Five more in a series of similar store burglaries that have been plaguing Prince William County occurred last week, and something seems oddly forthright about the crimes.

The burglar resorts to no subterfuge. The person enters the stores using the front door, according to county police. The doors are locked when the burglar strikes, at night, so the person smashes out the door glass to enter, police said.

The most recent burglaries were reported about 3 and 4 a.m. Friday at stores in Woodbridge and Dumfries. Hit were a barbershop, nail salon, grocery, beauty salon and tobacco store.

Several barbershops and nail salons were among the 13 targets of break-ins or attempts reported last month in the Woodbridge and Dumfries areas. In all of the incidents, which occurred between Aug. 16 and Aug. 18, entry was made or attempted through the glass front door, police said

In most or all of the actual burglaries, cash was taken.

In Friday’s burglary at the tobacco store, in Woodbridge, cigarettes were also taken.