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Montgomery County

Ashcroft Ct., 205-Michael P. and Sheryl K. Brining to Marcus Ferro and Andrea B. Kelly, $699,900.


Baltimore Rd., 2509, No. 5-Martha and Luisa E. Sernaque to Jung Feng Tsai, $124,000.

Bauer Dr., 14916-Stephen J. and Michele G. Smith to Metin and Tiffanie Sisman, $540,000.

Crispin Way, 13604-Libra Investments Corp. to Keith and Carol E. Myers, $475,000.

Freeland Rd., 13019-Gonzalo R. Lizama to Susan Chen, $220,000.

London Lane, 14001-John Kevin Wilson and Mary E. Wilson to Shu Huang and Yi Zi Zhen, $281,000.

Parkland Dr., 12709-Edith Randall Goldsborough and Randall Goldsborough to Katherine Kline, $229,712.

Southend Rd., 4110-Christina Taylor to David A. and Laura K. Browning, $313,000.


Adelaide Dr., 9303-David M. Smink and Lorna S. Timmreck to Francisco and Lacey Yates Castellanos, $835,001.

Arrowood Rd., 7600-Michael C. and Shirley C. Carozza to Yun and Judy H. Oh, $1.29 million.

Battery Lane, 4977, No. 420-Mariam Atieh to Jim E. and Holly A. Clemans, $362,000.

Braeburn Pkwy., 6606-William I. and Susan H. Smith to Lanny Carson and Catherine B. Bise, $1.02 million.

Brookeway Dr., 5403-Rasevic Brookeway Corp. to Peter L. and Bobbi L. Arnold, $1.9 million.

Burning Tree Rd., 8217-Shelley Lyn Pumphrey and Lisa Pumphrey to Leonore Smith and Thomas Cunningham, $1.22 million.

Charles St., 5530-Olivier and Nathalie Thoumyre to Jonathan M. and Dara Beth Eisner, $959,000.

Crestberry Pl., 10116-Isidore B. and Helen K. Goren to Kathryn Shott, $653,000.

Duvall Dr., 5229-William Barrett McGurn to Vincenzo Guzzo and Paola A. Mercogliano, $1.01 million.

Edward Ave., 10103-Christopher A. Albina to Paul D. and Sarah K. Andrews, $1.18 million.

Grosvenor Lane, 5716-Domingo and Jillanne Campuzano to Kyi Wai, $580,000.

Hollyoak Ct., 9305-Patricia McNeill and Charles R. McNeill to Jonathan D. Pearlman, $895,000.

Kingswood Rd., 5803-Douglas Construction Group to Nehal N. Mehta and Monika Goyal, $1.32 million.

Mohawk Lane, 8912-David Campbell Kingston and Mia Christina Eriksson to Meaghan R. and Mark A. Pesavento, $889,000.

Montrose Ave., 10649, No. M201-Landon School Corp. to Lyudmila Olegovna Medina and Graham Paul Hettling, $315,000.

Parkhill Dr. E., 9107-Stanley D. Schiff and Ethel D. Schiff to Abbott Waite and Barrie Richman Martin, $600,000.

River Rd., 6605-Najma Noor to George Allison and Soledad Dikitanan Voehl, $751,000.

Sangamore Rd., 5320-Lillian M. Sine to Edwin Pacchioni, $630,000.

Singleton Dr., 9846-Ying Price to Janet Sluzenski, $518,000.

Thornbush Ct., 5513-Min Chul and Rhonda Laurencia Oh to Robert Deeter, $916,000.

Wehawken Rd., 5316-Carter Inc. to Jonice Gray and Stacy Gray Tucker, $2.05 million.

Westpath Terr., 5028-Linda Lattavo and Bruce L. Stern to Marina Feldman and Jorge Alberto Kotelanski, $1.31 million.

Wilson Lane, 5703-Kelli Anne and Matthew E. Forbes to Koutayba Yamak and Marilyn Matar, $611,500.

Woodacres Dr., 6016-Matthew C. and Dawn Rushing King to Matthew R. Duva and Amy Neugebauer, $910,000.


Ethel Rose Way, 13004-Douglas R. Steinbaum and Anna Zheng to Xiaochun S. Yang, $510,000.


Brighton Dam Rd., 516-Stanley C. and Lorel E. Wisniewski to William J. Sweet Jr. and Catherine M. Ronning, $645,000.


