Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Avenleigh Dr., 17425-Alfonso Zalduondo to Damon O. and Kathleen Robergeau Hunt, $830,000.


Barkwood Pl., 5005-Margaret Kaiser to Brett M. and Allyson K. Morgan, $435,000.

Dowlais Dr., 13823-Barbara L. and Michael W. Carlson to Guillermo A. Mendoza and Emily J. Pavetto, $460,000.

Red Clover Dr., 15116-Lori Stergiou and estate of Charles Fineblum to Vivian L. Fernandez Martin and Lester Torres Cadenas, $615,000.

Weiss St., 12811-Kathleen Ann Walters and estate of Dorothy Elizabeth O’Brien to Osmar Cedillo Mayorga and Holanda Ramos Cedillo, $413,000.


Arandale Rd., 7009-Samuel E. Knighton and Laura E. Fitzrandolph to John P. and Moon Hee Song, $2.12 million.

Bulls Run Pkwy., 9110-Rodrigo Brana Segura to Juha Antti Kalevi and Hanna P. Seppala, $790,000.

Carlton St., 5211-Max Ruvane Nissen to Daniel Jacobson and Andrea Berger, $1.83 million.

Democracy Blvd., 7505, No. A233-Mark L. and Josefina K. Galiano to Teningbe Doumbouya and Mamoudou Sow, $349,900.

Greentree Rd., 5609-Rodger A. and Sandra Woock to Megan C. McHugh, $754,500.

Harrogate Rd., 9907-Jason M. and Paula A. Rosenstock to Stephen and Soraya Coppolino, $834,000.

Lakeview Dr., 7420, No. W102-Tarek Hammad to Melinda Machado Caldwell, $320,000.

Oakmont Ave., 5525-Noelle Marie Sharbaugh to Terri Sue and Christopher Woll Armstrong, $951,500.

Parkhill Dr. E., 9241-Antonios and Leila Barakat to Alfred John and Marie Wolanin, $675,000.

River Rd., 8121, No. 422-Philip Howell and Reena B. Burris to Carol L. Weinberg, $1.26 million.

Sleaford Rd., 4225-Douglas Construction Group Corp. to Stephen and Kelly Silverman, $1.72 million.

Wilson Lane, 5704-Ajay and Poonam Pillai to John Moustakas, $915,000.


Ashleigh Greene Rd., 14411-Maria Lorena Feldman Tello to Ajay K. and Chandna Jain, $716,250.


Honeystone Pl., 19209-Steven A. Lagana and Angelo V. Pace Sr. to Kellen C. and Jamie N. Mahoney, $685,700.

Sutcliff Terr., 2528-Suresh G. and Manjula S. Mehta to Tekeste Abera and Saba Astatke, $415,000.


Halton Hall Lane, 3912-Stephen N. Chege and Barielys Nivar to Teshome Muleta and Bayese Deginet Gatema, $422,500.


83rd Pl., 6414-Susan E. and Warren E. Goodell to Matthew Blair Van Horn and Shannon Deniz Smith, $880,000.


Carriage House Terr., 1623, No. C-Shah001 Corp. to Nora F. Patton, $187,000.

Hammonton Pl., 321-Joseph M. and Barbara A. Lacour to Marylynn, Mehdi and Mitra Aminrazavi and Marco A. Salvatierra, $649,000.

Ivystone Ct., 1547-Sheila M. Wooters to Michael T. Abate, $365,000.

Menlee Dr., 1511-Rollen Keith Kadesch to Parfait Thierry Mbous and Leonie Nicaise Mpetmi Ngassam, $425,000.

Northcrest Dr., 1412-Ruth M. Slade to Rene L. and Rosa R. Ferro De Molinari, $405,000.

Serpentine Way, 13114-Robert Raber and Mary Anne Robins to Sean M. and Anamarie G. Nelson, $545,000.

Tamarack Rd., 13422-Stephen E. Grenleski Jr. to Willie E. Trillos and Lourdes J. Interiano, $435,000.


