Metro officials said there were two recent crimes aboard the rail system.

On Thursday, around 6:20 p.m., a person getting on a Blue Line train at Addison Road was robbed at gunpoint by two people. The suspects stole the person’s shoes, music player and cellphone. No injuries were reported.

When the train arrived at Stadium-Armory, the suspects fled. The victim continued on the train, Metro officials said, and later returned to the Stadium-Armory stop to report the crime.

The other incident occurred on New Year’s Eve around 5:15 p.m. at Gallery Place.

A federal law enforcement officer pulled out his gun after a man with a knife was “involved in an altercation on the platform,” Metro officials said.

The knife was found and no one was reported to be injured. Metro Transit Police responded and one person was arrested. Metro did not release the suspect’s name.

Early on New Year’s Day, a woman was stabbed aboard a Metrobus in Anacostia.

The incidents come after a series of crimes involving Metro in recent months, including a fatal stabbing at the Woodley Park Metro station, a fatal shooting of a woman as she boarded a bus holding her child and rocks being thrown at buses in Southeast.