellen J. Landriau to Jothi and Keshavamurthy Prakash, $558,000.

Cross Ridge Way, 12512-Carolyn Monticelli to Rosa Ivonne Gaither, $259,000.

Ferry Landing Cir., 18904-Georgia L. Harris and Randy Alan Motz to Pa Saihou Saidykhan, $310,000.

Highstream Ct., 20, No. 700-Nino Cruz to Kimberly Elizabeth McWilliams, $309,000.

Mateny Rd., 18469-Kiran Kumar Suresh and Sushma Prabhakara to Emmanuel Nadal and Sophia Redji, $388,000.

Pickering Dr., 13008-Penny Leventhal to Patrick Lindeire, $256,800.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20404, No. 3-H-S-Jay T. Woodward to Rebecca Ilene Mintz, $230,000.

Staffordshire Dr., 20528-Steven T. Miller to Fatima C. and Thierry Camara, $325,000.

Vaughn Landing Dr., 19860-Srinivas Cherukuri and Srilatha Sakamuru to Bailea Jean McMillen and Aubrey Vaughn Hayes, $485,000.

Wonderland Way, 13222, No. 389-Aminata Kante to Michelle McKinney, $264,000.


Casper St., 10712-Christine Shepherd Parker and Addison Stuart Hunt to Erin M. and David M. Meslar, $488,123.

Flanders Ave., 5004-Lauren Weis Vorisek to Jehanzeb Khan and Farheen Akbar, $675,000.

Mitscher St., 11300-Karen Van Breda Kolff to Veronica Carranza and Miguel Angel Rios, $590,000.

Spruell Dr., 4006-Brian Conway and estate of Winifred Conway to Michael B. and Bonnie Carlson Phillips, $590,000.


Delta Dr., 20709-Weigang Zhu and Jingjie Liu to Adjoh Dorcas Manou, $679,000.

Warfield Ct., 20721-Joseph P. Mudano Jr. to Adam Joseph and Courtney Elizabeth Ruckman, $425,000.


Apple Ridge Rd., 10328-Teodoro A. and Leni N. Araneta to Luis E. and Maricarmen Gilbert Ruiz, $290,000.

Bishopstone Ct., 18470, No. 241-LD Hope Corp. to Michael Rayon Richards Jr., $122,000.

Copps Hill Ct., 6-Talisha N. Evans and Randall W. Graham to Aristides E. Turcios, $181,000.

Feathertree Terr., 9814, No. 25-Fermina Puyat to Derrick L. and Bonita S. Mosley, $195,000.

Harbor Tree Way, 8044-Wonjiku M. Wood to Roberto C. Moreno and Nuvia O. Moreno Alfaro, $255,500.

Leatherfern Terr., 9713A, No. 49-Sara Miley to Angelica U. Tanglao, $211,900.

Pier Point Pl., 18649-Deborah Soles to Yanli Wang and Hongli Tan, $230,000.

Silverfield Dr., 19901-Cheryl E. Rose, and Allan Neil and Camilla Grenadier to Sonia M. and Julio R. Gonzalez, $425,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18626, No. 3-Li Ping Liu to Hae Ran Pak and Hae Kyung Kim, $100,000.

Wheelwright Dr., 19851-Upi H. Mikus to Surendra Dilshan Fernando, $293,000.


Auden Pl., 201-Winchester Homes Inc. to Dejan D. Icitovic, $577,478.

Beechmont Lane, 2610-Wells Fargo Bank and First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust to Dawit Kalbessa Kiti and Abdete Taye Hatau, $430,000.

Bushey Dr., 12309-Francisco and Madalena Antunes to Samuel and Luis F. Santos, $335,000.

Coolidge Ave., 16316-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Darlingston G. and Chrysanthe Johnson, $740,945.

Dunsinane Terr., 14513-Niry Simonian to Abiy T. Hailemariam and Kalkidan M. Woldemariam, $300,000.

Harrell St., 3507-Sayuri Jones to Werner Wothke and Maria Osorio Padilla, $398,000.

Hickory Hill Lane, 2007-Linh Nguyen to Alberto and Cecilia D. Avina, $422,500.