Chevy Chase Dr., 4824, No. 303-David Munson Jr. and Amanda Nell Franklin to Lance Preston Steahly Jr., $370,000.

Langdrum Lane, 4610-Eriko A. Kennedy to Thomas K. and Marybeth C. Wasp, $1.25 million.

Woolsey Dr., 3406-Sheri M. Wright to Patricia K. Kabra, $1.03 million.


Burnt Hill Rd., 24006-Cory S. and Noreen Rehman Brown to Wisdom Tyrone and Monifa Alexander Martin, $1.07 million.

Clarksmeade Dr., 23729-Ki Hoon and Lea Estampador Koh to Ma Su Myat, $450,000.

Forest Haven Way, 23519-Jason and Kate Bodan to Fidel Delcid and Stephanie Duque, $463,000.

Heron Neck Terr., 22390-Lorenzo and Zavera Brandon to Jonathan Joseph Park and Jong Man Lee, $590,000.

Little Seneca Pkwy., 13727-NVR Inc. to Nathaniel Jolo and Konah Roberts, $422,125.

Turtle Rock Terr., 23108-Rickey Lu to David K. and Angela Mia Kashihara, $607,000.


Farmgate Lane, 130-Dae Sup and Hea Lan Lee to Muhammad R. Nawaz and Muhammad Z. Abbasi, $612,500.

Seibel Dr., 2513-Lisa and Charles Jenkins to Thu Vu Xuan and Bang Hai Nguyen, $415,000.


Buckridge Dr., 23510-Steven K. and Valerie D. Shollenberger to John R. and Megan B. Dickens, $637,000.

Damascus Park Lane, 10456, No. M19-Zachary S. Hill and Samantha Anne Simonetti to Edwin Lopez Castellanos and Waleska Flores, $195,000.

Kakae Dr., 24404-Goldie Pauline and Charles R. Yokley to Devyn Foster and Andrew Richardson, $465,000.

Shelldrake Cir., 10171-Robert L. Owen to Katherine Maureen Breeden, $240,000.


Coppelia Dr., 5809-Brett M. and Julie S. Kitt to Robert D. Declement and Hannah D. Achilles, $847,000.

Horizon Terr., 7005-Robert L. and Sandra K. Stouffer to John T. and Kelsey E. Bettridge, $465,000.

Muncaster Rd., 18804-Thomas E. and Cynthia H. Ryan to Bunthoeurn Mo and Champa Sok, $475,000.

Roslyn Ave., 7109-Louise M. Neagle to Michelle and Monir Salman, and Melania and Zvonko Labas, $549,900.


Breewood Rd., 10807-Karla and Verly Elie to Marina Nedelko and Clara Garcia, $308,000.

Dallas Ave., 10112-Brian Kolb and Naomi K. Mulligan to Jason and Megan Gregory, $545,000.

Newhall St., 911-Malta Development Corp. to Olivier Besson and Jamie Christine Wen, $435,000.

Southwood Ave., 112-Alfred J. and Eliana Amado to Julia Angelotti and Steven Bogusz, $520,000.


Boysenberry Way, 9902, No. 278-20-John Becker to Zhaleh Ghasabimilani and Alvaro R. Antezana, $145,000.

Cochrane Way, 19825-Carlos E. Hurtado to Angelo J. Masten and Marjorie S. Kling, $425,000.

Fairbanks Dr., 127-Mark A. Neidlinger and Catherine Logan to Rehana F. Ahmed, $495,000.

Girard St., 418, No. 105-Lan Lin and Zaiqiang Pan to Sonia M. Batres and Maria E. Fuentes, $140,000.

Grosbeak Terr., 18606-Glenwood Holdings Corp. to Randy Lawrence Sebastien Zamore and Yeanoh Yvonne Kamara, $309,000.

Inkberry Cir., 47-Rahul and Monica Sayal Bali to Timothy A. Kranking, $415,000.