Cedar Tree Dr., 15105-Cathleen Ball Foster to Taek Soo Lee and Hee Jung Song, $222,600.

Wexhall Terr., 14714-Stephen and Brenda Sergon to Joseph George Tsioumas, $135,000.


Blick Dr., 512-Megan L. Brewer and Mary F. Kiley to Brian Daniel and Katherine Marie Verderese, $379,900.

Castle Terr., 3644-Aurelia Moore to Olivia A. Prickett, $160,000.

Gresham Rd., 1308-Einar Rolf and John Charles Ryden to Kyaw H. Myint and Latt L. Naing, $320,000.

Lacy Dr., 12706-Peter H. Eckberg and Marcia E. Brier to Amber Jamil, $422,000.

Montvale Ct., 2-David B. and Heys H. Crist to Jennifer and Jay Adair, $579,000.

Schubert Dr., 2825-Sharman Word Dennis to Deutsche Bank, $343,000.

Waldo Lane, 12513-Rani Emad to Francisco G. Kim, $295,000.


Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. N108-Rose Mary and Rodney D. Briggs to Marguerite N. Porter and Susan E. Porter, $495,000.

Derussey Pkwy., 4711-Mark Mendelsohn and Elise Becher to Keith S. Ernst and Nisha A. Gopal, $965,000.

Grafton St., 124-Anne Alexa and Bruce Middleton Bathurst to Jesse J. and Victoria S. Sevcik, $1.13 million.

Laurel Pkwy., 10-Rodney L. and Jane C. Joyce to Allison G. Marvin, $2.95 million.

Shepherd St., 3509-Christopher J. and Alexis H. Mueller to David S. Birnbaum and Joan A. Raciti, $945,000.

Thornapple St., 3712-Michael J. and Emily Hotaling Eig to Jon Ein, $2.35 million.

Willett Pkwy., 4827-Peter J. and Susan B. Fillmore to Alexander Culiuc and Marielle Del Valle, $769,000.


Arora Hills Dr., 22938-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Bernard W. and Rachel Height, $300,000.

Blacksmith Dr., 13015-Rodney Paul and Barbara Ann Voisine to Jangjoon Villanueva Cha and Chingmel Guitara Whichard, $408,000.

Dancrest Dr., 12224-Stephen M. and Carol A. Genua to Amy B. and Thomas W. Parker, $400,000.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23305-Erika R. Ochoa and Wilmer J. Amador to Genevieve Dang, $450,000.

Shaws Tavern Ct., 23200, No. 2236-U.S. Home Corp. to Yuanbin Chen and Evelyn P. Chung, $276,990.

Winged Elm Dr., 23027-Michael R. and Naomi B. Kaplan to Omar Mouddour, $355,000.


Carona Dr., 14724-Young Su Suk to Stacye Loman, $550,000.

Emerson Dr., 17203-Donald E. Webb Jr. and Katherine M. Tinius to James E. and Megan M. Callahan, $365,000.

Redgate Dr., 15208-Joseph J. and Arlene E. Halpin to David G. and Annelies Galletta, $490,000.

Wellwood Rd., 15035-Russell M. and Janice W. Williams to Brian K. and Kendra E. Harris, $450,000.


Briardale Rd., 16716-Tracey M. and Marc Robert Fitzsimmons to Christopher and Jennifer Worth, $460,000.

Majestic Way, 7719-Edward F. O’Connor to Alejandro Daniel Melandri and Mirta Nydia Funes, $366,500.

Nutwood Ct., 7602-Mathai Rajen and Indira Pamela Koshy to Ling He, $288,000.


Branch Dr., 432-Fannie Mae to Eran Raviv and Svetlana Milbert, $330,000.

Glenville Rd., 9226-Lesley A. Schaaff to Elizabeth A. and Marco A. Vonhof, $370,000.

Kinross Ave., 10013-Graceann Stewart to Bloom Family Corp., $263,250.

Lorain Ave., 10518-Jeffrey and Charlotte Hankin to Richard L. Berkman, $516,000.

Oak Leaf Dr., 11220-Marvin O. Alvarado to Oscar G. Manrique, $110,000.

Saginaw St., 9500-Lee H. Keely and Shelia K. Dambroski to Denise M. Palesch, $413,000.