Idlewood Rd., 11812-Bella Salem and Guillermina Salem Guerra to Elmer Adonis Vasquez Carbajal and Karen Yamileth Aleman Gamez, $387,000.

Jeffry St., 4014-Judith M. Fiterman to Mark Ewing and Paola Luther, $310,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3200, No. 112-Jon and Michael Lindstrom to William J. and Debra A. Whelan, $294,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3310, No. 805-6-Martin C. McHugh to Sharon C. Usedom, $230,000.

Long Green Dr., 14311-Christian and Krisha Z. Filosa to Geoffrey Thompson, $318,000.

Normandy Square Ct., 12, No. 3AA-Li Ping Ye and Kwan Ping Lee to Rose Eraline Francois, $225,000.

Rippling Brook Dr., 13913-Tamara Kalandadze to Isaac Alberto Mera Chehin and Anna Rose Bick Mera, $500,000.

Twin Valley Lane, 2301-Ali Elyassi to Martin R. and Diana F. McCallum, $830,000.

Windy Meadow Lane, 13414-Robert and Karla Qawar to Mark Edwin Jackson, $687,650.


Brightwood Rd., 4702-Christopher E. and Robin E. White to Henok A. Asfaw and Emebet M. Maru, $710,000.

Cherry Valley Dr., 3524-Cheryl P. Dembo and Gregory A. Perise to Garrick E. and Victoria A. Rumley, $485,000.

Falling Green Rd., 3716-Jean B. and Gerald E. Karl to Melissa Hamby and James Alan Ketchum, $545,000.

Grayheaven Manor Rd., 19704-Iksha and Christopher S. Herr to Peter and Susanna Bang, $517,000.

Macduff Ave., 17400-Eric and Jennifer Lust Cheadle to William and Kathryn Kuennen, $570,000.

Olney Laytonsville Rd., 4113-Carl I. and Haylee G. Shaia to Dina F. and Luis A. Tomas, $520,000.

Parson Grove Ct., 22-Sean and Rita M. McGinty to Rene C. Drachenberg, $495,000.

Queen Mary Dr., 4121-Joy Renee Bartholomew and Dinesh R. Patil to Eric and Stacy Small Lorenz, $568,000.

Shallow Brook Lane, 3904-James W. Rogers and Christine A. Birch to Dinesh Ram Patil, $555,000.

Victoria Pl., 2235-James D. and Kay F. Warring to Marshall and Jaime Jackson, $1.15 million.

Windsor Hill Dr., 18274, No. 405-B-Maria C. Santana to Yixin Qiu, $239,900.


Fisher Ave., 19580-Christopher D. Trader to Nick Allen and Erika L. Myers, $239,900.

Selby Ave., 19751-Kelly W. and Leslie S. Wallace to Satish Rotella and Pooja Gupta, $685,000.


Aqueduct Rd., 8504-Alison R. Vermillion and estate of Marilyn Ford to John L. and Tatiana N. Martin, $726,000.

Bracken Hill Lane, 12504-Arthur B. and Jasna Basaric Keys to Besnik and Natasa Ruka, $1.02 million.

Brushwood Terr., 12800-Yushi Feng and Luping Zhao to Sharon and Sandra Amar, $940,000.

Deborah Dr., 11000-Juan A. Henriquez to Jason A. Abell and Hania Issa, $825,000.

Glenolden Dr., 9809-Douglas L. Cohen and Jenifer B. Frazier to Aaron S. and Jamie H. Groban, $1.5 million.

Old Coach Rd., 11016-Gary W. and Amy N. Depreta to Robert Steven and Phyllicia Michelle Hoffman Tanenbaum, $933,000.

Rivers Bend Lane, 10619-Haydee Celaya and Sherif Ibrahim to Ashish and Mansee Khurana, $2.05 million.

Stable Lane, 10609-Jason and Carrie Show to Jeffrey M. and Katherine Shrader, $1.45 million.

Weatherwood Ct., 10108-Michael E. Dearing and Lilian M. Camio to Diego Francisco Duran De La Vega and Paola Duarte Rioseco, $1.07 million.

Whiterim Dr., 10820-James Gallagher and estate of Kevin Patrick Gallagher to Emily Kathryn Troutman, $423,000.