Mountain Ash Way, 8346-Kolash Belete to Hector A. Morales, $283,250.

Streamside Dr., 18302, No. 101-Sanjiva K. and Inosha Weerasinghe to Anat Heller and Tal Ben Yosef, $132,750.

Whetstone Glen St., 645-Melissa Anne Dalton Madden to Ayda Hassen, $330,000.


Bradbury Dr., 12212-Rafael A. Corredoira and Ximena Varela Reyes to Neill and Nancy Patton Morgan, $445,000.

Community Center Ave., 132-John Tran to Djavlan O. and Maria Babajanov, $530,000.

Golden Ash Way, 35B-Fred and Kathleen Donodeo to Austyn N. Wood and Chad A. Klages, $440,000.

Kendrick Pl., 132-Gabrielle Anic to Mana Rasoulzadeh, $365,000.

Masterpiece Lane, 14204-James M. and Lauren S. Goldstein to Michael S. and Jennifer E. Bartee, $885,000.

Native Dancer Ct., 2-Robert H. and Deborah S. McCathran to Kenneth W. and Wendy S. Andrews, $685,000.

Swanton Lane, 305-Yong Ding and Li Ying to Kianoush Ahmadi Soroosh and Ryan Kasraii, $540,000.


Strathmore Ave., 4500-Aaron W. and Jillian L. Wishart to Jesus Alberto Martinez, $585,000.


Caravan Dr., 19513-Matthew Rodela to Young Joon Ko and Yu Kim, $334,000.

Crosstie Dr., 13812-Daniel V. and Vivian De La Mora De Garcia to Kanza Rafay and Muhammad Rafay Mazher, $339,000.

Falling Star Rd., 18832-Niranjan Poudyal and Eiti Neupane to Ryan and Meaghan G. Singer, $572,000.

Gaelic Ct., 20811, No. 506-Debra Lynn McCain to Jacqueline Arely Segovia, $365,900.

Hopkins Rd., 13604-Dorothy E.B. Fickenscher to Enkhtushig Idersuut and Norman Gundersen, $365,000.

Lake Park Ct., 10, No. 935-Lawrence M. and Cynthia R. Greene to Henry and Funmilayo Johnson, $319,000.

McFarlin Dr., 18804-Garry McLeary to Shu Lin Jiang and Zai Bang Li, $325,000.

Misty Meadow Terr., 19206-Tara J. Holland to Moises I. Colan Gonzales, $200,000.

Provost Way, 12006-Bryan D. and Joanne M. Steingard to Irma Yanira and Ludwin Rolando Rodriguez, $464,000.

Sparrows Point Pl., 18508-Steven Borchard and Annette Leach to Carlos E. Ramirez Ala and Giovana E. Velasquez, $298,000.

Walnut Cove Cir., 12408-Evelyn Elizabeth Anderson to Frank Appiah, $305,000.

Waterside Dr., 20213-Carolyn M. Bowman to Charles F. Defilippo, $230,000.

Winterspoon Lane, 13404-James E. and Terri G. Stachura to Ricardo Demedeiros, $470,000.


Decatur Ave., 3923-Zachary N. Howland and Nina A. Ricci to Kana Ishida, $380,000.

Hill St., 9811-Richard Bogoslaw and Beth Kanter to Nicklesh N. Singh and Doan T. Nguyen, $955,000.

Lawrence Ave., 4010-Swank Homes Corp. to Michael Grimm, $391,500.

Puller Dr., 4402-James Brian Baughman and estate of Bertram Joseph Baughman to Daniel Goodman and Mary Lindsay Scarff, $581,500.

Woodson Ave., 11410-Great Finds Realty Corp. to Nicholas C. and Rebecca Lopresti Katz, $625,000.


Hawkins Creamery Rd., 8233-Lauren A. Spears to Denys B. and Leslie M. Reyes Rosa, $430,000.