Wire Ave., 9506-Melinda M. Paul to Timothy M. and Robin R. Zajac, $534,900.


Bayridge Ct., 10-Sarah M. and Rachel Elizabeth Meytin to Xiang Ji, $300,000.

Bell Bluff Rd., 20700-Howard and Gail Jaffe to Jiwan and Gita Giri, $415,000.

Bondy Lane, 15612-Mathias C. and Kathleen B. Neumann to Carl A. and Jennifer L. Ressa, $659,000.

Centerway Ct., 2-Richard and Marian Dunn to Raymond Joon and Bryan H. Goh, $475,000.

Cherry Blossom Lane, 15704-Cyril E. and Maria A. Jackson to Mi Hyang Eum, $455,000.

Cross Green St., 336A-Debra L. Folden to Nancy Fiallo, $362,000.

Falconbridge Terr., 15332-Mark A. and Kathy J. Spirer to Jay C. Tipnis and Mugdha G. Pimprikar, $609,000.

Floral Dr., 108-Mary C. and Keith A. Engle to Jeffrey C. and Elizabeth C. Thompson, $215,000.

Glenhurst Rd., 13640-Peter F. Gold to Vipul and Amisha Barochia, $960,000.

Hallmark Ct., 18426-M&T Bank to Xuan Duc Nguyen and Hang Huyen, $252,000.

High Gables Dr., 301, No. 210-Teresa Chen to Leslie R. Cohen, $270,000.

Kimberly Ct. E., 780-Donald H. and Joy Y. Luecke to James J. and Gretchen L. Walters, $400,000.

Lazy Hollow Way, 4-Wyatt and Laura Taylor to William J. and Katherine J. Howard, $359,000.

Kestrel Ct., 111-Nhu Tuyet Nguyen to Maryanne J. Sacco, $286,000.

Muncaster Mill Rd., 7810-Michael R. Wimsatt to Alla O’Connor, $320,000.

Ridge Heights Dr., 19533-Jennifer K. Rice to Blaise W. and Edith C. Johnson, $365,000.

Streamside Dr., 18336, No. 202-Eda E. Howard to Joseph S. Yazdi, $131,320.

White Barn Ct., 11209-Carolyn Baker to Arun K. Mathur, $247,000.

Longmeadow Dr., 33-Christopher and Elisabeth Hanan to Christopher J. and Alexis L. Mulrain, $313,000.

Midline Ct., 55-Jane M. Lawton to Jennifer Meininger, $290,000.

Paramus Dr., 11556-Timothy M. and Iris S. Bond to Cartus Financial Corp., $680,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 810-Stephen and Kerry Corcoran Horn to Sonya Karpishpan and Ilya Zavorin, $68,000.

Squires Ct., 13208-David M. and Deborah K. Baker to David and Marni Goldberg, $1.25 million.

Teaneck Ct., 10-Hoitoong Li and Yinian Hou to Manjunath N. and Savitha M. Rao, $289,900.

Tschiffely Square Rd., 435-Jerzy and Maria Korus to Marci Ferguson, $540,000.


Ansel Terr., 13616-James N. and Sheila D. Kaplan to Damien Y. and Ilinca Duveau, $380,000.

Bridger Dr., 13017-Carl and Elizabeth Kessler to Thea C. Graham, $220,000.

Cherry Bend Dr., 19019-David L. Smith Jr. and Penelope K. Varner to JMK Corp., $215,100.

Coachmans Rd., 17903-Ify Okechukwu to Ping Ren and Xiaoling Chen, $492,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12200L-Victor H. Berrones to Donna S. and Sheila Esfandiari, $135,000.

Highstream Dr., 18941-Sandeep Garg and Darshna Gupta to Ye Shiang Lee, $170,000.

Mustard Seed Ct., 18645-Desmond Domingo and Rita Dompreh to Jianhua Yao and Jingjun Wu, $139,000.

Piney Point Pl., 18927-Helen E. Garton to Shahed Mohammadi and Zahra Naserdehghan, $210,000.

Sage Way, 18616-Darlene Goodman Mims to Zhenwen Geng, $140,000.

Sky Blue Dr., 12411-John Azim Sanati and Zahra A. Fard to Douglas Lumsden and Maria Del Carpio Escudero, $157,000.

Staffordshire Pl., 13412-Nathan C. Debord to John Schiel, $250,000.