Woodford Rd., 9910-Tiffany Anne Koons and Kosmas Lois to Priya Gupta and Abhijit Parab, $1.4 million.


Bentana Way, 17-Ulla L. and Malcolm R. Billings to Henrique Chociay and Hyo Jee Lee, $659,000.

Breezewood Terr., 6811-Maximillian and Robin Mitler to Jonathan Todd Flynn and Izumi Shiina, $740,000.

Clemson Ct., 20-Kevin O. and Kelly F.W. Griffiths to Beth Ryan and Vladimir Gainullin, $668,000.

College Pkwy., 882, No. 204-Mahmood Darakhshan to Jianying Liu, $149,900.

Daphney House Way, 10209-Mitchell Morgan to Stephen R. Glaser and Tara J. Guretzky, $1.23 million.

Dundee Rd., 1956-Lev and Valentina Sorkin to Aquiles D. Pinzon and Gloria G. Aguirre, $535,000.

Gaither Rd., 1023-Andrew Thomas and Amera Redman to Midge L. Bonzon, $569,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 303-Eleanora Aloi to Jean Elizabeth Maier, $278,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 713-Monique Rachel Eliezer and estate of Dayla Rachel Eliezer to Guy Bryan and Emma Irene Montgomery, $185,000.

Inman Park Cir., 5818, No. 718-Bonnie I. Eskenazi and Deborah L. Eskenazi Perez to Nadya Serova, $425,000.

Monroe St., 4, No. 1007-Beatriz Reyes Gavilan to Kevin P. Mulvey, $205,000.

Oak Knoll Terr., 810-Joseph N. and Alise G. Snyder to Kartik Arvind Srinivasan and Hanna Kim, $665,000.

PiccardDr., 1420-KF Property Owner Corp. to Chanseiha and Leang So, $620,000.

Redgate Farms Ct., 1773-Donald E. Sherr to Roberto Tello Flores and Elyyael Casablanca Barrios, $325,000.

Rocking Horse Rd., 11803-Johanna J. Mahony to Michael James Sisson and Kathryn Marie Funk, $499,900.

Stickley Rd., 4917-Andrew J. and Michelle A. Krieger to Michael Phillips and Gina Laborde, $515,000.

Tildenwood Dr., 12257-James and Ann Nayback Beebe to Jessica Esther Hemmati and Jay Steven Kaplan, $720,000.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10009, No. 6-5-Lawrence M. Oberfeld to Alexander N. and Irina Shumakovitch, $291,000.

Yellow Plum Ct., 3-Jan and Lynn Silverman to Weijie Chen and Xijing Han, $940,000.


Brundidge Terr., 11414-Susan L. Mohler to Ronny K. and Monika Chung, $284,000.

Canterfield Way, 22210-Tobias and Tara Weyer to Richard Kelly II and Lesley Lopez, $634,900.

Knights Ct., 11108-Timothy C. and Diane E. Harms to Matthew J. Robbins, $535,000.

Saint Johnsbury Lane, 19440-Mandeep Singh and Ravinder Kaur to Adela M. Sisnado Umanzor and Olivia Umanzor De Sisnado, $370,000.


Colston Dr., 2312, No. C-203-Christopher M. Poda to Benjamin Julian Kloda, $299,000.

Devon Ct., 110-Marlene K. and Frederick G. Patterson to Charlotte A. Dye, $605,000.

Forsythe Ave., 2980-Patrick J. and Stacy O’Neill Pollock to Yuliya I. Petrova and Mykhaylo V. Artamonov, $550,000.

Meadowneck Ct., 10128-Oscar I. and Meghan M. Perez to Austin E. and Dannielle Pearson Hawk, $650,000.

Silver Spring Ave., 620-Wendy M. Hill and Shereen Malek to Todd Corey Glazer and Jessica Alexis Deibert, $728,880.

Twin Holly Lane, 702-Neil A. and Johanna Misey Boyer to Stephen Brushett and Refiloe Bam, $648,000.


Auburn Ave., 714-Bradley Tuttle and Melinda Milby to Abigail Conrad and Matthew Ling, $500,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 905-Debra Kessler Smith to Jon Christopher and Charlene J. Conlon, $260,000.

Takoma Ave., 7704-Steven Korn and Karen Christman to Theodore Emery and Audie Natalie Cornish Emery, $1.3 million.