Brassie Way, 9662-Celina and Pablo Gomez to Anthony Smith and Lan Ge, $237,500.

Chadburn Pl., 9461-Rene M. Guzman and Maria A. Reyes to Cheryl Moise, $223,600.

Duffer Way, 9601-Linda Joy to Roberto V. Monroy and Lorena Vela Bautista, $375,000.

Hellingly Pl., 9839, No. 77-Steven Varkiani to Randall A. Sexton, $149,900.

Leatherfern Terr., 9713, No. 50-Leonardo D. and Marisa Atencio Reos to John Zhen Fan and Fengying Huang, $189,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 19029, No. 1-1900 Capital Trust II to Roman, Zoya and Polina Vladimirsky, $122,000.

Strath Haven Dr., 20538-Emanuel Merlo to Luz Celia Jimenez Suarez, $245,000.

Welbeck Way, 8618-Natasha L. Ezerski to William Granados, $200,000.


Nolcrest Dr. E., 10709-Chellis Erika Neal Garcia Gonzalez to Tiffany Trang Tran, $424,900.


Auden Pl., 205-Winchester Homes Inc. to Ye Li, $571,096.

Bassett Lane, 15400, No. 46-3F-Michael A. Hunsberger and estate of Mary L. Hunsberger to Lang T. Thompson, $124,000.

Birchtree Lane, 3213-Adam H. Harriger and estate of Sharon H. Harriger to Glenda G. Fuentes Alvarez and Charly Hinojosa Ramirez, $489,000.

Chesterwood Dr., 3850-David A. and Natali Pudwill to Oretha T. Bailey, $275,000.

Greenery Lane, 2103, No. 102-27-Maria Eugenia Pena and estate of Jorge Alberto Pena to Karla Elizabeth Loro, $185,000.

Hathaway Dr., 13424-Gregory M. and Heather A. Astill to Sang Van Vu and Tuyen Thi Le, $450,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 2900, No. 307-Betty L. Britt to Mary E. Hillman, $225,000.

Littleton St., 12509-Beesa Corp. to Therese Ntombo Maviluka, $420,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14801, No. 306-Rosanne P. Boswell and estate of Camille Palombo to Kaye E. and Carol J. Clements, $275,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15316, No. 82-1F-Jeffrey E. Klein to Katherine Engenis, $189,999.

Selfridge Rd., 12312-Jose J. Villegas Diaz to Isidro Martinez Ramirez and Maria Z. Guzman Gomez, $355,000.

Valleyfield Dr., 14101, No. 10-4-Xuying Chang and Apollo Nguyen to Girma Kebede, $208,500.

Wimbledon Ct., 5-Stephen Lapkoff to Roy De La Cruz, $320,000.


Fox Chase Cir., 18236-Christopher R. and Melissa S. Wilmot Bruno to Anushiravan M. Hormozdi and Carolyn E. Almonte, $369,900.

Jenner Ct., 4511-Peter and Elizabeth Brock to Patrick Kelly and Erica Bianchini, $300,000.

Mount Olney Lane, 3512-Marvin Hoffman to Nicholas E. Gurganus, $439,000.

Ripley Manor Terr., 4626-John K. Bonebrake to Biruk G. Regassa and Aster D. Gurmu, $418,000.

Tidewater Ct., 3302, No. A-2-Christopher Garnier to Augusta S. Sannoh, $250,000.


Jerusalem Church Terr., 19408-Lon W. and Gertrude J. Walcott to Francisco Antonio Ramirez and Zully Cordon Villeda, $309,000.


Colebrook Ave., 10116-Matthew R. and Keri E. Siegel to Frank Emmanuel and Stephanie Chen Block, $818,000.

Democracy Lane, 10401-Alexandre Garcia and Marie Christine Nadon to Jerome I. and Patty M. Cho, $1.15 million.

Glen Rd. S., 11001-Fernando Jose Dias and Mariana Rosa Pedroso Cantarilho to Ted Phillips Onunkwo and Ada Oduenyi, $1.8 million.