Village Fountain Dr., 18609-Kevin A. Guishard and Grace Lovelace Guishard to Libin Jia and Mingran Ma, $242,400.

Winterspoon Lane, 13665-Peggy A. Whitfield to Stephen and Lynne Larkin, $185,000.


Aurora Dr., 4922-Marianne C. Fierst to Alyson Scherer and Sean White, $552,500.

Culver St., 9809-Daniel P. and Lynn M. Shmorhun to Matthew D. and Rebecca H. Morton, $1.02 million.

Findley Rd., 3013-Eric L. and Tammy L. Lemley to Jonathan W. Chin, $335,000.

Homewood Pkwy., 3118-Douglas S. and Suzanne B. Pasternak to Holly D. and Harold K. Chase, $445,000.

Orleans Way, 11401-Edna E. and Upton L. Curtis to Allen Y. and Sunant Tan, $525,000.

Saul Rd., 3233-John J. Soma and Anne J. Soma to David Wiggins and Shanley Vetter, $1.3 million.

Strathmore Ave., 5349-John J. and Barbara Schenkel to Maria Christina McGlew and Rafael A. Castro, $685,000.

Woodfield Rd., 4405-Paul L. and Janine Weidow to Lisa Taneyhill and Edward G. Coles, $819,000.


Etchison Dr., 24705-William A. and Brenda L. Hopwood to Robert L. Clark Jr., $140,000.

Goshen School Rd., 21900-Roland and Tiffany Granfors to Aaron V. and Lisa B. Coleman, $424,000.

Hoover Farm Dr., 19614-Kent A. and Luz Mariela Unangst to Lance C. Hornfeck, $720,000.

White Pillar Terr., 9521-Verner A. Larios and Leslie M. Caamano to Kevin J. Carmack and Kendra L. Mahall, $186,000.


Bethany Pl., 9417-Alan P. and Patricia Cash to Laura J. Ahlberg, $354,000.

Butterwick Way, 20320-Amy Decker and Clint Hazelwood to Raymond C. and Jaclynn B. Fowle, $360,500.

Dellcastle Rd., 9829-Edwin A. Rosas and Jennifer Rosas to Guarang M. and Rajeshwari G. Patel, $409,000.

Freestate Pl., 9817-Neil C. and Wendy A. Schoen to Craig Steven and Bobbie Stoker, $420,000.

Highland Hall Dr., 20736-David and Jeannie Bartoszek to Nadine Kitchen, $330,000.

Mills Choice Rd., 19033-Maria C. Miranda to Dalila Zelaya, $85,000.

Shadow Oak Dr., 9608-Danuphon and Kristie Muttamara to Sandra Patricia Montes and Yanci Lopes, $235,000.

Stedwick Rd., 10028, No. 201-George F. Robb to Michael W. and Anne G. Kramer, $100,500.

Walker House Rd., 9926, No. 3-Dorothy E. Bryan to Mario A. Aguilera, $65,000.


Beret Lane, 3420-David G. and Annelies Z. Galletta to Rafael Ramirez and Yvette Maldonado, $367,000.

Chesterwood Dr., 4005-Marios Michaelides and Nikoletta Argyridou to Joachim W. and Lumpun S. Knop, $200,000.

Elkridge Way, 15211, No. 94-2F-Christopher L. Tsai and Vivian C. Tsai to Nancy K. Conley, $114,900.

Ferrara Dr., 3916-Mohammad Merzouk and Leila Mokhtari to Andrew and Samara Carter, $268,995.

Goodloe Rd., 11806-SunTrust Mortgage to Wei Zhang and Haifan Julie Tao, $168,000.

Isbell St., 4239-Esperanza and Nelson Diaz to Digna M. Ventura, $255,000.

Kayson St., 3816-Jose and Maria Guevara to Meheret Gobezie, $320,000.

Massanutten Dr., 2301-Randall S. and Kathryn G. Higgins to Milton Maciel Jr., $325,000.

Prince Frederick Way, 15509-Marianne Patterson and Eleanor O’Donnell to Peter Berkholtz and India Berkholtz, $289,145.

Snowbird Terr., 2702, No. 14-Victoria M. Tompkins to Patricia Smith, $165,000.

Vintage Lane, 13824-Kathryn A. Goodfriend and William R. Madigan to Ermias Stefanos and Bethlhem Y. Adane, $430,000.