Bradley Ave., 1501-Ging Show and Barbara T. Lo to Adam Jordan Thomas and Amber Edwina Hampton, $356,000.

Gainsboro Rd., 1906-Christopher Albert Paolucci to Jie Ruan, $369,900.

Rockcrest Cir., 72-Shing F. Huang and Ge Chen to Miriam Shoshana Organic and Eugene Roderic Cole, $474,000.


Bucknell Terr., 2101, No. 44-John S. Burlison and Doron Dagani to Yamrot Negussie and Andrew Dickson, $380,000.

Darrow St., 2419-Rafiq and Zabeeda Baksh to Patrick Chavis and Marisol Iniguez, $407,000.

Elkin St., 11607, No. 126-Federal National Mortgage Association and Old Republic Title Co. to Eric Butler, $167,500.

Haywood Dr., 10315-Francisco Jesus Waltersdorfer and Cyntia Navarro to David Lazo, $415,000.

Leesborough Cir., 11716-Joseph S. Christiansen and Yekyung Jung to Yewegnesh Azeze Ambel, $469,900.

Lovejoy St., 11745-Karen M. Orloff to Amy M. and Etan D. Weiss, $565,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in July were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Worthington Manor Pl., 8100-Mark and Christine Avallone to David M. and Keila S. Markowski, $937,500.


C St. W., 10-Dennis A. Wenner to Nicole Y. MacIntosh, $185,000.

Orndorff Dr. E., 9-Charles R. and Diana L. Brunner to Ladimiro B. Ovalle De Leon and Consuelo Gonzalez, $146,000.

Tamarack Way, 215-Kay Frances and Richard E. Wilson to Octavio Maximino Rosales Gomez, $225,000.


Catholic Church Rd., 5540-John M. and Josie R. O’Shea to Sean Duvall and Jessica Lapole, $370,000.

MountvilleRd., 4150-Katelyn Wenner to Norman Todd and Kelly Anne Strait, $260,000.


Sugarloaf Mountain Rd., 1451-James Stafford McCown to David Thang D. Luu and Nancy A. Beck, $535,000.


Warthens Way, 9-Andrew W. Horman and Michael J. McDonald to Daniel T. Hoff, $172,500.


Briggswood Ct., 4706-Michael W. and Kathleen M. Howard to Kevin E. Alder, $475,000.

Collinsworth Pl., 7116-Michael James and Jessica Marie Pare to Bright Nwosu, $274,900.

Dock St., 6161-Calatlantic Group Inc. to George and Deanne Maxine Ross, $284,985.

Forum Sq., 5990-Calatlantic Group Inc. and Lennar Corp. to Marie Maju Conteh, $321,990.

Granville Ct., 6634-Jason R. and Allison J. Jachowski to Katherine L. Weilminster and Raquel Morales, $285,000.

Indian Cedar Ct., 5789-Frederick Villas Corp. to Colin A. Zimmerman and Rachel L. Robinson, $250,000.

Killdeer Ct., 6746-Jose Lizama Chicas and Valerie Solivan Morales to Anthony and Dessiree Davis, $230,000.

McGrath Pl., 6642-Anthony D. Valladares to Brian R. Hall and Maria B. Pertica Aguilar, $290,000.

Oleander Pl., 5803, No. 422-Anthony J. and Leslie R. Pellegrino to Susana Arely Orellana Sanchez and Rodolfo Ayala Ayala, $153,000.

Shawn Ct., 6305-Robert B. Reeder and Jessica R. Laster to Nelson and Jessica Gonzalez, $270,000.

Tydings Park Rd., 1603-IHMW West Park Corp. to Jose Michael and Erika Elizabeth Cruz, $336,550.

Weatherby Ct., 6409, No. A-Julie R. Campbell Stevens to Cathy Hamski, $175,000.

Whetstone Dr., 6576-Thomas F. and Amy L. Lacko to Zachary Steven and Diana Christin Patterson, $318,000.


Baldridge Terr., 6130-Bryan S. and Kristina M. Ray to Elbio M. Martinez and Maria De Los Angeles Cella, $265,000.

Blue Heron Dr., 8205, No. 2A-Jonathan M. Fox to Alexis Nicole Reeder, $179,000.