Heatherton Lane, 7631-Marzieh Hedayatzadeh and Akbar Zawar to David A. and Jennifer H. Rittberg, $633,800.

Nantucket Terr., 10822-Yi Jen Wang and Chih Ming Shaw to Aruna and Vijaykumar Khandge, $1.23 million.

River View Dr., 11218-Joseph Charles and Jennifer Lea Jordan Gawronski to Gary and Elizabeth Williams, $2.7 million.

Warde Ct., 3-Mona Sedky Spivack to Jason Frank and Lovy Shukla Solus, $1.1 million.


Ashley Dr., 11600-Manuel De Jesus Alfaro and Jose Juan Marquez to Mongolmaa Gurbazar, $352,000.

Bradford Dr., 511-William Thomas Patrick and estate of Sara McCoy A. Patrick to Ronald A. and Selina Keryte, $530,000.

Carter Rd., 713-Linda Jeanne Moore to Garlin Rose Hallas, $492,000.

College Pkwy., 880, No. 304-Suh Jen Tswei to Isaac Lopez, $232,000.

Crossfield Ct., 5200, No. 142-Janet Bo Song to Jesus R. Gonzalez, $203,000.

Englishman Dr., 10519, No. 176-Joseph Alex McNamara and Sheryl Lynn Beauregard to Mostafa Mohamed Elag and Nerham Sharawy, $430,000.

Fordham St., 708-Britta M. Scholl and Fabian Lehmann to Jason Gue and Jessica Siegal Willott, $619,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 305-Masako and Yasutaka Inoue to Brian T. Bedell and Nan Yan, $385,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. 524-Helena W. Rodbard and Maria Gomes Desilva to Pavan K. and Anika Marpaka, $165,000.

Lincoln St., 635-Franklin J. and Carolyn L. Trail to Maryann Bishop, $330,000.

Macon Rd., 5108-Kei and Gail R. Amemiya to Thuc Pham and Phuong Tran, $498,000.

Mimosa Farm Ct., 13004-Michael B. and Andrea H. Koval to Jonathon Colton and Michelle Lynn Snyder, $1.3 million.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 1313-Andrew Giovanni Foster to Agha K. Ghahari, $290,000.

Pasture Side Way, 123-Jeffrey Nicholas and Margarita Focas Licht to Michael Patrick and Tracy Lynn Wilson, $575,000.

Regal Oak Dr., 1174-Haya and Yitzhak Kamhi to Lilit Sargsyan and Davit Avagyan, $720,000.

Sterling Ct., 5-Ajay and Elineide Wadhwani to Adi Bronshtein and Odelya Kadosh, $506,000.

Symphony Park Dr., 10887-Vincent J. and Tamara A. Prestipino to Michael and Jenna Jacobson, $1.25 million.


Excaliber Way, 16825-Thai Quoc Giang to Kathryn Sharkey and Luis Alfonso Lievano, $715,000.


Bunyan Cir., 21336, No. 199-Donald Joseph Eury to Srinivasa Rao and Phani Durga Bhavani Papolu, $370,000.

Frederick Rd., 19321-Nelson E. and Lucille Harriett Layman to Jose Antonio Amane, $375,000.

Morning Star Dr., 11607-Martin A. and Astrid Elena Guerrero Portillo to Nina Mizuki Fitzgerald, $670,000.

Vaden Terr., 13025, No. 221-Iftikhar A. Awan and Shahida Sadiqa to Adiza Nadine Toure, $370,000.

Woodcutter Cir., 13038, No. 143-Arduino and Teresa Renzi to Ariel Elise Miller and Robert Christopher Passovoy, $382,500.


Capitol View Ave., 10111-Bulgaris Residential Corp. to Farid Shahlavi, $635,000.

Ellsworth Dr., 648-John R. Gill and Anthony E. Varona to Andrew Meyer Clerman and Laura Schiffman Tochen, $1.04 million.