Bishops Castle Ct., 17708-Robert J. and Mallory A. Grammar to Joseph H. Clements III and Robert J. Grammar Jr., $518,800.

Centerfield Way, 16806-Carol D. and William L. Owens to Wai Fai Liu, $358,750.

High St. N., 3433-Wells Fargo Bank to Sonya Carrion, $300,000.

Overwood Dr., 17925-Helen D. Deporter to Ming Chung Li and Yeh Fong Chen, $360,000.

Sandy Knoll Dr., 17305-Paula Ann Dassing to Holden Silvia, $258,000.

Watercraft Ct., 18306-Kenneth B. Alexander and Susan R. Rapaport to Shannon L. Dickerson, $465,000.


Kohlhoss Rd., 17603-John R. and Brenda Parsley to Alison C. Wurzel, $199,900.


Ambleside Dr., 11801-Hea Y. Rhee to Vidyanand and Anuradha Vasudev Swaminathan, $1.04 million.

Beman Woods Way, 9700-Robert L. and Judith M. Buckley to Hua Jin and Xin Xu, $1.17 million.

Bridgeton Dr., 12608-Dirk D. and Toni Ann Thomas to Rajeev and Christina L. Mannan, $1.22 million.

Carmelita Dr., 9817-Madeline H. Boede to Kenneth T. and Jennifer A. Hartman, $300,000.

Crimson Leaf Terr., 9300-Bruce F. Stemerman and Pamela G. Winthrop to Joshua S. and Melissa F. Hausfeld, $1.5 million.

Falls Rd., 9320-Jonas R. Rudzki and Barbara M. Rudzki to Michael H. Berman and Julie R. Conrad, $1.11 million.

Hickory Bend Trail, 8737-Martha Saenz to David J. and Jamie F. Becker, $987,500.

Laurel Leaf Dr., 7737-Todd Templeman and Sharmeela Kuperan to Andrey and Yana Gurevich, $1.25 million.

Muirfield Dr., 10634-Joshua H. Pien and Fauzia Farooqui to Marina and Nikolay Ilishaev, $437,000.

Ormond Rd., 10013-Suzanne Medgyesi Mitschang and Louis Medgyesi to Ernest D. and Daborah Jarvis, $1.25 million.

Sorrel Ave., 10220-Maria E. Sakamoto to Steven H. and Kerri Suissa, $500,000.

Trailridge Dr., 11729-Nelson S. and Ann Hsing to Jeeyoung Song and Munsu Kwon, $730,000.

Willowbrook Dr., 11136-Judy C. Handal and Kenneth Chang to Gurdeepak Singh and Sarika Matta Bakshi, $1.02 million.


Bou Ave., 5750, No. 906-Peter Y. Choe to Arnold Y. Seo and Jooyun Jun, $305,000.

Brewer House Rd., 10718-Walter R. Wood and Beverly B. Glover Wood to Volker and Helga Treichel, $687,000.

California Cir., 6060, No. 409-Andrew Levine and Ricki L. McKenzie to Katiuchia U. Sales, $315,000.

Douglas Ave., 702-Woodrow Pettus to Anoushirvan Shahryan Afshar and Mazda Shafaghi, $360,000.

Eton Overlook, 32-Elaine W. Strass to Peter K. and Daniela Dorazio, $612,000.

Galena Rd., 12004-Hugh F. and Virginia P. Dolan to Carlo Francois Pinto and Wilgeshino B. Pinto, $297,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. 1104-Phyllis Kirson to Franklin W. and Judy S. Leibsly, $310,000.

Horners Lane N., 103-Freddie Mac to Pei Q. Huang, $173,500.

Inman Park Cir., 5824, No. 220-Patrick Kelkar and Menna Seleshi to Chu and Sookyung Chun, $395,000.

Lambertina Pl., 13769-Ada Gurman to Fathi and Houda Elloumi, $590,000.

Longhorn Crescent, 534-Thomas W. and Brooke Spottiswood to Eugen C. Buehler and Juliane P. Caviston, $607,500.

Mills Farm Rd., 13600-Dong Ryul and Choon Ja Ryoo to Harmeet Singh and Simi Suri, $635,000.