Cattail Ct., 8022-Zhiheng Yu and Yan Zhang to Dawn A. Snyder and Brandon J. Hill, $236,000.

Dill Ave., 259-Christopher J. Brown and Heidi J. Cherry to Christopher Mastrippolito and Megan Haines, $374,900.

Flagstone Ct., 6070-Mark H. Renn to Maykel Sanchez, $279,000.

Holden Rd., 806-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Angel Antonio and Alba Enid Rivera, $475,000.

Insley Cir., 845-An Ly and Josmayre Soler to Blanca E. Arrojo and Carlosmiguel Maldonado, $331,000.

Lindbergh Ct., 606-William T. Carlin and Laurel A. Kircher to Crystal Dawn and Mark Christopher Lemley, $830,000.

McKaig Rd., 7717-Mike Mac Corp. to David and Cassie Marie Roles, $315,000.

Plantation Rd., 6803-Troy Allen Gladhill to Leslie A. Strathern, $370,000.

Spring Bank Ave., 205-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Mary Kearns, $319,205.

Stratford Way, 804, No. E-Craig S. and Dana C. Watt to Jesse T. Steffens, $140,000.

Wheyfield Dr., 1463-Monocacy Park Land Corp. and Monocacy Park Condominium Corp. to Omid Townsend and Azadeh Rostami, $336,000.

Second St. W., 305-Vincent J. and Elaine M. Mennito to Hans Carlson and Victoria Clothilde Arthaud, $956,000.

13th St. W., 17-Donna Marie Seaman and Sherrie Lynn Hulbert to Jacob W. Sisler and Erin J. Benson, $320,000.


Banner Hill Rd., 2100-Steven P. and Coreen A. Jarvis to Alberta Quaye and Abdul K. Addo, $375,000.

Biggs Ave., 629-Patrick M. Wilson to Wesley William and Christine L. Ladlee, $337,000.

Charleston Lane, 106-Monica I. Gabriel to Lawrence C. and Iliana M. Purdy, $213,000.

Eastbourne Ct., 1001-Wendell W. and Patricia L. Wiener to David T. Michael, $337,000.

Fox Hunt Lane, 8217-Cole S. and Regina S. Vandervort to Anthony J. and Anna M. Mandra, $433,000.

Heather Lane, 1773-Thomas Jeffrey and Kimberly Greenhaw Brown to Angel Randolf Ramirez Esquivel, $213,000.

Key Pkwy., 170-Terry M. and Jane H. Clark to Leroy A. Wells Jr., $220,000.

Lawler Dr., 1205-Eric Penner and Lisa Katharina Tessa Liermann to Brandon J. and Jessica M. Fetrow, $328,500.

Mountainberry Cir., 9027-Glen A. and Mary H. Higbee to Brooks William Albaugh, $410,000.

Putman Rd., 10111A-Ryan G. Butt to Damon E. Barbour, $350,000.

Rocky Springs Rd., 7821-Lori Garner and estate of Gladys Lorraine Carey to Windy M. and James W. Bond, $362,900.

Saxton Dr., 1032-DRSFA Corp. to Timothy and Diane Harms, $472,435.

Truett Way, 2005-Kevin and Doorly Winegar to Richard Dallas and Leigh Ann Smith, $519,900.


Ritchie Ct., 9815-Andrea Escoffery to Ebenezer T. Akumatey, $635,000.


Bunker Hill Rd., 12885-PMT NPL Financing to William A. and Amanda S. Burke, $295,000.


Larch Ct., 202-Richard E. and June L. Drehmer to Stephanie M. Lawton, $250,000.

Picnic Woods Rd., 7521-Charles Austin and Katherine E. Marker to Melvin L. Koogle Jr., $359,000.

Sanaz Ct., 4-Daniel T. and Pamela J. Bauer to Michael Lewis Clabaugh and Debbie K. Klauka, $460,000.


Ed McClain Rd., 4311-Roger C. and Eustacia R. Heard to Daniel D. Johnson, $250,000.

Melinda Ct., 3611-Scott J. and Teresa F. Marquette to Jim and Sonya Austin, $469,900.


Acorn Ct., 501-J. Christopher and Ruthanna C. Davi to Christy L. Poulis, $538,500.