Kermit Rd., 1906-Jodi L. Jacobson to Aryeh Joshua and Mandy Lynn Natter, $825,000.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1900, No. 703-Michael J. Hammerstrom to William Jones III, $124,000.

Osborn Dr., 2220-Charlene Efuamarie and Samuel A. Abbey to Stephanie Maxwell Ridore, $525,000.

Ritchie Ave., 605-Ross V. Waldrop and Penelope Kellogg Winkler to Erin Renee and Justin David Hoffmann, $865,000.

Wayne Ave., 930, No. 606-Montreal Properties Corp. to Luis A. Quinones, $285,000.


Allegheny Ave., 6809-Robert Louis Hart and Nina Zimdahl to Catrin Elizabeth Hohman Jones and Thomas Mahlon Perkins, $430,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 801-Angela K. Neal to Biruk Kifle Beyene, $192,000.


Clagett Dr., 1236-Mary B. Schreiner and estate of Martha Mary Novelly to Jack Ching Che Fang, $355,000.


Arthur Ave., 2301-Raj Chakrabarty to Brian and Allison Mate, $523,000.

Fairoak Dr., 11425-Harry M. Bagdasian and Nancy E. McEwen to Royi Zhah and Tina Antonis, $475,000.

Hayes Ave., 10423-Andrew James Wierzbic to Shoshana Holtzblatt, $540,000.

Lantern Dr., 3918-Ira Lawrence Levin to Zemenay T. Truneh and Fitsum R. Lakew, $425,000.

Nicholas Dr., 11000-Hamlet Lopez to Sintayehu C. Assefa and Aberash K. Atsebha, $415,000.

Rockbridge Rd., 11400-Eliyahu T. Szojchet and Chava Orlofsky to Michael and Hayden Asselta, $490,000.

University Blvd. W., 1121, No. 818-B-Loretta Mandelbaum and David Cohen to Devorah R. and Frank B. Cahn, $147,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Denfield Pl., 5643-Equity II Corp. to Daniel J. and Maryann C. Monahan, $444,700.

Stuart Ct., 3365-Robert H. and Joan C. Geiman to Brian and Taylor McCarthy, $419,000.


Long Farm Cir., 1109-Frederick B. and Stephanie A. Finkenstaedt to Dawn H. and Kyung S. Lim, $445,000.

Pennington Dr., 1312-Jec One Corp. to Sarah Jane Foss, $361,500.


Londonderry Dr., 4116-Roger Lynn and Marie Sniecienski Noell to Ryan A. and Katherine E. Batt, $397,000.

Timbery Dr., 4506-Clyde L. and Rosemary T. Baker to Christopher Florczyk and Rose Elizabeth Casaleno, $310,000.


Wheatley Dr., 1331-Richmond American Homes to Ronald L. and Judy K. Snowberger, $449,999.


Calverton Dr., 6490, No. 104-Lorry Ginovsky to Paris and Shirley Moore, $239,900.

Chukkar Ct., 597-Samuel G. and Celia S. Kirby to William Stemp, $335,000.

Crescent Spot Lane, 1414-Scott A. and Jennifer N. Miller to James and Michelle Landolina, $392,000.

Glenmeadow Ct., 7177-William Wesley Wirt to Ryan Matthew Laquay, $221,000.

Himes Ave., 609, No. 107-Hoffman Real Estate Corp. to Biak Lian Hmung, $151,000.

Jefferson Commons Way, 5981-Raythorne Henderson Jr. and Adrian Rodriguez to Trina Quabili, $335,000.

Lyndale Way, 5467-Steven Pycha to Spencer Drew and Arina Simon Livengood, $280,500.

Pendleton Ct. N., 28, No. 10H-JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. to Roberto Munoz, $220,000.

Stone Rd., 5397-Vernice W. Mack to Clay R. and Breena M. Williams, $420,000.