Needle Leaf Dr., 6442-Larry Bruneel to Brandon Guzzone, $549,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11700, No. 1011-Adam N. and Sweta Dharia Zaks to Jose Luis Lupo and Patricia Ribero Lupo, $527,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11750, No. 2135-Toll Brothers Homes to Paul T. and Betty M. Cichy, $579,395.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1317-Toll Brothers Homes to Jerry and Karen Chaves, $542,000.

Pleasant Dr., 614-Brijbhushan Sabnis to Jong Hoon Lee and Clare Chae, $589,850.

Ritchfield Ct., 32-James W. and Amanda Jade Nichols to Stanley Bretner, $525,000.

Stonehenge Pl., 6102-William E. Miller III and Kristen Zeller Miller to Cyrus Pardis, $660,000.

Templeton Pl., 1309-Beth R. and Alejandro A. Schaffer to Ning Ma, $430,500.

Vanderbilt Ct., 11-Yves M. and Susan M. Pelletier to Renato R. Cazangi, $480,000.

Winding Rose Dr., 104-Isabel De Silva to Anirudh Agarwal and Geetanjali Bansal, $520,000.


Applegrath Way, 11463-Round Hill Realty Corp. to Rajesh Vayal and Madhura Parulkar, $290,000.

Fenchurch Ct., 11513-Boris Antonio Melendez to Steve Lin and Jennifer Zhong, $150,000.

Red Admiral Way, 12115-Lee A. and Raven M. Nienaber to Vijaya K. and Sushma R. Pasupuleti, $502,000.

Stardrift Dr., 12109-Mary Anita and Kankalli Samuel Reddy to Shahzada Saeed and Iryna Teslya, $400,000.


Dale Dr., 136-Natalie T. Pascoe to Dana E. Christofferson and Joseph J. Strassner III, $340,000.

Fleetwood St., 504-Elizabeth Stribling to Calvin C. and Julie A. Newport, $569,000.

Highland Dr., 1607-John Edward and Caraline Augusta Hickman to Mary E. Bunn, $640,000.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1937-Andrea W. Burrell to Bettie Kahn, $215,000.

Springwood Dr. S., 1614-Ryan Richard and Claire Jane Cliche to Bayly K. Leighton, $450,000.

Second Ave., 8714-Eric Scott and Karin Hedman Calvert to Mohammed Hussain and Todd Pilcher, $980,000.


Cherry Ave., 6900-Derek L. and Caroline W. Masden to Carol Federighi, $407,000.

Garland Ave., 7814-Trevor E. Husbands to Lucy K. Miller and Punit Arora, $626,000.

Lee Ave., 116, No. 214-Lisa Marie Wilson to Hamady Cheick and Barbara Toure, $115,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 820-Tenacity Corp. to Mayron Tsong, $184,156.

Walnut Ave., 58-Peter Wathen Dunn and Muriel C. Morisey to Daniel Zibel and Christina Juliano, $685,000.


Ardennes Ave., 12804-Irene B. and Charles A. Drake to Thomas P. Rickert and Shelley R. Huber, $250,000.

Gilbert Rd., 1011-Jerry and Candace Moxley to Erik C. and Nicole M. Costa, $279,900.

Parrish Dr., 1211-Jaqueline Atkinson to Dawn Maria and Milder Cadet, $340,000.


Alberti Dr., 1914-Ana Montes De Pimentel to Carlos A. Zuniga and Maria A. Aguilar, $270,000.

Bluff Terr., 117-Mary Anne Townsend to Carlos Enrique and Bonnie Jean Wall, $330,000.

Conover Dr., 10222-Ricardo G. Cornejo to Joseph F. and Amelia J. Davis, $428,000.

Eccleston St., 2417-David R. and Alyce A. Amussen to Renee A. Bodden, $374,900.

Huntley Pl., 10606-Jimmy and Barbara A. Suvatne to Sarah A. Mengers and Jeffrey R. Skinner, $395,000.

Livingston St., 12306-Freddie Mac to Kourosh Mehrabian, $144,000.

Prichard Rd., 2200-Bank of New York Mellon to Shazia Masoodi, $270,500.

Veirs Mill Rd., 11500-John Phillip and Audrey L. Schwartz to Julie L. Fennell and Jonathon L. Walker, $379,900.

Frederick County

Adamstown Rd., 5614-Town Capital Corp. to Brian Johnson, $230,000.

Laurel Ct., 5909-Kathelyn D. Richards to Stanka Bareva and Sasho S. Slavov, $210,000.