Chelsea Cir., 14931-Brent D. and Susan M. Muhr Leister to Natalie K. and Sunil K. Malhotra, $520,745.

Dove Dr., 5303-Troy G. and Susan L. Moore to John C. Wood Jr. and Gabriela J. Espinoza Carrillo, $475,000.

Mapleville Rd., 8831-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Van Lavoy and Katie Elizabeth Jacobs, $412,777.

Northview Rd., 509-Gregory P. Bigelow to Jonathan Janoske, $288,000.

Rolling Acres Ct., 4310-Frank W. and Timothy P. Arnade to Daniel F. and Jessica M. Deweerdt, $365,000.


Church Hill Rd., 10345-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Brent James, $435,500.

Main St., 600-John T. Sexton to Paul W. Hettich Jr. and Georgia G. Cardelli, $289,900.


Balmoral Ct., 6816-Jeffrey R. and Anne T. Snyder to James and Kathleen Wilson, $330,000.

Country Club Terr., 6903-Kyle F. and Margaret O. Frazier to John Joseph and Louise Anne Koenig, $428,000.

Long Beach Ct., 6655-Robert C. Humphrey to Tammy Lynne and Michael J. Katon, $365,000.

Old Barn Ct., 10640-Stephen S. and Deborah J. Mackown to Sarah J. Palmer, $318,000.

White Horse Cir., 10303-Andrew Quong to Minja Jung and Kevin W. Sanderlin, $285,000.


Toll Rd., 14631-Gary W. and Kathleen H. Bussard to Cody and Jessica S. Sichert, $450,000.


Pippins Pl., 3811-Ronald H. and Cynthia E. Morris to Wesley M. Drake and Ashley M. Edwards, $313,000.


Blue Ridge Ave., 35-Christopher and Kristi J. Lewandowski to William Randolph Marion IV, $260,000.

Easy St., 117, No. 11-Gary Wayne Dingle and estate of Doris Dingle to Roxanne L. Batterden, $181,900.

Leekyler Pl., 9-Brandon Smith and Ashley Brown to Shawn Kerman and Brooke Durbin, $251,900.

Redhaven Ct., 114-Gloria Jean Newman to Courtney J. Roberts and Joshua V. Bauer, $289,000.

Utica Rd., 7537-Sanbower Builders Inc. to Justin Lee McElfresh, $346,000.


Bartonsville Rd., 5620-Lilias S. and David W. Stottlemyer to Ricky Allen Leach and Kelly Catherine Jones, $280,000.

Bealls Farm Rd., 9226-Monocacy Land Co. Corp. to Lynne Marie Severn, $582,969.

Brigadoon Lane, 9523-Michael D. and Laura M. Acton to Eli D. and Helen Choi, $380,000.

Ethan Ridge Dr., 9508-Timothy and Erica Hoppenrath to Bo Song and Dayu Wang, $550,000.

Hawk Ridge Rd., 5513-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Ryan and Sherrie M. Gallas, $615,000.

Katherine Way, 3557-Behnam Ahmadian Baghbaderani and Pegah Khalili Samani to Vaibhaw Kumar and Enu Bhawna, $395,000.

Randell Ridge Rd., 8473-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Baboucarr Cham and Ngoneh Jeng, $345,250.

Rushworth St., 3704-Khoi Dinh Nguyen to Abdulreza Farahani and Soheila H. Alidash, $615,000.

Springhollow Lane, 3609-Sandra L. Bourget to Zachary S. and Angelica M. Jones, $284,999.


Burlington Ave., 216-Sean M. and Emily A. Tucker to Brandon T. Zupko and Marcella Conrad, $344,600.

Kenneth Dr., 9-Charles M. and Marsha A. Bowers to Jeremy A. and Kristen P. Boydston, $399,000.

Polaris Dr., 134-Matthew R. and Erika J.H. Blumer to Brad L. Henderson and Wannita V. Landon, $413,000.

Silver Stone Dr., 209-Jennifer M. Hamblin and Aaron G. Suen to Michael C. Viands, $305,000.

Winter Brook Dr., 206-Clinton Gayle and Tabatha B. Phipps to Wesley Shane Doster, $347,500.