Tydings Park Rd., 1601-IHMW West Park Corp. to Dhirubhai R. and Harshaben D. Patel, $357,085.

Whelan Lane, 5971-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Claudia Alejandra Gonzalez and Mariana Santamaria Rivas, $287,990.


Algonquin Rd., 1729-Ernest F. and Ann M. Foster to Kenneth A. Battle and Kia P. Sewell, $389,200.

Beech Ct., 1805-Robert W. Mudd to Marylin and Michael Callahan, $410,000.

Black Haw Ct., 8258-Alan M. and Kristin M. Hoffman to Megan Bainbridge, $230,000.

Broken Reed Ct., 8043-Brandon C. and Erin E. Van Dusen to Jesse Jay Balcom, $258,000.

Church St. E., 669A-Tyler W. Jones and Nikole B. Mannherz to Barbara J. and William F. Stettner, $255,000.

Dearbought Ct., 1707-Michael David and Helen Louise Hoskelis to Gaylord B. and Kenya Myers, $405,000.

Garden Lane, 2204-Zhiquan Dong and Yabo Mao to Kelley C. Smith, $322,500.

Jubal Way, 976-Clement Thomas Utilla to Brian M. Cox, $285,000.

Magnolia Ave., 621-Michael Joseph Carroll to Carol S. Cousland Weyand, $315,000.

Mill Race Rd., 2419-Elayne Snyder Kauffman and estate of Donald E. Kauffman to Richard C. and Janet S. Brubaker, $486,000.

River Mist Ct., 1813-Bernard P. and Roseanne P. Lepri to Sarah Reynolds and George Oji, and Deborah Kay and Steven Reynolds, $349,512.

Thomas Ave., 206-Randy A. and Suzanne K. Ahalt to Alex A. Gomez Chavarria, $273,000.

Willow Oak Dr., 1406-Sarala Chhetri and Nepal Nabin to Hector A. Peña Galdamez, $300,000.

Third St. E., 30-Alice Berlin to Patricia J. McKinney, $530,000.

Fifth St. W., 124-Appoloosa Investment Corp. to Matthew S. Capozzola and Samuel Chambers, $259,000.


Arrowhead Ct., 8111-Timothy and Anisa Pattison to Shannon E. Autry, $345,000.

Belford Dr., 1907-Jerry D. and Claudia Vanvactor to Roger W. and Jennifer L. Haigh, $467,500.

Bowers Rd., 7224-Neil W. and Georgia R. Crowner to Jose Luis Cruz and Alba Marisol Chinchilla Ramirez, $281,210.

Caisson Rd., 2104-Patrick J. Wiegand to Cindee S. Hogan, $346,000.

Claiborne Dr., 8176-Kathleen P. Beck to Wilfredo S. Cabrera and Gloria Claribel Ochoa Flores, $348,900.

Driftwood Ct., 2500, No. 1B-David V. Bonner to Cinda Jean Spurrier, $187,000.

Elmwood Ct., 1598-Leonard and Madeline Morrisey to Mina Saad and Nesma Rezk, $310,000.

Ford Rd., 6313-Ronald Edward and Carol Elaine Putman to Abraham and Megan L. Estacio, $424,900.

Glendale Dr., 8119-Adam R. and Jennifer Frank to David and Alishia Leonard, $420,000.

Key Pkwy., 1407, No. 304-926-Margaret Jane and Clarence A. Fisher to William Douglas Weedon, $107,000.

Palace Green Terr. W., 2238-Matthew J. and Jocelyn F. Rock to Brandie Lynn Sutherlin, $235,000.

Springfield Lane, 1798-Michael J. Vargas to Quinn Stemple, $215,000.

Timber View Ct., 248-Ravindranadha R. Vyzasatya and Anitha D. Yerrabelli to Stephanie Jeppi, $272,000.

Young Pl., 1101-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Xiaorong Liu, $205,000.


Knolls Pkwy., 3306-Linda P. Macek to Gissela Beatriz Cuba Tasayco, $615,000.