Dayton Ave. S., 1-Robert A. Smith to Brittany A. Ramsburg, $127,500.

Volunteer Dr., 1305-NVR Inc. to Scott A. and Jennifer D. Shorr, $445,000.


Cherry Lane, 3926-Patrick C. and Laura M. Herlihy to Herbert A. Thayer and Deborah Zafrani, $540,000.


All Saints St. W., 147-Ruth E. and Nancy L. McWilliams to Paula L. Jagemann, $281,500.

Bear Den Rd., 2373-Callie O. and Marion C. McAdams to John R. Henderson and Dorothy L. Herrington, $290,000.

Angelwing Lane, 601-U.S. Bank to Robin M. and Christine R. Reeder, $225,000.

Beebe Ct., 528-Wesley Troop to Tenisha U. Nichols, $79,900.

Boxgrove Way, 108-Lanetta Dietrichson to Kevon B. and Vaishali P. Kothari, $129,900.

Catoctin Ct., 2501, No. 3C-Kathleen A. Whattam to Kathleen E. Powers, $155,000.

Coach House Way, 2507, No. 2D-Jennie L. Rounsley to Fannie Mae, $180,000.

Drought Spring Dr., 7202-American Signature Properties to Amy E. Freemyer, $247,000.

Broken Reed Ct., 8033-Louis Vogel III to Kristofer W. and William Kohlhepp, $212,000.

Cawley Dr., 625-Beazer Homes to Jennifer K. Yeck, $256,403.

Charstone Ct., 5727-Kimberly A. Copeland to Chee Ngung Huan, $125,000.

Cheyenne Dr., 329-Brian Jernigan and Theresa Birbilas to Ian and Erin Woodson, $210,000.

Crabapple Dr., 5656-Clifford C. and Kenneth Youngblood to Craig J. and Carol A. Spisso, $176,000.

Dispatch Way, 6201-Beazer Homes to Cristian A. and Jericsa S. Rogers, $459,094.

Everly Dr., 2626-Mary Jo Hayman and Tina D. Duncan to Keith Adam and Christina Leaman, $212,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 149-Joseph Hallowell and Isatu Sesay to Matthew William David Moeller, $224,900.

Finch Ct., 5001-David G. Trail Jr. and Carol A. King to Rachael M. Crist and Concepcion Sierra, $273,500.

Grant Pl., 414-Thomas M. Sherald and Jane S. Sherald to Robert Zeender, $143,193.

Heather Lane, 1754-Gladys J. Cheruiyot and Luka K. Rotich to Jennifer Zhang, $100,250.

Hollyberry Way, 508-Carla Turner Contee and Cinderella Turner to Vikram S. Gowda, $120,000.

Key Pkwy., 120-Joyce Ann Printz and Charles E. Stimmel to Vedar Caliskan, $89,000.

Kline Blvd., 13-Patricia S. Poffel and Patricia Herzog to David A. Kehne and Robert A. Funk, $435,000.

Lee Pl., 531-Jeremy D. Lundguist and Nafiseh M. Zaghal to Steven G. and Christopher M. Gozdziewski, $230,000.

Lyndale Way, 5467-Mitchell Ryan Plank to Steven Pycha, $240,000.

Market St. S., 211-James A. and Carmen B. Schmersahl to Brad M. Palmer and Gina M. Benincasa, $238,900.

Mosby Dr., 920-Kyu Suk and Jun Soon Yi to Michael Pearson, $213,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 9822-Morgan Stanley Mortgage to William J. Cheeks, $94,000.

Pine Ridge Terr., 6100-Julia M. Keller to Corinne Prentiss and Deborah Imirie, $205,000.

Planters Ct., 5831-Nancy V. Rempe and Charles A. Rempe to Lee Zhang and Qiuyun Lu, $102,300.

Poinsett Lane, 169-Nancy G. Brookfield and Nancy G. Osburn to Jonathan and Deborah Coleman, $193,000.

Rutherford Ct., 6395C-Natalie Rae Yutzy to Brian D. and Tracey E. Bridgett, $120,000.

Shawnee Dr., 903-Dennis S. and Margaret F. Bartow to Nora Joy Wade, $219,000.

Shookstown Rd., 1635-Elizabeth McCaffrey to Justin S. Crawford, $185,000.