Evan Ct., 8-Viviana A. Ortiz to Vicki Y. Johnson, $435,000.


Croyden Ct., 11903-Ryan D. Goins to Ralf H. Schaarschmidt II, $300,000.


Broad St., 104-Anne E. Welch to Jonathan Paul and Alyssa Marie Minchoff, $380,000.

Hawbottom Rd., 8711-Timothy A. and Carolyn P. Sakemiller to Martin and Gwen B. Lysons, $499,000.

Layla Dr., 206-Edward A. and Cynthia Propst to Adrian Mikael and Teresa Rose McNeely, $515,000.

Pointe Terr. N., 108-Daniel E. and Susan A. Tipsord to Susan Cortes and Michael Shrank, $515,000.

Willow Tree Dr. S., 7101-Douglas W. and Tanya R. Miller to Victor and Rose Barrios, $295,000.


Amys Terr., 6130-Elizabeth A. Peterson to Colin Brooks, $495,000.

Catoctin Vista Dr., 5817-Bonnie J. and Joseph M. Murray to Vilma Peralta and Balbino Zambrano Labrador, $235,000.

Molesworth Dr., 12648-Katherine Loiacono to Katelyn R. and Jonathan R. Laughman, $350,000.

Woodville Rd., 5138-Paul Dale and Barry D. Clay to Jacob Weston Totten, $260,000.


Myersville Rd., 9154-Christopher S. and Tamarah Clark to David William and Linda Raffensperger Markoe, $475,000.


Bobolink Pl., 5609-Joanna Sutphin Martin to Darcy D. Anna Felker, $365,000.

Fox Chase Rd., 6904-Steven Anthony and Lauren Ashley Arce to Mark F. Rabenhorst, $365,000.

Nathaniel Way, 10603, No. 26-Karen E. Powell to Elizabeth A. Tennyson and Robert Deardorff, $375,000.

Rehnquist Ct., 6824-Daniel P. and Adrina H. Anfinson to Leigh Ann Welsh, $499,000.


Longs Mill Rd., 10052-Marianne Spevak and estate of Annabelle E. Houck to Kenneth L. and Gloria J. Frushour, $150,000.


Layman Rd., 12539-Sheila Kay Burkhart to Deborah Ann and Timothy Lee McQuay, $327,000.

Powell Rd., 10724-James F. and Joann Pleasants to Joseph Michael and Sandra Lee Sayko, $430,000.


Atterbury Lane, 9605-Bo Song and Dayu Wang to Christopher Brian and Alayne Thompson Benassi, $372,500.

Bothwell Lane, 9653-Gavin and Tilly Yau Lawrence to Mark A. and Marsha R. DeGirolamo, $428,000.

Charterhouse Rd., 9113-Matthew M. and Erica Keats to Juan C. and Brook N. Aranda, $725,000.

Flatwoods Dr., 3513-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Yongchun Wu and Min Tao, $457,970.

Fulham Rd., 3838-Monocacy Land Co. Corp. to Mohammad and Masuda Ahsanullah, $593,720.

Landon House Way, 9212-Mary Elizabeth McDonough to Michael Paul Berry, $290,000.

Preston Dr., 8710-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Carlsbad Funding Mortgage Trust to Alejandro A. Silard and Orietta R. Sepulveda King, $389,900.

Seward Lane, 3719-John G. and Carol S. Milstead to Robert Philip and Annmarie Gersch, $585,000.


Capricorn Rd., 109-Richard A. and Nancy J. Snyder to Tyler B. and Ashley Gray, $419,900.

Hahn Cir., 6-Harry Luck Brittain Jr. to Steven S. Brady, $236,500.

Revelation Ave., 8377-Christopher A. and Johanna M. Edwards to Pilar Romero, $175,000.


Dorcus Rd., 10717-DJ&R Properties Corp. to Jason G. and Leslie J. Martin, $337,500.

— Compiled by Lisa M. Bolton