Stratford Way, 804K-Eric R. Fout to Community Development Administration, $93,000.

Sumner Dr., 2028-Joseph E. Genepaht to Rebb Townhouses Corp., $175,000.

Tarrington Ct., 6449-Crest Properties to Vanesa Z. Bellido, $205,000.

Turning Point Ct., 932-Sherri L. Miller to Daniel Clint and Kaitlyn Giddings Wheeler, $214,000.

Weatherby Ct., 6413H-Justin R. Perryman and Erin E. Edwards to Frank and Merle A. Cuttitta, $131,000.

White Flint Dr., 6060-Patricia A. and John E. Futcher to Kevin S. and Kari S. Oakes, $1.06 million.

Winston Dr., 10190-Robert Langley and Linda J. Burgess to Cindy L. Thompson, $244,000.

Seventh St. W., 7933-Freddie Mac to Charles P. and Mukda Badell, $190,000.

13th St. W., 113-Benjamin J. and Amy L. Holstein to Gary Michael Mire, $365,000.


Fairmont Pl., 11663-Brion C. and Judy J. Smith to Christopher M. and Tiffany B. Warner, $518,000.

Prestwich Terr., 10028-Pamela D. Weinberg to Mary Choi and Ryan Mitchell, $775,000.


Chick Lane, 3510-Casey and Adam Jones to Kane Shaun Stoner, $210,000.


Eastern Cir., 10-Daniel V. Magaha to Scott B. and Jennifer D. Avey, $243,586.

Morningside Ct., 6530-Steven L. and Kathy H. Furini to Scott Wisneski, $350,000.

Tulip Tree Lane, 4493-U.S. Bank to Brandon K. Skaggs and Kasey J. Zern, $271,000.


Hungerford Manor Ct., 12309-Ronald and Alissa Carpenter to Steven P. and Jennifer L. Sachar, $728,000.


Jesse Smith Rd., 12730-Stephen C. and Catherine E. Hobson to Jon P. McIntyre, $390,000.

Oak View Dr., 1204-James E. Page and Jennifer S. Quinn to National Residential Nominee Services, $222,500.

Penn Shop Rd., 13840-Kirk Walker Emswiler and George E. Emswiler to James P. McDonald, $229,900.


Bucks Run Trail, 5782-Frans A. Deblois to Ralph R. Defazio, $325,000.

Glade Ct., 10802-Sean D. and Kelli A. Oswald to Joshua D. and Samantha N. Merten, $291,500.

Lake Square Ct., 10808-Charles E. Emswiler and Maureen G. Emswiler to Angelina C. Rausch, $192,740.

Sewell Dr., 710-D. R. Horton Inc. to Chandresh A. Shelat and Puluna M. Thakkar, $265,000.


Handboard Rd., 11821-Barbara Nickerson to Matthew E. and Jewel K. Torkelson, $70,000.


Pippins Pl., 3827-Fannie Mae to Kelly M. Muldoon, $230,500.


Brice Rd., 12902-Presidential Bank to David and Kathleen K. Roberts, $292,000.

Jimtown Rd., 13719-Kevin E. Wantz and Karen L. Davis to Jody L. Bilbert, $264,000.

Strafford Dr., 13709-Linda Mae and Jerry Calvin Martin to Urban W. and E. Irene Moore, $190,000.


Bothwell Lane, 9656-William A. and Jacquelyn B. McGrady to John Aguilera and Jessica Lopez Aguilera, $350,000.

Guertin Ct., 8503-Steven Y. Karsh to Stanley C. Baker and Karen H. Baker, $462,500.

Singleton Terr., 3677-Ashleigh B. and David J. Duclos to Galen J. and Amanda D. Evans, $307,000.

Springhollow Lane, 3624, No. 3638-NVR Inc. to Lauren K. Baker, $300,070.


Challenger Ct., 43-Gary C. Eicker to Kathleen M. Oster, $147,500.

Dream Pl., 8388-JKCK Properties to Juan Gallo Benalcazar and Vicenta Mera Cobena, $155,000.

Polaris Dr., 136-Charles E. and Marina Houchins to Frederick E. McAbee Jr. and Tracey Conrad McAbee, $365,000.


Coppermine Rd., 11100-Emroy M. and Carol Keesling Gehlsen to Dean W. Bowers and Patricia A. Graham, $485,900.